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Not to be confused with the tactics for Adeptus Titanicus, the specialist game.

This is the current 9th Edition's Adeptus Titanicus tactics. 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Adeptus Titanicus[edit]

A quick note, everything you read below also applies for the Dark Mechanicum's Titans as they have precisely the same rules, although they have different names, come on GW, not even a daemon firing Gatling gun for the Warlord Titan?

What’s changed?[edit]

The transition from forge world to games workshop writers for the forge world rules has brought a number of changes, in line with the design ethos of 9th edition, and that games workshop actually has staff who can (for the most part) proofread their work.

  • Profiles are more streamlined. Although this means that you have fewer Titan weapons available for each Titan, it has removed the chaff weapons from 8th edition which nobody used because they were rubbish (see warhounds plasma blast gun and reavers chain fist).
  • No sky high strength and toughness stats. This is a factor present across all superheavies, toughness 8 is now the max except in a few exception cases. Superheavies are now made tough by void shields/invulnerability saves and butt loads more wounds.
  • Reduced ballistic skill and stomp hit rates. Overall, your Titans are now 25% less Killy as previous editions, to make up for your ability to walk in and out of melee and shoot into melee.
    • BLAST. A big deal this edition. Most of your guns have it, and it will dramatically effect what guns you use when and where. Not so much because of the hit bonuses you get, but because you cannot fire them into melee. This means that you now really have to consider have your ranged weapons overlap with each other, to ensure that you’re not lacking at any range (especially as POINT BLANK MELEE is now technically a range you can shoot at).
  • No macro weapons. Macro weapons were forge worlds way of getting around the fact that they couldn’t think of a way for you to fight super heavy units when they had such tough stat lines. All weapons are now heavy weapons, which Titans don’t care about because they’re vehicles and god damn Titans!
  • Everything is a bit slower and shorter ranged. This has made the weapons easier to balance, as before you just gave your Titan the longest ranged weapons, found a nice corner on your 10 metre board and shot everything to pieces.


  • Insanely tough. Your weakest unit has 50 wounds, toughness 8, a 2+ armour save and void shields (new and improved tm).
  • Low unit count will have you going first most of the time.
  • Excels at taking on other super-heavies and basically everything else.
    • You have tools for every eventuality, is your opponent spamming superheavies? Bring a laser destructor or Volcano Cannon. Are they spamming guardsmen? Bring a mega bolter or one of the reaver's missile launchers. And all of this variety comes on a super tough platform other factions would be paying through the teeth to replicate...if they even have a comparable equivalent. Many of them don't.
  • You get a lot of CP's as everyone gets the same amount as standard, and as you will often be only running 1-3 models you will have a lot of CP to work with.
  • The sheer amount of Awesome.
    • Don’t underestimate the psychological effect this would have on your enemy, the first thing your opponent will think when seeing a model as imposing, awesome and huge on the battlefield is “ow shit." from that point on your enemy will always be mentally on the back foot.
  • Although expensive, titans are relatively good value for money. £430 buys you a warhound titan, which is 2000 points, and most armies will cost you that much, if not more, guard players will be reaching for the hatchet to prize out their last kidney to pay for one of their 2000 setups.
    • The only faction which provides you the same points per pound spent are the custodes, take comfort in the fact that although your warhound Titan cost you the price of a reasonable tv, it costs about a fifth of the price of the guard that you're now anally abusing.
  • You destroy balanced armies even harder than the Knights do - most opponents will bring a lot of low strength firepower and few high strength weapons, so just kill the high strength weapons first and then stride around the table safe in the knowledge you cannot be harmed.
  • You no longer need just Titans in your Titan legion to be battle forged. The forge world admec units have <Titan Legion> as a keyword, so you now have some pretty good infantry to hold objectives.
  • They’re giant mechs that every race in 40k fears that can destroy entire cities by looking at them sideways, what other reason do you need?


  • You are no longer the “toughest” kids on the block. A few lords of war now have toughness 9 as standard (while you have to go to the very expensive warlord Titan for toughness 9) such as the elder titans and mastodon. These units also either have access to high invulnerability saves or void shields of their own.
    • No longer toughness 9 as standard. In 8th edition a titan couldn't be wounded on anything worse than a 3+ (and most of the time you'd struggle to wound them on a 5+) by anything which wasn't a baneblade or larger. Now only the warlord titan has toughness 9, but this isn't too much of an issue with the extra wounds you now get and proper Void Shields.
  • The titans have lost a lot of their toys with the moving from forge world writing the rules to GW. Although this is good because forge world were unreliable and slow at their work, it does mean that things like the titan chainfist no longer have rules.
    • Speaking of rules, no more Macro weapons. This is fine in a way as the datasheets and weapons have been redesigned to be a bit more balanced, but gone are the fun days where you could say that you were dealing 100 damage with a single weapon to a baneblade.
    • Overall your Titans are less Killy. A reduced ballistic skill (they are Titans, they should really hit on a 2+) and their stomp attacks dealing fewer hits means that you dominate like you used to. Stuff will still die, and die in vast numbers, but you’re not as satisfyingly devastating as before.
  • All models are Forge World, and are the most expensive ones they have at that matter. Fielding more than maybe a couple of models will cost you more than a decent car and may very well force you to sell most of your children on the black market. A Warhound will cost you £430, a Reaver £701 - £721, a Nemesis Warbringer £1018, a Warlord £1334 - £1367 and a "value" box set of five titans is currently available for £3250.
    • You also need (unless you're proxying weapons) to buy a variety of weapons to allow your Titan to be flexible, and to magnetise/rod and paint these weapons as well.
  • Good luck holding objectives with only a handful of models. Most Titan bases will be larger than 6" across, so sitting on it will prevent the enemy from getting within 3" of the centre of the objective- but fat consolation if someone with an Objective Secured equivalent gets there first.
  • No stratagems.
  • And no faction traits. You do get <Titan Legion> but this is specified as being simply a fluff inclusion by Forge World and as a way to get a few infantry units.
    • The lack of either stratagems or traits makes the titan legions a bit samey. There is no difference between a titan which was produced in mars or one which was produced in lucius (despite the two forge worlds having very different temperaments).
  • If you lose a model you're fucked, it doesn't matter how tough your army as you’ll only have maybe three models in your army at most, and are likely to have only one in competitive play (2000 point games, for example).
  • More of a challenge than a con really, but titans are the most difficult models to build and paint, they have a lot of individual parts (not including almost mandatory magnetisation), all of which are Forgeworld "quality" resin, which need partially building then undercoating, followed by the buckets of paint and the several days required to apply it all. If you revel in this, however, this is a positive, as you’ll be working on this for up to a month and the results (if you put the work in) are glorious.
  • Nobody will ever want to play you if you field a full detachment of them.
    • Seriously, no one.
      • Ever.
        • ...But it would be bloody worth it.
  • Good luck transporting your titans from home to your FLGS. This might be solved if your FLGS is run by bros who'll keep them for you, but then again, it will take some juicy space for them to keep them on storage.
  • Anyone who brings Titans (or Emperor forbid Titans and Custodes) to a casual game is only surpassed in Warhammer scumbaggery by the asshole who brings Custodes to Kill Team, or by those people that think a 4 man frag cannon build in kill team is fair.
    • (Awkward coughs from many readers).
    • (Further awkward coughing as those same people remember that the custodes have access to the psi Titan in 30k, and really want to play it in 40K).

Special Rules[edit]

  • Vehicle: All vehicles can now move and fire heavy weapons without a minus 1 to hit and can shoot at units 1" or closer from them (but at minus 1 to hit). Very important to titans as they are all Dakka.
  • Reactor Meltdown: Explodes on a 6+, with anything from 3D6" 2D6 mortal wounds for an exploding warhound, to 4D6" 3D6 mortal wounds for a warlord. The biggest Fuck You explosion in 9th edition.
  • Battle Titan: Takes the Vehicle keyword special rule and runs with it. Titans can fall back and charge, and when they move, advance or charge they move over other units (other than vehicles and monsters, we don't want to trip over a carnifex or rhino) as long as the move doesn't put the titan in engagement range at the end of the move. And with your high movement stats your opponent would have to line up entire units of guardsmen to block your path.
  • Void Shields: Smell that? That is the smell of a models rules actually lining up with their fluff. It's a wonderful smell. (Cough). Anyway, void shields now function like they did in early editions, in that they act like layered shields instead of a ranged invulnerability save. A titan has X number of void shields (2 for a warhound, right up to 8 on a warlord) and each shield has 3 shield points/wounds, and has a 5+ ranged invulnerability save while at least one shield is active.
When the titan would suffer damage from a ranged attack (so after you have taken a armour or invuln save) the damage is instead dealt to a void shield, and once you have started dealing damage to a void shield you must keep assigning damage to it until it either reaches zero shield points or there is no more damage to deal. The best part is that damage does not flow over from one shield to another, so it doesn't matter if you throw a 100 damage attack at a titan, as long as it has a void shield left that 3 wound void shield will soak up that 100 points of damage from a single attack. They are specified however as being unable to prevent any mortal wounds, so they cannot soak your plasma overload wounds, or protect you against psykers. In addition, once a void shield reaches 0 shield points it is lost (Note that the wording when combined with the below described shield regeneration makes it unclear wether this loss is permanent, wait for the next FAQ and errata.)
Then, at the start of the command phase, if any void shield would have less than 3 shield points remaining it is "healed" back up to 3 shield points and do not degrade as the titan loses wounds, so a titan on 1 wound is just as tough (if not as accurate) as one with 50 wounds.
  • The takeaway from this is that void shields now behave like they do in the fluff, allowing them to absorb individual high damage hits and simply shut down a void shield, while high rate of fire weapons with low damage (say from a vulcan heavy bolter) can chip away at a void shield, allowing your volcano cannon to deliver a decisive blow.
And last but not least, this now means that titans are immune to small arms fire. Gone are the days when even a lasgun or bolter could chip a wound off a titan, now you would need entire armies of flashlights just to remove a void shield.

Unit Analysis[edit]

Predictably, these are all Lords of War and Forge World exclusives. Keywords are ADEPTUS TITANICUS and <TITAN LEGION>.

As standard you get a 3+ ballistic skill, 4+ weapon skill, a 2+ armour save. Gone the 2+ ballistic skill which made titans the ranged bane of all.

Warhound Scout Titan[edit]

The "weakest" of the Titans in regards to its weapon choices and statlines (if you can call something with 50 wounds, S8, T8, 2+ sv and 2 void shields "weak"), but what it lacks in brute force it compensates for in speed - with a base movement of 20" and 12" more gained via Advancing, it's all but certain to reach whatever spot will let it cause the most harm in the least time. With the new void shield rules a warhounds speed actually serves a purpose, allowing them to flank larger titans and chip down their void shields, so that a larger titan can get to work.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Arm mounts (max 2)
    • Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor: 72", Heavy 2D3, S16 AP-4 D6+3, and Blast. No bonus mortal wounds like in previous editions, but it hits hard, and often and at long ranges. With warlords being the only titans with T9 this will also wound most things on a 2+.
    • Titan Inferno Gun: 24", Heavy 4D6, S7 AP-3, D3 and automatically hitting. 24" auto hitting will mince most things, and its high rate of fire with damage 3 makes it very good at removing void shields.
      • Hilariously brutal when firing Overwatch, but if your opponent is stupid enough to charge a model armed with this then they deserve to lose.
    • Titan Plasma Blastgun: 72", a Heavy 2D6 Plasma Gun that's S9 AP-4 D4 and blast in normal mode, S10 AP-4 D5 and blast when overcharged with 1's to hit inflicting 2 mortal wounds to the titan. Vastly superior to previous editions, as there are very few things with higher than toughness 8.
    • Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter: 72", Heavy 20, S6 AP-2, D2. When you need that big blob of infantry dead right this second, fantastic at chipping anything to death due to its “good” ap (again, if you can call the same ap as a power fist or plasma gun merely "good") and two damage, although best not used against other titans as your second weapon should be the one to deal with those.
      • This weapon is the most efficient weapon for killing GEQ’s (unless they’re in cover, in which case you want the incinerator missile launcher), don’t forget it, it’s even slightly overkill (see below) when it comes to killing 10 man squads, so if you have a choice between 10 man guardsman squads or conscript blobs, go for the conscript blobs (you’ll kill around 24 models after taking morale into account).

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Warhound Feet: 4 attacks, User (S8) ap-3 damage 3, where each attack generates 2 hit rolls.

Reaver Battle Titan[edit]

Toughness 8, 70 wounds, and 4 void shields. Not as insanely tough over a warhound titan as it used to be, but 2 extra void shields allows it to take twice the punishment. Can take two arm mounted weapons and one carapace mounted weapon, and is the smallest Titan which can take melee weapons (which you're obligated to take because they look AWESOME). It’s main weakness for it is the minimising range on a lot of its weapons, making it “vulnerable” to close range shooting and charges unless you give it a weapon which can overwatch for it (*cough* inferno gun *cough*).

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Arm mounts (max 2)
    • Reaver Gatling Blaster: 72", Heavy 12, S8 AP-3, D3. Fewer shots than the Vulcan Mega-Bolter, but each one will hit harder and it can also take on light to medium vehicles as well.
    • Reaver Laser Blaster: 96", Heavy 3D3, S16 AP-4, D6+3 and blast.
    • Reaver Volcano Cannon: 180", Heavy D6, S18 (!) AP-5 D12 and blast. What you use to trash Knights and "small" superheavies while threatening anything larger.
      • You'll probably take one anyway because it's fuckawesome, but its high strength is wasted unless you're expecting to fight other superheavies. If you've got plenty of juicy tanks to wreck it's all good, but if you find yourself shooting at infantry you'll be wishing you had something with a better number of shots. Saying that it is still excellent at “sniping” anything with a high price tag which is asking for a land raider sized hole ripped into them, or a character foolish enough to expose themselves to you. Watch our for void shields as well as at 3.5 shot average there's a good chance that your enemies void shields will absorb your attacks.
    • Reaver Melta Cannon: 48", Heavy 2D6, S16 AP-4 D8, blast and at hald range the damage increases to 12.
      • Recommended particularly for a melee build due to its flexibility (and you've going to be up close anyway); it has a decent number of shots, but also high strength for dealing with vehicles.

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Reaver Titan Power Fist: Sx2 AP-5 D12. Has a similar trick to the Knights' Thunderstrike Gauntlet, killing any Vehicle or Monster that lacks the Titanic keyword allows you to select a unit within 12"; on a 4+ you throw whatever you killed at that unit and inflict D6 mortal wounds on them.
  • Reaver Feet: Attacks 4, User (S8), ap-4, damage 4 and 2 hit rolls for every attack.

Carapace mounts (max 1)[edit]

Gone are ether days of 10 different carapace options, you only get the apocalypse missile launcher.

  • Apocalypse Missile Launcher: 24-200", Heavy 2D6, S7 AP-2 D2, blast and ignores line of sight.

Nemesis Warbringer Titan[edit]

The big boy of the sub warlord titans. It gets 100 wounds (a 30 increase over the reaver) and 6 void shields, but only 3 attacks, along with being a bit slow (15"). It makes up for this by having A LOT of guns.

Arm Mounts (2 Max)[edit]

  • Reaver Gatling Blaster
  • Reaver Laser Blaster
  • Reaver Melta Cannon
  • Reaver Volcano Cannon

(See Reaver Titan.)

Carapace Mount[edit]

Note, on the models datasheet the Nemesis Volcano cannon is listed, but the model is only able to equip the Quake cannon. As the two share similar profiles it is assumed that the inability to swap between the two is a typo which "may" be rectified.

  • Nemesis Quake Cannon: 24"-480" Heavy 3D6, S14, ap-5, damage 6, blast and ignores line of sight. The all rounder to the volcano cannons titan destroyer. Its slightly higher rate of fire means that the quake cannon is capable of stripping void shields and dealing damage, while also being able to fight infantry and all in between.
  • Nemesis Volcano Cannon: 24"-120" Heavy 3D3, S18, ap-5, damage 12, blast. The only gun not found on a warlord titan which can wound a warlord on a 2+ (unless you want to go to heretic or xenos weapons), making it an excellent weapon for taking on anything large and dangerous.


  • Ardex-Defensor Maulers: 36" Heavy 6, S6, ap-2, damage 2 and hits on 5+ on overwatch.
  • Anvillus Defence Batteries: 72" Heavy 8, S8, ap-1, damage 2 and can only target units with FLY. With the limit of hit modifiers to just +1 or -1 fliers can’t stack stupid amounts of to hit modifiers anymore, making this weapons high rate of fire very useful and difficult to avoid. Fliers (except space marine flying boxes) have relatively low armour saves, relying on speed and modifiers to avoid damage, something which the anvillus denies.

Warlord Battle Titan[edit]

Toughness 9, 120 wounds and 8 void shields (for context, that's effectively 24 regenerating wounds). By far the toughest thing in the game right now, even if it's not highest in wounds. Mounts 2 arm weapons, 2 carapace weapons, and a few tertiary weapons that can overwatch for it. Most of its weapons have a min range of 24" and a max range that's largely irrelevant because no one plays on boards 30 feet long outside of warhammer world and RAF lads who use aircraft hangars to play their games.


  • Arm mounts (max 2)
    • Sunfury Plasma Annihilator: A 72", Heavy D6+6 plasma gun, at base its S12, ap-4, damage 5 and blast, and overcharge its becomes S14, ap-4, damage 8, blast, buts 1's to hit inflict 4 mortal wounds to the titan. No splash damage you used to get which could have (theoretically) wiped out a whole army, but instead you get a more reliable shot output.
    • Mori Quake Cannon: 280" Heavy 3D6, S14, ap-5 damage 6, blast and ignores line of sight.
    • Arioch Titan Power Claw:
      • Ranged, 48", Heavy 20, S6, ap-2 damage 2. Just a vulcan bolter by another name.
      • Melee, Once again, the most powerful weapon in the game. Attacks 4, S18, ap-5, damage 18, with the same vehicle throwing rule as the smaller fist.
    • Macro Gatling Blaster:
    • Belicosa Volcano Cannon: The absolute end-all solution to any problems with superheavies. 120", Heavy 3D3, S20, ap-5, damage 12 and blast.
      • Not as overpowered as it was in previous editions, but still a bit on the low fire rate, high damage side of things.
    • Warlord Feet: 4 attacks, user (S9), ap-4, damage 5 and 2 hit rolls for each attack.
      • Nowhere as near as powerful as previous editions, as it only generates half as many hits, but who cares when you can fire into melee.
  • Carapace mounts (max 2)
    • Apocalypse missile launcher
    • Laser Blaster: See Reaver Laser Blaster.
  • Other:
    • Ardex-Defensor Maulers: 36", Heavy 6, S6 AP-3 D2. Always hits on a 5+ when used for overwatch.
    • Ardex-Defensor Twin Lascannon: Heavy 1, S9, ap-3, DD6 and always hits on a 5+ on overwatch.

The Maths[edit]

The best weapon in a particular category (eg. Reaver melee weapons) is highlighted in bold.

Warhound Titan[edit]

- - Warhound Warlord Heriophant Phantom Baneblade Land Raider Rhino Imperial Knight Guilliman Custodian Guardsman Space Marine
Weapon Stats T8 W50 2+/5++ RInvuln, 2 VS T9 W120 2+/5++ RInvuln, 8 VS T8 W34 2+/5++ T9 W60 3+/4++ RInvuln T8 W26 3+ T8 W16 2+ T7 W10 3+ T8 W24 3+/5++ vs ranged T6 W9 2+/3++ T5 W3 2+/4++ T3 W1 5+ T4 W2 3+
Warhound Inferno Gun Heavy4D6 24" S7 ap-3 D3 Auto Hit (3.11)9.33 (3.11)9.33 9.33 7 11.66 9.33 11.66 9.33 9.33 (4.66)14 11.66 (7.77)23.33
Warhound Plasma Blastgun (Standard) Heavy2D6 72" S9 ap-4 D4 (2.07)10.37 (1.5)7.77 8.29 4.66 12.44 10.37 12.44 8.29 4.14 (1.55)6.22 3.88 (3.88)15.55
Warhound Plasma Blastgun (Overcharged) Heavy2D6 72" S10 ap-4 D5 (2.07)12.96 (2.07)12.96 10.37 7.77 15.55 12.96 12.44 10.37 5.18 (1.94)9.72 3.88 (3.88)19.44
Warhound Turbo Laser Destructor Heavy2D3 72" S16 ap-4 D6+3 (1.48)12.03 (1.18)9.62 9.62 5.77 14.44 12.03 14.44 9.62 4.81 (1.11)7.22 2.22 (2.22)14.44
Warhound Vulcan Mega-Bolter Heavy20 48" S6 ap-2 D2 (1.11)4.44 (1.11)4.44 4.44 4.44 5.92 4.44 5.92 4.44 4.44 (4.44)8.88 11.11 (5.92)11.85
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Warhound Feet Melee8 S8 ap-3 D3 4 2.66 4 3.33 5 4 6.66 5 2.66 1.66(5) 3.33 (2.77)8.33

Reaver Titan[edit]

- - Warhound Warlord Heriophant Phantom Baneblade Land Raider Rhino Imperial Knight Guilliman Custodian Guardsman Space Marine
Weapon Stats T8 W50 2+/5++ RInvuln, 2 VS T9 W120 2+/5++ RInvuln, 8 VS T8 W34 2+/5++ T9 W60 3+/4++ RInvuln T8 W26 3+ T8 W16 2+ T7 W10 3+ T8 W24 3+/5++ vs ranged T6 W9 2+/3++ T5 W3 2+/4++ T3 W1 5+ T4 W2 3+
Reaver Apocalypse Launcher 24"-200" Heavy2D6 S7 ap-2 D2 (0.38)1.55 (0.38)1.55 1.55 1.55 2.07 1.55 3.11 2.07 2.07 (1.55)3.11 3.88 (2.07)2.14
Reaver Gatling Blaster 72" Heavy12 S8 ap-3 D3 (2.66)8 (1.77)5.33 8 6 10 8 13.33 10 5.33 (2.66)8 6.66 (5.55)16.66
Reaver Laser Blaster 72" Heavy3D3 S16 ap-4 DD6+3 (2.22)18.05 (1.77)14.44 14.44 8.66 21.66 18.05 21.66 14.44 7.22 (1.66)10.83 3.33 (3.33)21.66
Reaver Melta Cannon 48" Heavy2D6 S16 ap-4 D8 (2.59)25.92 (2.07)20.74 20.74 12.44 31.11 25.92 31.11 20.74 10.37 (1.94)15.55 3.88 (3.88)31.11
Reaver Volcano Cannon 120" HeavyD6 S18 ap-5 D12 (1.29)23.33 (1.29)23.33 15.55 11.66 23.33 23.33 23.33 15.55 7.77 (0.97)11.66 1.94 (1.94)23.33
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Reaver Feet Melee8 S8 ap-4 D4 6.66 4.44 5.33 5.33 8 6.66 8 10.66 3.55 1.33(5.33) 3.33 (3.33)13.33
Reaver Power Fist Melee4 S16 ap-5 D12 20 16 13.33 16 20 20 20 20 13.33 (0.83)10 1.66 (1.66)40

Warbringer Nemesis Titan[edit]

The Anvillus defence battery is calculated assuming the targets listed have the FLY keyword.

- - Warhound Warlord Heriophant Phantom Baneblade Land Raider Rhino Imperial Knight Guilliman Custodian Guardsman Space Marine
Weapon Stats T8 W50 2+/5++ RInvuln, 2 VS T9 W120 2+/5++ RInvuln, 8 VS T8 W34 2+/5++ T9 W60 3+/4++ RInvuln T8 W26 3+ T8 W16 2+ T7 W10 3+ T8 W24 3+/5++ vs ranged T6 W9 2+/3++ T5 W3 2+/4++ T3 W1 5+ T4 W2 3+
Nemesis Quake Cannon 24"-480" Heavy3D6 S14 ap-5 D6 (3.11)28 (3.11)28 18.66 14 28 28 35 18.66 11.66 (2.91)17.5 5.83 (5.83)35
Nemesis Volcano Cannon 24"-120" Heavy3D3 S18 ap-5 D12 (2.22)40 (2.22)40 26.66 20 40 40 40 26.66 13.33 (1.66)20 3.33 (3.33)40
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Reaver Apocalypse Launcher 24"-200" Heavy2D6 S7 ap-2 D2 (0.38)1.55 (0.38)1.55 1.55 1.55 2.07 1.55 3.11 2.07 2.07 (1.55)3.11 3.88 (2.07)2.14
Reaver Gatling Blaster 72" Heavy12 S8 ap-3 D3 (2.66)8 (1.77)5.33 8 6 10 8 13.33 10 5.33 (2.66)8 6.66 (5.55)16.66
Reaver Laser Blaster 72" Heavy3D3 S16 ap-4 DD6+3 (2.22)18.05 (1.77)14.44 14.44 8.66 21.66 18.05 21.66 14.44 7.22 (1.66)10.83 3.33 (3.33)21.66
Reaver Melta Cannon 48" Heavy2D6 S16 ap-4 D8 (2.59)25.92 (2.07)20.74 20.74 12.44 31.11 25.92 31.11 20.74 10.37 (1.94)15.55 3.88 (3.88)31.11
Reaver Volcano Cannon 120" HeavyD6 S18 ap-5 D12 (1.29)23.33 (1.29)23.33 15.55 11.66 23.33 23.33 23.33 15.55 7.77 (0.97)11.66 1.94 (1.94)23.33
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ardex-defence Mauler 36" Heavy6 S6 ap-2 D2 (0.33)1.33 (0.33)1.33 1.33 1.33 1.77 1.33 1.77 1.77 1.33 (1.33)2.66 3.33 (1.77)3.55
AnvillusDefence Battery 72" Heavy8 S8 ap-1 D2 (only hit FLY) (0.44)1.77 (0.29)1.18 1.77 1.77 2.66 1.77 3.55 2.66 2.37 (1.18)2.37 3.70 (2.22)4.44
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Warbringer Nemesis Feet Melee6 S8 ap-4 D4 5 3.33 4 4 6 5 8 6 2.66 (1)4 2.5 (2.5)10

Warlord Titan[edit]

- - Warhound Warlord Heriophant Phantom Baneblade Land Raider Rhino Imperial Knight Guilliman Custodian Guardsman Space Marine
Weapon Stats T8 W50 2+/5++ RInvuln, 2 VS T9 W120 2+/5++ RInvuln, 8 VS T8 W34 2+/5++ T9 W60 3+/4++ RInvuln T8 W26 3+ T8 W16 2+ T7 W10 3+ T8 W24 3+/5++ vs ranged T6 W9 2+/3++ T5 W3 2+/4++ T3 W1 5+ T4 W2 3+
Arioch Power Claw (Shooting) Heavy20 48" S6 ap-2 D2 (1.11)4.44 (1.11)4.44 4.44 4.44 5.92 4.44 5.92 4.44 4.44 (4.44)8.88 11.11 (5.92)11.85
Belicosa Volcano Cannon 120" Heavy3D3 S20 ap-5 D12 (2.22)40 (2.22)40 26.66 20 40 40 40 26.66 13.33 (1.66)20 3.33 (3.33)40
Macro Gatling Blaster 100" Heavy12 S9 ap-4 D4 (3.55)17.77 (2.66)13.33 14.22 8 21.33 17.77 21.33 14.22 7.11 (2.66)10.66 6.66 (6.66)26.66
Mori Quake Cannon 280" Heavy3D6 S14 ap-5 D6 (3.11)28 (3.11)28 18.66 14 28 28 35 18.66 11.66 (2.91)17.5 5.83 (5.83)35
Sunfury Plasma Annihilator (Standard) 72” HeavyD6+6 S14 ap-4 D5 (2.81)17.59 (2.81)17.59 14.07 10.5 21.11 17.59 26.38 14.07 8.79 (2.63)13.19 5.27 (5.27)26.38
Sunfury Plasma Annihilator (Overcharged) 72” HeavyD6+6 S16 ap-4 D8 (3.51)35.18 (2.81)28.14 28.14 16.88 42.22 35.18 42.22 14.07 14.07 (2.63)21.11 5.27 (5.27)42.22
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Apocalypse Launcher 24"-200" Heavy2D6 S8 ap-2 D2 (0.58)2.33 (0.38)1.55 2.33 1.55 3.11 2.33 4.14 2.33 2.07 (1.55)3.11 5.83 (3.88)7.77
Laser Blaster Heavy2D3 72" S16 ap-4 D6+3 (1.48)12.03 (1.18)9.62 9.62 5.77 14.44 12.03 14.44 9.62 4.81 (1.11)7.22 2.22 (2.22)14.44
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Arioch Power Claw (Melee) Melee4 S18 ap-5 D18 30 30 20 30 30 30 30 30 10 (0.83)15 1.66 (1.66)30
Warlord Feet Melee8 S9 ap-4 D5 11.11 8.33 8.88 10 13.33 11.11 13.33 13.33 4.44 (1.33)6.66 3.33 (3.33)16.66


  • For the titans, the number in bracketts shows the number of void shields a full volley of the weapon will remove, then the number outside represents the damage if there are no void shields, and by extension the invulnerability save they provide.
  • Guardsmen can be considered just a generic GEQ as almost all titan weapons have ap-3 or better, so aspect warriors and guardsmen will die at (almost) the exact same rate.
  • Guilliman and custodies are included as examples of units with "relatively" low toughness, but incredibly high armour and invulnerability saves. They are also their to highlight how vulnerable they are, as they are low wound count, high point cost units. For the custodes as they are not single wound units but still exist in squads the first number listed in brackets is the total number of unsaved hits against the unit, with the second number being the total damage caused.
  • If an attack would cause mortal wounds to another unit by throwing the remains of another slain unit at them then that damage is ignored, as it is difficult to factor in such damage. However, keep this potential benefit in mind when consulting the damage table, especially as such mortal wounds can be used against characters within range.
  • All attacks are assuming that the unit firing the weapon is undamaged.

The Best Titan Loadouts[edit]

For weapons like lasguns and bolters it’s relatively simple to figure out how they fit into the world. It’s relatively easy to decide what guns to give your marines or guardsmen as each gun is almost labelled with a “use me against this enemy” sticker, and such guns have had preferred targets for as long as there has been 40K.

But what about in a world where toughness and strength go past 8, a world where ap-3 is commonplace, a world which is so underplayed that it’s not commonplace knowledge what weapons you use against what targets, especially in the new and improved 8th edition. Well that is what this section is here to answer, combining the maths behind all the guns and the knowledge of the general tactics, to give you the “best” loadout for each of the titans listed here.

This section is split into categories for each Titan:

  • First weapon: Your true bruiser. The hardest hitting gun in your arsenal. The one you use for killing other titans. It’s also a versatile gun, being chosen because it will deal large and relatively efficient amounts of damage to all targets.
  • Second weapon: Your chaff and void shield destroyers. If you’re fielding a Titan then chances are you’re fighting other Titans (or Xenos equivalents), or you’re being very cruel and fighting a nontitan army. Either way, you need a gun which will take out void shields so that your main gun has no/very few shields to crack, or to mop up all that pesky infantry trying to chip at your ankles.
  • Melee: In earlier editions Titans had a much wider choice of melee weapons. Now only two titans get dedicated melee weapons, and now you can shoot into any combat and bugger off/retreat, melee is merely a temporary inconvenience. However, melee is still an option, and getting into melee Titan to Titan, is still a devastating tactic.
  • Carapace weapon: Another category which has been neutered this edition. It used to be that Titans from reaver and above had HUGE amounts of carapace choices, primarily made up of weapons from smaller titans. Still, there are at least options.
  • Wildcard: Not your best or second best weapon. but a weapon which excels at a certain task or against certain enemies, and as such is still worth considering.
  • Last place (the don’t bother option): 9th edition has rendered this category not as straightforward as it once was. In the bygone time of 8th edition each Titan had at least one or two weapons which fit perfectly into this category. Now that gw is writing/balancing the rules instead of fw there are no longer the stupid disparity between certain options.

The important thing to remember when deciding on what weapon is best for your titan is that direct damage output is not the only thing to think about, each weapon has maximum (and in some cases minimum) ranges, line of sight ignoring abilities, blast etc. Although some weapons are a little meh, for the others you must take into account how they fit into the whole.

Warhound Titan[edit]

First choice: The Warhound Turbo laser destructor, although not as by a large a margin as in previous editions. It will deal large amounts of damage against your big targets at long ranges. It suffers from a low rate of fire, so it is not advisable to take two of them (unless running a war hound pack, and yes, that is a thing in the fluff).

Second choice: The Warhound inferno gun, move aside Vulcan heavy bolter you’ve been dethroned, but why requires looking at. 9th edition and gw writing the rules has led to titans losing a point of ballistic skill, the mega bolter has lost a point of ap and all flamers have gotten range boosts. Combining these three points means that the mega bolter has had a “big” hit and failed save reduction over last edition.

Meanwhile, the flamer continued to run around at higher damage, higher ap, fewer shots but these shots auto hit , all at half the range of the bolter (which had its range cut from 60” to 48”). This means that the flamer will chew through shields (which its 3 damage is perfectly placed to do) and deal lots of damage to all targets. Do keep in mind though that it is still fairly short ranged, but as all the war hounds gun have lost range this isn’t too much of an issue.

Third choice (wildcard): The Warhound plasma blastgun, a once utterly disappointing option which was overshadowed by all other weapons now competes for the first and second weapon slots. It’s saving grace this edition is plus 1 damage on both its normal and overcharged profiles (4 and 5 respectively), combined with its reasonable rate of fire (combined with blast) means that it performs reasonably well against all targets. The increase in Titan wounds also means that the mortal wounds from overcharging are less of an issue, making this weapon an attractive option to double wield for when you want a Titan which can take all comers at sensible ranges.

Last place (the don’t bother option): The warhound Vulcan mega bolter, and this saddens me. Previous edition the mega bolter could threat pretty much everything, and was the absolute bane of anything with less than toughness 6. Even girly man would crap his pants when this weapon looked at him, while his bodyguard would either be reduced to a bloody stain or simply run away. But the reduced Titan ballistic skill, a loss of a point of ap, the fact that void shields have 3 wounds so it takes 2 bolter shells to take down one shield and reduced range means that this weapon is simply too weak to be competitive.

Reaver Titan[edit]

First choice: Reaver Volcano Cannon, a fantastic piece of equipment which performs the best (or joint first place) against all targets other than infantry, take this weapon and with its high rate of fire and damage it will never disappoint you.

Second choice: Reaver Melta cannon, comes in at second place to the the volcano cannon on damage output and draws with it against targets with toughness 8 or lower with either a 3+ save or invulnerability save, its higher shot count also makes it okay at dealing with infantry, and it will chew up heavy infantry (never send custodes against this weapon).

Second choice (melee): The Powerfist, the best of all the reavers melee weapons against vehicles etc, while your titanic strides deal with infantry. The 50:50 chance of dealing mortal wounds to a nearby enemy unit is also far more useful than the chainfists mortal wounds, as your “piggy in the middle” land raider can be used to target characters, as it’s an ability, not a shooting attack.

Carapace choice: Incinerator Missile Bank, a controversial choice as standard wisdom dictates that the apocalypse missile launcher is better, but with the new wounding rules both the missile launchers wound heavies at similar rates (with the apocalypse doing slightly better due to have 2 extra shots). But you shouldn’t be using them against vehicles, they’re designed to murder infantry, and the incinerators 20 shots against infantry means that it kills GEQ’s and MEQ’s at the same rate as the mega bolter (an excellent gun in its own right). But what makes it not just another bolter is it’s almost quadruple range and ability to ignore cover, the latter being something which the apocalypse cannot do, which is disappointing because your missile bank should be a weapon used for clearing out cover camping threats.

Third choice (wildcard): Reaver Gatling Blaster, a tricky choice as the other option for this spot is the Reaver Laser Blaster, which is superior against all targets except infantry, but the gatling blaster excels as an MEQ killer (the best one you have) and as your already taking the volcano cannon your not lacking on anti-armour. The time you should take over the melta cannon (never replace the volcano cannon) is if your up against an infantry heavy army where the your missile launcher cannot keep up with the swarms coming towards you.

Carapace choice (wildcard): Inferno Gun, a strange choice yes, but the reaver lacks weapons which can overwatch for it, and as already discussed, the inferno gun is fantastic at deterring/causing total existence failure to charges.

Last place (the don’t bother option): The Chainfist, a weapon which is supposed to be a true Titanic murderer is far out-passed by its power fist sibling, and all because it has a -1 to hit. As stated above, the only reason you should take this option is that it looks fantastic, a truly awesome piece of model design, which isn’t a problem if your playing non-competitively, but otherwise, just leave it at home.

Nemesis Warbringer Titan[edit]

As this uses the Reaver's arm weapons, see above minus the carapace which automatically receives the Anvillus AA batteries. However, that is not why you come to the Nemesis titan. You come for its...Carapace? weapons.

This is a little tricky as both options are exceptionally good and surprisingly well balanced to each other. So instead it is better to discuss what weapon you use for each role, and then what weapons to accompany it with. Both weapons are ap-5, so it will not be brought up.

  • Nemesis Quake Cannon:

Anti Infantry through and through. Its massive range (480"), ability to ignore line of sight (and if your playing on a board that is 480" the board designer will have put something to block line of sight) and 3D6 shots with blast, combined with its strength 14 and "low" damage of 6 makes it perfect for wiping out...well anything really, but specifically infantry and light vehicles.

  • Nemesis Volcano Cannon:

Anti titan. Or to be precise, anti EVERYTHING!!! This weapon excels in straight forward damage. It won't win an infantry killing contest, or knock down void shields (or rather, it WILL, just not fast enough), but any exposed threat will simply evaporate under the sheer, undiluted might of the Imperium/Chaos (depending on which side you are on).

Warlord Titan[edit]

First Choice:

Second Choice:

Second Choice (Melee):

First Carapace Choice:

Second Carapace Choice:

Third Choice (Wildcard):

Third Carapace Choice (Wildcard):

Other Option:

Last Place (the don’t bother option):