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Why Play Grey Knights?[edit]

The Grey Knights are the Emperor’s final creation, an army ​
of Space Marines whose might and dedication eclipses all others. Their all-consuming mission is to confront the Daemons of the Warp wheresoever they might manifest. ​
Each Grey Knight has the power of an army in his own right, capable of felling the greatest of Greater Daemons with a single blow. When the Chapter fights as one there are few who can oppose them. Yet, as the Imperium approaches its twilight, the daemonic threat grows ever greater and the Grey Knights ever more beset. Will they have the strength to hold back the coming tide of Chaos?

Though the Grey Knights wield the finest armaments that the armouries of the Imperium can provide, their chief weapon comes from within: a psychic might that can cleave through armour, summon sanctifying flame or return life to the dead.

A Grey Knights army will always be outnumbered, but each of your warriors is easily as powerful as the mightiest hero in your opponent’s ranks. Terminator Squads, the elite of other Space Marine armies, are the mainstay of your force. Purgation Squads lay down a storm of heavy weapons fire, Purifiers immolate the foe with azure flame, Strike Squads attack wherever the enemy is most vulnerable, and towering Nemesis Dreadknights stride imperiously across the battlefield, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.


  • The Grey Knights are an army of Psyker Space Marines. That's pretty cool.
  • The Grey Knights have excellent close-range shooting and assault. At a minimum, you're getting a storm-bolter and a force sword on every infantry model.
  • Good looking infantry models with lots of customization options.
  • Many units have the option to Deep-Strike to get up the field
  • A low model count allows for easy movement and understanding of the game.
  • Chaos, Daemons and Psykers are your preferred targets.
  • Grey Knights are the only army that can have objective secured Terminators without any supplements or special detachments needed to unlock them.
  • Force weapons absolutely everywhere.
  • All of your Squads are at least Mastery Level 1 due to Brotherhood of Psykers; this means you will rival the likes of Eldar in the Psychic Phase.
    • The Grey Knights have fewer risks when using the new Sanctic Powers, which are pretty much the same powers you've always had.
    • Sanctic Powers are very versatile : teleports, offensive and defensive buffs and debuffs, focused harm or AOE and of course throwing in the lot a pinch of anti-Daemon bonuses.
    • Since you have Combat Squads, you can maximize your Warp Charges by splitting them up into smaller forces all with WC1. It adds up, but it also costs survivability.


  • A low model count means each loss hurts much more. In order to win you must find ways to block line of sight, find cover saves, and get into assault as soon as possible.
  • The codex is extremely limited in terms of unit selection; you'll likely need to field allied detachments to make up for what you lack.
  • Other armies have access to high strength AP3/2 weapons; 5++ isn't going to save you
  • Very limited access to AP2+ weapons outside of close combat
  • Force weapons are now subject to Deny the Witch, which can potentially cripple your assaults.
  • Poor long range shooting options - good luck trying to bust anything with a halfway decent AV without getting into melee range
  • All of your Squads are at least Mastery Level 1 due to Brotherhood of Psykers; unfortunately this also means that your army is vulnerable to Anti-Psyker abilities and Perils of the Warp
  • Terminator troops means no sweeping advances.
  • Anti-Daemon abilities are useless if you're not facing Daemons, which makes them useless most of the time. The new Daemonic Adversaries rules from Gathering Storm III mitigate this somewhat. The rules grant your opponent the option of making their warlord a Daemon (with some pretty huge benefits) as well as upgrading their other independent characters to Daemons and Mastery Level 1 Psykers for free, and Mastery Level 2 for +25 points each. They also are allowed to roll on a Daemonic Incursion table that is similar to the Warp Storm table.

The Army of Titan[edit]

Special Rules to remember[edit]

  • Brotherhood of Psykers: Now a USR, Brotherhood of Psykers basically just means that the entire squad counts as a single model when manifesting psychic powers, and you use the Sergeant's Ld for the test(or any model). Squads also get +1 to their Deny the witch rolls, due to the fact that squads count as being mastery level 1.
  • Psychic Pilot: This universal special rule lets the vehicle use psychic powers as if it was a Mastery Level 1, Ld 10 psyker. Oh, and if it gets Perils of the Warp? Yeah, it rolls on the Perils of the Warp chart. The results in the Perils table are a bit of a mixed bag, but most of the results won't be catastrophic for them. Unfortunately, the only default Psy-pilots now are Dreadnoughts, but Storm Ravens can buy it back via the Death From the Skies supplement but it's at a hefty price.
  • Combat Squads: Just like literally all other Chapters, Grey Knights like to split up into two five-man combat squads. Note that, thanks to Brotherhood of Psykers, splitting into combat squads will double the number of mindbullets you can put out each turn.
  • Preferred Enemy (Daemons): Makes sense that these guys have a rule meant for fucking over Daemons. They get to re-roll 1s to-hit and to-wound. This'll transfer even if they get attached to an allied commander.
  • Aegis: The armour worn by Grey Knights has arcane seals and holy random stuff, meaning they don't give a damn about psychic powers. Whenever an enemy psychic power is activated, a Grey Knight player may re-roll 1's when rolling to Deny the Witch. Not a huge bonus, but do you expect daemon hunters to go on a chaos safari without some protection against the Warp? That being said a lvl3 Lib with a staff will be denying on 3s against most witchfires and maledictions, re-rolling 1s and can bubble this 12" with his hood so your opponent gets blessings or nothing.
  • Purity of Spirit: This allows your Grey Knights to use Sanctic powers without suffering Perils on any double, instead just double 6's like any other power.

Psychic Powers[edit]

As Grey Knights are daemon kicking psykers, everyone knows the Banishment power by default. Grand Masters, Brother-Captains, and Librarians generate their powers from Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis, and Telepathy disciplines. Dreadnoughts, Sternn, and the Dreadknights get Sanctuary, everyone else has Hammerhand, Draigo gets Gate of Infinity and Purge Soul (not what I would have thought he would get for being a LoW, but still, kinda cool.) and the Purifiers (and Crowe) keep their Cleansing Flame.

  • NOTE: Due to their special affinity, Grey Knights will only roll perils when rolling double 6's when using Sanctic powers unlike everyone else, who rolls perils on any set of doubles. While this may be useful for your army, keep this in consideration when playing with an allied Inquisitor's warband or a fellow Imperial force, lest their perils spell your doom.
  • Also note - The sweeping changes to the way that psychic tests are taken means that your Grey Knights are now less likely to successfully cast powers unless they start drawing Warp Charges from other units in the army, where before they only needed to rely upon their own source of warp charges. Realistically this is not a problem since nearly every one of your units can provide warp charges, but now means that most of your units will not be able to cast powers all the time, especially if they get denied. This especially becomes problematic if you want to maximize your use of Daemonbane.
Sanctic Daemonology Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Banishment Malediction 24 Unit (Daemon) Can only be used on units with the Daemon special rule. This will reduce the Daemon's Invulnerable save by 1 (so the basic 5+ Daemon Invulnerable becomes a 6+). Spam this as often as you can if you want to kill daemons quickly, but you need to do it as much as possible, since it only targets a single unit. 1
1 Gate of Infinity Blessing Self Unit Allows a single unit that isn't swooping or zooming to Deep Strike anywhere. Of course, this is your fabulous SURPRISE FUCKERS!. Best done with a tough shooting squad or something you're willing to DISTRACTION CARNIFEX with. Useful for getting into combat faster, getting out of a tight situation, or fucking with your opponent. Also one should take into account that it is in fact a blessing that can be used to get out of an unwanted or nasty combat. 1
2 Hammerhand Blessing Self Unit Grants the caster and his unit +2 Strength. Do you remember the only good thing about Nemesis Force Weapons was their +2 Str? Well Games Workshop decided to be awesome and bring that back as a power that everyone of the Grey Knights can use. 1
3 Sanctuary Blessing Self Unit The caster and his unit gain +1 to their Invulnerable save. If the unit does not have an Invulnerable save, they gain a 6++. Additionally, all Daemons (allies and enemies) within 12" of the caster treat all terrain as Dangerous Terrain. Works very well stacked with allied hamminators! 2++ for all! 1
4 Purge Soul Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Both your psyker and the hit model must roll a D6 and add Leadership to the roll. If the enemy loses, he takes a wound (with only Invuln and FNP allowed). Overall, it's low risk, low reward. While not a waste of warp charges, it's not the most effective use, and they could and probably should be spent elsewhere. Use it to snipe special weapons from enemy squads.
5 Cleansing Flame Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2d6 5 4 Nova, Ignores Cover, Soulblaze
This can destroy anything with armor weaker than a Marine, and a lot of them, if you get your psyker in the right place. Refer back to power one. If you get them both, engage your troll face. The Purifiers' signature power.
6 Vortex of Doom Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 D 1 Blast, Vortex
High risk, high reward. Failing the test to manifest this power automatically causes Perils of the Warp. DEVASTATION. EVERYWHERE. Given it's a small blast, aim for monsters and tanks. Troops are tempting, but if they're fully spaced out you'll have trouble getting the most out of this. Don't forget that this is Vortex, so the blast template is very likely to wander the field uncontrollably until the end of the game, eating random units it lands on, so never cast it near the bulk of your own army. Got a small, but HUGE buff from 6th edition by becoming strength D. Consider this to be a librarian's Kamehameha, or the Psychic Blast for all y'all 2nd Edition vets. Be warned... if you fail to cast it successfully, you insta suffer perils! As it has the vortex special rule, it will jump around the board every turn until doubles are rolled for the scatter distance.

Psychic Powers (Angels of Death Supplement)[edit]

In Angels of Death, Space Marines got 4 new psychic disciplines, possibly to ensure that your Librarians have more variety. Thanks to some notes in the supplement, this means that your grey boys can take part of the fun too.(When you buy the cards it comes with a card saying who can take the powers. Grey Knights can take them all.)


Primaris Electrosurge - WC1 S5 AP5 Assault 6 witchfire. Point at hordes and explode them.

  1. Electroshield - WC1. The Psyker gains a 3++, which makes him almost untouchable.
  2. Electropulse - WC2. A witchfire Nova with radius of 9", which gives enemies S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Lightning Arc - WC2. Witchfire, S5AP4 assault D6. Jumps to enemy units at 6" of the primary target on a 4+. Same effect.
  4. Fists of Lightning - WC1 blessing. Psyker only, +1S and A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hits), enemy units suffer 2 additional S5 AP- hits.
  5. Magnetokinesis - WC2 blessing, 18". Move target unit by 18". This is how you compensate for your slow men.
  6. Electrodisplacement - WC2 blessing or malediction, 24". Swap target unit with the psyker's unit. Can work on allies and not on enemies because its a blessing. This will allow for epic trolling. Oh, that enemy unit's sitting out of charge range from your Paladins? Oh look, now they're right next to your entire army. Have fun blowing them up and charging the remains.

AKA we jacked a bunch of powers from the Eldar and simplified our own. Enjoy creating cheap as fuck death stars.

Primaris The Emperor's Wrath- WC1. S5 AP3 witchfire blast. Useful for taking out MEQ that clumped together.

  1. Veil of Time - WC2. The Psyker and his entire unit re-roll all failed saving throws. This power, right here, cheesier than Invisibility. Stacking this with Sanctuary, this will all but ensure that your Draigostar takes no damage as it ploughs into the enemy forces' tight sphincter. Heck, your basic Terminators with a 5++ will scare the shit out of enemies like they did 5th edition.
  2. Fury of the Ancients - WC1. A 20" S6 AP4 beam with Pinning.
  3. Psychic Fortress - WC1. Blessing that gives the Psyker Fearless and Adamantium Will, as well as a 4++ bubble of 12" against Witchfire Powers only.
  4. Might of Heroes - WC1. Gives +2 Strength, Toughness, Initiative, and attacks. It essentially wraps up both Iron Arm and Warp Speed into 1 nice Warp Charge 1 package. If you don't mind not going full-Sanctic, then this is a grab.
  5. Psychic Scourge - WC1. Focused Witchfire. Roll 2D6+ level against enemy psyker 1D6+level. On a draw or better, enemy lose 1W (no save), if you rolled way more than him he loses a power.
  6. Null Zone - WC2. Targets an enemy unit, drops its invulnerable save by 2 (to a minimum of 6+). This thing is essentially Banishment, but it's much more versatile. This is what you use to counter fucks with Storm Shields, SmashFucker's 2++ bullshit, Riptide's Shield Generator buff, Malefic Cursed Earth and Grimoire bullshit.

Primaris Chasm - WC2 Forces a dangerous terrain test without armor save on a single unit.

  1. Earth Blood - WC1. Targets a model in 18" of the Psyker. That guy immediately regains D3 WOUNDS (The wording by default excludes vehicles), and the target plus his entire unit gain IWND. The latter effect won't come into play too often unless you're hanging out with Paladins or Dreadknights, but the ability to replenish a guy's wounds (hint: like Draigo), or restore wounds lost to Perils to max is great.
  2. Scorched Earth - WC1 malediction, 24". Choose a point, it deals a single S5 AP4 hit to each unit within 6". This 6" area is dangerous terrain. Crap.
  3. Land Quake - WC1 malediction that affects enemy units within 18" of caster. They are considered to be in dangerous terrain, and cannot run, turbo-boost or flat out.
  4. Phase Form - WC1 blessing, 24". Single unit. Give move through cover, and Ignore cover to all weapons. Unit is also able to shoot on a unit WITHOUT LINE OF SIGHT, only the range matters. This is the return of the Purgation Squads' 5th ed power except now everyone can use it.
  5. Warp Quake - WC1 WC, 24". Target building or ruin. Building gets a glancing or penetrating hit, ruins: units in it get D6 S6 AP- hits.
  6. Shifting Worldscape - WC3 24". Move a piece of terrain by 24", including models in it, forces dangerous terrain tests on the unit inside. If a unit isn't entirely inside the terrain, then all units disembark treating it as an open-topped vehicle while taking dangerous terrain tests. 'Lots' of ways to use this - yanking a hiding enemy and plopping it next to your Paladins, teleporting a deathstar onto your enemy's doorstep, re-establishing line of sight/range for a squad of lascannons or grav-cannons so they can shoot those JSJ'ing assholes, etc.

The discipline to use for mechanized armies. Also fares very well with Imperial Guard allies. Heck, a Librarius Conclave and a CAD of tank-heavy Guard makes this all kinds of epicness. The only question is, do the blessings affect the whole squadron if a target vehicle is part of said squadron?

Primaris Subvert Machine - 18" Malediction. You Select a weapon on an enemy vehicle. You and your opponent roll a die. If he rolls higher, nothing happens. If you draw, he can only fire snap shots. If you roll higher, You take control of said vehicle's weapon for a turn. This will be horrible if your enemy has a Superheavy of some kind (Lord of Skulls, Stompa, Baneblade variants, Knights), and given the current meta, it's common to see an Imperial Knight ally. If you are familiar with the Necron Codex, this is the psychic equivalent of ol' Anrakyr The Traveller's power.

  1. Blessing of the Machine - WC1. Blessing you give to 1 vehicle in 24". It now ignores Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, and either gives Power of the Machine Spirit, or +1 BS if the target vehicle that already has PotMS (So basically Land Raiders)
  2. Machine Curse - WC1. Focused Witchfire. Smacks a vehicle with 3 S1 AP- Haywire hits.
  3. Reforge - WC1. Blessing that either restores 1 hull point, or repairs either an immobilized or destroyed weapon result, as well as giving the vehicle IWND.
  4. Warpmetal Armour - WC1. Blessing that grants plus 1 AV to all sides for a turn. Or, if put at a non-vehicle unit, gives +1T. Welcome to AV15 Spartan Assault Tanks/Leman Russes/Land Raiders. And Gauss Weaponry still doesn't give a shit.
  5. Fury of Mars - WC1. A S1 Haywire Beam.
  6. Machine Flense - WC2. Focused Witchfire, 18". Target loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflicts D6 S4 AP6 rending hits to a nearby enemy unit.



Nearly all Grey Knight units have Nemesis Force Weapons. They are considered Force Weapons, that gives the model/unit the Force psychic power that the unit can cast (and be denied) in the psychic phase. This means you'll typically rip through any monsters and multi-wound infantry unfortunate, or stupid enough, to get caught with you in melee.

All Grey Knight units, except for certain independent characters, have Hammerhand, which gives the unit +2 strength until your next psychic phase.

Grey Knights don't have access to nearly all of the standard wargear of other marine armies. Their upgrades for their infantry are mostly limited to their exclusive wargear. These are their close combat weapons, all of which have Daemonbane, which allows a re-roll on failed pens and to-wounds (i.e. Shred) against units with the Daemon USR if you activated Force on the last Psychic Phase.

  • Nemesis Force Sword: Standard weapon for the codex, nothing special beyond being a force weapon with daemonbane. It helps you keep squad prices down as halberds are not the same "must haves" they used to be.
  • Nemesis Greatsword: Exclusive to the dreadknight, it's like a powerfist but with Force and Master-Crafted instead of Unwieldy.
  • Nemesis Daemonhammer: Standard thunder hammer plus Daemonbane and Force. It's cheap to add to a squad and is practically a must have against 2+ armored foes or vehicles, since it's the only AP2 S6+ option for Grey Knights. Rush these at that big, scary 6-7 wound MC.
  • Nemesis Force Halberd: S+1 AP3 weapon with two-handed. At 2 points a pop they are hard to say no to. Mix this with the Hammerhand power and you get S7 attacks. So much for you, Greater Daemons! If you're designating a team to hunt MCs, though, this is the weapon you want.
    • Alternative Use: S5 is nearly as good as S6, so if you want to save warp charges while keeping your squads killy, consider taking this. That way, you can throw around more Witchfire/other buffing spells from your compulsory Librarian.
  • Nemesis Force Falchions: Gives an extra attack due to being two Specialist weapons, but otherwise identical to the basic Nemesis Force Sword. The extra attack is pretty much your best option to make up for your low model count, and for most models the +1A will result in more wounds than the +1S from the halberd (especially if the +1S is made irrelevant by Hammerhand). Not an auto-take, but (in this author's opinion) the best option if you have points to spare after getting your must-haves covered.
  • Nemesis Warding Stave: 5 points, S+2, AP4, Force, Adamantium Will, Daemonbane. Not bad for a front line Strike Squad, a 50% (Brotherhood of Psykers and Adamantium Will means we Deny on 4+) chance to Deny the Witch against stuff like Psychic Shriek can go along way to giving your Strikes some more survivability. Plus, you also have Daemonbane, so extra daemon-killy. Only AP4 though, so it loses some anti-MEQ effectiveness.
    • Alternative View: This thing is a must-take. Every one of your units needs one of these. 4+ Deny the Witch, 3+ if you somehow have a higher Mastery Level than the other guy, and reroll 1s thanks to The Aegis. Also, Adamantium Will states that "if at least one model in a unit has this rule...", so one is enough. Also, you are not an anti-marine force. You are an anti-daemon force. And paying 5 points for S6 before Hammerhand is always awesome.


Almost all Grey Knights start with storm bolters. They can be replaced with the following:

  • Psilencer: A gatling gun that fires off six shots a turn at strength 4 at AP-, so daemons with armor will shake it off and even Orks get saves against it... at least, until you learn that you can use Force on this. If you're fighting a lot of multi-wound thickies, you are spamming Psilencers; their precious plot armour can only protect them for so long. The potential ID from force is a neat concept for taking on MCs, but remember that it's only S4, so you're generally looking at 6s to wound in the first place, while T8+ still cannot be wounded at all. What the Psilencer is better for is killing swarms or multiwound infantry, or for denying Feel No Pain.
    • Gatling Psilencer: The heavy version on the Dreadknight pumping out 12 shots with Force, but still only S4 AP-.
    • Additional Note: If you're lucky enough, or determined enough to get Misfortune (5th spell of Divination Discipline) you can give this gun rending (auto-wounding and ignoring armor) against a unit, just think about that combo for a minute.
  • Incinerator: A S6 AP4 flamer. Has Soulblaze! A good choice, especially now that this has Soulblaze, but generally the psycannon is a better pick. It's hilariously destructive against Blobguard, Blobtau, Blobgreen and Blobnids. Fire it and watch instant death melt those hundreds of units away. Remember, Instant Death prevents any pesky FNP shenanigans. I've seen just a few incinerators table hormagaunt spam lists with ease. Shares the same strong points (albeit stronger by a point or two) as all flamer weapons, great for overwatch and for clearing occupied buildings. Shish Kebab time.
    • Heavy Incinerator: The heavy version for the Dreadknight, same as the old codex (with the old special rule now coming in the convenient Torrent USR). Gained Soulblaze just like the standard incinerator. Enjoy tabling whole blobs.
  • Psycannon: The good ol' signature ranged weapon of Grey Knights, a strength 7 AP 4 rifle with Salvo 2/4 (a pretty painful nerf) terminators are all relentless) and the Rending USR. Thanks to it being salvo, now everything non-Terminator that moves with a Psycannon uses it as a glorified pistol that prevents them from charging. It is by far the most used of the ranged weapons, for being both cheesy and awesome - it fires silver-tipped bolts covered with anti-daemonic symbols and impregnated with massive amounts of psychic energy, making it able to tear holes in tanks.
    • Heavy Psycannon: The heavy version for the Dreadknight, Same as the standard psycannon (S7 AP4 Rending) but with 2 firing modes: Heavy 1 Large Blast, or Salvo 3/6 (which, because it can only be taken by an MC, really just means 6 shots).
  • Psyk-Out Grenades: A returning tool, these can force enemy psykers that charge to lose their bonus attack. But if you want them out of the way sooner, you can throw them, giving them a profile similar to the Haywire Grenade, except with a Blast template that will force perils on a random psyker in the template UNIT that gets hit.

Relics of Titan[edit]

  • The Fury of Deimos: Storm Bolter with 36" Range, Assault 3, Master-Crafted and Precision Shot.
  • Domina Liber Daemonica: A book that grants the user another Sanctic Power roll. Like the Warlord Trait, use it if you're already using Sanctic, otherwise, it's kinda iffy. At least this one has the bonus of giving Grey Knights within 6" the ability to re-roll 1's when casting Sanctic powers. A Psyker Mastery Level 3 Librarian with this going full sanctic will have access to 4 of the 6 sanctic powers, possibly 5 if you managed to nab the similar warlord trait, plus the Primaris. As there aren't really any terrible Sanctic powers, this allows a lot of versatility. Remember, if you roll all on one Pysker Power table, you get the Psychic Focus rule, which auto gives you the Primaris Power. This means, a ML3 + Liber Libby will be have 4 power plus the Primaris power.
  • Bone Shard of Solor: Bearer gains a 3++ invulnerable save if he is within 12" of a model with Daemon USR. This invulnerable save becomes a 2++ if a model with Daemon of Khorne is within 12". In addition to all that, the bearer also gains Hatred (Khorne). Were this for Nurgle or Slaanesh, this would be used more frequently, but it's a neat trinket to grab on a sweeper HQ. Combine it with Sanctuary and watch those Daemons cry at your 2+/2++ character.
  • Cuirass of Sacrifice: Terminator armour with IWND, and FnP (5+). Since this replaces the bearer's Terminator armour, it can't be taken on the Champion or the Techmarine, since they only use Artificer armour. Not that useful for a close combat HQ, since any stray hammer/powerfist/equivalent wound that sneaks through will still cause ID. Not a bad choice for a Librarian though, as IWND can restore wounds lost to perils (which you'll probably be suffering regularly enough if your libby has access to Cleansing Flame or Vortex of Doom).
  • Soul Glaive: This is the weapon you give your close combat HQ. It's a Nemesis Force Halberd, except it re-rolls failed channeling attempts to activate Force, and once force is active it re-rolls all to-hit/to-wound/to-pen rolls made with the Glaive. Having nice, reliable access to Instant Death is straight up murderous against anyone who lacks Eternal Warrior and even if they do have it the re-rolls almost double you chance to cause damage which is super-tasty. This is your holy murder-fucker.
  • Nemesis Banner: This relic is not on the list of options for your HQs, it can only be taken by a squad of Paladins. Models in the Paladin squad each get +1 A, and Grey Knights within 12" gain Fearless (including the Paladins). All units with Daemon USR treat all terrain within 12" of the model with the banner as dangerous terrain.

Warlord Traits[edit]

Pretty similar to some of the old Grand Strategies, but beat with the GW nerfstick because they seriously needed to be!

  1. Daemon-slayer - Warlord has Hatred (Chaos Daemons). When the warlord casts Banishment, he can succeed channeling on a 2+ for the warp charge rolls instead of 4+. This is best used on an HQ that can survive challenging Characters in a Daemon Army. Draigo has this trait.
  2. Hammer of Righteousness - Warlord and his unit gain Hammer of Wrath. Crowe has this trait.
  3. Unyielding Anvil - Warlord and all Grey Knights within 12" gain Stubborn. Stern has this trait.
  4. First to the Fray - If you place the Warlord and his unit in deepstrike reserve, he'll arrive on turn 1 and can re-roll the scatter die. Not a bad idea overall.
  5. Perfect Timing - Warlord and his unit gain Counter-Attack.
  6. Lore Master - Warlord may roll one additional psychic power from Sanctic when generating psychic powers. If you're already running it for the Psychic focus, you might as well roll with it. Voldus from Triumvirate of the Primarch has this trait.

Fighter Aces[edit]

In Skies of Death, you now have a bonus rule allowing you to pay 35 points for one of 3 special traits for any Flyer or FMC (FGC is still debatable). Consider only one if you must, as these aren't going to be affordable. especially in this army.

  1. Third Eye - +1 BS. Pretty nice grab for getting the most out of your one-use-only missiles, and for pretty much locking down full hits on your TL weapons.
  2. Mental Challenge - +1 to cover to a max of 3+. Jink is a cover save, so... better jink!
  3. Psychic Pilot - And for 35 Points, you can make your Storm Raven use Sanctic. You've got a 50% chance to get a useful offensive power (cleansing flame, purge soul, and vortex of doom), and 50% chance to just be a source of warp charge (Hammerhand has no effect, Raven is maneuverable enough that Gate of Infinity is more risk than reward, and the 6++ from sanctuary will probably never be used over jink except maybe as a last ditch effort against cover ignoring taudar BS)

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Grey Knight Brother-Captain - Pretty much replacing the Grand Master as the most Customizable unit ever, regular Space Marines have better options compared to us now. The BC can become a Grand Master for 35 points, giving him ML2 and +1A. Other than that, he'll play the same as before, to the detriment of the Grand Master even though he became a bit cheaper.
    • Grey Knight Grand Master - Although he costs a more than a regular marine commander with similar stats. Note no orbital bombardment, or even the option to take it. As stated, he becomes an ML2 psyker, comes with terminator armor (which you sadly can't remove if you don't want it), and can equip any of the Grey Knights' heavy weapons. He can also take all the stuff available for Grey Knights, including a bonus MC weapon, a Teleport Homer, and Digiweapons.
      • Brave new claim The Grandmaster is no longer an auto-include. He simply has to take the Soul Glaive, but unfortunately that is over 200 points, and he is nowhere near as good as he was in 6th edition. Sure, you gain an ML, but that hardly seems like consolation for the loss of Grand Strategies. My old loadout had MC Nemesis Force Sword, Digital Weapons, and Rad Grenades. Wounding on 2s against MEQs with Hammerhand (in the early days of 7th), and all of this cost only 200 points; hell, I even had BS6 as opposed to 5 now. Just take Draigo instead.
  • Brotherhood Champion - Nerfed from WS7 to a measly WS6. The only Grey Knight HQ choice aside from the Techmarine to not wear Terminator armor, though he does still have artificer armor (so he can fit in Rhinos and Razorbacks). He's been recast as the auto-challenge HQ with a weaksauce rule that gives him ONE extra attack against ONE model if he goes down in combat. The Brotherhood Champion, unlike the other Grey Knight HQs, can't replace his wargear at all, which sucks, but he comes with everything he will ever need. He's also unusual in that he doesn't attack normally; he has to pick one of two stances in the assault phase, but only if he is in a challenge.
    • Sword Strike gives the Champion Smash. Useful for targets with a 2+ save or with high toughness. Note that, due to the wording of Smash ("... when it makes its close combat attacks, it can choose instead..."), you can probably choose to attack normally on your turn and choose to use the x2 strength for Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Blade Shield makes him reroll any saving throw he's called upon to make. With a 2+ and a 4++, that's not bad at all. Go with this if your AP3 is good enough, or if your opponent lacks AP2.
      • Why this guy is good: I've heard lots of people put this guy down saying he sucks compared to our other choices for hq; though I know he can't beat a level three librarian, there is reason to field him over a brother-captain. First, ally with inquisition, then take a combat unit with arco-flagellants and crusaders plus a priest or two. Activate force and hammer hand and all of a sudden he becomes God-like compared to what he was doing before. With some luck he will have a 4++ rerollable and a 2+ rerollable with a single strength 10 ap 2 attack that can reroll a single failed to-hit ( read: all of them) that causes instant death. With sanctuary this guy will start soloing the likes of the swarm lord and other big scary baddies.
  • Librarian - Oh, how we love this guy. A psychic specialist, wears Terminator armor and has a psychic hood. Starts at ML2, can upgrade to ML3, and can roll powers on the Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis and Telepathy tables. An auto-include choice in a Grey Knights army since he has the broadest access to powers from amongst your psychic brethren. Also useful as a focal point for all those Warp Charges that your army will generate that they might not necessarily always find immediate uses for. He also has a pretty broad choice of weapons, as he can take almost any melee weapon for free (except for the Daemonhammer, and even that's at half-price) and can opt for either a Storm Bolter or a Combi-weapon.
    • EDIT: Give this guy all Sanctic powers, give him the Domina, and hope to the Emprah you roll a 6 on warlord traits. That's all but 1 sanctic power on one guy at an amazing price. Stick him in termies or pallies and get him up the field. I've yet to have this challenged and killed efficiently by anything short of the anti-psyker assassin.
  • Techmarine - Now these guys are pretty much the same as the one in Codex Spacemarines, but with psychic powers and ML1. They now come as a bonus choice for every HQ selection you take. The hard part is finding a purpose for your Techmarine in a GK army, and figuring out why he can repair Dreadnoughts but not Dreadknights. On the bright side, they can still get conversion beamers, so you still have that as a long range fire support option.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Brother-Captain Arvann Stern - A solid close-combat character, pretty much a standard Brother-Captain with a force sword, but with two gimmicks. His first gimmick is the Strands of Fate ability, with which he can reroll a single to-hit, to-wound, or saving throw per turn; however, for every such roll you take, your opponent also gets to make the same kind of roll. Don't abuse it, or a canny opponent will use it to screw you over. The second gimmick is a special version of Banishment that allows him to reduce the Invulns of ALL Daemon units within 12" of him (instead of a single unit within 24"). Give him some room to fire it and they will fall. He also comes with the Sanctuary power by default, so he's a good pick if you plan on bringing some allied THSS termies, or just to increase the durability of your standard termies if you expect lots of AP1/2.
  • Castellan Crowe - Your average Brotherhood Champion with a better statline, some extra toys (like Cleansing Flame), and +17% points. Sacrifices Nemesis Force Weapon for a generic Close Combat Weapon. He has IC now, and he no longer buffs his enemies when charged. He's still pretty beastly, especially with Hammerhand, to make that not hurt in most cases. He uses both champion stances at the same time, so he gets Smash in addition to re-rollable 2+/4++ saves while in challenges. Remember that with Smash you can choose to attack only once at double strength, which is instant death vs most opponents that aren't Monstrous Creatures. Also remember that Smash gives you AP2 on all attacks, overriding the Sword's natural AP nil, and that excess wounds from a challenge now spill over to the rest of the squad, so keep him in a challenge if you want to see results. He is pretty good vs generic enemy characters, but does worse against things that could take him out in one shot, since even a re-rollable 4++ will eventually fail him. He can really add a lot to a unit as he is now an independent character.
  • Grand Master Voldus, Master of the 3rd Brotherhood (Triumvirate of the Primarch) - For 240 points, he has the exact same statline as a Grand Master, but with ML3 and Lore Master as his Warlord Trait. He possesses the Malleus Argyrum, a Nemesis Daemon Hammer without unwieldy, allowing him to strike at I5. You'll probably be taking him over a Librarian with a Domina Liber Daemonica from now on, as having 5 guaranteed Sanctic powers in addition to 3 Wounds and Str 8/10 at initiative is too good to pass up.
  • Inquisitor Solomon Lok (Forgeworld) - Someone forgot about this dude? Tucked away inside Imperial Armour 4 volume 2 is this little fella who can be taken as a HQ choice for Grey Knights. He's an ordo xenos inquisitor with artificer armour, a refractor field, a master-crafted power sword and a bolt pistol w/ psybolt ammunition. His Warlord trait gives him and his retinue FnP within 3" of an objective which is pretty meh as the unit will be T3 anyway most likely. He's nothing special but if you wanted to fill a HQ slot for cheap and take a very pretty model in the process he's your dude. Surprisingly good against MEQ in CC though, with I5, 4 Attacks base an MC power-sword and digi-weapons means he hits first and rerolls a fair bit. Funnily enough too he's the only Inquisitor the Grey Knights can take in a regular army, even though he's Ordo Xenos and not Malleus (yes, even Hector Rex can only be taken in an Inquisition list).


  • Grey Knight Strike Squad - Your basic Power-Armored Grey Knights, with a bit of a price bump. While they're not as durable as GK Terminators (who also share the Troops slot) and have 1 Attack instead of 2, they're cheaper, you can fit these guys in a Rhino to give them some much-needed mobility, and they can Sweeping Advance, which Terminators cannot do; they can also teleport deepstrike like Terminators, an oft-forgotten ability they possess. Keep in mind that taking a special weapon like a Psycannon or an Incinerator will cost you a Force Weapon attack or two, so think wisely; when in doubt, take an incinerator for wall of death and to chase camping Tau out of cover.
    • Use these guys against hordes and other lighter units while your Termies handle the big guys and lend support where necessary. Don't give these guys psycannons unless you plan on having them simply park somewhere and provide fire support. If you want them to be mobile at all, psilencers are actually a pretty solid choice, as they can still be snapfired at full range on the move, provide a huge volume of fire increase, and can provide some double duty for taking on MCs or other multi-wound baddies thanks to having the force USR. A 10man strike squad with 2 psilencers in a rhino is a fairly decent mobile harassment squad, as it can move at cruising speed to maintain maximum range but still snapfire an impressive 14/16 (12 from psilencers + 2 from the rhino's storm bolter + possible 2 more if you purchased a second SB for the rhino) shots.
  • Grey Knight Terminator Squad - Terminators as Troops, a Marine fanboy's dream come true! Oh, wait, you could do that with Dark Angels the whole time (NOPE). And have them in the Elites as well. Anyway. Dead 'ard, killy, and with Objective Secured in a normal CA FOC, these guys are great for wrenching objectives from your opponent's grip. However, they will get expensive very quickly, especially if you take too many of them, even with the price cut they got. Unlike PAGKs, Terminators don't lose their force weapons if you give them special weapons, like psycannons or incinerators, and Termies are Relentless, so they can be kitted out for shooting without losing any assault power. They even have grenades. Just about the only thing these guys don't have are Storm Shields.
    • One more thing to note about these most basic TAGKs is that they are a bargain! Think about it - 33 pts/model gets you a psyker wearing terminator armour that can, at will, buff his strength. They also get access to better special and close combat weapons than your standard terminators lacking only chainfists and storm shields. Not having the latter is a bummer but since they can get hammerhand and Daemonhammers, chainfists aren't much of a loss; if you're desperate for close-combat armourbane, you can always load up your Justicar with melta bombs. Take a Land Raider of your favorite flavor as a dedicated transport for this squad in a CAD for an objective secured land raider and drink the tears of your enemies.

Dedicated transports[edit]

Note - As seems to be the deal in 7th edition, Transports have all been moved in to one of the other standard force org positions, and thus can be taken even if you don't have a unit to put inside them. If you take one as a dedicated transport it takes on the force org classification of whatever unit it is dedicated to, but doesn't use up a slot. So a Rhino taken by itself (literally why) would use a Fast Attack slot, but a Rhino taken as a Strike Squad Dedicated Transport counts as Troops, but doesn't use a slot. The actual force org category is noted on each entry below.

Second Note - Our transports took a big hit now that they don't generate Warp Charges. With the cost reduction of Terminators, I anticipate we will be seeing fewer and fewer rhinos. And Razorbacks are too expensive priced differently now.

  • Rhino - Fast Attack - Look, Rhinos! RHIIIINOS! Our Grey Knights are hiding in MEHTAL BAWKSES, the cowards! THE FEWLS! Pretty much a must for PAGKs, they give Strike Squads, Purifiers, and Purgation Squads some much needed mobility, and are dirt cheap now. A rhino with an extra storm bolter (2 total) costs the same as 2 standard PAGKs (who bring 2 Storm Bolters) but have 3 "wounds" and are harder to crack. They are pretty much always a good buy. Great for moving PAGKs with psycannons midfield on turn 1 (12" move and pop smoke), and then acting as heavy weapon bunkers for the rest of the game. Your psycannons will have full range on T2 and protection against small arms fire, and if your opponent wrecks it on their turn your psycannons STILL have full range once it hits your turn again. Cannot carry Terminators.
  • Razorback - Fast Attack - A Rhino with a big gun on the back. Good for providing fire support for PAGKs of all kinds. The base cost went up, but all the weapon option costs went down. If you were taking razorbacks in the last codex purely for heavy bolters, then yes, they are more expensive now. But if you were taking razorbacks for anything else (TL Lascannons come to mind) they are actually cheaper now than they were in the last codex. You're better off taking more PAGKs and equipping more special weapons; if you need them to be somewhere fast, they can always deepstrike. Also cannot carry Terminators. Worth noting that Forge World provided the Grey Knights with a variant called the Vortimer Pattern which mounts a twin-linked Psycannon (that thanks to being a vehicle always puts out 4 shots at maximum range) for 30 points more than the basic TLHB.
  • Land Raider/Crusader/Redeemer - Heavy Support - The choice of Space Marines everywhere for Terminator transport, and thank the Emperor we can finally take them as dedicated transports, freeing up those valuable heavy slots for more NDKs. Grey Knights Land Raiders are pretty much exactly the same as the Land Raiders used by standard space marines. The standard "Godhammer" pattern is schizo but is one of your only decent ranged anti-vehicle units, the Crusader has the best transport capacity and lots of dakka, and the Redeemer is excellent for melting MEQs (and ignoring cover).
    • since it is a dedicated transport if you buy it for a Termy GK Squad it will count as a troop choice too. If you also have Objective Secured, this choice will be pretty nasty.


  • Purifier Squad - A steamroller against tarpits, now with a small price raise and ML2. These are super-PAGKs with Fearless and the Cleansing Flame psychic power from the main rule book, which is a 9" nova power that causes 2D6 S5 AP4 cover ignoring hits. These guys can probably benefit the most from a Razorback. Rhino. Ten man squad Combat squadded. Drive towards 'Nid, Guard, Boyz horde. Unleash a potential 24 S5 AP4 hits, then fire your 2 psycannons for the lulz. Their CC attacks inflict Soulblaze. Also note that, since the psychic phase is between movement and shooting, you can move, Cleansing Flame, then run out of LOS/into cover. This is probably the best elite choice (and possibly infantry unit in general), the others being too expensive and a dreadnought. Their shooting is decent, Cleansing Flame messes hordes up and also autohits FMC (S5, no Jink), give one of them a Daemonhammer and they can reliably ID MCs or hurt AV14, while still being able to trash most things in assault. It's very much worth noting that they lose Deep Strike - Strikes and Interceptors have native Deep Strike, and can therefore use the Nemesis Strike Force (and really, why would you not?). This is quite a major strike against Purifiers (and later, Purgators) unless you're trapped in 5th and are bringing a mechanised list. This used to be mitigated by allying Space Wolves and sticking them in a Drop Pod, at least until an FAQ ruled that allied forces can't deploy inside one another's transports. The best way to bring these guys would be in a 10-man squad with 4 Incinerators and 2 Daemon Hammers and combat-squadded. This will give you an extra 2 warp charges and will mean you can cast two Cleansing Flames, followed by 2 soul blazing templates from the Incinerators that will not only ignore the average horde's armour, but will also cause instant death, negating any feel no pain tricks. On the subject of transports, the Land Raider would be a better transport, but you want that Heavy Support slot for Dreadknights.The Stormraven is probably your next best option, as it's an assault vehicle and it gives you some anti-air and anti-armour abilities.
    • Alternate Take: With the new Gate of Infinity power, for some of your warpcharges you can easily deepstrike these guys. Take the gate right in front of the enemy horde, you're gonna need a cup to hold all the tears that horde opponent's gonna cry!
  • Dreadnought - A Dreadnought, same as the others, including a 25-pt upgrade to Venerable. A unit of questionable merit when you could be taking purifiers instead, however it is one of few sources of long range firepower and one of even fewer sources of plasma. It suffers from the general walker fragility problem of falling easily to high rate of fire strength 6/7/8 weapons. If you're bringing one (or more) as long range fire support then parking them in cover helps to mitigate this, and having a psychic pilot with access to Sanctuary can get you a backup 6++ if your opponent can ignore cover. The venerable upgrade isn't really worth it; it might save your bacon against a single lascannon or melta hit, but you're probably going to just be stripped of hull points. The increased BS is nice, but many of the shooting options are already twin-linked, so it's value is a bit more dependent on your weapon choice. The increased WS is similarly nice if your goal is close combat, but requires surviving long enough to get there. Making it in to close combat is more likely if you have him ferried in on a Stormraven, but this also means that you're losing a couple rounds of shooting. For the gutting we took in the last codex update, I'm actually surprised we weren't gifted with a more melee focused dreadnought option, or a libby dread, but I guess that would be stepping on the Blood Angels toes a bit too much.
    • Dreadnoughts may have an application against Culexus assassins, by tying them up in CC. The assault effect of psyk-out grenades does not allow them to be used against vehicles in CC, so he can't perils the dreadnought to death nor can he harm it with his weapons. Fearless means he can't invoke the "our weapons are useless" rule. If a dreadnought assaults a Culexus, it will one-shot him at best or tie him up for the rest of the game at worst. Maybe go with MM for extra AT, so the dreadnought will still be useful, in case there is no Culexus.
  • Paladin Squad - Super-Terminators, Paladins get +1 WS, +1 Wound, and can take an Apothecary (Feel No Pain) for 20 Points. These guys will run over an enemy who lacks low AP weapons. Extremely powerful, but extremely expensive. Steer clear of anything that inflicts Instant Death: A single Demolisher Cannon shot can ruin this expensive squad's day in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, Paladins will get the job done. Another way to use them is to stick a couple of them with an apothecary to an Independent Character's ass and use them as "Look out, Sir !" meatshields.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Grey Knight Interceptor Squad - Your only other Fast Attack choice, these are just PAGKs with teleporter packs that make them look like something from a cheesy '50s sci-fi movie - ask the enemy to take them to their leader. Seriously though, these are effectively your Assault Marines, but they have a nifty trick up their backpacks: they can make a 30" move once per game (but cannot assault). Thanks to the mobility this provides, they're effective at putting pressure on the enemy in the early game, especially if you take a lot and shunt them up on Turn 1. Follow this up with Deep Strike support so they aren't deleted before they can do their job. They got better due to Incinerators no longer being stupidly over-costed for them. And we all know how good flamer weapons are on jump infantry!
    • Alternate Take: The Justicar can take a teleport homer and these guys are highly mobile. Look at your unused Terminators. Now look at me. Now look back at your Terminators. They're now a 10-man Paladin squad, Deep Striking within your opponent's lines without scattering (unless they have Coteaz). Take two to three units of 5 Interceptors and move them up the board behind cover (or out of line of sight, if you can manage it)! This method of transporting Terminators/Paladins is cheaper than a Land Raider and more reliable than the Gate of Infinity, due to the fact that (1) you're not guaranteed to get the psychic power unless you field Draigo (although a Mastery Level 3 Librarian with the Domina Liber Daemonica will greatly increase your chances to just over 80%!) and (2) you won't scatter when you deep strike, although the risk is that you lose the Justicar when the enemy tries to kill your small 5-man squad (which is the first good reason why you want at least two small units of these guys). After they've done their job as mobile beacons, they can spend the game running around collecting objectives, harassing your opponent's troops with their Incinerators or basically being a nuisance in any way you can think of!
  • Stormraven Gunship (Attack Flyer) - Flying Toaster Land Raider, covered in guns, good for transport and blowing stuff up. Use them to drop Terminators, Purifiers and Dreadnoughts into your opponent's midst. Also, it can take a locator beacon, which allows you to zip around and safely deep strike your reserves in addition to its own transport capabilities. Now comes with the generally more useful Stormstrike missiles. Sponsons are advised against, as you are probably more likely to regret not having a psycannon on your GKTs or some Daemonhammers on your squads, than 12 TL bolter shots. Finally, this is one of your few methods of getting effective anti-armor into your list due you not getting the regular heavy weapons for your squads and you don't get to field predators. Seriously consider taking as many of these as you can afford to, but don't forget that the more points you sink into them and their cargo, the more it'll sting when you fail your Reserves roll to determine whether it shows up at all. Plus, since they can't Deep Strike, they can't use the Nemesis Strike Force to come in on Turn 1. Remember, this one's a flyer - your opponent needs 6s to hit it (if your opponent hasn't taken any Skyfire, the damn thing is nearly invincible). It's also very good in a dogfight: POTMS allows you to split fire (potentially forcing 2 opposing flyers to jink) and allows you to fire a weapon at full BS even after jinking yourself. Hover gives it the manoeuvrability to evade other flyers that don't have Hover (or at least Vector Dancer), although dropping to hover does increase your vulnerability to fire from ground forces. Take the Stormraven as a tank-buster with the TL Multi-Melta and the TL Lascannon. You can blow up an enemy vehicle with the MM and then power of the machine spirit the LC into another enemy vehicle.
  • Rhino - See the Dedicated Transport section. Can be taken individually as an FA choice, but there isn't a whole lot of reason for it. Maybe if you're running purgators and want to combat squad so you can fire all 4 psycannons / psilencers from the comfort of metal boxes, or are just combat squadding PAGKs in general and need separate boxes for each half.
  • Razorback - See the Dedicated Transport section. Can be taken individually as an FA choice, and might be worth it in small point games if you're running terminator troops but still want some lascannons on the board.
  • Xiphon Pattern Interceptor (Forge World) - A Deep Striking flyer. Only AV 11 all around, but it's jink saves are +1, and it's got Armoured Ceramite in case of melta. Two twin-linked lascannons, but the real meat is it's Rotary Missile Launcher - 2 S8 AP2 shots, forcing rerolls on successful cover saves (including Jink), and on penetrating hit, roll 3 times on the table and pick the best option. Just over 200 points, and can drop just about any vehicle you point it at.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Purgation Squad: These are the Grey Knights' equivalent to regular Space Marine Devastators - sort of. In reality, they're really just a Strike Squad that can take four heavy weapons without restriction. Just like how a devastator squad is just a tactical squad that can take four heavy weapons without restriction. Note that you must park them in cover or they will die. Due to the fact that Grey Knights heavy weapons are all short- to mid-range, you'll probably have to move them in to the midfield to get any use out of them, which means putting them at risk. This is especially true if they're assaulted, as heavy weapons mean no force weapons (though four Incinerators would make this a dicy proposition for light troops). Make sure these guys have a transport handy to get them out of dodge when your opponent decides to pay attention to them. They can (and probably should) take a teleport homer, allowing you to conveniently Deep Strike a unit of anything that can deepstrike to screen the Purgation Squad if the heat is on.
    • Note: Something to consider...take a squad of these with 4 x incinerators, a teleport homer, and a Rhino. Move up at cruising speed and flat out into your opponent's face on Turn 1. Assuming they survive the trip, you now have x4 Str 6 AP 4 Soulblaze templates you can drop and melt away whatever footsloggers there are in your path, 2 if the Rhino hasn't been popped yet and you haven't disembarked them by then. On Turn 2, Deep Strike your reserves around the unit without scatter thanks to the aforementioned teleport homer, and they will have all the protection they need.
    • Alternate Take: Don't ever field these guys outside of fun/casual games. Every Purgation Squad you take is one less potential Dreadknight on the board, and considering how useless Psycannons are on PAGK these days, Purgators amount to little more than dead weight. They die just as easily as any Marine, and all of our weapons are short enough range that getting them close enough to do their job means they'll be wiped off the board before they can even aim straight. If you insist on bringing a pure heavy weapons squad, Purifiers do everything they can, except better; with 2 special weapons per 5 models, take a 10-man Purifier unit, buy 4 special weapons, and combat squad them all together for what is effectively a more powerful version of the same thing, with the added bonus of more than doubled close combat power if they're singled out.
  • Nemesis Dreadknight - Xzibit's take on Power Armor, this unit alone is probably responsible for at least 30% of the rage directed against the Grey Knights your spiritual liege. An ugly gorgeous mechanical Monstrous Creature Character with a 2+ armor save and a 5+ invulnerable save, this thing is designed to take on Greater Daemons, Tyranid bio-monsters, and the like, while being able to challenge enemy units or snipe out hidden Power Fists. However, keep in mind: 130 points seems cheap at first, but that means it will have no upgrades or ranged weapons at all. Ranged weapons (which you can take two of, as long as they aren't two copies of the same weapon) are suped up versions of the standard GK special weapons, and cost 20-35 points apiece. The Personal Teleporter costs a cool 30 points and is totally worth it. Close combat upgrades are the cheapest and will help your big guy in melee since you start off with only two powerfists (which isn't really that bad). The teleporter does not make them lose Monstrous Creature status either and allows them to shunt in from ongoing reserves, instead of deep striking, for no scatter. Watch out for Necrons and Gargoyles, they will ruin your day. He is one of the 2 non-fearless MC in 40k, the other being the Riptide, so beware the Wyrdvanes in a Chimera or even paired with Hellhound, because it could tank shock this guy and chase him in 6". Be afraid of Dark Eldar players, their Venoms, Warriors, Hellions and Scourges can drop a surprising amount of poisoned shots on your Dreadknights in one turn, Blasterborn squads will eat a Dreadknight unless you use Sanctuary. Even still just don't take it against Dark Eldar armies PERIOD. Actually, this may no longer be true, as teleporters became much more affordable and templates hit units inside Open Topped transports. Still, these guys are professional skullfuckers, and their ridiculously silly look will make your opponent cry tears of blood to have its tanks and precious snowflake characters being torn to shreds by such an ugly baby-carrying chicken. If you're feeling silly and like extreme MSU, this model has potential to be your Warlord without it breaking your army.
  • Land Raider/Crusader/Redeemer - See the Dedicated Transport section. Now that you can take these as dedicated transports for your Terminators, you will probably never actually take one as a Heavy choice ever again.

Lord Of War[edit]

  • Lord Kaldor Draigo - The obligatory "super special character who costs more than a Land Raider and thus becomes Lord of War" of this Codex. Creed has donned his Terminator armor and gotten hold of some of the shiniest toys mankind has to offer, making him an outrageously powerful fighter, nearly impossible to kill (2+, 3++, Eternal Warrior) and a nightmare against any dedicated Daemon player (or anyone else), because of his S+3 AP2 Nemesis Force Sword with Master-Crafted. He lost any bonus anti-psyker rules and his Paladin Troops, and it's unlikely that he'll regain them through a supplement. If you pair him with Stern in HQ for guaranteed access to Sanctuary and a paladin squad with apothecary for FNP goodness, you're looking at a 2+/2++/5+FNP beast of a tank.
    • His Psychic Powers are pre-selected from Sanctic: Banishment, Gate of Infinity, Hammerhand & Purge Soul. meaning no Invisibility or Divination spam. However, Gate of Infinity allows you to teleport him close to the enemy, compensating for his weak storm bolter that makes him useless in the shooting phase and allowing you to bring the titansword-fuckfest right to your opponent's ass. All the while playing fluffy and imagining the dude randomly popping in and out of the Warp to stupidly smash whatever poor bastard happens to be in range. Cookie to the one who does this after painting him with warp dust down his nose.


Fortifications in general aren't particularly useful to the Grey Knights.

  • Aegis Defence Lines: Meh. Might be okay for a squad of backfield objective campers, but with a low model count army you want to be the one moving around calling the shots. Camping is a pretty good way to get shot off the board by anything with a range over 24". It has some AA turret options, but you should be taking Stormravens for anti-air stuff. With the 7th ed change to interceptor (no longer allows you to "turn off" skyfire) the turrets are pretty ineffective against ground targets.
    • Note - An ADL can equip a comms relay. This sets you back 70 points, but it gives you the ability to reroll reserve rolls which is a huge boon if you're deep striking on turn one. But again, you need to camp a unit at the relay in order to get the benefit, but you don't really have the longrange firepower to validate a unit just chilling in the backfield.
  • Imperial Bunker: This pill box is a closed building and can deny a part of the battlefield pretty nicely if some PAGKs are in it. Place your objectives accordingly. Bunkers are another source for the comms relay, and seeing as they offer a bit more substantial protection than the ADL, might have a case for a backfield camp. They can also take that additional exit which allows you to exit the building 18" away from the building itself, but the enemy can use that door too in order to assault the unit in the bunker. You could use it as a means of leaving the bunker and ending up right in midfield, but it's probably not worth it. A solid home for purgators, what with the 4 fire points and all. Nothing makes people wanna not touch that objective quite like an AV14 box with 16 rending autocannon shots being dumped out of it. Just be mindful that the fire point is just on one side, so you won't be able to shoot at anyone that manages to swing around behind the box.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad: On the upside, it'll prevent deep strikers from scattering if they aim to land on the pad, and it can provide a sweet invulnerable save. On the downside, it needs to be deployed in your own D-zone, but you you want to be deepstriking in to your opponent's end of the field. Back to the upside, it allows you to start a stormravern on the field, so you're not waiting for turn 2 to for the rest of your army to show up, and not waiting until turn 3 to disembark the raven's passengers. All in all, unless you are specifically building and air cav list, you're probably better served by fielding something else.
  • Imperial Bastion: As per the Bunker, but comes with more Dakka.
  • Fortress of Redemption: As per the Bunker and the Bastion, but now you're starting to get ridiculous - it's 220 pts base. Take only if you're desperate for extreme long-range support.

Apocalypse Units[edit]

  • Grey Knights Thunderhawk Gunship (Forge World): Like regular Thunderhawk, BUT EVEN BETTER. It can replace ALL of its four twin-linked heavy bolters for twin-linked Psycannons for 20 pts only. Trololo. Just remember, that with 7th ed there's gonna be A LOT more skyfire weapons all around.


  • Nemesis Strike Force FOC: The Grey Knight's unique FOC that requires only one HQ and one Troops choice. The Grey Knights gain an extra Elite slot at the cost of two Troop Slots, a Heavy Support Slot, and a Fast Attack slot. Using the Nemesis Strike Force grants the mandatory Codex Trait re-roll as well as the ability to make things deep-strike on the first turn on a 3+, with the added bonus of running and shooting in any order; you do not get Objective Secured.
  • Grey Knight Brotherhood (Codex): A cluster of a formation with a Brother-Captain, Champion, 3 each of Grey Knight Strike Squads and Grey Knight Terminator Squads, 2 each of Interceptor and Purgation Squads, a Dreadnought, and a Dreadknight.
    • It's a very pricey force, but getting it allows for a re-roll on Codex Traits, the ability to cast on a 3+ for ALL powers, and the ability to Deep Strike on the first turn on a 3+ and Run and Shoot.
  • Brotherhood of the Flame (Apocalypse) - Crowe leads 5 10-man Purifier squads, all on foot.
    • Making use of the Psyflamers, they get to use one new shot per turn, an Assault 1 S2 AP6 shot that gets +1S -1 AP per unit that joins in the shot, making a potentially brutal hit on MEQ and TEQ if you focus on them. Humorous note: Per the fluff in the new codex, the order of purifiers only contains Crowe + 48 brothers. Who are the extra 2 guys filling out the 5 10-man squads? (We are Alpharius)
  • Dreadknight Brethren (Apocalypse) - 3-5 Dreadknights put in a formation meant for Those Guys.
    • The only bonus this formation even gets is the ability to give any knights within 12" of the lead Dreadknight Shred. Seriously, this won't make them any better.
  • Extermination Force (Apocalypse) - 1 Dreadknight with a Heavy Psycannon and 3-5 Stormravens. The Dreadknight can fire tracker rounds, which means all Stormraven shots at the marked target hit automatically and models with the Daemon rule halve either toughness or armour save.
    • Designed to assist with Daemon Lords, maxed out this is capable of (clue's in the name!) exterminating just about any monstrous creature or vehicle.

Warzone Pandorax[edit]

  • Assassinorum Murder Pack (Apocalypse) - All the Assassins slapped together. Yes, we know Assassins have been shifted to their own dataslate, but it's still listed as a Grey Knights formation.
    • Aside from the new 3 Wounds and 5+ FNP each, the Assassins all get another bonus.
      • Eversor gets 2d6 bonus attacks on the charge for more rape.
      • The Vindicare's Exitus guns all get Soulblaze.
      • The Callidus gets a S9 Neural Shredder
      • The Culexus gets a S6 Animus Speculum.

Blood Oath (Warhammer World Exclusive)[edit]

  • Emperor's Hand Strike force - A Brother-Captain and a Champion are teamed with 3 each of Grey Knight Strike Squads and Grey Knight Terminator Squads, 2 each of Interceptor and Purgation Squads, 4 Dreadknights, a Paladin squad, and 2 Purifier Squads, and every squad needs 10 models. They all arrive from reserves as a single unit, they get to cast on a 3+ while the BC is kicking, and all Daemons within 6" of a Knight here suffers -1 to their Invul. Kinda sad this is pretty much your entire army and then some, because these rules would be pretty sweet.

Imperial Agents[edit]

  • Daemonhunter Strike Force: 1 Troop or Fast Attack, and optional heavy support. Gets the same bonus the Nemesis Strike Force has of rolling for reserves on turn 1. It's literally just to get around the HQ tax to include a small force of Grey Knights.

Gathering Storm III[edit]

  • Bulwark of Purity: 1 Librarian, 2 5-man Paladin squads, and 2 5-man terminator squads. So long as 3+ units from the formation are alive, they add +1 to Deny the Witch tests; unfortunately, this rule is a case of "RAW versus RAI." The 40k BRB FAQ states that you can never modify rolls to Deny versus Blessings or Conjurations, but this formation's bonus states that you get +1 to Deny, without referring to units/the Formation in question; since this came out at the end of 7th Edition, this was never actually FAQ'd. Additionally, when you fire off Banishment, it goes off for every member of the formation as an AoE like Brother Captain Stern's does. Meh. Mediocre at best, completely useless at worst, as it essentially loads us up with yet more redundant bonuses against an army we already steamroll that only shows up in fringe cases anyway, especially when you factor in the tax of taking 2 full strength Paladin squads. It does have a bit of merit against daemon horde armies (which is really half of what it's built to counter) and the likes of Magnus, as a Librarian denying on 2+ and rerolling 1s with Aegis will certainly hamper those that rely on him to act as their psychic gunboat.


Battle Brothers[edit]

Now with 7th edition, a new allies matrix has been made. This time around, Grey Knights are part of the Armies of the Imperium. This essentially means they're now Battle Brothers with all other armies that share this faction. This includes the following:

  • Adepta Sororitas: You don't really need their (honestly mediocre) short-ranged fire-fighting; whatever they can do, you can do better. However, there is one thing that the Sisters can bring you that you don't have: tank-busting. The Adepta Sororitas are positively drowning in high strength, low AP guns from their abundance of melta weapons to the much-feared Exorcist. They need lots of close support, which you can offer them in spades; just don't turn them into armour paint, FFS!
  • Astra Militarum: These guys are the exact opposite of you: Lots of cheap, disposable units with a large selection of long-range weapons, but piss-poor power. Let their troops take the points; you're gonna be taking the fights and protecting your squishy humans. If the Guard takes artillery, you'll have something to stand between them and the enemy while tanking whatever is thrown at you.
    • Militarum Tempestus: They bring more specialized troops than the Imperial Guard, and they can take two unique formations to complement the Nemesis Strike Force. No big guns or tanks, but they do have a wealth of special weapons that can help buffer your weaker shooting phase.
  • Imperial Knights: Taking a single Imperial Knight to supplement Grey Knights gives you yet another hard point in your army with both devastating long range and close-combat support with their D-weapons; taking more than one automatically makes you That guy. Regardless, all Imperial Knights require air support, so if you're taking a Knight, you need flyers, fortifications with skyfiring guns, or another ally that can bring them. Plus, there is just the simple child-like pleasure of telling your opponent, "Hold on, let me take out my Knights", leave him thinking it's just the Greys, and then bust out one of these while you're unloading your third Terminator squad. The following is a tactical analysis of each Knight:
    • Knight Paladin - The shootiest with their rapid-fire battle cannon and heavy stubbers. They give you all the long-range support you would ever need, and can furthermore join in any combat to brutalize whatever you want dead.
    • Knight Errant - This guy will be closest to your knights and provides excellent armour busting with its thermal cannon. It's also the cheapest Knight and arguably the most useful. (That ap 2 , AP 1 melta cannon adds a ton to a GK force)
    • Knight Gallant - Has two Destroyer weapons intended for close combat. This thing can't put out lots of shots (Krak Missiles on the Carapace weapon could be okay, but the Heavy Stubber is forgettable), although it busts armor quite fantastically, and can use its Gauntlet to hurl the scrapped remains of destroyed vehicles at the enemy.
    • Knight Crusader - Provides a lot of close-range Dakka, which you're not exactly lacking for, but it's AP3 with 12 shots in addition to the Rapid Fire Battlecannon or Melta Cannon.
    • Knight Warden - The customizable death machine. Can get a Meltagun instead of a Stubber, which you never can go wrong with.
    • Knight Cerastus Lancer - A close-combat specialist, but you already have a lot of close-combat specialists in your army. The Knight Errant busts armour better regardless, and costs 30 pts. less.
    • Knight Cerastus Castigator - COMING SOON
  • Inquisition: Why haven't you taken it yet? Seriously, you get 3 Elites Choices, (Read: 3 units of Inquisitorial Henchmen) and each of them can take a transport like a Rhino, Chimera, Land Raider, or a Valkyrie. That makes it worth it right up front, but with the right load out, they can fill the desperately needed long-range firepower hole in your army, so this should be your first choice right here. That said, it's even better to avoid taking them as allies altogether. Inquisitors have this trick of counting as a normal Combined Arms detachment, despite being all by themselves (and maybe a few henchmen). Consider a Inquisitor in a Valkyrie, while still having a full Guard artillery battery and doing some screening with large blocks of bolter brothers; that, or a four Psilencer Purgation squad buffed by a psyker Inquisitor, while Knights deal with the enemy infantry.

Also consider jokearo weaponsmiths, land raider prometheus with pysbolt ammo, and land raider terminus ultras if you wanna be a huge dick

  • Space Marines: What's the main thing that Grey Knights lack? Long-range firepower. What do Vanilla Marines have in spades, in the form of Lascannon/Plasma Cannon Devastators, Skyhammer Stormtalons or, if you like seeing your points drop faster than a hooker with a broken hip, Devastator Centurions? Long-range firepower. Your regular GKs can handle the short-range firefight with their Storm Bolters and Psycannons while you pop a squad of Devastators in a ruin or fortification, and then get a Techmarine to slap on a +1 Cover Save buff. 3+ cover save Lascannons? Fuck your metal boxes. Facing enemy Terminator problems? 4 Plasma Cannons will wreck their day. If you REALLY want to get some tank killing up in this and don't fear the close range, give them some Multi-Meltas, make Vulkan the HQ, and laugh as you turn everything from Land Speeders to Land Raiders into molten slag. Also, Stormtalons escorting Stormravens that drop Dreadnoughts and Paladins.
    • Blood Angels: Very similar to Grey Knights except a bit more of a balanced quantity/quality trade-off. They can have more dudes (especially assault marines), but do you really need that much more close-range support? There isn't much that they can do that your own guys can't do better
    • Dark Angels: A lot like Vanilla Space Marines, except with a higher focus on ranged combat and specialist troops. Ravenwing Black Knights offer you a hard-hitting, fast moving option, while Deathwing Knights can make even your own Termies and Palatanks jealous. Also, that moving shroud-everything land-speeder is at your disposal - just don't bother with their shitty aircraft!
    • Space Wolves: The opposite extreme of the quantity/quality trade-off compared to Grey Knights - they give you scores of cheap (relatively), copious attacks and wounds to tie-up your opponents while you bring in the Knights to finish them off. Be sure to keep the Wolves lean and mean (ie, cheap and charging), or perhaps bring along one of their new flyers for some extra long-range firepower and air support. Drop pod wolves also add a ton to a alpha strike teleporting/shunting GK list
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarii or Cult Mechanicus. Either one​ can be awesome. More on each below.
    • Skitarii:Rangers have a 30" S4 AP4 Precision Shot rifle at base and can take up to 3 60" SX AP3 Armourbane Heavy 1 Snipers with Relentless as commonly as you have Force, and with the benefits of Skitarii Maniple, these guys are your objective holders. Vanguards provide you with a way to get up in the face of your enemy and alpha strike before they have a chance to do anything. The other unit of note is the Onager Dunecrawler, which can take a Weapon that gets bonuses to S the closer the target is and Blast templates further out up to 36" inches, A Skyfire array, A S10 AP1 48" Concussive Blast with a Heavy Stubber tacked on (because why not?), or a 36" Range Twin-linked Heavy 3 S6 AP3 weapon that causes each wound/Penetrating or Glancing Hit to reduce it's cover save by -1 for that phase, and lets you reroll charge against that target until the end of your turn. Overall, they provide some pretty good options. Taken in a maniple, you need to take two troops at a minimum, which can cost you at the upper most around 410 points. While this means fewer Knights, it may prove worthwhile if you're looking to get some more range.
    • Cult Mechanicus: Taken in an Allied Detachment, this can be amazing. The Tech-priest synergies really well with your squads, as he fires off all his weapons before getting to charge in with his Power Axe. I've had games where this guy has wiped entire squads single-handedly. As for troops, you've got two kinds of Kataphron Servitors to choose from; Breachers(Haywire on everything)or Destroyers. Both have the Heavy Servitors Rule, which means they cannot run, but they can fire Heavy, Rapid Fire, or Salvo weapons as if they didn't move and still charge. Breachers are fairly straight forward; you have a 30" S6 AP5 Heavy 2 with Haywire (They also have a Haywire S6 Melee weapon which you should ignore, as you typically want to avoid melee on these guys) or a 24" S8 AP1 Heavy1 with Gravitic Contortion, which causes vehicles to lose D3 hull points on a penning hit as opposed to 1, though on non-vehicles, it applies D3 wounds instead. Destroyers have either a 24" S7 AP2 Heavy2, Blast, Gets Hot! Plasma Cannon, or a 30" S* AP2 Salvo 2/6, Concussive, Graviton Weapon; as Grav weapons need to roll the enemy's armour save to wound them, this kind of stuff is a good answer to Terminators, given our relative lack of AP2 outside of hammers in melee. Other than that, the only other unit of interest is the Kastelan Robot Maniple, which is a 135pt per model investment for a 36" Ranged Infantry. It's got it's uses, but you're already playing a low model count army, and this just isn't worth the investment. Alternatively, take a full unit of electro priests, corpuscarii or fuglarites. Hell, take a max unit of fuglarites with 1-2 ML3 libbys and roll all of them on sanctic daemonology, and watch the teleporting 2++ s10 units tear apart anything without a 2+ that's not a FNP. This is at incredibly high in points cost though, with 360 points for the electro priests, and 270 points for the libbys, meaning 530 points in total. However, it will generate 60 s10 ap5 attacks on the charge PLUS the libbys stuff.
  • Death Watch: The newest branch of the inquisition, these guys are basically just veterans that have some crazy weapon options. Because you're Grey Knights, you have no use for the close combat aspect of these guys, since you're already a close combat army. What you can use is some anti-troop goodness in the form of Special Issue Ammunition and fire. More anti-tank is also available, as you have access to lots of meltas dropping in if you are into that (Along with drop pods and a cheaper, rip off stormraven). The infernus heavy bolter is some great anti-troop fire power usually worth taking, while the frag cannon is awesome for a few extra anti tank shots if needs must, along with pretty strong anti-troop as well. Special issue ammunition is great because is makes bolters extremely versatile weapons​. Don't bother with giving your veterans close combat weapons, as you already have your own guys for that. Kit out ether a Furor kill team or an Aquila kill team and drop them in. Put a teleport homer on the drop pods so your GK squads can be more accurate on their way in. While you're at it, take a Corvus Black Star; it's a great transport flyer for 180 points (190 if you want to rerole jinks), and it's definitely worth taking if you want more than one kill team dropping in from space.

Allies of Convenience[edit]

  • Eldar: A decent complement to your army (especially considering how strong eldar are in general now.) Eldar add a lot of speed and damage to a force. However, considering how elite your force is as a GK player, the main thing you need in your allies is more bodies on the field to really hold those objectives.(So look at one of the imperial allies instead)
    • One interesting unit is the Avatar of Khaine. Grey Knights have little access to melta weaponry. The Avatar can fire twice his melta weapon. But you don't want him because of that. Check his rules...Daemon! Now your HQ has a 3++ save if you pay 10 points, while the Avatar is near. Cast now Sanctuary. Enjoy your 2++ save! Eldar can no longer use Malefic Daemonology (since, y'know, feeding their souls to Slaanesh on purpose is not a winning survival strategy), so the Avatar is the best way to get an allied Daemon here.

Desperate Allies[edit]

  • Tau Empire: Much like the Space Marines, the Tau also offer a LOT of long range firepower, but while the Marines offer long range firepower at moderate rates and strength, the Tau tend to either hit a lot faster or a lot harder. However, a lot of Tau things are meant to roll around a few specific things (Markerlights, railguns) that might be rather costly, and playing Grey Knights you really aren't going to have many points to spare.
  • Dark Eldar: Your main weaknesses are a lack of speed, a lack of AP2 weaponry, and a lack of ranged anti-tank weaponry. Dark Eldar have all of this in spades. Being Desperate Allies won't really affect you here unless you're bringing DE assault units (don't do that), since all you really need are a few ball-bustingly fast transports loaded with anti-armor dudes. That, or a few squads of Scourges for any possible situation you could come up against. Not the best allies choice in the book, but you could definitely make it work.

Come the apocalypse[edit]

Now you can ally with Come the apocalypse armies! Just can't deploy within 12" of units from the allies detachment. So time to throw in some Daemons with these grey knights!

  • Chaos Daemons: (scratches head) Maybe some demons want to mess up the plan of their opposite guard so they time their attack with some grey knights and the knights decided to let the two fight it out while also attacking? Daemons give some really hard hitting, and cheap troops, grey knights can butcher hordes with hails of storm bolter fire, but no one kills terminators like Demonettes (except genestealers). However, all of your powers will also mess up your allies, since the Sanctic Powers are all armed to mess up any daemons. Alternatively, go pure Khorne allies and give your GK character the Bone Shard. AP 1-2 is now meaningless, you're welcome.
  • Chaos Space Marines (MALAL): Anything they can do, Space Wolves can do better AND are Battle Brothers. Fucking pass!
  • Khorne Daemonkin: Take all the Khorne Daemons and Khorne Chaos Space Marine units and wrap them up here. They are fast with Fleshhounds and Bloodcrushers and Juggerlords, but why take these guys when you can take Space Wolves or Dark Angels Ravenwing and have the benefit of Battle Brothers?
  • Necrons: Can't setup within 12"? No problem! If you're taking Necron allies, you're taking flyers and deepstrikers that can bolster your dakka and glance armour to death. Crons are probably the best of these choices(at least in come the apocalypse).
  • Orks: Setup is gonna be a bitch unless you're deepstriking the entirety of your Grey Knights. Otherwise, you get a big horde of wounds, attacks, dakka and humour.
  • Tyranids: Huh, looks like the Anphelion Project paid off. Pretty much whatever applies to Orks applies to taking bugs as allies. Everything except that Tyranids are powerful psykers. So are Grey Knights. So it works out alright.


Tactical Objectives[edit]

11 - Destroy the Daemon
1 VP if you kill one unit with Daemon USR. d3 if you kill 3-5, d3+3 if you kill 6+.; If you oll this, you're pretty much gonna get it if you have someone targeted.
12 - Psychic Communion
1 VP if you manifested at least 3 psychic powers successfully. d3 if you cast 6+.; If you're up against anything other than Daemons or Eldar, you'll have a good shot. ESPECIALLY if you're up against Tau, Crons, or DEldar.
13 - No Witnesses!
1 VP if you've killed every Independent Character your enemy has.; Pretty much useless on Nids without Prime (Also DEldar. Pretty bad against DEldar).
14 - Deeds of Legend
1 VP if you killed someone in a challenge. If you killed a MC or IC, you win d3 VP.
15 - Teleport Attack
1 VP if you've killed someone with a unit that either came from Deep Strike, teleported, or was moved using Gate of Infinity.:: Pretty easy win if you're on the first couple turns, or you could take a teleporting Dreadknight/Interceptor squad and just win it then and there.
16 - Rites of Exorcism
Upon drawing this card, the enemy must roll d6; this result is the Tactical Objective you must take control of. If you take it the same turn you draw it, you win d3 VP, otherwise you just win 1 VP.

Anti-Armor Tactics[edit]

While anything AV 10-12 will pose about as much challenge to your psycannons as wet cardboard, AV 13-14 can be a problem. You have few good options for tank hunting, and it's important to choose the right one. The first option is MOAR PSYCANNONS. Even AV14 will eventually falter under a hail of S7 rending shots, but this just isn't the most efficient use of them. For high AV targets, there's also the idea for risking the Librarian with a combi-melta or the Techmarine's Conversion Beamer. Don't forget that Stormravens can take fancy bits like a lascannon, plasma cannon, or a multi-melta for free, and remember to use your stormstrike missiles to full effect. Land Raiders, while expensive, can also provide lascannons and multi-meltas for an extra bit of tank 'sploding. However, you really shouldn't be spending your points on these unless you're already planning on using them as transports. Of course, if you really want reliable long-range solutions, the best option you have is to ally with another army with more low-AP firepower than you.

  • An Alternate Take: You could always ally with eldar for lots of cool units. For anti-tank there are Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents or Falcons which is THE BEST anti-tank unit in the game. You could use Wraithguard instead - a little less reliable at cracking AV14, but more durable and more effective against MCs with the positively brutal Distort rule. Not the smartest ally choice you have though, but you won't have One Eye Open in effect.
  • Assassinate the Tanks: The Vindicare Assassin has a very expensive single shot rifle but it is somewhat effective against vehicles. The Turbo round is range 72" and has S10 with AP2 against vehicles. His BS 8 means he rarely misses and he ignores cover. It gives him a slightly lower than 50% chance at delivering a penetrating shot against AV14 and slightly better against AV13. He won't take down a tank force on his own, but his gun has a better chance of hurting tanks than our guns do. He also doubles as a sniper that, should you ever feel like it, can try to kill enemy characters.
  • Meltas Never Steered You Wrong Before Right?: Consider allying in some of your codex battle brother counterparts in for some AT goodness. You could quite easily take a drop pod full of sternguard with combi-weapons and laugh as they melt any tank they look at. Double the laughter if you used Vulkan to mastercraft those shots. Another option is to take the sky-hammer annihilation force for relentless Multi-Meltas the turn they drop (plus assault marines that get to kick ass as soon as they touch the ground). And if that's not enough options for you you can now stick a Cataphractii Terminator Captain in any devastator squad to give them Slow & Purposeful which is just dandy on devastators in a pod. You could give him a shield eternal for extra tanking if you want or you can give him the Hunters Eye relic if you go White Scars chapter tactics for Ignores Cover Multi-Meltas in your opponents face turn 1!
  • Let's Be Real Here: We all realize by now that GKs have limited options for effective shooting against AV 13-14. That being said, let's all take a step back and realize that shooting isn't the only way to blow up tanks. What you COULD be doing to deal with the likes of things like Leman Russes and Land Raiders is absolutely beating the shit out of them in close combat. Hammers + Hammerhand puts you at S10 AP2, Justicars have access to Meltabombs now, and even default gear with hammerhand active can put a dent in the rear armor of most things. Load your troops up into a Land Raider/Stormraven, drive them forward in cozy comfort, and assault out of it thanks to the Assault Vehicle rule that BOTH of these units possess. Hell, if you don't want to pay for transports, you could go balls to the walls and deep strike your entire army in and hope you survive for some Turn 2 assaults. You don't even need to worry about maneuvering around your target since melee against vehicles hits rear armor (exceptions apply *cough walkers cough*) Even stock dreadknights can get the job done with their double powerfists. Add a personal teleporter for increased threat range and you'll be popping box after box. Sprinkle on some Sanctuary and you'll enjoy a 2+/4++ to soak up enemy fire (which he will attract a LOT of.) Feel free to bring 2 of them since you can take Land Raiders as dedicated transports to maximize your heavy support options.