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This is not Mad Max.
Queue Mario Kart music.

This is what happens when you take a regular Dune Buggy and an Imperial Tauros before smashing them together and chucking them off a mountain. The Ork Warbuggy is a two-man Ork fast attack vehicle. Though they come in all shapes and sizes, a standard Warbuggy has a 4 wheeled low-riding chassis and a supercharged engine that enables it to zoom into battle at incredible pace making them incredibly popular for the Speed Freaks. As a result, Warbuggies are ideally suited for the ash wastes and silt flats of Industrial Worlds. It should be noted that the model is relatively outdated compared to... the entire rest of the army list, excluding the Wartrakk. This shows through with the wheels and the orks themselves, both of which being a bit more bland than other ork vehicles. This sort of thing is present in other armies (some of which are almost entirely composed of outdated models *COUGH COUGH* Sisters of Battle *Cough Cough*) but considering the general quality of the rest of the Ork List it is especially noticeable here, with the old models being extremely fucking boring. Kitbashing is STRONGLY recommended.

Those Speed Freaks who own Warbuggies will inevitably group together in ramshackle bands that rampage across the battlefield, blasting away at anything they can like they are in Mad Max. There are various patterns of Warbuggy, such as those armed with Rokkit Launchas or Skorchas, though all of them have a speed-crazed driver at the front and a heavy weapons gunner in the back. The weapons used by a Warbuggy are normally twin-linked so that the inherent Ork inaccuracy can be offset by a higher rate of fire, and a full horde of Warbuggies has more than enough firepower to mow down enemy platoons or blow apart a tank. Of course they are lightly armored, so anything from a flashlight to a stapler is enough to make this ramshackle vehicle fall apart.

Kustom Boosta-Blasta[edit]

The Warbuggy has gotten a new makeover and its now roight and propa FLASH!
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PRAISE BE TO MORK! A new buggy kit was confirmed on Warhammer Community, hinting at an October release. It looks glorious! A new Ork vehicle from the 2018 Orktober event, as a Speed Freek vehicle, it is designed for XTREME SPEED!. It is called the Kustom Boosta-Blasta and to be perfectly honest, it isn't a buggy anymore, resembling more of a hot rod instead. Also who's dumb idea was it to give a warbuggy a base?!?

Some scholarly Imperial Guardsmen may note that this vehicle resembles the sort of overpowered beach buggy you might have found on ancient Terra in times long past, of course suggesting such comparisons may be borderline tech-heresy. This vehicle is built for pure speed with a minimal rollcage, spiked tyres and a frankly ostentatious engine block/exhaust assembly that doubles as a flamer in close quarters. The hulking brute of a driver barely fits into the cockpit, his many Cybork augmentations squishing him into his seat – not a problem for his accompanying Grot, who hangs out of the passenger side gleefully. Another Ork mans the enormous rivet kannon attached to the roof, with the whole ensemble topped off nicely by a ton of spikes and horns. The Meks who build such vehicles are often so obsessed with speed that they will often build themselves into the chassis.

Put simply, Kustom Boosta-blastas are designed as fast attack vehicles, and are essentially a modified and improved version of the Warbuggy. Seriously, look at the rivet kannon, its like the Warbuggy was given a literal penis extension.

The Kustom Boosta-blasta is seen in especially large numbers when the Evil Sunz go to battle, for it perfectly suits their way of war. Many of their warbands field multiple Boosta-Blasta speed mobs that race across the battlefield amidst clouds of exhaust fumes, and spearhead massed charges by Evil Sunz Warbikers. Such mechanized forces steamroll everything before them amidst crashing gunfire and bestial roars of hilarity.


On tabletop, Warbuggies are possibly one of the most cost-effective and popular fast attack vehicle for the Orks. They are fast, and have decent, twin linked firepower that's as strong as most anything in the codex. Being so zippy it's easy to zoom around for side and rear armor shots, which actually might hit due to the twin-linked.

Some players like to run their Warbuggies as singletons, so the squadron rules don't apply. Most folk don't find an evil ramshackle go-kart too threatening and they tend to underestimate it and ignore it in favour of the Battlewagon nearby. So you can use this as a good advantage to sneakily go around unsuspecting enemy vehicles too preoccupied with the giant DISTRACTION CARNIFEX of a Battlewagon and attack their rear.

They are low enough to gain cover from grots, but the gun is high enough to shoot over them with relative ease, and buggies (especially single ones) are very easy to hide or gain cover with.

Also, and most importantly, they are dirt fucking cheap for what you get, and can shrug off most small arms fire (barring massive quantities or especially powerful guns) whilst being relatively fast and nimble.

There has often been a rivalry on whether a Warbuggy is better then a Deffkopta or vice versa. However, despite this, there is a saying that if you aren't using Warbuggies in your Ork playlists, then you are doing it wrong.

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