Warhammer 40,000/2nd Edition Tactics/Orks

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This is an old Edition's Ork "tactics". The 3rd Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Orks[edit]

Orks are radically different to the army you know nowadays. For one thing, it was 3rd edition that made Orks WS 4 and BS 2, whereas in this one they're WS and BS 3. In many ways, they play more like modern Skaven or a hybrid between Imperial Guard and Space Marines, with lots of cheap cannon fodder supported by a wide variety of whacky artillery and toys, and the odd piece of Mega Armor.

Special Rules[edit]

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Bigboss:
  • Freebooter Kaptin:
  • Nobz:

Special Characters[edit]


  • Bad Moon Boyz Mob:
  • Blood Axe Boyz Mob:
  • Deathskulls Mob:
  • Evil Sunz Boyz Mob:
  • Snakebite Boyz Mob:


  • Pulsa Rokkit: If any weapon in the Ork army generated rage, it was the Pulsa Rokkit. A one-shot weapon, the Pulsa Rokkit would fire at a range of 12 inches +your choice of one to ten additonal D6s worth of distance. Once it lands, you would place a Pulsa Template on that location. You roll 2d6, and every model within that many inches of the template would be unable to shoot, and depending on the unit type, would suffer a secondary effect: Infantry couldn't move, dreadnoughts took an automatic damage roll to their legs, vehicles would automatically take an Out of Control roll on their turn, and buildings would be destroyed on a 4+. And just for comedic value, if you rolled a double for the Pulsa's radius, the Pulsa would stay on the table for another turn! Although this was a one-shot weapon that generally didn't actually do any damage, the real rage-inducer was the fact that this weapon was only 50 points, while being able to shut down far more than its points worth of enemy shooting!
  • Splatta Kannon: