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Why Play Blood Angels[edit]

The Space Marines are the steadfast heroes of the Imperium. By their martial prowess and valor is Mankind preserved from extinction at the hands of a galaxy filled with unimaginable terrors. As one of the oldest and most revered of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood at the forefront of humanity's defense for over ten thousand years. With bolter and chainsword they hold the foes of Mankind at bay in an unending battle for survival. Yet the Blood Angels are touched by a terrible flaw that threatens to undo their endless centuries of heroism, a dark madness that only strength of will can hope to contain.

The Blood Angels are the masters of war in all its forms, but they excel in the savage arena of close assault above all others. Every Battle-Brother feels the lure of hand-to-hand combat boiling in his blood - only eye-to-eye and blade-to-blade with the foe can the dark beast within the Chapter's collective soul be given full reign. Caution is not the Blood Angels' way, and it cannot be yours. Assault Squads, Death Company, Sanguinary Guard - these are the spearhead of your host, but the rest of the army must follow close behind. Stormraven Gunships roar over the battlefield, bringing fresh troops into the maelstrom. Tactical Squads make their implacable advance, heavy weapons fire scouring the bastions of the foe, and tanks spur forward to spit death at the enemy from point blank range. The Blood Angels are an army fit only for the boldest of generals. Do you have what it takes to lead them to victory?


  • You like any of these things: The colors red, gold, white and black, jump packs, assault, angels, vampires, blood, flamers, melta weapons, and going fast.
  • The Blood Angels are designed for blitzkrieg. Everything in this army is designed for maximum aggression; you basically have one tactic - race towards the opposing army and punch a giant hole in it.
  • Assault Marine spam is back and viable.
  • The Baal Predator is the only vehicle with overcharged engines but it is better than it's ever been (Twin-linked Assault Cannon is now 12 S6 AP-1 shots)
  • Inferno pistols and hand flamers are worth taking because of the way pistols work in close combat. Point at the nearest heretic and leave a smoking hole where their chest used to be.
  • A Sanguinary Priest's blood chalice now grants a +1 strength AOE for all Blood Angels infantry within 6 inches.
  • The Sanguinor is a beast at S6 AP-4 D3 D with 6 attacks on the charge and +1 attack for all Blood Angels within 6 inches. He also gets to charge after falling back from a combat, so basically charge, kill, fall back, repeat.
  • The Sanguinary Guard are amazing now. Their Encarmine weapons do D3 damage, their Angelus Boltguns are AP-1, and they get to re-roll hits if they are within 6" of a Blood Angels warlord.
  • Death Masks now reduce enemy leadership by 1 in close combat which is excellent for the morale phase.
  • Furioso and Death Company Dreads can move 8 inches a turn, 2 more than regular dreads. Death Company dreads also get to consolidate 6 inches after a fight phase, which allows a potential consolidation into unengaged enemy units.
  • Great characters who give multiple bonuses, such as re-rolling charges, re-rolling hits, and allowing the Death Company to ignore morale.
  • Many of our vehicles have multi shot weapons which will keep pumping out auto hit shots no matter how much damage has been taken


  • We lost the Red Thirst, since initiative isn't a rule now.
  • No automatic +1 strength on the charge. However, this matches the lore of Blood Angels fighting harder when they are in the presence of Blood Chalices. Also, the nice thing about this change is it lasts multiple rounds of combat but you should be annihilating anything you charge.
  • All Chapters have lost their special Chapter Tactics, so now all of our units are just as good as one another. This does help balance between armies, but does cost a lot of flavor. Our Red Marines are still very choppy but they need to be near Sanguinary Priests and Librarians to get their buffs. This makes sense since Furious Charge wasn't exactly useful for Devastator Squads. It is to be noted however, that Warhammer Community has mentioned these will come back once the Codexes drop.
  • Blood Angels don't have access to Codex Contemptor Dreads or Cataphractii/Tartaros Terminators for no reason. Also no flyers other than the Stormraven. Fortunately you can mix and match IMPERIUM keyword units in the same detachment, so paint that Stormtalon or Stormhawk red. Just be aware it won't get BA-exclusive benefits.
  • Sanguinius is the only loyalist Primarch confirmed to be dead (No one cares about Ferrus). So unless GW pulls some BS Deus ex Machina, BA will be the only Astartes codex without a Primarch of their own. *sniff sniff*

Special Rules[edit]

And They Shall Know No Fear: Re-roll failed morale tests. Great for when your close combat goes awry.

Black Rage: Add 1 to the Attacks of a model with this rule that charged in the preceding Charge Phase. In addition, roll a D6 after every wound, on a 6 the damage is ignored. Rip and tear indeed.

Jump Pack Assault: Allows you to deploy any models with a jump pack at the end of any movement phase, provided you stay at least 9" away from the nearest enemy model. (Combine with Lemartes for great alpha-strike)

Psychic Powers[edit]

In addition to Smite, Blood Angels get access to the Sanguinary Discipline.


  • Blood Boil: Warp Value 5. Target a unit within 18" and throw three dice. For each roll that exceeds or equals the toughness of the target, they suffer a mortal wound. Great for softening up multi-wound models or T4 HQs.
  • Shield of Sanguinius: Warp Value 6. Select a Blood Angels unit within 12" and gift them a 4+ invul until the next Psychic Phase. Death Company with 4++? Yes Please!
  • Unleash Rage: Warp Value 6. Select a Blood Angels unit within 12" and they gain +1 Attack. Oh joy! Again, better with larger squads.

Space Marine Armoury[edit]

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Chainsword - Now actually has a use! Still the basic CCW profile, but allows for one extra attack. Cheap and good at clearing out hordes.
  • Power Weapons - Each type of Power Weapon has its own profile now, so pick the right one for the situation. All Power Weapons have a damage value of 1:
    • Power Maul/Power Lance - S+2, AP-1. This is the one you want to use against lightly armored units that rely on toughness to shrug off hits.
    • Power Sword - S User AP-3. Your best bet for dealing with MEQs and TEQs.
    • Power Axe - S+1 AP-2. A good enough compromise between the Sword's armor negation and the Maul's brute force.
  • Lightning Claws - S User AP-2 1 D. Allows you re-rolls to wound and gain an extra attack if you have two of them. Needless to say, always bring them along in pairs.
  • Power Fist - Sx2 AP-3 D3 D. Unwieldy has been replaced with a -1 penalty on to hit rolls, which can be annoying but does mean you're no longer screwed by being forced to attack last all the time.
  • Thunder Hammer - Like a Power Fist, but deals 3 D instead of D3 D. All the strengths (and the -1 to hit modifier) of the Power Fist, with none of the random damage. Costs the same as a Power Fist on non-Characters, so it's a flat better choice than a Fist for Sergeants. 5 points more than a fist for Characters. The extra reliability could mean the difference between one-shotting a Centurion or get an Assault Drill in the face, so consider that 5 points investment over a Fist.
  • Chainfist - Like a Power Fist, but AP-4 and a fixed 2 damage. Better at punching through armor, but less swingy with the damage.
  • Eviscerator - Unlike his baby brother, this Heavy Chainsaw Sword is a two-handed Chainfist: Sx2 (so S8 for Marines) AP-4 D3 D with -1 to hit (which actually makes it a less reliable but potentially more damaging Chainfist). Since the option in the Assault Squad states that any one in five models may equip it, you can give it to the Sergeant who has 2A (to better use the expensive weapon).
  • Force Weapons - Librarians come with these. Identical to their Power Weapon counterparts (with Force Staves filling in for the Power Maul), but deal D3 damage instead of 1 damage.
  • Relic Blade - Available to Honour Guard, Vanguard Veteran Sergeants and Captains. A S+2 AP-3 D3 D weapon. Great for messing up MEQ-type characters. notice that Captains can no longer use the Relic Blade/Storm Shield combo, but Vanguard Veterans can.
  • Encarmine Sword - S User AP-3 D3 D. Ideal for dealing with MEQs and TEQs and multiple damage are just sweet.
  • Encarmine Axe - S 1 AP-2 D3 D. Now turning into poor man's Power Fist, without penalty -1 To Hit, which is useful against tougher foes.
  • Blood Talons - Sx2 AP-3 D6 D, but lost re-rolling wounds
  • Furioso fist - Sx2 AP-3 3 D, re-roling hits when you take pair. Somehow more reliable than Blood Talons now with fixed damage and re-rolling, but on the other hand there are many other ways to give re-rolls To Hit for your Dreads (chaplains, Dante).
  • Furioso Force Halberd - S+4 AP-4 3 D, so better than Furioso Fist against T5 and lower or multi-wounds enemies without inv save.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Boltgun - You know what a Bolter is. 24" Rapid Fire S4 AP-0 1 D. The loss of AP hurts, but if your opponent has a brain he'll be keeping his 5+/6+ units in cover anyway.
  • Combi-Weapon - Now infinite use, can be fired independently of the Bolter or at the same time. Firing both the Bolter and the special weapon causes a -1 to hit. Special mention to Combi-Flamers, since the flamer part auto-hits.
  • Storm Bolter/Combi-Bolter - Cheap as chips Rapid Fire 2 Boltgun. Typically seen on Terminators, decent midrange Characters but otherwise should only be taken if you don't want to spend the points on anything better.
  • Angelus Boltgun - 12" Assault 2 S4 AP-1 1 D weapon. Better now due to how AP works.


  • Bolt Pistol - It's a Bolter Pistol. Like other pistols, has a shorter range but can be fired when locked in close combat so it's useful enough for choppy units.
  • Plasma Pistol - Fairly effective against MEQs when fired normally, and when supercharged it hits harder and deals more damage but kills the user on a roll of 1 to hit. Cheaper and more effective than the Grav-Pistol against units with high toughness, but the warning about supercharging applies here too- you do not want to get your expensive character killed just because of one bad roll. That said, given that a Captain lets Marines around him, including himself, re-roll those bad 1s To Hit away, don't be too worried. 1/36 chance of killing yourself are acceptable odds.
  • Grav Pistol - Deals more damage against targets with an armor save of 3+ or higher, but it's not quite as good as it used to be, especially since immobilization spamming is out.
  • Inferno Pistol - in terms of close combat, this is the best pistol, period. S8 AP-4 D6 D means this is effective against most targets. Hysterically overpriced at 20 points for a 6" pistol though. Sisters of Battle get them for 12 and Eldar for 9(!).
  • Hand Flamer - Pistol that auto-hit D3 times with S3 AP-0 Range 6" and got cheaper now. Crap, S3 isn't doing you any more favors than the D3 hits. And it's somehow more expensive than a Plasma Pistol. Skip.
    • Not so fast. The Hand Flamer has the combination of being able to shoot in melee range and hitting automatically going for it. It will certainly not blow through tanks and characters as well as a Plasma Pistol, but a couple of them most definitely help with fighting your way through hordes. Those 2 hits on average will add up fast, especially when combined with a bunch of Chainswords. Additionally, the autohits will help a lot with getting past To Hit modifiers like Venomthropes.

Special Weapons[edit]

  • Flamer - An 8" Assault D6 S4 AP-0 1 D which automatically passes rolls to hit. A classic anti-horde option, most useful when up against Tyranids, Orks, and blob Imperial Guard. The changes to how Flamers work give them a bit of effectiveness against small, lightly armored units as well- the number of hits they can score means that a single unit can be hit more than once. They are a surprisingly decent AA option too, given they auto-hit even Hard to Hit models. Keep in mind that this weapon is pretty poor value against non CQC armies, as by itself its not fantastic due to high cost. The main kicker is the auto-hit on overwatch, which only happens if you get charged. Also, you can Advance and shoot the Flamer, at the cost of not being able to charge.
  • Grav-gun - 18" Rapid Fire 1 S5 AP-3 1 D. The loss of the ability to wound on a roll equal to the target's armor save is a big nerf to the former game-breaker of 7e, to say nothing of its poor strength and range compared to the now-safer Plasma Gun. However, it does D3 damage when it wounds an enemy with an armor save of 3+ or higher so it can still be decent against heavy infantry. Don't bother against vehicles, though- S5 isn't enough to dent most tanks now, and immobilization spam is no longer a thing anyway.
  • Meltagun - 12" Assault 1 S8 AP-4 D6 D, best used with Drop Pods. If within half its range (so 6" or closer) it rolls 2D6 D and selects the higher number, so it's good against Monsters as well as vehicles now. It's worth noting that Drop Pods and its passengers cannot disembark closer than 9" from an enemy, so you won't be in Melta range on the drop. Try Multi-meltas for that.
  • Plasma gun - The plasma gun works differently from its earlier incarnations- for a start, it now has two firing profiles, both of which share Rapid Fire 1 and a 24" range. In its normal mode, it's S7 AP-3 1 D so it's basically a flat upgrade from a Bolter that does a good job of taking out MEQs and TEQs. In its supercharged mode, it has one extra point of Strength and Damage that lets it one-shot Terminators. But be careful: firing the supercharged mode triggers the new version of Gets Hot!, and this time it just kills a model with no saves on a to hit roll of 1. So only fire the supercharged mode when the boosts are worth the risk of killing the user on the spot.

Heavy Weapons[edit]

  • Grav-cannon with grav-amp- Identical to the Grav-gun, but with Heavy 4. Compared to the Plasma Cannon, it fires more shots but suffers from all the nerfs that the Grav-gun has gotten. It's now effectively a souped up Heavy Bolter.
  • Heavy Bolter- 36" Heavy 3 S5 AP-1 1 D. Good against hordes at long range due to its high number of attacks, and not too bad against lighter vehicles either. It is also extremely cheap.
  • Heavy Flamer- A flamer with an extra point of Strength and AP-1. More effective against almost everything than its smaller brother.
  • Lascannon- 48" Heavy 1 S9 AP-3 D6 D. Your primary anti-vehicle weapon.
  • Missile Launcher- Can fire either Frag Missiles that act like D6 Bolter shots, or a Krak Missile with S8 AP-2 D6 D. Not quite as good as Heavy Bolter or a Lascannon in regards to dealing with infantry and vehicles (respectively), but still pretty good at both of those roles. With its D6 D AP-2 it can still make a nasty surprise for a HQ caught in the open. Has the exact same cost as the Lascannon, so its only worth taking if you KNOW you will be shooting infantry with them at some point.
  • Multi-melta- A 24" Heavy 1 Meltagun. Cooks vehicles from a slightly safer range than the regular Meltagun, but unlike the Meltagun you can't advance and then shoot with this. The Multi-melta can fulfill a role previously filled by the Meltagun: Drop Pod threat removal. Due to its 12" Melta range, that means your D6 D will be more reliable on the turn you come in, at the price of a 16% decrease in accuracy. To offset that you have the Armorium Cherub and the Sergeant's Signum.
  • Plasma cannon- Identical to the Plasma gun, but has a 36" range and is Heavy D3. The larger number of shots it has the potential to fire make it more useful against larger groups of enemies than the regular plasma gun.
  • Frag Cannon- Double Heavy Flamer on steroids with 8" 2D6 S6 AP-1 1 D auto-hits. Hordes beware.


  • Frag Grenade - It explodes, 6" D6 S3 AP-0 1 D, good against GEQs.
  • Krak Grenade - It explodes even harder, albeit only one shot at range 6" S6 AP-1 D3 D, always remember to throw one , because now it can one-shot (small chance, but...) multi-wound enemies.
  • Melta Bomb - Now can be thrown at 4" with S8 AP-4 D6 D, which is brilliant, and in 8 edition there are no restrictions on using it, so it's perfectly viable to throw Melta Bombs at enemy characters, as well as usual targets, like vehicles and bigger enemies.


  • Combat Shield - Grants the model a 5++ Invulnerable save.
  • Storm Shield - Grants the model a 3++ Invulnerable save.
  • Camo Cloak - If every model in a unit has a camo cloak you can add 2 to saving throws made for models in the unit when they receive the benefits of cover, instead of 1.
  • Death Mask - Reduces enemy leadership by 1 while they are within 3" which helps in the Morale Phase.
  • Magna-grapple - You add 2" to your charge rolls if charging a vehicle, which helps your choppy dreads reach combat, especially when they already move faster than vanilla ones.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Captain: The most basic version of the Captain is the no-frills HQ choice: access to a variety of wargear, good overall stats, and grants all nearby friendly BLOOD ANGELS units the ability to re-roll a result of 1 to hit, which you should use to keep your plasma weapons from killing you as this lets you roll those lethal 1s away (do note vehicles have the BLOOD ANGELS keyword too. Enjoy your semi-twinlinked Land Raider Crusader). His master-crafted boltgun is AP-1 and deals 2 damage, but a shooty Captain might be better suited to using a Combi-Weapon. The storm shield isn't a must-have since he comes with a 4+ invulnerable save by default, but it's there if you want it.
    • Captain in Gravis Armour: Has a 5" move and an extra wound, but instead of an increased armor save the Gravis Armor pushes the Captain's Toughness to 5, making him a bit less likely to be wounded by small arms. (As a Primaris, he also gets another attack.) Unlike the other Captain versions, his wargear is fixed; specifically, to a master-crafted power sword that deals one more point of damage compared to the regular power sword and the Boltstorm Gauntlet (a combined 3-shot bolt pistol and power fist). Cheaper and more resilient than the Terminator Captain, but not as flexible.
    • Captain in Terminator Armour: Your bread and butter HQ, good and everything, great at nothing, now in Terminator Armour. Must buy at least a Power Sword and Storm Bolter, can take items from Terminator Combi-Weapons and Terminator Weapons lists, and if he takes a Power Fist, can take a wrist mounted grenade launcher. May also buy a Storm Shield. A decent fighting unit, he comes stock with a 4++ thanks to his Iron Halo. Provides a 6" bubble that provides rerolls of 1's to hit to friendly Blood Angels. Good, but not great.
    • Captain on Bike: The bike gives you +1 Toughness, an extra wound, 14" movement, and the Turbo-Boost ability. Apart from that, everything that can be said about the regular Captain goes for this guy too.
  • Chaplain: Cheap HQ with his stock wargear, great in assault army like Blood Angels. He lets same Chapter units in 6" use his leadership and reroll all failed hits in melee. A good support choice to back a choppy squad. Particularly useful helping Hammernators mitigate their -1 to hit,or a large Death Company squad to buff more fighters and help with their higher morale vulnerability. Comes stock with a bolt pistol and Crozius, which is now somewhere between a power axe and maul at +1S and -1, but 2D. Can swap his bolt pistol for a bolter, fist, pistol, of combi-weapon, and can strap on a jump pack.
    • Chaplain in Terminator Armour: As above, but with 5" movement, one more wound, and 2+ armor. Note that you can only swap the storm bolter for a combi-weapon, so actually slightly less effective in melee against armored opponents.
    • Chaplain on Bike: 14" movement, +1 T and Wound, and ability to Turbo-boost. Good for keeping up with your jump pack cc oriented squads, also tougher than jump pack chaplain.
    • (Forge World) Chaplain in A goddamn Dreadnought: NOW AN HQ CHOICE CHARACTER. The Chaplain Dreadnought is the go-to answer for players wishing to run an All-dreadnought army. This is one of the best models space marines can currently use in 8th arguably the best outside of special characters. It's a character that can't be shot at unless it's by snipers (which it'll shrug of anyway) or it's the closest model, a dreadnought that CANNOT BE SHOT AT. It possess a 5++ save and also buffs the strength of friendly models fighting the same unit as the dreadnought, has heroic intervention and every wound it takes it gets to make a roll, on a 6 it ignores the wound. It's also reasonably priced considering it's many advantages, 204 points vanilla but can be cheaper or more expensive depending on wargear choices (taking an assault cannon makes it cost 183 as an example). Despite it's strengths ultimately it's buff is weak; more a bonus than something your army can rely on, if you want a HQ that buffs than the Chaplain Dreadnought is a bad choice, however, if you were planning to bring a dreadnought and/or want a tough and killy HQ then the Chaplain is a fantastic option that also saves you an elite or heavy support slot.
  • Librarian: Flexible buff unit and source of mortal wounds thanks to Smite. His Psychic Hood adds 1 to Deny the Witch tests for Psykers within 12". Equipped with force stave, frag, krak grenades and bolt pistol. Can take jump pack. Use him to buff your cc squads.
    • Librarian Dreadnought: Our super special dreadnoughts have definitely seen an improvement. Their stats are the same as every other dreadnought barring their 2+ ws. Their force halberd means they will be hitting at s10 ap-4 3 damage. Couple this with the new psychic powers (of which the dreadnought may cast 2 per turn) and you have a solid buff unit that is no slouch in combat, though is not that cheap. Consider replacing the Storm Bolter on these with a Melta Gun, since you want this Dreadnought to be charging as soon as possible, being able to advance and fire an S8 weapon is quite handy.
      • As a character with only 8 wounds, the Librarian Dreadnought can only be shot at if it is the closest unit.
      • This guy's also the only GW dreadnought HQ, so if you want to run an all-dreadnought army without sucking up to Forge World, this is your best pick.
      • When equipped with a meltagun, this guy becomes a brutally effective monster hunter. Consider: smite in the psychic phase, melta in the shooting phase, then charge and finish off what's left with the halberd.
    • Librarian in Terminator Armour: Your more combat oriented Psyker. Must buy at least a Force Stave and Storm Bolter, and can buy a Storm Shield or an item from the Terminator Combi-Weapons list, and may replace his Force Stave with either a sword or axe. Comes stock with a 5++ for his Crux Terminatus, and thanks to his Psychic Hood adds 1 to Deny the Witch tests for Psykers within 12". Can manifest two powers in the Psychic Phase. Occupies a nice balance between a combat character and a buff unit. Have him Teleport in to battle behind your Death Company before they get in to combat, throw your magic at them, and let loose with the charges.
    • Librarian on Bike: 14" movement, +1 T and Wound and ability to Turbo-boost compare to normal librarian. Good for keeping up with your jump pack cc oriented squads or other bikes.
  • Sanguinary Priest: Your standard unit modifier. Comes stock with a bolt pistol, chainsword, frag and krak grenades. Can take items from the Pistols, Combi-Weapons and Melee Weapons lists. May also take a Jump Pack. Buffs your Blood Angels Infantry and Bikes by offering a 6" bubble of +1 Strength, as well as healing a multi-wound Infantry or Biker model within 3", or bring a fallen model back to life. The bringing back from the dead is on a d6 roll of 4+ and if failed he does nothing for the rest of the turn. Works well with more expensive models like Terminators and Sanguinary Guard, keeping their health up as they make their way towards the enemy.
    • Sanguinary Priest on Bike: 14" movement, +1 T and Wound and ability to Turbo-boost compare to normal priest.
      • Sanguinary Priests, both regular and biker varieties, work amazingly with units armed with Power Swords. S 5 AP -3 is a nasty profile that can put wounds on most things reliably. Meanwhile, power axes will massacre T3s with 5+s, wounding on 2's and blowing through their entire save. Consider adding some sort of Chaplain for rerolls to hit. Conversely, some matchups (Anything besides an axe vs GEQs, Thunder Hammers vs Rhinos) won't see any benefit from the Strength boosting aura.
  • Techmarine: At the end of movement phase can (now without roll) restore one <CHAPTER> model within 1" that has the VEHICLE keyword for D3 lost wounds. Equipped with a servo-arm and power axe by default. Can take a jump pack, servo-harness and the usual affair for characters. The servo-arm is now a Thunder Hammer with AP -2, but can only attack once.
    • Techmarine on Bike: 14" movement, +1 T and Wound and ability to Turbo-boost, better because he can keep up with vehicles.
    • Techmarine with Jump Pack: Doesn't have a servo-arm, which is just about the only way to field one of these guys without being forced to pay for one. Can still repair vehicles just fine, mind you. There's a rules explosion if you take both a servo-harness and a jump pack (which is not banned); until it's FAQ'ed, both will resolve, and the jump pack will take your servo-arms away, leaving you with a jump pack, flamer, and plasma cutter. Theoretically, the same thing will happen if you swap your servo-arm for a conversion beamer "before" taking a jump pack, but the RAI on that seems clearer. Discuss any rules clusterfucks with your opponent before you exploit them.
  • Rhino Primaris: One half of the Command Tank duo, the Rhino Primaris distinguishes itself from the basic Rhino by 3 things: its twin plasma gun, the ability to call an orbital bombardment (a 72" range monster with S10 AP-4 Heavy D3 and d6 damage that becomes Heavy d6 when used on a unit with 10 or more models and doesn't need line of sight, but can only be fired once per game), and its servo-skull hub. The hub allows the Rhino Primaris to buff allies within 12" with either a +1 to hit, a -1 to morale tests, or healing a wound (for vehicles only). It only has room to transport 6 units, though that's just enough for a Captain and his Veteran Squad.
    • Never fire the plasma gun on overcharged mode; the risk of destroying the Rhino Primaris isn't worth the extra damage.
  • Land Raider Excelsior: The other half of the Command Tank duo, which comes with a 5+ invulnerable save, the Captain's ability to grant re-rolls for hit results of 1 for units within 6" of it, a pair of twin lascannons, and a grav-cannon/grav-amp combo. If you take it, take the Rhino Primaris too- it'll gain a +1 to hit for all shooting attacks if it stays within 24" of the Rhino Primaris. Apart from that, it's fairly similar to the vanilla LR, albeit better able to take on heavy infantry thanks to the grav-cannon.
    • As is the case for the Rhino Primaris, do not overcharge the plasma gun part of the combi-plasma. Your lascannons do everything that an overcharged plasma gun shot can do, without the risk of killing yourself in the process!
  • (Forge World) Damocles Command Rhino: Costing almost twice as much as normal Rhino, but with one transport place for character, this gives you one-use Orbital bombardment, which on 4+ hit every unit in 6" from point on a battlefield you choose ( -1 for Characters) and deals D3 mortal wounds. Second ability is generating 1 CP per turn if your warlord is embarked and roll less than his LD. This is helpful, but most Blood Angels potential Warlords doesn't fit Rhino (jump pack, terminator armour, Dreadnought)
    • This vehicle is useful against cheap horde armies, which probably have more Command Points than you.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Astorath: Astorath has gained some fun special rules. His axe is now a +1S force sword/-1AP force axe, which on a 6+ to wound is a flat 3 damage; see below for some rules issues with this. All BA within 6" re-roll hits in the fight phase and can use his leadership for morale tests; death company instead become fearless. Astorath now gains the very cool rule Mass of Doom, which you may activate once per game at the start of your turn. Roll 1D6 for each friendly BA infantry unit within 6". On a 1, the unit takes 1 mortal wound. On a 2-5, add 1 to all hit rolls made in the fight phase. On a 6, same as above but the unit also gains a 4++ invuln until the end of your turn. So, just before your big 15 man death company charges, you can probably give them 2+ re-rollable attacks for maximum rape, and you only kill one of them with odds 5/36, since they can FNP the mortal wound from the Mass. Combine this with Librarians, Sanguinary Priests, and Ancients to get the maximum bang for your berserker buck.
    • The RAW on his axe is that "it" causes 3 damage, where "it" could refer to the wound that rolled high (so only that one wound deals 3 without rolling), or to the weapon itself, implying that if any attack in a set rolls a 6+ to wound, all of them deal 3 damage. However, the latter rule has no expiration - that is, a strict RAW interpretation, assuming it does apply to the weapon, would mean that after any 6+ to wound, the weapon then causes 3 damage for all swings for the rest of the game, as opposed to the former, which expires at the end of the wound, so the former is far more likely.
  • Brother Corbulo: Corbulo is a buffed Sanguinary Priest with some cool wargear. He has Heaven's Teeth, which is S+1 AP-1 (better than a chainsword against most targets), and The Red Grail, which is the same as your average Blood Chalice, but grants 6+ exploding hit dice in melee to infantry and biker units within 6". He also has the Far-Seeing Eye, which grants a single re-roll on anything for Corbulo 1/turn, which you will generally want to apply to his Narthecium, either to heal more wounds or increase his odds of raising the dead.
  • Captain Tycho: I mean, who even cares at this stage? For those that do, he is a captain with a master-crafted boltgun like other captains, but it has a meltagun strapped to it, and he has a 2+ save and doesn't like orks. That's it, really.
    • Like his psycho version, his greatest advantage is a low points cost, paired with a durability upgrade; he costs 95 points, while a Captain with a combi-melta costs 93. The latter's bolter isn't master-crafted, and has only a 3+ save, but is carrying a chainsword, and so will be better in melee, except against orcs. If you did want a base Captain with a Combi-Melta for some reason, Tycho is better, overall.
  • Chief Librarian Mephiston: Mephiston is similar to last edition, with 5s instead of 6s like the days of yore, but he makes up for it in other ways. His Sanguine Sword is now like a normal force sword, except it is S×2, so he is always hitting at S10 AP-3, meaning that terminators finally fear him. He may cast 2 powers a turn, and has a 5+ FNP.
    • Mephiston has an excellent stat line, lots of melee power, can buff himself and/or others well, and is priced decently. He makes a good HQ and warlord but has two notable drawbacks which need to be overcome. He has no invuln save other than a 5+ FNP, which is good, but leaves him vulnerable to basic power weapons. Casting shield of sanguinius on himself might be a smart choice depending on your opponents choice of weapons. He also has no means to deep strike, which most of your army does. Throw him in a transport with really any melee unit to get him into CC, then utilize his 7" movement to place him where needed as the battle progresses.
    • Buff this guy and watch things get really crazy. Cast unleash rage on himself, and keep a priest nearby and he will crank out 6 S12 attacks at AP -3 and D3 damage. Most opponents won't expect him to be hitting harder and faster than a fully upgraded Ork Warboss
  • Commander Dante: Despite being the "I'm too old for this shit" character, Dante is still a beatstick. Coming in with the classic wargear of Axe Mortalis and an Inferno Pistol, 2+, 4++, and a jump pack, Dante hasn't really changed much. The Axe Mortalis is virtually unchanged with S+2 and AP-3, but deals D3 damage and can re-roll wounds on characters; also, Dante now has 6 attacks and wounds. A lucky lascannon can still kill him, but he is a whole bunch tougher against small or even medium arms fire. Dante loses out on his cool tactical and jump pack warlord rules and now has a 6" bubble of re-rolls to hit, which is... alright. For vanguards and assault marines this is great, but since the most commonly used Dante bodyguard, Sanguinary Guard, get re-rolls to hit within 6" of your warlord already, this is kind of shit, so you probably don't want to take them - instead, take Company Veterans with Jump Packs, for the same job.
  • Lemartes: Lemartes is still the mad-capped berserker that we all know and love, with some differences in this edition. Gone is his crazy approach to getting wounded and getting angrier, but his wounds have gone from 2 to 4, and his base attacks are a respectable 5. As Death Company are no longer fearless (disappointing), you do have the option to use Lemartes’ Leadership of 9 (immunity until 4 models drop) if within 6”, should your crazy marines need to take a leadership test. The best thing here, though, is that as 8th edition is pointing towards jump pack assault shenanigans, the best approach might be to drop a tide of black on your opponent, and Lemartes allows re-rolls of failed charges. Quite handy when Jump Pack assaults will be at least 9” away to start with.
  • The Sanguinor: Our special snowflake is now a very pointy snowflake. Basically a copy of Dante with -1 wound (he is affected by his own aura, so his attacks match Dante's unless they're together, in which case Dante pulls ahead by 1), but his weapon is AP-4 vs Dante's AP-3, and he retains his aura of fervour, granting +1 attack to BA infantry units within 6" (but doesn't grant re-rolling misses), making him a natural fit with Sanguinary Guard as warlord. He may also fall back from combat and still charge that turn. All this for noticeably less than Dante. So yeah, if you want a slightly less tough, more/differently buffy guy, pick the Sanguinor; otherwise, if you want a more focused killer, Dante is your man.
  • Tycho the Lost: Edgy Tycho now doesn't help his friends. Exactly the same as normal Tycho but doesn't give re-rolls to units around him. Cheaper, though.
    • This unit is actually the second cheapest HQ Blood Angels can take, only 1 point more expensive than a priest. For his price he is durable, at W5 Sv2+ FNP6+, and can, at least, provide constant close range firepower. Nothing fancy when it comes to fisticuffs, but at least he has 5 attacks on the charge. Someone please give this guy a goddamn chainsword, for 6 attacks, which becomes slightly tempting

Successor Chapters[edit]

  • Gabriel Seth (Flesh Tearers): Thankfully moved from the LoW section, Gabriel has Chapter Master stats, 4 attack and his Blood Reaver is Sx2 AP-1 D3 D and gives another hit on a To Hit roll of 6+. Remember that these are extra hits that land automatically, so there's no chaining endless attacks. He grants friendly Flesh Tearers re-rolls To Hit in 6" and , every unit that finishes its move when Gabriel consolidates roll a dice and on 6, that unit can fight again. Overall, with Fearless and Rending no longer a thing, he's no longer the walking meatgrinder he was last edition, but he's now cheaper and he's still a nice beatstick that can put big dents in most units.
  • Malakim Phoros (Lamenters, Forgeworld): Unlike the Codex Space Marines, whose Codex actively tells them how to field a chapter whose successor status is known only from the fluff, the Index uses much laxer language; it is doubtful anyone will argue with you, but be warned, you may be headed into an argument over the fact that no actual rule specifies his status. Perhaps not as scary as his 7th edition stats, the Lord of Ruin still dishes out the pain with the best of them. His pistol, Catechist, is still a 12" Inferno Pistol, and his Glaive of Lamentation is a Power Fist with -1S -1AP, so it'll usually be worse than a Power Fist, but occasionally be better (e.g. against a Land Speeder or Centurion). His special rule, "The Lord of Ruin", turns him into a super-Lieutenant, allowing all Lamenters with the INFANTRY, DREADNOUGHT, or BIKER keywords within 6" to re-roll all failed wound rolls, which is better than re-rolling misses for just about everything in the army against most targets.
    • There are basically two good ways to use Malakim.
      • You can stuff him in a Stormraven to speed him up; his buff won't help anyone until he gets out, but you can more easily get him where he needs to go this way.
        • This is the only practical way to get him to buff melee combat; the best fellow buffer he can have for that is generally a Chaplain, followed by a Sanguinary Priest for +1S; a Librarian for Unleash Rage can also help, but buffs a single target, rather than employing an aura, on top of being able to fail the buff. You should put a Dread on board and as many Company Veterans as you can, but, of course, be aware that melee units that can't FLY may have trouble deleting units that can only be charged by models with FLY; instead, since Phoros, the Chaplain, and the Priest are all auras, you may want to dump them somewhere, then deep strike in many small units of Jump melee troops to try and ensure charges get through. If you want more room on board for more chargers, remember Chaplains, Priests, and Librarians can all take Jump Packs, and get to where they need to be themselves.
        • You can also field this ranged style (see below), or mix the two; Sanguinary Guard can FLY, carry both a melee weapon and a gun, and, near Phoros, re-roll all failed hits and wounds; give them plasma pistols, an Ancient, and a Sanguinary Priest, then combine the lot of it near something you want dead for deeply satisfactory plasma spam. Not remotely as good with inferno pistols, due to short range and severe overcosting, or angelus bolters, which have the range, but are insanely overcosted.
      • You can, instead, just walk him up the field, like how Codex Marines field Guilliman.
        • This is clearly best with ranged, so you'll want a Captain over a Chaplain, and the Priest and Librarian become a good deal less compelling. Phoros can't buff most vehicles, so you're looking to field Devastators, Hellblasters, and dakka Dreads (especially Leviathan Dreads), essentially. Note that this is perfectly fieldable on a Stormraven - you can stuff Phoros, 2 Heavy Flamer Devastators squads, and a Leviathan Dreadnought on a Stormraven, with room to spare for an additional buffer if you want one on board. You can't stuff Hellblasters on one, so for them, make sure you bring an Ancient to let them shoot twice when they die, and a Priest is still a good idea to stand them back up, on top of the Captain you'll definitely want.


  • Scout Squad: The Scout special rule Concealed Deployment may be the best troop rule space marines have. Since they deploy during the deployment phase, you can cut off huge swaths of the board from enemy deep strikes early in the game. They have both a shooty build and a close combat build, and offensive wise are just as good as Tactical Marines at shooting and Assault Marines at assaulting. They can create early pre-screens so horde armies can't get a full move right off the bat. Worried about a Tyranid army getting a 30" move on turn one? Scouts make a fine speed bump. Camo Cloaks actually make Scouts cost more than Tactical Marines on a model by model basis.
    • Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles: On a wound roll of 6, they now deal a mortal wound in addition to its normal damage. They can also target characters even if they are not the closest enemy. Pretty self explanatory, character killer weapons than on occasion can damage vehicles. A special note goes towards the mortal wound mechanic - since mortal wounds DO carry over to multiple models, they can effectively shoot down infantry. Sniper Rifles will be hard pressed to single handedly kill a model like a Captain, Guilliman, Pedro Kantor or Lynsander. They are best used to target support characters like an Apothacary, Chapter Ancient or support servitors. Just like in Rynn's World, a scout with a sniper rifle is not going to kill an Ork Warboss, but they might take down the Pain Boy that supports him.
  • Tactical Squad: You know how these guys work. Squad size of 5-10, armed with Boltguns, Bolt Pistols, Frag and Krak Grenades. As before, you can take one Heavy or one Special Weapon at five models, and one of each at ten. Your Sergeant may take items from the Sergeant Equipment List. Combat squads are still a thing, works much the same as they always have. As with all units, you have lost the Red Thirst special rule, so you are no longer any better or worse than any other Chapter, but can still take a Heavy Flamer. Look, these guys are bread and butter, great at nothing, good at everything, but now that we don't need to take Troop choices, these guys might not be seen much, but are a solid, reliable choice in any list.
    • Fun Note: In a 10 man squad you can take three Flamers: one Heavy Flamer, one regular Flamer, and a Combi-Flamer on the Sergeant.
  • Intercessors: The Primaris counterpart to the Tactical Squad is a 5-man force with an extra attack and wound per model and packs Bolt Rifles with longer range and better AP than the standard Bolter. At first glance this makes them look like a flat upgrade over the basic Tacticals, but if you look closely you start to see a few problems. First and most obviously, an Intercessor squad costs 1.5 times as many points as a minimum-sized Tactical Squad- and at least the Tacticals get to bring along a heavy or special weapon at that size. Fewer models per unit ultimately means less damage per phase, and the extra range and AP on their bolt rifles alone isn't enough to compensate for it. If you were only planning on fielding minimum sized Tacticals to fill out your Troops slots you may as well take the Intercessors, but in most other situations you'll have to consider whether or not the improved resilience is worth the lack of flexibility. These aren't nearly as resilient as they look on paper, with so many weapons dealing multiple damage each hit. Autocannons in particular will have a field day with them.
      • Open to debate, but in this writer's opinion their slowness makes them ill-suited to the fast assault nature of a Blood Angels army. Our strength lies in rapid assault units backed up by close range firepower. These guys don't really fit well in that.
      • They have partial use as objective campers, and they may be handy in smaller games having both moderate melee and shooting strength. But I agree overall, they are generalists in a very specialized army


  • Company Ancient: The old banner bearer, now an independent Character. The banner adds +1L to any same Chapter Infantry units in 6". If a model from the Chapter dies in 6", you get a 4+ chance for them to get off one more round of shooting or close combat right then, before your opponent can move on to something else. Note that this only affects models in the bubble, not units, so be mindful when picking who dies. It also sadly doesn't affect bikes. Comes with a bolt pistol that you can swap for a different pistol, combi, or melee weapon. When you proc his ability on a plasma gun wielder, remember to overcharge it.
    • Company Ancient with Jump Pack:
  • Company Champion: Another former Command Squad guy now on his own. He has to make a Heroic Intervention if possible, and re-rolls hits against Characters. Comes with a master-crafted power sword, bolt pistol, and combat shield for a 5++, but no other wargear options.
    • Company Champion with Jump Pack:
  • Company Veterans: More or less the Command Squad from earlier editions, minus the Apothecary, (Company) Champion, and banner bearer (now a Company Ancient) which are all split off as independent Characters. You can still kit between 2 and 5 of them out however you like (except no special weapons on the Sergeant), though for melee you should consider the Honor Guard instead (though they have to be from a Codex Chapter, as the Blood Angels have Sanguinary Guard instead of Honour Guard--this means they can't share your transports or benefit from your buffs). They possess an ability similar to the old "Look out, Sir!" rule which lets them intercept a wound from a CHARACTER on a 2+ in exchange for taking a mortal wound, so they're good bodyguards.
    • Can take either jump packs or bikes.
    • You can kit five company veterans out pretty much however you choose. Deep strike five plasma guns with jump packs? Sure thing. Flamers and power weapons for receiving charges? Yup. Power weapons and storm shields on bikes? Go for it.
  • Death Company: No doubt about it, Death Company have been nerfed. A few weapon loadouts have been cut, for starters, like Thunder Hammers now taking up both weapon slots. The changes to assault have resulted in the Death Company losing at least one attack each, and their feel no pain has gone from 5+ to 6+. That being said, assault has the potential to be far more dangerous in this edition, they have also had a decrease in points, and the changes to power weapons means that they can comfortably take on more varied enemies. Plus, they can shrug off mortal wounds.
    • Tried and true play styles will still work. Keeping the chainswords will yield 4 attacks base per model on the charge, Sanguinary Priests will bring those attacks to S5, and chaplains will allow for rerolls to hit. Both of these units enhance the Death Company's quality of attacks.
    • ALWAYS bring jump packs. These boys gain bonuses only when charging and you need maneuverability for that charge.
      • Thunder Hammers on these guys is incredible, particularly with jump packs to let them assault Flyers reliably. Remember, rules on the model apply before rules from equipment now, so with Sanguinary support, they're swinging at S10, which will reliably injure absolutely anything.
      • Although, forgoing jump packs will save points. Try a 5 man squad with a chaplain in razorback. Altogether these three can take on any foe and will last fairly long with the right weapons loadout
    • For some reason, the completely balls-out insane DC are now LD 7 and lack fearless of any sort. ATSKNF allows for rerolls, but chaplains provide 6" LD bubbles which help remedy this problem. Taking Astorath and keeping him within 6" of your DC will effectively make them fearless.
    • DC now seem to rely on support more than before. This does make some sense fluff-wise, mainly because these guys would be counter-productive and simply a hazard on the battle field without proper guidance. Remember to keep chaplains or other HQ units nearby to ensure the mayhem is maximized.
    • While it was in promotional art and models for a while, it's now a pretty good idea to stick your DC in a rhino - keep'em relatively safe and fast, and since all vehicles are essentially assault vehicles now, it can work pretty well.
    • Never take Hand Flamers if you can avoid it; they are overcosted garbage.
  • Death Company Dreadnought: Your normal furioso but angry. 2 fists/talons, black rage, and can consolidate 6". No one will expect this dreadnought to be as fast as it is. With an 8" move, some good charge and advance rolls, and increased consolidation after he murders the first group; your opponent will likely fail to answer the threat before it's to late.
    • Just like the Furioso, this Dreadnought is overpriced. Granted he will crush things in CC, the model can get over 200 points! 232 when fully maxed out. You may as well get hammernators, or a lot of normal DC marines
  • Dreadnought: This bad boy has received major improvements. At S6 T7 W8 A4 and 3+ Sv, the dreadnought is a durable elite choice. Its S6 assault cannon will mow down any T3 infantry, and will deal quite well with T4 too. Its melee weapon is something to be feared as well, at S12(!!!) AP-3 and 3 damage the dreadnought will smash through most things put in front of it, should you get it into melee combat. It can also equip a heavy flamer for the incredible D6 S5 AP-1 auto-hits on overwatch. Your opponent should think twice before charging ol' dred.
  • Furioso Dreadnought: Although a 2+ to hit would be nice, as well as more than T7 toughness to differentiate from all other dreads (these guys were front armor 13 before...) typical frag cannon loadout is still somewhat viable. Frag cannons are now 2D6 auto hit, regardless of damage taken. Combined with S6 the frag cannon can tear up hordes, multi wound models, and light vehicles equally well. Pair with a heavy flamer and make sure to assault with your giant fist to guarantee entire squads get removed each turn. I'm not convinced. Point for point Furiosos are hideously ineffective compared to regular dreads. With functionally identical profiles, far worse shooting potential and only barely more CQC power I'd leave this disappointment at home.
    • Its true. The regular Dread is really the only cost efficient dread currently available. The frag-furioso is a tricky exception. Its a shame because this model fills the role of other venerable dreads, and should hit and shoot on 2s and possibly have some upgraded durability.
    • To give some perspective: a fully-loaded Furioso costs the same points-wise as a fully-loaded Redemptor Dread. And the newest member of the Dread-family is stronger than the Furioso on pretty much every metric.
    • There's some hope in the fact the GW are fixing points problems relatively quickly. The SM Ironclad Dreadnought recently dropped 40pts from the index to the codex, and the Furioso could do with the same treatment. Cross all your fingers that a Blood Angels codex is coming soon!
  • Imperial Space Marine: Now a character rather than just something you can substitute any Space Marine model for, which is thankful because he's gotten much nastier since last edition. Compared to an average Tactical, he's gained 3 extra wounds, 2 more attacks, and one extra Ld point. But it's his disintegrator combi-gun and disintegrator pistol you should watch out for. They're only 18" Rapid Fire 1 and 9" Pistol 1 (respectively), but with S5, AP-3, and d6 damage (basically a higher damage combi-grav and grav pistol) they have the potential to fuck up a lot of units if it manages to wound them. Fun idea: surprise an enemy who thinks being only armed with a CCW will leave you weak in assault with that pistol of yours.
  • Primaris Ancient: Same as a Company Ancient, but with +1W 1+A. Comes with a bolt rifle in addition to the pistol, and can't ride any current transports or swap his wargear.
  • Primaris Lieutenants: For slightly less than 2 vanilla Captains, you can get up to two Primaris Marine Captain-equivalents with -1 BS and Ld compared to a vanilla Captain. They're armed with Assault 2 bolters (that do 2 damage) which can and probably should be swapped for Power Swords for the better chance to hit. They also allow friendly <ADEPTUS ASTARTES> units re-roll to wound rolls of 1. They have to be set up at the same time, but don't need to be in unit coherency and are treated as separate units. As is the case with all Primaris Marines, they're rather inflexible but are good enough at passing out buffs since they're effectively two Characters in a single FOC slot.
  • Sanguinary Guard: Changes to Honour Guard units have buffed a lot up to 2 wounds and this benefits Sang guard like crazy. Coupled with their Glaives, which are effectively force weapons, they now hit hard, fast, and can take a beating. Only topped by terminators in terms of sheer durability, their range 12" AP-1 assault 2 make them almost as effective at shooting as normal terms, whilst packing much better weapons. Whilst within 6" of your Warlord they reroll failed hits, so couple this with the benefits gained from characters they can get very dangerous. Are also cheaper than assault terms. Has access to death masks for 2 points per model, which is -1 to leadership, which is a huge deal in 8th. Best compared to Lightning Claw terminators, they are superior in almost every way, being faster, with better melee weapons, ranged weapons, and easily synergizing with other units, only lacking a 5++.
  • Sanguinary Guard Ancient: A single Sanguinary Guard character holding a banner that grants fearless to all nearby BA and rerolls wounds rolls of 1. Has twice the wounds and an extra attack compared to a normal guardsmen and cost around the same price as 2, so you only really lose 1 attack. An interesting choice, and time will tell how effective they are. One per army.
  • Sanguinary Novitiate (Apothecary with optional Jump Pack): Now a Character running on his own. Doesn't give out Feel No Pain, but if he's within 3" of a same chapter Infantry/Bike at the end of the Movement phase, he can heal D3 wounds on a model with the INFANTRY or BIKER keywords. If no-one's wounded, he gets a 4+ chance to bring 1 dead model back to life with a single wound, but if he fails, he can't do anything else that turn. Can't swap out his weapons, so he's stuck with a bolt pistol and chainsword. Combines great with high end infantry, shooty or assaulty. Combine with a Company Ancient to make a trade in death.
  • Servitors: Now that they can be taken independently of a Techmarine, you could use them as a cheap way of adding more plasma cannons to your force, but with WS/BS 5+, Ld6, and only a 4+ armor save, they'll have trouble actually hitting things, die easily, and are likely to be lost to morale checks. Having a Techmarine nearby mitigates this a little by boosting them to Ld 9 and WS/BS 4+, but even then there are much better things you could be doing with your Elites slot.
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad: Sadly, the special ammunition is gone- but on the bright side the Sternguard's bolters are 30" and come with built in AP-2 so they can threaten heavier armor without having to splurge on combi-weapons or special/heavy weapons, and the AP is now ALWAYS relevant since standard bolters don't ignore 6+ anymore. Speaking of which, since combi-weapons aren't one use only anymore there's no good reason to buy the special weapons- stick with the heavy weapons or the heavy flamer if you don't want to buy the combi-weapons, and remember that if you do you lose the -2 AP. The combi-weapons are always standard bolters. Apart from that, they're still just as flexible as ever.
  • Terminator Ancient: Same as Sang Guard Ancient but an assault terminator whose banner adds 1 to leadership and gives rerolls to hit.
  • Terminator Assault Squad: Still the gold standard of heavy assault troops (though we do have Death Company as competition, they've become less survivable), especially with the extra wound they've gained. The hammernator setup is still great for smashing in vehicles and heavy infantry alike while taking little damage yourself, but the -1 to hit can be a problem at times. Take a Chaplain along to mitigate the lower hit rate. Lightning claws are more reliable and more effective against horde armies, so it may be a better idea than before to stick with them. But if you are taking lightning claws you may as well be taking Sanguinary Guard. Nah but for real though the changes in 8th means that if your enemy doesn't have mortal wounds, TH/SS Terminators will survive just about anything, and will delete what ever they come up against in the assault. I've had these motherfuckers take 1500 points of combined Eldar shooting for a turn and lost 1 model. Put a captain near them for rerolls and a librarian for additional attacks and nothing is safe.
  • Terminator Squad: Terminators still have to worry about high-AP weaponry, but since very few weapons have anything better than AP-4 they'll almost always be able to use the resulting 6+ armor save (though you could just use the 5++ instead); it's not much, but it helps. 5" movement means they're most effective when deep striking, but footslogging can still work if your opponent's lacking in anti-armor weaponry. Although Storm Bolters are still kind of iffy, the heavy flamer makes for a good combo with the power fist/chainfist since you can advance and still shoot it. The assault cannon is good for shredding lightly armored infantry, and the Cyclone Missile Launcher is effectively a 36" missile launcher that fires more shots (Heavy 2D3 for the frag missiles, and Heavy 2 for the krak missiles).
  • Vanguard Veteran Squad: Praise to the Emperor! Vanguard Veterans are finally good. They now occupy a new role. Instead of being disappointing elite assault troops they are now more like straight upgrades over normal assault marines, gaining an additional attack and access to cool wargear.
    • These guys are an excellent means to get cheap power weapons on the table and into combat quickly, with points or power.
    • If you're not taking something these guys can take and Death Company can't (lightning claws, storm shields, etc), consider fielding the boys in black. For an extra handful of points per model you're giving up Combat Squads in exchange for a squad size of up to 15, then getting that bonus attack and FNP, plus the DEATH COMPANY Keyword, allowing them to benefit from characters like Lemartes or Astorath.
  • Primaris Reivers: These guys look great and are fairly versatile on the board, but are primarily assault troops, which fits right in with the whole Blood Angels theme. Sporting 2 wounds each and 2 attacks base (3 if equipped with the Crocodile Dundee knife) and the Sgt's 3 attacks base and 1 more for the knife (acts like a chainsword), you can deal a lot of attacks. Deployment is also varied and allows for grav chutes or grapnel launchers. Grav chutes allow typical jump pack deep striking with the cursory 9" minimum distance from enemy models. Grapnel launchers allow up to 6" deployment from any board edge but must be 9" from the enemy. They also negate vertical movement, which means (in theory) you could move into the bottom floor of a building and then shift your entire squad to the top floor without any penalty. Heavy bolt pistols are better than the standard bolt pistol due to -1 AP. A typical 10 man squad, with knives will chuck out 31 attacks. Lastly, Reivers cause -1 Ld for all enemy within 3", and can throw stun grenades. If you successfully hit, the enemy can no longer overwatch and suffer -1 to hit in combat.
    • Reivers deserve major consideration, especially when compared to assault marines and vanguard vets. They are 18 points compared to Vang Vets 16, but have 1 more wound and same attacks with da choppy knives. Grav chutes are 2 points for each model, as with jump packs, and give deep strike but do not grant a 12" movement. They don't get power weapons or assault weapons, but do have upgraded bolt pistols, modify morale, and stun grenades.
      • These guys are top notch bullies. They won't do much to vehicles/monstrous creatures/heavy infantry... But will abuse MEQ and lower very well. Its funny because a unit like this belongs in a chaos codex with bat wings painted all over it, Guilliman lowered the bar with this lot.

Forge World[edit]

  • (Forge World) Relic Contemptor Dreadnought: For just a modest points increase over a standard Dreadnought, the Contemptor packs 3 extra inches of movement, 2 extra wounds, +1 strength, the same WS/BS as the Venerable Dreadnought and a 2+/5++. His Contemptor CCW is also guaranteed 3 wounds instead of D3, which makes him considerably more capable of ruining the afternoon of a whole host of multi-wound models. Generally speaking, the Contemptor is a goddamn steal for what he costs now. The extra-fast movement speed means he can get into any position he needs to be in very short order, and reach melee combat with almost complete certainty. Generally speaking, here's a look at the new weapon options:
    • Kheres Assault Cannon: Exactly as it was before, your go-to anti-infantry loadout.
    • Fist Weapon Options: We get access to Meltaguns, Plasma Blasters, and Grav Guns now. Generally speaking, the Meltagun is probably the best option out of all of them, since it allows your Contemptor to do some outright crippling damage to enemy monsters or tanks just before charging. In one game, this editor has a Contemptor with a meltagun-chainfist-Kheres take 7 wounds off a Swarmlord in shooting, and then finish him off in two rounds of melee after it was critically weakened.
    • Chainfists: Contemptor Chainfists gain +1 Rend, and +1 damage over a normal DCCW. Overall a solid upgrade that lets them do terrible damage to both vehicles and monsters. It's a must-take for all purposes.
    • C-Beam Cannon: The new Heavy Conversion Beamer is a single shot weapon that starts at S6 AP-3 that does D3 damage. It also gains +2 points of strength and +D3 damage after each 24" bracket of distance, totaling S10 AP-3 3D3 Damage at anything over 48" range. If a model is removed from play as a result of wounds caused it will then automatically trigger 2D6 extra auto-hits on the target unit at S6 AP-0 D1. Generally speaking, this weapon suffers the exact same problem as the Vindicare Assassin, with a crippling downside that the Contemptor MUST remain stationary for the entire turn in order to use it. It cannot be stressed enough that this thing really NEEDS the range, though firing it at infantry squads has a good chance of killing a random mook and triggering an average of seven further S6 hits, which is still better than a twin heavy bolter. At full range, the initial hit will likely knock the crap out of any target, wounding it on a 2+ or 3+ depending on its toughness and generally reducing its save to 5+ or worse but those additional hits will likely be wasted.
    • Twin Heavy Bolters: Don't bother. The Kheres does everything it can, but better.
    • Twin Autocannon: Identical to the one on the normal Dread. Not bad, but you didn't take one of these to field something other Dreads could take.
    • Twin Lascannon: Pop vehicles open without having to get into melta range. Probably better on the Contemptor Mortis, though.
    • Heavy Plasma Cannon: Might be a little better against multi-wound units, and unlike the Contemptor Mortis you can always try to negate the mortal wound you get if you roll a 1.
  • (Forge World) Relic Deredeo Dreadnought: The end-all solution to your dakka-Dread needs, for when even the Contemptor Mortis won't cut it. Its armor save is slightly worse than the Contemptor's at only a 3+, but to compensate it has 2 more wounds and its invulnerable save rises to 4++ in the Fight phase on top of the built-in smoke launchers. For guns, you have the Anvilus Autocannons (8 36" autocannon shots at S+1) for mulching infantry, the Hellfire Plasma Carronade (5 overcharged plasma gun shots which deal 3 damage each but cause mortal wounds on a 1) as the generalist option, and the Arachnus Lascannon Battery (2 S10 AP-4 D6 Damage shots that deal an extra mortal wound on 6s) for taking out vehicles, and also chest-mounted heavy bolters/heavy flamers. Don't bother upgrading to heavy flamers. While auto-hits are good, the Deredeo should be as far away as possible to make the most of its firepower. It can supplement all of that with either an Aiolos Missile Launcher for extra fire support or an Atomantic Pavaise to give everyone within 6" of itself a 5++ invulnerable save. The latter works great with Devastators or other long-ranged units that can help support the Deredeo's firepower.
  • (Forge World) Deimos Pattern Relic Predator: Take a Predator, give it an extra wound, and slap a Plasma Destroyer as its turret weapon, and you have one of these tanks. The Plasma Destroyer itself can't be overcharged, but with the same number of shots as the basic Predator Autocannon and 2 damage it doesn't really need to be. While it can swap out the Plasma Destroyer for the standard Predator guns, that's a waste of its options. Instead, you should use its unique options: the Conversion Beam cannon to make it a hard-hitting artillery unit, the Magna-Melta for close-range anti-vehicle firepower, and the Infernus cannon for a double dose of heavy flamer goodness.
  • (Forge World) Relic Sicarian Battle Tank: The Sicaran's cannon looks weaker than the Pred's with 1 less point of damage, but it's the special rules that make it shine. First off, it has no penalties when attacking flyers, which makes it a useful anti-air unit in a pinch while keeping its well known ability to counter skimmers. Second, a to-wound roll of 6 makes the cannon AP-3 for that hit. And since it's an Assault 8 gun, you have way more shots while getting rid of that penalty to fire on the move (and also there's the ability to fire while advancing too). Finally, it's got 2 more wounds so it can stay in the fight that much longer.
  • (Forge World) Relic Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer: The Venator trades the regular Sicaran's quantity of anti-skimmer shots for vehicle annihilation; even if a tank survives the Neutron Pulse Cannon's S12 AP-4 D6 damage hits (all 3 of them), it'll have all its shooting rolls reduced by 1 for the turn, which can make life very difficult for vehicles like Executioners or Tau vehicles with Ion Cannons. Additionally, it doesn't get penalties for moving and firing its heavy weapons.
  • (Forge World) Relic Sicaran Punisher Assault Tank: A new flavor of Sicaran, its draw is the Punisher Rotary Cannon- 18 Heavy Bolter shots guaranteed to make any hordes within 36" hate life. And if you don't move or advance that turn, it re-rolls all to-hit rolls of 1. Enjoy deleting Orks and Tyranids.
  • (Forge World) Relic Javelin Attack Speeder: The poor Deodorant Tanks got a huge nerf in 8th edition. For the most part these fulfill the same role as before, that of a Heavy Land Speeder. But they lost the twin-linked rule on their Missile Launchers(WTF), as well as losing the ability to take racks of hunter killer missiles. They even lost their trademark Outflank ability. Overall this took what was already a mediocre relic slot item at best, into a shitty tool that's worse off than a generic land speeder.
  • (Forge World) Relic Whirlwind Scorpius:

Dedicated Transport[edit]

  • Rhino: 10 Wounds and a 3+ make the old METAL BOXES harder to crack open than ever before, and it comes with a mean new trick- at the start of the turn, you roll a d6, and on a 6+ the Rhino restores a lost wound. It might not seem like much, but it can make the difference between moving 12" and 6" if it moves you back a step on the damage table.
  • Razorback: Transports that produce offensive output, like a Razorback, are likely to be very strong this edition. 8 lascannons fired by devastators will not destroy a Razorback in one turn on average. That is a lot of Dakka to absorb. If you run them with Heavy Flamers, then no matter how injured your Razorback is, it will still always autohit, until said Razorback is dead.
  • Drop Pod:Grants a Power Armor unit deepstrike. Tactical Marines can use it to capture objectives, and hamper enemy movement. Melta units can get in close for a hard strike. Assault units can charge out of it if you can make 9 on 2D6. No longer scatters and arrives at the turn you chose. However, at roughly triple the cost from previous editions, fielding even a few of these pods can dig into your budget for proper fighting units.

Forge World[edit]

  • (Forge World) Infernum Pattern Razorback: Razorback with multi melta. That's all.
  • (Forge World) Lucius Pattern Drop Pod: Costing 120 points, but worth it, especially when normal drop pods lost ability to transport Dreds and you can charge out of it.
    • Remember, that Lemartes gives re-rollable charge also to DC dreads, so you can create one of the strongest alpha-strikes with wave of Death Company backed up with dreds, re-rolling charges and deep strike without scatter.


  • Stormraven Gunship: One of the many Space Marine units that have seen a big buff due to the changes to Twin-Linked, the Stormraven is now a gunship to be feared due having several sets of high power twinlinked weapons. Close to a flying Land Raider. T7 means S4 weapons can wound it on a 5+ compared to the Raider's T8, 2 fewer wounds, and a 3+ save instead of a 2+, but it's much faster and has -1 to be hit when zipping around. It's also a bit cheaper than a Land Raider, depending on what you arm it with. In addition to the -1 to hit it, it has the new normal flyer rules: can't charge, can only be charged/attacked by FLY units and has to move at least 20" in a straight line with 1 up to 90 degree turn before moving. It can shift into hover mode if it wants to move less then 20", turn more, or ram something (to Fly away and shoot normally the next turn), but then it can be charged and attacked normally, and it loses the -1 Hard to Hit modifier. Comes stock with a twin assault cannon, twin heavy bolter, and two stormstrike launchers (72" heavy 1 S8 AP-3 3 damage). Can swap the assault cannon for a twin lascannon or twin heavy plasma (that only causes 1 mortal wound for a 1 to hit when supercharged instead of straight killing it). Can swap the heavy bolter for a twin multi-melta or typhoon missile launcher. It can also strap on a couple of hurricane bolter (Games Workshop fucked up, Hurricane Bolters are only 4 points. You can literally add 12 boltguns to your Stormraven for 8 points). It has the same Power of the Machine Spirit as a Land Raider, so it can shoot heavy weapons on the move at no penalty. Can carry 12 Infantry (and can carry Jump Infantry and Terminators but they take extra space) and 1 Dreadnought. With a 45" max normal move (up to 65" if you advance), you can get right in the face of something, then have an almost guaranteed charge the next turn. There's no restrictions on disembarking from it, so you don't even have to drop to hover if you don't want to. It starts on the board, and can't fly off of it. All in all, the Stormraven has gone from a sizeable points investment for a decent payoff, to a sizeable points investment for some of the most dakka you will see on a single model.

Forge World[edit]

  • (Forge World) Xiphon Interceptor:
  • (Forge World) Storm Eagle Assault Gunship:
  • (Forge World) Fire Raptor Assault Gunship: For starters, it's Twin Avenger Bolter fires 10 shots at S6 AP-2 and 2 damage. It has two quad heavy bolters throwing out 12 Heavy Bolter shots EACH and two twin Hellstrike launchers (no more limited use missiles) two S8 AP-3 Dam3 missiles each. Now that's a LOT of firepower. It also has Power of the Machine Spirit just like Land Raiders do, so it never suffers ballistic skill penalties for moving and firing heavy weapons. This thing is a pure hurricane of dakka that will cause carnage no matter what you point it at. The problem? Oh, it costs 418 points.
  • (Forge World) Ceastus Assault Ram:

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Assault Squad: Have lost some their options, like meltaguns( nope, FAQ says that they can), but are now considerably cheaper. These changes give BA a choice between your baseline Assault marines, the versatile Vanguards, your psychotic Death Company, and your elite Sanguinary Guard. This selection of jump infantry means you'll always have the right tool for the job, but you must know what you are coming up against. Assault marines will not best other dedicated assault units in combat. They don't have the weight of attacks the DC have, or the special equipment of the Vanguards or SG. Assault marines should be used as threat removal of enemy support elements. 2 attacks each doesn't sound like much, but up against the right targets you only need to inflict the enough casualties to make them run in the morale phase.
  • Scout Bike Squad: Scout bikes got very interesting this edition. They lost scout but gained a second wound and a lot of firepower. Every rider comes loaded to bear. Each one has a combat blade, a shotgun and a bolt pistol plus the usual grenades. Add that to the twin bolter on the bike and that's every non-heavy weapon available to ground pounder Scouts. This also makes for SIX S4 shots at 12" two of which become S5 at 6". This is good cause the grenade launcher got nerfed in rate of fire, now Assault 1 instead of rapid fire. On the bright side you can fire it plus the shotguns if you advance.
  • Bike Squad: Bikes got buffed this edition. They move 14" and advance 6" without random rolling, can put out twice the damage of normal a boltgun, and gained an extra wound. The cost of this increased speed, doubled firepower and doubled wounds? A little over 50% price hike at 33 points. Not bad but wait there's more. You can still swap out your bolt pistol for a chainsword. Double attacks on a biker! Goes a long way to mitigating the trouble they used to have in combat. Two bikers can instead trade those pistols for special weapons. Special mention for meltaguns as your speed can close to half distance easier than nearly any other unit. Don't forget you can target the special weapon and the twin-bolter at separate targets.
    • Then there's the attack bike which likewise got buffed and more expensive. Its heavy weapons aren't as accurate as before so a MM may not be the best choice, especially with meltaguns available.
  • Attack Bike Squad: The attack bike got buffed and more expensive. Its heavy weapons aren't as accurate as before so a MM may not be the best choice, especially with meltaguns available. Cheapest FA unit available.
  • Inceptor Squad: The confused offspring of an Assault Squad and a Seraphim Squad. The mortal wound caused by their pseudo-HoW might look good on paper, but when you only have 3 models in the unit and no melee weapons whatsoever the last place you want to be is in combat. Instead, take a page from the Seraphim's book and use your improved maneuverability to fire off strafing runs, courtesy of your Assault Bolters- effectively Assault 3 Heavy Bolters. Like Assault Marines with Jump Packs, Inceptors have the FLY keyword, with all the strengths and weaknesses that entails. (On the other hand, that does mean you can be a very good distraction if you force an enemy flyer into melee...)
    • Big game hunters: Assault bolsters are the shit, these guys will crank out 18 S5 shots every turn. S5 fills a magical sweet spot in 8th, wounding toughness 6-9 on 5s and up. You can reliably use these guys to blast HQ units, Monstrous creatures, and some vehicles. With only -1 to armor, avoid 2+ saves though. This will require some skill and careful positioning, even though they are tough and fast they might get overwhelmed in CC with only 3 models.
      • Used smartly, this tactic can wittle down the big nasty monsters out there and wound them to the point where they are critically wounded and are either slow or can't hit shit in CC. Follow up with Dante/Sanguinor/Death company (in the same turn if your lucky) and you can kill very dangerous enemies without taking much damage.
        • Plasma Exterminators. Okay. These are really, really, really expensive in terms of points, and are only truly effective when fielded in a squad of 6. Yep, that's right. I said 6. So you're looking at 500+ points for the squad and £60 in Sterling. That being said, 6 guys throwing out (D3) a potential 36 plasma shots (optimistically) with an average of 12-24 shots per turn at -1 AP. That's a lot of hurt. Couple with their improved survivability over regular assault troops due to 2 wounds, 10" move and FLY, they're pretty effective. But each model lost is felt. Experience: a proven and effective method for whittling down veteran, tactical and even terminator squads through sheer weight of fire. But despite being plasma weapons, quite poor at dealing with vehicles, unless you overcharge, you crazy bas**rd!
  • Land Speeders: Zoom Zoom. fast and a whole lot tougher, but loses jink shenanigans.

Forge World[edit]

  • (Forge World) Land Speeder Tempest:
  • (Forge World) Tarantula Sentry Gun: Whoooo boy, these suckers got a huge buff in 8th edition. They ended up gaining a whopping +1 BS, along with Toughness 5 and 5 wounds, which makes them fairly sturdy for a 30 point model. In addition, they also now all count as separate units once deployed, so they can serve as some obnoxious MSU tools. Tarantulas can be equipped with the following loadouts:
    • Twin Heavy Bolters: These are the default weapons. Good against infantry, but comes with the Caveat that it MUST target the nearest infantry model
    • Twin Lascannons: The other default, good against tanks. Also comes with a restriction that it MUST target the nearest enemy tank.
    • Twin Assault Cannons: Arguably the best option. Tarantulas with Dual-assault cannons lose their targeting restrictions, and gain a whopping 12 shots each at only a measly 31 points per model. These can be a goddamn steal for what they do, and can be considered practically mandatory.
    • Multi-melta: Same deal as the Lascannons, but mathematically worse. However it does unlock your targeting restrictions, so a multi-melta equipped tarantula can fire at anything you want.
  • (Forge World) Tarantula Air Defence Battery:
  • (Forge World) Deathstorm Drop Pod:

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Baal Predator: You thought Twin-Linked Assault Cannons were good before, now get ready for 12 shots! The dakka loadout of AC and heavy bolters now spits out 18 shots a turn. The flame version is okay. Overcharged engines is now better advancing, but you want to be shooting, so eh.
  • Devastator Squad: Due to everyone getting Split Fire, you can feel free to mix and match weapons however you like; that said, it's still a good idea to use weapons with similar ranges in case you need to focus your shots on a single opponent. Be sure to keep whoever has the best gun within 3" to the Sergeant, since his Signum will let that guy hit on a 2+. Finally, the Armorium Cherub has received a big buff- you can use it once per game to effectively give one model in the squad a second shooting phase. It's also an ablative wound for 5 points. Needless to say, you should always take the cherub.
    • Unlike other Chapters, you can take Heavy Flamers on your Devastators (meaning the Sergeant will usually end up using his Signum on himself), turning them into close range specialists.
  • Hellblaster Squad: Some pretty wicked dakka right here. Their Plasma Incinerators are 30" S7 AP -4 1 D normally, with the same boost as other plasma weapons if supercharged- more than enough to wipe out any TEQs they encounter. Run with any character giving re-rolls to hit (e.g. any of the Captain variations) to make these things a monster/tank killer if they get into rapid-fire range. But with the same inability to use transports as other Primaris Marines, that'll be a difficult task in itself.
  • Land Raider: Now that the vanilla Land Raider isn't forced to fire all its guns at the same target, it's gone from schizophrenic to an effective all-rounder. For example, you could use its lascannons to pop a vehicle and then follow up with the heavy bolters to wipe out an infantry squad. This is assisted further by the new Power of the Machine Spirit, which lets it ignore the normal penalties for moving and firing heavy weapons. While its transport capacity is still rather small compared to the other Land Raider variants, it still has just enough room to drop a 5-man squad of Assault Terminators. And with T8, 16 wounds, and a 2+ armor save it'll be a tough nut to crack even with anti-armor weaponry.
  • Land Raider Crusader: As ever, the Hurricane Bolters will shred any infantry within 12"- you practically have two Tactical Squads' worth of bolter shots at that range, thanks to Rapid Fire. The Frag Assault Launchers also help in regards to transporting and supporting its cargo, since it causes D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ if it finishes a charge within 1" of an opponent. But whatever you do, take the multi-melta. Neither the assault cannons nor the hurricane bolters have enough AP to significantly reduce a MEQ's armor save, and anything with T7 or more (e.g. other vehicles) won't even get their paint scratched. It carries 16 models, so it's still your best choice for transporting Terminators and other larger units.
  • Land Raider Redeemer: Similar to the Crusader, but trades off the hurricane bolters' volume of shots for the flamestorm cannon's greater strength, higher AP, and improved damage per shot. While you'll have to get in close to make the most of it, the Frag Assault Launchers let you use this to your advantage as you burn down the heavier infantry. Though the flamestorm cannons can threaten lighter vehicles, you should still add the multi-melta to be on the safe side. Carries 12 models.
  • Predator: The Predator Annihilator has seen a decent buff with the changes to twin linked but now the autocannons is the real hero. Normal autocannons are better than ever and the predators autocannons now fires 2d3 shots, amping up the firepower a lot. Expect autocannon with lascannon sponsons all round.
  • Vindicator: Changes to blast have hit vindicates hard. Very hard. Yes it still does a lot of damage, bit gone are the days of playing "how much of your army will I be removing today."
  • Whirlwind: Despite the changes that have hit the vindicator so hard, the whirlwind is improved, losing out on weight of hits and gaining improved strength and penetration.

Forge World[edit]

  • (Forge World) Deimos Pattern Vindicator Laser Destroyer:
  • (Forge World) Relic Land Raider Proteus: The Proteus has two twin Lascannons like the vanilla LR, but it can choose to take a multi-melta or twin heavy flamer instead of a twin heavy bolter. (There's also an option for a single heavy bolter, but why would you even use that?) But its main draw is the Explorator Augury Web; taking it reduces the Proteus' transport Capacity to 6, but it prevents anyone from deep striking within 12" of the Proteus. Conveniently enough, that happens to be melta range for the multi-melta so suicide melta squads won't be able to get near it.
  • (Forge World) Land Raider Helios: Also has twin lascannons, but it brings along a Helios Launcher- a Heavy weapon that fires 2d6 autocannon-equivalent shots (albeit only 1 damage) that can fire without LoS. A decent combo of the Whirlwind's different missile types, and it can transport 6 models too.
  • (Forge World) Land Raider Prometheus: A fun toy for your Warlord- if he's embarked within it, one of the Stratagems played on your turn costs 1 less CP to use. It doesn't reduce the cost below 1, but it helps. As an added bonus, its attacks all ignore cover saves, which make its 12 heavy bolter shots absolutely terrifying to light infantry. Carries 10 models.
  • (Forge World) Land Raider Achilles:
  • (Forge World) Mortis Dreadnought: Your go to dakka dread. It costs 5 points more than a standard dreadnought, with the exact same profile, but it brings the option to double down on weapons the regular dread cant. You can take a pair of twin bolters, autocannons, or lascannons, or a pair of regular missile launchers, assault cannons, multi-meltas, or heavy plasma cannons. All good choices for laying down firepower, with the best guns depending on what you plan to shoot and how many points you can spare.
    • For the classic twin autocannon rifleman setup, you're usually better off with a regular dread. They have the same stats for a few points less, and it's the only gun the normal dread can double up on. Only take an autocannon Mortis if you really need a heavy support instead of an elite.
  • (Forge World) Siege Dreadnought:
  • (Forge World) Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought:
  • (Forge World) Relic Leviathan Dreadnought: I AM THE DESTROYER OF ALL THAT EXISTS, THE ANATHAEMA OF LIFE, HATRED AND WRATH GIVEN PHYSICAL FORM, I AM THE FUCKING LEVIATHAN DREADNOUGHT. POINT ME AT ANYTHING, AND IT WILL DIE, FROM THE LOWEST OF GUARDSMEN, TO THE BIGGEST OF TITANS. ahem, enough of that nonsense! But Mr. Leviathan does have a few good points. The Leviathan Dreadnought is easily one of the deadliest single models in the entire game, barring actual Titans, packing a series of quite frighteningly powerful weapons that can make short work of virtually anything. For Defenses, it packs a Strength and toughness of 8, with a 2+/4++ saves line, and a whopping 14 wounds. In addition, it actually received a fairly decent points decrease in 8th edition, having dropped in cost by 50 whole points even after all wargear is accounted for. A few things were lost though, as the Leviathan no longer has his frag-launchers, or his rack of hunter killers, but in exchange his whole loadout has gotten huge buffs.
    • The Cyclone Melta is capable of destroying a Land Raider in a single volley, while being able to shave off 15 wounds from a Knight(Leaving it sufficiently weakened that it will no doubt then die to being slammed with 15 additional wounds in melee).
    • The Storm Cannon now has a whopping 10 shots, which do 2 damage each. While not quite as horrifyingly deadly against vehicles as the Cyclone Melta, it exchanges sheer output for more reliability. This can be useful since 2-wound weapons occupy a fair niche in the current meta, for their ability to 1-shot the numerous amount of Multi-wound models, without suffering from Overkill. This makes it the perfect weapon for dealing with models like Terminators.
    • The Grav-Flux Bombard: Now your dedicated horde killer. It deals 1d3 shots, and gains an additional 1d3 shots for every 5 models present in the target unit. Which means the Leviathan can get a whopping 11d3 shots when targeting a mob of Conscripts, or 22d3 if equipped with two of these. This essentially means that the grav bombard is your designated weapon loadout if you expect to go up against Infantry Blobs, as it can fry an entire 50 man squad each and every turn.
  • (Forge World) Whirldwind Hyperios: While it's still best used against aircraft because of its +1 to hit against flyers (and -1 against everything else), Heavy 2d3 S8 AP-2 D3 D isn't something to take lightly.
  • (Forge World) Rapier Carrier:
  • (Forge World) Deredeo Dreadnought:

Lords of War[edit]

Forge World[edit]

Forgeworld FAQ[1] updates the relic rule for LoW, effectively you can get one with no pre-requisites but further ones will still require the 'non-relic' tax. On the other hand, who would even need to bring 4 Lords of War into a game?

  • Relic Spartan Assault Tank: The Spartan has always been a bigger nastier Land Raider at heart, and this edition just makes it even meaner. A relic from the Legion days, it boasts an impressive BS3+, S8, T8, W20, a 2+ Save, and PoTMS so it can move and shoot with no penalty. The Steel Behemoth rule allows it to shoot or charge after falling back, and fire its guns even if enemies are within 1" of it. Further, it only benefits from cover saves when at least half the model is obscured. It comes stock with hull-mounted Twin heavy bolters (which can be replaced with Twin heavy flamers), 2 sponson-mounted Quad lascannons (that's a total of 8(!) lascannons), and anything trying to attack it in melee will have to deal with its Crushing tracks, which are S8 AP-2 DD3. And with a WS5+ and 8 attacks, it has a better chance than most tanks of actually hitting with them. If 8 lascannons don't do the trick, they can be swapped for Laser Destroyers to give it the role of blowing superheavies to pieces; its basic profile of S12 AP-4 DD6 is nasty enough as it is, but any time it inflicts damage, you roll a d6. On a 3-5, its damage rises to 2d6, and on a 6 it becomes a staggering 3d6 damage! If you crave even more dakka you can add a pintle-mounted Heavy bolter, Storm bolter, Heavy flamer, or Multi-melta. Finally, the Spartan has an enormous 25 transport capacity, including Terminators, and Jump Pack Infantry(but not Primaris), so fill it up with Death Company squads! If it explodes after losing its last wound (on a roll of 6), it deals D6 Mortal Wounds to units with 2D6" inches.
  • Relic Typhon Heavy Siege Tank: The Vindicator's big brother on steroids is a fierce siege engine, boasting BS3+, S8, T9(!), W22, and a 2+ Save. The Dreadhammer siege cannon taking up the entirety of the vehicle drops Heavy 2D6 S10 AP-5 3D shots at 24" or 48" if it holds still. Losing the enormous blast template from the previous edition, the Dreadhammer can now put serious hurt on vehicles and monsters with it's 2D6 high strength high AP shots. In addition to the main gun it can grab 2 sponson-mounted Lascannons or Heavy bolters, and can also take a pintle-mounted Heavy bolter, Heavy flamer, Multi-melta, or Storm bolter for extra dakka. The Steel Behemoth rule allows it to shoot or charge after falling back, and fire its guns even if enemies are within 1" of it (except for it's Dreadhammer siege cannon, which must target other units). Further, it only benefits from cover saves when at least half the model is obscured. It has PoTMS so it can move and shoot with no penalty, and it makes a respectable 8 attacks with it's Crushing tracks (decreasing to 6, and then D3 as it takes damage) at WS5+ S8 AP-2 DD3 in melee. If it explodes after losing its last wound (on a roll of 6), it deals D6 Mortal Wounds to units with 2D6" inches.
  • Relic Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer: An insane Titan-class laser weapon mounted on a Spartan chassis, boasting BS3+, S8, T9, W22, and a 2+ Save. The Heavy neutron pulse array kicks out Heavy 3 S14 AP-4 3+D6D shots at 72", and causes a -1 to-hit penalty to the shooting attacks of vehicles wounded by this weapon. In addition to the main gun it can grab 2 sponson-mounted Lascannons or Heavy bolters, and can also take a pintle-mounted Heavy bolter, Heavy flamer, Multi-melta, or Storm bolter for extra dakka. The Steel Behemoth rule allows it to shoot or charge after falling back, and fire its guns even if enemies are within 1" of it (except for it's Heavy neutron pulse array which must target other units). Further, it only benefits from cover saves when at least half the model is obscured. It has PoTMS so it can move and shoot with no penalty, and it makes a respectable 8 attacks with it's Crushing tracks (decreasing to 6, and then D3 as it takes damage) at WS5+ S8 AP-2 DD3 in melee. If it explodes after losing its last wound (on a roll of 5+ thanks to its Unstable Reactor), it deals D6 Mortal Wounds to units with 2D6" inches.
  • Relic Fellblade Superheavy Tank: The Baneblade's exponentially meaner cousin. Absolutely bristling with guns, it has a massively impressive statline of BS3+, S9, T9, W26, a 2+ Save, and PoTMS so it can move and shoot with no penalty. It's enormous and versatile Fellblade accelerator cannon sports two shell types: HE shells are Heavy 2D6 S8 AP-3 2D shots and allow rerolls for the number of shots when targeting a unit with more than 5 models. AE shells are Heavy 2 S14 AP-4 6D shots that work wonders on tanks. It comes stock with a hull-mounted Twin heavy bolter (which can be replaced with a Twin heavy flamer) and 2 sponson-mounted Quad lascannons (which can be swapped for the amazing Laser destroyers like the Spartan). Like the Baneblade it also has a hull-mounted Demolisher cannon. If you crave even more dakka you can add a pintle-mounted Heavy bolter, Storm bolter, Heavy flamer, or Multi-melta. Finally, anything trying to attack it in melee will have to deal with 9 WS5+ attacks from its Crushing tracks, which are S9 AP-2 DD3. If it explodes after losing its last wound (on a roll of 6), it deals D6 Mortal Wounds to units with 2D6" inches. The Steel Behemoth rule allows it to shoot or charge after falling back, and fire its guns even if enemies are within 1" of it. Further, it only benefits from cover saves when at least half the model is obscured. If you need a LOT of dakka on a tough as nails platform, you can't go wrong with the Fellblade.
  • Relic Falchion Superheavy Tank Destroyer: A Fellblade variant which shares the same statline and special rules but mounts the unbelievably deadly Twin volcano cannon in place of the Fellblade cannon and Demolisher cannon. The Twin volcano cannon can annihilate targets 120" away with Heavy 2D6 S16 AP-5 D2D6 (re-rolling wounds against Titanic units). Just like the Fellblade it comes stock with two Quad lascannon sponsons which can be replaced with Laser destroyers. Given its ability to take the laser destroyers, it's objectively better at destroying superheavies than its Shadowsword counterpart in practically every way. It also sports a hull-mounted Twin heavy bolter which can be replaced with Twin heavy flamers, and you can add a pintle-mounted Heavy bolter, Storm bolter, Heavy flamer, or Multi-melta if you crave even more dakka.
  • Relic Mastodon Super-heavy Siege Transport: Have you ever wanted to transport 40 Marines at once while trashing flyers and generally being nigh-indestructible? Then the Mastodon is the LoW for you! With 30 wounds and a 5+ void shield, the Mastodon is a fucking tough nut to crack, made even more so if it somehow gets into the 6" range for its siege melta array's reroll to kick in.
  • Thunderhawk Assault Gunship: The standard air support and transportation workhouse of the Space Marines. This monstrous flyer will cost you an arm and a leg (in both points and real $) but has some seriously impressive rules. It has a big 20-50" move in Supersonic mode and can hover. Its has BS2+, S10, T9, 30W, a 3+ Save and PoTMS so it can shoot on the move. Its Void-hardened Hull grants it a 5++ save for extra durability. The Thunderhawk Assault Gunship is armed with a Thunderhawk heavy cannon - 48" Heavy 2D6 S8 AP-2 D6D, which can be swapped for the monstrously powerful Turbo-laser destructor - 96" Heavy D3 S16 AP-4 2D6D (6's to wound inflict an additional D3 Mortal Wounds). For secondary weapons it sports 4 Twin heavy bolters and 2 Lascannons at various points on the hull, as well as a choice of Thunderhawk Cluster Bombs or a Hellstrike missile battery. The Cluster bombs can drop once per game on a single unit you flew over, rolling up to 12D6 times (3D6 for ever VEHICLE or MONSTER and 1D6 for other models). Each 5+ result deals a Mortal Wound to the unit, though units consisting only of characters cannot be targeted. The Hellstrike battery is 72" Heavy 4 S8 AP-3 D3. It's Colossal Flyer rule forces your opponent to -1 from shooting attacks against the Thunderhawk, but also forces them to measure from where it's hull wound be if it was at ground level and add 12" to that measurement (which is an attempt to account for the custom flying bases you need to hold this heavy ass brick of resin up). It also means that a lot of guns flat out cannot shoot at it while it's Supersonic. Finally, the Thunderhawk has an impressive transport capacity of 30, including TERMINATORS, JUMP PACK models, AND BIKERS. It is also one of the only vehicles that can transport PRIMARIS models, with each counting for 2 spaces, although you cannot mix them with non-PRIMARIS units.
  • Thunderhawk Transporter: A thunder hawk optimized to carry land raiders OR two rhino variant tanks, lacks major offensive weaponry
    • Deep strike Land Raiders
  • Sokar Pattern Stormbird:Pretty much the largest flyer/transport/model Forge World offers next to titans. Damn expensive in points (651... not to bad) and tangible money alike, it can ferry entire demi companies onto the battlefield. Has like 8 lascannons, a host of various missiles and bombs, void shields, and a few heavy bolters here and there for flavor. The void shields can extend and overlap nearby troops 8" away that jumped out if it has hovered. Has 40 wounds, T9, a 5++ after the void shields.

Building Your Army[edit]

So you've decided the Boys from Baal are the army for you, but you're not sure where to start?

  • Your first purchase should be the Start Collecting! Blood Angels box set. In days of yore the Battleforces were the way to go for a new army, but for savings, this is the best stop. With a decent discount (by GW standards) this will net you a Captain in Terminator Armour, ten Tactical Marines, and a Baal Predator. This sets you up off the bat with a Patrol Detachment, at either 25 or 26 Power depending on whether you chose one Tactical Squad of ten, or two of five. One squad of ten is probably best, since you only need one Troops choice, for a Patrol Detachment, and you can combat squad them anyway.
  • Your next step should be to find any or all of the following box sets, if they are still available.
  • If looking to buy Rhino's, don't bother. Spend a few more shekels for a Razorback, so you can swap between the Razorback and Rhino option. Obviously, don't glue the roof hatch in place. The boxed set comes with a choice of twin heavy bolters or twin lascannons.

Blood Angels Death Company Strike Force: Includes a Chaplain with Jump Pack, three 5-man Death Company units, and a Death Company Dreadnought. Now we're talking!

Blood Angels Orbital Intervention Force: Includes two five man Assault Terminator Squads, and one Terminator Squad. This is probably the least preferable kit to go for, as Terminators are a huge pointsink. If you do choose this, you'll have enough for a Vanguard Detachment, and the extra Command Point that brings, but may Sanguinius have mercy on your soul.

Golden Host: If the Sanguinary Guard is your thing, this is definitely the box for you. Includes three 5-man units and the Sanguinor.

Blood Angels Chapter Ancients: Includes three Blood Angels Dreadnoughts, any combination of Furioso, Furioso Librarian, and Death Company. If you go with this option consider building one of each, or two Furiosos and one Death Company. This and your Start Collecting! box gives you a Vanguard Detachment, for an extra Command Point. This set's not available through GW anymore, so head to eBay or Amazon.

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