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Much like the Orruks, Ogors don’t particularly need a reason to be in the Eightpoints other than they are mad hungry.

Faction Overview[edit]

The band is generally a low model count team with each big boy capable of taking and dishing out a lot of damage.


  • Durable: Toughness 4 and 5 with have 30+ wounds, something even most Leaders don't have and that is just your basic fighters. Simply put, they don't die quickly.
  • High Killing: Ogor attacks are 5+ Strength that do 3-4 damage and 6-8 damage on criticals. As most Fighters are T3 or 4 and between the 8-15 wound range, you are likely to take out a fighter with each attack action.
  • Gnoblars: Cheap chaff fighters making up numbers for how expensive your ogors are.
  • Speedbooster: Have the average Universal 4", which can be boosted with generic abilities, On the Mawpath and Might Make Right.
  • Has A Cannon: Only one type of ranged Fighter that's expensive. Despite that, having one boost up you army's value when your openent trys to body shield.


  • Low Model Count: Outside of spamming weak Gnoblars, it's easy to get surrounded and each loss HURTS.
  • Hard to Spend Effectively: Because of how much they cost, your successfulness is held on what fighters you can bring in a 1000pt budget.

Abilities Overview[edit]

  • [Double]On the Mawpath: Add half of the value of this ability (rounding up) to the Move characteristic of this fighter for their next move action in the current activation. ([Brute] any ogor)
  • [Double] Might Makes Right: A fighter can use this ability only if an enemy fighter has been taken down by an attack action made by them in this activation. This fighter makes a bonus move or attack action. ([leader])
  • [Double] Ironfist: Pick a visible enemy fighter within 1" of this fighter and roll 2 dice. For each 4-5 the enemy fighter takes 1 damage point, for each 6 they take half this ability's value. ([Bulwark] Fighter with Ironfist)
    • Fighter Commentary if your not spending doubles for movement, Get more value from Crusher Leader and This makes Ironfist on Gluttons better buyback that 5pts discount over paired weapons. 2 1/{value/2} + 6 3/6 vs 8 3/6? Just take Paired weapons on Gluttons.
  • [Triple] Bullcharge: Until the end of this fighter's activation, the next time they finish a move action within 1" of an enemy fighter the enemy fighter takes damage points equal to the value of this ability. ([Brute] any ogor)
  • [Triple] Sneaky Traps: Until the end of the battle round, each time an enemy fighter finishes a move action within 3" of this fighter, that fighter suffers impact damage. ([trapper] Gnoblar)
  • [Quad]Thunderous Blast of Hot Metal: Add half of the value of this ability (rounding up) to the Attack and Strength characteristics of the next attack action made by this fighter this activation that targets an enemy fighter more than 3" away. ([Destoyer] ogors with cannon)

Fighter's Overview[edit]



  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 40; 285 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute, Bulwark, Leader
    • Weapons:
      • Axe-Range 1"; Attacks 4; Strength 5; Damage 4/8
  • Fighter Commentary- Your cheapest Leader. He exemplifies Ogor kind with the highest wound total of 40. He will destroy the majority of enemy fighters with at most 2 attack actions. Using [Double]Might Makes Right or [Double]Ironfist will extend this rampage.


  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 5; Wounds 40; 315 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute, Leader
    • Weapons:
      • Axe-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 6; Damage 5/10
  • Fighter Commentary- Up the Crusher's Toughness, Strength and Damage. Most other warbands can only hit him on 5s now and wound their heaviest armour on 3s. 30 more points for extra is maybe too much unless your worried about other tough Warbands like Ironjawz or Stormcast.


  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 40; 250 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute, Destoyer, Leader
    • Weapons:
      • Ranged-Range 3-10"; Attacks 3; Strength 5; Damage 3/6
      • Unarmed-Range 1"; Attacks 4; Strength 4; Damage 2/4
  • Fighter Commentary- If your spending your doubles on movment instead of Might Makes Right, and save points on a leader and Leadbelcher fighter, he is a good alternative. Not "as" killy in CC as a Crusher, but just as dangrous if any fighter gets withn 10" of him. Using [Quad]Thunderous Blast of Hot Metal Will obliterate any target.


Glutton Paired Club and Blade[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 30; 205 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute
    • Weapons:
      • Club-Range 1"; Attacks 4; Strength 5; Damage 3/6
  • Fighter Commentary- They are big boys, on par with Brutish Leaders. using [Double]On the Mawpath can make one suprisinlgy quick, They will kill almost every attack and [Triple] Bullcharge turns even a move action into an attack.

Glutton Blade and Ironfist[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 30; 200 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute, Bulwark
    • Weapons:
      • Sword-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 5; Damage 3/6
  • Fighter Commentary- Trade +1 attack to have Bulwark and a 5 point discount. the uses of the [Double]Ironfist ability don't really make up for this, so Unless their is a Scenario that benefits Bulwark Runemarks, skip.


  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 5; Wounds 30; 235 Pts.
    • Rule: Brute
    • Weapons:
      • Club-Range 1"; Attacks 2; Strength 6; Damage 4/8
  • Fighter Commentary - This is bringing a Lascannon to a knife fight. toughness 5 makes him hard to hit and his club will hit almost everything on 3+. He is meant to survive agent strong fighters and kill heavily armored foes. Situational and require those kinds of encounters to be more than once. Only having 2 attacks but if you find a way to boost it (and fish for more six) He is a destroyer. same problem as the Gutlord.


  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 30; 230 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Brute, Destroyer
    • Weapons:
      • Ranged-Range 3-10"; Attacks 3; Strength 5; Damage 3/6
      • Unarmed-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 4; Damage 1/4
  • Fighter Commentary - Easily among the star players of the whole game. Just one of these guys can be very nasty, blowing down enemies from across the board and being pretty durable to boot too.


  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 3; Wounds 8; 45 Pts.
    • Runemarks: Trapper
    • Weapons:
      • Dagger-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 3; Damage 1/3
  • Fighter Commentary - Instead of a Glutton, can buy 4 1/2 Gnoblars. They exist so your opponent doesn't get more activations per turn than you. They are on par with other chaff fighters, they will die quickly. They are used to take objectives and accompany Gluttons, their [Triple] Sneaky Traps can detur enemy rushes unless they want to take impact damage.

Minions, Thralls, and Allies[edit]

General Tactics[edit]

Other Helpful Tips[edit]

Example Builds[edit]

  • Crusher, Leadbelcher, Glutton w/ Paired Weapons, and 6 Gnoblars
    • An all-rounder team meant for most situations. You can easily divide them up into an Ogor and 2 Gnoblars per formation as well.
  • Thunderfist and 14 Gnoblars
    • An unashamed meme build, but you’ll be drowning your opponent in sheer numbers, using the little runts to tie down enemies while the boss blows them to pieces.

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