Warforged Mysteries

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Warforged Mysteries is an umbrella term for all the religions and philosophies largely unique to the warforged in Eberron.

The Becoming God[edit]

The Becoming God
Becoming God symbol.png
Alignment True Neutral
Pantheon Eberron
Portfolio Discovery, life, growth, self-sufficiency
Domains Artifice, Meditation, Strength, Warforged
Worshippers Warforged, deluded non-warforged scholars
Favoured Weapon Slam, gauntlet

"Until all are one."

The Godforged, as the faithful call themselves, are a group of warforged united in belief that they possess souls like other living beings, and that they were given to them by a construct god, though most question how this conclusion came about and if construct can exist without bodies. To them the soul is a part of their body, until their body is destroyed, then it becomes a part of their god until it finds a new body, or becomes a permanent part of the god. The godforged left Karrnath and went to Mournland where to this day they are attempting to build a body for their god so that it may walk the world alongside them. Most warforged, and the occasional crazy person, who are interested come to Mournland to learn more of this deity, meeting each other and forming small assemblages where they discuss and argue over the nature of their deity with the one(s) with the strongest personality taking the reins. The assemblage then begins scouring the land for whatever materials and relic that could be of use in building the body and seeking the Firstforge, the origin of all warforged, that will be needed to build the body. The leaders carry with them "the plan" which functions as a record for everything that the assemblage has encountered and experienced. The non-warforged members usually end up as crazed Half-Golems, or underground preachers.

Mark of the Becoming[edit]

Among the rites of the godforged is the ritual to either attach, engrave, stamp, or generally affix the Mark of the Becoming to a member of the faith. The godforged know of the dragonmarks and their influence, some even know of the Draconic Prophecy and its relation to the marks. They simply believe it's logical to mark themselves to symbolize fulfilling a destiny. The dragons have taken note of this and are watching how the mark will reveal something new of the prophecy. The marks themselves vary in appearance, but share the central feature of an opening construct eye.

The Lord of Blades[edit]

Lord of Blades
Lord of Blades symbol.jpg
Alignment Lawful Evil
Pantheon Eberron
Portfolio Battle, racial pride, rulership, vengeance
Domains Artifice, Evil, Law, War, Warforged
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Eberron)
Worshippers Warforged
Favoured Weapon Greatsword

Lord of Blades (or "LOBster" as many fans like to call them) is a mysterious and charismatic warforged prophet who has made many apocalyptic speeches to the warforged in Mournland. Their message is simple: the warforged were made to rule Eberron, and the fleshborn must be enslaved or exterminated, so yeah, LOBster is basically Hitler crossed with Ultron, or a robotic Colonel Kurtz if you feel like playing up the "cult-leader in the middle of nowhere" aspect. Though some doubt LOBster's existence, there are those warforged who see it/them as not just a prophet, but a veritable divine being sustained by their worship, and the LOBster in return gives them a sense of purpose and divine magic.

While the faithful have rites, prayers, and spirituality, they place no value on the spiritual existance, because, after all, their god and everything needed is physical. The cult organization is based on military organization with the Lord as its head. The captains relay LOBster's words to other followers as long harangues, and have them repeat them as mantras, and organize drills and large-scale exercises to train for the inevitable holy war. Other high-ranking members are sent out to evangelize other warforged everywhere else in Eberron.


Nobody knows who Lord of Blades actually is, as there is nothing known about them from before the end of the Last War, when LOBster first appeared. There are many rumors as to who they were, with the most common one saying that they're actually Bulwark, a servant of King Boranel of Breland and the one to have influenced him to grant the warforged their freedom. After the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, Bulwark disappeared to the east and not soon after did the Lord of Blades emerge.

The Incarnate Lord of Blades heresy, created by non-warforged members of the godforged, state that the Lord of Blades was once a being of flesh and blood who managed to rebuild his or her entire body and soul with mechanical parts. Unsurprisingly, both faiths find this idea ridiculous, and its members end up silenced one way or another.

The Reforged[edit]

The Reforged
Doesn't have a symbol
Pantheon Eberron
Portfolio Experiences, living, pleasure
Worshippers Warforged

The Reforged philosophy is the odd one out of the Warforged Mysteries. They can best be summarized as: what if the Society of Sensation was made of robots. They eschew mechanical enhancement in favor of becoming more like living beings, whether it's by emulating their biological functions or trying to replicate them, so that they may fit better in with them. The philosophy was created by Hatchet who formulated the core precepts, called the four maxims, that every reforged lives by, and spread them among them. These are:

  1. I choose, therefore I live.
  2. The purpose of life is living.
  3. All living beings have the right to choose.
  4. Some choices demand punishment.

Not much is known about Hatchet before their death, after a misunderstanding wherein Hatchet killed a human in self-defense and was torn to pieces by an angry mob because of it, though some of the more fervent followers consider Hatchet to be at least semidivine. They largely hang around in their enclaves, where they can indulge in the various aspects of living, and practice them, along with either a library, a garden, or some other quiet place for them to meditate on the nature of life. These places are also filled with best food and drink along side art, literature, music, animals, and pretty much anything a sensate would want.


If the Warforged ever canonically found their way to the rest of the Great Wheel, it's likely that many would choose to worship Primus as the god of constructs, though it's not clear how the big guy would feel about this, as he's never had actual mortal worshippers before (unless you count the Modrons themselves). If however he does reciprocate, then clerics of Primus would likely have access to the Forge and Order domains, possibly with the life domain thrown in as well, since "We'd always wanted to become real boys, but now we see that we already were as real as that boy!".

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