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Clean-Up.jpgThis page is in need of cleanup. Srsly. It's a fucking mess.

This page is the collected tactics of all the tiny Imperial factions that are too small to warrant tactics pages of their own.

This is the current 9th Edition's Imperium tactics. 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Why play Imperium?[edit]

You're joking, right?

Many of the armies in the game have the IMPERIUM keyword. The units listed here fill Imperial "factions" which don't have full-blown army lists of their own but offer relatively cheap ways to fill in some of the holes in your other lists while remaining Battle-Forged.

  • Need some leadership boosts and a highly customizable force? Pick up an Inquisitor or two.
  • Lacking psychic oomph? Take the Astra Telepathica, a Culexus, or the Inquisition.
  • Meta with a lot of character auras? A Vindicare is a solution.
  • PS: The recent Beta Rule, Battle-Brothers, will force you to divide these factions into detachments centering around a keyword other than IMPERIUM keyword, but that shouldn't stop People, and has granted some units to not need an HQ tax. Unfortunately you can't get away using "Agent of the Imperium" keyword to try and build a detachment around that sicne the detachment rules say all unit's must share a 'faction keyword', it's the same rule that prevent's you from throwing eldar guardians and guardsmen in the same detachment because there both infantry and they share a keyword, right?. Now the new rouge trader HQ DOES have Agent's of the Imperium as a faction keyword but other data sheets don't, it's not consistent. Just keep an eye open for the sheets that do list Agents as a faction. The bigger problem with this though, is that it makes it much more difficult to bring in transports with Authority of the Inquisition. Have you, my friend, always been taking inquisitorial chimeras? Well now they must be taken in a guard detachment.
  • Many of the units on this page are now of questionable usefulness if they can't use the keyword Imperium.
  • As a result of being the red-headed step-children of the Imperium, you're in a very precarious situation of being more or less incapable of running them as individual armies and thus require running them as allied detachments. Don't expect any FAQs to save your hide as you'll always remain as hangers-on unless GW decides to make a full-fledged Agents of the Imperium Codex that attempts to revive the Inquisition armies of old.


Navis Imperialis/Astra Cartographica[edit]

The Rogue Traders and Imperial Navy, now sharing a keyword, both agent's of Imperium and both ready to be deployed where ever the Emperor (or profit) demands them.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Agent of the Imperium: The same rule Inquisitors and Assassins have (which is why all three factions conflict with each other when using the rule): you can include 1 AGENT OF THE IMPERIUM unit in each Imperium Patrol, Brigade, or Battalion without blocking detachment or army abilities and without taking up a slot; all rules that require every unit in your army or detachment to share some keyword ignore this one Agent per Detachment.
  • Warrant of Trade: Similar to the Inquisitors, your Rogue Traders can also go off and hitch a ride on any IMPERIUM transports, ignoring keyword requirements but not any others.


  • Cartographica Rogue Trader: As the below-mentioned models were only exclusive to their respective boxsets, the second Octarius book is looking to provide you with some means of slapping together some custom Rogue Traders. The truth turns out to be...just letting you re-use those same named rogue traders you might have picked up, but with a singular statline: M6" WS3+ BS3+ S3 T3 W4 A3 Ld9 Sv4+; furthermore, all of them have at least a 5++, and each one carries grenades you use a stratagem to throw.
    • Elucia Vhane: This is the one with the digital laser. Summing up the special rules:
      • 4++
      • Re-roll hit rolls of 1.
      • Sword-Cane: A+3(6) S+1(4) AP-2 D1
      • Pistol: 12" Pistol 1 S5 AP-3 D2
      • Digital Laser: 12" Pistol 1; on a hit, deal a mortal wound.
      • Once per battle, at the start of the Fight phase, you can select one enemy unit within Engagement Range of the bearer. If you do so, roll one D6: on a 2-3, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 4-5, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, that enemy unit suffers 3 mortal wounds.
      • Stratagem: Concussion Grenades, 1CP. In the shooting phase, when picking your Trader to shoot, select one enemy unit (excluding VEHICLE and MONSTER units) within 6" of your Trader. Roll one D6: on a 2+, until the start of your next Movement phase, each time a model in that enemy unit makes an attack, subtract 1 from that attack's hit roll.
    • Janus Draik: This is the one with the heirloom pistol. Summing up the special rules:
      • 4++
      • Re-roll hit rolls of 1.
      • Melee weapons:
        • S+1(4) AP-4 D2
        • A+1d3(2) SU(3) AP-1 D1
      • Heirloom Pistol: 12" Pistol 2 S4 AP-1 D1
      • Once per battle, at the start of the Fight phase, you can select one enemy unit within Engagement Range of the bearer. If you do so, roll one D6: on a 2-3, that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 4-5, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, that enemy unit suffers 3 mortal wounds.
      • Stratagem: Archaeotech Grenades, 1CP. In the shooting phase, when picking your Trader to shoot, select one enemy unit that is not within Engagement Range of any models from your army and is within 6" of your Trader. Roll one D6, subtracting 2 if that enemy unit has the character keyword: on a 2-5, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, that enemy unit suffers 2D3 mortal wounds.
    • Neyam Shai Murad: This is the one with 2 negotiator pistols. Summing up the special rules:
      • 5++
      • At the start of the Shooting phase, select one enemy unit visible to the bearer. Until the end of the phase, the bearer gains the following ability: ‘Enemy Sighted (Aura): While a friendly ASTRA CARTOGRAPHICA unit is within 6" of this model, each time a model in that unit makes an attack against that enemy unit, the target does not receive the benefits of cover against that attack.’
      • Stratagem: Archaeotech Grenades, 1CP. In the shooting phase, when picking your Trader to shoot, select one enemy unit that is not within Engagement Range of any models from your army and is within 6" of your Trader. Roll one D6, subtracting 2 if that enemy unit has the character keyword: on a 2-5, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds; on a 6, that enemy unit suffers 2D3 mortal wounds.
      • Pistols:
        • 2x 12" Pistol 3 S5 AP-2 D1
      • Melee weapons:
        • S+3(6) AP-2 D1
        • A+1d3(2) SU(3) AP-1 D1
        • It's not 100% clear if these other rouge traders are still valid or if it's been rendered obsolete, what can be said is the PDF CRT is the only one with the Navis Imperialis keyword so this version.
  • Cartographica Rogue Trader (PDF): With the release of Rogue Trader Annual 2022, this meant that Elucia Vhane and her Starstriders got a bit of a touch-up. As such, she's no longer sharing a page with Draik or Murad, but she can instead purchase a retinue. While her statline's no different than the Octarius version, she does get a 4++ while her retinue has a 5++ from their various mishmash of setups and she lost her digital laser. On the plus side, she lets one Navis Imperialis Core unit within 6" (which also includes the Navy Breachers if you buy them) to add +1 to hit each turn.
    • The Death-Cult Assassin comes with a power blade for some extra melee power on-level with Vhane herself but also an S+2 AP-2 D1 dart mask that always wounds non-vehicles and non-titanics on a 2+ for some very reliable shooting.
    • The Lectro-Maester packs an S5 AP- D2 pistol that scores two extra hits on a natural 6 to hit. Not only that, but he also makes any natural 6 to wound the unit makes improve the attack's AP by 1, making them a bit more of a threat against anything with Armour of Contempt.
    • The Rejuvenat Adept is useless in combat with only a laspistol, but they do provide a 5+ FNP save, which your entire squad will need for the things that slip past their saves.
      • There is an annoying 'quirk' with the rules the last sentence of Master and Commander says: "This model cannot be taken in a compulsory Battlefield". So...RAW you can't take them as the HQ your required to have in a detachment, even if they're the only HQ there is for a Navy Detachment. This almost certainly a Typo since the Voidsmen and Breachers have a similar rule except there rule adds: "this unit cannot be used as a compulsory selection unless that Detachment is a Navis Imperialis Detachment."


  • Imperial Navy Breachers: The elite of the Imperial Navy, (and Rogue Traders it seems) each given a 4+ save that degrades the AP of any incoming attacks and 4+ to WS/BS. While the majority of the squad is given 18" Assault 2 S4 shotguns, you do get one guy with a Las-Volley for the heavy weapons slot (which you can swap for a meltagun or plasma gun if you prefer to keep the squad moving while shooting). Even better is that as Agents of the Imperium, they can fill up a non-compulsory Troops slot in your army.
    • Now that we got to the good parts, let's cut to the limitations. The most glaring is that you only get 10 models with no way to buy more, which is something even the Tempestus can do. You'll also notice that one guy gets to hog the shield all to himself, getting a 5++ save and +1 to any armor saves, which is kinda messed up, though he's also the only guy that gets a double shot-shotgun.
    • The Breachers have a decent close-quarters game with their shotguns, but their melee prowess isn't quite as great with only three models to rely on: Your sergeant if he picks up a chainsword or power sword, one armsman who sacrifices his shotgun for a power axe, and another who gets a fucking chainfist. While none of these are necessarily terrible weapons, this will not make them a melee squad in the slightest.
  • Voidsmen-at-Arms:Kill Team Annual 2022 prompting a re-release of the Elucidan Starstriders, these guys got a bit of a rewrite. Starting out with 4 lasguns and one shotgun (all also with pistols) for 50 points you can add 4 lasgun dudes and 1 dog for 50 more points. You can also get one rotor cannon heavy weapon for every five models for free. A guard squad has same BS/WS just with one worse save for 4 points less a model and 40 points less for a full squad and with more buffs available. Over all these guys are very over costed for what you get. There do come with an ability to score additional hit's on a six on enemy's within 12", and with the rotor guns and rapid fire that may happen semi reliable, but over all it's not enough to save the squad. With Breachers now sharing a keyword, having better guns and being more survivable with -1 ap to all attacks, they should probably be your go to. not to mention actually building a ten Voidsmen squad is a pan, half the box is made of Starstrider HQ choices, the rouge trader and her harem, to make a full squad need two of those boxes compared to the one for breachers.


One quick look at the options may give the impression that Astra Cartographica and Imperial navy are a bad army list even when in support of an Imperial army. However, this list does have one thing going for it that makes it a lot more interesting: All the units, including the bloody troops have the Agents of the Imperium Keyword. Every special ability in the Imperium faction that needs the whole army to share a keyword, still works if you bring them along. Typically, inquisitors, assassins and freeblades have this keyword but these guys are the only infantry unit to have that rule. THE ONLY ONE. Not even Inquisition acolytes have that keyword. And since they lack the "Only one of this unit can be included in your army." rule that prior versons of the rouge traders had AND there now troops so the tournment 'rule of 3' clause no longer takes effect, and now you can suddenly throw a platoon worth of guardsmen into ANY army without breaking keywords. Throw three squads into patrol to help screen your Imperial Knights, and your Code Chivalric only cares if your entire army has knight or agent of Imperium, these guys have this rule so it still works! It's clear why they're bad, if they were good they be broken. As it stands, they are an interesting option, weak undoubtedly but the potential synergies in plugging gaps in some armies leaves open options that are, if not competitive then interesting. However the issue now is that you don't have a clause to give them Objective Secrued so they can only act in support of another army, not on their own. But in that role, they can function very, very well.

Officio Assassinorum[edit]

These gimp suit wearing boy (and girl) toys (that is to say, their victims are the toys) have massively improved going into 8th edition; each of them has dropped about half of their points while keeping all of their sick abilities and wargear! Universally, they all have the Independent Operative ability, which allows them a 9" deep strike, but they can never have a Warlord Trait, even if they're your Warlord. Also, they have the Lightning Reflexes rule, which is a 4++, because GW is bad at rules, resulting in them being very good at dodging a flamethrower, but completely unable to dodge, e.g., a Vindicare Exitus round. They also all have the CHARACTER keyword, which means they can't be shot at unless they are the closest model, making them better than they appear to be at winning a gun battle. Because they are all single-model units, 100% of the unit can throw a grenade when they want to, which is only really useful on the Culexus.

All of them are M7 WS2 BS2 S4 T4 Ld9 Sv6, not that you care about their armor save, or usually, their leadership.

  • Callidus - W5, A5
  • Culexus - W5, A4
  • Eversor - W6, A6
  • Vindicare - W5, A5

White Dwarf issue of March 2019 has provided us the Index Imperialis for these guys, which not only buff the Vindicare and Eversor, but provide some interesting Stratagems as well. This also made their power and points cost a universal 5 or 95 respectively.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Agent of the Imperium: You can take one Agent of the Imperium in each Imperium Patrol, Battalion, or Brigade Detachment without taking up a slot, which won't stop the detachment from getting detachment abilities or the army from getting any ability reliant on every member of the army having that ability (other purity benefits are blocked, like an ability requiring every member of the army to have a given keyword).
  • Execution Force: Assassins can be taken in any army with the Imperium keyword as a Vanguard detachment, even though they have no HQ units to fill the HQ slot. However, this detachment will not grant a CP bonus (like you care).
  • Independent Operative: Assassins can't be warlords and during deployment you can place them into reserves and deep strike them.


  • Shadow Assignment (2CP): Before the battle begins your can replace an Assasin with a different Assasin. Useful in adapting your army to the unexpected will taking an Eversor and then swapping for a Culexus when you learn your facing Thousand Sons.
  • Priority Threat Neutralised (0CP): If an enemy character is slain by one of your Assassins, gain +1CP or +2 if said character was your enemy's Warlord. only works once per character in case they are perpetuals. Pretty handy on making back CP for the turn.
Callidus Stratagems[edit]
  • Acrobatic (1CP): Used in the Movement phase, allows a Callidus to advance and charge, and enemies must subtract 1 from hit rolls against its until the start of the next battle round, which includes the Assassin player's current fight phase, and their opponent's entire turn IF the opponent is taking the second turn. Not bad, but your Callidus is most likely going for a turn 2 charge straight out of their Polymorphine deployment, meaning they cannot advance anyway, but -1 to hit is still neat.
  • Supreme Deception (2CP): One use only, but during the start of any battle round after the first, one of your Callidus Assassins' Reign of Confusion ability functions again until the end of that battle round. See the Callidus Assassin entry for the usefulness of its ability, but 2CP to grant a 50% chance to cost the enemy extra CP is pretty steep: you'd have to expect the opponent to use 4 Stratagems that turn to mathematically break even, and if course if you pop this they may choose to use no stratagems. . . Which may be a positive result anyway.
Culexus Stratagems[edit]
  • Pariah's Gaze (1CP): One Culexus Assassin's ranged weapons gains D3 damage for the duration of the Shooting phase, which makes the Animus Speculum absolutely terrifying against regular TEQs, Gravs, and Psyker characters of all kinds.
  • Soul Horror (2CP): At the start of the Fight phase, choose a Culexus Assassin. Enemy units within 3" cannot be chosen to fight until all other units have already fought, even if they charged, and if a unit has an ability that always lets them fight first (looking at you Slaanesh), they fight normally this phase (i.e. alternating picks). Note that the Culexus doesn't have to be in close combat for this Stratagem to work, meaning merely being near another unit or after making a heroic intervention can be enough to potentially lessen the effects of an enemy charge.
Eversor Stratagems[edit]
  • Hypermetabolism (1CP): At the start of any phase, give an Eversor a 4+++ FNP that for some reason doesn't work on mortal wounds for the rest of the phase. A tad bizarre that it doesn't work on mortal wounds unlike practically every other FNP equivalent in this edition of "no universal rules", but still incredibly handy. Supposedly, this is so you can't save against the mortal wound caused by the Stimm Overload stratagem.
  • Stimm Overload (2CP): At the end of the Fight phase, choose an Eversor Assassin to fight again, but afterwards they suffer a mortal wound on a D6 roll of 1, 2, or 3. You know, just in case your bundle of fun and joy hadn't quite wiped that entire squad yet. Note that you can't consolidate 6" into another squad and trigger another fight, because you can only target the unit you charged on the turn you charged. Unless you had also declared a charge against that unit, of course, or were already in combat to begin with.
Vindicare Stratagems[edit]
  • Double Kill (1CP): Allows a Vindicare to shoot again at a different target after they've already shot during the Shooting phase. Bonus points if you can imitate the Unreal Tournament announcer's voice. Needless to explain how strong this is.
  • Turbo-Penetrator-Round (1CP): whenever a Vindicare uses an Exitus rifle or pistol on a vehicle or monster, on a hit it deals 1d3 mortal wounds instead of regular damage, but you cannot use the new Headshot ability that Vindicares have.
    • While softening up a Tyranid Malanthrope sounds helpful, you'd be wounding on 4s with a regular Exitus rifle shot anyway, and then you get the chance for the d6 damage on a 6+ to wound, as well as the Headshot ability for mortal wounds anyway. Also, there should really be no reason for a Vindicare to be shooting vehicles unless you're a madman playing a pure Assassin army (21 assassins in an 1800 point army ftw!) or your opponent brought Bjorn, Ashmantle, or a Chaplain Dread. This is also useful if you want to finish off a critically damaged enemy unit and absolutely want the job done properly; 2+ to hit, bang guaranteed at least 1 mortal wound. Go on, brain the pilot of that doom scythe you know you want to.

Unit Analysis[edit]


All of them are M7 WS2 BS2 S4 T4 Ld9 Sv6+/4++, and all of them currently cost 100 points.

  • Callidus - W5, A5
  • Culexus - W5, A4
  • Eversor - W6, A6
  • Vindicare - W5, A5
  • Callidus Assassin: The Callidus continues to be the odd model of the assassins. It is less of a murder machine (though it is still damn good at it) and more of a tactical threat - if at least one is in your army, any CP your opponent spends on Stratagems (which is all of them) during the first round lets you roll a die; on a 4+, the Stratagem costs 1 more CP to use, and if your opponent can't or won't spend it, the strat fizzles with the CP already spent lost. Polymorphine improves its Deep Strike so that instead of the standard >9" distance, it rolls 1d6+3" when it Deep Strikes to determine its distance. Worst case, this is of no benefit at all, but on average, it gets you about 2.5" closer; on anything but a 6, you'll show up close enough to shoot your Neural Shredder, and the net probability of pulling off a Deep Strike charge is 62.50%, which isn't bad, although it's not as good as the Eversor's 74.07%. For melee, usually it'll attack five times at S4 AP-3 D2 that ignores invulnerable saves and make an additional S2 AP-1 D1 attack that wounds non-vehicles on 3+. You can swap any number of the five attacks for poisoned attacks, of course. It can also shoot and charge after Falling Back.
    • Neural Shredder's profile: 9" Assault 1 SX APX DX: on a hit, instead of rolling to wound, roll 3d6 vs. target's Leadership; on a tie or better, it deals 1d3 mortal wounds.
      • The average of 3d6 is 10.5, which is a bit misleading, because you don't deal more mortal wounds for beating the target's leadership by more. On the other hand, mortal wounds spill over, so there's no need to use its for assassinating a single target - against single wound units, it'll simply murder 1d3 targets, and it's a lot better against low Ld targets. Expected mortal wounds, after accounting for its BS of 2+ (the lower number is for shooting when it drops, since you have a 5/6 chance of being in range to shoot):
        • 3-: 1.67/1.39
        • 4: 1.66/1.38
        • 5: 1.64/1.36
        • 6: 1.59/1.32
        • 7: 1.51/1.26
        • 8: 1.40/1.16
        • 9: 1.23/1.03
        • 10: 1.04/0.87
      • The net result between its shredder and its melee is that if you want its assassination drop to be productive, it is absolutely critical you deep strike its close to the target, both so its shredder can contribute and, more importantly, so you have a realistic chance of making the charge. It is worth spending the CP to re-roll its distance, accordingly, if it has a promising target - for example, assuming it is close enough to shoot and then makes the charge, the net result of its shooting and melee on an Ld9 T4 2+/3++ target with enough wounds to absorb all of its output is 4.06 wounds, on average - and it'll do even better against lower leadership, toughness, and/or armor. It will straight up murder a company commander, for example - but only if it's close enough, and most of its output is from melee.
      • Note also that its shredder+melee is quite often the best of the four assassins for deep striking and attacking something - which is actually best between it and an Eversor is extremely involved based on the chosen target, but don't underestimate a Culexus. For example, the Culexus is better, all told, against Ld9 T4 2+/4++ than an Eversor.
    • Also note that while the recent changes to arriving from reserves prevent you from making full use of Polymorphine on the first turn, its Reign of Confusion ability works just fine because the rules don't say the model has to be on the table for it to work.
    • It is most useful against Alpha Strike armies; the possible CP drain can prevent an Alpha Strike list from doing everything they would have wanted to do, either forcing them to wait a turn to attempt to mow your forces down, or if the army is small enough, prevent them from using any of their big stratagems at all.
  • Culexus Assassin: The anti-psyker assassin, now with a few more nasty tricks, and broadly speaking, the best and most useful Assassin. Its Abomination rule makes it completely immune to being targeted or affected by psychic powers, friendly or enemy, but it subtracts 2 from psyker Psychic and Deny the Witch tests within 18". Furthermore, Etherium means any enemy model attacking it resolves at WS and BS6+ - not a penalty to hit, it just forces their characteristic to a specific value, making it far and away the hardest of the four assassins to kill, and very good at surviving just about anything that isn't piling on flamers until its invuln save gives out on it. It has an Animus Speculum, which is 18" Assault 1d3 S5 AP-4 D1, increasing to 1d6 if there are any enemy psykers within 18", meaning it's better off showing up near them and leaving them alive to buff it, and a Psyk-out Grenade, which is 6" Grenade 1d3 S2 AP0 D1, inflicting a mortal wound instead of 1 damage on each hit roll of 6+ against a psyker or daemon; it can fire both of them in the same Shooting phase (but not on Overwatch), provided it didn't Advance, and both of them can target psyker characters, even if they're not the closest. It only has a stock melee weapon, but it completely ignores all armour saves.
    • Not only can it pop up near enemy psykers to debuff them, it always pops up close enough to shoot its speculum, and it's just incredibly difficult to kill without specific tools - utterly immune to Psychic phase attacks, of course, and only auto-hit Shooting attacks can hit it reliably, none of which in the game ignore its invuln, and there aren't any auto-hit melee attacks, although there are ways to bypass its defences; for example, Kharn the Betrayer will ruing your day every time, the Imperial Guard stratagem Crush Them! will let a Baneblade hit it on 2+ in melee, since the strat ignores the vehicle's WS, and anything that deals mortal wounds without being psychic or dealing with accuracy will ruin its day eventually, like Nurgle's Gift from the Death Guard. Don't blindly trust it to survive everything - use it intelligently, and it'll make a stunningly effective tank for the rest of your army.
    • Remember, it won't shut down psychic buffs, just make them harder to cast in the first place, so a psyker-heavy enemy force will still usually have some tools to fight it, and Abomination's debuff won't stack with itself. To give you some perspective, Magnus fighting its "weight" in Culexi (about 4.88) of them, having brought Warptime, Weaver of Fates, and Prescience, even with the Culexi debuffing it and shutting down its Smite, will kill the Culexi faster than they can kill it, statistically. There are two reasons it wins: first, that the Culexus debuff doesn't stack with itself, and second, that they can't actually Deny the Witch, only debuff casting. They're great, but they won't win battles by themselves.
  • Eversor Assassin: Smashing through walls and punching dudes like a boss. Its stats give it the usual assassin line, but with six wounds and attacks. Its executioner pistol is 12" Pistol 4 S4 AP-1 D1 and re-rolls failed wounds against INFANTRY; it also has a melta bomb, which is 4" Grenade 1 S8 AP-4 D1d6 and re-rolls failed wounds against vehicles. As of White Dwarf, its new Sentinel Array ability allows it to make a shooting attack against each unit that Falls Back while within 1" of it as if it were the Shooting phase, which is pretty neat as it can allow you to force a unit to either fall back and be shot, or give up their own shooting unless they have the fly keyword, allowing your Eversor a screen against other enemy shooting. What it's really good at is charging; it charges 3d6", not 2d6" (note, however, that it can still only declare a charge from 12" away; the extra die is essentially insurance to help you to get into combat), and gains +2A on the charge (to a total of 8), giving it a 74% chance of pulling off a Deep Strike charge. Once it's in melee, it has a regular power sword, and a neuro-gauntlet, resolving at S5 AP-1, re-rolling all wounds, which is actually better against e.g. MEQs. When it dies, each enemy (how they turned off friendly fire on its bomb is a mystery; presumably friendlies know to stay away and the Eversor launches himself into its enemies before detonating) unit it's in melee with takes 1d3 mortal wounds on a 4+ on 1d6, i.e. on average 1 mortal wound. Since it can't Deep Strike melta bomb, and its pistol isn't remotely worth its points, it's actually best when you can buff its charge range even further; for example, Guilliman's aura raises its odds of a successful Deep Strike charge to 83.8%. As codices drop, keep an eye out for other sources of charge buffing for it. White Dwarf gave this guy a new absolutely devastating ability that allows it to make an additional attack for each model killed in melee, with these extra attacks unable to generate any further ones, and in addition can consolidate 6" instead of the usual 3". That's potentially 16 attacks, presuming you charged and kill your first 8 targets; against horde army units, this is very possible, and also damned awesome. On average against GEQ, your first set of attacks will cause approximately 5 unsaved wounds. These extra 5 attacks will then cause another 3 unsaved wounds, making 8 in total. That's an automatic Morale wipe on a 10 man Leadership 7 Infantry squad. In case you were fighting something with double the amount of models, use the Stimm Overload stratagem to repeat.
  • Vindicare Assassin: Everyone's favourite sniper is back, and as punishing as it always is. Its trademark Exitus rifle is a phenomenal 72" Heavy 1 S5 AP-3 D1d3 that ignores invuln saves and always wounds INFANTRY on a 2+, and increases to D1d6 on a 6+ to wound, while its pistol is 12" Pistol 1 S4, with the same rules, and its Blind grenade is 12" Grenade 1d6 (Blast), but you don't roll anything past the rolls for volume and hitting - if at least one hit gets through, the hit unit subtracts 1 from all hit rolls until the end of the turn, making the grenade usually your best bet in Overwatch, especially given how far you can throw it. All three guns ignore Look Out, Sir, and Light Cover, plus the Vindicare always hits on a 2+ if it remained stationary (but not in Overwatch). It inflicts a -1 to hit against anyone trying to hit it with ranged weapons, -2 if on or in any terrain. Both of its Exitus weapons can also Headshot: after dealing damage to a model, roll a D6; on a 3+ that's one mortal wound, and, if successful, you can roll again, dealing another mortal wound on a 4+ this time, and on another success again on a 5+ and on another success a 6+, assuming you haven't already killed the target. The net result is an additional 1.13 mortal wounds to the target at maximum (which can't spill over, since you only deal them if the target lives to suffer them). Note that you cannot use this with the Turbo-Penetrator Round stratagem (which sets its entire output to 2 mortal wounds after it hits).
    • This means if it shoots an Imperial Guard Company Commander, its average output is 2.26 damage inflicted, for example. That means you need 2 to probably kill one. If you deep strike it in, it can try to make the charge and punch the target to death, bringing its total damage inflicted on the same commander to 2.78 (it can just shoot with its pistol). Its output drops against non-INFANTRY, because it loses its Poison ability to wound on 2+, so e.g. its average output against a Jackal Alphus is only 2.15 (you'll need more than 2 Vindicares shooting to bring one Jackal Alphus down). It's actually at its scariest when using its Blind Grenade on Deep Strike turn (it can throw it farther than its minimum Deep Strike distance), which has a roughly 96.67% chance of inflicting its debuff, prior to charging something. Bringing 3 of them is advisable, especially if you don't want to use vital CPs to take 1.
    • The number you'll need to kill a Space Marine Captain with a Storm Shield (now that Storm Shields work against a Vindicare) is slightly more than 3, slightly less than 3 if you deep strike them all in and have them try to charge.

Navis Nobilite[edit]

  • Espern Locarno: He's a Psyker with a 4++ save and has the ability to choose any target within 12" to hit with Smite, rather than the closest one. He's tankier than a Primaris Psyker despite having fewer wounds (thanks to a 4+ invuln), and thanks to how The Third Eye rule works, he can even target and drop Mortal Wounds onto character models, even if they're not the closest; given how important auras are in this edition, that's a pretty big deal. He's also only 2 points more than a Primaris Psyker, so if all you want is somebody to use Smite with, then go ahead and pick Locarno; if it goes off, at least it'll go off on who you want it to hit.

Robotica Imperialis[edit]

  • UR-025: A Man of Iron. No seriously, it's a Man of Iron masquerading as an Imperial Robot designed to collect data for a Magos. Don't be crazy. He's clearly an Imperial Robot, he obviously got the Imperial Aquila right there on him. That being said he's much smaller than other robots like the Kataphron and his stats/gear reflect it so don't expect him to do their job. Comes armed with a Power Klaw Claw, and a Mk I(!) Assault Cannon... the dial-up internet version of Assault Cannons. If there was ever any proof the Imperium actually can make better weapons and that not everything was great in bygone days, this would be it, as it fires two less shots at one less strength. His problem is he kind of struggles at figuring out what he should do, he can shoot okay and he can fight non-character models okay (2 attacks on a powerfist that hits on 4's is kinda shit, even at S10) but he can certainly take a surprising amount of damage for his relatively cheap cost, (as he's still T5 and 4 wounds, with the ability to gain 1 wound every round). If you want to use him as a speed-bump against enemy close-combat units (or to move him around to gain close objectives since he's still a character and can be screened) then feel free, otherwise as soon as your opponent figures out he can't do much to hurt them they're just going to ignore him.


The Inquisition has a long history of being a low tier, unloved (by GW) army of Warhammer 40K. For nearly a decade, Inquisition players had to rely on outdated Witch/Daemonhunter Codices; then Grey Knights released, then many small codices published for Inquisitors, and GW began to separate them from Sisters of Battle and Grey Knight, but in late 7th edition, Inquisitors got a fully playable army.

Then, 8th edition has happened. They moved many Inquisition related units to other Imperium factions. Ironically, some of these units are still in the "Inquisition" section on GW's official web store. As of 9th, the Inquisition are still sitting in this quasi-full army state. Lacking cheap chaff, their one tank getting dumped into Legends, and only being saved by their NOFOS rules, playing an army of inquisitors has gotten all the more harder in 9th. If you want to use them at all you will need Psychic Awakening Pariah.

The rule of 3 prevents you fielding a stand-alone Battle-Forged Inquisition army above a few hundred point, especially now that you're limited to 1 Inquisitor per detachment.

There are two sensible ways to run inquisition:

  • A solo NOFOS inquisitor in an imperium army (So actually playable awesome + fluffy. One inquisitor in a requisitioned army) Also due to GW wording correctly for a change doesn't block SM doctrines, Admech canticles, or Adepta Sororitas Acts of Faith. Note that doing this stops you from bringing any Assassins, as they and inquisitors take up the same "slot".
  • A vanguard detachment - This is by far the weakest way to roll. Without any Unaligned units to help fill it, like from Blackstone Fortress, you're only gonna be able to have a few hundred points worth of models. (Note: This will block SM doctrines so if you're souping with SM consider the NOFOS option). This option also means taking a lot of small characters. So, contesting objectives will be impossible, as nothing has ObSec, you're super vulnerable to assassinate rules, and board control is basically impossible.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Authority of the Inquisition: Allows the unit to hijack an Imperium Transport, even if transports are usually faction-locked. Note that this won't let you shove Karamazov into a rhino...
  • Quarry: The Ordos now have their specific keyword which determines their bonus against their favoured prey.
    • Ordo Malleus: Re-roll to hit and to wound rolls against models with the Chaos and/or Daemon keyword. "Daemon" also includes Avatars of Khaine and the Yncarne, and daemonhosts as well. Ordo Malleus inquisitors can be the most Psychic powerful due to their Ordo unique warlord trait Psychic Mastery, which combined with Warding Incantation to give any model a 5++ means even if your not fighting our prey, a Malleus inquistor can still find use.
    • Ordo Hereticus: Re-roll to hit and to wound rolls against models with the Chaos and/or Psyker keyword. Ironically a good all-comers option, since plenty of non-chaos factions have psykers. (Also funnily enough since all greater daemons have Chaos and three of the four have Psyker as well, you can do the Ordo Malleus's job for them, minus Avatars and Khymerae.)
    • Ordo Xenos: Re-roll to hit and to wound rolls against units that do not have the Chaos, Imperium, and/or Unaligned keyword.
    • Ordo Minoris: A new keyword representing all the other minor Ordos. Re-roll to hit and to wound rolls against models with the keyword Character. Despite not being on one of the big 3, this one may be the most reliable of all the Ordos. While you can not guarantee that any one enemy army will have Chaos, Psykers, OR even Xeno's, every army must have at least one character for it's warlord, and most have more than that. Additionally, since most psykers are characters you can do a decent job of covering the Ordo Hereticus job as well. OF course you lack out on not being able to reroll against units like the other three could but we said Reliable, not 'most powerful',

Telethesia Discipline[edit]

The Inquisition psychic discipline is Telethesia, a Greek word for remote sensing. An odd choice, to say the least, since none of the powers have anything to do with sensing.

  1. Terrify: WC6. Target a single enemy unit within 18". The unit subtracts 1 from their leadership and cannot fire Overwatch.
    • The primary use for this is stacking with other psychic powers that rely on target leadership, including Dominate, Mental Interrogation, Castigation, and Scourging (Hereticus only) from this discipline. WC6 hurts it, but it can be useful if you're souping, especially with Dark Angels.
  2. Psychic Fortitude: WC4. Targets a friendly Imperium unit within 12". The unit automatically passes morale tests.
    • One of the advantages of this power is the low WC value, making it incredibly likely to go off (an 11/12 chance!). It's not useful in-faction, of course, but when you're souping, this can really help certain units, like maximum-size Conscript blobs.
  3. Dominate: WC6. Targets a visible non-vehicle enemy model within 12". You must then meet or beat its leadership on 3d6 to immediately take control of it and can shoot one gun or make one melee attack with it as if it were your own and not a member of its old unit.
    • Will only have a better than 50/50 chance against Ld9 or less, so don't cast this on Ld10+.
      • If you're souping and hence have ways to bomb enemy leadership (including bringing Terrify along yourself, of course), it's possible to drive the Ld on a tasty target down low enough to change the above logic, especially if you're hunting targets with one-off weapons, since this power will consume the weapon, like on Anrakyr the Traveler. Another excellent target for this trick is anything shiny with a plasma weapon, since your 1s to hit will also trigger overheating.
    • Absolutely crippled by not working on vehicles, as in many armies they're what's carrying the guns that are worth all the steps here (in order to hurt something, you need to successfully cast and meet or beat target Ld and the shooting model has to hit, wound, and penetrate), and this power is an absolute joke if you're using it for the melee attack. As a general rule, you're just better off with Castigation. Since most everything the Necrons have is Ld10 and Tyranids generally have guns with terrible accuracy (outside of Ld10 HQ choices, of course), that relegates this power to being anti-Tau, and even then, your best targets are the large battlesuits which aren't vehicles, which is fairly arbitrary across those. As a general rule, you will get more utility out of Castigation.
    • Even if it doesn't work, this power will make your inquisitor into a priority target for the opponent. They just hate him and his dominate. Possibly useful as a decoy.
  4. Mental Interrogation: WC6. A visible enemy character model 12" away gets -1 to hit until your next psychic phase, and if that's not good enough, roll 3d6 to meet or beat model's leadership to gain 1 CP (so target an Ld9 or less model to probably get a CP, after accounting for the odds of the power going off).
  5. Psychic Pursuit: WC7. Allows one <Ordo> Infantry unit to snipe a character, provided that character has less than 10 wounds, is within 18" of and visible to the caster, and the psyker is within 6" of the ordo unit. Generally worthless - too many hoops to jump through, just for a 6-man squad of plasma acolytes to try and kill something.
    • While the above is still true, the Ordo Minoris ability to reroll hits and wounds vs there all characters means that 6 man squad of plasma acolytes may just be able to delete what ever they can shoot at. Probably not worth it still but is something to consider.
  6. Castigation: WC6. Pretty much a lesser smite - roll 3d6 to beat the lowest Ld in target visible enemy unit within 18" to deal d3 Mortals. The only direct damage psychic power, so may be viable if you have more than one power to cast, but if you only have 1 stick to smite and pick something else.
  • Ordo Hereticus - Scourging: WC6. One enemy unit within 12" suffers -1A (minimum 1) + 2d6 to meet or beat Ld for -1 to hit. You need an Ld6- target to make the -1 to hit land more than half the time you try to cast this, making it very niche.
  • Ordo Xenos - Psychic Veil: WC5. Ordo Xenos units within 6" can only be attacked (melee and shooting) if they are the closest visible unit and can only be charged if the enemy is within 6". The big seller here is immunity to charging - you can use this and acolytes in soup to make very effective bubblewrap. For now, it also makes you immune to 9E snipers - until some FAQ comes up to explain otherwise.
  • Ordo Malleus - Warding Incantation: WC6. Gives an Imperium infantry or biker unit within 12" 5++. Great to have a soup buff in a soup faction, but an inquisitor may struggle to keep pace with a bike or jump infantry unit, and what other single unit justifies the inquisitor's cost?
    • This stacks with the Guard's Psychic Barrier power, which means that you can give a Guard infantry unit 4++. Effectively halving the wounds that a Conscript tarpit takes isn't bad. Keep in mind your points aren't always going to be spent on killing power. It can be worth it to force your enemy to really dedicate firepower into a 80-120 pt unit to keep your 200 pt ones safe.

Warlord Traits[edit]

Warlord traits are not restricted to Inquisitors but to Inquisition units so if you want to make your Jokaero your warlord you can.

3 warlord traits are open to anyone and 3 are ordo specific. While all the main HQs have fixed WTs, the 2 Forgeworld Inquisitors are not restricted. Also curiously, neither Eisenhorn nor Draxus is locked to the Xenos WT.

  1. Radical: Once per battle round re-roll 1 hit, wound, damage, save, psychic, or deny the witch roll for this warlord.
    • Re-rolls make for more reliable psykers. Eisenhorn and Draxus have this one.
  2. Puritan: +1 invul for the warlord, capped at 3+. Extra defense is always nice but a T3 model is still squishy.
  3. Formidable Resolve: +1Ld and increase unquestionable wisdom's range by 6". Ok if you are primarily using your inquisitor to buff Ld. Karamazov has this one.
  • Ordo Hereticus: No Escape: 6" heroic intervention and enemy units within 1" can't fall back on a 4+. Could be useful, but your inquisitor has to survive a round of combat first and most aren't that tanky. Greyfax has this one.
  • Ordo Xenos: Esoteric Lore: When your opponent uses a stratagem, gain a CP on a 5+. Extra CP is always nice, especially if you spent a CP to grant this trait, so you'll on average pay for the trait after 3 stratagems.
  • Ordo Malleus: Psychic Mastery: Know, cast, and deny 1 extra psychic power. Who doesn't want to cast more? Coteaz has this one.


  • To the Exclusion of All Else... (1CP): Triggers when an Imperium infantry or Imperium biker fires overwatch shoots or fights within 6" of an inquisitor. For the phase, you can reroll to-hit results of 1 if the target matches a keyword for the Inquisitor's Quarry. Not terrible but given the volume of reroll 1's, it's not going to be used much.
    • You could reroll 1s on SoS Bolters with Greyfax for some psyker hunting if your meta is psyker heavy. Another good use is in Guard armies, where it frees you up to use different orders for buffs.
  • Execution Bombardment (4CP): Select a point on the battlefield 2d6" radius each Non-Character unit on a 4+ and each character unit on a 5+ takes D3MW - Big boom! Note: it hits your units as well (Karamazov would be proud).
  • Alpha-Class Psyker (1CP): One unnamed Psyker Inquisitor knows one more power. They can also deny twice, which you might appreciate if you want a budget psyker HQ and don't want to take Eisenhorn and some daemonhosts. Apply to a Malleus Inquisitor with Psychic Mastery for three powers and denies if you really need them and can afford the cost. Makes you a lesser Tigurius or Voldus.
  • Arbiter of the Emperor's Will (1CP): Once per battle, before battle, give an inquisitor who is not your warlord a warlord trait, then give them a relic if they can take one and is not a vehicle (weird addition given the only vehicle inquisitor can't take a relic). Other weird wording is that while you can't give two inquisitors the same relic you can take the same warlord trait. 1CP for a relic and warlord trait is a bargain.
  • Clandestine Operation 1 CP: Before the battle, you can set up your Inquisitor, a pack of acolytes, a daemonhost and a monkey anywhere more than 9" from the enemy deployment zone.
  • Strategic Excruciation (1CP): When an enemy character is destroyed within 3" of an Inquisition unit, you gain D3 CP and the enemy's army gets -1LD for the rest of the game. One use per game (Hard to trigger but really strong).


Most Inquisitors (unless you're Esienhorn, who has his own FNP, and Karamazov, now with a 4++) from the November WD update come standard with a refractor field for that sweet 5++ now. Due to the FAQ, if you're an unnamed Inquisitor, you get a melee and a pistol or ranged weapon - no double pistols, double melee, double ranged, or pistol and ranged combinations, the last of which may be the strangest absence.

  • Bolt Pistol: Comes standard on Inquisitors, although for some reason Acolytes start with a laspistol and can (and should) swap this for free. Eh, it's free. Auto buys for Acolytes if you do not plan to buy another pistol; note that your Inquisitors should automatically swap this out for a free non-pistol if you're planning to spend 0 points on their gun.
  • Inferno Pistol (Inquisitor Only): For now, worthless - for some reason, meltaguns are free for you, so you have no excuse for taking this. Even when it isn't the same cost as the real gun, its range is so low there's no really good reason to take this over a real gun, even a bolter.
  • Laspistol: Comes standard on Acolytes for no reason, and is a bolt pistol but worse, to see if you're paying attention. Just swap it out as soon as you see it.
  • Needle Pistol: Wounds everything except vehicles on a 2+. No AP to speak of. Probably best to pass - even when points costs for your weapon options are sane, this will generally struggle to keep up with a plasma pistol, even if you don't overcharge it (like your Inquisitor won't).
  • Plasma Pistol: Quarry will let you re-roll those dangerous ones, so feel free to overcharge. Whether or not you want this depends on points costs - right now, both Inquisitors and Acolytes would prefer a plasma gun over this automatically, since it costs less than the pistol does.
  • Boltgun: Bog-standard gun. When points costs are sane, you won't ever take this except for the times that you can't afford anything better, because it's free, but less points efficient than a storm bolter. Potentially interesting for keeping an Inquisitor cheap, since they come with frag and krak grenades, which are also free and can be readily spammed since an Inquisitor is a 1-model unit. This weapon is why your Inquisitors have no excuse at all for carrying a bolt pistol. Right now, storm bolters are free for you, so take those instead.
    • Condemnor Boltgun (Inquisitor Only): A default bolter that does D1d3 if the target is a psyker, and can only be taken by Inquisitors. Hot garbage; even against psykers, a storm bolter will always be better.
    • Storm Bolter: Strap two bolters together. Good for lots of weak shots - assuming you can re-roll hit rolls, BS4+ will land 3 shots and BS3+ will land 3.56, compared to the 3.5 of a flamer, but you can't fire it while advancing, of course.
  • Flamer: Default Assault D6 strength 4 gun, but you probably want a storm bolter instead.
    • Combi-Flamer: It's a flamer with a bolter strapped to it for 2 additional points that fires the bolter shots too at a -1 penalty (so no loss of accuracy in Overwatch). Lands 5 shots from BS3+ and 4.61 from BS4+, taking into account both the penalty and your Ordo bonus, so compare accordingly - right now, an Acolyte with a combi-flamer costs more than two with flamers while shooting less, so hard pass.
    • Incinerator (Inquisitor Only): 12" Assault 1d6 S6 AP-1, auto-hits. Can't be taken on acolytes. The low range can be very crippling, but the improved AP over a real flamer can be clutch, depending on cost.
  • Hot-shot Lasgun: Better AP but one less strength than the Bolter at 18" range. Absolute garbage. If you want to field this weapon, just use actual stormtroopers, they have better rules and statlines. Actually is more likely to deal damage to tougher targets so may be worth it depending on who you plan on targeting, provided you can get it in range. Sort of an apples/oranges kinda deal.
  • Meltagun: Short-ranged, but is an assault gun. Not worth its increased cost over a plasma gun. This is now free, but a Plasma gun is better with the Quarry rule.
    • Combi-Melta: Spend 10 point to add a bolter you can fire instead, or fire both profiles at a -1 penalty. Firing both is only better than the meltagun against very light targets, where you still won't output enough to kill very effectively for your cost; you already shouldn't be carrying a meltagun, but definitely don't carry this.
  • Plasma Gun: This is a combi-plasma without the bolter for the same cost, so just don't take this. This is now free, take it!
    • Combi-Plasma: Since you can use your Ordo and Quarry rules to get re-rolls to hit, the risk of your Inquisition dudes burning their fingers is mitigated, so feel free to over-charge against your enemy if they match your Quarry target, but it's still quite dangerous on an Inquisitor, since it slays without wounding, so you can't make your Acolytes die for you. Lets you fire both the bolter and the plasma gun at -1 to hit, which is only useful against light targets (GEQ, for example), but generally speaking, there are no targets where you both want all 4 shots and overcharging would help, so mix and match between all 4 non-overcharged or just the 2 overcharged one.
  • Psycannon (Terminator Inquisitor Only): Heavy 4 Str 7 Ap-1. Only usable by a termi-inquisitor, but not a bad gun for him. Hilariously similar to the Reaper Autocannon, proving that Inquisitors were sick heretics all along...

Melee weapons are more expensive compared to Imperial Guard variants, since you pay Space Marine prices (and currently, Index Space Marine prices at that), so beware! Best avoided on Acolytes, since they give up a gun to carry one, so primarily of interest on an Inquisitor.

  • Nemesis Daemonhammer (Inquisitor Only): A thunder hammer with a different name but the same rules costing an extra 2 points (well, you pay for the brand/prestige to have that =][= on your hammer...I guess??); see below for the discussion of the thunder hammer. Note that Acolytes can take a Thunder Hammer, so the Inquisitor only restriction on this item is meaningless; the only reason to ever take this is on an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armor, since they're banned from taking the Thunder Hammer instead.
  • Null Rod (Inquisitor/Index Only): SU AP-2 D1, D1d3 against psykers, and the same cost as a Power Sword. Hard pass - reliably worse than a Power Sword, which you should also be avoiding. (Now legended)
  • Force Axe, Sword, or Maul: Double the price of a Power Weapon to increase its damage to D1d3. You're paying twice as much for less than twice the performance (due to D1d3 being worse than D2 against W2 targets), so never take any of these under ordinary circumstances - the only reason to do so is when you're an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armor, so it's one of these or the Daemonhammer, or when you have a relic (in particular, the Universal Anathema Ordo Xenos Relic is best on a Force Sword). Otherwise, if you're willing to pay this much for D1d3, take a Power Fist.
  • Power Maul: The best power weapon available to you, all told. S6 is a huge improvement over S3 against many targets, AP-1 is the most reliably useful AP value in a world with Storm Shields, and its cost, a mere 5 points, can't be beat - plus, no to-hit penalty. Just about the only option here compelling enough to replace the Inquisitor's stock Chainsword, and still not good enough to be worth taking on an Acolyte.
  • Power Fist: Due to the costs of what can carry this, this is better than a Force Weapon but worse than a Thunder Hammer on anything that can carry this, and it's only worth the effort on an Inquisitor, really.
  • Power Sword: Actually decent now? That ever-coveted S+1 now means you can more reliably chop through armor while having a slightly easier time to wound. And, now that all the power weapons are costed the same, it's really just a matter of preference.
  • Thunder Hammer Staggeringly expensive; an Acolyte with this should have taken a meltagun, instead, full stop, even before accounting for the better range on the meltagun. Because your Inquisitor is A4 and WS3+, if you have a way to get him into melee, this is normally the most points efficient melee weapon you have available, and in a vacuum, the most points efficient weapon he can carry (ignoring the difficulties involved in getting him where he's going). Since he's rocking an S6, you still shouldn't count on him to do any work with this unless he has his Ordo bonus on.

Unlike Warlord traits, relics are restricted to Inquisitors.

  • Universal Anathema (Ordo Xenos Only): Bearer's melee attacks always wound non-VEHICLE, non-titanic units on 2+. Against the targets it works on, this will outperform a Thunder Hammer - take a Force Sword instead, and watch almost anything you're in melee with evaporate.
  • Blade of the Ordo: Replaces a Power Sword, granting it D1d3 like a Force Sword, and the D goes up to 3 flat against your Quarry target. While this is more points efficient than any Power or Force weapon you can take, it's still not usually better than a Thunder Hammer.
  • Ignis Judicium (Ordo Hereticus Only): Replaces an Inferno Pistol with one that's range 12", so it's a meltagun for half the cost, and the melta rule goes off against chaos or psyker units even at max range. Provided you get the bonus, this is genuinely your best weapon against heavy targets, but it'll suffer against light ones. There are worse choices you can make, but think carefully before you stick with a normal gun and either a melee relic or a blackshroud.
  • Digital Weapons: The bearer gains an additional attack that can only be made with this weapon, which deals a mortal wound when it hits. Because you can combine it with a Thunder Hammer, this makes it the best general-use melee relic you can take.
  • Tainted Blade (Ordo Malleus Only): Replaces a Power Sword, and only works on a 2+ you roll the first time you choose the model to fight in the Fight phase; on a 1, the bearer suffers a mortal wound, and can't use this weapon that phase. Note that this means if you make an attack during any other phase, the roll doesn't happen and you swing normally. It has S+3, and the target's failed saves let you explode into attacks that can't explode (so you have to hit and wound and they have to fail the save in order for you to roll to hit again). Worse than the Blade of the Ordo against most targets, largely because it has a 1/6 chance of not only hurting you, but also forcing you to resort to your basic CC weapon.
    • Actually is better against many W1 targets, but why are you getting into melee with GEQ?
Non-Weapon Relics[edit]
  • Blackshroud: -1 to wound the bearer, used to be good against sniper rifles in 8th, which dealt mortal wounds on a 6+ to wound, which wasn't possible against this relic holder without the shooter having least +1 to hit to counter its effects. However, 9th has changed that to "UNMODIFIED rolls of a 6", thus gutting this relic's niche use against them... still your best relic for keeping your Inquisitor alive, which is usually better than a fancier weapon.

Unit Analysis[edit]

  • Inquisitor: Now their Ordo chamber is decided by their keyword, which you choose. No longer can you upgrade their armor, so you're stuck with carapace armor and a refractor field like a peasant. Still just a human stat-line, so don't expect amazing feats, but can be equipped with basically anything. Still has 5 wounds and four attacks, and with Quarry and 4 attacks might prove a modest threat in a fight, but much better at letting nearby units use their excellent leadership of 10, 9 on the named Forge World offerings. Now costs 60 points, with a swathe of free choices - right now, you won't pay a dime for a meltagun, plasma gun, or storm bolter, making it an autoinclude to dish out a better gun.
    • Making him a Psyker costs no points, but instead has him relinquish the Iron Will ability (aka pseudo Deny the Witch that only protects the Inquisitor but works on every power, not just finite times per turn). Making him a Psyker allows him regular Deny the Witch, cast smite and one other psychic power from their Psychic Discipline, plus ability to have Force weapons, so make them Psykers unless you have any other quite specific tactic.
      • If you're assigning a warlord trait and relic via a CP, which you should, of particular note both Radical and Psychic Mastery will make your Inquisitor a better Psyker. The best relics you can take are a Blackshroud for -1 to be wounded or the Ordo Xenos relic, which when applied to a chainsword, force sword, or thunder hammer makes it a genuine force to be reckoned with.
    • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armor: NO LONGER OFFICIAL AS OF WARZONE OCTARIUS. RIP IN PIECE One of the only ways to give the Inquisitor a 2+ save and deeptrike. Locked into Ordo Malleus, so hope you're fighting Chaos or Daemons or your Quarry rule is wasted. He can still teleport and can actually move 6" instead of 5"; so you can wobble faster than the SS/TH terminators you're requisitioning. He lost the extra attack from the Index, so he has just the standard A4 like non-TDA Inquisitors (...sigh). Comes stock with storm bolter and Daemon Hammer; the former you can swap for a combi-weapon or a psycannon, which is a double auto-cannon.
      • Sure, they can now take a relic and warlord trait, but at the same cost as Coteaz and then having to pay for equipment on top, you're paying a lot for mobility.
Special Characters[edit]
  • Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz: He's still been expecting you - his Spy Network rule allows one ORDO MALLEUS unit within 6" of him to fire at units that are set up on the battlefield after the game begins (e.g. outflanking, deep striking) at full BS. Additionally, once per battle when your opponent uses a stratagem you can make it cost an extra CP! While none of his guns hit harder than a basic bolter, his master-crafted Nemesis Daemonhammer doesn't come with the normal -1 to-hit penalty, and as a psyker he can manifest 2 powers and deny 1 each psychic phase. With his Warlord trait manifests 3 powers and denys 2 for the same points as a librarian with a power axe for 1CP (only cool abilities better armour and CC). He is quite cheap if you lack psykers in your army and if need be he can punch stuff. Could be competitive. Only problem is that, thanks to the nerfs of what Inquisitors get? There aren't a lot of units who can BENEFIT from that free shot...at most, you get six acolytes. Or, of course, himself.
  • Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax: Celestine's tsundere lover is still around. She comes with Power Armour, a master-crafted (-1 AP and auto-3 damage to Psykers) Condemnor Boltgun and a master-crafted Power Sword. She can target Psyker or Daemon CHARACTERs even if they are not in front of her, and can manifest one psychic power and deny 2 powers (with a +1 bonus to the latter) per psychic phase. Between the Ordo Hereticus rules and Quarry, and her anti-psyker rules, she's most effective when used to shut down enemy psykers. Given that Coteaz can manifest two extra powers and now has the same number of denys she is a tough sell but still has a niche due to being slightly better at denying. Her warlord trait of 6" heroic intervention and preventing enemies falling back could be useful in the right situation.
  • Inquisitor Fyodor Karamazov: Good old chap Krazypantsoff is still there. Sadly he lacks the dreadnought's tankiness, but he's got a 4++ save. All in all he is beefy and can roast Stuff. He comes with the Throne of Judgment (which got the stompy feet of Judgment) boosting him into a T5 8W model, and since he is a character you can not snipe him out of his acolytes. Oh Dear, if that's not sexy enough he got a 30" Assault 1 master-crafted multi-melta. Sadly he is slow (his bipedal wheelchair is only movement 5), which is sad, especially since he cannot be transported. He also lost his Orbital Strike, but to compensate he now forces enemy PSYKERs within 12" to subtract 1 from their psychic tests and imposes a penalty of -1 Ld to all enemy INFANTRY within that same radius. Additionally, he gets a quasi-Deny the Witch that only affects himself, like all non-Psyker Inquisitors not from Forge World. Interestingly his warlord trait makes him the only LD11 Inquisitor and with a 12" bubble he is now the best LD buffer in the imperium. Combined with the throne being stompier and cheaper he now becomes a situational choice. Extra credit if you use him with purge soul from the GK.
    • Note that while Karamazov has Authority of the Inquisition, he is still a VEHICLE, so he can't be transported. Give up, he can not go into that Stormraven, we are both sad.
  • Inquisitor Eisenhorn: Eisenhorn is an 80 points (as of the November '19 WD update) Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with two psychic powers, a bolt pistol with -1 AP and +1 D, and the choice of a +3 strength Force Staff and a Force Sword that gives him +1 to hit. Generally, you're going to use the staff since the sword only really is better against low-toughness high armour units like Sisters of Battle (This is still somewhat true, but now that the sword also has +1 S, it makes a better contender against many targets). In addition, he has some grenades that gives him the ability to deal mortal wounds to vehicles, and has a 6+ Feel No Pain, though sadly no refractor field. But what really makes him special is the ability to sacrifice his leadership buff to summon a Daemonhost who isn't shit (representing Cherubael), with the CHARACTER keyword, +2 Strength, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks, and who gets +1 to hit, wound and invulnerable save rolls within six inches of Eisenhorn. This Daemonhost must be paid for in reinforcement points, however, and dies if Eisenhorn does.
    • He has gained the warlord trait of a reroll per battle round - not a bad bonus.
  • Lord-Inquisitor Kyria Draxus: The new Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with the coming of Psychic Awakening: Pariah. Despite having a strong 2+ WS, she only has a Power Fist, so her fighting and shooting game are equivalent. And as of shooting, she has a Shuriken Catapult, S4 AP0 D2 (Though it ups to AP-3 if you roll a 6+ to wound). She also has paralysis grenades that force a single unit in melee range to go last (or just not automatically go first, thus scrubbing White Scars and Emperor's Children), which helps her fisting. The most peculiar weapon of all, however, is her pet familiar Shang, which lets her cast smite any enemy rather than just the closest. This makes her a good psy-sniper.
  • Inquisitor-Lord Solomon Lok (Forge World): Inexplicably lacks Iron Will, but has a pretty sweet force sword that deals 2 damage rather than 1D3 and an up-gunned bolt pistol at S5 Ap-1 D2. Is wearing Power Armour(3+), which is a nerf from the Artificer one in the past, and is in the Ordo Xenos. Still has Unquestionable Wisdom, thankfully, but at a nerfed Ld of 9. Worse than a default Inquisitor at everything, really.
  • Inquisitor-Lord Hector Rex (Forge World): If you face daemonic opponents (he's in the ordo malleus), then you take Hector. For starters, he's essentially a Terminator with a Storm Shield, since he has a 1+/4++ and the ability to teleport onto the battlefield, except he is not actually bulky and can fit in any transport he can commandeer; has W6. (Might be because he wears Artificer armour, which explains the 6" Move, the 2+ Sv and the fact that he doesn't have the TERMINATOR keyword. It does not, however, explain how the hell he can teleport strike, but well, most power armour Grey Knights can, so... the Warp did it?). He actually has the TERMINATOR keyword in the Imperial Armour Compendium, so he can only fit in transports that support them. The Storm Shield is significant because no other Inquisitors (bar Karamazov) get access to that level of invulnerable save, meaning he is comparatively well protected. His suit also comes with a psychic hood, so he gets +1 to deny the witch within 12", which only Greyfax can compare to, though Hector can cast two and deny three powers per turn, which makes him hands down the best psychic inquisitor available, especially after you take in his 5+++ vs MWs. reason you take him against daemonic opponents is the blessed sword Arias, which causes an automatic mortal wound on any DAEMON merely wounded by the weapon, in addition to its other effects, and he has his Quarry rule to re-roll failed hits and wounds, so he has the unusual potential to cause up to twelve wounds on three attacks, or, when looked at another, more sensible way, when you consider that Mortal Wounds carry over, the potential to slay six models on three attacks. Against non-daemonic opponents, however, the sword is just a basic Force Sword with no particular benefits, other than that he himself has S4 for being such a big giant of a man; however, Hector has one less attack than usual for an Inquisitor (including Terminator Inquisitors as they no longer get 5 attacks - nerfed!), probably to counter the sheer amount of destruction he can level at daemons. You take him as a tank who is the best psychic and denier of all the inquisitors, fighting daemons is a happy bonus.
    • Note he can choose any warlord trait.
    • Confirmation of above? The Imperial armour compendium states he must take the 'Inspiring Leader' Warlord trait (Page 80 under the Named characters sub-heading)
  • Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus: He is ORDO MALLEUS, and seems to be a weird variation on Coteaz: cheaper at 80 points, he wants to be surrounded by acolytes, casts 1, denies 2, knows a single special power that shuts down psykers and makes units worse on melee. He seems geared for harming daemon mooks. Perhaps a pure inquisition list with him and Coteaz would be a force multiplier for acolytes, however seems too expensive IMHO.
  • Acolytes Guardsmen equivalents that can buy almost any weapon an Inquisitor can. They also can steal any ride they want and have the same Quarry rule. This is more useful for them because they only have BS/WS of 4+. The real reason you take them, however, is for their loyal servant rule. Anytime an Inquisitor takes a wound from an attack within 3" of this unit, roll a d6; on a 2+, the Acolytes lose a model instead. Note that this will never apply to psychic powers, including Perils. Comes stock at one dude, who will be a character, up to six (but 2 or more means the unit hasn't got the character keyword). They start with a laspistol and chainsword, the former of which you will upgrade to a bolt pistol or report to your commissar (because it is damn free to swap with bolt pistol...GW what was in your mind?...). The chainsword can be swapped for melee weapons or guns. But really, they're just there to be wound batteries for your inquisitor. Give them some combi-plasmas or stormbolters, stick 'em round your big I, and laugh as he never dies. Alterenlity if you invest some point's into them they can put out a shocking amount of dakka since they can take special weapons without the normal 'have X number of models' rule most other unit's have. 10 flamers, 10 meltaguns, 10 combi guns, and so on. While investing a lot into a unit with guard level of toughness and save may be a lot to ask for, they special weapon option's let them punch hard if you can get them to a sneaky spot.
  • Daemonhost S4/T4/W4 5++ with GEQ accuracy, like your Acolytes, the Unholy Gaze (12" Assault 1 S8 AP-1 D1, D3 on a roll of 6 to wound), and a power sword at A3. At the start of its movement phase, it gains a randomly chosen buff based on a d6; on a 1-2, its movement rises to 12" and it gains FLY until the start of your next turn, on a 3-4 it regains all lost wounds, and on a 5-6 all enemy units within 3" suffer d3 mortal wounds on a 2+. If you're really set on using a Daemonhost, use it with Eisenhorn's special rule to give it the boosts it needs.
    • This unit has many crippling problems; for starters, it's too slow, since it can't ride a transport outside of your dedicated Land Raider (and it can't even ride in that now because in addition to being the only Inquisition infantry unit to lack AotI, it also inexplicably lacks the Ordo keyword), and has only a 1/3 chance of going faster, giving you an average M of 8.
    • Following up, it's also less points efficient in melee - for 25 points, 3 Chainsword Acolytes could swing 9 S3 hits to the Daemonhost's 3 S4 AP-3 hits, with a point left over.
    • Its gun is not the absolute worst thing ever, but it's still competing with Acolytes - and due to its low AP and Damage, will undershoot its weight in Combi-Plasma Acolytes against just about anything. Jokaero will also outshoot it (although it will outfight Jokaero).
    • Its mortal wounds gun is terrible, because it fires at the start of your Movement - meaning it will only ever go off after it's been charged, and even then, its average output is 5/9 of a mortal wound per unit (and your opponent will probably not let you even threaten more than one unit with it).
    • And a further kick to the balls, it doesn't have a proper model anymore. Cue the tears.
  • Jokaero: Quarry insurance. You use them to buff allies' weapons in the shooting phase, but the buff only lasts for that turn (though it does usually do something useful - since it upgrades you to either re-rolling all failed hits, all failed wounds, or both, they're only completely useless if you are up against a target you can get full Quarry against). When you're up against your Quarry, they can target themselves with their own ability, since they don't have Quarry, and while they won't be as good as Acolytes, they'll do a pretty good job, still. They are also the perfect escort for an Inquisitorial Land Raider.
Dedicated Transports[edit]

None, but you can use any Imperium transport, and some are better than others. Remember, the only restrictions you can ignore are Faction keywords; restrictions don't actually tell you which keywords are Faction and which are not, but it's possible to back-solve this by studying datasheets, so presumably you can't load up your Acolytes in e.g. a Land Speeder Storm, as scout is (we think) not a Faction keyword, there is a much less clear argument to be made around Primaris. You can take an up-gunned transport, of course, but you can't buff it like the models' home factions usually can in some fashion, so usually, even a normally deeply compelling option, such as a Twin Assault Cannon Razorback, becomes less than compelling under the Inquisition - the more you're interested in that sort of transport, the more you should be looking into a mixed army.

  • Null-Maiden Rhino
    • This is the reason why you should never take a standard Space Marine Rhino - this is the same vehicle for 10 points less, except it can't take a second Storm Bolter, and you shouldn't be spending 12 points to strap a second Storm Bolter on.
    • Likewise, you shouldn't be taking a Sororitas Rhino over this - Shield of Faith is worth the 3 point charge over a Space Marine Rhino, but not the 13 points it would take you to upgrade from this one.
    • Most other Imperium transports cost more than this does, and none have the better capacity per point, but it will limit you to 10 models at once.
  • Drop Pod
    • You can Deep Strike in one and show up immediately, but it's very expensive for what you get; if you want to Deep Strike in, you should consider an Elysian Valkyrie (a Flyer, not a Dedicated Transport) instead.
  • Repressor
    • The heaviest option you can take in the Dedicated Transport slot. Functionally a tougher, shootier Rhino, it boasts +2 Wounds, +1 WS, a Heavy Flamer and the option to take a second, a nasty Dozer Blade and, most importantly, 6 Firing Ports. This last one combines very, very nicely with your Acolyte squads in the same way the Sisters use it for Dominions. Load up an Acolyte squad with Plasma, Melta, Storm Bolters, Combi-weapons, whatever your fancy is, and drive around shooting up your enemy's units while your dudes sit cozy and (relatively) safe.
  • Taurox Prime
    • The Taurox's bigger, angrier brother. With good BS and an impressive selection of weaponry for its points, the Taurox Prime is the new king of metal boxes. It won't last long with T6 and 10W, but it'll make back its points in the meantime. Your two options for firepower are the twin Gatling gun and hot-shot volley guns or the twin autocannons and mini-battle cannon, which has been buffed in 8th. The Gatling array is better vs infantry, while the cannon array is better vs multi wound targets (while you can mix your firepower, it's not recommended that you do so - you want to be able to bring all your guns to bear at once, and completely destroying enemy units is more important than ever, since many armies have a medic equivalent that can resurrect fallen models). The Taurox Missile Launcher, firing 2d6 Frag or 2 Krak Missiles, is also viable, though it raises the cost significantly. Still, two Krak missiles and successful autocannons can take just about anything down. If an Inquisitor is looking for an effective fire support vehicle, the Taurox Prime may be the best all-around option.

None, but like with Dedicated Transports, you need to be aware of your options for sweet rides.

  • Elysian Valkyrie
    • This can Deep Strike in, while carrying you; you can't disembark on the same turn, but you can do so later, and right next to anything you like, without the standard 9" restrictions on a Deep Strike, thanks to the Valkyrie's best-in-the-game disembark special rule.
Heavy Support[edit]
  • Inquisition Land Raider Prometheus (Forge World): Identical to its Space Marine counterpart, save for the Quarry rule (which is great, given how many shots it can put out, in conjunction with Power of the Machine Spirit and Battle Auspex), and the Ordo keyword, which its Transport rule is changed to restrict on, making this your only Transport capable of carrying a Daemonhost (except the Daemonhost lacks the Ordo keyword for Reasons so no dice there either). Use it in the same way as you would use it in a Space Marine army. The Command Relay is particularly helpful if you're fielding an Inquisitor HQ, as none of them are great at providing Command Points. Does not have Authority of the Inquisition, so can't be carried by a Thunderhawk transporter or a Rhino.


NOFOS There are a number of good options for a single Inquisitor. These can be added to detachments without penalty so are the best SM option, to make the best use of them you must spend 1CP on the Arbiter of the Emperor's Will stratagem.

  • Top Tier
    • Inquisitor (Xenos) - CP Farming - Esoteric Lore warlord trait; stratagems: Arbiter of the Emperor's Will (maybe Alpha-Class Psyker and Strategic Excruciation); the psychic power Mental Interrogation; switch the Bolt pistol for a Storm Bolter and take the Blackshroud Relic. The idea is to keep this guy protected in the back as a CP battery. You could toy with Terrify and Psychic Veil for a different build, but this is supposed to be a bare-bones Inquisitor.
    • Inquisitor (Xenos) - Melee Monster - Radical warlord trait; stratagems: Arbiter of the Emperor's Will (maybe Alpha-Class Psyker and Strategic Excruciation); the psychic power Psychic Veil; switch the Bolt pistol for a Plasma Gun, get a Force Sword and take the Universal Anathema Relic. They demolish anything that isn't a vehicle in close combat, and do even better vs Xenos. They can make a 6" bubble of no-targeting unless closest for Xenos units, and yes that protects them from snipers.
    • Inquisitor (Malleus) - Cheap Magic - Psychic Mastery warlord trait; stratagems: Alpha-Class Psyker and Arbiter of the Emperor's Will; that gives you 2 casts, 3 denies, 3 known powers, so depending on your play style pick 3 of the following powers: Castigation, Mental Interrogation, Terrify, Warding Incantation; switch the Bolt pistol for a Storm Bolter, a Plasma Gun or a Meltagun as desired and take the Blackshroud Relic.
    • Coteaz - Points efficient all-rounder - 3 casts, 2 denies, and 2 known (taking the Psychic Mastery warlord trait) with solid offense and defense and one interesting ability. What's not to love?
    • Rex - Deny the witch - He can cast 2, deny 3 (with +1 within 12") and knows 2, he's a tank, and amazing against daemons. A top caster and the best denier, a solid option but almost twice the points of a basic inquisitor.
    • Karamazov - LD buff/ Hold the line - LD11 in a 12" bubble is going to make guardsmen hold their ground and make a nice counter-charger. Your trade-off is no psychic powers but some psychic defense.
    • Inquisitor (Minoris) - Reliable Unit - Radical warlord trait; stratagems: Alpha-Class Psyker, Arbiter of the Emperor's Will, and Strategic Excruciation; the psychic powers Mental Interrogation and Terrify; switch the Bolt pistol for a Plasma gun and take the Blackshroud Relic. This guy is solid as a caster and good to kill characters (the Quarry rule and the warlord trait mitigate risks with Overcharge).
  • From middling to bad
    • Kyria Draxus - Despite having a 2+ WS, her only melee weapon is a power fist, meaning that she will hit with it as well as most others would hit with a power sword, on top of paralysis grenades that force one model within 1" to attack last (or makes any models that must attack first lose that perk). She also has Dirgesinger, a converted shuriken catapult. Draxus is also a psyker who possesses a particular benefit in the form of her pet familiar Shang: whenever she casts smite, she can target any unit she wishes within 18", rather than only the closest.
    • Greyfax - Hector Rex is a better denier if you're prepared to pay a premium. While at 5 pts more Coteaz is better in almost every way except denial (The +1 to deny decreases the odds of a successful cast, relative to a normal deny, by ~10% for a WC 5 power, dropping to ~5% for WC 8 power). Still, it's a widely owned model so it will see play.
    • Eisenhorn - He's fun, the demonhost mechanic is cool and a great model but the other inquisitors synergize better. Notably, he can cast two Telethesia powers, rather than just one and a smite.
    • Lok - a slightly better armor save for no psychic powers or relic? Not a good trade.
    • Terminator Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Too pricey, by the time you deck it out it's competing with Karamazov and Rex, who both outclass it.

Inquisitorial detachments So you're dead-set on playing an army purely composed of Inquisition, huh? Well it's possible, but not efficient. Firstly, the only real way to achieve something like this is that you're gonna have to use Vanguard Detachments, cause that's the only way to do it. Plus, with 9ths way of doing detachments, you're pretty much always gonna be at a CP disadvantage than your opponent. Secondly, include Unaligned units, as they can help shore up the Inquisition's lack of anything hard hitting. The Archivist and Guardian Drones, for example, could make for decent anti-tank, while Ambulls could provide for some excuse of good melee. Lastly, having inquisitorial detachments disrupts faction abilities, unlike the NOFOS, and these builds are only really viable for 500 and 1000 point games (although the definition of "viable" is kinda stretched thin.)

  • Sub-500: If it's killing potential you're looking for, and don't care about CP, then take the "Three Monkeys" plan. A vanguard detachment of 3 Jokaero sets you back an extra 120 (with a basic inquisitor) points for 9W of monkeys with either 18 S4 AP1 shots or 3 S8 AP D3 shots - not game-breaking, but decently flexible, though heavily prone to snipers. Best paired with armies that haven't updated yet, like Knights or Guard.
  • 500 Points: Probably the strongest list here. Take an Inquisitor, take 2x5 cheap acolytes (so either bare bones or other free guns), the Guardian Drones and Spindle Drones from Blackstone Fortress, a Daemonhost, and a Jokearo, all in a Vanguard Detachment. End result is a strange fusion of heresy and the Emperor's finest. Bonus points if you make your Inquisitor a Radical Ordo Xenos member.
  • 1000 Points: Ok a little more serious. Playing a bigger game nets you 3 CP at the start, so that's something. Otherwise, the core of an Inquisitor, 10 acolytes, and the monkey and daemon stay the same. This time though, bring 2 Ambulls (or 1 Ambull and an extra squad of acolytes) and 2 Inquisitor Land Raiders, and customize to your heart's desire. This time around you have some actual armor and some decent shooting and melee, but <25 models still isn't much.