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Why Play Inquisition[edit]

The Inquisition may seem like a peculiar army at first glance- for starters, they have no Troops, Heavy Support, or Fast Attack units and their army selection in general is just barely enough to qualify as a Killteam. But there is a strength to Inquisition. Sure they don't have numbers or units. But what they lack in numbers, they make up with versatility.

Nobody Expects the Imperial Inquisition![edit]


(With the lack of a HQ choice, some of the more interesting Wargear options are gone. You still have a couple.

  • Defense Orb: Adds 5++ invulnerable save. Jokaero get these, not you. Your Inquisitor doesn't get an Invulnerable save. Go fuck yourself.
  • Digital Weapons: Reroll a single failed To Wound roll each assault phase. If you're in melee, and Ordo Xenos, things have probably gone wrong already, but it might be okay...maybe. Probably not. Could help get that lucky Force strike through.
  • Rosarius: Gain a 4++ invulnerable save. Nope, Inquisitors can't get it.

Vehicle Upgrades[edit]

  • Dozer Blades: It's a Dozer Blade. You know what it does.
  • Storm Bolter: It's a storm bolter. You should know what this does too, hopefully.
  • Hunter-Killer Missile: If you need to ask this, no, you need to go back to Basic.
  • Searchlight: Right, report to your Commissar
  • Smoke Launchers: Well, people always forget to use these, so...I suppose it's tolerable to mention. A nice use to get your transports semi-safely to their destination.
  • Psybolt Ammo: All Bolter and Assault Cannon shots gain an additional +1S. Give this to a your chimera's for some duals heavy bolter fun
  • Truesilver Armor: If a model with the Daemon, Psyker, Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers or Psychic Pilot hits this vehicle in close combat, it suffers a Strength 6 hit for each hit once damage has been resolved against the vehicle. Why are you buying this? Seriously, there's no reason to. Even against Grey Knights, it'd only be moderately useful.
  • Psyflame Ammo: Psybolt ammo for flame weapons. Rinse repeat.

Unit Analysis[edit]

A kill team detachment allows 0-2 troop 0-1 fast 0-2 elite

0 HQ[edit]

That's right no Inquisitors for you.

0-2 Troops[edit]

Whoo troops, so when do we get them in our codex.

0-1 Fast[edit]

We have 1 fast attack option but it isn't allowed due to it being a flyer.

0-1 Elite[edit]

  • Inquisitorial Henchmen -Take a good look at the henchmen squad it is the only unit that we can field in Kill team.

It has a unit size of 3-12 and can take a dedicated transport.Your Inquisitor's band of ragtag misfits, think of them as the Inglourious Basterds IN SPACE! Take a bunch of them and make like you're playing Dark Heresy. Which is basically what Killteam Inquisition is, come to think of it.

    • Arco-Flagellant - Puts out 4 S5 attacks per turn (that unfortunately allow armor saves) and has Feel No Pain. Good for being used as beatsticks against low-armor units, such as Orks or lesser daemons. Can glance light vehicles to death in a heartbeat. It's debatable if these guys are better then Assassins now, but they lay on the saves.
    • Crusader - Comes with power weapon and storm shield, use them to suck up wounds that would otherwise be unsaveable. Not so good for offense, forced to take power swords in the new codex.
    • Daemonhost - Fun the same way that Orks are, being unreliable but interesting.
    • Death Cult Assassin - If you use Crusaders for defense, you use these girls for attack. S4, 3 power sword attacks (4 on the charge),I higher than a space marine! and 5+ invuln saves, they can dish out the hurt, but they can't take it. The latest update of Codex: Inquisition now states that they have two Power Swords, specifically. No more Sword/Axe and Sword/Mace for these ladies. These things still rock in Kill team just don't get them shot.
    • Inquisitorial Servitor - Well-armored and start with power fists, but are better when outfitted with heavy weapons. A cheap way to put some plasma cannons, multi melta's or heavy bolters onto the field. But there's a catch- if a unit with a Servitor in it doesn't also have an Inquisitor in it, and guess what kill team rules make this impossible. So the it always has a 50-50 chance of being unable to move, shoot, or assault that turn. Not good but you could do worse for for 10 points.
    • Jokaero Weaponsmith - You can thank the Old Ones for these guys; Space Monkeys that make your guns better! Yay! Also, their digital weapons can function as either a multi-melta or a lascannon (and a heavy flamer for painful overwatches), making them one of the few anti-armor units in the codex. Unfortunately, they suffer when taken in bulk, due to being expensive and having mediocre BS. A major concern when using Jakaeros is their customization roll. Its not known if this effects the entire killteam, or just the Jokaero.
    • Mystic - Good for one thing and one thing only: a paperweight. With deep striking units not available for killteam, Mystics are even more worthless. Just skip to the next unit.
    • Psyker - get stripped of his brotherhood of psykers rule. Congratulations he is now a 10 pt no wargear acylote.
    • Acolyte - Can be anything from simply Glorified Guardsmen to I-wish-I-was-a-Space-Marine. They're cheap, expendable, and they can have their wargear customized. It's like having a build a bear for Guardsmen! They can be used for warm bodies but their real power is in Melta/Plasma. Still:
      • Any of them can swap out their usual wargear for boltguns, storm bolters, or hot-shot lasguns.
      • Up to three can take meltaguns, plasma pistols, power swords, combi-weapons, etc. You can kit them out to deal with nearly anything.
      • Carapace armor doubles their cost, and power armor more than triples it, but makes them a lot more survivable.
    • Ministorum Priest - Next to useless in kill teams. These are one of the best buffers in the

game. BUT they are all alone in kill team. making them overpriced. On the positive side they do have some cool wargear options and can choose to do a smash attack.

Dedicated Transports[edit]

This is your main source of big guns, so be sure to get one Dedicated Transport for each unit if you can.

  • Rhino: The METAL BAWKSES we all know and love. Cheap, effective, and that psybolt ammo upgrade will help give it a little extra power. The only reason you would take a Rhino is because you are strapped for points. But even then, the Rhino has less armour and a weaker weapon when compared to the Chimera.
  • Chimera: This is the best choice, right here. The king of the Metal Boxes, Jokaero and Heavy Weapon Servitors love these things. Change out the turret to a bolter and grab Psybolt for S6 AP4 goodness. Not to mention, it can transport things and you can shoot out of it with 5 dudes.
  • Landraiders: This transport is too cool for kill team.


The important thing to remember about the Big =][= in a kill team is versatility. Sure you can only have one squad by default and that squad is, itself capped at 12 models BUT look at the variety of models you have to pick from. Your gaggle of henchmen are borrowed from all over the flavors of Imperial troops and support (how fluff appropriate). Just remember what each of yours is for and use Specialist rules to buff out their weaknesses.

Some models can be flatly ignored: the mystic is pointless because you can't deep strike. The psyker is likewise undermined because Kill Team rules remove brotherhood of psykers, effectively making them nothing unless you can talk someone into houseruling them into ML1 psykers (feel free to try because they're a steal if you can). The servitor is more of a gamble than the previous two, potentially being a decently killy weapon platform that has a 50:50 chance of being useless on a turn-by-turn basis. Potentially worth the points, but use at your own risk.

Daemonhosts have quite a bit of potential but be aware of how random then can be. Of course you could always field 20. EMfH means you'll need to roll a fresh power for each one every turn then and you'll win your games because every opponent will end the match in police custody from trying to murder you. Priests lose a lot of appeal because they no longer have anyone else to give buffs to. They can be tooled out for combat but always ask yourself if one of the cheaper options could do a better job in an assault. Speaking of which...

The Arco-flagellant, crusader and assassin represent your assault. Crusaders can get stuck in pretty well on their own but don't expect them to hack through hordes. The assassin benefits hugely from Specialist rules that help her get in, smack someone and get out like Hit and Run. Consider bringing an arco-flagellant if you expect to be up against hordes or a vehicle: they may not be able to cut into MEQs like your assassins but they can lay out 4 attacks, survive with FNP and even pop light armor with glances (and guess what's the only kind of armor you can expect in Kill Team hmm?)

Jokaero are welcome on any composition because they can bring anything you need. Slap a bunch in a Chimera and watch your opponent's face as barrel of space-monkeys lays out death from all ranges. Be aware however of RAW regarding their customization feature: EMfH states that models are deployed individually and customization's rules are 'when deployed' meaning each monkey is on his own and there's no way to use multiples for the +1 that lets you avoid the useless first result. Not a huge deal and even with the 35 point price tag the simian obliterators are worth it.

Lastly we have acolytes. Good old acolytes. Between special weapons and varying degrees of armor you can purchase, these guys can ride the spectrum from cheap filler to psuedo-marine. They have access to the full, sexy range of guns and 3 of them can grab even nicer stuff. Put your specialist rules to work on these guys and you can have some scary custom soldiers. Stripped down they're absurdly cheap so if you're below your 12 model headcount and the point are around it never hurts to grab another.

Transports are also available, giving you some option when it comes to getting your henchmen around. Given you're hard-capped on models compared to everyone else you have slightly more justification in grabbing a ride, especially if your expecting to be up against a swarm like orks or nids. Your pimpmobile can be upgraded like always but if you're not at 12 models always divide the cost of an upgrade by 4 and ask "will this be better than an extra acolyte?". The Chimera can allow lots of fire from within but be aware of it's price tag: 55 points is over a quarter of your assets. Still not bad if you've got a squad big enough to use it (and if you do, you're probably using stock acolytes who would appreciate the cover). The Rhino is another solid option and a little cheaper in exchange for limiting passenger shooting but if those two models shooting out of the hatch are Jokaero waving heavy flamers and whatnot it can be quite a threat. For small teams a Razorback can be a viable option, creating a bit of a firebase with it's heavy mounted weapon and BS4, just be aware that it's a cheap vehicle that can get pricey fast if you start up-gunning.