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Its like the Hell's Angels but more Orky.

Take White Scars who have Black Rage, paint them green and you get Warbikers. They are the fast-attacking unit of Orks that charge things at the maximum speed their bikes can reach. If ya didn't want ta move dat fast why did ya e'en get a bike?

Warbikers are the main force of the Kult of Speed and are often the Kult's official vehicle mascot.

Warbikers obtain their speed with a combination of overcharged Promethium, chem-burning internal combustion engines, grot spit and red paint. While the most common garden variety of Warbikes are the conventional two wheeled motorcycles, tracked bikes and trikes have also been encountered, as well as those modified with skids and tire chains.

Often most Warbikers go in several groups to act as a fast attacking spear lance, cutting though infantry and light vehicles with ease. However their unprotected armor and brittle and ramshackle frames means that they will crumble if faced with a relentless barrage of heavier vehicles.


Like most vehicles, Warbikes are easily customizable. However the two most common customization involves the following...

  • Moto-X: A notable customisation found on many Warbikes is known as the Moto-X. This involves the replacement of the tires and tracks on a Warbike with big, knobbly tires and special spiky tracks that provide increased grip and traction, allowing the Warbike to travel at higher rates of speed across difficult terrain.
  • Ooge Xhaust: A favored customisation is the addition of an Ooge Xhaust. This involves the complete customization of the engine exhaust system of a Warbike, resulting in enormous welded-on exhaust pipes on the Warbike's frame. These exhaust pipes have been specifically designed to make as much noise as possible. Some Mekboyz are so skilled at this kustom-job that they are able to get these exhaust systems to exhume a cacophonous engine note that sounds akin to a half-dozen Battle Cannon shells impacting into the ground. A notable side-effect of this loud auditory assault is that it occasionally fools the enemy into believing they are being attacked by an artillery bombardment, forcing them to seek cover unnecessarily.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Greenskins love speed, noise, and fightin', and warbike gives it all to them if they don't crash violently into something. Their wheeled friends exhaust clouds of stinky smoke that serves a purpose of 4+ cover: it's hard to see a biker in the smoke and orks are too impatient to aim anyways. Also these speed freaks like the smell of burning promethium. Usually bikers have twin-linked Dakkagunz on their vehicles (heavy enough to crush down bikes that aren't sturdy 'nuff with recoil).

Notable bikerz[edit]

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