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"Agony is Our Gift!" A Warband originating in Shyish, the Realm of Death, these Chaos followers revel in both enduring and brandishing physical torment and pain as a weapon. Their favorite pastimes include long walks through the torture chambers, wanton sadism, and severing their own limbs and faces. Lots of spikes and chains, even some heavy metal stilts. Can you say Darkest Dungeon? They also wear their faces as belts. How nice.


Faction Overview[edit]


  • Versatility
  • Lots of mid range attack options
  • Good abilities that can really mess with an opponent's gameplan


  • Reliant on leader to get consistent kills
  • Weak individual fighters
  • Generally low strength and toughness with mid-Movement
  • Easily becomes underwhelming unless you know what you are doing and/or get lucky

Abilities Overview[edit]

  • [Double] Nightmarish Visage: Pick an enemy fighter within a number of inches of this fighter equal to the value of this ability and roll a dice. On a 3+, until the end of the battle round, that fighter cannot make move actions or disengage actions. (Universal ability)
    • Ability Commentary - One of the bread and butter abilities that really define The Unmade being able to mess with the enemy, the fact that every member has the potential to lock down an enemy model at range means that any R1 fighter about to charge in can effectively be taken out of the equation for the turn, leaving them vulnerable to flails and pole arms or just floundering away from an objective. It will also lock down the model from any ability-driven bonus moves such as the Untamed Beasts moving the Prowler, so don't ignore it just because the model's already activated if you feel it's liable to be part of the enemy's plan.
  • [Double] Barbed Strike: Until the end of this fighter's activation, if any attack action made by this fighter scores any hits or critical hits, subtract 1 from the Toughness characteristic (to a minimum of 1) of the target fighter until the end of the battle round. (Universal ability)
    • Ability Commentary - The other universal ability that really plays to The Unmade's strengths, this just needs one hit to knock down the toughness of an enemy by one. It only debuffs by one for each use of the ability, but there's nothing stopping you from using it with two models to knock T5 down to T3 for a turn. The choice usually comes down to whether to use your doubles for this or Nightmarish Visage - if they've already activated and have no way of activating again, barb them down and throw your other fighters in. If they've not activated, consider whether you'd rather they stay still and you poke them with sticks, or take their charge and fight back against a crippled enemy.
  • [Double] Chain Garrotte: Pick an enemy fighter within 5" of this fighter and roll a dice. On a 3-4, allocate 1 damage point to that fighter. On a 5-6, allocate a number of damage points to that fighter equal to the value of this ability. (Minion ability)
    • Ability Commentary - A situational ranged attack that only a handful of your models will be able to use, but as it's essentially a 1/Ability attack with a strength higher than your opponents toughness, it's worth it on tough and dangerous enemies that may be stuck in place but are still too much of a risk to get within an inch of. Sadly, mathhammer says it's not as good as the bolas/throwing stars abilities of other warbands.
  • [Triple] Flaying Frenzy: Roll a dice for each visible enemy fighter within 3" of this fighter. On a 3-4, allocate 1 damage point to the fighter being rolled for. On a 5-6, allocate a number of damage points to the fighter being rolled for equal to the value of this ability. (Destroyer ability)
    • Ability Commentary - The big brother of the Chain Garrotte, your triples are going to either go to this, Vessel of Torment, or wilded up to a quad. The only models that can do this are going to want to be up close and personal, so if you get the opportunity to slam into a group of three or more weak enemies, consider this. Anything less than three enemies within range isn't really worth it, and don't even bother on anything under a triple four. Sadly, even when these conditions are activated, this ability is still unrealizable. But if it goes well, it can be hilarious.
  • [Triple] Vessel of Torment: A fighter can use this ability only if an enemy fighter has been taken down by an attack action made by them this activation. This fighter makes a bonus move action. Then, they can make a bonus attack action. (Leader ability)
    • Ability Commentary - Locked into just one model, but if you're using them well then you'll get a decent chance of getting to use it. Bear in mind that the expected damage per attack action for your Blissful One is 8.3 +/- 1.6 for being higher or lower strength, so if you think you can murder a weak enemy with those odds, then charge in then pinball into another target. If you start in combat you can potentially kill three weak enemies, and with your high movement it'll be hard to escape.
  • [Quad] Gift of Agony: This fighter makes a bonus attack action. Add 1 to the Strength and Attacks characteristics of that attack action if this fighter has any damage points allocated to them. (Universal ability)
    • Ability Commentary - Pricy, but potentially a game changer. Even though it's universal, don't even think about wasting it on your Awakened Ones, use it to open your retaliation on a full wound champion after they've charged your leader or champions and not wiped them out. Statistically, you're looking at roughly a 50% increase in damage dealt if you go up a wounding bracket, without factoring in your normal attacks. Again, pretty situational, but if you get a quad late game and your leader or champions are still alive, it'll turn the tables in a brawl.

Fighter's Overview[edit]


Blissful One[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 8"; Toughness 4; Wounds 20; 220 Pts.
    • Rule: Leader
    • Weapons:
      • Sword-Range 1"; Attacks 5; Strength 4; Damage 2/6
  • Fighter Commentary - Your leader is one of the most dangerous of the original warbands, with a ludicrous movement rate, lots of attacks and a lethal crit value. 20 wounds aren't that much with the advent of the additional waves but are still enough to take a hit and fight back, potentially unlocking Gift of Agony.
    • Use their high movement well by leaving them until a later activation and react to where they're needed. If you get tied up in combat you're no slouch, but you are losing the benefit of a massive mobile threat range, so try to keep them scuttling over to weakened targets to finish off, especially if you're planning to use Vessel of Torment.


Awakened One with Brutal Polearm[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 3; Wounds 10; 60 Pts.
    • Rule:
    • Weapons:
      • Spear-Range 2"; Attacks 2; Strength 3; Damage 1/4
  • Fighter Commentary - Only two attacks, but a decent crit value makes these surprisingly punchy and the long-range means that you can jab scared models without fear of full retaliation. Never get them willingly within 1" of an enemy, their strength is their range, so feel free to use Nightmarish Visage and jab away a few wounds until your friends can join you.

Awakened One with Flail[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 3; Wounds 10; 60 Pts.
    • Rule:
    • Weapons:
      • Dagger-Range 1"; Attacks 3; Strength 3; Damage 1/3
      • Reach weapon-Range 3"; Attacks 3; Strength 3; Damage 1/2
  • Fighter Commentary - You don't use these for damage, you use them for the fact that you can get three attacks at 3", giving you a good chance to trigger Barbed Strike and setting up a weakened opponent for your real melee models to exploit. The Awakened Ones should be your first activations and target what you're going to try to bring down using debuffs. Don't forget that if you find yourself within an inch, the knife attack has just as many attacks but with a better damage profile, so don't feel you need to always use the flail. Sadly, many newer warbands have the exact same fighter at cheaper points and 1 more crit damage. Wait for the next rebalance i guess.

Ascended One[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 4"; Toughness 4; Wounds 10; 125 Pts.
    • Rule: Warrior
    • Weapons:
      • Spear-Range 1"; Attacks 4; Strength 4; Damage 2/4
  • Fighter Commentary - A cut-price Joyous One, for 20 points less you get one less movement and a third less wounds, but the exact same offensive power and access to the Chain Garrotte ability, which will be much easier to pull off due to both being a double rather than a triple and also being single target, so you don't need to try to maneuver to be near a group. They're pretty squishy, so use them to attack already activated and preferably Barbed targets, dealing an expected 5.3 +/- 1.3 damage per attack.

Joyous One[edit]

  • Stats: Movement 5"; Toughness 4; Wounds 15; 145 Pts.
    • Rule: Destroyer
    • Weapons:
      • Dagger-Range 1"; Attacks 4; Strength 4; Damage 2/4
  • Fighter Commentary - Faster than everyone but your leader, this is a souped-up Ascended One with the same solid offensive profile and 50% more wounds plus a bonus inch of movement. These are your vanguard fighters, kitbash one of your Ascended from the boxed set into a Joyous One and it'll hit 1000 points exactly as well as giving you some much needed staying power. With more wounds, they're more likely to survive an attack so are also a decent candidate for Gift of Agony if your leader isn't up for it, plus they have the potentially great but potentially underwhelming Flaying Frenzy ability, meaning they want to be at the front as much as possible. Use your Awakened Ones to debuff and/or root in place, use your Ascended as assassins to pick off threats, but throw these dudes in to mop up the chaff.

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