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Why Play Inquisition[edit]

Because you want an army that nobody expects, with surprise and fear as your chief weapons. The Inquisition may seem like a peculiar army at first glance- for starters, they have no Troops, Heavy Support, or Fast Attack units and their army selection in general is just barely enough to qualify as an army. However, that misses the point of playing them- their role is to act as a secondary Allied detachment that can cover whatever bases that the main army (and their big allied detachment) can't cover for. Combined with some impressive wargear and the ability to nominate an HQ as the army's warlord while remaining as an allied detachment, the Inquisition makes an ideal ally for just about any Imperial faction (and maybe several xenos factions as well). Or you're playing Skitarii and don't want to hand over a free "slay the warlord point"

Special Rules[edit]

Warlord Traits[edit]

  • 1- Unquestionable Wisdom: The Warlord and his unit can choose to pass or fail any Morale Test. Take that Papa Smurf!
  • 2- Reader of the Tarot: While the Warlord is alive, you can roll two dice and choose the more favorable result when rolling for Reserves, Outflank, Mysterious Terrain, and Mysterious Objectives. This one...this one's interesting. It doesn't say that it doesn't effect Allied Detachments, it just says you can choose dice when rolling, this one's pretty sweet. Might be FAQ'd or updated, but...keep an eye on it.
  • 3- Burner of Worlds: Once per game, the Warlord can skip the shooting phase to call down an orbital bombardment (infinite range, S10 AP1, Ordnance 1, Large Blast, Barrage, and Orbital). Exterminatus on demand, baby.

4-6 are different depending on which Ordo your Inquisitor is a part of.


  • 4- Witch Hunter: The Warlord and his unit gain Preferred Enemy (Psykers). Karamazov has this trait by default. It's alright, but a Psyocculum in the unit renders it nearly useless, so...be careful.
  • 5- Will of Iron: The Warlord and his unit gain Adamantium Will. If your Inquisitor is a Psyker, this makes you Deny on a 4+, pretty sweet.
  • 6- Master of Interrogation: Enemy Infiltrators can't be set up within 24" of the Warlord. If you also took 3 servo skulls, well, just laugh at your opponent as you ask them to set up Infiltrators. Considering how rare they are now, though...you might not even get a giggle. Still cool.


  • 4- Xeno Hunter: The Warlord and his unit have Preferred Enemy (Xenos) when targeting enemy non-vehicle units from the following lists: Dark Eldar, Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Tau, and Tyranids. Pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Can be fuck-mothering useful if you're actually facing one of those units.
  • 5- Xenotech Collector: The Warlord gains a 6++, and one of the Warlord's ranged weapons gains S+1 and Rending for the duration of the battle. One of the only ways to give an Inquisitor an Invuln save.
  • 6- Purity of Mankind: Humanity Fuck Yeah in game. The Warlord and his unit gain Hatred.


  • 4- Daemonhunter: The Warlord and his unit gain Preferred Enemy (Daemons). Coteaz has this by default. See the other two, it's conditional at best, but can be damn nice in the right spot.
  • 5- Incorruptible: All units with the Daemon USR within 12" of the Warlord suffer a -1 penalty to their invulnerable save on top of any other modifiers. Watch Daemons weep if you combine this with a Grimoire of True Names and a right roll on a Daemonblade.
  • 6- Forbidden Lore: If the Warlord is a Psyker, he generates a bonus Warp Charge each turn; otherwise, the Warlord gains Adamantium Will.The latter doesn't apply, you should ALWAYS take a psyker as an Inquisitor. Awesome. Just awesome.

Inquisitorial Detachment[edit]

Unlike normal armies, the FOC for the Inquisition consists of a minimum of 1 HQ unit (2 max) and up to 3 Elites (along with any Dedicated Transports) plus, thanks to Forge World, a single Fast Attack choice (only for Valkyries). Naturally, this means that you'll have to get creative with your wargear to make the most of your army. Nominating this as the lead detachment grants you a mere re-roll on the Codex Warlord Traits table. Not a bad idea, but do consider keeping the bigger army as the main detachment for at least Objective Secured.

The Big =][='s Armory[edit]



  • Flak Armor: Acolytes and just about every Henchmen choice have this base. Cardboard armor with a shit 5+ save. Bolters negate it. Thankfully, many classes can trade it or elect to take it on superior Invulns (Crusaders)
  • Carapace Armor: 4+ save. It's expensive but you're taking it on Acolytes. All Inquisitors have it base, but it is almost always a better call to replace it with one of the options below.
  • Power Armor: 3+ Armor save. It only adds a marginal price upgrade to any Inquisitor and is a straight upgrade from the carapace the Inquisitor has. A great investment overall and pretty much is an auto-include. It's horribly expensive on acolytes, making them more expensive than space marines by a point with lower stats. The only reason to bring this on acolytes is if you have a Jokaero weaponsmith and hope to bring your armor saves down to two. That's worth it. But it's a long shot.
  • Terminator Armor: The good old famous Deathwing/Grey Knight Paladin armor available on your Daemonhunter Inquisitor! It more than doubles the Inquisitor's point cost but you're taking it anyway because you get a 2+ Armor, 5+ Invuln. It confers the ability for your Inquisitor to Deepstrike so it's advised you take a Servo-skull in that case.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

All Ordos[edit]
  • Bolt Pistol: Allows your Inquisitor to have an extra attack. All Inquisitors have 1 base but it is almost always a better call to replace it with another weapon.
  • Combi-Weapon: Tried and true option, a Bolter that comes with a 1-use Flamer, Meltagun, or Plasma Gun. If you know when to use it, it will never disappoint. Acolytes and Priests can also take these, although it's kind of pointless since they can get the full version for the same price.
  • Plasma Pistol: The same pistol Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Sisters of Battle have. However, because you're such an influential fellow you can get yours for the low, low price of... 10 points. Not great, but makes it worth considering since you can still get +1 attack in close combat versus a combi-plasma that won't even let you charge in the same turn.
Ordo Malleus[edit]
  • Hellrifle: Not to be confused with the Hellgun, this fucker does an impressive job of tearing up MEQs with S6 AP3, and Heavy 1 plus Rending makes it even better at it. Malleus lists should probably include this with a shooting HQ, if you're not going for Terminator Armor, that is. You can use it to instadeath most Guard HQs, which is a nice little touch.
  • Incinerator: S6 AP 4 flamer. A good choice, but generally the hellrifle is a better pick. However, it's hilariously destructive against Blobguard, Blobtau, Blobgreen and Blobanids. Fire it and watch instant death melt those hundreds of units away. Shares the same strong points (albeit stronger by a point or two) as all flamer weapons, great for overwatch, crowd control, and for clearing occupied buildings. Shish Kebab time.
  • Storm bolter: Malleus Terminators get it by default. It's 2 shots at 24" so it's an improvement over the Bolt Pistol or the Bolter part of a Combi-weapon. Since it is assault, not rapid-fire, it's great on any dedicated close combat units.
  • Psycannon: The good ol' signature ranged weapon of Grey Knights and the shit responsible for 20% of the rage directed against them before 7E, it's an S7/AP4 Rending rifle with an unusual Type: Assault 2/Heavy 4. In this codex it can only be taken by Malleus Inquisitors in Terminator armour, so it always uses the latter profile. The 15-point price is very reasonable, but to get access to it you have to blow 40 points on Terminator armour.
Ordo Hereticus[edit]
  • Condemnor Boltgun: This Combi-weapon incorporates a single-shot crossbow- while S5 AP- seems like a joke, it also has the Psi-Shock rule that forces a randomly determined Psyker in the enemy unit to insta-Perils on top of anything else. Pretty neat, but a bit expensive for what it does.
  • Inferno Pistol: The same Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle Pistol they know and love. S8 AP1 with a range just slightly shorter than the average charge range. Also has the Melta rule, but at 3", you are more than likely to be caught in the blast, or get killed when the enemy pours out of the transport you popped. Still preferable over the Plasma Pistol.
  • Orbital Strike Relay: Unlike Inquisitors with the Burner of Worlds Warlord Trait, Inquisitor Krazypantsoff(Карамазов) gets a choice of three different forms of Exterminatus. All of them have infinite range and the Orbital rule, and are also once per game.
    • Barrage Bomb: S6, AP4, Ordnance D3(!), Large Blast. When you absolutely have to blow everything up.
    • Lance Strike: S10, AP1, Heavy 1, Lance, Blast. Your go-to Titan-killer.
    • Psyk-out Bomb: S6, AP4, Ordnance 1, Psi-Shock, Large Blast. Situational at best and probably the weakest of the three.
Ordo Xenos[edit]
  • Conversion Beamer: Who forgot these? An interesting little item for Xenos Inquistors that fires a blast that gets more powerful the farther it shoots (At 1-18 inches it's S6 AP-, 19-42 it's S8 AP4 and at 43-72 it's S10 AP1). Obviously this is best used for a heavy weapons Inquisitor at the way back, maybe with a couple Jokero to back them up. Combines oddly well with Split Fire granted by the Liber Hersius, allowing you to shoot 1 Vehicle wayyyyy the fuck off on the other side of the board while your Jokero hit another. Don't forget Prescience. But what you do is this. Take a Xenos Inquisiitor with one of these, and a Hereticus one with a psyoccolum behind an Aegis with icarus lascannon. What happens then is you get the beamer shredding anything far away while the Hereticus pops flyers. Woe betide Lords of Change, Flying Princes,Flyrants or... Well any other psykers as the BS 10 lascannon can punch a hole in anything with wings and the beamer will mulch any Psykers on the ground. And the best part? This is both dirt cheap and easily spammable.
  • Needle Pistol: The range stinks, but AP2 and Poison (2+) mean that it's guaranteed to ruin the day of any Terminator that gets too close. Pretty nice if the Jokaero you're taking give you the +12" range upgrade!

Melee Weapons[edit]

All Ordos[edit]
  • Chainsword: Bog-standard Close Combat Weapon. All Inquisitors have one base but it is almost always a better call to replace it with another weapon.
  • Power Sword: AP3, but unless you're an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades, you're wounding Space Marines on 5s. Let the S4 I6 Death Cult Assassins who come with these base do the work instead.
    • Force Sword: A souped up Power Sword with the Force Special rule. A Psyker Inquisitor can take one for free, and that is awesome. Generally won't disappoint if you want to smack things with Instant Death.
Ordo Malleus[edit]
  • Daemonblade: While using a daemon weapon is almost always a bad idea if you aren't with Chaos (especially because it's S User and AP-), it gives you two randomly selected powers from the following list (roll two 2d6, if you get the same result twice it lets you choose which buffs you want). It can be funny if you get the right rolls, and since 7 is statistically likely, it's alright versus Daemons, I guess... Or you could take a Hellrifle. OR, for shits and giggles and some pretty good asskicking, dual wield daemonblades (There's nothing in the codex that says you can't) and get FOUR epic powers. Imagine going up against 3 S6 AP2 attacks from a FNP Eternal Warrior inquisitor that can instant death in a duel...or 6 poisoned attacks with furious charge and rage and the inquisitor gains another wound each time he kills something. Now you get to tell people to remove their models on melee combat. HAHAHAHAHA!... Unfortunately, depending on how you interpret it, the two Daemonblades might be two seperate weapons, so you couldn't use both profiles at the same time. Then again, you could get FNP, EW, FC, Rage, or Force anyways.
    • Edit: Codex: Imperial Agents clarifies which effects apply to the Inquisitor and which to the weapon itself. If you want to wield two and hope for the best, go for it!
    • 2-3: S increases to User+3.
    • 4: Gain +3 attacks.
    • 5: Gain AP2.
    • 6: Gain +1W each time an unsaved wound with the Daemonblade is inflicted up to a maximum of 10 wounds.
    • 7: Always wound Daemons on a 2+, and forces them to reroll successful invulnerable saves.
    • 8: Gain Furious Charge and Rage.
    • 9: Gain Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior.
    • 10: Gain Poison (2+).
    • 11+: Gain Force and generate a bonus Warp Charge each turn.
  • Power Fist: Interestingly, the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor cannot take it. It's S6 AP2 so a step up but drops you to I1. You'd have to be crazy to give one to your Malleus Inquisitor, though; the Nemesis Daemon Hammer is the same price and is superior in every way.
  • Nemesis Daemon Hammer: Standard thunder hammer with Force plus forcing Daemons/Psykers wounded by this to test Ld or get insta-killed. Malleus terminators get this by default.
Ordo Hereticus[edit]
  • Null Rod: It would be an average power weapon if it weren't for its special Witchbane rule, which cancels the effects of psychic powers (from allies and enemies) on the user's unit and causes models with the Psyker and Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers rule to suffer Instant Death when they take unsaved wounds.
  • Power Fist: As above, but slightly more viable here. It's not any cheaper, but the Ordo Hereticus doesn't have the sweet, sweet Daemon Hammer as an alternative.
  • Thunder Hammer: An interesting buy. For 5 points more than a Power Fist you get Concussive, which is a nice bonus. It's more likely to come into effect with your Inquisitor because his S6 blows will only insta-kill other mere humans. Malleus' Daemon Hammer is better and cheaper; feel free to rage.
Ordo Xenos[edit]
  • Scythian Venom Talon: S User, AP-, Poison (2+). Use the Needle Pistol instead. Really. I mean, you can be a shitty version of a Dark Eldar, but it has no AP.

Special Issue Wargear[edit]

  • Defense Orb: Adds 5++ invulnerable save. Jokaero get these, not you. Your Inquisitor doesn't get an Invulnerable save unless he gets Terminator Armor.
  • Rosarius: Gain a 4+ invulnerable save. Given to Ministorum Priests. Nope, Inquisitors can't get it.
  • Storm Shield: Gain a 3+ invulnerable save. Given to Crusaders freely but Acolytes can buy them for 20 points, which is more than the cost of the crusader. Nope, Inquisitors can't get it.
All Ordos[edit]
  • Psyk-Out grenades: All Inquisitors have it by default and this can't be swapped for anything so I'll leave this here. Made from the psychic shit that condenses from the bottom of the Golden Throne. Drops any Psykers or Daemons you charge to I1. Will absolutely punish people who take/rely on Psykers (Grey Knights, Tyranids, Daemons), but it's a bit case-by-case.
  • Servo-skulls: These are placed on the battlefield (and can be placed anywhere outside the enemy deployment zone) after deployment areas have been determined, but before any forces are deployed. Enemy infiltrators cannot set up within 12" of a Servo-skull and enemy scouts can't use their pre-game move to approach within 12" of a Servo-skull. A friendly unit arriving by Deep Strike rolls one D6 less for scatter if it aims to arrive within 12" of a Servo-skull and friendly blast templates placed within 12" of a Servo-skull roll one D6 less for scatter. They can't technically be destroyed, but if an enemy gets within 6" of one it will be removed from play. It's also a great way of rounding out points if you take three Acolytes with special weapons and those are the only ones you take. Yaaaay, OCD!
Ordo Malleus[edit]
  • Empyrean Brain Mines: After assault moves have been made but before any blows are struck, Nominate one enemy model in base contact with the bearer. That model must pass an Initiative test to avoid the brain mine. If the test is passed, nothing happens. If the test is failed, the victim cannot strike any blows during this Assault phase. It's...alright. A good protection in Challenges, to be sure. You could derp out an opponent and own them with your Nemesis Hammer. (Alternate Take): When combined with the aforementioned Psyk-Out Grenades, the Grimoire, and a Daemon Hammer you turn your 90 pt Inquisitor into a Daemon killing machine. One-shotting a Blood Thirster in a challenge is not unheard of.
  • Psybolt Ammunition: Your boltgun/pistol/stormbolter now has +1 Strength. If you're struggling to put those last five points somewhere, it's not the WORST take. Would go better on one of your vehicles, though (like a Heavy Bolter Razorback or Chimera).
Ordo Hereticus[edit]
  • Psyocculum: The user's unit gets BS10 when shooting at a unit which has at least 1 model with Psyker, Psychic Pilot or Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers. AMAZINGly situational. Emphasis on Amazing. Bonus points for using this versus Tyranids. It doesn't work on Flying Monstrous Creatures with Psyker rule, sadly. Psyocculum pushes your BS up to 10, but then Snap Shooting from them being flyers drags it back down to 1, regardless of the circumstances. Find some form of access to skyfire (Skyfire Nexus, Space Marine Command Tanks) though and you're good.
Ordo Xenos[edit]
  • Digital Weapons: Re-roll a single failed To Wound roll each assault phase. Could help get that lucky Force strike in. If you're in melee, and Ordo Xenos, things have probably gone wrong already, but it might be okay if you took these two trinkets below...
  • Psychotroke Grenades: Roll a d6 when in the first round of an assault and something hilarious could happen:
    • 1 - Jack shit. You're fucked, now!
    • 2 - All your attacks auto-hit. Also, the enemy models only get 1 attack each. Roll this against something that has a fuckton of attacks and high WS (Ork Boyz, Daemonettes, Wulfen, Genestealers), and watch the opponent rage harder than the Angry Marines.
    • 3 - You re-roll failed hits. Be careful, because a Priest will nullify it with Hatred.
    • 4 - The enemy is now Ld2. Fearless ignores this natch, but for any non-fearless units the price of losing combat by even a pitiful 1 wound just got extremely high.
    • 5 - The enemy is now I1. Of course, this result is worthless if going against Psykers or Daemons because your Psykout grenades reduce the model to I1 anyway.
    • 6 - All enemy models must make initiative tests. If a model fails they attack their own guys instead of yours, and any wounds count toward your Combat Resolution. Single model units re-roll this result. This is the result you hope for against Orks and Tyranids, aside from #2.
  • Rad-Grenades: Grenades that reduce the enemy's toughness by 1 for a round when in assault. Pretty nifty. Pretty much a guaranteed brief enfeeble on the enemy.
    • Has the strange property of not limiting the reduction of toughness to 1. Per 40k rules, T0 results in instant death. Also makes no mention that it doesn't stack with other units. So if 3 ordo Xenos with rad grenades charge a 50-strong guardsmen blob as separate units, all 50 instantly die. Field 25 of them for 1000 points, and slowly march them up the field. Laugh as everything dies from being near them. Take some skitarii allies and stick him in a squad of vanguard, laugh as your inquisitor kills the mighty space marines on a 2+!
  • Ulumeathi Plasma Syphon: Matt Ward's infamous addition to the Grey Knights is now (mercifully) in an army that isn't quite as likely to abuse it. It still reduces all models firing plasma weapons within 12" to BS1, making it a pain in the ass to anyone who relies on them. Tau plasma rifles count as of the new paper codex

Acolyte Weapons[edit]

Acolytes can take the following:

  • Bolt Gun: 1 point for S4 AP5. Want to be the same price as a Guardsmen and have better ranged weaponry? Pretty much always worth it unless you just want dedicated tarpitters, in which case the +1 attack from the default loadout is more up your alley.
  • Storm Bolter: 3 points, 24" range is decent if you want a cheap pokey gunline. Also, if you get lucky with Jokaero rolls you can get Rending on them and begin drinking your opponent's tears. However, 5 Acolytes with SB is the same as 7 Acolytes with Bolt Guns. Sure the Storm Bolter has other advantages, but always consider the trade off.
  • Hot-shot Lasgun: S3 AP 3 18" range for 5 points. Slaughters MEQs pretty handily. Not generally worth it though when you can take Militarum Tempestus allies, especially since they can take Hotshot volley guns, they get BS 4 and orders from their HQ squad, and are cheaper than Acolytes with Carapace Armor and this.

Inquisitoral Armory[edit]

Three Acolytes per Henchmen squad can take these.

  • Combi-Weapon
  • Flamer: BS 3 doesn't matter here, so it's not an awful take if you expect hordes.
  • Power Weapons: Come in standard Lance, Maul, Sword, and Axe forms. If you really want to take these, grab a Power Axe. At S3 and I3, your Acolytes are probably striking last, and S4 AP2 will serve you well. Otherwise other Henchmen do it better and cheaper. If you want Swords, stick with Death Cult Assassins and Crusaders who are quicker and stronger, and can tank hits, respectively. Both cost exactly the same as a lone Power Weapon anyway.
  • Meltagun: Do take it. Short-ranged Anti-tank and good at downing Marines in a pinch. Take 3 per squad and jam tons of them with a Psyker and two meatshields in Razorbacks and roll down the field.
  • Plasma Gun: With S7 AP2 and Rapid Fire, it excels at taking down just about anything from Orks to Terminators to Tyranid Monsters. Though rolling a 1 to-hit means Gets hot! and your guy can die. Be aware of this and take Carapace Armor as well. Also, once again, BS 3--grab a Divination Psyker for Prescience.
  • Storm Shield: Pretty worthless, since this is 20 pts while a Crusader gets it free at 15 and if you really want a 3+ Power Armor is only 10.
  • Power Fist: Doesn't get the discounted price the Inquisitors get. Hilariously point-inefficient. Save 10 points for the Power Axe.

Each Ministorum Priest can take one of these.

  • Chainsword: Replace your close-combat weapon with something functionally identical for free, because WYSIWYG
  • Power Weapons: Much the same logic that applies to Acolytes can be used here.
  • Eviscerator: More than doubles his cost, but gives him S6 AP2 with Armourbane. Never use the Smash War Hymn with this, just re-roll to Wound or failed saves.

Inquisitorial Relics:[edit]

Only one of each relic may be taken for your army, except in ITC tournaments, where your whole army may only have a single relic.

  • Liber Heresius: 15 points. Also known as "The Big Book of Heresy", the bearer of this tome can take a Leadership test at the start of any turn (At Ld10, that's not too shabby). If the test is passed, the bearer of the Liber Heresius and his unit, gain either Scouts (only before the start of the first turn), Split Fire, Counter-Attack, Fear, or Hatred until the start of their next turn. You can't choose the same rule twice, though. Overall, a well-rounded choice and good for all-comers lists.
  • Grimoire of True Names: Why AREN'T you taking this? 5 points. When the bearer of the Grimoire of True Names is fighting a challenge against a model with the Daemon special rule, his opponent suffers a -5 penalty to his WS, I, and Ld characteristics (to a minimum of 1). Now bearing in mind that now, EVERY army can take daemons thanks to Demonology this is actually quite useful. It's only 5pts. A lot of chaos space marine armies that you see at the tournament scene tend to take a daemon prince these days, and if it comes to slay the warlord, your inquisitor will likely wipe the floor with one. Coming standard with psyk-out grenades (dropping Daemons like the Avatar of Khaine, Chaos SM Possessed, and a Keeper of Secrets to I1), and then being able to hit it on 3s is a godsend. Combined with giving him a force weapon, it will be a breeze. And against chaos daemons it works just as well, in fact well enough to stand a chance against greater daemons, this works against eldar avatars too and is down right hilarious when your 60pts inquisitor goes all Calgar on him.
  • The Tome of Vethric: 20 points. If your opponent's detachment is a xenos army, the tome's bearer gains a USR from the following list that corresponds to that xenos race. If both the primary and allied detachment are xenos, you get both of their corresponding USRs. Since all of them are ideal for countering their corresponding race, this one is a must-have when fighting xenos. Unfortunately, since over half the factions in the game are Imperial/Chaos, it may not be the best choice if you aren't tailoring.
    • Eldar: Split Fire
    • Dark Eldar: Night Vision
    • Tau: Furious Charge
    • Necrons: Tank Hunter
    • Orks: Counter-Attack
    • Tyranids: Monster Hunter

Vehicle Upgrades[edit]

  • Dozer Blades: You know what it does. Re-roll failed Dangerous Terrain tests. Can't be taken by Land Raiders, unfortunately.
  • Storm Bolter: You should know what this is too, hopefully. It's a Storm Bolter, it's in the basic weapons loadout above already.
  • Hunter-Killer Missile: A one-use only Krak missile (S8 AP3) but with infinite range. If you needed to ask about this, no, you need to go back to basic.
  • Searchlight: Right, report to the Lord Inquisitor. (Removes the Stealth from Night Fighting on a single unit, but you also lose the Stealth given from Night Fight if you do so)
  • Smoke Launchers: Well, people always forget to use these, so...I suppose it's tolerable to mention. Once per game, the vehicle gets a 5+ Cover Save. A nice way to get your transports semi-safely to their destination.
  • Psybolt Ammo: All Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Storm bolter, Hurricane Bolter, and Assault Cannon shots gain an additional +1S. Give this to a twin-Heavy Bolter Chimera, or a Land Raider Crusader or Prometheus and revel in the dakka.
  • Truesilver Armor: If a model with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot hits this vehicle in close combat, it suffers a Strength 6 hit for each hit once damage has been resolved against the vehicle. This is godsend against daemons as you can dangle a rhino with this in front of 20 flesh hounds and get 1st blood and make your opponent RAGE.
  • Psyflame Ammo: Psybolt ammo for flame weapons. Kind of shit on the Redeemer since at S6 it's already wounding basic schmoes on 2s.

Unit Analysis[edit]


It wouldn't be an Inquisitorial detachment without some Inquisitors, right? On top of the returning characters (apart from the conspicuously absent Valeria), you also have a generic Inquisitor whose Wargear choices are dependent on their Ordo. The generic Inquisitor can be upgraded to a Mastery Level 1 psyker for an additional 30 points. The thing is, Inquisition can roll on Pyromancy, Telekinesis, oh, yeah, and Divination- and that's on top Daemonology (Sanctic). Take a psyker. Cheap access to Divination for whatever army you're a detachment of. You need it. It's good.

  • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - Compared to the other two, he gets Terminator Armor, Incinerators and Psycannons, Psybolt ammunition, Empyrean brain mines, the Hellrifle, the Daemonblade, and Nemesis Daemonhammers. To be flat out honest, he's probably the most well rounded character just as able to wade in with a Daemonhammer and brain mines as he is to sit back and snipe. A close combat guy with a unit of Crusaders, Assassins, and a couple of Priests in a Land Raider can get messy quick, lots of potential to overwhelm people with strength boosting weapons from your cheap access to Power anything. He also is the only one who can get an invulnerable save base. So, there's that. Still, unless you're going against Daemons, his unique half of the warlord table are mostly...er, useless. Daemonblade can be fun, but don't rely on getting something amazing. If you're taking an Inquisitor for an all-comers list, then this should be your first choice.
    • Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz : "Torquemada – do not implore him for compassion. Torquemada - do not beg him for forgiveness. Torquemada - do not ask him for mercy. Let's face it - you can't Torquemada anything!" [1] - Completely different from the Daemon Hunters Codex in both fluff and gameplay, but is nonetheless still loved, he's the big bad Inquisitor, with a master-crafted Daemonhammer, a cyber-eagle (an Assault d6 S4 AP- "weapon"),and artificer armor. On top of that, he's a Mastery Level 2 Psyker with access to the Divination, Pyromancy, Telepathy, Telekinesis, or Daemonolgy (Sanctic) disciplines. If an enemy unit arrives from reserve within 12" of him, he and his unit can shoot at it, even if it's not his turn (and it can be done limitlessly. That Space Marine player and his Drop Pod spam is in for a horrible day when he lands within 12" of Coteaz with Hot-Shot Lasgun Acolytes, Servitors with Plasma Cannons and Jokaero), and he can force either player to re-roll to seize the initiative. He comes with the Daemonhunter Warlord trait, giving him Preferred Enemy: Daemons. And the cherry on top? You get all of this for a paltry 100 points.
    • Inquisitor Hector Rex (Forgeworld) - This is one buff Inquisitor. Unlike a majority of Inquisitors (well, humans overall), Rex is as strong as your average Space Marine which is shown on his profile with him being S4 (though he remains T3 like the rest of the average humans, a tear shed in pity). Equipped with Artificer armor, Storm Shield, a bolt pistol (No more Psybolts) and a unique Force Sword called "Arias" that requires no worse than a 2+ to wound any Daemon or Daemon Lord and Armourbane against Daemon vehicles, Rex seems like the poor man's Kaldor Draigo (though model wise he's Draigo's superior, badass looking mofo that he is). He also has Psyker Mastery Level 2 with access to Banishment, Hammerhand, and Sanctuary, Stubborn, and a Hood and Adamantium Will, making him just as good at denying powers. Bare in mind that, RAW, he will peril on any double roll when attempting to manifest one of his Psycic abilities as he lacks the special rule Grey Knights have (emailed FW about this and they said they would try to include it in an upcoming FAQ but in the mean time, forge the narrative!). If you do manage to get Sanctuary off he can become nigh-unkillable with the right Retinue. All he needs is a single Ministorum priest to fuck over any daemon MC with a 2++ rerollable, though adding in some crusaders for cheap 2+ invuln saves w/ sanctuary is never a bad idea. At 175 points, he's not too shabby. Also, fluff wise, this guy is arguably the biggest badass in the Imperium, he fricking flipped off An'ggrath before fighting one on one, and beat him!
  • Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor - Compared to the other two, he gets Inferno Pistols, Condemnor Boltguns, Thunder Hammers, Null Rods, and the Psyocculum. of the three he's the choppiest with his two unique guns are a one shot anti psyker cross bow for a bolter, or melta pistol with range just barely longer then the average charge. The thunderhammer is barely a unique weapon as the Malleus get the same thing just with an anti deamon rule (which is somehow cheaper for them), the null rod can chew up psykers, while also being unable to target the inquisitors unit with powers. Generally the Hereticus is good for one thing, killing psykers. But, since more people are taking Psykers as of 7th to utilize the Psychic phase, he's a good pick if you know you're not facing Dark Eldar, Tau, Necrons, or Sisters since all his anti-psyker wargear will do sweet fuck all against them. If you really hate that trolling Eldar player who's running a 'fluffy' Wraithguard heavy list, you can take a Psyocculum and some Jokaero and make him dance for his life. BS10 monkeys can fling some serious shit. In all, he's a bit more situational than the other two but does have a whole bucket of fun tools should your opponent bring psykers en-masse (Grey Knights, Eldar, Chaos Daemons).
    • Inquisitor Karamazov - He's no longer a Monstrous Creature anymore, despite his size, but he does have the statline of one, and has a master-crafted multi-melta (that he can fire on the move and assault in the same turn) and power sword, and an orbital strike beacon (that he can fire on a friendly unit to prevent scatter). He also has his "Dread Reputation rule" which means his unit auto-passes a Morale/Pinning test and all friendly units in 12" can choose to auto-pass or fail Ld tests, so he's an expensive but good tool to use alongside Imperial Guard. However, he can't embark on transports and has no Invulnerable save; a single S10 hit is all that's needed to end Krazypantsoff's purges. Which, honestly, you can't really blame the Tau player for enjoying. He's an Independent Character, so you can join him with some shooty unit and PURGE EVERYTHING with orbital strikes. Comes with the Witch Hunter Warlord trait giving him Preferred Enemy: Psykers. And he also has a nice set of grenades...at 200 points, you are getting what you pay for.
    • Inquisitor Katarinya Greyfax (Imperial Triumvirate): 150 points. She has the exact same statline as normal inquisitors, but has a Master-Crafted Condemnor Boltgun, a Master-Crafted Powersword, and a Psyocculum in addition to her Psyk-out grenades. This makes her worth it up front as an anti-Psyker tool. Moreover, she's an ML2 psyker who can only take Telepathy, but she also always knows a unique power called Aura of Oppression: WC1 or WC3. The 1 Warp Charge version is a malediction targeting a single enemy non-vehicle unit within 12" which forces a pinning test, which even if they pass they cannot run, turbo-boost, sweeping advance, or fire Overwatch. The WC3 variant is instead a "nova Malediction" targeting all non-vehicle enemy units within 12". Great in particular at shutting down Tau Support fire bullshit and Dark Angels Supreme Fire Discipline, but grab some Psykers for extra charges.
  • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor - Compared to the other two, he gets Needle Pistols, Scythian Venom Talons, Conversion Beamers, Digital Weapons, Rad and Psychotroke grenades, and the Ulumeathi Plasma Siphon. Xenos is...interesting. His gear is exotic, his traits are useful, but only against Xeno codices. Of the three, the Xenos is the shooting inquisitor and of the three he has some of the best guns. Conversion Beamer can be fun, but the poor guy's only BS4, if you're making him a psyker, which you should be, and giving him some Jokaero, you can take Prescience and really lay some hurt on tanks. Little pricey, and you're going to need to drop Prescience on them to make it really reliable. Alternatively you can build one as a nice little addition to a close combat unit. Although he sucks at melee himself, being a puny human, the fact that you can stack all of the grenades on him at once make him fairly useful. If your melee deathstar needs more kick, try adding one of these with Rad grenades, Psychotroke grenades and a Plasma Syphon. He'll add twice as much kick as any other Inquisitor would due to reducing the toughness of all enemy models by 1 and giving you a chance to completely fuck their unit over with Psychotroke grenades. Syphon is a nice addition as if he's in a strong melee unit anyway the chances of plasma weapons being within 12" is fairly high.
    • Inquisitor Solomon Lok (Forge World) - This guy had a SERIOUS drop in price to a measly 60, along with some boosted stats over a normal Inquisitor (+1 WS/I) and the loss of his special retinue, though he can still take a generic one which can add Major Durra (another 3-wound character) to it. He's got more grenades (Krak, Frag, and Psyk-Out), psybolts, an MC Power Sword with Digi-weapons, a 2+/5++, and a Skull. He gets a special Warlord Trait that gives his team FNP within 3" of an objective, which makes them a lot more of a pain to remove, if the enemy isn't packing S6+.
      • Major Markus Durra (Forge World) - This guy (who can be either a member of Lok's retinue or replace the head of the D-99 CS) is the head of the Elysian Drop Troops D-99. He's also got some serious weapons (A shotgun, a heavy Chainsword, and a laspistol, which he can swing at I5, as well as a 4+/5++ and Preferred Enemy (Nids).


You get 3 slots of Elites, and just one thing you can put in them: an Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband. They're your Inquisitor's band of ragtag misfits; think of them as the Inglourious Basterds IN SPACE! Under 7th edition, everything is scoring, but even with Coteaz, there's no way to get Objective Secured. You can put 3-12 models of any combination in each slot (plus dedicated transports) for a total of 36 "troops" in your detachment. If that's not enough, remember you can always take more Inquisitorial detachments; they just need an Inquisitor to lead each one.

  • Acolyte - They are your bread-and-butter Swiss Army Knife choice. Can be anything from simply worse Guardsmen to I-wish-I-was-a-Grey-Knight. No matter how many points you throw at them, though, they're still just puny humies with 3 WS/BS/S/T. Ask yourself two questions when you kit out an Acolyte: "Could a specialist do this better and cheaper?" and "Should I just throw more bodies at it instead?" Keep them cheap and expendable, and remember that quantity has a quality all its own. Above all, their strength is in their flexibility. If you follow the FOC you get 3 special weapons per Elites slot, for a maximum of 9 per Inquisitor. That's a lot of cheap and relatively tanky melta or plasma without needing to worry about them getting mindlocked like Servitors. It's also nice that you can proxy them with damn near anything.
    • Mystic - A living, breathing Locator Beacon. Unless you're planning to 'defensive deepstrike' some guys in Valks using your Grav Chutes, Mystics won't do much for your army. However, they do a great job at helping allied reserves come in better.
  • Psyker - Basic psykers to take to bolster your chances in denials and casting, these guys are merely ML1, but get options from Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Sanctic Daemonology. Oh, and the squad they're a part of needs 5+ to Deny. There is little reason not to include one of these in nearly every retinue, unless for fluff reasons. A warp charge for a mere 10 points is a better deal than any other dex gets. However, due to Brotherhood of Psykers, they generate powers as a unit, so don't go thinking 3 Psykers in a single unit gets you 3 rolls on a Discipline's table. So, take multiple squads to have multiple warp charges. Unfortunate considering the tax you must pay, but oh well.
  • Daemonhost - Fun the same way that Orks are, being unreliable but interesting. 10 points for a D6 table and a 5+ Invulnerable Save. Most useful for ablative wounds and to tank some hits if you somehow did not take Crusaders for that job. Can also be used with a Ministorum Priest wielding the Mace of Valaan to maintain Fleshbane and Armourbane against all comers, which is extremely expensive but funny.
    • You roll a D6 for each unit containing Daemonhosts at the start of every turn. All DH in the same unit get the result applied to them:
      • 1 - Reknit Host Form: Feel No Pain. Now, slightly less squishy.
      • 2 - Warp Grasp: All close combat attacks are AP2. Nice, but you need to have gotten into a position to charge and luck out with this.
      • 3 - Daemonic Speed: Daemonhost becomes I10 and gains Fleet, which is essentially useless since Fleet is not granted to the rest of the unit.
      • 4 - Warp Strength: The Daemonhost is now S6. If only you could combine Warp Strength with Warp Grasp.
      • 5 - Energy Torrent: A 24" S4 AP3 Assault 1 Blast. Nice against MEQ if you do happen to luck out with this.
      • 6 - Unholy Gaze: A 24" S8 AP4 Assault 1 weapon. Pretty impressive strength, but stupid AP value.
  • Inquisitorial Servitor - Well-armored and start with piercier power fists, but are better when outfitted with heavy weapons. A cheap way to put some plasma cannons onto the field. But there's a catch- if a unit with a Servitor in it doesn't also have an Inquisitor in it, the unit the Servitor is in has a 50-50 chance of being unable to move, shoot, or assault that turn. A good way of dealing with this is just sticking all of them with your optional second Inquisitor HQ or ally Inquisitor.
  • Arco-Flagellant - Puts out 4 S5 attacks per turn (that unfortunately allow armor saves) and has Feel No Pain. Good for being used as beatsticks against low-armor units, such as Orks or lesser daemons. Can glance most vehicles to death on rear armor in a heartbeat. They're probably better at forcing saves than Assassins, but they're insanely squishy (no armor, and FNP on T3) and only I3.
  • Crusader - Come with power swords and storm shields, use them to suck up wounds that would otherwise be unsaveable. Not so good for offense, but soak heavy fire and power weapon attacks like a sponge.
    • With 3++ and power swords these guys will almost always win combat with [MEQ]s, making them incredibly useful against most armies. A unit of 8 With an Eviscerator Priest with plasma and 3 Power armor plasma acolytes can provide a very strong unit. Make sure not to forget that priest, though: the save reroll will come up ~60% of the time which can seriously extend the life of your bullet sponges.
  • Death Cult Assassin - If you use Crusaders for defense, you use these girls for attack. S4, 3 power sword attacks (4 on the charge) at I6, and 5+ invuln saves, they can dish out the hurt, but they can't take it. Given how much AP3 they can put out per turn, these girls are strong against MEQ. Incredibly useful against Space Marines. With 4 attacks each on the charge, they even do alright against 2+ saves, provided there aren't too many of them.
  • Ministorum Priest - Ported from the Sisters of Battle Codex, and no less potent for it. Zealot gives the unit they're with Fearless and Hatred basically, don't forget hatred!!! Unlike the other henchmen, they are Characters (but not ICs, unlike their Sisters equivalents). Use their Hymns to keep everyone buffed (beware Ld7 though) and give them either an Eviscerator, combi-weapon, Condemnor boltgun, Power Axe or a chainsword and plasma pistol for maximum close-combat effectiveness. Meltabombs are a good investment if you have points to spare. If you want a shooting unit, though, these guys can stay home and preach unless you really need an extra plasma gun or storm bolter, or you want to be able to tarpit in a pinch.
    • Note: If the allies are Sisters, use their priests since they're independent characters and aren't restricted by the Henchmen Squad with up to 5 per detachment.
  • Jokaero Weaponsmith - You can thank the Old Ones for these guys; Space Monkeys that make your guns better! Yay! Also, their digital weapons can function as either a multimelta or a lascannon (and a heavy flamer for painful overwatches), making them one of the few anti-armor units in the codex, and a wannabe obliterator. Unfortunately, they suffer when taken in bulk, due to being expensive and having a mediocre BS3. A good rule of thumb is two or three. Look at the weapon mod tables and mathhammer below to see why taking more than 3 is not a good idea at all. They can be massive force multipliers for each of your squads, and if you throw them with your Storm Bolter Acolytes they can not only potentially give them Rending or epic saves but also some fairly hefty firepower.
    • Putting five of these in a Chimera allows you to pop out 5 Lascannon shots from the protection of the box, albeit at BS3, but is still quite strong.
    • Roll a D6 for every unit containing a Jokaero and add 1 for every extra Jokaero in the unit you may have taken:
      • 1 - Aesthetic Alteration: Jack shit. I hope you took at least 2 Jokaero to a unit, or you're one unlucky sod.
      • 2 - Improved Gun Sights: All weapons in the unit gain +12" Range. Awesome with most any weapons but meltas and hotshot lasguns benefit the most.
      • 3 - Reinforced Armor: +1 to the unit's armor saves. Now your Power Armored Inquisitor/Acolytes may as well be wearing Artificer armor.
      • 4 - Penetrating Ammunition: The unit's shooting weapons gain the Rending special rule. This would be why you want a lot of storm bolters. You've seen what Eldar infantry can do, well, now you can do it too. But better.
      • 5 - Augmentative Energy Shields: 5++ blanket Invuln for the unit. One of the only ways to get an Invulnerable save on an Inquisitor. Fantastic if you have Arco-flagellants.
      • 6 - The Works: roll twice more on the table, ignoring duplicates and more sixes.
    • Take a good, hard look at the "add 1 for every extra Jokaero" rule and the results from a roll of 6. Yup, followup sixes are wasted, and the more Jokaero you have the more sixes you'll get. A big mob of Jokaero can make a sweet heavy weapons team, but they won't be rolling many customizations. Also, keep in mind that having several Jokaero per warband makes certain customizations impossible. Taking two will make sure you never roll Aesthetic Alterations, which is great, but having three means you also can't get the awesome Improved Gun Sights.
      • In general if you take more than 3 Jokaero you'll receive diminishing returns on the table, to the point that it can stop being worth it. If you actually want useful bonuses then try to limit it to 2-3 at most and just get more units if you want more Jokaero.

Dedicated Transports[edit]

This is your main source of big guns, so be sure to get one Dedicated Transport for each unit if you can. Any allies you have will always thank you for one, as of 7th Edition Battle Brothers can take each other's transport. This allows for cheesy combos like 5 allied Ogryns and a Priest in a Land Raider.

  • Rhino: The METAL BAWKSES we all know and love. Cheap, effective, and 2 Fire Points with that psybolt ammo upgrade will help give it a little extra power.
  • Razorback: Another Space Marine vehicle ported over, with all the strengths and weaknesses intact. It's a much passed over option, 6 warrior acolytes with 3 bolters and 3 plasmaguns mounted in a Razorback with the stock twin-heavy bolter with psybolt ammo comes in under 120 points and is pretty badass. 3 S6 heavybolter shots with rerolls and 3 plasmaguns..... yeah you're thinking about it now, but with no fire points they need to get out... which kinda stinks.
  • Land Raider - The Inquisition gets 3 of the variants. All of them can use the Inquisitorial vehicle upgrades.
    • Classic (or Godhammer) pattern Land Raider - 2 sets of twin-linked lascannons and a twin-linked heavy bolter. Carries 10 (it was 12 in 5th edition until it got changed). Power of the Machine Spirit allows an additional weapon to be fired at a different target (even while shaken/stunned), theoretically allowing you to move 6" and destroy two enemy tanks (if you're lucky). As schizophrenic as it is, you don't have too many other anti-tank options to choose from so you may as well use it as one. If you're allying in your Inquisitors to a different list, though, use their Anti-tank options.
    • Crusader - 2 sets of "Hurricane Bolters" (3 regular bolters, all twin-linked) and 1 twin-linked Assault cannon, and the 6th edition changes to the rules have greatly improved its weapons. Carries 16(!), often with a multi-melta added (for popping shots at tanks). The Crusader WANTS to be up close, where it's short-ranged anti-infantry guns work wonders to support the squad it was escorting. Give it Extra Armor, nothing sucks more than a stunned Land Raider. Psybolt Ammunition is a must-have as well, given all those Bolter shots you'll be firing with it.
    • Redeemer - Keeps the twin-linked Assault Cannon of the Crusader, but replaces the side-mounted Hurricane Bolters with a pair of Flamestorm Cannons, nasty S6 AP3 flamers. Carries 12. Far nastier against infantry than the crusader, but needs to be up closer... which means melta-range. Whoops. Also, it doesn't help that Flamestorm Cannons being mounted on the side means that the Redeemer can have difficulty hitting things directly in front of it but that shouldn't matter too much since you're using this to get your assault troops in range anyhow, right? Multi-Melta optional, but nice. And the cherry on top: 10 points cheaper than the other two Land Raider varieties. Remember, you may not be allowed to snap shot templates, but power of the machine spirit means you can move 12" and still make someone extra crispy. And did I mention that it can upgrade itself with Psyflame ammo for only 15 points?
    • Land Raider Prometheus (Forge World) The uber crusader granted to the Inquisition via the FAQ for IA2:2nd. Four Twin-Linked heavy bolters (two on each sponson) is the same number of shots as hurricane bolters at <12", twice as many at 12-24, and can actually shoot up to 36, with the advantage of being S5. It's a HB dev squad, twin-linked and it fucks with cover saves by one, ignores night fighting, and boosts reserve rolls by one (2+ reserves ftw!). Don't put it near enemy heavy armour, but a solid tank overall.
      • The real bonus here is that it's a dedicated transport in an Inquisitorial list, where Marine non-Siege armies are stuck taking it as an Elites choice and have to sacrifice a FOC slot. When taken as allies, Inquisitors can take it as a transport for a cheap dude and still leave Marine players with the three full elite slots to play with.
  • Chimera: This is the best choice, right here. The king of the Metal Boxes. Cheaper than Astra Militarum Chimeras by 10 points, but they lose access to the Lasgun Array and the Mobile Command Vehicle rule... but who cares? Jokaero and Heavy Weapon Servitors love these things because 5 models can fire out the top hatch. FIVE MODELS. This lets your servitors/Jokaero/Acolytes fry while staying relatively safe from retaliation and completely makes up for the lack of the extra lasguns. The most cost-effective transport by far and has a decent amount of transport slots, allowing a full Inquisition squad to go in it. Change out the turret to a bolter and grab Psybolt for S6 AP4 goodness. Throw in a storm bolter for additional pea-shooting (which will surprise the heck out of an opponent when you glance their Rhino or blow up their Raider). Not to mention, it's AV12 so you have solid AV unlike the Rhino and it can transport things like your Ordo Malleus terminator Inquisitor. Overall, there's nothing bad to say about the Chimera! This vehicle right here enhances the notion that the Big I is meant to be played as an allied detachment. Think of all the goodies you could put on the back of this baby. Devastators, Centurion Devastators, Sternguard veterans, Tempestus or Guard command squads. If its infantry and carries a big gun, five slots to fire out from a Chimera should fit anybody.
  • Valkyrie: Grav chute insertion might be useful in some cases, and it's the only flyer you've got (not to mention your only reliable anti-air defense). It starts with extra armor and a searchlight too. Pretty sweet. It doesn't get access to the Armory. Really, why you'd put a Dozer Blade on a Valk is beyond me, but...who knows. Unless you're purposefully spamming as many Valkyries as possible into a single list, save those Dedicated Transport options for other vehicles, see why below...
    • The Forgeworld FAQ to IA2:2nd allows a squadron of 1-3 Valkyries to be taken as Fast Attack choices in Inquisitor armies, granting the detachment the additional FA slot specifically for these flyers. Additionally, the Fast Attack Valkyries get additional upgrades such as Mindstrike Missiles and access to the Imperial Naval equipment like Chaff Launchers, Flares, Armoured Cockpits and Distinctive Paint Schemes.


Are not an option in the Inquisitorial detachment.

  • Aegis Defence Lines: Not on your own, you don't. Your guys are WAY too expensive to have out in the open, even behind a Defence Line, the amount of Ignore cover in the game is too much to risk getting out of your METAHL BAWKSES. If you're going to Ally Guard, or another similar gunline army, then yeah. I'd say go for it, but flying solo? Stay clear.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad: Well. It, uh, looks nice. However, a Valkyrie can be positioned on it at the start of the game with the Ready for Takeoff formation that gets you a guaranteed flier on turn 2 without reserves. It also gives what ever is parked on it a 4+ Invulnerable save. Still, as with the Aegis Defence Line, you don't just want it on your own. Save it for another flier if your detachment you're allied with has one.
  • Promethium Relay Pipeline: On your own, this is mostly crap: an ADL with no gun and the possibility to explode? No. Unless you're using Salamanders or Sisters as allies, that is: let them, and your Jokaero, hang out behind it and deal out flaming death with the Pipeline's ability to change any flame weapon's type to "Heavy 1, Torrent". In that case, well... Flame on!
  • Imperial Bastion: Huh...ya know. It has potential as a command tower, but...you could also just do what the smartass below me suggests and be even more effective.
  • Fortress of Redemption: Upgrade an inquisitor with divination and hide out in the missile bunker while your allies do all your fighting for you. Or just stand the Inquisitor on top of the tower with a Conversion Beamer and Orbital relay and just have him scream rage down upon your foes.


Castellans of the Imperium[edit]

Found in Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia, this detachment skirts the line between using no force org, and being battle forged. Basically, take Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines (Vanilla Space Marines with Black Templars mind you),Imperial Knights, Assassins, and Militarum Tempestus. Then build the army around the units in there different unit organizations. Ok, so its not that clear cut. The detachment basically lists what units (by name) can be used in what position. Inquisition offer some interesting HQs, and the assassins offer powerful elites. Other then this, best looking at other armies to fill out that force org chart. An interesting note on Inquisition in the detachment, you can use either the datasheet from Black Library or Codex Imperial Agents. Preference will be your main guide in this area. Aside from giving open reign with you army construction, the detachment gives you some other nice benefits.

  • Hatred for all. Yep, everyone in the detachment gains hatred. Even better, if you fill out the force org chart, all the units gain Zealot instead.
  • Chenkov fun. Yep, if a troop unit is destroyed, it has the chance to be in on-going reserves. Add in that you have no upper limit on the number of troops you may take, and you have some combat staying power. Just hope its not a kill point battle.
  • Build a Imperial Crusade. Basically, take what you want to create the perfect army that you always wanted.

The detachment has some problems, though.

  • Points cost. You think getting that Zealot is cheap? You are wrong. Three Lord of War Choices ain't cheap. Not to mention the number of heavy support, troop, HQ, elite, and fast attack choices you need to fill out that Force Org.
  • Multiple armies. For this detachment, you need at least two of the armies listed. So if you are starting out, this is not the detachment for you.
  • LARGE!! This Detachment is large if you plan on filling it out. Having all those books, rules, and units can be daunting.
  • Restrictions. Sorry, unless later FAQed, no Forgeworld for you (Except Vendettas, long story). Except that from Forgeworld Emails, all of their 'dreadnoughts' count as Dreadnoughts for the purposes of formations(just remember that the Leviathan's Relic of Darkness rule means that he can't claim the formation benefits, even if you put him in there). In addition, all of their Badab War Characters count as their respective type for formations. Sevrin Loth is a Librarian, while Captain Tarnus Vale is a Captain. That being said, units in armies such as Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and the like cannot be taken in this detachment.

Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum[edit]

This dataslate allows for any Imperial Army to utilize Assassins as a separate FOC. While it only allows for one Assassin per FOC, using one allows for the player to win 1 VP if they slay the Warlord with the Assassin. However, Assassins themselves can never be joined with any characters or roll a Warlord Trait, so choose your main FOC with care.


  • Vindicare Assassin - The most expensive of the four at 150, but it comes with some serious power. Defensively, it has Move Through Cover, Stealth, Blind Grenades, Fearless, and Infiltrate. They also get a free 4++, as well as the ability to charge through terrain at initiative. Unlike the other assassins he isn't really best suited for combat, while he is no slouch in combat if he is charging the enemy you really aren't using him properly. The Exitus weapons are largely similar (Rifle has a MASSIVE 72" range, Pistol has basic 12"),with all to-hit rolls outside of snap-firing gaining Ignores Cover and Precision Shot, alongside inflicting a tasty -2 Penalty against all LOS! rolls. As for ammo, the Hellfire rounds are unchanged from their 2+ to-wound, while the Shield-Breaker rounds just ignore all invulnerable saves without destroying equipment and Turbo-Penetrator Rounds being S10 shots against vehicles and causing d3 wounds against anything else.
His Spy Mask gives him Ignores Cover with all of his shooting. So while he can pretty much say, "I don't give a fuck about your saves", this does lend to some pretty ridiculous cheese. Consider what happens if you have him fire a Macro Cannon fortification for Ignores Cover Apocalyptic Blasts
  • Callidus Assassin - Same as the Vindicare, it has Move Through Cover, Fearless, and Precision Strikes, alongside Fleet and Hit & Run. In addition to the -2 LOS! penalty and 4++ with no hampering when charging through cover, Callidus can either Infiltrate within 1" of an enemy model (LoS is ignored) or arrive from Reserves from the opposing side of the table. Either way, on that turn, all enemies can only fire snap-shots at them (meaning she is likely to actually survive a round of shooting before charging in to gut the warlord or target). In a more meta way, the Callidus also allow you to re-roll on Seize and force a MASSIVE -3 penalty on the opponent's first reserve roll(not turn), screwing him over on a vital deep-striking force. As for weapons, the Neural Shredder now always wounds on a 4+, though it's now AP2 with no use on vehicles or buildings. The (no longer specifically C'Tan) Phase Blade is similarly S:User AP2, with a to-wound roll of 6 ignoring Invul saves, which makes it a deal less effective. However, if you want guaranteed hits, they now pack poisoned blades, CCWs with 3+ Poison and Rending, ensuring that someone will die quickly. This also means that Callidus should never be going up against Fortifications or vehicles of any sort. She is the assassin however that you want to throw at those 2++ reroll abominations that have been plaguing the game these days with her Invulnerable save ignoring sword, or most efficiently silencing an annoying warlord HQ. Though her abilities and weapons can basically guarantee death for a selected target be perfectly willing to sacrifice her if things go wrong after the target is dead and your opponents throws everything at killing her.
  • Eversor Assassin - The cheapest of the pack (though not by much. He's 135 to the Vindie's 150), he comes with the basic 4++ with charging through cover as well as -2 to LOS!, along with Infiltrate, Fearless, Move Through Cover, FNP and a roided-up Furious Charge that gives 3d6 distance as well as +3 Attacks. They also get some survivability by being able to overwatch with their hybrid Executioner Pistol (Bolt Pistol and S1 AP- Poisoned (4+) pistol, which can be fired in any combination for the 4 shots) at full BS. Melee-wise, it took a bit of a hit with the Neuro-Gauntlet no longer being a Lightning Claw and instead being a CCW with Fleshbane and Shred, pretty useful against a lot of MC's, but he also has a Power Sword and Melta Bombs to help it kill vehicles. And if that still doesn't cut it and the Eversor goes down swinging (and he will with only a 4++ to save him, though with Feel No Pain as well so he some protection), he'll trigger Bio-Meltdown and explode, causing S5 AP- hits to everyone within d6" of him. tl;dr, send him towards mobs, keep him from anything you know he'll steamroll through or else he'll be shot to death, keep him killing, and if he ever goes down take some consolation that he will at least take a few of the squad that killed him out as well.
  • Culexus Assassin - To start off, he has the basic 4++ with charging through cover, -2 on LOS!, Move Through Cover and Fearless, but he also gets Preferred Enemy (Psykers) and Fear, as well as Psyk-Out grenades, which can either remove an attack from a charging psyker or be thrown as a Haywire Grenade with a blast template that auto-perils a random psyker, and the ability to reduce all shooting and melee attacks to BS/WS1 for the added rage. In addition to that, they can ignore armor saves in combat, with 6's to-wound causing ID while just hitting psykers will ID them. They also inflict -3Ld to all psykers within 12" of them, forcing them to not generate Warp Charges (a seriously risky move in 7E with the Psychic Phase), only being able to harness psychic powers on a 6. However, as a bonus, they're utterly immune to psychic powers and if anyone else gets hit by a malediction or blessing, they'll automatically lose it the moment they get within 12" of the Culexus (Which can backfire on you if you accidentally put a squad within that range, costing you that glorious Invisibility), so be careful when using him in psyker heavy armies like Grey Knights or just any army with psykers as while powerful it can really hurt your synergy. Their trademark weapon, the Animus Speculum, has also been reworked in 7E; the thing will only fire in the Psychic Phase (meaning no overwatch, though snap-firing is allowed), being an 18" S5 AP1 weapon with Assault X (X being the ML of all psykers within 12" of the Culexus, with the option to add up to 3 more Warp Charges to the weapon), making it a potentially deadly hail of doom among psyker-heavy armies like the Grey Knights and Eldar.
    • His Etherium Helmet has been confirmed by the big damn FAQ to ignore Tau Markerlight spam, since it always forces attacks down to BS1, so no matter how many markerlight drone network cheese your local Tau player throws at him, he still hits the Culexus on 6s. Ah, so that's why Aun'Va died to this guy in the Warzone Damocles: Mont'Ka book.

Assassinorum Execution Force[edit]

  • All Assassins pooled together.
    • This can actually be a quite useful secondary detachment as all four assassins are a decent pointsink for an army that lacks such a thing, and are all very powerful in their own right. The only bonuses you get for this are Preferred Enemy (Warlord) and a free VP if one of the Assassins kills the Warlord.

Imperial Agents[edit]

A throwback to the Witchhunters and Daemonhunters codices of old, the codex includes a formation and a detachment for Inquisition. The formation, in particular, allows for an Inquisitor to add a retinue of agents from their dedicated chambers militant in addition to their warband. Inquisition specific information is available here.

Building your Army[edit]

Step One: Figure out what you're doing with your Inquisitorial Detachment and which army it's allying to. If you're going to ally your guys with Marines, grabbing some extra bodies and taking Coteaz is a great way to get extra scoring, for instance. If you're allying Guard, you might want more Jokaero for cheaper Heavy Weapons Squads and a Psyker Inquisitor for Divination. Once you get a good idea of what you're going to ally into, you can start off.

Step Two: Grab an Inquisitor model and some Tempestus Scions. No matter what, you'll usually need a few acolytes, unless you're just having the guy run around on his own. It's fair game, but the Inquisitorial Henchmen have access to the transports, not the Inquisitors. For weaponry on these guys, I'd recommend grabbing the Special Weapon guys. Meltas and Plasma are a good option, as most armies lack ways of putting more then one in a squad without making the cost skyrocket. You usually can't go wrong with a bit of plasma in any list. I'd recommend grabbing a Chimera as well. It can be nice to give a METAL BAWKS to the hat-wearing ponce. -Cheap(ish) Options: Cultists work great as some henchmen. I have used them as Acolytes and arco flagellants, and people are pretty ok with it. Just make sure to file off the chaos sigils and stuff. Now get to kitbashing! -Best option: The new armoured claw set for Genestealer cults is a good way to get cheap acolytes and a chimera. just use green stuff to turn the ridges on their heads into an =][=.

Step Three: Toy about with what you're taking out of your normal lists for Inquisition. If you're going to just add an Inquisitor, where will he stand, what will you need to do to make sure he's protected? That 55 point no invuln save humie isn't the most resilient thing in the world, even in Terminator Armor he's still T3 with a 5++ at best.

Step Four: Experiment and Playtest. They don't stand that well on their own (due to the fact that they're missing 3 FOC slots), but you can easily make them into the most dangerous thing on the field if your opponent has other things to worry about. More then any other, Inquisition Detachments are about finding the balance between your squishy support HQ Inquisitor and the rest of your army.


As a result of the unique FOC and Inquisitorial Detachment rules, this section will focus more on how you can be a more effective ally to a main detachment than how well the other factions can act as your allies. Keep in mind that when an Inquisitorial detachment is used in addition to another allied detachment, both relationships will be used (e.g. in a Space Marines army with a Tau allied detachment, the Inquisitorial detachment will be Battle Brothers with the Space Marines, but Desperate Allies with the Tau). For simplicity's sake, the following section assumes that you are the only allied detachment present.

Battle Brothers[edit]

  • Imperial Guard: Probably the best bet for an ally, both in practice and in a fluffy list. You can take the specialized weapons that they can't, and provide nice fire support with a good shooty unit that's loaded to the gills with Marine killin' weapons. Alternatively, you could kit out an Ordo Malleus for melee, and Deep Strike him in with Tempestus. Deliver that Nemesis hammer to the face.
    • Militarum Tempestus: Like allying with Dark Eldar (Thankfully without one eye open), they're squishy on their own but very fast with their own Valkyries. They don't get the big guns or numbers of the Imperial Guard, but you can bring the big guns with the Conversion Beamer, Razorbacks, Land Raiders and Jokaero. Team up with Sisters of Battle also and you're back in 2nd Edition with Witchhunters, baby! Also, they are the reason you don't want to give your acolytes all the good shit: they get WS3+/BS4 and are pretty much better than your Acolytes at everything.
  • Space Marines: Blobs of Acolytes are your best bet with Space Marines- you give them some extra strength in numbers while they give you some extra bulk and deal with the tougher enemies that you're not suited to fighting yourself (e.g. MCs, named ICs). A good choice as an ally to support. Now the Vanilla chapters got Divination back on their Librarians. Still, get those cheap as chips warp charges in their army!
  • Sisters of Battle: An interesting blend here. You get a ton of anti-infantry with Sisters and ways to get around Cover saves without giving up your precious Prescience. With Immospam back in full force, it could be a very neat combo, giving the Sisters the psyker support they need and some extra long range firepower outside of the (admittedly amazing) Exorcist. Coteaz in a 20 girl block of sisters is hilarious just from the amount of now guided bolter fire, not to mention the torrent of unhappiness that awaits any unit foolish enough to deep strike within "I've Been Expecting You" range. You can also add some Valkyries in (since they have no flyers on their own). Plus Sisters used to be teamed up with Inquisition, time for a reunion.
  • Blood Angels: Your fire support is pretty good. Though you may find your Inquisitorial Henchmen overlapping with how versatile that Blood Angels units can be.
  • Dark Angels: Servo skulls reduce friendly Deep Strike scatter and deploy pre-game, so value is found with Deathwing Deep Strike armies, alongside giving them continued Prescience when Deep Striking. Otherwise, mostly same advantages as per regular SM. Dark Angels can add some speed to your lists as well, though, with bikers. Also, they don't have any cheap Transport Air Units. Supplement this with those Valkyries!
  • Grey Knights: Apart from the Stormraven, GK don't have any air units- they'll be grateful if you bring along a Valkyrie or two. And because they lost most of their anti-armor options with the Codex split, a bunch of Acolytes with meltas, lascannons, and whatnot is exactly what they need to stay in the game.
  • Space Wolves: Valkyries (ironic for space vikings) are very affordable fliers for Space Wolves, though it lacks the utter cheese of Helfrost. Make sure you kit the buggers out with Lascannons. It also helps to add another cheap source of Psyker onto the field, freeing up for either another Wolf Lord/Character or give the Rune Priest space to roll for more helpful powers. 55 points(10 points. Thanks to the update you can now throw mega cheap psykers into the fight) for a Prescience on your Long Fangs on either side of the field? Sign me up. (Coteaz and long fangs also a pretty great combo).
  • Imperial Knights: Never a bad addition. A big, scary distraction spewing death up the battlefield. If this is the main detachment, Prescience on these big guys is epic. With the new Codex, the Knight Crusader with its impressive amounts of Dakka is a great bet, next to the Knight Errant's long range Anti-tank.
  • Skitarii: What do you give them? A HQ thats not going to die to a stiff breeze and what do you get in return? Reliable Anti air and cheap medium infantry. Pair up your Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with a squad of vanguard give him rad grenades and laugh in glee as you cause instant death on any MEQ thats dumb enough to get into combat with you. Bring a small squad of psykers to buff rangers with prescience, you also bring transports which is what the skitarii need most.
  • Deathwatch: They play similarly to Grey Knights, low model count with 1 troop carrying flyer and they rely on deep striking, fast hitting assaults. Use Mystics and Servo-skulls to help with their formations. On the other hand, Inquisition brings the Deathwatch the warm bodies they need with Acolytes in dirt cheap Chimeras.
    • Alternate Opinion: Deathwatch squads are swiss army knives, the Inquisition can make them even better at their job. Throw an Ordo Xeno Inquisitor with the Plasma Syphon and the Liber Heresius/Tome of Vethric into a Kill Team to really ruin an alien's day. Plus, servo-skulls are perfect for the Black Spear Strike Force.

Allies of Convenience[edit]

  • Eldar: The space elves are as squishy as it gets, so bring along some Rhinos or Land Raiders they can hide behind. They won't benefit from the Priest's buffs, but if they brought any Farseers or Warlocks they won't need them anyway. Try to check on your ally's army and see what they're specializing in to complement their army more effectively.- for example, if it's mostly ranged units like Dire Avengers, consider taking Crusaders to act as meat-shields so the Dire Avengers won't get stuck in melee combat.
    • An Alternate Opinion: Why? Why ally your army that, is pretty much there to provide psyker support, to a super psyker army? While you can add decent infantry, you're pretty much just better off using Eldar alone, or allied with Tau. Your troops are eerily similar in statlines, except yours are more garbage in melee due to low initiative. While you do have access to a durable flier, as well as Land Raiders, do you really want them in a list where they won't keep up with the bulk of the force?

Desperate Allies[edit]

  • Dark Eldar: They add overwhelming anti-tank and speed to your rather slow list. They're not very good at holding the line, however, and fold when they get sneezed upon. One Eye Open won't apply much, however, which is pretty damn nice. They'll be so far forward that it won't matter.
  • Tau Empire: The main reason to go InquisiTau is still to fill up the big lack of psychic support that Tau are usually stuck slogging through, but it has to be thrown at the enemy's face, not hanging back to mess with blessings. Remember that the Inquisition, like most Imperial armies, relies on short-ranged firepower, so be sure to make the most of Tau's longer range and jump-shoot-jump; One Eye Open stings like a bitch.

Come the Apocalypse[edit]

  • Chaos Daemons: Perhaps an extremely, extremely, Radical Inquisitor attempted to score a deal with a Daemon to fight other daemons. There's stunning overlap between Death Cult Assassins and Bloodletters, Crusaders and Plaguebearers, Arco-Flagellants and Daemonettes, and Psykers and Pink Horrors. Not to mention there's not much Daemons have to offer you.
  • Chaos Space Marines: Anything they can offer, Space Wolves and Blood Angels do it better at the Battle Brothers level.
  • Tyranids: Close combat beasts you want up far and ahead.
  • Orks: Same as Tyranids.
  • Necrons: Simply put, what do Necrons have to offer you that Battle Brothers don't offer? Nothing. All you get is a 12" no deployment zone and the risk of stopping your entire army. This in fact sums up the whole fucking CtA level allies for Inquisition.


Skitarii vanguard strike[edit]

Just take as many inquisitors with rad grenades as possible and stick each one in a unit of allied skitarii, -2t on the charge, kit them out with some nice melee stuff, take a good doctrine, and run around killing people with your very hard hitting vanguards, and killing the characters in duels.

Attack of the Flying Monkeys[edit]

A new spin on an old classic from the Grey Knights codex, and surprisingly MORE infuriating than ever. Due to the unique FOCs, you will need two Inquisition detachments- one as the Ground Force and the other as the Air Force. Here is a basic template you can use as a base, chop and screw to taste/points/etc:

+++ Ground Force +++ Primary Detachment +++

Inquisitor Coteaz - 100

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

5 Jokaero + Chimera - 230

TOTAL = 1480pts

If you're trying for BattleForged, you'll need another Inquisitor to unlock the second batch of three squads; keep in mind it's 25 points plus equipment.

For your Inquisitorial Air Force, you can take a generic Inquisitor, or better yet Hector Rex (for that extra unit of henchmen). Grab as many Jokaero as you can, and let the lascannon/multi-melta shitstorm commence. Give all squads a Valkyrie as a Dedicated Transport, being sure to take the heavy bolter sponsons and multiple rocket pods. Hilarity will ensue as you grav-chute drop your space apes all over while blasting infantry off the map with the Valkyries, backed up by Chimeras and more lascannon spam on the ground. And if some git decides to try to stop you with the Green Tide or a massive ocean of gaunts? Flame on!

For even more barrels of monkey fun, deploy Servo Skulls to block cheeky enemy infiltrators (White Scars), take Cypher and infiltrate your own ninja monkeys deep into enemy lines so they can absolutely smear monkey shit everywhere; 5 Jokaero will guarantee Cypher has a 5+ invuln, but 4 is better, with a 1/6 chance of Rending, 1/6 of 5++, and 2/3 chance of both; 5 is 100% chance of just 5++. Make sure not to take 6, which grants nothing at all. Alas, none of this will let his pistols Rend in melee due to GW giving him melee weapons that hit with their stats, rather than ranged weapons that hit in melee. However, doing this is difficult, as you need to hope you draw the Master of Ambush Warlord trait to grant Infiltrate to the Jokaero so Cypher can legally deploy with them to gain their benefits; spamming Inquisitors can make this happen, but it's not cheap.

With the new updates, throw a 10 point psyker into each squad, and give them divination. Then laugh, and never stop laughing.

Xeno-tastic Grenade Jugglers[edit]

An Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades and Psychotroke Grenades will cost you 55 points. Make him an ML1 Psyker, take Sanctic and pray you roll Hammerhand (or just use the Codex: Inquisition version (though this only gives you +1S instead of +2)), and stick him with a unit that doesn't have any grenades. Awesome ensues. For example, consider the following. Imagine you had a unit of 5 Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws charging a Hive Tyrant/Monstrous Creature through Difficult Terrain. Normally, you wouldn't do this derptarded tactic because you'd be:

  • attacking last (so you'd die)
  • hitting on 4's (so you'd miss)
  • wounding on 6's (true you'd be re-rolling, but no thanks).

Just by sticking our grenade happy Xenos Inquisitor in there, suddenly you're:

  • attacking first (Frag Grenades to ignore initiative penalty, Psyk-out grenades drop the Tyrant to I1)
  • possibly hitting on 3's, or even auto-hitting (Psychotroke Grenades)
  • wounding on 5's, (Rad grenades) or 3's if you cast Hammerhand.

Suddenly you've got a much greater chance of surviving. Alternatively, Rad Grenades + Hammerhand and a Space Marine with a Thunder Hammer = Instant Death to anything T:5 or lower.

  • Rad Grenades get even more evil when you combine then with Skitarii Vanguard (either Dominus Maniple or Skitarii Maniple) -2 Toughness will hurt almost anything, especially with Pater Radium.
    • Even better when you use a swarm of Xenos Inquisitors individually, as the wording on rad grenades is that they stack.

Sniper Inquisitors[edit]

Inquisitors can take some wargear that is quite nice for some medium-to-long range shooting, and you can take an infinite number of Inquisitors (each in their own detachment), so if you really wanted to you could spam them.

Ordo Malleus

Can take a Hellrifle for 15 points, for a total cost of 40 for S6AP3 36" Heavy Rending. Jokaero are shootier, but this guy gets 3 wounds and 4+ armor, so you trade 5 points and your better guns for far better survivability.

Ordo Xenos

Can take a Conversion Beamer for 40 points. It's a very expensive option, but if you deploy right you could hypothetically get an S10 AP1 blast on top of any big thing that you want to take a few wounds/HP off of.

The full profile:

0-18" S6 AP- 18-42" S8 AP4 42-72" S10 AP1, all of which are Heavy 1 Blast.

Daemon Bashing machine[edit]

  • Recommended: ML1 upgrade with Force Sword (Daemonology recommended due to Banishment inflicting -1 on a Daemon's invuln), Rad Grenades, Digital Weapons
  • Prerequisites: Grimoire of True Names

As described above, taking a Grimoire means that any Daemon you face in a challenge will drop their WS, Initiative, and Ld by 5 (Initiative will be 1 if you challenged when you charge), meaning that against that GUO and LoC, just the Grimoire will be enough while BT, KoS and an Avatar of Khaine may still go before you or at the same initiative (and that's BAD NEWS) if your Psyk-out grenades expire. What that does mean, is that you get to hit them on 4s due to dropped WS, and attack them with a Force Sword (don't forget to activate it!!!). Now, you may wound them on 6s, but if you take Rad Grenades (-1T to enemy), get Hammerhand if you rolled on Daemonology (+2S), cast Banishment and Force beforehand to drop its invuln and have instant-death, and have Digital Weapons (Re-roll 1 failed to Wound roll) you may hilariously crunch a Daemon in a challenge and win your Inquisitor's points back, heck even more than his points back. Throw in a Priest for re-rolls to hit, too! Maximum cost of all of this? 75 points for the full ML1 (and free Force Sword), Rad Grenades, Grimoire, and Digital Weapons on your hat-wearing Ponce. Despite what the whole Daemonbane on Nemesis Daemonhammer makes you think, you go at I1 which kind of kills the whole point: killing that bastard before he strikes back with S6 and instant-deaths you, and no a 5++ in Terminator Armor isn't going to save you.

Alternately, just a Psyker Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with Brain Mines, Grimoire, and Nemesis Daemon Hammer is enough. If you challenge when you charge, the Psyk-out grenades drop then to I1, then the Brain Mines force an initiative test with the dropped Initiative. If they fail (which is 85% likely), they won't get to strike blows at all while your Daemonhammer causes the wounds, and the ensuing Ld test at -5 from the Grimoire means they have to make Ld4 or Ld5 or be removed from play...if you didn't have Force up to Instant-Death them. Full price? 85 points. Season with supporting units like Priests for re-rolls to hit and to-wound, and Arco-Flagellants for S5 attacks. As another alternative if you want to kill Daemons fast take a Psyker Inquisitor with Termie Armour, Psycannon, Brain Mines, Daemon Hammer and Grimoire. Having used this I one shoted Skulltaker and a Fully tooled up Bloodthirster in combat. Quite cheap as well

Ultimately, this is kind of list tailoring for when you know you'll be up against Daemons like Chaos Daemon Characters/Daemon Princes/Possessed/Avatar of Khaine. If not, then your items do jack shit to them except for Force, maybe.

Inquisitorial Henchmen loadouts[edit]

Inquisitors have only one unit choice, the Henchmen; it's so versatile, though, it's possible to write whole tactical articles about it alone, so we will.

  • Shield Wall: Crusaders with 3 acolytes. the Crusaders tank hits with their storm shields, while the acolytes use either melta or plasma to take out whatever you need gone. This has the advantage of being a tough, relatively hard to kill distraction to anyone who does not want to see his tanks or heavy infantry disappear in puffs of smoke while also being a fairly decent melee tarpit thanks to the shields. if you think your might want to charge with these guys rather then just melt tanks, then snag a priest so you can reroll invul saves. If you buy plasma guns, power armor for the gunners might be a worthy investment.
  • Melee Squad: Crusaders, Death Cult Assassins, and Arco Flagellants backed up by at least one Ministorum Priest. The exact mix of Crusaders, DCA, and Flagellants is debatable. If you're willing to stack up points, three of each, two Priests, and an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with Demonhammer and rolling on Sanctic is a very killy unit. To make it even more killy, throw in an Imperial Guard or Vanilla Marine Psyker with Biomancy. Endurance and/or Warp Speed on this unit is absolutely infuriating. However, even if you don't bunch up on an Inquisitor and Priests, remember that this unit absolutely always needs a Land Raider. Be sure to give it a multi melta to pop transports with.
  • Anti-pskyer defense: 3 units of henchmen, each with a psyker and two acolytes. For under 55 points, you get a few units that can hold back field objectives, letting you charge ahead with your main force, and 3 denial dice, which will help you hopefully stop a crucial power or two from going off when you don't want it to. If you have the points, add Jokaero to hit enemy armor with lascannons.
  • Long Range support Squad: Get 10 acolytes equipped with bolters, which costs exactly the same as a guard squad, and throw in a Jokaero and a psyker. With any luck, you'll be looking at an incredibly deadly squad with a decent anti tank weapons re-rolling everything. And all for under 100 points. Swapping out Acolytes for Jokaero gets you more firepower, but it will cost you.