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This is the current 9th Edition's Adeptus Mechanicus tactics. 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Adeptus Mechanicus[edit]

Because you like Cyborgs, technosorcery, and some of the scariest guns in the Imperium. Alternatively, because you want to play a bunch of greedy hoarders that make the Blood Ravens seem positively philanthropic in comparison.


  • Incredibly flexible - you can adapt to the board on the fly with your Canticles and multiple-choice Warlord traits that let you pick one of three effects each turn.
  • Durable across the board.
    • For infantry alone, a basic Skitarius is T3 4+/6++ W1 and already shares the troop slot with T5 W3 3+/6++ Kataphron Breachers. Everything outside the troop slot has at least an extra wound on this profile.
    • Abundant invulnerable saves with the entire roster having at least 6++. Kastelans and Onagers stand out with 4++ (or 5++ at worst) on T7 models.
    • Shroudpsalm on demand ensures cover saves for your entire army, even if the opponent gets at angle on you or there's no terrain on the board.
    • Vehicles will almost always have a nearby HQ on hand for repairs.
  • Mobile - practically everything in the army tags at least one of the following and usually more:
    • Is loaded with Assault weapons.
    • Has a 8" or 12" move.
    • Has deep-strike or pre-game move.
    • Ignores penalties for moving with Heavy weapons.
  • Wonderful models, with the entire range having started in late 7e, fully in plastic (*cough* servitors) and most kits being bountiful with spare bits.
  • Questor Mechanicus Knights, if you bring any, get to enjoy your Canticles, along with repairs from the ever-present HQs.
  • Some of the best Troop and Heavy Support units of any Imperium faction.


  • No psykers and no direct defense against them, unless you're from Graia, soup in the Inquisition, or have your arquebuses blow every witch off the board on the first turn. Despite the Motive Force(the AdMech counterpart) actually being a thing in the fluff and multiple references to it in their own Codex!
  • Consequence of the above, no reliable source of Mortal Wounds as your only sources of them are 6s on wound from various units and through stratagems.
    • But, BOY OH BOY, do you get those MWs on 6s if you play the right strats!
  • Poor leadership across the board makes Morale a thing and forces you to either run MSU or pay for data-tethers and play your infantry around the broad-spectrum ones.
  • Cawl requires you to take Mars, and is powerful enough that other Forge Worlds start to look very lackluster compared to the OG.
  • Your HQ sculpts have very little room for customization, sure they have options but it can be really difficult to tell which gun is which from across the table, meaning they will all tend to look the same.
  • Very crowded Heavy Support and Fast Attack slots with many good options competing for them - you're going to have to think long and hard on what you're gonna go with, or shell out the cp for an Outrider / Vanguard detachments to build your strategy around.
  • At the same time, you'll struggle to find great Elite options that don't require a lot of support to make good use of.

Faction Keywords[edit]

Did you guess IMPERIUM and ADEPTUS MECHANICUS? Most units are SKITARII with the actual tech-priests having CULT MECHANICUS. There's also FORGE WORLD, which determines your Forge World Dogma.

Special Rules[edit]

Canticles of the Omnissiah[edit]

At the "start of each battle round," you can activate one of the Canticles of the Omnissiah. One use per canticle, or roll a D6 to get a random one (and possibly re-use one).

  • Given that you may want to roll for canticles, the universal canticles are listed in d6 order.
  • 1. Incantation of the Iron Soul: Lets you re-roll failed Morale Tests.
    • If you run big blobs of Vanguard, it's not the worst thing out there.
  • 2. Litany of the Electromancer: Also known as the Zap Rap. It will help you hand out Mortal Wounds, but all things considered, this is one of the least useful Canticles. You get a 1 in 6 chance for each unit that's in melee with you to suffer 1d3 mortal wounds.
    • Most useful against tough to budge MSU units such as Marine Combat Squads and IG Infantry Squads if you can engage enough units (because lots of units to hit) and units that are expensive per wound like deathcult, aspect warriors, terminators, and lychguard (because every wound hurts). Extra effective if it's both, namely characters and elite min squads.
    • The effect is resolved as soon as its chosen and does not apply again during the rest of the round. Its wording may suggest it apply as soon as a unit enters the 1" range during the round, but being w40k a FIFO (First In First Out) and 'read as it is' game, the rule has to be applied as it's written, without supposing its behavior.
  • 3. Chant of the Remorseless Fist: Re-roll 1s in the fight phase.
    • It's decent. Use it the turn when your Electro-Priests, Sicarians, and Dragoons make it into combat. It is especially beneficial to the latter two due to their taser weapons. Combine with the Conqueror Doctrina Imperative to more than double damage output on a large alpha strike unit. Depending on your list prime hermeticon or omnissian mask may be more effective.
    • Rangers go from wounding Guardsmen 16.67% of the time to 19.44%... but +1S increases this chance by 22.22%, so it is generally better to pick Invocation of Machine Might if the unit gets benefits from a strength difference.
  • 4. Shroudpsalm: Grants Army-wide cover, one of the best canticles.
    • Pick it at the start of Battle Round 1, and then try to roll for it every phase afterward with Cawl's ability. This will allow your Infantry to pretend they are Space Marines and means your Kastelan Robots and Dunecrawlers are some of the very few vehicles in the game that can get a 2+ Save.
    • The 'Prepared Positions' (2CP) stratagem also gives you army-wide cover at the "start of the battle round before the first turn" if you go second (W40k April 2019 update p.7). So, kind of at the same time than Shroudpsalm, meaning you could use it to save CP. Or if you have the CP, you can use Prepared Positions and then Shroudpsalm. After two turns of army-wide cover, your army's bound to be all in actual cover at their destination points. Or in contact with the enemy, where you'll go Machine Might on them.
  • 5. Invocation of Machine Might: +1 Strength
    • Makes the difference between wounding a Marine on a 4 instead of a 5, or Guardsmen on a 3 instead of a 4. The best thing is that you can save it for when your taser bois make contact with the enemy.
  • 6. Benediction of the Omnissiah: One of the best ones, even if it is a bit redundant. It allows you to re-roll 1s in the shooting phase.
    • While Domini already gives this to you (and Cawl even better), it still helps your far away units, like Ballistarii, deepstrikers or people in the new transports, so it is useful. Kataphrons are so big that they may not fit all units under the Dominus' aura alongside Kastelans and Dunestriders, so there's that too.
    • One of the better options to use with the 'Knight of the Cog'(1CP) stratagem, as Knights generally lack the ability to reroll hits.
    • This pairs well with a Kataphron Destroyer Plasma alpha-strike T1, but otherwise, save this for later.

If your warlord is drawn from a codex forgeworld replace one of the weaker canticles with one based on that models forgeworld. (This has been FAQ'd to only effect units of your warlord's forgeworld, so if you have more than one forgeworld half your army will have no canticle. Note: This also means Knights won’t get any of these benefits from Knight of Cog, either.)

  • Ryza - +1AP for melee weapons
    • a nice buff for a lot of our melee units think Skitarii horde.
  • Mars - Heavy weapons +1S and no penalty for moving and firing
    • "Cawl castle" lists will be happy. One of the best buffs you can get considering you don't get to reroll to wound rolls, and it pushes many heavy weapons into the sweet spot against their intended targets. (The moving and firing part of this is a bit redundant since all vehicles can now do this anyways.)
  • Lucius - +1 inv save, capped at 4++
    • Pretty strong once you've used shroudspalm in a previous turn.
  • Metalica -1 to enemy hit rolls (melee and ranged) if you are within 9" of the attacker.
    • More useful against melee than shooting. Your opponent just needs pull back so they at 10" away and your bonus goes away.
      • Alternate take: by the time they pull pull back to 10" their going to have a hard time charging you. This got a boost in 9th as holding the centre is important and this could be a nice boost in turn 2/3 vs assault armies.
  • Graia - Overwatch on 5's and 6's
    • Considering everyone now pays 1CP for overwatch, this is a very weak canticle and only one unit will benefit.
  • Agripinaa - When an infantry or cavalry model dies, roll d6: on 5+ the model can shoot or fight once before the model is removed.
    • A free chapter banner but doesn't affect vehicles. Won't work well in every army, so you have to build around it. Also, can be a bit tricky to set up for, unless you know you are about to get your teeth kicked in by your opponent's beta strike.
      • Alternate take: Aggripinaa list's tend to be based around kataphron spam which have pretty decent firepower and range and are infantry so could be ok but doesn't play well with others.
  • Stygies - shoot after falling back but -1 to hit
    • Very situational, but great in the right circumstances. Not one you want to roll up, but a potential target for Gloria Mechanicus strategem.
  • A detachment must be 100% Adeptus Mechanicus to make use of these. So, if you want to "soup," putting allies in another detachment is fine.
  • What is really good about Canticles now is that you are choosing them at the "start of each battle round", not on your turn. That means you can declare Shroudpsalm on turn 1 even if your opponent is going first.

Soldiers of the Machine God[edit]

It's Objective Secured with a different name.

Forge World Dogmas[edit]

Codex Forge Worlds[edit]

The main thing that gives the Adeptus Mechanicus their character and radically alters their playstyles is what Forge world they hail from. Everyone has their own favorite group and way of playstyle, so choose a Forge World and try to find what synergizes best with their traits, relics and stratagems.

Staunch Defenders Overwatch on a 5 and 6.

Refusal to Yield Roll a d6 whenever a model with this dogma is slain or flees. On a 6, that model refuses to yield (gee, who woulda thunk), and either the model survives with 1 wound left, or it doesn't flee. However, FORGE WORLD units with this dogma cannot fall back unless a friendly FORGE WORLD character is on the field.

The Solar Blessing AP-1 attacks made against a unit with this dogma are treated as if they had AP0 instead.

Glory to the Omnissiah When rolling for Canticles, roll twice. All units with this dogma receive the benefits of both Canticles that are rolled for, unless a duplicate result is rolled.

Relentless March When a unit with this dogma advances, it treats its Rapid Fire weapons as Assault weapons until the end of the turn. Additionally, it does not suffer the -1 to shoot after advancing with Assault weapons (which stacks).

Red in Cog and Claw Can re-roll wound rolls of 1 in the fight phase.

Shroud Protocols Your opponent must subtract 1 from their to-hit rolls when shooting at units with this dogma if they are more than 12" away.

Custom Forge Worlds[edit]

Unlike every other army with custom faction traits, these dogmas aren't simply pick-and-mix. The amount of customization, while present, is limited to forcing you to pick one of three "primary" forge world traits, and then one of the four "secondary" traits within that primary forge world.

Rad saturated forge worlds and expansionist forge worlds can be great with horde builds but data horde forge world would often be better taking Mars or Stygies.

Balances long range and close combat. Can be unfocused, but also balanced and useful in plenty of situations.

This custom forge world has Radiant Soldiers as its primary trait, and you can select one secondary trait from among Luminary Suffusion, Scarifying Weaponry, Omnissiah's Shield, or Machine God's Chosen.

  • Radiant Soldiers: All ranged attacks from beyond 12" that hit your Infantry units take -1 to strength, akin to the Heresy-era Iron Hands. Great usefulness, since ranged infantry-based armies are very common for AdMech. Helpful not only for your Skitarii tinmen; Heavy Bolters wounding Kataphrons on a 5+ ought to be frustrating for the enemy.
    • Luminary Suffusion: Supercharges Rad-Saturation to inflict -1S on top of the usual -1T, making Skitarii Vanguard & Sulphurhounds very useful debuff frontliners. A very complete dogma: their infantry is hard to kill at range, and debilitates the enemy once they finally reach them. Also increases the range of the Rad-Saturation aura from 1" to 3" and extends its effects to enemy Vehicles.
    • Scarifying Weaponry: Your Radium weapons all get an AP of -1, making them considerably better to deal with infantry. Useful only to Vanguard-heavy lists, since it affects only their gun and that Dragoon's rad sniper rifle that nobody uses.
    • Omnissiah's Shield: Melee weaponry that hit your Infantry units now reduce their AP by 1. Different from Lucius', but you do have the other half of your dogma.
    • Machine God's Chosen: When rolling for morale, your units halve the number of casualties taken. Morale protection comparable to Graia's.

Focused on Skitarii mobile infantry.

This custom forge world has Accelerated Actuators as its primary trait, and you can select one secondary trait from among Forward Operations, Acquisitive Reach, Rugged Explorators, or Dominus Command Net.

  • Accelerated Actuators: Any units that charge, get charged, or perform Heroic Intervention improve the AP of their melee weapons by 1. Great for your melee units, which you do have lots of.
    • Forward Operations: Your Rangers can move up to 6" before the first turn, giving you some early scouting ability.
    • Acquisitive Reach: All rapid-fire weapons add 6" to their range. Rangers gain awesome range, and Kataphron Destroyers' phosphor blaster sidearm will operate at a similar range to their main gun.
    • Rugged Explorators: All assault weapons can be fired without penalty after advancing, which is a great boost for a more mobile gunline. That's basically Metallica's dogma, plus a melee trait.
    • Dominus Command Net: The Broad-Spectrum Data Tether now adds +1 to the Ld of all models within 9". Makes morale slightly easier to move with.

Where the other forge worlds focus on Skitarii, Data-Hoarders enhance your long-neglected vehicles and even Kataphrons.

This custom forge world has Magnabonded Alloys as its primary trait, and you can select one secondary trait from among Omnitrac Impellors, Servo-Focused Auguries, Autosavant Spirits, or Trans-Node Power Cores.

  • Magnabonded Alloys: Your vehicles now all have a 6+ FNP just like your man-chines. Absolutely welcome.
    • Omnitrac Impellors: Kataphrons and Onagers add +1 to their movement. Those units don't really need to move a lot, but sometimes they need to get a firing arc or escape, and they can't. This makes it easier. Kataphron Breachers become deceptively fast.
    • Servo-Focused Auguries: Cognis weapons fired at half range get to re-roll to hit, and with 36"-48" range that'll be noticed. Good utility for Duneriders, Archaeopters and especially Ballistarii, which operate far away from the Magos' rerolls.
    • Autosavant Spirits: Blessed Autosimulacra! Your vehicles regain a wound at the start of your turn! For free! Granted, most of your vehicles are fire magnets to begin with, but this does give you survivability.
    • Trans-Node Power Cores: If you're hell-bent on relying on the Arc weapons, this can give you bit of a boost by adding a bonus hit when you roll a 5 or 6 to hit with them. That IS +66% hits for Kataphron breachers, though.

Warlord Traits[edit]

We have three sets of warlord traits: those found in our 8e codex, forge world specific, and the "Holy Order Warlord Traits" (HOWT) found in Engine War. While we have a strategem to give characters warlord traits before the game (Mechanicus Locum), we can only choose warlord traits from the codex not HOWT. Therefore, if you want to use a HOWT, it must be on your actual warlord. (And, yes, you do want to use a HOWT!)

Additionally, specific named characters have limitations what traits they can take.

  • Monitor Malevolus: Once per battle, you can re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll made for your warlord. In addition, if your army is battle-forged, roll a d6 each time you or your opponent uses a stratagem. On a 6, you gain a command point, though it's been capped at a single CP regained per battle round.
    • Well worth a CP to take as an extra WL trait. The free reroll is still worth a CP on its own, though. Additionally, the ability to farm CP late in the game is a benefit.
  • Magos Biologis: You can re-roll failed wound rolls when attacking enemy infantry, beast, or monster units with your warlord.
    • if only we had a CC character. Probably not worth taking.
  • Mechadominator: Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls they make for any of their vehicles that target your warlord.
    • A) You have Onagers with Neutron Lasers, why are enemy vehicles still alive? B) Vehicles aren't Snipers (besides Knight Castellans with Oathbreaker Guidance System), nor should your Magos be duking it out against a Dreadnought.
  • Necromechanic: Each time your warlord uses an ability to repair a friendly model, that model regains 1 additional wound. Doubles your Knight-repair rate, which normally heal only 1 wound instead of the usual D3.
    • Can be combined with the 'Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land' relic if you cannot afford to lose that Onager.
  • Chorister Technis: Whilst on the battlefield, you can re-roll one die whenever you randomly select which canticle you use. Notably, if the warlord is from Mars, he can only re-roll the first result. And if he isn't, the FAQ states he's only rolling a single dice anyway, the Martian double-dogma being rolled for separately from non-Martian detachments.
    • Giving Cawl an assistant with this does still help him; you'll go from 3/4 Shroudpsalm odds to 7/8, for example.
    • A strong choice for an extra WL on a backfield character.
  • Prime Hermeticon: Infantry units within 6" can re-roll failed hit rolls in the fight phase.
    • This is the only way you can get anything useful out of Breachers in close combat. If you're using only Skitarii for melee, the Omniscient Mask could help you better.

The following four warlord trait options were added in Psychic Awakening: Engine War, and they are pretty much flat upgrades to anything found in the codex. Be warned that GW is perfectly aware how powerful they are, so you can take Holy Order warlord trait only on your Warlord for a bullshit reason.

Each trait offers one of three auras that are selected at the beginning of your turn, so they can be swapped out as the situation demands.

NOTE: If you go second, you will have no bonus active during the first player's turn, and many of the auras affect models, not units - position your units responsibly.

  • Learnings of the Genetor:
    • Hyper Cybernetic Physiology: FORGE WORLD Kataphrons and servitor models within 6" of the warlord have a 5+ feel no pain save.
    • Biochemical Aggression: When a FORGE WORLD model which unit is within 6" of the warlord makes an attack with a melee weapon, an unmodified wound roll of 6 improves the AP of the weapon by 2 (0 becomes -2, -2 becomes -4).
    • Excoriate Fear Response: FORGE WORLD units within 6" auto-pass morale.
  • Analyses of the Logos:
    • Predicted movements: FORGE WORLD Infantry units within 6" of the Warlord can overwatch on a 5 or 6
    • Empyric Prognosis: Roll one D6 when a friendly FORGE WORLD model would lose a wound as a result of a mortal wound in the psychic phase whilst its unit is within 6' of the warlord; on a 4+ that wound is not lost.
    • Flaws of the Foe: FORGE WORLD models within 6" gain a bonus to the AP of their ranged weapons. On an unmodified hit roll of 6, improve the AP of the attack by 1.
  • Divinations of the Magos:
    • Overloaded Safeguards: Ranged weapons fired by FORGE WORLD Models within 6" of the warlord will score an additional hit on an unmodified roll of 6.
    • Aggressive Subroutines: FORGE WORLD units within 6" may re-roll charges.
    • Predatory Programming: FORGE WORLD Units within 6" may roll one additional D6 and discard one of the dice when making an Advance roll.
  • Fabrications of the Artisan:
    • Exquisite Calibrations: FORGE WORLD models within 6" gain a bonus to the AP of their ranged weapons. If the target is within half range, improve the AP of the attack by 1.
    • Master of the Motive Force: Arc weapons on friendly FORGE WORLD models within 6" of the warlord gain a bonus against Vehicles. On an unmodified wound roll of 6, they deal 1 mortal wound in addition to any other damage.
    • Enhanced Engine Interfaces: FORGE WORLD Vehicle models within 6" of the Warlord can shoot in a turn they fell back.

These are the warlord traits available to you if you play one of the codex forge worlds.

    • Reinforced Exoskeleton: All damage to your warlord is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1
    • Emotionless Clarity: Models in forge world units within 6" of your warlord can shoot with Assault and Rapid Fire weapons as if they were pistols.
    • Superior Bionics: +1 to your warlord's invulnerable saves
  • MARS
    • Static Psalm-Code: Add 3" to the range of your warlord's aura abilities, except Master of Machines.
    • Ordered Efficiency: If a friendly forge world unit is within 6" of the warlord when it falls back, it can still shoot that turn (at -1 to hit).
  • RYZA
    • First-hand Testing: +1S and +1D to non-relic weapon carried by your warlord.
    • Xenarite Studies: Warlord has +1 to wound rolls made against XENOS enemies.

Holy order warlord traits explicitly cannot be given to named characters but the extra warlord trait strategem can target named characters.

  • Cawl - Static Psalm-Code only.
  • Daedalosus - Codex Warlord traits only no dogma specific traits.
  • Larsen Van der Grauss (If taken in an Elucidian Starstriders detatchment) Codex warlord traits or Static Psalm-code.

Secondary Objectives[edit]

Choosing your secondaries is one of the new parts of 9th and a way to make sure your army always has a way to score on something your army has built around.

  • Assassinate
    • We have the best sniper rifles in the game if we can set them up, and with a 60" range we can hit the entire goddamn table. This is an excellent secondary for us.
  • Bring it Down
    • We've got decent tools for bringing down vehicles, particularly our glorious Dunecrawler. Worth considering if your enemy brings enough tanks to max it out.
  • Titan Slayers
    • "ONLY WE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE KNIGHTS!"... is certainly what you'd think your Warlord would say declaring this secondary.
  • Slay the Warlord
    • Again, best snipers in the game, but the problem lies in this secondary's value. It's only 6 points, and you could make that back by killing any two characters, and then beyond.
  • Abhor the Witch
    • The only secondary in this category you can take in pure admech but stacks nicely with your super-snipers and Assassinate to remove those dirty witches. As with all armies very good against Grey Knights and Thousand Sons
    • One of Admechs strengths is we can take allies with little penalty so an inquisitor or a guard patrol can add up to 5 psykers cheaply if you want to switch the other psychic objectives on)
  • Thin their Ranks
    • Kataphrons provide some quite lovely anti-infantry firepower, and you also have solid AT. A very worthwhile secondary to supplement Titan Slayers. (This is often a trap unless your up against 15 high wound vehicles - to max this out you need a 150 kills big w models counting as 10 the problem is its calculated by turn with the excess wasted so even if your opponent has 150 models worth ( and most lists don't if I kill 39 models then 29 then 19 then 9. I've killed 95 models across the game but got 6 VP still if your castleing and have few options...
  • Grind them down
    • The cog boys are fairly tough as far as things go thanks to healing and FnP saves, and can dish out the hurt in return. This is really list dependent do you have substantially fewer units than your opponent - a castle can often max this but a skitarii horde or navy list will struggle.
  • While We Stand, We Fight
    • The "Keep Cawl and the Knight Alive" secondary. Works well with Cawl's Moving Castle if you want to stack some bigger things in that area. We've also got access to more healing on our vehicles than most armies, making this one seem particularly appealing (for castles who have little choice) the reality is you might keep Cawl alive but that Knight is gone as is your third vehicle. However if you want to leverage this you don't take Cawl or a Knight you take a skitarii horde with cheap characters and surround your characters with 150 skitarii and secutarii and say-bring it.
  • First Strike
    • A worthwhile consideration, but the biggest problem with this, much like Slay the Warlord, is that we simply have other things in this category which we're more likely to earn more points with. Capped at 8 seems a poor choice
  • Engage on All Fronts
    • Not the best choice for a Cawl castle. The cogboys prefer to keep under the bubbles of Cawl and Kastellans. However a brilliant choice for the skitarii horde or navy which were made for this.
  • Linebreaker
    • A worthwhile consideration if Dragoons hadn't been nerfed to oblivion. If you want take this mission use serberys raiders and IK allies. The navy is probably the best mono build to attempt this but has easier options.
  • Domination
    • If I hold all objectives I've won primary and this doubles up on it for a big timmy win. The problem is in the game where you lose primary and need to make points back you will lose big. The horde and navy builds can do this but I would consider engage on all fronts. The castle will struggle with this one as it struggles with primaries.
  • Raise the Banners High
    • Similar to Domination, and if you're going for one you may as well take both. If you decide to plant yourself on a point and not move, you're more than capable of becoming a real thorn to get rid of. However, one must be careful not to spread themselves too thin. Alternate take one of the stronger skitarii horde choices and a passable navy choice. The main thing to note is that on missions with 6 objectives this will be a lot higher scoring than on missions with 4 objectives
  • Investigate Sites
    • One of the better secondaries to go with a Castle. Concentrating your forces near the center and then blasting away under the cog banner is a solid method for gathering points, just make sure to bring some chaff to handle the digging while the big guns fire. Alternate take a poor choice it sounds good in theory but many enemies will want to take the centre and you tend to want a gap between your vehicles and the enemy. It also makes it harder for a castle list that already struggles with primary as it gives you an extra point to hold, meanwhile the skitarii horde can do it but might will be better with raise the banner on most missions.
  • Repair Teleportation Homer
    • The main problem with us using this secondary is that it requires infantry. We've got speedy, serberys raiders, but our infantry is neither quick enough to get there nor durable enough to reliably get the full action off without support. You could punch all the way there with a moving castle, but you could have also spent the turns moving getting points from Investigate Sites.


  • Archaeotech Specialist (1-3 CP): This is the stratagem that lets you take extra relics.
  • Mechanicus Locum (1 CP): Use before the battle to give one Adeptus-Mechanicus character a Warlord Trait. Does not currently have a use limit (everyone gets a warlord trait), but no duplicates.
    • "The Character is only considered your Warlord for the purposes of the Warlord Trait itself, not for what Warlord Traits it has access to" as of FAQ. This is retardation in its purest, crystallized form: RAW you can't take Warlord Traits for anyone but your Warlord, unless something overrides that rule, and this Stratagem explicitly doesn't. Instead of admitting its mistake with Holy Orders Warlord Traits GW just broke it, great job.
  • Binharic Overide (1 CP): Use at the end of any phase to change the Kastelan battle protocols on one of your units. However, they are stuck in the new mode for the rest of the game. Obviously, this also means you can't use this on a given Kastelan unit twice in a single game. If your Fist Kastellans have already reached melee but their Datasmith was killed before changing to Conqueror Protocols, this will let them avenge him.
  • Gloria Mechanicus (2 CP): Use at any time. You can immediately change the Canticle being canted to another (either by picking or rolling). You can't pick one you used before (unless you stack it with Divine Chorus), but you can benefit from the Mars Dogma.At any time also means during opponent turn...say he just mass charged your forces and you want to turn on Litany of Electromancer..
  • Divine Chorus (2 CP): Use once per battle, when you you would determine a Canticle; lets you choose the Canticle, even if it's already been used this game.
  • Machine Spirit Resurgent (1 CP): Use at the start of your turn. A vehicle can use the top row on its damage chart until the end of the turn.
    • Onagers, Skorpius Tanks, and Knights are the only thing in codex with damage charts. Useful on the Knight since it will get shot at before your infantry even get close to the enemy, but you have enough tech-priests to keep Onagerson the top-chart.
  • Tech-adept (1 CP): You can use this stratagem to allow a character to make two repair rolls a turn, even on the friendly model. Can save severely wounded Vehicles if you've got a tooled-up repair HQ (4 wounds a turn on a Knight / 8 on a Dunestrider), or get a pair of Kastellans back into shape.
    • The exact wording of the stratagem says "The character can immediately attempt to use that ability again, and can even use it to repair the same model", so you can double heal the same model by RAW.
  • Dunestriders (1 CP): Pick a unit of Ironstriders or Dragoons. Roll two dice and add the result together when determining how far they can advance.
  • Olfactorum Aggressor Imperative (1 CP): Use in your movement phase. Select one Serberys Sulphurehounds unit from your army. until the end of the phase, they can auto-advance 6" without rolling and can shoot as if they did not move.
  • Seismic Bomb (1 CP): Use in your movement phase after moving one Archaeopter Fusilave model from your army (aka the bomber variation). Select one enemy unit your bomber moved over that phase. The enemy is shaken in their next movement phase. halve its move characteristic and the result of any advance or charge rolls made for it. Shaken does not affect Fly or Titanic units.
  • Circuitous Assassins (1 CP): Use at the start of the Movement phase. Select one Sicarian Rustalkers unit that is wholly within 9" of any battlefield edge. Remove that unit from the battlefield. at the end of that movement phase, you can set up that unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" from any enemy units and wholly within 9" of any battlefield edge. Damn those ninja-bots are fast.
  • Electro-Filament Countermeasures (1 CP): Use at the end of your Movement Phase. Select one Archaeopter unit from your army (can be any of the three variations) that is equipped with a command uplink. Until the start of your next turn, enemy models aura abilities have no effect whilst within 6" of that unit.
    • RAW this affects the auras of enemy models in the area around the aircraft, not preventing enemy models issuing auras. Therefore a model inside the aura projects its aura outside even though it itself won't benefit, while a model outside the aura range has the portion inside disabled.
      • Specific issues that confuse people:
        • Bodyguard rules (either the bodyguard or the unit being guarded not both are required as the aura specifies both to function),
        • Vehicle explosions (vehicle explodes but does not effect the area within 6" of the aircraft and protecting the aircraft itself)
        • Thunderfire cannons is not affected post-FAQ.
        • Psychic powers are not auras and can be manifested - but may create auras eg. Null zone which would be disabled.
        • NB: Lots of players misread this as removing the auras of models or don't understand what an aura is, so expect rules disputes. #Check the TO can read in advance
  • Elimination Volley (2 CP): Use in the Shooting Phase; if a Kataphron Destroyer unit and a Kastelan Robot unit with the same FORGE WORLD keyword are within 6" of each other, they both add 1 to hit that phase.
  • Cognis Overwatch (1 CP): A unit can overwatch with Cognis weapons at full Ballistic Skill. Onagers no longer come in units, but Ballistarii still do, and 4-8-12 autocannon / 2-4-6 lascannon shots at BS3+ are no less scary than the Neutron Dunestrider's six heavy stubber shots.
  • Protector Doctrina Imperative (1 CP): Use before a SKITARII unit attacks in the Shooting Phase. That unit gets a +1 to hit for all rolls in that phase, which is boosted to a +2 if it has either a broad-spectrum data tether or an enhanced data tether. Makes Ballistarii hit at full BS even when advancing, Icarus arrays hit ground units on a 2+, Transuranic Arquebi on a 2+, Vanguard with EDT hit on 2+ even when advancing. Since modifiers are capped at +1 no longer as strong.
  • Rage of the Machines (1 CP): Use during shooting. One vehicle model, regardless of models in unit (clarified in the April 2019 FAQ), can ignore the penalty for moving and shooting a Heavy weapon, and advancing and shooting an assault or cognis weapon. Not suffering penalties on their Heavy Cognis weapons, this allows Ballistarii to advance and hit on a 3+ instead of move normally and hit on a 4+.
  • Steelrain Fusilade(1 CP): Use in your shooting phase when a unit of Pteraxii Skystalkers are chosen to shoot with. Select one enemy unit that is not Titanic. If you hit the target (not wound, Hit), they become suppressed until the start of your next turn. Suppressed units subtract 1 from their ranged hit rolls.
    • Hilariously, this stratagem applies not only to infantry, but also tanks and monsters. Imagine a single shot from a strength 3 gun suppressing a Leman Russ tank crew. Furthermore, you only need to score one hit. the rest of the unit can be shooting at something else.
  • Electrostatic Overcharge (1 CP): Use when a unit of Corpuscarii Electro-Priests is chosen to shoot. Their Electrostatic gauntlets improve their AP from 0 to -2
  • Pattern Iteration Identified (1 CP): Use when an Ironstrider Ballistarii unit from your army is chosen to shoot with. Until the end of the phase, they add 1 to the wound roll. does not work on TITANIC units.
  • Stereoscopic Triangulation (1 CP): Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase when a Skorpius Disintegrator model from your army is chosen to shoot with. Until the end of the phase, if that model shoots all of the weapons it is equipped with at the same target, then, when resolving an attack made by that model, add 1 to the hit roll and the target does not receive the benefit of cover.
  • Raptorial Strafing Fire (1 CP): Select one Archaeopter Stratoraptor model from your army. It gains +1 to its hit rolls when shooting at units that cannot fly.
  • Zealous Congregation (3 CP): At the end of the Fight Phase, select an Electro-Priest unit from your army. They can fight a second time this turn. Great way to make sure your Fulgurites get that 3++ for the game.
  • Dataspike (1 CP): Use after fighting with a character. Resolve one additional attack against an enemy vehicle within 1". If you hit, the vehicle takes 1d3 mortal wounds.
    • Your Dominus or Datasmith can injure a Dreadnought equivalent(DEQ) but not really finish one since they can't withstand the punch back. Belisarius can use this and his arq scourge to take out a DEQ, but overall merely fluffy.
  • Conqueror Doctrina Imperative (1 CP): Use before a SKITARII unit attacks in the Fight Phase. That unit gets a +1 to hit for all rolls in that phase, which is boosted to a +2 if it has either a broad-spectrum data tether or an enhanced data tether. Save this one for your Dragoons and your Infiltrators. Their taser weapons will thank you. Since modifiers are capped at +1.
  • Perpetual Incense (1 CP): Use at the start of the fight phase. One Sydonian Dragoons unit from your army becomes harder to hit in melee. Enemies subtract 1 from their hit rolls when targeting them.
  • Acquisition at Any Cost (2 CP): Use at the end of any of your turns. Select an infantry unit from your army within 3" of an objective marker. Until the start of your next turn, you can add 1 to all saving throws made for that unit and increase the attacks characteristics of all models by 1.
    • If stacked correctly with other buffs, you can make your units INCREDIBLY hard to kill. For example, using it on a squad of Vanguard in cover (or Shroudpsalm) gives your tin-men a 2+/5++ save, turning them into mini-terminators. Or use it on Kastellans / Kataphron Breachers, just to be nasty.
    • Even better, that 10 man squad of Fulgurite Electropriests that just charged, and killed, that enemy unit that was sitting on an objective could gain a 2++/5+++ and 3 attacks apiece, as this stratagem does not specify armour saves...
    • Alternatively if you use this on a squad of Secutarii Hoplites they will have 3 attacks each (4 for the Alpha) and have a 3++ in melee and a 3+/4++ vs shooting. Unless you are going up against Khorne Berzerkers they are gonna be stikcing around (even if they are charged by Berzerkers they'll kill 5 of them with reflect mortal wounds)
  • Benevolence of the Omnissiah (1 CP): Use when an Adeptus Mechanicus VEHICLE or KNIGHT suffers a mortal wound. The model ignores each mortal wound (and ONLY mortal wounds) on a 5+ for the rest of the phase.
    • Note that the knight codex has a stratagem with the exact same effect. Because these two stratagems have different names, you can use both of them within the same phase, allowing you to protect two knights instead of one if you have them in your army. It makes the synergy between the mechanicum and knights even creamier.
  • Machine Spirit's Revenge (1 CP): Select a Adeptus-Mechanicus vehicle that's lost its last wound; it explodes with no need to roll for it. Apparently, the Mechanicus has no problem stealing a page from the Death Guard playbook as well. A farewell "Fuck you" from your fallen Dragoon. ESPECIALLY useful with the termite drills. You're charging those things into combat after deepstriking anyways, either to soak overwatch for its assaulty passengers, or to punk an enemy vehicle or monster. In most cases if you aren't playing with your head up your ass the drill should bite the dust with enemies near it. When it does HAHA BOOM BUTTERCUP. Unfortunately, due to being only for Adeptus-Mechanicus vehicles it means you cannot charge the Dominus-class Knight into melee and make it explode in the middle of the enemy's army. Fortunately, you have a Drill...
    • Very nice with archeopters too, their giant base size means they have quite a big range of dishing out D3MW to, and they tend to die anyway. Great for doubling up with Electro-Filament Countermeasures as anything in that 6" deny aura bubble is also within your 6" boom-bubble, so they have to think twice about how they want to play this.
  • Evacuation Sequence (0 CP): A free stratagem for when your Dunerider is destroyed. Embarked units do not need to roll if their ride gets shot out from beneath them. They always disembark safely.
  • Scryerskull (1 CP): Identify d3 hidden set-up markers / Identify a mysterious objective / One of your AM units shoots without the penalties from Dawn Raid (appearing in 3 Narrative Play missions), Low Visibility (used in Battlezone: Night Fight) or Cover of Darkness (used in Maelstrom of War: Cloak and Shadows)
    • Unfortunately, these rules are specifically named, so any new rule in the future with the same or similar effect (reduced accuracy at range and/or due to low-light conditions) will not be covered by this stratagem.
  • Infoslave Skull (2 CP): Use after an enemy unit arrives on the battlefield as reinforcements within 12" of one of your infantry units. You can immediately shoot at the enemy as if it were the shooting phase, but you must subtract 1 from all the resulting hit rolls. Coteaz called, he wants his shtick back.
  • Deeply Sunk Talons (1 CP): Use this stratagem in your opponent's movement phase when an enemy Infantry unit within 1" of any Pteraxii Sterylizors unit from your army is chosen to fall back. Roll one D6; on a 2+, that enemy unit cannot fall back this turn.
  • Tactic Obliqua (2 CP): Use when a Serberys Raiders unit becomes the target of a charge for the first time this turn. Instead of firing Overwatch, that unit can move or Fall Back as if it were your Movement phase. It cannot advance, but it can move in any direction.


  • Fresh Converts (1-3 CP) More like "Tide of Loyalists". You can recycle a unit of SERVITORS (Kataphron Breachers, Destroyers or regular Servitors). Costs 1 CP for a unit with a Power Rating of 5 or less (Servitors), 2 CP for PR 6-10, and 3 CP for a PR of 11-20 and no higher.


  • Steel Mind, Iron Logic (1 CP) When an enemy psyker uses a power within 24" of a GRAIA unit, roll a d6. On a 4+, the power is nullified. Identical to the Black Templars' Abhor the Witch and World Eaters' Scorn of Sorcery stratagem.


  • Legio Teleportarium (1 CP) During deployment, use this Stratagem to set up a LUCIUS unit in reserves instead of deploying; at the end of any of your Movement Phases you can deep strike it anywhere that is more than 9" away from opposing models. This is why you pick Lucius as your Forgeworld. We didn't get many transports, but look on the bright side, every single unit in our entire fucking army now has the ability to deep strike.


  • Wrath of Mars (2 CP) Use this before a MARS unit in your army attacks in the shooting phase. Each time you roll a 6 to-wound, the target suffers a mortal wound in addition to any other damage.


  • Deafening Assault (1 CP) Use at the start of the Morale phase. Pick one of your METALICA units. All enemy units within 6" must subtract 1 from their leadership until the end of the phase.


  • Plasma Specialists (1 CP) Use during the shooting phase. Pick a RYZA unit and add 1 to the wound rolls and damage for all plasma weapons.

Styiges VIII:

  • Clandestine Infiltration (1 CP) Use the first battle round. A STYGIES VIII unit can move 9" but not within 9" of the enemy.
  • Knight of the Cog (1 CP): Use at the start of any battle round before determining which Canticle of the Omnissiah will be in effect. Select a Questor Mechanicus unit from your army that is within 12" of a friendly ADEPTUS MECHANICUS CHARACTER. That unit gains the Canticles of the Omnissiah special rule until the end of the next turn.
    • One good use of Knight of the Cog is to allow your Knight Castellan to reroll with its Plasma Eradicator(?) to mitigate those mortal wounds. Not as good as giving it a 2+ save in the open but something you may use.
    • Clarified as per April 2019 FAQ to allow the target unit to gain the benefit of the canticle even if no other unit in that units detachment has the Canticles of The Omnissiah rule.
  • Rotate Ion Shields (1 CP/3CP): Use when an enemy targets your Knight - +1 to any invulnerable saves for the rest of the phase (costs 3CP if you use it on a Dominus class knight so make sure it's going to take some hits if you use it there), to a maximum of 4++ with the Spring 2019 FAQ. Indirectly allows you to play more aggressively with your Knight.


Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Arc weapons: Haywire as we knew it is dead. Instead it became 1d3 damage against vehicles...but it has to actually wound them first, not to mention vehicles became more resilient themselves with the adition of an armour save. Thus, think of them as regular weapons with a bit of extra chip damage against vehicles from time to time.
    • Arc Claw: Default Breacher weapon, at S+1 AP-1 makes them a viable threat in CC, especially to light vehicles since they get Dd3 against them.
    • Arc Lance: with S+3 (S6) ap -1 D 1 it'll do well Vs most medium melee infantry but where it really shines is wrecking vehicles where it does D3 damage. 10 Hoplites with re rolls can reliably destroy a DEQ in a single round of combat.
    • Arc Maul: A Power Maul with a nifty rule you'll never use (but priced as such), iconic to Skitarii Alphas. A decent melee weapon for its price with nice Strength and AP.
  • Taser weapons: No AP but higher strength, their main shtick is that unmodified hit rolls of 6 cause three hits instead of one - a severe nerf from previous edition, but at least you don't have to remember what's on 6s and what's on 6+s now.
    • Taser goad: S+2, available to Skitarii Alphas, mandatory on Pteraxii Alphas and an option for entire squads of Infiltrators. Mostly a status symbol on the former, but a potent anti-horde weapon on the later.
    • Taser lance: The Dragoon's big poking stick with S+3 AP-1 D2.
    • Electrostatic gauntlets: Not a taser weapon per se, but behaves exactly the same. Being S5 instead of S+2 and wielded by Corpuscarii only makes this weapons unable to be boosted by either Invocation of Machine Might or Conqueror Doctrina Imperative, but at least they can also be used as 12" Assault 3 taser guns with the same exploding 6s. Benefits from Electrostatic Overcharge stratagem (1 CP) while shooting for a nice AP -2.
  • Transonic weapons: No longer a tool for Mortal Wounds fishing, the transonic weapons are now AdMech flavoured power weapons. It remains to be seen if they retained any special rules aside. Only Ryza rerolls wounds.
    • Chordclaw: Still waiting on the profile for this one.
    • Transonic Razor: It's a martian power weapon with AP-2. Further information to follow.
    • Transonic Blades: It's a martian power weapon with AP-3. Further information to follow.
  • Serberys weapons: grouped together because they're all found on the same two units.
    • Cavalry Sabre: Found on the Serberys Raiders. S+1 AP-1 D1 weapons, mostly a decorative weapon since Raiders are not really a CC unit and only get one attack with it.
    • Clawed Limbs: Found on the Raiders and Sulphurhounds, lets their dog do extra 2 attacks at S+1, akin to chainswords. Can help clear chaff if you charge after your dogs' primary volley, but don't count on them to do heavy work.
    • Power maul: Mandatory on Sulphurhound Alphas. Has the same profile as every other power maul in the game, but the thing is - that profile has been designed to be a guardsmen-muncher on S4 models, which the Sulphurhounds are not one of. But at least your Alpha gets to hit slightly better than his other boys and look cool.
  • Electroleech Stave: S5 AP-2 makes it behave like a SM power axe with extra damage and chance for mortal wounds. Now you only need to get those Fulgurites into melee.
  • Hydraulic Claw: Essentially a power fist with less armour penetration. Doesn't really work that well as Breachers hit on 5+ with them.
    • Their supposed purpose in the fluff is to tear down fortifications (which is where the Breachers get their name from), which could explain away the poor accuracy as you always hit against buildings in CC, but then you have the conundrum of an S10 AP-1 weapon against things that usually come with at least 3+.
  • Kastelan Fists: Better than power fists, hitting at S10 AP-3 with flat 3 Damage, all without any penalty to hit.
  • Omnissian Axe: Like a Force Axe but with a flat D2 instead of D1d3, for Domini and Enginseers.
  • Omnissian Staff: +2 strength, -1 AP and Damage 2. Exclusive to the Manipulus.
  • Power sword: Available to Infiltrators and Skitarii Alphas. As with any power swords, designed as an anti-marine weapon and shines against heavy infantry in the hands of Infiltrators. More of a fashion statement on Alphas though.
  • Servo-arm: It's one power fist attack (including -1 to hit) with 1 worse AP but flat D3. For Enginseers and Servitors; so they're not going to be in melee on purpose, but at the very least it's free now.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Arc weapons: Multi-purpose weapons that do good work against most infantry, wounding T3 infantry on 2+ whilst having a decent AP-2 to threaten most armour saves. 1d3 damage makes them effective against multi-wound infantry which frankly, are everywhere in 9th. Arc Weapons double up as respectable anti-tank weapons where they always wound on 4+ and do a full 3 damage, this makes them effective against all vehicles regardless of their toughness.
    • Arc Pistol: Available to Skitarii Alphas, S6 AP-2. All in all a darn good pistol. Shares a 3 point cost with the Phosphor Blast pistol.
    • Arc Rifle: Aside from it's increased AP and effectiveness against vehicles, the arc rifle now boasts an increased range of 30" in 9th edition.
    • Heavy Arc Rifle: 36" Heavy 2 Breacher signature gun. We're still waiting on the new 9th edition profile on this one, but given the buffs handed out to AdMech weapons, expect it to be a better version of the Arc Rifle.
  • Cognis Weapons: Assault weapons that distinguish themselves from standard equivalent armaments by being easy to fire on the move and having increased shots.
    • Cognis Flamer: 1d6+2 because cognis makes this more reliable than your run of the mill flamer. It lost it's superiour overwatch from 8th but like all new flamers, gained a 12" range up from 8". Benefits MASSIVELY from the Techpriest Manipulus boosts, Metalica's and Graia's Warlord traits.
    • Cognis heavy stubber: The old reliable .50 Browning in space. Available to the Skorpius variants and the Onager as a supplementary weapon for self defense, or to pick off infantry while its main gun is busy elsewhere. Essentially superior to the trash stubbers they manufacture for the Adeptus Militarum by being assault instead of heavy and firing 4 shots instead of 3.
    • Twin Cognis heavy stubber: The Skorpius Dunerider has one of these.
    • Twin cognis autocannon: It's two autocannons, stuck together. However, because it's cognis it fires 6 shots instead of 4 and is assault. The martians really do keep all of the best hardware for themselves.
    • Twin cognis lascannon: Again, two lascannons but stuck together. It bucks the cognis trend by not having more shots than your standard lascannon but it is assault which is awesome. Additionally, lascannons are now d3+3 damage making them much more reliable when it comes to wrecking tanks.
  • Radium weapons: Cancer guns that do D2 on 6s to wound.
    • Radium Pistol: A single-shot pistol replacement for the Carbine that you can take on your Alphas. You shouldn't.
    • Radium Carbine: The primary gun on Vanguard. With 18" Assault 3, they can footslog quite far and still hit on 4+, while the special rule combined with volume of fire makes them a notable threat for marines.
    • Radium Jezzail: A sniper rifle variant available to the Dragoons.
  • Phosphor weapons: Guns that deny their victims cover bonuses and feature S5 AP-1 across the board, with some exceptions.
    • Sulfur Breath:: The thing that gives Sulphurhounds their name, comes in S4 flamer form with the usual bonuses outlined above.
    • Phosphor Torch: 12" phosphor flamers of your Sterylizors. Can be fired straight out of deep-strike.
    • Phosphor Pistol: Your Sulphurhound cowboys are toting two of these each. They come at S4 though.
    • Phosphor Blast Pistol: The Alpha's pistol. It does cost 3 points, but hey, it's only one pistol; you can afford to look cool.
    • Phosphor Blast Carbine: One in three Sulphurhounds gets to replace one of the pistols with an Assault 4 24" S5 gun. Pretty great on its own, but costs as much as its wielder in points, so you might want to stick to pistols.
    • Phosphor Blaster: 24" Rapid Fire 1", a pocket Heavy Bolter sidearm on your Kataphron Destroyers.
    • Phosphor Serpenta: Another sidearm for your Dragoons and Domini. It's 18" Assault 1, so you won't be firing it in melee.
    • Heavy phosphor blaster: 36" Heavy 3 S6 AP-2 version that you can mount three of on each of your Kastelans. Ravages infantry and light vehicles alike, and can do the same to T7 vehicles if you play the Mars canticle.
    • Twin heavy phosphor blaster: Two heavy phosphor blasters, it just can't split its fire. It's a fairly good anti-infantry loadout for your Onager, though it's the budget option to shooty Kastelans.
  • Plasma weapons: High-risk high-reward weapons with high baseline AP that let you choose between two profiles: a standard one to kill single-wound models, and a Supercharged profile that bumps to S8 and D2, making it the go-to marine killer; on the flip side, unmodified rolls of 1 now either kill or Mortal Wound the wielder.
    • Plasma Caliver: An Assault 2 version on your Skitarii. The only version available on an expendable model, so supercharge it to your heart's content.
    • Plasma Cannon: It's on servitors.
    • Plasma Culverin: Being 36" Heavy 1d6 it has a bit less power than two plasma cannons while only costing a few points more than one of them (but still more expensive than the identical IG Executioner Plasma Cannon). Exclusive to the Kataphron Destroyer which takes 1 MW instead of being destroyed when overcharging plasma. Nice.
  • Eradication weapons: Reverse Conversion weaponry (or Mechanicum Melta), hitting harder the closer they are. Useful against a variety of targets, positioning is paramount.
    • Eradication pistol: Daedalosus carries a hand-held version!
    • Eradication Ray: The more expensive option on the Dominus. Generally better damage output than the Volkite against marines or light vehicles, but unreliable in the number of shots.
    • Eradication beamer: While Neutron lasers are considered the default and anti-tank option for your Onagers, this can be seen as the cheaper all-rounder one. Heavy D6 Str8 AP-2 D1d3, it's primarily weighted against multi-wound infantry from 13"-36" and still capable of doing light anti-tank duty. At 12" and closer it hits harder, but halves its shots to D3, drastically dropping its efficiency against infantry, while the increased impact doesn't really matter since you generally don't want your Onagers that close to enemy tanks.
  • Volkite weapons: Martian death rays from Horus Heresy that do mortal wounds on to-wound rolls of 6.
    • Volkite Blaster: The default 24" Heavy 3 gun on your Dominus. As with all Volkite weapons in the game, lack of AP means you'll mostly be fishing for Mortal Wounds with it. Notable for being the only Volkite gun in M42 until Cawl started making new ones for Primaris Lieutenants.
    • Twin Terrax Volkite Charger: An anti-infatry upgrade for the Terrax-pattern Termite Assault Drill, and, thanks to the 2020 update, unmodified wounds of 6 do a MW in addition to normal damage.
  • Flechette weapons: essentially 5-shot lasguns. While the weapon profile is unimpressive on its own, the sheer volume of shots shreds light infantry. Even so 50 shots does average 1.85 wounds on terminator, so pick weak units as target. The high number of shots makes them a ideal for certain stratagems like Wrath of Mars (50 shots does average 5-6 mortal wounds).
    • Flechette blaster: Pistol 5 version that Infiltrators and Pteraxii alphas get.
    • Flechette carbine: Main armament of the Skystalkers, with 24" Assault 5.
  • Galvanic weapons: Described as hand-carried rail guns in the fluff, but rather poorly reflected in the crunch as S4 AP0 D1 weapons that gain AP-1 on wound rolls of 6.
    • Galvanic Rifle: The basic RF1 30" gun of your Rangers. Pretty good gun for such a cheap light infantry unit, with its impressive range it'll likely contribute something even while your skittles are camping backfield objectives. From what Gee Dubs showed us, the gun is no longer Rapid Fire, but heavy 2, meaning they'll be better as stationary gunline (more shots at full range, and you don't really want to move due to arquebuses), and also the ap-1 to be baseline, no longer requiring wound roll of 6
    • Galvanic Carbine: An Assault 2 18" version of the Galvanic Rifle totted by Serberys Raiders. The gun itself is forgettable, but the rule on the model that allows it to target characters and inflict Mortal Wounds on 6s is what makes it an actual menace.
  • Gamma Pistol: What Arc weapons wish they were. S6 AP-3 flat D2, rerolling failed wounds against vehicles. Datasmith exclusive.
  • Heavy Grav-Cannon: A 30" Heavy 5 weapon on your Kataphrons designed to bust heavy infantry, with AP-3 and d3 damage against anything with power armour saves or better. Generally the more reliable option for this role due to fixed number of shots, now that "safe" plasma is a thing of the past.
  • Macrostubber: A 5-shot bolt pistol on the Dominus. Pretty neat how we get five bolt pistols on our HQs for free, if you compare to the average SM Captain who'd only get one at best.
  • Stubcarbine: 3-shot 18" bolt pistol sidearms that Infiltrators get to go with their power swords. Nothing to write home about, but does let them drop a non-negligible amount of dakka on things, so it's nice to have.
  • Icarus Array: An anti-air autocannon with a bunch of missiles strapped to it that you get to fire all together for an impressive amount of shots. Highly likely to blow away anything that can Fly in a turn of shooting, and maim anything that doesn't — even with the -1 penalty to hit grounded targets, Onagers still hit on at 4+, and the penalty can be cancelled by Doctrina Imperatives.
  • Magnarail Lance: A fancy sidearm carried by the Tech-Priest Manipulus. Mostly decorative as the short range and lonely single shot severely limit its usefulness, but probable to shear off a model from a passing Intercessor squad due to high AP and d3 damage.
  • Neutron laser: The lascannon that steals other lascannon's girls. Better in both looks and stats, 48" Heavy D3 S12 AP-4 Dd3+3, this beast can literally punch a hole the size of a Carnifex in a Carnifex. It costs 15pts now, being only weapon that costs points on Onager. It comes with an Cognis Heavy Stubber so very good deal.
  • Torsion Cannon: 48" with 1d3+3 damage, it's basically a kataphron mounted lascannon. We're still waiting to confirm its strength and AP.
  • Transonic Cannon: AP-1 D2 sonic flamer on the Manipulus. Unlike the rail, this can actually make a noticeable impact if anything happens to be in its range, particularly any 2-wound MEQs.
  • Transuranic Arquebus: The rifle that's so awesome, it earned its own page. Expensive, but probably the best sniper in the game, contending with bolt sniper rifles. Has enough range to reach anything on the board end-to-end, while Str7 AP-2 D1d3 profile means that it doesn't rely on just the Mortal Wounds to kill things and can actually snipe tanks. The catch is that you can't move with this thing at all. Don't leave home without at least four of these.
    • Incendine Combustor: A Heavy Flamer with 12" range in 8th, we are still waiting to see what they have done with it in 9th now that 12" is the new standard for flamers. This thing is great for clearing out hordes. Works well on punchy Kastelans.

Special Issue Wargear[edit]

  • Enhanced Data-Tether: Portable wifi hotspot for a squad of skitarii. Re-roll failed Morale tests for units that have an EDT. Units with an EDT (Rangers, Vanguard, and Serberys) increase the bonus from the DOCTRINA IMPERATIVE Stratagems from +1 to +2 to hit, allowing your Vanguard to do stuff like advance and still hit with 2+.
  • Broad-Spectrum Data Tether: Crawler-mounted cell-tower equivalent that gives nearby friendlies more bars of reception. Friendly units within 3" of the BSDT's user add 1 to their Leadership during the morale phase. It also gives the same boosts as the EDT to the DOCTRINA IMPERATIVE Stratagems. Available to Onagers, Ballistarii and Dragoons, keep near their large bases to get the Ld bonus, which can be combined with the EDT.
  • Omnispex: Enemy units gain no cover bonus from attacks made by a unit with an omnispex. 5 points, and with split fire on everything suddenly your Skitarii's special weapons just got a lot scarier. Solid contender against the EDT, especially in a unit with arquebuses or Calivers. Not as useful anymore since it can't proc better hitting with the strategem. But useful on sniping Rangers to negate characters trying to boost their saves hiding in cover, teh kowardz, TEH FEWLZ


    • Anzion's Pseudogenetor: It's a tangle of mecha-tentacles that can vivisect enemies in battle. That's justification enough to use it. It gives a model using it D6 S4 AP-1 melee attacks that re-roll to wound against infantry in addition to the model's normal melee profile. Particularly great since it's a supplemental weapon, not a replacement.
    • Pater Cog-Tooth: Replaces an Omnissian Axe, increasing its strength and damage: S+2, AP-2, D3.
    • Phosphoenix: Replaces a Phosphor serpenta with true phosphex, increasing its AP and rate of fire. 18" Assault 3 Str5 AP-3, ignoring cover like regular phosphor does.
    • Uncreator Gauntlet: Replaces a power fist, so can only be taken on a Datasmith. Same stat line as a power fist, but also causes 1 mortal wound whenever you successfully wound a vehicle.
    • Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land: A returning favorite from the Cult Mechanicus codex, it's Arkhan Land's personal pimp cane. At the start of your turn the bearer heals 1 wound, and can reroll the repair roll if he targets an Adeptus Mechanicus unit. Combine with the Necromechanic Warlord Trait if you want a dedicated repairman that just will not die.
    • Raiment of the Technomartyrs: Yet another old item with a new set of rules. In addition to granting the bearer a 6+ FNP save, if a Forge World model (not unit) within 6" of the bearer (obviously including itself, as always) fires Overwatch and rolls a 6+ to hit, you can make one bonus attack with the same weapon against the charging unit (bonus attacks can't trigger this rule again). Useful for any firebase to hold their ground.
    • Omniscient Mask: Re-roll failed to-hit rolls in the fight phase for friendly Skitarii units within 6" of the character. If only we had a Skitarii Alpha Primus to put this on...
    • The Skull of Elder Nikola: Nikola Tesla's skull that is used to obliterate enemies with bolts of lightning. Once per game during the shooting phase, you can pull out the skull and roll a die for each enemy vehicle unit within 2d6". On a roll of 2+, the unit suffers a mortal wound. Probably the worst relic in the codex, but it's listed as a non-weapon because it isn't one; the models taking wounds don't count as having been shot and the Skull wielder doesn't count as having shot after using this, and it can be used at any time during the phase, so you can Skull and then shoot or shoot and then Skull, as you like, in or out of melee.
  • Agripinaa
    • Eye of Xi-Lexum: At the start of each of your shooting phases, pick one enemy vehiclewithin 18" of the bearer. You can re-roll to wound rolls of 1 for friendly AGRIPINAAunits that target the unit you picked for the rest of the phase, rerolling all failed to wound rolls instead if you picked a CHAOS VEHICLE.
  • Graia
    • The Cerebral Techno-Mitre: (Dominus only.) +1 Command point if you have a battle-forged army.
  • Lucius
    • The Solar Flare: Once per game, at the end of your movement phase the bearer can teleport instead of moving normally. When they do so, remove them from the battlefield and place them anywhere that is within 30" of their starting position and more than 9" away from any enemy.
  • Mars
    • The Red Axe: Replaces an Omnissian Axe, vastly increasing it AP. S+1 AP-5 D2.
  • Metalica
    • Adamantine Arm: Essentially a Servo-Arm that does a flat 3 damage and triples the user's Strength instead of doubling it. (Only one attack can be made with this weapon.)
  • Ryza
    • Weapon XCIX: (Dominus only.) Replaces a Volkite Blaster. 24" Heavy 3 Str7 AP-1 D2, with wound rolls of 6+ causing an additional Mortal Wound.
  • Stygies VIII
    • The Omnissiah's Hand: Roll a die at the end of each fight phase for each unit within 1" of the bearer. On a 4+, the unit suffers a Mortal Wound.

Armies of Renown[edit]

The new version of the specialist detachment, introduced in the Book of Rust.

Mechanicus Defense Cohort

This army is quite the wall of steel and lasers. Without the Skitarii to provide the quick-firing weapons, you're going to be blasting things with prejudice. Your units will be tougher to shift.

  • Restrictions: Your army has to be from the same <Forge World> and cannot take any Skitarii. However, they'll never gain a Dogma, instead gaining the new features present here.
  • Extremis Sentinel Protocols: All of your kataphrons, plain servitors and kastelans gain the Extremis Sentinels keyword. This gives plenty of perks alongside a set of unique strategists.
    • Any of the model with this keyword reduce any damage taken by 1 whenever they're within the DZ or near an objective. Yeah, you'll need it because kataphrons are your only troops.
    • Whenever any units with this keyword get charged, you can choose to either hold steady (allowing overwatch shots to hit on a 5+) or set to defend (blocks overwatch, but they get a +1 to hit until the end of their next fight phase).
  • Warlord Trait: Cacophonous Leadership: While a friendly Mechanicus Defense Cohort unit is within 6" of the warlord, they gain ObSec. These guys also count as having an additional model in regards of claiming a point.
  • Artifact: Forgefire: Replaces a volkite blaster, making it only usable on the Dominus. This beast's a straight upgrade, being 36" with AP-2 D2, making them way more powerful against heavy infantry like marines.
  • Stratagems:
    • Citation of Ruin (2/3 CP): Select one Extremis Sentinels unit during the shooting phase. This unit no longer suffers penalties for moving and shooting heavy weapons for the phase, and they ignore the penalty to hit when they shoot at an engaged unit. Costs 2 CP unless the unit had 4+ models, where the cost goes to 3 CP.
      • Pretty much only usable on the plain servitors as Kataphrons override this penalty and Kastelans are already vehicles. As for shooting in melee...
    • Pre-Calibrated Purge Solution (1 CP): Select one Extremis Sentinels unit wholly within your DZ during the shooting phase. Any time you shoot an enemy unit wholly within their DZ, the unit adds +1 to hit.
    • Bolster Defenses (2 CP): Select one setpiece in your DZ before the game begins. This setpiece now counts as light cover or doubles the benefits of light cover if it already has cover. You'll likely be needing it because a lot of your stuff will be hunkering down for the long haul.
    • Rad-Bombardment (3 CP): If your warlord is on the field, you can order one orbital rad-strike per game. At the start of the Command phase, you can pick one point. Roll a d6 for every unit within 6", subtracting 1 for any Characters. On a 4-5, the unit takes d3 MWs, but on a 6 they suffer this AND take -1 to their Toughness for the rest of the turn.

Specialist Detachments[edit]

These are no longer legal in matched play games for 9th edition.

Specialist Detachments are a type of Detachment added in the Vigilus Defiant campaign supplement to 8th edition.

General stratagems

  • Field Commander (1 CP): This stratagem bears special mention. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. Can't be used on named characters or to give your warlord a second warlord trait.

Cybernetica Cohort (1 CP) The robot detachment, somewhat geared for the melee version. Kastelans and their attending Dominus, Enginseers and Datasmiths gain the Cybernetica cohort keyword.

  • Stratagems:
    • Power Surge (1 CP): Pick a unit of robots within 3 inches of a Datasmith. They get +3 to charge rolls.
        • Deepstrike Lucius Kastelans and give a Datasmith the teleporter relic (so this strat can be used). Your Kastelan drop now has more than 72% chance of making that 9" charge. Activate 'Binharic Override' if you can afford it to double their attacks - it's not like the Datasmith will survive to change their battle protocols anyway.
          • Take it one step further for a CP dump and deepstrike the datasmith in with the bots, then use the solar flare on a Manipulus with bolster warriors active to jump over for an additional +1, now you're at 83.33% chance of making that charge.
    • Strafing Run (1 CP): Use at the beginning of the movement phase on a robot unit with Aegis protocols active. Turns heavy weapons into assault. Great for robots with incendine combustors.
      • Use when paired with the Metalica dogma to grant your gun bots around 11~12" of movement while running and gunning at full accuracy. Generally speaking, this is best used to either take and hold an objective without sacrificing shooting or quickly getting away from your opponent if they get too close.
  • Warlord Trait: Adept of the Legio Cybernetica: Once per battle, your warlord can repair d6 wounds to a unit of robots instead of the standard d3. Combine it with the Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land so you don't roll a one.
  • Artifact: Doctrine Foreas Servo-skull: Robots can attempt to change battle protocol at the start of each movement phase if they are within 9" of the bearer, who DOESN'T need to be a Datasmith, which eases his workload and enables your cheaper Enginseers or durable Dominus to do that job.

Servitor Maniple (1 CP) Kataphron Destroyers, Breachers, Servitors and their attending Dominus and Enginseers gain the Servitor Maniple keyword. Of great value to your Destroyers, and when combined with the discounts to Kataphrons their points efficiency skyrockets.

  • Stratagems:
    • Enhanced Bionics (1 CP): Use before the game begins. One unit of Kataphrons or servitors gains a 5++ invulnerable save. Helps to not lose Kataphrons faster than you can bring them back.
      • Doesn't say it's one-use, so you could shield all your Destroyers this way. Lucius Destroyers benefit the most, as they're immune to AP-1 and AP-2 will be wasted on them.
      • A Breacher unit using 'Acquisition At Any Cost' becomes 2+/4++. That's simply very hard to shoot off the board, and lascannons aimed at them are lascannons not fired at your actual vehicles.
    • Noospheric Mind Lock (1 CP): One unit of Kataphrons within 6" of a Dominus gains +1 to hit rolls for all its shooting attacks.
  • Warlord Trait: Master of Biosplicing: At the end of the movement phase, heal a Kataphron by sacrificing a servitor. If none are wounded, resurrect a dead model instead. It comes back with one wound. Do note it only says Servitors, not Servitor Maniple Servitors or even Adeptus Mechaniucs Sevitors. Just Servitors, so Adeptus Astartes and Astra Militarum ones are fair game, including special ones like Cenobyte Servitors! In fact, taking Astra Militarum Servitors is an excellent idea, as their heavy weapons come at a steep discount.
    • THIS is the reason you take this detachment, as dead Destroyers cease to be 50pts losses and regular Servitors graduate from filler to valid Elite choices. But you have to make sure your unit has no wounded models so the dead can come back, so bring the Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land or make your actual warlord a Necromechanic.
    • EXCELLENT synergy with the Agripinaa dogma, where you can revive a single model from one unit and replace up to 5 dead Kataphrons from a different unit. Or you could bring back a regular Servitor unit for a single CP, if you can afford to turn them into Kataphrons one at a time.
  • Artifact: The Genecog Corpus It's an Omnissian Axe that causes mortal wounds on a 6+ to wound. Not completely worthless in an army with limited access to mortal wounds, but you're still probably better off with a different relic. It does lend itself to Ryzan use, who is prone to field Plasma Destroyer formations, though.

Unit Analysis[edit]


Tech Priest Dominus: Your bog cog-standard non-Cawl HQ for those times you want to play as those other forgeworlds, no longer an "HQ tax" due to Enginseer changes. Akin to a Captain (aura of reroll 1s to hit), Techmarine (repairs D3 wounds from any AdMech model other than himself, or 1 for Knights) and a bit of Apothecary (his repair isn't restricted to vehicles, plus heals self for D3W each turn) all rolled into one. And at T4 5W 2+/5++ this very tanky support character will require serious firepower to remove. Just watch out for enemy witches. His main concern is to boost and heal your firebase, whatever it might be (Vanguard, Onagers, Kastellan, etc.), but 24" guns allow him to be good at midrange since he doesn't give up shooting (BS2+ rerolling 1s) for repairs. A flexible loadout, it'll be defined by what you want him to do:

  • Shooty: Pick the Volkite blaster and the Phosphoenix relic for good and reliable volume of fire, its range fitting nicely alongside Vanguard. If the Dominus is instead boosting your longer ranged units, the Raiment of the Technomartyr will provide them better overwatch to delay melee a bit more, as well as a measure of protection against snipers trying to shut down those rerolls.
  • Choppy: Go with the Macrostubber and the Eradication Ray, and give him Anzion's Pseudogenetor for an additional D6 S4 AP-1 hits on top of your 3 Omnissian Axe attacks and Pistol 5 Macrostubber attacks, the later which happen at BS2+ rerolling 1s. While Magos Biologis warlords do more damage, remember you're not alone in CC and half your army choices have melee rules; supporting your infantry with Prime Hermeticon can give good results.
  • Repairman: Give him the Necromechanic WT so that he restores an additional wound every time he repairs something (doubling Knight repair rate), and with Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land relic you'll be healing Mechanicum units very reliably. Fun to combine with the Tech-adept Stratagem to repair the same vehicle twice, repairing up to 8 wounds per turn that way, bringing an Onager back to full stats or keeping multiple Kastellans from dying.

Tech Priest Enginseer: The Enginseer is now the cheapest HQ available for the army, making him a perfect cost-saving option to an army trying to make a battalion. With T4 W4 3+/6++ he's basically a squishier Techmarine, and has lackluster combat ability but that's ok because his main role is being a cheap repairman and HQ.

  • Repairman: Can't repair Kataphrons and Sicarians like Domini can, but unlike them he can repair D3 from allied IG tanks (allies!). Very cheap, especially for a job that consists of "just stand near the thing". Though more cost-effective than non-Necromechanic Domini for repairing Knights, maybe it's a bit risky for them to be the warlord. That said, they can be the "warlord" while the Dominus is a formation's "Field Commander" wink wink.
  • Relic Caddy: They aren't champions like SM Captains are, but since most of their job is to stand around being available, they could just as well be useful by carrying army-boosting relics AFTER you gave the Dominus/Manipulus theirs.
  • Buying advice: Enginseers are a must-have if you want to fill HQ-slots, at only 35pts per model for a small, tough character that can heal vehicles. The only problem is that they cost $30 a pop, unless you go for the $11.50 metal ones from the webstore. An alternate solution to that starts with looking closely at the chaos cultists in the "dark vengeance" kit. The robed ones look remarkably like Enginseers, right? Hell, one has an axe that looks remarkably like a cog. You can buy them for 20 bucks on eBay and kitbash them with the ton of bits leftover by your Skitarii squads, techpriest Dominii and Onagers. A little work and you have your all the Enginseers you need for less than the cost of one. Another option would be the Forge World titan tech priest! A lot cheaper than the Enginseer, and Forge World quality too! Another Option that you DEFINITELY want to consider when trying to reinforce your army is actually buying the Start Collecting: Adeptus Mechanicus Box. Great if you planned on getting Skitarii Vanguard/Rangers and the Dunerider anyways since it effectively saves you about 60 (57) bucks when paying 95 dollars for the box, essentially you're getting the Rangers and half of the Enginseer for free.

Tech-Priest Manipulus: A new HQ unit being released under the kill team brand. Described as being in between an enginseer and a Dominus in terms of power, the Manipulus carries meh to OK weapons with limited range and an ability of gimmick utility:

At the beginning of the movement phase he can boost warriors' movement or weapons' range stats. +1" to movement isn't a lot, mostly covering positioning mistakes. +1" to charge, however, can be useful: get him in place with a Skorpius transport or Solar Flare or whatever, then infiltrate Infiltrators (lmao). On the less gimmicky side, +6" to long weapon and +3" to short range weapons can allow nasty stuff like 11" cognis flamer overwatch and enable 42" range Protector Kastellan to reach pretty much anything they can see.

  • Choppy: With Omnissiah Staff (S+2 AP-1 D2) and Mechadentrites (S[U] AP0 +1d6 A) on top of his base WS3+ 3A, this dude isn't biting his nails in CC like the Enginseer does. If you want him on melee on purpose, get him his Transonic AP-1 D2 cannon flamer AND a relic. Perhaps Anzion's Pseudogenetor so he has 3+2d6 attacks, perhaps the Omniscient mask if you're using him with Skitarii Vanguard and Infiltrators. Maybe make him a Prime Hermeticon Warlord if you're using him with Electro-priests instead.
  • Shooty: His charges are the shooty ones, his Magnarail Lance's 18" only grows up to 21" with his bonus. But Heavy 1 S7 AP-3 D1d3 grows to full 3 Dmg when stationary, which is the prerequisite for his Boost Weapons.
  • Frontline Mobility: He is pretty good at accompanying one of your assault squads in a Scorpius Dunerider, be it Sicarians Ruststalkers or Fulgurite Electropriests. His aura will give assault squads needed +1 to movement and +1 to charge, which often results in making the charge. Sicarians will for example move wooping 12 on the turn they disembark. He is fast himself, with Transonic Cannon he can always advance and move 8-13 inches a turn and help assault squads by cleaning screens. One of the better candidates for Omnissian Mask or Prime Hermeticon Warlord Trait. Sydonian Dragoons fighting around him will also benefit from mask and repairs.

Daedalosus: A hero and technoarchaeologist from the Blackstone Fortress game, a named character that is a surprisingly useful addition to the Hq roster. Like the Secutarii, he doesn't have a forge world but doesn't cost you your dogmas if you include him. Unfortunately, since he lacks both a FORGE WORLD and the SECUTARII Keywords, he can't take a transport, restricting him to babysit gunlines. His weaponry is unique for an Hq but nothing special; he carries a (Servo-) Arc Claw and the pistol version of the Eradication Beamer. Instead, his real benefit comes from his special rules. Once per battle, he can use his Archeotech relic to deal 1d3 mortal wounds to an enemy within 3" or heal 1d3 wounds to an Ad Mech model (not just VEHICLES!) with 3", no rolling needed. Nice for when you absolutely need to push a Onager up a Damage Chart level or pick off a CHARACTER that's getting too close. The real reason you take him, however, is for his Omniscanner. At the beginning of the shooting phase, Daedalosus can pick a visible enemy within 24" and all Ad Mech units within 6" of him add 1 to shooting rolls that target that unit. Now THAT is a markerlight. Great against flyers, and affecting multiple units (but only one target). Eat your heart out xeno scum. This WILL affect electro-priests exploding on 5s and 6s when shooting.

  • Always include this guy to your lists if you can get the model/a proxy. He'll dramatically increase the effectiveness of literally anything in your with the bonus to hit. This helps countering -1 to hit buffs such as flyerspam, Tau markerlights, plaguebearers, and psychic powers. Plus, making lascannons not miss that knight barreling towards your gunline. Did we mention he's 55 points?!
  • Skitarii Marshall: So remember how the Secutarii had their own HQ that supported his boys in various ways? Well GW finally decided to get off their asses and provide something like that to the modern-day Mechanicus as well. Details TBD as the Mechanicus Codex is the next full codex on the docket for release.


In 9th edition, objective control is paramount to victory, more than it ever was now with non-scattering deepstrikes and double-fights to pile in multiple units. Enter reliable and spammable Skitarii. Unlike your regular Imperial GEQ, their 4+/6++ give these T3 dudes a chance of survival, and they're cheap enough that they can be used to control the field while your other units, like the much heavier and damaging Cult Mechanicus troops, clean up said field. Despite their status as light mortal infantry, they carry enough BS3+ firepower that it matters.

  • Skitarii Rangers: Their 30" Galvanic Rifles have enough range to contribute to fights and the S4 needed to be a bother, which makes this squad great at garrisoning backfield objectives and ruins. While they put less volume of fire than Vanguard, their guns' better range, strength, and AP-1 on a 6+ to wound make them more effective against single-wound infantry than Rad carbines. All in all great value from the cheapest unit in your army. Unless you are sitting on backfield objectives (which our HS are normally doing) vanguard will often be better considering the difference is 1pt a model.
    • Transuranic Arquebuses are THE special weapon this squad should take, as if your taking rangers they should be backfield and their awesome 60" range doesn't waste Galvanic Rifle range as the other guns do, and with actual stats (S7 AP-1 D1d3) on top of regular sniper rules there will always be targets of opportunity for them to attack. Dealing 2D to vehicles, even flyers, from your deployment zone isn't too hard to do, and is actually pretty comfy coming from a troop unit whose job would usually be to just stand back and bodyblock rear line deepstrikers. However you need a surprisingly high number of these to consistantly snipe characters.
    • now this unit is the same cost as vanguard only with worse shooting and melee - take vanguard. The only thing in its favour is range and we don't need backfield shooters as all our HS units and some of our FA fill that role.
    • New rule leaks have given these guys a much needed buff. Turning their Rifles from RF 1 to Heavy 2 was a downgrade in mobility, but you were mostly likely going to be using the Arquebuses with them anyway. And now that their Rifles always have -1 AP. These are much better backfield campers than they used to be. While these rules aren't officially in effect. Anyone you play with should be fine with it.
  • Skitarii Vanguard: Vanguard are your Skitarii frontliners. Their 18" Assault 3 Rad Carbines let them advance and still hit on a 4+, and their rate of fire is such that their 2D on a 6+ to wound can proc enough times to be a concern to heavy infantry while still dealing lots of hits to the smaller ones. With their Rad saturation aura (-1T is better than +1S), they can also help as melee support to Sicarians and Electropriests and melee soup allies.
    • Statistically speaking they are actually some of your best anti-tank when within 18": A couple of failed 6s is already chunk of a vehicle gone, and is more than what a cheap troop like them has any right to do. Tl;dr they have enough dakka to actually do chip damage to a vehicle, so if there are no better targets it's not necessarily a waste of firepower.
      • The good against vehicle case: Assume 30 Vanguard. With rerolls 1s that's 7.77 wounds on average on a T8 3+ armour save model (there's no loss of efficiency when vanguard fire at beefier T8 targets). In comparison to 30 rangers in RF range (doing 1.94W average to a T8 3+ target), the vanguard show their flexibility with almost 4 times the output on average. Not all lists have low Toughness targets and when facing high toughness lists this is a strong supplement to our dedicated damage dealers. In addition as of Engine War, 3 of the new warlord trait auras buff vanguard fire by adding ap or extra hits. Also by comparison the neutron laser on 3 onagers with RR1 only deal 6.22W to 4++ knight.
    • the custom forgeworlds and new WL traits massively buff vanguard especially boosting AP. Triple firing S3 AP2 is nasty
    • Unlike Rangers, Vanguard find themselves in melee more often. It's worth noting that you can upgrade the alphas however with only 2 attacks and a 4+ Ws it doesn't seem worth the pts however if you do take them you only need to kill 1 model to make the points back
    • Pistols are actually surprisingly useful on vanguard squads, since most of their weapons have 18" range anyway, its not that outlandish for them to make it within 12" and get to take an arc pistol shot for 1 point more, but you have to sacrifice an extra radium carbine to do it, so its really your call.

The big guys of the Cult Mechanicus are closer to tankettes than they are to people: their Ogryn-sized T5 frames make them difficult to remove from an objective, and with 3W your HQs can actually repair them. Their long ranged firepower doesn't suffer the penalty for moving; like a Russ tank group, they ARE the gunline wherever the enemy finds them. This comes at the penalty of advancing only d3"...which you don't really care much about: the only maneuvering they need is usually just to get a line of sight to the enemy. GREAT firepower coming from Troop units.

  • Kataphron Destroyers: Dedicated anti-MEQ gunships. As they trade a measure of protection (4+/6++) for amazing firepower, they will be a prime target for your enemy so they have to be defended.
    • Guns: Heavy Grav Cannons are reliable; Heavy 5 AP-3 deletes infantry, and D1d3 against anything with a 3+ save melts heavy infantry and can even dent monsters and tanks. Plasma Culverins today are just not so good. They have better 36" range But are more expensive , and Heavy d6 shots are unreliable. They only shine when supercharging, becoming able to deal with anything... but they also blow up on roll of 1. Now that's balance!
    • Sidearms: Their Phosphor Blasters are the budget option to use against targets of opportunity. However, Cognis Flamers give Destroyers protection against melee at mere +2pts. Bubblewrap units are still great, but with flamers their overwatch becomes nasty; their main guns already have enough RoF to proc overwatch hits and the stats for it to matter.
      • Overwatch is now once per turn on for non-Tau. Use it on units on objctives, not these guys, so take the Phosphor Blasters.
  • Plasma culverins are high variance over grav cannons. Their D6 shots make them unreliable and absolutely undercut their usefulness over the grav cannons, even with their higher strength. (High variance can be both a strength and a weakness depending on how well you accept risk.) Anyone running plasma destroyers will need tons of re-rolls. Plasma is also 10 pts more, so with random shots and supercharge killing on 1 they are not what they used to be. Don't let the T5 with 3W and 4+ with shroudpsalm to get a 3+ fool you: these guys are glass cannons and prime targets for anything that mulches heavy infantry. Anything with decent strength or a point or two of AP will turn these guys into spare parts in one go if you don't do something to protect them, even with shroudpsalm. My personal advice is to abuse the [Acquisition at any cost] stratagem to get them to 2+/5++ saves on an objective and hope they can weather the storm with enough guns still intact to do their job, OR (and my personal favorite idea) consider running them as [Lucius], as the immunity to AP1 is absolutely fantastic on them (and its pretty solid overall) and the ability to pay a CP to hide a 6-9 man unit of kataphrons in deep strike is worth its weight in gold, as they have more than enough range to be confident that they can drop in somewhere they can hit their target, and you can even give your dominus the Lucius relic to teleport him to the kataphron gunline without losing his support for the footsloggers turn one, or paying the CP to deep strike him. Also, for 55 points you should always take Daedalosus, especially when you're taking these guys (they're only BS4+ after all).
  • Kataphron Breachers: Trades some firepower for 3+ armour but, most importantly, at discount price. Enough to be heavy speedbumps yet disposable. Breachers bring 9W for 105pts and their Heavy Arc rifles (36" Heavy 2 S6 AP-1 D1d3) are not only basically anti-infantry autocannons, but also tear D1d6 chunks out of vehicles, so they can even help your overworked Onagers. And unlike Destroyers, Breachers aren't defenseless in combat, with three WS4+ attacks using Arc Claws (S6 AP-1 & D1d3 vs vehicles). With those stats, they are a screen by themselves. If you NEED an objective to be positively, absolutely defended, activate Acquisition at Any Cost and they'll be very difficult to remove, with 4A and a 2+/5++ save. (Alternate take if supported by vanguard S6 Ap-1 still wounds marines on 2's and a unit of 6 will kill 3.75 tac marines) their not gonna touch a dedicated melee unit but can still give a bad day to enemy troops or small characters) and now we have unlimited warlord traits prime hermeticon increases their melee output by 50%
    • Torsion Cannons are hard to defend. S8 AP-4 is nice but they cost a lot, are single-shot and D1d6 is somewhat unreliable. Likewise, Hydraulic Claws are like power fists...but with only AP-1 like Arc claws they will struggle to go through their targets' armour Sv, and Breachers aren't dedicated melee units, could throw one into maybe kill Vehicles and Monsters in melee.
    • Agripinaa breachers are really strong if you have a huge amount of CP as a 6 man squad can potentially bring 5 back from the dead and relocate if just one survives. Which considering their tankiness is quite possible. Do this a few times and count the firepower you've soaked.
      • The clue is in the name for these guys though; the above chap is absolutely correct in his analysis for the average game, but GW covers bases for more narrative games too: Fortifications & other Immobile units are auto-hit so when you need to breach through some Fortifications you have at least 9 S10 -1AP auto-hitting hydraulic claws vs the S6 of arcs, and that's 9 lots of 3+ rolls instead of iffy 5+.
        • In 9th edition this is staple unit for holding objective for a turn, something that Skitarii realistically cannot do. Keep them below 6 count and they will give you relatively cheap and tough scoring unit that is needed sorely in new reality of war.
  • It's worth noting that these puppies can be a huge fire magnet. A smart opponent will point medium weaponry at these guys and frankly, they're not quite as tough as they seem. Point efficiency and multiple wounds don't mean a lot when a punisher cannon can delete a 3 man squad in one round of shooting.
  • To compensate, provide them with the Stygies VIII Dogma to increase their survivability considerably.
  • Or take in units of 6 in agripinaa to bring the full squad back from the dead if one model survives. With CP to burn this is horribly good on breachers.
  • Or take as Ryza plasma destroyers hoping you'll play a knight list and can make your points back in one round of shooting accepting their won't be a second round.
  • Or Lucius and deepstrike them in guaranteeing destroyers one round of fire.

Dedicated Transports[edit]

No longer do Infantry have to footslog. 12" move, 12 wounds, T6, and a degrading statline like any vehicle. It has 3+, so it has decent survivability. It has four Cognis Heavy Stubbers, which go to S5 with the Mars Canticle; the fact that hit penalties are capped at -1 also means you can advance and shoot to still hit on 4s. It carries almost any 10 Secutarii or <forge world> Infantry models. It cannot carry Cawl or Kataphrons of either type.

Forge World has handed down new rules for the Drill in Imperial Armour 9E. For 180 points (+10 to upgrade to Volkites) you can have access to a deep-striking transport that can carry up to 12 Forge World Infantry models, except for Cawl and Kataphrons; infantry without a Forge World keyword, like Daedalosus, are out of luck. It has also gained Canticles and the Skitarii keyword, which open up all sorts of interesting new possibilities. Finally, it has gained 4 wounds; a total of 14 now.

  • The Drill's primary weapon is the Melta Cutter, which now has a profile of Heavy 5. Although this is a mixed change for most armies, for Mars armies, this is an upgrade, giving you access to S8+1 AP4 DD6 meltas. This option also has the choice of upgraded Heavy Flamers (12" S5+1 AP1) or Volkites (15" S5+1 D2). There is no good reason to take Storm Bolters anymore. (Good luck trying to remove those from your models.)
  • The Drill is no slouch in melee either. Although it has lost 3 attacks and the Mortal Wounds grinder, if it connects, it deals a massive D3+3 damage, with D3+6 against vehicles. And when it does get wrecked, auto-exploding can be another nasty surprise.
  • With the existence of Duneriders and the increased range of Heavy Flamers, Drills have moved decisively toward use in Mars lists. Deep striking and laying down 5x S9 AP4 melta and S6 AP1 flamer shots, combined with Corpuscarii, Vanguard, or Servitors, is devastating. They are a reliable means to score board control secondaries such as Engage On All Fronts/Linebreaker or Deploy Scramblers/Teleport Homer.

You do still have access to all Fortification options. While immobile, they do provide an extra layer of defense that AdMech can greatly benefit from. However, the limitation on Fortifications to one unit plus any number of characters limits their usefulness as firebases, since only half the embarked models can fire out.


  • Cybernetica Datasmith: The herder for your robots. Quite competent as a fighter in his own right, with a Terminator stat line, complete with a 2+/5++ and a power fist, as well as a pretty scary pistol that can reliably one-shot Primaris marines - but his main purpose is to change protocols on your Kastellans and provide an extra relic and or WL caddy for your patrols/battalion
    • Keep in mind that the protocols change take place on the next turn after you've declared and rolled for it. Consider what you're up against and structure your game plan accordingly - since your opponent knows what you're up to a turn in advance, you'll have to play the rest of your army around your Kastellans to get the most use out of them.
    • The alternative to bringing one along is to use the 1CP stratagem to change the active protocol immediately and lock your robots in them for the rest of the game, but Command Points are generally worth far more than the Datasmith's measly 45 points.
    • Your Datasmith Can carry a WL trait without using an HQ slot - if you want to save CP in ninth.
    • Don't miss the fact that he's got 6" Move to the bots' 8".
    • Generally speaking, he'll make back his cost in points if you've changed Protocols at least once with him. If you also manage to get him in melee and take some wounds off something, you've already got more than what you paid for.
  • Corpuscarii Electro-Priests: 3 points per model cheaper than Fulgurites, and not as killy in close combat (they can only put out mortal wounds with their Voltagheist Field charge, which inflicts a mortal wound on a 6+ for each model in one unit charged). They also can't buff their V-field, which means they'll be stuck with a 6+/5++/5+++. However, their Electrostatic Gauntlets deserve a special mention. They have two profiles, either Melee 2 WS4+ or 12" Assault 3 BS3+, but both are a Flat S5 AP0 D1, (can't be modified by Invocation of Machine Might) with any 6+ roll causing 3 hits instead of 1. Congrats, you have taser goads at 12" range AND melee. Sure, they're ugly models, but that's an awful lot of firepower from 5 little guys.
    • As expensive as it is. A squad of 20 will put out over 60 dice rolls. It would take three Leman Russ Punishers with one upgraded for three Heavy Bolters to exceed it. With that much firepower your likely to kill or heavily wound anything short of a Super Heavy. Now has a stratagem to gain AP2 making them dangerous.
    • Can't benefit from the Lucius or graia dogma or Shroudpsalm at all, but a great choice for tactical reserves.
    • The AP2 strat from Engine War has made these really strong.
  • Fulgurite Electro-Priests: Get them in close combat and they'll dump Mortal Wounds on people. Of course, getting them to close combat is the trick. If you footslog them, they will die. Fulgurites are ideal if you're running either Movement stratagems and transports. Always field these guys in squads of 10 or bigger. At just 2 attacks per model, they simply do not attack often enough to really take advantage of the mortal wounds you can get off the staves unless you attack with enough models, and you NEED them to kill something in close combat as quickly as possible to get that sweet, sweet 3++ save. Still, the Voltagheist field is nice for some pre-combat mortal wounds if you charged, and with Fanatical Devotion, you ignore any wounds taken on a 5 or 6, which is nice.
    • Despite the desire for large units of these guys, and the steep cost to deep strike many units of them remember, pulling off a deep strike charge is only feasible when you maximize how many attempts you're making. Don't field just one unit and expect it to make that critically important charge roll - field at least three per thing you want charged, so you can get your odds of at least one getting the charge off to above 50% (in this case, 62.33%). (As of engine war if your deepstriking your Lucius and you can always solar flare a character forward to get them in range of a reroll charges aura from amongst the new warlord traits (with +1 to charge on a manipulus). This potentially makes them viable again.
    • 9th hits these hard as they need to be in big enough units to get that kill but then they become vulnerable to blast weapons
    • The problem with these is that while they are superb after killing a unit they are weak if they haven't.
  • Servitors: Your cheapest unit often a brigade filler and objective sitter. A poor ranged unit equipped with free melee weapons. While a unit of 4 servitors are 30 points with free servo arms; there are worse melee units for the cost.
    • These guys are stupidly cheap infantry and as such can perform actions without any waste to yourself. They wont stay alive if shot at, but they will waste a unit's shooting if they want to get rid of them, so its a win/win.
    • If you would take a Plasma Cannon unit for 42 points, take Plasma Culverin Vanguards for 55 points to do the same job, better (for a single unit with one plasma weapon).
    • If you would take 2x Multimeltas in a unit for 60 points, there admittedly isn't a better infantry option in-faction for the same role, but Onagers will do the same job, better.
      • With the buff to meltas (half range is damage D6+2), and "strategic reserves" being based on PL cost, two units of servitors with meltas and a tech-priest, dropping 9" away on turn 2/3 would put out 8 melta shots, hitting on 4s in their buffed profile. For extra lolz, make sure you are in the reroll 1s canticle, have that tech-priest be Dr. D, who then could put a +1 to hit on the thing you want melta'd, so you are hitting on 3s rerolling 1s. For best results, shoot a thing that has T7 or so, no invulnerable save: average 4d6+8 damage!
  • Sicarian Infiltrators: One of the only units debuffed in engine war. The taser variant that used to destroy hordes has been weakened, the power sword variant that wrecked marines hasn't changed. They can deep strike. They have a -1 to leadership within 3". Just remember to keep them in cover until you're ready to charge them because they still suffer from T3 and only a 4+.
    • Flechette Blasters outperform Stubcarbines against T5 or less and T8 or higher, and while Stubcarbines will absolutely do better against T6 and T7, you're still attempting to scratch paint - against a Rhino, for example, a minimum unit shooting expects to deal 0.93 wounds with the Blasters and 1.11 wounds with the Stubcarbines. Flechette blasterswith 50 shots make superb if high variability Wrath of Mars strat targets.
    • In melee Power Sword's increased AP relative to the Taser Goad mean that it will outperform it against the targets you'd expect it to, the taser goad was nerfed in Engine War to only multiply hits on natural 6's. Greatly weakening its combat effectivness as conqueror doctrina imperative no longer multiplies hits.
    • Following Engine war this unit is in a bit of an odd place its most commonly fielded variant has become less efficient in CC while it's existing rivals of corpuscarii became more efficient. Equally the new pteraxii are competing with it in terms of deepstrike firepower and serberys for speed. While not out for the count expect less of them.
  • Sicarian Ruststalkers: They have some utility at dishing out Mortal Wounds, and are faster than Fulgurites, but fulgurites and hoplites perform the same role better.
    • Always buy the Princeps the Blades as it's now free and it doesn't have to give up its chordclaw.
    • they had a niche post Engine war when they could outflank and were dirt cheap but then ninth made them more expensive and let everyone else go into reserves.
    • Omnissiah be Praised! Rule Leaks massively upped the AP for their weapons (-2 AP for the razors and -3 AP for the Blades). Transonic weapons operating like they're supposed to? COG YES! While not neccessarily in effect yet, and while this might cause a point cost. These little rustic shankers will most likely see alot more use.
  • Larsen Van der Grauss See Elucidean starstriders in the imperium tactics thread - this character cannot be taken in an admech detachment but has the Mars and Admech keywords so if taken with us can use admech strategems and warlord traits.
  • X-101: The named servitor from Blackstone Fortress. It comes with a Grav-gun, a hydraulic claw, and a 5+ BS and WS. Has the standard Mindlock ability regular servitors have (goes up to WS/BS 4+ and Ld9 while close to a Tech-Priest) and gets a further +1 to Hit if he's targeting a VEHICLE. Unfortunately, since he lacks the CHARACTER Keyword, he's just going to get popped the second he steps out into the open. And since he can't take a transport, you can't even really suicide run him. Even at 22 points, still not worth it.
    • His lack of CHARACTER Keyword is actually a boon for him performing actions. He is the cheapest infantry unit available and, being a single model, is easy to hide out of line of sight. If you are planning on keeping some units to outflank with Strategic Reserves, this guy is only 1PL, so sneak him in there too and get him behind a big ol rock or similar. Being a single model unit its easy to find space for him inbetween screens, and he can sit there and raise the banner, repair teleport homers or investigate sites till his heart is content. If your opponent sends something to deal with him, that's a win right there. Plus, his gun isnt too shabby either should they do just that.

Titan Guard (Forge World)[edit]

The Titan Guard are Super-Skitarii, but with a downside. Their Secutarii special rule means they don't benefit from any <Forge World> dogmas or stratagems. However, they don't keep the rest of your army from benefiting from the dogma if they are Battle-forged. This introduces some unwelcome hurdles for using them. They don't benefit from the auras of Cawl or a Dominus since they both specify a <Forge World> unit. This is because apparently, being assigned to guard Titans means you immediately lose all Forge World specific equipment and training, despite the fact that Titans are both drawn from specific Forge Worlds and the fact that the Codex specifically states that the Titan Guard is drawn from a Forge World's 1st Macroclade. In exchange, they gain the niche ability to heroically intervene any enemy within 6" that charges a friendly titan sharing the same <Titan Legion> keyword.

  • Secutarii Peltasts: Ad-mech Dark Reapers. 5++ makes them slightly sturdier than Vanguard. Their Galvanic Casters have 3 fire modes: A Rapid Fire 2 Strength 3 24" for blending GEQs, an Assault d3 18" Ignores LOS for tactical tomfoolery, and a MEQ killing 30" Heavy 1, s4 ap2. Once per game they can give themselves -1 to hit instead of shooting. Maybe not worth the cost of the models now, but multiple shenanigans ensue. Unlike other Skitarii the Alpha carries the special equipment and can't take both an EDT and a melee weapon.
    • They tend to have a bit of overlap with your Vanguard troops, who have a similar Anti-GEQ role that focuses on volume of fire over pure stopping power. Vanguard also have access to several Special Weapons that let them perform better against MEQ and TEQ targets in a pinch. Additionally, your Vanguard can benefit from <Forge World> perks and stratagems while the Peltasts don't. However, Peltasts as a whole unit are considerably more flexible than Vanguard offensively (factoring all the models, not just the special weapons), especially now that you can choose which firing mode each model is using instead of the entire unit. Against GEQ targets, Peltasts will outperform Vanguard as long as they're consistently within Rapid Fire range, and are able to contribute firepower towards any targets regardless of line of sight. Combined with an Omni-spex, this can make them particularly effective at dealing with enemies that rely heavily on cover and LOS for defense, such as Eldar or Tau infantry. Additionally, Peltasts are slightly more durable than Vanguard are, making them a bit better suited to tank shots compared to Vanguard.
    • Do not give the Alpha a pistol, ever. None of our pistols are worth giving up the FREE Galvanic Caster. Melee is not good for them at all.
    • Alternate opinon: Stay the fuck out of Rapid-Fire range. Their ld is crap. Considering this basically makes them hybrid Vanguard/Rangers with no special weapons is really crap. If you have them you own an amazing horde blender. If not you really lose nothing.
    • Their Blind Barrage can only be used to protect themselves, not a different unit as they could in previous editions. It's also shittier than the free Dogma you get from being Stygies VIII, which Peltasts can't use.
      • Generally, Peltasts are best left to fulfill a scouting and objective-sitting role. They perform quite well against most basic infantry targets regardless of their immediate circumstances, and their lack of <Forge World> synergy means that they can be sent out independently without really missing out on any buffs.
  • Secutarii Hoplites: Budget Skitarii with budget TH/SS. These guys melt to massed low strength firepower but can hold their own against a charge from a knight gallant. They are very strong in melee especially when buffed with the omniscient mask. They are also very points efficient for what they do, so don't underestimate the shooting of a large blob of arc lances. At S6 AP-1 per shot, or melee S+3 (S6) AP-1 hits that both do 1 damage each or changes to D3 vs vehicles, hoplities are the perfect unit to tie up vehicles and even infantry in melee combat. Anything short of Terminators will fear a charge from Hoplites.
    • S6 Ap1 Dd3 isn't going to scare many t7 vehicles BUT those light vehicles you are good against are usually (land speeders etc) absolute death to Admech troops. The other decent targets are things like Ogryn, Kataphron Destroyers, Grotesques, and the like. This makes hoplites decent because they come with decent durability to start but not as good offense as other choices. Kinda niche, but also much cheaper than our other elites.
    • At only 1 pt more than Vanguard, these guys make for great cheap bodyguards. In addition to a flat 5++, they have a shield that gives them a 4++ against melee and reflects a mortal wound back on the attacking unit on any unmodified saving throw of 6 in CC. Arguably the best meatshields we have, especially against melee-focused infiltrators and other meatshields.
    • Hoplites benefit massively from access to a Termite, and it provides them with the only guaranteed way to get into charge range without getting shot off the table.
    • Put them into combat with vanguard to wound MEQs or lower on a 2+
    • While they lack a <Forge World> keyword, Hoplites can still benefit from Acquisition at any Cost, making them pretty good at contesting and holding mid-board objectives.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Ironstrider Ballistarii: A very mobile twin lascannon or autocannon platform. It has a 10 inch move, and it has a 48 inch range and can fire after advancing with a penalty. Doesn't have the dragoons -1 to hit and so is pretty vulnerable given its low armour save and T compared to our other vehicles. If taken in a large unit it has potential as two stratagems as the doctrina strategem can make them +2 to hit negateing -1 to hit defences and the engine war let them gain +1 wound. Downside is large units lack the durability for their points compared to other options and individual models while great at holding a backfield objective are not worth the CP to buff.
  • Sydonian Dragoons: in 8th it had mobility, defence and a Solid weapon (2 Damage, 8 Strength, AP-1), In 9th it lost the stygies combo of -2 to hit the doctrine triple hitting on 4+ for triple hitting on 6's and a points increase. So with three swings of the NERF bat RIP you served us well in 8th.
    • The Radium Jezzail is hindered by its lack of any AP. Not a bad gun, but it lacks the brute force of the Arquebus and any volume of fire. Basically, you will be fishing for 6s to do just that mortal wound plus another one if you luck out on the opponent's save.
  • Serberys Raiders: Serberys Raiders are Skitarii Rangers that are mounted on cybernetic dog-mounts. The first thing to understand about them is that, on a point per wound basis, they are extremely cheap and efficient. They clock in at just over 5 points per wound and 3 wounds per model. To get the same number of wounds in a unit of vanilla rangers, you would have to pay about 20 points more. The raiders are also fast, with a free scout move at the beginning of the game and a 12" move standard. However, they are something of a distraction carnifex. They are not great in melee, have a mediocre WS of 4+, and three attacks per model, all at strength 4 with barely any ap. They can snipe characters, causing mortal wounds on a wound roll of 6, but a bare minimum squad will only be popping off a mere 6 shots at 18 inches. Lastly, despite riding a giant, cybernetic greyhound, they have the same toughness and armor save as their troop counterpart. Overall, the raiders function best as a harassment unit. They are too fast for your opponent to fully ignore, lest they go after vulnerable backfield support characters and small units, but also so cheap that losing them doesn't hurt you much.
    • Alternate take: These are competent vs screen units in melee (with the right support). Large units supported by a Stygies character- make sure to give him the Omniscient Mask and Learnings of the Genetor Warlord Trait. Pre-game move him to keep up with your high-speed Raiders. They now hit around 75% of the time, and on model with 3A that will have AP-3 Sabres and AP-2 Claws Limbs on 6s to wound, they can be surprisingly deadly.
    • Ryza's canticle will give them an additional bit of AP. You can also get additional AP from the Custom Forge World Dogma from the Expansionist Forge World, which is a bit more reliable over the course of the game. You can also stay in that Expansionist Forge World tree and get the ability to Advance and Fire their guns with no penalty. Ryza Canticle when Charged/Charging/HI plus the Metallica benefit where it matters? Pretty good. As Skitarii they also can get +2 to hit in Melee, which is always nice.
    • None of which is to say it is a melee unit by design. It has enough utility but it is best to think of them as a unit of snipers that are running around and are tough to remove (comparatively). They can put out enough shots to threaten mortal wounds against any realistic target and put the hurt down against screens and chaff. Fast, tough for their cost, able to threaten a variety of infantry targets and too threatening to be left alone (while also not being so threatening that they are guaranteed to die off before they do anything).
    • For some, it is hard to see how this is little more than an excellent screen unit. But, it also has the ability to truly harass an enemy character. A full Mars squad of nine, with canticle to reroll 1s, the Wrath of Mars, and the Skitarii strat to buff shooting +2, means you can scout move them, advance them, and shoot an enemy character trying to hide at BS2+ rerolling 1s, and wound rolls of 6+ do two mortal wounds each (in addition to other damage) and AP-1.
      • Mathhammer: 16 Carbine shots, BS2+, rerolling 1s, 6+ wound rolls proc 2MWs is about 5MWs on a character. For 3CP, a large nine model unit, and a commitment to a canticle...
  • Serberys Sulphurhounds: Fast-moving Skitarii Vanguard gunslingers riding cyber-dogs that breath fire. Identical in stat line to the Raiders, but with different special weapons and rules. Basic models are equipped with dual phosphor pistols (same stats as the Phospor Blast pistol but strength 4 instead of 5.) as well as a sulphur breath (same stats as the phosphor pistol, but 8", Pistol D6, and auto hits.) The Alpha carries a single Phosphor Blast Pistol and a power maul, neither of which can be swapped out. Finally, one model can swap a phosphor pistol for a Phosphor blast carbine (24", Assault 4, strength 5, AP -1, 1 damage with all the usual phosphor rules). Their Pistoleers' special rule allows them to advance and fire pistols, and they share the rad-saturation rule with the Vanguards. As with the Serberys Raiders, the Sulphurhounds are a skirmisher unit that is cheap, though not as cheap, fast, character sniping or ranged as the raiders.
  • Pteraxii Skystalkers: Flying drop troops that vomit shots. Better than Eldar Swooping Hawks, Thermal Riders give deep strike, and Soar Away lets them return to reserve to deep strike again. However, they have three movement abilities, not two, and there's no way to combine them: deep strike, leave the table to deep strike later, and have each model have a 1/3 chance (2/3 against a vehicle) to drop a mortal wound on anything the unit passed over while moving.
    • Expect your opponent to blow them out of the water the turn after they drop - they're fragile glass cannons, and no savvy opponent will let them live.
  • Pteraxii Sterylizors: Close range Pteraxii, with a 12" Flamer that ignores the cover bonus (that's in deep strike range). Then if they charge, they each make 3 S5 Ap-1 attacks, and the Alpha makes 4 S6 taser goad attacks. Unfortunately, the alpha is forced to carry a substantially worse gun than the rest of the unit - it'll land fewer shots at worse S and worse AP, and that's assuming you can shoot it, as he's the only guy in the unit that can't shoot after advancing.
    • 2pts more than infiltrators for an ap -1 flamer making their firepower equal to infiltrators - these are glass cannons like skystalker,s don't expect them to survive to fly off again or have a second shot - I'd stick with your infiltrators for efficiency, but it's close.
    • With the Deeply Sunk Talons stratagem to stop a fallback on +2, they can have both survivability and suppress enemy non-flyer tanks/artillery. It can be kept in combat for the next turn and if the enemy you were engaging is no longer important, you can make it soar to the skies, even if stuck in combat range, to descend in deep strike the next turn.
    • For 2ppm more than Skystalkers, there is a lot to recommend them. Even if you want to use Wrath of Mars on one of the two units, Sterylizors get more hits out of deep strike without having to spend additional CP or coordinating a Dominus/Cawl to be within aura radius (d6 auto-hit averages more hits than 5 shots at 3+). Add the fact that you can survive a bit longer using Deeply Sunk Talons and have way better melee and the answer to the "what should I build my box of Pteraxii as?" question is pretty straightforward.

Heavy Support[edit]

Onager Dunecrawlers[edit]

Onager Dunecrawler: Your best bet at dealing with heavy armor, and with plenty of solid options for the Turret. They come with a 3+ 5++, and their Emanatus Force Field allows them to reroll 1s on invuln saves if another Dunecrawler is within 6 inches. They can no longer squadron, so taking a few will eat your Heavy Support slots.

  • While the Skorpius Disintegrator may have greater shooting utility, volume, and consistency, the Onager has the durability, due to the disintegrator lacking an invulnerable save.

Each Dunecrawler can choose 1 turret weapon and either smoke launchers or an Broad Spectrum Data-Tether.

Eradication Beamer: D6 shots is quite random, but on average it will fare decently well against both vehicles and infantry. S8 means it will wound t4 targets on a 2+, and t7 vehicles on a 3+ (Same as the Neutron Laser). The difference is in the AP, which is only -2, and it only does D3 damage per shot unless you're in 12 inch range (Which you never want to be in, anyway). A good deal cheaper than the Neutron Laser, but it will always feel like you're shooting an inferior version of it.

Icarus Array: It slices, it dices, it makes everyone cry. If you field more than one Dunecrawler, always field one of them equipped with an Icarus Array and a Broad-Spectrum Data Tether. 10 shots at BS2 against anything that has the Fly keyword (hint hint: skimmers, jumppack/jetpack infantry, fliers, etc) means it will handily rip and tear anything apart, or take a good chunk out of it. Particularly brutal against Tau and Eldar of all flavors, since most of their vehicles are skimmers. It hits other targets on 4's, however, With the Protector Doctrina Imperative Stratagem, the Icarus Array transforms into a terrifying anti-infantry gun with 5 S7 shots and 5 S6 shots hitting anything on 3's.

  • Alternate Opinion: Unless you have a full brigade you might wanna save your command points. Your onagers are better used taking out actual fliers or tanks. (It does hit on 4s naturally anyway. No need to get greedy with your Icarus BRRRRRRT Array.)
    • Alternate Alternate Opinion: If you're ever aiming it at conscripts/boyz/gaunts you are doing it wrong. When not aiming at flyers it's best at shredding medium to heavy infantry, light vehicles and "monster" units. Basically anything that falls between T4 to T6 with multiple wounds on it.
  • Very good with Mars. Cawl's full re-roll makes the -1 to hit against non-FLY units a minor inconvenience, and it gets great utility out of moving from S7/S6 shooting to S8/S7 with the canticle.
      • Alternate Alternate Alternate Opinion: Lets not forget that Mortarion, any C'tan, and a whole variety of other troubles have the FLY key word. The Icarus Array, especially when buffed with the Mar's canticle, is a perfect response to some of the most prominent figures in the meta.

Neutron Laser: Never leave home without one. Heavy d3 48" S12 AP-4 Dd3+3. The most expensive weapon option, but two or three Neutron Lasers will cripple or destroy even the strongest vehicles. Do note that the option to take a Neutron Laser is Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber, which gives you both weapons (paid for individually points-wise), with the stubber mounted under the laser itself. Note that the way the rules are worded, a Neutron Laser Dunecrawler with a Cognis Heavy Stubber can purchase a second Cognis Heavy Stubber on the pintle mount as well, giving you 6 s4 shots to pop off besides your big gun. A worthwhile investment. In a pinch you can use 1 CP for Protector Doctina Imperatives and have this nuke a flyer out of the sky on a 2+ (only if you have the broad spectrum data-tether, but why would you not)?

Twin Heavy Phosphor Blaster: 6 shots at S6 AP-2 ignoring cover is good for deleting MEQ units, not a bad choice by any means, but it's outshined by the Icarus Array. Not the wrong choice if your meta is filled with MEQ, but vs hordes the Kastellans can pack 3 of these per unit against one Dunecrawler, before doubling their shots.

  • The Icarus array packs a Gatling rocket launcher that is basically the same gun minus one shot with four extra autocannon shots but hits on 4s instead.
  • The Dunecrawler kit also isn't super magnetizing friendly to the Icarus array, so between building this or a I.A; you're probably better off magnetizing the I.A. and placing the little cover on the side instead of the missiles and proxying it.

Smoke Launchers gives enemies shooting at your Crawler -1 to hit for one turn, but you have to give up shooting. It's extremely situational and not recommended. Stacks with the Stygies dogma.
Broad Spectrum Data-Tether gives forge world units within 3" +1 morale. More importantly, it allows for the Skitarii strat to buff their shooting +2 (which works well to negate the natural -1 to hit the Icarus Array has for non-Fly units.

  • Always take this with Icarus Array load out.

Cognis Heavy Stubber is a straight-up addition, coming in at 5 points for a 3-shot bolter that can be fired on the Advance at a -2 (though why you would want to Advance the measly 1d3" your Crawler gets is beyond me). This is the one that the Skitarii is firing from out of the hatch in the pintle mount, and is separate from the Neutron Laser weapon option (which includes another cognis stubber coaxially mounted to the Neutron Laser). Just buy it, at 36" range it will rarely be out of targets, and removing a single wound of literally anything in game earns back its points several times. You're mounting it on a t7 3+/5++ chassis that has easy access to repairs, as well as numerous other defensive buffs, it will last a while to get its shots off.

Kastelan Robots[edit]

Kastelan Robots: More slot-efficient than the Dunecrawler, as you can get 6 in a unit. (Spamming them is a trap though, since they're extremely vulnerable in the Fight phase; 2-4 is enough.) They still have the same Monstrous Creature statline, and can reflect guns back at their shooter (for a Mortal Wound now), are fast (8") but expensive (~125ppm).

  • They do make incredibly good Distraction Canifex.
    • Alternative opinion: Spam all you want! The fact that 9th edition allows vehicles to shoot at units they are in combat with means your bots can flame and light up your targets with ease. Just be wary of anything that can "robot rock" your bots into the ground in a single melee phase. They can't shoot shit if they're already dead.
  • Aegis Protocol will make your Robots even more tanky, with 2+ Armor and a 4+ Invul. The Aegis protocol only reflect a Mortal Wound on a Invul Save roll of 6, after re-rolls but before modifiers, modifiers do not influence your reflectability.
  • This is the Protocol that the robots enter the battle in.
  • Protector Protocol is great for shooting (since it doubles the shots of each gun). They cannot, however, EVER move in this protocol. It's recommended if you are going shooty, deck them out with 3 Heavy Phosphor Blasters. Go full phosphor and enter protector mode for 18 S6 AP2 shots per robot. Yes, a full unit of 6 will fire 108 bullets... In protector mode, robots become twice as good as any unit we have. Beware combat with this option though, as without the Fists, you don't have any AP in close combat. The amount of overwatch shots and natural 6 STR is probably enough to keep most CC units away, even more if you're screening. But, if you still feel like you need avoid CC at all costs, switching the shoulder phosphor weaponry to Incendine Combustors can be a valid option : as Protector Protocols works during any phase, 6 robots doing 12d6 S5 AP-1 hits to a charging unit, + the 72 shots of Phosphor Blasters should stop most charges in the game. However, don't let that Rhino or Knight charge you, m'kay ?
    • Alternate Opinion: 9th edition heavily favors two things, mobility and durability. While spamming out that many shots are amazing, many Mechanicus players seem to still have the same "KILL EVERYTHING" mindset. Use these guys as a shield, a distraction, and as a barrier to scare off those pathetic fleshy things. In short, if they are not in the midfield, you're using them wrong.
  • Conqueror Protocol lets them attack twice in combat and just fisticuff anything to death. However, while in this protocol, they can NEVER shoot. If you are going punchy, get Fists and the Incendine Combustor. AdMech now has fewer ways of dealing with high Toughness, and Kastelan Fists in Melee will punch holes in virtually anything, so consider fists if you are lacking in Dunecrawlers.
  • Don't mix the Combustor and Phosphor options together, they don't synergize well. Also they are radically expensive, and a single squad of 4 with three blasters will eat up half your budget in a 1000 point game before anything else. This makes it very difficult for them to earn their points back. In general, Fist Kastelans will prefer either Aegis or Conquerors, while Shooty ones will want to stay in Protector Protocol as much as possible.
  • A critical difference here between LUCIUS and Stygies VIII when deep striking is that the former deep strikes in after it's too late to change Protocols outside of Binharic Override (costing a second CP for the unit), so unless you're willing to shell out the CP, you'll be in Aegis Protocol on the turn you arrive.
  • Speaking of Binharic Override, if you are running shooty robots, it may be a good idea to just use ASAP to get your Kastelans doubling their rate of fire on the first turn, rather than having to wait until turn 2.
    • Be certain if you do this that they are where you need them to be for the rest of the battle, as they will no longer be able to move.

Skorpius Hover Tanks[edit]

Skorpius Disintegrator: If it’s mobile firepower you’re after, you’ll want the Skorpius Disintegrator. You can choose one of two turret options, but both come baseline with 3 Cognis heavy stubbers and a prow-mounted disruptor missile launcher that packs a highly explosive wallop: 36” Heavy d6 S7 AP-2 Dd3. Random attack numbers and damage make it unpredictable but it is a decent weapon nonetheless. It also comes with a broad spectrum data-tether and canticles, as well as ignoring heavy weapon rules unless it advances. It has the exact same stats as the Skorpius Dunerider, except for an additional point of toughness (T7).

  • Probably the most critical difference when deciding between this and the Dunecrawler, is the invuln save, or rather lack thereof on the Disintegrator. So in summary, the Disintegrator has better firepower for the cost than the Dunecrawler but is less durable, which means it can be shot off the board dishearteningly fast.

Ferrumite Cannon 48” Heavy 3 S8 AP -3 D3. An excellent option for reliably blasting chunks from enemy vehicles, monsters or elite, multi-Wound infantry, thanks to no randomness in shots or damage. As stated in the Dunecrawler section, this weapon does statistically less damage than the neutron laser against enemies of >T9, but fails to account for the missiles, which can even out this damage loss. If your opponent fields a lot of really tough things pull out the dunecrawlers, but otherwise the disintegrator and its cannon will do fine to kill whatever it is you want, as the points cost is nearly the same (116 vs 117--crawler with two stubbers and laser).

Belleros Energy Cannon 36” Heavy 3D3 S6 AP -1 D2 and can hit things out of LOS. A decent amount of shots make it a good contender for medium infantry killing and the LOS capability means you can park behind obstructions and hide from tank killers while still remaining mildly effective.


Archaeopter: The brand-new dragonfly planes. Though seemingly unremarkable, they benefit from being hyper-maneuverable by pivoting before moving, and being able to hover as well. You also have the option of either a Command Uplink, which lets friendly <Forge World> units within 6" use its 9 Leadership, or Chaff Launchers for reducing any damage it takes from shooting by 1 to a minimum of 1. With only 10 wounds at T7, that'll be necessary, moreso after factoring in the damage track influencing your BS and movement scores.

  • All Archaeopter variants are perfect options for the Machine Spirit's Revenge strategem. If you find you are down to minimal effectiveness due to lack of wounds, throw yourself into hover mode and suicide charge headfirst into the centre of their forces. With such a large base size, a 6" bubble of D3 mortal wounds can reach significant distances, and really help the model earn back a lot of its points for only 1CP.

Transvector: The transport option, though its capacity of 6 Skitarii, Secutarii, Techpriest or Electropriest models is weak. Its armament is rather meager with two Cognis Heavy Stubbers and a Twin Cognis Heavy Stubber. These ones will absolutely benefit from Chaff Launchers, as it gives you a slightly better chance at withstanding the anti-aircraft fire so you can drop your pack. The Command Uplink would also see use as you'll already have this at the front lines. Note that now secutarii are a minimum of 5 in a unit, so have fun dropping them hard where they are needed. As the name suggest, it reinforces vector of attack in remote location. When you drop Sicarians, Pteraxii, or any other Lucius teleport unit this bird can be on standby (provided it survives a turn, which is why Chaff Launchers are nessesary), ready to unload manipulus with Omnimask and plasma vanguard. +1 to charge and -1 to toughness is a nice boost to any drop combat unit. Also this can go hover and tank any overwatch.

Fusilave: The bomber. Your guns are improved negligibly to four separate Cognis Heavy Stubbers, but you also get the bombs. Every turn after moving, you get to roll up to 10d6 worth of dice on one enemy unit you flew over (with monsters and vehicles acting as 3d6), with every 4+ resulting in a mortal wound. It is actually much more of a support and board control unit than a pure damage dealer platform. It will allow you to control enemy movement, deal a few mortal wounds here and there, and later if that thing does survive, grab an objective in hover mode.

  • Avg 1.5 mw on a vehicle, 2.5mw or a 5 man squad make this hard to justify sure 5mw on a 10 man Intercessor or Custodes squad. It could be good but many lists wont have that level of target.
  • Good thing about this bomb is that isn't one use and have a nifty trick to halve enemy mobility with a stratagem. You can chose enemy squad that is closing with your shooting units and likely it wont charge, while you shoot them with impunity. Bomb itself will deal solid 5 MW to a unit of monstrous creatures like Necron Wraiths. Target of stratagem and target of bombs may not be the same, you just have to fly over. Maxiumum effect of stratagem will be on fast land targets, like bikes, dragoons, rhinos, all land transports, daemon engines, large squads of advancing infantry like ork mobs.
    • Also best candidate out of three for Electro-Filament Counter Measures, since you are going to be close and personal anyway. May turn off enemy defenses from auras like Dark Shroud, Lions helm, or debuff enemy warlord traits, abilities and artifacts, that are auras...
      • With the changes to flyers in 9th, RAW means you can fly over the top of units and straight off the table, dropping your bombs without giving your opponents the chance to shoot back. As you get 1CP back every turn, you can effectively cripple one unit of your choice with the strategem and bomb pretty much any unit(s) you want with a free pivot before flying straight off the board again. Coming back onto the board is not considered movement (effectively it's deep strike) so neither bomb nor strat work on that round.

Stratoraptor: The dogfighter. Your Cognis Heavy Stubbers are complimented by two Heavy Phosphor Blasters and a Twin Cognis Lascannon. Indeed, the weapons are all made to wipe the floor with any priority targets in comparison to the Fusilave's carpet bombing. You'll certainly want the Chaff Launchers on this, since you are bristling with a lot of guns. Alternate take this is the best allrounder flyer as it is not dependent on your opponents list like the Fusilave. As taking the command uplink allows access to the strat that turns off auras which seems strong in certain matchups. Consider that this strat works on units while they are within 6", so if the plane goes down your CP's are wasted, but it is only 1 CP so it may be worth it as a fire magnet albeit a flimsy one...

Lords of War[edit]

See here for an in-depth discussion of Knights on their own; what matters to you is that Cawl, Domini, Manipuli, and Enginseers can fix Questor Mechanicus Knights, and any of the three or a Datasmith can propagate the Knight of the Cog stratagem onto them (they also have access to a new stratagem from our Codex, Rotate Ion Shields, but they can do that without any assistance from us at all). If you want to maximize the impact of this:

  • Datasmiths are the cheapest of the four options to propagate the Stratagem, but Enginseers are the cheapest that can both propagate and repair. In either case, none of your relics are directly relevant, and neither are your dogmas, but Monitor Malevolus will somewhat reduce the cost of maintaining Knight of the Cog, Chorister Technis will exponentially improve your ability to guarantee the Canticle you want (especially easy, as always, with Cawl on hand), and Necromechanic will greatly improve how reliably and quickly you can repair the Knight, which is one of the big reasons to bother with this combo in the first place.
  • The best Knight to take is the Crusader, since that's the only one not forced to take a melee weapon on one of its arms.
    • By default the Crusader is the best take because of how much firepower and anti-horde it wields. The only reason not to bring it is because the enemy is fielding some really, really tanky units that want to go toe-to-toe in CC, at which point you either want to bring the Atropos for titan-killing or some Armigers to wear your enemy's heavies down before your valuable stuff finishes them off.

Forge Worlds[edit]



In the grim darkness of the far future, wave after wave will be sent to the meatgrinder.

Thematically, Agripinaa is the defense forgeworld, having resisted chaos sieges for millennia.
Crunchwise they hold their ground with enhanced overwatch and wave after wave of disposable Kataphrons. If you love Kataphrons but the enemy kills and locks them in melee too fast for you to have fun, give this forgeworld a try.
When the Cadian gate breaks open and the enemy comes knocking on your door, let Agripinian steel crush the serpent 'neath their heel.

Staunch Defenders Overwatch on a 5 and 6.

    • Melee is the go-to method to shut down an AdMech gunline, so this dogma will come in handy A LOT, and your units are shooty enough that doubling their overwatch is going to be felt even by big models. Srsly I shot a Keeper of Secrets half to death in overwatch!.

Reinforced Exoskeleton All damage suffered by the warlord is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1.

  • Since characters cannot be usually targetted and sniper rifles are usually single damage (the MW is added separately), this trait helps your warlord survive power fists. -1D already cuts multidamage weapons' effectiveness in half.

Verse of Vengeance Infantry and Cavalry in a unit that die roll a d6. On a 5+, they can make one last shooting or melee attack before dying. Considering how easily you can dispose of your troops, you'd be wise not to waste them when you can help it.

Fresh Converts (1-3 CP) More like "Tide of Loyalists". You can recycle a unit of Servitors (Kataphron Breachers, Destroyers or regular Servitors). Costs 1 CP for a unit with a Power Rating of 5 or less (Servitors), 2 CP for PR 6-10, and 3 CP for a PR of 11-20 and no higher. Also, unlike the Chaos Space Marines, your now full strength unit has to walk on from your side of the battlefield. Revive expensive models that were already hard to kill? Hell yeah.

  • Destroyers can make use of this stratagem since their weapons have long-range and suffer no penalty for moving, but keep in mind a base unit of 3 is already 10PP, and you can not recycle a unit worth more than 20PP. Due to the way, it's worded ("Remove that unit and set it up somewhere else at full strength) this Stratagem would prevent the enemy from scoring First Blood.
    • As of the latest PL changes, kataphron breachers are now 5PL per three. Hence, a unit of 6 will only cost 2 CP to be returned, but more importantly, A FULL UNIT OF 12 CAN BE REVIVED FOR 3CP.

Eye of Xi-Lexum At the start of each of your shooting phases, pick one enemy vehicle within 18" of the bearer. You can re-roll to wound rolls of 1 for friendly Agripinaa units that target the unit you picked for the rest of the phase, rerolling all failed to wound rolls instead if you picked a Chaos Vehicle.

    • Your Neutron Lasers, Plasma Weapons, & Cognis Lascannons now hit and wound on a 3+ with a reroll or better. Use a CP for that one 2 you roll, and you are virtually guaranteed to automatically hit and wound your enemy's armoured support. Turning your Kataphrons' anti-infantry fire into decent anti-tank also takes off pressure from your Onagers. Great support relic.

Tactics: Agripinaa strategy is centered around their Destroyers, so you'll need to field some units of 6 (so they aren't all blasted away in a single turn) and bring at least 2 Battalions, because boosting them eats away your CP, and a single revival is all of your battleforged-CP. The Servitor Maniple can eat up a Battalion's worth of CP before the first turn: -1 for the formation, -1 for the Field Commander, -1 x 3 if you decide to give them Enhanced Bionics. Sure Raiment of the Technomartyr gives you enviable overwatch coverage, but can you afford it after the Eye of Xi Lexum? May need to call the Rusty 17.

  • Kataphron Conga-line: Servitor Maniple formation, boost them with the Eye of Xi-Lexum (so they can kill any target reliably) and place them near units they synergize with, like Dominus, Manipulus, Servitors, Kastellan, Vanguard screens, etc. They'll dish out lots of fire and draw lots in return, so keep reviving them with Biosplicing and Fresh Converts. That's half of your army; the other half should be exploiting the opportunities caused by the enemy being poked by and firing onto the Kataphrons: Ironstrider skirmishers can be useful. Though Cognis flamer Destroyers can take care of themselves, having a few units support them won't hurt.
    • For extra resilience, make the relic the Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land. After sacrificing a Servitor to resurrect a downed Kataphron with a single wound remaining, immediately heal him up for 1d3 re-rollable wounds using Master of Machines. With Acquisition at Any Cost for 2 CP, near an objective, either in cover or with Shroudpsalm up, get a nice 2+/4++ save for when your opponent realizes that he needs to remove them right now and watch them soak up an army's worth of firepower. And if they get too hammered, just resurrect them as stated above and watch your opponents horror as he realizes he has to do it all over again. We Necron now, boys.


Graia Skitarii Icon.png

In the grim darkness of the far future, the best planet is made by yourself with the will of Omnissiah.
The more fanatical of the worlds.
They refuse to flee but are hard to kill and don't care about shooting plasma during melee. They can also Have Vanguard fire point-blank.

Refusal to Yield Roll a d6 whenever a model with this dogma is slain or flees. On a 6, that model refuses to yield (gee, who woulda thunk), and either the model survives with 1 wound left, or it doesn't flee. However, FORGE WORLD units with this dogma cannot fall back unless a friendly FORGE WORLD character is on the field.

  • A decent Dogma, mainly useful on single wound models like massed Vanguard, though it might save a character or vehicle every now and then. Basically returns our troops to their 7th edition version. Does work to save your models from Gets Hot! deaths, unlike the FNP most models get since it blocks being slain, not mortal wounds, so you can go extra plasma happy with these folks.
    • Something to keep in mind: you roll one dice if it was a big damage-dealing shot, i.e Volcano cannon, but if you lose your last wound to 14 bolter shots then thats 14 dice roll's.

Emotionless Clarity Models in friendly GRAIA units within 6" of your warlord can shoot with Assault and Rapid Fire weapons as if they were pistols, but better since Rapid Fire weapons still get to shoot twice for being in close range. Friendly fire? Does not compute.

  • This is HUGE for Vanguard, Corpuscarii and Rangers, increasing their damage output by more than 500%, 300% and 376%, owing to them having more shots at higher BS and with special effects on 6s to wound compared to their regular fists. Not to mention you were already bringing Vanguard and Rangers, and they have a reason for being near your Dominus.
  • This isn't saying "go push Rangers into melee", but allows them to kick back even if the enemy ties them up (remember they only shoot in your turn), instead of instantly shutting down. That being said, you DO want Vanguard to shoot in melee since Rad saturation will now affect your guns, which make up most of their damage output: their Arc rifles now wound those T3 Space marines on a 2+, hitting on a 3+. Not to mention they are a support-melee squad with 18" range guns; it's not like melee is something new to them.
  • One nasty trick to keep in mind is making use of the Cybernetica Cohort strategem Strafing Fire Run, which turns all of a Kastelan Robot’s ranged weapons to Assault - allowing them to fire all their awesome guns into close combat like a pistol if the Warlord is nearby. This means that Genestealer unit that just charged them first turn and thinks it has them tied up unable to shoot is in for a nasty 9-shot-per-bot surprise (or a second round of flamer fire). Remember that the robots need to be in Aegis Mode at the start of the Movement Phase to activate this (but the effect stays even if you force them into Protector Mode before the Shooting Phase to double those shots), so if you want to do this you need to keep them in Aegis Mode until you think you’ll no longer need it.

Mantra of Discipline The affected unit can hit on a 5+ when shooting on Overwatch. Since you're already likely to be bringing big parties to the front, you'll want a way to ensure some casualties before melee.

Steel Mind, Iron Logic (1 CP) When an enemy psyker uses a power within 24" of a GRAIA unit, roll a d6. On a 4+, the power is nullified. Identical to the Black Templars' Abhor the Witch and World Eaters' Scorn of Sorcery stratagem.

The Cerebral Techno-Mitre Dominus only, +1 Command point if you have a battle-forged army. For obvious reasons, never take this in combination with the Stratagem for multiple relics.

Graia's Endlessly Enduring Electro-Priests: Take a full sized unit of Corpuscarii Electro-Priests, move them into close combat within 6" of your warlord. Now your Corpuscarii can unleash an ungodly amount of firepower in both the shooting and fight phases. In addition to this the Graia dogma allows for Electro-Priests to have a 5+ Invulnerable Save, then a 5+ Fanatical Devotion Save - or optionally a 6+ Refusal to Yield roll. The latter used to stack with the FNP but this was FAQ’d. It’s not totally redundant, however - the RFY will perform better against multi-damage hits (just one roll for a 6 damage hit instead of six if you used the FNP), and it also works to prevent morale losses. With this many saves your opponent is going to struggle to remove these guys from the board without expending a ridiculous amount of firepower. Fulgurite Priests also benefit from the Graia Dogma, as although they have no guns to shoot with the dogma combined with Siphoned Vigour makes them far more durable than a Toughness 3 model with a single wound has any right to be.

Graia's Vengeful Vanguard Take one or two full sized units of Skitarii Vanguard with Data Tethers, make sure they're close to your warlord (with Emotional Clarity), and see them live up to their name. Your opponents face will drop when he realizes that those squishy looking cyborgs are slightly harder to kill than usual thanks to the FNP ability. Next he'll note that his men are feeling queasy being near your radio-active bucket-heads (-1 on toughness). Those making it to the next shooting phase will find themselves staring down the barrel of a triple shot rifle which your unit has no issue shoving down their throat before pulling the trigger. Your Skitarii Vanguard will be able to shoot in close combat, and thanks to their radio-active aura, will wound most troops on a 3 or a 4. Regardless of whether you're outnumbered two to one, your shooting phase will become a devastating affair. Use the Protector Doctrine for a +2 to hit and enjoy the rerolls provided by your Dominus. You can give your warlord the Omniscient Mask and use the Conqueror Doctrine for a second round of pain in the Combat Phase. In addition; you can consider using the Canticle 'Doctrine of Might', giving your Vanguard perhaps that little push to finish the job.



In the grim darkness of the far future, space itself bends to the will of the Machine God.
One of the Durable mobility worlds, Lucius is resistant against anti-GEU weapons and can Teleport in Deathstars.
Lucius specializes in the durable Infantry side of the Mechanicus, Shrugging off Autocannons, and placing up to a 30 man anywhere on the board.
Surprise Electro-Priests or robots will wreck.

The Solar Blessing AP-1 attacks made against a unit with this dogma are treated as if they had AP0 instead.

  • Useful since AP-1 is pretty common: gauss flayers, bolt rifles, rending claws, chainaxes, heavy bolters/flamers, assault/autocannons, etc.
  • You'll probably choose this Forgeworld for their Deep Strike stratagem rather than this trait, though.

Superior Bionics +1 to your warlord's invulnerable saves.

Luminescent Blessing +1 to the affected unit's invulnerable saves to a cap of 4+. Absolutely handy for protecting a deep-striking force.

Legio Teleportarium (1 CP) During deployment, use this Stratagem to set up a LUCIUS unit in reserves instead of deploying; at the end of any of your Movement Phases you can deep strike it anywhere that is more than 9" away from opposing models. This is why you pick Lucius as your Forgeworld. We didn't get many transports, but look on the bright side, every single unit in our entire fucking army now has the ability to deep strike.

The Solar Flare Once per game, at the end of your movement phase the bearer can teleport instead of moving normally. When they do so, remove them from the battlefield and place them anywhere that is within 30" of their starting position and more than 9" away from any enemy.

    • An immensely useful relic on an already popular forge world, the solar flare can allow a character to teleport away from a dangerous melee unit or next to an objective in the hope of securing it. If you teleport a unit of Kastelan next to the enemy, you can use this relic to send a Dominus or Datasmith to support them (just remember Battle protocols are changed at the beginning of the movement phase).
  • Lucius' Reality Rifting Robo-Rampage: Spend 1 CP during deployment to prepare a unit of Kastelan Robots (up to 6 robots!) with Fists to teleport at the end of any of your movement phases (except turn 1). In the battle round you plan to teleport them, pick Chant of the Remorseless Fist Canticles for re-roll 1s during fighting. (Don't pick Invocation of Machine Might. Kastelan Fists are +4S, adding to base 6S. There aren't many cases where S11 will benefit over S10). Once in CC, spend another CP to permanently change the robots to Conqueror Protocol with the Binharic Override strategem. Charge is a separate phase now, soak up overwatch with Aegis protocol first, or survive a round if the charge fails. Once in CC, you get to punch everything twice. The datasmith counts as a separate unit so you can't teleport him with the robots, but on the plus side you can use that stratagem at any phase instead of just at the beginning of the battle round, allowing you to change the protocol right after you charge and rock-em-sock-em robots them to death. Or give the Lucius relic to the datasmith (deep strike at 30" distance) to change protocols later and repair the robots.
  • Holy Requisitioner 2.0: Spend 2 CP during deployment to put 5x Kastelan Robots and 9x Kataphron Destroyers into reserves. Also be sure to give your Dominus the Solar Flare. This makes the maximum possible amount of your army immune to alpha strikes. On turn two, deploy them and teleport your Dominus. Unleash 9D6 plasma, 9RF phosphor, and 90 heavy phosphor shots at your enemy. Use Neospheric Mindlock and Elimination Volley so your Robots will be hitting on 4s and your Kataphrons on 2s while being safe from overheating.
    • Use Daedalosus if there is a threat that really needs to die.
    • The other half of your army should be used to secure a drop zone and to sprint to objectives once the other half of your army arrives.



In the grim darkness of the far future, only faith in the machine will save us.

Thematically, Mars is the exemplar. The first and holiest forgeworld, the heart of the entire Adeptus Mechanicus.
Crunchwise, while some forgeworlds are defined by the gimmicks that differentiate them from the red planet, Mars itself focuses on what differentiates the Adeptus Mechanicus from other factions: your Canticles and sheer firepower.
Make your enemies kneel before the glory of the Omnissiah with prayer and Martian Might!

Glory to the Omnissiah When rolling for Canticles, roll twice. All units with this dogma receive the benefits of both Canticles that are rolled for, unless a duplicate result is rolled. Cawl's special ability can fix that downside. This reliably gets you the Canticle you want multiple times in addition to an extra free army-wide rule, which is good on itself.

  • If you have multiple detachments on the table from different Forge Worlds, the first roll will affect both detachments, and the Mars detachments will roll a second time for their extra Canticle. As such, whether a Chorister Technis is from Mars or not, he can only reroll 1 dice at best. Still, that's a nice 87.5% chance of getting that Canticle again and again instead of picking it once and praying for it afterwards like non-Cawl plebs do.

Static Psalm-Code Add 3" to the range of your Warlord's aura abilities (except Master of Machines). Cawl starts with this trait, and my-oh-my does he benefit from it!

Pangyric Procession All heavy weapons on the affected unit suffer no penalty for moving and firing. On top of that, all equipped heavy weapons also add +1 to their strength. In case you really wanted to nail those big boys with the Kataphrons.

Wrath of Mars (2 CP) Use this before a MARS unit in your army attacks in the shooting phase. Each time you roll a 6 to-wound, the target suffers a mortal wound in addition to any other damage. Combo with Protector Imperatives for extra-sharp cheddar.

  • Hilarious with a squad of Vanguard in Cawl/Dominus range. Lets an 90 point troop unit shit out nearly 6 mortal wounds a turn (If you can afford it).
  • Also amazing with Flechette Blasters; A 200 point unit of Sicarian Infiltrators with Flechette Blasters will put out around 8 mortal wounds per shooting phase.
  • Another option is Corpuscarii Electropriests, given their high volume of shots and their taser effect. 20 of them will pump out almost 80 hits with Cawl rerolls, which turns into around 13 mortal wounds.
  • With either Daedealosus or the shooty Doctrina, they can shit out 105 HITS on average. Against a Knight, you do an average of 17.5 Mortal Wounds, as well as another slightly less than 12 against armour, over 22 if you use the -2AP stratagem as well, or 17.5 if you use the stratagem and the Knight has Rotate Ion Shields, Ion Bulwark, or Armour of the Sainted Ion, totalling a minimum of 29 wounds and a maximum of 39. Kastelan Robots, eat your processors out. The only problem is getting them there, but with Ninth on the way and the new Strategic Reserves rules, that shouldn't be much of a problem...
  • The OBVIOUS choice, is a squad of buzz lightyears(Kastellan robots) with phosphor blasters, just the sheer number of shots you can pull out means you'll get salt from everyone.

The Red Axe Replaces an Omnissian Axe, vastly increasing it AP. S+1 AP-5 D2. Looks scary, but armour save can only be lowered so much before reaching an invuln or be outright wasted. The Pater Cog-Tooth, with its boost to Str and Dmg, will serve you better.

Belisarius Cawl A must have for any list. 9-inch aura of full re-rolls in the shooting phase? (6" +3" from Mars' WT) Yes please. Oh, you're not Mars? You are, you just dress differently *wink*. Another great thing is the control his +/-1 to Canticles of the Omnissiah gives you, increasing your chance for Shroudpsalm to 3/4 and nullifying the risk of a repeated Canticle. He's a beast of a unit still, hard to kill and with huge damage up-close which you won't get to see because you'll want him sitting back supporting your big guns. Unfortunately, no transports can cart him around (damnit). When it comes out, he can be carted around in a Triaros to buff gunlines in the front the backfield. With the new PDFs 20 unit squads of Secutarii are currently one of the best bodyguards for him. Switching between Peltasts and Hoplites were possible. Careful, as Forgeworld can be expensive. Even conversion kits.

    • In terms of weaponry, Cawl is well armed. His ranged weapon is the Solar Atomizer, the great grandmother of all Melta Guns with Assault D3, S10, AP4 and Damage 3. His melee weapons are also good. He has the standard Omnissian Axe, Decent for MEQs but average against everything else. The Arc Scourge hits at S10 AP-1. It wounds more often than his axe but has less AP than it and the average DMG is still 2, and only against vehicles. Unlike the other "Power Fists" style weapons it hits with no penalties. After he fights with either, the Mechadendrite Hive allows him to make 2D6 additional attacks at his normal strength of 5--just mean after four S6/S10 rolls. Self-repair Mechanisms gives Cawl the ability to regain D3 lost wounds at the beginning of your turns. With eight wounds this makes him quite tanky. While he can't fight Primarchs for too long, charging him without a tarpit or a meat shield is a bad idea when combined with Solar Atomizer overwatch. They also can't self heal like he can. No one is dumb enough to charge into optimal Melta range. Well, well, almost no one.
  • Remember, Cawl allows you to re-roll ANY hit rolls in the shooting phase, not just misses.
  • Master of Machines grants him the ability to repair any friendly imperium model within 3" by 1 wound, except himself. Without caring even a little bit about its other keywords - he can repair infantry, cavalry, whatever. AdMech units get d3 wounds healed instead, though. I guess 10000 years of min maxing yourself lets you do these things. This means he can shoot, assault, self heal, and repair his tarpit bodyguard indefinitely if your opponent fails to table him.
      • Note: Master of Machines can only repair units, it does not also bring models back like an Apothecary, so if you seek a tarpit use some Kataphrons.

Cawl's Moving Castle: Basically a continuation of the most viable Index build. Big daddy Cawl and a whole bunch of Kastelans set to Protector mode. You can switch protocols in turn one now, via the Binharic Override Stratagem. Combine it with the Wrath of Mars Stratagem to delete whatever unit is in front of you off the table with 18 re-rollable S6 cover-ignoring AP-2 shots that deal mortal wounds on To-Wound rolls of 6 per model.

  • For overkill, add in a unit of destroyers and the Elimination Volley Stratagem for extra accuracy. Expensive in every sense of the word.

Mars' Infiltrator Ambush: This combo relies on a 10-man squad of infiltrators with blasters and the Wrath of Mars Stratagem. Normally, 50 str 3, ap - shots aren't very impressive, but the pseudo-rend effect granted by the stratagem can prove to be a nasty shock for the unprepared. To top it off, most opponents familiar with Ad mech won't be expecting such an alpha strike in a non-Lucius list.


Metalica Skitarii Icon.png

In the grim darkness of the far future, the relentless noise of machinery deafens the weak.

In fluff, Metalica is as close to machines as possible, and that's just how they like it. Their world is scorched clean of life and covered in metal, and the sounds of their industry are deafening.
In the crunch, they are relentless and efficient, not letting something like close combat or assaulting get in the way of them shooting. They are all about movement, whether it's assaulting with rapid fire weapons to get just into range, or using their warlord trait to ensure that your key units aren't tarpitted, you can and will show them the ordered might of the Omnissiah!
Book of Rust hasn't tampered with this role, but it has given Metalica a few more tricks so they can be a bit more customized.

Relentless March When a unit with this dogma advances, it treats its Rapid Fire weapons as Assault weapons until the end of the turn. Additionally, it does not suffer the -1 to shoot after advancing with Assault weapons (which stacks).

  • It's not like getting units on point turn one like Lucius and Stygies do, but on the upside, this costs no CP. And the enhanced speed lessens your need for transports and fast dragoons while making life easier for your Corpuscarii. Note Rapid Fire X becomes Assault X, which prevents the extra shot at close range if they advance.
  • Ordered Efficiency If a friendly Metalica unit is within 6" of the Warlord when it falls back, it can still shoot that turn (albeit with a -1 penalty to hit). This will teach anyone foolish enough to charge your Cognis flamer Destroyers to think it better next time.
  • The enemy can no longer prevent Ballistarii from shooting, since now they can still hit on 2+ after Falling Back (Protector Doctrine), in addition to their Cognis Overwatch (3+), Rage of the Machine Advance (3+) and regular Protector Doctrine movement (2+) Stratagems, meaning the enemy can neither outrun it or distract it. All while rerolling 1s for being close to the Dominus. Its ballistic skill doesn't feel moving or running, or melee, and it absolutely will not stop shooting, ever, until you are dead.
  • This will win you games and is a strong reason to go Metallica on its own. Keeps your heavy guns (Onagers, Ironstriders and Kastellans) and shooty infantry (Kataphrons, Vanguard, and Rangers) safe in case they get charged and hey whaddayaknow most of those units can find a way of nullifying the to-hit penalty with Protector Doctrina strategem (or even get BETTER to-hit). Watch your opponent’s face when he realizes the Onager he’d just tied up with his FLY unit steps back and unloads.
    • Speaking from personal experience, this dogma is great at counteracting CC and alpha strike lists. Most opponents who lack the means of killing your units from a distance will attempt to rob your troops and vehicles of their shooting via charging into them and making them fall back. This negates that problem and allows you to keep blasting your opponents dudes with almost reckless abandon.
  • Master Annihilator: During the Command phase, pick one Metalica unit within 6" of the warlord. This unit adds +1S and +6" to the range of any radium weapons they own that aren't relics. The vanguards will absolutely enjoy this, as they're now even further away from those meddlesome bolters alongside being able to ding a marine even if they don't trigger poisoning.
  • Ashrunner: Your warlord gains +3" movement and +1 to Strength. Truth be told, your HQs really shouldn't be that close to fight, though the extra speed might be more palatable.
  • Radioactive Emanation: Your warlord has a 6" aura of cancer like the vanguards. This might make a suicide enginseer more palatable and can definitely be appreciated on a melee Manipulus.

Tribute of Emphatic Veneration: Any attacks within 9" (melee and range) of the affected unit take -1 to hit. Man, does this have uses. It rewards aggressive moment with defensive buffs, as opposed to playing a game of keep-away. It makes melee Mechanicus harder to remove, especially when dealing with units that aren't melee centric themselves. Need to protect a unit as they move into position? Now you have some cover!

  • Blaring Glory (1 CP): Select an enemy unit within 6" of a METALICA unit during either the fight or shooting phase. This unit cannot re-roll anything, which can be absolutely EVIL.
  • Deafening Assault (1 CP): Use at the start of the Morale phase. Pick one of your METALICA units. All enemy units within 6" must subtract 1 from their leadership until the end of the phase. Good times with Infiltrators.
  • Extinction Order (1 CP): Select a single setpiece your warlord sees during the shooting phase. Until the end of the phase, any METALICA units that sit within 6" of the warlord gain +1 to wound when shooting an enemy unit that's hiding within the designated setpiece.
  • Knight of the Iron Cog: One House Raven unit gains the Canticles ability, despite lacking the Adeptus Mechanicus keyword.
  • March to War (1 CP): One METALICA unit advances 6" instead of needing to roll for it.
  • Omnissiah's Exaltation (1 CP): When an enemy unit takes a morale check within 6" of a METALICA unit, they suffer a -1 to that roll.
  • Order in Anarchy (1 CP): Nominate one METALICA unit during the Command phase. Whenever this unit fights an enemy within 12", they add +1 to hit.
  • Purity of the Machine (1/2 CP): When a METALICA unit shoots or fights, they can ignore any penalties, making this a very versatile perk to ride on. Costs 1 CP for infantry and 2 CP for vehicles.
  • Rad-Oversaturation (2 CP): At the start of any phase, you can boost the range of one Skitarii Vanguard unit's cancer aura to 6", making them more able to blast out any pests before they make a charge.
  • Adamantine Arm: Essentially a Servo-Arm that does a flat 3 damage and triples the user's Strength instead of doubling it. It's still just one hit, but on the bright side, it'll hit almost as hard as a Dreadnought.
  • Bionics of Veneration- 4++ and 3" aura that inflicts -1 to hit on enemies.
  • Delta pistol: Replace Gamma pistol, meaning Datasmith only. It's a flat upgrade 6", +4S, +2D over the regular one. Actually making the Datasmith more of a threat.
  • Metalican Lung: 3" aura that lets allies re-roll to wound enemies inside this aura. Again, something that your melee forces will love.
  • Omni-Sterilizer: Replaces an eradication ray, meaning Dominus only. The beam goes to Assault d3 with -2 to AP and +2 to D, making it way more of a menace, as it can literally eradicate some stray marines in one shot.

Metalica's White Tide: Corpuscarii Electro-Priests, Infiltrators and Sydonian Dragoons at the front, followed by Skitarii Vanguard. Corpuscarii make solid frontline soldiers for Metalica, seeing as Relentless March allows you to move them down the field quickly while maintaining their 3+ S5 Assault 3 TASER shooting efficiency. 5++/5+FNP and 6-9 hits per 5 models for Overwatch makes these guys relatively beefy and pretty intimidating for their point cost. Run your Tech-Priest Dominus behind them and take the Prime Hermeticon warlord trait. Now they're hitting on 3+ and rerolling 1s for shooting, as well as rerolling all failed hits in the Fight phase. The sheer number of S5 hits generated by these guys overtime will grind your enemy's forces into dust. Your Dragoons boost the leadership of all your guys by 1, and their Taser Lance is a freakin' S8 AP1 D2 deathstick. Infiltrators generate a ridiculous amount of hits with the Taser Goad when the Conqueror Doctrina Imperative stratagem is in effect, and their Neurostatic Aura, when combined with the Deafening Assault stratagem, will cause your enemy's units to melt before their eyes. Keep some squads of Vanguard armed with Plasma Calivers close by to take down anything too tanky, and watch as your army literally washes your opponent off the board. Did I forget to mention Taser? Because FUCKING TASER. BY THE MACHINE GOD, FUCKING TASER IS HERE.

  • As an alternative solution, you can also give your Dominus the Ordered Effeciancy warlord trait, which allows your dudes to fallback and shoot. Your priests will lose some of their punch, but they'll make it up in Overwatch by forcing your opponent to charge them again. And again. And again.

Metalica's Skirmishing Skitarii: Metalica's Forge World trait makes Rangers a little more capable. It turns their guns from Rapid Fire 1 to Assault 1 if they advance, meaning you can play your Rangers more aggressively. With their 30" range you can dash up the board and start making very early shots on your opponent. Keep in mind this rule only takes effect if you advance, meaning that you can advance one turn and get shots in as an Assault weapon, then a later turn if you want to let the opponent get in half range you still get the Rapid Fire Benefit. This is good if you're up against a close-ranged enemy because you can be in a position to shoot them, but they can't shoot you. Combine with Protector Doctrina Imperative strategem and a Data Tether to hit more shots and to turn those 4's into 6's, giving you more AP -1 hits. Arc Rifles are Rapid Fire as well so consider running a squad with them to be your vehicle hunters. Overall a good tactic at lower point games but starts to lose its strength around 1000 points. Probably not worth trying at 1500 and above.

  • Considering that Rangers and Vanguard are 9ppm, and 5pt EDTs are now a thing, you can actually field a surprisingly large number of these guys, and expect them to last for a while. Leave room for some Dragoons to boost leadership, some arc rifles for vehicles and some plasma calivers for TEQ, and you can end up with a pretty effective pseudo-space marine horde list.



In the grim darkness of the far future, firepower alone won't be enough.

Thematically, while Ryzans are masters of plasma, their protracted war against the orks has forced them to develop aggressive close combat doctrines.
Crunchwise, where ranged elements already stand out in AdMech armies, Ryza boosts your sometimes overlooked melee infantry. This way they become a balanced offensive force with many options, so that they're not confined to a single gimmick like other forces are.
Bring ruination to your enemy both at range and face to face, until you're drenched Red in Cog and Claw!

Red in Cog and Claw Can re-roll wound rolls of 1 in the fight phase.

  • Yeah, the Admech has great firepower, but half your unit choices also have melee rules, plus transports and the Fast melee units have arrived. You can combine increased wounding (especially benefitting Pteraxii Sterylizors, Fulgurite & Ruststalkers) with ways to improve hit rate (Omnissian Mask/Prime Hermeticon/Conqueror Doctrina). Infiltrators and Dragoons, and also Ruststalkers and melee Kastelans, have a bit of an easier time reaching the enemy to put this dogma to use.

First-hand Field Testing +1S and +1D to a non-relic weapon carried by the warlord. (Apparently, they are the only forge world that still innovates and tries to improve their gear.)

  • Ryzan Magi have access to relic alternatives for their Omnissian axe, phosphor serpenta, and volkite blaster...but they can only have one relic. This WT can be used to stack on toys without having to pay CP for them.
  • The Eradication Ray is a good target for this trait, turning into a small blast autocannon. Since Ryza also wants to be in close you'll get plenty of use from the 8" upgrade, but then you could put out even more potential damage with a strength 6 ap-3 DAMAGE 3 axe. Omnissian Thunder Hammer, anyone?
  • Also, the macro stubber can wipe a 5-man termie squad in a single lucky round of shooting, or maybe use the shoot twice for 1cp to rape plague marines and rubrics.

Citation in Savagery +1AP to melee. A nice buff for a lot of our melee units.

Plasma Specialists (1 CP) Use during the shooting phase. Pick a Ryza unit and add 1 to the wound rolls and damage for all plasma weapons.

  • Since +1 to wound is better than mere +1Str, it allows supercharged Str8 plasma to be an effective vehicle killer, wounding even Dreadnoughts on a 2+ for 3 Damage.
  • You can also combine it with the Sector Mechanicus Plasma Feed stratagem to gain a further +1 strength and damage. This will let you wound all but the toughest tanks on a 2+ and deal 4 damage per wound.

Weapon XCIX: Aka Weapon 99 (or "ekseeaieks"), replaces a Volkite Blaster. 24" Heavy 3 Str7 AP-1 D2, with wound rolls of 6+ causing an additional Mortal Wound. While better than the Phosphoenix itself, the combination of Volkite+Phosphoenix does more damage than XCIX+Serpenta, even when it's enhanced by Ryza WT. There are better options.

  • It is still a 24" 3-shot autocannon. There are worse choices.

Ryza's Plasma Barbecue: Run a full squad of 12 Kataphron Drestroyers with Plasma Culverins and flamers, backed up by 2 Kastelan robots. The Elimination Volley Stratagem gives them both +1 to hit. Ryza's Plasma Specialists Stratagem, a tech priest dominus and a thorough disregard for your opponents fun gives you 12d6 Str 8 AP -3 D3 shots with +1 to wound and re-rolling ones to hit out to 36". For added horror because Kataphrons are infantry this can be combine it with the Infoslave Skull stratagem to disintegrate units deepstriking within 12", although probably without the overcharge.

  • Consider using Plasma Feed if it is available, for 12d6 S9 AP-3 D4 shots. This is capable of frying almost 8 Leman Russ Battle Tanks on average.

Ryza's Plasma Barbecue: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo: Run a full squad of 10 Vanguard, give them an Enhanced Data-tether, and 3 Plasma Calivers. Activate the Protector Doctrina Imperative Stratagem to hit with almost all of your shots, overcharge your Plasma Calivers to S8 D2, then activate Ryza's Plasma Specialists Stratagem to give +1 to To Wound rolls and +1 damage per shot. Assuming you have a Dominus in range, you now have 6 AP2 plasma shots that will almost all hit (2+ rerollable), deal 3 damage per shot, and wound t7 vehicles on 2s and knights on 3s - typically 14.58 damage (12.5 without the Dominus) for the paltry cost of 2 Command Points.

  • Consider using Plasma Feed if it is available, for +1 to Strength and another +1 to damage.

Stygies VIII[edit]

Stygies viii flag.jpg

In the grim darkness of the far future, innovation is the only way forward.
Stygies VIII specializing in both speed and durability.
Vanguarding lets units get a head start and -1 to hits make your shooter durable.
Ideal for your chicken walkers and Walking Tanks.

Shroud Protocols Your opponent must subtract 1 from their to-hit rolls when shooting at units with this dogma if they are more than 12" away.

  • Same as the Alpha Legion and Raven Guard. If you want durable infantry and vehicles this is your Forgeworld, provided you keep your distance. Greatly increases the survivability of your Vanguard and Dragoons much more than Graia's 6+ FnP ever could (unless you are fighting Melee armies), not to mention it makes your enemy's plasma explode easier. It counters ranged armies and it's vulnerable to deepstriking ones, but Infiltrators are a thing. Also unlocks Stygies VIII's Infiltration Stratagem, which immensely helps out with this army's lack of transports. All in all, you can't go wrong with this one.

Xenarite Studies Warlord has +1 to any wound rolls made against Xeno armies. If facing Xenos armies, this makes Volkite nasty...

Plea of the Veiled Hunter The affected unit gets to shoot on the same turn they fell back, though they fire at a -1 penalty to hit. This way, you'll always be layering on something to an enemy.

Clandestine Infiltration (1 CP) Use the first battle round. A Stygies VIII unit can move 9" but not within 9" of the enemy.

  • It gives a Stygies VIII unit a free pre-game 9" move on a 1 for 1cp basis. This is better than it seems because, when you account for deployment zones and whatnot, this allows for at worst a 10" first-turn charge (if you do a silly, and march up Servitors), though in most situations, winning the Initiative will net you a better than 3" charge with your best assault units (1" charge with Dragoons or Sicarians, 3" for everything else that isn't a generic Servitor).

Relic: The Omnissiah's Hand: Roll a die at the end of each fight phase for each unit within 1" of the bearer. On a 4+, the unit suffers a Mortal Wound, its something?

Stygies VIII's Electronic Infiltration Boogaloo: Get a full unit of 20 Fulgurite Electro-Priests or two, pregame move them near your enemy with the Forgeworld specific Clandestine Infiltration, activate the Chant of the Remorseless Fist canticle to reroll 1's in close combat, then charge the thing you want dead. It will die. Your 20 dudes will now have a permanent 3++ save and will be in your enemy's face. If whatever you faced somehow didn't die because the dice gods hate you, you can always activate the Zealous Congregation Stratagem to have them fight again in the same turn. Costly in terms of Command Points, but whatever you're facing will be deader than dead.

Starting Your Army[edit]


There is a new Start Collecting Box and it is pretty awesome. You have your standard unit of 10 Ranger/Vanguards and a Enginseer, not the coolest thing ever. But then you get a Skorpius. A few of these and you have your infantry of choice and either their rides or the best Mechanicus tank lined up and ready to go.

Army Composition and tactics[edit]

There are three general styles of admech play at present and with 9th so fresh not enough data to support what is best...

A big circle round Cawl and Your WL with either extra hits on 6's WL trait or extra AP at half range WL trait. The idea is to buff our vehicles (Disintegrators, dakka bots and Onagers) and shoot your opponent off the table. Its weakness is that it's not great at holding objectives and in order to stay within the buff ranges most of your points end up clustered in a small area. Tabling your opponent doesn't mean victory. This list struggles to score primaries and secondaries but... if your opponent's tabled, they're not scoring either. So low scores all round and you might scrape the win.

Take a bunch of D-Day landers (transports), fill them with infantry and/or Secutarii, storm the beaches, rush to the objectives and hold them. Often a custom FW. This is our mechanised option and the TAC variant and is often supported by some backfield artillery fire in a second Stygies detachment. (Cawl isn't worth it if you can't feed him enough units to buff so the survival option is generally better.) A nice all-round option, but the more specialist options may outperform it if played correctly. This style also has the advantage of letting you lean more into infantry or vehicles, giving you more flexibility in how you want to grow your list. Unlike with the Skitarii horde, if the lascannons are hitting your boats they're not hitting your artillery. Its downsides are that it is not as killy as the castle and not as great at the mission as the horde but neither does it have their weaknesses.

Take 6 large units of Vanguard, 3 max units of Raiders, 3 units of 10 Hoplites and some Corpuscarii reserves, and we have the core of a Skitarii horde. Take in Ryza or an expansionist Forgeworld and swarm the objectives- this is the board control list. You're gonna be a lot less shooty than the others, but you're not limited by the need to play within buff range. While our infantry is pretty solid for its points meaning they can hold the board and objectives. This is a build designed to play the mission, not kill your opponent. The other problem with the horde is that if you try and add one or two vehicles to it, all your opponents' lascannons or equivalent will target them and they will evaporate, whereas if you have no vehicles, the lascannon are wasted on a Vanguard. In practice this means ignoring our vehicle options.

Modeling Tips[edit]

Kastelan Robots are still derpy Baymaxes. And as mentioned before electro-priests look like ass. You might be screwed on the priests, but we do not need to settle for the derpbot 9000.

  • The cheapest and easiest way to improve their look is to simply rotate the head 180 degrees and lower them further into the torso. That will give you a much cooler domed head with a smaller silhouette, and a more sinister and inhuman appearance.
  • wargameexclusive.com makes alternate resin heads for Kastelans. Or pretty cheap Penitent-Engine-looking alternatives if you wanna go that way. If you like those models, they also make a female Dominus (Domina?) and Kataphrons WITH LEGS. And a pin-up version of the Tech-Priests and some Skitarii for Promotions.
  • Forge World does make the Castellax which looks godly (and a little bit like the Hulkbuster) but is a tad expensive. You can kitbash a Datasmith with a spare TPD (every Admech player should have a ton left over from SC and Forgebane boxes) and some Skitarii/Sicarian bits. Keep in mind when (if) the 30k dataslates drops you will need to do some work to make your Castellax and kit-bash Kastelans stand out from each other.
  • Or if you have some Kataphron bits left over conversions may solve some problems. Flip the head around to the smooth side, leave the thigh armor off and your Kastelans start looking better.
  • Gluing the barrel of the Heavy Grav Gun in place of the Incendine Combustor for a good-looking shoulder gun. If you have any Grav-guns from Space Marines left over (please say you do) glue them to the back of the Power Fists and voila. Even better, use the grav-bit from combi-weapons. Take two, glue onto the back of the fist, then grab the armor off the top of the razorback turret and glue over the grav.
  • Glue the "three sensors" bit from the sensors/comms of the Icarus Dunecrawler kit onto the Katelan's face plate for the Armored Trooper VOTOMS look.
  • There's also a shapeways store for bits that resemble FW Castellax. Link here:https://www.shapeways.com/shops/stahlgeist-eisenfabrik
  • New Years Open Day 2019 at Warhammer World revealed new "Ambot" sculpts for Necromunda, seen here: [1]. A few gun swaps, as these come with wrist bolters and no shoulder cannon, and you'll have suitably bad-ass robots, finally. Just keep in mind the Ambots are significantly shorter than the Kastelan, however each Ambot kit comes with twice the amount of legs required so some converting can make them tall enough.

For the Electro-priests take some Servitors. Grabbing the Extra Arc claws and Hydralic Fists and put those on and you have electric dudes with melee weapons.

  • For the Corpuscarii Priests using the Heavy Bolter Servitor and replacing the barrel with an Arc Rifle might be enough.
  • Mix the Electro-priests kits with some Empire Flagellants for good looking fanatics.
  • If you have any Ranger heads left over from a skitarii troops box, a bit of crafty knife work to flatten the joint can make excellent alternatives for electro-priests.
  • Another option are the Negavolt Cultists from Blackstone Fortress, if you want a more creepy, servitorish look.
    • Alternate Route: Use this for both budget and style, you see those Skitarii you have lying around? Go onto Forge World and check out the Hoplites kit, while using Hoplites as counts as might cause issues with certain players. They look better than the original "gym bro" models, are cheaper than buying two kits of priests, and it makes a lot more sense.

Blackstone Fortress comes with UR-025, an Imperial Robot model. Snap off the Assault Cannon barrel and stick some leftover Kataphron guns for Breachers.

Hereteking It Up[edit]

Every techpriest makes compromises with their given situation. You're no different, you think a gun or a bit looks a little weak, you find some aspect lacking, you need your army to have a bit more something to it. Do not worry, for the Omnissiah has planted some wonderful gifts within some dusty tomb upon some backwater planet.

Simply put, kitbashing Necron bits onto your dudes is significantly easier than you imagine. Despite being completely new to the hobby, I managed to add a bunch more charm and stuff to my dudes. All the while remaining completely budget. In this section I'll cover how you can use these STCs to your advantage.

Special Weapon spam is very common with Skiitari, issue is that only one of each type is given. Necron players tend to have a lot of extra guns lying around. As such lets just use theirs!

    • For plasma the Deathmark guns work the best in my opinion. While over sized, the sleek design combined with the cooler look makes them the best candidate for a Assault weapon. Clip off the arm resting the weapon at the hand, while it may be a bit skuffed, it will fit seamlessly with any mechanicus arm you have. Cut off the hand holding the gun under. Then just glue the sucker on!
    • For Arc Rifles we use the Tesla Carbine. Once again the size might be an issue but the look is blessed, very similar process. Go ham.
    • The Super Sniper Rifle is trouble. Haven't done this myself but a gauss flayer might work.

Kataphrons can bring some pretty eh responses from people, whether it be the treads, heads, or the things that make xenos deads. There are things to improve upon it.

    • The Treads are the hardest part to change. A destroyer base could be used but i found the process to be rough. A heavy destroyer might work but then it all starts to be expensive. At this point your on you own. May the Machine God be with you!
    • Kataphron heads have been described as "too Fleshy" by many friends of mine. As such one can use the Death Mark or Destroyer heads instead. They're completely metal, fit better than you'd expect, and also are hilariously heretekal and will manage to piss off both your local Necron player and every Imperium nerd around you.
    • The killy bits are meh, the only main gun I have issues with are the Arc Rifle. Meanwhile the side guns for the Destroyers look... weak. For the Arc rifle a Tesla Cannon or Gauss weapon could work. For the Destroyer side guns a Gauss Blaster looks MUCH better.
    • If the model itself doesn't jive with your machine spirit, you could always go for Myrmidon Destructors and then start gluing Necron bits to it. Though this might be more costly.
    • Gauss weapons can be deconstructed to grab the pylon looking bits in them. They make good props and can fit onto more then you can imagine, them make good backpacks.
    • Necron torsos, chest plates, etc. Are good terrain pieces, they can also be used to additionally fortify Kataphrons.
    • See those Flayed Ones? Now look at those Rust-walkers, go ham.
    • The C'tan Void Dragon's wings could be placed upon a Dominus. Praise the Wings of the Machine God!

General tactics[edit]

  • Forge Worlds usually dictate what kind of list to run (see that section). But, basically, there are natural synergies between Forge Worlds and list templates.
    • Mars (with Cawl, obviously): vehicle and shooting.
    • Stygies: protecting transports for our CC techno-priests.
    • Ryza: plasma kataphrons
    • Lucius: all-around lists, since the buffs help all of our units: spam infantry with a potential 5++, ignoring -1AP; run some bots that can tank a ton of shots at 2+/3++ (in shooting--natural 5++, with +1 to save rolls, becomes a 4++ with +1 to save rolls under Lucius canticle).
    • Graia: infantry spam with 6+++ is decent, though the shooting in CC is the reason to run this Forge World and an infantry spam list.
    • Agripinaa: kataphron spam lists are best, since you get both the canticle to shoot/fight on death, but also the recycle servitors for dead kataphrons.
    • Metalica: there's a natural tendency to run infantry spam, but one could argue that a shooty Mars-like list should work well since the main tactic here would be to use the fall back and shoot WLT. The difference, obviously, is that you cannot castle up and just delete things off the board. Instead, you will want to move that blob around and have your WL out in the front-ish lines. Why? Because the Metalica canticle gives your enemy -1 to hit within 9" (including melee).

Specific Enemy Tactics[edit]

Against Chaos[edit]

Against Imperium[edit]

Against Xenos[edit]


Fortunately, AdMech in 9th Edition is overall a pretty solid army, with most options covered. However, we also suffer no real penalties for taking allies (only that you need an AdMech WL to get the faction canticle). Obviously, points spent outside AdMech also lowers the effectiveness of our numerous buffs, so make sure you are maximizing the areas we lack if you start to soup.

Aside from a Graia strat, which you can soup in..., we have no answer to psychic nonsense. So, the Inquisition is a natural ally for us--and free through the "Agents" detachment designation.

  • A single Inquisitor is probably best, and particularly a basic one is dirt cheap and allows you to have some of your own psychic powers (and importantly deny one, too).
  • Another reason to take an Inquisitor is the leadership buff that can help out our low LD infantry in the front lines.
    • Xenos-Hunter: Kitted out at 88 points (and -1 CP): Simple Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos, WLT: Esoteric Lore, Psyker (Smite & another power), Bio-Corrosive Weapons Relic, Daemon Hammer and Combi-Melta.
      • Put this bad boy in a drill with your Fulgurites (and a Manipulus with Hermeticon), and he will be shooting a buffed Melta shot, rerolling hits and wounds against XENOS, and can charge in with four Daemon Hammer hits, rerolling both hits and wounds--and wounding all non-vehicles on 2s anyway.

Obviously, there is a lot of synergy with Mechanicus Knights, and Knights are cool. Only problem is that the new detatchment rules make taking one knight CP expensive. Taking 3 and using AdMech as an ally could be strong but then you're more of a knights than an AdMech list... If you chose not to take melee units from the Admech, Amiger Warglaives have strong potential while adding anti-tank. S single Castellan with 3 Dunecrawlers is most likely all the anti-tank you'll ever need.

AdMech has some nice medium melee options but nothing super killy. Adding in SM, BA, Custodes or SoB can plug this gap nicely especially in a Skitarii horde, as all of these have killy infantry. Really fluffy with running IronHands.

Non LoS artillery is something AdMech lack. Sure we have disintegrators, but nothing like guard wyvern or basilisks

Keep in mind that these are merely suggestions, and are prone to change based on new rules, stratagems, and units. Feel free to play with this as you will. Remember, these are your cyberpunk dudes.