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Wargames Atlantic
Wargames Atlantic Logo.jpg
Year Established January 2019 (Approximate)
Notable Employees Bob Naismith
Notable Games Death Fields
Website https://wargamesatlantic.com/

Wargames Atlantic is a miniatures company. The company is notable for having sculpting done by Bob Naismith, who used to work at GW.

Their main appeal to /tg/ is their Death Fields line, which is pretty clearly designed to provide cheap proxies for Guard armies. The Les Grognards kit comes with more than twice the amount of men (and 192 heads) for the same price as a Cadian squad. They also have a growing line of interesting historicals (including, but not limited to, plastic French Partisians, German tank crews, Boxer Rebellion Chinese, and Italian Bersaglieri).

The downside of cheapness is that there are a few more limitations than some of the other third-party manufacturers. While the actual models are fairly high quality, they're also fairly monopose. The aforementioned Grognards kit has only three bodies and three rifle arm poses, so you're going to get very familiar with the same nine dudes in your guard army.

Update: the Grognards have a second set, which is a combination of heavy weapon teams and command models... The box is really good as you can build 6 heavy weapon teams from it and the command option has the choice of a medic, banner bearer, sniper, powerfists (though they are bloody odd-looking) and multiple command heads (including lady guard). So if you want to make a guard army on the cheap buy yourself one command/ heavy weapon box and a couple of infantry boxes, it will total 60 models (12 in the command and 24 per infantry box).

Also in fairness to the infantry box you do get all the special weapon options and a sergeant choice (though why they put both the chainsword and pistol arm on the right hand is beyond me).

£75 (£25 a box) will get you 6 heavy weapon teams (more if you can convert), a boatload of special weapons (coming in four flavours though the plasma and melta variants are a little off) and enough options for as many officers as you like. Honestly, anyone looking for something more akin to the imperial guard from 1997 (as those plastic Catachans came in a box of 20 at first) then it is really worth a look. Anyone with a half-decent bits box can make these little guys into something pretty special....

Notable Products[edit]

Warning all Wargames Atlantic sets come without bases. It's not a massive deal breaker but make sure you take that into account when working out if these boys are for you. On the other hand, they also do sell bases that are specifically designed to be magnetised and work with models that already have bases.

Classic Fantasy[edit]

Because life isn't all about 40k. So far released we have

  • Skeletons (Harryhausen style),
  • Halflings (less cartoony than TTCombat's),
  • Lizardmen (with sci-fi, Napoleonic or Fantasy weaponry so they can do any setting)
  • Giant spiders (with sci-fi upgrades because who doesn't love a cyborg spider with guns?)
  • Goblins (with saddles so they can ride the spiders)

Death Fields[edit]

  • Raumjäger Infantry

24 men in a box for £25 so that's £1.04 a model. The idea behind these boys is a WW2 german paratrooper vibe, but they would make good proxies for someone looking at a Steel Legion army. 6 identical sprues, each has a flamer, a plasma gun, some heavy rifle that won't port over to GW too well (maybe a melta gun?), and a vox caster. These are chunky boys with lots of webbing on them so its a bit of a challenge to make interesting conversions, though not impossible. They also have a smattering of female heads which is appreciated.

  • Les Grognards

Another 24 for boys for £25. We have a classic French look and greatcoats, and they come with a plethora of head options (192 in total, I believe): shakos, bearskins (do I hear Vostroyan?), kepi, and the classic Adrian Helmet. Do you want each of these to come with a gas mask as well as an open-faced version? Well, that's what you get. Considering other manufacturers like Anvil Industries will sell you 7 alternative heads for about £3.50 alone, this box is a steal for the right audience. Each sprue comes with a flamer, plasma gun, melta gun and grenade launcher as well as a rather nice-looking chainsword.

  • Les Grognard Command/Heavy Weapon

This box which comes with three sprues, and enough to build six heavy weapons and 12 men for £25. Everything is compatible with the infantry set, so if you bought one of each you get a few options to play around with. Each sprue has the option of four heavy weapons, a lascannon, mortar, some kinda gatling thing (could work as a stand in for a heavy bolter) and a weird anti-aircraft gun, so your mileage may vary but you can make three convincing Mortar and lascannon teams from the kit at least. You also have some command options such as a sniper, medic, standard-bearer and vox operator, also anyone looking for some decent sci-fi bicorns will be in their element. The set also has some lady heads which is always appreciated, and a bottle of wine because French I guess.

  • Einherjar

These boys come in a box of 24 for £25. These are a combination of Vikings and Squats, so we see furs and beards and some medieval helmets. It contains 8 sprues, and each sprue holds three bodies, a flamer, a plasma gun, a grenade launcher, a vox caster and a shield and an axe for some reason. As they are space dorfs, they are smaller GW (And WA's own) humans, but fairly slim compared to a GW dwarf.

  • Cannon Fodder 1 and 2

30 guardsmen for £25. They appear to be in some kind of prison jumpsuit and the rifles they carry look most similar to a lasgun WA have made yet, and come with options for shaved heads, soft caps, helmets, and some kind of HAZMAT-esque gasmasks. Worth considering if you want to make a penal legion, Planetary Defense Force, Traitor Army or if you just want some conscripts that stand out from the rest of your troops. The only special weapon they get is one plasma gun per sprue, which is a bit of an odd choice considering what they are supposed to represent, but hey. The second box is entirely composed by female figures, so they naturally have different poses, heads and weapons, but the backpacks are identical. The girls only come in a box of 24 for the same price however, which is a little disappointing but still better than GW's prices. It's worth noting that the girls box includes a couple of dagger holding hands, 2 pistol hands and a chain hook hand so at a massive push you could just about squeeze out a 10 man combat heretic squad from the box.

  • Bulldogs

The set for the Praetorian_Guard fans, 24 space British troops with a selection of quasi-historical heads and weaponry, from WW1-style Broodies, to Zulu Wars-era Piths, as well as a hand holding a teacup. Special weapons include a Lewis-looking LMGs, plasma guns, SMGs/assault rifles, a grenade launcher and an odd-looking flamer. For anyone who ever wanted those classic metal models here is a chance to put together a force for a very decent price.

  • Space Nam

Made in collaboration with Reptilian Overlords. Not yet released, but it's a box of 20 guys with a very strong Catachan vibe. It looks like they'll have options for bolt guns, flamers, plasma guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, melta guns and chainswords. It is slightly concerning that this box apparently only builds 20 models when Cannon Fodder gives you 30, but it might have been due to the collab.

Great War[edit]

  • German infantry (1916-1918)

30 men for £25, six identical sprues each containing 6 bodies. But it comes with all that pickelhaube and stahlhelm goodness you could want (approximately 150 heads in this one box). Do I hear Deathkorps? Combine these boys with some Grognards and you're pretty much on your way.

  • French infantry (1916-1940)

35 men for £25, 5 full and 5 half sprues, the full sprue contains 7 bodies. But if you need lots of trenchcoat infantry and Adrian helmets (including those in gasmasks) it's perfect. If your a bolt action boy this is a ground breaking box, one is more than enough for a core force and 2 boxes is more than you will ever need. Also comes with Harlem Hellfighters and Senegalese Tirailleurs head options which is neat.


  • Conquistadors

Estalia, Tilea, Dogs of War. This box will suit any human army not north of Black Fire Pass. They could even be used as the Empire in a pinch. They have halberds, great weapons, swords, spears, crossbows and handguns all on the sprue. But only 3-4 of each per six men, not enough to make a single twenty man unit out of the box. Still, 24 men for a respectable price.

  • Aztec Warriors

These guys look fun and there's 30 of them. I just can't think of a use for them in WFB. Remove skinks, replace with skinkymen?

World Ablaze[edit]

  • Partisans (1) French Resistance

32 men for £25, 8 identical sprues each containing 4 bodies. Best suited for Frateris Militia, especially when kitbashed with Flagellants

However they work real well as any partisan force if your a bolt action player (your not?!!! Well you should be).

  • Panzer Lehr Division

30 late war German infantry, so your getting a more generic uniform than the 1939 field tunic, so depending on how you paint it and what head you put on it, it could be anything. Has some nice options for tank crews as well. Great if you want to build a bolt action late war German army but they could also have some limited use as a very varied imperial guard or pdf force.

  • Italian Infantry

32 boys in Italian army dress, though many of the model have puttees so your mileage may vary if your trying to port them over to 40k. Comes with standard helmet, pith helmet, Alpine hat, Bustina, and the feathers to create Bersaglieri, so for a bolt action player it's perfect. Also includes two heavy machine guns which makes a nice couple of weapon teams.

Iron Core[edit]

  • Eisenkern Stormtroopers

Probably the worst set so far if you're looking at a guard army, you get 20 men for £25 (still better value than Cadians though). The bodies are also noticeably slimmer than a standard GW human (considering all the armour they come in) and you get no special weapon proxies. However, the head design here is fantastic. They are a true update of the dreamforge models from 2013 so will not be suitable for everyone.

How to make a Cheap Guard Army[edit]

So the aim is to squeeze 500pts out of three boxes of Les Grognards, this will cost you £75 and provide you with 2 infantry boxes and one command/heavy weapon box. Wargames Atlantic do provide a discount of £70 for three boxes so you are getting a minor saving also on the plus side at this price postage is free from the company too (at time of writing).

So what to do with sixty men using just the contents of the boxes...

          HQ - 
          2 x company commanders (if you want give them powerfists)
          Elites - 
          1 special weapon squad with 3 x sniper rifles 
          1 special weapon squad with 3x meltas
          Troops - 
          1 infantry squad with flamer
          3 x infantry squads with lascannon and plasma (vox casters optional but you only get three in total)
          Heavy Support - 
          1 heavy weapon team x3 mortars (6 men)

Now that is a core for any budding guard commander as it clocks in at about 467pts naked, 487pts if you give both commanders power fists and you can bump it over 502 if you attach three vox casters... Sure I put down a three man sniper squad but that's only because I am insane, the two infantry boxes provide a total of 16 special weapons (well 64, but 16 of each type, so 16 plasma). If you want to go plasma mad then have at it, you could even take the 12 men from the two special weapon squads and make a veteran squad and a couple more officers, heck if you have a bald head you can even give someone the Eagle banner and call him an astropath or psyker, or combine an officers head with the vox caster and phone and call him a Master of Ordinance (you do you).

Now to build the equivalent in GW models you would need 3 command squad boxes (£22.50 x 3), 2 heavy weapon squad boxes (£25 x 2) and 3 infantry squad boxes (£22.50 x 3) and that little 5 man box for £6, which would cost you £191 from GW directly and about £150 from a third party retailer (gotta love that 20% discount).

What you are missing is bases at this point however so lets add £15 for enough bases for the army.

So it is £85 versus £150 at best.... heck that's a £65 saving, anyone want to grab a couple of Leman Russes?

Also Wargames Atlantic if your listening please make a Grognard Cavalry set, I like death riders, but I will not pay £75 for 5.

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