Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat

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An RTS/RPG game with a bit of total war like military simulator set in the world of warhammer fantasy. Ironically it was made WAAAAAY before Warhammer: Mark of Chaos and Total War: WARHAMMER came out, making it one of the oldest warhammer fantasy game known existence. In fact, it is THE FOURTH OLDEST WARHAMMER GAME, with its sequel Warhammer: Dark Omen being the FIFTH OLDEST. It was made by a studio named Mindscape (who brought you prince of persia and paperboy).


You are Morgan Bernhardt, a mercenary Commander tasked to stop "another" skaven world domination plan, where Thanquol will use the an elven warpstone to summon the horned rat to the world. Nothing ordinary but at least chaos is not involve this time around.

Dark Omen[edit]

In the second game Dark Omen, Morgan is returned once again to stop the resurrection of some powerful undead king named the dread king where he went through a plot development in the end and decided be a hero instead of a money grabbing mercenary.

Many key warhammer characters made an appearance in this game like Volkmar the sigmar pope, where he helped Morgan by gave him important information after reading the unbearable liber mortis (one of nagash's book) and claimed that he had a "struggle" with a monster composed entirely of fingers.

Tzarina Katarina the ice queen of Kislev appeared when Morgan arrived in Kislev in search of an artifact called "Hand of Nagash". She point to the said artifact's direction and offer an ice wizard to assist Morgan's journey.

King Louen Leoncour also appeared when Morgan arrived in Parravon while in search of the black grail.

Fucking Orion too appeared where he revealed the truth about the black grail.

Jesus that's a lot of fucking cameos.


Every mission have you fight on a suppose pixelated battlefield where you must command your men to kill shit. If some of your men died, they can be reinforced with new soldiers for next turn, which you must paid in gold (mercenaries after all). There's a wide selection of units to choose from like your typical tabletop empire cannon folder, crossbow man, fucking Norseman marauders(probably not chaos), some pansy elf fuck boy, wizards of many winds, dwarves and artillery like mortars.

Ravandils Quest[edit]


Brought to you by the guy who helped in creating your favorite 40k parody.

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