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With the release of Codex: Grey Knights this page is now outdated. If you're too poor or neckbearded to change you can still use these rules: Updated Daemonhunters Codex, but don't expect to be going to any tournaments.

Why Play Daemonhunters[edit]

Because you want to take the least amount of dudes than everyone else, but still pay as much. Also SILVER PAINT EVERYWHERE. The models also subscribe to the rule of cool.

Playing all Grey Knights is playing 40k on Hard Mode. You have been warned.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Grey Knight Grand Master - Fuck awesome. Give him a Terminator retinue and watch him slaughter his way to the top. Give him what you see fit.
  • Grey Knight Brother-Captain - Poor man's HQ choice, exactly the same as a Grey Knight Terminator squad leader. Only 1 wound makes him vulnerable in melee, though if you insist on using him you are best off giving him psycannon, master-craft it and start shooting.
  • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord - You can take an Inquisitor model that looks like Jim Carrey. That is awesome and terrifying.
  • Inquisitor Lord Coteaz Torquemada - Inquisition's fluffy unit. Most expensive until you fully beef up your Grand Master. Really great option as an HQ.
  • Brother-Captain Stern - A mini-Grand Master, his Special rule is what makes him great. Even better if your opponent forgets to use the rerolls granted by Stern using his reroll. He's a bit of a hit-or-miss. Though he can do just as well as a Grand Master. He will probably be Grand Master Stern by the time the next codex hits (new codex hit; he's not. Fucking M'kachen).


  • Grey Knight Terminator Squad - Awesome. These guys will butcher in close combat. They all got I4 S6 power weapons, even the ones with a psycannon or incinerator. Deep Strike these fellows with Incinerators.
  • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - More Inquisitor Jim Carrey!
  • Daemonhosts - The units themselves are very good, but you suffer from the loss of Grey Knight forces, though you can compensate with inducted Space Marines or Imperial Guard. Also, you know who doesn't need to worry about not using Grey Knights? Any other Imperial army using DH as allies.
  • Death Cult Assassins - Great counter-charge units, though you have Grey Knights for that already.
  • Callidus Assassin - The only assassin that can routinely justify it's point cost.
  • Culexus Assassin - Very situational. Really only good against psykers. Disregard that. They are ONLY good against psykers. So unless your opponent is fielding Chaos Daemons (As if anyone actually uses them anymore) or an army where nearly everyone important are psykers(Eldar/Tyranids), they're a waste of points.
  • Eversor Assassin - The Eversor is a bit of a gambit. The Eversor will virtually murder almost anything at close range and he is durable so your opponent will more or less turn the junkie into a fire magnet, with his big guns. With this, you could make him a distraction to get your heavy hitting units into position to take out said guns turning the Eversor into a fire magnet or send him off on his own, Kharn style. But if your opponent is retarded enough to fail to notice him, sit back and watch him leave a bunch of horribly mutilated corpses.
  • Vindicare Assassin - Will always die like a bitch. I repeat. Will always die like a bitch.


  • Grey Knight Squad - Your bread and butter unit for Daemonhunters. Justicar by default as an I4 power weapon. All members of the squad with a melee weapon are S6. Yeah, they're kinda like Terminators but without the terminator armor.
  • Inquisitorial Stormtroopers - Slightly better than the generic IG guardsmen. If you take them, other than for humor, why are you even playing this army? then it'll be because you are playing a radical force, and you think winning is overrated.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Grey Knight Teleport Attack Squad - Same as a Grey Knight Squad, only can Deep Strike. Give them Incinerators.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Grey Knight Purgation Squad - Same as a Grey Knight Squad, though you can take up to 4 psycannons or incinerators (5 if you give your Justicar one). Take it for the firepower against infantry, though you really need some anti-vehicle weaponry. Give them all Psycannons and shoot from maximum distance. Statistically the enemy has a less than 50% chance of hitting them.
  • Orbital Bombardment - Congratulations, you just lost a heavy support choice. In an army where you will always be outnumbered, you need as many bodies on the table as possible.

Note, the following can only be taken if a Grey Knight Grand Master, Brother-Captain, or Stern are taken as HQ choices.

  • Grey Knight Dreadnought - Very flexible unit, can be given the normal Space Marine Dreadnought loadouts, or can take a Psycannon and Nemesis Force Weapon w/ a built-in incinerator. Give them a twin-linked lascannon and a missile launcher, they still benefit from the Shrouding. Fluff wise they should have psychic powers.
  • Grey Knight Land Raider - Now unlike other SM armies, the schizophrenic Land Raider was usually ignored since no one really needs a transport that large/durable and you can get its weapons from much cheaper alternatives. In Daemonhunters however, this your only battle tank/APC so yeah, it's a good choice to take at least one or two of them in any game. A good mix of transportation and anti-vehicle firepower. Land Raiders and it's variants are the only transports Grey Knights have. The two twin-linked lascannon sponsons make this the best anti-armour the Grey Knights have.
  • Grey Knight Raider Crusader - For the normally foot-slogging (or deep striking) Grey Knights, this is a veritable gift from the Emperor for your troops that aren't teleporting into battle. The Crusader pattern Raider carries more troops but at the cost of it's twin-linked lascannon sponsons so it's going off infantry hunting now. Don't expect to kill a tank with it but expect those exposed, foot-slogging troops to go down like blades of grass.
  • Grey Knight Land Raider Redeemer - Same as the baseline Land Raider, though the anti-vehicle firepower is exchanged for anti-infantry with the heavy flamers built into the sponsons. Makes those cover-camping snipers bitch and moan.

Building your Army[edit]

Buy Grey Knights pretty much, though Inquisitor Lord Torquemada is a very good choice for HQ. Also Brother-Captain Stern is a useful model to use as himself or a Grand Master. Note that if you're playing Grey Knights, you'll be normally outnumbered by anyone else who isn't playing a commando army. Always make every squad/model count, simple losses can mean defeat and you may be small, but Emperordamnit you're all capable of fucking serious shit up if you play your strategies right.


  • Muhltiple, simuln-tehneous and devashtehting defensive deep strikes! If you are rich enough to get this many Grey Knight models, you could have total of 70 Grey Knights teleport into battle. The sheer swarm of additional units should be entertaining.
  • Dark Heresy re-enactment - Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord w/ retinue, with the Ordo Malleus Inquisitors and their retinues taking up the elite slots. Combine with Stormtroopers and Inducted Imperial Guard and you play now play Daemonhunters with no marine forces at all! Enjoy playing Dark Heresy as a wargame.
  • The Shrouding - This is what makes the Grey Knights. Always remember to roll for this, otherwise you are an overpriced Black Templar army without the transports. Grey Knight Purgation Squads and Dreadnoughts will have a less than 50% chance of being shot at when firing at max range with this.