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This is an old Edition's Ork Dred Mob "tactics". 7th Edition Tactics are here while 5th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Dred Mob Orks[edit]


These guys are full of armor. In Imperial Armour Vol. 8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem, Forge World has turned their dusty old models and the fluffy vehicles we all know Orks can make into a full Codex. This Codex screws convention, because it has Dreadnaughts galore and uses them like troops and fast attack. The extremely low model count is deceptive, because the list essentially uses the same core strategy: Wreck Shit in Close Combat. The same strategies work well for horde or crunchy lists, just concentrate your fire more. That said, the "basic" format of this list (all Dreds all the time), is tactically durable, but when you're boned you're really boned. This is the most vehicle based army in existence outside of Apocalypse. This can quickly exceed Imperial Guard in terms of sheer number of vehicles on the board. Orky ranged anti-tank gets a huge steroid-infused boost, and this list gives back the orkish energy-weapon goofiness lost over the decades. It isn't entirely hopeless for your enemies though; the list crumples in lower-point games, and will fall to concentrated anti-tank fire.

You've also got one big advantage just about every other army doesn't: the ability to slap together models from duct tape, sticks and cardboard and still look good. You can churn out a working army quickly; those Guardsmen and Space Marines will cry that they can't afford the shiny new Venerable Contemptor on display while you have a full fledged Mega-Gargant steamrollering their houses, MADE out of their houses.

Things to Remember[edit]

  • This list sucks Heavy Support like nobodies business. Try to find other alternatives to Heavy Support. Fast Attack can also go quickly. Don't look to infantry for core units, in this list the infantry support your main force. There are two main tactics you can use here:
    • Basic: All walkers, all the time, no exceptions. Maybe a Warkopta to provide support and carry those Spannas; or some Grot Scavs, Spannas, Burnas, or light vehicles to tarpit, screen, point-cap, and cover advances. Remember though that walkers are your core, your crunch; and what a crunch they are.
    • Vehicles: Fully mobile list. This is broken down into a scale: Pure to Diluted. On the Pure end are hard vehicles and heavy vehicle-mounted ordinance. On the Diluted end are transported infantry (the diluted end is typically the classic Orky mobility list without bikers and buggys, as they aren't available for a Dread Mob - but you still have Koptas for tank huntin' and fuckin' Grot Tanks instead of Buggys! And since you play THE vehicle list itself, you aren't allowed to miss bikers!). Find your place on the scale.

Usually players like to keep a Supa-Kannon handy somewhere on the field. Strength 9 Large Blasts falling in a 60" radius gives whatever mounts it rapid points cost return, and a huge sign saying "shoot me!"

Unit Analysis[edit]

FW made a PDF update to the dreadmob list that's available at their website. Some stuff here needs updating!


  • Mek Boss Buzgob: Hoo boy, it's Buzzgob. The poster boy of the entire IA volume, this dude is full of win. He is dirt cheap, first off. His entire statline is better than a Big Mek. He comes with 'eavy Armor, a Big Choppa, and a Bosspole from the start. He also runs around in an orky Full Tech Harness, the Mek Arms. They give him D3 attacks on the charge in addition to the +1 he gets normally. This makes him a close combat monster against hordes and unarmored units. He even makes dreads around him scoring with his unique warlord trait. But, he lacks Cybork Body and Eternal Warrior, which means he dies to railguns very quickly. Put him in a transport with retinue to ensure his success.
    • Oh wait, did I forget to mention he takes his Stompa with him? For only 300 points extra(!) you can make him a lords of war choice and put him in his very own big mek's stompa.
  • Big Mek: A versatile HQ less suited to direct combat, the Big Mek's role in an army is largely defined by one of two upgrades he's able to take. The Shokk Attack Gun lets him lay down AP2 Large Blasts with variable strength, turning Marines, Terminators, and any other high-armored single-wound models into goop. It's prone to mishaps, though, which can make it a risky (if really funny to watch) choice. The Kustom Force-Field allows the Mek to bestow cover saves to nearby units, although it doesn't improve his offensive capabilities at all. An absolutely vital choice to a vehicle-heavy army. While he's no slouch in close combat (he's a Nob with respect to his stat-line), his expensive upgrades usually mean you should keep him away from a direct fight if possible. And that he'll have only one CCW, and can't take the rather cheap Big Choppa. On the plus side, he is only one model and can fit a 5+ invo save, burna, and a Mek's Tools roll into any vehicle with transport capacity. He can now also get the 'Irrational Genius' warlord trait, which upgrades one of your vehicles in random but awesome ways. With a big of luck, we can now tank shock with Mega Dreads.
  • Painboss: Really similar to Grotsnik, but without the crazy. Is roughly a basic Painboy, with some cooler gear. Feel no pain is good. Give Spanna Boys a 5+ invo for 3 pts apiece. Also gets warlord trait that makes one cybork slasha mob a troops choice. However, in a properly played Basic or Vehicle Dred List, this guy has no squad to attach to and no real reason to be here. Also, he can only give invos to one squad of Spannas. This guy should be in the basic Codex.
  • Kustom Meka-Dread: a more badass cousin of the Mega-Dread. It can take a Kustom Force Field, allow your Big Mek to take Shokk Attack Gun and still able to provide protection for your force. Remember: only take KFF. Mega Charga allows you to have Fleet, which is nice, because the Meka Dread should be in close combat most of the time, but rolling a 1 really sucks (if you want the Mega Charga, just take the standard Mega Dread). Rokkit-Bomb Rack counts as a Lobba that can fire D3 shots, but it has a 1/3 chance of running out of ammo in battle, so ignore. It can have either rippa klaws or kill saws, which give sunder or shred, respectively (always take the Rippa Claw, as you'll wound everything up to toughness 8 on 2+ anyway, so shred is nearly useless here). That means it gets an extra free attack, which, coupled with rage gives it a respectable 6 attacks on the charge. Or you can replace a melee weapon with 1 heavy weapon (Rattler Kannon recommended. No, stupid. A rattler is like two big shootas, only WORSE). And holy shit they have Fixin' Klaw! It adds 2 attacks on the charge, and the Meka Dread can even attempt to repair itself. An AV 13, 3 HP, 5 S10 sunder/shred, self-repair monstrosity? Yes please. But on the other hand this thing is expensive as hell (both in RL money and in-game points cost, especially with KFF), and takes up an HQ choice. Being HQ means it can be a warlord. It even has its very own nonrandom trait, where it can join dread squads and make them scoring. Which is EXCACTLY what this list needs.


  • Burna Boyz: Please see the original list for their basic working philosophy. There are other things to discuss in this article. Burna Boyz in the Dred List serve a very unique purpose: vehicle defense. In a 6th Edition world, it is strange to see no other armies having a unit that works in such good synergy with vehicles. Instead of using the vehicle as a transportation system, or the vehicle using the infantry as backup, a small squad of Burnas in a main battle vehicle works in perfect harmony. Fill the tank's minimal transport up with a Burna Squad, or 5 Burnas and a Big Mek with KFF. Make at least one of the Burnas a Mek, if not the maximum three. The Burna Boyz left will act as infantry defense, protecting from blobs or using concentrated fire tactics to flambe a small infiltration team. The vehicle is now quite unkillable, especially if you let the KFF hitch a ride. Imagine the Orky Basilisk (described later) with a 5+ invo. save, four Meks Tools rolls per turn, and two flamer drops for infiltrator protection. Yep, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.
    • Mekboyz: The Burna Boy Mob has the option to swap out up to three models for Mekboyz for free; A Mek may be equipped with a Slugga, Big Shoota, or Kustom Mega-blasta for free, or may opt to take a Rokkit Launcha for a slight point-increase. Meks maintain the repair capabilities of their Big Mek counterparts for a fraction of the cost, and a minimal-strength Burnaboy unit is the most point-efficient way to repair vehicles in the game. On the other hand, the Open-topped nature of most Ork... Screw this, ALWAYS take Mekboys. If you want to take infantry in a Basic list, a Mekboy leader or two can patch up a Mega-Dred, and the Burnas provide a shield for the hard, crunchy Dreds. In a Vehicle list, the Burnas provide 2-3 Meks inside the ordinance-heavy vehicles, giving your vehicles (and their hueg gunz) a considerable survivability boost. These guys can wedge more Meks into more places than Spannas can, and that can be a good thing when you consider how many vehicles end up with a small troop capacity and no self-defence.
  • Cybork Slashas: At first, there's a lot to like about the Slashas, just like Meganobs. Until you realize these guys are just Nobs, with a Painboy, and Cybork Bodies. Use them as such. The only thing "better" about them are the Dok's 'sperements. you either get Fleet, Hammer of Wrath and Move through Cover (and 1/6 chance to selfwound when they run or charge), Toughness 5 (and Slow and Purposeful), or your own choice, with a chance to be stupid for one turn. Good thing they don't cost any more than basic Nobs.
  • Mekboy Junka (Forgeworld): This thing cannot decide what it is. On its face it looks like another Looted Wagon, until you look at it a little harder. Grot Riggers and 3 Big Shootas base, Turbo-Charga making it fast and Looted-Wagony, BUT WAIT. What's that... Supa-skorcha? Big-Zzappa? Kustom Force Field?! TURRET-MOUNTED SHOKK ATTACK GUN!?! Yep, this monster can pack some pretty heavy ordinance, and it uses an Elites slot to do it. Junkas eat up points, so they are best kept as ordinance platforms, dumping Shokk Attack goodness onto enemy gits. With its Deff-Rolla potential and Force Field, a Junka could make a good transport for Slashas (which tard out) or other heavy infantry. Just watch this thing, because it could go Looted Wagon any second...


  • Spanna Boyz: The sucktacular cousins of normal Boyz. You can only take up to 20 of them, they don't get the 'ard Boyz option (honestly, who would ever miss that?!), and they're led by Meks. The Mek gets interesting shooty upgrades (take Burna for Overwatch!), but you have other units for that. They can still swarm, swamp and tarpit like normal ork bolbs, but you're running a Dred Mob list, so that's not as fun or effective as usual. The best part; they're a mandatory unit for the Dred List. Yeah. Never take Scrap Trukks for these guys. Those things suck worse than these guys. Put them in a Warkopta (but it takes a fast Attack Slot, so think twice before you replace another potential Killa Kan Squad with only some transports...) so the Mek can patch it up, the Spannas can Snap-Fire (you game them Shootas, right?) and you can keep these guys out of the way of the real fighters.
    • Point Holding: So that's what these guys are good for. A cheaper source of Meks than Burna Boys are, give them all Shootas and watch them go Shoota Boy from a normal Trukk or heavier transport while the Mek keeps it running. Then park it all on a point and camp like there's no tomorrow.
  • Gretchin Scavengers: See Gretchin entry. These guys die even faster than normal due to their Firebombs. The bombs give them Assault and Defensive grenades, which go boom-boom, but they die in D3's whenever that comes into play. More annoying for all sides involved. They do still tarpit well, and can point-camp in cover.
  • Dred Mob: This is the reason you play a Dred List. 1-3 Deff Dreds, in a squad, as Troops Choices. You may now cry and whine and soak your pants as I send wave after wave of 3-Drednaught-CCW-and-Big-Shoota-armed Dreds at you. These guys are amazing and full of win, but GORK'S BALLS are they expensive! (They now cost exactly the same as standard codex dreads) But you're still running CORE TROOP CHOICES of THREE DEFF DREDS. You need to use these guys wisely. Standard rules for Deff Dreds apply here, but it can work to your advantage to take one cheap or cheapened heavy weapon on all three Deff Dreds. Three Rokkits or 9 Big Shoota shots can get lucky sometimes. A few downsides; unless you take Buzzgob or a Meka Dread (and you really should), Walkers aren't scoring so you NEED to take some Boyz and Scavz (so much for an all Dread list). Remember that while you still have other walkers in your squadron, all Stuns will slow you down majorly. So when taking Grot Riggers or Armour Plates, both can be useful for keeping those Dreds alive and chopping. Also in 6-th ed grenades now hit walkers on WS, so prepare to lose some hull points from 4+/6+ krak grenades.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Dakkajet: AV10 flier with two S6. assault 3 supa-shootas attached. Spend 10 points on a third supa-shoota and 10 on a fighta-ace and you've got more dakka than 3 big shoota kans at the same BS whilst being harder to hit for all those non-skyfire units currently out there. Declare a Waaagh! and you go from 9 to 18 shots that turn. If you want you can go ahead and paint it red too for 5 points, just to get that incredibly-important extra inch, especially when you can fly 36 inches already and you need to throw away five points. Can be a rape machine against infantry and light vehicles. Only downside is starting in reserve. Contrary to popular belief, they are excellent at shooting down enemy flyers. Just let your opponent take the first turn, or pray to the dice gods he fails his first reserve roll for it, and subsequently when his flyer arrives, use your Waaaagh!, bring in the Dakka Jet right up against its face and open fire on his Flyer. With Fighta Ace you'll get roughly 14 or more hits. On average that's about 2 sixes and room to spare, destroying 2/3 hull points, or if its one of those broken-as-fuck Necron flyers your opponent can't stop bragging about, you've got two penetrating hits. Fighta Ace gives BS3 on Flyers too now. Contrary to popular rage against fliers, Dakkajets are probably the squishiest flier in the game and taking one against an opponent without anti-air is not too unbalanced, especially against MEQ's.
  • Fighta:* Your Messerschmitt. Like the Fighta-bommer but with a smaller ordinance capacity. Faster and cheaper but less useful since Big Shootas can't do shit against AV 12, forcing them to rely on supa rokkits to deal with things like Thunderhawks. However, you can get a lot of the fuckers and bring infantry grief with three twin linked big shootas on an ridiculously fast and impossible to hit platform. Pretty useless now since the Dakkajet does everything it did better, can be upgraded to BS3, and isn't forgeworld. Great for suddenly popping in and dropping ordinance to blow stuff up, but leave that to the bommers.
  • Deff Koptas: Basically a jetbike version of the Warbuggy, more maneuverable, and can also scout. Their standard twin-linked big shootas make them pretty good for harassing groups of infantry, while their twin-linked rokkits and/or buzzsaws make them good tank-hunters since they can very easily get into a position where they can fire at the side or better yet the rear armor of a vehicle, though they'll have trouble against vehicles like Land Raiders or Monoliths since they have armor 14 on all sides. Oddly, since those two are so far the only vehicles with AV 14 on all sides, Deff Koptas are actually better against super heavies than they are against LRs and Monoliths. They are also pretty good at knocking out Power Fields or Void Shields (S 8 AP 3 vs AV 12 that goes away upon a glancing or penetrating hit) The biggest problem from using them is their leadership; basic Ld is 7, no option for a Bosspole, and their maximum unit size of 5 means you can't take advantage of Mob Rule! Coupling that with a rather high point costs means that they should be fielded in small units of 1-2 outside of Apocalypse games. Make sure to play "Ride of the Valkyries" when they outflank. Thanks to the Fifth Edition starter set, it is easy to find some models online for dirt cheap.
  • Warbuggies/Wartrakks: These guys aren't actually in the list of usable codex units, but they can come in handy, and the book provides their stats father on. These still-underpowered little buggies are useful enough in Vehicle lists that they warrant being here. While fragile, their speed and ability to provide support weapons are very useful to the Ork advance, especially if squadroned up. Although the Big Shoota is cheap, barring range it adds little beyond normal Ork shooting; the Skorcha or Rokkit Launcha remain the primary weapons.
    • Role: Aside from providing fast-moving special weapons, Warbuggies are cheap. As vehicles, assaulting them in melee is generally inadvisable, and shooting them requires dedicated AT. This means even should no appropriate targets exist, the Warbuggies remain expendable for movement-blocking, and objective-contesting.
    • Unit synergy: Rokkit Warbuggies make good escorts for Battlewagons, on account of being able to block off assaults, screen against mobile anti-tank elements, or to block enemy vehicles from moving away from the Deffrollas. This becomes especially true should one of the Wagons have a Mek; A unit of three Buggies, stretched out with maximum coherency between them, can cover a lot of area, while proving annoyingly tough to truly kill. Inversely, Warbuggies provide much-needed anti-tank firepower for Wazzdakka lists, while maintaining a low-enough profile that one can easily provide cover saves for the Buggies by using the Bikes to screen...
  • Killa Kan Attack Mob: You know Kans. You love kans. Now your Kans are Fast Attack that come in squads of 1-5. Thank you, God. If you don't already know about Kans, go read the first Ork Tactica. That said, this is everything Ork players ever wanted. In many armies, you cannot go wrong with a squad of Kans. Just keep the wrecks out of the way.
  • Grot Tanks (Forgeworld): An odd unit. You get another vehicle squadron of Armor 10 all-around Methul Bohkes, seemingly the Orky specialty. They get 5+ invo. saves from all shooting attacks that aren't Ordinance, Armourbane or Destroyer (the later of which is a bit redundant, as Destroyer hits ignore invulns anyway), which gives them surprisingly uncharacteristic durability, especially considering they only have 2 HP. They also count as Tanks, so you can Tank Shock things, too. However, what makes them really fun is their Ballistic Skill. It's 3. BS 3. For ORKS. This tends to make them work like Killa-Kans as far as shooting goes, but you don't feel that weird need to throw them into close combat or anything. Their stat-lines give them an advantage to using Orky weapons, but the Big Shoota and Skorcha feel like a waste of opportunity. Pretty much see the Killa Kans entry for how weapons go. The Grot Tank's only real caveat is their unreliable 2D6" movement. This could give them anywhere from Fast vehicle status to a horrific 2" movement. Plus, if you roll double-ones, one of them takes a Penetrating Hit, which really bites in 6th Edition. Getting a Kommanda Tank is always a good idea, what with the 2 different weapons and ability to fix your terrible movement roll when it inevitably happens. Their Tank status, 5+ invo., small model size and high fire power make them perfect for ramming big holes in enemy formations..
    • Unit Synergy: Just like Warrbuggies, only better. They can Tank Shock bothersome units off of their advance. Their 3-6 numbers can give an even wider cover spread when advancing.
  • Warkoptas BAAWWW!! I play everything but Spees Mahreens and I don't get Land Speeders in any of my armies! Well, SUCK IT beakies, da Orks now have Land Speeders. These things are just goofy. You get 1-3 in a squad, and being Skimmers they are more durable than a 10-all-around open-topped thing should be, but this isn't Dark Elfdar time. The basic guns on these guys are a Big Shoota and a Twin-linked Deffgun. It can swap its Big Shoota out with other basic heavy weapons. That's okay for infantry popping, but you want moar. GIVE THIS SUCKER A TWIN-LINKED RATTLER CANNON. It shoots 2D6 AP6 Bolter madness, but it done goofs on a double-1. But that's okay, because you just ate that Guardian squad for breakfast. Give it Red Paint Job to make it go FASTER! Give it Big Bomms to nuke crap in its spare time! You want a Storm? HAVE A STORM. You want a Tempest? HAVE A TEMPEST! There you go, Friggin Orky Land Speeders. Ork Jonsun, wez dun 'ere.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Burna-Bomma: A somewhat unique flyer in the 40K universe, this is what happens when Burnaboy meks take inspirayshun from Flyboyz. Another piece of anti-infantry that the Orks don't necessarily need, but love to take anyways.
  • Blitza-Bomma: A main-table variant of the Forge World Bomma, the Blitza-Bomma works best as anti-tank with a large, LARGE margin of error. Also, it can kamikaze. "Good ol' Killboy, attit agin!" Like any good Ork unit you have to roll a table to see the result, all of them are good even "Faster! Waaagh! Uh oh..." could be argued as pretty good. Funny, but impractical. If you don't like that, why are you playing Orks? Great for crashing into termies.
  • Lootas One of the main issues Orks have with a lot of armies is that most their weapons are very short-ranged. When dealing with Panzee, Dark Panzee, or Squishy Umie, this is annoying, as the bad guyz Dakka on your army. Lootas for da win. Yes they're static and you only get three squads at most (never take three, get bigger squads, heavy support is important), but they are also the most point-efficient source of Strength 7 shooting in the game, even with the awesomeness that is Ork accuracy taken into account. Their main role (which is critical in a majority of Ork builds) is to cover your advance, shooting enemy artillery, light speeders, and other targets which would harry your Orks. They work quite well on Panzee Skimmers, and they will cause any Dark Panzee player to panic and splinterdakka the fuck out of this unit until they are dead. These blokes are a godsend to Basic Dred Lists, letting you soften and cripple enemy vehicles which would otherwise hamper your Dreds' advance, giving the Dreds full reign to finish the job.
    • Transport: You can actually buy a looted wagon as a dedicated transport for them, which means you can snap shot those Deffguns after a 13" cruise! And in a vehicle heavy list like this, it's a good idea to give them a transport anyway, so they aren't the only infantry unit on the field.
  • Big Trakks: This is the variable-use workhorse of the Vehicle list. This thing can take EVERY big gun the orks have in this list, INCLUDING the Flakka Guns AND Supa-Kannon. The Big Trakk can also take Deff Rollas (win), and 'ard Case, which doesn't change anything in respect towards transported unit effectiveness. Your first choice should be to give one of these a gigantic gun. Ignore the "classic" first tier gunz, go straight to the big stuff. Take two of these suckers with Supa-kannons if you want to play Guard and shell everybody (which you do). Remember that you can only have three, and they will probably be dead by endgame, so try not to deck them out too bad.
    • Transport There is a rather odd thing you can do with this unit. It can take four Big Shootas which can upgrade to Rokkits or Skorchas, and two Grot Sponsons. This could mean that you could charge this thing up, Deff Rolla some point-guarders, and drop out 12 Spannas with Mek to point-guard while the Trakk deals metric tons of lighter Snap Firepower. This strategy is untested, and could just be a waste of a Heavy Support slot.
  • Looted Wagon: No, just no. They've got paper-thin armor, are unreliable (rolling a 1 really sucks), compete with Deffrolla-equipped Battlewagons (see below) and Killa Kans, and taking a Boomgun ups it considerably as a target while doing little to hide that it's a short-ranged Rhino-equivalent. They're just not worth it.
  • Lifta Wagon: It's a wagon with motherfucking lifta-droppa - fabulous stompa-sized gun, which throws tanks and planes around like your little brother. It uses normal orky BS (what the...?!), and deals D3 glances, insta-explodes your target, or does something really nasty to itself. Due to the need to hit now, it's pretty useless. 225 points for an average of 2 hits in during the ENTIRE game is just overpriced! (and the opponent will try to kill this fuckin' huge gun, so 1 hit is more likely...). Transport capacity of 6 is just BEGGING for a squad of burnas with 3 meks and a Big Mek with KFF. 4 repair rolls per turn and a nice cover save is too good to pass up. Drawback is, that Lifta-wagon absolutely useless against non-vehicles. Awesome idea behind this wagon, but you better use you're points elsewhere.
  • Mega-Dread (Forgeworld) This thing is fun. It's a dedicated close combat shock unit, but boy oh boy does it do its job well. The Rippa Klaws and Kill Saws wreck everything in close combat. The Killkannon, normally too short-ranged to be effective, finds its home here. This thing will blast apart your enemy squads, before the Dread will munch them to bits in close combat. It is also very hard to stop, being armor 13 everywhere but the back (which is 11) and having base strength 10 (handy when your klaw is busted). Careful around prolonged Termie throwdowns, you never know what they wield. This guy can also get a Supa-Skorcha, but the Killkannon can eat Marines at farther ranges. You can even replace your klaw with an extra Killkannon (no longer twin-linked, so with ordnance rules, that second gun becomes useless), or go for two CCW's. Don't even bother with the Mega-blasta, the Rokkit Launcha has the same Strength (8) and can fire off the same number of shots (one), has the same range (24"), is 5 points cheaper, and does not suffer from the gets Gets Hot! rule. The Mega-Dread can also get Grot Riggers (handy), an additional Big Shoota for Snap Fire, and a Mega Charga (helpful until inevitable tard-out). Best against Marine Equivalents and Light Vehicles/Walkers. 3 HP, as normal.


  • Scrap Trukks: These are the shit and you are awesome for using them. Only nice for driving those spanners to objectices (though slower than normal Trukks).
    • Trukks: Thankfully still takeable. Where does it say that? You can't get Trukks unless you ally with codex orks.
  • Battlewagons: One thing most armies should have is some way to reliably deal with heavy armor, especially of the Land Raider variety. Orks get the Battlewagon. Codex Orks, that is. Dreadmobs don't get no battlewagons anymore. Look for Big Trakks or Mekboy Junkas in the otherwise never used Elites-slot instead.
  • Warkoptas: See the Warkopta entry above.


Due to DERPY Apocalypse rules, anything you could normally take for classic Orks lists, you can take here.

Building Your Army[edit]

Whoo boy, I hope you like scratch-building. Forge World found a place for everything Ork in this IA volume. All the rules are here, for pretty much anything, and you can get nearly all of it from the Resinmasters themselves. However, if you were to actually do that, you would have to sell your house. This list is designed for running squads of Deff Dreds. Luckily, this is an ork list. As such, you are free to custom-make nearly anything. Since you are already running an IA list, you are probably already in a friendly game, but you had still better build your models well. Use other models for parts, whip out the good plasticard, do what you need. Whatever you do though, remember that this is your show army. Make it count.

Other than the literal building of your army, you should probably start out with your Dreds or a right-proper Forge World model. Know what you want to do from the start, and go after that. Start with your core, and then branch out to support models and squads. This army will cost you big time, and you had better have a respectable force going before you start selling organs.