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A map of the Warehouse before the Nito exodus

Setting Introduction[edit]

Warehouse World (or Costco Quest) is a Quest / homebrew setting (similar in concept to the 4chan Archipelago) that separates the 4chan boards into warehouse retail stores, akin to Costco or Sam's club. The warehouses are surrounded by miles of dirt in all directions, given infinite power and plumbing, and consist only of the patrons of the various boards. This article chronicles the exploits of /tg/ as they struggle to survive in their warehouse.

You can find the archived threads at


The IRC channel is at http://cbe002.chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.Mibbit.Net&channel=%23warehouseworld

Games were usually around 10 eastern.

Rough Outline[edit]

The Costco in question is modeled on the one in Hillsboro OR.

It is the largest in the world

It contains the following departments

  • Gas Station
  • Fastfood stand
  • Does not sell Hard Liquor
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Has a florist, and Gardening Department
  • 2 story tall coffee roaster in center
  • Healthcare/nutrition section,
  • Around 250,000 square feet, at least


Lawful Evil Farms- The Lawful Evil farmers were the first to begin agriculture within the warehouse, and zealously guard the secrets of their success. In the beginning, they were led by Gravefather Nito before they walled themselves off from the rest of the store. Their tactics were cruel and calculating as the early farms that rivaled their success were razed and salted. Eventually Gravefather Nito and his ilk fell into obscurity. It is unknown for how long they existed behind their walls but when they were finally breached there was no trace of the Lawful Evil Farmers. Rumors say that James Joyce knows what happened to them but he has neither confirmed nor denied such rumors. A single cryptic message was left in a cloistered corner of their holdings. It simply read "Friends." The lands the Farmers once held are currently up for grabs but some denizens claim the area to be haunted by the Farmers. None have set up permanent residence in the location as of yet.

Pharmacia- An unrecognized state, High Alchemist James Joyce seeks to unite the masters of hermetic pharmacy into a major political power

Greater /tg/- The largest faction, Greater /tg/ has claimed control of vast tracts of land from the borders of LE to the bakery and freezer. They have the largest militia, though many of their citizens devote the majority of their time to gaming, limiting their capacity as a martial threat.


'The Mining Corps'- Each settlement has their own Mining Corps, though the mines of Greater /tg/ have dug the deepest and most stable tunnels. Many refugees have taken to living in the tunnels, as the dank and dirty conditions mimic their homes before "Housefall."

'Adventurer's Guild'- The adventurer's guild is for rejects the militias wouldn't take. They seek exorbitant bounties for even the most trivial of tasks, and are really just a social club for outcasts looking to make a quick buck or not drink alone. There are a few exceptions, however, such as Ross 60, the magic player.

'Palletanisim'- A church worshiping the bountiful pallets and thanking the god of the store for its benevolence, they provide spiritual therapy for the citizens of Greater /tg/. Their chapel looks like an amalgamation of child-play house parts, scaffolding, and duct tape. A testament to the bounty the store provides.

'High Council of the Intellects'- The "government" of Greater /tg/, these "Intellects" squabble amongst themselves while the military does the majority of governing. They're struggling for leadership even as the populace clamors for law and order.

The Militia'- The military of greater /tg/, the militia is charged with the defense of the costco, and the policing of its inhabitants. While underfunded and under staffed they largely get by using the Adventurer's Guild as mercenaries. They also provide self defense training to as many citizens as they can, but keep most guns and heavy weapons to themselves.


'Dreadfortress Chex'- Rumors abound of a foreboding castle made from cereal boxes in between the frozen foods and chip aisles. Members of the Adventurer's guild and Mining Corps. often go missing when foraging for food in the area.

'The Hive'- A name given to the new home of Gravefather Nito jokingly by Ross. The Hive's exact location is unknown. What is known is that Nito traveled within the plane of poor sediment, recruited several smaller boards that had almost no members and created the Hive within the dirt itself. Currently the members of the Hive are locked in conflict with the Adventurer's Guild and the Chex King. Should the Chex King make one false move Nito will burn all of the Chex he has found in other stores just to spite the Chex King.

'Ft. Meat Locker' - Home to the militia's tactical adviser Inquisitorial Librarian, the Freezer serves as a maximum security storage facility, armory, and garrison. Despite its name, most of the freezer is only slightly chilly, as people keep forgetting to shut the damn door.

'Checkout lanes/office' - Headquarters of the militia and the High council of intellects, it is a reinforced fort that is heavily guarded.

Central' - The central point of Greater /tg/ is marked by the Coffee Spire and Coffee Square. From Central, the fields, mines, and neighborhoods are easily accessible within a short walk.

Central Neighborhoods

  • Pallet Town: A middle class dormitory on pallet levels 1, 2 and 3. Many of the homes are made from building materials and compacted dirt.
  • The Sweater Hovels: A slum in between the mines and Coffee Square. Blue-jean alley is notorious for its crime and roll-fudging.
  • Dwarf's fortress: A close-knit community of miners living in the upper levels of the mines. The dank and cramped conditions aren't a big deal for these hardy neckbeards.


'Housefall'- Day 1. In the beginning, the netizens of /tg/ were brought to the warehouse by mysterious means. With only a few moments to grab what they can before being taken from the "real world" they are thrust into their new home. Immediately, leaders emerge, separating off a large portion of the store and sending raiders out to the gardening department for seeds.

'Minecraft'- Day 9- Day 35 In the weeks after agriculture has begun, food rationing threatens the fa/tg/uy's way of life. The harsh rationing laws cause a huge chunk of the population to split off, forming Greater /tg/. They are welcomed by the Inquisitorial Librarian of Ft. Meat Locker and the Militia and High Council of Intellects are formed.

'The Nito Exodus'- Day 45 The success of Greater /tg/ caused the Lawful Evil Coalition to splinter, and their shadowy leader Gravefather Nito took his minions deep into the Plane of Inferior Sediment. He took a substantial amount of mining equipment and rations with him, and remains at large.

Currently, it is day 50. Greater /tg/ and the Palletan Church are preparing to host a small celebration in honor of the Two-month anniversary of their new home.


Gravefather Nito - The founder of the Lawful Evil Farms. Disliked by many of the other residents of the store for his wicked streak and general dickery. It is currently unknown what happened to he and his followers. He is a dick though.

High Alchemist James Joyce - leader of Pharmacia

Duke of the Dispensery Ernest Hemmingway - Duke of Pharmacia. Resident Alchemist, controls massive weed stash. Is protected by the militia in exchange for some of the dank stuff.

Ross 60 - an amicable magic player, and sometimes adventurer. Generally well liked.

Squid - A silent wanderer from the Sweater Hovels in central, Squid wants to join up with one of /tg/ General's organizations, but is turned away by all but the adventurer's guild. Carries a wicked machete.

Guy, Witha Trenchcoat - An impressive figure in his eponymous coat, he is nevertheless one of the less skilled members of the adventurer's guild.

The Chex King - a madman wearing boxes, the Chex king may be nothing more than a fable to keep scavengers from straying too far into the aisles.

The Shadow Cock - "Trap" assassin. Claims to have exotic good from other warehouses. Questionable, but undyingly loyal to /tg/

Inquisitorial Librarian - A former warlord from the Freezer section, he has lent his tactical expertise to Greater /tg/. His armored fortress has become their garrison, though he's in a constant furor over people leaving the door open.

/toy/ Anon - Traitor to his former home, well-versed in their customs and eager to secure peace within /tg/'s borders. Bitterly camps among the action figures. Magic player, D&D-curious.

Tiger Lily - A mysterious druid living in the mists of the Garden section.

Cerebrate Anon - An intense farmer, he seems uninterested in greater politics compared with the logistics of keeping the colony alive. He doesn't demand leadership, but his deadpan criticisms cut deep whenever a leader's plans would endanger the colony.

Sweet Soul Bro - A Captain in the militia, Soul Bro vocally opposes the council's attempts to curtail defense spending.

Stan the Clue-holder - One of the more practical members of the council of intellects, he is primarily concerned with metalworking.

Thermobaric Lemon - Sweet Soul Bro's deputy/sergeant, aggressively seeks the demise of the chex King by employing the adventurers guild.

The Salesman - (OP and GM) Some people claim to have seen a store employee roaming the isles, restocking items.

Mephiston's Twin - young member of the board, at first he was very submissive, after that he became an inspiring person with some speeches for unity. highly educated person