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Chaotic Beasts[edit]


  • [Double] Cower : Until the end of the battle round, count each critical hit from attack actions that target this fighter as a hit instead. (Fury ability)
  • [Double] Crazed Flock : Until the end of this fighter's activation, for each other friendly fighter within 3" of this fighter that has the same runemarks as this fighter, add 1 to the Attacks and Strength characteristics of attack actions made by this fighter that have a Range characteristic of 3 or less. (Raptoryx ability)



  • Stats: Movement 8"' Toughness 3; Wounds 12; 70 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Fly, Thrall
    • Weapons:
      • Claws-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 3; Damage 1/2


  • Stats: Movement 5"' Toughness 4; Wounds 12; 105 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Thrall
    • Weapons:
      • Claws-Range 1"; Attacks 2; Strength 4; Damage 2/5

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