War Brothers

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War Brothers
War Brothers.png
Battle Cry "Retribution For The Emperor!"
Founding M37
Successors of Dark Angels
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Uriah Hammerfell
Primarch Lion El'Jonson
Homeworld None, Fleet Based
Strength Nominal
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Green, Grey, and Gold

"To Azrael, on the state of the Unforgiven
War Brothers: This brotherhood of our blood seems to have been influenced more by the Black Templars than by our own ideals and gene-seed, much to our disappointment. They may prove to be a liability if we ever need one of their own to hunt our Fallen brothers, as they may view our secrecy on such a matter as hiding some type of heresy. We should be watchful of our Brothers of War, and keep them from seeing too many of our own secrets."

– Ezekiel, Grandmaster of Librarians

The War Brothers are a fleet-based Dark Angels successor with a close relationship with the Black Templars. The chapter's battle-brothers are rarely seen without an Aquila necklace, even in battle. They roused the ire of the fickle Eldar during a crusade against the xenos filth with a fleet of Black Templars. The War Brothers are deadly with the sword and calm in battle, and fight the enemy eye to eye, blade to blade. Their most famous member is their current Chief Librarian Drake Sigismund, who banished a Daemon Prince back to the warp in a glorious battle. The War Brothers seem to be influenced in their chapter beliefs by the Black Templars more than the Dark Angels or the Unforgiven, revering the Emperor as a Godly being.

Fluffy bits[edit]

The War Brothers are an anomaly among the Unforgiven as they are not considered part of the Dark Angels' Inner Circle. During the chapter's early years, they were attached to a larger Black Templar crusade in order to build up combat experience with another highly mobile chapter. The core officers of the chapter were initially from the Dark Angels and they did their best to condition the fresh marines to the proper ways of the Unforgiven. But the close proximity to the Black Templars diluted the Dark Angels' influence.

This came to a head during a raid on a hive in which the War Brothers' bikes would have been unable to progress. At the Black Templars' behest the War Brothers continued on foot where they impressed even the Templars with a righteous zeal rivaling their own. Ever since, the Dark Angels' influence has continued to wane as the younger recruits of the War Brothers began practicing Black Templar rites that encouraged the divinity of the Emperor.

Near the end of M37, the Dark Angels Grand Master, Anaziel ordered the War Brothers to dedicate themselves to the hunt and capture of the Fallen Angel, Cypher. The War Brothers outright refused this order, arguing that there were far greater and more numerous foes for them to manage than a single individual. The War Brothers Chapter Master of the time removed himself from the Dark Angels Inner Circle and the task of capturing Cypher was delegated to the Disciples of Caliban, a chapter the Unforgiven felt hadn't been tainted by outside influences as was believed of the War Brothers.


Chapter Master Uriah Hammerfell

8th and current Chapter Master of the War Brothers. Had distinguished service against Chaos as an Assault Marine in the Second Company, and later as a Vanguard Veteran of the First Company after fighting an Ork WAAAGH alongside the Black Templars. He gained Captaincy of the Third Company after assisting Chief Librarian Sigismund in the slaying of a Daemon Prince, and rose to the position of Chapter Master after his predecessor was killed in battle by an Eldar Ranger during an Eldar raid on one of the chapter's recruiting worlds. Uriah was elected during a meeting of the surviving Captains, Chaplains, and Librarians of the Chapter Council after an endorsement from the Chief Librarian Sigismund himself, narrowly defeating the Captain of the Second Company in the Council elections. He has since proven himself time and time again to be more than worthy of his title.

Uriah wields an archeotech amulet capable of creating holographic images of himself that are capable of acting independently. Uriah is quite skilled in making use of his duplicates when faced with a direct challenge. The amulet was gifted by the Dark Angels to the first Chapter Master of the War Brothers upon their founding.

Flagship, Convictions of Battle
2 Battle Barges, The Fate of Heretics, and Roar of the Lion
3 Strike Cruisers, The Flame of Redemption, Rebellion's Bane, Thunder of the Lost
10 Destroyers
20 Escort and other convoy vessels.

Chapter Trappings[edit]

No member of the War Brothers willingly parts with his Aquila necklace, a visible symbol of their devotion to the Emperor.




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