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Why Play Blood Angels?[edit]

The current codex
The Red Thirst Edition, which comes with the extra formations from the supplements, but is digital-only.

The Space Marines are the steadfast heroes of the Imperium. By their martial prowess and valor is Mankind preserved from extinction at the hands of a galaxy filled with unimaginable terrors. As one of the oldest and most revered of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood at the forefront of humanity's defense for over ten thousand years. With bolter and chainsword they hold the foes of Mankind at bay in an unending battle for survival. Yet the Blood Angels are touched by a terrible flaw that threatens to undo their endless centuries of heroism, a dark madness that only strength of will can hope to contain.

The Blood Angels are the masters of war in all its forms, but they excel in the savage arena of close assault above all others. Every Battle-Brother feels the lure of hand-to-hand combat boiling in his blood - only eye-to-eye and blade-to-blade with the foe can the dark beast within the Chapter's collective soul be given full reign. Caution is not the Blood Angels' way, and it cannot be yours. Assault Squads, Death Company, Sanguinary Guard - these are the spearhead of your host, but the rest of the army must follow close behind. Stormraven Gunships roar over the battlefield, bringing fresh troops into the maelstrom. Tactical Squads make their implacable advance, heavy weapons fire scouring the bastions of the foe, and tanks spur forward to spit death at the enemy from point blank range. The Blood Angels are an army fit only for the boldest of generals. Do you have what it takes to lead them to victory?


  • You like any of these things: The colors red, gold, white and black, jump packs, assault, angels, vampires, blood, flamers, melta weapons, going fast, and deep strike.
  • The Blood Angels are designed for blitzkrieg. Everything in this army is designed for maximum aggression; you basically have one tactic - race towards the opposing army and punch a giant hole in it.
  • The Death Company are one of the best close combat units in the game; they are the tip of your spear.
  • Now you can run an army of Death Company. Space Wolves may have Wulfen but you have an entire army of insane killers.
  • Stormravens that will take your unique dreadnoughts and Death Company right down your enemy's throat in record speed.
  • You like to make Khorne players jealous of all the blood you spill. If you're in a pinch, even Blood Angels tactical marines can do some work in close combat. (Not so much now because of World Eaters)
  • Blood Angels are the only Space Marine Chapter with access to Overcharged Engines which makes our vehicles Fast. Rhinos, Razorbacks and Baal Predators are overcharged by default. Predators, Vindicators, and Whirlwinds must upgrade for 10 points.
  • The Blood Angels have army-wide Furious Charge. This is infinitely better than the old rule that made you roll a D6 for each unit and they only got Furious Charge and Fearless on a roll of 1.
  • The Red Thirst is now +1 Initiative on the charge as long as there are no disorganized charges. This is unlocked by using the Baal Strike Force Detachment.
  • The Sanguinary Guard are the Blood Angels' unique honor guard with winged jump packs, artificer armor, and master-crafted power weapons.
  • Only Blood Angels Librarians have access to the Sanguinary Discipline which is a great mix of abilities.
  • Only Blood Angels Tactical Squads have access to Heavy Flamers. These are perfect for an assault-focused army because they allow tactical squads to keep moving and shooting and they can assault after firing.
  • Superior Dreadnoughts! Due to the recent FAQ, Blood Angels dreadnoughts have +2 attacks added to their base profiles. This change makes them worth their cost and brings them closer to the infantry blenders they used to be.
  • The Blood Angels FAQ also released an official Errata declaring that all Blood Angels Scouts and Biker Scouts now have WS/BS 4.
  • Fast Scouting Land Raiders


  • The Blood Angels relics are decent but they can't compare to some of the extremely powerful relics in other armies. The Death Company Relics are amazing but only usable in a Death Company army.
  • Vanguard Veterans have a weaker, less useful version of Heroic Intervention. Sadly, this was left unchanged in the recent FAQ.
  • No access to any of the extremely powerful Space Marine formations such as the Skyhammer Annihilation Force. The Blood Angels Demi-Company is more expensive than the Space Marines and Dark Angels versions since you're required to take a Dreadnought and either Command Squad or a Furioso Dreadnought.
  • Lemartes takes up an Elites choice even if you take a unit of Death Company for him to join.
  • Furious Charge and The Red Thirst only last the first round of combat so you need to hit fast, hit hard, and ideally wipe out units on the charge.
  • No more Assault Marine troops, but you can take six units of them if you use the Flesh Tearers Strike Force.
  • Sanguinary Priests are HQ choices now and they only confer Feel No Pain to one attached unit. However, they also confer +1 Weapon Skill to that unit.
  • No access to Centurions, Stormtalons, Stormhawks, Landspeeder Storms, Hunters, or Stalkers without Space Marine allies. It's not much of a loss because none of those units really synergize with the Blood Angels' aggressive play style, except the speeder which would make a much appreciated assault transport.

Army-Wide Special Rules[edit]

  • Furious Charge on everything that can have it.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Red Rampage: - Warlord gains the Rampage Special Rule. This is actually amazing on a Librarian Dreadnought if you choose one as your Warlord. 4 base attacks, +1 attack for charging, plus D3 Attacks, Initiative, and Fleet if you cast 'Quickening', plus D3 for being outnumbered. Brutal.
  2. Speed of the Primarch: - Warlord gains +1 Initiative, which stacks nicely with The Red Thirst. Don't equip your Warlord with unwieldy weapons or this will go to waste.
  3. Artisan of War: - One of the Warlord's weapons gains the Master-Crafted Special Rule. This does not apply to the Relics of Baal. Very nice on a Chaplain's Crozius or a Librarian's Force Staff if you don't upgrade it to Gallian's Staff. If nothing else, apply it to their bolt pistol. It never hurts to re-roll a miss.
  4. Soulwarden: - Warlord gains the Adamantium Will Special Rule. Very situational, re-roll this trait if you're playing against an army that doesn't use psykers.
  5. Descent of Angels: - Warlord and all jump infantry & skimmers in the detachment gains the old 1d6" scatter rule. In addition; jump, flyer, and skimmer units may re-roll failed reserves. This is a very powerful trait in a jump pack and deep strike focused army.
  6. Heroic Bearing: - Warlord grants Fearless to all units within 12". This trait is very nice for keeping your army moving forward.

Fighter Aces[edit]

In Skies of Death, you now have a bonus rule allowing you to pay 35 points for one of 3 special traits for any Flyer or FMC (FGC is still debatable).

  1. Angel of Vengeance - +1 BS. Pretty nice.
  2. Grace of Angels - Ace can now pivot up to 180 before moving, giving them a way to actually back off and go around something if they want.
  3. Wrath of Sanguinius - All fellow Blood Angels within 12" of the flier can get one turn with Preferred Enemy. Blast shit off the map, charge with some big mob of DC, it's just gonna be based on how your flyer's gonna run.

Wargear & Powers[edit]

While most of the weapons are lifted from the Vanilla Codex, there are special tools available to the red marines of go-fast.

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Encarmine Axe: A two-handed Master-Crafted Power Axe.
  • Encarmine Sword: A two-handed Master-Crafted Power Sword.
  • Furioso Force Halberd: The weapon of the Librarian Dreads, it's a Power Fist that replaces Unwieldy with Force and loses Specialist Weapon, costing you an attack. It's still rather threatening either way.
  • Blood Talons: Power fists with shred. Since Death Company Dreads now get 8 attacks on the charge, these are pretty decent for 10 points, making sure you get to re-roll wounds against tough targets.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Inferno Pistol: A 15 Point melta-pistol. 6 inch range. 3 inch melta effect. 5 Points more than a Meltagun but you get an extra attack in close combat.
  • Hand Flamer: A 10 Point flamer pistol. Strength 3 Flamer template. Overall, it is pretty weak, but it wounds T4 on a 5+ and you can cover a lot of models under the template before you assault.
  • Angelus-Pattern Boltgun: The guns of the Sanguinary Guard, it's a 12" S4 AP4 Storm Bolter.
  • Frag Cannon: A unique weapon to the Furioso. It's an S6 AP- Template with Assault 2 and Rending, making it ideal for murderizing GEQ and having a decent chance at clearing out MEQ.

Vehicle Equipment[edit]

  • Magna-Grapple: No longer a weapon, this one tool that once allowed Dreads to do the Scorpion to whatever he wants and kill now just grants Move Through Cover and allows re-rolls on the charge against Vehicles. Furiosos can replace Smoke Launchers with these, which is just as well, since you pretty much need to be in combat.
    • Move through cover means immunity to dangerous terrain, which allows your magna-grapple dreads to jump out of storm ravens without fear of the scattering dangerous effect.
  • Overcharged Engines: Makes tanks Fast. Available for purchase on the Preds, Whirlwind and Vindicator, while the Razorbacks and Rhinos have it stock. Land Raiders get it for free as part of the Lucifer Armored Task Force. Awesome.

Special Equipment[edit]

  • Blood Chalice: The trademark item of the Sanguinary Priests. Gives Blood Angels +1 WS, making him only as useful as any other Apothecary for allied Marines.
  • Cluster Bombs A special tool for Scout Bikers, they can booby-trap a single piece of terrain and make it Dangerous Terrain for the enemy. It's a pretty devious way of funneling a cover-camping force to your location to kill them.
    • Very notably dangerous terrain for ONLY the enemy, so no worry of risk to your own models.
  • Death Mask: The trademark item of the Sanguinary Guard, it gives the wearer the ability to cause another unit it charges to suffer a leadership test or be reduced to 1 WS. Being only 1 point per model, it's honestly not a terrible grab.

Relics of Baal[edit]

  1. Crown Angelic: 10 Points and grants the Fear USR, and Fear tests are taken at -2LD. Situationally useful but isn't everything?
  2. Gallian's Staff: A 10 Point special Force Staff. The Libby can re-roll all rolls of 1 when making a Psychic Test, but he takes an unsavable wound if the re-roll is a 1. Good, but risky too.
  3. Veritas Vitae: 15 Points and grants an additional Warlord Trait from the Strategic Table. Rolling a 2,3,4,5 on this table is always going to be helpful in getting your fast, choppy army up the board. 1 or 6, not so much.
  4. Valour's Edge: A 20 Point AP2 Power Sword. It lacks special rules but AP2 at Initiative for 20 points is still amazing. Combos brilliantly with Furious Charge and The Red Thirst which you get for free.
  5. Angel's Wing: A 25 Point Jump Pack. The bearer and his unit may re-roll Deep Strike Scatter Dice and Mishap roll. If targeted by a unit or weapon with Interceptor, that unit only fires snapshots.
  6. Fury of Baal: A 25 Point Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol without Gets Hot, making it a hellishly more reliable weapon. Nice for making precision shots.

Psychic Powers[edit]


WC1 Blessing. Psyker or target character within 12" has Fleet and +D3 Initiative and Attacks.
  1. Fear of the Darkness: WC1 Malediction. Target enemy unit within 12" takes a Morale test with -2LD. Probably the weakest power in the discipline. Note that this is a Morale test not a Fear test so it affects Space Marines. Useful for moving units off of objectives or forcing them to move into charge range of another unit.
  2. Unleash Rage: WC1 Blessing. Target unit within 18" has Rage. If the unit already has Rage, they get +1A instead. Bless the Death Company. Watch them kill.
  3. Shield of Sanguinius: WC1 Blessing. The Psyker and his unit have a 5++. You'll be needing this against any AP2 or D shots.
  4. Blood Boil: WC2 Focused Witchfire. A target within 18" must make 2 toughness tests. The target takes a wound for each failed test. If the target dies, place 5" blast with S4 and AP5 Ignores Cover. Cast it and make anything T4 or lower go boom! This is a great power for thinning out infantry units.
  5. Blood Lance: WC2 Witchfire. It's a 12" beam with S8 AP1 and Lance. Haha! Time to shoot tanks!
  6. Wings of Sanguinius: WC2 Blessing. Target an infantry unit within 12", it may move up to 12" in the psychic phase unless it is locked in combat. The targeted unit may not charge after this movement. A unit that moves using this ability counts as moving for the purposes of shooting weapons in the shooting phase. This power is an ideal tool for transporting a squad out of a trap or chucking DC into position for a charge next turn. This means that a DC squad with jump packs can move up to 24" in a single turn. (12" movement phase +12" in psychic). This lets you place your deep-striking melta assault squad with terrifying precision - Deep Strike them in a relatively safe spot, then move them 12" into the rear armor of that enemy tank that needs to die.


WC1 S5 AP5 Assault 6 witchfire. Point at hordes and explode them.
  1. Electroshield - WC1. The Psyker gains a 3++. An almost free Storm Shield for a turn. Or, you could just drop 10 points if you have it lying around for, you know, an actual Storm Shield which can't be denied or fail to go off. (On a side note, could be hilarious with a Librarian Dreadnought)
  2. Electropulse - WC2. A witchfire Nova with radius of 9", which gives enemies S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Lightning Arc - WC2. Witchfire, S5AP4 assault D6. Jumps to enemy units at 6" of the primary target on a 4+. Same effect.
  4. Fists of Lightning - WC1 blessing. Psyker only, +1S and A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hits), enemy units suffer 2 additional S5AP- hits.
  5. Magnetokinesis - WC2 blessing, 18". Move target unit by 18".
  6. Electrodisplacement - WC2 blessing or malediction, 24". Swap target unit with the psyker's unit. Can work on allies and enemies alike. This will allow for epic trolling. Oh, that enemy unit's sitting out of charge range from your Assault Terminators/Death Company? Oh look, now they're right next to your entire army. Have fun blowing them up and charging the remains.


AKA we jacked a bunch of powers from the Eldar and Grey Knights. Enjoy creating cheap as fuck death stars.

The Emperor's Wrath
S5 AP3 witchfire blast.
  1. Veil of Time - WC2. The Psyker and his entire unit re-roll all failed saving throws. This power, right here, has caused tons of rage upon leaking. And with good reason. This will all but ensure that your deathstar takes no damage as it plows into the enemy forces' tight sphincter. Heck, bare bones Terminators with only a 5++ will scare the shit out of enemies like they did pre-5th edition.
  2. Fury of the Ancients - WC1. A 20" S6 AP4 beam with Pinning.
  3. Psychic Fortress - WC1. Blessing that gives the Psyker Fearless and Adamantium Will, as well as a 4++ bubble of 12" against Witchfire Powers only.
  4. Might of Heroes - WC1. Gives +2 Strength, Toughness, Initiative, and attacks. It essentially wraps up both Iron Arm and Warp Speed into 1 nice Warp Charge 1 package.
  5. Psychic Scourge - WC1. Focused Witchfire. Roll 2D6+ level against enemy psyker 1D6+level. On a draw or better, enemy lose 1W (no save), if you rolled way more than him he loses a power.
  6. Null Zone - WC2 Malediction. Targets an enemy unit, drops its invulnerable save by 2 (to a minimum of 6+). This thing is essentially Banishment, but it's much more versatile. This is what you use to counter fucks with 2++ bullshit (like Cursed Earth-Grimoire deathstar shenanigans), Riptide's Shield Generator buff, Storm Shields, and the like.


WC2 Forces a dangerous terrain test without armor save, single unit.
  1. Earth Blood - WC1. Targets a model in 18" of the Psyker. That guy immediately regains D3 WOUNDS (The wording by default excludes vehicles), and the target plus his entire unit gain IWND. The latter effect won't come into play too often, but the ability to replenish a guy's wounds (hint: like Dante), or restore wounds lost to Perils to max is great.
  2. Scorched Earth - WC1 malediction, 24". Choose a point, it deals a single S5AP4 hit to each unit within 6". This 6" area is dangerous terrain. Crap.
  3. Land Quake - WC1 malediction that affects enemy units within 18" of caster. They are considered to be in dangerous terrain, and cannot run, turbo-boost or flat out.
  4. Phase Form - WC1 blessing, 24". Single unit. Give move through cover, and Ignore cover to all weapons. Unit is also able to shoot on a unit WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT, only the range matters.
  5. Warp Quake - WC1 WC, 24". Target building or ruin. Building gets a glancing or penetrating hit, ruins: units in it get D6 S6AP- hits;
  6. Shifting Worldscape - WC3 24". Move a piece of terrain by 24", including models in it, forces dangerous terrain tests on the unit inside. If a unit isn't entirely inside the terrain, then all units disembark treating it as an open-topped vehicle while taking dangerous terrain tests. 'Lots' of ways to use this - yanking a hiding enemy and plopping it next to your Death Company, teleporting a deathstar onto your enemy's doorstep, re-establishing line of sight/range for a squad of lascannons or grav-cannons so they can shoot those JSJ'ing assholes, etc.


The discipline to use for mechanized armies. Also fares very well with Imperial Guard allies. Heck, a Librarius Conclave and a CAD of tank-heavy Guard makes this all kinds of epicness. The only question is, do the blessings affect the whole squadron if a target vehicle is part of said squadron?

Subvert Machine
18" Malediction. You Select a weapon on an enemy vehicle. You and your opponent roll a die. If he rolls higher, nothing happens. If you draw, he can only fire snap shots. If you roll higher, You take control of said vehicle's weapon for a turn. This will be horrible if your enemy has a Superheavy of some kind (Lord of Skulls, Stompa, Baneblade variants, Knights), and given the current meta, it's common to see an Imperial Knight ally.
  1. Blessing of the Machine - WC1. Blessing you give to 1 vehicle in 24". It now ignores Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, and either gives Power of the Machine Spirit, or +1 BS if the target vehicle that already has PotMS (So basically every vehicle Space Marines have except vanilla Rhino-Chassis vehicles)
  2. Machine Curse - WC1. Focused Witchfire. Smacks a vehicle with 3 S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Reforge - WC1. Blessing that either restores 1 hull point, or repairs either an immobilized or destroyed weapon result, as well as giving the vehicle IWND.
  4. Warpmetal Armour - WC1. Blessing that grants plus 1 AV to all sides for a turn. Or, if put at a non-vehicle unit, gives +1T. Welcome to AV15 Spartan Assault Tanks/Leman Russes/Land Raiders. And Gauss Weaponry still doesn't give a shit.
  5. Fury of Mars - WC1. A S1 Haywire Beam.
  6. Machine Flense - WC2. Focused Witchfire, 18". Target loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflicts D6 S4AP6 rending hits to a nearby enemy unit.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Captain: With the new 7th edition codex, Captains got the much needed love that they deserved. They now have access to artificer armor, relic blades, and most of the other fun toys that belong to vanilla Captains. Give him Valour's Edge, a Jump Pack, and Artificer Armor for a relatively cheap and effective HQ. Where the Librarian and Chaplain are force multipliers, the Captain is a scalpel used to remove enemy HQs and other tough models.
  • Terminator Captain: It's a Captain in Terminator Armor. He has a Thunderhammer (which he can swap for a Master-Crafted Thunderhammer) instead of a Power Sword, and that's it.
  • Librarian: Identical to the vanilla Space Marines Librarian, though with a different discipline availability. Still has no Invulnerable save, unless you take Terminator armor or luck out with powers. Pretty much an auto-include if you don't run priest or Mephiston. You can choose to manifest powers from Sanguinary, Biomancy, Daemonology, Divination and Pyromancy, so no Telepathy for us.
    • Death Company with Endurance? Yes, please!
    • Or divination - DC with a 4++ and re-rolls to hit? Awesome!
    • Always take the Storm Shield option if you are using Terminator armor, it's only 10 points.
  • Chaplain: Has all the benefits of a vanilla Chaplain. Any troops in the unit he is with (including himself) who are equipped with a Lightning claw can reroll hits AND wounds in the first round of combat! If you intend on putting your regular Chaplain in a Death Company squad, just take Lemartes instead; he is exactly the same while having all the benefits of being in the Death Company, plus Fury Unbound.
  • Death Company Chaplain: These guys are 35 extra points on top of the basic Chaplain with all the rules, and comes equipped with a Jump Pack and Inferno Pistol instead of a Bolt Pistol, with the option to take Special Issue Wargear and Relics. The best part? He allows the Death Company unit he is in the old re-roll to wound rule Astorath has unless they make a disordered charge.
  • Librarian Dreadnought: You do have some other buffed psychic powers, with +D3 A and I, Rage, a 5++ or a an AP1 beam anyone? The other changes to the psychic phase also help a fair bit: Having a psychic "phase" means that you do not lessen your shooting if you choose to let rip with witchfire spells and having communal Warp Charges means that if you have more than one psyker (you can have quite a few in an unbound list but in a single battle-focused list, you can have 2 max plus one for every allied BA detachment) then you can focus more power on the psyker in the best position. He can only roll on the codex for WT and can replace your fist's gun with a Flamer or Melta.
    • Librarian Furioso Dreadnoughts are capable of being effective monstrous creature hunters.
    • Cast Quickening for Fleet and +D3 Initiative and Attacks, then activate the Force weapon, then charge for +1 Initiative if using the Baal Strike Force Detachment. Now you've got a model with Strength 10, Initiative 6, possibly 7 or 8, AP 2, Force Weapon with 6 Attacks, possibly 7 or 8.
  • Sanguinary Priest: Was responsible for a fair bit of Blood Angel Bitching, but now is only available as an HQ and you can only take one per slot; still a fairly solid and formidable choice as far as HQs go, but you are going to need to cover your ass. Only grants the +1 WS and FNP benefits to the unit they are attached to, similar to a Painboy. This makes him rather invaluable for allies, since almost every other Imperial Force only has apothecaries in command squads though you will lose out on the +1 WS. They can have Jump Packs or bikes, but can no longer grab Termie Armor. Bullets will no longer hurt your troops, as if marines needed to become even more survivable. Enjoy your immortal demigod soldiers. Attach one to your most powerful squad and abuse Look Out Sir! but sweet FUCK - watch out for those challenge-cheesing characters and precision shots!
  • Techmarine: A minor chance to make a vehicle move again. Now take an HQ slot, and unlike vanilla Marines they can take Jump Packs (at the cost of their Servo-arm), so at least they can keep up with the vehicles they're supposed to repair. One-wound model, though, so they are good for little else than deep-striking with a combi-melta or attending to a Land Raider, and even then, you can find a better use for an HQ slot. However, it is also worth noting in recent FAQs the techmarine can repair vehicles while being inside of them. In other words give a techmarine his servo-harness and put him in your stormraven and laugh as you regain your hullpoints. If you take him and don't put him in the stormraven to fix it, then you doing it wrong. (It's also worth noting that Servitors are cheaper than a harness.) Unlike the Iron Priest, the BA Techie is limited to only 5 servitors to himself.
  • Space Marine Command Tanks (Warhammer World Exclusive) - The new Warhammer World tanks both take up 1 Force Org slot, so you can have an HQ AND both of these awesome tanks! Also, can be used with Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves due to the Designer's note in the White Dwarf containing their rules. Their exclusivity is made up for by being able to give Marines some serious anti-whatever tools and other support.
    • Rhino Primaris - Gives access to a Chapter Master's one-use 7" Blast Orbital Strike, and has a fancy Servo-skull hub which can either grant a unit within 12" Snap-shots (including overwatch) at full Ballistic Skill (Giving that OP Invisibility the middle finger), restore a nearby vehicle's hull point on a 2+, or give said unit Fearless. Also, you can co-ordinate Reinforcements by selecting a unit held in reserves to automatically come on.
    • Land Raider Excelsior - Comes with a Grav-cannon and Grav-amp for those re-rolls to wound and immobilize and lascannon sponsons. Also has a 6+ Invuln and ignores Crew Shaken/Stunned results. Also can grant a single unit in 12" (which can be boosted to 18" for 10 points) one of a huge selection of special rules for the turn (Counter-Attack, Fearless, Hit & Run, Interceptor, Preferred Enemy, Skyfire, Split Fire, or Tank Hunter), and gets +1 BS if a Rhino Primaris is within 24". Pack with a squad built for assault, and you can finally start to become a nuisance.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Astorath the Grim: He's basically a Reclusiarch with Artificer Armour, a jump pack, and a two-handed power axe. He is initiative 1 due to that axe, so he will be the stain on the end of your opponent's commander's boot if you're not careful (or just a dumbass), but to offset that, rolling a 6 to-wound makes the wound automatic with ID. He also allows DC to re-roll to-wound on a turn where he charges. Since Reclusiarchs came back in the form of Death Company Chaplains, Astorath isn't an auto-include anymore if you wish to take Death Company. Alternatively, if initiative is an issue, decide if you want him to fight with his axe or his pistol (counted as CCW, see BRB pg. 41 and 42).
  • The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host: Apparently responsible for a great deal of the Blood Angels' past victories. He has Initiative 6 and WS 8 and an Encarmine Sword and a jump pack. He has 2+ armour, 4+ invulnerable, Furious Charge, Fearless, Eternal Warrior, and can re-roll to-hit and to-wound in challenges. He gives all Blood Angels models within 6" a free attack so they can make that big assault, bolstered by the army-wide Furious Charge. While many people think this guy isn't worth his cost when you look at other options in the army, consider this guy to be a missile you fire at an enemy unit. Your opponent will have to dedicate a substantial amount of firepower to bring him down before he gets into close combat. While he won't do that well against 2+ armor, there are many 3+ characters and units that he will mow through. He can take down Kharn, so that's saying something. You also take him because he's a force multiplier, he makes every BA unit around him even better in assault which is a pretty powerful buff since you're going to have units blocking LOS anyway while he's on the way towards the enemy.
  • Mephiston, Lord of Death: Mephiston's changed! His Warlord trait gives him Adamantium Will, so stick him in a squad and watch as you deny witchfires and maledictions on a 4+ if the character is Mastery Level 3, 4, or Magnus and deny on a 3+ if the enemy psyker is ML 1 or 2 (+1 For Psyker rule, +1 for Adamantium Will, +1 for having a higher Mastery Level). He's now only WS6 but he can get his WS7 back by accompanying a Sanguinary Priest, and with S/T5 it means he can now be insta-killed by Demolisher Cannons/Railguns/Powerklaws, no need for enemies to waste Force and other ID bullshit. He has Furious Charge, Fleet and ATSKNF replacing Fearless. However, Mephiston's an Independent Character so if you're feeling threatened stick him in a Terminator Squad with Storm Shields and abuse that 2+ Look out sir! He can still roll on Biomancy to buff his stats, he has Sanguine Sword (A WC1 blessing that makes him S10) as a personal power, and he has Transfixing Gaze; Each turn Meffy's in a challenge, you roll 2D6. If you roll equal to or higher than the enemy's Ld, Mephiston hits on a 2+ like a boss. He's still a badass, just slightly different so he's still the Blood Angels go-to Character. Always keep him away from Force and S10 weaponry.
    • If you want ol' Mephiston to become much more survivable, take a look at the new Fulmination discipline, specifically the Electroshield power. With his ML3, you stand almost a 2/3 chance of getting the power. It is WC1 so Meph is pretty likely to get it off. Enjoy your new 3++ toting death machine. Or Fists of Lightning combined with transfixing gaze. For every 2+ he rolls to hit, he gets an additional (see power) hits. Not a terrible combo or devouring anything weaker than MEQs. Alternatively, stick him in a Land Raider Crusader with 15 Death Company for added hilarity and carnage.
  • Captain Erasmus Tycho: Good ol' Cap'n Tycho, a mainstay from the olden days, now lost in purpose. He has a master-crafted combi-melta that has an 18" range on the melta part and is AP4 on the bolter part. No more specialist ammunition though. He's also lost his ability to punch through tanks and armour and so has absolutely no close combat special abilities other than Digital Weapons and Hatred (Orks). He's cheap for a special character at 130 points, but an upgraded captain can potentially do much more than he can, use him with care.
    • Tycho the Lost: Tycho off his happy pills. The upgraded version of Tycho, he's still an Independent Character this time around, so no longer needs to run around solo, though he can only join Death Company squads like Lemartes. His profile is unchanged though, and now only gets the addition of Feel No Pain, Fearless and Relentless, which is not bad for an extra 15 points. Unfortunately his gear remains the same so he's stuck foot-slogging with non-jump pack Death Company.
  • Brother Corbulo: Bullets no longer hurt your troops and you get one free re-roll. And this can be for any roll except deployment (though he can re-roll Seize) or game continuation. Unless he dies before you use it, at which point you kinda didn't deserve it anyway. He has a S5 Rending chainsword and grants +1 ws AND initiative to every Blood Angels unit within 6" (including himself). This doesn't stack with the WS bonus from a Blood Chalice but stacks with the initiave bonus granted from the Baal Strike Force Detachment. Did we mention that his fixed warlord trait is Speed of the Primarch? It could be kinda funny to make him your warlord, if only to see him put out 5 strength 6 initiative 8 rending attacks on the charge. Costs as much as 2 ordinary Priests and is still vulnerable to powerfists, though, so be careful with him.
  • Malakim Phoros (Forgeworld): Lamenters Chapter Master. The 2013 Forgeworld update turned him from an average character to a scary monster. He lost his ability to force enemy rerolls on successful leadership tests but instead gained the zealot special rule and also generates a 6" hatred bubble around himself, furthermore if he loses a wound he flips out and gains +1 S and A and also confers rage to himself and any unit he joins. All of this makes him very similar to a overcharged chaplain. His Inferno Pistol is now 12" range and his Glaive Encarmine grants +1 Strength on the charge. Finally, he's the ONLY Blood Angels character who has the chance to suffer /(benefit) from Red Thirst. Although nothing compared to Mephy, he's still awesome with DC in a LRC, or if you have balls of reinforced Ununoctium, a Spartan from FW. 24 Blood Crazed Maniacs + Malakim Phoros = An awful lot of dead things, also watch as your opponent's sense of Target Priority utterly EXPLODES.
    • Bodyguarding this guy Outside of things like a Command Squad (useful to give him FnP but still a bit of a waste with only five 3+ 1W models), DC (wastes Rage and the Fearless part of Zealot but will still hit like a truck), and possibly non-jumping Vanguard Veterans, you're pretty stymied to find a good bodyguard for this guy. He's not like Dante who runs best with SG, or Seth who runs usually with DC. The best bet I can think of is either AssTermies with claws in an LRC if you're feeling pricey, or maybe even Custodes if you can find a decent way to transport them.
  • Captain Karlaen (Deathstorm): Basic Termie Captain with an MC Thunder Hammer and Iron Halo for 160 points, which is a little bit more than a normal/vanilla captain with the same loadout, but he has Counter-Attack and Furious Charge built-in, which 5th Edition BA Captains didn't get. His Warlord Trait allows him +1 to Seize and gives a re-roll on Reserves at any time while he's alive, which is admittedly incredible for a DS-heavy force like the Blood Angels. Mix him in with an Archangels formation and you've got a turn one deep striking, re-rolling reserves, at 1d6 scatter, with stubborn, and The captain still toting Counter-attack! Sweet mercy that's painful.
    • Seizing the initiative: Pair Cappy K up with Brother Corbulo's all seeing re-roll and you could be seizing with odds better than a 4+. Tasty.


  • Tactical Squad: Your baseline troops are essentially a tax of shooty dudes in an assault themed army. The ability to bring a flamer/heavy flamer combo is great for assaulting enemies in cover as well as camping objectives. These guys seem lackluster until you look at the Sanguinary discipline; look at Unleash Rage then look back at the tactical squad. That's right - ten marines firing pistols and flamers and charging at Strength 5 Initiative 5 with 3 attacks each. Suddenly it makes sense why they don't get CCWs, 4 attacks on the charge for tactical marines would be insane.
    • Second look: While not as good as the ol' assault marine troops, these guys are better than almost every other variant of tactical out there. "Why?", you might ask. Because of the above mentioned heavy flamer. Even at 5 men, the ability to take a heavy flamer makes them worth consideration, as a st5 ap4 template weapon can boost the damage output far better than the everyday st4 ap5 one. Not only that, but for a troop choice, these guys still make a solid CC unit on the charge, as I doubt the squad you just torched will have a whole lot left when you assault it. Now add on a regular flamer as well, for even more barbecue before a charge. For extra fun equip the tactical Sergeant with a hand flamer as well, so that's three flamer templates in a 10-man tactical squad. You're smiling now, aren't you?
    • A world of fire and blood: Wanna get even more nuts? Let's get nuts!!! Stick TWO hand flamers on that sergeant for a maximum of four flame templates to roast the opposition and four D3 walls of death overwatch. Remember that because a drop pod is not an assault vehicle, your tactical marine squads cannot charge turn 1, so three flamer marines plus seven rapid-firing bolters is sure to bring the pain and possibly make an enemy flee unless they are fearless. Burn baby, burn!
  • Scout Squad: Cheap and infiltrating, just like every other Scout unit. Scouts now have the exact same statline as standard Marines, except for a 4+ armor save rather than 3+, gaining Scout, Infiltrate and Move Through Cover in return. This makes Scouts generally a better choice of troops than Tactical Marines. If you run Scouts, you're likely best off running them naked. 11 points for a model in carapace with a BS4 bolter is actually fairly good as far as medium infantry goes. They're not much of a combat unit despite Furious Charge with their 4+ save, furthermore their use as beacons is mostly redundant since Tactical Marines can now take Teleport Homers as well and do the same job (which only applies to units comprised entirely of Terminators - again REALLY pushing that kit aren't they?). What to do with your scouts is to provide some ranged support by equipping them with sniper rifles for 1pt each so you can try to snipe the hidden power klaws and similar threats before your marines have to engage it in melee.
    • If you want real accurate deep strike in your army you should be choosing drop pods or scout bikers instead who may take the more useful locator beacon which allows ALL deep striking units to arrive accurately.
      • When coupled with Baal Strikeforce, close combat scouts can be an annoying little distraction. A 5 man unit with camo cloaks and a veteran sargeant with a power sword will run you about 90 points. Infiltrate them in ruins for a 3+ cover save, and then see what happens. I've had these little guys take out many a devastator squad. 16 I5 S5 attacks (4 of them being ap3) is nothing to sniff at. Very fun unit to play.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Raphen's Death Company (Deathstorm): 5-Man Death Company Jump Infantry as Troops, but with a Unique Serge that gives +1A/Ld with a Thunder Hammer; the unit has a Power Sword, a Power Fist, and an Inferno Pistol. For 10 more points than an equally-kitted squad the major rules advantage is that they'll get Objective Secured in a CAD and allow you to spend that Elites slot on one of the multitude of Blood Angels Elite units.
  • Cassor the Damned (Deathstorm): 5 points more than an equally equipped DC dread gets you 'Character' and more importantly moves you to troops for Objective Secured. Look at your Psychic Discipline, look at your Primaris, look at the targets for said Primaris, look at your DC Character Dreadnought, you know what comes next, enjoy your new Rape Machine (obsec sold separately).


  • Command Squad: You start off with 3 customizable Vets, the Champion, and the Sanguinary Novitiate with the options being either weapons for the vets, the Company Standard, or Jump Packs so they can at least keep up with the attached leader. Do not bother equipping a Command Squad for close combat because Sanguinary Guard are a more cost-effective choice. Instead, equip a Command Squad for a variable battlefield role, they can be equipped with special weapons that are unavailable to Sanguinary Guard or Death Company.
  • Sanguinary Guard: They come equipped with jump packs, two-handed master-crafted power weapons, in AP 3 Sword or AP 2 axe flavors, and 12" AP4 Storm Bolters. You can take up to 10 of these guys in a squad. One of them may carry the chapter banner which grants +1 attack to every member of the squad. They can swap out their usual gear for power fists, encarmine axes, plasma pistols, or inferno pistols. They can also take death masks at 1 point per model, which force the enemy to take a Leadership test now or be reduced to WS 1 in each round of combat--which is a much appreciated boon. They have a 2+ armor save but no invulnerable save. Attach a Sanguinary Priest for Weapon Skill 5 and Feel No Pain. Attach a Librarian with Shield of Sanguinius for a 5++ save. People compare this unit to the Vanilla Honor Guard and complain that they can only get a maximum of 3 attacks on the charge but they forget that this unit gets 2 Str 4 AP 4 shots before they charge which isn't the same, but it is nice to have. Additionally, having master-crafted helps even things out because they can hit more consistently. Also keep in mind that thanks to the Sanguinary discipline, you can give them Rage so they will have 4 attacks on the charge.
    • NOTE: While Sanguinary Guard are awesome (and they are) you really do need to add in a Sanguinary Priest if you want to get them anywhere, and pick your fights carefully. Absent FNP and WS5, they'll quickly get shot to ribbons by anything AP2 (Grav-Weapons will tear them to pieces) and/or get stomped hard by the top tier of Close Combat Squads (Incubi, Genestealers, Deathwing Knights, most Assault Terminators will all handle them pretty definitively if they pass their leadership test from your updated Deathmask rules). They may be 7 points cheaper than a Terminator, but that lack of Invul save hurts more than you might expect, especially since they're still more than 30 points a model. So be careful.
  • Death Company: You play Blood Angels for the sauce and this is it. Just take an assault squad if you don't plan on spending points to outfit them properly, its the cost effective choice. They have a basic Space Marine stat line, but they also have Fearless, Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, and Rage for maximum carnage on the Charge. Do not forget that they are Relentless, so give bolters to fist-equipped guys for free extra shots. If you're going to use these, it's highly advisable to throw in Astorath to re-roll to-wound and an array of close combat weapons. Taken together they make Death Company the last word in terminal close encounters. A Land Raider Crusader actually makes a good transport for these guys if you don't equip them with jump packs. Power mauls are a excellent weapon choice if you are considering taking upgrades since you are focusing mostly on quantity of attacks rather than quality of attacks. For 15 points you are getting +2 strength and concussive on a non-specialist weapon. So a DC Marine with a power maul is striking at Strength 7, Initiative 5, with 5 attacks on the charge and any model that survives the first round is reduced to initiative 1 for the next round of combat. You can also glance most AV 12 and even 13 with a power maul while saving 10 points you would have spent on a power fist. Bonus cool points if you use Corvus Hammers as your power mauls.
  • Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost: The berserker maniac Chaplain of the Death Company. Lemmy's weapon change to a power maul in 6th Ed seems like it's nerfed him somewhat, but the moment he gets wounded he gains a +1 bonus to strength and an extra attack. With Fury Unbound, you're looking at 6 Str 8 AP 4 attacks on the charge, which can be useful. However, he costs 130 points and like all Chaplains he no longer gives re-rolls to-wound. Use him only if you'll need those bonus attacks and can ensure that he won't die too fast, though having FNP does help a bit. While he seems pricey, consider the fact that he's allowing your DC to reroll their hits in close combat, making them far more reliable. He also does some serious damage on his own. Remember that Lemartes is a character so he can be the target for Quickening in addition to Fury Unbound which turns a decent character into an absolute monster with possibly Initiative 10, Strength 8, and 9 attacks while re-rolling misses on the charge!
  • Death Company Dreadnought: Similar to the Furioso, but with even more concentrated awesomeness. It can score now thanks to 7th edition, but no luck on Objective Secured. Blood Talons are the go-to choice here allowing your DC dread to maximize the damage done from landing all those attacks (+2 attacks back from GW, rejoice!) and ignores crew stunned and shaken. If you want a more anti-tank oriented dreadnought, consider taking a Furioso (Why? the Furioso has less attacks than the DCD, gaining an extra point of frontal armor and 1 WS, but losing out on the free extra armor that DCD's get through None Can Stay My Wrath. Really the only reason to take a Furioso over the DCD is Frag Cannons, and if you really really need that extra front armor.)
  • Dreadnought: Blood Angels love Dreadnoughts, and you should too. The assault cannon is probably the most cost-effective shooting weapon available to them, and replacing the standard storm bolter with a heavy flamer can't hurt either. You can kit them out for tank-hunting, but other units can easily fill that role, too. They're no slouches in melee either (unless you were a fool and swapped the DCCW for a missile launcher) but it can't compare to the Furioso pattern when it comes to well and truly smashing something to kingdom come. Instead, try doubling up on Twin-linked Autocannons for long-range support - there's a reason as to why rifleman dreadnoughts suddenly proliferated many a Space Marine list.
  • Furioso Dreadnought: Furioso isn't so good anymore, it lost a point of WS(now WS5) and has less attacks than a standard Marine dread even when equipped with dual fists (+2 attacks FAQ'ed back, thanks GW!), it is still 13/12/10 but, eh.... Blood Talons were nerfed, losing the admittedly cheesy attacks that generate more attacks gimmick, in return they got the (much, much worse) consolation prize of AP2 and Shred, meh. On the positive side; two meltagun and heavy flamer Furiosos in drop pods dropped on the back lines are bound to fuck with your opponent's plan. That and the Frag Cannon(S6 AP- Assault 2 rending template) is absolutely hilarious against GEQ and anything else in cover.
  • Terminator Squad: They're Terminators, what's not to like? Use them just like you would vanilla Terminators, there's not much of a difference. Heavy Flamers are cheap and ignore cover, and Assault Cannons and Cyclone Missile Launchers ensure long-range carnage. Remember to bring at least one Chainfist, and a Sanguinary Priest couldn't hurt either (but he needs to be kept in the back of the party because he can't take Termie armor anymore). If you're fighting 'Nids, reminisce about the good old days of Space Hulk.
    • Squad Alphaeus (Deathstorm): A Termie Squad with a Chainfist and Heavy Flamer. For about 5 points more than a normal squad with the same loadout, you get PE (Tyranids) while the Sarge is still alive and no Combat Squad because the squad is fixed at five models.
  • Terminator Assault Squad: Ours cost 5 points more per model than Vanilla Marines but they have Furious Charge which makes up for it because no other Space Marines have a Chapter Tactic that works so well with a unit specifically designed to rip and tear. They come stock with Lightning Claws, and are upgradable to TH/SS for 5 points each. If you use Claws, stick a Sanguinary Priest with them like everything else. The gap between S4 > S5 is more valuable than S8 > S9 unless you are fighting against AV13-14 vehicles or monstrous creatures (but Assault squads with Meltabombs or regular terminator squads can deal with those effectively anyway). The 3++ is preferred only if you expect to be facing a lot of AP2/1 weaponry such as melta/powerfist spam, but ready access to FNP mitigates against plasma/axes slightly, so consider what your opponent is bringing. Also they got a new Blood Angels specific pack which costs the same as Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators.
    • It is absolutely necessary that you take a Land Raider Crusader or Redeemer to ensure they make the long trip to the enemy. They benefit greatly from a buffer unit like a Sanguinary Priest (a squad 2+ armour saves, 3+ invul. saves with Feel no Pain? Yes please) or a Librarian (In case you needed yet another sledgehammer in your squad). Bottom line: great CC squad, but they can become really expensive, really soon.
    • One member may take a Company Banner and there is no limit on the number of squads that can take it, but don't go thinking you can Troll Deathwing players by having Banners all over the place, they guy holding it has to replace a Lightning Claw or Storm Shield (depending on your loadout), thereby reducing his overall effectiveness, but all it does is allow BA units within 12" to re-roll on morale/pinning and nothing else. It's only a 5 point upgrade so only take if you tend to have problems with morale-checks.
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad: Yep, they're back. Yep, they're still awesome. Dakka, dakka, dakka. Just keep 'em away from tanks and high-armor units, unless you remembered to bring some combi-meltas/plasmas. Not as useful for Blood Angels, with the amount of anti-infantry and meltaguns they usually possess, but still a fine buy. 10 pts cheaper compared to vanilla marines.
  • Vanguard Veteran Squad: Just skip. These days Vanguards are just cheaper(barely) and worse Death Company (though they can take lightning claws, which DC cannot; could be used for mobile MEQ removal, but you have other, more effective choices). You're paying 1 point less but losing Fearless, Rage, Feel No Pain and Relentless. There is a reason to maybe take Vanguards over DC: They can all equip storm shields and be a mobile 3++ assault unit(This gets very, very expensive)
    • Alternate opinion: Taking units of 5 guys with no upgrades is about the cheapest way to round out the Archangels Demi-Company. Doing this frees up points you can use in other, better formations. Thanks for the redundant Furioso tax G-Dubs!
  • Blood Angels Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Forgeworld): Exactly what it says on the tin, which is to say it gives you everything you love/hate about Furiosos in a Contemptor's package. Benefits include Atomantic Shielding, 13/12/10 armour, fleet, S7, WS5, The Red Thirst, two DCW's with storm bolters - and that's just to start! You get the option for both Contemptor fun (trading a DCW for Kheres Assault Cannon, other standard dread guns, etc) and Blood Angel goodies (Blood Talons, upgrading a storm bolter to a meltagun to break people out of their metal bawkses, the Frag Cannon arm replacement, and the chassis-mounted Magna Grapple). There's not much of a reason to take Blood Talons on Contemptor unless you know you're facing lots of 2+ saves, otherwise anything else is better. Keep in mind that taking Blood Tallons restricts the ranged weaponry to the in-built weapon systems only, so if you use them you may want to consider taking a Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod as well to assist getting it into combat.
  • Land Raider Prometheus (Forge World): What happens if one were to cross a Crusader and a Proteus. It has the Proteus's transport capacity of 10, however, its sponsons out-dakka the Crusader by a large margin, each sponson having 2 Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters. It lacks any sort of hull-mounted weapon, although it purportedly makes up for this with 2 additional rules: Improved Comms and Battle Auspex. Battle Auspex simply gives the tank Night Vision as well as the ability to reduce enemy cover saves by one. Its the Improved Comms that make this tank of note to the BA; they give +1 to controlling player's reserve rolls. However these are not cumulative so don't go thinking you can spam them and bring in reserves whenever necessity decrees. It does go a long way, but its not a game breaker. Remember it still shares the Land Raider traits of PotMS and Assault Vehicle, so in terms of transporting, use it exactly like one would use a Phobos. PotMS also means that both sponsons can fire at full BS even moving at combat speed, however as one starts to add pintle weapons they would have to snapfire. It is still worth taking the HKM along with the Storm Bolter and the Multi-Melta for Weapon Destroyed results, and a Dozer Blade is always worth it considering how much this tank is going to move if you are using it efficiently, as well as Extra Armour. Instead of transporting melee troops as it's capacity usually just isn't big enough, maybe use to save points as a replacement for a Razorback. When doing this, be aware that this allows for full squad size, unlike the Razorback.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Assault Squad: They can be tooled any number of ways and most of them are deadly. Small squads with up to 2 Meltas, Plasma/Inferno pistols, or flamers and a fast razorback with Lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun, or a large 10-man squad, either flying, in a drop pod, or in a Rhino (Unfortunately the Angel's Blade updated these guys, making the drop pods, Rhinos, and jump packs no longer free). In a competitive meta, the 10 fly guys are the way to go as a transport may get blown up as it steps out and you don't want these guys foot slogging.
  • Land Speeder Squadron: Basically the damn same as the Land Speeders in the Space Marine codex. If you run one, run two, same as other vehicles. Not as good as previous incarnations due to how jink works now. AV10 and only 2hp means you pretty much have to jink when a bolter looks at you, which means that multi-melta hits on 6 and no heavy flamer at all. They're still not terrible but you might want to consider your loadout carefully.
  • Attack Bike Squad: 1-3 Bikes with heavy weapons. Give them Multi-Meltas and go tank hunting. Other units can handle anti-infantry roles, such as the Baal Predator.
  • Bike Squad: Blood Angels aren't as good as vanilla Marines are with bikers (open to debate), if only because they lack the ability to take bikes as Troops (although they can still score). Still, they can prove to be useful as skirmishers as long as you don't let them get bogged down in an assault. Take a meltagun and/or a plasma gun to kill shit faster (they can take grav as well). There's also a build, known as Blood Rodeo, in which ASM and Bikes are used together. FNP and FC bikes? Yes please. Sanguinary Priest with bikes, +1 WS, +1 I, FNP, max the unit, kit out the Vsgt for a killy assault unit that is also incredibly survivable.
  • Scout Bike Squad: More fragile than standard Bikers, have WS/BS 3 4* as of the Blood Angels FAQ, and can't take meltas/flamers/plasma guns; instead, all they can do is replace their bikes' boltguns with rapid-firing grenade launchers. However, they can Infiltrate and Scout, and thanks to their Sergeant, an Infiltrating Power Fist on a bike is nothing to sniff at. They can also take Locator Beacons, to help put that deep-striking Jump Pack squad of doom where you want it at, and Cluster Bombs, which make a piece of terrain DT for enemies. Just don't bring them into open conflict.
  • Rhino: Looks like the Orks were right after all: The red ones DO go faster. Costs 10 more points than a vanilla Rhino (45 compared to 35) but is now a Fast vehicle, making them absurdly useful. Take one for as many infantry units as you can. Can be taken as a dedicated transport. It might just be a Rhino, but it's much better than footslogging across the battlefield getting shot at.
  • Razorback: It's fast. It has a big gun on top. Use it in conjunction with Sternguard or your hero unit + Sanguinary Guard/Command Squad. Take the las/plas turret if you can spare the points, since you can move 12" speed and fire both guns. Can be taken as a dedicated transport. A useful tactic when using Razorbacks is to have them two or three abreast, filled with tactical troops with heavy flamers and a squad of assault marines with jump packs behind, using the vehicles for cover. Being a fast vehicle, the Razorbacks can race forward 12", firing their main weapons, whilst the assault marines use their JP to keep up. Once close enough, the tactical marines get out and hose the enemy with fire, whilst the assault marines mop up in CC.
  • Drop Pod: Perfect for putting Dreadnoughts where they need to be. A great platform for Tactical squads with flamer setup, or ASM with 2 meltas and 2 inferno pistols. Also if you're feeling particularly sadistic, put a Sternguard squad in one, equip them all with combi-meltas and drop it right next to your opponent's prized tank. First blood is yours on turn one. May induce tears. Can be taken as a dedicated transport.
  • Land Speeder Tempest Squadron (Forge World): For the equipment it's got, relative to the standard Land Speeder, it's actually (in terms of points) one hell of a bargain! For starters, it gets an extra point of armour on the front, and the Afterburners rule, which must be ignited at the start of any of its turns upon which it wishes to use them. It may not fire (that's MAY NOT, NOT SNAP FIRE) any of it's weapons for that turn, but it counts as a Zooming Flyer. Not that useful, but great for zipping off into ongoing reserves when it looks like your opponent is going to wipe you out. On terms of weapons and gear, the bargain only gets better from here, with an Assault Cannon, Twin-Linked Missile Launcher (with Flakk stock!) and also coming stock with Extra Armour and an Armoured Cockpit, which allows it to ignore Crew Shaken and Crew Stunned results on a 4+. Like normal Land Speeders, up to 3 in a squadron. The number one strength of the Tempest over stock speeders is it's versatility, with its highly versatile weapon payload, and the fact that its no slower than a regular speeder, means they can adapt to many tabletop situations where a stock Speeder with more specialised equipment wouldn't be able to. Secondly, with clever positioning, it's possible to mitigate the threat of that ubiquitous S4 ranged weaponry about, where a normal speeder cannot do this. All in all, if you were planning to bring Speeders and use them to provide mobile anti-cover camper firepower, bring these instead if you can spare the funds, but if you are bringing the normal Speeder with its infamous dual Multi-Melta suicide loadout for anti-vehicle, then stick with that for anti-vehicle.
  • Javelin Attack Speeder (Forge World): Again for its points its quite the bargain, although its not as powerful here as it is in Legion lists for reasons that will be explained later. To start with the pros, It builds on the armour of a regular speeder going 11, 11, 10, and it is no slower for this. It also costs the same as a normal Speeder with its Heavy Bolter and Cyclone Missile Launcher, and comes with aforementioned additional armour, and two more special rules, one good and one bad. The good news is that this beauty can OUTFLANK!!! The bad news is that it's a Relic of the Armoury, and if you want to take more than one of those in the army, since Reclusiarchs vanished, you now need a Techmarine, not someone usually seen in Blood Angel armies, and certainly not someone who would have good synergy with this vehicle. Also, you cannot squadron this, which puts it at a severe disadvantage in Kill Points games. In terms of options, the Twin-Linked Lascannon is rarely a good replacement for the Cyclone, so skip. In terms of replacing the Heavy Bolter, a Heavy Flamer would be mad considering how much jinking you are probably going to be up to. However, a Multi-Melta can make this baby into a specialised outflanking tank hunter, with few rivals for points efficiency when combined with the Cyclone, and the fact that this can also take two Hunter-Killer missiles in a Tau-tank-esque fashion. And a Searchlight is always a good utility option for one point. Overall, in Kill Points, think carefully due to the incredible fragility and value cursed upon it by no squadron and RotA, but it can be a premiere tank hunter in the hands of a skilled general.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Baal Predator: The Blood Angels' unique Predator with overcharged engines and armed with a twin-linked Assault Cannon. Can take Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer sponsons, or replace the Assault Cannon with a Flamestorm cannon, the S6 AP 3 flamer found on the Land Raider Redeemer. It's fast, it chews up infantry, and it will draw a lot of fire to stop it from killing their troops. Can now be Squadroned up to 3 per slot, and can Re-roll 1s to wound if there are 3 in the unit.
  • Stormraven Gunship: (Attack Flyer) Basically, a flying Land Raider. It costs 200 points base, has AV12 all around, and meltaguns don't get the extra D6 for AP when shooting at them. It's also bristling with guns; it has a twin-linked heavy bolter, a twin-linked assault cannon, and four Stormstrike missiles (72" S8 AP2, Concussive, one shot each), and that's only standard issue. It can replace the heavy bolters with a twin-linked multimelta for free or a Typhoon missile launcher for 25 points, and replace the assault cannon with a twin-linked plasma cannon or a twin-linked lascannon for free. And if that's not enough dakka for you, it can take hurricane bolters in side sponsons. It can't deep strike, but it can take a locator beacon. (So you could use it as a highly mobile beacon for a jump squad or termies.) The real gravy comes with its transport capacity; it can carry 12 guys in power armor (or 6 Jump Infantry/Terminators) AND one Dreadnought. Watch your opponent cry tears of bitter rage as your Death Company comes out of fucking nowhere to ruin his day because it's an Assault Vehicle. It'll cost you an arm and a leg, but you certainly get what you pay for.
  • Predator: Marginally more useful than the vanilla Predator, since you can pay 10 points to make it fast, Meaning it can move further and fire more guns at once. The Baal Predator is better than the Destructor against infantry (Compare S7 AP4 Heavy 2 to twin-linked S6 AP4 Heavy 4, Rending); use the Annihilator variant to hunt tanks and Monstrous Creatures instead. Can now be Squadroned, same bonus as Vanilla Marines.
  • Devastator Squad: They're just like the vanilla Marines' Devastators, only with the FC. Great with 4 missile launchers - a cheap and universal squad with a lot of firepower. Carry around a priest to babysit them. Park them in cover. Perfect for shooty army-list.
  • Vindicator: It's a massive gun strapped to a Rhino. Imperial Guard wished they had something this awesome *coughcough*Thunderers*coughcough*. Even if the gun gets blown off (likely, considering the amount of fire this thing will draw), you can go all-out and ram your target instead for massive damage. Just bear in mind that your choice of targets will be limited once the rest of your army gets into melee, and no-one likes scattering S10 AP2 "friendly fire" pie-plates. Except maybe your opponent. Can now be squadroned, same bonus as Vanilla Marines. Give it Overcharged Engines to ensure it can move from cover to a viable fire position and still fire its main weapon. Always pay for the storm bolter in case your opponent gets the weapon destroyed result on the vehicle damage table. This gives you a 50/50 chance of keeping it.
  • Whirlwind: The Fast engine can actually help Whirlwinds out if they get too close to enemies; just zip off to somewhere safe for you to rain fiery death down upon them. But, as it's strictly anti-infantry, you're forced to let someone else take down tanks and the like. You have to buy fast now, but the need for it is really minor. Can now be squadroned, same bonus as Vanilla Marines.
  • Relic Leviathan Dreadnought (Forge World): - For about double the price of an Ironclad, you get a rounder Dread with S8, AV 13/13/12 with a 4+ Invul that adds d3 to both the range and strength of its death-explosion, two heavy flamers on his body, total immunity to Maledictions powers, and two claws with meltas, Wrecker, and the odds to inflict d3 extra wounds. When this adds to the fact that it adds +1 to its initiative and 2 HoW attacks on the charge as well as a mandatory sweeping advance, you see that the goal of this thing is to touch anything that runs near it. For it's cost, it might have been better off with AV14 or some better tools. The claws can become drills so you get Armourbane for pennies. You could also make it shooty by replacing a claw with a Leviathan Storm Cannon, that is Heavy 6 S7 AP3 hits with Sunder or a Cyclonic melta lance (not actually a lance weapon), which is a Heavy 3 S9 AP1 18" Meltagun. You could give it Ceramite to cure it of its fear of Melta and three HKs to help pop tanks, but you've already got so much for that goal. To add to that, this thing counts as a Relic of the Armoury, but can't take a Legacy of Glory, nor can it ever score or benefit from a detachment or formation, so taking this requires extra care. If you want to, you can consider it as a more anti-vehicle DC Dread or a Furioso with some melee punch now that Bloodfists don't exist. With some luck and the right loadout, it can give an opponent fielding a LOW smaller then a Warhound a headache. You can transport it in a SR.
  • Land Raider/Crusader/Redeemer: Pretty much the same as the vanilla counterparts: normal Land Raider is schizo, Crusader is God-tier for Terminator transport, Redeemer fucks infantry's shit up. Use one for heavily-armored delivery. They can no longer deep-strike - not that you should have, but this is most certainly GW listening to their audience and scrubbing Matt Ward's baleful influence from the game that it once had. Terminators can take them as dedicated transports
  • Relic Sicaran Battle Tank (Forge World): As of IA Volume Two Second Edition they are now Heavy Support choices for a Codex: Blood Angels army! YAY! It's a Fast tank, so it can keep pace with the rest of your armoured spearhead. The TWIN-LINKED Accelerator Autocannon makes skimmers cry as no jinks against it. It's also got rending and fires out 6 shots at standard Autocannon range, meaning Fast need not be utilised to get into range, but to get to the best firing position! Comes stock with Extra Armour, Searchlight and Smoke Launchers, as well as Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter in Leman Russ-esque style. It can take Heavy Bolter or Lascannon sponsons, Heavy Bolters for shredding light infantry and ultra-light vehicles (eg Scout Sentinel light), Lascannons for hunting bigger fish and perforating transports. ALWAYS take the HKM, but never fire it, it helps for Weapon Destroyed results. Dozer Blade is meh, depends on how much terrain you play with. Which brings us to the cheese. ARMOURED CERAMITE. IT'S MELTA PROOF (for 20 pts). ALWAYS DO THIS. ALWAYS. It is unfortunately a Relic of the Armoury, and since Reclusiarchs vanished, you now need a Techmarine to take more than one, which dosen't really fit in with the whole fast assault thing. Overall, an excellent support element tank. Also note its AV of 13 on the front facing, and 12 on side and rear (This is according to errata, the incorrectly printed books have 13 on all faces), so it is significantly tougher than other standard GW rhino based vehicles. If you have the money, go for it.
  • Whirlwind Hyperios Air Defence Tank (Forge World): A Whirlwind without the option for Overcharged Engines, the cost seriously cranked up and the replacement of the standard launcher with a Hyperios Missile Launcher. That being a fancy name for a Krak missile with Skyfire and Heat Seeker, meaning it can re-roll to Hit against Fliers and Fast Skimmers. For the price tag, skip.
  • Spartan Assault Tank (Forge World): Land Raider Phobos on steroids. Lots of 'em. It has a Transport Capacity of 25 models. Also 5 HULL POINTS. (although it's no Super-Heavy, so under 7th it can only transport 1 squad with any attached characters.) The two Quad Lascannons on the side make it more than capable of punching through most vehicles, so leave the Laser Destroyers at home. It also comes stock with Extra Armour which is befitting of its transport role, and it retains the Heavy Bolter of the Phobos. Always take the Frag Assault Launchers if you are using it to ship Terminators into the enemy as it's still an Assault Vehicle, but Death Company, Sanguinary Guard and Veterans already have them so in that case leave at home. A HKM always helps for Weapon Destroyed provided one never fires it. Armoured Ceramite is mandatory considering what this sweet baby will draw its way. For pintle guns, a Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta would be best. Make sure to use that 25 capacity for the killiest melee squad one has, even consider giving them Jump Packs just in case something goes wrong after you charge out. Bear in mind, this is no Relic of the Armoury, so it's perfectly possible to use these tanks, with melee deathstars inside and attached characters, and some other infantry behind them (eg Tactical Razorbacks or Assault Meltamarines). This allows your BA to focus on what they do best, one can always ship in a cheap ally for AA, or take the Battle of Sarosh Legacy of Glory on one of these to allow those Quad Lascannons to get Skyfire, Interceptor, Tank Hunters and Night Vision for a turn, although this only really works if your opponent only has 1 flyer. Usually better to ship in an ally. It is however pricey, with the barebones price only beaten by the Achilles in the non Super-Heavy league of BA tanks. So in conclusion, another wonderfully overpowered tank from FW, but it really excels in big games and having your army based around it's presence, rather than as a support element.
  • Land Raider Helios (Forge World): Whirlwind, Razorback and Phobos have a threesome. This is the product. It is a Phobos with the Heavy Bolter switched out for a Whirlwind Missile Launcher, the transport capacity toned down to 6, and the ability to replace said launcher with the aforementioned air defence launcher. Don't forget with PotMS it can fire independently of the Lascannons, and although this tank still has Assault Vehicle, unlike the Achilles or Proteus, the only way it could find use would be with HQ + Command Squad/Honour Guard. HKM's, Dozer Blades and Extra Armour follow the same rules here as most vehicles; if you can spare the points, do. Take it if you wanna switch out a Razorback for a bigger toy and don't want to or can't afford to take an independent AA asset. Only pay the price for the air defence when you have nothing else to airwatch, otherwise stick with the standard one, it is of much greater target versatility.
  • Land Raider Proteus (Forge World): The grandad of all Land Raiders. If one is going to bother with it, always take the Explorator Augury Web. Yes it reduces the transport cap to an awkward 8. But in BA this gives ypu the vital ability to re-roll all reserve rolls. This tank has obvious synergy with the Prometheus; re-rolling 3+ reserves on turn 2! Lovely. It can also disrupt the enemy's reserves, if put into this mode they have to -1 from all their rolls. You can only choose one mode per turn however, so pick well. Again, the presence of multiple EAW's has no cumulative effect, so don't bother spamming them. In terms of the awkward 8, consider it a slower, tougher, Razorback with more room to spare for bodies. If you really want to use it as a cheaper Phobos, (it is 4/5 of the points cost admittedly) then make sure the unit you are transporting will not need to assault out of it as it has no Assault Ramp. It is worth noting however, that with the stock gear of the Phobos which it can buy (which is to say, all of it except for the ramp), it is still 30 pts cheaper, so if you are using the Phobos as a transport for Sternguard (or tacticals if you happen to be mad) this is the cheaper option in terms of points, but NOT MONEY, it costs almost twice as much!
  • Land Raider Achilles (Forge World): This tank is weird, overpowered but weird. First of all, it has the transport capacity of 6, fine for said HQ and Bodyguards, but it lacks an Assault Ramp (if you're going to bring a techmarine, {Lucifer armored task force} stick it in this baby with a few servitors to keep this baby rolling even longer). So it again can be used as a razorback alternatives for your tacticals. Its sponsons are Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas. You might think this is insane, after all, to get close enough to melta something means it can return fire with meltas, but this is where the rule that makes this tank so broken comes into play: Ferromantic Invulnerability. It ignores all melta double dice, the lowering effects of Lance weaponry (Dark Eldar cry) and it reduces all Penetrating hit results by -1 on the damage table. WHAT. HAS. HAPPENED. If that's not enough then fear not, it strips out the Heavy Bolter, and replaces it with a THUNDERFIRE CANNON. OH. SWEET. CHEDDAR. BUY ALL THE ADDITIONAL WEAPONS FOR WEAPON DESTROYED RESULTS, ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. Dozer Blade is good here, and so is Extra Armour. It has one flaw, its price tag. Once you have bought all the mandatory bells & whistles, it comes to as many points as there are degrees in a circle. Being FW it will also break your bank as well as your points allowance, but if you have a niche it can fill, then it is strongly recommended.
  • Relic Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought: Two things that Blood Angels usually lack: long range firepower and skyfire units, this thing makes up for it, despite the relatively inexpensive cost for a FW unit (£65 complete). Comes with a pair of TL Autocannons and you get and TL Heavy Bolters built-in and the Deredeo's Anvillus Autocannons have higher strength and the Sunder quality (basically Tank Hunters USR for that weapon only). You get the Helical Targeting array and Atomantic Shielding, and they don't have many customisation options (right now), but since this is not a melee dreadnought at all, for that cost it's a bargain. The Aiolos Launcher is a bit off-key, since it doesn't really have the strength to rate highly as an anti-vehicle, even though it always hits targets side armour (which is often 11-12) and does better as an MEQ killer due to AP3, which is helped in this role since it can fire independently of the Deredeo's other weapon. The Deredeo also has the option of replacing its Autocannons with a Twin-linked Hellfire Plasma Cannonade. It reduces range to 36", S7 and loses Sunder. It gains two AP2 firing modes, either Heavy 4 and doesn't Get Hot or Heavy 1 with Large Blast and Gets Hot. This makes it very expensive with the Aiolos but good for killing heavy armor/MCs and dealing with other TEQs so BA Terminators can deal with other targets. In a Blood Angels army the Deredeo would be even more invaluable than the vanilla codex due to the BA codex's lack of "core" Heavy Support AA options like Hunters/Stalkers.

Lords of War[edit]

As with the Space Wolves and Grey Knights 7th Edition Updates, Commander Dante and Chapter Master Seth have been moved to Lord of War slots in same fashion as Logan Grimnar and Kaldor Draigo.

  • Commander Dante: Pretty damned powerful for a Chapter Master, with a jump pack, inferno pistol (Melta in pistol form), and a Power Axe (great for Hit and Run).His mask gives him fear(also for every enemy unit at the begin of each fight sub-phase (not only for units in basecontact with him))and not an enemy character -1 to Ws, Wounds, Attacks and Initiative anymore. He can deal with pretty much any kind of enemy in the game with a decent chance of winning. As of the 7th edition update he now has his much needed Eternal Warrior. Throw him at S8-10 weapons if you're feeling gutsy, and now that melee weapons have AP values his artificer armour lets him laugh at power swords. His WT reduces the scatter distance of the unit he's with, so pair him with a Honour Guard unit with multiple meltaguns to kill a tank and threaten its contents the next turn, or deliver some other killy unit with precision. Take him and Mephiston for extra lulz. Also as of 7th Edition his axe is now S+2 AP2 and strikes at his stupidly high initiative.
    • If you run Maelstrom with Dante as warlord, you also get to roll on the Tactical Traits table. Joy.
  • Chapter Master Gabriel Seth: The incredibly badass Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. Doesn't have a power weapon, but his huge chain sword, Blood Reaver, hits at Strength 8 (in Initiative order, even!) and has Rending. His other feature is the ability to make another hit on a to-hit roll of 6 which do not in turn generate more hits. Also, he's low priced at 155 points, has 4 attacks base, and is Fearless by default to boot. The downside is that he doesn't buff your army in any way (other than granting Fearless to the squad he's in), so take stick an HQ with him to make him and the army more effective. While not quite amazing, as a pure combat character, Gabe is pretty far from a bad buy get him into combat with a decent squad, then: 'Watch the Magic happen...'
  • Alternate POV: This guy is only usefull to chop Imperial Knights and those mecha LOW out there while on quickening (+attacks,FLEET), pretty dodgy to make him worthy but relatively easy to double his cost with those mecha LOW. He works better isolated (much of glass cannon). NEVER give him warlord, rampage isn´t neccesary on a ws6 model who already has 6 attacks on charge and better quickened.


Bottom line, don't take them. (Although Vengeance Weapon Batteries may be useful for softening infantry before you chop, rend and tear them to red ruin) The Blood Angels are at their best when they are on the offensive. Your guys are meant to charge, not sit behind cover.

However, if you still want more information, here are some general tactics for fortifications [1]


Shield of Baal: Exterminatus[edit]

Shield of Baal - Exterminatus.jpg

Not really a full supplement, but contains more than enough in it to count, new formations should be discussed in the formations section, leaving the other rules and benefits in here.


This is essentially the First Company of the Blood Angels as an army. This means lots of Termies and Vets, as the FOC shows.

Archangels Warlord Traits[edit]
  1. Grim Determination: Warlord is Fearless - not so great if your warlord is a chaplain, where it's already there.
  2. Aggressive Defence: Warlord and his unit have Counter-Attack, which isn't bad so you can react to whatever charges.
  3. Blood Champion: Re-roll to-hit in a challenge. It's not bad, and most of your HQs can do okay with it.
  4. Master of the Field: Warlord and his unit get Objective Secured. AWESOME. Stick with a squad with Cyclones.
  5. Lord of Baal: Units within 12" may re-roll failed morale checks, pretty much exactly the same as a normal standard bearer. At least it sorta saves cash from spending it on the new relic banner.
  6. Angel of Death: Grab Preferred Enemy. Good take.
Archangels Strike Force[edit]

This detachment's fluff is meant to depict the entire First Company, and what better way to portray that by only allowing 2 HQ and 16. ELITES. SLOTS. Yeah, 16 elites slots, 10 reserved for Termies and Vets, while the other 6 are for Dreadnoughts (sadly no Libby Dreads, so that Dread Army with Bjorn and MURDERFANG THE MURDERBORN will have to wait), and the HQs need to be Termies. Using it brings back the classic d6" deep strike scatter on ALL units (not just Jump Infantry like with Descent of Angels), re-rolls on failed reserves and a re-roll on the new Archangels Warlord Traits Table.

  • The reduced scatter distance would stack with the Descent of Angels warlord trait for perfectly accurate deep striking for Jump Infantry in the detachment, especially since you may "choose" to roll on the new traits, rather than being forced to. But your FOC re-roll only applies to the Archangels traits.
Relics of the Archangels[edit]

Note, that these relics are taken in addition to the Relics of Baal, rather than replacing them.

  1. Banner of the Archangel Host: Terminator Assault squad banner. Same rules as any other by granting morale re-rolls, but also grants Preferred Enemy to the unit, makes for a cheap pseudo-chaplain.
  2. Archangels Edge: A terminator-sergeant relic, which limits the utility only slightly. But for only 5 points more than the Sergeant's Power Sword you can Instant Death MC's on a 6 to-wound.
  3. Executioner's Hood: Psyker can now ignore Shadow in the Warp. Extremely situational, but great to rub it in to the crying Tyranid player that when you perils you use your unmodified kickass Ld to test.

Flesh Tearers[edit]

Flesh Tearers Cover.jpg
  • Now has an official Supplement available for download! With it's content pulled directly from "Leviathan" and "Echoes of War: A Son's Burden", players now have a convenient means of accessing the rules from those books in one spot. This is especially true for anyone having a hard time finding those original books to begin with -and happens to be cheaper than buying each separately. For reference, here's the link to Black Library/Warhammer Digital; http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/supplement-flesh-tearers.html
Warlord Traits[edit]
  1. Incandescent Fury: Warlord and unit get Hatred - Chaplains can already do this, so make sure you take advantage of that WT re-roll if you use the FTSF Detachment.
  2. Savage Rage: Get Rampage, making them kinda better against mobs.
  3. Avalanche of Destruction: Warlord and unit have HoW, for added charging hilarity.
  4. Unstoppable Momentum: All units within 12" have Crusaders USR, good against everything but loyalist marines with the added sweeping advance bonus.
  5. Berserk Frenzy: Warlord and unit get Rage USR, which is...alright. You're at least not completely forced into making really long charges.
  6. Blood Frenzy: Feel No Pain. On the plus side, your priest now gets 4+ FNP.
Flesh Tearers Strike Force[edit]

The normal FOC, but with two of the troops slots (and one compulsory one) removed and THREE added to fast attack. For this you get the customary re-roll on Flesh Tearers warlord traits but also any unit in the detachment that rolls greater than a 10 on charge distances gets the Rage USR. A nice grab, but really good for all those Fast slots, Assault Squad spam has returned!

This FOC also allows you to take a full walker list. E.G 2x Librarian dreadnoughts, Cassor the Damned, 3x Furioso dreadnoughts, 6x Drop pods!, Warhound Titan. ALL FOR 2000 POINTS OR LESS!

Relics of Cretacia[edit]

Note, that these relics are taken in addition to the Relics of Baal, rather than replacing them. On the plus side, they're incredibly cheap, like 5-15 points cheap.

  1. Bones of Baelsor: Dreadnought upgrade that works like extra armour, with the added bit that any Tyranid bio-plasma weapons or Venom cannons don't penetrate the hull but only count as glances. Nice. Charge a Carnifex.
    • This is the only way to get Extra Armor on a Librarian Dreadnought.
  2. Slayer's Wrath: Flesh Tearers Bolter that replaces a Boltgun OR a Bolt Pistol. 24" range rapid fire, with master-crafted & poisoned (2+). Not too shabby. Honestly though you might just be better off with a plasma pistol on anything with limited amounts of MC.
  3. Shield of Cretacia: Regular old Power Armour that makes them immune to the poisoned rule, which means enemies have to wound on strength which for many poisoned weapons is 1 or nothing. Good for trolling Dark Eldar. Cheap as chips too at only a 5 point upgrade.

Black Crusade: Angel's Blade[edit]

Black Crusade Angel's Blade.jpg

The Imperial side of the Black Crusade campaign supplements. Includes new detachments for the Blood Angels (2 Decurion Detachments, one Red focused, one Death Company focused) plus new relics and Warlord traits.

Death Company Warlord Traits[edit]

If your warlord is chosen from a Lost Brotherhood Strike Force or the Death Company Strike Force, he can roll on this table instead of the Codex warlord table.

  1. Blood-Augur: - Once per game turn you get one free re-roll of any dice (Reserve roll, to-hit, to-wound, mysterious objective, saving throw). Basically hijacked Corbulo's ability. A very useful trait, especially if a teleporting unit of Terminators fails to make the reserve roll, or your valuable character fails his invulnerable saving throw. Don't be afraid to commit instead of waiting for the right time to use it, otherwise you'll not use it for a turn or two.
  2. Beacon of Rage: - Warlord and all Death Company units within 12" get the Fleet special rule when charging only. This is possibly the best trait of the six.
  3. Caged Fury: - Rampage to the Warlord and his Unit.
  4. Infectious Tenacity: - Warlord has the Feel No Pain special rule. If he already has it, he gets +1 FNP. Combo with the Gilded Crozius for a very tough to kill chappy.
  5. Black Fury: - Warlord has the Rage special rule.
  6. Visions of Heresy: - Fluffy Warlord trait, the Warlord and all friendly Death Company units within 12" have Hatred: Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Demons.

Relics of the Lost[edit]

Another set of relics given in Angel's Blade. “Any units from a Death Company Strike Force or a Lost Brotherhood Strike Force that can select Relics of Baal can select an item from the Relics of the Lost list, presented opposite, at the points cost shown, in addition to Relics of Baal.” Note this means Death Company Chaplains only, as they are the only non-named characters you can take in those formations.

  1. Reliquary Armour: 30 Points for Artificer Armour with Adamantium Will and Crusader, which is great for beatsticks.
  2. Guardian's Blade: 30 Points. An AP2 Power sword with MC, Armourbane, and Two-Handed. It's a bit of a dive for a super-good sword, but this one can keep trucking when confronted with walkers and tanks.
  3. Blood Shard: 30 Points for Counter-Attack, pricey but is awesome for an assaulting army like this. Remember counter attack does not confer to the unit, so is pricey for just one model.
  4. Fyrestorm: 25 Points. A Master-Crafted Inferno Pistol with a 12" range. Keep your +1 attack while may as well having an unlimited use Combi-Melta. It's awesome!
  5. The Gilded Crozius: 25 points. Points Chaplains only; this is a Master-Crafted Crozius with AP3, with the added benefit of re-rolling 1s on FNP rolls for the entire unit, which is awesome.
  6. Baal's Vengeance: 20 pennies for some modded Hand Flamer with Poisoned (4+), but still AP6.


Baal Strike Force Detachment[edit]

The Blood Angels' codex-exclusive detachment requires 1 HQ, 1 Elite, and 2 Troops, but it gives you an extra elite slot to use alongside the basic CAD. Aside from the mandatory Warlord Trait re-roll, you also gain +1 initiative on the charge for all models in the army as long as there are no disorganized charges. Unfortunately, your troops lose objective secured, but you play Blood Angels for fast choppy Space Marines.

Angel's Blade Strikeforce[edit]

You get the customary WT reroll for using the Angels Blade, and everyone gets the Red Thirst special rule for added Initiative when charging. Furthermore, any unit which gets reduced to less than half strength (rounded down) gets the Zealot rule for the rest of the game, making your army a dangerous proposition for your opponent if he starts leaving half-eaten units all over the place.

Command (0-5)[edit]

  • The Golden Host: The Sanguinor or Commander Dante and 2-5 Sanguinary Guard squads go out to pimpslap some bitches. The whole formation may assault on any turn they arrive from Deep Strike Reserves. The catch? They count as disordered if they do so. But at least they aren't standing around looking into the barrels of enemy gunfire for a turn. The disordered charge makes me sad. It removes your +1 to Initiative on the charge. Meaning they are effectively assault marines with AP3 weapons. Great to know an Ultramarine can assault more orderly than a Blood Angel. But its not like Blood Angels specialize in drop assaults or anything.
    • Alternate opinion: butthurt opinions aside (or including them as the previous comment brings us to this key comparison) one has to say that the golden host is superior to the skyhammer, from an assault standpoint: the skyhammer consists of assault marines, who have 1 attack base, whereas the sanguinary guards come with 2 attacks base. Furthermore, ALL sanguinary guard come already with power weapons (the skyhammer has to pay for SOME of them wielding said powerweapons) AND rock a 2+ save. This means that, one on one, this formation is better as the units on it (specially dante!) are of a better quality than the skyhammer's assault complement!. If you run Dante as warlord, you can do even more by not scattering at all! If you have some points to spare, deep strike a sanguinary priest with a jump pack and add him to the squad and watch as you shred everything with your +1 WS and FNP sanguinary AND if you have more points, put a librarian near by and try and do some invulnerable save spells.
  • Leaders of the Angelic Host: 1 Terminator Captain or Captain Tycho, Librarian or Mephiston, Sanguinary Priest or Brother Corbulo with an optional Command Squad and Stormraven. You can take a lot of Sanguinary Priests like in ye olden days of yore.
  • Chapter Ancients: 3-5 Dreadnoughts (Furioso, normal, or Librarian) in any combination. They get an awesome rule where once per game in the movement phase, the Dreadnoughts may instead stand and shoot, or they may pile in and fight if already engaged. Furthermore, you are not required to have all dreadnoughts do the same thing. So some can move, some can shoot, while some can fight. Remember this is the movement phase, so is essentially a free phase of attacks and it doesn't stop them from shooting or fighting again later in the same turn. Blend some hordes with the DC dread or shoot the crap out of something with a dakka dread. It's important to note that you decide to use this special rule for the whole formation at the same time. So if you decide to use it but only one of the formations Dreadnought can actually use it because the others already moved then those won't be able to use it anymore for the rest of the game. Oh, and with the possibility of FIVE librarian dreadnoughts, you can throw some pretty significant psychic powers down the table, plus giving each of them a drop pod can be awesome.

Core (1+)[edit]

OverviewMany people are complaining that the Angel's Blade Strike Force isn't as good as the Gladius or Lion's Blade. However, notice that the Command Benefits for the Gladius and the Lion's Blade require you to take two Demi Companies (a Captain and Chaplain, 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, and 2 Devastator Squads) to get those free transports. That is quite a lot of tax to pay to get roughly 280 Points in transports. The other complaint is that the Blood Angels' rules aren't as good as Objective Secured, but what's the point of playing Blood Angels if you aren't rushing forward to use Furious Charge and the Red Thirst? If you want to sit on objectives then play Space Marines or Dark Angels since they have the rules that make that play style work. Again, you chose Blood Angels for fast choppy Space Marines. The Sons of Sanguinius Command Benefit supports taking aggressive ten-man units of Tactical and Assault Marines, who become even angrier the more bullets they eat.

  • Battle Demi-Company: A near-copy of the Space Marine formation of the same name, with a few minor twists. You must take: A Captain with a Command Squad, or a Chaplain with a Furioso Dreadnought, 3 Tactical Squads, 1 Assault Squad/Bike Squad/Attack Bike Squad/Unit of Land Speeders, a Devestator Squad and a Dreadnought. In exchange, if this Formation is your Primary Detachment then your Warlord may re-roll his trait from the Blood Angels table, and the formation gains Red Thirst. You'll notice that these bonuses are exactly the same as those of the Angel's Blade Strike Force, so taking this formation as your Core effectively provides [Fail|no benefits whatsoever]. You should probably skip this Formation altogether and go straight to the next one.
  • Archangels Battle Demi-Company: AKA First Company Task Force. One Terminator Captain, 2 Furioso Dreadnoughts and 5 units in any combination of: Vanguard/Sternguard Veterans/Terminators/Assault Terminators. Besides allowing a Warlord from this formation to re-roll on the Blood Angels table, all units in this formation gain Stubborn, make Reserve Rolls starting from the first turn (which can be re-rolled), and units only scatter 1d6 when arriving from Deep Strike Reserve.
    • Summary: Take this instead of the regular Battle Demi-Company. Re-rolling Reserves gives you some control over your forces, and if you're using this formation for smashing into your opponent as a forlorn hope, you probably don't care so much about the initial lack of Objective Secured. Worst comes to worst, at least you get some can slam down a load of Combis when you need (though it's still no Skyhammer).

Auxiliary (1+)[edit]

  • Death Company Strikeforce: 3 Death Company Squads with a Death Company Dread and a Death Company Chaplain. All units in the formation gain +1 Attack while within 12" of the Chaplain for maximum rip and tear.
    • All Death Company units get Stormravens as Dedicated transports in this detachment.
  • Archangels Orbital Intervention Force: 3 units of Terminators and Assault Terminators in any combination. They all must be in Deep Strike reserve, and roll as 1 unit. When they deep strike, the vanilla Terminators can fire twice in the shooting phase and the Assault Terminators can charge straight out of reserves, but count as a Disordered charge (so no Furious Charge bonuses for doing so). Still, the ability to assault out of reserves is freaking amazing! Take some TH/SS termies and murder big stuff.
  • 10th Company Ambush Force: 3-5 units of Scouts or Scout Bikers. They all gain Stealth as long as they don't infiltrate, and all units have the Precision Shots special rule during Turn 1. Remember your Scouts get Furious Charge and the Red Thirst, so they become a decent threat in CC.
  • Lucifer Armoured Task Force: one Techmarine, 3-5 Predator units (Regular and/or Baals) and 1-3 Land Raiders (Regular, Crusader or Redeemer). Everything gets Scout and all tanks become Fast, including the Land Raiders. Scouting Fast Land Raiders is a phenomenal delivery system for Hammernators. A Baal Pred or a Land Raider Redeemer already halfway up the field turn 1 does nasty, nasty things to infantry...
  • Stormraven Squadron: 2-4 Stormravens. Once per game at the start of any of their turns, they may nominate a target and fire ALL of their missiles at it simultaneously. This is an out of phase shooting attack and doesn't stop the vehicles from moving and shooting normally during its turn. Do you start to see the alpha strike pattern?
  • Rapid Assault Force: Not a formation outside of an Angel's Blade Detachment, so no bonus rules. Take 1-3 units of Assault Marines, Bikes, Attack Bikes or Land Speeders. That's right, take a Core Formation, then ONE Attack Bike for army-wide Red Thirst and Zealot at half strength. If Core choices were cheaper you could have spammed this for ASM to reminisce about 5th ed.
  • Fire Support Force: Similar to the Rapid Assault Force, take 1-3 units of Devastators, Vindicators or Whirlwinds. This one goes out to all you treadheads who always wanted to spam Fast Vindicators.

Lost Brotherhood Strike Force[edit]

Another detachment from Angel's Blade, this time revolving around the Death Company.

  • Gets the usual Warlord Trait Re-roll (on Blood Angels or Death Company), as well as the Red Thirst.
  • All Death Company units get Stormravens as Dedicated transports in this detachment, or if fielding a solo DCSF.
  • Also, after deployment they can be moved up to 6" like a mini scout move. This means that if using troops with Jump Packs you can deploy up to 12", then move the additional 6" and then jump the regular 12"( Rule states a unit can only redeploy 6 inches so no 12 inch scout), totalling a 30" move in the first turn. "Surprise, motherf**ker!" The same goes for bikes and land Speeders, obviously. A really useful means of getting across the battlefield quickly, especially if facing a shooty army.

Command (1-3)[edit]

  • Death Company Command: Lemartes, Astorath, or a Death Company Chaplain.

Core (1+)[edit]

  • Death Company Strike Force

Auxiliary (0-5)[edit]

  • Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
  • 10th Company Ambush Force
  • Lucifer Armored Squadron
  • Stormraven Squadron
  • Rapid Assault Squadron


  • Blood Angels Battle Company - Captain and Chaplain, Command Squad, 6 Tac Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads, 1 DC, and a Dread of the standard & Furioso Patterns. You not only get the Re-roll of WT and the +1 I on all charges, but you also shockingly get Objective Secured for the Tac Squads. Imagine the look of those yiffs' faces when you run this and get ObSec.
    • This dataslate gets Objective Secured while the Blood Angels Demi-Company from the Angel's Blade Strikeforce does not. Run this with an auxiliary formation of your choice. Since you can have an army of formations and still be battle forged, the only things you're missing out on is Zealot when all squads dip below 50% however. Despite how this selection's limited, it's still better than running 2 Angel's Blade Demi-Company formations which do not get Objective Secured at all.
  • The Carmine Host (Start Collecting! Blood Angels) - One Captain in Terminator Armour, one Tactical Squad and one Baal Predator. Once per game the Captain gives all units from this formation within 12" of himself Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die for a turn. Honestly rules wise this formation is pretty meh, but played against the other Start Collecting! sets it will hold up well enough. Model wise for starting a Blood Angels army this is what you'll want.
  • Flesh Tearers Blood Rain Strike Force (White Dwarf 47) - A Death Company Squad, Vanguard Veterans, Assault Squad, a Furioso Dreadnought, and a Stormraven to cart them all in if you don't give absolutely everyone here a Jump Pack. Everyone gets Crusader, which is okay for this assault squad. If they ride the Storm Raven, anyone that disembarks can re-roll failed charge rolls and has Rage for that turn. If you don't use the Storm Raven as a transport, then all the little guys must Deep-Strike on the board as a single unit and get Fearless and Counter-Attack the turn they arrive.
  • Angel's Fury Spearhead Strike Force (White Dwarf 47) - 3 Tactical Squads of 10 with Homers (for free) get 3 Stormraven Gunships to ride in. Not only do these guys get Objective Secured to shove it in the other Marines' faces, but they also let anyone (blood angel's faction) who Deep Strikes within 12" of them to not scatter and charge as soon as they arrive. And as a plus to this, the entire formation has to enter reserves and can drop in as soon as Turn 1 (with a re-roll to reserves). All in all, a shockingly good take. An extremely expensive formation, both in terms of points as well as actual money.
  • Angel's Wrath Intervention Force (White Dwarf 47) - A Vanguard Veteran Squad joins 2 Assault Squads, all with Jump Packs. The formation has to arrive from reserves, but if the Assault Squads arrive 6" from the Vanguard Vets, there's no scattering. In addition, any suckers within 6" of them has to take an S4 AP- hit and are stuck in difficult terrain for the rest of the turn and the beginning of the next. While this helps the team avoid getting charged like bitches and is a cheap setup since you probably have so many Assault Squads thanks to 4E/5E, but...this really can't do much to make them necessarily good.
  • Strike Force Deathstorm (Deathstorm) - Put the Deathstorm Blood Angels units together. Aside from everything else, you get Fearless (Or Counter-Attack for the DC since they have Fearless already) and once per game, Karlaen can allow everyone to re-roll to-wound one assault phase. Helpful for the rape train of DC, but...they seem to be the least astounding of the pack.
  • Space Marine Company (Apocalypse) - A Captain, Chaplain, Command Squad with Standard, and trio of Dreads have a choice. If they're from a battle company, they must have 6 Tac squads, 2 Assault Squads, and 2 Devastator Squads. If they're from a reserve company, they must have all 10 squads be of one type of the three. All squads must have 10 men.
    • A fluffy formation that really works depending on how you kit them out. No matter what, they get an Orbital Strike Strategic Asset and Counter-Attack. If they're within 12" of an objective, they get Stubborn. If someone charges an infantry unit of this formation within 12" of them, they get the Tau Supporting Fire rule once per assault phase.
  • Masters of the Chapter (Apocalypse) - A Chapter Master can take an optional Honour Guard squad along his 4-10 Captains of the same chapter. Any of them can be replaced with a named Character where fitting.
    • This is not an assault force; it's too small for that. What it can do, though, is give you 3 additional assets on the first break and give them a 3++ on the turn they use their Finest Hour/Sons of the Primarch ability.
  • The Black Rage (Apocalypse) - Astorath grabs 1+ Chaplains, 3+ Death Company squads (with one holding Lemartes) and 2-4 Death Company Dreads. They can also get DC Tycho as well.
    • This is a straight-up murder squad. Their biggest boost is a bonus to their charge equal to the number of turns it is from turn 2 onwards. Things will DIE here.
  • Lucifer Armoured Task Force (Apocalypse) - Tycho, an Honour Guard, and 3 Tac Squads get 2 Predators, 2 Baal Predators, and 4 Land Raiders of any sort.
    • The Land Raiders get Fast and Scout in exchange for a Hull-Point, so make sure you keep a good eye on them and their health while transporting the teams where they need to be. Other than that, they're the same as normal.
  • Wings of Sanguinius (Apocalypse) - JETPACKS FOR EVERYONE! A Captain and a Chaplain get 10 Assault Squads of 10 and a choice of either an Honour Guard or Sanguinary Guard. Oh, and optional Sanguinor.
    • Since everyone's a jump unit, they all get Deep Strike and Descent of Angels, with the option to Deep Strike at ANY TIME THEY WANT. THE SHIT. They also all get Shrouded the turn they Deep Strike.

Shield of Baal: Exterminatus[edit]

  • Blooded Demi-Company - Half a company: only 3 Tactical Squads, 1 Assault Squad, 1 Devastator Squad, 1 regular Dreadnought and one Captain or Chaplain. You also get a Command squad if you took a Captain, or a Furioso Dreadnought if you took a Chaplain. Unfortunately, you don't get Obsec, but you do get The Red Thirst (+1 Initiative), but basically if you're playing this you've built yourself the beginnings of an army right there so you might as well be using a normal FOC anyway since you can add more stuff to it.
  • Archangels Orbital Intervention Force - Three Terminator squads (any type, any combination), when the formation arrives via deep strike they may run & shoot in the assault phase. A bit of a lack-luster attempt at pushing the new Terminator kits, especially since the Archangels FOC is so much better for deep striking terminators.
  • Archangels Sanguine Wing - 2 x 10-man Vanguard squads (MUST have jump packs) and a 10-man Sternguard squad transported inside a Stormraven. They arrive together from reserve on a single roll, and you get a free single Power Weapon/Lightning Claw per model for the Vanguard Vets and a free Storm Bolter/Combi-Weapon per model for the Sternguard. Thats it, basically this saved you a few points on stuff you could do anyway. Actually, this can save you a whole ton of points (400) if you kit your squads out and makes them a whole lot more cost efficient, although the actual use of this formation is questionable.
  • The Archangels - basically the Archangels FOC when it's almost completely filled up. You need 10 veteran/terminator squads (in any combination), a Terminator Captain (or Karlaen) a Terminator Chaplain and four Furioso Dreadnoughts. Doing this via the Archangels FOC would have left you two slots, but this is better, if a bit more demanding since you can't take anything less. You not only get the reduced deep strike scatter and re-roll reserves bonus, but your company also is Stubborn and units from it may be rolled from reserve on the first turn!
  • Archangels Demi-Company - Half of the First company, only five squads and two dreadnoughts. Same as above but lose the ability to start rolling for reserves on the first turn.
  • Strike Force Mortalis - 1 Chaplain and 1 DC Squad are mandatory, you may add up to 3 Dc Squads, 2 DC Dreads and 2 Stormravens. Aside from getting the Red Thirst, they get a watered down form of rampage, in which all DC get +1 attack if they are outnumbered. This will make your DC the las word in tarpit breaking, since now they get 6! (fucking 6!!) attacks per model on the charge if they are outnumbered, never again shall your expensive shit be locked in eternal combat.
  • Dante's Avenging Host - Take a regular Blooded Demi-Company (so 5/6 squads and 1/2 dreadnoughts), mix in a pinch of Sanguinary Guard, one Sanguinary Priest, a single Librarian AS WELL as Mephiston, three Stormraven Gunships for luck and finish off with Dante on top. Your Demi-Company still has The Red-Thirst, but all non-vehicle units in the formation also gain Objective Secured AND the reduced Deep Strike scatter and the ability to re-roll failed reserves from Storm of Angels rule that the Archangels usually get. Essentially this is a slightly less model intensive alternative to a full battle company and combines the best rules of both except that only the redshirts get The Red Thirst.
    • Also remember that as Warlord, Dante has Descent of Angels, which would further reduce the deep-strike scatter distance of Jump Infantry by another d6", meaning exact precision, but only for Jump Infantry since Descent of Angels doesn't apply to anything else in this formation (like drop pods), where the Storm of Angels rule does.
  • Flesh Tearers Vanguard Strike Force - 3 Tac squads, 1 Assault squad a Furioso Dreadnought and a Vanguard squad to finish it off. They all get The Red Thirst, but whilst the Vanguard squad is still on table, everybody has Stubborn and may ignore any penalties for disordered charges, which does pretty well for the Assaults.
  • Lysios Relief Force - Gabriel Seth, Tactical Squad, Vanguard Squad, Stormraven, 1 normal & 1 Baal Predator. They all get Crusader and must begin the game embarked on a transport (not a drop pod) if not already jump infantry. They all arrive as one roll on reserves. Not that impressive, but an easy formation to put together as an allied force.
  • Defenders of the Cathedrum - Another simple one to put together, Terminators, Death Company, Assault Squad, 2 Tacticals and a Furioso. They get Counter-Attack and Stubborn, nothing fancy, but does the job in offense or defense.
  • Strike Force Razorwind - Take the Lysios Relief Force, and combine it with the Defenders of the Cathedrum and you get this, each sub-formation keeps its own special rules, but in addition everyone within 12" of Seth is Fearless and you may roll for your reserves on turn one.

Building your Army[edit]

All right 7th edition mother fucker lets do this. Here is the bare bones way to make a decently competitive list out of the Blood Angels codex.

First off, you better be running the Baal Strike Force Detachment. If not, go have fun with the Ultramarines.


The best all around HQ is a Level 2 Librarian, consider using Gallian's Staff. They are extremely cheap, and you can easily gear them to fit your army as you please. Throw a jump pack on him and put him with a Death Company squad. You're better off with a Captain or Chaplain if you are facing any army that can negate your psychic phase e.g., Eldar, Librarius Conclave, Grey Knights. Finally, Sanguinary Priests are for all your death star needs; consider joining them with sanguinary guard or assault termies. Death Company Chaplains if you are running a Death Company heavy army.


A tactical and scout squad is fine. Do not mix up your heavy and special weapons on the tactical squad. Either go flamer and heavy flamer or ditch the heavy weapon because it's pretty useless in an assault focused army. Alternatively, run your list as a Flesh Tearers detachment, forget Tactical Squads and take Cassor the Damned as your compulsory Troops choice, leaving more room for you to spam Assault Squads. Tactical Sergeant Teleport Homer can be very useful with Terminators in reserve, especially if its a 6-man squad for a Razorback with suicide flamers that's been sent to get the opponent's natural objective. Deep Strike your Terminator armoured killing machines straight into the heart of the battle! This also allows for max squad size where Land Raiders do not. (Although a Spartan Assault Tank would)


Run Death Company with jump packs in squads of 5-10 with 1 power fist per five. A single squad of MSU hunting Sanguinary Guard is a valid choice because they wont draw too much fire and will eat MEQ all day. Furioso Dreadnoughts in drop pods are great for threatening the enemy's flanks and drawing fire while the bulk of your army races to get into combat.

Fast Attack

Double Meltagun Assault Marine squads are your best bet. Don't forget to keep the Jump Packs for increased mobility. Or if you still want to keep the old 'Spear of Sanguinius' alive, Land Speeders are cost-effective tank hunters. Bike squads make good grav-gun delivery.

Heavy Support

Stormravens are our only real effective anti-air choice but they are sturdy transports and they are extremely versatile. Vindicators with Overcharged Engines are a nightmare to both infantry and vehicles, being able to move up 12" and lob a S10, AP2 pie plate in your opponent's face. Bear in mind, these things will draw a lot of fire. Take two of them, which halves the amount of enemy firepower being thrown at them and still means the enemy are shooting at your big, scary guns instead of your Death company and objective-humping units. Game-tested, very successful, always add Siege Shield, Storm Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile and Extra Armour. Consider adding a third to really get on your opponents nerves, or a Sicaran, as its fast and makes skimmers cry. At higher points values, consider Land Raider Crusaders as transports for maxed non Jump Pack Death Company with a character.

Lord of War

Commander Dante is an LoW now, not an HQ, so he's pretty expensive since you need another HQ choice before you can take him in a BSF. A cheap Sanguinary Priest with an SG Squad makes for a good escort for Dante, and if you can get him into cc, he'll beat everyone to death with his 6 WS7 S7 Ap2 attacks at I7. Not to mention he's got Eternal Warrior with a 2+4++, and with the Priest hes got FnP 5+, so he's hard to kill and can tank wounds for his squad.


Battle Brothers[edit]

  • Adepta Sororitas: Why? All the good units they have to offer are the Priests and Jacobus (Much cheaper and better than chaplains for War Hymns to potentially give your Death Company rerolls on wounds and any saves), you already have fucktons of flamers and meltas while your tac marines can do the same as normal bolter babes with +1 S/T. However, putting 4 Dominions with meltas in 3 drop pods can be great, especially considering the Dominion act of faith ignores cover. 4 meltagun shots that ignores cover? Great for tank hunting.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus/Skitarii: Skitarii bring numerous, cheap and flexible troops that can provide a variety of roles that compliment a BA force. Ruststalkers/ Infiltators add specific melee counters and will do will charging something that the Death Company do too. The Army is Fast enough to keep up and for real lulz you can put them in pods for some super strong alphastrike. Plus Array Onagers are the death of flyers. Period. Mechanicus on the other hand bring spades of Grav and or MC, something the BA also lack.
  • Dark Angels: - A very good combo with Blood Angels, as they are the more shooty and resolute marines compared to your own quick moving, melee marines. You can also perform really good alpha-strikes with lots of turn 1 TURN 2 with the new and improved Deathwing Assault special rule *cough sarcasm *cough Deathwing deep strike (particularly with Belial) and are one of the few other Space Marine chapters with access to divination, while this is no longer the go-to discipline as it was in 6th edition it combos especially well with Mephiston if he's already on biomancy steroids and will force your opponent to make panic induced mistakes.
  • Grey Knights: It's just repeated deep-striking and a massive points sink. It's purely redundant like the Black Templars from Codex Space Marines.
  • Imperial Guard: Excellent fire support for a up-in-your face army. A neat little army list is a CCS in a chimera (so he doesn't die if the enemy sniffs at him), a veteran squad with camo behind an ADL w/quad gun (or an infantry platoon if you have the points), and a few leman russes. All the fire support you'll ever need. So for a CCS in a chimera, Camo veterans, and ADL w/quad gun and a Leman Russ, this all costs only 445 points (a little more or less depending on the Leman Russ variant and if you take upgrades for your Veterans or if you take an infantry platoon. With an ADL, the chimera isn't a necessity anyway). Alternatively, you could take them as meat shield distractions. But it's mainly recommended that you use them as long range fire support/ objective campers. Priests are highly welcome here to make sure that blob of Guardsmen can never die.
  • Inquisition: Servo-Skulls and Mystics work really nice with your deep-striking units. Inquisitors also have hilarious shit like the Conversion Beamer (small blast that gets stronger the farther the target is from the Inquisitor holding it) and the Psyocculum which gives your units BS10 when shooting at units containing Psykers and Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers. Death Company got the assault gear, Inquisition lays down a shooty advance. You can take Crusaders to suck up heavy weaponry and Power Weapons with their storm shields, so they are awesome meatshields too. Always a good choice.
  • Space Marines: Pretty nice alpha strike potential here if you throw in Vulkan He'Stan. You can also combine with White Scars or Raven Guard to come from nowhere to hit your foes everywhere, or bring Iron Hands for slightly more durable Predators, Devs and other support. Iron Hands benefit from your Pirest's FNP Aura. Yes, you can now give basic marines a 3+FNP with a Priest, IH IC from the Gorgon's Fist Strike Force + the native bonuses. Oh and Smashfucker has easy 2+ FNP with the Gorgon's chain. There is a reason the 9th Legion are so close to the 10th in number.
  • Space Wolves: Long Fangs for epic long range shooting prowess, and Rune Priests. But Mephiston can do it better. Space Wolves with Counter-Attack make fantastic defensive allies to hold the line while Blood Angels go out and rip and tear.
  • Imperial Knights:' Nothing much to say but yes! Big scary, fast Super-heavies to give your target too many things to shoot at in too little time.

Allies of Convenience[edit]

  • Eldar: this army has the advantage of actually being able to keep up with you, but you might find that there to be a lot of overlap within the two codxes, that being said they are really quite a bit less durable than your standard troops, so just think carefully about whether or not you just want more Blood Angels. One thing the Eldar do bring, though, is the ability to defeat heavy armor - Wraithguard and Fire Dragons are the bane of anything without strong cover or invuln saves (WG a little better against MCs, FD a bit better on vehicles), plus all shuriken weapons have quasi-rending. Might be useful if you're having trouble chewing through big or heavily armored foes fast enough. On the flipside, you now get grav-guns. Consider using some. Better yet! Take a couple of wraith knigths and win every game.
  • Harlequins: the clown elfs are vaguely similar in style to your red-armored ragemarines- fast-moving melee specialists. While they have the potential to hit a little harder due to their various kinds of almost-rending attacks (making them especially good against TEQ's), they totally lack your Marines' survivability (almost everything is T3, 5++). You're not really gaining a lot out of this relationship unless you're fighting a Terminator-heavy army and you take a lot of caresses and/or zephyrglaives.

Desperate Alllies[edit]

  • Tau Empire: If all else fails, use them in the same fashion as Guardsmen. Rail guns and other devastating long-range shooting, but you must always remember One Eye Open. Crisis, Stealth and Riptide battlesuits are better for close-in support, and fast enough to both keep up and stay out of OEO trouble range. Riptides also have the advantage of being good anti-air and not entirely helpless in melee.
  • Alternative View* Tau Crisis Suit Teams deep striking down the board to support your Elite Jump Troops. Taking Tau Flyers/Broadsides with Velocity Trackers are much better and cheaper anti-air options than the 2 lone ones available to Blood Angels playing a bound list (Storm Ravens and Missle Launchers with Flak Missles). Take a horde of Kroot for your mandatory troop choice to infiltrate and a Battlesuit Commander with Body Guards deepstriking so you dont have to worry about deployment. Now you have deep striking Crisis Suits helping to slaugter the enemy down the board with your Elite Jump Troops assaulting and fast tanks blowing up everything in sight. Only downside is having to remain 6 inches apart but the Tau should be in a support shooting role versus the Blood Angels core assaulting ahead of them so should be easy enough to avoid each other. A mob of Kroot with Krootoxes in cover and Crisis Suits can hold one third of the board long enough to wipe out the other two thirds.
  • Dark Eldar: BA are bad enough right now without allying with literally the worst codex in the game right now. No thanks.

Come the Apocalypse[edit]

  • Necrons: Similar to the vanilla; take blobs of warriors to eat enemy attacks while you deep strike your marines to carry the day. Excellent amout of anti-tank too, leaving you free to load up on anti infantry.
  • Orks: Well...I guess it can work? The fact is, One Eye Open stings like a bitch so big Ork hordes necessitate Deep-striking. Also OEO doesn't apply to units locked in combat already. That's an advantage.
  • Tyranids: Look at Orks pretty much. Also, the new Tyrannocyte Spores provide deep-strike synergy with 'Nids so OEO doesn't sting so bad.
  • Chaos Space Marines: You can do assaults better, why the hell would you take this when your main army can do all that without allying at CtA levels? Pass! Just take Loyalist Marines!
  • Chaos Daemons: Psysic overload ahoy! Thats it. You need SHOOTING, not more CQC. Pass. Take inquisition or GK if you want that stuff so badly.


You have an army made expressly for one purpose, blitzkrieg! Watch as your opponent cries out in horror as your army crosses half the board in the first turn. Your troops are utterly focused on getting close as fast as humanly possible to the enemy and obliterating them at close-range and/or in CQC. You have the best conditions for deep striking of any army if you use Commander Dante or have the appropriate Warlord Trait, Use Dreadnoughts in drop pods, combine them with fast flying Stormravens carrying a ten-man assault squads joined by a Sanguinary Priest and Overcharged Vindicators on the ground lobbing strength 10 large-blast templates all over the table.

The Death Company are point-for-point still the last word in CQC. A fully tricked out Death Company will turn anything it comes in contact with into a fine red paste in one turn. Glorious times....and then GW decided to release Wulfen.

Sanguinary Priests are your friends, especially for allied armies. Since most armies only have FNP distributed either in a Command Squad (aside from Wolf Priests), you'll be better off taking one to assist a team you'll expect to take a lot of fire. (as they take up an HQ slot for one it may be worth considering if you want a Libby or a Chappy instead)

Now you can take 10-man squads of assault marines with two meltas in free Drop Pods or Fast Rhinos (transports are no longer free via FAQ update, bringing them in line with other chapters). They are Fast Attack now though so go fill your troops with all that's left. 10-man Tactical Squads with flamer/heavy flamer in Fast Rhinos compliment the above well for a comparable points cost, and they're capable of annihilating hordes. Mechanised tactical and assault marines is a surprisingly competitive list.

7th Edition Tactics: Remember ABC - Always Be Charging! Your units are at their best when you play aggressively and are charging into combat! With Furious Charge and The Red Thirst you can wipe out most enemies before they ever get a chance to hit back. If you aren't charging into combat you should be maneuvering to get into charge range for next turn.


Blood Angels Psykers have access to almost all rulebook powers except for Telepathy, which got replaced by the unique and awesome Sanguinary Discipline. Here are the sets of powers ranked from best to worst.

  • Sanguinary: What did you expect? It's a Psychic discipline designed by Blood Angels, for Blood Angels. Quickening granting fleet and +D3 Initiative and Attacks is a lot like Warp Speed from Biomancy, Unleash Rage giving you more attacks, blanket invulns to ensure your squad w/ Sanguinary priest remain immortal demigod soldiers.
  • Biomancy: If anything, Biomancy is a very aggressive Discipline, ensuring you can dish out the damage (Iron Arm, Warp Speed), and take it at the same time (Life Leech, Endurance). Second only to Sanguinary.
  • Geokinesis: You can fucking move any piece of terrain around. This allows you to juggle objectives over to you. Thanks GW.
  • Fulmination: Can give your Psyker a temporary storm shield, and allows you to literally trade places with any unit (friend or foe) within 24". Great for either springing a trap or pulling your guys out of one with another unit that can take the heat.
  • Librarius: It has a power that lets an entire unit re-roll saving throws. Death Company with that power on it will not go away and will kill everything in their path. Thanks GW.
  • Divination: Prescience also grants you re-rolls in Combat, allowing you to stretch out your good shooting too. Perfect Timing and Misfortune are epic powers as well. It's just that Blood Angels are the Assault marines, they need more choppa, even at the sacrifice of a good amount of Dakka (Sternguard and Tactical Squads).
  • Technomancy: Get to take control of an enemy vehicles weapon for a turn (Funny as hell when you turn that Imperial Knight's Rapid Fire Battle Cannon on the enemy), and pull all kinds of buffs like restoring hull points, and increasing AV to make an AV15 Land Raider. Thanks GW.

The rest of the disciplines aren't very good. Pyromancy is all about Psychic Flamers and Melta, which you already have in abundance, Telekinesis is a schizo-discipline, and Daemonology risks your psyker blowing up on any double.

Tactical Objectives[edit]

  • 11 - Valor of Angels:: +1 VP for issuing a challenge. EASY MONEY.
  • 12 - Aerial Assault: +1 VP if you have a Jump/Skimmer/Flyer unit destroy an enemy unit. +1d3 VP if the unit that did the killing arrived from reserves on the same turn.
  • 13 - Purity Through Bloodshed: +1 VP if you killed a unit in Assault. +1d3 if 3-5 units die. +1d3+3 if you killed more than 6 units in Assault.
  • 14 - Decapitating Strike: +1 VP if you killed the Warlord on this or any prior turn. Nice.
  • 15 - Swift Advance: Draw the card, opponent chooses two objective you must hold. Win 1 VP if you control one of them at the end of your turn, win 1d3 if you secure both.
  • 16 - Noble Self-Sacrifice: In order to better imitate their Primarch, you win 1 VP if your Warlord dies during your assault phase. However, if you ever refuse a challenge, this goes away.