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This is the current Edition's Adeptus Ministorum/Adepta Sororitas tactics. Previous Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Adeptus Ministorum[edit]

Your codex, with some of the best cover art.

Because you're a proud warrior of faith, who wants to give glory to the Emperor in all his wonder and destroy the abominations of alien, mutant, and heretic which pervade this most unclean galaxy. Because you want to move fast and strike hard on the tabletop, with beautiful miniatures and plenty of options for exciting paint schemes. Because you want to march to war with a mix of the powerful, vicious Sisters of Battle who purge their enemies with a holy trinity of bolter, flamer, and melta, and the tormented warriors of the Ecclesiarchy who fight because that's all that's left to them beyond their faith.

The Adeptus Ministorum codex covers the forces of the Ecclesiarchy, also known as the Imperial Cult, it is the official organized religion of the Imperium of Man. While it has some other militant arms, its primary armed force is the Adepta Sororitas, the Sisters of Battle, and they make up the lion's share of the units in the codex and get the majority of the attention.


  • Sisters units have access to the unique Miracle Dice mechanic, where they generate dice with a specific roll that can be saved for later, like when you absolutely need to deal 6 damage to that character to kill him before he can kill you.
  • Adepta Sororitas makes a powerful melee horde faction with the proper buffs, but still has plenty of shooty options for support.
  • All Sisters have an invulnerable save that starts as a 6++ and can be buffed up to a 4++
  • You embody grimdark in a new, beautiful, and horrifying way.
  • Sisters have strong Subfaction abilities.
  • They have a unique rule called Sacred Rites, which allows your Adepta Sororitas units to gain a special rule for the entire game. You can either pick 1 or roll 2.
  • With a primarily new and up to date model line, Sisters have the best of both worlds with regard to old and new GW kit design - their kits are jam packed full of parts you need and parts you want, such as spare bits and all the weapons you could ask for. The basic Sisters kit has four of each special weapon type, letting you build it into a dominion squad or two 5-model squads with special weapons.


  • Without taking a gimmick and running with it, your Sisters have the weaknesses of both basic humans(T3) and Marines(few in number), forcing you to play around that.
  • Since you don't have access to Bolter Discipline, your boltguns will fall flat in number of shots when compared to Marines' equivalents.
  • You have very little access to long range weapons, and very little in the way of practical anti tank options.
  • The model kits for Sisters are relatively expensive, starting at $60 for your basic troops(whose box doesn't even split properly into two MSU) and one and a half times the cost for a basic bitch Rhino. This army is easily one of the most expensive on balance due to this.
  • You also have very few sources of mortal wounds.
  • Trying to patch any of the above issues with allies costs you your Sacred Rites

Special Rules[edit]

  • Decree Passive: One detachment can only have one Canoness and Missionary in a detachment, which stings with the value of the priests. On top of that, you can't have more Cult Imperialis Priest models than you have Adepta Sororitas Character models.
  • Shield of Faith: Every Sisters unit has a 6+ invul, and can Deny the Witch with 1d6. If you're facing a psyker-heavy army, you can take a specific Sacred Rite to Deny The Witch on 5+. The 6+ invul can be buffed with a few different units.
  • Zealot: Found on a few of your powerful melee units, this rule lets units with it reroll all their misses in combat in a turn in which they charged, were charged, or performed a heroic intervention. It turns the 4+ WS some of those units have into a 75% chance to hit, better than a 3+.

Blessings of the Faithful[edit]

As with Masters of the Chapter and Lords of Commorragh, the Sisters also have a special upgrade that costs points and PL to grant a canoness or palatine a special upgrade and blessing to any that come within Miracle Range. The first half is always on. The second part is activated once per game and requires the use of a miracle die - the value of the die used is the Miracle Range.

  • Miraculous Ability is an aura that has to be activated each turn by sacrificing a miracle die in the command phase. When you spend it, the value of the die determines the range of this miracle, with a 1 making the range 1", a 2-5 making the range 3" and a 6 making it 6".

The most expensive, and for damn good reason. You can mark one enemy unit within 3" of your hero to fight last, which is always useful for your less-than-tanky women. In addition, an <order> Core or <Order> Character unit that fights within Miracle Range can punch past any invulns, stripping the chief defense of Daemons and Mechanicus. 40 points.

Your hero's non-relic melee weapons all add +1 to Strength and Damage, which makes for a very good pick for a Bloody Rose hero. The miracle aura allows those within it deal a mortal wound when they roll a natural 6 to wound. Support leaders need not apply, you've got other buffs to use. 25points
All ranged shots against the hero take -1 to wound, which is something you desperately need to keep these ladies alive. Their miraculous aura lets enemies who shoot a friendly <order> Core or <Order> Character units to suffer a -1 to hit. 30points

Your hero heals d3 wounds each turn. Any time an enemy tries to shoot a friendly <order> Core or <Order> Character within miracle range, that enemy can't re-roll any hit or wound rolls. Simply put this is your tanky option. 20points

This hero can automatically snipe heroes and any nat 6 to wound with a ranged attack deals a MW on top of their base damage. Their miracle aura allows friendly <order> Core or <Order> Character to ignore all cover when shooting. Simply put, this blessing is made entirely to support a massive gunline with Retributors and Dominions. 25points

During the enemy command phase, pick an enemy within 6" of the hero and roll 3d6 - Exceeding the unit's Ld score renders one of their auras inactive until their next command phase - letting you shut off other HQs. Their aura allows neighboring <order> Core or <Order> Character units that kill an enemy model with a shot to reduce their unit's Ld by 1 to a maximum of 3 times. 15points

Acts of Faith[edit]

Acts of Faith is the unique mechanic for Adepta Sororitas units. It's exclusive to the Sisters themselves, and not other Ecclesiarchy units. Simply put, it lets you generate Miracle Dice, and then save those dice to spend later. You gain one per battle round, and earn one more at the end of a phase if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • Vengeance: Destroy an enemy unit using a unit with the Acts of Faith ability.
  • Sacrifice: A Character with the Acts of Faith ability is slain.

Several units or upgrades also grant or otherwise boost miracle dice - these will be looked into later.

To generate a Miracle Die, roll it and then set it aside, keeping it face up on whatever number it landed on. Once you've generated a Miracle Die, you can use them in an Act of Faith whenever appropriate. You can only use one Act of Faith per phase. Before rolling a die, you simply grab a Miracle Die from the pool, and place it instead of rolling the die in question, using its result from earlier. You can use Miracle Dice in the following situations.

  • Hit Roll
  • Wound Roll
  • Damage Roll
  • Saving Throw
  • Advance Roll
  • Charge Roll
  • Morale Test

You 'cannot' use miracle dice for other types of dice rolls, such as the number of attacks for a weapon that makes random attacks. In addition, because you can (usually) only make one Act of Faith per turn, and attacks are technically fully resolved one at a time, you can only use one die when making attacks - no fair using two 6s with melta weapons to do 12 damage and blow up that tank immediately. You can, on the other hand, use two miracle dice on a charge roll, since charge rolls are a single roll of 2d6. This means that it's fairly easy to guarantee a 9" charge roll.

Miracle dice don't go away if they aren't spent, they save up forever. If you want to hold onto that 6 for a critical use on an inferno pistol's overwatch roll, you can. Don't ignore those 1s and 2s you roll either. 1s can be spent to automatically pass morale, and there are several stratagems that make you spend miracle dice but don't care about the value of the dice spent.

Sacred Rites[edit]

Similarly to the AdMech's Canticles of the Omnissiah, an army consisting solely of Adeptus Ministorum units can grant any unit with this special rule (basically, all the sisters units and none of the non-sister units) a buff of their choice (or if you roll for it, you can take two). Unlike the cogboys, these are picked at the beginning of the game and cannot be changed in mid-battle other than with a stratagem.

  • Hand of the Emperor: Add 1 to advance and charge rolls.
    • This is probably the best option all around, especially for melee-heavy units, but also good for Argent Shroud units that can fire while advancing.
  • Spirit of the Martyr: If a model is killed, in melee, they can deal a MW before dying on a 6+.
  • Aegis of the Emperor: When a unit attempts to Deny the Witch using Shield of Faith, a natural 5+ shuts down the power.
  • Divine Guidance: Ranged attacks that roll an unmodified 6 to wound improve AP by 1.
    • Bolt and flame weapons are both weight of fire weapons so plenty of chances for this to happen. A good all-rounder choice for a shooty list.
  • The Passion: Melee attacks that roll a natural 6 to hit score an extra hit.
    • Sororitas have plenty of melee attacks to take advantage of this, especially Bloody Rose with a priest nearby. Mathematically, this is roughly the same as +1 to hit
  • Light of the Emperor: You can re-roll the dice for combat attrition.
    • Not particularly useful. Morale rarely matters to you anyway.

Hymns of Battle[edit]

Getting thrown a much-overdue bone, your priests all gain prayers that the chaplains got to enjoy last edition. While your average ministorum priests get War Hymn and one of the first three hymns, your Dogmatas get to pick any from the following:

  • War Hymn: The one open to all priests. Grants an extra attack to one Adeptus Ministorum Core, Character or Engine of Redemption unit within 6". Sucks that it's now something that isn't always up. Expect to rely on this a ton.
  1. Refrain of Blazing Piety: An enemy unit within 12" of the priest suffers d3 Mortal Wounds, which maxes out if the enemy has the Chaos keyword. If you're throwing your priest at a blob and need a few more hits, there's no harm in trying this.
  2. Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude: One Adeptus Ministorum Core, Character or Engine of Redemption unit within 6" is immediately freed of any psychic powers and can't be targeted by any more psykers until the next command phase.
  3. Psalm of Righteous Smiting: The priest gains +1 to Attacks and Strength and their non-relic melee weapons improve their AP by 1. In addition, they can fight twice this turn. This is the hymn of choice for a smash priest.
  4. Litany of Enduring Faith: One Adeptus Ministorum Core or Character unit within 6" improves Shield of Faith save by 1.
  5. Verse of Holy Piety: One Adeptus Ministorum Core or Character unit within 6" can use an additional Sacred Rite for the turn.
  6. Catechism of Repugnance: One Adeptus Ministorum Core or Character unit within 6" that fires a bolt weapon auto-wounds on a nat 6 to hit and improves the AP of their gun when firing within half-range.


  • Cleansed by Fire (2 CP): One Adeptus Ministorum unit that shoots a flame weapon will automatically max out their hits. See those Retributors out there unleashing hell with their heavy flamers? How about those Dominions about to incinerate a key unit? They want this.
  • Embodied Prophecy (2 CP): One Zephyrim unit adds +1 to wound for the fight phase. A simple and useful little buff when managing with tougher blokes like orks or Death Guard.
  • Exceptional Proficiency (1 CP): One Celestian unit (So either form of on-foot celestians or the paragons) add +1 to hit in either melee or shooting for one phase. A simple utilitarian stratagem with many uses.
  • Extremis Trigger Word (1 CP): Use this Stratagem in the Fight phase when you pick an Arco-Flagellants unit to fight. Until the end of that phase, those flails now triple their attacks rather than double, and there's absolutely nothing not to like. At the end of that phase, roll a number of D6 equal to the number of models in that unit. For each roll of 1, one model in the unit is slain.
    • Arco-Flagellants are crazy enough with 4 attacks, 5 with War Hymn active. This ups them to a seven attacks per model. Losing models afterward isn't a huge concern, but this stratagem can actually be overkill. Still worth it when you've dog-piled your flagellants onto a high value target that's vulnerable to weight of attacks like Terminators or a Primarch.
  • Suffer Not the Witch (1 CP): +1 to hit by a Adeptus Ministorum unit against a Psyker in the Shooting or Fight Phase. This is also applies a +1 to wound when used on a character, which is better for you.
    • Situational but useful. Do not forget about it whenever your blade Canoness is dueling other HQ's, when you're dogpiling a lonely primaris librarian on an objective, or when lobbing meltas at a traitor Primarch.
  • Divine Intervention (2 CP): Use when a generic Adepta Sororitas character is killed. You may spend 1-3 miracle dice. The number spent is the number of wounds the character has as it is revived at the end of the phase, placed as close as possible where it was killed and away from engagement range with enemy models. You do not gain miracle dice for having lost that character this turn. Especially annoying for the enemy, because if they were dogpiling that character, all the extra attacks are wasted as the character isn't set up till the phase is over.
  • Fiery Oratory (1 CP): Use outside of the Command phase. One Adeptus Ministorum Priest that hadn't already intoned before can immediately intone one hymn that wasn't already used and automatically set it off until the next command phase. Pretty much made to use the moment they pop out of a transport or for when seraphim or zephyrim drop on in and get a little gift before cutting loose.
  • Martyr's Immolation (1 CP): When an Immolator from your army would roll to see if it explodes, do not roll. It automatically explodes.
  • Rites of Restoration (1 CP): A Hospitaller can resurrect up to d3 models from a ADEPTUS MINISTORUM Core Infantry unit within 3". In truth, there's not many times where you'll need it, but it might help keep a unit in the fight for a turn longer.
  • Martyred (1 CP): Gain an additional miracle dice when you gain one via Sacrifice. This improves to d3+1 miracle die when your Adepta Sororitas warlord dies. An inevitable option considering your forces, but you can at least go down with a bit more of an edge.
  • Moment of Grace (1 CP): Use after making a hit or wound roll for a model in your army, or even a saving throw. You may discard 1-2 miracle dice to add +1 to the roll per die discarded.
    • You probably have 1s and 2s you aren't using in the bank. Use them to keep your characters up. This works on invuls, not just armor.
  • Suffering and Sacrifice (1 CP): Pick your Adepta Sororitas warlord or one Living Saint or Saint Potentiae unit (The latter being something Crusade-related) during the fight phase. All enemies have to engage this model rather than anyone else. For Celestine, this can be particularly worthwhile between her saves and the ability to raise her girls.

As with other factions, these are all limited by the size of the game. Patrols can only use these once, strike forces can use these twice, and onslaughts use these three times.

  • Open the Reliquaries (1 CP): Standard relic giver stratagem.
    • If running sisters with an Inquisitor warlord, use it to give beneficience/wrath of the emperor to your canoness, or to let you take multiple buff relics.
  • A Sacred Burden (1 CP): Standard "relic on sergeant" stratagem. The relics available are Blessings of Sebastian Thor, Ecclesiarch's Fury, Litanies of Faith, or Redemption.
  • Saint in the Making (1CP):An unnamed character that is not your Warlord generates a Warlord Trait. Once per battle. Useful to give warlord trait to a palatine alongside your canoness.
  • Angelic Ascent (1 CP): One Adepta Sororitas Jump Pack unit can immediately jump back into reserves and re-deploy themselves. Absolutely helpful in throwing your seraphim or zephyrim to their targets or bail Celestine out of a bad spot.
  • Battle Rites: (1 CP). One Use. You can roll a d6 and generate a new Sacred Rite if the warlord has Adepta Sororitas and is still alive.
    • Two uses: If you rolled your Sacred Rites randomly, you can try to fish for another chance for one that helps right now. Or, if you picked a Sacred Rite you no longer need (maybe you're in the enemy's face and now bonus hits seem better than +1 to charge, maybe you killed all their psykers) you can swap to something else.
  • Deadly Descent: (1 CP) Use when a Seraphim unit uses Sky Strike to enter the battlefield. It may immediately fire as if it were the shooting phase. They may still shoot in the shooting phase, which is absolutely classy.
    • Fun interaction: If the Seraphim kill a unit with this stratagem, that gets you a miracle die for wiping out a unit, and you can still gain another for doing it in the shooting phase.
  • Defenders of the Faith (2 CP): Use at the end of the movement phase when a group of battle sisters get an objective point. Until your next movement phase, your rapid-fire boltguns will now always fire twice and any wound rolls of 1-3 will always fail. A surprising application, as neither really complements each other, but each will absolutely see use.
  • Desperate for Redemption (2 CP): Use when a Repentia unit is targeted in melee. Whenever a model dies on this turn, that model can fight if they haven't already before going away. Considering how easily they die, you'll need them to make as many blows as possible.
  • Devastating Refrain (1 CP): Use on an Exorcist during the shooting phase. The missile launcher and conflagration rockets can now target enemies they can't see. Honestly a net loss here, you need more shots, not more targets.
  • Holy Rage (1/2 CP): At the start of charge phase pick a Adepta Sororitas Core unit. This unit gains either the Zealot rule or the ability to charge after falling back. Now even your Sacresants and Paragons can feel mighty, and your Repentia will have no reason not to keep charging.
    • Costs 1 CP if an Adeptus Ministorum Priest is within 6" of the unit, otherwise it's 2 CP.
  • Purity of Faith (1 CP): Deny on 4+ for one CP.
    • NO LONGER your only defense against psykers that is more than a meme. You can choose to use it after an actual Deny the Witch attempt has failed, which lets you save CP, especially if you're using Aegis of the Emperor.
  • Faith and Fury (1 CP): When you perform an Act of Faith for a Hit roll, that unit may use the same Dice for the Wound Roll. Spend a 6 to hit? For a mere 1 CP, that becomes a 6 to wound.
    • Great for over watching with Inferno pistols... and melta in general!
    • Gives Melta "auto hit & wound" with a 4+ Miracle die. Turns melta into "INVULNERABLE SAVE OR DIE" weapons...
  • Final Redemption (1 CP): Start of the fight phase, pick an Engine of Redemption unit. When a model in that unit is slain for that phase, roll a D6. 4+, enemy unit that does so takes d3 mortal wounds.
    • The giant walkers are already DISTRACTION WALKERS, this just makes some guaranteed hits.
  • Judgment of the Faithful (1 CP): An Adepta Sororitas Core unit may shoot or charge after they fall back. Good for keeping the Retributor squad in the fight, or letting your Seraphim that got charged switch targets.
  • Righteous Impact (1 CP): Use when a unit of Paragons or Engines of Redemption make a charge. Roll a d6 for each model in your unit, on a roll equal or better than the unit's Toughness score (meaning it's useless on tanks or monsters) they suffer 1 MW, though a nat 6 deals d3 MWs.
  • Blessed Bolts (1 CP): Artificer-Crafted Storm Bolters (So only base sisters, Celestians and Dominions) in a squad cause 2 mortal wounds on a 6 to hit instead of normal damage.
  • Holy Smokescreen (1 CP): An Adepta Sororitas Smokescreen unit can pop this when getting shot. The enemy now suffers a -1 to hit for the rest of the phase. Expect to use this a lot to protect your transports.
  • Holy Trinity: (1 CP) Pick an Adepta Sororitas Unit in the shooting phase. As long as the unit has a bolt weapon, a flame weapon, and melta weapon in range and EVERYONE in the units shoots at that same target, add +1 to wound rolls for the firing unit until the end of the phase.
    • All the listed weapons MUST be in range to the same target, so most times you're looking at a useful range of 'FLAMER' (12") for this stratagem.
    • You lose a significant amount of tactical flexibility because of the requirements that "ALL the models in the unit (regardless of weapon carried) shoot at the same target." I.e. this means that your meltagun sister may NOT split-fire at other, more appropriate targets worthy of melta. So now you have to choose how you are going to waste your squad's potential firepower, either by having melta shoot at troops (hilariously wounding most everything not T8 on 2's) or by having flamer & bolt shots wound T8 on 5's.
    • A single combi-weapon can count as two out of the three, which is the key to how to use this stratagem. Give your melta squad sergeant Superior a combi-flamer or vice-versa. That tank may not give a shit about being flamed, but it'll pay attention to four multi-meltas with +1 to wound; similarly a little bit of combi-melta overkill enables the rest of a flamer squad to really roast some hordes.
  • Inviolate Shieldwall (1 CP): Any melee attacks against a unit of Sacresants or Crusaders take a -1 to wound on account of their massive shields. Seeing as these units only have a 4++ invuln from the shields, this can see use against monsters.
  • Thrice-Blessed Hull (1 CP): Installs a temporary aura on a Hallowed unit (Your tanks) that makes any psykers that fail their casting checks to immediately suffer perils.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Inspiring Orator: The range of any hymns or leader abilities (except Miraculous Abilities) improves by 3". On top of that, friendly <Order> core units within 6" can ignore the penalty to combat attrition when below half-strength.
    • It's a lot less trash, and has an effect for any HQ.
  2. Righteous Rage: Re-roll to hit and to roll in melee. Fabulous.
    • Combine with Bloody Rose and a Blessed Blade for one of the most cost efficient beatstick in the game.
  3. Executioner of Heretics: -1 to the LD of all enemy units within 6" and inflicts an additional -1 to combat attrition. Ephrael Stern takes this.
    • Leadership is almost never worth investing into. Best to skip it, especially since you don't have much in the way of abilities that stack with this.
  4. Beacon of Faith: At the start of your turns, if you warlord is on the table you gain a miracle die that can ONLY be used for her own acts of faith or miraculous abilities. Aestred Thurga takes this.
    • Given how important Miracle Dice are, this is almost certainly the one you want. If you're running a warlord who needs another trait for her build, use Heroine in The Making to give someone else this trait.
  5. Indomitable Belief: The Shield of Faith invulnerable is increased by +1 for <Order> Core Models whilst within 6" of the Warlord, to a max of 4++. Saint Celestine uses this.
    • Stack with Judith aura for a 4++ on everyone. Now you really wish for jump-pack options on Canoness. Again.
    1. use Heroine in the Making to give this to a Repentia Superior to give the whole squad 5++ to help with their fragility.
  6. Pure of Will: you can deny one additional Psychic power using the Shield of Faith rules and gains a +3 bonus to such checks. The Triumph of Saint Katherine uses this.
    • Combine with the Brazier of Eternal Flame and sisters can pretty much shut down any offensive Psyker army in the game.


Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Chainsword: A nearly worthless option for a Canoness - c'mon, you can find 5 points for a power sword. That said, our Superiors can take one of these for free without having to surrender their bolter - unless you're taking a better melee weapon (Celestians, maybe), always throw in the free chainsword. It's not like you'll ever wish you *didn't* have it!
  • Power Weapons: Each type of Power Weapon has its own profile now, so pick the right one for the situation (almost always the maul). All Power Weapons have a damage value of 1:
    • Power Sword: S+1 AP-3. They will remove armour saves after the wound roll. Especially good with Bloody Rose.
    • Power Maul: S+3 AP-1. Broadly the most useful for sisters. S6 is an important wound roll 'breaking point' in 9th ed. Wounding marines and T5 on 3's and T8 models on 5's as well. If your opponent has good invulnerable saves (i.e. Terminators w/ Stormshields & Thunder Hammers) the AP-1 won't matter too much. Special mention goes to to Bloody Rose (S+3 AP-2).
    • Blessed Blade: The best out of any Power Weapon. S+2 AP-3 D2. If you want to hurt everything, take this. Exclusive to the Canoness.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Bolt Pistol: It's a bolter in 12" Pistol 1 S4 AP0 D1 form. Shorter range, but can now be fired when locked in close combat, so it's got some use for choppy units or taken in pair by Seraphim. 1 point for Ministorum Priests since they use the AM codex prices.
  • Boltgun: You know what a bolter is. 24" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP0 D1. The loss of AP hurts, but if your opponent has a brain he would have been keeping his 5+/6+ units in cover anyway. Apparently, the Adeptus Mechanicus forgot how to make armour piercing rounds. Again, remember it's 1 point for your Ministorum Priests.
    • Condemnor Boltgun: Special Adepta Sororitas weapon (NOW a combi-weapon again). For 10 points you get a bolter with an assault crossbow that hits at S4 AP-1 D2 with D3 mortals against Psykers. Note that a vast majority of psykers are either Characters or single-wound models, meaning that in most cases the Condemnor either won't be able to shoot at its intended target or won't gain as much (or any) benefit from its higher damage. At 10 points it's a hard sell but AP-1 and D2 has uses against marines. Point filler.
      • it now worth equivalent to a combi weapon. so it very bad choice get a combi-weapon instead.
      • On the off chance that you do get to shoot at a psyker, be sure to use "Suffer not the witch" to re-roll wounds, especially if said psyker is a Big Nid or Daemon Prince.
      • Now that Sisters/Dominions/Retributors/Celestians Superior and Canonesses can't take storm bolters outside of Legends, this might sometimes be useful if you can't find the points to give them a combi-weapon or Plasma Pistol.
      • GW really dropped the ball on this one. This gun, in order to work, needed to grant the ability to target Characters or have a access to stratagem that allowed it...
      • The Ebon Chalice Relic version of this gun (Annunciation of the Creed) is possibly worth the 10 points for the ability to snipe characters and deal a flat 3 damage to Psykers (and plenty of characters you want dead are Psykers). Probably not worth 10 points AND a relic slot though.
  • Combi-Weapon: Now infinite use, your choice of flamer, melta or plasma gun slapped to a bolter that can be fired independently of the bolter, bolter half only or at the same time together. Firing both the bolter and the special weapon causes a -1 to hit (meaning plasma will kill your dudettes on hit rolls of 2's now, YAY!). Sisters love combi-weapons as all of their "sergeants" have access to it, effectively allowing you to field 5 special weapons per Dominion squads and 3 per basic sisters squad. Melta is most often the superior choice, although the Canoness and Retributor Superior can make a good use of plasma due to the reroll 1 bubble - but it's now an index-only weapon for Canonesses. Plasma is also the (expensive) option if you want some volume of fire to go with storm bolters, risking the overload only if you really need it.
    • Remember that firing both weapon profiles of a combi-flamer or combi-melta at the same time counts for the bolt AND flame/melta weapon requirements of the Holy Trinity strategem, giving you easy access to it in any melta or flamer spamming squad like Retributors or Dominions, allowing you to considerably increase the squad's damage output at short range.
    • Our Martyred Lady Sister Superiors like to spam overloaded combi-plasma fire both halves, TOGETHER, hoping to self DETONATE on 2's. Why? So she can get an auto 'rez' from a Hospitaller 6" away and grant the squad their Conviction's +1 to hit... thus eliminating her own future overloaded plasma ONLY shots from danger.
      • Uses Miracle dice of 2 (guaranteeing death) to great effect, as normally there really isn't a great way to use 2's outside of occasional morale rolls.
  • Inferno Pistol: Baby Melta, 6" Pistol 1 S8 AP-4 D d6 and +2 Damage when in half range. The strong choice on Seraphims and melee Canoness. Obviously, a GREAT weapon to use a Miracle Die on, particularly DAMAGE rolls.
    • Think of this as 5-point melta bombs with a 6" range. Not too terrible an idea to give this out to every Sister Superior who isn't already packing a combi-melta.
    • Any time you have a Miracle dice with a 6 in your pool, your opponents will give pause charging within 6" of you KNOWING that you can guarantee a hit from your "Baby Melta" during overwatch.
    • Remember that you can shoot these while in melee, your opponents will often forget that you can. It can be hysterical to *BLAM* characters who thought they were safe locked in combat
  • Ministorum Hand Flamer: Finally the pyromaniac faction has better fire. Ministorum flame weapons are one strength higher than other Imperial factions. This version is essentially a bolt pistol that auto hits D6 times. Suffers from being in direct competition with inferno pistol on any model (save the Canoness) that can take one, but possibly useful if you're already packing a combi-melta/plasma and want some insurance against hordes. They are no longer dirt-cheap, however, now at 5 points per gun.
    • Seraphim take these in pairs. Two Seraphim models with two Hand Flamers each will be dropping 4d6 (~14) hits. Not shots, hits. If you are running a 4++ Seraphim screen, this is an interesting option and unlike Inferno pistols you get to fire hand flamers TWICE in a round if you use the Deadly Descent strategem.
  • Plasma Pistol: 12" Pistol 1 S7 AP-3 D1 for 5 points. Effective against MEQs when fired normally, and when supercharged it hits harder and deals more damage (S8, D2) but kills the user on unmodified hit rolls of 1. Either take an inferno pistol for melee Canoness or a combi-plasma on anything else. Sadly the only shooty option for the Seraphim Superior (can't even take em in pairs... what's up with that?).
    • Our Martyred Lady Sister Superiors like to spam overloaded plasma (in hopes of self-detonation)... but combi-plasma are better suited for that 'Niche' task. (fire both halves while overloading)
    • Unless you are running out of points, give a plasma pistol to the the Superior of any Seraphim Squad you intend to deepstrike with the Deadly Descent strategem. The extra two plasma shots considerably increase the squad's damage output for a low cost and gives you more bang for your command points.

Special Weapons[edit]

  • Artificer crafted Storm Bolter: 24" Rapid Fire 2 S4 AP0 D2, 5 points makes for cost-efficient dakka and a good pick if you don't know which special weapon you should pick for your squads. (Dominions with four of these bad boys love it). It's still two boltguns strapped together however, so don't expect too much either.
  • Meltagun: 12" Assault 1 S8 AP-4 Dd6 '+2 damage when in half range' for 10 points. Being in half range is now a lot more advantageous, one-shotting 3W models and averaging 5.5 wounds.. Still a big threat and one of the few weapons that negate 3+ armour entirely. Decent damage dealers against T7 vehicles. You can use these in combination with Miracle Dice to guarantee kills on damaged vehicles.
  • Ministorum Flamer: Not your standard-issue flamer: 12" Assault d6 S5 AP0 D1 'auto-hitting'. Only 5 points, but still suffers from the lack of shots, making it bad against hordes and the lack of AP against elite while requiring to take your model within short range of the enemy. Usually, you're better off with a storm bolter. Probably best picked with outflanking Dominions packing four of them.
  • Plasma Gun: (Index) 24" Rapid Fire 1 S7 AP-3 D1, with an option to overcharge for +1 Strength and Damage at the risk of killing the wielder. The Index Ministorum Priest is your only source of this, though as an Astra Militarum model, he uses their discounted price. If you're not building your priest for budget or for melee, you'll probably be giving him one of these.

Heavy Weapons[edit]

  • Heavy Bolter: 36" Heavy 3 S5 AP-1 D2 Acceptable dakka for the cost, and marine killers.
    • Heavy Bolters cost the same as Heavy Flamers, with the same S and AP, and come on many of the same units. Mathhammer puts bolters as slightly better than flamers at killing Primaris-equivalents (1.33 vs 1.17 expected wounds, respectively), but the flamers are better in most other scenarios. Take bolters if you can take advantage of the range and the condensed damage - remember that doing 2 wounds to a model with only one remaining is wasteful.
  • Ministorum Heavy Flamer: 12" Heavy d6 S6 AP-1 D1 'auto-hitting'. Despite being much stronger than it's lighter variants, it's still overcosted compared to other options. Can occasionally help deter opponents from charging.
    • Note that its a Heavy weapon, not an assault weapon. Therefore, you can't advance and shoot these like you can with a normal flamer, gutting their usefulness...unless you're running Argent Shroud. Then you're fine.
    • With the use of a stratagem making certain you can pump out 36 hits at strength 6 from a retributor squad (4 flamers and 2 cherubs). Watch entire conscript blobs melt in purifying fire.
  • Multi-melta: 24" Heavy 2 S8 AP-4 Dd6 '+2 damage when in half range'... For 20 pts. The Multi-melta doubles the Melta's range and shots. For double the price and becoming Heavy. It may well be a worthy trade.

Vehicle weapons[edit]

Your choices for the Immolator's top gun.

  • Immolation Flamer: Now we're talking. A Lil' hefty at 130 points but it is 18" Assault 2D6 S6 Ap-1 D1... everything you love about the Heavy Flamer, but better.
  • Twin Heavy Bolter: Default turret gun on the Immolator, it's two heavy bolters tied together. Nothing crazy, nothing special, take it if you need to kill Marines.
  • Twin Multi-Melta: Bumps up the cost of the Immolator to 150 points but can actually do some serious damage with its 4 shots and gets improved damage at half range, which is easy to get when you get to move 12" beforehand. With the latest changes Multi-Meltas rock and make them a good pick on Immolators too if you want more anti-tank.

Your Exorcist organ launcher choices.

  • Exorcist Conflagration rockets: Blast weapon that ignores cover. Hits at 48" heavy 3D6 S5 AP-1 D1.
  • Exorcist Missile Launcher: Hits at 48" heavy 3D3 S8 AP-2 Dd6.

Your Castigator cannon choices because ladies like superior firepower.

  • Castigator autocannons: Default loadout. Its 4D3 autocannon shots. This is your only source of S7 shooting aside from the odd combi-plasma or plasma pistols. It is also one of the longest ranged weapons in the whole codex. Averages around 8 shots so stick with this if you want to deal with hordes or prefer quantity over quality.
  • Castigator battlecannon: At 72" this is the longest ranged weapon in the codex. It can fire two shell types; santified: heavy D6 S9 AP-3 D3 Blast; pyro: heavy 3D3 S6 AP-1 D1 Blast, ignores cover. Take for the sanctified shell as the autocannons are better than the pyro shell.

Hunter-Killer Missile: A single-use 48", heavy 1, S10, AP-2, Dd6 missile for 5pts, just in case you didn't have enough anti-tank. Your rhino chassis based vehicles can take one for 5 points.


  • Brazier of Holy Fire: Chainsword-armed Canoness only. It's single-use but when used, it's an Assault d6 flamer where the enemy takes a MW on a 4+ to wound (improved to 2+ when fired on a unit containing Daemon.).
  • Cherubs: Cherubs are the little winged babies you see flying with units. There are different types:
    • Armourium Cherub - Once per battle may remove this Cherub. If so, a model from the unit that the cherub has been removed from may fire again.
    • Incensor Cherub - Once per battle you may remove the Cherub from play and gain a miracle dice. Roll 2D6 and decide which to keep. That dice must be used for an Act of Faith this phase or it is lost.
  • Null Rod: Chainsword-armed Canoness only, can't be affected by psychic powers, and -1 to psychic tests while the Psyker's within 18" of a rod.
  • Rod of Office: Plasma pistol & power sword-armed Canoness only. On the command phase, you can grant one <Order> Core or Character unit within 12" the ability to re-roll all 1s to hit.
    • Rules as written, the Rod of Office is a mandatory 5 point item if your Canoness has a plasma pistol & power sword, and the ONLY way to get it.
  • Simulacrum Imperialis: Unit upgrade; once per phase can perform an Act of Faith for that unit, even if an Act of Faith has already been used already in that phase. If you're running Retributors or other damage dealing infantry units, you want this.


Remember that sisters get the Open the Reliquaries stratagem, so every character in your army can have a relic if you have the CP to spend. So don't think what 1-3 relics should I use, instead think what relic is not worth 1 CP. Order-specific relics are detailed in the Order tabs below.

  • Blade of Saint Ellynor: S+2 AP-3 D3, replaces Blessed Blade. Literally more than triples your damage output against multi-wound models over a power maul. It should be your default weapon on a Canoness. Two unsaved wound rolls from this baby will outright kill most non-monstrous models on the tabletop.
    • For those following the saga of Kevin the dingus, this is what he is referring to when he says 'Blade of Ass Kicking' (he's a clever one that Kevin)
      • Note that while the Blade of Saint Ellynor used to be an absolute requirement for any melee Canoness, since the inclusion of the Blessed Blade (which has the same Strength and AP, and does 2 damage instead of 3) it's become less necessary. You're basically taking a relic just to move your damage from 2 to 3, which isn't always useful.
      • A similar effect can be achieved by picking a Canoness with a Blessed Blade and taking the Rapturous Blows blessing, but you can't stack them together for a 4D sword, sadly.
  • Brazier of the Eternal Flame: This is the "I really hate psykers" Relic. Replaces Brazier of Holy Fire; any Daemon units attacking the bearer take -1 to hit and psychic tests within 18" automatically take perils from failing.
    • Good if you have forewarning that psykers or daemons are being used by your opponent, but not good enough to main list it over other relics. Forcing a nigh-constant risk of perils is good, but you know what else stops them from casting? Melta, applied directly to the forehead.
  • Wrath of the Emperor: Relic bolt pistol. 18", Pistol 4, S5, AP-1, D2. The fact that all your characters have Bolt Pistols, and the fact that you can take extra relics for 1CP, means this is a very reliable play. Unless you're maxed out on uses of Open The Reliquaries, it's hard to go wrong with this.
  • Litanies of Faith: Adepta Sororitas only. Once per turn, if the user is on the battlefield when you gain a Miracle Die you can re-roll the value of the die. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to improve the chance that you can hold that 6 in reserve for a key roll?
    • This relic, after all the math-hammer is done, effectively gives your Miracle Dice rolls a +1 when used. If you're hunting for a specific number (i.e. 6's) the reroll gets you a ~31.5% chance to earn it.
  • Mantle of Ophelia: Canoness only, reduces ALL damage taken to 1. Plasma, lascannons, melta, all can straight-up EAT SHIT. That said, A Canoness isn't that costly and doesn't fix the issue that she's still at T3.
  • Triptych of Macharian Crusade: Sanctified or Cult Imperialis models only. 4++ Invuln, +1 to Toughness and no-sells the first hit each turn. Useful for front-line heroes who'll at least benefit from an improved Shield of Faith and being slightly tougher, but they will likely take more damage than any mitigation can manage.
    • B-list characters don't have wargear options and therefor they often can't take relics, but they can take this one. This is also a way to get a 4++ on characters that don't usually have it, which is everyone but the Canoness and Palatine.
  • Iron Surplice of St. Istaela: Adepta Sororitas only. Model gets a 2+ save and an extra Wound. In addition, wound rolls of 1-3 always fail regardless of modifiers. Congratulations, your Canoness is now tougher than a Terminator captain (Math-Hammer confirmed). No really, this is a really good relic as it makes a lot of the scary weapons used against sisters like Plasma, Thunderhammers, and high strength weapons become a lot less effective. She will still be weak to high concentrations of Bolter fire and the such, but combined with Valorous Heart WT, for that 5+FNP and the additional armor this relic can really make your Canoness a immovable object. A really good relic taking secondaries that require you to kill the Warlord.
      • The above three options are all essentially defensive buffs and compete for the same slot. The Triptych is best for characters who don't have a native 4++. The Mantle of Ophelia is a bit of a gimmick pick, but it leaves you vulnerable to massed AP-1 - watch out for chopppas and marines in Assault Doctrine. The Iron Suplice is pretty much strictly the best of the three, however.
  • Book of Saint Lucius: Increase a character's aura range by 3". Usable all of the Canoness' or Imagifier's auras as well.
  • Ecclesiarch's Fury: Replaces with a chainsword with an S+2 AP-3 D2 eviscerator-like that suffers -1 to hit but +1 to wound. Another possibility for B-list characters that can't grab power weapons and the like, though the hit penalty will dull your expectations of rending Primaris and Termies a fair bit. Compared to a Blessed Blade, this is a bit underwhelming.
  • Redemption: Adepta Sororitas only. Replace a plasma pistol with a permanently-overcharged pistol that doesn't overheat, but can punch through any models in between you and your prey. If you grabbed Righteous Judgement, you've found a nice toy to rip through some fodder while sniping down your chosen foe.
  • Sigil Ecclesiasticus: Priest only. The bearer knows one more hymn and can chant an extra hymn each turn provided that it wasn't used before. Considering how many priests you get, you can expect to see returns on this very quickly.
  • Blessings of Sebastian Thor: Adepta Sororitas only. The bearer's unit can use two different sacred rites from the rest of the army. This relic is best used with the Sacred Burden stratagem to give a unit a pair of important Sacred Rites - consider using it on Sacresants or Paragon Warsuits.
  • Simulacrum Sanctorum: Imagifier only. This model can pick two buffs to emit rather than just one. Absolutely a good way to spend 1 CP if you can spare it, especially if you already have your Canoness decked out to kill.
  • Chaplet of Sacrifice: Adepta Sororitas only. Once per game, the bearer can spend 0 CP to use any Epic Deed Stratagem that isn't Divine Intervention. The bearer can also re-roll all hit rolls and when slain can shoot or swing again before being removed.


  • Assassinate:
  • Bring it Down:
  • Titan Slayers: Very much not likely. You lack the firepower needed to even consider nailing a knight within a reasonable number of turns, let alone a baneblade or a titan.
  • Slay the Warlord:
  • Purge the Heretic: Score 1 VP at the end of your shooting phases when you wipe out an enemy unit using either bolt, flamer or melta weapons, giving +1 VP if you did it with all three for a maximum of 4 VP.
  • Abhor the Witch: The only one you can actually do from this category, considering your lack of any psykers. That said, don't expect an easy time as your deny powers are limited barring an Inquisitor.
  • Thin their Ranks:
  • Attrition:
  • While We Stand, We Fight:
  • First Strike:
  • A Leap of Faith: Whenever you use two acts of faith on your sisters in a turn, you score 1 VP if it was on your turn or 2 VP if it was on your enemy's, adding +1 if you used three or more acts to a maximum of 12 VP. This doesn't include any miracle die granted by cherubs. This will expect you to be very liberal with your die, so be sure to load up with ways to preserve die or the Triumph to grant more of them.
  • Engage on All Fronts:
  • Linebreaker:
  • Domination:
  • Defend the Shrine: At game start, the enemy can mark one objective point in their DZ to be a shrine. For each turn you occupy that point, you score 3 VP, scoring another 3 VP if you end the game with it in your possession. However, you lose 3 VP if the game ends and the enemy has control of the shrine.
  • Raise the Banners High: A bit of a trade with Sacred Grounds, the faction-exclusive one. While this isn't nearly as risky and can be done by ANY models (so you can have Crusaders capping), this will require more objectives to catch up to the number of points that you can score with the exclusive one.
  • Investigate Sites:
  • Repair Teleportation Homer:
  • Sacred Grounds: Adepta Sororitas Infantry and Cult Imperialis Priest models gain a new action. Whenever they're on an objective point that isn't threatened by the enemy, they can sacrifice their turn to sanctify the objective, granting it the Inspiring trait for your army on your next turn. If you score this on an objective in your DZ, it gives 1 VP, but it gives 4 VP, so be sure to keep your cappers in place.

Unit Analysis[edit]

Common keywords are IMPERIUM and ADEPTUS MINISTORUM. Sororitas units specifically have ADEPTA SORORITAS. Your priachers, priests and battle conclave units also have the Adeptus Ministorum keyword which allows will block them off of any Imperial Guard buffs.

Also frequent is the Sanctified keyword, given to all Sisters infantry units that aren't <ORDER>, and the vehicles get the equivalent Hallowed that the engines don't get. Repentia, Mortifiers, and Ephrael instead get the Outcasts keyword


Named Heroes[edit]
  • Celestine & the Geminae Superia: An angelic Living Saint and definitely not the Imperial equivalent of a daemon prince, reunited with her backup dancers again. For 200 points, you get a model with a S7 sword that's AP-3 and 2 damage per hit and works as a heavy flamer in the shooting phase as well as two sets of ablative wounds. She has a 2+ save, a 4++, -1 damage reduction, grants other Imperium units a 6++. The first time she's destroyed, she stands back up on a 2+ at the end of the phase with all 6 wounds restored. Her Geminae, however, can be rezzed or healed on any turn.
    • Celestine is a regenerating beatstick. Her action to heal herself and restore the Geminae only takes up her shooting, leaving her free to charge afterward. To make Celestine actually stay down, the enemy probably has to pile fire onto her until she dies twice, and if they let up at all, Celestine gets all her wounds and one of her backup girls back.
    • She doesn't have <ORDER>, so she can't benefit from the Canoness' or Imagifier's auras, but she can benefit from prayers as well as the Hospitaller's healing if you're really badly hurt. However, her Shield of Faith boost allows her to help any Imperium Soup lists, like throwing her with a certain Inquisitor crush and her retinue.
  • Taddeus The Purifier: A named Missionary from the Blackstone Fortress boxed game. In addition to his laspistol and power maul, his servo-stubber is considered a pistol weapon, so he can unload both in close combat, which is exactly where you want this guy. Like other Uriah Jacobus and generic Ministorum Priests, he gives an extra Attack in close combat to both ASTRA MILITARUM and ADEPTUS MINISTORUM units nearby, but unlike them, he lacks the ASTRA MILITARUM keyword, which means that he can't take Guard transports. Taddeus is basically a missionary that for 15 extra points lost his moral aura but got a bit more punch in CC
    • RAW you can take him and a generic Missionary, if you feel that your Elites slot is too full for a Preacher.
  • Triumph of Saint Katherine: A funeral procession for the bones of the holiest Sister. This model is absolutely stunning, six Sisters from the six major orders carrying a funeral casket. It makes a wonderful painting project and a beautiful centerpiece for your army. Too bad about its rules. The Triumph of Saint Katherine is counted as a single CHARACTER with 18 wounds, but it can thankfully hide behind other units and setpieces despite its size but can't fit in a transport. It has toughness 3, which means it will be shot to pieces by anything that looks at it, though it inflicts a penalty to anyone who tries to strike it. It has a slight amount of melee power - it gets four attacks at S6 AP-3, damage 2, plus more attacks at S5 AP-1 damage 1, but with only a 6" move and no way to teleport or ride a transport, much less hide behind other units, it'll never reach melee. The Triumph's gimmick is its Relics - each of the Sisters is carrying a Relic of their order, and each relic grants a bonus. You have five(the sword is treated separately) and normally all five are active, but when the Triumph drops to 9 wounds, you choose two to be active, and when it drops to four you choose one to be active.
    • The Relics are:
      • Fiery Heart: All Adepta Sororitas Core units within 6" auto-pass all combat attrition checks.
      • Censer of the Sacred Rose: She gives +1 Miracle dice each turn. NOT per round, per turn. This alone more the doubles your Miracle die output.
      • Simulacrum of the Ebon Chalice: Start of shooting phase, roll 1 D6 for every enemy unit within 6". Add 1 if a psyker. Add 1 if its a Chaos unit. On a 5+ they receive D3 mortal wounds. Short-ranged indirect smitings for fun, not for serious work.
      • Petals of the Bloody Rose: Add 1 for hit rolls for attacks made by friendly Adepta Sororitas Core units within 6".
      • Icon of the Valorous heart: This unit uses all sacred rites. At once.
      • Simulacrum of the Argent Shroud: When you perform an act of faith for a friendly Adepta Sororitas Core or Adepta Sororitas Character unit which is within 6", you can automatically turn that miracle dice to a 6 for the sake of triggering the effect.
    • So overall the Triumph is an AOE buffing machine, but is it worth the price? Hard to say, it's expensive, but more then doubling your miracle dice, and controlling their value, AND giving +1 to hits are handy, the other effects are situational.
  • Abbess Sanctorum Morvenn Vahl: Introduced with Warhammer Fest 2021, we have a our first actual character of the edition. So far, we can tell that she's in one of those silly warsuits. She's also being drummed up to be a Supreme Commander along the likes of Cawl or the Primarchs, and has the auras befitting a chapter master. she is equipped with a cyclone Missile launcher named differently, lance of illumination which has two profiles; first is a S:User (Which is 5) AP-2 flurry of blows with double the swings or your MEQ killer S+3 Ap-3 D3 with a nat 6 to wound equaling a mortal wound.
    • She's fortunately got the staying power to keep up with the big boys: a 2+/4++ befitting the former Cataphractii and a 4+ FNP against mortal wounds with the ability to halve incoming damage like Calgar, all with T5 so she won't splatter against plasma. Just as well, because she will always be your warlord as the Abbess and that means she's a walking target.
    • Like Celestine, she lacks a <Order> keyword. While her auras won't discriminate between her sisters, an imagifier might.
  • Ephrael Stern & Kyganil of the Bloody Tears: Our favorite not-Pariah sister and harlequin are back again in the proper codex, though their Agent of the Imperium keyword allow them to join any other army and not throw things off, though she can't be the warlord if she's in a support detachment. Fortunately, they have the ability to deep strike anywhere thanks to Kyganil's webway access.
    • Kyganil acts as the wall of the two, being the first to fight with his barrage of blows with his swords and the first to suffer any wounds for the two. Fortunately, they both have a 4++ invuln on top of forcing a -1 to hit and wound rolls against them as well as his own 5+ FNP to ensure that he'll last as long as possible.
    • Ephrael remains the more "shooty" of the lot, with her not-shooting ability dealing instant MWs to those within 18" of her and being particularly nightmarish to Chaos. Her Aura, on the other hand, only harms Chaos by dealing -1 to Ld as well forcing another model to flee when making a morale check.
    • As with the others in this section, these two lack any <Order> keywords, but do possess Adepta Sororitas keyword (and yes, even Kyganil the goddamn Eldar has it) that lets them enjoy the protections of most buff auras and hymns.
  • Canoness:The Canoness is an excellent all-rounder HQ. She has BS2+ WS2+ W5 A4 Ld9 Sv3+/4++ with the ever-popular "re-roll 1s to hit" aura. Her wargear options are a bit bubblesy - check out her datasheet for full details but she has to take weird and seemingly arbitrary combinations of weapons and other wargear. Generally, you'll want to run one of two basic builds.
    • Backfield Support: Take the Beacon of Faith warlord trait and the Litanies of Faith relic to maximize your miracle dice, then put her wherever she's most useful with her aura buffs, probably next to your most powerful shooty units. Take the Rod of Office for additional buffs when you can't reach a unit.
    • Duelist: Run her with a Blessed Blade that you upgrade to the Blade of Saint Ellynor, and the Canoness becomes a powerful duelist who can go toe to toe with heroes twice her cost. Miracle dice can keep her in the fight far longer than her save profile indicates, and she can dish out serious damage. If you want tankiness over killing, consider the Iron Surplice of Saint Istaela instead of the Blessed Blade. Power Fists will hate having to wound on 4s instead of 2s.
  • Missionary: Best used where his War Hymn will make a difference, or near hordes to make sure they don't run away. Arco-Flagellants (as their D3 attacks come from their weapons and not their statline), Repentia Squad, etc will all benefit from the added attack. Maxed at 1 per detachment, which doesn't matter much his abilities don't stack and you can take Preachers as an Elites version. He's your cheapest HQ option that also acts as melee buffer to anything nearby, and a good support for your Canoness.
    • Funnily enough, his default statline gives him a fricking power maul, a serious beast that can help topple most marines and orks, especially with Psalm of Righteous Smiting.
  • Palatine: A new model introduced with the Piety & Pain Boxset taking the role of the Primaris Lieutenant. Her aura gives you the ever-valuable "reroll 1s to wound" aura so typical to lieutenant-types, but her armaments are pretty barebones: A bolt pistol and power sword with the option to replace the pistol for a plasma pistol. If you want to make a reasonably costed melee a Palatine with Rapturous Blows can lead a unit of Sacresants, the former swinging at S5 AP-3 D2 and the latter grooving on her wound rerolls and the once a game Rapturous Blows mortal wound generation. Maybe not the meta pick but can work if your canoness is busy swinging pompoms in the back.


  • Battle Sister Squad: Consisting of 5-20 girls, Battle Sister Squads form the backbone of any pure Ministorum army. A cross between a Human and Astartes, Humans with BS3+, Sv3+, and a bolter. They're more or less about as tough, affordable, and deadly as space marine scouts. For weapon options, 9 or less sisters can only take 1 special/heavy weapon, 10-19 can take 1 special and 1 special/heavy and at 20 models they can take 2 specials and 2 special/heavies. Your Battle Sister Squads' job is to take and hold objectives, support your other models, and take potshots against the enemy. Putting melta and flamer weapons on these girls is usually a mistake, but putting a Storm Bolters on them is extremely cheap especially as for Sisters they are D2, and the Superior has no reason not to take the free chainsword.

Dedicated Transport[edit]

  • Sororitas Rhino: Good old rhino that can transport 10 ADEPTUS MINISTORUM infantry units, so this goes for your Sisters of Battle as well as any Ecclesiarchy units that you might have taken, which is probably a good thing seeing as the old melee-only Conclave units really need a transport to ferry them across the field and assault from. With the Shield of Faith to distinguish yourself from every other Rhino in the Imperium. Very nice. Oh, and it can Deny the witch too, so facing off against an opponents psyker isn't a sweat with the "Aegis of the Emperor" Sacred Rites.
  • Immolator: What are the battlefields of the 41st Millennium missing? Stained glass, fire, and birds. Enter the Immolator. With one of the most stunning models in the game, the Immolator is a surprisingly decent transport. It can be taken with a twin heavy bolter or a twin multi melta, or you can give it the Immolation Flamers, which is realy just a fancy name for a twin heavy flamer that can advance and still shoot. Its transport capacity of 6 lets it tote a character and a minimum unit, and it also has a Heavy Bolter for plinking the enemy with a couple extra shots. Keep in mind that this thing is a transport with guns and not a battle tank when using it.
    • As of this writing, immediately post-9th ed launch, this model essentially pays a 40 point premium over what it should cost for no reason. Until and unless it gets cheaper, it'll probably be staying on the shelves.


  • Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan: A paired unit, but Aestred carries with her a super-banner called the Auto-Tapestry of the Emperor's Judgment - Once per game, this can be invoked to grant all Adepta Sororitas Core units within 6" to use all rites at once until your next command phase.
    • Agthae, despite being the designated shield, has other uses that you'll need. Each turn she can give a sororitas character the ability to re-roll one hit, wound, or damage roll until the next command phase. She also lets you use Open the Reliquaries stratagem once for free, which can be great for smaller games.
  • Dogmata: A new character made to play as an equivalent to the Chaplain. She comes with a whopper of a mace and has an aura tp let her sisters perform objective actions and shoot at the same time, which is situational. What isn't is her other ability, which lets one <Order> Core within 6" gain ObSec for the turn (or count as an having one more model if they already have it) - that'll always have a use.
    • Smash Priest: A bloody rose, chanting the Psalm of Righteous Smiting and The Passion scared rite. if you can spare a Warlord trait the Righteous Rage trait.
  • Imagifier: The Imagifier is a banner-bearing character with an average statline. The reason you take her is that, at the beginning of the game, she chooses one of three abilities.
    1. Tale of the Faithful: Re-roll advance and charge for <Order> Core units within 6"
    2. Tale of the Warrior: +1 Strength for <Order> Core units within 6".
    3. Tale of the Stoic: Attacks against <Order> Core units within 6" take -1 to wound rolls if the attack is S3 or lower. Only worth it against lasguns and Dark Eldar splinter weapons. Depending on how popular Ad mech are in your area. This'll hurt Vanguard weaponry or force them to spend CP.
    • Overall the Imagifier is a very useful unit. She can buff Repentia up to Strength 7, helping them hunt tanks, or can help your Sisters withstand lots of low-strength firepower or make that charge. Sucks they can't help deny anymore...
  • Hospitaller: She's got a Sister hero statline, with the ability to heal wounded models and a small 6+ FNP aura. Honestly, it's hard to get much value out of her as most your infantry units are only 1W. She might be good if you're running the Triumph of Saint Katherine or other characters, as they will probably want healing.
    • Notably, she does not have <Order> and can't benefit from Canoness or Imagifier buffs despite busting their asses to help others.
  • Dialogus: +1 LD to Adepta Sororitas Core or Character within 6", and she allows you to increase or decrease the value on a Miracle Dice used for an Act of Faith by a unit within 6" by one to a maximum of 6 and minimum of 1. The ability to modify Miracle Dice is pretty handy, turning an otherwise-worthless 2 into a 3 that hits, for example, which can be great when you really need that meltagun or inferno pistol to connect. Also helpful is that she won't eat up a slot if taken alongside a Canoness, which you absolutely should. She also is a Priest model who can intone a Hymn, increasing her value.
  • Mistress of Repentance Repentia Superior:Moved from leader of Repentia a character that only buffs them, (to the point that the Repentias still have maximum squad size 9 to accommodate her). +1 to wound rolls for Repentia, add 1d6 to Advance and Charge rolls for <Order> Repentia units within 6" and allows Advance + Charge for herself and the selected Repentia. Doesn't take up a slot if you have any Repentia of the same order. Her buffs are pretty useful for Repentia, especially the buff to charge.
  • Preacher: The missionary's little brother who also gets prayers, though they only get War Hymn. These guys are much more efficient than the Missionary, especially since you can take more than one. Critical if you want to get the most out of your melee options, these are even more important to Repentia than a Repentia Superior. They also, as a small bonus, inflict a -1 Leadership penalty on nearby CHAOS units. If you are playing in a Legends legal game, they suddenly become a whole lot better. They gain access to Frag and Krak Grenades as well as all of the ASTRA MILITARUM Ministorum Priest's Index wargear, such as Combi-weapons, Plasma Guns, Eviscerators, beefier pistols and the like.
  • Celestians Squad: Veteran Sisters with +1 WS, A, and Ld. This isn't enough to make them viable in melee, nor do they get much in the way of melee options. They get no extra wargear compared to a basic Sisters squad. They have a Bodyguard Ability, which lets them intercept damage for <Order>/Sanctified Characters on a 2+. They also reroll all hit rolls when near a Canonesses or Palatines. It does bear mentioning that the point changes were very kind to them. At only one point more than a basic Sister, they bring better shooting, melee, and the ability to bodyguard, at the cost of Objective Secured and taking a spot in your crowded Elites choices.
  • Celestian Sacresants: The punchy celestians. While no longer able to carry guns bigger than a pistol, they now come with shields as well as an option between a Hallowed Mace for marine crunching(S+2, AP-1, D2) and an Annointed Halberd for light infantry slaughter(S+3, AP-3, D1). The Superior can get the Spear of the Faithful (S+3, AP-3, D2) which is clearly the best of both worlds. While they lack the bonus to hit while near a character, they do have the ability to intervene like one and then hunker down for a bonus to hit when charged. This essentially makes them into superior Crusaders (hit harder, stay longer) that can benefit from the various auras made for sisters but will always eat up an elite slot. If you're making a smash canoness, then there's not much better you can ask for in a bodyguard unit. Like Celestians, they straight prevent characters from being targeted. They are surprisingly deadly and survivable- 2+, 4++- for only 14 points, with 2 attacks base (3 for the Superior).
    • If you're playing Bloody Rose, these girls are amazing. The extra attack and bonus AP makes their maces downright scary - each girl will kill a marine on average. The halberds benefit less from the bonus AP since they're already -3, but no one ever said no to an extra attack.
  • Repentia Squad: They get two attacks per model with Penitent Eviscerators, which are Sx2 AP-3 D2, and -1 to hit, so they hit on 4s rather than 3s. They make up for this by having the Zealot rule, granting them re-rolls to hit in the first round of combat. They have the 6++ from Shield of Faith, and a 5+++ Feel No Pain. As consolation for their fragility, you do get a miracle die when they're inevitably wiped out.
    • In a nutshell, Repentia have the most potential of these options, but require the most investment. By putting War Hymn on them with a priest and making them Bloody Rose, you can get them to 4 attacks per model. They benefit from having a Repentia Superior on hand for rerolls on charges, and can benefit from the two melee-oriented Sacred Rites, making them attractive in a pure ministorum list. Without investing in them, they're not particularly useful, but if you do invest in them, they can be devastating.
  • Paragon Warsuits: The new and ever-memeable mechas of the Sisters. Despite being walkers, they're better seen as TEQs with a 2+/6++ save on T5 as well as reducing all incoming damage by 1. Fortunately, they are considered Core and thus can enjoy all the buff auras, though not a hospitaller's healing.
    • Being vehicles, they can pick any of their guns (heavy bolter, heavy flamer or multi-melta) and fire at will without worrying about it. That said, all factions have ways made to fuck them over.
    • Paragon Suits have two options for their melee weapons - the War Blades(S6 AP-3 D2, +1 attack) and the War Mace(S9 AP-2 D3). On average and with no buffs, the War Blades will kill 4 marines in a round or do 4 damage to most vehicles, while the maces will deal around 7 damage to most vehicles or kill 2 marines. Since you've got better ways to handle tanks than melee with expensive suits, stick to the swords.
Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave[edit]

The Sisters book is in an unusual place in that they have a ton of different units of close combat infantry, all in their Elites slot. As a general rule, these models aren't likely to stack up to the sisters, who have all their buffs and convictions while you'll only have hospitallers and priests to help out. Also fun to note is that these units below can all be taken without taking a precious slot if you also grab a Priest as an HQ, allowing for a bit of easing in choices.

  • Arco-flagellants: Two wounds each, with a 5++ feel no pain to keep them going, Arco-Flagellants have two attacks each, multiplied to 4 by their flails, at S+1 AP-1, D1. Always run them with a Priest to make the most of those attacks. Every time this unit attacks, you should be using the Extremis Trigger Word stratagem for 1CP, which makes their weapons get 'three' hit rolls per attack instead of two. Combine that with a preacher, and each model gets nine attacks at S5 AP-1 damage 1, which is enough of a blender to tear through just about anything. The only issue with all of this is that Arco-Flagellants only hit on 4s, but since they have Zealot that means they'll still be hitting around two thirds of the time.
    • Arco-Flagellants benefit massively from having an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor around, as it can use the Ordo Malleus power to give them a 5+ Invul. Since they have no save at all and rely on their FNP, this keeps them going a lot longer. Use Coteaz to also cast Terrify on your victim, keeping them from using Overwatch.
  • Crusaders: A basic human with a Storm Shield and a Power Sword. 2 attacks base, and a 5+ feel no pain against mortal wounds in the psychic phase only. Like your other melee options, they have the Zealot rule. However, they max out at 6 models per unit.
    • These gained a little bit of clout with power swords going to S+1 - making them S4. However they still don't have the volume of attacks to be a very dangerous melee unit so their best use is still soaking damage on their storm shields. However, the changes to storm shields has downgraded their armor saves from 3++ to 3+/4++ making slightly more vulnerable to weapons with any AP. Due to their mediocre mobility and damage, they are best used (if at all) as screens for CHARACTERS or against deep-strike, a tarpit for a scary melee unit, or as objective holders that are slightly tougher than a sisters squad and can kill infantry if needed.
    • Palanite Subjugators from Necromunda make a good stand-in for Crusaders that isn't monopose resin, as they have big shields.
  • Death Cult Assassins: The sword to the Crusaders' shield, Death Cult Assassins are a surprisingly deadly option. At 4 attacks each with S4 AP-3 D1, they're a blender, especially since you can buff them to 5 attacks each with a Priest. Their 7" move is a slight bonus, and they have a 5++ invulnerable. Like the Crusaders, they max out at 6 per unit and have Zealot.
    • Death Cult Assassins are an absolute blender. Raw number of AP-3 (It's worth noting their weapons are NOT power swords and therefore no +1 to S for them) attacks will bring anything down with time, and these guys are Strength 4 to make that time a lot shorter. They require the least investment to be good, and are hard to go wrong with once they reach melee.
    • Daughters of Khaine models can easily be converted to Death Cult Assassins, or you can use something like the Warcry warbands. Really, any human with little armor and a pair of swords works.
  • Ministorum Priest (Index): Your original Priest from the Index and the ASTRA MILITARUM Codex is technically still perfectly legal, having not been shoved into Legends (yet) and having the ADEPTUS MINISTORUM Keyword in any case. That said, with no access to Prayers, it's clear this is just a holdover from the previous edition.
  • Pious Vorne: A borderland sadist that come into the Blackstone Fortress boxed game. For 25 points, you get a glass cannon (emphasis on the glass) with a heavy flamer in all but name (that gets to roll an extra D6 for shot counts against CHAOS units and discard the lower result) and a chainsword. The inclusion of the Zealot's Vindicator as a Preacher weapon sort of implies that this model is meant to be used as a Preacher, but for the moment it is a legal choice.
  • Gotfret de Montbard: A unique Crusader from the Blackstone fortress escalation box. He has Crusader stats including Zealot, Acts of Faith and Shield of Faith, but with 4 Wounds and Attacks, every hit of a 6 scores 2 hits and is a CHARACTER so he's safe from enemy fire and can Heroically Intervene. His S4 Power Sword attacks and 4++ are allright. For 35 points, not a terrible choice, very fluffy if you're building a Feudal World melee regiment, but your Elite slot is crowded as is and cheap as he is, you have access to cheaper units that support your army.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Dominion Squad: Dominions are your special weapon-wielding sisters, with the ability to move 6" (must end at least 9" AWAY from the enemy) before the game begins, letting you move them up, or pull them behind cover if your opponent has the first turn. They have four special weapon slots, plus you can stick a combi-weapon on the Superior. Your options, of course, are flamers, meltas, and storm bolters. Flamers are kind of low on utility and, honestly, storm bolters are more efficient and longer-ranged. Meltas are expensive and swingy, you probably have better options for anti-tank. The best use of Dominions is taking Storm Bolters to make use of Blessed Bolts - 16 shots at S4 AP-2 D2 will do some work.
    • It should be noted that Dominions' ability specifically lets transports carrying them perform their pre-game move as well, though it's still only 6". The interesting part is that this works even with another unit in the transport. A 5 girl Dominion squad in a rhino has room for 5 more models, so if you have a unit you want to deliver turn 1, this might be a way to do it.
  • Seraphim Squad: Battle Sisters with jetpacks. Each girl dual-wields pistols - two can have a flame or inferno pistols, and the rest have bolts. They're cheap, and they hit on 3s in melee, but don't let that make you think it's a good idea to get them in melee, they're a shooty unit. Take your pick between flamers for infantry hunting and Inferno for tank hunting, then drop them in and pop something. If they survive their first enemy shooting phase, use them as harassment units and objective stealers.
    • These girls are almost defined by their Deadly Descent stratagem, which lets them shoot twice when they drop in. Unfortunately, Inferno Pistols with their 6" range can't shoot an enemy 9" away at all, so give them the hand flamers.
    • If you use the Stratagem "Deadly Descent" and destroy any units, you gain a miracle die at the end of the movement phase via "Vengeance". Then, if you destroy any units during your shooting phase, you earn another one at the end of that phase too. Nice.
  • Zephyrim Squad: Close-combat Seraphim now a fast attack option. Armed with power swords and bolt pistols with 2 attacks base (3 for the Superior). Deep Strike per normal and the option to get a pennant that allows re-roll charges for ORDER Sisters within 6", they can get there. With Power Swords for +1 Strength and an additional attack, the Zephyrim are surprisingly ferocious against anything softer than Toughness 6.
    • Like all CC units, it benefits from the Imagifiers' +1Str banner (Tale of the Warrior). The problem is getting the two units next to each other and KEEPING them together... but if you manage it, enjoy your sisters out-stabbing space marines.
    • The most effective way to run Zephyrim is in Bloody Rose - making their swords AP-4 helps, but the real point is giving them that +1 attack on the charge, upping them to 4 attacks per model. Along with that, you get access to the Bloody Rose stratagem, which grants auto wounds on 6's.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Exorcist: O, Fortuna! Quite possibly the single most iconic Sisters unit, The Exorcist is a powerful medium tank. It's armed with a heavy bolter on the nose and one of two primary weapons: The Exorcist Conflagration Rockets or the Exorcist Missile Launcher. The Conflagration rockets are Heavy 3d6, S5, AP-2, damage 1. This is fine, and all, but Sisters aren't exactly short of anti horde options. The second option is the Exorcist Missile Launcher, and it's what you're really here for. Heavy 3d3 means this bad girl averages 6 shots, at Strength 8, AP-2, and damage D6. Armed with this, your Exorcist can reliably engage and kill enemy heavy tanks.
    • The Exorcist's got two special stratagems. Furious Recital is a relatively unimportant leadership debuff. Still, Devastating Refrain lets you spend 1CP to fire your missiles at targets that aren't in the tank's line of sight. Very valuable if your opponent tries to counter-deploy their armour to avoid your exorcists' batteries.
  • Castigator: Rather than just grant Sisters their own Predator, GW decided to announce a new sort of battle tank that seems functionally identical to the Predator. The base weapon pretty much acts as a the Destructor's autocannon, though at Heavy 4d3 and D2, going for volume over quality. Alternatively, you can instead use the battle cannon, giving either a direct blast to flatten MEQ squads or an indirect blast that's not as powerful but ignores cover and a little less subject to dice shenanigans. If you still need to wipe herds, you also have three heavy bolters built-in to manage them.
    • Take the autocannons over the battlecannon. The sheer volume of D2 shots this thing puts out between the autocannons and the heavy bolters (an average of 13 per turn) means you'll shred MEQ. The battlecannon is underwhelming compared to other options present in the sisters armoury
  • Penitent Engines: Think of it like an Arco-Flagellant on bath salts. Well, more bath salts than usual. With an 8" move and the ability to advance and charge, penitents have a decent threat range. Each one is armed with a pair of ministorum heavy flamers, and chooses between Penitent Flails, Penitent Saws, or one of each. Flails are a horde clearing option, double attacks at S5 AP-1 D1, while saws are your tank/marine killer with a normal amount of attacks at S8 AP-4 D2. Penitents have 4 attacks base, but 5 if you give a model two saws or flails, and they hit on 4s with full rerolls thanks to Zealot. With T5 and 5W, they have some bulk, but with only a 4+ sv and 5+ FNP, that bulk will get worn away quickly. On the other hand, they're cheap, at 55 points each. Coming in units of 1-4, these guys are a fun threat.
    • Penitent Engines are a great distraction carnifex. Simply putting the flails on them and telling your opponent that they get 10 attacks each makes your opponent reconsider his plans. The enemy simply has to honor the threat these guys represent.
    • Being 3 PR per model, you can put 3 of these guys in Strategic Reserves for 1 CP, which essentially forces your enemy to devote a lot more resources to protecting his flanks, as they can appear out of reserves, flame something with 6d6 S6 heavy flamer shots, and then maybe charge if something else is still in range. Whether you use them as a distraction carnifex on the board or a threat that defines your opponent's turn 2 experience is up to you.
  • Mortifiers: An alternate build for Penitent Engines, Mortifiers have a similar profile and weapon options to the Penitent Engine, but one per unit can have a 3+ save instead of 4+, and they hit on 3+ instead of 4s. The biggest difference, though, is that you can give these girls Heavy Bolters instead of Heavy Flamers. That said, Heavy Bolters do only slightly more damage to multi-wound targets compared to Heavy Flamers and perform strictly worse against one-wound targets, so be sure to use that 36" range and +5 PPM. Also unlike penitent engines, mortifiers can't advance and charge. This ends up with these units being more of a backfield defender than a frontline brawler like the Penitent Engine.
  • Retributor Squad: The distaff counterpart to Space Marine Devastators. It's a Battle Sister squad with four heavy weapon slots, and they have the ability to ignore cover with their heavy weapons. By using Strategic Reserves, a 5 girl squad can flank in from the side for 1CP, then fire four heavy flamers at their victim plus two more with an Armorium Cherub, letting you wipe the screen off a critical unit.
    • All thee of the Retributors' weapon options are solid choices - Heavy Flamers can clear hordes. Multi Meltas pack serious anti-vehicle punch with their decent number of high damage shots and the ability to make the most of miracle dice. Meanwhile, Retributors are the cheapest source of BS3+ heavy bolters in the game, making them decent Marine killers.
    • Always take two Armorium Cherubs. They add a significant opening punch to your girls the first time they fire, especially powerful with the high-value shots of multi meltas.


  • Battle Sanctum: 80 point terrain piece that your opponent can't do anything to stop. It has a 6" aura of -1 leadership for Chaos and +1 leadership for Ministorum, but the real reason to consider bringing it is that Cult Imperialis Priest and Adepta Sororitas Infantry units within the sanctum can perform an action - they start at the end of your movement phase and complete it at the end of the turn, granting you one miracle die. Not a terrible thing to do with a Battle Sister squad, but at that point you're investing at least 135 points into getting one additional miracle die per turn.
    • In all other respects, the Battle Sanctum is a Ruin, which means you can bring your own LOS blocking terrain. Is it worth it? Maybe.
    • The Battle Sanctum, if you build it as pictured on the box, is absolutely huge, so much so that it can be hard to fit it on the board, since fortifications have to be 3" away from other scenery, but on the other hand, its rules don't give it a fixed composition, and several different arrangements are pictured in the codex, so build it how you like. You can even build the parts in the box to be two semicircles that can be either a single circular temple or a two-level wall.


Order of the Valorous Heart[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, the path of pain tempers the strongest Faith.
These sisters are always in a state of imposed penance, as they feel responsible of the Age of Apostasy and believe it is their solemn duty to repay the Imperium for all the trouble they caused it. They stand, alone, unbending and unbreakable against their foe, bearing the brunt of fire and powering through it, till the battle is won.
On the tabletop, they are great at defending and holding positions, as with the right buffs and positioning, you'll be sitting with a 2+ armour save, ignoring all AP-1 weapons and reducing AP-2 to AP-1. Combined with the 5+ FNP against Mortal Wounds (about the one thing that will make them fall like rain), these girls can dig into an objective like an Alabama tick, infuriating even the most stoic of Imperial Fists player with how immovable they are.

Orders Convictions - Stoic Endurance: 5+ FNP for MW to models with this <ORDER>. In addition, AP-1,to AP 1 and 2; (so Ap-2 is Ap-1; AP -1 is Ap-0).

  • This is maybe the best overall <ORDER> for your sisters if you are running many infantry units. It helps mitigate one of Sisters' biggest weakness, which is staying power as an army. And is what Shield of Faith should have been all along, not a 6++ on power armoured models.

Warlord Trait - Impervious to Pain: 5+ FNP to normal wounds, also regen wound on performance of AoF.

Relics - Casket of Penance: -1 Toughness to enemy units within 3" of a model with this relic, which also deals -1 Strength if the model contains the Chaos keyword. This is actually kind of handy on a Canoness who wants to be in the thick of it anyway, and since it's a Toughness debuff instead of a to-wound buff, it'll even help your Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave units or allies.

Stratagems - Blind Faith (1 CP): Use at the start of your Shooting or Fighting Phase. A single Order of the Valorous Heart unit may ignore to-hit modifiers. Nice for swatting those thrice-damned xenos flyers or stealth-spammers.


  • Find an objective. Plop your sisters on it, and refuse to move. Bonus if it's in cover. Out-stay Imperial Fists. Remember to bring bonuses to your Invulnerable save.

Order of Our Martyred Lady[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, Faith is proven with Sacrifice.
This order seeks to emulate the sacrifice of their founding Saint Katherine by any means possible.
On the tabletop, they like to die, as you gain power as you take casualties. Intelligent enemies who tend to be selective with what they kill will regret it if they don't finish the job. Even if they do wipe out that unit, they will still have to deal with the fact that they just gave you a new Miracle Die.

Order Convictions - The Blood of Martyrs: At the end of any phase other than the Morale Phase where a unit with this Conviction was destroyed, earn a Miracle Die (this is in addition to Miracle Dice earned from the death of a Character that could use AoF). Additionally, add 1 to hit for any unit which has lost at least one model, even if the model is later restored.

  • An interesting if risky ability which might lend itself to a handful of expendable MSUs backed up by larger units which can have lost models revived by a Hospitaller. This seems like a bit of a double-edged sword, as intelligent opponents will work to wipe entire squads much like Necron Reanimation Protocols...but on the other hand, if they do that they'll still give you those Miracle Dice.
    • The Spirit of the Martyr Sacred Rite seems like it would be a good fit here since it'll give you even more opportunities to get something useful out of a destroyed unit.

Warlord Trait:

  1. Shield Bearer: +1 to wound Characteristic & +1 Armor Save (Max 2+).
    • Pass, use cover to get a 2+ armor save -OR- better yet, don't let your Character get shot at in the first place. Take Indomitable Belief over this.
  2. Saintly Example: Your warlord gains another generic WT on top of this. If they ever die, another Order of Our Martyred Lady Character immediately gets to generate a WT and will count as the Warlord for all intents and purposes. Any objectives that require killing the Warlord will only be fulfilled by killing every character in your army.
    • Am I...Alpharius? Fortunately, you have the option of bringing plenty of characters considering how much of your Elites roster they compose.
  3. Saint Katherine's Legacy: The Spirit of the Martyr rite is active for the warlord only. On top of this, they get a 6" aura that provides a 5+ FNP for any friendly Sisters.
  4. Martyr's Strength: For each wound lost, the warlord adds +1 to their Strength and Attacks to a maximum of +2.


  • Martyr's Vengeance: Replaces an Inferno Pistol. 12" S9 D1d6+3 Inferno Pistol that has no range restrictions for damage. Not exceedingly useful given how many other good relics Sisters get... but you do wound T8's on 3's (reliably wounding Titans is a thing).
  • Blade of Sacrifice: Replaces a power sword. Has S+1 AP-3 D1, but every time the bearer fights, they can sacrifice a wound or two in order to deal that many MWs to an enemy on a successful wound roll. Maybe it'll see more use with the Martyr's Strength WT, but by itself it's likely not considering how squishy your heroes ar.
  • Helm of the Fiery Heart: Once per battle before rolling a save, this helm can activate, providing a 2++ invuln for the phase. It's at best a neat little trick to foil some surprise IMPERIAL FISTING or murder-crit, but little else.
  • Sceptre of Vengeance: Dogmata only. This replaces their weapon with a power fist-tier Sx2 AP-2 D2 murder weapon that adds +1 to wound against Tyranids, meaning you'll be denting Fexes and Tyrants on a 4+. For those instances, a Psalm of Righteous Smiting will definitely be what you need to get an edge over them.
  • Candela Scroll: Imagifier only. Once per game on your command phase, the Imagifier can activate this relic, granting a 6" aura that grants an additional attack for any Order of Our Martyred Lady Core of Character units within it.


  • Honor the Martyrs (1CP): Use when a Order of Our Martyred Lady Character is slain. For the rest of the battle, Order units re-roll 1's to hit; but only against the unit that killed the character.
    • Turns a B-list character into a torpedo that you charge towards your opponents Biggest Baddest Deadkilly-est "THING" that they have (i.e. a Titan, Magnus the Red, Chapter Master Smashfucker etc.). Doesn't even matter if they die in the incoming overwatch fire.
      • Combos with "Martyred" or "Divine Intervention" Stratagems. KNOW which you are going to play BEFORE you commit.
      • Note: You are NOT getting your sacrificial character back with a Hospitaller's rez and using "Divine Intervention" prevents miracle dice/CP gains for having lost that character that turn...
  • Vengeance for Armageddon (1 CP): When a Order of Our Martyred Lady fights, they re-roll to hit an ork unit.
  • Zealous Death Wish (1 CP): When a Order of Our Martyred Lady unit fights, they gain +1 to hit if the enemy outnumbers them by 5 or more models (Vehicles count as 5 models for the sake of this)
  • Pious Machine Spirit (1 CP): Pick a Order of Our Martyred Lady Vehicle with 10+ maximum wounds during the command phase. Until your next command phase, this tank counts as having their max wounds.
  • Rejoice the Fallen (2 CP): At the end of the opponent's shooting phase, you can have a Order of Our Martyred Lady unit that has fallen below half-strength during this phase open fire immediately. Get you some payback, but hope you're not forced to fire at something you're ill-equipped to handle.
  • Martyr's Pyre (1 CP): Pick a Order of Our Martyred Lady Infantry unit during the shooting phase that's engaged with an enemy unit or two. For this phase, all flame weapons count as pistols (Yes, that includes heavy flamers!). Any model with a flamer that shoots this turn can roll a d6, with a 1 allowing them to shoot again, but at the cost of their life.
  • Death Before Disgrace (1 CP): Pick one Order of Our Martyred Lady Infantry or Warsuit unit during the movement phase. Until your next movement phase, this unit can't fall back for any reason and gains ObSec (with units already having ObSec counting as an additional model).
  • A Martyr's Duty (1 CP): Use in any phase where a Order of Our Martyred Lady Core is under attack. Whenever a model dies, they can take one last shot/swing on a 4+, triggering before the Spirit of the Martyr rite if you have that active.
  • Exemplar of the Order (1 CP): Generic extra WT stratagem, using one of the three from the new Charadon book.

Special Characters

  • Canoness Superior Junith Eruita: A unique character that rides atop 'The pulpit of Saint Holline's Basilica'. 10" Fly WS2+ BS2+ S3 T4 W7 A4 Ld9 Sv3+/4++. Armed with TWO Heavy Flamers and a S+2 AP-1 D2 melee weapon, The Mace of Castigation. Importantly, she allows <ORDER> units re-roll 1's to hit AND wound rolls within 6". Improves ALL ADEPTA SORORITAS INFANTRY "Shield of Faith rolls" by 1, regardless of Order. Very cool. If chosen as your warlord she has the "Inspiring Orator" warlord trait, making her Ld10 and <order> units can use her leadership instead if within 6". She counts as a vehicle that when destroyed explodes on a 6 dealing 1 mortal wound to each unit within 3"... and earns you two Miracle Dice.
    • Its highly suggested that you use Seraphim and/or Zephyrim units to escort her around the tabletop (both escort units will have "Shield of Faith" bumped up to 4++).
    • Repentia LOVE being near her too... for obvious reasons.
    • Being able to share Ld10 when chosen as your warlord means morale test are a lot less of an issue; therefore its now possible to run larger units to be able to use this order's convictions.
    • Has utility even outside of her Order thanks to her ability to boost Shield of Faith rolls by one.


  • Its surprisingly effective to run Repentia units with this order, each time your opponent kills a unit of them you earn TWO Miracle Dice.
    • Consider taking a sacrificial vanguard detachment Martyr Repentias to fill up Miracle Dice pools.
  • Plasma is cheaper than melta, Is better suited against elite troops/bikes AND has the much needed RANGE that sisters generally lack. Granting an army wide re-roll 1 's to hit is just the thing for plasma weaponry effectiveness(honestly everything likes re-rolling 1's). So If you wanted to run a Sisters list with plasma in it here you go.

Order of the Ebon Chalice[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is no place for doubts.
This Order is the oldest and most traditional of all the Sisterhood Orders and are also the most blunt and direct. They land, kill the enemy and leave and have no time for pomp and ceremony, and are also the Order that closest resembles the original Daughter of the Emperor in terms of organisation and tactics.
On the tabletop, they have the level of faith you imagine Adeptus Ministorum would have: anti-Psyker tools, guaranteed 6s and Maximum Fire

Orders Convictions - Daughters of the Emperor: 5++ FnP against Mortal Wounds. In addition, you may discard a miracle dice when performing an Act of Faith. If you do so, the dice used for the AoF is a 6.

  • Melta, applied directly to the forehead.
  • Melta, applied directly to the forehead.
  • Melta, applied directly to the forehead.

Warlord Trait - Terrible Knowledge: As long as your Warlord is on the battlefield, the Miracle Dice you gain at the start of the first battle round is a 6. Also, you gain D3 Command Points at the start of the game.

  • If you're playing Ebon Chalice, spend the CP for Heroine in Training. Worst case, you earn the CP back and then get the Miracle Dice thing. Little reason not to run this.

Relics - Annunciation of the Creed: Replaces a Condemnor Boltgun. Bolter half is the same, but the stake is 24", Assault 1, S5, AP-2, D2. It can target characters like a sniper (honestly, ALL Condemnor Boltguns should be able to do this GW...) and against Psykers does 3 mortal wounds on top of the base damage.

  • Psykers are annoying and usually weak bodied; being able to start shooting them by turn 2 is great.
  • "Suffer Not the Witch" (1CP) lets you threaten the unusual STRONG BODIED Psykers like the Thousand Sons.

Stratagems - Cleansing Flames (2 CP): Use when Shooting. One ORDER of the Ebon Chalice unit adds +4" to the range of their flamer weapons and a wound roll of 4+ deals a mortal wound - though you're capped to only three MWs per turn.

Special Characters

Tactical Objectives


  • Do you like Flamers? Do you like applying meltas directly to the forehead of your enemies? GOOD, cus you're in the right place for both of those things!

Order of the Argent Shroud[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, Actions speak louder than Words.
These girls are absolute she-bros and belive that the truest way to worship the Emperor is with the wars of faith they wage, not the hymns they speak. They have taken it as their duty to protect the people of the Emperor and his empire, and will fight to the bitter and bloody end to shield and aid the wider Imperium .
On the tabletop, they are the most mobile shooting order. Their infantry and tanks will have the easiest time getting into Rapid fire and Melta range without sacrificing a turn of shooting.

Order Convictions - Deeds, Not Words: When a model with this Conviction makes a normal move oradvances, it can fire its weapons as if it hadn't moved at all. In addition each time a unit with this conviction is selected to shoot or fight, you may reroll one hit roll or one wound roll.

  • More maneuverability never hurt anyone. Combine with new Retributors and their ability to move and ignore the penalty to fire Heavy for incredibly mobile heavy weapons.
  • Eldar wish they had this, Imagine running Dominion Squad with Stormbolters or Retributor Squad with Multi-Meltas and suffer no penalties.
  • The free reroll is spectacular. Obviously benefits MSU lists as more units means more rerolls.
  • You know how your characters are no longer affected by reroll auras? Well now they don't need them.

Warlord Trait- Selfless Heroism: Gain a 6" Heroic Intervention range, moving 6" during it, and fights first. Generally pants because of it's severely limited use. Toss it to a Palatine.

Relics - Quicksilver Veil: -1 to hit the bearer and +3" movement range. That speed boost is very worth it for the buffs, and the stealth buff is just icing.

Stratagems - Faith is Our Shield (1CP): Give a unit a 4+ feel no pain for a phase. For one CP that's pretty damn sweet

Tactics Argent Shroud tactics can be described in three words: Run and Gun. Sisters are chronically limited in their threat range, so anything to improve that will greatly benefit them. Obviously advancing is not very consistent but that's what miracle dice are for! Stand out units are obviously Dominions and Retributors since they already are kitted for bear with heavy and special weapons that need to be up close and personal, and both of them have special rules that interact well with your conviction. Retributors can fire their heavy weapons with no penalty after moving, and can stack additional range onto their heavy flamers or multi meltas. The free reroll also makes your sisters much more accurate, especially on small melta squads

Order of the Bloody Rose[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, True devotion is proved with blood.
The Order of the Bloody Rose embody all the bristling hate and anger that Sisters are known for. They slaughter, kill and purge any thing heretical with a level of seething hatred they make the Black Templars look calm
On the tabletop, They are the most cc focused order. Aggression is rewarded with more attacks and get AP on their fists. Stack more CC buffs then teach them the fury of the Emperor.

Orders Convictions - Quick to Anger: Units with this <ORDER> gain +1 attack when they charged/charge/perform a heroic intervention. Melee weapons get additional AP on the charge/charged/do a heroic intervention.

  • This trait obviously makes your melee units even better , as Repentia, Celestian Sacrosants, and Zephyrim all get extra attacks to kick the shit out of what they ran into (Penitent Engines and Mortifiers do not have the <ORDER> keyword) . However the scary part of the trait is the additional AP-1 on all Melee weapons (including your S:User AP:- D:1 "bare hands"). And as if that wasn't enough, this trait effects your relics (the Blessed Blade of ass-kicking is now AP-4). Rip and Tear
  • This trait also makes your non melee units passable-good (if not exceptional) in combat, with -1 ap and +1 attack, and with the stratagem 'Tear Them Down" in the back pocket. . .You might not be able to push off elite melee troops, but you can cut down some low to mid level chaff.

Warlord Trait - Blazing Ire: +1 Attack and can Charge & Advance. Not bad, but generally Righteous Rage is more interesting for a beatstick, since it helps to compensate for low Strength.

Relics - Benificence: Replaces a chainsword. It gives +2S, -2 AP( -3 on the charge), but only 1D, giving 3 additional attacks instead of just 1, with D3+3 when you fight a unit with more than 6 models within 3". One wound models suffer critical existence failure when she charges, while marines are going to be fighting for their lives.

  • Remember, a default canoness will tear through most things that don't have invuln saves or ways of ignoring wounds. She's amazing when she gets the charge off and terrifyingly brutal when you have some extra buffs on her. However, just because she can murder marines in her sleep, doesn't mean you should go off and charge marines willynilly. She's a blender, not a semi.

Stratagems - Tear Them Down (1 CP): Use at the start of the Fight Phase, choose a unit. Attacks made by that Bloody Rose unit auto wound on a 6 to hit. A Bloody Rose repentia squad is already scary enough, now imagine some of those hits not having to worry about wounding now.

  • Dedicated Close Combat units like Zephyrim, Celestian Sacrosants, Repentia, and a Canoness armed with Benificence or the Blade of Admonition are the obvious recipients of choice; but don't be hesitant to use this with other units as well.


In general, playing Bloody Rose transforms your army from a midranged force with some melee options into a melee force. The extra AP and attack on the charge unlocks a lot of units that otherwise have only middling potential - Sacresants with maces deserve special attention here. Play Bloody Rose if you plan on building around any melee Sisters units. If you don't want to play Bloody Rose, consider using the Ministorum units that don't get Order benefits anyway for your melee.

Order of the Sacred Rose[edit]


In the grim darkness of the far future, only the faithful are rewarded.
The Sacred Rose aspire to be the unyielding golden light. They are loyal, unflinching and remain calm in even the most dire of times, and act as beacons of light for all Imperial forces around them helping them rally and find their faith in the Emperor when it has all but vanished.
On the tabletop, they are defensively disciplined and more importantly replacing used miracle dice like Command points (the broken not once per turn way).

Orders Convictions - Devote Serenity: Auto-pass any combat attrition test. Additionally, whenever you use a miracle dice for an act of faith, roll a D6. On a 4+, gain a miracle dice.

  • Consider using a 'sacrificial' Martyred Lady screening detachment (i.e. Vanguard of Dominions)for your army to help fill up your miracle dice pool. If you decide to use acts more liberally, you'll get more mileage out of it.

Warlord Trait - Light of the Emperor: Whenever this warlord uses an act of faith, the first die they expend will ALWAYS be a 6. In addition, gain a 6" aura allowing Order of the Sacred Rose Core unit within 6" to shoot after falling back.

Relics - Light of St. Agaetha: Replaces a Brazier of Holy Fire with one that's unlimited use. Oh hell yeah, this is incredible for some backup, even if you can't use any flamer-boosting tricks.

Stratagems - The Emperor's Judgement (1 CP): Pick a Order of the Sacred Rose unit that is firing during the Shooting Phase. Unmodified hit roll of 6+ gets an additional hit.

  • Fortunately this won't discriminate on gun type, but you will still suffer from the number of shots this will affect.


  • Spam "Light of the Emperor" Warlord Trait + "Vessel of the Emperor's Will" stratagem combo.
    • Consider giving "Light of St. Agnatha" relic as well for some sweet sweet 12" mortal wound action
  • Use Battle Sanctum terrain (50-Pts ea, 3 for 150-Pts).
    • Note - you only get 1 miracle dice per turn regardless of how many sanctums you have on the board. However, multiples does mean that you don't need to remain stationed in one building all game
  • Use Cheerleader Canoness (ideally ON a Battle Sanctum).
  • Use Incensor Cherub trick to capture extra miracle dice.
  • Take "Light of the Emperor" as your Sacred Rites. Don't forget roll for morale "every turn you take a casualty", TWICE!
  • Consider using a sacrificial Martyred Lady detachment.

Orders Minoris[edit]

In the grim darkness of the far future, heroes can emerge from even the humblest of origins.
It's an edition overdue, but now there's a way for custom convictions. Like space marines and dark eldar, you pick and mix between two different, smaller convictions.

  • In the Footsteps of Saints: You can't take another conviction, but you imitate one of the Orders Militant with their convictions and can use their stratagem and WT. Can't grab their relics though.
  • Conviction of Faith: So long as all your <Order> units have this conviction, you can re-roll any miracle die that show a 1.
  • Devout Fanatacism: Any time a unit charges, gets charged, or performs a heroic intervention, you add +1 to hit. Incompatible with Holy Wrath.
    • The trait of choice for a repentia-heavy army.
  • Guided by the Emperor's Will: Your units can re-roll one hit or wound roll when fighting or shooting. At least you don't need the Canoness' Rod of Office as much.
  • Hallowed Martyrs: Units below half-strength get to add +1 to hit.
  • Holy Wrath: Any time a unit charges, gets charged, or performs a heroic intervention, you add -1 to AP. Incompatible with Devout Fanatacism.
    • Want your repentia to nail marines reliably? Pick this.
  • Perfervid Belief: When using an act of faith, you can spend another miracle die to guarantee a 6 on your next one.
  • Purifying Recitations: +3 to any rolls when using Shield of Faith to deny the witch, though it won't work with anything else that influences these rolls like the Pure of Faith stratagem. Still an incredibly useful trait to have for reliable anti-psyker power.
  • Raging Fervour: When firing a melta weapon, pistols and assault weapons always count as being in half range, as do heavy weapons when targeting enemies within 18". Incompatible with Rites of Fire or Unshakeable Vengeance.
    • While useful for those units that do use meltas, wasting a conviction on it is kinda iffy.
  • Righteous Suffering: Any wound rolls of 1 or 2 auto fail. Yeah, the odds of that are...not promising. Not with women that squishy.
  • Rites of Fire: All flamer weapons add +4" to their range. Incompatible with Raging Fervour or Unshakeable Vengeance.
    • So, remember how Retributors lost range on their heavy flamers? Well, now you have that back and then some, made to incinerate whatever you see from safer away.
  • Shield of Aversion: Attacks with AP-1 now count as AP0, Decent standby to shut off choppas and small arms.
  • Slayers of Heretics: Attacks against enemy characters add +1 to hit.
  • Unbridled Valour: +1 to all combat attrition checks. Is this really worth it?
  • Unshakeable Vengeance: All bolt weapons ignore modifiers to hit. Incompatible with Raging Fervour or Rites of Fire.
    • Probably the most useable because of how many boltguns you're packing between combis and normal bolters. That said, this won't improve your bolters any.
  • Witch Hunters: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 against psykers, while also re-rolling wound rolls of 1 against psyker characters.
    • The number of armies where this would see this much use are few: Craftworlders, Grey Knights, and Thousand Sons. Against anyone else, this isn't worth it.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Managing Miracle Dice[edit]


  • You gain one miracle dice at the start of each battle round, and one at the end of each phase where any of the following conditions are met:
    • Vengeance: A unit from your army with the AoF ability destroys an enemy unit
    • Sacrifice: A CHARACTER from your army with AoF is destroyed
  • When you gain a dice, you roll a D6 and you put it aside for later use with the value you got.
  • The following abilities generate one additional Miracle Die a round: Beacon of Faith Warlord Trait, Battle Sanctum terrain piece, and the Triumph of St. Katherine. The Triumph, importantly, generates one Miracle Die per turn, not round.
  • The following stratagems have interplay with Miracle Dice: Test of Faith which grants D3 MD in addition to the one granted normally for Purity or Valour. Vessel of the Emperor's Will gives you a MD if a character just used an Act of Faith. Moment's Grace allows you to discard 1-3 MD to improve a hit/wound/save roll by the number of dice discarded. Divine Intervention allows you to discard 1-3 dice, giving a revived character wounds equal to the number of dice discarded. Faith and Fury allows you to use the Miracle Dice used on the Hit Roll to be used on the Wound Roll
  • The following rules grant dice manipulation of a deployed Miracle Die: The Dialogus and Triumph of Saint Katherine may add one or subtract one from the die, to a min of 1 and max of 6, and they cannot stack on a single dice. The Ebon Chalice's Conviction Daughters of the Emperor allows you to discard a MD to make another a result of a 6.
  • The following rules have unique generation or re-roll mechanics: The Sacred Rose conviction Devout Serenity allows you to roll a D6 after performing an AoF. On a 5+, you get a MD. The Sacred Rose Warlord Trait Light of the Emperor allows you to forego the roll for Devout Serenity if the AoF was undertaken by the Warlord. The Ebon Chalice Warlord Trait Terrible Knowledge makes the die you receive at the start of the first round (just the one) a 6. The Litanies of Faith Relic allows you to re-roll a Miracle Dice result once per turn.
  • The cherubs that the Battle Sister Squad, Celestian Squad, and Dominions can purchase allow you to discard it, roll 2D6, and pick the best result. This is a Miracle Dice that the unit must use this phase on an Act of Faith or lose it.

Spending them:

  • Your units with Acts of Faith instead of rolling a dice can pick a Miracle Dice from the pool (or multiple ones, you can take more than one latest FAQ nixed that, only charge rolls now unless equipped with a Simulacrum Imperialis or within range of the Triumph of Saint Katherine’s Icon of the Valorous Heart ability) and take it's value. The dice is then lost.
  • By standard you can only do a single Act of Faith each phase!
  • You can use Miracle dice for the following actions:
    • Advance roll
    • Charge roll
    • Deny the Witch test (technically your Shield of Faith and bonuses, not the actual ability, since we don't have PSYKER units)
    • Hit roll
    • Wound roll
    • Saving throw
    • Damage roll
    • Morale test
  • You cannot use a dice for rerolls (sadface)
  • Sacred Rose units can recycle Miracle Dice if they roll a 5+ when they spend a Miracle Dice. A tricky way to hoard dice with them is to take Incensor Cherubs, as much as you can, and when they are activated and you spent the Miracle Dice they generated, you have a 33% chance to turn a temporary die into a permanent one.



Rule I: If your detachment includes any units that aren't ADEPTUS MINISTORUM or AGENTS OF THE IMPERIUM, you lose your Sacred Rites, so keep in mind that by dabbling in the wider Imperium you're making a tradeoff.

Rule II: Sisters' primary weakness is access to S9 and above, and long ranged firepower. The only weapon in their list that reaches beyond 36" is the Exorcist, and other than that their entire anti tank arsenal is melta weapons. They also have no access to psychic powers of their own. Keep this in mind when selecting your allies.

  • Inquisition: An exception to Rule I, thanks to Pariah, a Sisters force can include a single Inquisitor in one of their detachments without losing their Sacred Rites or that detachment's Order Conviction, this is very helpful as Inquisition can provide you with much needed Psyker support. Furthermore, for 1CP you can give them a Warlord trait and (if not a named character) a Relic. Each of the Ordos has its role: Ordo Xenos can provide CP recycling, helpful if you aren't running double battalion. Ordo Hereticus has access to the Ascertainment power, which is the best anti-melee debuff in the game and can keep your fragile melee units in the running long enough for them to do their job. Ordo Malleus gets additional casts and debuffs, helping even more with psychic powers. All of the named Inquisitors can fulfill useful roles as well, but the top choices are:
    • Basic Inquisitor - CP farming - Esoteric Lore warlord trait, the stratagems: Alpha-Class Psyker, Arbiter of the Emperor's Will, and Strategic Excruciation, the psychic powers Mental Interrogation and Terrify; switch the bolt pistol for a Boltgun and take the Blackshroud Relic.
    • Hector Rex - Deny the witch - Psychic Mastery warlord trait: knows 3, casts 3 and denies 4 (with +1 within 12"). Powers should be: Mental Interrogation to generate CP, Terrify to bypass overwatch, and Dominate (Or Castigation). Tanky (2+/3++), can deep strike, and he is BRUTAL vs daemons.
    • Coteaz - Points efficient all-rounder - Psychic Mastery warlord trait: knows 2, casts 3 and denies 2 with solid offense and defense and an interesting ability. Powers should be: Mental Interrogation to generate CP and Terrify to bypass overwatch.
    • Karamazov - LD buff/ Hold the line - LD11 in a 12" bubble is going to make low LD hold their ground and makes a nice counter-charger. Your trade off is no psychic powers but some psychic defense.
  • Assassins: As of War of the Spider, these no longer cost you Sacred Rites. Any will set you back 100 points, but you can spend 2CP to swap em out during deployment. Your options are:
    • 'The Cuxelus': The anti-psyker. An 18" bubble of -2 to cast, punches through armour saves (though not invulns), and can only be hit on a 6+ (barring special rules). Useful against Psykers or if you want to deepstrike him into the back lines to pull off an Action-based secondary.
    • 'The Callidus': The shapeshifter. In the first Battle Round, even if she's not on the table, each time your opponent uses a stratagem, on a 4+ they spend an extra CP. If they're unable to afford it (i.e. if they're at 0), they don't get a refund. She also deepstrikes in 3+d6" away from the enemy, has a gun that shoots mortal wounds, and her sword is AP-3 and doesn't permit invulns to be taken against it. Take her if you think you have a weak first turn and need to protect against an alpha strike, or if you desperately want to kill models with good invulns and crap saves. She's also the best at killing other Assassins in melee.
    • 'The Eversor': The berserker. He's a horde killer, he shoots shit when they run away from him, and he charges 3d6". Unfortunately he's not really that great for Sisters, since he doesn't really do anything for us that we don't already have (except maybe against hordey Orks)
    • 'The Vindicare': The sniper. He's got a 72" Heavy 1 S5 AP-3 D1d3 gun that ignores invuln saves and always wounds 'INFANTRY' on a 2+. On the other hand, he's numerically the worst Assassin at doing damage without CP investment. He's the best at killing the Cuxelus, since he always hits on a 2+ as long as he hasn't moved, and he's actually got an interesting synergy with Sisters: Grab a Battle Sanctum, park him on the Balcony and have a squad of sisters hide inside on the second floor. The angle makes them almost impossible to see, and he's protected by Look Out Sir!. On the other hand, that's a 55 point investment into protecting him that we didn't need to spend in 8th. Take him if you wanna snipe people. That's about it. He has the strongest psychological effect of any of the Assassins (except possibly the Callidus), but players who know their math will just ignore him most of the time.
  • Imperial Guard: The fluffiest choice, right up there with Inquisition and Black Templars. One of the few choices that won't really make you miss Sacred Rites. What Guard lack are elite and mobile infantry units (Scions move just like everybody else once they land); what Sisters lack are ranged artillery, psychic powers, and cheap bodies. Given that Celestine buffs Guardsmen (she gives them a 6++ invul bubble, which can be bumped up to a 5++ via the Psychic Barrier power) and that there are some units that overlap between armies, it's clear that soup isn't entirely off the menu. Bullgryns can also use their 1CP stratagem in The Greater Good to stack a -1 To Hit modifier on any Infantry unit near them if they're closer to the shooting unit... and that will benefit even the Triumph of St. Katherine.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: Despite being the two Imperial factions that like each other the least, there is a decent amount of synergy between the two army's. Sisters lack long range shooting and even the Adeptus basic troops, the Skitarii Rangers, can reach out and touch somebody 30" away. Sadly Enginseer can't repair your vehicles as they lack the right keyword, but otherwise Ad-mech could cover your long range fire power weakness.
  • Imperial Knights: what do Sisters lack? Long range anti-tank! What do knights have? Exactly that. Even Armiger, the cheapest knights, can fill this niche to a degree. They are expensive though so if you take a Knight have a plan. Plus a Knight Household aligned with the Adeptus Ministorum offers great conversion opportunity.

Model Tips[edit]

Sisters are an expensive army to buy - you need more models than a Marine player does, but your models are about as expensive as Marines. There are, however, a few ways to make things cheaper

    • Tip 1: Your Basic Infantry Can Be Heroes: Even the simplest model from the Battle Sisters box is ornate and detailed, and that means that even a basic Sister can be built into the heroes that lead your army. With all the options that come in the basic Battle Sisters Squad box, you can make almost any hero. A Palatine's power sword and choice of pistol are both in the box, as are most of the weapon choices available to the Canoness. Even a Dogmata's mace can be fairly easily converted just out of the box, which all comes together to mean that you don't really need to buy the Hero boxes - just make your leaders out of spare parts and basic bodies.
    • Tip 2: House Cawdor Is Your Friend: The Necromunda models for House Cawdor and their Redemptionist allies can provide some excellent models for Missionaries, Preachers, and various parts of the Ecclesiarchy Battle Conclave, and these models look perfectly at home alongside your Sisters. Give them a complimentary paint scheme and you're golden.
    • Tip 3: Extra Backpacks: The Seraphim/Zephyrim kit actually includes ten full jump packs - five normal ones for Seraphim and five slightly more ornate ones for Zephyrim. At the same time, the kit also includes all the arms you need for weapons for both squads, which means you can make both five Seraphim and five Zephyrim by using bodies from the Battle Sister Squad set. Yse the other five bodies to build heroes as described above - congrats, you've gotten two fast attack units and plenty of heroes from boxes that otherwise would've just been basic infantry. The Seraphim kit even includes lots of aesthetic adornments that can make your heroes look more heroic.

Things weren't always this nice. In long ago days, before the light of Plastic graced our forces, Sisters were the very last all-metal army Games Workshop produced. If you want to know the suffering of Sisters players of old, please check the previous edition's tactica for tales of horror and Greenstuff. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Adepta_Sororitas(7E)#Getting_Models