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Why Play Grey Knights?[edit]

The Grey Knights are the Emperor’s final creation, an army ​of Space Marines whose might and dedication eclipses all others. Their all-consuming mission is to confront the Daemons of the Warp wheresoever they might manifest. ​Each Grey Knight has the power of an army in his own right, capable of felling the greatest of Greater Daemons with a single blow. When the Chapter fights as one there are few who can oppose them. Yet, as the Imperium approaches its twilight, the daemonic threat grows ever greater and the Grey Knights ever more beset.

Though the Grey Knights wield the finest armaments that the armouries of the Imperium can provide, their chief weapon comes from within: a psychic might that can cleave through armour, summon sanctifying flame or return life to the dead.

A Grey Knights army will always be outnumbered (with the exception of facing custodes), but each of your warriors is easily as powerful as the mightiest hero in your opponent’s ranks. Terminator Squads, the elite of other Space Marine armies, are the mainstay of your force.

Purgation Squads lay down a storm of heavy weapons fire, Purifiers immolate the foe with azure flame. Strike Squads attack wherever the enemy is most vulnerable, and towering Nemesis Dreadknights stride imperiously across the battlefield, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.


  • The Grey Knights are an army of Psyker Space Marines. That's pretty cool. Besides, casting Hammerhand you will succeed in 72,22% of cases.
  • The Grey Knights have good assault and okayish close-range shooting. At a minimum, you're getting a storm-bolter and a force sword on every infantry model.
  • Great looking infantry models with lots of customization options. They are not really hard to paint either to look decent and Duncan has pretty neat tutorials on them.
  • A low model count allows for easy movement and understanding of the game.
  • Daemons and Psykers are a massive liability when playing against you. This benefit can't be understated, as GW is now focusing more on the Chaos vs Imperium conflict, and most Chaos armies rely on some form of daemon unit or psyker buff to function properly.
  • Force weapons absolutely everywhere, and they're no longer subject to Deny the Witch, which means you're always putting out D3 wounds to everything in melee!
  • All of your Squads can cast Baby Smite, albeit at reduced strength, and it doesn't increase in cost after the first and subsequent casts; expect to be putting out a lot of mortal wounds as the game goes on.
  • Additionally, the casting number for Smite does not go up for each consecutive Smite you cast.
  • You are one of the factions that benefits most from the psychic phase. You get a nice boost to both cast AND deny, and two stratagems that further boost your ability to ridiculous levels. Your psychic discipline is good but not TOP TIER, with some powers that allow you to buff yourself in both offence and defense, hurt others really really badly and FUCKING TELEPORT ALL ACROSS THE BOARD. Others, unfortunately, are very situational. EVERYONE CAN CAST. EVERYONE CAN DENY. Your Baby Smite may be a little on the weak side, but unlike most armies you can cast it all you want without having to deal with the rising WC penalty for it.
  • Pretty much ANY one of your units can start the game in deep strike reserve. Everyone has some sort of teleportation device - and even if they don't, there's a stratagem that allows you to teleport units in anyway. Unfortunately, after 2018 BIG FAQ 2 this is no longer that great a boost. You need half units AND Points on the ground AND you can't deep strike at all during the first turn. That's not so good for an army that relies and is costed around deepstrike.
  • Named character options are abundant, and overall pretty good even if overpriced.
  • Good news, everyone! Grey Knights will be including in the next Imperial Armour: Talons of the Emperor. What changes this will bring have yet to be seen, and will focus only on Forge World models.
  • One of the only armies with Terminator troops. Even Dark Angels lost their Deathwing as Troops. So GK is a good army if you want to bring a pure Terminator army.


  • GW hates your guts. Yes, really. And if you thought "oh, I can compensate the loss of reserves by Interceptors and Gate of Infinity" - well, yeah, kinda, as long as they start turn 1 on the table or in a transport (and not in Teleport Strike or other form of reserve).
  • A low model count means each loss hurts much more. In order to win you must find ways to block line of sight, find cover saves, and get into assault as soon as possible.
  • The codex is extremely limited in terms of unit selection.
  • Other armies have access to high strength and low AP weapons; 5++ isn't going to save you all the time.
  • Very limited access to AP-3 and below aside from the close combat weapons of your walkers.
  • Poor long range shooting options. Somewhat mitigated since lascannons got buffed, but very few things in the codex can actually take lascannons, so... yeah. This forces players to take allies. Which will be one of the Space Marine codices. As otherwise you won't be able befits from their buffs and extra CP.
  • Anti-Daemon abilities are useless if you're not facing Daemons.
  • Lack of stuff from Forge World. Despite the fact that Grey Knights were more or less established during the Second Founding, leaving you at a disadvantage on tables when the models/rules are permitted.
  • No Psychic Primaris Marines either, even Librarians, despite you know, with this whole Great Rift situation Grey Knights should have been the first Chapter to be reinforced with them.
  • Perils of the Warp is a thing. You may find yourself having to burn command points to keep your dudes from dying.
  • Stratagems are okay, but mono Grey Knights army is likely to have less CP than even Custodes, who have the ways of recycling them.
  • Chaos Daemons have a Stratagem in their codex specifically meant to fuck with you. It's not a very good one, tho, so this is less of a 'con' and more of a 'meh'.
  • The Dreadknight, one of your most powerful and valuable units which you're likely to be using a lot, still has one of the dumbest looking models in the whole game. If you can't make a kit-bash just buy a Contemptor model from Forgeworld and just paint it Grey Knight colors with the usual bling.
  • Warlord traits are mediocre. There's the one that lets units in 6" re-roll charge rolls, but that's pretty much the only good one.
  • Few command points and no way (differently from ALL other armies, besides Codex CSM, and with Shadowspear and Vigilus Ablaze, Daemonkin, Crimson Slaughter, Red Corsairs and Black Legion all grant ways to get more now) to gain more during the game.
  • Almost every independent character is overpriced. And also most of your infantry units are overpriced. However, Chapter Approved 2018 cometh and GW has said point reductions are in order. Stand firm brothers!
  • The changes in the 2018 FAQ specifically for reserves hurt the Grey Knights perhaps more than any other army. Expensive Land Raiders and Stormravens aside, teleporting is the only reliable way to get your Terminators into combat as fast as possible, so if they don't make the 9" 2nd turn charge, they'll have spent a whole third of the game doing nothing. That is, of course, if they don't get shot to shit or counter-charged by a specialized unit.
  • If you're not facing Daemons or psyker heavy armies most of your abilities go straight out the window.

Special Rules[edit]

  • And They Shall Know No Fear: Re-roll all failed morale tests. Not gonna come into effect too often given your relatively high Ld -- and also your ridiculous unit costs, which means you're likely running five-man squads anyways -- but it never hurts to have a safety net.
    • Since this is an optional rule, you should only re-roll a failure when you expect to do better on the subsequent roll; typically, this means only re-rolling a failure when it's a 4 or higher, although obviously you should re-roll all failures when trying to keep the last member of a unit on the table.
  • Daemon Hunters: Re-roll all failed to-wound rolls against units with the Daemon keyword in the Fight phase.
    • Markedly worse than the Ordo Malleus' Quarry rule, but don't worry about that.
  • Rites of Banishment: Every one of your units save for your transports and purifiers have this (purifiers and crowe get their own 3", 1d6 mortal wounds). Grants a weaker version of Smite with only a 12" range, and deals only 1 mortal wound instead of D3, as well as losing the chance for increased damage with a roll of 10 or higher. However, if the target unit has the Daemon keyword, it takes 3 mortal wounds without rolling, instead. Fair, considering you can spam Smite like no other army save the Thousand Sons with the new version of the Psychic Focus rule.
  • Teleport Strike: (Almost) YOUR ENTIRE ARMY CAN STILL DEEPSTRIKE! Not really, though, since at least half units and PL need to be deployed. Instead of deploying normally, you can, at the end of a movement phase, set up a GK unit anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from an enemy unit. But after BIG FAQ 2 unfortunately you can't deep strike on turn 1. This, according to the low body count and the lack of long range weapon puts GK in a very very very very bad situation.
    • It's actually easier to list what hasn't got and can't get this: Techmarines, Brotherhood Champions, Crowe, Purifiers, Purgation Squads, Servitors. Why Strike Squads have it but Purgation Squads do not is a mystery, since for all intents and purposes Strike Squads are Purgation Squads with less training, as confirmed by the fluff on page 43 of the codex.
    • There is a Stratagem to allow your other GK INFANTRY to Deep Strike. So Purgation Squads can deep strike, it just costs Command Points.
  • Bolter Discipline: We 2nd Edition now. Astartes and Heretic Astartes models using a Rapid Fire bolt weapon can take double the normal attacks (2 for bolters, 4 for storm bolters, etc) if at least one of the following is true:
    • target is in half range
    • if the model didn't move during the previous Movement Phase
    • if the firing model is a Terminator, Biker, Centurion or Dreadnought

Well, well, well. The Grey Knights might be straying further away from the trash bin. With every Knight having at least a Storm Bolter, your capacity for firepower has increased. Terminators are a lot deadlier now, while standard Knights can be used as a gunline. Combine this with Psybolt Ammunition for lolz. (Due to current FAQ rules, interceptor teleport shunt and gate of infinity do not count as you moving in the movement phase for this rule, However it does affect Psycannons and Psylincers, make up your mind GW!)

    • The FAQ dropped and simultaneously confirmed Bolter Discipline as a finalized rule and made some adjustments. Land Raider Crusaders are now less useful under this list, but Dreadnoughts and most other units are still fine.

Grey Knights Special Rules: You will only get these if your army is Battle-forged, and they only apply to Detachments of only <Grey Knights> units.

  • Brotherhood of Psykers: All your Psykers get this, but otherwise it's your version of Chapter Tactics. You can add 1 to Psychic tests and Deny the Witch tests taken by your units. It also exempts you from the increased Warp Charge costs that would otherwise occur from casting Smite multiple times due to Psychic Focus.
  • Knights of Titan: Objective Secured 8th Edition: if within range of an objective marker, you control it no matter how many of enemies try to swarm it, unless they have a similar rule, too.

GK Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Daemon Slayer: If your Warlord wounds a Daemon in the Fight phase, your opponent must subtract 1 from any invulnerable saving throw against this attack. It's a little underwhelming, to say the least. Draigo has this by default.
  2. Hammer of Righteousness: Add 1 to wound rolls for your Warlord if he charged that turn. Well, this one can be interesting on a Nemesis Dreadknight Grandmaster?.. Meh, scroll down. Crowe gets this by default.
  3. Unyielding Anvil: Your Grey Knights within 6" of your Warlord auto-pass Morale. Kinda meh considering you play MSU with ATSKNF, but with the downgrade given to ATSKNF this edition, it is still ok. Stern has this.
  4. First to the Fray: Re-roll failed charge rolls for your Warlord and Grey Knights units within 6". Very powerful, and saves a lot of CP. In fact, the question is: why even think of taking anything else instead of this marvelous piece of cheese?
    • Unfortunately, none of your named characters gets this. Always take a non-unique warlord to give this to.
  5. Nemesis Lord: Add 1 to the Damage of your Warlords' melee weapons (generally becomes 1d3+1), reroll if he has a Relic of Titan as a melee weapon. Decent for a character hunter, but not much else. While this looks totally hilarious on an NDK grandmaster, don't fall into the trap of taking it over First to the Fray. In the long run, actually making it into CC will increase your damage output WAY more than +1D
  6. Lore Master: Your warlord knows an additional power from Sanctic. Remember that "rule of one" in matched plays? You're better off with 4. Voldus has this.

Tactical Objectives[edit]

11 - Destroy the Daemon
1 VP for destroying a Daemon unit. d3 VP if you destroyed 3-5 such units, and d3+3 VP if you destroyed 6 or more.
12 - Psychic Communion
1 VP if you manifested at least 3 psychic powers. Upped to d3 if 6 or more were manifested. Get to Smite spamming.
13 - No Witnesses!
1 VP if every CHARACTER in the opponent's army has been slain. This one sucks. Regret your decision not to just use standard objective cards.
14 - Deeds of Legend
d3 VP for killing a VEHICLE or MONSTER.
15 - Teleport Attack
1 VP if you completely destroy an enemy unit using a unit that arrived from Deep Striking or Gate of Infinity.
16 - Rites of Exorcism
Your opponent picks an objective; if you control it, you gain 1 VP. If you control it on the same turn the Tactical Objective was generated, you get d3 VP instead.

Psychic Powers[edit]

Gone are the days of 7th Edition's psychic cluster-fuck, now armies get their own specific psychic powers again. Say hello to an old friend, the Sanctic discipline! And no more 3 librarians with banishment and other useless powers, now you get to pick the powers your psyker knows. Remember, your version of Chapter Tactics, Brotherhood of Psykers, gives you a +1 to casting powers.

Smite Special Rules[edit]

Your odds of casting Smite are the standard 83.33%, up to 91.67% with Brotherhood.

  • Rites of Banishment: GREY KNIGHTS are worse at Smite than normal; this is the version all of them have. When this unit manifests the Smite psychic power, it has a range of 12" rather than 18", and the target unit suffers only 1 mortal wound rather than D3 (whether or not the result of the Psychic test is more than 10) – unless the target unit is a DAEMON, in which case it suffers 3 mortal wounds instead of 1d3. It is watered down, unless you face Daemons, but rightfully so, since you can spam smite like no other army in the game. But since all of your models have this rule the SMITE CHANGE doesn't apply to GK.
    • A model with this goes from 1.79 average mortal wounds dealt to 0.83; with Brotherhood of Psykers, 0.92.
  • Purifying Flame: Purifier Squads and Crowe have this, rather than Smite or Rites of Banishment. When this unit manifests the Smite psychic power, it only has a range of 3", but it inflicts 1d6 mortal wounds instead of 1d3 (whether or not the result of the Psychic test is more than 10, and doesn't care if the target is a DAEMON). Unfortunately they are overpriced, easy to kill and can't deep strike, so it is almost IMPOSSIBLE reach your enemy with the flame.
    • The Banner relic provides a variation of this to its carrier, which is the same, but has a range of 6". This is better and the combo with brother captain could be useful.
    • This gives an average mortal wounds dealt of 3.21.
  • Psychic Locus: Brother-Captains, including Stern, have this; it doubles the range of Smite for all units within 6", including the Brother-Captain, so Rites of Banishment goes to 24", and Purifying Flame goes to 6" (and the Banner-bearer goes to 12").

Sanctic Discipline[edit]

Values in parentheses are odds of success base, then with Brotherhood of Psykers up.

  1. Purge Soul: WC 5 (83.33%,91.67%). When manifested, pick an enemy unit within 12". Have a 1d6 roll-off and add your respective Ld. If the target rolls equal to or higher, nothing happens. If the caster rolls higher, the target unit suffers a number of mortal wounds equal to the difference.
    • Note: You can combo spam this power with the +1 leadership banner and the +1 leadership warlord trait, and it's actually helpful against vehicles/monsters or single models with a really high toughness value.
      • Substantially worse than base Smite, but you don't have access to base Smite. Still one of the last powers you should be reaching for, because it's worse than Purifying Flame, and better than RoB Smite only when you have a Leadership advantage of 2 or more - and still unpredictable on top of that, since you have to win the roll-off. However, note that unlike smite this power can also be used to try and pick off characters hiding amongst the enemy ranks, such as those meddling Commisars...
      • Can be used in addition to smite, so no issues if smite is better or not. Purge Soul can be very impressive depending on how great a difference between the leadership of the GK psyker and the target unit. Don't forget that the CRB has the Aspiring Presence Warlord trait which can be taken and adds +1 leadership. So a GK psyker can be up to leadership 11 (Aspiring Presence+Sacred Banner). This Power has strong synergy with non-GK allies which can reduce enemy leadership.
      • Bring along everyone's favorite Madonna Impersonating Inquisitor, Greyfax, in a Min Strength Vanguard and she'll share her Ld 10 with you boosting your base to 12 with the WL trait and Ancient's Banner. She also brings Terrify to the party reducing a target of choice within 18" by 1 Ld in addition to turning off their overwatch. The biggest problem is this forces you to either foot slog your whole blob for maximum effect or pay for a transport for her. Lord Hector Can Teleport in with the boys for just 30 points more and is a better Psyker but doesn't help your own leadership as he's only Ld9 himself.
  2. Gate of Infinity: WC 6 (72.22%,83.33%). Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 12" of the caster. The unit may immediately re-deploy anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from an enemy unit. Yes, you read it right, it doesn't say "GREY KNIGHTS infantry unit", just "unit"; SAY HELLO TO MY LAND RAIDER CRUSADER AT RAPID FIRE RANGE ON TURN 1!!! That's 24 shots minimum, not counting the stormbolter, multimelta, etc.
    • This power right here. With a slightly clever setup you can toss your LR around the board like some rabbit on speed, popping where it must go the moment it is needed. Also, nothing hinders you from teleporting out of melee. Your termies are tarpitted where you do not want them? No problem, just zip away. Also, this won´t hinder you from shooting or charging, as the Fall Back move would.
  3. Hammerhand: WC 6 (72.22%,83.33%). Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 12" of the caster. Add 1 to their wound rolls in melee. Basically, you can wound anything on 5's. ANYTHING.
    • This buff is better the worse the target's ability to wound was to begin with, so if you're using it, definitely try to stick to Falchions over Halberds, if you weren't already. Or cast it on a Dreadknight and wound on 2+.
  4. Sanctuary: WC 6 (72.22%,83.33%). Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 12" of the caster. It gets 5++, or, if it already has an invulnerable save, adds 1 to it, to a maximum of 3++ (i.e. it won't stack with a Storm Shield or a Warding Staff on a 4++ model), because GK players can't have nice things. Lasts until your next Psychic Phase.
    • Best used on Grand Master Dreadknights or Warding Stave multi-model units wearing Terminator armour, for a 3++ on an already hard target.
  5. Astral Aim: WC 5 (83.33%,91.67%). Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 18" of the caster. Until your next psychic phase, the unit is able to target enemy units they cannot see during the shooting phase, and units they target do not get any cover bonuses. Use this to thwart Ork boyz who think they're being clever by declaring a charge against you from around a building, or destroy cover-camping assholes like T'au or Imperial Guard infantry. Of course, one of the greatest uses is to stick a shooty Dreadnought behind a wall out of line-of-sight the whole game, allowing him to pump out shots in safety without worrying over firing lanes.
  6. Vortex of Doom: WC 8 (41.67%,58.33%). If manifested, a vortex opens above the nearest visible enemy model within 12"; that model's unit, and every other within 3" of that model, suffers d3 mortal wounds (d6 if cast on 12+).
    • Expected mortal wounds for only one target unit are 0.875 without BoP, 1.29 with; since you can't target the power, this only gets up to really useful levels in melee with multiple small units, to ensure a lot of targets are close to each other and to you. (Edit: Absolutely DO NOT cast Vortex in melee EVER. Since the wording of the power is "...and every other unit within 3 inches" (not specifying whether friendly or enemy) this means vortex will affect your own units as well.)
    • Pro tip: Combo with Psychic channelling stratagem to try and stack the deck in favour of getting 12+ (a roll of an 11+ because of Grey Knight bonus). Use this on MSU Tau fire warrior gunlines and you're laughing.

In short: what should be the discipline of the best psyker army of the Imperium ends up being just mediocre. Of your six powers, two will practically always be used by the same unit (Sanctuary for Grandmaster Dreadknights, Astral Aim for Purgation squads or Venerable Dreadnoughts), one is too unreliable (Purge Soul) and one too situational (Vortex of Doom). The only two that you'll ever need to consider using tactically are Gate of Infinity and Hammerhand. Just more salt in the wound.

Alternate take: Mediocre? This list is rife with dorito finger level That Guy cheese.

Vortex of Doom is situational yes, but the beautiful thing is if the situation EVER comes up anywhere on the board, you're playing an entire army of deep-striking, re-deploying psykers. Since you can redeploy up to two units (Interceptors with Stratagem & GoI), you can punish an opponent who doesnt keep his things close together by placing your dudes in areas where his units can be attacked without your dudes being subject to any volume of fire from other units. This can lead to a situation where he ignores your teleporters blowing up vulnerable spots until he sends armour away from better objectives to hunt them down, at which point they can simply teleport away again. If he accounts for this and deep strike by clustering his units, it's Vortex time. Even if you take Vortex and your opponents spreads all of his things awkwardly to disrupt his army placement, to never give you a context to use it, that;s good in my books, go back to harassing spread out heavy weapon infantry stragglers.

If you find purge and vortex are underpowered, just throw them on the spell hungry Voldus, letting the rest of your army use the bread and butter spells. Smite Lite, Purge Soul, and Vortex coming from the same dude, you'll probably get SOMETHING going for you. And when the dice gods DO smile upon you, you shall be most pleased when Voldus mangles an entire elite squad, or two, locking a third thing melee (if not also crushing it.) I have had Voldus pull this off with these lamer spells a few times, and it is glorious (if he doesn't just teleport away after deep striking in).

The cheese you can blast when you are the only man in the Imperium (who isn't a vegetable) who can cast three spells at once


Each coming Codex grants its army a wide variety of stratagems to use. Grey Knights get a couple of really cool stratagems which can be really useful, like Heed the Prognosticators and Psybolt Ammunition. Pity that Grey Knights armies seldom have enough CP to do anything useful with them. If you really want to - you can always grab a small Guard detachment to grab some CP, but you'll only have to kill them later to prevent them spreading chaos taint...

  • Honour the Chapter (3 CP): Use this stratagem at the end of the Fight Phase. Select a GREY KNIGHTS INFANTRY unit - that unit may immediately fight a second time. Literally a CTRL+C/CTRL+V of the Space Marine Codex rule. Use this on your Paladins, it will please you.
  • Orbital Bombardment (3 CP): If your warlord didn't move in the movement phase, you can use this once per game in the shooting phase instead of having him shoot any weapons. Pick any spot on the battlefield that the warlord can see, and roll a D6 for every unit within D6", subtracting 1 if it's a Character. On a 4+, it takes D3 mortal wounds. It's another direct copy from the Marines Codex.
  • Only in Death Does Duty End (1 CP): Use this stratagem whenever a GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER is slain. That model may immediately make a shooting attack or a close combat attack. Note that this stratagem is half the CP cost of the Vanilla SM version.
  • Wisdom of the Ancients (1 CP): Used at the start of any phase. Select a friendly GREY KNIGHTS DREADNOUGHT. Until the end of the phase, all friendly GREY KNIGHTS re-roll to-hit rolls of 1 within 6" of the Dreadnought. Again, a cut-and-paste of the Codex Marines stratagem.
  • Tactical Flexibility (1 CP): At the start of your movement phase, pick a 10 model unit with the Combat Squads rule and split it into two 5 model units. Yep, another copypaste job.
  • Armory of Titan (1/3 CP): Same as in every other Codex; use it before the battle and take an additional Relic (1 CP) or two (3 CP).
  • Teleportarium (1 CP): You can set a GREY KNIGHTS INFANTRY unit or GREY KNIGHTS DREADNOUGHT in a Teleportarium chamber instead of placing it on the battlefield, essentially gaining Teleport Strike for 1 CP. Note that you can use it multiple times before the battle. This is super useful for getting Crowe and Purifiers closer to Cleansing Flame range. Or just cackle maniacally as you deepstrike Dreadnoughts.
  • Truesilver Armor (1 CP): Activate when GREY KNIGHTS VEHICLE suffers a Mortal Wound: roll d6 for it and every subsequent Mortal Wound inflicted in that phase, on a roll of 5+ it is ignored.
  • Psybolt Ammunition (2 CP): Used during the shooting phase. A chosen GREY KNIGHTS unit's Boltgun, Stormbolter, Hurricane Bolter and/or Heavy Bolter gain +1 strength and increases its AP by 1. So Storm Bolters become S5 AP-1, for example. Given how the Grey Knights' shooting has always been hampered by bad AP values, expect to use this a lot. Using this on a 10-man Strike Squad in rapid fire range will absolutely decimate hordes and even light vehicles like Raiders or Venoms.
    • Absolutely disgusting with the new Bolter Discipline rule, since you now get to have a greater volume of fire from greater distances. Who's got cripplingly short-ranged firepower now?
  • Psychic Onslaught(2 CP): The same, but with Gatling Psilencers, Psilencers and regular and Heavy Psycannons. Psilencers become rather brutal against regular infantry and can even scratch high Toughness models due to number of shots. Best used on either a Purgation Squad with 4 psilencers or psycannons, or a Dreadknight with a Heavy Psycannon and a Gatling Psilencer.
  • Psychic Channeling (1 CP):Used when taking a test for GREY KNIGHTS PSYKER. Roll 3 dice instead of 2 and pick 2 highest results.
  • Teleportation Boost (1 CP): In the Movement Phase, an Interceptor Squad that has already made a teleport shunt can do it once again.
  • Aegis (2 CP): Used in the psychic phase before a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit attempts to deny the witch. They roll 3d6, picking the two highest when attempting to deny. Some Grey Knight veterans are still rather sore this is no longer part of the Special Rules.
  • Heed the Prognosticars (2 CP): Used at the start of your turn. Pick a GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER, add 1 to his invulnerable saves until the beginning of your next turn. Draigo with 2++? Yes, please! (As per April FAQ no more 2++ Draigo)
  • Mental Focus (2 CP): Used in the psychic phase. Lets a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit try and manifest one more power. Practically useless considering your ratio of psykers to powers you're able to cast, and that's before you factor in the cost.
  • Finest Hour (2 CP): At the start of your turn, double the range of any GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER's aura effects.



  • Storm Bolter: Now Rapid Fire 2, which means 4 shots within 12". Its rate of fire's increased, but that's it. It's still S4 AP0, no AP hurts! However, your basic naked strike squad will shoot 20(!) shots if teleported within 12" of the target, which is no joke. With the bolter discipline beta rule, expect your basic 5-man terminator squad to be shooting 20 shots...ALWAYS!
  • Combi-Weapon: Only available to your Techmarines and Librarians in Terminator Armor. Consists of a regular Boltgun with a Meltagun, Plasma Gun, or Flamer strapped on, though the Techmarine additionally has the choice of a Grav Gun. You can fire on either mode, or shoot the boltgun and the combi-weapon in tandem. However, you force a -1 to-hit modifier on all its shots, which the autohitting flamer gives exactly no fucks about.

Special Weapons[edit]

  • Psycannon: The infamous weapon from 5th Edition. It has an arguably greater utility than it did in 7th, but compared to earlier editions, it's nowhere near the premiere auto-include it used to be. Rending's gone, replaced with a piss-poor AP-1, and it's now a straight up Heavy 4. Moving will force a -1 to-hit, but hey, at least your boys in power armor can use the god-damned thing now that the Salvo rule it had in 7th is kaput. Besides, a -1 is better than hitting on 6s compared to Heavy weapons in earlier editions. This thing's best served against light/medium infantry outside of cover and weaker vehicles. You'll only do .667 damage against T7/Sv3+ per psycannon, even when standing still, so psilencers are statistically better for cheaper against most targets, due to their increased damage. If you want real anti-vehicle in any case, just take more lascannons via Dreadnoughts, since these things are grossly overpriced for what they do.
    • tl;dr Because this has 2/3 the rate of fire and half the average damage of the Psilencer, for double or worse the points, there are relatively few targets it is superior against. Take the Psilencer instead.
    • Alternative take - these boyos took a hefty points reduction in Chapter Approved 2018. Given the fact that lots of things in Grey Knights are all about stratagem synergy, and you're likely going to be using your psybolts on your Psilencer purgators, it is sometimes good to have a squad around with a base AP -1 to kill marines and termies. Psycannons aren't for AT anymore, but they do alright as anti-MEQ if you already have a Psilencer squad.
  • Psilencer: It's a Heavy 6 S4 AP0 D1d3 gun that fires the condensed psychic power of its wielder. Literal mindbullets. Deals 1d3 damage, just like all force weapons. Now that standard weapons like bolters no longer have AP, the lack of AP on this thing stings a lot less; with 6 shots apiece, not to mention having an easier time wounding tougher models, you're sure to force some failed saves eventually. Their precious plot armor can only protect them for so long.
    • Note: Against anything with Toughness 5 or higher and a 3+ save -- e.g. most vehicles, Monstrous Creatures, etc. -- you're still only dealing an average of .88 damage per psilencer, but against those targets, so is the psycannon, and for more points. Against the majority of targets, the Psilencer is your best option from this list - you need to be shooting a Land Raider for a Psycannon to do better, in terms of hard targets, and even then, it won't be better enough for its cost.
  • Incinerator: Though this thing's usefulness is debatable these days thanks to how 8th Edition handles deep striking, it still clocks in at 8" Assault 1d6 S6 AP-1, auto-hitting. Soulblaze is no longer a thing, but nobody actually cares, since it never proved itself useful anyway. Pitifully, it only has an 8" range, and teleporting forces you back at least 9" from the enemy. In addition, it no longer works on enemies that declare charges from a distance of more than 8". Gee, I wonder why? The good news is, you can fire this thing after advancing without worrying about the aim penalty, but this is only really useful on Purgation squads with 4 of them, if only so you don't miss out on stormbolter shots and charging.
    • Now the most expensive special weapon available to your Grey Knights, at 5pts more than the psilencer.
    • Your best chance of murdering a Culexus Assassin, and actually works decent against aircraft, but only if used enmasse.
  • Psyk-out Grenades: It's available on all infantry models, but I'll leave this here. It's only S2 AP 0, but does 1 mortal wound to Psykers and Daemons if you roll a 6 to-hit (no need for the to wound roll). Almost completely fucking useless compared to before, but at least they're free, and with scatter gone, you no longer run the chance of your Elite Space Paladins tripping while lobbing a grenade and blowing their own heads off with Perils.

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Nemesis Force Sword: A basic power sword with D3 damage. Has the greatest AP of the force weapons - this thing is equal in AP to a Daemonhammer now! - but doesn't give you any strength bonuses. For whatever reason, all Nemesis weapons lost Daemonbane, but you're rerolling wounds against daemons in close combat anyway, so this doesn't matter all that much.
  • Nemesis Daemonhammer: Sx2 AP-3 which does a straight 3 damage per wound. However, it forces a -1 to-hit modifier. That said, if you stick this on your Paladin Paragons and HQs, you'll still hit on 3s like the rest of your units. It got a little bit more expensive, but since the bearer no longer attacks last in combat, you won't have to worry about him getting taken out before he can swing. Use this to beat the shit out of vehicles, big gribbly monsters, and multi-wound characters.
  • Nemesis Force Halberd: S+1 AP-2 weapon. The thing is, the Force Sword benefits from Hammerhand much more than this does with its better AP, and thanks to the new To Wound chart in 8th, it's a lot less useful vs. Toughness 3 and 6, since you'll still be wounding on 3+ and 5+ respectively with or without the strength buff. You will have an easier time wounding Toughness 4, 5, and 8, however, so it still has its uses. Would be cool if GW would take a note from Age of Sigmar and give these things a melee range increase. Slightly inferior to Falchions against anything that isn't T5 or T8.
  • Nemesis Warding Staff: S+2 AP-1 D3 damage that gives the user a 5++ against attacks made in the Fight Phase, or +1 to their invuln if they have one already. For whatever reason, this no longer gives any bonuses to denying psychic powers, and instead stole the rules from the Nemesis Force Sword in 5th Edition. Since wounds are now allocated by the controlling player, this gained some interesting defensive utility, as you can stick this on a Terminator and give the unit a 4++ until he dies, or a 3++ with Sanctuary! -- but only in close combat. You'll still die when you get shot.
  • Two Nemesis Force Falchions: AP-2 power weapons which grant the wielder +1 attack when taken together. Now that all your melee options aside from the hammer are free, these are a lot more attractive. It's a handy way to improve the shitty 1 Attack that your Strike Squads (and now Purifiers) come with. Combined with a banner from the Brotherhood Ancient, you're effectively tripling the combat output of your boys in power armor, and doubling that of your Terminators. Statistically speaking, these things beat out or equal halberds in terms of damage output against anything that isn't Toughness 5 or 8.

Relics of Titan[edit]

Codices are adding back relics to armies. The way relics now work is that they replace an equivalent item, functionally free (though that still means you have to pay for the item it replaces, and the model needs to be able to use the equivalent in the first place). The only two worthy of serious consideration are the Banner and the Cuirass; the first multiplies your expected damage from Smite by more than 3.5, getting it up to Cleansing Flame levels at twice Cleansing Flame's range, and the latter will help keep you alive, including through Perils. None buff your entire army, unlike the best choices from the Space Marines list, but both of those help your Smite output improve; a Brother-Captain in the Cuirass paired with a Paladin Ancient with the Banner will provide very pleasingly consistent Smite output the entire game.

  • Banner of Refining Flame: Paladin Ancient or Brotherhood Ancient only. The model immediately loses the Rites of Banishment ability, and this time Smite drops to a pitiful 6" range, but always does D6 Mortal Wounds regardless of how high your casting value was. Takes the expected damage of Smite from the GK baseline of 0.83, past the standard output of 1.79, and all the way through to 2.92 expected mortal wounds. Stack this with a Brother Captain to deliver that at 12", not 6", so you can do it after teleporting in.
  • Cuirass of Sacrifice: Requires the INFANTRY keyword, is not a suit of Terminator Armor like in 7th; 5+ FNP. Pretty great all around, since the 5+ works to prevent mortal wounds from Perils.
  • Fury of Deimos: A souped-up Stormbolter and replaces one. 30", Rapid Fire 3 S5 AP-1 D1. Functionally worse than the Primarch's Wrath regular Space Marines get, since it is only D1 and effectively costs 2 points, rather than 0, but still the best weapons relic available to Grey Knights. You probably shouldn't take it.
    • Bolter Discipline does give it SOME new life for a Grand Master parked near some Purgation marines or a Dreadnought, but you're still wasting a slot best served on the Banner or the Cuirass.
  • Destroyer of Crys'yllix: Souped-up (Plus 1D is NOT "souped-up") Nemesis Daemon Hammer and replaces one. Sx2 AP-3 D4, still subtracts 1 from hit rolls. Complete waste of a relic slot - GW has clearly established that relics should do more than merely add +1 damage, which has been everywhere else relegated to the "master-crafted" adjective. Do not take.
  • Domina Liber Daemonica: All Daemons within a 6" bubble from the character must subtract 1 from their Leadership. What the hell happened? This thing used to grant an additional psychic power. Still fluffy, but with 6" area of effect, it isn't a game changer. The only relic a Grand Master in a Dreadknight can take, but just like others on this list, it will almost never benefit you enough to make it worth bringing.
  • Soul Glaive: A souped-up Nemesis Halberd and replaces one. Improves the AP by 1, and rerolls failed hits and wounds. The re-rolling of wounds is the real kicker, and will actually get the halberd to outperform a set of falchions, but it won't get you up to Teeth of Terra levels, so, once again, just not good enough to justify a relic slot.

Unit Analysis[edit]

Common faction keywords are IMPERIUM, ADEPTUS ASTARTES, and GREY KNIGHTS.


  • Grand Master: Much stronger in this edition. 132 points and allows all friendly GREY KNIGHTS units within 6" to reroll To Hit rolls of 1. Stick him next to Venerable Dreadnoughts with Twin Lascannons; you will now hit your target literally 97% of the time. Not to mention, he'll make everyone around him a close combat god. But really, if you're already giving him a hammer -- and why would you not -- why not just take Voldus instead? An extra 21 points for a psychic power and getting to ignore the -1 to hit? Unless you're planning to stick your grandmaster with a psycannon, which you could just give to a paladin anyways, you're not getting much better value from your HQ slot. The only thing the nameless version has over Voldus is the ability to take First to the Fray (and the ability to take a relic).
    • Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: 60 points more expensive compared to a regular Grand Master (equipped with a SB and Daemonhammer), 40 more than a regular Dreadknight, for 2+ WS/BS, +1A, 4++ instead of 5++, AND Rites of Battle, so you hit on 2+ re-rolling 1s in both phases (before any wounds are taken into the account), nice. Be warned, he has 12 wounds and can be targeted. Also, he knows one power from the Sanctic list.
      • Unfortunately, the only relic he qualifies for is a DOMINA LIBER DAEMONICA, which debuffs Daemonic leadership - not a phenomenal choice.
      • Mathematically, he's superior to a base Dreadknight, even assuming the other one is getting buffed by a nearby Grand Master, before you examine his improved Psyker power output or invuln save, in both ranged and melee!
      • He'll also wipe the floor with Voldus, although he'll cost more while doing it; a base one costs 205, over Voldus' 153, but hits with higher S and D with his greatsword, and buying any gun immediately shames Voldus' storm bolter. Voldus is obviously much better at casting/denial efficiency and can ride in transports - and doesn't have to buy Deep Strike for extra.
      • You know one power; this anon points you towards Sanctuary. The 3++ will be beyond nasty - since he has 12 wounds, he can be sniped with high impact weapons, and yes, a lot of these weapons will target your Grandmasterbabycarrier.
        • You should also know one strategem; Heed the Prognosticators. Deep strike (I mean, Gate of Infinity) your baby-carrier, (after you) declare your strategem (which is declared at the start of your turn and must target a character already on the table and not a target that will arrive at the end of your movement phase), and your opponent can either blow 8/9ths of all firepower directed at it or be forced to target something other than the Grandmaster breathing down their necks.
        • Alternatively, just spam him. A set of 3 of these guys is enough for their own Supreme Command detachment, and they can carry Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary, and Astral Aim; if you really want, you can fill up that first detachment with a Hammerhand and a Purge Soul, or go to two detachments and have one Grand Master with every power in the Discipline. That's incredibly silly, but you get the idea - these guys are certainly efficient enough to justify taking more than one in an entire army, if you want to.
      • Note also that, unlike Apothecaries, you can't convince your Techmarine to put on a Terminator suit, so you can't just Deep Strike him in with the Dreadknights to keep them in good repair. Frankly, it's probably not worth the hassle of bringing him just to fix your Master, over just buying a backup of him.
        • You can use the Teleportation stratagem to deep strike the Techmarine for 1 CP. The problem is keeping the Techmarine withing 3" of your Dreadknight. With 8" move and Gate of Infinity, he'll leave his mechanic behind FAST.
  • Brother Captain: Doubles range of smite for all friendly GREY KNIGHTS models within 6" of him. His greatest utility probably lies in combining him with Purifiers and/or an Ancient with the relic banner. As long as he's close enough, the banner can dish out d6 mortal wounds at a 12" range, enough to use out of deep strike, and even the Purifiers might get a chance to cast at something with their 6" Cleansing Flame. Plus, this buff guarantees that you'll never miss out on Smite spam as long as you're in range to shoot something. Not terribly useful, but it can help when utilized well. A must-bring if you know you're going to face Daemons. With typical Grey Knight MSU and a 24" 3-damage smite, you'll melt most Daemon armies long before you get into melee range.
  • Librarian in Terminator Armor: Interestingly enough, this guy was able to take a Storm Shield in the Index, and since GW has ruled that Index entries are still legal for play, you canstill capitalize on this. Finally, someone other than Draigo realized shields exist. If you want, give him a Warding Staff for a 2++ in combat. These guys are substantially less useful than they once were in the days of 7th Edition, since you can no longer pay to give them a 3rd psychic power, and the Rule of 1 means knowing more powers of the 6 we have access to is much less helpful than it sounds. Note: Brotherhood of Psykers and Psychic Hood stack to give him +2 to Deny The Witch. This gives the Librarian an 79.67% chance of denying enemy powers at 12". Basically, nobody short of Magnus will be able to cast anything reliably through your Librarian's DTW, and that's before using the Aegis stratagem, overcosted though it might be.
  • Brotherhood Champion: Surprisingly good at killing vehicles and other high toughness targets, Hammerhand and Sword Strike stance stack and add two to every wound roll. Give him the Warlord trait for +1 to wound on the turn he charges, and he'll shred through almost anything with ease. Stab that landraider on a 2, wound on a 3, d3 damage at -3. Comes with a 2+ save, but no teleportation unless you pay a CP; not bad for 92 points, but will require a transport otherwise.
  • Techmarine: The Grey Knights' Techmarine is bit gimped compared to Codex Marines, as he can't take a Bike or a Conversion Beamer. The Servo Harness is mandatory, but with Servo arms costing nothing, he is now the cheapest GK HQ. Plop him near a Dreadnought and he'll keep it alive. Alternatively, you might consider paying a CP to drop him in with your Dreadknights to keep them in shape, though he'll have trouble keeping up with their 8" movement. Keep in mind that he can't repair whatever transport he's riding in, so no Stormraven/Land Raider shenanigans. Don't bother with Servitors.
  • Chaplain: Only in Terminator Armor, so he is pretty expensive in points, like all HQ here. Still a good choice in some cases because of the re-roll option, and the fact that other units may use his 9 Ld. Not an autoinclude, but a decent choice.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Lord Kaldor Draigo: The warp crusader himself returns, this time as a force multiplier AND a close combat monster. Make your homies re-roll all failed to hit rolls for all friendly GREY KNIGHTS units within 6" in shooting and melee. Substantially better than Rites of Battle on your regular Grandmaster, who only lets you re-roll 1s. Also allows GKs within 6" to re-roll damage rolls against daemons in the fight phase. Considering that the standard GK melee weapons (except for the daemonhammer) comes with d3 damage, not too shabby at all. You're basically paying 50 extra points for a better re-roll, a better invulnerable, an extra wound, an extra attack, a higher strength, and better AP, at the expense of weapon choices. Unfortunately, as a named character, he is stuck with a rather lackluster warlord trait, but this is probably his only downside outside of cost. It should be noted that his version of Teleport Strike, while functionally identical, states that he instead simply emerges from the warp to fuck shit up. Fluffy flavor text makes him stronger.
    • Currently one of the best beatstick characters in the game. Wipes the floor with most other HQ's. Abaddon and Asurmen are the only real threats 1v1 (outside of Primarchs, of course. Amusingly, Mortarion completely wipes the floor with Draigo, probably in revenge for the heart-carving incident. Don't piss off Papa Nurgle). Give him Hammerhand and watch him tear the enemy commanders a new one.
  • Grand Master Voldus: Be careful who you call ugly in 7th, he's now a smashfucking GOD. With the standard grand master effect of "re-roll to hit rolls of 1 for friendly <Grey Knights>" aura, a Nemesis Daemon Hammer that doesn't get -1 to hit, plus the ability to use three psychic powers a turn, all for just 13 more points than a normal grand master (including wargear), he's a very good option for the HQ slot if you're strapped for points. Keep in mind that, as each power can only be attempted once per turn, going full ham in the Psychic Phase might rob your other units of the ability to cast much else besides Smite.
    • Voldus is best used as a support character. Give him buff spells, attach him to a Paladin squad, and kill things. If you're just using him as a beatstick (which he does very well), consider paying the extra points for Draigo. Draigo is slightly better in combat due to his better AP, and is better for your psychic economy (his 3++ means he does not need Sanctuary). Additionally, Voldus and a Strike squad in a Patrol detachment make for outstanding allies, and provide all the psychic defense an army needs since Voldus can Deny 3 times all by himself.
  • Brother Captain Stern Does the Brother-Captain double-smite range, and he can re-roll either one failed hit roll, wound roll, or saving throw he makes each turn, but gives your opponent a re-roll of the same type. Many re-rolls. Use him often if you're luckier than your friends. He lacks Rites of Banishment in favor of his signature Zone of Banishment, albeit tweaked a bit from older editions. His Smite is only 6", but the Smite range buff also applies to himself, meaning it's the same range as everyone else's. However, when casting it, he also causes all Daemons within 6" of him to suffer a Mortal Wound. It basically retains the same purpose as before, and should prove at least somewhat useful if he ever gets swamped by daemon blobs.
    • One thing to note with Sterns re-rolls --Your rerolls can only be used on Stern, while your opponent has no such limitation-- so even though you might dictate the kind of reroll your opponent will have more benefit off of it in most cases.
    • post CA 2018 Stern is now CHEAPER than a regular Brother-Captain while also maintaining and additional psychic power. The only problem is that he can't take any different weapons. but with the 5 points cheaper before the weapon price, you can just put that weapon on the squad standing next to him anyway so no real loss.
  • Castellan Crowe Among your cheapest options for an HQ at 80 points. Does d6 mortal wounds to the closest unit within 3 inches in the Psychic Phase, re-rolls to hit and wound in the Fight Phase, and gains an extra attack for each successful wound he causes. This ability does not stack with the bonus attacks he generates. Considering how often he'll be tearing shit up in combat, he has some great utility against hordes, especially when considering his Cleansing Flame, which ends up functioning like a brutal psychic pistol in melee. However, when factoring in the lack of AP on his sword, he won't really be tearing up much more than that, until of course, your Psychic Phase rolls around again. Don't forget that he can cast 2 powers a turn; give him Purge Soul for yet more mortal wound stacking, or Hammerhand to maximize his bonus attack generation. Alternatively, Gate of Infinity can make up for his lack of Teleport Strike if you desperately need to relocate him or get him up the field.
    • One fun trick you can pull with Crowe: Due to his Heroic Sacrifice special rule, he can pile in and fight when he is slain in the Fight phase. Combine this with the Only in Death does Duty End stratagem (which lets a GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER fight or shoot when they're slain) for getting a potential 20 attacks off upon death. A Carnifex's death throes got nothing on this mofo.
    • CA 2018 decided to bless us with massive point drops on our man here, making him the super points efficient even when compared to regular space marines hq's heck even most armies would struggle to find and hq with 2+ 4++ for 80 pts. He absolutely tears through screens and chaff with his massive rerolls and smites. Still struggles with vehicles but hey if your trying to kill that 30 man blob of boyz with one model Crow can probably do it.


  • Strike Squad: Oh boy, where do we start? Costing 21 points per model, Strike Squads are your "budget" troop choice. They can still teleport right onto the battlefield, still one in five can drop all his weapons to grab an Incinerator, Psilencer or Psycannon instead, and they are still viable for Psyker spam (this edition with Smite), but do not excel at it. However, they desperately want to be in CC, but have a terrible weakness in their statline: only one attack per model, two on the Justicar. This can be mitigated with Falchions, seeing as they are free now, and still definitely worthwhile despite the lack of AP compared to the sword and hammer. A solid unit overall, if somewhat fragile.
    • These will generally completely outperform a Terminator Squad at the same points offensively, particularly since Terminators don't have Relentless anymore. Since they also get Objective Secured, these should be your go-to for muscling in on an objective.
    • This is arguably one of the most efficient units in the codex. The ability to deep strike, smite, and then fire off 20 storm bolter shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you have a Grandmaster at hand to reroll the ones. Then you can pair it with the Psybolt Strategem, and have 20 heavy bolter shots instead. Just be aware that they have the same old crummy durability as all marines, and your PAGK will get sneezed off of the board if anything glances their way in future turns. Additionally, 10-man squads are sub-optimal thanks to potential leadership losses and wound allocation, so position wisely if you want to bring them for the Psybolt stratagem.
  • Terminator Squad: They're still the famed Terminator troops of yore, now with two wounds instead of one, which was something they desperately needed, though still not nearly enough to deal with the likes of plasma. However, even with a small price cut from Chapter Approved, these guys will still ask you to mortgage your house to afford bringing any. With a price of 39 points base per model, every single one of your special snowflakes is still one 5++ from being knocked out with a supercharged plasma shot, but c'mon, you will take them anyway, because they look awesome. Every single one of them can take a Sword, Halberd, Stave, or a pair of Falchions for free, or grab a Daemonhammer for 13 points, and one in five can take a Heavy Weapon, replacing his Storm Bolter. Thanks to how wounding works in 8th edition, these chaps buffed with Hammerhand wound everything on 5+ minimum, delivering d3 wounds in the process, so most of the monsters/vehicles you charge are highly likely to go "poof" with their 2 attacks base, and Swords and Falchions are generally better against anything <T8. That being said, bearers of something with d2 and higher with good AP are the bane of their existence and are generally better dealt with using Strike Squads.
    • Also, these guys are not cheap enough compared to Paladins to justify the difference in power. Just take Paladins instead.
    • Extremely alternate take: these are 41 points (39 base + 2 for stormbolter) for 2 wounds on a T4 2+ 5++ platform that can deepstrike. Strike squads are 21 points for 1 wound on a T4 3+ that can also deepstrike. You save 1 point to give them a 2+ 5++ rather than a 3+ compared to their weight in strike squads. Beta Bolter Discipline rule also gives them equal bolter output (to 2 Strikes outside of 12" and on the move) now. In this multiwound edition, 1 multiwound model are inferior to several models of the same price.


  • Paladin Squad: The extremely expensive big brothers of the Grey Knight Terminator Squad, and rightly so. With 3 wounds apiece, 3 attacks, and the ability to bring 2 heavy weapons per 5 men, these guys can dish out some serious punishment while tanking through virtually anything the enemy can throw at them. They start out in a unit of 3, but as with any other squad, you can pay points to add more, which effectively acts as a tax if you want to use them as a heavy weapons platform. As is fitting of a champion on the road to Grandmasterhood, the Paragon hits on a 2+ in melee, making him the best choice to carry the squad's Daemonhammer. In contrast to previous editions, they lost their unique ability to bring an Apothecary and/or a Brotherhood Banner for the unit, but this is now totally irrelevant, as the Apothecary is now an independent character, and the Brotherhood Ancient is a new unit that carries the banner instead. With the right buffs from an HQ, an Apothecary to shore up their lost wounds, and a variety of methods available to transport them across the board, these guys are going to be a serious wrecking ball to delete whatever they come across. As always, be wary of tarpits, and remember that Gate of Infinity is wonderful for delivering their strength wherever you need it.
    • Unlike the rest of your squads, you want to bring Halberds rather than Falchions on these guys. Their 3 base attacks makes it so that the +1 S from a Halberd has a greater impact than the +1 A on a Falchion.
    • As for which power to give them, it's fairly close between Gate, Hammerhand, and Sanctuary. Pick your targets before the battle, and pick your power accordingly. Hammerhand for targets with T5+ without high-AP CC weapons, Sanctuary if you'll be fighting AP -3 or better. Otherwise, take Gate, it's flexible and hard to go wrong with.
      • Actually, Hammerhand is useful on a relatively small number of opponents, but against those opponents, it can make the difference between your Paladins wiping out a unit or wasting a round of combat. I suggest giving the squad Gate or Sanctuary, and giving Hammerhand to whatever Ancient, Apothecary, or Grand Master is babysitting them. That way, the Paladins can get HH when the need it without sacrificing Gate or Sanctuary, which they will need constant access to.
  • Brotherhood Ancient: Introduced in 8th as the Grey Knight equivalent to the Chapter Ancient that Space Marines can field, this guy starts out with the Brotherhood Banner that was previously exclusive to a squad of Paladins. The Grandmasters must've ordered the Paladins to stop acting so selfishly by hogging all the buffs, as the banner now gives +1 Leadership and Attack to all units with the GREY KNIGHTS keyword within 6". Keep in mind that he is a single model unit independent of a squad, meaning he charges independently and stands the chance of getting separated from the men he's there to assist. This also means he can be singled out by enemy charges (and shooting, if you aren't careful) in turn. Thankfully, unlike in previous editions, carrying the banner doesn't entirely rob him of his melee strength, as he can take a Falchion, though only 1, so no +1 attack. Still, AP -2 with d3 damage is better than smacking daemons around with a flagpole like he used to. Interestingly enough, he synergizes better with Strikes than his Paladin/Terminator brethren. Due to the rule giving you bonus attacks on a "per model" basis, you'll get much more mileage out of this guy sticking him near a unit of Strikes, which doubles their combat output.
  • Apothecary: As with the Brotherhood banner, this guy's buffs were once exclusive to Paladin squads, and is likewise now a unit of his own. What this means is he now has the option to heal (and revive) all keyword GREY KNIGHTS infantry units in a radius around him; your power armored squads will finally receive the relief they've always asked for. On top of this, if the squad in question is missing models and contains none that are currently injured, on a 4+, he can revive a single model with 1 wound remaining. If this fails, however, he can't do anything for the rest of the turn while he collects the gene seed of his fallen comrades. This can potentially change the outcome of crucial battles when he heals Draigo to full health, or revives a Paladin in time for the squad to force an enemy off an objective. Same notes as before, however; make sure he isn't left behind, and place him carefully so the enemy can't single him out.
    • Additionally, Apothecaries are surprisingly effective in combat, hitting on 2+ with 4 attacks. Add to that the ability to heal themselves if necessary, and the option to take a warding staff to up their own 5++ into a 4++ automatically, and you have a unit that can absorb a surprising amount of punishment while still dishing it out, depending on their kit.
      • Honestly one of the best units in the army, with how expensive GK units are the efficiency of this unit is insane. Just assuming that you are able to just revive strike squads units(the WORST unit to do this to) Gk apothecary will make over half its points back over the game(21*4=84 at a 50% success rate=42) on top of having a great stat line, and it only gets better the more expensive the unit is, heck even one good heal on Drago pretty much makes the whole cost up. oh and hey look who just dropped points in CA 2018.
  • Paladin Ancient: This guy is essentially a Brotherhood Ancient with a slightly more impressive statline - 12 extra points for an extra attack and to hit on a 2+ in combat instead of 3+. He can take a (single) Falchion as well, or swap out his Stormbolter for a special weapon (or the Relic Storm Bolter). You're probably better off taking the normal version unless you're desperate for heavy weapon saturation.
  • Purifiers: Utterly incorruptible and pure even by Grey Knight standards, these white-helmeted wielders of psychic flame now come with missing kneecaps thanks to the nerf bat beating they took this edition. Down to Leadership 8 (9 for the Knight of the Flame) in place of Fearless, a measly single attack - though the Knight of the Flame keeps his 2 - and still without the benefit of the Teleport Strike rule, these guys are only further hampered by their one special psychic power, Purifying Flame, going from a 9" Nova to targeting the closest enemy unit in 3", and all this on top of a hefty price INCREASE. Thankfully, as Purifying Flame is now a modified version of Smite, it isn't subject to the Rule of 1, meaning that, even in Matched Play, you can cast it as many times as you like without restriction, and mortal wound spam is no joke - plus, this unit does know a second power of your choosing. In any case, these guys are, in essence, Strike Squads+, with 2 weapons per 5 guys, and a more powerful (though horrifically short ranged) Smite, although as mentioned above, many of the reasons you'd otherwise consider them over Strikes have been seriously gutted. Purifying Flame does d6 Mortal Wounds to the closest unit in 3", which means that, despite the lower Attacks, they can still pack a punch in close combat. As with Crowe, despite their lack of Teleport Strike, Gate of Infinity is great for granting them some desperately needed mobility, short of carting them around in a transport. It's also worth mentioning that the Brother-Captain's Psychic Locus rule doubles Purifying Flame to 6", and boy can those 3" make all the difference. Even disregarding all of my griping, they still aren't a bad choice, but they certainly aren't amazing. Remember that you can always run a 10 man squad and Combat Squad all the heavy weapons together, assuming you want to avoid Purgation Squads to save on Heavy Support slots.
    • Keep in mind -- though squishy, and immensely less powerful in close combat, the ability to do d6 MORTAL wounds is seriously incredible. Set two squads of them up in a Land Raider, and when it gets charged to stop it from shooting, pop out and deal, on average, SEVEN mortal wounds to whatever's smashing your ride. Assuming this kills it -- it should, unless you're dealing with TEQ -- your Land Raider now gets to fire as normal, and your Purifiers can hide behind it to block line of sight and hop in next turn, never once leaving yourself vulnerable. Got a Swarmlord to deal with? Seven mortal wounds should do it. Daemon Prince? Seven mortal wounds should deal with it. Give them some Falchions and charge whatever's left, and these guys should be able to wipe any single unit in the game.
    • with CA 2018 these guys are now the same price as strike squad making them more interesting. on top of that both the Land Raider Crusader and all the characters dropped substantially. So hey, use that savings and take Crowe and the relic banner giving you 14 mortal wounds on just smites. On top of all that you are also doubling your close range effectiveness and giving you an additional psychic power from Crowe. All this for barely 70 ish points more from pre CA 2018 load out.
  • Dreadnought: Use a datasheet found in Space Marines, add Psyker, Daemon Hunter, and Rites of Banishment. They are a notch more expensive than the standard Dreadnought though, rolling in with Smite, 1 power from Sanctic, the ability to cast 1 power per turn, and deny 1 of your opponent's. Want a teleporting Dreadnought? Now you can. Stick it in a Stormraven and give it a twin heavy flamer and a mounted flamer besides for a hilarious 3d6 Overwatch shots. Thanks to the variety of options they have, Dreadnoughts are effective at filling whatever role you might need them for, though they shine at wiping out tough infantry, monsters, and vehicles. The standard Dreadnought combat weapon gives you 3 damage per smack, and with 4 attacks at Strength 12 after shooting, they are damned capable of tearing up whatever you throw them at. The new Vehicle statline gives these guys some real durability, but watch out for power fists and their equivalents, as those 8 Wounds won't last forever against the likes of multi-damage weapons.
    • While Psyfleman Dreads aren't in the new codex, it is still legal to use the Index profile, as with the Storm Shield Librarian.
  • Venerable Dreadnought: Mostly the same as regular Boxnought. Unyielding Ancient can be used to ignore Mortal Wounds from Perils. These are also one of your best and only sources of heavy shooting, and they're damn good at it. Hitting on a 2+ is especially nasty when you stick one of these gentlemen next to a Grandmaster for your 2+, rerollable shots. That's a whopping 97% chance to hit per shot, and you can take a twin lascannon for some real dakka. In addition, the 2+ makes him more mobile. With Gate of Infinity, you can either fling your LR across the board, or you can get you Lascanonns where they are needed most.
    • Give this one a twin lascannon, a missile launcher, and Astral Aim. You now have a 48" range tank/monster killer who doesn't need line of sight, hits on 2+, is mostly too far away from the enemy for them to deny his power, and will take serious firepower to bring down.
    • As stated directly by GW, you may continue to use the Psyfleman Dreadnought from the Index, even though they're not in the new codex. "There are a few options in the indexes[sic for some Characters and vehicles that are no longer represented in the Citadel range – certain Dreadnought weapons that don’t come in the box, or some characters on bikes, for example. Don’t worry though, you can still use all of these in your games if you have these older models. In these instances, use the datasheet from the index, and the most recent points published for that model and its weapons (currently, also in the index)."]
  • Grey Knights Doomglaive Pattern Dreadnought (Forge World): By the Emperor's chinny chin chin, we finally get some god-damned rules for this guy again!!.....and now his kit has been discontinued. The signature Dread of the Grey Knights, it's basically a Venerable Dread armed with a heavy psycannon, a stormbolter (or incinerator,) and with its CCW replaced with the Nemesis Doomglaive, which is "only" S9, but compensates with 1d6 damage (average: 3.5) instead of a flat 3. Since you'll want it to be in melee range at all times, it's best taken with the Incinerator to maximize its close combat effectiveness. Don't forget that the obligatory heavy psycannon is a tasty 2 damage per wound, meaning it can actually lay down some reasonable firepower on the way to carve up your enemies.
    • The Doomglaive can take one power from the Sanctic Discipline. You'll never have to worry about getting tied up when you are needed elsewhere, since you can just teleport into the best position. In short, if you take another power than Gate, you're doing it wrong, especially when considering how much easier it makes getting into combat.
  • Servitors: Why bother with these things? Sure, they've got plasma cannons and other heavy weapons, but they hit on a 5+ unless you've got a Techmarine nearby, which improves them to the ever-impressive tier of Guardsman accuracy. Just take AdMech or Astartes allies.
    • If you are trying to fill out a detachment to get Brotherhood of Psykers or Objective Secured, these are the cheapest things you can take, full stop, even if they are otherwise useless in their own right.
    • It should be noted that these guys ARE your only Infantry units with ranged weapons of Strength higher than 6, and range greater than 24". They also do have the GREY KNIGHTS keyword, and benefit from Grand Master/Draigo re-rolls. It's not the best strategy by any means, but if you are already bringing a Techmarine for some reason, 52pts for the two Plasma Cannons could end up plinking unexpected wounds on things.

Dedicated Transport[edit]

  • Rhino: Borrowed straight from the Space Marines section of the index, Rhinos can carry up to 10 friendly <GREY KNIGHTS> INFANTRY models. Our pilots still haven't remembered how to cast psychic powers, unfortunately, but as with Dreadnoughts, these things are surprisingly durable compared to before, boasting 10 Wounds, a +3 save, and a 12" movement. With a buff of that magnitude, the chances of actually delivering your payload of marines without first getting blown to smithereens is drastically increased, and on top of that, you can assault out of them now! As even vehicles can now charge, you can even use these things to soak up overwatch fire post-disembarkation before your squad dives in, and perhaps even run over a few feet while you're at it. As always, they can take a hunter-killer missile, which is still a crapshoot considering its single-use quality, and/or a stormbolter for some supplementary firepower. Drive them up the board, pop smoke for a buffer against enemy shooting, and get your Knights where they need to go without first getting shot to pieces. Also of note is the new and improved Self-Repair rule; on a roll of a 6 at the start of your turn, the Rhino regains a single lost wound! This will help a bit if you're getting plinked to death by small arms fire, but don't expect it to win you the game.
  • Razorback: Likewise borrowed from Vanilla Marines, this is a shootier Rhino with a transport capacity of 6, as the rest of the space filled with loads of totally-not-dangerously-volatile ammunition for the guns up top. Though it has access to the same options as their brethren listed above, Razorbacks are privy to a far greater degree of firepower; each one is shipped stock with a twin-heavy bolter, as well as the option to replace it with a twin lascannon, twin assault cannon, twin heavy flamer, or the ever-schizophrenic lascannon and plasma gun combo. Since twin weapons simply double the amount of shots, these things are now capable of dishing out some serious dakka against a variety of targets. Keep in mind, however, that should you decide to use it as anything more than a mobile gun platform, that firing on the move while transporting your troops will cause it to take a hit to its ballistic skill, though this is less of a concern given how many more shots you'll be throwing downrange each turn. Despite their increased durability, they are not invincible, and given the threat they present with their cargo of force weapons and deadly hull-mounted guns, expect to see them taken out as soon as your opponent can manage, unless of course you provide other, more pressing threats.
  • Grey Knights Vortimer Pattern Razorback (Forge World): Someone finally remembered these existed and realized it actually made sense for us to mount our signature special weapons on our own vehicles. This is a Razorback armed with twin psycannons, which in practice is effectively the same as the Assault Cannon variant, albeit with 4 fewer shots and +1 Strength. Nowhere near as flexible as the vanilla Razorback, but we still have access to those anyway. Thanks to Chapter Approved increasing the points cost on the twin psycannon by more than three-quarters of its original cost, this is really not worth considering any more. For fuck's sake, the gun now costs two-thirds of a Rhino.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Interceptor Squad: Now 23 points base, these guys used to be Assault Squad 2.0 (those cost 16 points with Jump Packs, by the way), but now are more of a sidegrade. Why? Because vanilla marines have <Fly>, and Interceptors do not, and their one-use 30" move turned into a one-use field-activated deepstrike, which is kinda bad, since it doesn't allow you to bring those Incinerators straight into the enemy's face. Nevertheless, brave Grey Knights can still hop through enemies as though they are not in their path, and have a respectable movement of 12" while being pretty scary in an assault (once again, only 1 attack, better pack those Falchions), doubly so with Hammerhand. That said, deep striking anywhere on the board can potentially prove more useful than a 30" shunt, as it can not only carry you farther, but also deliver you from unwanted close combat bar brawls - and remember, this unit has both.
    • Use the shunt to your advantage when the final turn comes around so you can reliably grab the objectives on the far end of the table. It is important to mention that they do not have the FLY nor JUMP PACK keyword, so if you wanted to get these guys inside a transport for any reason, Mr. 8th edition says "follow your dreams!," and then proceeds to laugh as you realize this also means you can't assault flying units or Fall Back without avoiding the penalty for doing so. These guys also pack some further usefulness in that starting them on the board grounds your force and allows more of your units to set up in reserves, and they don't suffer from getting left behind, as they can immediately redeploy to join the rest of your forces in an army-wide alpha strike reminiscent of 7th Edition's Nemesis Strike Force rules.
    • Alternatively, remember that you can just use gate of infinity on anybody else in your army and not pay extra for extra-expensive-extra-squish PAGK.
    • They do ignore units and terrain and now with the big faq 2 units with fly cant charge trough units.....
    • Speaking of FAQ changes, the shunt now has renewed viability, as it makes them one of the few non-flyer units that can move significantly up the board during turn 1 (and one of even fewer that can do it without burning command points), whereas the deep striking units that used to do this are going to be stuck off the table until turn 2. Sure, you could use Gate of Infinity, but you can only use it once per Psychic phase. If you wanted, you could take an Outrider Detachment of 3 separate Interceptor Squads and have them all vault up the table to get in your opponent’s face in the first move.


  • Stormhawk Interceptor: Surprisingly added in the new Grey Knight Codex! The only Space Marine flyer without hover, it's an anti-air flyer that honestly sucks against most other aircraft since most of it's anti-air guns have minimal AP and low to moderate damage. Don't bother with it, stick with the Storm Raven.
  • Stormraven: If you're going to bring a heavy vehicle, this is the one to bring. One of our best (and only) sources of high-damage anti-vehicle weapons; load it up with Twin Multimeltas and Twin Lascannons, combine with the integral Storm Strike Missiles, throw on some hurricane bolters if you can spare the points, and go tank hunting. It has enough weapons that hit hard to even deal with (ie, cripple) enemy flyers, despite the -1 to hit them. Plus, it has superior transport capabilities, with 12 spots for infantry, interceptors, and terminators, and even a dreadnought (if one's in your list). All of this helps lower your deployment drop count, which increases the likelihood of getting that all-important first turn, and Grey Knights need every advantage they can get.
  • Stormtalon Gunship: Also a new addition to the Grey Knight Codex. Cheaper than the Storm Raven, but no transport capacity, no power of the machine spirit, and substantially less durable. Two of these cost more than a Storm Raven but have less fire power and arguably the same survivability. Again, don't bother, stick with the Raven.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Purgation Squad This is essentially the Grey Knight version of Space Marine Devastators, meaning 4 heavy weapons allowed per squad of 5. They never saw much play in 7th since psycannons were shit on power armored units, but against the likes of Tau, Aeldari and such T3, you can get 4 guys with psilencers unload 24 shots a turn, hitting and wounding on 3's. That pretty much wipes your standard Fire Warriors, Breachers, Pathfinders, Guardians, etc. With some luck, these can even simmer down some vehicles, since their damage is now a flat D3. Also, the new "to wound" table has been incredibly kind to the psilencers. Having the ability to wound all but the heaviest of tanks and monsters on 5's is pretty decent when you put out 24 shots a turn, especially considering that standard weapons such as bolters are on an even playing field as far as the lack of AP goes. Combined with their D3 damage, this actually makes them more effective for their points at hunting tanks than psycannons. Seriously, for the cost of slightly more than 100 points, you can out up to 72 total wounds (not including the justicars stormbolter). Not even Titans can hide from mindbullets. Furthermore, one of their main weaknesses, namely their lack of range compared to other heavy weapon teams (only 24") can now be mitigated by giving them Gate of Infinity, (wow, kinda seems like the star of the show in this Codex, huh?) which allows them to redeploy from the table in a pinch. There's a carnifex threatening your Land Raider on the other side of the table? No problem. A squad of Fire Warriors out of LOS in that building over there? Not anymore, they aren't. A squad of Khorne Berzerkers about to charge your vulnerable fire support? No big deal, why not teleport to the other side of the table and shoot those poor Berzerkers in the backside. They won't even know what happened.
    • Due to how Imperium armies work in 8th, these guys make a great alternative to standard anti-infantry heavy weapons units such as Devastators, Retributors, and Heavy Weapons Squads. One Purgation Squad supporting another Imperial army can teleport 24" from a unit, shoot it, and teleport away to another unit each turn. Use these and they will please you.
    • Astral aim is amazing on these guys. Hide them brhind terrain or a tank, cast astral aim (91.667% chance with GK +1), and fire your 4 psilencers at anything in range at no risk of return fire, and no cover bonuses to help with the 0 AP.
      • Four of these guys with Incinerators will put a dent in most flyers, and seriously mess up some of the lighter ones. Plus they'll murder Culexus Assassins in a single go, or any other unit that imposes modifiers to hit.
  • Nemesis Dreadknight: The baby-carrier's back, baby. When you take into account the fact that you can throw a teleportation device on these bad boys for a measly 10 points, allowing them to deep strike into the Heavy Incinerator's 12" range, dishing out d6 auto hits and an additional 12 shots if you take the Psilencer, spit out a nice little Smite, then go in for the charge and pray to the Emprah that you roll a 9, they redeem themselves slightly. Also, the Heavy Incinerator is usually enough to hammer out a few wounds on an enemy charge, since the auto-hits confer on Overwatch as well (and again, the 12" range means you can't be charged out of range of this weapon, unlike the 8" range on the regular Incinerator). Unfortunately, deep striking counts as moving, so you take -1 to hit on all heavy ranged weapon profiles on your alpha strike. However, you might be touched in the head if you aren't aiming for big assaults with these bad boys; you're looking at 4 attacks at a minimum of Strength 10, 12 at the most, and AP -3 across the board for weapon choices. The Dreadfists, while only d3 damage, grant an extra attack when taken together, whereas the Nemesis Greatsword stands at a whopping d6 damage for the same price (ever smacked a Bloodthirster upside the head with a lascannon?). Last but not least, the Nemesis Daemon Greathammer comes at a penalty of -1 to hit, but rolls d6 damage, with the exception that results of 1 and 2 count as 3 instead, all for only 5 points, and all this on top of their ability to cast a single power from Sanctic. As with Dreadnoughts, giving these guys Gate is great fun, especially as you watch the terror steadily unfold across your opponent's face when they witness your knight-piloted power loader pelvic thrust its way out of the warp and into their ranks to wreak havoc. Given their 12 wounds, 2+/5++ saves, and a static 3+ WS, these guys are pretty killy, and will probably last at least one turn after deep striking. 10/10 will definitely draw your opponents fire.
    • Do not be fooled by the Heavy Incinerator. It's easy to forget how good your BS is, and the thing is a whopping 40 points. It's great for stopping charges with Overwatch, but offensively, it's actually straight-up inferior to the Heavy Psycannon, and relatively (i.e. wounds per point) inferior to the Gatling Psilencer, too. Take one for Overwatching, but grab both of the other guns for pure offensive dakka.
    • In terms of melee, get a hammer. It's better than the sword against almost everything, and your fists are inferior to sending in a strike squad, but the hammer lets you rip Land Raiders in half while smiling about it. Commit, Emperor damn it.
      • Remember though, that with the hammer, you'll be statistically hitting only 50% of the time, and then there's the factor of degrading attacks. Even on a Grandmaster, the hammer is unreliable (hitting on 3+ while re-rolling 1s), as even 1 missed attack can leave you seriously short of your intended mark.
    • The math on these guys is actually very bizarre now, due to how good a Grand Master in a Nemesis Dreadknight is. Comparing them barebones, so 165 points to 225 with two dreadfists, the Dreadknight does worse even with getting a free re-rolling 1s to hit buff, and as you add upgrades, the power gap widens - and that's ignoring the improvements in invuln save and psyker power output. You need a very good reason now to take one of these guys over the HQ equivalent.
  • Land Raider: Now that the vanilla Land Raider isn't forced to fire all its guns at the same target, it's gone from schizophrenic to an effective all-rounder. For example, you could use its lascannons to pop a vehicle and then follow up with the heavy bolters to wipe out an infantry squad. This is assisted further by the new Power of the Machine Spirit, which lets it ignore the normal penalties for moving and firing heavy weapons. While it still works fine as a transport, Grey Knights are better off using their Land Raiders for their much-needed anti-armor firepower.
  • Land Raider Crusader: As ever, the Hurricane Bolters will shred any infantry within 12"- you have twenty-four Bolter shots supplemented by another 12 Assault Cannon shots. The Frag Assault Launchers also help in regards to transporting and supporting its cargo, since it causes d3 mortal wounds on a 4+ if it finishes a charge within 1" of an opponent. But whatever you do, take the multi-melta. Neither the assault cannons nor the hurricane bolters have enough AP to significantly reduce a MEQ's armor save, and anything with T7 or more (e.g. other vehicles) won't even get their paint scratched. It carries 16 models, so it's still your best choice for transporting Terminators and other larger units. Stick near a Captain and/or a Lieutenant and laugh maniacally as you shred every infantry squad around you. Incidentally -- this unit is a FANTASTIC target for your Psybolt ammunition strategem (Really? Its not bad, but there are far better targets for Psybolt Ammo. All you get on a LRC is 24 Bolter shots. Meanwhile, a 10 man Strike Squad puts out 40 shots for just over 200 points. Or, run it on a Stormraven with Hurricane Bolters and Heavy Bolters for a total of 24 S5 AP-1 shots and 6 S6 AP-2 shots (Assault Cannons are not affected by Psybolt Ammunition because fuck you). Your tank suddenly turns into a teleporting hunk of metal, full of goodies, that's also putting out 40 heavy bolter-equivalent shots at close range.
    • huge point drops on top of the new first turn cover strategem this bad boy look great, able to take around 20 BS 3+ lascannons. He makes a great choice for a boots on the ground delivery system, on top of having the perfect kit to clear screens turn 1 to set up for all your deep strikers.
  • Land Raider Redeemer: Similar to the Crusader, but trades off the hurricane bolters' volume of shots for the flamestorm cannon's greater strength, higher AP, and improved damage per shot. While you'll have to get in close to make the most of it, the Frag Assault Launchers let you use this to your advantage as you burn down the heavier infantry. Though the flamestorm cannons can threaten lighter vehicles, you should still add the multi-melta to be on the safe side. Carries 12 models. Can easily cockblock a charging unit with 2d6 automatic Flamestorm shots.
    • The flamestorm cannon can, because of flamer autohits, crisp some flyers if you are close enought. Consider if it is worth to put your Land Raider in the open.
  • Grey Knights Vortimer Pattern Land Raider Redeemer (Forge World) A slightly tweaked Land Raider Redeemer. The assault cannons are replaced with psycannons and the frag assault launchers are switched for psyk-out assault launchers, which work like their normal counterpart but only do 1 damage to non-psykers.

Lords of War[edit]

  • Grey Knights Thunderhawk Assault Gunship (Forge World): Identical to the Space Marine Thunderhawk, but with the added option of exchanging its heavy bolters for psycannons.

except 200 pts cheaper, 1130 versus 1330 its a steal


Alright lets be real. Playing Grey Knights is Warhammer 40k: Hard Mode. The only time numbers will be on your side is if you're facing knights or Custodes. Your selection of relics is possibly the worst in the whole game right now. You only get a strong game against Daemons (Well, not so much anymore now that they got their codex. That "Resurrect a Demon unit killed by a GK unit for no reinforcement points" stratagem is going to hurt, REAL BAD.) However given the GK capacity for an Alpha Strike adding a callidus will help hugely because it might at least discourage your opponent from using it at the start and if you take out the bigger units first they can't then bring them back later. Just a thought). And the changes to ap mean a 3+ is only good against the worst of small arms. You will never fill a brigade. EVER. In normal games you will probably stick with a vanguard detachment ...so kiss any strategems that cost more than one cp good-bye except for times when it will turn a game around. And to add all this up... Grey Knights are an elite melee army in an edition that still tends to favor shooting and hordes. Use your Paladins and purifiers with ancients. Give purifiers razorbacks. Spamming Dreadknights seems the strongest atm.


Most of your units have one of two huge problems:

  1. They outright suck, are overcosted, or rendered obsolete by the presence of a more efficient equivalent (Terminators, regular Dreadknights, Brotherhood Champions, Purifiers, etc.)
  2. They are potentially powerful, but only with the help of certain psychic powers and/or stratagems, without which they are a bit overcosted. Because of the Rule of One and this army's general lack of CP, these units, though strong, can't effectively be fielded in large numbers (no more that 2). Examples include Dreadnoughts and Purgation squads, which desperately need either Gate of Infinity, Astral Aim, or Psybolts to get anything done. Taking IG as an ally is a very efficient way to make good use of extra command points.

Unless you're using GK as an ally to another force, these are your most efficient units; spam them to kingdom come.

  • Grand Master Nemesis Dreadknight
  • razorbacks or strike squads
  • Draigo
  • Voldus
  • Paladins
  • Librarian (ONlY if you run the Stormshield+Warding Stave combo from the index for the 2++, but even then, he's literally a shittier version of Voldus)

If you're insistent on running pure GK, you can fit about 2 battalions of Strike Squads, and 1-2 vanguard/supreme commands of supporting units like Dreadknights, Paladins, etc.

For your HQ's, include at least 1 Brother-Captain, and at least one HQ that give rerolls. Be sure to make your warlord a non-unique character so you can take First to the Fray as your warlord trait. In addition, don't fall for the trap of running too many Dreadknights. While it looks tempting, understand that you can only consistently protect 1-2 ,as Heed and Sanctuary can't be used more that once a turn. Consider using Draigo instead of a 2nd or 3rd Dreadknight, he's just as good in CC, and comes stock with 3++.

As Allies[edit]

Slam-Baby With CA2019 around the door there might be some fun to have, that is not ridiculously overpriced.

  • 1 Ally vanilla Space Marines as a battalion with a librarian, he gets: Veil of Time and Might of Heroes. Both powers target <Adeptus Astartes> Guess what you are.
  • 2 Take a Nemesis babycarrier, if you want less points, in a patrol detachment with a Strike squat

Use: Veil of Time + Might of Heroes on you Babycarrier, then hammerhand and sanctuary and toss it over the board. Give it the nemesis Lord War Lord trait, since you can re-roll charges now. With a hammer you will always do at least 4 damage per unsaved wound up to 7 - With 6 attacks you can put a dent in something.

It is still quite expensive, and you want to send a strike squad with falchions behind him for backup (falchions do provide more from +1 to wound I guess). Also maybe take Interceptors, who can deepstrike too. In that case i would still take first to the fray on your Babycarrier, veil of time could still target a unit that is not within 6" of your warlord.


So, you want to start a force of Space Paladins or paint the one gathering dust at your shelves? Even though there are inferior to pretty much every other force in the game right know? Mad bastard, I like that. The core principles of painting Grey Knights are quite handily described by our Lord and Savior in two tutorials:

This one where he paints the iconic steel armor (you can use a simpler scheme shown in Citadel app, but speaking from experience, this one is better);

and the other with Nemesis Force Weapons. Those require a little practice if you're new to mixing paints and stuff, so best to practice on spare weapons you'll surely have after assembling a box of Knights.

You'll also need to paint a lot of gold, parchments/purity seals and personal heraldry (usually black, red and white) for this army, and Citadel App has your back on those ones. The only thing to beware is the white color: while GW's metallic and blue paints are quite decent (and surely among the best they do), their white ones are notoriously shitty, so better find an analogue, especially if you're working with Purifiers.

For the gold details Vallejo's Liquid Gold paint looks really nice. The only downside is that is diluted with alcohol, so, not your typically water based acrylics. Is not super hard to use, but try to step up your painting game before if you are a noob.

All in all, Grey Knights are relatively easy to paint to look great even with basic skills, especially if you have the means to undercoat them with steel (via aerography or GW's Leadbelcher primer/simulacrum). Not promising you "best paint" award on every event you'd venture on or anything, but surely not a bunch of minis to be ashamed of.

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