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Why Play as Cult Mechanicus[edit]

Because you are a masochist. Seriously, there are only three possible ways you can outfit a Kill team. But if you are dedicated to this foolish quest, read ahead.

Useful Cult Mechanicus Rules and Equipment[edit]

Canticles are not used in Kill Teams, so alter your strategies accordingly. There are no universal weapons or equipment to be purchased, so check out the unit details for relevant information.

Unit Analysis[edit]

A kill team detachment allows for:

  • Troops: 0-2
  • Elite: 0-1
  • Fast Attack: 0-1


  • Kataphron Breachers: For 200 points, you are getting four models (coincidentally the minimal amount of models required for Kill Teams) that have 5 toughness, a 3+ save, and what amounts to relentless. They come stock with a 2 shot 36" range haywire gun that is strength 6 and AP 5. Your only real option is to switch out the gun for a torsion cannon which is one shot at 24" range with strength 8 and AP 1. Successful wounds or armour penetrations do d3 damage instead of 1. They also carry arc claws which make them strength 6 ap 5 in melee as well. With the average BS of 3, if you are running these you might want to take a healthy split of 2 torsion cannons and 2 heavy arc rifles.


  • Fulgurite Electro-Priests: Hooray, you're getting 11 BDSM Disco Enthusiasts. They have a GEQ statline with WS 4, 2 attacks, and Ld 9. They have no armour but a 5+ invulnerable save and Feel No Pain as well as Zealot. The Fulgurites have no shooting, but in melee they hit at strength 5 AP 4 with concussive. Any time a model kills an enemy model in combat, their 5+ invulnerable save becomes a shiny new 3+ invulnerable save for the rest of the game.
  • Corpuscarii Electro-Priests: Another Kill Team of 11 electro-priests. Same statline as the Fulgurites but with BS 4 instead of WS 4, but you replace the electroleech stave for electrostatic gauntlets aka jazz hands. These are both melee and ranged weapons. As guns, they are half-range twin-linked storm bolters without AP and to-hits of 6 grant two additional hits. In melee they are effectively strength 4 melee weapons that also grant two additional hits on to-hit rolls of 6. You are exchanging possible resilience for shots and large volumes of both shots and close combat attacks.

Building Your Army[edit]


  • One box of servitors and mooch a fourth off a friend
  • Buy two boxes of electro-priests and mooch an 11th off a friend.


Recommended Specialist Combos:[edit]