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Warder is a third party Pathfinder class that is part of Path of War and Dreamscarred Press's go at making a 3e "tank" class that didn't suck at doing that. It's an intelligence based, full BAB class with good fortitude and will saves (which is the best combo to have short of all good saves, since reflex is considerably less useful than the other two) and 4+int skills per level.

Where the other tank classes in the system failed is that they either lacked any way to prevent the enemy from just ignoring them till their friends were dead, or (with certain support) had aggro control that was essentially non-magical mind control. Warder solves this by imposing penalties on enemies that attack anyone else, and getting a lot of attack of opportunity support that lets them passively wear down the enemy in addition to the normal selection of offensive options. Like Warlord all of the class's innate disciplines (except the optional Eternal Guardian) are non-supernatural.

Warder is a tier 3 class. It does its intended role (protecting allies, staying alive and hitting the enemy) very well while still being useful when those abilities aren't useful thanks to its maneuvers giving it options in combat and (especially with trades for supernatural ones) out, plus it has impressive skills from its high intelligence.

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