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This is the current 9th Edition's Grey Knights tactics as of 6 August 2021. 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Why Play Grey Knights?[edit]

The Grey Knights are the Emperor’s final creation, an army ​of Space Marines whose might and dedication eclipses all others. Their all-consuming mission is to confront the Daemons of the Warp wheresoever they might manifest. ​Each Grey Knight has the power of an army in his own right, capable of felling the greatest of Greater Daemons with a single blow. When the Chapter fights as one there are few who can oppose them. Yet, as the Imperium approaches its twilight, the daemonic threat grows ever greater and the Grey Knights ever more beset.

Though the Grey Knights wield the finest armaments that the armouries of the Imperium can provide, their chief weapon comes from within: a psychic might that can cleave through armour, summon sanctifying flame or return life to the dead.

A Grey Knights army will always be outnumbered (with the exception of facing custodes or Knights), but each of your warriors is easily as powerful as the mightiest hero in your opponent’s ranks. Terminator Squads, the elite of other Space Marine armies, are the mainstay of your force.

Purgation Squads lay down a storm of heavy weapons fire, Purifiers immolate the foe with azure flame. Strike Squads attack wherever the enemy is most vulnerable, and towering Nemesis Dreadknights stride imperiously across the battlefield, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

  • The Grey Knights are an army of Psyker Space Marines, each one equal to a Veteran among their Astartes cousins. The standard Strike Squad statline has 2W and 3A (the latter including a baked-in Shock Assault).
  • The Grey Knights have strong assault and mid-range shooting. At a minimum, you're getting a storm-bolter and a force sword on every infantry model.
  • Great looking infantry models with lots of customization options. They are not really hard to paint either to look decent and Duncan has pretty neat tutorials on them.
  • A low model count allows for easy movement and understanding of the game.
  • Daemons and Psykers are a massive liability when playing against you. This benefit can't be understated, as GW is now focusing more on the Chaos vs Imperium conflict, and most Chaos armies rely on some form of daemon unit or psyker buff to function properly.
  • Force weapons absolutely everywhere, and they're no longer subject to Deny the Witch, which means you're always putting out 2 wounds to everything in melee!
  • All of your Squads can now cast full Smite, not just the Baby Smite of 8E.
  • You are one of the factions that benefit most from the psychic phase. You get an army-wide boost to deny, and every PSYKER unit (except a few honoured knights) know at least 3 powers: Smite, a set power for each unit type, and a new unique power from your BROTHERHOOD sub-faction choice. Your 2 psychic disciplines are good, with some powers that allow you to buff yourself in both offense and defense, hurt others really really badly and TELEPORT ALL ACROSS THE BOARD. EVERYONE CAN CAST. EVERYONE CAN DENY.
  • Pretty much ANY one of your units can start the game in deep strike reserve. Everyone has some sort of teleportation device - and even if they don't, there's a stratagem that allows you to teleport units in anyway.
  • Named character options are abundant, and overall pretty good even if overpriced.
  • One of the only armies with Terminator troops. Even Dark Angels lost their Deathwing as Troops. So GK is a good army if you want to bring a pure Terminator army.
  • No Psychic Primaris Marines. For those vets who never wanted the Primaris to exist, in this army they still don't.
  • Warlord traits are vastly improved, including one for extra ObSec to even the odds against your dudes.
  • 9th Edition's looking to be kind to them, between the general upgrades to all marines as well as all the special stuff available to them.
  • A low model count means each loss hurts much more. In order to win, you must find ways to block line of sight, find cover saves, and get into assault as soon as possible.
  • The codex is extremely limited in terms of unit selection.
  • Other armies have access to high strength and AP weapons; 5++ isn't going to save you all the time. However, with new powers and stratagems, you can greatly increase the durability of key units, especially units with Terminator keyword (so Paladins too).
  • Very limited access to ranged AP-3 or better, plenty of AP-3 close combat though.
  • Poor long-range shooting options without combos. Somewhat mitigated with lascannons but few things take lascannons.
  • Lack of stuff from Forge World. Despite the fact that Grey Knights were more or less established during the Second Founding, leaving you at a disadvantage on tables when the models/rules are permitted.
  • No Psychic Primaris Marines, even Librarians, despite you know, with this whole Great Rift situation Grey Knights should have been the first Chapter to be reinforced with them.
  • Perils of the Warp is a thing. You may find yourself having to burn command points to keep your dudes from dying.
  • Stratagems can be really good, but you can't use all of them, so careful planning and weighing up of the situation is needed to get the most out of your army.
  • Chaos Daemons have a Stratagem in their codex specifically meant to fuck with you. It's not a very good one though, so this is less of a 'con' and more of a 'meh'.
    • Daemonic Incursion (2CP): One non-named DAEMON unit that is killed by a GREY KNIGHT unit is returned at full-strength anywhere on the Battlefield that is over 9" away from enemy models at the end of your next Movement Phase. Does not cost Reinforcement Points.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Knights of Titan:
    • And They Shall Know No Fear: Your entire army ignores any modifiers to Combat Attrition checks, so you don't mind being at half strength.
    • Bolter Discipline: We 2nd Edition now. Models using a rapid fire bolt weapon can take double the normal attacks (2 for bolters, 4 for storm bolters, etc) if at least one of the following is true:
      • The target is in half range,
      • The firing model is INFANTRY and its entire unit Remained Stationary during the previous Movement Phase,
      • The firing model is a TERMINATOR.
    • Masters of the Warp: See below for this.
  • Armour of Contempt: The Q2 2022 Balance Dataslate came ringing in again to show how much GW fucking LOVES Space Marines. Now any attacks against your army reduce their AP by 1, now absolutely forcing enemies to grab their AP2 guns. The only time this doesn't apply is if you already have a shield (which also sees the Dreadknight denied despite their shield only providing a 4++ save) or any other AP reduction power.
  • Combat Squads: Can split a single full-sized unit into two smaller units before deployment. Works just like it always has, but more unit types can do it. While MSU is better, it does give Grey Knights a unique way to circumvent the Rule of Three or Detachment limits. Now they just need to have spammable units worth Combat Squadding.
  • Teleport Strike: (Almost) YOUR ENTIRE ARMY CAN STILL DEEP STRIKE! Not really, though, since at least half units and PL needs to be deployed. Instead of deploying normally, you can, at the end of a movement phase, set up a GK unit anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from an enemy unit. While this does put you in a less than desirable situation, rest assured that this is one you can take while keeping all your CP since these units aren't using Combat Reserves.
    • It's actually easier to list what hasn't got and can't get this: Techmarines, Vehicles (excluding Dreadknights), and Servitors. That's it!

Masters of the Warp[edit]

So instead of getting doctrines, these tides are strictly only available to a full Grey Knights army. They can be changed by the new psychic power, Warp Shaping. These powers truly change the way Grey Knights operate. Essentially, you can easily increase your anti-Daemon output (Banishment), dakka and melee output (Convergence), survivability (Shadows), psychic flexibility (Escalation), or movement/melee threat (Celerity), and you can change this mid-game without using a command point. These Tides give the Knights incredible flexibility, but when changing to a different Tide, you cannot go back to a Tide that has already been dominant. So, you have to be sure the current tide you're in won't be crucial in a later turn before switching it.

  • Tide of Banishment: While this tide is dominant, Grey Knights Psyker units may re-roll hit rolls and wound rolls of 1 when attacking DAEMON units. DAEMON units also suffer -2 to Leadership while within 6" of said units.
  • Tide of Convergence: While this tide is dominant, increase the range of Psi-weapons by 6". In addition, Nemesis weapons inflict an additional mortal wound on unmodified 6s (UM6s) to wound.
  • Tide of Shadows: While this tide is dominant, all Grey Knights Psyker units, when targeted by an enemy unit more than 12" away, gain the benefit of being in light cover. If every model in the unit would have light cover even without this rule, the unit instead gains the benefits of being in dense cover. This is the tide you should start out with if you are going 2nd.
  • Tide of Escalation: While this tide is dominant, <BROTHERHOOD> specific psychic powers can be cast multiple times per psychic phase - with a +1 increase in warp charge per attempt, like with Smite.
  • Tide of Celerity: While this tide is dominant, any advance and charge rolls of 1 or 2 will count as a 3. It's pretty much only an insurance policy for your charges so that you're not quite as trolled from a shit roll. Don't solely rely on this tide to make those 9" charges, though (~38.89% success rate, up from ~27.78% without the rule).
    • If you can re-roll charge rolls (such as from the Blades of Victory psychic power Inescapable Pursuit or the Preservers stratagem Charge of the Ancients, this raises your chances of making the charge from ~47.84% to 62.65%.
    • If you have +1 to charge rolls (e.g. from the First to the Fray warlord trait), this raises your chances from ~41.67% to ~58.33%.
      • If you have both re-roll and +1, this raises your odds from ~65.97% to ~82.64%.

Detachment Rules[edit]

You will only get these if your army is Battle-forged, and they only apply to Detachments of only Grey Knights units.

  • Brotherhood Command: You can only take one Grand Master and Brother-Captain each in a detachment. If you take multiple detachments, then each Grand Master and Brother-Captain must be from a different <BROTHERHOOD>.
  • The Aegis: 5+++ vs Mortal Wounds and +1 to Deny tests. The FNP is a welcome addition, though it's a shame that you lack any psychic power-ups.
  • Objective Secured: Same as any other army, Troops get Objective Secured.

GK Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Daemon Slayer: If your WARLORD charges this turn, they gain +1A until the "fight's conclusion" (ignore that stupid wording, it onlt lasts for the entire turn, not until someone dies/falls back due to the first half of its wording). In addition, the WARLORD's attacks bypass any DAEMON's invulnerable save. By George, they've done it - they made this one good! Draigo has this, and he's quite mighty with it.
  2. Hammer of Righteousness: Add +1 to wound rolls for your WARLORD if he charged, got charged, or heroically intervened that turn.
    • Best on the low-S-high-AP nemesis swords on mid-T targets, or the hammer against mid/high-T targets. Still worth it on the Dreadknight, since S12 with their fists or hammer wounds T7 models (most VEHICLES, MONSTERS, and Greater Daemons) on a 3+.
  3. Unyielding Anvil: Any GREY KNIGHT CORE/CHARACTERs within 6" of your WARLORD gain Objective Secured, with your Troops counting as having an additional model. Stern has this.
  4. First to the Fray: Your WARLORD adds +1 to advance and charge rolls, and any GREY KNIGHT CORE unit that charges an enemy that your WARLORD just charged also gains +1 to charge rolls. Sadly, this is a serious step down from the giant block of cheese last edition had.
  5. Nemesis Lord: Any UM6's to hit using a nemesis weapon your WARLORD has, automatically wounds. Okay for a character hunter, but not much else.
  6. Psychic Epitome: Pick one GREY KNIGHT PSYKER unit within 6" of your WARLORD during the Psychic Phase. Until the end of the phase, any time a Witchfire Power is successfully cast by that unit, it deals an additional Mortal Wound.
    • With Rites of Banishment being poofed, this is the next best thing you can grab, especially for a Librarian with Purifying Flame (4 MW's or d3+4 MW's if cast on an 11+) and Purge Soul (2 MW's or d3+1 MW's depending on a Ld roll-off). Or Vortex of Doom (2d3+1 MW's)

Litanies of Purity[edit]

Well we get these now. A Grey Knights Chaplain knows litany of expulsion and one litany of purity in addition to a psychic power.

Litany of Expulsion: A friendly Grey Knights Core/Character unit within 6" of the Chaplain can re-roll to hit. Copypaste of the vanilla marines' Litany of Hate.

  1. Words of Power: Select one friendly Grey Knights Core/Character unit within 6" of the Chaplain. Whenever they roll an unmodified 6 to wound with a nemesis force weapon, that weapon deals an additional wound. It additionally deals a Mortal Wound if Tide of Convergence is dominant.
  2. Intonement for Guidance: Select one friendly Grey Knights Core/Character unit within 6" of the Chaplain. When resolving an attack made by a ranged weapon by a model in that unit, they ignore any hit and ballistic skill modifiers.
  3. Psalm of Purity: Whenever a Grey Knights Core/Character unit within 6" of the Chaplain rolls an unmodified 6 to wound with a ranged weapon, the AP of this hit is improved by 1.
  4. Refrain of Convergence: Pick one unit within 6" of the Chaplain. This unit is no longer under the effect of enemy psyker powers and are immune to any further powers until your next command phase.
  5. Recitation of Projection: Select one friendly Grey Knights Core/Character unit within 6" of the Chaplain. Add 6" to the range characteristics of bolt weapons and psi weapons of that unit. When the Tide of Conversion is dominant, the unit instead adds 3" to the range of those weapons, totaling to a range boost of 9" when you include the range boosts the tide adds on.
  6. Invocation of Focus: Any Grey Knights Core/Character units within 6" of the Chaplain add +1 to any rolls to manifest a Blessing power. Guess what your most vital powers (Armoured Resilience, Hammerhand, Astral Aim, Sanctuary, Gate of Infinity, Warp Shaping) are?


A description goes here.

Purge the Enemy

- Assassinate

- Bring it Down

- Titan Slayers

- Slay the Warlord


-Abhor the Witch

-Mental Interrogation

-Psychic Ritual

No Mercy, No Respite

- Thin their Ranks

- Attrition

- While We Stand, We Fight

- First Strike

Battlefield Supremacy

- Engage on All Fronts

- Linebreaker

- Domination

Shadow Operations

- Raise the Banners High

-Investigate Sites

- Repair Teleportation Homer

Psychic Powers[edit]

Grey Knights can currently draw Psychic Powers from the Sanctic and Dominus Disciplines. That said, only a CHARACTER can draw powers from the Dominus Discipline and Sanctic Powers are generally locked to specific units.

Fundamentally, it's now a bit of a side-grade. Smite is no longer as reliable a weapon as it was in 8th, and this means that your army doesn't get much to complement it. However, they have now been given the standard 18" range (instead of 12"), do D3 MW (instead of 1 MW); with the option of becoming D6 MW on a roll of 11+.

  • Psychic Confluence: Applies to Sanctic users only. Sanctic Powers can be attempted any number of times by different units in your army, but the WC cost goes up by one each time.
  • Cleansing Flame: Purifier Squads and Castellan Crowe gain +1 to the Psychic Test when manifesting the Purifying Flame psychic power. Considering how much better Purifying Flame is now (since it inflict 3 MWs on an enemy unit within 9", on a roll of 11+ they inflict D3+3 MWs instead); expect these units to be a popular choice in certain army lists.
  • Zone of Banishment: Brother-Captain Stern makes a big 6" blast centred on himself any time he successfully casts any psychic power; that deals a MW on any DAEMON units within it. While this helps bother greater daemons and smaller units, this won't mean much to the average lesser daemon.

You general-use Discipline that most non-character units crib one power from, listed with the power below. The only units that can freely take powers from here is the Librarian and Paladin Squads (but NOT the Paladin Ancient, they're still locked to the Dominus Discipline).

  1. Astral Aim: WC 6, Blessing, Purgation Squad. Until your next psychic phase, the caster's unit can re-roll one hit roll and units they target do not get any cover bonuses. Use this to thwart Ork Boyz who think they're being clever by declaring a charge against you from around a barricade, or destroy cover-camping assholes like Tau or Imperial Guard.
  2. Purge Soul: WC 6, Witchfire. When manifested, pick an enemy unit within 12". Have a 1d6 roll-off and add your respective Ld. If the target rolls higher, nothing happens. If you both roll a tie, the target takes a mortal wound. If the caster rolls higher, the target unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.
    • Note: Purge Soul is one of your few targeting Psychic Powers. You should also be doing combos to widen the Ld difference. With the +1Ld banner and the +1Ld Warlord Trait, it's actually helpful against VEHICLEs, MONSTERS, or single models with a really high T.
  3. Hammerhand: WC 5, Blessing, Strike and Terminator Squads, and Dreadknights. The caster's unit can now re-roll wound rolls when fighting in melee. Mathematically speaking. this will work about the same if not better than last edition's flat +1 to wound.
  4. Purifying Flame: WC 5, Witchfire, Purifier Squad and Castellan Crowe. The closest enemy unit within 9" of the caster's unit eats three mortal wounds, upgrading to d3+3 if you roll an 11+ on the Psychic Test. You're essentially getting something of a psychic shotgun, and Purifiers in particular love using it to blast the ever-loving shit out of an enemy.
  5. Armoured Resilience: WC 6, Blessing, Dreadnoughts. Adds +1 to the caster's armour saves. Another piece of the puzzle when buffing a Dreadnought (Preservers Stratagem, anything from the Swordbearers, Smokescreen, Venerable's FNP, Duty Eternal ability).
  6. Ethereal Castigation: WC 6, Blessing, Interceptor Squad. The caster's unit can immediately shoot and move, but cannot move, advance, shoot, or charge again this turn. Simply put, this gives you a fighting retreat without having to use Gate of Infinity; after all, you might need that to throw a more important unit somewhere.

The Dominus are only available to GREY KNIGHTS Characters to manifest. Most of these spells are meant to support your troops in one way or another rather than the rather selfish Sanctic discipline.

  1. Gate of Infinity: WC 7, Blessing. Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS Psyker unit within 18" of the caster. The unit may immediately re-deploy anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" away from an enemy unit.
    • This power right here. With a slightly clever setup, you can toss your Dreads around the board like some rabbit on speed, popping where it must go the moment it is needed. Also, nothing hinders you from teleporting out of melee and then shooting or charging. Your termies are tarpitted where you do not want them? No problem, just zip away.
  2. Empyric Amplification: WC 7, Malediction. Mark one visible enemy within 12" of the caster. Any attacks using psi weapons or nemesis force weapons add +1 to that weapon's damage, which makes it a nice target for purgation squads and melee mobs alike.
  3. Sanctuary: WC 6, Blessing. Pick a friendly GREY KNIGHTS unit within 18" of the caster. It gets a 4++ save that lasts until your next Psychic phase. No ifs, ands, or buts. This bars this power from affecting Grand Masters, Captains, Chaplains and Champions. If you're not able to afford the Stratagem necessary for warding staves, then this is your next best thing.
  4. Vortex of Doom: WC 7, Witchfire. If manifested, a vortex opens above the nearest visible enemy model within 12"; that model's unit takes 2d3 mortal wounds (Adding another MW if your caster has the Psychic Epitome WT) while every other within 3" of that model just suffers a mortal wound.
  5. Warp Shaping: WC 4, Blessing. If manifested you can change which "Tide" is currently dominant. This power is vital to the optimal play of your army, so you will NEED to grab this on at least one model. Note that you cannot choose a Tide that has already been used previously.
  6. Ghostly Bonds: WC 5, Malediction. Pick one enemy unit within 18" of the caster. That unit's movement is now halved, so enjoy throwing your termies at it a little faster.


  • Death From the Warp (1 CP): Pick one GREY KNIGHTS PSYKER unit during the shooting phase. If that unit had just arrived using Teleport Strike, then they get to add +1 to hit.
    • Much better than it first seems: Mitigates the Heavy Weapon penalty for arriving from reserves and synergizes with the Teleport Assault Secondary; pick targets that you can easily take out for an easy 3 VP.
    • If you have an extra CP, Haloed In Soulfire gives opponents -1 to Hit until the start of your next turn. Suck it, Iron Hands overwatch.
  • Powerful Adept (1CP): Select a Grey Knights Psyker during your psychic phase. Until the end of that phase add 6" to the range of their powers. Expect to use this a LOT because you do not have Brotherhood of Psykers to boost your powers any.
  • Psychic Channelling (1 CP): Used when taking a channeling test for GREY KNIGHTS PSYKER units. Roll an additional die and drop the lowest.
    • Great for when you Really want a high number on the dice (thinking of vortex here)
  • Psychic Onslaught (1 CP): A GREY KNIGHTS PSYKER unit firing psi weapons now improves the Strength and AP of those guns by 1. Psilencers become rather brutal against regular infantry and can even scratch high Toughness models due to number of shots. Best used on either a Purgation Squad with 4 psilencers or psycannons or a Dreadknight with a Heavy Psycannon and a Gatling Psilencer.
    • If you're looking to get the most out of this stratagem, psilencers targeting bikes, centurions or other multi-wound T6/T5 units is your best bet. You can normally expect it to get you 5-6ish more wounds on these kinds of targets
  • Sanctified Kill-Zone (1 CP): When a Purgation Squad is selected to shoot, they add +1 to wound any enemy within half-range of their guns.
    • This is a bit more reliable for psilencers and psycannons, as it gives a flat +1 to wound when up close. Of course, that requires them to move to that range.
  • The Steel Heart (1 CP): During the Fight Phase select a Grey Knights Terminator unit, +1 to hit rolls for that phase.
  • Chirurgic Resurrection (1 CP): Allows an apothecary to resurrect one GREY KNIGHTS Infantry model. As with the base marines, this is going to struggle to make its worth, especially without any way to offset the losses.
  • Empyric Declamation (2 CP): Allows your chaplain to automatically make a prayer during any phase, allowing him to pray right after exiting a land raider.
  • Final Justice (1 CP): Use this stratagem whenever a GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER (barring Crowe, who has his own deal) is slain before they can attack in the fight phase. That model may immediately make their attacks before going away. Shame they can't shoot now.
  • Finest Hour (1 CP): At the start of your turn, add 3" to the range of one GREY KNIGHTS CHARACTER's aura effects, up to 12". Brother-Captains and Ancients are gonna enjoy this, and at 1 CP, they better!
  • Psychic Locus (2 CP): Pick one Brother-Captain during the Psychic Phase. They gain an aura that lets a <Brotherhood> Psyker add +1 to any casting tests. This unfortunately blocks off quite a few units from getting support.
  • Purity of the Machine Spirit (1 CP): One GREY KNIGHTS Machine Spirit unit acts as if it has maximum wounds until the next command phase. So, Land raiders and Storm Ravens, all who need need their BS as good as it can - and this makes for a good suicide manoeuvre.
  • Shadow of Undying Legends (1 CP): Pick one base or Venerable Dread during the command phase. They get to pick either the grand master or captain's buff aura's until your next command phase, which is invaluable for your guys.
  • Thunderous Stride (1 CP): When a Dreadknight makes a charge, pick out one unit they're engaged with. That unit suffers d3 mortal wounds on a 2+, maxing to 3 MWs on a 6. If you need to make a steamroller out of a dreadknight, you can do no better than this.
  • Armoury of Titan (1 CP): Same as in every other Codex; use it before the battle and take an additional Relic.
  • Exemplar of the Silvered Host (1 CP): This allows your unnamed Warlord to generate a second WT - Yeah, your warlord got 2 WTs. Drink it in, because you still got that. This can only be used once.
  • Shield of Humanity (1 CP): Yet another "Extra WT" stratagem.
  • Endowment in Extremis (1 CP): One Justicar, Paragon, or Knight of the Flame can take one of the following relics: Domina Liber Daemonica, Sanctic Shard, Augurium Scrolls or Stave of Supremacy.
  • Alloy of Disciplines (1 CP): Allows you to swap out one power a Paladin unit knows for another Sanctic power.
  • Fight on the Move (1 CP): One Grey Knights Teleporter unit (Meaning Interceptors and Dreadknights with the teleporter upgrade) can shoot and charge even if it fell back during this turn.
  • Haloed in Soulfire (1 CP): The defensive version of Death from the Warp. When a Grey Knights Core unit drops in via Teleport Strike, enemies targeting them take -1 to hit until the start of your next turn.
  • Martial Prescience (1 CP): Whenever a unit is set to defend during the fight phase, any 6s they roll on their saves deals a mortal wound to whoever attacked them.
  • Mental Focus (1 CP): Allows a psyker to cast one more power than normal. Expect to use this a lot.
  • The Need to Know (1 CP): Allows you to swap out a Crusade Agenda or Secondary Objective before play, after seeing your opponent's choices. Well, the option's nice if you didn't expect to run into Snakebites or World Eaters.
  • Psy-Lance Bombardment (3 CP): If your warlord is on the field during the command phase, mark one location on the map. Next command phase, roll a D6 for every unit within 6", subtracting 1 if it's a Character and adding 1 if they are within 3" of the point. On a 2-5+, it takes D3 mortal wounds and on a 6+ it becomes d6. It's another direct copy from the Marines Codex.
  • Steely Advance (2 CP): Select a Grey Knights Infantry unit that made a normal move during the movement phase. Until the end of that phase they will count as having remained stationary. Lets your Not-terminators double-tap like the big boys. Or your psy/psi carrying infantry to fire at normal BS after moving into position.
  • Untainted and Unbowed (2 CP): In any phase where a Purifier Squad is under attack, they reduce all incoming damage by 1. It's not the same as Truesilver Armour, and it only affects one squad. It does, however, makes plasma hurt less.
  • Frag Assault Launchers (1 CP): Pick one GREY KNIGHTS Assault Launchers unit and a non-vehicle non-monster enemy unit within 9". The enemy unit must either brace and suffer d3 Mortal Wounds or duck, having every model lose an attack for the turn and become unable to either set to defend or fire overwatch.
  • Hexagrammatic Wards (1 CP): Whenever one of your GREY KNIGHTS Psyker units (Read: almost ALL OF THEM) rolls to deny a power, they can roll an additional d6 and drop the lowest.
  • Mists of Deimos (1 CP): Holy Smoke Grenades! During the opponent's shooting phase, a GREY KNIGHTS Smokescreen unit can pop this and make the enemy take -1 to hit them for the rest of the phase.
  • Psybolt Ammunition (1/2 CP): Used during the shooting phase. A chosen GREY KNIGHTS unit's bolt weapons will automatically wound on a 6+ to hit and increases its AP by 1. Given how the Grey Knights' shooting has always been hampered by bad AP values, expect to use this a lot. Costs 1 CP on a unit of 5 or fewer models, otherwise it costs 2 CP.
    • Absolutely disgusting if you use this on a 10-man Strike Squad using Bolter Discipline during Tide of Convergence will absolutely decimate hordes and even light vehicles like Raiders or Venoms. Who's got cripplingly short-ranged firepower now?
  • Psyk-Out Grenades (1 CP): Pick one GREY KNIGHTS Psyk-Out Grenades unit during the shooting phase. They can target the neared enemy psyker within 6" (hitting on a 2+ if they're not engaged) and make them suffer an immediate case of the PERILS. Because on-demand psychic fuck-ups is something you can always laugh at when dealing with those Prosperan assholes or the Eldar.
  • Teleportation Shunt (2 CP): When a GREY KNIGHTS Teleporter unit is about to move, you can redeploy them anywhere on the field. Despite the many units who can teleport in, the only units this can apply for is the Interceptor Squad and upgraded Dreadknights.
  • Truesilver Armor (2/3 CP): Select a GREY KNIGHTS Core Infantry unit. Until the end of that phase, any rolls of 1-3 to wound against them will always fail. Costs 2 CP for a unit of 5 or fewer models, otherwise it costs 3 CP.
    • It's Transhuman Physiology, back for you and it covers your valuable guys rather than those dumb chadmarines like the Codex said.
  • Zone of Warding (1/2 CP): Whenever a GREY KNIGHTS with a nemesis warding stave is about to get shot at, they can trigger this to gain a 5++ (4++ for Termies). Costs 1 CP for a unit of 5 models or less, otherwise it's 2 CP.
    • An unfortunate nerf to the warding stave - Now it really is just a glorified force stave. At least this allows you to better protect a unit from something big.
    • With Armor of Contempt, that 5++ will only be helpful against AP-4/5 for Power Armor and Terminators respectively. When in cover, such as with Tide of Shadows, it may very well never come up at all.



  • Storm Bolter: 24", rapid fire 2, S4, AP0, D1. With Bolter Discipline, you may just be the most shooty Marine army now.
    • Seriously, the volume-of-fire you can get with Grey Knights is pretty impressive. Your basic five-man Strike Squad will dump 20 shots on a target within 12" if they teleport in, and your Terminators just get even better by being able to rapid fire all the time at maximum range. You also have a lot of abilities you can stack with this extremely easy-to-find weapon;
      • The Psybolt Ammunition Stratagem (1CP/2CP to let a squad gain +1AP and 6's to hit auto-wound with their storm bolters), Psalm of Purity and Recitation of Projection litanies. Stacking all these together, you get a 30", rapid fire 2, S4, AP-1, D1 statline, that automatically wounds on a hit roll of 6 and gets an extra pip of AP on wound rolls of 6.
    • Master-Crafted Storm Bolter: 24", rapid fire 2, S4, AP-1, D2. Draigo has this by default along with Infantry GRAND MASTERs and BROTHER-CAPTAINs.
  • Combi-Weapon: Only available to your Librarians. Consists of a regular boltgun with a meltagun, plasma gun, or flamer strapped on. You can fire either gun, or shoot both in the same phase and suffer a -1 to hit modifier (which the auto-hitting flamer gives exactly no fucks about). In case y'all somehow forgot:
    • Plasma - 24", rapid fire 1, S7, AP-3, D1. May become S8 and D2, but hit rolls of unmodified one will kill the bearer.
    • Melta - 12", assault 1, S8, AP-4, Dd6. Becomes Dd6+2 against a target within 6".
    • Flamer - 12", assault d6, S4, AP0, D1. Automatically hits.

Special Weapons[edit]

Note: You have three choices of Psi-weapons shared among all your infantry, and the good news is that you have [of ways of buffing them], the bad news is that they're all spread about from different sources, and some affect one specific unit at a time. Here are somethat are specific (or close enough) to psi-weapons.


  1. Tide of Convergence: adds 6" to range, also buffs force weapons with UM6s causing a Mortal Wound;
  2. Recitation of Projection (Litany): pick one unit, bolt and psi-weapons add 6", and if TOC is active, it's capped to 9".
  3. Empyric Amplification (WC 7 Dominus): pick an enemy unit and for the rest of the turn, psi-weapons and force-weapons do an additional point of damage;
    • a curse that causes an additional point of damage, available to everyone in your army, but limited to a single enemy unit. Helpful because your Psi-weapons suffer from a severe lack of damage which make them inefficient against tougher opponents. Very good when dealing with your opponent's distraction carnifexes, Aggressors/TEQ blob, or even just giving your psilencers the punch they need to shred a blob of Marines sitting on an objective. The key to this, however, is picking your targets wisely and fitting the right weapons to the job.
  4. Psychic Onslaught (1CP Strat): Add +1 STR and -1 AP to Psi Weapons
  5. Sanctified Kill Zone (1 CP, Purgation only): Pick a Purgation squad, receive +1 to wound when firing at something within half range.
  • Psycannon: The ol' Psycannon has an arguably greater utility than it did in 7th, but it's nowhere near the premier auto-include it used to be. 5pts for power armoured models and 10pts for Terminators nets you a 24", heavy 3, S7, AP-1, D2 gun.
    • Functionally a better Heavy Bolter with +2 STR; but don't underestimate it, since with all the buffs you can throw on a unit of 4 (STR 8 AP-2 2d), you can shred MEQs with mindbullets that hit like power fists; if the enemy is tougher, cast Empyric Amplification on the target you need dead to bring the D up to 3, for pegging TEQs.
    • Tide of Convergence/Refrain of Convergence brings them up to 30", stack both and go up to 33".
    • If you want real anti-vehicle though, you'll have to look at the NDK's heavy psycannon with the Psychic Onslaught strat and the Empyric Amplification psychic power (for S9 AP-3 D3), daemonhammer spam or lascannons. Don't expect them to start wiping armour companies.
  • Psilencer: The newest kid on the block for the Grey Knight ranged arsenal, shooting mind bullets. Free for power armoured units and only 5pts for Terminators it's 24"(30 with TOC/ROC, 33" with both) heavy 6, S4, AP-1, D1 stats made it your best bet against enemy infantry hordes instead of the psycannon.
    • A Purgation Squad armed with four of these can spew 24 shots at S5, AP-2, D1. It requires 1CP for the Psychic Onslaught stratagem, and can reach AP-3 on UM6s to wound (with the Psalm of Purity).
  • Incinerator: Cleansing flame to make the Sisters wet. Free for power armoured units and only 5pts for Terminators. In terms of function, it's 12", Heavy d6, S6, AP-1, D1, automatically hits.
    • Bring 4 in a squad and teleport strike in front of the enemy lines for 4d6 auto-hits. Conversely, you can dare an enemy unit to charge your own line as you Overwatch against them with 4d6 auto-hits!

Nemesis Force Weapons[edit]

Your main armament for Knights is a force weapon (power weapons that mainly now deal flat 2 damage). All are free, no matter which armour you're wearing. The exception is the nemesis daemon hammer, which costs 10pts no matter which model is grabbing it. With the rise of W2 Marines, the ability to deal 2+ damage per swing is very useful when taking out MEU and vehicles.

  • Nemesis Force Sword: S+1, AP-3, D2. Better than the halberd against T4 models, since both weapons will wound on 3's but this weapon gains 1 point of better AP.
  • Nemesis Force Halberd: S+2, AP-2, D2. Better than the sword against T3 and T5 models.
  • Nemesis Warding Staff: S+3, AP-1, D2. Offensively the worst, since S7 hits the same as the S6 halberd against most targets, except T6/7... Then you take the hammer. Its defensive capability has been moved to a Stratagem, where for 1CP you can improve the entire squad's invul save for a phase. Worth taking one if you're building a full squad of Terminators or Paladins, and you can use the Stratagem as an emergency 4++ button.
  • Nemesis Force Falchions: SU, AP-2, D1, bearer gains +1A if equipped with one or more (but only the Brotherhood/Paladin Ancient has the option of taking a single falchion). Now free for models, and a spectacular combo weapon on either Strikes or Terminators (Hammerhand to re-roll wounds), along with the Tide of Convergence (unmodified 6s to wound inflicts a MW), and Empyric Amplification for +1D against a selected enemy unit.
  • Nemesis Daemonhammer: Sx2, AP-2, D3, -1 to hit rolls with this weapon. Costs 10pts to take, no matter if you're a Strike Squad Marine or a Grand Master. Outside of Characters (who are eligible to take relic weapons), the best unit to take these are Paladins due to their WS2+ and A4 stats.

Relics of Titan[edit]

  • Blade of the Forsworn: Replaces a nemesis force sword. S+1 AP-3 D3, always wounds DAEMONS on a 2+, or DAEMON MONSTER/VEHICLES on a 4+.
    • Worse than your other two melee weapon relics against non-Daemons. Against Daemons, better than the Soul Glaive against most targets (those with the W to take the full D), but still worse than the Destroyer.
  • Destroyer of Crys'yllix: Replaces a nemesis daemon hammer for Sx2 AP-3 D4, still subtracts 1 from hit rolls. So, -1AP and +1D.
  • Fury of Deimos: Replaces a storm bolter with Rapid Fire 3 S5 AP-2 D2. One of the better relic weapons if you're having a babysitting Character.
    • Bolter Discipline stacks well for a Grand Master parked near some Purgation Marines or a Dreadnought, with essentially a better twin heavy bolter strapped onto the Knight's wrist, that doesn't suffer any to hit penalties if you move before you shoot.
    • As a bolt weapon, you can use the 1CP Psybolt Stratagem to give the Relic AP-3 and have unmodified 6s to hit auto-wound the target.
  • Soul Glaive: Replaces a nemesis halberd. S+2 AP-3 D2, re-roll failed hit and wound rolls. The re-rolling of wounds is the real kicker, and will actually get the halberd to outperform a set of falchions, but it won't get you up to Teeth of Terra levels. Still not as good as the Destroyer relic, but against non-Daemons, usually better than the Blade of the Forsworn.
  • Aetheric Conduit: Grey Knights Techmarine only. Blessing of the Omnissiah heals a flat 3 lost wounds from a Vehicle instead of d3. Great for smaller lists with a single Battalion containing a Dreadknight Grand Master and Techmarine as your HQ's and Strike/Terminator Squads.
  • Artisan Nullifier Matrix: Grey Knights Librarian only. When a psychic test is taken for friendly Grey Knights unit within 9" of the bearer, they cannot suffer from Perils of the Warp.
  • Banner of Refining Flame: Paladin Ancient or Brotherhood Ancient only. Perform a Psychic Action (WC = 6), and each enemy unit within 6" of the bearer suffers 1d3 mortal wounds. Could be powerful in the middle of combat when surrounded by multiple enemy units.
  • Cuirass of Sacrifice: INFANTRY only. Adds 1 to the armour save and grants a 5+++. Pretty great all around.
  • Gyrotemporal Vault: The bearer can take a psychic action (WC5) that allows a Grey Knights Core or Character within 3" to fight first that turn.
  • Kantu Vambrace: Grey Knights Infantry only. Reduces the damage of attacks against the bearer by 1 (min 1), and gives a 4+++ against mortal wounds.
  • Sigil of Exigence: Once per battle when the bearer is shot at it can teleport anywhere else on the battlefield more than 9" from an enemy. If they are no longer a valid target, the shooting unit can choose a new target.
    • Put it on a GMDK because they're targetable characters. If you have second turn, just plop him back down into cover somewhere where your opponents anti-tank can't find him. It doesn't even have to be in your deployment zone, either. Show Tzeentch you can do JUST AS PLANNED just as well as they can.

These relics can be handed out to a sergeant (i.e. Justicar/Paragon/Knight of the Flame) via the stratagem Endowment in Extremis.

  • Augurium Scrolls: Only on a model with a Nemesis Force weapon. The bearer can re-roll one hit roll and one wound roll per time they fight.
    • A rather severe nerf from last edition, going from an aura of exploding sixes to... this. It can make a Librarian hit more consistently, but you have much better options.
  • Domina Liber Daemonica: Daemons cannot be set up as Reinforcements with 12" of the bearer. Also, Daemon units within 6" must subtract 1 for any Combat Attrition tests they take. One of the only few relics a Grand Master in a Dreadknight can take.
  • Sanctic Shard: Each time the bearer takes a Deny the Witch test, if the roll is an unmodified 8+ it auto-passes.
    • Sounds situational, because it's most useful when your opponent casts a spell you can't really beat (11, 12), while also requiring you to at least roll an 8. But consider the fact that your bearer probably won't be the only one within Deny range. Save your denies for those times when they get to Super Smite or roll 10+ for a crucial spell, and if you're facing Thousand Sons, both are likely.
  • Stave of Supremacy: Model with a nemesis warding stave only. Enemy Psykers within 18" suffer Perils of the Warp on any double for their Psychic Test. Only really useful against Psychic-heavy armies; Thousand Sons and Grey Knights (obviously), but also Eldar and Blood Angels.

Wisdom of the Prognosticars[edit]

So on top of relics, you also have these temporary upgrades that cost points/PL akin to the Technoarcana available to Crypteks, except they only last a turn at best. Though they're split into two differing categories, you can't take multiple of these on the same guy.

These are the support-based gifts, made to grant a moment of power for your soldiers.

  • Augury of Aggression: Once per game, you can have one Grey Knights Core/Character unit fire overwatch and hit on a 4+. You've got plenty of firepower with storm bolters being a stock armament, and you'll be needing all the defense you can get.
  • Foretelling of Locus: Allows you to redeploy up to three Grey Knights Core units or throw them into strategic reserves at the start of the game. This is an absolutely powerful ability as it saves you precious CP, but it's a serious cost for you if you grab it.
  • Heroism's Favour: Once per game after the enemy's charge phase, one Grey Knights Core unit within 12" can perform a heroic intervention.
  • A Noble Death: Triggered once per game in the command phase. This grants the bearer an aura granting ObSec for all Grey Knights Core units within 6" (or act as having an additional model for the troops) and gain the ability to Set to Defend in case you really need to grab a point.
  • Omen of Incursion: Triggered once per game at the end of the enemy's reinforcements phase. You can let one Grey Knights Core/Character unit fire on an enemy within 12" that just arrived as reinforcements, allowing you to blast daemons to hell as soon as they arrive. For this reason, it's one of your most expensive upgrades.
  • Presaged Paralysis: During the charge phase, mark one enemy unit. For this phase, the enemy is no longer able to overwatch or set to defend.

The more offensive gifts, made to nail an enemy at their weakest.

  • Deluminator of Majesty: A special single-use bolt round that you can fire instead of the basic storm bolter's rounds. You fire only one shot, but if it hits a Daemon unit, it'll shut down any auras the target uses as well as dealing damage...and Daemons really love their auras.
  • Gem of Inoktu: Once per game when the bearer is casting a Dominus power, you can trigger this to add +2 to your casting roll - and a lot of Dominus's uses come from how it helps the rest of your army.
  • Servant of the Throne: Grants the bearer a 3++ Invuln for the rest of the turn. Better hope that turn sees you nail absolutely everything you set your eyes upon because that's all you'll get.
  • Severance Bolt: Another replacement single-use bolt round. This particular round can ignore Look Out, Sir, and, if it hits, not only deals d3 MWs, but if you roll 3d6 and exceed the target's Leadership, it can also wipe out one random power they know! Considering how this has no restrictions on who it needs to hit, you can find way more uses here - hence the extreme price hike at 30 points.
  • Temporal Bombs: At the game start, mark one terrain piece that isn't within the enemy DZ. The instant the enemy starts or ends movement around on this terrain feature, it goes off and deals... d3 MWs on a 2+. Not too impressive, but it's a dirty trick.
  • True Name Shard: Once per game, you can mark one enemy Daemon within 6" of the bearer - that enemy must fight last, which can prove to be especially viable when facing a Bloodthirster or KoS.


As with the chaos legions with their own codices, the Grey Knights also have their own subfactions despite being one chapter. Of course, for the Knights it has to be the <BROTHERHOOD> keyword, which almost your entire army gets. Most important to know is that this means all psyker units with that keyword gain their respective power on top of any other powers they already generate. Units with the Honoured Knight keyword (Draigo, Venerable Dreadnoughts, Paladins, and Purifiers) do not get these, as they aren't affiliated with any one Brotherhood.


The Swordbearers are the best specialized in armoured warfare, applying their psychic might to guiding their soldiers and vehicles alike to victory.
  • Warlord Trait - Rites of Protection: Grants a WC 5 Psychic Action (read: totally not Psychic Power). If successful, a Swordbearers Vehicle within 12" gains a 4++ save. While Dreads might have a way to be protected by your librarians, this allows you to shield your more vulnerable rhinos and land raiders.
  • Psychic Power - Empyric Lodestone: WC 7. This marks an enemy unit within 18" of the psyker. Until your next psychic phase, any Swordbearers Vehicle units can add +1 to wound when firing upon this target.
    • Since this is something that a lot of your army gets, this means that you can totally have your Terminators hop out of Land Raiders just to have their rides blast a priority target; this can also work on your Razorbacks, especially when you're in the Tide of Escalation to pop +1 on multiple targets. This also is the case for Dreadnoughts and Dreadknights.
  • Stratagem - Marked for Death (2 CP): Mark one enemy unit within 12" of a Swordbearers Psyker during the shooting phase. For this phase, all Swordbearers can add +1 to hit this marked enemy.
  • Tactics - Swordbearers are the competitive Brotherhood in 9E, especially with the prevalence of Dreadknights in 9E Tournaments. They are better at precision strikes than rapiers, being absolutely deadly against marked units. The Stratagem lets Swordbearer Dreadknights can get +1 to their hit rolls to make up for the -1 of Hammers, or even better, let your Purgation Squads hit more accurately on the move.

Blades of Victory[edit]

More than any other, the Blades of Victory are masters of the swift attack. Their specialty is in lightning-fast deployments and crushing the enemy before they can strike back.
  • Warlord Trait - Vanguard Aggression: The warlord, and one Blades of Victory Core unit within 9" of the warlord can immediately move 6" before the game starts. Dreads need to find a hill to snipe from? Shove them forward so they can reach it quicker.
  • Psychic Power - Inescapable Pursuit: WC 6. The caster's unit can re-roll their charge distance - and you're specially made to that role.
  • Stratagem - Radiant Strike (1 CP): Used after a Blades of Victory Core Infantry unit finishes charging. Roll a d6 for every model in this unit in engagement range of the target unit, dealing a mortal wound for every roll that equals or beats the enemy unit's Toughness. Guardsmen and Daemonettes are now confetti and even traitor marines aren't going to enjoy losing a few men before the fight even begins.


The Wardmakers are the masters of psychic power. Their abilities are broader and can overcome enemy defenses more than any other brotherhood.
  • Warlord Trait - Loremaster: The Warlord can't have their powers denied if they roll an UNMODIFIED 8+ on their psychic test (+1/+2 to cast won't help activate this WLT). Voldus uses this, and he's enjoying it.
  • Psychic Power - Projection of Purity: WC 6. One enemy unit within 12" of the caster is shut off from any auras, which can prove to be crippling if that aura's what's keeping them alive. Again, Daemons do love their auras...
  • Stratagem - Masters of the Word (1 CP): A Wardmakers Character unit can swap off one Dominus power, same as the stratagem that does the same for Sanctic powers.
  • Special Character:
    • Grand Master Voldus: Be careful who you call ugly in 7th, he's now a smashfucking GOD. With the standard grandmaster effect of "re-roll to hit rolls of 1 for friendly Wardmakers" aura, a Nemesis Daemon Hammer with better AP that doesn't get -1 to hit, plus the ability to use two psychic powers a turn (matched only by Draigo and the Librarians), all for just 5pts more than a normal Grand Master (including wargear), he's an excellent option for a HQ slot.
      • Voldus is best used as a supporting character. Give him buff spells, attach him to a Paladin squad, and kill things. If you're just using him as a beatstick (which he does very well), consider paying the extra points for Draigo, who has +1W, a 3++ , and +1AP - although admittedly this will cost you an extra 30 points.
      • Sure, he does great in a supporting role, but he also happens to do great as an assault character. Give him vortex, purge soul, inner fire and buff him with Empyric Amplification and/or Psychic Epitome. There happens to be psychic death coming. He is a great babysitter, a very good assault character and a great psychic conduit for anything else that needs casting like support spells, and his WT makes sure that nobody can throw him off on a good roll.
    • Brother-Captain Stern: For 10 points more than a normal Brother-Captain, you get an extra attack, bonus damage against Daemons, and a re-roll every turn for a hit, wound, or save roll (although this also grants your opponent a re-roll, and they're not limited on who they can use it on).

Prescient Brethren[edit]

The Prescient Brethren are master clairvoyants, able to keep a step ahead of the foe. They learn various advantages that no foe can predict.
  • Warlord Trait - Divination: Grants a psychic action (WC 6) that gives you a bonus CP. A shame nobody else grabs this power after proving indispensable last edition.
  • Psychic Power - Fatal Precognition: WC 5. Mark one enemy unit within 12" of the caster. Any time that unit moves, advances, charges or falls back, roll a d6 - on a 4 or 5 they suffer d3 mortal wounds, flat 3 MWs on a 6 (average total 2/3 of an MW).
  • Stratagem - Foresight (1 CP): Select a Prescient Brethren Psyker unit during either the shooting or fight phase. They can re-roll any hit and wound rolls of 1, allowing you to supplement your units outside the influence of their leaders - and might help you diversify the choices of HQs.


The Preservers are protectors par excellence. Their dreadnoughts are mighty champions and their ground forces are gifted in protecting their own.
  • Warlord Trait - Radiant Exemplar: Your warlord's auras gain 3" range to a max of 12". No frills, no add-ons.
  • Psychic Power - Aegis Eternal: WC 6. The caster's unit gains a 6+++. If they're within 3" of an Apothecary (and are Infantry), that FNP is upped to a 5+++.
  • Stratagem - Charge of the Ancients (1 CP): Pick one Preservers Dreadnought unit before game start. That dread gains an 8" movement speed, can re-roll all charge distances, and can add +1D to all melee weapons on a turn that they charge. Rest assured that this Dread will kick ass.
    • As with most Requisition Stratagems, this one can be used multiple times depending on the size of your army, but it scales more slowly than normal - you only kick up to 2x in an Onslaught game.


The Rapiers specialize in precision strikes over brute force. Any opportunities they find will be exploited with full force.
  • Warlord Trait - Inescapable Wrath: Your warlord can charge after advancing. Considering how most of your HQs are stuck in lumbering terminator armor, you'll definitely be using this quite a bit with a chaplain or grand master.
  • Psychic Power - Symphonic Strike: WC 6. The caster's unit gains an additional attack, which is incredible considering that just about everyone is wielding some damn fine melee weapons.
  • Stratagem - Deadly Efficacy (1 CP): Pick one Rapiers unit during the fight phase. Any time this unit rolls a nat 6 to hit, they'll deal an additional hit
  • Tactics: this brotherhood is all about getting into melee, and sheer weight of attacks Casting Symphonic Strike will put your Terminator troops up to par with Paladins in terms of attacks, spend 1 CP for Deadly Efficacy and they end up better. Can be quite useful to have your Terminators contest your opponent's backfield objectives. Obviously this also applies to all the other members of the brotherhood, but in order to cast it multiple times, you'll need to be in the Tide of Escalation, and even then it competes with the usually better Hammerhand. Speaking of Tides, the Tide of Convergence makes all UM6s to wound cause a mortal; so maximize your attacks with Symphonic Strike and Deadly Efficacy.


More than any other brotherhood, the Exactors know that their struggle against the daemons is not solely their own. They know exactly how to coordinate their attacks and ensure the maximum effectiveness of their allies.
  • Warlord Trait - Oath of Witness: Your warlord gains an aura that gives him +1 to Leadership and lets Exactors Core units within 6" auto-pass any morale checks.
  • Psychic Power - Fires of Covenant: WC 5. Roll a d6 for every model in one enemy unit engaged with the caster - Each 4+ deals a mortal wound, meaning this is made to wipe hordes of anything below marines, and might even dent those.
    • With the Psychic Epitome WLT, the unit as a whole gets one additional MW after everything is said and done.
  • Stratagem - Sanctic Guardians (1 CP): Pick one Exactors unit that isn't already engaged during the enemy charge phase. This unit can now heroically intervene, regardless of what it is.
    • Consider that this has no other keywords than the brotherhood. This means that you can throw practically ANYTHING in the way of an enemy charge. Rhinos? Interceptors? Paladins? All fair game.
      • Not Paladins because they're not part of the brotherhood.

Silver Blades[edit]

Even though they are the eighth brotherhood, the Silver Blades are no less impressive than their brothers. These knights are the most flexible of the lot, able to change their plans as the situation demands.
  • Warlord Trait - Martial Perfection: Your warlord always fights first and re-rolls to hit in melee. The trait of choice for bona fide beat sticks short of Daemon Slayer. At least this one is universally applicable.
  • Psychic Power - Temporal Accuracy: WC 5. All Storm Bolters (and anything like it) in the caster's unit turn into Pistol 4 with a range of 12", meaning that even your power-armored units are able to lay down all the dakka you want.
  • Stratagem - Adaptive Excoriation (1 CP): One Sliver Blades Core unit can shoot after falling back.

Unit Analysis[edit]

Common faction keywords are IMPERIUM, SANCTIC ASTARTES, and GREY KNIGHTS.

  • Warhammer Legends - Technically legal for play in matched, though they will no longer be receiving ANY changes.


GK have a very crowded HQ roster, which makes it hard to pick what you need, espcially with their unique limitations: most of them are locked into Terminator armor (so having atrocious movement of 5); while everyone is a Psyker, unless they're a Librarian or a named HQ, they'll also be locked into a single known spell/cast, meaning theyre less swiss army knives and more like single purpose tools. GMNDKs are autotakes, and Librarians/named HQs for multicasting flexibility, but after that, take a good hard look at what you want and can do before you pay another strike squads worth in points for another HQ.

  • Grand Master: The Grey Knight equivalent of a marine company captain. 135pts nets you a W6, A6 Terminator Character with Rites of Battle allowing all friendly GREY KNIGHTS units within 6" to re-roll hit rolls of 1. He can cast and deny one psychic power, and knows Smite + two Dominus psychic powers. Incinerators and psilencers only cost 5pts, and hammers and psycannons cost 10pts.
    • Frankly, you're better off getting at least Voldus (150pts, Wardmakers only) or Draigo (180pts) if you can afford him. Both have S8 and D3 melee weapons without hit penalties. Voldus can cast and deny two times, and knows three Dominus psychic powers. Draigo has the 8th edition storm shield (3++ invulnerable) and Chapter Master ability (one Grey Knight CORE or CHARACTER unit within 6" can re-roll all hit rolls). The advantages the nameless version has over those two is the ability to take your choice of a Warlord Trait (or two with pre-game strat), a special weapon instead of the master-crafted storm bolter, a Relic and a Wisdom of the Prognosticars upgrade.
  • Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight: 160pts base, expect it to be closer to 200-220pts after buying the options. WS2+, S6, T6, Sv2+/4++/5+++(vs MW), but comes with a degrading statline; M9"/7"/5", BS2+/3+/4+, A6/5/4. The movement degradation is negligible and incinerators don't care about BS, but the loss of A's hurts if you get dinged before you can get stuck in with melee. As a CHARACTER with over W10 he doesn't get Character protection, but he's an ideal candidate for the First to the Fray Warlord Trait and unlike most codexes, the Grey Knights relics aren't barred from vehicle units. He still retains the Rites of Battle Aura and the psychic prowess of a regular Grand Master. You can spend 10pts to grant him a teleporter for stratagem use - he can deep strike as standard. Comes stock with two dreadfists (Sx2, AP-3, D2), one of which can be replaced with a nemesis greatsword for +15pts (with two profiles: S+4, AP-3, Dd6 or SUser, AP-2, D2, roll 2 hit-rolls for each A) or a nemesis greathammer for +10pts (Sx2, AP-4, D3+3, -1 to hit rolls). You have two slots for optional guns; the 15pts heavy incinerator (12", heavy 2d6, S6, AP-1, D1, automatically hits), the 20pts gatling psilencer (24", heavy 12, S5, AP-1, D1), or the 20pts heavy psycannon (24", heavy 6, S8, AP-2, D2).
    • The heavy psycannon and gatling psilencer are generally your best options as Tide of Convergence buffs them to 30" range and they make the psychic onslought stratagem amazing value.
  • Brother-Captain: Now provides Lieutenant re-rolls of 1's to wound. Also has W6 and A5 making him pretty respectable alongside the Terminator Character statline. His greatest utility lies in providing +1 to cast for friendly <BROTHERHOOD> GK psykers within 6" with the 2CP Psychic Locus Strat. 110pts, +5pts for an incinerator or psilencer, +10pts for a hammer or psycannon. He casts and denies one psychic power, and knows smite and one Dominus power.
    • The Finest Hour Stratagem will add 3" (for a total of 9") to the range of his Psychic Locus ability. This costs 1CP a pop, but you can realistically buff multiple units at once, seriously increasing the likelihood of casting GK powers. Combine this with the new Tide of Escalation and all your <BROTHERHOOD> PSYKERS could repeatedly cast their bonus <BROTHERHOOD> psychic power. Of course, this makes him a central figure in your army and a magnet for enemy snipers, psychics, and other such character removal entrapments.
  • Brotherhood Champion: One of three Grey Knight Characters to not be permitted Terminator Armour. 70pts with a fixed loadout of nemesis force sword and storm bolter, alongside WS2+, BS2+, W4, A5, Sv2+/4++. Martial Superiority lets him fight first if he is within engagement range of an enemy CHARACTER. Honour Or Death allows him to preform a Heroic Intervention within 6" of an enemy unit or CHARACTER. He casts and denies one psychic power, and knows smite and one Dominus power.
    • With the buffs to Castellan Crowe, it's almost certainly worth paying another 20pts to get him instead; +1W, +1A, a nemesis sword that deals d3 MW's on a wound roll of UM6, and the purifying flame psychic power with +1 to cast it. Similar to the vanilla Grand Master vs. named Grand Master debate, the Champion has the advantage of being free to choose his own Relics, Warlord Traits, and <BROTHERHOOD>.
  • Librarian: Terminator-flavour only. Like any standard Terminator Librarian, he has WS/BS 3+, W5, though now has base A4. He casts two psychic powers, denies one and knows smite and two powers in any combination from the Dominus AND Sanctic discipline. All this for starting at 105pts base, but a storm bolter costs 5pts and hammers or combi-weapons costs 10pts. They are your cheapest source of psychic casting and denying, and Ld9 makes them pretty good at it.
    • Casting each Dominus power only once per turn across your entire army means knowing more powers of the 12 we have access to is much less helpful than it sounds. However multiple models with the same power spread out over the field means you can best decide where that power gets used.
    • Psychic Hood with Brotherhood of Psykers gives him +2 to Deny The Witch. This gives the Librarian a 79.67% chance of denying enemy powers at 12". Basically, nobody short of Magnus will be able to cast anything reliably when near your Librarian's, and that's before using the Aegis stratagem, overcosted though it might be.
  • Techmarine: The Grey Knights' Techmarine, a magical repairman. 80pts gets you a Dreadnought and Dreadknight babysitter. He's also one of two Grey Knight models without a nemesis weapon, being stuck with a D2 power axe, two servo-arms, a boltgun, plasma cutter, and flamer. Like other Techmarines, he heals one GREY KNIGHT VEHICLE for d3 lost wounds at the end of your Movement Phase. And new to 9th edition, one GREY KNIGHT VEHICLE within 3" in the Command Phase gains +1 to hit rolls this turn.
    • Legends: You're able to swap the boltgun for a storm bolter, combi-weapon, plasma pistol, or grav pistol. His power axe can be swapped for a chainsword (why?), lightning claw (+6pts, SU, AP-2, D1, +1A and re-roll failed wound rolls), power lance, power maul, power sword, power fist (+9pts, Sx2, AP-3, D2, -1 to hit rolls), or thunder hammer (+40pts, Sx2, AP-2, D3, -1 to hit rolls). Finally, both servo-arms, plasma cutter, and flamer can be swapped for a conversion beamer (0"-24", is S6, AP0, D1, and 25"-48" is S8, AP-1, D2.
  • Chaplain: Clad in Terminator Armor, magic, and faith. He is relatively expensive at 110pts, putting him on-par with a Brother-Captain. He's stuck with a crozius (S+2, AP-1, D2) and a storm bolter, and can cast, deny, and know one Dominus Power. Like other Chaplains, he shares his Ld9 with Grey Knight units within 6" and knows Litany of Hate Expulsion + one other Litany from the Litanies of Purity. At the start of the Battle Round, this model can recite one litany it knows that has not already been recited by a friendly model that battle round. Roll one d6; on a 3+ the recited litany takes effect until the end of that battle round. Unfortunately, reciting happens at the start of the round, i.e. before he arrives from Deep Strike. This means he has to live through a whole turn before he can live to his full potential.
    • Although Chaplains are a powerful force multiplier in melee, the restriction unless you use Gate of Infinity makes them better at fire support. His most efficient use is buffing a Purgation Squad giving them +6" shooting range/-1AP on UM6s to wound/Ignore shooting penalties + casting a spell.

Special Characters[edit]

Subfaction-specific special characters are listed in the sections for their subfactions, so Stern and Voldus are listed in the Wardmakers section.

  • Lord Kaldor Draigo: The warp crusader himself returns, this time as a force multiplier AND a close combat monster. The last Marine to have the Chapter Master ability (one friendly GREY KNIGHTS CORE or CHARACTER unit within 6" can re-roll ALL hit rolls) and a special storm shield (3++ invulnerable save). He comes with W7 over a Grand Master W6, a master-crafted storm bolter, and the Titansword (S+4 AP-4 D3). He also casts, denies, and knows two Psychic Powers, another improvement over the Grand Master. All-in-all, pretty great for an extra 35pts over a hammer Grand Master. The only downsides are the lack of Brotherhood and that his Warlord Trait has limited application outside of facing DAEMONS, but it's not as useless as before, and you don't have to make him your Warlord.
    • Draigo is not a Grand Master, so there is nothing stopping you from taking him ontop of a GMNDK, and his extra cast, 3++ invuln, and Thunderhammer-equivalent makes him a good replacement to do what your Grandmaster should've been doing if he wasn't strapped to a babycarrier. Let the GMNDK beat up vehicles with his goonsquad of 3 more Dreadknights and when they inevitability get blown to bits, LKD can come out of the warp with his plot armor 3++.
    • Currently one of the best beatstick characters in the game. Wipes the floor with most other HQs. Abaddon, Asurmen, and Calgar are the only real threats 1v1 outside of Primarchs, Ghazzy, Avatar, Swarmlord, etc. Just watch out for that Nightbringer C'tan shard...
  • Castellan Crowe: Among your cheapest options for an HQ at 90 points and now sporting a fancy new model thanks to Hexfire. The Black Blade of Antwyr is finally more than a close combat weapon, and now acts as a nemesis force sword that inflicts an additional d3 MWs on unmodified 6s to wound. Gains +1 to cast purifying flame, fights first whenever he faces enemy CHARACTERs, and has an improved Heroic Intervention range. He can now only naturally cast one power a turn; give him Vortex of Doom and use the strat for him to cast an additional psychic power, and Crowe will have the choice of dishing out two of three flavours of MWs (d3/d6, 3/d3+3, 2d3 +1MW per nearby enemy unit) in the psychic phase. He is now a truly bona fide MW output machine!
    • He is super points efficient even when compared to regular space marines HQs; heck, even most armies would struggle to find an HQ with 2+/4++ for 90 points. He absolutely tears through screens and chaff with his massive Mortal Wound output - both in the psychic (d3MW smite / 3MW Purifying Flame) and fight (d3MW on unmodified 6s to wound) phases. Might struggle a bit with VEHICLEs but hey, if you're trying to kill that 30 man blob of Boyz with one model, Crowe can probably do it.


  • Strike Squad: Introducing your "budget" option... at 22pts per model. They can still teleport right onto the battlefield, any model can take a nemesis sword, halberd, stave, or paired falchions, or a hammer (+10pts), one-in-five can still drop their nemesis weapon and storm bolter to grab an incinerator (0pts), psilencer (0pts), or psycannon (5pts) instead. The unit can cast, deny, and know one Psychic Power. A solid unit overall, especially given their W2 status, storm bolters and Bolter Discipline, A3 (but no longer benefitting from shock Assault), D2 power weapons, and Tides of the Warp.
    • Hammers are no longer a bad choice; they're 10pts each on an A3/A4 model, but they're also 10pts to give to the much more durable A3/A4 Terminators or WS2+, A4 Paladins.
    • This is arguably one of the most efficient units in the codex. The ability to Deep Strike, Smite, and then fire off at least 20 bolter shots is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you have a Grand Master at hand to re-roll ones. You've got so many ways to buff this unit, with Hammerhand, Tide of Convergence, Psybolt Ammunition Stratagem... However, you're still a relatively fragile power-armour unit. You need bigger squads to get the best bang-for-your-buck, but ten-man squads are sub-optimal thanks to potential Ld losses and wound allocation.
    • Terminators have better saves and always fire at full effect, but both units have the same melee output and Sanctuary will help a lot with soaking damage, and Strike Squads are nearly half the cost.
  • Terminator Squad: They're still the famed Terminator troops of yore, these guys will still ask you to mortgage your house to afford to bring any. They have filled the role of Objective holders, which in competitive play in 9th, is pretty darn important a role to have in your army. Each model is 40pts, 4pts less than two Strike Squad Marines. Strike Squads and Paladins are for your offense, while Terminators are for defensive Objective holding. In round two, place a squad on an Objective, getting priority because they are a Troop choice, and lay fire at range with Bolter Discipline storm bolters. One-in-five can take heavy weapons, at 5pts for incinerators or psilencers, and 10pts for psycannons.


  • Ancients
    • Brotherhood Ancient: The Grey Knight equivalent to the standard Ancient that Space Marines can field, this guy starts out with a banner aura giving +1 Leadership and Attack to all BROTHERHOOD CORE INFANTRY units within 6". Keep in mind that he is a single model unit independent of a squad, meaning he charges independently and stands the chance of getting separated from the men he's there to assist. This also means he can be singled out by enemy charges (and shooting, if you aren't careful) in turn. Thankfully, unlike in previous editions, carrying the banner doesn't entirely rob him of his melee strength, as he can take a Falchion for 5 points, giving him an extra attack as well some AP on all of them. His buffs only synergises with his specific Brotherhood, so Paladins and Purifiers won't get affected unfortunately.
    • Paladin Ancient: This guy is essentially a Brotherhood Ancient with a slightly more impressive statline - 10 extra points for a one point improvement to WS, A and Ld, while his aura only affect Paladin squads. He can take a (single) Falchion as well, or swap out his storm bolter for a special weapon (or the Relic Storm Bolter). However, he also gives a GREY KNIGHTS CORE INFANTRY unit within 6" +1 to hit in melee - this won't actually make a difference to Paladins most of the time, so use him with combined assaults.
  • Apothecary: Despite being a Brotherhood Apothecary, he can actually heal and grant FNP to any GREY KNIGHTS INFANTRY unit near him. Same notes as before, however; make sure he isn't left behind and place him carefully so the enemy can't single him out.
    • Additionally, Apothecaries are surprisingly effective in combat, hitting on 3+ with 5 attacks using any single Nemesis weapon. Add to that the ability to heal themselves if necessary and you have a unit that can absorb a surprising amount of punishment while still dishing it out, depending on their kit.
  • Dreadnoughts
    • Dreadnought: Use a datasheet found in Space Marines, with extra psychic goodness. They are a notch more expensive than the standard Dreadnought though, rolling in his ability to cast and deny 1 power per turn. Thanks to the variety of options they have, Dreadnoughts are effective at filling whatever role you might need them for, though they shine at wiping out tough infantry, monsters, and vehicles. The standard Dreadnought combat weapon gives you 3 damage per smack, and with 5 attacks at Strength 12 after shooting, they are damned capable of tearing up whatever you throw them at.
    • Venerable Dreadnought: Boxnought+1. +1WS/BS and Unyielding Ancient can be used to ignore wounds on a 6. These are also one of your best from a limited source of heavy shooting, and they're damn good at it. Hitting on a 2+ is especially nasty when you stick one of these gentlemen next to a Grandmaster for your 2+, re-rollable shots. That's a whopping 97% chance to hit per shot, and you can take a twin lascannon for some real dakka. With Gate of Infinity, you can either fling your Dreadnought across the board, or you can get you Lascannons where they are needed most. However, you do lose out on the Brotherhood keyword, unlike normal dreadnoughts.
    • Grey Knights Doomglaive-Pattern Dreadnought (FW Legends): This datasheet got taken out back and curb-stomped by FW in its transition to 9E, BUT has now been given some much needed value in the 9E GK Codex. Reduced from a datasheet down to an option for a Dreadnought; not a Venerable Dreadnought, just a regular one, so no WS2+, BS2+, or 6+++. For 15pts, you get the privilege of replacing the assault cannon and Dreadnought powerfist for a heavy psycannon (24", heavy 6, S8, AP-2, D2) and nemesis doomglaive (S+1, AP-3, Dd6). 25pts gets you the same, but you swap the storm bolter for an incinerator (12", heavy d6, S6, AP-1, D1, automatically hits).
      • Potentially amazing now, with Tide of Convergence buffing its heavy psycannon and nemesis doomglaive, not to mention the +1D for psi and nemesis force weapons from the Empyric Amplification psychic power (a GK Character will need to cast it on the targeted enemy though)!
      • A perfect choice for the Preservers Brotherhood, using it's pre-game strat to give it 8" movement, re-roll charges and its nemesis weapon D6+1 Damage on the charge. What you have now is a mini-dreadknight that doesn't take up a heavy-support slot.
  • Paladin Squad: The pricier big brothers of the Grey Knight Terminator Squad. Each is 5pts more for an extra attack, +1 WS and Ld, making them particularly effective with daemon hammers. They start out in a unit of 3 but if you increase the squad size from 3 to 5+ you can bring 2 heavy weapons per 5 men; which effectively acts as a tax if you want to use them as a heavy weapons platform. As always, be wary of tarpits, and remember that Gate of Infinity is wonderful for delivering their strength wherever you need it.
    • As for which power to give them (they know two from Sanctic), it's fairly close between Armoured Resilience, Hammerhand, and Astral Aim, making the unit fairly flexible; as each power improves the unit's survivability, combat and shooting respectively. Pick your targets before the battle, and pick your power accordingly.
  • Purifiers: Utterly incorruptible and pure even by Grey Knight standards, these are white-helmeted wielders of psychic flame. A Strike squad with +1 Ld that can take two Heavy weapons per 5 models, and have a +1 to cast the Purifying Flame power. Despite having a limited threat range, a 9" Purifying Flame that does 3 Mortal Wounds to the closest unit let them pack a punch in CC. Put them in transport and hurt enemies. Inherent Teleport Strike, or Gate of Infinity is great for granting them some desperately needed mobility, short of carting them around in a transport. It's worth using the strat to add 6" range for psychic powers to give Purifying Flame a total of 15", allowing 3 MW to hit an enemy unit straight from teleport strike range. Ouch!
    • The ability to do 3 or d3 + 3 MORTAL wounds is seriously incredible. Set two squads of them up in a Land Raider, and when it gets charged to stop it from shooting, pop out and deal, a minimum of 6 mortal wounds to whatever's smashing your ride. Assuming this kills it -- it should unless you're dealing with TEQ -- your Land Raider now gets to fire as normal, and your Purifiers can hide behind it to block line of sight and hop in next turn, never once leaving yourself vulnerable. Got a Swarmlord to deal with? 6+ mortal wounds should do it. Daemon Prince? 6+ mortal wounds should deal with it. Give them some Falchions and charge whatever's left, and these guys should be able to wipe any single unit in the game.
    • In addition, both the Land Raider Crusader and many of the characters dropped substantially. So hey, use that savings and take Crowe giving you a minimum of 9 mortal wounds just in the psychic phase. On top of increasing your MW output in the psychic phase, Crowe will also dish out d3 MW in the fight phase with UM6s to wound rolls!
  • Servitors: Cheap unit for actions. There's not much else you can say about them.

Dedicated Transport[edit]

  • Rhino: The old METAL BOXES, you know it, you love it. T7, W10, Sv3+, and Smokescreen makes them fairly survivable. Transports ten power armoured Marines. Two storm bolters means that you can output a lot of anti-infantry dakka (up to eight shots at 12"), and an optional hunter-killer can deal the finishing blow to an enemy Monster or Vehicle.
    • As a modelling note, NEVER buy the Rhino kit. Buying the Razorback kit gives you the same parts and an additional sprue for turrets and it costs the same. You can switch out the top hatch as you please if you don't glue it down.
  • Razorback: As above, but only transports six Marines, switching the transport capacity for ammo and gun systems. Heavily weaponised transports proved strong in 8th, being cheap and not taking up a real force organisation slot.

110pts; The stock option, it now fills a niche use compared to 8th edition. With the advent of D2 heavy bolters and W2 Marines, this is the clear option you want against MEQ.

125pts; An old favourite, it's now no longer automatically-proxy-the-heavy-bolter-as-an-assault-cannon. 24", heavy 12, S6, AP-1, D1 shots is a substantial threat, allowing you to mulch that GEQ squad standing on the objective you want before dumping your cargo of Marines out to finish them off. Got a notable price bump in Chapter Approved, so it isn't an auto-pick anymore, just a very solid one.

120pts; the infamous Laserback. This is one of the Marine's more cost-effective anti-tank options, able to deposit its cargo, then dig in and start picking at Monsters and Vehicles.

110pts; Reduced from having its own datasheet to being an extra option to a regular Razorback. The default twin heavy bolter can be replaced for 0pts with a twin psycannon (24", heavy 8, S7, AP-1, D1). As it's not an Infantry model, it doesn't benefit from Tide of Convergence.

  • Truly awful. Against GEQ, the assault cannon gets twelve shots instead of eight. Against MEQ, the heavy bolter gets +12" range, D2, and also wounds on a 3+ anyway. The inherently low range, AP, and D means it's bad against Vehicle and Monsters too.
  • SOMEHOW this twin psycannon has a different profile than the good one that can be found on the Land Raider Banisher, also a FW datasheet. To save scrolling, the Banishers twin psycannons are D2, which pushes the weapon from pointless to at least B-grade by effectively giving you a triple autocannon with 24" range.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Interceptor Squad: For 2 points more each than the Strike Squad they gain pseudo-Fly (ignore models and vertical distance when moving) and the Teleporter keyword for use with stratagems. They are the most mobile foot troops the Grey Knights have, able to makes them one of the few non-flyer units that can move significantly up the board during turn 1.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Purgation Squad: They are the Grey Knight version of Space Marine Devastators, meaning four heavy weapons allowed per squad of five. Dirt cheap this edition, being only 22pts each, +5pts for a psycannon, +10pts for a daemon hammer, and... that's it. Incinerators and psilencers are free for power armoured models.
    • Incinerators are what you want against massed GEQ; 4d6 automatically hitting and wounding on 2s to counter tarpits. They also have a niche use of being the best weapon against enemy units that modify your hit rolls (Culexus Assassins, Mandrakes, Ophydian Destroyers (previously Necron Wraiths), etc).
    • Psycannons are pretty good with their base stats now. This is your best use against MEQ and light vehicles. With the Psychic Onslaught strat, against MEQ the unit will spit out 12 shots that hit on 3s and wound on 2s, reducing their armour save to 5+, with any fails insta-killing a Marine. This is all before other buffs from Psychic Powers and Litanies.
    • Psilencers are middle-of-the-road. Not as strong as the incinerator, but with longer range and a more consistent number of attacks. Similar to the psycannon, it requires buffs to really excel against heavy infantry, but can do a good job without buffs. A MSU with psilencers costs you 110pts and unload 24 shots a turn, hitting and wounding almost all Infantry on 3's or 4's (pretty much wipes your standard Fire Warriors, Breachers, Pathfinders, Guardians, etc), and that's before buffs such a Psychic Onslaught and Empyric Amplification.
  • Nemesis Dreadknight: The baby-carrier's back, baby. 120pts naked, +10pts for the Teleporter keyyword, and +40-65pts for good weapons. Not bad for T6 W13 Sv2+/4++/5+++ (vs MW); offensively, it's WS+ BS3+/4+/5+ A5/4/3 S6. The teleporter is well-worth the 10pts, granting you the ability to once-per-game re-position from one spot on the battlefield onto another, and into heavy incinerator/smite range and having a good chance of getting into melee. And melee is where you ought to be, since you can hit 3-5 times (6-10 with the greatsword), in the first round of combat (depending on your remaining wounds). The dreadfist is your only default/free weapon (Sx2, AP-3, D2). Not bad by any means, but definitely outclassed by the other two options. If you want to keep the points cost down or use your Dreadknight in a most-shooting role, then you'll be fine keeping the twin dreadfists; but don't go thinking that you'll be able to wipe a Knight or Wraithknight in one round of melee. However, if you can afford the 30pts and the HQ slot, get the Grand Master version for WS2+ BS2+/3+/4+ A6/5/4, Rites of Battle Aura, and the flexibility to know two Dominus powers instead of one Sanctic power that has to be Hammerhand. Just remember you only get 1 Grand Master of any type per detachment, and only 1 per brotherhood.
    • Gun options (you can't take two of the same gun):
      • The heavy incinerator (+15pts, 12" heavy 2d6 S6 AP-1 D1, automatically hits) is the superstar weapon on this unit. Hard-hitting and automatic hits make your degrading BS a non-issue. This weapon hits for 7 damage total, at S6 AP-1.
      • The heavy psycannon (+20pts 24" heavy 6 S8 AP-2 D2) functions as your MEQ-deleter. Your main buff is coming from the Psychic Onslaught Stratagem (1CP), for +1S and -1AP. At that point, you start to chew through light vehicles and monsters with T8 or below at pretty fearsome rate. This weapon hits for 8/6/4 damage total, at S8 AP-2, as your BS degrades.
      • The gatling psilencer (+20pts, 24" heavy 12 S5 AP-1 D1) is also a respectable mention, as the same PO strat will give you 12 S6 AP-2 shots, which will help cripple or wipe out an enemy infantry unit, usually trying to screen or tarpit your dreadknight. This weapon hits for 8/6/4 damage total, at S5 AP-1, as your BS degrades.
    • Melee options (you have a dreadfist and any 1 other melee weapon):
      • The dreadfist is free at Sx2 (12) AP-3 D2, but having 2 of them doesn't do anything for you over having 1 other than keeping the model's cost down. Hits for 6 2/3 - 5 1/3 - 4 damage at S12 AP-3.
      • The greatsword is, well, great: +15pts for S+4 (10) AP-3 Dd6 or Ax2 SU (6) AP-2 D2. That first profile hits for 11 2/3 - 9 1/3 - 7 damage at S10 AP-3, while the latter hits for 13 1/3 - 10 2/3 - 7 damage at S6 AP-2.
      • The greathammer clocks in at +10pts for Sx2 (12) AP-4 Dd3+3, -1 to hit rolls, but you can always swing with your mandatory fist instead in situations where the -1 to hit isn't worth the other benefits (like murdering GEQ). Hits for 12.5 - 10 - 7.5 damage at S12 AP-4. Against many targets, a hammer+dreadfist will outperform a sword.
  • Land Raider: The mass transport and massive METAL BAWKS of the Firstborn. With the Vehicle changes, in addition to ignoring the heavy weapon penalty, it now also a horrible idea to try to tarpit them as they can still shoot. All Land Raiders can carry Terminators (two transport slots). They can all be equipped with a storm bolter, multi-melta, and hunter-killer missile. T8, W16, Sv2+ and The Aegis means they're fairly tough to chew through, even with anti-tank weaponry. Power of the Machine Spirit and Smoke/Assault Launchers have been relegated to Keywords instead of abilities.

Carries 10 models. An effective all-rounder with anti-vehicle capability, 8th edition introducing unlimited splitfire benefitted this Land Raider the most. Capable of using its lascannons and optional multi-melta to pop a Vehicle and then following up with the heavy bolters to wipe out a MEQ squad. While its transport capacity is still rather small compared to the other Land Raider variants, it still has just enough room to drop a Terminator Squad or Paladins and a couple Characters.

Carries 16 models. As ever, the weaponry is only geared towards killing infantry; 12 bolter shots (rising to 24 if you're within 12") and 12 assault cannon shots means any GEQ targets are gonna have a bad day. The largest transport capacity of the 'Raiders means these are your best choice for transporting Terminators, Paladins, or even three Strike Squads and a Champion.

Carries 12 models. Similar to the Crusader, but trades the hurricane bolters for flamestorm cannons (12", heavy d6, S6, AP-2, D2, automatically hits).

  • The flamestorm cannon can, because of flamer autohits, crisp some Flyers if you are close enough. Consider if it is worth putting your Land Raider in the open.

A slightly-tweaked Land Raider Redeemer. The only difference is the replacement of the assault cannons with twin psycannons (24", heavy 6, S7, AP-1, D2) and the flamestorm cannons with heavy incinerators (from the Dreadknight datasheet; 12", heavy 2d6, S6, AP-1, D1, automatically hits).


  • Stormhawk Interceptor: The Anti-Aircraft Flyer. Comes stock with two assault cannons, a las-talon (twin lascannon with 24" range), and a skyhammer missile launcher (60" range, heavy 3, S7 ,AP-1, Dd3, +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft). The las-talon can be swapped with an Icarus storm cannon (heavy 3 autocannons that become heavy 6 and gain +1 to hit rolls against Aircraft) for more anti-flying. The skyhammer can be swapped for two heavy bolters (anti-infantry) or typhoon launchers (flexible). Cannot hover, but does get +1 to saves when shot at by other Aircraft.
    • The skyhammer-Icarus combo makes this a fairly respectable Aircraft hunter, with the assault cannons throwing out enough lead to dink one or two wounds off the target.
  • Stormtalon Gunship: Became the cheapest Aircraft and is a general-use hover jet. As standard, it has a skyhammer missile launcher (see above) and a twin assault cannon. The skyhammer can be replaced with two lascannons, two heavy bolters, or twin missile launcher.
  • Stormraven Gunship: A flying Land Raider with all the utility, offense, and cost that comes along with it. T7 means S4 weapons can wound it on a 5+ compared to the Raider's T8, 2 fewer wounds, and a 3+ save instead of a 2+, but it's much faster and has -1 to be hit when zipping around or switch to hover mode for controlled movement. It's also more expensive than a Land Raider, depending on what you arm it with. Comes stock with a twin assault cannon, twin missile launcher, and two stormstrike launchers (72", heavy 1, S8, AP-3, D3). Can swap the assault cannons for a twin lascannon or twin heavy plasma cannon (marine mulchers). Can swap the typhoon missile launcher for a twin multi-melta (reminder that this is FOUR shots in this edition) or twin heavy bolter. It can also strap on a couple of hurricane bolters (+30pts). It has the same Power of the Machine Spirit as a Land Raider. Can carry 12 Infantry (and can carry Jump, Terminator, and Centurions, but they take extra space) and 1 Dreadnought that has 12 or less wounds; simply put, it cannot carry Redemptor or Leviathan Dreadnoughts.
    • Probably your best source of anti-tank/monster without forcing a Dreadnought or Dreadknight into melee with it. Twin multi-meltas, twin lascannons, and two stormstrike launchers will kill most of big things.
    • With a 45" max normal move (up to 65" if you advance), you can get right in the face of something, then have an almost guaranteed charge the next turn. There are no restrictions on disembarking from it, so you don't even have to drop to hover if you don't want to.
    • While all vehicles are more expensive this edition, the big bird can eat up a massive amount of points. 320 points base can be a large chunk of your army, and is over 20% of a 1,500 point game.
    • Be aware that some armies have dangerous AA or even CC (flying demons, monsters, jetbikes, etc). Your Stormraven carries a huge "shoot me!" sign right above its cockpit, so most players will try to get it down turn 1 at all costs. This will most likely also kill some of the passengers.

Lords of War[edit]

  • Thunderhawk Gunship (FW): The standard air support and transportation workhouse of the Space Marines, in the fluff anyway, since this monstrous flyer will cost you an arm and a leg (in both points and real $). It has a big M20-50" stat, and the Airborne, Hard To Hit, Hover Jet, and Supersonic rule from the Codex Flyers. T8, W30, and Sv2+ also makes it one of the toughest Aircraft in the Imperium, if not the game. Weaponry is two lascannons and four twin heavy bolters, on top of the Thunderhawk heavy cannon (48", heavy 2d6, S8, AP-2, Dd3+2, blast) and Thunderhawk cluster bombs (pick a unit this model moved over, roll 6d6 if you picked a Monster or Vehicle or 1d6 for each model in a unit up to 18d6, and each 4+ causes one mortal wound). The cannon can be swapped for a turbo-laser destructor to wreck tougher Vehicles (96", heavy 3, S16, AP-5, D6) and the bombs can be swapped for a hellstrike missile battery so you don't have to move over your target to hit them (72", heavy 4, S8, AP-3, D3, and against Aircraft it becomes Dd3+3 and gains +1 to hit rolls). As for Transport, it can carry a whopping thirty Infantry models, with Terminators counting as two.


Grey Knights are actually top-tier now, who would've thunk?

Grey Knights have been dominating lately, and it's all thanks to the Grand Masters in Baby-Carriers and Interceptors. 4++ invuln, able to hit twice with the sword, and being able to teleport around the battlefield to avoid being shot at is pretty good.

The Interceptors may not have their redeploy as an innate ability, their mobility is still very good for their points, and gets you on objectives without relying on Gate of Infinity. That being said, a rumored points change increases them to 33 ppm, which while not game-breaking, may see them being taken less.

Having a plan is vital to making GK work, because most units have pre-determined spells, and locking yourself into a Brotherhood means needing to pick one that synergizes well with the units you have.

That being said, the other units in the codex aren't bad, they just require a lot of thinking to make them work. Purifiers, for example, can blast out a Melta's worth of MW, they just need to get close enough to use it, and that means either Razorbacks or Land Raiders.

Units that also used to be auto-takes in 8E are less useful now, as Terminators have the same attack and damage output as Strike Squads at a much higher price. Paladins and Ven Dreads are locked out of Brotherhoods, finally killing the Paladin bomb of 8.5. That being said, Paladins can actually pick what spells they want, and Ven Dreads give all GK Core rerolls to Hit Or Wound with a 1CP Stratagem, rather than limiting them to Brotherhoods.


Some of your units have a huge problem: They are potentially powerful, but only with the help of certain psychic powers and/or stratagems, but Because of the Rule of One these units, though strong, can't effectively be fielded in large numbers (no more than 2). Examples include Dreadnoughts and Purgation squads, which desperately need either Gate of Infinity, Astral Aim, or onslaught to get anything done. Taking IG as an ally is a very efficient way to make good use of extra command points. If you have extra command points... why do you have extra command points?

Unless you're using GK as an ally to another force, these are your most efficient units; spam them to kingdom come.

  • Grand Master Nemesis Dreadknight
  • Razorbacks and/or Strike Squads
  • Dreadknights
  • Draigo
  • Librarians
  • Interceptors
  • Apothecaries
  • Purgation Squad (in pure GK)

If you're insistent on running pure GK (and with the new Masters of the Warp rules you should be), you can fit about 2 battalions of Strike Squads, and 1-2 vanguard/supreme commands of supporting units like Dreadknights, Paladins, etc.

For your HQ's, include at least 1 Brother-Captain (Not essential anymore now we lost immunity to incrementing smite. Still a viable option though, just not a must-have.), and at least one HQ that give rerolls. Be sure to make your warlord a non-unique character (i.e. GMDK) so you can take First to the Fray as your warlord trait. In addition, don't fall for the trap of running too many Dreadknights. While it looks tempting, understand that you can only consistently protect 1-2 ,as Heed and Sanctuary can't be used more that once a turn. Consider using Draigo instead of a 2nd or 3rd Dreadknight, he's just as good in CC, and comes stock with 3++.

With the new rule released in ritual of the damned and the point drop from CA there are some slight tweaks to list building to consider. first characters to spam the new list of spells, before you wouldn't have minded having you strike squads to cast gate for you, but now he has a 2 damage smite that he can't use. On top of that with the a new relic that allows reroll to psychic and a +1, take a librarian and never worry about awkward miscasts again.

Second, spam your strike squads. After their point drop they are now just 5 points over a regular space marine you and you get a storm bolter, a forces weapon, you can deep strike and you get a smite?!?! They have a fuck ton of value, the only issue is they are not very efficient, all that value you get from having force weapons is wasted if the never get into CC. So spam them, but be careful with regular marines you don't lose out on much using scouts to cap an objective, you do the same with GK, you get the same result, for twice the points. At they very least make sure they can get the sweet sweet 2 damage smite off at every opportunity.

Third don't be afraid of putting all your eggs in 1 or 2 baskets,GK just got a lot of tools to protect high value units with armored resilience, the tide of shadows, and various stratagems not to mention you still have sanctuary and all your old strats as well. Things like landraiders and 10 man blobs of terminators are no longer as stupid as the might seem for other factions.

The best thing about grey knights, all your units have a lot or value, so even if you bet it all on a 10 man paladin squad, and they failed, your strike squads can still put in work. Hell, even your apothecary has the stat line of a low end smash captain. And if your opponent spends all their time trying to kill your paladins, they probably won't have much left for the rest of your army.


As an Imperium army, you can throw in Agent of the Imperium units (Of which the Inquisitor is) in one of their detachments without breaking "pure army" rules, like our Tides, and they can also hitch a ride in your vehicles. They have access to a unique psyker discipline, that includes Terrify, which turns off overwatch. They're kinda squishy to be used as a warlord, especially when stuck in with a front-line melee unit, however, they have a nifty 1CP (!) stratagem that allows them to take both a warlord trait and (as long as they are not named characters) a relic. The Blackshroud might be a good choice, as its -1 to wound makes this character pretty much immune to sniper mortal wounds.

Selecting the Ordo Hereticus makes the No Escape Warlord Trait available, a 6" heroic intervention and enemy units can't fall back on a 4+. Alternatively, the Ordo Xenos' Warlord Trait Esoteric Lore generates a CP on a 5+ whenever your opponent uses a stratagem.

Best of all, they're super-cheap, starting at a mere 60pts (cheaper than a Techmarine). Unfortunately, there are only two deepstrike options: Hector Rex and the expensive Ordo Malleus terminator.

The top options:

  • Basic Inquisitor - CP farming - Esoteric Lore warlord trait, the stratagems: Arbiter of the Emperor's Will (maybe Alpha-Class Psyker and Strategic Excruciation), the psychic power Terrify; switch the Bolt pistol for a Storm Bolter and take the Blackshroud Relic. Cheap too: 60 points and 1CP, with plenty of opportunities to earn back that CP and then some. You could toy with Mental Interrogation and Psychic Veil for a different build, but this is supposed to be a bare-bones Inquisitor.
    • Basic Inquisitor - Melee Monster - Esoteric Lore warlord trait; stratagems: Arbiter of the Emperor's Will (maybe Alpha-Class Psyker and Strategic Excruciation); the psychic power Psychic Veil; switch the Bolt pistol for a Plasma Gun, get a Force Sword and take the Universal Anathema Relic. They demolish anything that isn't a vehicle in close combat, and do even better vs Xenos. Then they can make a 6" bubble of no-targeting unless closest for Xenos units, and yes that protects them from snipers.
  • Hector Rex - Powers should be: Terrify to bypass overwatch and Mental Interrogation (for CP generation) or Castigation (to cause a bit more damage). Tanky (2+/3++), can deep strike, and he is BRUTAL vs daemons. A bargain at 100 points and 1CP, and as the cherry on top he is thematically appropriate for Grey Knights.

Smite Spam FTW![edit]

Assuming a 1,000pts Battalion containing the following;

  • Librarian with Severance Bolts (d3 MW's on a 3+ shooting hit roll), Psychic Epitome Warlord Trait (+1 MW with Witchfire Powers, included in the following), Vortex of Doom Dominus Power (2d3+1 MW's after casting on WC7), and Smite (likely d3+1 MW's),
  • Castellan Crowe with the Purifying Flame Santic Power (3 MW's).
  • Three Strike Squads firing Smite (likely d3 MW's),
  • Brotherhood Ancient with the Banner of Refining Flame Relic (d3 MW's against all units within 6", assume one unit hit) and firing Smite (likely d3 MW's),
  • Three Purifier Squads with the Purifying Flame Santic Power (3 MW's).

This gives us a rough total in one turn of... 9d3+14 MW's (average of 32). Rough, since none of this include the possible d6 MW's with smite, or d3+3 MW's with Purifying Flame, or even failing to cast. Also one of those d3's are one-use only (Severance Bolts). This is still great for a 1,000pts list. Escalating to 1,500pts would give you room for three Paladin Squads with the Purge Soul Santic Power (d3 MW's on a Ld roll-off).

Additionally, two <Brotherhoods> have MW-inflicting Powers; <Exactors> Fires of Covenant (roll a d6 for each enemy model in a unit within 1", and each 4+ inflicts one MW) and <Prescient Brethren> Fatal Precognition (each time one enemy units moves in any way, they suffer d3 MW's on a 4+ for 3 MW's on a 6). If Tide of Escalation is active, they can be cast multiple-times per turn in the same way as Smite and Santic Powers.

Or just drown the enemy in big thicc dakka[edit]

Not too viable anymore, with the nerfs to Psybolt Ammunition and Tide of Convergence (so no more D2 storm bolters). However, all your special weapons dropped in price and the psycannon is now D2 as a default.

  • <Swordbearers> Stratagem (one unit gains +1 to hit rolls with ranged attacks against one target within 12") and Psychic Power (all Vehicle units gain +1 to wound rolls with ranged attacks against a target within 18") are quite powerful buffs, especially with the incoming Dreadknight spam.
  • Generic Stratagems
    • Sanctified Kill-Zone gives a Purgation Squad +1 to wound rolls against a target within half range.
    • Psychic Onslaught gives a unit with Psi weapons +1S and +1AP.
    • Death From The Warp gives a unit +1 to hit rolls if they arrived by Deep Strike earlier this turn.
    • Psybolt Ammunition gives a unit with Bolt weapons +1AP and hit rolls of UM6 auto-wound.
  • Psychic Powers
    • Empyric Amplification (Dominus) gives all units gain +1D with Psi weapons against one target within 12" of the caster.
    • Astral Aim (Santic) gives the casters unit one re-roll for a failed hit roll and their targets do not get a cover save bonus.
  • Litanies
    • Intonement For Guidance allows one Core unit to ignore hit or BS modifiers.
    • Psalm of Purity allows all Core units within 6" to gain +1AP on a wound roll of UM6.
    • Recitation of Projection gives one Core unit +6" range with Bolt and Psi weapons (Psi weapons only gain +3" range if Tide of Convergence is active, but this works out as +9" overall).
  • Masters of the Warp
    • Tide of Convergence gives +6" range with Psi weapons.

<Swordbearers> Psychic Power, Psychic Onslaught Stratagem, and Empyric Amplification Psychic Power on a Grand Master Dreadknight gives you 24 BS2+, S6, AP-2, D2 attacks that have a +1 to wound rolls modifier with gatling psilencers. Or 12 S9, AP-3, D3 attacks with the same BS and modifier using the heavy psycannons. A MSU Purgation Squad with all psilencers or psycannons using <Swordbearers> Psychic Power, and Psychic Onslaught and Sanctified Kill Zone Stratagems will grant you a cheaper kamikaze unit.

Your storm bolter buffs have been nerfed the hardest, with Psybolt Ammunition no-longer turning them into temporary Psi weapons, which is where the real combos lie. Still, a full unit firing 40 S4, AP-1, D1 attacks out to 30" is nothing to be sneezed at.

As Allies[edit]

Slam-Baby With CA2019 around the door there might be some fun to have, that is not ridiculously overpriced.

  • 1 Ally vanilla Space Marines as a battalion with a librarian, he gets: Veil of Time and Might of Heroes. Both powers target <Adeptus Astartes>; guess what you are?
  • 2 Take a Nemesis babycarrier, if you want less points, in a patrol detachment with a Strike squat
  • 3 Use: Veil of Time + Might of Heroes on you Babycarrier, then hammerhand and sanctuary and toss it over the board. Give it the nemesis Lord War Lord trait, since you can re-roll charges now. With a hammer you will always do at least 4 damage per unsaved wound up to 7 - With 6 attacks you can put a dent in something.

It is still quite expensive, and you want to send a strike squad with falchions behind him for backup (falchions do provide more from +1 to wound I guess, but again is very points intensive at 22pts per model). Also maybe take Interceptors, who can deepstrike too. In that case i would still take first to the fray on your Babycarrier, veil of time could still target a unit that is not within 6" of your warlord.

Unfortunately, as of the new Codex, Vanilla buffing powers now specify CHAPTER instead of ADEPTUS ASTARTES, so you can no longer spread buffs across to other Chapters.

HOWEVER, the Deathwatch still get ADEPTUS ASTARTES powers instead of <CHAPTER> (at least until GW FAQs it), meaning if you bring Deathwatch instead of Vanillamarines, this still works. May not be the cheapest alternative, but this does mean this strat still works.


So, you want to start a force of Space Paladins or paint the one gathering dust at your shelves? Even though there are inferior to pretty much every other force in the game right know? Mad bastard, I like that. The core principles of painting Grey Knights are quite handily described by our Lord and Savior in two tutorials:

This one where he paints the iconic steel armor (you can use a simpler scheme shown in Citadel app, but speaking from experience, this one is better);

and the other with Nemesis Force Weapons. Those require a little practice if you're new to mixing paints and stuff, so best to practice on spare weapons you'll surely have after assembling a box of Knights.

You'll also need to paint a lot of gold, parchments/purity seals and personal heraldry (usually black, red and white) for this army, and Citadel App has your back on those ones. The only thing to beware is the white color: while GW's metallic and blue paints are quite decent (and surely among the best they do), their white ones are notoriously shitty, so better find an analogue, especially if you're working with Purifiers.

For the gold details Vallejo's Liquid Gold paint looks really nice. The only downside is that is diluted with alcohol, so, not your typically water based acrylics. Is not super hard to use, but try to step up your painting game before if you are a noob.

All in all, Grey Knights are relatively easy to paint to look great even with basic skills, especially if you have the means to undercoat them with steel (via aerography or GW's Leadbelcher primer/simulacrum). Not promising you "best paint" award on every event you'd venture on or anything, but surely not a bunch of minis to be ashamed of.