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This is the current 9th Edition's Dark Eldar tactics. 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Drukhari[edit]

Drukhari are steeped in ancient and unnatural evil. They have chosen this path for themselves, and revel in their own cruelty, drawing physical sustenance from the infliction of pain. They inhabit an insidious portion of the webway known as Commorragh, the Dark City, an impossibly vast stronghold from which they launch piratical raids across the length and breadth of the galaxy. The Drukhari live to inflict misery and death; what happens to the captives they bring back to Commorragh is best left undescribed. They are vain, devious and utterly self-serving, with no respect for any living creatures except themselves, though each individual Drukhari typically views every other member of their race with uncaring contempt.

The Drukhari have a diabolical appeal. They are the evil kings and super-villains of the 41st Millennium, and they have all the right tools for the job. They are completely unapologetic and over-the-top in everything they do, be it turning themselves into sentient beams of light and flying across the galaxy just to gloat to the lesser races about their accomplishment, or using acid-filled rivers and daemonic chasms as obstacles for their insane death races. Stealing away entire celestial bodies? Just another day at the office. In fact let's go capture a Tyranid-infested planet and put in orbit over Commorragh, I hear among the nobles that sewing bits of Tyranid into your daily outfit is becoming high fashion. What about technology so ludicrously advanced it looks all the world like fucking sorcery? Take a black hole, put it in a box, send it to your political rival for shits and giggles. Turn up to an Imperial planet and dab on the local Guard regiment from the safety and comfort of the bathtub you installed in the bridge of your sleek, deadly battlecruiser while being pleasured by a pair (no, a trio!) of concubines. Or go down and get stuck in! And big deal if one of the primitives gets a lucky shot with their crude meltagun and lights you up like a Roman candle, you had the good sense to leave a toe with the Haemonculi. You'll be back next week, hungry for more.

The Drukhari are very fast-moving, have lots of firepower, and boast some of the most lethal close combat units in the game. However, because they conduct their raids at lightning speed, the Drukhari lack any real heavy armor and are hence quite fragile - it takes guile and cunning to use them well. If you possess the skill, though, your Drukhari army can run rings around its opponents, leaving them shell-shocked, terrified and utterly defeated. Best of all, the models in the Drukhari range are truly jaw-dropping examples of the sculptor's craft. In just about every way, the Drukhari are an army for the true connoisseur! Consider yourself warned, playing Drukhari is Warhammer 40K on hard mode.


  • Blistering fast army with massive firepower. Infantry moves at least 7" and Vehicles move in excess of 14".
  • Our unique Power From Pain ability grants cumulative buffs to the army as the game progresses.
  • Combat Drugs can now be chosen, and you've got free reign on what units get what, duplicates are allowed!
  • Gorgeous, highly detailed models that are cross compatible for conversions. It can't be overstated, this army looks really cool and stands out nicely against a sea of power armor.
  • You can now viably take standalone Covens, Cult, or Kabal armies, and mix them together in a Realspace Raid detachment.
  • You share the AELDARI keyword with Craftworlders, Harlequins and Ynnari, meaning you get to cherry pick the best toys from your kin within the same list, and still remain Battle-Forged! Just remember to take separate Detachments for each ASURYANI, DRUKHARI, HARLEQUINS and YNNARI detachment if you want to keep Obsessions, and stay Battle-Forged.
  • Plenty of ways of getting around your baseline Strength 3 for combat units, and plenty of ways to get around armour up-close too. Combine with massive numbers of attacks in close combat, it puts Drukhari up there with Orks and Chaos as the most devastating face-punchers in the game.
  • Almost everything has FLY, or can be shoved inside something that can fly which means easy traversal of terrain.
  • The Blaster is now one of the most points effective guns in the game. It sucks you only get 1 in a Kabalite Warrior kit, but you can easily convert splinter rifles into Blasters by chopping the barrel tips off of unused Disintegrator weapons.
  • Poisoned Weapons are a guaranteed 4+ to wound on all non-vehicles; so your rapid fire infantry will always be effective at piling on wounds.
  • As a rarer army, people don't build their lists to fight Drukhari. This means you can take people by surprise when they find out just how fast you can engage with them.
  • A truly vast amount of options when it comes to army-building. Using the Raiding Force special rule, you can build an army composed entirely of patrols and save a large amount of CP by refunding the normal cost, while picking Obsessions from left and right, neatly sidestepping an issue other armies face. It helps that nearly every Obsession is competitive and powerful.


  • No native access to Psykers so we miss out on an entire turn phase. Though, there is a relic (see below) that can combat filthy Psykers, and we share the AELDARI keyword with some of the best Psykers in the game so it's not all bad.
  • Almost every unit in the army is extremely frail and has trouble surviving against even the humble lasgun. You must learn to carefully exploit the army's supreme mobility to keep your distance, stay in cover or out of enemy line of sight whenever possible. Bolt weapons will effortlessly turn your elves into a fine red mist.
  • Almost everything in the army has FLY and our transports all fly, so we are extremely vulnerable to enemy units with bonuses against units with the FLY tag.
  • While there are no outright bad units or weapons in the army, some weapons have a very specific role or niche so they won't see much use in a "Take All Comers" list.
  • No native Lord of War units. But you can ally with our Asuryani cousins if that's really a concern.
  • As with all tournament play, the army gets pretty bland when distilled down to spamming the best units.
  • As a "glass cannon" army, almost every game will be decided by turn 2, you'll either crush your opponent or be crushed. Don't expect close matches.
  • Most poisoned weapons have no AP. Enemy units will likely get to make their full armor save and common units like Space Marines in cover are almost impossible to kill with splinter weapons alone.
  • Even combining all three sub-factions, very limited unit options compared to other Xenos armies with an uncomfortably high proportion of discontinued and Finecrap models. GW hasn't even bothered to update most of the range to the new-ish packaging and instructions, and only a handful of third-party manufacturers have offered up anything for Deldar.

To Ynnari or not Ynnari[edit]

23/07/2017 FAQ: You must have Yvraine, The Visarch or The Yncarne as your Warlord to be able to give any Aeldari units in your army the "Ynnari" keyword. Yvraine and The Yncarne are your only access to the Revenant Discipline and the same FAQ finally gave The Visarch a 4+ Invulnerable save.

17/11/2017 FAQ: In Matched Play games, Soulburst can now only trigger on your turn, and only one of each Soulburst action can be used per turn. In competitive play, this basically means you are better off taking a small Ynnari detachment abusing the hell out of the soulburst potential of any combination of the following: Shining Spears (Move, Shoot, Charge), Harlequins (Move, Shoot, Charge), Swooping Hawks (Move, Shoot), Dark Reapers (Shoot), with all your other points spent on your Drukhari.

16/04/2018 FAQ: Ynnari detachments now must also consist of entirely Craftworld, Harlequin, or Drukhari units; you cannot take units from other Aeldari armies in the same detachment any longer. While this is pretty inconvenient, players may still take multiple Ynnari Detachments (Yvraine in one, The Visarch in another, for example) with one dedicated Drukhari force and the other with a dedicated Craftworld force.

May 2019 White Dwarf: The Ynnari received a major overhaul, getting full access to their own relics, warlord traits, stratagems, and a fully fleshed out psychic discipline, but lost access to the Craftworld, Drukhari and Harlequin equivalents. To further isolate the Ynnari detachments from their vanilla variants, they also cannot be targeted by allied vanilla psykers for buffing purposes. The final and most notable change, however, was Strength from Death being retooled to no longer grant additional actions to simply getting an army wide Always Fights First buff upon the death of a unit. This, combined with the very polarized effectiveness of the new tools the Ynnari got (the new strats/relics/traits are either pretty good or steaming hot shit. There is no inbetween) makes the overall change yet another hard nerf in the string of hard nerfs the Ynnari have been getting ever since 8th edition launched.

With the Ynnari index more or less gutting the army overall you'll find that most of the reasons to take Ynnari no longer exist (The out of phase actions) and they've turned into a close combat army in an edition that tends to leans more towards shooty armies. This overall leaves Ynnari in a weird spot, but it's not all bad they do get to keep Power From Pain despite having left that behind after joining the Ynnari but hey, you also get their own strategems, warlord traits, and relics.

Taking an Ynnari detachment has very few if any incentives now that it's just an army trait, and a rather lackluster one at that. While you do get to keep PFP it doesn't really help stem the overall issue the army faces that you should just play pure Drukhari instead

9th Edition Ynnari are a melee focused army in an edition that favors close combat. Jury's probably still out on how they rank overall, but they should do better than they did in the latter part of 8th.

Faction Keywords[edit]

The overall keyword is DRUKHARI. You share the AELDARI keyword with Craftworlders, Harlequins and Corsairs, meaning you can combine them within any detachment. In addition, the FAQ states that "If your army is Battle-forged, YNNARI units can only be included in Detachments in which all units have the Ynnari keyword." So you can't mix within the same detachment and stay Battle-Forged, but you can add a separate Ynnari detachment to your army in addition to your Drukhari/Aeldari Detachment. This allows you to keep things like Power From Pain or Rising Crescendo and doesn't lock you out out of the <COVEN> units, Mandrakes or Drahzar. Just remember that only the units actually in the Ynnari detachment can actually benefit from Strength From Death.

In addition, you have multiple keywords to keep track of. There is <KABAL> for all your vampire space elf pirates, <WYCH CULT> for all your crazy gladiator ladies and <COVEN> for your Haemonculi Coven freakish genetic experiments. Note that Incubi, Mandrakes, Scourges and all the beasts have the Blades for Hire keyword and as such do not profit from buffs for these factions, including auras and faction specific obsessions unless specifically listed. This split creates several complications with list building, and even in a "pure" Drukhari list featuring only DRUKHARI, you're still going to have HQ auras that are focused more on a single unit or two rather than supporting the larger force. It's for this reason that they focus more upon the Realspace Raider configuration, a unique force that allows all three subfactions to work together without stepping on each other's toes.

16/04/2018 FAQ: The AELDARI and YNNARI keywords are no longer sufficient to include units in a single detachment and remain battle-forged, per the new Battle Brothers rule. All units within any single detachment must share an additional faction keyword (Like DRUKHARI, for instance) in order to be included. You can still absolutely bring along other AELDARI units in their own separate detachments, just not in one giant pot of soup like before. Note that, if you do decide to take Ynnari, the way its worded,Cult and Kabal units can now share buffs in a Ynnari army.

Keyword Quick Reference[edit]

Battle Role <Kabal> <Wych cult> <Coven> Blades for Hire
HQ Archon Succubus Haemonculus Drazhar
Elites Court of the Archon Beastmasters Grotesques Incubi, Mandrakes
Troops Kabalite Warriors Wyches Wracks
Fast Hellions, Reavers Scourges, Clawed Fiends, Khymerae, Razorwing Flocks
Heavy Ravager Cronos, Talos
Reaper (FW), Tantalus (FW)
Dedicated Transports Raider, Venom
Flyers Razorwing Jetfighter, Voidraven

Special Rules[edit]

Detachment abilities[edit]

Drukhari have several additional rules that affect how you build your detachments.

  • Raiding Force: In a Battle-forged Drukhari army, you must designate each detachment as either a pure detachment (Kabal, Wych Cult, or Haemonculus Coven) or a Realspace Raid detachment that is composed of a mixture of all three (which is limited to one per army but may come with added benefits as described below). If every detachment in your army is a Patrol, the CP cost for each detachment is set to 0 and all units get their corresponding Drukhari Obsession even though being a mixed army would normally prevent that. This translates to a considerable CP saving while neatly sidestepping the major weakness in mixed armies.
    • Realspace Raid: A Realspace Raid with an Archon designated as the Warlord, a Succubus, a Haemonculus, and at least one unit of Wracks, Warriors, and Wyches will grant all units (besides Blades For Hire) in the detachment a Drukhari Obsession. The units in that detachment will also be able to use Wych Cult and Haemonculus Coven relics despite the Warlord not being from either of those factions, and the Overlord ability's benefits will be extended to all Core units in the detachment.
  • Weakling Kin: You cannot include Drukhari and Non-Drukhari Aeldari units in the same detachment unless they all have the Ynnari keyword. So no splashing in Yvvraine for some psychic defense.

Unit Upgrades[edit]

  • Lords of Commorragh: If your army is battle-forged and includes any Drukhari detachments, one Archon, Succubus, or Haemonculus per detachment can be upgraded to be a master version of the same unit for a small point cost. This grants new abilities as well as access to a new relic and warlord trait. If you have a Realspace Raid, you can choose one of each HQ to be upgraded, though your army can only include one of each.
  • Favored Retinues: If you army contains a Master Archon, a Master Succubus, or a Master Haemonculus, one unit of Warriors, Wyches, or Wracks, from the same respective subfaction can be upgraded to an improved version for a small point cost. This lowers the squad cap to 10 and conveys a number of new abilities.

General Abilities[edit]

  • Power from Pain: Thanks to your army consisting of a bunch of sado-masochist freaks, you gain bonuses according to the turn number as long as you have a pure Drukhari army. Note that these bonuses are cumulative.
    • Turn 1: Inured to Suffering - 6++ invulnerable save.
    • Turn 2: Eager to Flay - You can charge after advancing.
      • Most of your units were already speedy to begin with, and now they can get stuck in even faster.
    • Turn 3: Flensing Fury - +1 to hit rolls in the Fight Phase. Units with the Vehicle or Monster keywords no longer take penalties for firing Heavy weapons while engaged in melee.
      • Combined with the very high WS most Drukhari units enjoy, this should make sure most of your army hits on 2+. It's amazing for Coven units, gives your Kabal units some close combat bite, and frees up a drug choice for your Wych Cult units. Vehicles like the Talos also get a nice benefit since they can shoot at the same guy they're in melee with more easily.
    • Turn 4: Mantle of Agony - The invulnerable save is upgraded to 5++.
      • Still not going to save you, but it's something.
    • Turn 5: Emboldened by Bloodshed - Automatically pass Morale tests, and models with statlines that degrade with damage count as having twice as many wounds for the purpose of determining their characteristics.
      • Morale isn't a big deal for Dark Eldar given their high Leadership values, but the second effect can do wonders for an army that relies on beefy units like Grotesques that would otherwise be weakened at this point.
  • Combat Drugs: A lot of your <WYCH CULT> units have access to drugs. You can either choose a drug (taking the same one on multiple units is fine), or roll for two random drugs.
    • Adrenalight: +1 Attack on a charge or heroic intervention. Put on a big flock of Wyches or Hellions. Probably best on something that already has a strength buff, like Hellions. Or just drown your opponent in S3 attacks.
    • Grave Lotus: +1 Strength. Putting it on a blob of Wyches or Hellions can make something truly nasty. The Cult of the Cursed Blade gets bumped up to S5 with this, allowing their Wyches to wound MEQs on a 3+.
    • Hypex: +2" Movement. Pairs very well with Hellions or Reavers, with Cult of the Red Grief's obsession mixed in, a first turn assault is almost guaranteed.
    • Painbringer: +1 Toughness. Great on Reavers and Hellions, as both are now T4 2W, up to T5 with this.
    • Serpentin: +1 WS. Probably the weakest of the bunch since it only really matters in turns 1 and 2, but most games are decided in turns 1 and 2 as well. Could be useful when against armies that rely on a -1 to hit to survive.
    • Splintermind: +1 Leadership and +1 BS. Good for Beastmasters and Reavers.
  • Blade Artists: A new rule found on nearly everything in the army, including vehicles. Unmodified 6s to wound in melee gain an additional -1 AP that stacks with any other AP a weapon may currently have.
  • Insensible to Pain: No longer granting a 5++ save, but a 5+++ FNP save instead.
  • Poisoned Weapons: Weapons with this rule now always wound on an Unmodified dice value, usually 4+. This overrides any negative modifiers to wound, but notably not the Transhuman Physiology Marine stratagem

Drukhari Obsessions[edit]

Your chapter tactics equivalents. Kabals, Wych Cults, and Haemonculus Covens all get their own bonuses, which are now listed in the corresponding sub-faction entries below. As usual, anyone not listed there can pick from the choices available to their corresponding faction.

  • Black Heart - Thirst for Power: Treat the current battle round as 1 higher for your units with Power from Pain; this also affects Blades for Hire. All units with this obsession gain +1 Leadership and may re-roll one hit roll in the shooting or fight phase.
  • Flayed Skull - Slay from the Skies: Add 2" to the movement value of your units that can Fly (transports and Ravagers). Enemies do not get the benefit of light cover from these units, or from units embarked on them.
  • Poisoned Tongue - Serpent's Kiss: Your poisoned weapons are all improved by one (4+ to wound becomes 3+) and if your poisoned weapons kill any models in an enemy unit, they suffer a -1 penalty to combat attrition checks. While you still won't be able to shift marines, you now have a slightly easier time gunning them down.
  • Obsidian Rose - Flawless Workmanship: Range of your Assault, Rapid Fire, and Heavy weapons is increased by 6", excluding relics. Units with this obsession may re-roll one wound roll when shooting or fighting. Never underestimate a flat 6" range increase on nearly all your weapons. Excellent when taking Shredders and Blasters for that extra bit of range as well as keeping your Ravagers as far away from the enemy as possible.

Unless labeled as All-Consuming, pick any two.

  • Dark Mirth: Gain a 12" aura. Any time an enemy movement dares move inside this aura (be it plain walk, advancing, falling back or charging), they suck a MW on a 5+.
  • Deadly DeceiversAll-Consuming: Units with this obsession can charge after falling back, but suffer -1 to hit when doing so. Considering how you don't want your guys to be stuck in, you'll be using this plenty.
    • How many kabal units do you want in melee? Enough to dedicate your whole obsession?
  • Disdain for Lesser Beings: Units with this obsession add +1 to combat attrition checks.
  • Merciless Razorkin: If a model with this obsession rolls a nat 6 to hit with a splinter weapon, you score another hit. Pairs well with Torturous Efficiency.
  • Mobile Raiders: Any model with this obsession that has the FLY keyword gain +2" movement. You're Dark Eldar, movement is key to your army, so this is always worth considering.
  • Torturous Efficiency: If a model with this obsession rolls a nat 6 to wound with any gun, you improve the weapon's AP by 1. While broader in application, your heavy weapons don't need much more in AP. However, this does make your splinter weapons more inclined to shred light infantry.
  • Soulbound: Models with this obsession gain a 5+ FNP. Giving your squishy vehicles an extra save makes this obsession very appealing, especially in combination with kaballite loaded Raiders with either Toxin Crafters or who pop close to enemy units thanks to Webway Raiders.
  • Toxin CraftersAll-Consuming: Models with this obsession get to re-roll a 1 to wound with a poisoned weapon and if they score a nat 6 to hit with a poisoned weapon, the poison value is set to 2+. Yeah, this is the one you want if you just want to go all-in with splinter cannons.
  • Twisted Hunters: Models with this obsession get +1 to hit a character.
  • Webway Raiders: Whenever the Webway Portal stratagem is used on a model with this obsession, the stratagem costs 1 CP less.
Wych Cults[edit]
  • Cult of Strife - The Spectacle of Murder: Models fight first if within engagement range of any enemy models at the start of the fight phase. Add +1 to charge rolls against unengaged enemies.
  • Cult of the Cursed Blade - Only the Strong will Thrive: +1 Strength and unmodified save throws of 6 cause a mortal wound against enemy attacking models in the fight phase.
  • Cult of the Red Grief - The Speed of the Kill: Models can re-roll charges and add +2 to advance rolls. Vroom! Take this to go fast and try and kill anything before it kills you.

Unless labeled with All-Consuming, pick any two.

  • Acrobatic Display: Models with this obsession can consolidate through terrain and other models.
  • Agile HuntersAll-Consuming: Models with this obsession add +1 to hit when shooting an enemy with Fly. It also improve Hypex to add +4" +3" to movement. Really, this is going to be worth more to the Reavers and Hellions than anyone else. Plan on centering on them? Then go ahead.
  • The Art of Pain: While a unit with this obsession and the power from pain special rule is engaged with an enemy unit, they treat the current battle round as one higher.
    • One possible use for this is on a blob of wyches. Use the stratagem 'Architects of Pain' to get re-rollable charge, and then with this bonus they hit on 2+ for a cheap alpha strike.
  • Berserk FugueAll-Consuming: When resolving a melee attack by a model with this obsession that charged, was charged, or made a heroic intervention, an unmodified hit roll of 6 causes 1 additional hit (which acts like +1 to hit, except that it works on WS2+ models and stacks with actual +1 to hit). It also applies a 5+ FNP.
  • Precise Killers: Models with this obsession trigger Blade Artists on a nat 5.
  • Slashing Impact: After a model with this obsession finishes a charge move, pick non-vehicle enemy unit within engagement range and roll 1d6. On a 6, they take a mortal wound.
  • Stimulant Innovators: Once per game, you can trigger this and make every unit with this obsession roll 1d3 to add an extra drug that lasts for this turn only.
  • Test of Skill: Gain +1 to wound when attacking Monster and Vehicle units in melee. The removal of the Wound limitation opens it to a good deal more enemies for tying up, but the loss of shooting robs the Raiders.
  • Trophy Takers: When an opponent takes a morale test due to casualties caused by a melee weapon, they must roll 2d6 and discard the lowest.
Haemonculus Covens[edit]
  • Prophets of Flesh - Connoisseurs of Pain: Urien's cronies. Wound rolls of 1, 2 & 3 always fail against these boys unless the weapon is strength 8 or higher (remember that most poison weapons have low or no strength value). In addition, characters, grotesques, and monsters regenerate a single wound each in the command phase.
  • Dark Creed - Distillers of Fear: Obligatory Leadership bomb. Enemies get -1 to their LD and -1 to combat attrition when within 6" of units with this ability. If that wasn't enough, you also get +1 to hit in melee against foes with a lower leadership than your dudes.
  • Coven of Twelve - Butchers of Flesh: These units can shoot while doing actions and all melee weapons get an additional -1 AP. Doesn't apply to Artefacts.

Unless labeled with All-Consuming, pick any two.

  • Artists of the FleshAll-Consuming: -1 damage from all enemy weapons, to a minimum of 1. Sadly won't apply for any vehicles you bring.
  • Dark Harvest: After charging, select one non-vehicle enemy unit within engagement range and roll a die; on a 5+ the targeted unit takes a mortal wound.
  • Dark TechnomancersAll-Consuming: When the unit shoots, you can choose to enhance any or all of their ranged weapons. Such weapons gain +1 to wound and +1 damage, but cannot re-roll to hit. If an enhanced weapon rolls any unmodified 1s to hit, the model carrying it suffers a mortal wound (note that the bearer suffers 1 mortal wound even if it rolls multiple 1s. vehicle and monster units eat d3 MWs for such a roll).
    • This was absurdly good; This new book has taken the nerf bat to it, moving to unmodified die results has rendered a lot of it's favourite guns pointless, but it still shines with Liquifier Guns and the Cronos' auto-hitting weapon (both of which got a handy Strength buff).
  • Enhanced Sensory Organs: All attacks ignore cover. ALL OF IT.
  • Experimental Creations: All models with this obsession gain +1S.
  • Hungry for Flesh: Models with this obsession can re-roll charges.
  • Master of Mutagens: When resolving a melee attack with a poisoned weapon against a non-vehicle and non-titanic unit, an unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically wounds. Does not apply to relics.
  • Mass Torturers: When the Torturer's Craft Stratagem is used, it costs 1 CP instead of 2.
  • Obsessive Collectors: When an enemy unit is destroyed by a melee weapon wielded by a model in a unit with this obsession, you can select one model in the unit that did the deed to regain d3 lost wounds. If the unit was a unit of wracks, you can restore d3 destroyed models to the unit.
  • Splinterblades: Units with this obsession score an extra hit whenever they roll a 6 to hit in melee.


  • Cruel Deception (1/2 CP): A friendly unit can fall back and either shoot or charge. The uses here are pretty plain to see, and don't discriminate on faction. Upped to 2 CP if you choose to both shoot AND charge.
  • The Great Enemy (1 CP): Re-roll failed hit and wound rolls in the fight phase for one of your units fighting a Slaanesh unit. Copypasta'd from the Craftworlders, but still a pretty big help against Emperor's Children and Slaanesh Daemons.
  • Hunt From the Shadows (1 CP): Use if a unit in cover is targeted by a shooting attack. Increase bonus to your saves by 1. Warriors in cover will go to 2+ saves while scourges or reavers will have a 2+.
  • Lightning-Fast Reactions (1CP): Use when a Drukhari Infantry, Vehicle, or Biker unit (except for <Haemonculus Coven> units or Urien) is targeted by a ranged or melee weapon. For the rest of the phase, subtract 1 from hit rolls made against that unit for the phase. Same as their Craftworld cousins, but no less annoying for your opponent.
  • The Torturer’s Craft (1/2 CP): Used before Urien or a <Haemonculus Coven> unit from your army fight. You can re-roll failed wound rolls for that unit. Costs 1 CP when used on a character or a unit of wracks with 10 or fewer models, otherwise it costs 2 CP.
  • Pray They Don't Take You Alive (1 CP): If you slay the enemy Warlord in the Fight phase, the entirety of the enemy army takes a -1 to combat attrition checks for the rest of the game. Tricky to pull off, but a permanent debuff on every enemy unit makes it worth it.
    • All three Eldar factions have units that synergise extremely well with this and it can set up some great Leadership Bombs in Soup Lists.
  • Alliance of Agony (1 CP): Used before the battle. If the Warlord is an Archon in a Realspace Raid formation, pick 1 generic Haemonculus and 1 generic Succubus. They each get to pick a Warlord Trait. It's like having three Warlords for the price of one, and the Raiding Force rules were already encouraging you to take detachments from multiple sub-factions.
    • Remember that the Archon is the only one that counts for things like Slay The Warlord. Keep that in mind.
  • Prizes from the Dark City (1 CP): The generic "another character gets a relic" stratagem, which you'll absolutely be using alongside Alliance of Agony. Use once in a Patrol battle, twice in a Strike Force battle, and three times in an Onslaught battle.
  • Tolerated Ambition (1 CP): The generic "another character gets a WT" stratagem, though less synergistic than Alliance of Agony. Use once in a Patrol battle, twice in a Strike Force battle, and three times in an Onslaught battle.
  • Deadly Rivals (2 CP): Use during the command phase. Pick a unit of Reavers and a unit of a unit of Hellions within 12". Both units add +1" to their movement and can re-roll to hit.
  • Eviscerating Fly-By (1/2 CP): Used when a <Wych Cult> unit with the Fly keyword moves or advances. If you move over an enemy unit with this move, roll a D6 for each model in your unit, adding 1 to the result if the enemy unit you picked is Infantry. On a 5+, the enemy unit takes a Mortal Wound. Upped to 2 CP if the unit has over 5 models.
    • Imagine this on a 20-elf squad of hellions flying over a character that thought it was safe surrounded by other units...
    • Note that only one model has to move over the unit to trigger this.
  • Murderous Descent (1 CP): When a transport is set up during the Reinforcements phase, any units inside that transport can immediately hop off so long as they also obey the restrictions of deep-striking.
  • Never Stationary (2 CP): One unit that isn't Aircraft can move up to 7" right after shooting. This makes them unable to charge, making it more worthwhile to kabalite warriors.
  • Pain Syphon (1 CP): Whenever a unit kills an enemy unit while within 6" of a Cronos, that unit will automatically max out their perks from Power from Pain. Pretty damn wicked when it works.
  • Prey on the Weak (1 CP): Use whenever a Drukhari Core unit shoots or fights. Until the end of the phase, whenever they target a unit that's below full-strength, they can re-roll to hit and re-roll wound rolls of 1. If the target is below half strength they can re-roll all misses instead.
  • Screaming Jets (1 CP): As Webway Portal, but with a Drukhari Vehicle and doesn't cost extra for transports. Totally not a copy pasta of the Craftworld stratagem Cloud Strike. Honest.
  • Swift Outflanking (1 CP): One Drukhari Transport that's within 9" of the table edge can hop right back into reserves. Do I smell "Shove Raiders up the enemy's Backside?"
  • Webway Portal (1/3 CP): One use only. When deploying, you can set up either 1 (for 1 CP) or 2 (for 3 CP) Drukhari Infantry, Biker, or Beast unit(s) in the Webway, which can deep strike at any time in the game following the usual rules for deep striking.
    • The uses for this are all quite delicious, from a sudden reinforcement to dropping those Incubi to a location they absolutely need to be.
  • Crucible of Malediction (1 CP): Use during one Psychic phase. Roll a d6 for each psyker within 12" of a haemonculus; on a 4+, the psyker eats d3 Mortal Wounds. It's pretty much your only defense against psykers, so pray it actually kills someone.
  • Enhanced Aethersails (1 CP): Use when a Raider or Ravager advances. Add a flat 8″ to their move instead of rolling for it.
    • When combined with the Kabal of the Black Heart, this stratagem can allow a raider to pull of a first turn charge, potentially preventing a unit from shooting and setting up a Wych unit for a second turn disembark. Attempt at your own risk.
  • Haywire Grenade (1 CP): Used when a Drukhari Haywire Grenade unit is chosen to shoot an enemy vehicle within 6". Make a single hit roll, if it hits, it deals D3 mortal wounds.
    • Useful for finishing off a badly damaged vehicle or dropping it a damage tier.
  • Hyperstimm Backlash (2 CP): During the Command phase, choose a <Wych Cult> unit with the Combat Drugs rule. Until your next Command phase, the benefit of Combat Drugs is doubled. This can't be used on a model with the Phial Boquet relic since it could be considered double-dipping.
    • The risk of pain is gone, so hurray! Let's see this get abused!
    • Do I smell a Stimm Addict Succubus with rolling for drugs using this? 4 doubled drugs!
  • Potent Metallotoxins (2 CP): Use during either the shooting or fight phase. Select one unit; whenever this unit uses a poisoned weapon, that weapon is no longer subject to the limitations that make these weapons ineffective against non-Titanic Vehicle units. Congratulations, your Raider full of Trueborns might be able to pop a fucking Land Raider through the splinter rifles alone!
    • Don't forget the use in melee for things like the tryptych whip.
      • Do forget about it, those super toxins only work for non-relic weapons.
  • Shock Prow (1 CP): Used when a Drukhari Shock Prow unit makes a charge. Select an enemy in engagement range: If that unit is a Vehicle, they suffer d3 mortal wounds on a 2+. If they aren't, roll a d6 for each model within engagement range with this unit; on a roll that exceeds the model's Toughness, the model takes a mortal wound.
    • Commoragh drift that sucker into those hordes!

Secondary Objectives[edit]

You can pick three of these to score more points in a game, some thoughts on each of 'em are below. You can only take one from each category. Also keep in mind that these are only the generic ones, there are a few mission-specific ones too.

These ones focus on killing specific things. Put some thought into these when you actually see your opponent's army.

  • Assassinate: 3 VP for each Character you kill. Theoretically easy points against armies that rely on 'em, like Guard or Craftworlds. Outside of murdering the units around your opponent's characters, your best bet is to use your speed and exploiting their positioning. For Kabals, you could cram a Venom full of Warriors and speeding it up to be within range to unload their shots into whatever character. Normal rifles will work fine for this given most characters tend to have invuln saves, though a blaster that gets lucky can easily score this in one shot for you. Melee is where this shines though, so long as you aren't up against marines. Cults and Covens should be able to blend through anything that isn't a dedicated melee unit and if a character heroically intervenes, they're an eligible target too. Some other prime candidates include Incubi, Mandrakes and even a razorwing if you can find a gap behind a character.
  • Bring it Down: 2 VP for any Monster or Vehicle you kill with 10 or less wounds, 3 VP for any with over 10 wounds. Kabals have it easiest here, with their access to Ravagers and being able to stick a blaster in every venom, though Reapers are a good candidate for the two other subfactions too. Scourges and Taloses can take haywire which will certainly aid in this, and Cults can give their Hekatrixes blast pistols, which will certainly help.
    • Works nicely with the 'Test of Skill' custom wych obsession.
  • Titan Slayers: 10 VP if you kill one Titanic model, but you max out at 15 if you kill more than one. Pretty niche but almost an auto-take against knight lists. A lot of the previous applies here, especially haywire.
  • Slay the Warlord: 6 VP for killing the warlord. Straightforward, though most tend to keep their warlords wrapped in groups of infantry or out of sight. Unless they've only got one character, which is quite unlikely, you're likely better off taking assassinate.
  • Take them Alive!: Drukhari Only. FAQ NEEDED. This is called a Progressive Objective, but points are scored at the end of the battle so something is off here. Score 3 VP for destroying a Character or Monster in melee and an additional VP for destroying anything else in melee. If it was supposed to be at the end of each Battle Round, that might make more sense. RAW, you have a maximum of 4 points.
    • Faq fixed it, it scores at the end of each battle round now.
  • Beasts for the Arenas: Drukhari Only. End Game Objective. At the end of the battle, Gain 3 VP for each enemy monster, cavalry, or beast killed by a <wych cult> unit. If it was a Titanic, gain 5 VP instead.

Loss based, essentially. Focuses on having less stuff destroyed than your opponent for scoring, or destroying more depending on your perspective.

  • Thin Their Ranks: Essentially 1 VP for every 10 models you kill, or 1 for a model with 10 wounds. Ideal for horde armies, like Guard or Orks, blows ass against elite armies like Custodes. The sheer amount of poison you can crap out should make guardsmen easy pickings, though for full points your opponent needs at least 150 models, minus ten for however many 10+ wound ones they have.
      • Perfect against Orks. Raiders with splinter racks can melt through those boys.
  • Attrition: At the end of each turn, you win 4 VP if you have killed more enemy units then the enemy killed your units. Heavily dependent on your list as well as theirs. Probably not a good pick, given you're likely focused on the number of bodies you have and t3 5+ units are easy pickings for just about everything. However, Covens being obscenely tough could get some use outta this.
  • While We Stand, We Fight: Select the three most expensive models in your army, counting all the wargear options. For each of these models that remains at the end of the game, you earn 5 VP. Likely gonna be some of your bigger skimmers, though those are still pretty fragile and are likely to take some serious fire. Probably a pass.
  • First Strike: 5 VP if you kill an enemy unit during the first turn, adding 3 more VP if you kill more enemy units than they kill your units during the first round. Ehh... you give up 7 possible points just by taking this, so you probably wanna pass.
  • Fear and Terror: Drukhari Only. Progressive objective. Score 1 VP at the end of each Battle Round for each MODEL that fled from an enemy unit during that battle round.

Movement based stuff, here we go! You should probably auto-take one of these.

  • Engage on All Fronts: Score 2 VP if you have units totally within 3 table quarters and more than 6" away from the center of the board. You instead get 3 VP if you have units totally within each quarter and more than 6" away from the center of the table. Should be relatively easy to score, what with the abundance of Venoms and whatnot if you're running pure Drukhari.
  • Linebreaker: 6 VP at the turn's end if you get 2+ units (excluding Aircraft) in the enemy deployment zone. Easy enough to get there, though staying alive is more the challenge. A raider full of Grotesques may be a decent pick for one of these but for Kabals and Covens, it'll definitely be hard to score unless you're content sacrificing units.
    • Can work with mandrakes and scourges. Even a venom that has dropped off its cargo (e.g. incubi on an objective) and has nothing to do. Needs planning around in list-building but not unrealistic.
  • Total Domination: 3 VP if you own more than half the board's objectives. Similar to the previous, easy to get to, harder to hold onto. Covens are a good bet for holding these but for Cults, send your transports to grab 'em after they've unloaded their cargo. Kabals meanwhile tend to have pretty decent range, making them good candidates for holding backline objectives, so a pure Kabal list probably won't want to take this one.
  • Herd the Prey: Drukhari Only. Progressive Objective. At the end of each battle round after the first, you score 2 VP for each table quarter that your opponent does not have a unit wholly within
    • This gives your oppononet control over your points, but against gunlines and DG, it can be fun. Especially if you can lock them in melee so they can't move up the board.
A lot of these are action based. They each have their own rules but all universally share some traits. You can't perform them if you've advanced or fell back with the unit you want to do it with or are within engagement range of an enemy unit. Character auras don't work while they are doing this, and the action fails if your unit does basically anything. Moves, advances, charges, falls back, shoots, casts a psyker power, or heroically intervenes. One thing to note is that Warp Spiders can use their Flickerjump and still do these for you.
  • Investigate Sites: Your Infantry units (excluding Character) gain a new action each turn. If they move within 6" of the table center and end the turn with no units (excluding Aircraft) within 6" of them, you win 3 VP. Again, Coven units will be good for holding these for multiple turns, especially since this is exclusive to infantry.
  • Repair Teleport Homer: Your Infantry units (sans Character) gain a new action each turn. If they move so they're totally within the enemy DZ and have them survive until your next command phase, you win 5 VP. Mandrakes can do this for you if they are in a secluded corner behind cover with their inherent deepstrike and are a prime candidate to do so, given you cannot deepstrike until turn 2 nor score secondaries until turn 2 either. However, speeding a venom up there and dropping off a cheap unit into the corner might not hurt either, especially if they're behind some piece of terrain.
  • Raise the Banners High: Your Infantry units gain a new action each turn in an attempt to emulate Dawn of War. When they move next to an objective that isn't within range of an enemy unit (excluding Aircraft), they can choose to plant a flag at the start of your next command phase so long as they still aren't threatened. At the end of every Command Phase and at the end of the game, you score 1 VP for each flag you have on an objective. Be sure to guard your objectives, as the enemy can immediately rip down your flags when they control your objectives. Keep in mind that this is done at the start of your turn, so you can freely advance onto objectives in the previous turn and do this just fine.
Only one of these is relevant for scoring for you, unless you're souping in some other army with yours. See their articles for commentary on scoring those. Otherwise, this is your only real choice if you're running pure Drukhari.
  • Abhor the Witch: You can't take any Psyker units for this, not that you can anyway. You gain 5 VP for any PsykerCharacter you kill and 3 VP for any other Psyker units killed. As most psykers tend to be characters, assassinate tactics will likely be similar to this. Otherwise, you can use the Helm of Spite to aid in this. As with any non-psyker army, if playing Thousand Sons or Grey Knights, automatically pick this.

Psychic Powers[edit]

Drukhari do not have native access to psychic powers but can include Ynnari or Craftworld psykers to fill the gap though at the cost of many of the army's unique rules, including Power from Pain. That said if you have a mixed list only Executioner and Mind War will do anything for your Drukhari due to the April 2019 FAQ nerfing Runes of Fate/Battle debuffs. Oh and Smite. Just remember not to stick a Haemonculus next to a Psyker unless you like explosions (or a hilariously Drukhari way to trigger Soulburst). See the Craftworld Eldar Tactica for more information on the Psychic powers Craftworlds units have.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  • Hatred Eternal: Changed from Chapter Approved to reflect the Archon's new aura. Re-roll ALL failed to wound and hit rolls for the Warlord. Drazhar has this.
    • Deliciously sadistic if you use this on an Archon with a splinter pistol relic, since it's one of the few things that allows you to reroll with a relic. Or just a Blaster/Blast Pistol for that matter.
    • Obviously worse on a Black Heart Archon with the Writ of the Living Muse, due to overlapping buffs.
      • Depends on if you want a buff archon or a melee archon
    • Pair this with Poisoned Tongue/Poison Weapons for lolsy 2+ rerolling to hits and wounds.
    • Can turn an Archon with Djin Blade into an unholy character-murdering monstrosity.
  • Soul Thirst: Get +1A. Additionally, slaying a model in the Fight phase restores one wound.
    • Remember, this heals you for every model you kill. Even if you don't wipe a unit, you can whittle them away to keep at your best.
    • Only problem with this one is why has your archon taken wounds he needs to heal? If his shadowfield is down he's as good as dead without backup. Possibly MWs could do this, but don't sacrifice a warlord trait on the off-chance that your enemy could deal MWs. The archon will still have time to get into combat, kill something and heal enough for it to be worth it. When paired with relics like Obsidian Rose's or Flayed Skull's, it's worth a second look though.
  • Ancient Evil: During the fight phase, select one enemy unit within engagement range of the warlord. That unit fights last.
    • Remember, you can Heroically Intervene when you get charged, then use this. Especially funny if they charged, say, a unit of 10 bloodbrides.
  • Master Regenesist: The Warlord restores 3 wounds instead of d3 when using the Fleshcraft ability. Hooray, those wracks are as good as unstoppable!
    • Worth a look if taking a grotesque- or talos- heavy list
  • Master Nemesine: In the fight phase, gain +1 on rolls to wound. reroll every 1 to wound.
    • You taking a Haemonculus for his melee output? And you're not using the Prophets of the Flesh WT, which can add this AND make you tankier?
  • Master Artisan: Your warlord adds +1 to Toughness and Wounds. Probably the best suited for a tanky haem that isn't prone to being in the front and not part of the Prophets of the Flesh.
  • Quicksilver Fighter: +2 Attacks, something you'll never regret having.
  • Stimm Addict: Your warlord rolls 3d6 for drugs, re-rolling any 6s or duplicates. All three drugs are now in effect! Hooray!
    • This has the potential to be a meme. The succubus at S3, part of cursed blade, using Hyperstimm Backlash stratagem, using archite glaive... S8 for a 60pt succubus, here we come.
  • Precision Blows: Hit rolls of 6 inflict a number of mortal wounds equal to the damage characteristic of the user's weapon, and the attack sequence ends.
    • So, so funny when done right. Razorflails and Dark Lotus Toxin (from suppliment) for 2MWs per 6? Tryptych whip and this?


  • Blast Pistol: Tiny range, massive stopping power. Since you can fire Pistols in melee, these might actually be worth taking on your Hekatrixes, Succubi and Archons. At d6 damage, it's kind of like an Inferno Pistol without the melta effect but with better availability and just as hilarious when you vapourize your opponent's special snowflake character with a single shot. Also, unbelievably cheap. 5pts at current.
  • Blaster: Same profile of the pistol but Assault and with three times the range. The S8 AP-4 combination will plow through most tanks and D6 damage for every wound will add up fast. It's a shame they don't have the same "roll 2d6 pick highest" rule as their Imperial cousins, but they're cheap, have better range than a meltagun, and and they're much more easily spammed in most lists. The 18" range, 24" if Obsidian Rose means that it's also generally difficult to charge the unit with the Blaster for all but the fastest of units. Generally will be your Workhorse as far as Special Weapon options go.
  • Dark Lance: The good shit. Similar to a Blaster but Heavy, with twice the range and far more reliable D3+3 Damage. Remember that you don't compromise their accuracy when mounting them on paper boats, though infantry units that use them lose some though, so keep that in mind if taking one for a squad in a Raider. Like the more portable Blaster, this will be your workhorse Heavy Weapon for your vehicle units and generally your default choice. Unless all you face are 2W marines, then the Disintegrator might be a better choice.
  • Dark Scythe: D3 index blaster shots (that is to say D3 damage). Pretty useful for sniping characters or taking out heavy infantry, but overshadowed by the buff blasters got. Voidraven exclusive.
  • Plasma Grenade: Frag grenades with S4 and AP-1. Fun when softening infantry up before a charge, but little else. The AP means they will do more damage than a Splinter Weapon if something is close enough (unless against something with a higher toughness than 4). Remember to toss one out for Overwatch if your opponent is charging from 6" away.
  • Disintegrator Cannon: Now costing 5 pts per gun, which boosts a triple Dissie Ravager up to 155 pts. A frankly terrifying statline of Heavy 3, S5, AP -3, Damage 2, so it has lower base than the Dark Lance but with a high enough rate of fire that it's still decently effective against light vehicles while also scaring the living hell out of all kinds of infantry. The only downside is that you are usually trading away a Dark Lance to take one, so make absolutely sure that you have enough Anti-Vehicle weapons before taking one as nothing is more expensive than regret. A Dark Lance will score 1.55 Wounds against T7, 4+ vs 1.33 per Dissie so Dissies can still do work against Tanks from the sheer volume of fire.
  • Haywire Blaster: Haywire was once the most reliable anti-tank gun in the game, specifically on the Harlequin jetbikes, they're now in an... odd spot. The Codex has this one at Heavy d3, blast, S3 AP -3 and Dd3, dealing d3 Mortal Wounds on a 6+. Each hit auto-wounds a vehicle on a 4+. Gone are the days of raping your way through knights and their invuln saves, though now the actual wounds they deal will hit much harder, given their boost to AP.
  • Heat Lance: Almost the same stats as a Blaster except it's Heavy, which might make it seem like the inferior option at first. Then you notice its Damage value is an eye-watering D6+2. Dark Technomancer Talos Pain Engines and Reavers with Splintermind Combat Drugs will make good use of them. You can also take these on Scourges - don't worry about the -1 to Hit when moving too much, as the negative to hit only applies to infantry. AKA Scourges, which sucks but they're your easiest source of getting a bunch onto the field. You can also use a Black Heart Archon with the Writ of the Living Muse relic in an RSR detachment will let them re-roll 1s on both to Hit and to Wound, which will help shore the penalty up. That's enough to reliably kill a Rhino with one mobile squad.
  • Hexrifle: A decent enough Sniper Rifle. Can shoot at characters and has a tiny chance of inflicting a mortal wound in addition to normal damage. The fact that both the Acothyst and the Haemonculus want to get into melee sucks, though if you've got your squad of Wracks babysitting a point that aren't engaged in melee, it's not a terrible option for those cases where they're sitting and shooting into stuff a bit further out than the range of your Ossefactors.
  • Liquifier Gun: D6 auto-hits with AP-2. Nice. Can shoot out of deep strike or reserves with the 12" range - and fun with Dark Technomancers.
    • Twin Liquifier Gun: Shockingly, this is the same as above but with 2D6 shots.
  • Ossefactor: One shot, Poisoned 2+, AP-3, D2. Probably will kill a single marine.
  • Phantasm Grenade Launcher: D3 shots with blast, for each hit roll 2d6. If it beats the leadership, then they take a single MW. With a dark creed vehicle with grisly trophies you get a -3ld, and then a couple of thesse can start to rack up over the game.
  • Pulse Disintegrator: Found only on the Tantalus. Assault 6 S8 AP-3 D2. A Dark Angels player's wet dream, this thing is essentially a beefed up disintegrator or an overcharged Plasma Cannon, but with a cooling system that actually works and the rate of fire of an Assault Cannon... Oh, and the Tantalus comes with two of them. Marine death. You couldn't catch a bus back to 'overkill'.
  • Razorwing Missiles: The Jetfighter is equipped with all types of missiles by default, which is awesome. Even more awesome is the fact that they don't go away after being fired once. Rather, you choose one type of missiles in a shooting phase and use their profile. Also all of them got the Blast Weapon treatment!
    • Monoscythe Missile: Strength 6 and no AP value but Damage 2. Force 'em armour saves, the enemy will hurt when they fail them. Better than shatterfield against multi-wound models with lower toughness and lower saves (break even at T5, 4+, 2W, for example)
    • Necrotoxin Missile: 3D3 shots that wound non-Vehicles on a 2+. You are looking at an average of 3 Wounds per missile against non-Vehicle units, 4 if you use the Flayed Skull Stratagem on non-Vehicle units with Fly. Solid choice.
    • Shatterfield Missile: S7, AP-1, re-rolling to wound. Edges out the Razorwing missiles against most vehicles, and all 1 wound models. Less true for the Voidraven.
  • Shredder: Coming in at Assault D6, S6 AP-1, shredders are cheap and chew through GEQs, hurt MEQs and can even threaten light Vehicles. The shredder's range synergizes is lower than that of Splinter Rifles at 18", this means your unit is pretty vulnerable, because being too close to the enemy is usually a death sentence to Kabalite Warriors. Obsidian Rose's Obsession alleviates this somewhat, as does putting them on Scourges to hit and run with Fire and Fade. All told it is a good gun; a clear upgrade to a Splinter Rifle or Shardcarbine, but it competes with the Blaster for your Special Weapon slots. Further benefits from blast, and is perfectly suited to take out Ork Boys.
  • Splinter Weaponry: All of the following weapons have a low Strength score (typically S2, Splinter Cannon has S3). Instead, they successfully wound on an unmodified 4+, except for VEHICLEs and TITANIC units. If you're desperate, you can still unleash a torrent of Poisoned shots at that Land Raider and hope something sticks, particularly if you've got 2 CP to spend on the Potent Metallotoxins Stratagem. Some Kabal Obsessions can also improve their mediocre baseline.
    • Splinter Pistol: Pistol with 1 shot and 12" range. Don't forget to use it in melee.
    • Splinter Rifle: Rapid Fire 1 with 24" range. Stock on Warriors and Trueborn. You know it. You love it.
    • Twin Splinter Rifle: Shockingly twice the above at Rapid Fire 2.
    • Splinter Pods: Assault 2 18" range so your Hellions can shoot something.
    • Shardcarbine: Assault 3 18" as a stock gun for Scourges and Sslyth.
    • Splinter Cannon: The big'un. 36" Heavy 3 AP-1 D2.
  • Spirit Syphon: D6 auto-hits with nice S5 AP-2, and a chance of doing extra damage.
  • Spirit Vortex: Exchanges the auto-hitting of the Spirit Syphon for 6 more inches of range and Blast.
  • Stinger Pistol: Buffed up Splinter Pistol wounding non-VEHICLEs and non-TITANIC units on an unmodified on a 2+. It also only costs 5 points!
  • Stinger Pod: 2D6 S5 shots. Would be far better if the Talos had a better BS. Like the Shredder, it's useful in those situations where the Strength score on your gun matters (which is a lot actually).
  • Storm Vortex Projector: The big gun exclusive to the Reaper. Features two selectable modes: either 2D6 shots at S6 AP-1 Blast, or D6 Dark Lance shots. Remains accurate when fired on the move, enjoy!
  • Void Lance: Lascannon with AP-4 but less range. Given you get two stock on a Voidraven, the range doesn't matter. Voidraven exclusive.
  • Voidraven Missiles: You can equip the bomber with missiles for 10 points; they don't go away after using them once anymore. Simply choose one type per shooting phase and fire away.
    • Implosion Missile: Exclusive to Voidraven, D3 shots at S6 and AP-3.
    • Shatterfield Missile: Same as the Razorwing's. Strong, but you better roll well with that D6.
  • Agoniser: 4+ Poisoned, wounds VEHICLEs on a 6+ and has AP-3. Good stuff. Edges out the Power Sword against non-VEHICLE models with T5 or greater.
  • Archite Glaive: S+2, AP-3. Sounds like a dream right? Now it really is, as the hit penalty got removed from the profile. Revel in bloody glee as your succubus rips through tough guys without a worry.
  • Bladevanes: These come stock on your vehicles and Reavers, for a little extra melee clout. S+1 AP-1. Surprisingly effective on reavers if you left one or two enemies alive.
  • Chain-Flails: Grants 2 hit rolls for each attack allocated to this weapon. Nice if you want your Talos to do anti-horde duty.
  • Demi-Klaives: Must take on the Klaivex, as it's a straightforward upgrade to the standard Klaive. Allows to choose between either S+2 and AP-3, or S+1 AP-2 and two additional attacks. Both profiles feature delicious Damage 2.
  • Electrocorrosive Whip: An Agoniser tweaked to counter light infantry, with AP-2 but 2 hit rolls for each attack made with the weapon.
  • Flesh Gauntlet: Come stock on Grotesques. S+1 fists that deal a MW on a 6 to wound. No AP but you have your cleavers for that. Instead you use this against units that hide behind Invul saves like Daemons and Crusaders.
  • Glimmersteel Blades: Mandrake CCWs with AP-1. A small but welcome change from previous editions.
  • Haemonculus Tools: The quintessential poisoned weapons for, shockingly, your Haemonculus. Poisoned on 2+.
  • Hekatarii Blade: Grants AP-1 and an additional attack. Makes your Wyches scary.
  • Hellglaive: S+1, AP-1 and Damage 2. Oh dear lord, send those Hellions at multi-wound models and watch the opponent devote all his shooting to killing them.
  • Huskblade: AP-2 and flat Damage 2, rejoice! Huskblades are good again! Makes your Archon great for murdering characters and swarms with all of the Multi-Wound damage they can do, especially with a Blast Pistol. The usual go-to for an Archon unless you're penny-pinching.
  • Hydra Gauntlets: S+2, AP-2, and an additional attack. Can put some hurt on MEQ. Hilariously, it has the potential to become S7 with the right combination of drugs and Obession. Imagine a rank-and-file Wych punching holes in tanks and dinosaur-sized monsters.
  • Ichor Injector: Only one attack can be made with this weapon, but this attack immediately deals a MW on a hit, making it a welcome surprise of a killing blow. That said, you absolutely shouldn't be throwing your Haemonculus into melee like you would a succubus.
  • Klaive: Strength +2, AP-3, D2. The basic weapon for your Incubi, which makes them a strong anti-MEQ option.
  • Macro-Scalpel: Strength +1, AP-2 and Damage 2. Also, if you have 2, you make one additional attack with it. Cheap and effective. Come stock on the Talos and still a decent weapon. Experimental Creations Coven Obsession boosts them to respectable Strength 8.
  • Mindphase Gauntlet: AP-1 and Damage 2, can be wielded by an Acothyst. Poses a moderate threat against MEQ, but don't expect it to do wonders because of its low Strength.
  • Monstrous Cleaver: Stock on Grotesques and damn good. AP-2, Damage 2 and lets you make an additional attack with it. Use it to kill GEQs and MEQs in the droves.
  • Power Lance: Basically the same as a Power Maul now. S+2, AP-2. Nice, but kinda wasted on the Solarite.
  • Power Sword: S+1, AP-3 can opener. Somewhat improves your awful Strength stats. Everyone who can take one can take an Agoniser instead, and for the same price. Do that, unless you expect to run into light infantry.
  • Razorflails: The horde-sweeper option with AP-1 and 2 hit rolls per each attack made; use these if you want to chew through GEQs or deep strike a big 20 elf unit. Has some interesting interactions with certain Warlord Traits and Relics when taken by a Succubus.
  • Scissorhand: Poisoned 4+ with AP-2 and two additional attacks. Decent on an Acothyst if you don't want to give them an Electrocorrosive Whip.
  • Shardnet and Impaler: AP-2 and Damage 2, plus an extra attack and a bonus to the No Escape ability. Renders enemy MEQ units even less likely to walk away alive from the BDSM session with your Wyches, especially when combined with Grave Lotus drugs and/or Cult of the Cursed Blade for some additional Strength.
  • Spirit-Leech Tentacles: S:User, AP-1, unmodified wound roll of 6+ increases Damage to 2. Available to the Cronos.
  • Stunclaw: Like the Hellglaive, it is S+1, but only does one damage. However, 6+ to wound with this weapon does a mortal wound in addition to other damage. Keep your Hellglaive.
  • Talos Gauntlet: S+2, AP-3 and D3. For when you need to smash T7≤ vehicles and monsters, as it outperforms macro-scalpels even when the -1 modifier to Hit and 1 less attack are taken into consideration. Costs +5 points, though.
  • Talos Ichor Injector: Bigger and badder version of the one wielded by Haemonculi. Works exactly the same, but deals D3 mortal wounds instead of 1.
  • Venom Blade: Poisoned 2+ weapon at AP-1. Better than the Agoniser against light infantry and units which rely on invulnerable saves, although less likely to benefit from some Obessions.
  • Chain-Snares: Add +3 attacks for the model, which is more worth it on Venoms than Raiders since the latter loses attacks as it goes down the wound track and is slower.
  • Dire Scythe Blade: Because your warlord just has to have the biggest blades on their floating death catamaran. Unique to the Tantalus and similar in form to the Prow Blade, but isn't limited to just one attack and hits at S7 AP-2 D2. Useful to finish off anything that you didn't quite manage to completely annihilate with the Pulse Disintegrators.
  • Grisly Trophies: Adds a 3" aura that deals -2 to enemy Leadership. Combine with Incubi to shatter unit morale.
  • Prow Blade: The Reaper's scythe, grants one additional melee attack at S6 AP-2 D2. Make sure to paint some blood on it.
  • Shock Prow: Adds the Shock Prow keyword to a vehicle equipped with one, for use with the relevant Stratagem. Steersman, ramming speed!
  • Splinter Racks: Raiders only. Any models embarked on this Raider with Rapid Fire weapons now count all targets as being within half the weapons' range. Kabalites will love 'em.
  • Tantalus Aethersails: Tantalus exclusive. Instead of rolling a die, Tantalus simply adds 12" to its movement value when it Advances. A movement value of 16", by the way.
  • Animus Vitae: One use only. 6" grenade that deals d3 mortal wounds if it hits. If it kills a model, anyone within 6" of the bearer counts their Power from Pain bonus as 1 round higher for the remainder of the turn, which stacks with similar effects (e.g. Kabal of the Black Heart's Obsession).
    • Don't force yourself to get into a situation to take advantage of that second effect. You have d3 mortal wounds in any one shooting phase, and if you get a bonus in the following fight phase that's just icing on the cake.
  • Dancer's Edge: Master Succubus only. Improved Archite Glaive crafted by Mandrakes. AP-4 D2 is nice, and so is ignoring invulnerable saves on umodified wound rolls of 6. When combined with Cult of the Cursed Blade and Grave Lotus, it becomes S7. Have fun.
  • Djin Blade: Replaces a Huskblade, making it Archon only. Gains an extra AP and damage, and you can make 2 extra attacks with this weapon. However, after combat roll a D6, on a 1 suffer a mortal wound.
    • Mortal wounds can't burn out your Shadowfield, because you don't get to use it in the first place...
    • Great on a beatstick Archon, shame about it occasionally eating their souls.
    • Give it to an Archon with Soul Thirst to heal that mortal wound.
  • Helm of Spite: Auto-include for next time you're fighting Thousand Sons or the like. Allows you to attempt to deny like a psyker. If successful, the enemy psyker suffers a perils automatically. Nice.
  • Nightmare Doll: Haemonculus only. Improves FnP to 4+++.
    • A Prophets of Flesh with this and Master Regenesist can just laugh off almost any attempt to kill it.
  • Parasite's Kiss: Replaces a splinter pistol; is an upgraded stinger pistol - +2 to wound rolls against non-vehicles (i.e. 2+ usually, 4+ against just titanic). +1ROF, -2AP, +1D, and when it kills an enemy model, the bearer gains a wound back.
  • Poisoner's Ampule: Master Haemonculus only. Once-per-battle 9" attack which deals D3 MWs on a 2+ to one enemy unit within range, as well as shuts down any Aura abilities cast by and upon that unit until the start of your next turn.
  • Soulhelm: Master Archon only. -1 to enemy hit rolls and FnP on a 5+. Stacks nicely with the built-in Shadowfield for much improved survivability.
  • Triptych Whip: Succubus only. An improved Agoniser with Poisoned 2+, D2 and +3 attacks. Combos well with Adrenalight drugs and a couple of WTs, such as Precision Blows.

Unit Analysis[edit]



  • The customizable leader for your <kabal> army. Has the standard re-roll 1s to hit aura for Core units and also Incubi. He comes stock with a Power Sword, which you can switch out for an Agoniser, Huskblade, or Venom Blade, and a Splinter Pistol, which you can swap out for a Blast Pistol, or, using the Index, a Blaster. Can also take a Phantasm Grenade Launcher, again using the Index. No reason not to splurge, really, since all his upgrades are useful. The Blaster will do work if you plan on keeping your Archons in their Venoms, and is a very worthy purchase. If you do wanna get in melee, then by all means go for a Blast Pistol and Huskblade, because you will just murder any multiwound characters with that setup.
    • The Archon has an in-built 2++ (that is not re-rollable by any means), which is lost after the first failed save roll, meaning he might tank a surprising amount of attacks, or might whiff immediately, and lose it for the game. Don't count on it to perform. It just takes one aggressively deployed elf getting murdered by a lascannon right at the start of turn one because you roll a one on his very first save roll to learn this lesson, unless you're notably dense. Don't EVER count on it to save him. If it does, awesome! but any time you really need him to make it, assume you'll whiff the first roll and lose it.
    • Melee weapon options:
      • Venom Blade: best against typical GEQ infantry, and units which rely on invulnerable saves. Decent when fighting Monsters.
      • Power Sword: butchers "elite" GEQ with good armour saves, such as Fire Warriors or Sisters of Battle.
      • Agoniser: the one to pick when confronting T4≤ 2+ units that haven't got a (good) invulnerable save. Also decent when fighting Monsters.
      • Huskblade: can put some hurt on 2W MEQ and Characters, but S3 is hardly impressive. Upgrade one to a Djin Blade, though, and heads will roll.
    • Builds:
      • Beatstick Archon: The hero killer. Get a Blast Pistol and Huskblade, take the Djin Blade relic, and pick the Hatred Eternal WT. This yields a S8 AP-4 DD6 shot & 7 S4 AP-3 D3 melee attacks that re-roll all Hit and Wound rolls. If you upgrade to Splintered Genius for 15 points, the Master Archon can also fight twice once per battle.
      • Master Archon: Balanced combat build. Blast Pistol, melee weapon of choice, plus the Splintered Genius upgrade with Soulhelm relic & Consummate Weaponmaster WT. Doesn't match the offensive output of the beatstick build with just +1 Damage, but gets to specialise in killing a bit, and is significantly more likely to survive retaliation. Comes also with the one-off fight-twice ability and Kabalite Trueborn unit upgrade.
      • Support Archon: Want some re-rolls and recharging CPs? Take a Black Heart Archon with Writ of the Living Muse relic and Labyrinthine Cunning WT in a Realspace Raid Detachment. The Archon grants re-rolls of 1s to Hit & Wound to virtually all Core and Blades for Hire units in that detachment. In addition, you get to roll D6 each time a CP is spent on a Stratagem, and will gain 1 CP per turn for any successfull roll of 6.
  • An upgrade that unlocks extra Relics and Warlord Traits akin to the SM's Masters of the Chapter.
    • Splintered Genius: Once per game, your Master Archon can fight twice.
    • Relic - Soulhelm: All attacks against the Master Archon take -1 to hit, and he receives a 5+++ FNP. This is all pretty good at improving your survivability.
    • Warlord Trait - Consummate Weaponmaster: Your Master Archon's non-relic melee weapons add +1 to their damage. Simple, and that's all you need.
    • Kabalite Trueborn: They're back! Whenever you buy a Master Archon, you can upgrade a unit of up to 10 Kabalite Warriors into Trueborn. This improves their BS to 2+, adds +1 to their Leadership and lets them ignore any or all modifiers to their BS. Simply put, they will be your best gunners ever, as they used to.

Ynnari note: A thing to keep in mind with a Ynnari Archon you get a quality of life bonus. Simply put your reroll 1's bubble will not only affect your Kabal units but your other Ynnari Drukhari too! Kabalites, Wyches, Incubi, etc. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities so be mindful of the tricks you can pull that the others can't.


  • Buff Vector for your <wych cult> units and a decently priced melee beatstick. Comes with 6 attacks by default, with so many ways to make the most of what she can do. She lets her girls re-roll 1s to wound in melee, which is a sore sight better for them. The Succubus herself comes stock with an Archite Glaive, which lost its hit penalty while remaining just as deadly, and can be paired with a pistol or an agonizer. Her 4++ Dodge Save (that works outside of close combat now! Double yay!) will also keep her safe that much longer and don't ever forget about her drugs. All in all, this codex maintained that the Succubus needed to truly shine as a badass leader for your Wyches!
    • Succubi can (and maybe should) swap the Agonizer for a Blast Pistol, which can deal with the heavily armored targets they struggle with in melee.
    • You can also replace both the glaive and agonizer with a wych cult weapon. The razorflails make her a bigger whirlwind of pain, but Hydra Gauntlets can also be nice to make sure your attacks have a better chance of wounding, and the shardnet & impaler are definitely the best of the three against anything with more than one wound.
    • The Red Grief Succubus can be one of the best and cheapest duelists of the Drukhari. First, with the specific Archite Glaive Relic 'The Blood Glaive' and Adrenalight she can make 7 S5 AP-3 DD3 attacks which will basically never miss, or with Grave Lotus 6 S6 attacks and if you fancy dropping a couple of CP on Hyperstimm Backlash to make her S8, you can giggle at the mental image of your Succubus bisecting tanks and Dreadnoughts with her Glaive. That alone makes her quite good, but add the Red Grief Warlord trait and she becomes quite hard to even hit - or take Stimm Addict for more stat boosts (probably not usually worth it given you have to roll for it, but your mileage may vary). Throw in a Blast Pistol as well for good measure and it only costs 60 points total for a model that can go toe-to-toe with characters and monsters that are double or sometimes even triple her points cost! A true champion of the Commorrite arenas!
    • Another option is to take a Succubus with a Triptych Whip and just bury your opponent under the sheer volume of attacks. 9 Poisoned Attacks (10 with the +1 Attack Drug) at AP-3, wounding on 2s is nothing to sneeze at.
    • Take a Cursed Blade Succubus with the Treacherous deceiver trait, Traitor's embrace relic and a shardnet and impaler and watch as enemy HQs have no choice but to kill your 60 pt succubus and take ALL the mortal wounds in return. You'd be giving up slay the warlord, but in games where that isn't worth any points - or if you're using Alliance of Agony so your Succubus wasn't the real warlord anyway - this can be a hilariously effective character assassin.
  • Indeed, there is also an upgrade for Succubi despite the lack of one historically. Cool!
    • Show Stealer: Your mistress can consolidate to any model within 6", and does not need to move towards the closest enemy. Now your Succubus can engage in Harlequin style shenanigans by jumping in and out of combat while ignoring all return hits. Feel free to combine with the Red Grief unique strat to get back into your transport!
    • Relic - The Dancer's Edge: Pretty fierce for a melee weapon, S+2 AP-4 D2 and any 6 to wound bypasses Invulns.
    • Warlord Trait - Whirlwind of Death: Turn your succubus into a horde-blender! Before consolidation, you can improve their attacks to 3+however many models there are within 2".
    • Hekatrix Bloodbrides: They're back too. Whenever you grab a master succubus (Or Lelith), you can make a pack of wyches into Bloodbrides. They get 2+WS and +1 to Leadership, and any time they trigger Blade Artists, they improve their AP by 3, enough to gut space marines.

Ynnari note: A thing to keep in mind with a Ynnari Succubus, you get a quality of life bonus. Simply put your reroll 1's bubble will not only affect your Wych units but your other Ynnari Drukhari too! Kabalites, Wyches, Incubi, etc. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities so be mindful of the tricks you can pull that the others can't


  • A nasty little support character for your <haemonculus coven> army. On the one hand, he's a buff vector that flat increases your <haemonculus coven> Core unit's Toughness by 1 within 6". This makes Grotesques all but immune to small arms fire and is generally nice, plus you can also heal your grotesques and other monster units for d3 wounds per turn, with the usual restrictions. However, the Haemonculus is also an okay combat character. Like all <haemonculus coven> units he comes stock with a 5+ Feel no Pain, so combined with his 6 Wounds and the PFP invuln save he can survive quite a bit. But he also has 4 attacks and access to all the nasty poisoned weapons you could want. His tools wound on a 2+, though with no AP it means you'll struggle to actually kill anything with a decent save. Conversely, the scissorhand doubles the amount of attacks you can make and gives a decent -2 AP, though it needs a 4 to wound. His ichor injector allows you to deal a mortal wound if it hits, not a whole lot but it's still practically guaranteed with his 2+ WS. Just don't send him after Vehicles.
  • Haemonculus Ancients are back too! That said, they're more costly than their (dubiously) more sane kin at 20 points.
    • Alchemical Maestro: Haemonculi can now cheat death! Once per game when the haemy dies, you can roll a d6 and resurrect them with d3 wounds on a 2+.
    • Relic - Poisoner's Ampule: Once per battle, your haemonculus can pour this stuff. One enemy unit within 9" takes d3 MW on a 2+ and lose access to an aura for the turn as well as being unable to benefit from any. This is pretty evil, but has limited use on armies less dependent on auras (not to mention being useless against the Death Guard's contagions).
    • Warlord Trait - Twisted Animator: You ever wonder why your Fleshcraft ability does nothing for your wracks? Those guys who will almost always be the first to get cut down? This allows your haemonculus to raise d3 models in a <Coven> Wrack unit within 3" during the command phase, allowing them to last a bit longer.
  • Haemoxytes: Indeed, to keep all bosses on level, the Haemonculus Ancient (or Urien) can now elevate a pack of Wracks. These guys now add +1 to their Invuln and Leadership on top of being to nullify the damage of their first failed save once per phase. YMMV whether this means that you can just stonewall the entire fucking attack, because that could make these guys far and away the most broken retinue of the game.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Drazhar: The baddest motherfucker in an army of bad motherfuckers remains an uncontested badass. Pretty tanky with a 4+ invuln and the ability to reduce any damage taken by 1. He still has his amazing Phoenix Lord tier (probably a little bit better than some, most of them actually) stat line and his aura gives +1 to wound for all Incubi units within 6 inches. Shit just got real and heads will roll. He also packs tormentor, pick a unit within engagement range of him and roll 2d6. If you beat the unit's LD, then they cannot fight until every other eligible unit in your army has done so. Drazhar sports the Executioner's Demiklaives which offers the same single/double version with S+2 AP -3 and a flat D3 on the single profile while the paired profile drops the S and Damage by 1 in exchange for two more attacks. In addition, he can also fight twice in a turn, which makes him even more of a menace.
    • Dual-Blades offer 7/14 S5 AP-3 D2 attacks for hacking down hordes and space marines. Sheer number of attacks suggests this will likely be your go-to mode.
    • Single-Blade gives you 5/10 S6 AP-3 D3 attacks for hacking down anything T5 or higher.
    • Probably best to take this guy in a transport with his incubi friends as they all lack ranged weapons, try out a venom or if you've got money to burn, a Tantalus. Just keep in mind that he will always will be a big and scary target and needs support to get him in the front line where he is best. Watch out for units with good charge distances as he is massively hamstrung when he can't get that meaty charge.



  • Kabalite Warriors: 8 points per model, but now with base 2 attacks and 4+ armor!
    • You should always be taking these guys in transports, be it raiders or venoms, or even aboard a tantalus. It really helps shore up their weak statline while giving them a far bigger threat range, and immunity to blast weapons for bigger squads.
    • Your sybarites have a few weapon options as well, none of them really good. You can swap his splinter rifle for a splinter pistol, which you should almost never do, or a blast pistol which is also a pretty questionable choice, given that these are the shooty infantry and you don't want them close enough to get charged. You can also give him either an agonizer or a power sword which is again, a bad idea for the same reason as the previous, or a phantasm grenade launcher. All of these options cost 5 points, save for the splinter pistol which is free.
    • Your weapon choices boil down to if you need more horde killing dakka (Shredders and Splinter Cannons), or you want more tank killing dakka (Blasters and Dark Lances). Just keep in mind the needs for your army when picking weapons. Also be wary of the different weapon ranges and types you are mixing into your squads. Don't forget that you get -1 To Hit on the Dark Lance if you close in to fire the Blaster, or the different Rapid Fire ranges of Splinter Cannon and Rifles.
    • One thing most people have missed, the Wargear options state FOR EVERY 5 MODELS you can replace a Splinter Rifle for a Shredder or Blaster, then there's a separate listing for every 10 models for a Splinter Cannon or Dark Lance. This means a 10 man unit can actually take 2 Shredders and/or Blasters, as well as a Splinter Cannon or Dark Lance! If you want more dakka then 10 men in a Raider is where you want to go!
    • Kabalite Trueborn: For each Master Archon present, one Warrior unit in that Master Archon's detachment can be upgraded to Trueborn. With BS 2+, improved LD, and the ability to ignore all modifiers to their BS and hit rolls, they're the ideal choice for your heavy weapons wielders.


  • Wyches: The fast melee option. They took a bit of an abnormal price hike but far less than warriors suffered, though not without good reason. 10 points per model and you get a unit that comes with 3 attacks by default, one bonus from their weapons and plenty of ways to boost this number up. Like all wych cult units they get combat drugs which can let you tweak 'em to fit whatever targets you're going up against. They excel at tying up infantry units, with their 6++ increasing to a 4++ in the fight phase, alongside No Escape and all of the weapon options you can take being pretty anti-infantry focused as well. You should also just about exclusively stick to infantry with them too. Relatively low innate strength combined with the fact that vehicles and monsters now have Big Guns Never Tire, which lets them shoot into them while in engagement range, their 6++ won't help all that much against even basic bolters crapping their rapid fire shots into them. Also remember that you have Grenades! If you are charging from within 6" then always toss a grenade before charging. For alternative models, look at Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes.
    • Hekatrixes can take blast pistols for 5 points, which is a reasonable upgrade given you want these lads and lasses in combat almost constantly, alongside swapping their blade out for either an agonizer or a power sword, both of which are pretty valid options with the agonizer being arguably slightly worse as of current. There's also the phantasm grenade launcher too, if you feel like adding that to the mix.
    • With Wych Weapon options shifting, the wonderful five-Wych squad with a Shardnet is no longer possible. On the other hand, though, for every ten Wyches you get one of each of the three, so make of that what you will.
    • Protip: After disembarking, charge their Raider or Venom into combat first! Drukhari vehicles are actually not too bad in melee unlike lumbering Imperial vehicles, and your Wyches will thank you when the enemy can't blast them off the board on the way in.
    • Hekatrix Bloodbrides: If you take Lelith or a Master Succubus, you can upgrade one pack of Wyches, improving their WS to 2+, adding +1 to Leadership and changing Blade Artists to add -3 to AP when they roll a nat 6 to wound. This won't change much about your loadouts, but it will make your base wyches a lot more dangerous when they get lucky.


  • Wracks: The thick melee option, only by virtue of a lack of competition. T4 with a 6+/6++/5+++ isn't gonna make them pull off miracles but it's a lot better than what Kabalites/Wyches can provide, making them your go-to objective sitters. Luckily the new Codex buffed their offensive power up a notch, so now their melee weapons are AP-1 and 4+ Poisoned with Blade Artists added in. While Wyches are still gonna have them beat in terms of raw damage output due to their sheer number of attacks and special weapon options, Wracks can now at least expect to kill stuff in melee. The squad leader, the Acothyst, has access to a variety of melee weapons. This also means you can field 2 Liquifiers in a 5-elf unit, or 1 Ossefactor and 1 Stinger Pistol or Hexrifle.
    • Hexrifle is an interesting choice combined with Dark Technomancers for 3 damage and +1 to wound. Makes it an actual threat against T7 models since you won't be wounding on 5+. Double Liquifiers are also interesting with DT, though the 12" range requires more finesse since your opponent will be loathe to charge Intercessors into D2 flamers wounding on 3+.
    • They can get one Ossefactor or one Liquifier per 5 Wracks. The Ossefactors are one-shot assault weapons meant to give the wracks a chance to kill one Space Marine per shot while the Liquifiers are better-than-flamers for hosing down guardsmen. Either way, think hard whether you wanna give them these, cause neither option can be fired in melee (where you really want your Wracks) and both are relatively short-ranged.
    • Note that if you take Experimental Creations, while Wracks will benefit from the part of the trait granting the +1 Strength, it has little effect given that a good number of the weapon options available are Poisoned weapons. Only Grotesques and Taloi really benefit from this.
    • Wracks from the Prophets of Flesh Coven are the toughest objective secured troop unit in a pure Drukhari list. Combine with a nearby Haemonculus and you have both a decent anchor for controlling an objective and a simple patrol detachment.
    • Haemoxytes: If you grab Urien or a Master Haemonculus, you can upgrade a pack of up to 10 Wracks. These guys improve their save and invulnerable save by +1 (invuln to a max of 4+) and add +1 to Leadership. In addition, they can negate their first failed save once per phase, which might potentially be giga-cheese unless they're focus-fired to death.



  • Court of the Archon: If you have an Archon in the same detachment, these don't take up slots - which is now a compulsory rule because you need an Archon to even get them. Rather than being a bunch of solo models, these guys are back to being a unit, which foils Ynnari shenanigans.
    • Lhamaean: 15 Points, comes with a Poison combat weapon wounding on 2+ and does a mortal wound in addition to its normal wound on a 6+. Remember that unlike normal damage mortal wounds do carry over to the rest of the unit. At 15 points they're a relatively cheap source of potential mortal wounds. The statline seems mediocre, but she does benefit a lot from Power from Pain (turn 3 onwards); stick near the Archon to make sure those measly 2 swings actually connect.
      • 9E also lets her help nearby Trueborn and Archons by making poisoned weapons auto-wound on a nat 6 to hit, allowing splinter cannons to be more of a threat.
    • Medusae: 21 Points, their eyeburst is back to being a flamer at Pistol d6 S4 AP-2. Either way it's pretty deadly to single wound infantry models and only cost 21 points per model.
    • Sslyth: 27 Points for a terrifying melee statline and 3 ablative wounds (with a 5+ FNP) for your Archon. While they lose out on the ability to actually take wounds for the Archon, they do have the ability to stop anyone from shooting their boss while they're within 3".
    • Ur-Ghul: 15 Points and a crapload of S4 attacks for a single model, particularly on the charge, and the new codex grants them AP-1. It has no access to Power from Pain though. That said, 3W and a 5+ FNP does make them excellent Smite shields to protect a more important character.
      • The new 40k Warhammer Quest game comes with 4 plastic Ur Ghuls. There may be separate rules for those, but at the very least it'll be easier to get some models without having to buy the old resin model separately.
  • Kabalite Trueborn (Legends): Want to hear something scary? How about a Venom + 4 Blasters deepstriking 17.99" away from your frontline? With the new Screaming Jets Strategem, Blasterborn are crazy good now. Warriors with an additional attack and point of Leadership, and the ability to get 4 Blasters into a 5-Elf Squad. Sounds awesome, so why does nobody use them? Well, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. Drukhari run on redundancy and not presenting a target that is objectively better to attack than any others. All your opponent needs to do to remove 4 Blasters from the table is to destroy one Venom. Compare this to having to shoot down 4 separate Venoms to get at your Blasters.
    • Pretty much superseded by the new codex giving you a pack of Trueborn by including a master Archon and sparing you an elites slot by using one of your stock warriors. The only thing you're missing is the ability to pile on the blasters.


  • Beastmaster: Little more than a buff vector for all the beasts. If they stick close to him, they reroll 1s To Hit and can use his Leadership, plus he can make a pack of them charge in the Command Phase even if they advanced. Now comes stock with an Agoniser for melee, but he is hardly spectacular in a fight, even with combat drugs and obsessions. Same ranged weapon as Hellions too, just in case you wanted to fly around harassing infantry.
    • The Beastmaster doesn't take up a slot if you have any beasts, but you can't take a Beastmaster unless you have at least one Beast in the detachment (why you'd want to do that is a mystery). Also, it can't get Warlord Traits. Make sure to double check if whatever you're playing in is using Legends rules or not, because if they are you can give him back his now free Beastmaster's Scourge, letting you use that 4 points elsewhere.
    • A Note About Drugs: Always, ALWAYS give the Beastmaster Splintermind. The +1Ld makes his ‘shared leadership’ Aura much more potent, and he’s not really ‘fighty’ enough to justify any of the other Drugs.
  • Hekatrix Bloodbrides (Legends): Take ten, give them as many Hydra Gauntlets as you can, give them Adrenalight, and stuff them in a Raider. Then bury something in an even unholier number of attacks. Just keep in mind the cost when bringing them over Wyches. Everything that has been said for Wyches is relevant to these. 5 in a Venom make an awesome MSU hunting unit. 10 in a Raider is a Tarpit that will eventually kill something due to the sheer number of attacks. Have received a +1 Attack boost as part of their Legends update, placing them once again above regular Wyches.
    • Again, the new codex brings them back, though they no longer eat up an elite slot.


  • Grotesques: Massively scary. They have an impressive statline complete with S/T5, 4 Wounds and 4 Attacks that hit on 3+ all for 40 points and you can take 10(!) of these. Also like all <Haemonculus Coven> units they come stock with a 5++ FnP, all of which makes them both tough as nails and scary enough that your opponent will still focus everything he has into them. For armament they come stock with a Flesh Gauntlet and a Monstrous Cleaver. The Cleaver does very well indeed against T4 and less while the Flesh Gauntlet does well against high invulnerable saves unit. Can also take Liquifiers but why bother?
    • There are a few things Grotesques excel at, and that is killing T4 and lower. Where Wracks are hemmed in by having poisoned weapons and only poisoned weapons, the Grotesques have an answer for situations where their Strength stat actually matters. Similarly, due to their ability to throw out Mortal Wounds via their Flesh Gauntlets, they can threaten Thunderhammer Terminators and other high-invulnerable saves models, which the Wracks are almost entirely powerless against. In addition, the Monstrous Cleaver with its S5 allows the Grotesques to more effectively threaten VEHICLES}. In short, they aren't the end-all be-all of the Covens anymore, but they are far from useless.
    • If you dislike the models or failcast resin, or aren't made of money, the Crypt Horrors and Stormfiends from AoS are nice plastic alternatives.

Blades for Hire[edit]

  • Incubi: These guys are our exclusive edgy Aspect Warriors armed with giant cleavers. Incubi are excellent in melee, each dishing out 3 Attacks at S5, AP-3, D2. The Klaivex enjoys an improved statline (4 Attacks, 2 Wounds and Weapon Skill 2+) over its fellows, and can swap its Klaive to a Demiklaive at no additional cost. There is literally no reason not to do this, as this weapon has 2 profiles - "Single Blade" is identical to a regular Klaive whilst "Dual Blades" trades away a point of Strength and AP for +2 Attacks, giving you some extra versatility against hordes. They also have the Tormentors ability, which gives you a chance to make a unit in base contact to fight last, if you'll beat his LD on 2d6, even if you have been charged. SWEET. Take 5 in a Venom and go hunting high value targets, a practicable choice, or take two units of 5 in a Raider and go drown a unit in an unholy number of S4, AP-3 attacks. For maximum murder take a squad of 10 into a Raider with Drazhar - that +1 to wound aura lets this unit punch well above its weight.
    • 9th ed Codex Buffs: Promotional material released on the GW Community website shows that Incubi can look forwards to some nifty stat-buffs with the incoming 9th ed Codex:
      • Klaives are now S5, AP-3, D2.
      • Demiklaives let you pick between 4 attacks at S5, AP-3, D2 or 6 attacks at S4, AP-2, D2.
      • Regular Incubi have also been bumped up to Weapon Skill 2+ to match the Klaivex.
      • Lethal Precision got a mild nerf - You now deal an extra point of damage on a 6 to wound but w/ Blade Artists you're also up to AP-4.
  • Mandrakes: Pretty damn fine units. They can pop up more than 9" away from the opponent and shoot with Assault 2 S4 AP-1 attacks with a chance to do Mortal Wounds in addition to the damage on a 6+. ANY attacks targeting them at them take a -1 To Hit penalty and they have a 5++ as well as the PFP save to keep them alive and if their Baleblasts don't quite do it, their 3 S4 AP -1 attacks per model should damn well make sure. Y'know, assuming they get the charge off.
    • 9E gave them a bit of a buff by allowing them to vanish and redeploy using the same rules once per game, which might be helpful in screwing with the enemy's expectations.
    • If you dislike the models or failcast resin, the Idoneth Deepkin Namarti Thralls from AoS are nice plastic alternatives. They also have ten models for $60 compared to five for $45, which is a nice little bonus. Also Executrix squads from Raging Heroes make excellent female Incubi.

Dedicated Transport[edit]


  • Raider: A big cardboard boat costing 20 points more than a Venom, with either a Dark Lance or a Disintegrator Cannon for 5 points more. Can also take a Shock Prow if you're feeling lucky. The Raider is decently tough (especially as Kabal of the Black Heart, or as part of a Coven) and might even survive until it's discharged its CC cargo, or ferrying a Kabalite squad for a few turns. Can hold 11 Infantry models (Grotesques take 2 slots each). Zoom across the table at full speed (14") and shower the enemy with hails of poisoned splinters unabated. Use that to either close in to that Cultist or Scout squad on an objective, or to keep your distance from approaching CC units as you gradually wear them down. They won't appreciate that. Or pick up some splinter racks to grant your Kabalites rapid fire at full range!
    • The Raider is a pretty damn good option for both anti-horde and anti-vehicle shooting. Cram it with a squad of 10 Kabalites, 7 of which are normal ones and a Sybarite and two with blasters, alongside one with a dark lance and point at the nearest Land Raider. If instead you need to deal with a mob of 30 Boyz, swap the blasters for shredders and the dark lance for a splinter cannon, toss in splinter racks and have at 'em.
  • Venom: A small paper boat with a Splinter Cannon and either a Twin Splinter Rifle or a second Splinter Cannon. Costing a minimum of 65 points, you can take a second splinter cannon in place of the rifles for 10 more points. Slightly faster than the Raider, it's ideal to ferry MSUs of Wracks and Wyches up the table, or boost a 6-man of Kabalites into rapid fire range. With an innate -1 to hit, this thing will survive longer than you may expect it to, though concentrated fire will still take it down. Grotesques can't fit in it, even if it isn't a full squad.

In addition to their own strengths, both transport have Night Shields, granting a 5++ invuln against shooting and are open-topped, which lets units shoot out of them, perfect for drive-bys with poison. They can also both take chain snares for 5 points, which grant 3 additional attacks (not too terrible, Drukhari vehicles aren't bad in melee) and grisly trophies for morale shenanigans.

Transports are MANDATORY if you're taking the Kabal of the Flayed Skull, as they are the only ways for Flayed Skull infantry to benefit from their obsession. Not only that but it makes them even faster, and also boosts their accuracy while negating cover.


  • Razorwing Jetfighter: A very solid option, clocking in at 160 points by default. It always has access to all three types of missile (but can only fire one each turn). Vehicles don’t suffer a -1 to hit when moving and firing, so it will hit on a 3+ most of the time. Getting out of sticky situations or into the enemy's face is no problem either with a move of 20-72". The Razorwing comes equipped with Disintegrator Cannons for ruining the day of any MEQ squad, or can opt for Dark Lances for 10 points less to go after vehicles and characters. Also comes with a Twin Splinter Rifle that you can upgrade to a Splinter Cannon for 10 points. With Kabal of the Flayed Skull, it's just plane evil. Also has a 5++ thanks to night shields.
    • Razorwing Missiles A mixed bag, you can only fire off one though. All of them are blast too, which is nice.

Assault D6, S6, 0 AP, 2 Damage. Nice for drowning a max size Bike Squad or TEQs in saves.

Assault 3D3, Wounds on a 2+ (6+ for Vehicles). Your infantry hunting and character sniping choice. Very good at scaring the hell out of guardsmen, Necron Warriors, Tyranid swarms, and ork boyz alike. A solid choice overall, especially since it's blast which makes it great for those targets.

Assault D6, S7, -2 AP, 1 Damage. Basically a long-ranged shredder with somewhat improved stats. The only missile that has any AP, plus a pretty solid strength characteristic means that these are the ones you wanna throw at vehicles or stuff with a decent armour save. Battle Sisters come to mind.

  • Voidraven Bomber: Behold, one of the most durable and powerful models in the army! 12 Wounds at T6 combined and a built-in 5++ mean that for Drukhari standards, this is one tough son of a bitch to bring down. First of all it is a bomber, and a bomb it has. Once per battle you can drop a tactical nuke on a single spot the Voidraven has moved over. Then, you roll 1D6 for each unit within 6" of that location, subtracting 1 if its a character. For each roll of 4+, the unit in question takes d6 mortal wounds. Probably worse than its previous version but now that this doesn't have a hard limit of only one squad, dumping it on top of some character in the middle of your opponent's castle is probably the best use of it for maximum rape. The Voidraven is also equipped with two Void Lances, which are +1S compared to the Dark Lances. You can switch these out for Dark Scythes which are Heavy 3, S8, AP-4, 2 damage. Both options are good for doing work after you have dropped the Bomb, they will definitely help with stripping the last few wounds off a Knight or Tank. You can take the missiles below for 15 points, and have little reason not to.
    • Voidraven Missiles Like the Razorwing, you can only fire one of these off and all of them are blast. Don't bother throwing either at vehicles though unless it'll shave off the last wound or two needed to kill it, the Voidraven's main guns will do much better.

Same as the one the Razorwing has and just as great as it. Your best bet for this plane against GEQs, as it'll punch through any saves they've got (mostly) but even against heavier infantry, the sheer strength and AP it's got will still scare them just as well.

Assault D3, S6, -3 AP, 2 Damage. Less potential shots than the Shatterfield but even better AP. With the D2 its got, it's practically begging to be thrown at MEQs. You'll be wounding them on a 3 either way regardless of missile used, so this one, with its higher AP will be felt much more by such targets in comparison, even with less shots.

  • Raven Strike Fighter: (legends) take a Razorwing and replace its missiles and Twin Splinter Rifle with a Rapid Fire 6, AP-1 Splinterstorm Cannon. Basically a normal Splinter Cannon but double the shots and rapid fire. Not terrible, yet not great... still, 20 points less than a razorwing, if you've got one.

Fast Attack[edit]


As of the new Codex, you can only take 3 Beasts per detachment, and the detachment itself must contain at least 1 Beastmaster.

  • Clawed Fiends: Horrifying but overlooked. Lots of Wounds, high Toughness and lots of attacks at high strength and AP-2 D2. Its only weakness, the 4+ WS, is remedied by the Beastmaster granting it rerolls.
  • Khymerae: Decent harassers with a 5++. Basic stat line of a marine but much cheaper and 3 cc attack, able fill up small hole in your deployment zone to deny alpha attempt.
    • Alternate Models: Dire Wolves work pretty well as a cheaper and plastic alternative. Just green stuff the undead bits and add in spikey bits and job done.
    • Alternate Models: Necrohounds from maxmini.eu make an excellent dark city style alternative.
    • Alternate Models: Displacer Beasts from D&D Nulzu's miniatures are dirt cheap, comes with a 40mm base, and they come pre-primed. Did I mention they're a dime a dozen?
  • Razorwing Flocks: Horrible Strength and Toughness of 2, but with Instant Death being a thing of the past, all you can see are the 4 wounds per flock and no longer have the insane attacks from the codex, but a fluffy -1 AP with 4 attacks each. For best results, throw them at big stuff like Wraithknights. You'll wound most things on 6+ anyway so might as well make those 6s count. 48 wounds for a maxed out unit and 48 attacks for 144 points (if I'm mathing right and not totally retarded) is great for a throwaway unit. These will either be ignored or shots will be dedicated to stopping them. Plus how badass would you feel if your Archon could just summon murders of murder birds to the field? Be sure to use these things like a tau shield drones, let your bird bois soak those lascannon shots so your raiders can nice and close. Then charge the birds in to soak the flamers in overwatch. Saves your Raider the trouble from losing out on his juicy dark lance by charging in.
    • Alternate Models: These things are disgustingly overpriced IRL. So if you aren't running tourneys and want a cheap alternative use the Murder of Crowz from zombicide. The model looks a little janky, but it might mean that you can actually afford these guys.https://youtu.be/WAvzmqw8qxI you could also get the new Ravening Direflock endless spell from AoS, which gives you 3 bases
    • Bird Block: With 4 wounds each, and insane mobility for the cost, the best uses I have found for them is to use the birdies to soak smites or send them to form a wall to stop an enemy unit moving onto an objective. Units of 4 are best for this imo. Seriously though, play GK or TS and watch their now incrementing smites need 4 casts to kill a single unit.
      • Bird Block Prime: Dropping a Razorwing Bomb into a Ynnari detachment and slapping the Yncarne down nearby lets you buff their defence with a 5++/6+++ and Morale-Immunity aura - not exactly the best use for the Yncarne, but with 3 units of 12, that's some 144 wounds to chew through! If you want absolute board control, accept no substitutes.


  • Reavers: Junkies on bikes. By Drukhari standards, Reavers are indestructible juggernauts with T4 2W and a 4+ save. They combine decent shooting (Splinter Rifle and Splinter Pistol) with decent melee (S+1 AP-1 Bladevanes). They can also take either a heat lance or a blaster for every three models in the unit, for 10 and 15 points respectively. The difference comes down to whether you prefer assault S8 AP-4 DD6 (Blaster) or heavy S8 AP-4 DD6+2 (Heat Lance). Finally, they can take either Cluster Caltrops or a Grav Talon, at a rate of one per three models for three points. The difference is, the former can deal Mortal Wounds when the Reavers Fall Back while the latter can deal Mortal Wounds when the Reavers charge. Your choice.
    • Given that it turns these guys into T5, 2W models with a 4+ save, Reavers are the best candidate for Painbringer, and it should really be your default Drug of choice. A big group of these with Cluster Caltrops is one of the best tarpits in the army that your opponent really doesn't want to fall back from.
    • With the Eviscerating Fly-By strategem, Reavers have regained their old wonderfully fluffy tactic of simply flying over something and causing damage! A unit of 9 bikes will reliably put a mortal wound or two on something which can be a nice way to soften up a target before a charge.
    • Agonisers and power swords are only 5 points so consider them on your Arena Champions if you have the spare points.
    • Remember with the 'Hunt From the Shadows' strat these guys have a 2+ save in cover.
  • Hellions: Junkies on hoverboards, now with T4 and 2W and 3 attacks base. Their glaives have been upgraded to -1AP, which stacks with Blade Artists. At 17ppm they're great at getting into melee and the bane of 2W units but, they're still tall, wide, and a squad of them has a massive footprint on the table. Don't expect their new stats to save them from bolter fire, they're still rather easy to kill but they're now actually viable.

There's really no bad combat drug combination for them as all of them improve a stat they can use. Best advice is just roll randomly for 2 effects. As far as cult obsessions, you can't go wrong with any of them. Cursed Blade is probably the most obvious choice as it takes them to S5 before combat drugs, making them even more horrific for space marines.

Blades for Hire[edit]

  • Scourges: Heavy weapon squads with wings, which somehow aren't in a Kabal, despite their fluff in the same book establishing that they used to be Kabalites and still work for the Kabals. Their stock weapon is a Shardcarbine, which is already a very nice gun, but let's be real here, you take Scourges for the clusterfuck of heavy weaponry they can schlep with them. With how specialized Haywire Blasters have become, Blasters and Dark Lances may be your best bet for general use against vehicles, but Heat Lances have received a point reduction that makes them by far the most effective anti-tank option within melta range. Splinter cannons have dropped 5 points each, and are cheaper than individual scourges. Shredders also received AP -1, so both are now valid weapon options to kit out scourges! Also don't be afraid to mix weapons as you can split your fire. The Solarite in charge of the unit can't ditch his weapon for something you'd like better, so if you're not sticking with Shardcarbines, consider him an ablative wound.

If you do want to take a Melee weapon on the Solarite, all the weapons perform about the same given the number of attacks the model has, with the Lance being best due to it actually being a Power Maul and the wielder being S3, and you should always expect to have to fight MEQ. If you want to abuse Shoot, Charge, Fallback, Shoot shenanigans to stop an enemy unit from shooting for a turn, then there are other units that do it better; however, your Scourges' mobility does let them easily support Reavers or Hellions with a follow up charge. If you are going to do this, however, in Matched Play it's best to keep the unit as cheap as possible. In Open/Narrative Play you're probably having a Casual/Fluffy game anyway so go nuts.

  • Scourge Weapon Analysis - Short Version:
    • Shardcarbines: The cheapest option and the one that gives the most mobility, at 18" Assault 3.
    • Blasters, Dark Lances, Haywire Blasters, and Heat Lances: The weapons for fighting Vehicles and Heavies.
      • Dark Lances are 36" Heavy but deal as much maximum damage as blasters, with a minimum d3+3 damage. Combine that with near double the range and it's an option between if you want your bird elves to have the mobility of a blaster or sitting back and enjoying the safety of sniping tanks with these.
      • Heat lances Almost a weird middle ground between blasters and lances. Heavy, with the same basic statline but with the possibility of even higher damage output to a maximum of 8(!) and a minimum of 3. Arguably worse on scourges than other units that can take them, given that you need to be up close for them to be effective but you take a -1 to hit for moving and firing it, given its a heavy weapon.
      • Blasters Probably the best option for anti-tank on scourges. The same cost as a heat lance but avoid all of the above headaches: you can move and shoot with them at no penalty, though with the downside of d6 damage, meaning you could roll a 1 and wind up tickling your target.
      • Haywire Blasters An interesting option, to say the least. 24" puts them between blasters and lances in terms of range, Heavy d3 shots means more possible damage than the others, while retaining the move penalty. Against vehicles, it auto-wounds on a 4+. They aren't mortal wounds any more but they've got a respectable AP of -3 and d3 damage, with 6s doing d3 mortals in addition. Against non-vehicles, it's S3 while retaining the -3 AP and d3 damage. This makes it... questionable against other targets but the odd wound it might land will still hurt.
    • Shredders The cheapest gun and the exact same gun Kabalites can take, Assault d6 S6 AP -1 D1, blast. Better against infantry than a normal shardcarbine with the exact same range, though of course being d6 shots means a bad roll can fuck it over. Aim it at hordes to avoid this and it'll work wonders though. The strength on it also allows it to chip off the odd wound on lighter vehicles and bikes too, though those will usually have better saves to shrug off its minimal AP.
    • Splinter Cannons Heavy 3, meaning you're taking the penalty to move and shoot with them while gaining -1 AP and D2. Better against marines than shardcarbines and shredders, though you've got better ways of getting poison onto the field. You do, however get the same range as a Dark Lance, so in theory you could use these as an option for scourges that wanna sit back and pick off infantry units.
    • Scourge Weapon Analysis - tl;dr Version:
      • Your safest defaults are a Shardcarbine/Power Lance Solarite (though why the fuck you would want them in melee I'll never know) with 4 Shredders for hunting light targets or 4 Blasters for hunting heavy targets. Every other option you can take is more complex and requires more thought.

Heavy Support[edit]


  • Cronos: The support Engine. The Cronos comes stock with spirit syphon, a heavy flamer with AP-2 that does 2 damage on 6s to Wound. For 10 points you can add a spirit vortex that does nearly the same but without the auto-hits, in exchange for being Blast and having extra 6" of range. More importantly, it can also take a spirit probe for measly 5 points. This lets DRUKHARI CORE and DRUKHARI CHARACTER units within 6" reroll 1s to Wound in melee, which makes your Taloses and Grotesques even scarier. In addition, each time it kills any model in melee with its spirit-leech tentacles, you can choose one DRUKHARI CORE unit within 6" to either heal 1 Wound, or restore a lost model at 1 Wound. S5 AP-1 is not that bad, but with 4 attacks at WS4+ the Cronos won't exactly blend entire hordes into spirit-juice. Still, it can resurrect a dead Talos for the Haemonculus to heal even further.
  • Talos: The killy Engine. Can serve both as an anvil and a battering ram of your army, with more emphasis placed on one of these roles depending on the choice of Obsession and wargear. The standard load-out of 2 macro-scalpels and 2 splinter cannons offers decent MEQ-removing capability thanks to multiple Damage 2 attacks. However, each arm and the tail weapon can be swapped for a variety of anti-infantry and/or anti-armour tools depending on its designated role. Only the Talos gauntlet and twin liqufier gun cost any additional points.
    • Melee weapons: Chain-flails grant each Talos 10 S6 attacks, which sounds nice until you notice AP0. This amounts to hitting enemy units with big, heavy pillows, although that is indeed a lot of attacks to potentially proc Blade Artists with, for what it's worth. The default pair of macro-scalpels can do some solid work against heavy infantry as well as light vehicles and monsters, especially if you boost their Strength. However, despite some disadvantages, the Talos gauntlet is a superior weapon; for +5 points it can easily destroy Gravis marines and crack some big, tough targets. The Talos ichor injector is also an interesting option to add some mortal wounds to the damage output. All in all, the macro-scalpels shouldn't disappoint, but if you want to send your Taloi against the most durable foes, gauntlet + ichor injector is worth considering.
    • 1 Macro Scalpel + 1 Twin Liquifier: There's a strong argument to be made that a twin Liquifier will do more work than an extra scalpel. They got buffed during the codex update to str 4 AP -2 making them a bit killier than they were, and +1 attack from having a second Scalpel is unlikely to have the same impact as on average seven autohits from the liquifiers. You will be dishing out 15 extra points for the privilege however.
    • Choosing tail weapons: Pain Engines suffer from BS 4+, so their shooting weapons should be chosen with care depending on what role you want your big boys to play. Luckily, with the new Codex they're now all free! Splinter cannons give them some extra anti-infantry firepower, but reduce their effectiveness against vehicles. Haywire blasters are effective against vehicles: a squad of three Taloi puts out 6D3 S3 AP-3 DD3 shots which succesfully wound vehicles on 4+, and on 6+ cause additional D3 mortal wounds. The odd inclusion of Blast makes them not-terrible against most infantry, but be mindful of the low Strength. Heat lances are basically super-blasters that grant the ability to pop units that are big and sturdy from afar (or up close, you can shoot in melee now). The stinger pod is probably the worst choice out of all, potentially giving your Talos the most shots per gun (2D6) if you roll well, but with a worse statline compared to its closest competitor: the twin splinter cannons.
    • You can turn these fellows into nice DISTRACTION CARNIFEXES by giving them an Ichor Injector, Talos Gauntlet, and Haywire Blasters. A jittery imperial with his Knight Crusader will shoot at it until this thing is totally dead, giving your real units all the time they need to move in.
    • Artists of the Flesh: The anvil. With native defensive stats of T6 W7 and 3+/6++/5+++ saves, Talos is durable for a Drukhari unit. Nearby Haemonculus can and should boost the Toughness to 7. As to Obsessions, the Prophets of Flesh are not quite what they used to be: regenerating 1 Wound per unit at the start of your Command Phase is underwhelming, and the defensive buff against weapons that are below S8 is useless to a boosted Talos. Pick Artists of the Flesh if you intend to rely on the big guys as the damage sponges in your army: reducing incoming Damage by 1 (to a minimum of 1) will increase their survivability a great deal - they will attract lots of high-damage attacks, only to laugh them off a lot of the time.
    • Experimental Creations: The battering ram. Macro-scalpels that strike at S8 become significantly more effective against vehicles and monsters, and the Talos gauntlet also enjoys S9 against some of the hardest opponents. This is merely a half of the build, though, because you pick another custom Obsession to accompany this one. Hungry for Flesh provides a useful re-roll to charges; Master Torturers reduce the CP cost of the Torturer's Craft stratagem (re-roll all melee wounds in a fight phase) to 1 CP; Splinterblades generate an additional hit for each unmodified Hit roll of 6, which is virtually +1 attack for every double-scalpel Talos.
    • Dark Technomancers: The dakka build. Take a twin liquifier gun, and a heat lance for the tail weapon. Now, you can enhance either or both so they receive +1 Damage and +1 to Wound. Sure, overclocking the heat lance might be overkill, but you're playing Drukhari - moderation isn't really one of their core principles. The TLG, though, is the main star of this combo: 2D6 auto-hitting attacks with S4 AP-2 D2 and +1 to Wound are going to ruin almost any infantry unit's day. And don't worry about the mortal wounds suffered on Hit rolls of 1 - the auto-hitting twin liquifier gun is completely safe. If you decide to enhance the heat lances, the low amount of shots and 5+++ FNP will reduce self-harm damage to a minimum. If you keep a Haemonculus or Cronos in the proximity (you should), they can be easily healed. The enemy, though, will most likely remain a boiling puddle of blood-red goo once you're done shooting.


  • Ravager: More survivable than the Raider, the Ravager is somewhat sturdier with an additional Wound. Similarly, built-in Night Shields provide a 5++ save against all ranged weapons. Because Heavy weapons do not suffer penalties to Hit rolls for moving when equipped on Vehicles, it has got an effective threat range of 50" at full accuracy. That, and the ability of Dark Lances to deal reliable D3+3 Damage at S8 AP-4 means the enemy won't escape and will die when you shoot them. Use this mobility to dictate the terms of battle and stay away from enemy charges. Disintegrators are a good choice if you want to erase enemy MEQ or Bikers from existence, at 5 points more each. It can also take the same upgrades as a Raider, minus the Splinter Racks, though most you can probably skip.
    • Black Heart Ravagers can re-roll one to Hit for a welcome boost to accuracy, especially when firing Dark Lances. On the other hand, Obsidian Rose Ravagers receive +6" of range and can re-roll one to Wound, delivering greater pain from a greater distance.

All Factions[edit]

  • Reaper (Forge World): The One Big Gun alternative to the Ravager. Somewhat more expensive than the Disintegrator Cannon variant. The weapon has got two firing modes: the first is 24" range Blast with 2D6 shots at S6 AP-1 to eradicate GEQ units, the second is 36" range beam with D6 Dark Lance shots to vaporize a tank or a monster. Now with the new 9th edition rules, you don't have to worry about moving with heavy weapons. Moreover, the Reaper is no slouch in CC thanks to 3 bladevane attacks + one that can be done with the prow blade at S6 AP-2 D2. Overall, a tactically flexible skimmer.
  • Tantalus (Forge World): Drukhari Superheavy. No, really. 18 Wounds at T7 and 3+ armour is insane for the faction's standards. Two Pulse Disintegrators fire a total of 12 shots at 36" range, with S8 AP-3 D2. In close combat, it's got 6 S7 AP-2 D2 attacks which hit at 4+, and on the charge it inflicts D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ roll to all enemy units within Engagement Range. When the Tantalus Advances, you simply add 12" movement value. Combine that with Open-topped transport capacity of 16 (works the same as a Raider's) to complete the most powerful model in the army. The price for that is your wallet, your soul, and a hefty points cost. Nevertheless, 9th Edition changes make it significantly more attractive than before, now that it costs "only" as much as 2 Disintegrator Ravagers instead of exceeding the cost of 3 as it used to.
    • Given its size, strength, and points cost, Tantalus is a prime target for heavy enemy firepower. Using the Lightning-Fast Reactions stratagem on it may well be the difference between being reduced to a smouldering wreck or laughing in the face of that unlucky Shadowsword gunner.
    • Black Heart Tantalus: Want a first turn charge? Total 28" of movement and then charge on a model with Fly.
    • Cursed Blade Tantalus: Your melee attacks have got a Strength of 8.
    • Dark Technomancers Tantalus: Fire 12 S8 AP-3 D3 shots with +1 to Wound at the cost of suffering D3 MWs for each gun that makes a Hit roll of one, for some genuine Drukhari-style sadomasochistic volley of death.


  • Webway Portal: For 95points you can take this giant arch. Fluffwise, it is the very reason of Eldar trollobility to suddently appear somewhere, where they completely shouldn't be. Crunchwise, it is still a giant arch with T8, 14 wounds, 3+ and 5++ which helps you to deep strike your units. It is set up anywhere on the battlefield more than 12" from enemy deployment zone and their units during your deployment and, of course, is immobile after that. What it allows you to do, is to be able to set some of your AELDARI units in the Webway (aka Necron style Tomb World), but, aside from 1 unit per gate (aka 1 unit per Night Scythe) restriction, you also must be 9" away from enemy, just like for normal deep strike AND within 3" from the gate. Of course, if the gate is destroyed, all units, that were in the gate's Webway (the Webway from Webway Portal stratagem is not the same one, so that doesn't count) are slain. On the one part, it does let you save some CP for not using aforementioned Webway Portal strat and, furthermore, allows you to deep strike your Vehicles on the contrary to it. Still, the restriction for model placement (9" away from the enemy and within 3" of the gate itself) poses a large threat that your opponent just bubble-wrap your nice and large gate with infantry blob, thus making actually using the gate a bit of "Risk-Reward" tactics, if not even a bit of a doubtfull one. The model is very nice thou, so don't restrain yourself from using it as a piece of terrain.
    • Keep in mind, that to use Webway Gate specific Stratagems from Harlequins Codex you need to have a small detachment of this nice and deadly murderclowns (and pray to any god of your choice for this to be FAQed and Labyrinth Laughs and Webway Ambush to be accessible to all AELDARI, as it actually affects all of them).


Kabal of the Black Heart[edit]

Vect's very own, and the top dogs in the city of Commorragh. You can also find them as the box art of any Kabalite units.
On the tabletop, they are taken for Agents of Vect, their obsession affecting blades for hire, and the relic + warlord trait in that order.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Thirst for Power: +1 to the turn on the Power from Pain table. This also applies to any Blades for Hire if you run a Realspace Raid formation. Your units also gain +1 to Leadership and can re-roll a failed hit roll
    • The PFP boost won't get as much use as it would have for the Cults or Covens since the Power from Pain table mostly buffs melee and the Kabals are by and large a ranged force, but it does mean you start the game already able to re-roll Advance and Charge distances and your Incubi will absolutely thank you. The archon and the melee units in his court will benefit from this the most.
    • While the Obsession bonus might seem mediocre at first, remember about the excellent Warlord Trait, Relic, and Stratagem it unlocks as part of the package.
  • Warlord Trait - Labyrinthine Cunning: While your warlord is on the field, roll a d6 each time you or your opponent spends a command point to use a stratagem. On a 6, you gain one command point. It may not be original, but that's never stopped it from being useful. Pair it with Agents of Vect and your opponent will strongly reconsider using any kind of Stratagem against you.
  • Relic - Writ of the Living Muse: Archon only. Allows friendly Kabal of the Black Heart core units within 6" to reroll 1s to wound, though this expands to Blades for Hire in a Realspace Raid detachment.
  • Stratagems - Agents of Vect (0 CP): Once per game, whenever the enemy uses a stratagem that isn't Command Re-Roll, you can trigger this. Any time the enemy wants to use this stratagem again, they need to spend an additional CP. It's a far cry from the straight-up middle finger last edition gave you, but it can prove just as inconvenient if your enemy is trigger-happy with their stratagems.


Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue[edit]

Lady Malys' personal Kabal, and some of the biggest shitbird bastards Commoragh has ever seen.
On the tabletop, they give a boost to poisoned weapons in general, which you've got no shortage of and a few obnoxious tricks that mess with leadership and positioning.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - The Serpent's Kiss: Attacks with poisoned weapons increase the Poisoned Weapon trait by 1, up to a maximum of 2+. Additionally, units that have lost a model from an attack made by a poisoned weapon equipped by a model with this Obsession will take -1 to their Combat Attrition tests.
  • Warlord Trait - Towering Arrogance: The warlord gains a 5+ FNP. They also gain a 6" aura that lets friendly Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue units to roll combat attrition checks without penalty
    • The 5+ FNP isn't bad on its own, and can definitely help when your archon's shadowfield inevitably fails on you.
  • Relics - Soul-Seeker : Archon only, upgrades a splinter pistol with 2+ poison, +6" range, +1 shot, -1AP, changes D from 1 to 1d3. This baby also ignores cover and can snipe enemy characters. Still a pistol, though. Very useful for character hunting, which isn't out of place for an Archon.


  • Insidious Misdirection (2 CP): Use before the first battle round. Allows you to redeploy 3 Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue units. If your mission has strategic reserves, they can also be placed into it for no extra cost.
    • Just amazing, savor the look on your opponent's face when you redeploy your ravagers far away from any units that threaten them.


Kabal of the Flayed Skull[edit]

Flayed Skull are the air force of the Drukhari. They are obsessed with aircraft and the skies, to the point their archons get offended when they even see other races aircraft. They brag to the other kabals that they can commit raids of entire planets without a single one of their own touching the ground, which is possible with tons of Raider skimmers. Interestingly, they gained most of their popularity from the citadel painting suppliment 'Raiders of Commoragh', where the archon, Malidrach Vrasque, was shown to be a cool conversion which almost every drukhari player follows given how shit the current archon model is, easily improved by slapping a jetbike helm instead of the head. They also, hands down, have the coolest colour scheme in maybe all of 40K. Red armour with elite units like Incubi having pristine white with red helms. Fuck yeah.

On the tabletop, they (insert play description).

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Slay from the Sky: +2" movement to all units with Fly. Enemies cannot benefit from light cover when attacked by these units or any models embarked upon them (meaning your Raiders are extra-happy).
    • The upshot of this is that all your vehicles are faster, their splinter rifles and cannons are more accurate, and they're able to ignore light cover for good measure
  • Warlord Trait - Famed Savagery: Get +1A and +1S to the Archon. Useful if you want to kit out an Assault Archon using the Husk/Djinn Blade.
  • Relics - Obsidian Veil: Archon only. Gain a 4++ Invuln. Absolute auto-include because that shadowfield is going to die on you eventually. This and Sslyth bodyguards are the only way to survive a turn after it goes down.

Stratagem - Masters of the Shadowed Sky (1 CP): Gives a Kabal of the Flayed Skull unit +1 to hit when shooting at a unit with Fly, upping to a +2 when shooting a unit with Aircraft. Perfect for negating the hard to hit rule on most aircraft, and since the Flayed Skull specializes in flyers themselves it'll help their Razorwings dominate even further. Also gives you a hilariously Drukhari way of shooting out Jump Pack equipped characters as well.


Kabal of the Obsidian Rose[edit]

The finest gunsmiths and arms dealers in the Dark City, the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose specialize in creating the best guns available to the Drukhari. Their Flawless Workmanship Obsession provides an extra 6" range for all Assault, Rapid Fire, and Heavy weapons used by members of this Kabal, including their transports and support vehicles. (Notably, the extra 6" range does not work on Blast pistols, but does work on Blasters and Shredders.) The extended range of their weapons lends itself fairly well to a classic gunline tactic, which seeks to punish the enemy at range rather than get close.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Flawless Workmanship: +6 to the range of all assault, rapid fire, and heavy weapons. Does not apply to relics.
    • 24" Blasters and 42" Dark Lances? Put a unit of 10 Warriors with 2 Blasters inside a Dark Lance Raider to obtain a Ravager Lite with some anti-infantry firepower to boot.
    • Remember that this will also increase the Rapid Fire range of your splinter rifles (15") and splinter cannons (21"); while this may not seem big on paper, remember that every inch you can put between you and your opponent is potentially -1 to the likelihood of them making that charge.
    • Also note that this buffs the range of your Shredders, making them the same range as unbuffed blasters, making them a fair bit more viable.
  • Warlord Trait - Deathly Perfectionist: The Warlord's weapons gain +1S. Does not affect relics. Really only worthwhile when fighting other flimsy guys, but this does make the blast pistol extra cruel and the power sword more worthwhile.
  • Relic - The Armour of Misery: Archon only. Grants a 3+ armour save, and enemies have a -1 to hit in the fight phase. Gives your Archon a good amount of protection after his Shadowfield has burnt out (which we know will definitely happen at the worst possible time - aka the 1st time).
  • Stratagem - Failure is Not an Option (1 CP): Use when a Kabal of the Obsidian Rose unit fails a combat attrition test. Any models that flee can still make a swing or shot before they run for the hills. If this causes even a single enemy model to be slain, none of your models flee. Maximum sized units can turn what might have otherwise been a devastating loss in the morale phase into an unexpected gain thanks to this, taking an extra chunk out of your opponent's army without actually losing anybody. (Keep in mind that from turn four onward, any unit with the Power From Pain rule becomes Emboldened by Bloodshed, making them automatically pass their Morale tests, rendering this Stratagem worthless.)


Cult of the Cursed Blade[edit]

Your goth gym rat wyches who like to backstab, moreso than their typical kin. They may not have the flash and finesse of some of the other cults but they know that a blade through the spine can kill someone just fine.
Do you need mortal wounds? In an army with a lack of psykers to smite, that answer very well could be yes. With succeded saves on your units dealing a mortal wound whenever you get a 6, a relic and warlord trait that also crap out mortal wounds, you sure won't be hurting for them by any means.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Only the Strong Will Survive: All units get +1S. In addition, whenever they roll a 6 on their saves in melee, the enemy who hit them suffers 1 MW.

Warlord Trait - Treacherous Deceiver: Each unmodified save roll of 4+ made by the Warlord in the fight phase causes the attacker to take a mortal wound. Essentially a buffed obsession.

    • Suicide Succubi anyone?

Relic - Traitor's Embrace: Succubus only. If the bearer is slain in the Fight phase, the unit that killed it takes 3+d3 mortal wounds on a 2+. Stratagems - Venomous Shardbombs (1 CP): When an enemy charges a unit of Cult of the cursed Blade Wyches, You can make overwatch before the charge is rolled, chucking up to 5 plasma grenades with 2+ poison so you can shove middle fingers at the fools.


Cult of Strife[edit]

The Cult of Strife is to Wyches what the Kabal of the Black Heart is to Kabals: poster boys, good all rounders, and led by a named character that you can field. Lelith Hesperax got a rules rework this edition and is Drukhari exclusive despite having run off with Yvraine in the fluff.
These guys run well as minimum strength units with a shardnet and impaler that can jet around in venoms and tie up valuable units or use their extra attacks to clear chaff. Their strategem of fighting a second time can be absolutely silly on large blobs but still relies on getting that blob into combat intact. Blood dancer becomes very good after battle round 3 when you're generating multiple hits on a 5+. Slap that on a succubus with the Triptych Whip and watch your model with 4 base attacks do 8 wounds or watch Lelith Hesperax chew through a smash captain then attack again and skewer a lieutenant.
Did I also mention they got their own supplement?

Special Rules

  • Obsession - The Spectacle of Murder: Always fight first and adds +1 to charge rolls if they target an enemy unit that isn't already engaged with another unit.
    • A considerable downgrade from last edition, but this does drive home how important using the nets will be.
  • Warlord Traits
    • Blood Dancer: When rolling a nat 6 to hit in the fight phase, that attack counts as 3 hits instead of 1. Lelith Hesperax has this, and boy, does she benefit from it.
    • Competitive Edge: Each time this warlord fights, if all of its attacks target one enemy unit, after resolving all of those attacks, it can make a number of additional attacks against that enemy equal to the number of attacks that did not reach the inflict damage step.
    • Unparalleled Agility: attackers suffer -1 to hit and wound.
    • Master Executioner: The warlord can reroll all wound rolls.
  • Relic
    • Phial Bouquet: Gain the effect of a random drug every round, in addition to the currently selected drug. If the randomly chosen drug is the same as the one the bearer is already under the effects of, the bonuses stack.
    • Morvaine's Agoniser: Replaces an Agoniser. strength user, AP -3, 1 damage. poisoned 4+. after all attacks have been resolved, select one enemy unit that was hit by an attack made with this weapon. until the start of your next turn, that enemy cannot fall back. Cannot affect vehicles or monsters. Ties into the obsession pretty nicely, though pretty much just a big shardnet.
    • Garland of Spite: Provides two benefits. At the start of the fight phase, select one enemy model, excluding monster of vehicle, within engagement range. Until the end of that phase, halve that model's attacks characteristic. In addition, each time a melee attack is made by the bearer, that attack automatically hits the target.
    • Glaive Exquisite: Replaces an archite glaive. melee, s +2, AP -5, 2 d. +1 to wound against enemies with ld 8 or more. take a mortal wound if used against any other unit. Weak, almost useless against guard. Strongest against high leadership armies like marines or custodes. Fun fact, a surprising number of tanks have leadership 8.
    • Dark Lotus Toxin: +1 strength and damage to all melee weapons the bearer is equipped with, simple but efficient.
  • Stratagem
    • No Method of Death Beyond Our Grasp (2 CP): Once per turn, at the end of the shooting or fighting phase, a Cult of Strife unit can fight or shoot again. Not nearly the nonstop rollercoster of murders, but you can use it to guarantee that a unit actually dies.
    • Art of the Kill (2/3 CP): (Battle Tactic) Use in the fight phase. Until the end of the phase, the unit can reroll the wound rolls. costs 3CP if there are 11 or more models in the unit
    • Dance of Death (1 CP): (Battle Tactic) Use in the movement or charge phase. can move over enemies units as if they weren't there. Parkour ninja elves.
    • Invigorated by Evisceration (1 CP): (Battle Tactic) Use after an infantry or bike unit destroys an enemy unit in melee. models in that unit gain a 4+ invul until the beginning of your next turn.
    • The Blade Well Placed (2 CP): (Battle Tactic) use in the fight phase when a unit is chosen to fight. All models in the unit improve the AP of their weapons by 1.
    • Deadly Exemplar (1 CP): (Epic Deed) Use after your succubus kills a monster or character. Until the end of the battle, all Cult of Strife units can reroll 1s to wound as if they were in the succubus' aura. Literally no reason not to use this if you manage to get it off (unless you're out of CP I guess).
    • Flawless Approach (1 CP): (Strategic Ploy) Use in the charge phase, select one infantry unit. Opponents cannot overwatch, set to defend, or hold steady against them.
    • Pick Them Apart (2 CP): (Strategic Ploy) Use in the movement phase when a Cult of Strife unit falls back. They can still shoot and/or charge.
    • Hekatrix of the Crucibael (1 CP): (Requisition) Upgrades one of your Hekatrix (aka Wych cult sergeant) to have one of the following relics; Dark Lotus Toxin, Garland of Spite, or Morvaine's Agoniser.

Special Characters

  • Lelith Hesperax: The Queen of the Arena. Instead of doing drugs, she simply chooses between either being able to charge despite charging/falling back or being able to fight again after killing someone. Quicksilver Dodge grants a 4+ invuln that works outside of melee with a bonus -1 to being hit, and she still has bucketloads of attacks that will basically never miss. Natural Escape grants her the bonus of a free shardnet. Even things with Storm Shields might not be able to count on their invulnerable saves protecting them from all of her attacks.

And does she ever have attacks,coming in with 7, her blades granting +1S AP -3 D 1 while proccing extra hits on 6s. Clearly more suited to hunting footsloggers, her main objective is to bury enemies beneath attacks, with (a substantially low but still theoretically) possible 14/28 attacks if you opt to use her ability to fight twice in a phase. This goes of course double for Characters, what with her innate re-rolls of both failed hits and wounds against them, meaning she does an approximate average of 3/6 wounds to a space marine captain per fight phase. Making her your warlord (which you should 100% do, or at least pay to give her one) and those 6s will do an additional 3 hits too. Tactics

Cult of the Red Grief[edit]

Fast, fast, extra fast. These guys are the speed demons of the arena, only touching the ground when there's a kill to be had, sometimes not even bothering to stop.
Red Grief is a Reavers best friend. It turns them from fast and dangerous to ludicrously fast and dangerous. A 38" charge threat on flying models can get them from your deployment zone to an enemy's back line potentially doing eviscerating flyby damage on the way. The Blood Glaive and Hyper-Swift reflexes are both good on Succubi and let her put out some absurd damage for her points cost. Don't forget this applies to your transports too, giving your venoms and raiders turn 1 charges as well. Alas, Red Grief does little to augment the survivability or damage output of Wyches and most improves the overcosted Reavers, so they mostly appear in non-competitive lists.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - The Speed of the Kill: Re-rolls on the charge and add +2 on advance rolls.
    • At first, the re-roll on the charge seems to only matter if you are trying to launch a first turn charge, since PFP will give this naturally on turn 2. However, it also allows your vehicles to join the fun. You can reliably charge with EVERYTHING in a Red Grief raiding party turn 1.
    • The Deep Strike rules have killed off Alpha Strike lists in favour of Gunline lists, so this is one of the only competitive choices.
  • Warlord Trait - Hyper-Swift Reflexes: Any rolls to hit on a 1-3 will absolutely never hit. Ever. Just the thing to piss off any hero-killers.
  • Relic - Blood Glaive: An Archite Glaive with D3. Not much else to say but take it and engage blender mode!
  • Stratagem - Athletic Aerialist (1 CP): When consolidating after combat, you can move a Cult of the Red Grief unit 6" towards the nearest transport, allowing them to embark on it as if it was the Movement phase - even if they already disembarked from that transport on the same turn.


Prophets of Flesh[edit]

The coven poster boys they are led by notable sick fuck Urien Rakarth, inheritor and exemplar of the fine Aeldari traditions that gave birth to Slaanesh. When it comes to making flesh monsters these guys are simply the best there is. Closely allied with Vect and masters of the cloning technology that keeps Commorragh running the Prophets of Flesh are the most influential and powerful coven.
Pre custom obsessions from 8th edition, if you saw coven units on the tabletop it was these guys. 4++ on everyone? Incredible. Diabolical Soothsayer to make Alliance of agony better than free? Incredible. Vexator Mask for no overwatch and being able to slap always fights last on something? Incredible. Urien Rakarth, unkillable and bumping your already great monsters even more? Incredible. Black Cornucopians to bring back a depleted unit of wracks or teleport one to an opposite table edge? Incredible (if a bit situational). A big downside is it sets up a rather predictable strategy of cluster your heavy hitters around a haemonculus or two and run it at the enemy. Not a bad strategy and fits well with a lot of Drukhari armies, but a bit slow and inflexible. The custom obsessions let coven units fill some different roles but Prophets of Flesh will still give you a tough core with a few neat tricks, even after being reworked these guys are still plenty fine.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Connoisseurs of Pain: Your units will ignore any attacks that roll a 1-3 to wound unless they're at S8. In addition, all Characters, Monsters and Grotesques can heal a wound each turn. Not as powerful as the old obsession but it still bolsters their staying power.
  • Warlord Trait - Diabolical Soothsayer: WheneverThe first time this model is set up, you can choose to adding +1 to either Toughness and Wounds or Movement and Attacks for the game, letting you change just how he can serve his army. Urien Rakarth has this.
  • Relics - Vexator Mask: No overwatch against the bearer. At the start of the Fight phase, choose a unit within 3"; that unit fights last. Definitely nice if you don't want your 20 man of wracks to be eaten by a squad armed with flamers.
  • Stratagems - Sins Writ Large (1/2 CP): Use at the start of the fight phase. Select one Prophets of Flesh Infantry unit within 6" of their haemonculus. Until the end of the phase, this unit can re-roll all hits. This is upped to 2CP if you picked a Grotesque pack. A solid boost to a unit's kill potential.

Special Characters

  • Urien Rakarth: Dead hard, and awesome in all the ways a Haemy is awesome. T5 (Possibly T6 depending on how you use your WT), and halves damage; this dude will take a lot of firepower to bring down. However, being equipped with only a meh Ichor Injector and some bog-standard Haemonculus Tools (on top of a single-use Casket of Flensing for a weak flamer), he is none too scary in melee. He can inflict mortal wounds on enemies in front of him on a 6+, though, which can act as a deterrent against enemy charges.
    • He now buffs Prophets of Flesh Core units' Strength and Leadership too. Wracks won't notice much, but your Grotesques and Pain Engines will. See your opponents' faces as your menagerie drills a hole through their army.
    • Did I also mention, that even as tough as this bastard is to put down, he can also resurrect once per battle on a roll of 2+ with d3 wounds remaining?


Dark Creed[edit]

This coven likes to court its pain and bring you the wagyu of suffering rather than the McDonalds buffet that the Prophets of Flesh provide. They massage their prey's fear, let it graze wild, and harvest it at its most nourishing.
These guys are fun and fluffy but don't quite make the competitive cut. As part of an Aeldari list they can set up great leadership bombs. The relic can help turn your haemonculi into a mortal wound dealing monster. Unfortunately they suffer from a lack of synergy and the unreliability of morale bombs. You don't have shooty enough units for the stratagem to be worth it (it's funny on a Tantalus or a Reaper, but so are most things) and the units most likely to fail from a morale bomb will either be valuable enough to auto-pass or cheap enough that they were supposed to die anyways. Save the elaborate maneuvers for your wyches, let your coven just slap things around.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Distillers of Fear: Models in this army gain a 6" aura that deals -1 Ld to enemies and -1 to combat attrition checks. In addition, anytime your units attack an enemy unit that has a Ld score lower than their own, you add +1 to hit.
  • Warlord Trait - Fear Incarnate: At the end of the Movement phase, roll 3d6 for each unit within 9" of the Warlord. If the result is higher than that unit's highest LD, that unit can no longer perform actions and loses ObSec. Not quite as useful as before, but it will be painful when objectives become the bigger deal.
  • Relics - Spirit Sting: A 3 shot stinger pistol, AP-3 that negates all invulns. It's a literal tube of FUCK YOU towards things like storm shields.
  • Stratagem - An Esoteric Kill, Delivered From Afar (2/3 CP): Allows a Dark Creed Core/Character unit to shoot at enemy character even if they are not the closest. Coven units are not exactly known for their shooting, but this stratagem can allow a Talos with Heat Lances to snipe a character. Try not to miss. Has good synergy with the Dark Creed relic pistol, 3 shots hitting on 2s, wounding on 2s, ignoring almost any save is pretty menacing and gets really dangerous to even tough characters as the game goes on and they start losing wounds. Ironic, given the "From Afar" part of the stratagem's name if used on a 12" pistol. Increased to 3CP if used on a Talos.


Coven of Twelve[edit]

These fine gentleman pride themselves on being the best of the best. Constantly circle jerking/attempting to murder each other, the twelve (eleven, since Urien never actually shows up) are in an endless game of one upmanship to make the fanciest toys out of their living captives.
The extra ap from their obsession doesn't hurt, but it doesn't help enough to take these guys typically. Sure you can shoot into combat and maybe kill some of your own guys which is fun and may be how you want to play a game, but very situational. The warlord trait is less good than just taking the -1 damage custom obsession and the relic is mostly useful against characters in melee, which isn't usually where you want your haemonculus to be.

Special Rules

  • Obsession - Butchers of Flesh: All melee weapons improve their AP by 1 (0 ap becomes -1), which does not apply to relics. Helps compensate for the generally poor ap of coven melee weapons and turns agonisers into poisoned power swords. They can also shoot despite doing some other objective like capping objectives, which is less useful in most cases.
  • Warlord Trait - Scarlet Epicurean: Reduce incoming damage by 1, down to a minimum of 1. Usually better than Master Regenesist in melee, but if you're trying to survive sniper rifles, remember that it won't reduce incoming mortal wounds at all, unlike Master Regenesist (if you live long enough to roll to recuperate).
  • Relics - Flensing blade: Replaces Haemonculus Tools. -2 AP, d3 D which maxes out against enemy characters.
  • Stratagem - A Most Inventive Demise (1 CP): Whenever your Coven of the Twelve haemonculus consolidates, select an enemy character that isn't a Monster or Vehicle and roll a d6. On a 2-5, they eat d3 MWs, but on a 6 they take 3+d3 MWs. A funny way to shiv a fucker before you can even fight them.




in the grim darkness of the far future ...
Ever since the rebirth of Yvraine in the heart of Commorragh the Drukhari have had a mixed relationship with the reborn. Lelith Hesperax immediately flipped to the Ynnari after seeing someone reborn in front of her and brought a good chunk of wyches with her. Vect was mad that Eldrad had out dicked him and that someone had stolen Lelith away from him, but other kabals saw promise and hope in rebirth and fell in line. The Covens will have none of this feel-good hopeful nonsense and are quite happy to keep doing what they're doing.
Crunch wise the Ynnari can bring cult and Kabal units in a single detachment along with the Ynnari keyword with Strength from Death taking the place of your obsession. These guys pair excellently with cults. Psychic bonuses from Yvraine and the Yncarne make wyches tougher, faster, and stronger and do even more for beast units turning razorwing flocks into iron walls. The Ynnari tend to have huge potential but expect your opponent to go hard the support characters that make your army extra dangerous.

Special Rules

Strength from Death

  • Reborn Drukhari - Strength from Death: Whenever any unit is destroyed, all Ynnari units fight first in the fight phase for the rest of the turn. If they already could or just charged, they also add +1 to their hit rolls.
    • As Reborn Drukhari replaces <Kabal> and <Wych Cult> and no longer removes Power from Pain, this basically serves the same role as your obsession. Though it has become an army wide buff, Strength from Death has redefined the Ynnari as an explicitly melee oriented faction.
  • Allies of the Reborn: Incubus, Beasts and Scourge units never benefit from Strength from Death, although they can be included in Ynnari detachments without preventing other units from gaining the rule.
    • Mandrakes and <Haemonculi Coven> may never be included in Ynnari detachments.

Revenant Discipline Since Drukhari never had their own psykers to begin with, these are only available to Yvraine and the Yncarne, these powers allow them to play both a supportive and offensive role for your army.

  1. Gaze of Ynnead: Essentially Smite on crack, this WC 6 power deals damage based on a D6; a roll of 1 results in 1 Mortal Wound, 2-5 causes 1d3 Mortal Wounds, and a 6 results in 1d6 Mortal Wounds on the target. This is perfect for either softening up a hardy unit or vehicle, or dispatching whatever battle-worn foes didn't quite bite it last turn.
    • This power does 48.45% the damage of Smite for the Yncarne and 58.33% the damage for Yvraine; the only reasons to cast it are that it is targetable, and a given Psyker can cast both it and Smite. It can be a solid offensive tool in the hands of Yvraine, but you'll ideally pick it up mid-battle when some of her warlock meat shields get chewed up rather than starting out with the power.
  2. Storm of Whispers An AoE aura attack, this WC 6 power lets you roll 3D6 dice per enemy unit within 6" of the caster; every roll of a 6 hits the unit in question with a mortal wound. An alright power that can do work in the hands of the Yncarne, but probably not an ideal choice for Yvraine.
  3. Word of the Phoenix: WC 5, this ability no longer triggers Soulburst, but rather allows the targeted Ynnari Infantry or Ynnari Biker within 18" to heal D3 wounds or resurrect one model, who comes back with a single wound remaining. Finally, a semi-reliable way to heal your units! Suffice to say this is a fantastic supporting power for your bikers, who can afford to take a few hits.
  4. Unbind Souls A WC 6 malus that allows units to re-roll wound rolls for melee attacks against the targeted unit. It synergizes fairly well with the new Soulburst and is relatively easy to cast without much hassle.
  5. Shield of Ynnead A slightly more challenging WC 7 power that grants all Ynnari units within 6" of the Psyker a 5+ invulnerability save. This works for literally everything in your army and can be a fantastic tool for your infantry, beasts, bikers, and even vehicles.
  6. Ancestor's Grace: This power allows the targeted friendly unit to re-roll hit rolls of 1 until your next Psychic phase, so both shooting and melee. A nice supplemental power, but odds are you may already have an Archon or a Succubus with an aura providing exactly the same benefit to multiple units.

Warlord Traits Yup, after nearly two years of going without, Ynnari armies finally have access to their own unique Warlord traits. Due to the way Ynnari detachments now work, so long as a named Ynnari character is in the detachment, you may name take it as a Ynnari detachment and name any generic HQ as your warlord if you so wish. All non-Ynnari named characters cannot join a Ynnari detachment anymore, so no Drahzar or Lilith Hesperax for you. Also, it goes without saying the Kabal and Wych Cult traits are off limits.

  1. Lord of Rebirth: Heal one wound a turn automatically and ignore wounds on a 5+. You already have FnP from Power From Pain, but the ability to heal is nice.
  2. Warden of Souls: Whenever your Warlord is affected by Soulburst, and +1 to their Strength and Attack characteristics. A decently reliable way to buff your warlord on a more consistent basis compared to the other offensive traits here, but with a notable peak in performance. The Yncarne has this by default.
  3. Walker of Many Paths: A free hit/wound reroll every turn with a 5+ CP refund when you use a stratagem. A flexible choice that helps keep your options open when you don't know what to expect.
  4. Fear of the Grave: All enemy units within 6" of your warlord subtract 1 from their leadership, 2 if it's during a turn a unit was killed by the warlord.
  5. Favoured of Ynnead: Consolidate 6" instead of 3" in melee. Can be handy to keep up the momentum, but runs the risk of leaving your warlord's entourage behind. Yvraine has this by default.
  6. Master of Death: Whenever your warlord rolls a hit roll of 6 in melee, it generates two hits instead of one. A good way to help deal with hordes and fish for hits in general, but kind of unreliable. The Visarch has this by default.

Relics of Ynnead A fresh batch of relics available for your Ynnari characters, thanks to the May issue of White Dwarf. These are all exclusive for your generic characters and cannot be taken on your named Ynnari characters, ironically.

  • Hungering Blade: Replaces a Husk Blade/Star Glaive/Power Sword, making it available to an Archon/Autarch/Troupe Master respectively. S+3 AP-3 flat D2 sword that swats an extra mortal wound on targets for every wound roll of a 6. A decent upgrade if you plan on having your character up front.
  • Song of Ynnead: An 18" Pistol 3 S5 AP-1 replacement for a shuriken pistol. Follows shuriken AP-3 rules and every time it kills an enemy model, its unit subtracts 1 from its leadership until the turn ends. Since it shoots three times, this can devastate enemy leadership in conjunction with other debuff powers/abilities. Very good for horde-based armies.
  • Mirrorgaze: A standard "-1 for hit rolls against the bearer" relic. Notably affects all hit rolls and isn't limited to infantry.
  • Soulsnare: Once per game, you can pick a unit within 6" of the bearer and roll a D6. 1 does nothing, 2-5 deals D3 mortal wounds and heals the bearer for the damage dealt, and a 6 deals D6 mortal wounds and heals for all lost wounds on the bearer. Basically a pocket mini-smite with some crazy benefits if you get lucky and obviously pays off more on characters with big health pools.
  • The Lost Shroud: Halve all damage received, rounding up, with a 5+ FNP for good measure. Crazy good ability that can take the edge off strong weapons, but largely underwhelming on any characters with less than 6 wounds total.
  • Corag Hai's Locket: Whenever the bearer destroys a unit, permanently add 1 to their movement and attack characteristics. There is no cap to this, meaning you can get some ridiculous stats if the owner of this racks up the kills. Stacks beautifully with Soulbursts and Warden of Souls.

Stratagems The Ynnari now have their set of stratagems to further enhance your Ynnari detachments. Now that the Ynnari have their own set of stratagems, GW decided that they are no longer permitted to use Craftworld, Harlequin or D. Eldar stratagems. Bummer.

  • Fire and Fade (2cp): Copy-paste of the vanilla version, this lets your selected unit move 7" after shooting, no charging or advancing allowed. Still useful, if twice as expensive as the vanilla version for whatever reason.
  • Lightning-Fast Reactions (2cp): Another copy-paste, add a -1 to-hit modifier if targeted by a ranged or melee attack. Useful in a pinch, but a little less spammable compared lists abusing to-hit modifiers.
  • Deadly Misdirection (2cp): Identical to Feigned Retreat, this one lets you shoot and charge after falling back.
  • Artefacts of Death (1/3cp): Ever standard extra relic stratagem, nothing special.
  • Webway Ambush (1/3cp): Your flavor of deep striking Infantry Biker, or Beast stratagem. Situationally useful.
  • Exalted of Ynnead (1cp): Pick one of your non-warlord/named HQ characters and give them a warlord trait, no duplicates allowed. Doesn't make them a real warlord and you can only do this once. Actually quite handy, as there are some good traits to choose from.
  • Inevitable Fate (2cp): Pick an enemy unit at the beginning of the fight phase and all your Ynnari stuff re-roll wound rolls against it. Can be handy, but kinda pricey.
  • A Taste for Death (1cp): Used when a unit's ranged weapons wipe an enemy unit, they add +1 to-hit in melee till the end of the turn. Objectively useless, as they'd be benefitting from Soulburst if they kill a unit and since most decent ranged weaponry can't be fired while in combat, they'd need to charge and would cap on their hit bonus from the Soulburst itself.
  • The Great Enemy (1cp): Largely the same as Inevitable Fate, but limited to Slaanesh targets and only buffs one of your units. Fluffy.
  • Back from the Brink (2cp): When one of your Infantry/Biker characters dies, use this and roll a D6. On a 4+, they come back with D3 wounds and sets up as close to where they died as possible. Can come in handy if your opponent fucks up your plans.
  • Reborn Together (1cp): Add +2 Leadership to all Ynnari units that have another Ynnari unit within 6" of them. Sort of helpful if you're worried about leadership bombs or casualties screwing your morale.
  • Whispering Spirits (2cp): Basically the opposite of Reborn Together, targeted enemy unit subtracts 2 from their leadership when within 1" of your dudes. Stacks obscenely well with the myriad of leadership debuffs at your disposal.
  • Acolyte of Ynnead (1cp): If one of your psykers attempts to manifest a Revenant power in the same phase that you destroyed a unit, add 3(!) to their psychic test. Generally situational for your usual list since only Yvraine or the Yncarne can make use of it. An allied Farseer smiting/executing/mind warring enemy units can help grant opportunities for this.
  • Ynnead's Net (2cp): A Ynnari biker can advance and charge in the same turn. Shining Spears still have a place in this army!
  • United in Death (1cp): Pick a Reborn Asuryani, Reborn Drukhari and a Reborn Harlequin unit. All of them get +1 Attack in the fight phase if they're Soulbursting. Yikes, try making that happen in a Matched Play game.
  • Shrine of the Whispering God (1cp): Pick up to three Incubi units and they get Strength from Death.a somewhat useful stratagem if you're bringing Incubi and want to maximize their synergy with your list.

Special Characters

  • Yvraine: The Emissary herself, now differently useful. Yvraine costs 132 points and is exclusively armed with Kah-vir, the Sword of Sorrows (basically a Force Axe stat-wise), her substandard Phoenix Lord statline, her ability to regain wounds on a 4+ whenever an Ynnari model dies within 7", and the ability to learn new psychic powers whenever a Ynnari dies in that same distance. With the rework she's put into an odd spot, her warlord trait allows her to consolidate 6in leading her to want to be in the front lines but her statline leaves a lot to be desired in that regard. But with certain psychic powers like on the unbind souls or Shield of Ynnead she can be extremely useful at buffing combat units like incubi and wyches much like she used to. With the change to soulburst effectively ruining it the main advantage of it you can't fight twice, but your close combat units will likely be hitting on 2's you can take advantage of this by having a archon or succubus around depending on what units you brought. Plus combining this unbind Souls, Phantasm grenade launchers, a stratagem or two, and the minus leadership warlord trait you can effectively core out the center of your opponent's arm you with one massive leadership bomb.
    • Now whereas in a Craftworld Ynnari detachment you have access to many different psykers to use that last ability you don't have any in a Drukhari detachment save for Yvraine herself. This means if you're going with just the one Ynnari detachment you need to think more carefully on which two powers to bring. What the choice really comes down to is whether to take Ancestor's Grace or Shield of Ynnead as Unbind Souls will be your go to. The choice largely comes down to what else you're bringing. If you're taking a Succubus to help your Wyches or other such reroll auras, take Shield if not take Grace. Where she truly shines though is supporting units and making them much more dangerous than they would be on their own or pushing terrifying units even higher good examples are Reavers, Wyches, Trueborn, Scourges, & Incubi funny how most of those are Wych Cults or Unaffiliated almost like the former Succubus was supposed to be supporting them.
  • The Visarch: Now actually a better combatant than Yvraine. At 120 points and a statline that puts him on somewhere between a close combat Archon and the Phoenix Lords, The Visarch is a very nice but expensive character, especially now he has a 4++ Invulnerable save thanks to the recent FAQ. His BFS, Asu-Var, the Sword of Silent Screams is a Strength 5 Force Sword that reduces the enemy unit's Leadership by 1 allowing him to be the linchpin for Leadership Bomb setups. Very tanky as when any Aeldari model within 7" dies, on a 4+ he regains a lost wound, and gains +1 Attack (caps at 7) if it was a character, plus with his warlord trait he will dice enemies in combat and does especially well in challenges. Overall he's a beatstick
    • Now unfortunately compared to the other two he's lacking and kinda badly overcosted, but since you need him if you want a third Ynnari detachment you might as well find a use for him outside of being a body guard for Yvraine. Here's the thing re-read that part about his statline and it shouldn't be too difficult to figure how he should fit. Think of him like a better Drazhar trading out the redundant buffs, the two extra attacks, and a 2+ save for a leadership debuff to enemies within 3", a better invuln, and a harder hitting weapon. Stick him with either a Court of the Archon to get those extra attacks, or some Incubi, put them all in a Venom and thrust it at something you want gone be it characters or elite infantry.
  • The Yncarne: The single most expensive HQ choice for the Aeldari, the Yncarne clocks in at a high 280 points to field equipped with nothing but Vilith-shar, the Sword of Souls, an awesome weapon that is S6 AP-4 and D6 Damage with re-rolls to wound. With 6 attacks, S7 A7 with the relevant Warlord Trait, whatever it is hitting is dying. If that in itself doesn't seem like much, the Yncarne is a flying, monstrous character that can cast two of the three Revenant Discipline powers. The Yncarne is also pretty resilient, T6 with a 3+ armor and 4+ invuln that covers 9 wounds that regenerate on a 4+ for any Aeldari model killed near it. It also provides a 6" Fearless bubble and any friendly Aeldari within 6" shrugs off any Wound or Mortal wound on a 6+. While the 8" of movement it has may not seem particularly fast, the Yncarne also has the unique ability to teleport to the location where any squad (friend or foe) is killed so long as it is at least 1" away from enemy units. This makes it one of the few units able to deep strike easily within charging range to wreak some melee havoc, and can give it a terrifying threat radius. Use your Dark Reapers to nuke some squishy back-line unit, then have the Yncarne teleport behind enemy lines to hit 'em where it hurts!
    • For your Drukhari detachments specifically she does as she does for everyother kind of Ynnari detachment she kills things plain and simple, Inevitable Death coupled with the innate killyness and squishyness of your dudes leads to her functioning very much as a last nail in the coffin if you're getting the upper hand or as a strong counter blow if your opponent starts overcoming you via dismembering the heftiest units they have whether they be characters, tanks, or MCs and giving your remaining units the momentum needed to win. Remember though you can't just place her on the field and expect everything to die horribly just like most of your units you need to wait for the right moment to place her into your opponents midst, or if they killed one of your units near their frontline bring her in directly infront of them using the souls of your fallen to exact hellish retribution.
    • Note: The Yncarne can't charge after arriving in this way so you ideally want it popping up on your opponents turn so you are ready to charge on yours. You also want to be exploiting the ability to redeploy when anything dies as a mobility/escape tool. If anything else the Yncarne popping up somewhere unexpected can divert a ton of fire away from your other units though you might want to leave the DISTRACTION CARNIFEX role to something designed for it like a Succubus, Solitaire or Character in Venom.

Tactical Objectives Yep, these exist now too. They aren't anything special, mind you.

11 - Spirit Sanctuary
Roll a D6; gain 1VP if no enemies control the corresponding Objective Marker. Completely random and unreliable.
12 - Harness the Spirits
Successfully casting a power from a Ynnari Psyker generates 1VP. You'll need to rely exclusively on Yvraine or the Yncarne to make this one happen.
13 - For Ynnead's Glory
Get 1VP if three or more units were killed by attacks made by Ynnari units this turn. Kind of a tall order for a single VP all things considered.
14 - Surety of Purpose
Get d3VP if you achieved at least two other tactical objectives this turn.
15 - Death's Every Visage
Score 1VP if you destroy a unit in the Psychic/Shooting/Fight phase this turn. Score d3VP if you destroy a unit in all three of them. A bit harder to accomplish for Drukhari given their aversion to psykers, but still doable.
16 - Soulsurge
Score 1VP if you destroy three or more units with attacks made by Ynnari units while they are benefiting from Soulburst in a single turn. Kinda fucked up that the more challenging version of For Ynnead's Glory doesn't offer any more VP for the extra effort needed (you'll need to wipe 4 enemy units in a single turn to get this; one to trigger the Soulburst and then the remaining 3 for the objective). Made somewhat easier if by some miracle you manage to pull off the Souls of the Strongest stratagem beforehand.


Army Building and Tactics[edit]

Army Building[edit]

  • Overall: The Drukhari are extremely potent with their 9th edition codex. Their absurd firepower coupled with high mobility coupled with smart positioning makes them extremely strong. The Meta is bound to shift as more Codexes come out but as of right now your access to lots of very good Anti-Infantry and Anti-Vehicle weapons is allowing the Drukhari to at the top of the tier list.
  • Unit Spamming: Your units are rather reasonably priced, allowing you to field dozens of Kabalites, Wyches and so forth to to grant you a fair amount of board control and also plenty of redundant stuff for your enemy to shoot at. What's it matter if your Venom full of Wracks goes down and you lose one or two turn one when you've got four more to back it up?
  • Keep your Allies Lesser Kin you aren't currently scheming against close...: Remember you aren't just a Drukhari army, you are an Aeldari army. You can cherry pick the best units from the Craftworlds, Ynnari, Harlequins and Corsairs lists. While you do have a Mirror to most Craftworld units, there are some things that cover what you lack. Keep in mind you do lose power from pain if you do soup in allies.
    • The most notable and fluffy unit you can bring are Rangers, which provide something that you lack: access to an okay sniper unit without most of the unit wanting to be crammed into Melee.
    • An allied Farseer sounds odd given it can only Buff Asuryanni units but Smite and Executioner are a reliable source of Mortal Wounds that can be tossed around against harder targets or smaller squads of infantry, as the situation demands. It also gives you an answer to enemy Psykers as spamming Haemonculi is not efficient.
    • Warlocks are another cheap source of Deny the Witch and various debuffs.
    • Swooping Hawks are good against GEQ's, who your poison would normally struggle against, and outrange Shredder Scourges, and can have the Alaitoc trait so they can tank light fire and kite enemy melee units. Never mind being another source of mortal wounds.
    • Harlequin Troupes are another fluffy pick. They are much more offensively oriented than Wyches, packing the ability to freely move over terrain and more AP. Plus Shadowseers bring along more Smite and Deny the Witch.
    • Of course Wraith units are a very powerful addition to any Drukhari force. Heck, you could even paint them in Kabal colours and say your Archon captured a bunch. Plus your only Lord of War options are in the Craftworld List. Though just how your Archon managed to get their hands on a Wraithknight is another thing entirely...
    • Corsairs are one last Fluffy option. For 60 Points you can get a unit of 5 Pirates with Shardcarbines and Jet Packs! Plus one of them can swap out their gun for one of several heavy or special weapons including Flamers, Fusion Guns, Shredders, Shuriken Cannons, Dark Lances, Blasters, and even Aeldari Missile Launchers! Best part? With their rules, you can include them in Kabal detachments without eating your obsession or power from pain.

As for actually building your army, the new combat patrol box is an excellent start for a Kabal. It'll fill out a single patrol detachment and is designed to be a solid starter force if you opt to expand. The Piety and Pain box or the old start collecting box (discontinued, good luck finding one) will also do great if you're looking to start Wych cults instead. As for Covens, you'll have a hard time. There aren't any boxes that'll get you a solid collection to start with so if you do want to get into them, you'll have to buy them separate.

Detachments and CP[edit]

  • Detachments and You: The Dark El-- I mean Drukhari have an interesting little rule. You can take patrol detachments for free, so long as you only take patrol detachments. This honestly makes other options a little irrelevant, unless you want to take a realspace raid detachment or are planning to go mono-faction and want to cram all your units into one battalion. In both cases, so long as you just take the one detachment you aren't losing any CP. This rule is otherwise unique as of the time of writing this.


  • Drukhari Soup: With the way the codex is, you effectively have three mini armies in one book, you have a lot of options. A lot of options - more than the Drukhari have ever had, in fact. It's easier than ever to field units from subgroups that you don't want to invest a whole lot into, with no CP loss. Raiding party was a gimmick back in 8th, and now you are free to take as many patrols as you wish or cram a battalion or brigade full with realspace raids. It's a good time to be a sick fuck space elf pirate slaver from a twisted city in the webway!

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each group: Kabals are ridiculously shooty, but they have trouble holding objectives due to their unfortunate tendency toward dying if looked at crosswise; Cults are screamingly fast, hit like a metric ton of spikey bricks in close combat, and can keep your enemy's most valuable units perpetually tied up in combat, but have almost no ranged weaponry to speak of and suffer from the same objective grabbing issues as their Kabal cousins; Covens are the toughest units in our army (and can be made to be even tougher), can dish out the pain in close combat, and can camp objectives like nobody's business, but suffer from a lack of any reliable ranged weaponry. So, combining all those strengths together - and peppering in Scourges/Mandrakes/Incubi to taste - gives you a tremendously versatile army that can do basically anything you need it to, whenever you need it to. To boot, you can buff your already great HQ choices into CC murder machines and/or megatanks that double as force multipliers and character assassins for just a few CP.