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An upcoming specialist game for Age of Sigmar and successor to Skirmish, "Warcry is to Age of Sigmar as Kill Team is to Warhammer 40,000" Not even close, they are REALLY different. It looks to offer a much more complex and nuanced take on the various Chaos factions of Age of Sigmar. Here's hoping for some of the old school Mordheim-flavored combat to be reintroduced into Age of Sigmar!

The Game[edit]

Seeking the favor and blessing of the Everchosen, warbands of Chaos cultists and other denizens of the Mortal Realms clash for supremacy within the Varanspire, a hub of activity at the heart of the Eightpoints (formerly known as the Allpoints before Chaos fully up and moved in), which happens to be a certain somebody's seat of power.

So far the following mechanics and characteristics has been confirmed:

  • As with all games lately, Open, Narrative and Matched play modes.
  • The game is played in a rather small area, around 20" x 30" with lots of scenery, similar to Kill Team.
  • The standard game generation is handled by four decks of cards that determine scenery disposition, deployment, objectives and game's special rules. Specific sets of scenery have exclusive cards that are added to the decks and Matched play limits the decks to only matched-worth cards, called "Symetrical".
  • Instead of the tried-and-true methods of armybooks and regular profiles, the game goes the way of many skirmish games of late, like Malifaux and all the rules of a particular warband and their models are printed in cards instead of the Core rulebook. There are three kind of cards: one which shows the kind of units avaliable, cards that detail all the unit's stats and one with the special rules of the units. The warband boxed sets seem to include a complete set of these cards, as does the small packs of the 9 non-Chaos warbands.
    • The units have locked equipment, determined in their cards, but some units have different cards with different equipment. For example, the Iron Legionnaires of the Iron Golems can be equipped with one-hand weapons and shields, two one-hand weapons or a whip.

Chaos Warbands[edit]

An interesting detail that ties all the warbands together is the fact they all worship Chaos Undivided and know little to nothing about the dark gods. Instead they see Archaon-senpai as a physical embodiment of Chaos and fight for his approval.

Iron Golems[edit]

"We Make War!" Hailing from the Realm of Metal, these obnoxiously Norwegian-accented warriors are renowned for the quality of their smithing, believing themselves chosen by Archaon himself to forge arms and armor for the Slaves to Darkness. They also have both Duardin and Ogors. They seem to be the most Classically Chaos of the warbands.


Untamed Beasts[edit]

"Hunt the Hunter!" Bloodthirsty predators (Not that kind, Slaanesh!) from the Realm of Beasts, these primal cultists bring the old school Chaos Marauder vibe with their adornments and weapons made of bone and leather. Of course, what's a good Conan cosplay without rippling muscles, AMIRITE? They appear to be accompanied by a horned lion creature from the bestial realm of Ghur, fully equipped with My Little Pony-ish hip brand.


Splintered Fang[edit]

"One Cut, One Kill!" A Chaos murder cult from Cobra Command the Realm of Life, these guys are another multi-race warband, including both humans and aelves, and have a Spartan/Gladiator aesthetic. And snakes. They really like snakes. Like... a lot.


Corvus Cabal[edit]

"Pick Clean the Corpse!" A Lost Boys-Go-Metal tribe from the Shadow Realm of Ulgu who worship Chaos in the form of a crow called the Great Gatherer, and as such have a heavy crow theme going on.


The Unmade[edit]

"Agony is Our Gift!" A Warband originating in Shyish, the Realm of Death, these Chaos followers revel in both enduring and brandishing physical torment and pain as a weapon. Lots of spikes and chains, even some heavy metal stilts. Can you say Darkest Dungeon? They also wear their faces as belts. How nice.


Cypher Lords[edit]

"Let Madness Reign!" Hailing from the Realm of Light, these cultists bring a little more of a civilized and seductive bent to chaos. Their attire is the crisp equivalent of drycleaned Chaos, looking like what would happen if Slaanesh designed the Thousand Sons. They are also, interestingly enough, the first insight into what life is like in Hysh, the Realm of Light, since Age of Sigmar began. No Teclis and Tyrion here, folks!


Scions of the Flame[edit]

Unknown warband seen in leaked images from the rulebook. The Scions of the Flame are a cult from Aqshy that worships Chaos as a great flame that will consume the Mortal Realms.

Spire Tyrants[edit]

Unknown warband seen in leaked images from the rulebook. Already native to the Eightpoints, the Spire Tyrants are elite gladiators who work in the fighting pits of the Varanspire. Having mastered the arena, they seek further status in service to Archaon. Though only a single sillhouette has been seen of them, they seem to be rocking the classic Warriors of Chaos aesthetic.

Non-Chaos Warbands[edit]

In addition to the six Chaos warbands duking it out in the myriad of locales of the Eightpoints, nine other groups of warriors have been announced in the form of Warband Cards. These card sets will allow the following nine factions to join in the battles, bringing all new combinations and flavors of combat to the Varanspire! Unfortunately, we aren't getting new minis for them though, which is a huge bummer, seeing as the Chaos minis look awesome.


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