Wargames Atlantic

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Wargames Atlantic
Wargames Atlantic Logo.jpg
Year Established January 2019 (Approximate)
Notable Employees Bob Naismith
Notable Games Death Fields
Website https://wargamesatlantic.com/

Wargames Atlantic is a miniatures company. The company is notable for having sculpting done by Bob Naismith, who used to work at GW.

Their main appeal to /tg/ is their Death Fields line, which is pretty clearly designed to provide cheap proxies for Guard armies. The Les Grognards kit comes with more twice the amount of men (and 192 heads) for the same price as a Cadian squad. They also have a growing line of interesting historicals (as of right now, they're the only ones making plastic French Partisans).

The downside of cheapness is that there are a few more limitations than some of the other third-party manufacturers. While the actually models are fairly high quality, they're also fairly monopose. The aforementioned Grognards kit has only three body and three rifle arm poses, so you're going to get very familiar with the same nine dudes in your guard army.

Notable Products[edit]

Death Fields[edit]

  • Raumjäger Infantry
  • Les Grognards
  • Einherjar

Great War[edit]

  • German infantry (1916-1918)

Iron Core[edit]

  • Eisenkern Stormtroopers


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