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This is the previous Edition's Space Wolves tactics. The 8th Edition Tactics are here while the 6th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Space Wolves[edit]

Just like their legendary progenitor, the Primarch Leman Russ, Space Wolves are fierce and aggressive warriors. Though they are not berserkers or madmen (well, OK, maybe some of them are a little crazy) their headstrong personalities and inherent sense of justice means that the Space Wolves are forever waging a war against the evils of the galaxy, fighting with the cunning of a hunting pack rather than the frenzy of a rabid dog. Space Wolves like red meat, strong ale, bawdy songs and good old-fashioned brawls, but most of all,they like to hunt glory upon the battlefield. They see death in battle as a fitting end for a true warrior, and if they leave a long and exciting saga of heroic deeds as their legacy, so much the better.

The Space Wolves are a truly different and unique Space Marine army built around a core of charismatic champions. Each of the Space Wolves is a hero in his own right, and though this means that Space Wolves armies are typically few in number, their individual prowess more than makes up for it. Space Wolves are master of the ferocious assault and their bombastic leaders are amongst the most feared and respected warriors in the 41st Millennium.


  • You like any of these things: assault, wolves, Vikings, wolves, runes, wolves, werewolves, wolves, snow, wolves, ice, wolves, honour, wolves, beards, wolves, nordic names, wolves, repeating words, sex with wolves, and not wearing helmets. Also Wolves.
  • Almost unrivaled tactical versatility. The enemy likes shooting? You have some of the meanest melee units in the game. The enemy wants you to get into melee? Counterattack lets you rapid fire into them, get charged, overwatch, then hit as hard as if you'd charged.
  • The Space Wolves have access to unique wargear that is generally slightly better than what Codex Astartes Space Marines use.
  • Awesome looking exclusive models. Space Wolves are covered in pelts, teeth, talismans, and runes which gives them a Viking-inspired, savage appearance.
  • Powerful HQ characters, both special and standard.
  • All the Wolf you could ever wolfy wolf wolf. If you have a thing for Wolves, look no further. We also have legitimate Werewolves in the army now.
  • Helfrost weaponry can remove models from the game, negating the Eternal Warrior special rule. Adios, Magnus!.
  • Unique access to Thunderwolf Cavalry and Wulfen means that few armies come close to being as good at assault as the Space Wolves.
  • Unique Tempestas Psychic Discipline which is a mixture of buffs, debuffs and witchfires.
  • Space Wolves Dreadnoughts now have +2 attacks on their profiles per the new Dreadnought Errata GW posted on its Warhammer 40,000 facebook page. This includes Bjorn the Fell-handed, and Murderfang. Now, Frost Axe-Storm Shield Venerable Dreadnoughts are properly killy!


  • The Tempestas Psychic Discipline is mostly witchfires so your powers are vulnerable to Deny the Witch.
  • No ability to Combat Squad. Not necessarily a bad thing but all other Space Marine Chapters can do it.
  • All the Wolf you could ever wolfy wolf wolf. If you have a thing for cats, or creative names, go away. We also have legitimate Werewolves in the army now -_-
  • No heavy weapons in Grey Hunter or Blood Claw squads.
  • No access to Grav weaponry without allied Space Marines.
  • Rune Weapons give the bearer Adamantium Will, but it cannot be transferred outside of the Rune Priest's squad. They also lack hoods, but they can buy them for 10 points
  • Logan Grimnar is a Lord of War and an extremely expensive one at that.
  • Sagas are Warlord Traits now so you can't rely on getting the same one every game.
  • You won't be able to play Space Wolves without people constantly reminding you to Wolf your wolf... seriously its fucking ridiculous on /tg/


  • Frost Blades: These work as +1 Strength Power Swords or Power Axes. They cost 5 points more than standard power weapons but that extra point of strength can really make a difference when fighting T 4 or 5 units.
  • Great Frost Axe: A Wulfen-exclusive two-handed, S+3 power axe with one additional rule that allows striking at initiative on the charge.
  • Tempest Hammer: its a Thunder Hammer with Helfrost so you can remove-from-play someone who somehow survives being hit with a S8 weapon. Could give the edge against those Eternal Warriors or high Toughness monstrous creatures. Can be taken by an Iron Priest for 5 points.
  • Helfrost Cannon/Destructor: These were added in 7th edition and are looking to be the newest brand of cheese. Like the Fire Prism's Prism Cannon, they have two different firing modes- a dispersed mode that's 24" S6 AP3 Heavy 1 with Blast (Large Blast for the Destructor) and a focused mode that's 24" S8 AP1 Heavy 1 (with Lance for the Destructor). But the most painful part is the Helfrost's special rule - for each unsaved wound taken from the weapon, the target has to pass a Strength test or be removed from play, even if they have Eternal Warrior. Both flyers, Bjorn and Dreadnoughts are/can be equipped with these. Regardless of who's using them, their potential to fuck with blobs and armored targets alike is all but certain to make them a considerable threat, especially to units reliant on multi-wound models like Nobz, Tyranid Warriors, Obliterators, Paladins or Crisis Suits.
  • Helfrost Pistol: An Iron-Priest exclusive weapon introduced in Curse of the Wulfen, this is an S8 AP1 Pistol with Helfrost, making sure absolutely anything non-vehicle has a chance of dying outright.
  • Rune Weapons: They're pretty much Force Weapons with a bonus Adamantium Will, making Rune Priests a better anti-psyker force.
  • Wolf Claws: These weapons can be bought either individually or as a pair with S+1 AP3 Shred and Specialist Weapon. Lightning Claws but wolfier.
  • Frost Claws: Wulfen-exclusive AP2 versions of Wolf Claws. They are awesome because how often do you get to strike at Initiative with AP2 and Shred?
  • Runic Armor - You grab a 2+/6++ artificer armor. Doesn't look like much, but it is better than regular Artificer Armor.
  • Thunderwolf Mount: Generic mount, grants the Cavalry special rule and increases a character's Strength, Toughness, Attacks, and Wounds by 1 and confers the Rending special rule on all attacks. This is definitely a good thing to consider taking on Wolf Lords and Wolf Guard Battle Leaders.
  • Homing Beacon: If you're running a Wolf Guard Terminator Squad, then this is a must-take.
  • Wolf Standard: Still offers an additional attack for units within 6" while allowing units within 12" to re-roll Morale, but now those effects last the whole game. Only one per detachment.
  • Healing Balms (Wolf Priest & Ulrik only) Grants a 6+ Feel No Pain to Wolf Priest and his unit.

Relics of the Fang[edit]

A model can only have 1 relic period. No combining Armour of Russ and Black Death/Fang Sword.

  • Bite of Fenris - It's a bolter with pseudo-Sternguard-ammo. One mode is S4 AP5 with Helfrost, which is meant for cleaning up lesser mooks. The other mode is more priority-killing with S5 AP4 and Ignores cover.
  • Armour of Russ - Runic Armor with 2+/4++. It forces a -5 Initiative Penalty on an enemy in a challenge.
  • Black Death - S+2 AP2 Frost Axe that gives +3A when outnumbered. Against a horde army, this is Rampage incarnate. Best in an all I1 unit, so as not to kill too many dudes before you get to hit.
  • Fang Sword of the Ice Wolf - A S+1 AP3 Frost Sword with Rending and Helfrost. You take this because it's a melee weapon with Helfrost and it allows you to remove multi-wound enemies from the game.
  • Wulfen Stone - Trinket that bestows Furious Charge to the unit and wearer, it also bestows the wearer with Rage.
  • Helm of Durfast - A helm that allows re-rolls to-hit for all weapons and Ignores Cover on shooting.

Tempestas Discipline[edit]

Primaris. Living Lightning - WC1. 18" Witchfire S7 AP- Assault 3. Any 6s to-hit give 2 extra hits outside of snap-firing.
  1. Stormbringer - WC1. Caster and unit gets Shrouded
  2. Tempest's Wrath - WC1. 18" Malediction, target gets -1BS and moves as if in Difficult Terrain. Skimmers, jump troops and similar units must take Dangerous Terrain. Watch those Tau suck it when they're tripping all over themselves.
  3. Thunderclap - WC1. 12" Nova, S3 AP- Assault 2d6. Meant for clearing out blobs, but S3 means you won't do much higher than GEQs.
  4. Murderous Hurricane - WC2. 18" Witchfire, S4 AP- Assault 1, Large Blast and Rending. This is ideal for clearing out infantry units.
  5. Fury of the Wolf Spirits - WC2. A witchfire with two profiles (both can be used in either order on successful cast): 18" S6 AP- Assault 4 and 18" S5 AP2 Assault 2, Precision Shots
  6. Jaws of the World Wolf - WC2. 18" Focused Witchfire, target has to pass an I test or be removed. Definitely a step down from the old hax. What's more, Monstrous Creatures ignore it entirely, so you no longer have an easy button for Riptide-killing.

Psychic Powers (Angels of Death Supplement)[edit]

In Angels of Death, Space Marines got 4 new psychic disciplines. Note that this includes Wolves as well, which means it's time for lightning spam and moving walls, now with furries! (It's in the psyker card tables, so you CAN use these powers)


Primaris Electrosurge - WC1 S5 AP5 Assault 6 witchfire. Point at hordes and explode them.

  1. Electroshield - WC1. The Psyker gains a 3++. An almost free Storm Shield for a turn. Useful since Rune Priests don't get Storm Shields.
  2. Electropulse - WC1. A witchfire Nova with radius of 9", which gives enemies S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Lightning Arc - WC2. Witchfire, S5 AP4 assault D6. Jumps to enemy units at 6" of the primary target on a 4+. Same effect.
  4. Fists of Lightning - WC1 blessing. Psyker only, +1S and A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hits), enemy units suffer 2 additional S5AP- hits.
  5. Magnetokinesis - WC2 blessing, 18". Move target unit by 18".
  6. Electrodisplacement - WC2 blessing, 24". Swap target unit with the psyker's unit. Can work on allies, but enemy models can not be targeted due to being a blessing power. Swap your wulfen with whatever you bring in a droppod(make sure its not a vehicle) for a cheeky first turn wulfen charge. Can be truly devastating when used correctly.

AKA we jacked a bunch of powers from the Eldar and Grey Knights. Enjoy creating cheap as fuck death stars, and possibly defeating enemy death stars too.

Primaris The Emperor's Wrath - 18" S5 AP3 Assault 1 Blast Witchfire.

  1. Veil of Time - WC2. The Psyker and his entire unit re-roll all failed saving throws. This power, right here, ties with Invisibility for absolute Psychic cheese. And with good reason. This will all but ensure that your Storm Shield Wulfen/Thunderwolf deathstar takes no damage as it plows into the enemy forces' tight sphincter. Heck, bare bones Wolfguard Terminators with only a 5++ will scare the shit out of enemies like they did pre-5th edition.
  2. Fury of the Ancients - WC1. A 20" S6 AP4 beam with Pinning.
  3. Psychic Fortress - WC1. Blessing that gives the Psyker Fearless and Adamantium Will, as well as a 4++ bubble of 12" against Witchfire Powers only.
  4. Might of Heroes - WC1. Gives +2 Strength, Toughness, Initiative, and attacks. It essentially wraps up both Iron Arm and Warp Speed into 1 nice Warp Charge 1 package.
  5. Psychic Scourge - WC1. Malediction. Roll 2D6(picking the highest)+ level against enemy psyker 1D6+level. On a draw or better, enemy lose 1W (no save) + the targeted psyker can only harvest warp charges on 6+, if you rolled way more than him he loses a random power.
  6. Null Zone - WC2 Malediction. Targets an enemy unit within 24", drops its invulnerable save by 2 (to a minimum of 6+). This thing is essentially Banishment, but it's much more versatile. This is what you use to counter fucks with Storm Shields, Smash Fucker's 2++, Riptide's Shield Generator buff, and Cursed Earth+Grimoire bullshit.

Primaris Chasm - WC2 Forces a dangerous terrain test without armor save, single unit.

  1. Earth Blood - WC1. Targets a model in 18" of the Psyker. That guy immediately regains D3 WOUNDS (The wording by default excludes vehicles), and the target plus his entire unit gain IWND. The ability to replenish another guy's wounds is good, restore wounds lost to Perils is great, and giving Wulfen and Thunderwolves IWND is epic.
  2. Scorched Earth - WC1 malediction, 24". Choose a point, it deals a single S5AP4 hit to each unit within 6". This 6" area is dangerous terrain. Crap.
  3. Land Quake - WC1 malediction that affects enemy units within 18" of caster. They are considered to be in dangerous terrain, and cannot run, turbo-boost or flat out.
  4. Phase Form - WC1 blessing, 24". Single unit. Give move through cover, and Ignore cover to all weapons. Unit is also able to shoot on a unit WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT, only the range matters.
  5. Warp Quake - WC1 WC, 24". Target building or ruin. Building gets a glancing or penetrating hit, ruins: units in it get D6 S6AP- hits;
  6. Shifting Worldscape - WC3 24". Move a piece of terrain by 24", including models in it, forces dangerous terrain tests on the unit inside. If a unit isn't entirely inside the terrain, then all units disembark treating it as an open-topped vehicle while taking dangerous terrain tests. 'Lots' of ways to use this - yanking a hiding enemy and plopping it next to your Wulfen, teleporting a deathstar onto your enemy's doorstep, re-establishing line of sight/range for a squad of lascannons or grav-cannons so they can shoot those JSJ'ing assholes, etc.

The discipline to use for mechanized armies. Also fares very well with Imperial Guard allies. Heck, a Wyrdstorm Brotherhood and a CAD of tank-heavy Guard makes this all kinds of epicness.

Primaris Subvert Machine - 18" Malediction. Select a weapon on an enemy vehicle. You and your opponent roll a die. If he rolls higher, nothing happens. If you draw, that weapon can only shoot snap shots. If 'you' roll higher, you take control of said vehicle's weapon for a turn. This will be horrible if your enemy has a Superheavy of some kind (Lord of Skulls, Stompa, Baneblade variants, Knights), and given the current meta, it's common to see an Imperial Knight ally. The only drawback is the range, though there's a few different ways to handle it.

  1. Blessing of the Machine - WC1. Range 24 Blessing which targets a single vehicle. It now ignores Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, and either gives it Power of the Machine Spirit, if the target already has PotMS it instead gains +1 BS .
  2. Machine Curse - WC1. Focused Witchfire. Smacks a vehicle with 3 S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Reforge - WC1. Blessing that either restores 1 hull point, or repairs either an immobilized or destroyed weapon result on a single vehicle, it also gives the vehicle IWND.
  4. Warpmetal Armour - WC1. Blessing that grants all vehicles in a unit plus 1 AV to all sides for a turn. Or, if put at a non-vehicle unit, +1T. Welcome to AV15 Spartan Assault Tanks/Leman Russes/Land Raiders. And Gauss Weaponry still doesn't give a shit.
  5. Fury of Mars - WC1. A S1 Haywire Beam.
  6. Machine Flense - WC2. Focused Witchfire, 18". Target loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflicts D6 S4AP6 rending hits to a nearby enemy unit.

Warlord Traits[edit]

Despite the new name, these are just new paintjobs on the Sagas of old.

  1. Saga of the Warrior Born: Allows the Warlord to re-roll to-hit in challenges. (Very beastly and a gift for any choppy hero build) Ragnar and Krom start with this. Most build-a-bear Wolf Lords will have reliable rerolls so this is redundant.
  2. Saga of the Wolfkin: Grants your Warlord (even if he is not on a Thunderwolf) and all Cavalry and Beast units in the detachment (Mostly Fenrisian Wolves and Thunderwolves) Stubborn. Also, all models with either the Beast or Cavalry type which are in units within 12" of him at the start of the Assault Phase gain the Furious Charge special rule, which is amazing with the right army! Note that since it says "all models in a unit" this means that if he is in a unit of Thunderwolves or Fenrisian Wolves, and on a Thunderwolf himself, your Warlord will gain the rule too. Harald and Canis begin with this
  3. Saga of the Beast Slayer: Warlord has Monster Hunter. Ulrik starts with this.
  4. Saga of the Bear: A strange not-wolf reference (it refers to Bjorn the fell-handed whose name was incorrectly translated to be Bear) that though not-wolfy gives your Warlord and his squad a 6+ FNP. A bit of a step down from EW, but can still be useful-ish on the right squad, even though there are far better traits. If you'd really want 6+ FNP you could take a Wolf Priest.
  5. Saga of the Hunter: Warlord has Stealth and Outflank. When running a Great Company formation, this will get wasted if you roll a 6 before deployment. Fairly useful if luck is with you and you've got a squad that can benefit from it but too random and not powerful enough to really matter.
  6. Saga of Majesty: Units within 12" of your HQ must re-roll failed morale and pinning tests. Great take for an army that can be lacking in squad level morale, unless Wolf Guard are taken on squads the boost of leadership is a must have. Works especially well with drop pod armies, where units will be in close proximity to each other. Logan, Njal, and Bjorn have this trait by default.

Fighter Aces[edit]

In Skies of Death, you now have a bonus rule allowing you to pay 50 points for one of 3 special traits for any Flyer or FMC (FGC is still debatable).

  1. Alpha of the Skies - +1 BS. Pretty nice grab.
  2. Beast Hunter - Monster Hunter. Considering you have Helfrost, you can definitely make some hurt on an unlucky beast, as this'll make sure you leave a mark.
  3. Blessing of the Iron Wolf - IWND. Fukken sweet.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Wolf Lord: This guy is pretty much a Space Marine Captain, but he has an extra attack, and can take better wargear. He can be tooled out to be a total hand-to-hand combat monster, but gets expensive very quickly; be careful not to go overboard. A good rule of thumb is "boys over toys:" take a cheaper HQ and more troops. A good tactic with this lord is to give him twin wolf claws a thunderwolf and you are now the god of destruction. To make him even better at this job, try rolling for Saga of the Warrior Born or taking the Helm of Durfast. All this makes him about 185 points (205 with the Helm). Another thing to consider is to replace one of the wolf claws with a power fist. As they're both specialist weapons, you can attack with the full amount of attacks and can choose each turn whether you need to cut down MEQs or crack open TEQs.
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Bog-standard dirt-cheap version of the Wolf Lord with a few less options. He's a fine HQ for low-point games, but Rune/Wolf Priests are almost always better choices. He is slightly better at close combat than the others, with one more attack and one higher initiative. However, the free wargear and squad-enhancing abilities of the Wolf Priest and the psychic abilities and psychic defense provided by the Rune Priest more than make up for that difference.
  • Rune Priest: These are your Librarians, though starting at ML1. They have a few wargear options (A Hood, a Mastery Level, Runic and Terminator armour, which cost the same, more runic weapons), and they have access to fewer disciplines (Only Tempestas, Daemonology, Divination, Biomancy, Telekinesis) than other marines. They also give you access to the Rune Staff, which unlike libby's tinfoil hat increases the priest's own DtW, rather than that of everyone else around him, but he can still purchase the hat for that. He also lost Chooser of the Slain, meaning that anyone can sneak up on him now. Turning him into a Divination buffing machine is probably the best way to use him now. Do note though that making him a level 2 psyker now costs half as much, so it is worth considering.
  • Wolf Priest: This guy is, for all intents and purposes, a Space Marine Chaplain, with more options. Oath of War isn't as useful as Liturgies of Battle on the charge (it merely gives Preferred Enemy to a single unit type, so you can declare it on all MCs, or all Tanks) but you do get its bonus beyond the first round and a 6+ FNP, so it's about even. In the end, he's not that useful, not being as killy as the Wolf Lord nor providing for the whole army as the Rune Priest, and is far worse stat-wise than the former, losing 1 WS, 1 BS, 1W, 1T, and 2A. If you still want to use him, then put him in 2000 point games where you have more HQ options, and give him a large unit of Blood Claws, You'll lose an extra attack in the charge, but you'll get your shooting back, and it's better to rely on Overwatch+Counter Attack, this makes for a great tarpit unit.
  • Iron Priest - Your Techmarine (Now an HQ thanks to Curse of the Wulfen), with an option for either a Servitor Squad or a Thunderwolf Mount with an option for Cyberwolves. Can be useful on a Thunderwolf running around with Cyberwolves as a mini-Thunderwolf Cavalry squad of sorts and with IC, he can join more wolves or cavalry. Bringing him mounted also allows him to keep up with a Knight or Fellblade if you want to make them a little more survivable, whilst retaining full mobility. Also, the Stormfang Gunship has a transport capacity of 6, bring him in it with 3 Servitors to have it recovering a hull-point every turn to help avoid getting pot-shotted to death.
    • With the curse of the wulfen book giving them the new Helfrost Pistol option it gives them a chance to break open a transport in the shooting phase so they can charge the squad inside instead, something that Thunderwolf Cavalry typically can't do, and with the new Tempest Hammer, he can also wreck high-toughness enemies.
  • Space Marine Command Tanks (Warhammer World Exclusive) - The new Warhammer World tanks both take up 1 Force Org slot, so you can have an HQ AND both of these awesome tanks! Also, can be used with Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves due to the Designer's note in the White Dwarf containing their rules. Their exclusivity is made up for by being able to give Marines some serious anti-whatever tools and other support.
    • Rhino Primaris - Gives access to a Chapter Master's one-use 7" Blast Orbital Strike, and has a fancy Servo-skull hub which can either grant a unit within 12" Snap-shots (including overwatch) at full Ballistic Skill (Giving that OP Invisibility the middle finger), restore a nearby vehicle's hull point on a 2+, or give said unit Fearless. Also, you can co-ordinate Reinforcements by selecting a unit held in reserves to automatically come on.
    • Land Raider Excelsior - Comes with a Grav-cannon and Grav-amp for those re-rolls to wound and immobilize and lascannon sponsons. Also has a 6+ Invuln and ignores Crew Shaken/Stunned results. Also can grant a single unit in 12" (which can be boosted to 18" for 10 points) one of a huge selection of special rules for the turn (Counter-Attack, Fearless, Hit & Run, Interceptor, Preferred Enemy, Skyfire, Split Fire, or Tank Hunter), and gets +1 BS if a Rhino Primaris is within 24".

Special characters[edit]

  • Bjorn the Fell Handed: Poor old Bjorn. On the one (Fell) hand he's a AV 13/12/10 WS/BS6 Venerable Dreadnought with an Invulnerable Save and the option for a Helfrost Cannon for free (He can also take a Plasma Cannon for free, while the TL Lascannon is 5pts). He also no longer becomes an objective once destroyed. On the other hand he's within a handful of points from the most expensive characters in the game (He's 220 Points for Russ' sake!). At first glance this makes him look like an overcosted dread that's bad at doing a dread's job, but Bjorn's real value is in bolstering/defending a shooty-wolf army. Ancient Tactician means you get a +1 on the Seize, which is huge. Saga of Majesty means he can chill with Long Fangs and fire off a plasma cannon or better yet, a Helfrost Cannon, (with 24" range? seriously?) while giving them re-rolls on leadership and being in a good position to defend against assault units as a decent tarpit. He can also give a helluva fight in close combat with 6 WS6 hits with his True Claw, which is a Master-Crafted S10 AP2 claw with Shred and a Heavy Flamer - Watch out against other Dreads, though, because Bjorn hits at I3, meaning that a lot of enemies will get the chance to pop him in melee before he can attack. From this player's experience, he is one of the most resilient units in the entire game. He only died once on my watch, from a guard player firing 3 lascannons at him a turn, for SIX TURNS.
  • Njal Stormcaller: Cheaper at 180 points, fragile without Terminator Armor (But why wouldn't you take it if you can get it for free?), potentially game-changing with ML3, but he got massively nerfed. He does also come with the useful Saga of Majesty, and an improved rune staff, which grants him a re-roll on a failed DtW test. As a bonus, he can also re-roll to manifest a Tempestas power. However, he's no longer able to provide protection to the army with the loss of 'Chooser of the Slain' which makes him nothing like the monster he was.
    • As of the Wulfen update, Njal gets a slight upgrade: His bird can now be used as an assault d6 weapon, though with S3 and AP-, its usefulness is up to debate. This is not new, it is in the codex.
  • Ulrik the Slayer: He's a Wolf Priest with a Stat-line slightly more in line with a Wolf Lord, with Fear and Fearless in exchange for an attack. He allows any friendly unit within 6" of him Preferred Enemy, and friendlies within 12" get Stubborn. Stack him with a killy unit, and watch as they keep on truckin' through hits.
  • Canis Wolfborn: Yes, his name really is "Dog Wolfborn" (a name so stupid, Lupis Wolfborn would actually be an improvement). He also dual-wields wolf claws (a weapon unique to the Space Wolves) while riding a gigantic thunder wolf. He may also be accompanied by up to 2 Fenrisian wolves. He is marked with the Saga of the Wolfkin (Notice a pattern yet?) and is responsible for at least 80% of the Space Wolf rage threads on /tg/. He's quite nasty in hand-to-hand combat (for his point cost) and has Rampage and the ability to give all Fenrisian wolves and Cyberwolves in his unit the ability to re-roll to-hit when they charge.
  • Ragnar Blackmane: The other roughly 200 pts costed character, even counting the price cut the entire codex gave (To point, he's 195 Pts. A stock Wolf Lord is 105). A Wolf Lord who was promoted straight from Blood Claw to Wolf Guard, and the youngest Wolf Lord ever, Ragnar is an all or nothing h2h unit. He boasts an impressive stat-line, has a Frost Sword with S+1 AP3 Master-Crafted and Rending, gives his squad Furious Charge, and has Saga of the Warrior Born, which synchronizes with his Insane Bravado rule which forces him to issue/accept challenges. In exchange, however, he wears simple Power Armor, and has a built-in 4++ save, and doesn't have Eternal Warrior, and his Incredible Reflexes allow him to re-roll a single failed saving throw in each Assault phase, which makes him more survivable than he used to be. He will also probably be the focus of your opponent's melee assaults, so don't expect him to live very long. He will wipe out shooty units in a single turn, but against lots of power weapons (I'm looking at you, Grey Knights), Ragnar will go down quickly. But he will probably take a few models down with him. Either you love him or hate him. Nice in drop-list with a lot of grey hunters.
  • Harald Deathwolf: Another new-ish character from 2E, Harald's kinda like Canis, except with a less retarded name, though he's Canis' direct superior, so there is an extremely fluffy excuse to put them together. He has a frost axe and bolt pistol but you can't claim the extra attack for 2CCW because he also has a Storm Shield, he rides a wolf and any Beasts or Cavalry within 12" of him uses his Ld and, if he is the warlord, he also gives them (and himself) Stubborn and Furious Charge, making them a much more troubling force. He can even take a retinue of 2 Fenrisian Wolves to help him out. He has outflank, not like the detachment gives you the chance of outflanking, he just has it. But his most shocking ability is his relic, which makes him immune to all flamers and Pyromancy. THE FUCK. Seriously, this would be acceptable if this were He'Stan or Ashmantle, but a Wolf?! Yeah, use him for the cavalry focus, keep the fire immunity for fun. Little hint: you will be almost (mind those Eldar) immune to "wall of death" special rule. Make those burna boys/ guardsmen/ sisters pay!
    • To be fair his Relic is a mantle made out of the skin of a Ice Troll King he personally slayed, so it basically nullify every heat based attack, hence his invulnerability. And while this could sound quite stupid in a sci-fi settings, we're still talking about a universe in which vampires and werewolves go around wearing power amour and "Magic" exists, so...
  • Krom Dragongaze (Stormclaw): A relatively cheap character in power armor who's only about 25 Points more than a plain Wolf Lord with a Frost Axe, and Saga of Warrior Born. But his own Frost Axe is master crafted and he also gets Stubborn & Furious Charge added into the deal too. Recently he got some buffs: ability to re-roll all failed to wound rolls in close combat, and now he can re-roll ALL failed saving throws as long as he is within 3" of an objective. Despite how lackluster his wargear selection and special rules compare to the other named special characters that the Wolves get, Dragongaze is a worthy choice if you want to save those points on upgrading other units, particularly if you're playing smaller games. He's also a required special character along with the other Stormclaw units in his unique formation. Also he'll give Furious charge for all the Drakeslayers gang-band form Curse of the Wulfen, which is nice.
  • Bran Redmaw (Forgeworld): As of the doom of Mymeara Second Edition, Bran Redmaw changed quite a bit, but his cost (210 points) is unchanged. For that, you bring home a common Wolf Lord with Runic Armour and a special power weapon, the Axe Langnvast, which is a Frost Claw that swaps Specialist Weapon for Two-Handed, which would be a nerf if he had a second Specialist Weapon, but he doesn't, so he can bash in faces reasonably well. Even with that, that's still a lot of points for a normal Wolf Lord. Then comes his truly sexy part: The Curse of the Redmaw, which is pretty similar to how it was. Basically, from your second turn onwards, at the beginning of the movement phase, you must roll a d6, adding +1 for every friendly Space Wolves unit locked in combat in his LOS. On a roll of 5+, Bran Redmaw become THE wulfen, switching profiles with The Redmaw (with the same number of wounds he had when he transformed), which just happens to have WS 7, S 6, T 6, I 6, and A 5, along with Fleet, Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain, Fearless, Furious Charge, and Rending (Melee). Also, he retains all of his special wargear now, meaning he is a lot more difficult to kill in that form, becoming almost immortal! Unfortunately, he cannot use the Axe of Langnvast in this form (he is a freaking werewolf), but that's not as bad as it seems, as now he can go and wreck tanks as if there were no tomorrow, and even terminators wouldn't be too happy to see him charge them. Lastly, he now comes stock with the Saga of the Hunter, which can help him a lot: just put him in a big Blood Claws unit, outflank, and then go all werewolfy on your enemy's ass, letting him eat every unit he come across with.


  • Servitors - Gone are the T5 Iron Thralls and in are the generic T3 servitors like everyone else gets, with exactly the same options. One bizarre rules-as-written exploit is the "Thralls" rule, which means that they do not take up a slot if you have "at least one" Iron Priest, so you can legally spam as many units of 1 Heavy Bolter Servitor for 20 points each as you like. Yes, they'll all Mindlock 50% of the time, but each one has to be targeted and assaulted individually.
    • Good luck trying this in a game of Purge the Alien; in that case you'll qualify for the Darwin Awards.
  • Wolf Guard - Your Veterans. They can take all sorts of wargear, from simple power weapons and plasma pistols up to Frost Blades and combi-weapons. You can even stick them on bikes or with Jump Packs. Versatile, powerful, customizable. You can't go wrong. A good squad of these with a wolf lord and wolf priest can take any land raider as a dedicated transport. They can also take combi-weapons and take Drop Pods for dedicated transport providing a vicious alpha strike option.
  • Wolf Guard Terminators - Curiously enough, now Termies are their own entry instead of being an upgrade for the WG, but are otherwise identical save for some price cuts for wargear. As a plus, they have Deep Strike, finally allowing them to go somewhere without having to be shoehorned into a Land Raider.
    • The Fierce Eye's Wolf Guard (Stormclaw) - A 5 man squad with pre-selected wargear, costs exactly the same as an equivalent Terminator squad, take only for Dragongaze's Stormclaw formation.
  • Arjac Rockfist - Arjac can now be purchased on his own as an independent character like Snikrot and his Kommandoz but doesn't take up a slot if your army already includes unit of wolf guard (power or terminator armoured). He can only join units of Wolf Guard though, so there is essentially no point in taking him on his own. He's a Terminator Wolf Guard with a Storm Shield that gives him EW and HoW and is armed with a S10 Thunder Hammer that he can throw before he charges,. Essentially Lysander with 2 wounds instead of 4. He's great at popping vehicles and mashing Independent Characters and Monstrous Creatures, but he's only useful in melee; make sure you stick him in a Land Raider or Stormwolf to make sure he gets into combat safely. Still, he's cheaper than a Wolf Guard Battle Leader with the same wargear.
    • He gets an extra rule: "Grimnar's Champion". This forces him to issue and accept challenges and, in addition, he re-rolls all failed To Hit rolls when taking part in a challenge, which is AWESOME. He does also have one formation of Fearless, +1 WS, +1 Toughess, Hammer of Wrath Terminators, all with TH/SS, in Champions of Fenris.
  • Dreadnought - It's a Dreadnought, it's not much different from Dreadnoughts of other Marine armies, although they have an option for a Sx2 AP2 claw with Shred if you really want to take something down, as well as a Helfrost Cannon. A good way to put some mobile heavy weapons on the field, and a close combat monster with its Dreadnought CCW and packs a Multi-Melta for extra pain.
    • Venerable Dreadnought - 25 points more than the normal Dreadnought, has 1 WS/BS more, and forces your enemy to reroll vehicle damage, but is otherwise identical to the standard Dreadnought. Definitely a ton cheaper than before. They can also take an Sx2 AP2 MC Dread-sized axe and an AP2 Shield with a 3++ shield on the front for a big price. If you're planning for more killy, take MURDERFANG, if you want more shooty, take Bjorn.
      • GW official Errata'd all non-space marine (so basically Grey Knights, Blood Angels and Space Wolves) Dreadnought's to have 2 extra attacks, now they are finally in line with the Codex: Space Marine Dread's. Venerable Dreadnought's and MURDERFANG just got a lot more deadly in CC.
  • MURDERFANG the Curseborn - A brand new character Dreadnought from the new codex who somehow turned into a Wulfen while entombed in the Dread on a planet named Omnicide (relation to MURDER, planet of the giant space spiders, yet to be known), MURDERfang is actually 15 pts more than a Venerable Dread, but packs +2A, IWND, Furious Charge, Rage and Rampage alongside two 2 MC S7 AP2 (this was actually FAQ'd to S+1 so not to make furious charge pointless.) MURDERCLAWS with Shred and a mounted Storm Bolter and Heavy Flamer. Flat-out, he's a melee MURDER (the joke) machine with immunity to Crew Stunned and Crew Shaken (given by the rule MURDERlust), but is otherwise is not much different than a plain Ven Dread besides a weak BS3, which he's not meant for using a lot. He's a 12/12/10 3 HP close combat dreadnought so a drop pod is an absolute necessity but even then he will likely get destroyed by the enemy in one turn before he can do any real damage. Murderfang's biggest problem is that he seems really cool in theory but he's pretty terrible in practice because he's just not very durable and he must get into assault. It Will Not Die is nice but it's unreliable since it only has a 1/3 chance of happening and it only happens at the end of your turn. If you're deciding between Murderfang and an Axe and Shield Venerable Dread, go with the Venerable Dread because it's much more survivable with it's 3++ and venerable rule.
  • Space Wolves Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Forgeworld) - It's a Contemptor, so you know it's awesome already. 13/12/10, Atomantic Shielding, fleet, WS5, S7 - yeah you've seen this before; sadly not as good as the Contemptors from other chapters. You can load this bro with a handful of the Contemptor goodies, but we recommend tooling up for close combat: chainfist all the way and maybe a carapace-mounted cyclone launcher if you have the points to spare. For this small sacrifice in options (no heavy conversion beamer, no targeting upgrades, no graviton guns or plasma blasters either) you get access to either a Wolf Tail Talisman or a Wolf Tooth Necklace for bouncing psychic powers or hitting on 3's always ever, respectively. As we said before, you are tooling up for close combat so you're taking the Necklace. It also costs 10 pts more than other Contermptors, but for that ten point bump you get yourself a single Night Saga:
    • Saga of the Black Call - Used to be Furious Charge, but is now Rage. That extra attack on the charge is awesome and you want it for your CC contemptor.
    • Saga of the Forsaken One - Counter-attack at LD10. Could be useful if you're fighting against stuff that moves faster than the contemptor (as impressive as that is).
    • Saga of the Iron God - +1 on the damage charts against enemy walkers. It's okay but situational at best.
  • Lone Wolf - A 20-point non-scoring kamikaze model with Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Monster Hunter, and Feel No Pain that can take pretty much any wargear he wants, as well as some Wolves as a retinue. Great for drawing retarded amounts of fire away from your other units. Load him to bear, send him against the biggest enemy you can find, and pray he goes down swinging. They become free choices for each troop choice or Wolf Guard unit, making fielding a ton of them a very viable tactic. They also don't give over points if they live, so you can now totally field them with impunity. The Space Wolves no longer abhor the idea of teleporting into battle, so the combination of a initial locator beacon equipped drop pod, next turn followed by several Lone Wolves in Terminator armour equipped with combi-weapons could in theory make you able to deal with a wide varity of threats, albeit for a steep price. Just don't expect them to capture any objectives, as they're never scoring.
  • Wolf Scouts - More expensive than other Marine's scouts and take up an Elite spot instead of Troop, but with the new Vanilla Marine 'dex making standard scouts WS/BS 4, their main claim to fame is now kaput. However, they can take flamers, meltas, and plasma guns, in addition to plasma pistols and/or power weapons, and the option to take Camo Cloaks to up their survivability. Good for surprise attacks against a vulnerable flank, but they can be overwhelmed easily thanks to their light armor. Give them a meltagun, a Power Fist + Combi-melta Wolf Guard Pack Leader. Keep in mind that you can't charge from reserves anymore, so these guys will go down. Give them a chance, but keep in mind they are pricy.
  • Wulfen: BEHOLD! DIGGANOBZ!!!! Where to start? There are so many rules they are practically unrecognisable as Space Marines. As a base and on top of the SW usual rules they have Feel No Pain, Rage, and W2, S5, and A3. For only thirty points each, this seemingly bargain cost is countered by the fact that they only have a 4+ save and BS2, but they have a few other special rules that mean you won't care that much. Death Frenzy from the "Kill" table means they can pile in and fight in any initiative step if they get killed in melee, even if they have already fought, and they can get Bounding Lope from the "Hunt" table, so they can run and re-roll charge distances in the same turn. Any model can buy Frost Claws, a Two-Handed Frost Axe, or a TH/SS combination (though leaders are stuck with claws), so they have easy access to AP2 weapons for TEQ blending, Claws bring their points per model to 42 each, for four attacks base with S6 shredding at AP2; do this now.
    • Their final big rule is the Curse of the Wulfen which affects their non-mutated brothers within 6" (12" for Blood Claw variants but 3" for Long Fangs); these models get a roll on the "Hunt" or "Kill" table depending on whether they are in melee combat. Hunt makes all their charges more reliable or effective, while Kill gives them more Initiative, Shredding, or Death Frenzy. There are no down sides at all. Get a squad of Wulfen and stock up on Blood Claws and quit complaining about them only being WS/BS3 when they go all werewolf on your opponent's ass!
    • Keep in mind those axes are strength +3 meaning total strength of 8 meaning they're better against MCs, vehicles, and multi-wound models than even the claws.
    • Despite being the most expensive by far, Thunder Hammers are a perfectly viable option. Not only do they strike at S10, but Death Frenzy can (briefly) overcome Unwieldy so you don't have to worry about striking last without getting a chance. Also, the Storm Shield gives the model a reliable 3++ save, which is of more value to them in any Meta than a terminator who already has a 2+ save and might never use the shield... for 50 points per model in total. Oh look, that's only five points more than a TH/SS terminator for lots more attacks and special rules.
    • Scratch that noise. Do the math. A 3++ save with Feel No Pain on a 5+ is so statistically close to a 2+ armor save that the difference is in the decimals (77.77% vs 83.33%; a 4+ Feel No pain is directly equal to a 2+ save)! For 5 points more than a TH/SS terminator, you're getting +1 wound, +1 strength (which becomes +2 with the TH), +1 attack, and can Sweeping Advance. This is ignoring every other rule the Wulfen gets. On top of that, the Feel No Pain works as long as you don't suffer ID, so you effectively have your uber save against AP2 weapons, something the TH/SS terminators can't claim. Granted, this means you actually have a worse save against Battle Cannons, but only by a small margin, and you become much less vulnerable to AP4 or better weapons in the bargain.
    • Their weapon upgrades are severely undercosted to the point where it looks like blatant GW favoritism. 12 points for two +1 Str AP 2 specialist weapons with shred!? Every other marine army has to pay 15 points for a basic power weapon (which is simply not true: see Honor Guard or Vangurad Vets). 20 points for a thunder hammer and storm shield? Every other marine army has to buy those separately and a thunder hammer costs 30 points by itself. Again untrue: Assault Termintors, Vanqurd Vets (30pts for shield + hammer) and to a lesser extent Honor Guard.


  • Grey Hunters - Mostly the same as regular Tactical squads, minus a heavy weapon, but much nastier in close combat. Their basic profile gives them a bolt pistol along with their bolter, losing the CCW. However, they can buy this back for 2 ppm, making them a bit pricier than before but still a price worth paying as you can have a much more versatile defensive/ offensive mid-ground unit. Also they can get one special weapon per 5 members. Now they can also upgrade one member to a Wolf Guard Pack Leader, making it easier to cram in more combi-weapons into your squad. The Terminator upgrade is kind of wasted on Grey Hunters in Drop-pods as it limits you to one special and a combi. Just stick with power armor boys. Consider spending the extra points on a Wolf Standard so you can buff your choppy units after you've dropped your Hunters in the thick of it.
    • Hengist Ironaxe's Grey Hunters (Stormclaw): A fixed five man unit that comes with a plasma gun, plasma pistol and a power axe. For 10 points more than the cost of a normal Grey Hunters unit but without the CCW + Pistol + Boltgun combination that Grey Hunters have always been famed for. However, the one bright side is that your Power Axe wielder is a character with two base attacks and can accept and issue challenges, the bad side is that Wolf Guard cost 10 points anyway, so you've practically lost out on 1 Leadership point where you could have taken an similarly equipped squad for the same cost. It's also a requirement in Krom Dragongaze's unique formation so that is now the only reason you'll take Hengist's unit.

  • Blood Claws - Unlike Grey Hunters, they gain +2 Attacks instead of the usual +1 on the charge. Get a squad of 15 so you can take two specials. Flamers are recommended as you don't need to worry about hitting on 4's. If you feel like they need a power weapon or combi then attach a WGPL but then theres not much point if you're planning on sticking them with an HQ. Wolf/Rune Priests are excellent additions. Load them up in your Land Raider Crusader or Stormwolf, and then send this neat little package of violence at the nearest enemy. If you take the Wolf Guard Pack Leader don't forget you can confer him Termie Armor. Keep in mind this will take up two slots in your LRC or Stormwolf. A pack of 8 Claws + Termie WGPL in a Drop-Pod is a relatively cheap and sometimes effective fire magnet and giving the WGPL a Powerfist will make sure your opponent has to pay attention to them.
    • Lukas the Trickster - One Blood Claw pack per army can purchase Lukas, who comes equipped with a Wolf Claw and a Plasma Pistol, as a free Troops Choice. Attacks against Lukas in a challenge hit at -3WS, making sure that he'll keep up as a tarpit. He can also suicide-bomb if he is killed in a challenge (sense a trend here?)- both players roll a 1d6, and if the player controlling Lukas rolls higher than the enemy who killed Lukas dies too. Good stats and a nice way to put some more special weapons in your Blood Claws, but his points cost and mandatory use of his Leadership 8 make him a dicey proposition- much like his personality in the fluff, really.
      • Just remember that anyone not running Chaos Marines can just refuse the challenge, ignore almost all his special rules, and bash his face in. Either give him a nice Blood Claw meatshield or take advantage of Champions of Chaos as soon as humanly possible.
        • Remember that Character models which are in a unit of 1 are unable to refuse challenges. In particular, MC and vehicle characters are very commonly by themselves.
    • Egil Redfist's Blood Claws (Stormclaw): Like Ironaxe's Grey Hunters, this squad is also overcosted where you could have had a similar squad for the same price but lose out on the wolf guard. It's a fixed five man squad with a plasma pistol and a power fist, where the fist wielder is Egil Redfist himself and can accept and issue challenges and has +1 base attack, but he's not a Wolf Guard so is only WS/BS3. Again only take this unit if you're going to take the unique formation.
    • Hrothgar Frostborn's Blood Claws (Heroes of Sanctus Reach): another unique squad, much like Egil Redfist's unit, although this one comes fixed at ten men rather than five. Again, no option for a Wolf Guard pack leader, but you get a unique +1 A & Ld Blood Claw character who must issue & accept challenges with Orks, but he may re-roll fails to-hit and failed armour saves in this challenge. This unit costs exactly the same amount of points as an equally equipped unit with a Wolf Guard leader, so you're fighting against Orks having rerollable hits it might be worth it, though he suffers on the return strike. Furthermore re-rolling saves isn't "that" great as in most Metas, Ork squad leaders will have Power Klaws instead of Big Choppas. Basically you have to know your opponent when considering this squad.

Dedicated Transports[edit]

  • Rhino - 35 points for a metal box that keeps your Grey Hunters safe, makes them a lot more mobile, and meltagun tanks out of the top hatch...hell, why not?
    • It is also an awesome bullet screen for your Long Fangs. You can even use move Rhino - shoot with longfangs - flat out Rhino to keep your LFs completelly out of enemy LoS, though beware Rhino being wrecked, as it becomes immovable BLoS terrain, that force your LFs to move in order to regain a line of sight to their targets. It's also possible to use it in this manner to screen Grey Hunters, but their Rhinos usually tend to be blown up before or shortly after they reach rapid fire range.
  • Razorback - The best friends of your Long Fangs. LasPlas, while the most expensive, is THE shit, since it has two good guns (so Weapon Destroyed won't cripple it) that punch through medium armor and heavy infantry alike. Take three-four or go the whole cog (aka Razorwolves, famous for fielding 8-10 LasPlases at 2k pts)
  • Drop Pod- Drop Pods are your best friend from high school who married your sister and parties with you every weekend. Okay, maybe I blew the point, but Drop Pods and Space Wolves are a classic combo. The Drop Pod Assault Special rule means that half of your pods have to deploy in your first turn (round up if you have an odd number of pods). This has a few different uses: Mess with your enemy's head by Deep Striking Grey Hunters in a place where it's not expected. Deep Strike Long Fangs or Dreadnoughts into prime places for popping enemy vehicles. Deep Strike your HQ, his squad, and several supporting squads to put a heavy hammer somewhere. Buy a Homing Beacon or two and get Logan, Arjac, and some Wolf Guard Termies in on a key juncture. FYI, the other half of your pods come down normally. Make sure you keep this rule in mind when you're writing the army list, so you can figure out how you want to deploy for best effect and capitalize on it when you are at the table. Again, it is better to either mount up all your squads in Pods or none, as one-two Pods can be easily countered and made useless by a good player. (DISCLAIMER: DO NOT BRING THE DROP PODS IN A KILL POINTS GAME). Yet they're harder to kill than Rhino's and Razorbacks, don't cause S4 hits to the entire squad on an explodes result if they are embarked (which obviously they are not in a drop pod when it explodes) and aren't basically free kill points like rhino chassis crap is.
  • Stormwolf: (Attack Flyer) The Space Wolves finally get a flyer so they can quit complaining about facing anything higher than head height! The Stormwolf is one of two new flyers they get and fills a similar role to a Storm Eagle, with a transport capacity of 16 (so it can carry more Terminators than even a Land Raider), AV 12 all around with built-in ceramite plating, and is an assault vehicle with Power of the Machine Spirit, so it makes a good option for bringing large Blood Claw or Terminator units onto the tabletop, it is equipped with a hull-mounted twin-linked Lascannon, two twin-linked heavy bolters (which can be swapped for Skyhammer missiles for free or twin-linked multi-meltas for 20 points) on sponsons, and has its own unique weapon on a turret: a twin-linked Helfrost Cannon which is a 24" range weapon that removes models on failed strength tests if they take a wound (and it ignores Eternal Warrior since it's not technically Instant Death) and can be fired either as S8 AP1 or S6 AP3 (Blast). Expect to see loads of these spamming the table tops, raping high armour vehicles and fucking up squads with multi-wound models, all for 35 points less than a Land Raider.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Fenrisian Wolf Pack - cheap beasts, but not super-killy compared to other units in the list and can be gunned down easily due to their terrible 6+ save, though you can promote one to be a Cyberwolf, with a 4+ save and +1 T/A/Ld. They're basically tarpits to use to tie up big units in assault until your Terminators or Thunderwolf Cavalry can get to them.
  • Land Speeder squadron - Basically the damn same as the Land Speeders in the Space Marine codex. If you run one, run two, same as other vehicles. Jink rules now have you getting the 4+ whether you moved or not, at the cost of snap firing next turn. Get people to waste a turn or two (or three if you're lucky on the jink saves) shooting at these while your real vehicles are unimpeded. Of course, if your enemy ignores them, then you probably get a chance to pop something important with your Multi-meltas or kill some TEQs with volume Heavy Bolter fire (ones happen ppl), so you tend to win either way. Deepstriking also (sometimes) works, providing there is space for that (which there usually isn't). Gun wise, flamers are now a bad plan, since you can't fire them at all if you jink. Multi-meltas and Heavy Bolters all day here, with an emphasis on the H.B's which tend to do a little damage even while taking snap shots. Everything else (Assault Cannon, Typhoon Missiles, etc.) is too many points to mount on a hull that's going to be on fire if your opponent really wants it to be. I also recommend taking these as one-off vehicles rather than in squadrons. Keep in mind the purpose of these is to draw fire from more important targets. Having multiple units to kill forces your opponent to waste multiple units of fire, especially if he has bullshit guns like Serpent Shields that ignore cover saves and eat light armor for breakfast. If you've got 2 open fast attack slots and 120 points to spend, its hard to go wrong with 2 speeders with 2 H.B. apiece.
  • Skyclaw Assault Squad - Blood Claws with jump packs, good for delivering a power fist into the enemy and generally being a damn nuisance. However, their low WS/BS means they could be overwhelmed by more elite assault units; make them go for weaker targets, where their mobility and sheer number of attacks will hurt the most.
  • Swiftclaw Biker Squad - Blood Claws on bikes, with all the WS/BS 3 goodness that implies. They just have a bolt pistol that can be exchanged for a CCW i.e. worthless, and twin-linked weapons help to offset BS3. An attack bike with a multimelta will help with any tank problems you might have. Like Skyclaws, these guys are great at keeping your enemy distracted and making attacks of opportunity. Just avoid getting them bogged down in melee and they'll be fine.
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry - These are probably the best-in-slot for Fast Attack choices, but can also end up being one of the most costly. They're basically Nob Bikers with a potential 19-24" assault threat, with 6 attacks each on the charge (4 basic + 1 for 2CCW + charge) with higher strength attacks than normal MEQ and rending means they will generally be causing considerably more wounds than most fast moving combat squads in other armies, such as bikers or assault marines. You have to buy a minimum of three now but you can expand your squads to six guys now, and storm shields are only half as expensive as they used to be, so take a few! They are also proper Wolf Guard now and have Ld9.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Land Raider - Schizophrenic AV14 box. You should take a Crusader instead, and you really don't need two more lascannons anyway, if you think you do, drop the Land Raider entirely, get another pack of Long Fangs, and/or more Razorbacks with Twin-Linked Lascannons, they'll be more spread out (which helps with their survivability) and they're much more cost-effective.
    • Land Raider Crusader - The golden cow of Land Raiders. Pintle-mounted Multi-Melta plus the sheer bullet rape spewed out by this thing will lay a hurt on squishy things in its way, or stupid Guard or Ork drivers who decide to pull up next to it.
    • Land Raider Redeemer - You're better served by a Crusader. While they burn MEQs, this variant suffers from not doing anything before it reaches the frontlines, and it needs to be in melta-range to fire. Melta = death, so take a Crusader instead. Also, it's a pain to use both their flamers simultaneously and devastatingly.
  • Long Fangs Pack - Take Devastators, get rid of the regular Bolter Boys and give the heavies Split Fire. Long Fangs are the most popular tank-hunting choice of the Space Wolves Heavy choices, and are easily paired up with the more mobile Dreadnoughts to bash in the METAL BOXES. Running them with Missile Launchers is recommended, with an occasional Lascannon thrown in if you have points to spare. Just beware that the basic Sergeant isn't tooled for heavy weapons for some dumb reason, but can take a plasma pistol or meltagun for some compensation. So, you can take a Long Fang Ancient with a meltagun and a Wolf Guard Pack Leader with a combi-melta and throw them in a Drop Pod. That's it, a devastator squad without a single heavy weapon.
  • Predator - It's a Predator. Duh. Not worth it in a Space Wolf army, you'd be better served with Fangs instead. If you, for some reason, want to use one, keep it cheap and arm it with HB sponsons. Sit back and pound the enemy, or provide AV13 for your bawkses.Can now be squadroned up to 3 Predators, and while you're rockin 3 in a Squadron, they all get Tank/Monster Hunters.
  • Vindicator - It's a Vindicator. Low side armor, single hull-mounted gun, short range pie plate gun. Just be careful about firing this thing Danger Close to your assault units. The vindicator is great for drawing absurd amount of fire from inexperienced players who are too scared of a strength 10 weapon to shoot more useful units like the Long Fangs, regardless of how short the range on its cannon is. Can now Squadron to up to 3, and while there's 3 vindies and they can all fire their demolishers, they can forfeit their shooting and nominate one to fire a Massive Blast, Ignores Cover, S10, AP2, Linebreaker Shell of rape; whether this is better than just firing 3 Demolisher cannons at the same thing is up to you, but you should probably use it against anything with a 2+ cover save, as you will roughly double your expected number of wounds if you do.
  • Whirlwind - In an army like the Space Wolves, your mileage may vary on how useful the Whirlwind is, it's decently cheap, and allows you to ignore cover, but has really weak armour, one Lascannon shot or better and you can kiss it goodbye. It might be a little more useful if you play Cities of Death a lot, but otherwise you'll probably be better off with Long Fangs who can usually do its job far better anyway. Can now Squadron up to 3, if the Squadron numbers 3, they all get Shred and Pinning to their Missile attacks, independently of which Type of Missile theyre using.
  • Stormfang Gunship: (Fighter) The alternate kit to the Stormwolf flyer that Space Wolves now get. This one still has a transport capacity, though only 6 models and is not an assault vehicle either (but it keeps the Ceramite plating and PotMS), though it has the same weapon upgrade options (although it starts with two hull-mounted Stormstrike missile launchers instead of a twin-linked lascannon, it can swap to the lascannon for 15 points) so can utterly ruin the days of vehicles with S8+ weaponry. In exchange for its reduced transport capacity it has a Helfrost Destructor instead of a Helfrost Cannon. This has the same range and firing modes, but its S6 version uses the Large Blast marker and the S8 version is also a Lance weapon. So the Space Wolves went from having no aircraft or anti-aircraft to essentially having flying Fire Prisms that make a mockery of Eternal Warrior! All for 30 points less than a Land Raider.
    • For extra Lollingtons, the Stormfang can take a 6 man payload..... that's an Iron priest and servitors... yup you can now make this a real pain in the backside to get rid of.. Just sit back and enjoy the rage show... (or watch as a single lascannon hit blasts all those points out of the sky because you rolled badly).
  • Relic Leviathan Dreadnought (Forge World) - For way more than a plain Ven Dread, you get a rounder Dread with S8, AV 13/13/12 with a 4+ Invul that adds d3 to both the range and strength of its death-explosion, two heavy flamers on his body, total immunity to Maledictions powers, and two claws with meltas, Wrecker, and the odds to inflict d3 extra wounds. When this adds to the fact that it adds +1 to its initiative and 2 HoW attacks on the charge as well as a mandatory sweeping advance, you see that the goal of this thing is to touch anything that runs near it. For it's cost, it might have been better off with AV14 or some better tools. The claws can become drills so you get Armourbane for pennies. You could also make it shooty by replacing a claw with a Leviathan Storm Cannon, that is Heavy 6 S7 AP3 hits with Sunder or a Cyclonic melta lance (it isn't really lance weapon), which is a Heavy 3 S9 AP1 18" Meltagun. You could give it Ceramite to cure it of its fear of Melta and three HKs to help pop tanks, but you've already got so much for that goal. To add to that, this thing counts as a Relic of the Armoury, but can't take a Legacy of Glory, nor can it ever score or benefit from a detachment or formation, so taking this requires extra care, even moreso than MURDERFANG. With some luck and the right loadout, it can give an opponent fielding a LOW smaller then a Warhound a headache.
  • Fire Raptor (Forge World): Clocking in at 25 points more than a Stormraven this flier sacrifices any notions of being a transport for more guns. It sports a twin-linked str 6, ap 3, heavy 7 chin-gun, two independent firing (can shoot whatever they want) twin-linked quad heavy bolters (6 shots), and 4 S 8 ap 2 missiles. All of which have Strafing Run (which if read carefully applies to flying monstrous creatures as well) which means most things are hitting on 2's, with twin-linked. It can trade its quad heavy bolters for twin-linked autocannons but the rest of your army should have enough anti-tank to allow this amazing gunboat to focus on murdering non-vehicles. Keep in mind that it can shoot 4 targets a turn (normal shoot 1, power of the machine spirit 2, independent fire turret 3, independent fire turret 4) and you begin to realize you can apply the necessary amount of bullet anywhere you need it. Being AV 12 everywhere, having 4 hullpoints, and the large amount of twin-linking means you are nasty to try and kill too (note on the twin-linking because it can help to mitigate jinking). With the Wolves Unleashed detachment you can now guarantee that this baby comes in on Turn 2. Not the right choice for every army, but definitely something to consider.

Lords of War[edit]

  • Logan Grimnar: OBLIGATORY 200+ PTS NAMED CHARACTER, now taking up the Lord of War slot. He is pretty great. He's lost all his really cool FOC-modding rules for little-to-no benefit besides a fancy new sled mentioned below. However, he's still a pretty nasty h2h fighter, complete with good gear (His axe can either be an S+2 AP3 Frost Blade or an Sx2 AP2 Two-handed Unwieldy weapon to kill big monsters), Eternal Warrior, Stubborn, and his Warlord Trait lets nearby friendly units re-roll failed morale, an ability quite useful to the painfully-average LD units of the Space Wolves. He is quite expensive though, more expensive than two discount characters, and good at little beyond bashing people in the face, so consider him carefully...I've seen Mr.Grimnar take on a Dreadknight AND Kaldor Draigo 1v2. Guess what? He came out victorious with two wounds.
    • Stormrider: 7th Edition has given Logan a baffling new accessory for 70 points: An open-topped hovering chariot, dragged along by wolves. We couldn't make this shit up even if we tried. This Armor 12/12/12 has 3 HP and 3 BS, which is worse than his own, but it comes with a 4++ that makes pens against it into glances, making sure he'll last as long as he can. To make the wolfing thing even worse, it gives Logan a bonus 4 S5 AP- Rending attacks in close combat at I5 and gives him the ability to move up to 12" in the moving phase. Yeah, he's finally getting the ability to go fast without joining with Termies.
      • NOTE: Be careful using Stormrider. A handful of heavy weapons can wreck it, turning pens into glances or no, and a 4++ won't save it. And if it goes, Logan goes with it. So you can still use it just...be careful.
      • NOTE: Shooting attacks may be allocated to Logan or the chariot as per the owner's choice. This means that he is effectively immune to all strength 5 and below shooting attacks. Similarly, you can take your 2+ armor save against battle cannons and the like (high strength ap3 weaponry) that would normally mess up that shiny AV12. On the flip-side, hits from melee weapons are allocated by your opponent, so be careful that the 3HP chariot doesn't get popped by that Boss with a power klaw .
  • Fellblade - This is your THIRTEEN BARRELS OF HELL, + 1BS.The Fellblade mounts a turret mounted twin 'accelerator cannon' which can fire either high explosive rounds (100" range, S8 AP3 ord1 7" blast) or armour piercing shells (100" range, heavy 1, S9 AP2, Armourbane, 3" blast). Add to that 2 quad lascannons, a twin heavy bolter and a hull demolisher cannon and you have an absolutely rapetastic monster.
  • Thunderhawk Gunship - There is only one reason why you don't already have one, it costs a shitload of cash(£399), apart from this... small price... the Thunderhawk has virtually no downsides, at 700 points it's certainly expensive, and it doesn't have much armour (12,12,10) but it does have 3 structure points and is immune to the 'melta' special rule. It's title of gunship is well deserved, it has a turbo laser (yes a fucking strength D weapon with a 5" blast!!!), four twin-linked heavy Bolters, two Lascannons and 6 weapon pylons, which can contain bombs or Hellstrike missiles. It also has a "modest" transport capacity of 30, so you can hold an entire 10 man squad of Terminators in this thing AND a techmarine and servitors to keep the thing running (they ARE allowed to repair vehicles they're embarked on, awesome). As the most expensive super heavy vehicle in the space marines armoury, you will almost never even see one, let alone field more than one, fortunately, you only need one. The best way to use this vehicle is to get close combat Terminators right into the middle of the enemies most dangerous shooting formation, then use the fearsome weapons on the gunship to destroy enemy vehicles that can insta-kill your guys, allowing your Terminators to destroy the shooty infantry and keep your grunts alive. Used properly this vehicle WILL make your opponent shit bricks, used improperly, it will do nothing but die uselessly as it gets pummeled by 700 points worth of enemy lascannons, rockets, missiles, battle cannon and lances, then it will explode and take the most of the rest of your army with it, because of this NEVER EVER keep it static, it's tempting to just hang back and pummel the enemies vehicles with the turbo laser, but don't.
  • Thunderhawk Transporter - Get this if you if you have a burning desire to kneel down and sacrifice your money to the gods of Games Workshop. It costs the same amount of cash as the regular thunderhawk, and you'll probably end up wishing you had one of those instead. It's not that the transporter is awful, the ability to fly in a loaded up land raider and place it where you want is cool, you can even scoop up other vehicles while in hover mode without having to cease your movement. But unless you are playing on REALLY big gaming tables (we're talking the same size of games where Earthshaker guns run out of range.), there's no real need to do this and your Thunderhawk itself doesn't have much else to do with only a few heavybolters for its defense. Just get the regular Thunderhawk and for now and you'll feel less guilty.
  • Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer - An odd superheavy tank. Its weapon is S10 AP1, but has no blast, so if you miss there's no consolation prize by accidentally wiping out a nearby unit (it is twin linked, so you're unlikely to miss). However, whatever it hits is raped. It fires D3 shots every time it fires and anything that somehow survives a penetrating hit from it can only snap-fire next turn (including other superheavies... neutering that poor emperor class titan.) but if it fails a penetrate ROLL (glances are fine) or to-wound its target (remember it's a primary weapon, so already gets re-rolls), it instead damages itself by an automatic hull point on a further roll of 1. It can be given the standard predator sponsons or pintle mounted heavy weapons, but you're probably going to want to load up on anti-tank and leave anti infantry to your other units.
  • Typhon Heavy Siege Tank - It's a giant vindicator. Cheaper and better armoured than the Fellblade and more reliable than the Cerberus. It fires off a 7" Blast S10 AP1 weapon, which ignores cover, and so will erase entire units on 2s unless they have invulnerable saves. Can also be equipped with sponsons like a predator and pintlemounted options including heavy bolters, or a multi-melta. And unlike the Cerberus, since your main gun doesn't fill an uber specialised role you can choose what you want and split your fire to shoot in all directions and pick your targets by relevance. Also give it armoured ceramite so it can never be killed by melta & lances.


Champions of Fenris[edit]

It has to be noted that rules from this supplement may only apply to "detachments and formations" taken from the supplement. So no mix-matching relics/buffs with codex FOCs, combined arms detachments or apocalypse formations

  • Sagaborn - Characters must issue and accept challenges. Well damn, better kit your characters out for bear.
  • First Among Equals - All Wolf Guard characters (Battle Leaders, Pack Leaders, Termie Leaders, and Cavalry Leaders) have Preferred Enemy in Challenges. Rub it in those Chaos Marine asshats' faces because you have some bonuses on them.

Relics of the Great Wolf[edit]

  • Armour of Asvald Stormwrack - 2+/4++ Termie Armor with IWND. If you need a Tarpit but don't want a named dude, this'll fit nicely. The current FAQ (for the codex, not the supplement) clarifies that this armour absolutely does prevent riding a Thunderwolf.
  • Frostfury - A Bolter with Assault 4 and Helfrost. This is everything the Bite of Fenris probably was meant to be, with extra shots.
  • Krakenbone Sword - master-crafted S+1 AP 2 Frost Sword. Perfect for a Thunderlord since you can still equip a Storm Shield.
  • Morkai's Claws - Some monstrous Wolf Claws that give d3 attacks instead of 1 for having two specialist weapons. They're totally nightmarish. Also have rending.
  • The Pelt of Balewolf - Bearer has Fear that forces beasts, cavalry, or monstrous creatures in base contact to auto fail any Fear tests they take...unless Fearless or ATSKNF.
  • Fellclaw's Teeth - Bearer rerolls all failed to hit rolls in close combat.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Fire in the Blood - Reroll a single failed saving throw every turn. Well...it's better than nothing, I guess. This is great with a 2+ save. Sure AP 2 is still a problem but you usually face high volumes of saves.
  2. Thread-Cutter - Re-roll all failed to wound rolls in a challenge. Not confident in using Morkai's Claws? This'll give you your shred instead in challenges, which you're forced to be in anyway if you're taking a detachment from Champions of Fenris.
  3. Gatekeeper - One non-relic weapon on the Warlord has MasterCrafted. This is...alright.
  4. Blessing of the Wolf - Warlord and any unit he joins during deployment have Outflank. Now this is seriously nice, especially in a pack of Grey Hunters, Blood Claws, or Cavalry.
  5. Thane to the King - Warlord is Fearless. Um...woo?
  6. Deeds Beyond Counting - Warlord has Preferred Enemy. Not so useful on Battle Leaders, but they still get use from having it on their shooting.

Company of the Great Wolf Detachment[edit]

In lieu of Logan's old Wolf Guard Troops rule, this formation now makes 2 Elite units mandatory instead of Troops. In addition, you get 2 more HQ slots, 6 more Elite slots and 3 troops (That's right, 8 units of Wolf Guard! That makes for up to 11 spanking Lone Wolves!). You also get some extra bonuses:

  • A re-roll on the Supplement warlord trait.
  • All Wolf Guard and Thunderwolf Cavalry units and associated Pack Leaders get +1 WS. AW WOLF YEAH.

Alternatively with the FOC chart restrictions you may have an entire dreadnought army in drop pods plus a Libby Dread and Cassor the Damned and maybe sprinkle in some other Dreads too. Think on that. You're welcome.


  • The Wolves Unleashed (Codex)
    • Like a CAD, but you have 2 mandatory HQs and 2 mandatory Troops, with 4 extra HQ slots aside from the standard FOC for Elites, HS, and FA. They have 2 benefits:
      • Before deployment, each unit rolls d6, adding +2 to the result if the unit is a troops choice and has an attached IC. On a 6+, they get Outflank. Also, each turn after the first, one unit gets to automatically enter from reserves.
      • Re-roll on Codex Warlord Traits.
    • Remember that this is not actually a CAD, so you do not get the CAD benefit of Troops getting Objective Secured.
  • Strike Force Daggerfist (Web Exclusive Bundle) - Murderfang, 1 Unit of Wulfen, 1 Unit of Wolf Guard, 3 Units of Wolfguard Terminators, 1 Stormfang Gunship. The Wolf Guard and WG Terminators have +1 WS, any model from this formation who's unit is within 6" of the formation's unit of Wulfen at the start of the Assault Phase has +1 Attack, and enemy units can only target Strike Force Daggerfist's Wulfen if they are the closest target from this formation to the attacking unit. In other words, keep the Wulfen behind your terminators until you enter melee, equip the Wolf Guard with a drop pod or bikes, and drop pod Murderfang. Having the terminators teleport is more risky but with teleport beacons on the drop pod and bikes they should at least arrive at the same location. The Gunship may at first seem like a tax but with careful positioning it can be very useful to keep longer ranged units from targeting your Wulfen. All in all a good formation, and synergizes well with the Deathpack formation for meatshields.
  • The Fierce-Eye's Finest (Stormclaw) - Krom Dragongaze along with the named Grey Hunter, Blood Claw and Wolf Guard terminators from the Stormclaw boxed set. All models get Furious assault, which makes the Wolf Guard and Blood Claws a little bit more vicious but the best rule is "Pack Instincts" which allows you to get re-rolls to hit with the rest of the formation if one unit has already hit the target, or re-rolls to charge distances if one unit has already charged the victim. This is ideal if you are just taking the Wolves as an allied formation as it is nicely self contained and can be dedicated to completely obliterating one chosen unit at a time while the rest of your army does it's normal thing.
  • Deathpack (Collection Starter Box) - A Wolf Lord, 1 unit of Grey Hunters, and 1 unit of Thunderwolf Cavalry. The Wolf Lord and all units from the formation within 12" of the wolf lord can either reroll to-hits of 1 on shooting or run and charge in the same turn(picked per unit), seriously grab a mount for the wolf lord and run him with the cavalry to get into melee faster then ever.
  • The Great Company (Codex) - A Wolf Lord, Wolf Guard squad with a Battle Leader, 5 Grey Hunter squads with one using a Wolf Banner, A Wolf Scout squad, 2 Long Fang squad, and 3 choices between Blood Claws, Skyclaws, and Swiftclaws.
    • This is better compared to the Apoc formation. Before deployment, each unit rolls d6, adding +2 to the result if the unit is a troops choice and has an attached IC. On a 6+, they get Outflank. Also, each turn after the first, one unit gets to automatically enter from reserves. The Wolf Lord gives everyone Fear and Furious Assault so long as he's alive. As an extra incentive to use this, if the formation is the main detachment, they get a re-roll on the codex Warlord Trait.
  • Librarius (Apocalypse) - 5 Rune Priests. If you want, you can replace one of them with Njal.
    • These Librarians form a Warp Charge 4 (!!) power called Force Vortex, a 24" S:D AP1 Heavy 1, Large Blast Vortex. IF they don't recall it before it moves, then it'll scatter off and kill everyone. Before you run with this ask yourself: How confident am I that this won't kill everything your own dudes?
  • The Great Company (Apocalypse) - Lots of options here. A Wolf Lord/Ragnar, a Rune Priest, a Wolf Priest, a Wolf Guard pack with a leader, 1 Scout pack, 5+ Grey Hunters, 3+ Blood Claws and/or Sky Claws, 2+ Long Fangs and 3+ Dreads and/or Ven Dreads are mandatory for this formation. Then you can opt to take an Iron Priest, 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry units, 3 Lone Wolves, 3 Swiftclaw Biker packs, and 3 packs of Wolves.
    • This massive WOLFING thing gives you Stubborn and re-rolls on either to-hit on Overwatch or to Charge. The Wolf Lord can also get Furious Charge and Fleet and give it to everyone within 18" of him once per game.
  • Brethren of the Great Wolf (Apocalypse) - Ragnar, Ulric, Njal, Bjorn, and a 10-man Wolf guard Pack with Arjac and a Banner Bearer all get to be a character squad.
    • This meeting of greats gives them Fear and everyone gets Stubborn. Everyone within 24" of the banner also get Furious Charge and the squad can all opt to use their Finest Hours/Sons of the Primarch abilities at once.
  • Wolfpack Flanking Force (Apocalypse) - A mounted Wolf Lord/mounted Wolf Guard leader/Canis takes 2+ Thunderwolf Cavalry units with 5 men each and 5+ packs of wolves.
    • This is meant to be a quick assault team, with the formation getting Acute Senses, Hit & Run, Outflank, and Rage, as well as the ability to charge out of reserves. Very fast.

Warzone Fenris: Curse of the Wulfen[edit]

Wolf Claw Strikeforce[edit]

This is to put the Space Wolves back in line with the Decurion-style armies the Dark Angels and Space Marines got. Command benefits are your units in the formation get to assault an enemy unit that is engaged with a nearby friendly unit, during your opponent's assault phase. Furthermore, if your Strike force includes two or more Greatpacks (or multiples of the same Legendary Pack), one with a Wolf Lord and any others with Guard Battle Leaders, they form a Great Company, then so long as the Company's Wolf Lord is still alive everyone gets Fear and Furious Charge.

  • The first benefit is amazing, second benefit is entirely dependent on your Wolf Lord being alive, meaning a smart opponent will target him first. Also remember that your Greatpacks can be much larger than Codex Demi-Companies, requiring a significant investment of points and models, making it very difficult to get multiples of them into regular games.
  • An alternate view: Counter Charge is a neat trick, but maybe not as good as it sounds. Against shooty armies you won't be using it at all, and against choppy armies you'll probably get locked before you can launch your counter charge. Furious Charge, meanwhile, is a flat upgrade for any melee unit.
Core (1+)[edit]
  • Greatpack your basic core 1 Wolf Lord or Wolf Guard Battle Leader, 1-3 units of Blood Claws, Skyclaws, or Swiftclaws, 3-5 units of Grey Hunters or Land Speeders, 1-2 units of Long Fangs, may take up to 1 unit of Wolf scouts, up to 2 Lone Wolves, 1 unit of either Wolf Guard, Wolf Guard Terminators or Thunderwolf Cavalry, and Lucas the Trickster. Taking this literally gives you the same benefits as the Wolves Unleashed detachment. Meant to be taken if you don't like change but like new Wolf Claw Strikeforce.
  • Legendary Greatpack your legendary companies here instead simply pick one of the below. There is nothing preventing you from mixing and matching different Greatpacks and making a more balanced force, but you can't claim the Great Company bonus unless you have at least two of the same.
    • Firehowlers 1 Wolf Lord or wolf guard battle leader, 1 unit of wolf guard, 2-4 units of either skyclaws or swiftclaws, 2-4 units of grey hunters or land speeders, may take 1 unit of long fangs, 1 unit of wolf scouts and up to 2 lone wolves. the wolf lord/wolf guard battle leader and the wolf guard must purchase jump packs or bikes. Enemy units have to pass a leadership test to fire overwatch (units with Fearless or ATSKNF are immune), everyone gets to re-roll their failed charges and cause fear the turn they charge, also if a charge is 10" or more they get furious charge. This Greatpack is the one you want if you are really looking for a fast moving assault army. In addition, probably one of the best Greatpacks to field Wulfen, best never run without them. Probably not a good idea to go against Marine armies, stick to gunline armies that don't like close combat and that are not immune to fear (Tau and Necrons are potential prey if you are brave enough, also again NEVER FORGET THE WULFEN!)
    • Ironwolves 1 Wolf Lord or wolf guard pack leader, 2-3 units of blood claws, 2-4 units of grey hunters or land speeders, 1-2 long fangs, an optional pack of wolf guard or wolf guard terminators, 1 unit of wolf scouts and up to 2 lone wolves, all of which has to take a DT, making this expensive (current FAQ lists that the wolf scouts and lone wolves do not require transports, so some points saved there), and your Wolf Lord can't ride a Thunderwolf, because there are not seats for pets on space wolves vehicles. Units in this formation may flat out an additional 6" and may disembark even if the transport moved 12" but that's not why you get this since all weapon and wargear upgrades to any vehicle in this formation are entirely free. You can put the Land Raider empty on the field and let the Terminators come in as reserves but any other unit you want in the Land raider has to get in it in the first movement phase.
    • Drakeslayers 1 Krom Dragongaze or wolf guard battle leader, 1-2 units of wolf guard or wolf guard terminators, 2-3 units of blood claws, 2-4 units of grey hunters or land speeders, 1-2 units of long fangs, an optional unit of wolf scouts and up to 2 lone wolves. Characters in this formation get preferred enemy (characters), and everyone gets stubborn and monster hunter, and if 1 unit successfully charges in a turn the rest of the formation gets to re-roll charge distances, and if you picked Krom everyone has furious charge. The Drakes have got some agency in the current meta as some of the worst cheese offenders (Tau, Eldar, etc...) are really loving their MCs these days, so monster hunter is a really good bonus to have if you know what you will be facing. Also, stubborn never hurts on a CC army. Best to bring Krom if you can, every bonus counts in the game these days. With the new FAQs you get Preferred Enemy for almost all your army while both your and enemy's serges are alive.
    • Deathwolves 1 Harald Deathwolf of Wolf Guard Battle Leader (optionally joined by Canis Wolfborn), 1 unit of Thunderwolf Calvary, 2-3 units of Blood Claws, Skyclaws, or Swiftclaws, 2-4 units of Grey Hunters or Land Speeders, 1-2 units of Long Fangs, 1 unit of Wolf Scouts, 0-2 Lone Wolves, and 0-2 Fenrisian Wolves. Everyone gains outflank and for sweeping advances rolls two dice and picks the highest. You can also make one re-rollable reserve roll for all outflanking Deathwolves units, which passing means all of the outflanking units arrive from Reserve and have Stealth until your next turn. But if you really want thunderwolves take them from champions of fenris for a WS5.
    • Blackmanes A pretty large pack, requiring at least ten squads. You need Ragnar Blackmane or wolf guard battle leader, 1 unit of wolf guard, wolf guard terminators, or thunderwolf cavalry, 3-5 units of blood claws, skyclaws, or swiftclaws, 4-6 units of grey hunters or land speeders, 1-2 units of long fangs, 1 unit of wolf scouts, may take up to 2 lone wolves and Lukas the trickster. all units in the formation get droppods for free, all drop pods in this formation come in turn 1, units disembarking from drop pods get Fearless and Feel no Pain (6+) that turn, and while Ragnar is on the table all 'Claw units can reroll hits in assault.The best or the only formation that will give you a chance to fight back Eldar, Tau, and Zombie infestation armies.
    • Champions of Fenris The biggest Greatpack, coming in at twelve squads minimum. Logan Grimnar or Wolf Guard Battle Leader, possibly joined by Arjac Rockfist, 2-3 units of Wolf Guard, Wolf Guard Terminators, or Thunderwolf Calvary, 3-6 units of Blood Claws, Skyclaws, or Swiftclaws, 4-8 units of Grey Hunters or Land Speeders, 2-3 units of Long Fangs, 1-2 units of Wolf Scouts, and 0-3 Lone Wolves. Everyone gains Fearless and the Wolf Guard and Thunderwolf models gain +1 WS. Logan regains his old High King rule wherein he gives all units within 12" either Furious Charge, Monster Hunter, Preferred Enemy, Relentless, or Tank Hunters chosen at the start of each of your turns. But sadly you can't make a competitive list of less than 2500 so only for friendly large games... too bad.
      • Per the current FAQ (for the codex, not Curse of the Wulfen), Wolf Guard Battle Leaders can take the relics out of the Champions of Fenris supplement instead of the core rulebook (the other Greatpacks must use the core rule book relics). Something to remember if you have a relic there that you like.
Command (0-5)[edit]
  • Lord of the Fang: Logan Grimnar, a generic Wolf Priest (can be replaced with Ulrik the Slayer), Njal Stormcaller, Bjorn the Fellhanded, Arjac Rockfist, or Canis Wolfborn. Essentially all Special characters wrapped into 1 slot.
  • Heralds of the Greatwolf: 1 Wolf Priest (can be replaced with Ulrik the Slayer), 1 Iron Priest, and 1 Rune Priest (can be replaced with Njal Stormcaller) together. They lose Independent Character and have to stick together, but as long as they're alive they each grant some nifty buffs that make the unit as a whole a tough kill, the Wolf Priest grant It Will Not Die, the Rune Priest makes enemy units shoot at -1BS against this unit, and the Iron Priest allows them to Ignore the first failed saving throw each PHASE, which effectively gives an extra regenerating wound to your little band of heroes. Plus, you get to reroll the dice to see who goes first as well as your seize dice, which is always handy.
  • Wyrdstorm Brotherhood: 2-5 Rune Priests, 1 of which can be swapped for Njal. Essentially the Librarius Conclave. Can harness Tempestas Powers on 3+, and gain access to a special power called Living Storm, which is a Warp Charge 3 Witchfire with S7 AP- Assault 2D6, and Shock (Literally the Necron Tesla rule). Pick a Rune Priest in the formation at start of psychic phase, and if he tries to cast this power it ups the shots by D6 for every other Pskyer of this formation in the battle field. That's the potential for 6D6 attacks. If you luck out, that's 36 possible hits at S7 with another 12 auto-hits from the shock rule statistically. But if you use loaded dice it is possible to get 108 hits. Point at hordes and watch them get obliterated, heck even drown Monstrous Creatures in wounds. Now combine this with durfast helmet to get a re roll to hit and forbid jinking bonuses of 2+ or units without armour saves. Also great at popping transports or other light tanks, who will usually lack any boosts to their DTW and have armor low enough to be absolutely shredded by S7 en masse. Due to Living Storm's wording, Njal gets his rerolls which is FUKKEN AWESOME.
Auxiliary (1+)[edit]
  • Spear of Russ 1-3 Iron Priests, 1-3 squadrons of either Whirlwinds, Predators, or Vindicators and 1-3 Land Raiders of any type. all vehicles within 12" of a Land Raider from this formation(note it does not state the recipient must be from the formation so this is a great idea for any mechanized list) gain Power of the Machine Spirit, and 1 vehicle within 6" of a Iron Priest from this formation gets either Tank Hunter, Monster Hunter, Precision Shots or Preferred Enemy(selected each turn). As power of the machine spirit allow you to shoot one weapon full ballistic skill regardless of moving 12" your obvious choice is a Iron priest inside the landraider an a unit of 3 vindicators surrounding it for use the LINEBREAKER BOMBARDMENT with PREFERRED ENEMY just to reroll 1's to wound or tank hunter to ensure pen rolls as it is ordnance weapon... troll! (With the latest errata on the GW site, you won't be able to have the Iron Priest inside the transport, as they do not count as being on the battlefield - however you can still use the ability on the Land Raider itself).
  • Fangs of the Tempest 1 Stormfang Gunship or Stormwolf.
  • Ancients of the Fang: 1 Iron Priest along with 2-5 Dreadnoughts.The Dreads make a unit, and if it numbers 3 or more they can re-roll to-hit in combat, and Space Wolves within 6" of them are Stubborn. The Iron Priest grants It Will Not Die to the Formation's dreads within 6".
  • The Curseborn: Otherwise known as MURDERFANG.
  • Wulfen Murderpack: 2-5 units of Wulfen. All units from this formation get an additional attack for each to-hit roll of 6 in assault (which can keep generating attacks like Kharn's butcherhorde), and grant +1 on the Curse of the Wulfen for each unit from a Murderpack on the battlefield after the first (so max +4), with an additional result of 7+ on both charts. A 7+ on the hunt chart allows all affected units to move twice in the movement phase while a 7+ on the kill chart gives +1A to all affected units.
  • Wolfkin: 2-5 units of Fenrisian Wolves. Formation gains monster hunter and outflank. Can combine squads into one big wolf pack, called an Alpha Pack, that, if numbering more than 20, gives all models +1 Attack. If you have a metric fuckton of wolves this can be pretty cool, but probably not worth it unless you have an IC to keep them from running from anything that touches them. Canis Wolfborn could make this a particularly good tar pit. The final ability of the formation allows an outflanking unit to automatically come in on a table edge that is within 12" of a unit of wolves. Not great, but could be useful.
    • Alternate View: Potentially AWESOME if you run a Deathwolves Greatpack and laugh when your ENTIRE force appears on the opponent's right flank turn 2 and sweeps a whole half of his army before he can properly react.
    • Cheese: A pack of 75 Fenrisian Wolves benefit hugely from unit buffs such as invisibility, endurance, or the DA chapter master Azrael, who gives all models in his unit a 4+ invulnerable save.
    • Note that the Alpha Pack buff triggers based on model count, so you can add ICs to get up to 20, and applies to all Fenrisian Wolves and Cyberwolves in it, including any an IC may have brought with them (typically 2 for a Wolf Lord variant, but 4 for an Iron Priest if you want).

Champions of Fenris[edit]

  • Kingsguard Stormforce - Logan must take his Stormrider, a 5-man pack of Terminators, a Land Raider and the Stormwolf.
    • This pack gives all the bonus rules the supplement works on as a +1 WS to all Wolf Guard units so the Termies get better at combat, as well as FC and a re-roll on the Charge Distance on the turn they disembark from the Land Raider. Logan, on the other hand, only gives the ability to auto-pass or auto-fail the reserves for the Stormwolf as long as he's kicking.
  • Brethren of the Fell-Handed - Bjorn must join 2 other Venerable Dreads.
    • By taking this pseudo-dread council, the Bjorn gets to spread his 5++ 6" around him for his fellow Dreads as well as giving them re-rolls to-hit in combat. The Dreads also get auto-challenging and AW. The Venerable Dreads are best served by getting them the axe/shield combo, giving them some extra close-quarters survivability and leaving Bjorn free to shoot shit up.
  • Wolf Guard Void Claws - 5 Wolf Guard Termies must take Wolf Claws.
    • This small group grants +1 WS, auto-challenge, and Preferred Enemy when in a challenge. But before you claim them a Footslogging death brigade, they have to begin in reserves, with the ability to DS on the first turn, with a re-roll. And by being on the table, they also get to give you a re-roll on ALL reserves. It's a risky unit, but it's got some great support for it and for not much more than the units would have normally been worth.
  • Grimnar's War Council - Ulrik and Njal take a generic Rune Priest and an Iron Priest with them.
    • Curiously, despite being a squad of characters, they can't get anyone to join them aside from 2 exceptions: A footslogging Logan and Arjac. Logan's presence will replace the unit's Fearless (which they get alongside the other rules the Supplement centers on) with Zealot. However, the most vital bonus they get is a re-roll on the roll for who goes first and a +2 on the Seize if that fails. It's not much for an attack force, but it's better for a support squad. (Bring with Bjorn for 3+ Reroll on Seize. Meaning that you get 66.6% chance to go first)
  • Arjac's Shieldbrothers - Arjac joins his squad of Hammernators in a Land Raider Crusader.
    • This gets Big boosts with the Supplement rules as well as +1 WS and Hammer of Wrath. They additionally get +1 T if they're in Base Contact with each other (Thanks, Imperial Fists!) and a Concussive S8 AP2 strike back if they roll 6 on their save in combat. They also get Fearless if Logan's on field, which is replaced with Zealot if he goes down.
  • Wolf Guard Thunderstrike - A Wolf Guard formation with 10 regular men and a squad of termies, with the Wolf Guard dropping in a Drop Pod.
    • In a pseudo-Deathwing style, the entire formation (which deploys as a whole squad) gets TL the turn they arrive, well as their +1 WS and the other challenge rules. Seeing as you can't assault after deepstrike you should be using this to get as many Combi weapons onto the board that you can afford. This sounds like two tank buster squads to me.
  • The Champions of Fenris - This is it. The Living Tide, the Strike Force Ultra. Every formation in one.
    • Aside from all the rules every formation normally has, everyone gets Fear and Fearless and 4 key characters give bonus rules while they're standing:
      • Logan allows all non-vehicle units to re-roll to-hit in combat.
      • The Iron Priest gives every vehicle IWND
      • Njal gives everyone AW.
      • Ulrik gives everyone Preferred Enemy.

Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf[edit]

  • Grimnar's Kingsguard - Logan, Arjac, and 2 squads of Wolf Guard (either form) must load up into 2 Land Raiders. Arjac's stuck with one of the teams, as is Logan if he opts out of Stormrider.
    • Besides Fearless and the +1WS to the Wolf Guard, Grimnar gets back his High King rule, letting him give a unit within 12" of him Furious Charge, Preferred Enemy, Monster Hunters, or Tank Hunters.
  • Wolf guard Strike Force - A Battle Leader joins 2 Termie squads into 2 Stormwolves.
    • They'll all come on the same turn, but the only real bonus this has is HoW for Melee and TL for shooting the turn they disembark.
  • Ragnar's Claws - Ragnar joins 2 Blood Claw Packs of at least 10, a pack of Skyclaws and a pack of Swiftclaws.
    • This formation's not as great, as they give back that auto-charge rule the Blood Claws had and gives everyone within 12" of Ragnar Zealot.

Building your Army[edit]

Start with a Battleforce and a spare box of Space Wolves or Space Wolves Terminators to make your HQ and Wolf Guard. Rune Priests are easily made from plastic parts, and with the new SW stuff, the same goes for Wolf Priests (if you field them, which you shouldn't). If you can, exchange the Drop Pod sprue for a Rhino, as with Grey Knights around Deep Strike is at best unreliable. Better to go with an old-fashioned Metal Bawks. Buy another one when you can, and that will net you 2 mechanized Grey Hunter squads and some support. Taking hold of meltagun and missile launcher bitz is paramount, as the SW Pack box only comes with two Plasmaguns. With these core units, you may then proceed to buy anything else you wanted. A good idea is to buy a Space Marine box (or even a Battleforce) and use your remained bitz to make Marines wolfy. Dem vanillas (speaking Tactical Squad) also have sum good bitz (and more bolters/bolt pistols for your Hunters), and a Missile Launcher/Flamer to boot.

In a short time, you will need armor support. Dreadnoughts are a better and cheaper early investment than Predators, so one or two Dreads to carry your heavy guns (twin Autocannons or Multi-meltas) should do you well until you learn what exactly you want to do with your army. You may skip this part, of course, if you managed to get enough Missile Launchers so you can build a decent number of Fangs.

Alternate Start: Buy the battleforce. It's seriously all you need if your opponent lets you do counts as, which they should because Grey Hunters, Blood Claws, Long Fangs and Wolf Guard all come from the same basic parts (their models just have different guns). It's more than enough to get you an early start at the lower points games while still giving you a fighting chance at winning games, make at least 6 long fangs, 10 grey hunters (two squads of 5 since you need two troops), and 3 wolf guard (to buff up units where you think it's appropriate). Use the final remaining model as any generic character you want, playing with this setup should be enough to give you an idea of the armies strengths and weaknesses, how to play them and what you'll need to buy in the future, and spend time experimenting with the drop pod.

Honestly the Space Wolves lucked out pretty hard considering their battleforce is all you really need to play them, unlike some other armies.

Alternate Alternate Start: With the release of the new Start Collecting! Box, it may be one of the best starts for players on a low budget. It comes with 3 thunderwolf cavalry, a grey hunter squad, and a wolf lord. The gem of this set lies in its formation. You have a fieldable formation that, in low point games, will not disappoint. Buy two and for a very fair price you have a full 6 rider squad of thunderwolf cavalry (1 can be proxied to a thunderlord). two wolf lords (mess with the second into a wolf priest, or not, as you are still saving money even if you don't use it), and 20 models you can field as wolfguard, bloodclaws, grey hunters, or long fangs. This will be a string start for low point games. Note that unlike other Start Collecting! boxes, it's perfectly viable to build the space wolves in the box up as either one squad with two special weapons, or two squads with 1 special weapon each. Space Wolves works wonder with MSU, so this means that if you don't want that formation, you can always go CAD with the box, with greater ease than any other army.


Space Wolves' strength is, with the new supplements, being one of the choppiest armies around... with the right list. They also are good at using assault defensively; making big expensive CC units is kinda fail. Their Terminators are too expensive when kitted for combat (use wulfen), and while you can easily build an army to use big units of Thunderwolf Cavalry their Ld8 (they have Ld9 now) sucks when it comes to getting Tank Shocked repeatedly and their 3D6 Fall Back move means they're likely to run out of play. Attaching an Iron Priest can solve the Tank Shock problem.

Instead of combat units, bring a few small Grey Hunters packs with a single Meltagun, a Wolf Standard (Can only take 1 per detachment and its more expensive now) and a Rhino to ride in, some Wolf Guard with Combi-Meltaguns to lead them, a Rune Priest HQ to shit on Blood Angels flying Dreadnoughts and Grey Knights' magic tanks, not much a thing anymore, then spend the rest of your points on Missile Launchers, Lascannon/ Plasma Gun Razorbacks, and Land Speeders with Multimeltas. The Meltagun Grey Hunters and Land Speeders go forward, everything else is fire support.

The basic gist; shoot big guns at tanks until infantry falls out, and when infantry falls out use Rapid Fire Boltguns, Frag Missiles, Plasma turrets, Rhino Storm Bolters, and anything and everything else to drop them. Thanks to Counter-Attack your units are as good when defending as they are when attacking, which means where other Space Mehrens need to work out how to get their dumb asses into combat from the back of a Rhino, your Hunters can quite happily roll up to some schmuck, Rapid Fire him with their Boltguns, then sit beside their Metal Bawks and eat the charge next turn, at which point you pop your Yiff Standard and beat face. Unfortunately, this plan begins to fall apart against armies that are even more focused on shooting than you are such as Tau, Necrons and Imperial Guard who can easily wreck your Metal Bawks and mow down your Marines before they can even get in range with their own guns. Alternative to the above tactics, you can just rape them with TWC,Wulfen, and other scary shit.

In such an increasingly shooty oriented edition, taking Drop Pods instead of Rhinos is a reasonable alternative to assure that you can actually do some devastating damage. Space Wolves make an excellent Drop Pod army. Make your Grey Hunter squads as full as you can with all the normal fixings (two meltas/plasma guns/flamers if you're expecting a charge in retaliation. Load up Wolf Guard with Combi-weapons and send them in with the alpha strike fray as well.

With 7th and our new codex the rhino/razor rush + long fang fire support is still viable, just a bit more expensive and less forgiving. Fielding rhinos and razorbacks is liable to give your opponent first blood (unless you're also fighting paper-armor transport marines) so in deployment consider how best to position your boxes to have cover saves and still be mobile when they get the chance. To this end dozer blades are very useful. That said, xClaw units have become considerably cheaper, and a plethora of new detachments and formations mean we are now spoiled for choice when figuring out how to build our armies. Drop Pod lists benefit from the Wolves Unleashed reserves and access to codex fliers to provide necessary anti-air that old Pod lists lacked. To this end, it is useful to note that long fangs can take flakk now for the rhino rush lists' anti-air. Pod armies can be built relatively the same, though grey hunters' price hikes mean Blood Claw flamer units and taking the Wolf Banner over CCW's are viable options. You will have to finesse numbers around to afford maximum pod delivery on turn one, though the benefits are still amazing. Dreadnoughts have interesting options now. A venerable dread with blizzard shield and fenrisian axe (and perhaps extra armor) in a pod is an amazing distraction unit, because it will cause problems for non-mobile things it lands next to. Rune Priests are much cheaper now and, though they've lost some of their special sauce, are still ace units. A level 2 with the relic helmet can even down wave serpents (if within range).

If you're playing Tau or Eldar consider running the Blackmanes greatpack. Speaking from experience it can be hilariously effective, especially if you're playing a kill points game. The look on a Tau player's face when he's tabled on turn two is priceless. Just be careful not to get shot off the board if your opponent goes first. 80% of your army is going to be starting in reserves, so getting tabled is a real threat especially if they have some artillery to kill he land speeders and scouts you are most likely hiding behind a building.

The synergy you can get out of this formation can be variously powerful. If you manage to get Ragnar, some Wulfen, and a banner in the same area you'll drown your opponent in a truly insane number of attacks.

Tactical Objectives[edit]

A new addition to the 7E, the Space Wolves can take new Tactical Objectives for use in the Maelstrom of War missions.

  • 11 - Oath of Vengeance: When taken, the enemy must select an enemy unit. You win a VP if this unit dies during the turn.
  • 12 - Worthy of the Sagas: 1 VP for killing a Vehicle or MC. 1d3 VP if it's a Character.
  • 13 - Let Loose the Wolves: 1 VP if an enemy is destroyed during your assault phase.
  • 14 - Maintain the Position: When drawn, your enemy must pick an Objective on your side of the board. If it's held by the same unit for 2 turns, you win 2 VP.
  • 15 - Cunning Hunt: Win 1 VP if an enemy unit is destroyed by a unit with Scout, Outflank, or Infiltrate. If the dead unit came from reserves, you win 1d3 VP.
  • 16 - Heroes of Fenris: Win 1 VP if a character issued a challenge or fought during your turn. If 3-5 characters did this, take 1d3 VP. If you have 6+ Characters do this, you get 1d3+3 VP