Warhammer 40,000/6th Edition Tactics/Militarum Tempestus

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This is the 6th Edition's tactics. Newer editions' tactics may be found on Warhammer 40,000/Tactics.

This is a codex supplement that isn't actually a supplement and, surprisingly, showed up a little earlier than the full Astra Militarum Codex.

What you'll find here is a mini-force of Storm Troopers, because that's what they are. You can also notice that, again, GW recycled the Allies Matrix from the Inquisition/LoTD/Knights. Also, in a more surprising show of laziness, there are no special relics for this force, forcing you to use what you have, but lose the use of anything else besides the Troopers, Commissars, Tauroxes, and Valkyries.

Also curious is that, unlike the aforementioned other e-codices, this one lacks the ability to be a unique detachment, meaning you're wasting your allies slot if you take them. Just make sure you actually need these stormies before placing them as allies.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  • 1: Dauntless Commander - Warlord gets Fearless. With your limited numbers, the ability to remain in the fight becomes even more valuable (and perhaps a lot worse without the option to go to ground).
  • 2: Grenadier - Any frag and krak grenades the Warlord throws get twin-linked. Meltabombs and krak genades used in combat get Tank Hunters. If you're willing to throw down for meltabombs, you might as well see how much luck you'll get out of them. Twin-linked Kraks also sound rather nice against light armor.
  • 3: Intrepid Leader - All Tempestus units within 12" of Warlord gain Stubborn. Alright for a trait.
  • 4: Grav-Chute Commandos - All deep-striking units can re-roll reserves. Also, the warlord and his platoon only roll d6" when deep-striking.
  • 5: Drill Chief - Any Tempestus units firing Hot-Shot Lasguns/Laspistols within 6" of the Warlord gain 6" extra range provided they didn't move in the last movement phase.
  • 6: Inspired Commander - Warlord gets +1 Leadership. Um....yay? (It's utterly wasted if you use a Lord Commissar)

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Commissar/Lord Commissar - You've dealt with these guys before in the standard AM, they won't be too different here. Just remember that his effectiveness will seriously be put to the test since the Scions lack the raw manpower of the rank-and-file. This means that *BLAM*ming a goon costs much more than it normally would.
  • Tempestus Command Squad - They run like a basic command squad, with the need to buy stuff in exchange for their ability to shoot. However, their power is marred by the lack of advisers for use, though the ones that can fire gain the good stuff.


  • Tempestus Scions - Unlike the basic Militarum Codex, these guys are incapable of platooning it up, making each one a LOT more valuable. They still get to run the options they normally do though, but is this really all you want when this is your only choice for troops?

Deidicated Transports[edit]

  • Taurox Prime - The Troopers gain the neater Taurox, with the Russ cannon. It's great weakness still stands, as it's still as flimsy as papier mache. Note that if it's not taken as a Dedicated Transport, it counts as Fast Attack

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Valkyrie Squadron - Because of the decreased volume of troops, transport becomes more valuable. TAKE ONE NOW.



Unlike their Astra Militarum version, these Tempestus forces have their own unique orders. Do note AM orders don't work on MT units, and MT orders don't work on AM units.

  • Directed Firestorm Sanctioned! (Otherwise known as First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!) - When shooting, the ordered unit gets twin-linked. For the wins. FRFSRF is still the better command when looking for volume of fire, but whatever gets the job done, eh? Don't forget it effects all weapons in the squad, so enjoy those twin-linked special weapons/thrown grenades.
  • Autonomous Fire Sanctioned! - Ordered Unit gets Preferred Enemy when shooting a target. Nice enough. Handy for Plasma Command Squads. Just slap 4 Plasma Guns and 2 Plasma Pistols on a Command Squad + Commissar, Deep Strike within 12" (Thank you, Auger Array) and devour something nasty, like Termies/Termie Knockoffs. Wounding on 2+ feels even better when you can reroll the 1s.
  • Close Assault Doctrine Sanctioned! - Ordered unit gets Crusader for the rest of the turn. I guess if you need some goons to die, then let them die in style! If you're going to assault some space blueberries or Grots, you can toss this on the squad to help ensure a sweep. Otherwise, strictly for run moves.
  • Advance on Target! (Otherwise known as Move! Move! Move!) - Ordered unit gets Fleet. Give this order if you're going to assault with all those delicious Krak Grenades/Meltabombs, or if you're not sure you're going to make the charge on those Weeaboos with the Grav Drone. Otherwise, use the order above. Reroll your Run die, or roll two dice and pick the highest? Your choice. Rolling 2 dice and picking the highest is the best option. Always.
  • Suppression Doctrine Sanctioned! (Otherwise known as Suppressive Fire!) - Ordered units firing Hot-Shot Laspistols/Lasguns can only fire one shot, but that shot gets Sniper and Pinning. Also, the unit cannot charge in the assault phase. See this order right here? Unless you're packing Special Weapons you want to do all the work, this is how you kill things tougher than you. Str 3 got you down? How does ALWAYS wounding on a 4+ sound? How about Precision Shots and RENDING to boot? You do lose volume of fire within 9", but if you're engaging beyond that distance, accept no substitute. Probably better against MCs and Vehicles than the order below. Very nice with those Formations handing out twin-linked like candy.
  • Elimination Protocol Sanctioned! (Otherwise known as Bring It Down!) - Ordered unit gets Rending against an enemy MC/Vehicle. You want to like this order, since it seems so nice. However, let's face facts. Your Stormies should be packing some special heat like Plasma Guns or Meltas for heavy duty targets like these. Giving them Rending is meh. Other choices (Grenade Launchers/Flamers/Thrown Kraks) getting rending is, at best, a desperation move. Sure, you 'may' be able to roll enough sixes in shooting to wreck that light vehicle, but if you're close enough to double tap with your Hot-Shot Lasguns and/or throw a Krak, then you're probably close enough to assault with said Kraks.


Battle Brothers

  • Astra Militarum - If you run AM as your primary detachment and aren't taking other allies, a good way to get Scions as scoring troops (as opposed to their elite role within the AM codex). If Scions are your main detachment, the AM can provide the numbers and heavy artillery that the Scions lack.
  • Adepta Sororitas - They don't have anything better than you besides their AoF and power armor, so if you're expecting something effective out of this, don't waste your breath. Hello, Witch Hunters codex anyone? Scions can be the Hammer to these fine ladies' Anvil. Girls bring the meltas, boys bring the plasma. Fast TaurBoxes can exploit the havoc caused by those scouting, cover ignoring meltas, and the boys can provide plasma support along with Valkyries. Girls can bring power blobs to hold objectives and castled up Exorcists for heavy fire support. Plus you can run it like a Schola Progenium class reunion.
  • Blood Angels - Given that these Glory Boys aren't exactly made for gettin' stuck in, Blood Angels deliver a deep dish pizza of melee punishment. Those sanctioned Trukks can carry Auger Arrays, allowing Vanguard Veterans to arrive in position for a perfect assault. Most of their vehicles are fast, just like the boys' glass boxes, so they can screen until its time to bring down some angry vampires angels. Death Companies provide some delicious first turn drop pods to give the enemy something to think about instead of just popping boxes. In the end, its two offense oriented armies with complimenting tastes. Just beware their price tag.
  • Dark Angels - Decent if they're allies, Deathwing Knights are great deep striking in and soaking up fire while smashing shit, especially if an Interrogator Chaplain is with the squad. Vise versa, MT as allies brings them the fliers they need, and cheap scoring units (When put aside with Deathwing) makes their job easier in hunting the Fallen Angels of the chapter THE ENEMY OF THE EMPEROR THAT HAVES NO RELATIONS WITH THE DARK ANGELS!!
  • Imperial Knights - Taking these things can take a fuckton of heat from you. Just make sure the Knight can actually survive whatever you throw it at.
  • Inquisition - Do take them. They'll give you back some actually sturdy transports, Servo Skulls for even more accurate deep striking, and additional twin-linking power. Plus, you get a free allies slot!
  • Grey Knights - "I never created anything called Grey Knights." Emperor Text to Speech jokes aside, they are similar to the Inquisition. They make up their lack of ability to be a free allies detachment and being the Warlord with lots of psykers and being great in close combat with close range dakka. Also, because you miss Daemonhunter's codex.
  • Legion of the Damned - They might have some good armor, but don't trust on them to be there for you unless you made them warlord and rolled Never Too Late, Never Too Early. Don't forget to nab another ally, though.
  • Space Marines - Can take quite a few locator beacons to drop your guys where you want. A few drop pods and a scout bike squad can keep the enemy penned up and ready for the scions to drop in.
  • Space Wolves - Grey Hunters, Thunderwolf Calvaries, Long Fangs and Wolf Guards? Oh my, the Wolf chapter have a lot of options to take indeed. Much like Dark Angels, your fliers are really helpful here as they have none.

Allies of Convenience

  • Eldar -

Desperate Allies

  • Dark Eldar -
  • Tau -


Bizarrely, the Militarum Tempestus actually has Dataslate Formations in the same book as the actual army. Why they'd do it is anyone's question. Perhaps because you can't take platoons? It is how these guys can be a full army at any point level.

  • Airborne Assault Squadron - A Commissar, a Command Squad, and 3 Scions take 4 Valkyries as transport (And the Commissar must join one of the squads). Aside from the normal counts-as-one-unit Reserves rule, the formation also allows re-rolls for Grav-Chute Insertions and all disembarking units (Even by Grav-Chute) gain Split Fire and Twin-Linked. Just don't go thinking that you're gonna impress those Deffwing boys there.
  • Ground Assault Formation - The troops are the same as above, but now replace their Valkyries with Taurox Primes. This allows the them to begin on-field, but doing so forces them all to be on-field or force them all to be in Reserves (Which counts them all as one unit). Now any disembarking units gain Pinning and Twin-Linked for spam-happy asses to get shot at.