Warband of Subsector Aurelia

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The Warband of Subsector Aurelia could refer to two different groups of Chaos Space Marines, both of whom are from Dawn of War II. One was from the Black Legion and local militia led by Araghast the Pillager; the other was a combination of Alpha Legion, traitor Blood Ravens, and corrupted local guardsmen, with the majority serving Azariah Kyras, although splinter factions existed. The former appeared in Chaos Rising, while the latter showed up in Retribution.

Araghast's Warband[edit]

Araghast's troops showed up when Aurelia emerged from the warp, making use of a diverse array of units that included bloodcrushers, bloodletters, and a Great Unclean One. They also used corrupted militia as a diversion, while employing information gathered from several traitors among the Blood Ravens. The warband also made use of the standard armored units in the form of Chaos Dreadnoughts and Predator Tanks. The warband contained units aligned to every chaos god except Slaanesh, with Plague marines as well as standard CSM aligned to Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch, automatically making them manlier than Kyras's version.

Eliphas was this warband's second in command, and eventual leader after he Sindri'd Araghast on Argent Glacier. Other commanders included a chaos sorcerer who stole some space marine scouts, a possessed Blood Ravens apothecary accompanied by several assault terminators, and a Plague Champion who was killed on Typhon. The warband ultimately managed to summon Ulkair after fucking up the factories on Meridian and harassing the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds, but Force Commander Hair-Gel killed off both Eliphas and Ulkair, causing the warband to splinter.

Kyras's Warband[edit]

Once Azariah Kyras went traitor, he employed a significantly larger force to wipe out resistance in the sector and get it blown to shit by Exterminatus. His differed from Araghast's by including much more cooperation between traitor guard, chaos marines, and the recently traitorous blood Ravens. This gave him a much greater diversity of units, as well as a larger force to work with. He also introduced Noise Marines to his warband, which probably didn't please Khorne too much.

Significant figures included Sergeant Lysandros, MEHTAL BAWKS spanner extraordinaire, a Scottish IG sergeant in a Baneblade, a vanilla IG sergeant in a Leman Russ, a Khornate champion noted for being totally off his rocker even by the lax standards of Chaos, and a pair of traitor marines, one Black Legion Alpha Legion (who uses a Black Legion sprite for his comm chatter because Relic couldn't be arsed to animate an Alpha Legion sprite Alpha Legion was never here.) and the other a traitor Blood Raven, who stole a Land Raider.

Several splinter warbands were also around during this period. An Alpha Legion force on Aurelia was making a chaos portal and yelling out awesome dialogue, and some crazy guardsmen were worshiping Ulkair and stealing munitions. At the same time, Eliphas, along with Neroth, Kain, and Varius, was fucking up the sector in service to Abaddon, hoping to destroy the Blood Ravens.

Once again, the warband was destroyed after its leader got his head blown off.

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