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This is the current 9th Edition's Leagues of Votann tactics. For previous tactics, go unearth MINE some Epic or Rogue Trader books.

Why Play Leagues of Votann[edit]


  • Because they're Dorfs IN SPACE, with weapons and technology lightyears LEAGUES ahead of the decrepit Imperium. They literally gave the Tau the Ion and maybe the Rail tech that makes their shooting so annoying.
  • Do you want to skip the entire wounding step? Do you also want to reap all the benefits of a good wound roll? How about hitting everyone else on the way there? Hell, get some damage spillover while you're at it, so your single-shot Railguns are just as good against horde infantry as they are against tough vehicles.
  • It's unreleased and "brand-new" so the counter play to this army hasn't really been explored yet.
  • The sheer amount of ROCK and STONE you can throw around is palpable. And any dwarf worth his beard will say it! For Karl! ....err.... Kahl!
  • The gunlines of HunTR weapons you can lug around allow you to always be shooting at any time (if you don't advance).
  • Void Armour is the cheese of Armour of Contempt dialed up a notch.
  • Ignore the rules for assault, heavy, and rapid fire weapons, as barely any of these will apply to you.
  • You can make your army inordinately tough through some combinations of Leagues, psychic powers, and stratagems.
  • Not just another Imperium faction, so if you want to be "human" while not being associated with the Imperium, or Daemon worshippers, here you go!
  • GW went full circle in designing these guys, making them look straight out of StarCraft if you want a more traditional sci-fi angle to leverage for your army. Hell... It's about time.
  • A pleasant side-effect of being so new is that damn-near everything in the book has the core keyword, save your only two vehicles. Almost makes it feel like an 8th edition codex. Sigh, better days.


  • The Leagues are nothing like the Squats they replaced, at least in terms of general design. Sure, they're still pseudo-Nords, but gone are the over-compensating dick guns and the rough METAL BAWKSES of the Leviathan, they now have a clean, almost Militarized-NASA-aesthetic, kinda like the Tau.
  • It's unreleased and "brand-new", don't expect armies for cheap until a while after the codex has been out.
    • To build off that: you are a brand new army. GW has spent almost 40 years adding units to other armies. As yours is so young you lack the variety of other factions and have less unit choices.
    • If you're going to be buying more than a thousand points of these guys, don't. The army is nowhere near complete, and just like Primaris and Beast Snaggaz, any new unit they release will be a lot better than another Sagitaur or Land Fortress.
  • You will be locked into a certain playstyle, which looks like it's going to be a lot of transports and a lot of bikes. Historically, those armies get old and obsolete really fast. Just ask any serious Marine or Guard player how they'd feel about running mostly Razorbacks or Chimeras. The Leagues will be banking their playability all around those special rules.
  • Expect plenty of people to call you a wannabe Marines player.
  • Expect plenty of people to call you a wannabe Tau player.
  • You might be able to advance, but you're not really going anywhere fast, with the exception of bikes
  • Very little mortal wounds protection, and even your own Psyker in the Grimnyr only gets one Deny base, so Psychic shenanigans will hit you hard
  • No innate protection against combat attrition for your large troop units and very little morale-play in general. Granted, nobody cares, but it's still worth noting
  • Transport options kind of suck, requiring two Sagitaurs to transport a single 10-model troop unit, and limited ways to mount your characters outside of a Land Fortress.
  • In most respects, the Votann can be compared to Marines, with one critical difference: you have fewer melee attacks per model. What you do have isn't bad, but you may struggle to compete against assault oriented enemies.
  • Following on from the above, most of your melee options are a bit underwhelming. The Einhyr can work well but aren't exactly stellar in melee, and though Cthonian Berserks are much better, they still require some sort of transport to get them up the board due to their fragility, and even your Einhyr Champion and or Kahl will need some work to get the most out of them
  • Not an Imperium faction, so no freeblades, inquisitors or souping with Imperial factions.
  • Broken as fuck. Tournaments have preemptively disallowed Votann lists, partly because no one has counter-plays yet, but also because they're an unknown quantity. This is a con because just like the Fish of Fury, or 8th Ed 3++ Castellans, everyone's going to fucking hate you. Be honest, anyone buying 2k points of Leagues for an army this bare is either doing it to abuse their rules or they really like space dwarfs and are OK with it being on display.
    • Do expect changes to this as the months pass. Even now, with the codex fresh off the presses, GW seems to be aware about how people have called this shit broken and have hiked up the points costs for everything on top of one somewhat significant revision.

Special Rules[edit]

The Kindred's special rules are basically a mix of WHFB Dwarfs and Death Guard with a dash of Tau markerlights: though you're slow and plodding, HunTR's don't need to worry about losing their shots (unless you advance); your gear also explains why the Mechanicus has such hard-ons for STCs, the armor being better than the Salamanders, and their guns the envy of the Tau.

  • Objective Secured Hearthkyn Warriors and Pioneers have objective secured.
    • This is actually kinda good, because Pioneers can also perform certain secondaries. It should harken back to the days of 8th, where Custodes jetbikes also had ObSec, before the 9th Ed Codex and FAQ nerfed them back to TROOPS only.
  • Eye of the Ancestors: This army-wide special rule requires every unit in your army to have the Votann keyword and be from the same league. It represents the accrual of grudges by enemies of the kin doing shit they shouldn't. This is tracked via judgement tokens, to a maximum of 3 per unit.
    • Tokens GRUDGES are earned by when one of the following: Breaking your shit (AKA Destroying a Votann unit), Doing Shit (AKA Successfully completing actions (including psychic actions)), or trying to take your shit (AKA pick one unit that is standing next to an objective at the end of your opponent's turn). In addition, other units can assign Judgement tokens using various unit based abilities (see the Kahl).
    • If a unit has a judgement token, then League units will auto wound on successful hit rolls (unmodified rolls of 6+ for one, 5+ for two, and 4+ for three tokens). In addition, each League has a Judgement Token-related ability baked into their customs. See the individual league entries below.
      • These auto-wounds used to count as natural 6s for intents of anything like Magna-Rail, but the community's backlash against such a broken ruling has had GW backpedal a bit so now auto-wounds on a 4 or 5 do not count as a natural 6.
  • HunTR Weapons: A special weapon type exclusive to the Kin, HunTR weapons special gimmick is they have no gimmicks. No advancing and firing, no penalties to hit from moving, no extra shots from being in close range. You just get the amount of shots that are listed. In effect, this is as if all of your bolter weapons were always in rapid fire range and all of your heavy weapons had no penalties for moving and shooting.
  • Steady Advance: Your Kin are natural sprinters, very dangerous over short distances, and thus don't suffer penalties to movement, but their stubby legs make it so that advancing only moves them forward an additional 3" without needing to roll. If the unit has the Accelerated keyword, then you can move a full 6" without rolling.
  • Void Armour: Though Armour of Contempt was bad? This shit's taking it to a whole new level. Not only does it reduce the AP of any incoming attack by 1 (to a minimum of 0), but enemies now cannot re-roll the wound or damage roll. EVER. Shit is truly fucked for everyone.
    • Get fucked, Salamanders. The Kindred go to war in true master-crafted armor, even the naked ones. Somehow.
  • Magna-Rail: A weapon based-ability that was either stolen from, or sold to, the Tau (depending on who you ask). Invulnerable saves cannot be taken against this weapon and on an unmodified wound roll of 6, excess damage from the weapon will spill over to affect other units in the target unit. Currently limited to the Hekaton Land Fortress' Heavy Magna-rail cannon and the Hearthkyn Warrior's Magna-rail rifle.
    • Just a tiny bit of nuance when comparing Tau to Votann railguns: Tau railguns do mortal wounds on all successful wounds, even if they manage to save somehow (Daemons). But your damage only bleeds over on unmodified 6s to wound and if they can still make a save, the damage is lost. The Mortal Wound distinction also kinda matters because factions like Word Bearers can shrug the MWs from Tau but can't shrug the wounds from Magnarails.
  • Beam: A weapon-based ability found on a variety of equipment and units. Beam Weapons fire so much energy into their targets that they can fry other units caught in the crossfire. If you make a successful hit roll, draw a line from the closest part of the model's base or hull to the closest part of the target unit. If the line crosses any other units, make a single wound roll for that unit as the beam cuts straight through them.

Crusade Additions[edit]

Secondary Objectives[edit]

Votann Secondaries are actually pretty fluffy, revolving around both their Grudge fluff and their need for precious resources. That being said, two of these secondaries will actually punish you for leaving grudges unsettled. Very dorfy.

  • Purge The Enemy - Grudge Match: WOAH, HE SAID THE THING! Before the battle begins, select five enemy units, one of which must be the enemy warlord. If your opponent has less than five units (cough, knights, cough), you must mark them all. Score 1 VP for each of those units that have been destroyed, scoring an additional VP if they are worth 150+ Pts, and if they were destroyed in melee. Conversely, you lose 1 VP gained from this secondary (to a minimum of 0)) for each of those units still standing. If they split up, they must all be destroyed, unless they're drones.
  • No Mercy, No Respite - The Ancestors Are Watching: At the end of each phase, score 2 VP if one or more enemy units with a judgment token was destroyed by a VOTANN unit from your army. Score an additional VP if they have 3 or more judgment tokens on it when it was destroyed. At the end of the battle, reduce the number of VP earned by this secondary (to a minimum of 0) for each unit with a judgment token still on the battlefield (or embarked on a transport)
    • The Greater Thurian League can drop additional Judgment Markers on a unit of their choice, which means the possibility of 3 VP for killing something on an objective + performed actions on an objective + marked out by an HQ. Granted, you're also flirting with the possibility of losing VP if you're not killing units fast enough, or if you're losing guys to a lot of enemies.
  • Battlefield Supremacy - Lay Claim: If you select this secondary, before the game begins, the opponent must set up 3 objective markers anywhere on the ground level of the battlefield, not within 6" of their deployment zone or battlefield edge, and not within 9" of each other. They cannot be set up within terrain features with the "unstable" keyword either. They are only objective markers for you, and you gain 5 VP for each one you control.
    • These types of objectives (Iron Warriors have one) are high-risk, high-reward, because your opponent is going to be do their absolute best to keep those optional objectives of yours far away from actual objectives, or within their line-of-sight.
  • Shadow Operations - Prospects of Wealth: An action that can be done by an Infantry or Biker. This cannot be performed if there is an enemy within range of it, begins at the end of your movement phase, and ends at the end of the turn. If completed, roll a D6, adding 1 if the unit has the SCANNER keyword. On a 6+, your dorfs find Oathgold precious RAM sticks for their bitcoin cores. Each time this action is completed, you score 3 VP. If you control any or all of the Rich Deposits objectives at the end of the game, gain 3 more VP.
    • 3 VP for an action isn't bad, even if you didn't find any "Rich Deposits", and unlike the offensive secondaries, you're not penalized for leaving enemies unkilled.


  • Accelerated Response (1 CP): Used in your movement phase, when you select a Votann ACCELERATED unit to advance. That unit can add 12" to the move characteristic to each model in it. This is not cumulative to the Steady Advance ability you already get. Not too bad, lets you get your vehicles and bikers up the board super fast.
  • Ancestral Sentence (1 CP): This can be used in either your shooting phase when a Votann unit shoots, or your fight phase when a Votann unit fights. Until the end of that individual phase, when a model in the chosen unit makes an attack, you can reroll the hit roll, so long as the enemy unit chosen to the be the target for your attacks has a Judgement Token attached.
  • Core-Buster Fire Pattern (1 CP): Used in your shooting phase, after an enemy unit has been hit by an attack with a BEAM weapon fired by a Votann unit in your army. Each time that enemy unit is hit by a BEAM weapon fired by another Votann model in your army, roll a d6, and on a +4, you do a mortal wound in addition to any normal damage, to a maximum of 6 mortal wounds from this stratagem. If you're packing a lot of beam weapons this is good, and you can combo it with stuff like the Ymyr Conglomerate stratagem for more mortal wound fun.
  • Cyberstimm Infusion (1 CP): When a Votann Beserks unit is selected to fight in the fight phase, that unit can reroll their melee hit rolls until the end of that phase. Excellent on hammer equipped Beserks, who otherwise would hit on a +4.
  • HunTR's Mark (1 CP): In your shooting phase, before you make a hit roll for an attack made by a Votann model in your army, use this and select an enemy unit with any Judgement Tokens attached to them. You now autohit with any weapon carried by that model. A nice little thing to keep in your back pocket, but better on single models with a very powerful gun. Land Fortresses are not restricted from this, so feel free to autohit with your railgun of doom.
  • Kinbond (2 CP): Use this at the start of the fight phase, and select an enemy unit within engagement range of 2 or more Votann CORE units in your army. Until the end of that phase each time a Votann CORE model makes a melee attack against that enemy unit, you can reroll the wound roll. Of awkward usefulness, since it specifies that you need 2 units within engagement range to use it.
  • The Might of the Einhyr (1 CP): Select an Einhyr unit when they either shoot or fight in that respective phase, and until the end of that phase they add 1 to their hit rolls. Simple, no nonsense, and always welcome, would be amazing if the volkite effect on their guns didn't go off on an unmodified 6, but alas.
  • Optimised Volley (1 CP): Use in your shooting phase, when a Votann unit is selected to shoot in your army. Until the end of that phase, each time a model in that unit makes an attack with a bolt weapon, on an unmodified 6, an extra hit is scored; in addition, if the unit shooting has 11 or more models, on an unmodified 6 two extra hits are scored. If you want to pump up the dakka a squad of wee men can spit out, look no further.
  • Point-Blank Fusillade (2 CP): Used in your shooting phase, and only while you're within engagement range of an enemy unit. Select one Votann Infantry or Votann Biker, and that unit can fire its ranged weapons (even if there is another friendly unit within engagement range of that enemy unit), but only at that enemy unit it is engaged with, and heavy weapons that Votann unit is equipped with suffer a -1 to hit while shooting.
    • You can target an enemy unit that you aren't in engagement range of with other weapons that your unit is equipped with while using this stratagem, but in order to shoot those weapons at them, you have to first cease being within engagement range of any enemy units.
    • Beam weapons must fire at the enemy unit within engagement range and cannot fire at anything else while under the effects of this stratagem.
      • This confusingly written stratagem effectively lets you fire into units you're locked in combat with, however, in order to fire multiple types of weapon at enemies, the unit that's doing the shooting must first not be locked in combat.
  • Reactive Reprisal(1/2 CP): Used during your opponent's shooting phase, while one of their units has a Judgement Token and has resolved their shooting attacks. Select one Votann CORE that was hit by one or more of that enemy unit's shooting attacks, and is not currently within engagement range. That Votann unit can fire at that enemy unit, but you can only target that enemy unit, and it has to be a eligible target. Afterwords, that Votann unit is not eligible to fire during your subsequent shooting phase. Costs 1 CP for Hearthkyn Warriors, 2 CP for everything else.
    • Probably best used as a "hail mary" for a nearly dead unit with a special weapon or two still available to fire, since you give up their ability to fire for a turn afterwards.
  • Personal Grudge (1 CP): Used in the Command phase. Select a Votann Character unit from your army and one enemy unit on the battlefield. Until the end of the battle, that enemy unit is considered to have 3 Judgement Tokens attached to it for the purposes of determining that Votann Character's attack bonuses. You can only use this stratagem if all your Votann units are from the same <League> (no mixing detachments), and can only be used once per battle, unless you're playing Onslaught sized battles, in which case you may use it twice.
    • Great if you have a beatstick character that you want to smash a hard target with, but could be fun to use with a upgraded Iron-Master with the relic Graviton Gun.
  • Grimwrought Barrier (2 CP): Used in the Command phase. Select a Votann unit within 9" of a friendly Grimnyr model. That Votann unit stops being affected by psychic powers that targeted it, and as a bonus, they cannot be affected by Malediction powers that target them until your next command phase.
    • Positively diabolical to use on a critical unit that your opponent wants dead, since you can just turn off his psychic powers if you didn't deny their casts.
  • Bastion Running (1 CP): Use in your Command phase, and select one Hekaton Land Fortress model in your army. Until your next command phase, that Land Fortress is now considered to be at full wounds for the purposes of determining attack characteristics.
    • Not too shabby if you want to suicide bomb a Land Fortress into your opponent's face.
  • Combat Surgery (1 CP): Use in your Command phase and select one Votann Medic unit that is below its starting strength and is not within engagement range of any enemy units. You can return d3 destroyed models to that unit.
    • Not one use, so you can use it again and again. Your only Medic unit is your Hearthkyn Warriors though, who are rather frail.
  • In the Right Hands (1 CP): Standard "extra relic" strat. Each relic must be unique, you cannot give a character or unit more than one relic, and this can be used once in battles below Strike Force size, twice in Strike Force battles, and three times in Onslaught battles.
  • Bequest of the Votann (1 CP): Pick one Theyn or Hesyr model in your army. They can have one of either The Grey Crest, Grudge's End, The Hearthfist, or Warpstryk. Each relic must be unique, and this stratagem may only be used once no matter what size of battle you're playing.
  • Legend of the League (1 CP): Give one of your characters that aren't your warlord a warlord trait. This warlord trait must be a trait it has access to, must be unique, and you cannot use this to give a model two warlord traits. This stratagem can be used once, unless you're playing a Strike Force sized battle, where it can be used twice, or if you're playing an Onslaught sized battle, where it can be used thrice.
  • Familial Loyalty (1 CP): Use in your opponent's charge phase, and select one Votann Infantry or Votann Biker from your army. Until the end of that phase, that unit may perform a heroic intervention as though it were a character.
    • A good way to counterpunch an enemy charge, this should make your opponent more wary of charging your gunlines.
  • Light 'em Up (1 CP): Use this in your shooting phase, after a Votann Searchlight unit from your unit has resolved their attacks. Select an enemy unit that was hit by one or more of that unit's shooting attacks and add one Judgement Token to that enemy unit. All models in your army must share the same <League> in order to use this stratagem.
    • Good to use since your Pioneers can more up very quickly and nail some enemy units with a token, even if your Kahl can't see them.
  • Luck Has. Need Keeps. Toil Earns (1 CP): Use this at the end of your movement phase, and select a Votann Core Infantry from your army within range of an objective marker. Until the start of your next movement phase, while that unit remains within range of that objective marker;
    • You auto-pass morale tests.
    • Unless this unit charges or makes a ranged attack, it can ignore any rules that would cause an action to fail.
    • Models in this unit get a 6+++
      • Pretty nice if you're playing objectives and you have a mass of guys sitting on one of them.
  • Mag-Riders (1 CP): Use this stratagem in your opponent's shooting phase when a Votann Biker unit is selected as the target of a shooting attack. Until the end of that phase, that Biker unit gains a -1 to be hit by a shooting attack, and if that Biker unit advanced in the previous movement phase, that attack roll cannot be rerolled.
    • Pseudo-jink for the Pioneers, this will work well in protecting forward ranging Pioneers from fire.
  • New-Found Nemesis (1 CP): Used when a Votann Warlord in your army is destroyed, the enemy unit that destroyed them recieves 2 Judgement Tokens. If a Grimnyr in your army is destroyed, the enemy unit that destroyed them recieves 3 Judgement Tokens.
    • One final "fuck you" to an enemy unit, this should help your army retaliate more effectively.
  • Outflanking Pioneers (1 CP): Use this at the start of your movement phase, and select one Hernkyn Pioneer unit from your army that is more than 6" away from any enemy models and within 6" of any table edge. You can place that unit into strategic reserves, but they cannot arrive from strategic reserves in the same turn.
    • Your Pioneers get outflank, which might be helpful if you want to use Light 'em Up on some camping enemies out of sight , or just if you're in need of repositioning.
  • Well-Ordered Retreat (1 CP): When a Votan Core unit falls back in your movement phase, they are still eligible to shoot.
    • Most of your units have Core, and they generally have powerful guns. This stops you from not being able to shoot them if you get caught in melee.

A Note About Wargear: Upgrading your Brokhyr grants you a 1CP Discount per battle round so long as it's on the field. It'll be good to remember what you can do for free and what becomes significantly cheaper.

  • Concussion Blast (1 CP): Use in the shooting phase, Votann CONCUSSION unit is selected to shoot. Select one enemy unit within 6, until the start of your next shooting phase they can no longer:
    • Fire Overwatch or Set to Defend
    • Each time they make an attack, subtract 1 from the hit-roll
    • Unlike those milk-drinker Breachers, you can jump into melee.
  • Ion Storm (1/2 CP): When shooting with an ion weapon, an UMWR of 6 inflicts a mortal wound, to a max of 6. If it contains 11 or more models, this costs 2 CP. Otherwise, it costs 1.
  • Subterranean Explosives (2 CP):Use when a Subterranean Explosives unit shoots. Each time they make a ranged attack, subtract 1 from the wound-roll, but if a hit is scored you can halve the move of the target unit, and they must fight after all other eligible units in your army have fought.
  • Multiwave System Jammer (2 CP): Select a Votann Comms then select an enemy unit within 12. Until the end of the phase, they cannot benefit from any Auras your opponent may have.
    • Keep in mind that "Select one unit within 6" abilities are not AURAS.
  • Overcharged Shield Crest (1/2 CP): So those dildo-looking things have a use. When a Votann SHIELD CREST is selected as the target of a ranged attack, unmodified wound rolls of 1-3 fail. Costs 1 CP on 5 or less models, 2 for more
  • Pan Spectral Warning (2 CP): Use during the opponent's reinforcements step. One Votann Scanner they can shoot as if it was the shooting phase, but can only target a single enemy unit that was set up as reinforcements and was dropped within 12".
    • Auspex, but this works against anything set up during the reinforcements step (so teleporting or "replace them anywhere on the board" abilities, such as the one below) because it lacks the "from reserves" stipulation.
  • Site-to-Site Transport (2 CP): Remove a Votann Teleportation unit from the battlefield and replace it in your reinforcements step, 9" away from enemy models. If you select a character, it's 1 CP. 2CP otherwise.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Ancestral Bearing: Improve the range of your auras and command abilities by +3". Uthar takes this as one of his WTs.
  2. Warrior Lord: Your warlord re-rolls to wound in melee and bypasses any damage mitigation. Expect people to shoot them immediately if possible.
  3. A Long List: Your book is very, very big. Your warlord ignores light cover and LoS when shooting, making them very effective for dakka. In addition, whenever you kill a unit that had Judgment tokens, you can immediately slap one of those tokens on another visible enemy model.
  4. Guild Affiliate: Each command phase, you can pick one <league> Core unit within 6" of your warlord. This unit now counts as having an extra model for the sake of controlling objectives.
  5. Unrelenting Toil: <league> Core units within 6" can perform actions and shoot at the same time. Only use this for the necessary objectives.
  6. Grim Demeanour: <league> Core units within 6" can ignore modifiers to both Leadership and Attrition checks. Skip.

Psychic Powers[edit]

  • Interface Echo: WC5. Cast this and gain a command point. Always a nice little bonus, and notably doesn't stop you from gaining or refunding a CP through other means.
  • Grudgepyre: WC4. Select an enemy unit within 18" that isn't a Monster, Vehicle or Character and visible. Roll 2D6 and add the number of Judgement Tokens that unit has to the total. If the result is higher than that unit's unmodified leadership characteristic, one model from that unit is destroyed. A power that has questionable utility contrasted with the ease of casting it.
  • Null Vortex: WC8 (good luck!). Select an enemy unit within 12" of the psyker; they now cannot use their invulnerable saves until the start of your next psychic phase. Beat chaos at their own game by using one of their most powerful psychic powers against them.
  • Crushing Contempt: WC6. Select one enemy unit within 18" of the caster, then roll 3d6. If the result is equal or greater than that unit's leadership characteristic, that unit cannot perform actions and any actions they are currently performing fail, until your next psychic phase. Additionally, if the result of the 3d6 is greater than the enemy unit's leadership, if they make an attack, subtract 1 from their hit roll. Best used in games where you're playing objectives, but beware of armies with high leadership or ways to buff their leadership.
  • Ancestral Wrath: WC6. Select an enemy unit within 18" and visible to the caster. Roll 3d6, or if that unit has 11 or more models, roll 6d6. That unit suffers 1 mortal wound per 4+, adding 1 to each die if that unit currently has any Judgement Tokens attached to it. In niche cases this is better than smite, but only when you're attacking big blobs of models.
  • Fortify: WC6. Pick one friendly <league> Core or <league> Character within 12". They now get +1T and a 6+++ until your next psychic phase. Sadly, you cannot give this to a Land Fortress, since it lacks Core, but can be useful on blobs of Beserks to push them over the toughness 5 barrier. Silly on Hearthguard with the Weavefield Crest, since this just makes an already tough unit even more obnoxiously tough to remove.

Votann Armoury[edit]

Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Plasma Axe: S+1 AP-3 D1. A power sword by another name. Good for enemies with high armor saves.
  • Plasma Sword: S:User AP-3 D1, +1 Attack. An Astartes Chainsword but better. The premiere can-opener for the Votann, you'll make every Space Marine around you green with envy with this.
  • Plasma Blade Gauntlet: See those 2 weapons above? Smash them both together and this is what you get. S+1 AP-3 D1, +1 attack. An alternative option for Einhyr Hearthguard, who wield them well since it somewhat offsets the lower number of attacks made per model.
  • Heavy Plasma Axe: This weapon has 2 profiles, a Strike at S+1 AP-3 D2, and a Sweep at S:User AP-3 D1, with every attack roll making 2 attack rolls. Beserks get these by default, and they're no slouches with them.
  • Forgewrought Plasma Axe: A master-crafted plasma axe, with +1 damage. A Kahl has this by default.
  • Darkstar Axe: A mutant plasma axe that makes 2 hit rolls for every attack, and damage caused by this weapon can't be ignored by any rules. A strong set of abilities that would be better on almost any other melee weapon listed here, an Einhyr Champion gets this by default.
  • Concussion Gauntlet: S+3 AP-2 D2. An autocannon in the palm of your hand. Would be nice to bitchslap marines with this, but you'll struggle to bust their armor with that low AP. Probably best used to bully light vehicles and bikers.
  • Twin Concussion Gauntlet: The same as above, but with a bonus attack. A cheap 5 point upgrade for a Beserk model, if you want them to fist a Venom or Sentinel to death.
  • Concussion Hammer: Sx2 AP-2 D3, with each attack made at -1 to hit. A thunder hammer by another name. Hearthguard Hesyrs can pay 10 points to grab one of these.
  • Concussion Maul: A Concussion Hammer but better at busting open tanks with that extra point of AP. Beserks can replace their Plasma Axes with this, and if you want to smash anything lighter than a Land Raider into paste you cant go wrong. However, beware that you'll be hitting on a 4+.
  • Graviton Hammer: A grav-gun, but in a hammer, and only used by a Brokhyr Iron-Master. Sx2 AP-2 D2, with attacks allocated to models with a 3+ save or better doing 3 damage. This neat little toy may make any would-be attackers think twice about bullying your resident repairman.
  • Mass Gauntlet: S+3 AP-3 D3, with each hit incurring a -1 to hit penalty. A 10 point upgrade for your Kahl, this hulk hand is perhaps best used to smash up light vehicles or marines, similar to the Concussion Gauntlet, but much better at its job.
  • Mass Hammer: The big one. Sx2 AP-3 Dd3+3, with each hit incurring a -1 to hit penalty. A 10 point handheld demolisher cannon for your Einhyr Champion, this little number is custom made to make mince meat of any vehicle or monster foolish enough to block your path.
  • Ancestral Ward Stave: S+3 AP-2 Dd3. Your Grimnyr gets this. It's not bad, but its probably best used so your bearded geezer can finish a weak opponent off.

Special Weapons[edit]

  • EtaCarn Plasma Beamer: 18" HunTR 1, S8 AP-3 D2 with Beam. Overcharged plasma that won't ever blow up, proving that the Imperium got the junk left behind after the dwarfs left. Its short range makes it awkward to use.
  • EtaCarn Plasma Gun: A 24" HunTR 1, S8 AP-4 D2 plasma gun. The default weapon for the Einhyr Hearthguard.
  • HYLas Auto Rifle: 24" HunTR 3, S6 AP-2 D1. Essentially a very small multilaser.
  • L7 Missile Launcher: Comes with 2 profiles, a Focused shot at 30" HunTR 1, S9 AP-2 Dd6 and a Blast shot at 30" HunTR d6, S5 AP-1 D1. A versatile weapon that adds a bit of punch to your squad.
  • Magna-rail Rifle: 24" HunTR 1, S9 AP-4 Dd3+3, and has the Magna-Rail keyword. Everything ridiculous about Tau railguns turned up to 11 and in a troop-portable package. Fills a similar role to the high strength/low shot weapons seen in other armies such as melta-guns and las cannons.
  • Ion Blaster: 18" HunTR 1, S5 AP-2 D2. A 1 point upgrade for Hearthkyn, bumping their ppm to 13. Tailor made for wrecking power armor of almost any variety, but the single shot is a bit underwhelming.
  • Volkanite Disintegrator: 18" HunTR 3, S5 AP0 D1, with 6s to hit doing 1 mortal wound. Good old volkite guns, with a better fire rate than most. An alternate upgrade for your Kahl and Hearthguard.
  • Mole Grenade Launcher: The Mole Mortar Teams are back, and angrier than ever. 24" HunTR d6, S5 AP-2 d1, with Blast and you can target enemies that aren't visible to the bearer, and it gives the corresponding model an extra wound and attack. It also grants the Subterranean Explosives keyword. A 10 point option for your Beserks, this weapon suffers from the -1 to hit that indirect fire weapons do nowadays, but gives you access to the incredibly powerful Subterranean Explosives stratagem.

Pistol Weapons[edit]

  • Autoch-Pattern Bolt Pistol: 12" Pistol 1, S4 AP-1 D1. A bolt pistol with an extra point of AP, this is considered the default sidearm of most of your models that take them.
  • Bolt Revolver: 9" Pistol 1, S5 Ap-1 D1. Carried by your Pioneers, this six-shooter of doom is probably the least threatening of their guns.
  • EtaCarn Plasma Pistol: A permanently charged plasma pistol that doesn't overload, but with half the range at only 6". Don't expect to fire this too often.
  • Ion Pistol: A pocket Ion Blaster at 12" S5 AP-2 D2. Comes somewhat close to the Ion Blaster's range, so it's not a bad choice to give to your Theyns if you've gone all in on Ion.
  • Las-beam Cutter: Pistol 1, 9" S6 AP-3 D1. A pocket multilaser held by your Iron-Master's Ironkin buddy.

Heavy Weapons[edit]

  • Bolt Cannon: A Heavy Bolter on steroids, this is a 36" HunTR 3, S6 AP-2 D2 monster carried by your Thunderkyn by default, as well as being standard on the Sagitaur and Land Fortress.
  • Graviton Blast Cannon: A Grav-Cannon on steroids, a 18" HunTR d6, S5 AP-3 D2 gun with Blast, and has the standard grav effect of doing an extra damage to anything with a 3+ save or better. An alternative for your Thunderkyn, when you want space marines to die super hard. It's short range hinders it a bit, though.
  • SP Conversion Beamer: 30" HunTR 1, S7 AP-2 D3, and gets Beam. Proving that conversion beamers aren't dead in the 42nd millennium, this fancy doodad has the added effect of doing an extra hit against targeted units that are wholly greater than 15" away. Beware, if one model in said targeted unit steps one foot closer than 15" you lose this effect, so make sure you stay at range.
  • HYLas Rotary Cannon: A 10 point upgrade for your Pioneers, this is a super multilaser at 24" HunTR 9, S6 AP-2 D1. Perfect for harassing guardsmen, and even marines will fear its rate of fire.
  • Ion Beamer: An alternative upgrade for your Pioneers and Land Fortresses, this is a souped up Ion Blaster with the Beam keyword, HunTR 2 and 2 extra strength. Might be a viable pick, since Pioneers can easily get into a position where they'll take full advantage of Beam weapons. A Land Fortress can replace either 2 or all 4 of their Bolt Cannons with these, for oodles of laser-spewing death.
  • MATR Autocannon: 24" Heavy 6, S7 Ap-2 D2. Your typical autocannon, but with a couple extra shots. An option for the Sagitaur and standard on the Land Fortress.
  • Sagitaur Missile Launcher: 36" Heavy 2, S10 AP-3 D3. Oddly enough, found on the Sagitaur and costing 10 points. Very strong, but the low rate of fire means you probably won't do too much damage with this. Probably best used to give lighter vehicles something to think about, but you can also sucker punch a weakened tank if the opportunity presents itself.
  • HYLas Beam Cannon: A short ranged lascannon with Beam. 24" Heavy 2, S9 AP-3 Dd6. Similar to the Missile Launcher, but costs twice as much.
  • Cyclic Ion Cannon: Hmm, where have I heard of that before? This monster Ion Blaster is 24" Heavy 3d3, S8 AP-2 D2 with Blast. The default primary weapon of the Land Fortress, this is tailor made to ruin Space Marines' days.
  • SP Heavy Conversion Beamer: The big brother of the Thunderkyn scale SP Conversion Beamer, at 30" HunTR 2, S8 AP-3 D4, with Beam and the same conversion beamer rule of doing an extra hit if you're more than 15" away from a unit you fire at. This is a fine weapon held back by being mounted on something that likes to get closer to enemy units, rendering the benefit of the conversion beamer moot.
  • Heavy Magna-Rail Cannon: The daddy of the Magna-Rail Rifle held by the Hearthkyn and probably the most dangerous single weapon in your arsenal. This is a 36" Heavy 1, S14 AP-4 D2d3+6 monster with Magna-Rail, and will likely ruin the day of anything it's pointed at.


Character Only[edit]

  • Ancestral Crest: Gives a couple perks. One Epic Deed strat can be used for free once per game, a once-per-game ability to make one hit, wound or save into a natural 6, and the kamikaze ability to deal d3 MW to the enemy who kills the bearer on a 2+ (maxed to 3 on a 6).
  • Aktôl's Fortress: Shield Crest only. During the fight phase, you can mark one enemy within 3" of the bearer - this unit cannot fight until after everyone on your side does. Great for shutting down power fists so long as they don't charge first.
  • Exactor: Replaces a Mass Hammer. This hammer's got no hit penalty and on a natural 6 to hit, all that damage is now considered Mortal Wounds. This turns the Einhyr Champion from a danger into an existential threat to most things on the table.
  • The First Knife: Kâhls and Grimnyr only. Gives an extra attack, but on a hit it deals d3 wounds plus a number equal to the amount of judgment tokens the enemy has. Might be enough to fell an enemy, but it will require the bearer to actually be in a fight if they're not kitted for one.
  • Flâyre: Replaces a Forgewrought Plasma Axe. An S+2 AP-3 D2 axe that gives three additional attacks, this is the weapon of choice for a beatstick of a Kâhl.
  • The Murmuring Staff: Grimnyr only. The bearer knows an additional power and they can cast after performing a psychic action.
  • Thyrikite Plate: Can't be taken by Exo-Armour units. Gives an extra wound and +1 to armor saves, which makes it about as effective as Exo-Armor.
  • Vôlumm's Master Artifice: Replaces a Graviton Rifle. Alongside all the perks of the rifle against high armor, this also has the Beam rule, allowing it to blast through enemies.
    • Bananas on an upgraded Iron-Master, who can do scores of mortal wounds to multiple units, as long as they have plenty of Judgement Tokens. If you give him the A Long List warlord trait, he can even snipe characters with it, even if they're safely protected by nearby models.
  • Wayfarer's Grace: Lets the bearer regenerate a wound every turn. If they die, you can resurrect them with d3 wounds on a 3+.
  • Ymmâ's Shield: Einhyr Champion only. Once per turn, this shield can be used to negate the damage of one attack and can even mark the enemy with a Judgement Token on a 5+ if you're not playing with multiple leagues.

Character, Theyn, or Hesyr[edit]

These relics can be given to a Theyn or Hesyr (i.e. a Hearthkin or Hearthguard sergeant) via the Bequest of the Votann stratagem for 1 CP.

  • The Grey Crest: Shield Crest model only. Has different effects depending on who this is assigned to. Characters make enemies take a -1 to hit them at any range, while unit sergeants only get it against attacks from over 12" away.
  • Grudge's End: Bolt weapon only. One gun becomes a relic, improving its damage and AP by 1 and making it auto-wound enemies with Judgment Tokens.
  • The Hearthfist: Replaces Concussion Gauntlet or Mass Gauntlet. It's an amped-up fist with S+4 AP-3 D3 that deals 4 damage if the enemy contains Judgment Tokens. Pretty well-kitted to nail heroes and tanks alike.
  • Wârpestryk: Teleportation only. The bearer can now walk through terrain and can use the Site-to-Site Teleportation strat for free once per game. The big perk is that enemies can't deep-strike within 12", keeping them safe from any attempts to charge.

Unit Analysis[edit]


  • Kâhl: The generic "captain" of the Votann, your Karl Kahl clocks in with a solid statblock, with a 2+ to hit with both melee and shooting, 4 strength, 4 toughness, 5 wounds, 4 attacks, a 3+ save and a 4++ invuln. He can either take a Teleport Crest for movement shenanigans and the Teleportation keyword, or a Rampart Crest to grant a nearby <league> Infantry or <league> Biker a 5++ against ranged attacks, as well as the Shield Crest keyword. Once in your command phase, he can put a Vengeance Token on a visible enemy unit, and he can let nearby <league> Core units within 6" reroll hits of 1. All that for 80 points before upgrades, the Kâhl is a cheap, efficient and solid little model that will be a mainstay in most army lists.

+2PL and +40pts. Upgrading a Kâhl to a High Kâhl excludes them from the 0-1-Kâhl-per-Detachment limit, so you can have one Kâhl and one High Kâhl.

  • Ability - High Kâhl: During the Command Phase, pick <League> Core or <League> Character within 6" to re-roll all hit rolls until your next Command Phase.
  • Ability - Ancestral Judgment: Efficient Exemplar - Whenever the High Kahl kills something that has a Judgment token, you can immediately give someone else a token. You're already marking one unit a turn, two if you took the High Kahl WT, why not dump a third?
  • Trait - Experienced Eye: You may use Grim Efficiency one additional time, but only on a unit that has not been selected this phase.
  • Grimnyr: Your psyker, with floating robot assistants. Can cast two and deny one psychic power, and comes with some interesting abilities. First off, he gets a 4++ that all of the Votann HQs get, and his floating robobuddies let him ignore perils of the warp so long as one of them are still alive. Perils will destroy a CORV, though, so watch out. In addition, the Grimnyr lets all <league> Core within 6" add one to their combat attrition tests. The whole unit is 90 points, which is relatively cheap, so you should be able to find a place for him in your army.

+1PL and +25pts. Upgrading a Grimnyr to a Lord Grimnyr.

  • Ability - Lord Grimnyr: An additional cast,.
  • Ability - Ancestral Judgment: Anger of the Ancestors - When casting a Stormskein power, if there is an enemy with a judgment token within 18" of the Lord Grimnyr, you get to add 1 to the cast. Since you want to target dudes with tokens anyway, this just makes the cast easier.
  • Trait - Ancestral Power: +6 to power range.
  • Brôkhyr Iron-Master: The techpriest. The Iron-Master comes with a bunch of robot helpers, a handful of odd weapons and several useful abilities if you're running a vehicle or Exo-Frame heavy list. The Iron-Master himself totes around a Graviton Hammer, giving him a bit of melee punch. He also has a Graviton Rifle, which is a 18" HunTR 3, S5 AP-3 D2 grav gun that does D3 on enemies with a 3+ save or better. He also has a friendly helper bot armed with a Las-Beam Cutter, but its main use is letting you advance and still perform actions, as well as shoot without an action failing. In addition, you have 3 E-COG helper bots armed with a variety of weapons of questionable usefulness. One gets a Plasma Torch, which is a S+4 AP-4 D2 blowtorch, another has a set of manipulator arms that hit for S:User AP0 D1, and 2 extra attacks, and the third one gets an Autoch-Pattern Bolt Pistol. The E-COG's main use, though, is to buff up your repair ability, so instead of repairing d3 lost wounds to an <league> Exo-Frame or <league> Vehicle, you can repair d3+1, as long as any E-COGs are still alive. To cap this off, your Iron-Master can buff a nearby <league> Core or <league> Vehicle within 9" with a +1 to hit with ranged attacks. What does all this run you for? 90 points, which would be excellent, except you have a very limited pool of repair targets and your Vehicles tend towards being a bit squishy in practice.

+1PL and +25pts. Upgrading a Brôkhyr Iron-Master to a Brokhyr Forgemaster.

  • Ability - Brokhyr Forgemaster: You get to use WARGEAR stratagems as 1 CP less (to a minimum of 0).
  • Ability - Ancestral Judgment: Forgemaster's Eye - When shooting at someone with a Judgment Token, UMWRs of 6 (or any autowounding Judgment attack) deal MW equivalent to the damage characteristic of the attack and the sequence ends; if using a BEAM weapon, this also applies to anyone else hit that has a judgment token.
      • Pretty good with the Graviton Rifle, since any autowounding shots immediately does 2/3MWs depending on the target, meh on anything else.
  • Trait - Master Armourer: A two part trait. repair 3 wounds instead of d3 and once per battle round, you can negate the damage of one failed save made by a <League> vehicle or <League> exo-armour unit.
  • Einhyr Champion: The muscle. The Einhyr Champion is a tough nut to crack, with their Exo-Armour giving them a 2+ save, 5 strength and 5 toughness, as well as -1 to all damage taken. In addition, they buff nearby Hearthguard units within 6" with an aura of rerolling 1s to wound. Because he's a special boy he also gets a RAM Shield, which forces enemies to subtract 1 from any wound rolls against him, as well as a Mass Driver Accelerator, which lets him roll a d6 after making a charge and while he's within engagement range of an enemy unit. On a 6, or if it beats the highest toughness characteristic of that unit, that unit takes d3 mortal wounds. The Champion can pick between a Teleport Crest which grants Teleportation and the associated benefits, or a Weavefield Crest for an extra wound, the Shield Crest keyword and a very sorely needed 4++. He comes stock with an Auroch-Pattern Combi Bolter, which is a 24" HunTR 4 Bolter, and a Darkstar Axe. Depending on what you want to chuck him at you might want to think about dropping 10 points to give him the Mass Hammer, which turns him into a very short, very angry Vindicator. Point him at the nearest dreadnought or tank and watch him carve a hole right through it. He's a bit expensive at 120 points with the hammer, however.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Ûthar the Destined: A High Kahl (Chapter Master) of the Greater Thurian League. Uthar has a lot of things going for him, and as the only named character in the first wave of models, he damn well better be awesome. Overall, he makes for a great force multiplier. You want him on the battlefield handing out full re-rolls to hit and 2+ judgement tokens each turn. Not to mention a host of beneficial auras. Also he can block melta gun blasts with his face.
    • Two Warlord Traits: Experienced Eye (hand out two judgement tokens) and Ancestral Bearing (+3 range to his auras)
    • Has a beefed up stat line in comparison with your generic kahl, including 1 better strength, toughness, and attacks and 2 more wounds
    • Packs a bog standard Vulkanite Disintegrator and the unique Blade of the Ancestors (User +1, -4 AP, 2 damage). The blade has the twist that an unmodified hit roll of 6 causes 2 mortal wounds and the sequence ends (or 3 mortal wounds if the target has a judgement token).
    • On the defensive side, he rolls with a somewhat weak looking 3+ void armour save and a 4++, but his destined rule compensates. ALL attacks allocated to him have their Damage changed to 1. Yes, he can eat a shot from a meltagun or a las cannon and just walk it off.
    • Has two two auras which benefit from his Ancestral Bearing warlord trait as well as a pseduo-aura: Kindred Hero (see the generic kahl), Rampart Shield (Greater Thurian League infantry and biker units within 6" have a 5++ against ranged attacks) and Ancestral Fortune. (Not really an aura, but once per round Uthar or another GTL Unit within 6" can change the result of a hit roll, wound roll, damage roll, or saving throw to an unmodified 6.)
    • Thanks to his Experienced Eye Warlord Trait, he can pick out two units for Grim Efficiency. Which synergizes with the GTL's Appraising Glare stratagem (one unit picked gets two tokens instead of one) and the GTL Judgment (treat 1 token as 2, and 2 tokens as 3); that means, every turn, at least one guy's getting autowounded on 4s.


  • Hearthkyn Warriors: Hearthkyn are your sole troop option, so best get familiar with them quickly. No matter what anyone says, they are not Marines. They have one wound base and only a 4+ armor save to keep them alive. The various customs can boost this durability, but don't expect miracles. The real strength of the unit lies in its ranged weapons, which turn the Hearthkyn into something of a glass hammer.
    • All Hearthkyn weapons, even the most basic, have some kind of ap, starting with -1 on the bolters and hitting -4 on the rail rifle. The value of this will differ when facing opponents with armour of contempt.
    • Bolter vs. Ion Blaster: All the models in a unit can swap bolters for blasters for a tiny cost. Doing so gives better strength, ap and damage at the expense of range and halving the number of shots. If you intend to run your hearthkyn aggressively in Sagitars or are facing a MEQ heavy meta, ion blasters may be the better bet. Otherwise, stick to the bolters.
    • The Medic is cheap and will save a Hearthkyn a turn by turning the damage of a failed save to 0, easily making him worth the upgrade. A Strategem to bring D3 models back is great- especially since it can bring back the Theyn. Don't feel bad about using the model with 2w and a good invuln to 'tank'.


  • Einhyr Hearthguard: Dwarfy terminators, or shorter Starcraft marines. No matter what you think of them, they're pretty solid, with Exo-Armour giving them 5 strength and 5 toughness, a 2+ save but no native invulnerable save, and the ability to reduce damage done to them by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
    • They come stock with one EtaCarn Plasma Gun, Exo-Armour Grenade Launcher and Concussion Gauntlet each, and can swap the plasma gun for a Volkanite Disintegrator, as well as swap the gauntlet for a Plasma Blade Gauntlet. The Hesyr can instead switch their melee weapon to a Concussion Hammer for a smidgen more damage at -1 to hit.
    • They can either take a Weavefield Crest that grants the unit the Shield Crest keyword and an extra wound and 4++ for the bearer, or a Teleport Crest that gives the unit the Teleportation keyword and the ability to deep strike.
    • Ultimately, what holds them back is the lack of an invuln, the low number of attacks per model, and them having just 2 wounds, though they're somewhat protected from plasma by reducing damage done to them by 1.
      • Those Crests are going to be very important in determining how you play them. The Shield Crest will make you better Gravis only apply to the squad sergeant, with 3W and a 2+/4++, on top of your -1 Dam and Void Armor, but with a 5" move (8" if advancing), and 24/18" guns, you'll struggle to be in range of anything just walking; the Telportation Crest keeps you at at 2W, but lets you deepstrike or reposition with a strat; the lack of an invuln is slightly made better by the fact that with Void Armour and a 2+, you'll at least have a save.
    • Taking them in either the Ymyr Conglomerate for a 4++ or the Urani-Surtr Regulates for +1 toughness, as well as tossing the Fortify power on them via Grimnyr, will go some way to mitigate their average durability. If you so choose, you can also deep strike them, use the Site-to-Site Transport stratagem or squeeze them into a Land Fortress to get them within face-punching range, which helps their lack of mobility.
  • Cthonian Beserks: 5" Move, S/T 5 2W 3A but a trifling save of 6+ and a 5+++ FNP. They can reroll charges, and if a model dies before it can make its attacks, it can fight after the enemy unit attacks.
    • Each is armed with a Heavy Plasma Axe that has two profiles: S:U -3 D1 but double attacks, or 3 S+1 AP3 D2 attacks, or replace that with a concussion maul for SX2 AP3 D3, but you subtract 1 from the hit-roll.
    • For every 5 guys, you can replace one guy's axe with twin concussion gauntlets, hitting at S+3 AP2 D2, +1 attack. Alternatively, you can replace an axe with a Mole Grenade Launcher for a 24" HunTR D6 S5 AP-2 D1 non-LOS Blast weapon that gives the bearer +1 W and A, as well as giving the unit the Subterranean Explosives keyword.
      • That 6+ save and 2W doesn't feel very thick, in spite of it also having Void Armor and a 5+++ FNP; if you make them YMYR CONGLOMERATE, they get a 5++ Invuln, though, which is hilarious. Also, the one/two guys with the extra wound and attack from having a mole-launcher doesn't seem like a good trade-off when your melee weapons are pretty solid.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Hernkyn Pioneers: Objective secured hover bikes with a scout move and fly. M12" T5 W3 body with a 4+ Void Armour save. Each bike packs a decent shooting package with shotguns, pistols, and grenades, all resolving at strength 5, Ap -1. However the real meat will be the Autocannons (24" 3 shot, S 7, AP -1, 2 damage) and the option to upgrade one in every three models with one of two special weapons as an add on: the 9 shot rotary cannon (24", Strength 6, Ap -2, 1 damage) or the 2 shot Ion Beamer (18" strength 7, Ap -2, 2 damage, beam). Alternatively, you can equip a model with wargear that grant the Searchlight, Comms, or Scanner keywords and an appropriate benefit.
  • Sagitaur ATV: A space marine razorback that comes in squads of up to 2. Its toughness of 7, 9 wounds, and 3+ armour save leave it on the slightly more fragile side, even with Void Armour. The Sagitaur can carry up to five infantry models, but no Exo-armour or exo-frames. If you take two, you can split a 10-model unit of Hearthkyn Warriors or Beserks between them, providing a pseudo-combat squad effect.
    • Offensively, the Sagitaur packs a HYLas Beam Cannon (24" 2 shot, S 9, AP -3, d6 damage, beam) and a Twin Bolt Cannon (36" 6 shot, Strength 6, Ap -2, 2 damage). The HYLas can be swapped for one of the following:
      • The flexible L7 Missile Launcher (30", either 1 shot, strength 9, AP -2, d6 damage or 1d6 shots, strength 5, AP -1, 1 damage, blast).
      • The high rate-of-fire MATR Autocannon (24" 6 shot, Strength 7, AP-2, 2 damage).
      • The longer-range Sagitaur Missile Launcher (36" 2 shot, strength 10, AP -3, 3 damage).

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Brôkhyr Thunderkyn: Your standard devastator equivalent core unit. Comes in squads of 3-6 (no sergeant). T5 W3 Sv3+ and the built-in ability to ignore dense cover. Can only be transported by a Hekaton but the fact that all their guns are HunTR mitigates some of the need for standing still. All models in the unit must have the same weapon and the options are as follows: the long-range Bolt Cannon (3 shot, 36" range, S6 AP-2 D2), the close-range Graviton Blast Cannon (d6 shot, 18" range, S5 AP-3 D2, Blast and D3 against Sv3+ or better) and the slightly more expensive SP Conversion Beamer (1 shot, 30" range, S7 AP-2 D3, Beam and each hit counts as 2 against units more than 15" away).
  • Hekaton Land Fortress: The Hekaton is the toughest vehicle in the league armory with 16W, a toughness of 8, and a 2+ void armour save. M10-6" and a BS that starts at 3 before degrading.
    • Offensively, the Hekaton packs multiple ap -2, 2 Damage weapons. Each comes stock with a Cyclic Ion Cannon (24" Heavy 3D3 S8 AP2 D2), a MATR Autocannon (24" Heavy 6 S7 AP2 D2), and 4 Bolt Cannons (36" HunTR 2 S6 AP2 D2). They also have a Spectral Scanner that grants the Scanner keyword and lets them ignore light cover.
    • Options include
      • Replace 2 or 4 of the bolt cannons with Ion Beamers (18" HunTR 2 S7 AP-2 D2, BEAM)
      • Replace the Cyclic Ion Cannon with one of the following:
        • SP Heavy Conversion Beamer (30" HunTR 2 s8 ap3 D4, Beam, scores an additional hit if a unit that was hit was wholly outside 15".)
        • Magna Rail Cannon (36" Heavy 1 S14 AP4 D:2D3+6, Magna-Rail)
      • Replace the Spectral Scanner with a one-use, 36" non-LOS missiles:
        • Ancestor's Vengeance (Heavy D6 S6 AP2 D2, when used against a vehicle, has a Damage of 3, and a wound-roll of 4+ always wound, and specifically not-Blast)
        • Kin's Wrath (Heavy 2D6, S 6 AP2 D1, blast)
        • Mountain Breaker (Heavy 1, S10 AP3 6D).
      • Needless to say, you're always going to be choosing the D6, wounding vehicles on UMWR of 4.
    • Oh and it's a transport. 12 INFANTRY models, with Exo-Armour taking 2 slots, and Exo-Frames taking 3 slots.
    • At 16 W, it has more wounds than a Russ, equivalent to a Repulsor Executioner, but less than a Land Raider and some Tyranid Monsters. This is a heavy transport and should be played as such, but with Void Armor making it so that an unlucky opponent cannot re-roll wounds or unlucky damage rolls of 1 or 2, it will be a lot harder to fully destroy than a Repulsor.
    • A Brôkhyr Iron-Master or Forgemaster is a natural pairing with the Hekaton. They can boost the ballistic skill of its numerous weapons, repair it, and (in the case of the Forgemaster's warlord trait) negate a failed save each battle round.


Greater Thurian League[edit]

The new posterboys, and the 40k successors of the High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer himself,. Like certain other poster boys, they can do basic maneuvers better than others (they count more on objectives and have more reliable attacks) and dish out extra judgment, but because they're fueled by manly dorfy hate, they're cool.
  • League Custom - Ruthless Efficiency: All models (aside from COG models) count as 2 models or 5 if the unit has 10+ wounds. All units can also re-roll one hit or wound roll each turn.
    • The Hit/Wound re-roll here is always a plus. On stuff like your Hearthkyn sure, it's ignorable, but re-rolling that one missed Magna Rail shot? Or re-rolling a bad Wound from your Einhyr Champion's hammer to get every hit in? Absolutely great. It's small, you'll probably forget about it, but when you remember you have it, it can really work some magic, especially with some Judgement Tokens up
  • Ancestral Judgment: When your army attacks an enemy with a Judgement token, the enemy counts as having an additional token for the sake of any benefits.
    • Starts slow, but means that as soon as something gets a token, you're autowounding on hits of 5+. Also lets you hit that cap quicker.
    • inb4 that guy tries to insist, the secondary for killing models with 3 grudge tokens is unaffected by this. Similar to how Farsight Enclaves treat enemies within a certain distance as having a markerlight, the extra judgment token only applies for the Judgment benefits, not VP. New armies and rules like this tend to be full of cheesemomgers, so take note.
  • Warlord Trait - Pragmatic Wisdom: Each time you spend a Command point, completely refund it on a roll of 5+.
  • Stratagem - Appraising Glare (1CP): When your Kâhl uses Grim Efficiency, he slaps two instead of one.
    • Because everyone with a judgment token counts as having an extra one, whoever your Kahl marks is treated as having three. You're autowounding on 4s.
  • Relic - Kôrvyk's Cuirass: Gain a 4+ invuln save and reduce AP of enemy attacks by 1 to a minimum of 0, which also stacks with Void Armour. Why yes, let's piss off absolutely EVERYTHING trying to kill your Einhyr Champion by making it immune to everything short of fucking meltas and lascannons!

Urani-Surtr Regulates[edit]

The Urani-Surtr Regulates embody the dogged stubbornness typical of the dorfish kind. They are absolutely dedicated to working at peak efficiency, even if it requires that they subsist on the absolute minimum of their rations to survive. This also makes them far tougher to remove as they can tank more abuse.
  • League Custom: Dour Survivalists: +1 Toughness for all units and reroll failed Morale tests.
    • Rerolling morale is kinda meh, but adding 1 to every model's toughness can get quite silly, especially when your basic troop is now T5 and your Land Fortress is T9, on top of the Void Armour benefit.
  • Ancestral Judgment: Each time a model (excluding models with the COG keyword) attacks an enemy with 0 Judgement Tokens, the enemy unit is considered to have 1 Judgment Token when determining bonuses.
    • Auto-wounding everything on 6 to hit means you want to lean into units with worse BS (since higher BS won't help the autowounding as much) and worse S on their weapons (since being better at wounding is meaningless if you auto-wound). You still want decent AP and Damage to make this worthwhile and you don't have ready access to cheap models with poor BS, but look for weapons with Blast so you can spam the enemy with attacks and hope for 6s.
  • Warlord Trait - Grim Pragmatism: 5+++ FNP.
  • Stratagem - Waste Not Your Last Breath (1 CP): Use in the Fight phase when an Urani-Surtr Regulates character that hasn't fought yet is killed. It can fight after the enemy unit finishes its attacks and is then removed as normal.
  • Relic - The Abiding Mantle: Can't be targeted by enemy ranged attacks unless the bearer is the closest eligible target.

Trans-Hyperian Alliance[edit]

The Trans-Hyperian Alliance are the most widespread of the Kin in the galaxy, as they send their fleets to the edges of the galaxy to scour for new knowledge to feed their Votann. They also venerate their ancestors in a way beyond most other holds, giving them some extra efficiency when exploiting Eye of the Ancestors.
  • League Custom - Honour the Ancestors: Gain an extra point of AP on an attack on an unmodified Wound roll of 6, and +1 to hit for units below their starting strength.
    • The Eye of the Ancestors nerf hits this custom particularly hard, now that your tokens no longer turn any wounds into a 6.
  • Ancestral Judgment: Models except for COG models reroll Wound rolls of 1 against units with one or more Judgement tokens.
    • A strong ability, almost makes up for your lack of a lieutenant equivalent.
  • Warlord Trait - Nomad Strategist: At the start if the first battle round, you can redeploy up to three Trans-Hyperian Alliance units within your deployment zone or into Strategic Reserves without spending CP. Absolutely vital as this saves points that would have been spent on Teleportation Crests, and also lets you take the Shield Crests for an additional wound!
  • Stratagem - Cult of Veneration (1 CP): Use when a Trans-Hyperian Alliance unit is about to lose wounds from a mortal wound. gain a 5+ FNP against all mortal wounds for the rest of the phase.
  • Relic - The Corv Duas: Trans-Hyperian Alliance Grimnyr only. Gain an extra wound. While the Grimnyr has one or more Corv models present, you can deny one additional psychic power and gain +1 to Deny the Witch tests.

Ymyr Conglomerate[edit]

The Ymyr Conglomerate is the most advanced of the Leagues, proudly fielding impressive amounts of heavy armor when compared to other Kin. This is not just any armor though, as this League is also renowned for their incredibly advanced suits that hold no equals.
  • League Custom - Master Armourers: Add 4" to the range of all non-relic ranged weapons. Units with a 2+ save get a 4+ invuln; everyone else gets a 5+ invuln. Your Einhyr are now even harder to kill and everyone can safely level their gunlines from even further away. Cthonian Beserks now get a save that is better than their original and Land Fortresses become even harder to bring down.
  • Ancestral Judgment: When making a ranged attack within half range (excluding COG models) and the targeted unit has one or more Judgement tokens, increase the AP of the attack by 1. Obviously becomes more effective the lower your starting AP is, with Bolters gaining the greatest benefit.
  • Warlord Trait - Guild Connections: Increase the damage of all non-relic weapons by 1. Give it to a Einhyr Champ with a hammer and do, at the minimum, 5 damage for each successful wound.
  • Stratagem - Pulsed Beam Discharge (1CP): Use in the Shooting phase when a Ymyr Conglomerate model is selected to shoot. Select one model in the unit equipped with a beam weapon. Until the end of the phase, all hits scored with that beam weapon do one mortal wound in addition to any other damage.
    • It is unclear if this applies to all instances of the same weapon carried by a model, like a Land Fortress with 4 Ion Beamers, or if it only works on one of them. Tread carefully around how you interpret this.
  • Relic - The Last Crest of Jâluk: Ymyr Conglomerate Shield Crest model only. Gain a 4+++ FNP against Mortal Wounds and once per battle before making a saving throw, get a 3+ invuln save for the rest of the phase.

Kronus Hegemony[edit]

The most militant of the Leagues, the Kronus Hegemony are ever eager to spring into another campaign to crush their enemies into dust. This has led to the Kin of this league becoming increasingly belligerent to any that cross they path, but it has also led to them becoming some of the greatest warriors of all dorfkind.
  • League Custom - Battle Prowess: Each time a unit fights, add 1 to its Attacks characteristic if it charged, was charged, or performed a Heroic Intervention that turn. Each time a unit makes a melee attack, add 1 to the attack's Strength characteristic if it charged, was charged, or performed a Heroic Intervention that turn.
    • With the low amount of attacks that most of your models get, you're gonna need this one if you want to run a melee force.
  • Ancestral Judgment: Each time a model (except for COG models) makes a melee attack against an enemy with 2+ Judgement tokens, increase the AP of the attack by 1.
    • Most of your melee has a decent amount of AP and the token requirement is steep, but this can offset things like Armor of Contempt, so if you're in a position to take advantage of it, use it.
  • Warlord Trait - Exemplary Hero: Reroll hit rolls for melee attacks and against character and monster units, gain +1 attacks and reroll Wound rolls of 1.
    • Woe betide any characters or monsters that are within charge range of an Einhyr Champ with this.
  • Stratagem - Bloody Expectations (1CP): Use when a Kronus Hegemony is about to fight in the Fight phase. That unit gets an extra hit for each Hit roll of 6 when they make a melee attack for the rest of the phase.
  • Relic - The Just Blade: Replaces a forgewrought plasma axe or dark star axe. S+1 AP-4 D2 melee weapon that ignores invulns.

Established League Customs[edit]

Though the Kin abide by tradition, they are not bound to it. There are a number of ways a league to establish their own identities, whether it be in their reverence of their ancestors, their tactical preference or special mutations in their cloneskeins.

You select three customs, but only one of them must come from the Ancestral Judgment category. Note that while you can copy part of the customs for each of the established Leagues, you can't copy the entire setup.

  • Brutal Efficiency: Each time a model (except for COG models) makes a melee attack against an enemy with Judgement tokens, a natural 6 to hit also scores an additional hit.
  • Close Quarters Prioritisation: +2 to charge any enemies with Judgement tokens.
  • Quick to Judge: Every time an enemy unit targets a unit with this custom with a shooting or melee attack, after the attacking unit has resolved all of its attacks, if the unit with this custom suffered one or more casualties as the result of those attacks but was not destroyed, roll 1d6 (adding one to the result with the unit being attacked is now below half strength). On a 4+, the attacking unit gains 1 judgement token.
  • Taking it Personally: If a unit with this custom attacks only one enemy unit and does not kill them, the enemy will take a Judgement Token on a 5+ (+1 if the enemy unit is below half-strength)
  • Unwavering Discipline: Each time a model (excluding a COG) with this custom makes an attack against a target with 1 or more Judgement Tokens, you can ignore any hit roll/weapon skill/ballistic skill modifiers.
  • Vengeful: When a unit with this custom dies, the killer takes 2 Judgement tokens. If you're expecting your troops to die, this will help you pay them back with blood.
  • League Affiliated: Your standard "copy all the rules of one of the pre-existing factions" option.
  • Martial Cloneskeins: +1 to Strength when charging, getting charged or heroically intervening. One-third of the Kronus Hegemony's custom.
  • Honour in Toil: If a unit with this custom is below half-strength, add +1 to hit. Similar to one-third of the Trans-Hyperian Alliance's custom, but worse.
  • Refined Power Cores: Add +2 to the movement of all Accelerated and Vehicle units.
  • Stoic: Re-roll morale checks. One-third of the Urani-Surtr Conglomerates' custom.
  • Superior Beam Capacitors: Add 1 to the strength of all Beam weapons, and each time you use the Core-Buster Fire Pattern stratagem it costs O CP.
  • Void Hardened: Unmodified wound rolls of 1 or 2 always fail.
  • Warrior Pride: Each time a unit with this custom is selected to fight, you can re-roll a single hit or wound roll. One third of the Greater Thurian Leagues' custom.
  • War Songs: Your units can re-roll to hit in melee if their enemy is engaged with two or more <League> Core units.
  • Weaponsmiths: Add 4" to the range of all ranged weapons (excluding Relics) to units with this Custom. One-third of the Ymyr Conglomerate's custom.


(9th Edition tactics)