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Why Play Necrons[edit]

Because you like insane ancient Egyptian space robots, who do not know pity or remorse or fear and absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. Also because you enjoy assaulting people to steal their clothing, footwear, and two-wheeled powered land conveyances so you can put them in your ancient Egyptian kleptomaniac Tesseract Vault next to your Primarch collection.

Necrons are next in line for a Codex, so keep an eye out for more information.


  • Between vehicles with an assload of wounds, Living Metal to get those wounds back, and troops that can literally stand back up, you are a durable army that can hit hard and take just as much.
  • Your entire army has Leadership 10. While losing the final 5 Warriors in a squad after losing the first fifteen sucks, it's not nearly as bad as losing 4 in melee and then having a 50/50 chance of getting destroyed.
  • Your most basic guns are AP-1, something no other faction can claim.
  • 10 Immortals armed with tesla carbines and supported by a model with the My Will Be Done ability will do an average of 30 hits S5 AP- at range 24".
  • Warriors and Immortals are better against non-vehicles compared to last edition because of the changes to AP and cover and the DOUBLING in the tesla carbine's number of shots.
  • Quantum Shielding, when it works.
  • Because you like fragments of ancient star gods riding up the battlefield unable to be targeted by shooting (except for snipers).
  • Your equivalent of psyker powers (Powers of the C'tan) can't be blocked by Deny the Witch or suffer Perils of the Warp because they're not actually psyker powers. Nor are they affected by things like the Culexus Assassin.
  • You can effectively Deep Strike INFANTRY squads within 2" of the enemy thanks to Night Scythe Invasion Beams, circumventing your slow movement speed.
  • No single unit that screams "op geedub nerf when?" that you have to base your army around.


  • For once, accusations that you're a slow army are actually true. Most of your stuff is moving a mere 5". This is compounded by your Gauss weapons relying on their 12" Rapid Fire range to remain points efficient, making it possible for opponents to dramatically lower your damage output by keeping you at arm's length, (Codex leaks though do show that there is potential remedies for this in the form of Dynastic Rules provided you're willing to give up the benefits others offer to shooting so... yay?).
  • Quantum Shielding, when it doesn't work.
  • Tesla fails horribly against things that gives you to hit penalties, hitting stuff like Flyers, vehicles which have popped smoke, Mechanicus and Space Marine units from certain sub-factions while they are 12 or more inches away, Tzeentch Daemons close to the Changeling, Tyranid models close to a Malanthrope and or a unit of Venomthropes.
  • Scarabs are no longer the bane of anything with an armour value.
  • Warriors and Immortals do extremely poorly against vehicles compared to the previous edition, even after factoring in the increased cost of vehicles.
  • No heavy weapons to embed in squads other than a single Heavy Destroyer in each Destroyer Squad, Destroyers already being fairly elite. This means that you have to take dedicated squads to get any real firepower, dedicated units which your opponent does not need snipers to shoot at.
  • Necrons have no friends.
  • People playing Necrons have no friends May not be true anymore.
  • Most units have barely any toys to customise your dudes.
  • You're almost defenceless against psykers, with only one regular unit actually capable of making Deny the Witch rolls (Canoptek Spyders, and then only by buying a Gloom Prism for them) and no actual powers of your own.
    • The Forge World Canoptek Tomb Sentinel and Tomb Stalker can also buy Gloom Prisms if your budget extends to Forge World units. That's still only three relatively expensive units in your entire list with a single deny each, though.
    • Pariahs would be nice. However, GW forgot that they exist.
    • Voidmancers would be nice. However, GW forgot what made Crypteks fun.
  • No single unit that screams "op geedub nerf when?" to base your army around.
  • Crypteks are now as fun as ultra smurfs.


  • AB = Annihilation Barge
  • CCB = Catacomb Command Barge
  • DDA = Doomsday Ark
  • Tesla = whatever tesla option a unit has. CCB (Tesla/Warscythe) would be a Catacomb Command Barge with a Tesla Cannon and a Warscythe.
  • Gauss = whatever gauss option a unit has.
  • Orb/ResOrb = Resurrection Orb.
  • Pylon = usually means the Superheavy Gauss Pylon.
  • Scythe = Warscythe.
  • Staff = Staff of Light.

Faction Keywords[edit]

As one might suppose, it's NECRONS. Beyond that, you've also got your <DYNASTY> wildcard, which is fixed for some special characters but freely chosen for most units and also determines your Dynastic Code.

Special Rules[edit]

Factional Rules[edit]

Almost all of your units have one or the other of the following:

  • Reanimation Protocols: At the start of your turn, roll a D6 for each dead model unless the model's entire unit is dead (NB - models that flee due to failed morale tests do not count as dead. Not that you should be failing morale tests with an army-wide Ld10, but it happens occasionally). On a 5+ the model returns to life, with its full complement of Wounds if it had more than one. Reanimated models must be placed in coherency with a unit member that has not also Reanimated this turn, and more than 1" away from any enemy models. If you can't meet these deployment conditions, the model fails to reanimate. All of your squad-based 1-or-2-wound-per-model units (and Destroyers) get this one.
    • Note that failing the 5+ roll does not prevent the model from waiting and trying again next turn. The only thing that puts Necron squads down permanently is wiping the whole lot out or making them fail morale tests.
      • Always remember to put your "fled" models in a separate pool from the "slain" ones so you can tell how many you have left who can reanimate.
      • LD10 is only immune to morale up to 4 models slain, and you will guarantee a loss of an entire 20-model unit at 15 models slain; a Lord for re-rolling morale can't fix this, although for the values in between, re-rolling morale is nearly as good as +1 LD. Broadly speaking, it's better to field more units to begin with than to bother with a Lord, particularly if you're fielding anything that isn't Warriors, as smaller unit sizes make Lords even less useful. HOWEVER, with Command Point, you can auto-pass morale tests, keeping that devastated squad of warriors in play and potentially re-animate a buttload of them.
  • Living Metal: Units with this rule recover one lost Wound at the start of each of your turns, or D3 if they've got a Phylactery. Most of your CHARACTERS, VEHICLES and other individual model units with lots of Wounds get this one.

Other Notable Rules[edit]

  • My Will Be Done: Most of your HQ choices have this. One <DYNASTY> INFANTRY unit within 6" gets +1" on Advances and Charges, and +1 to hit to both ranged and melee.
    • Anrakyr The Traveler's and Imotekh The Stormlord's versions of this rule target a NECRON INFANTRY unit instead. Which means they are the only Overlords that can use this ability on Praetorians (who don't have a <DYNASTY>) or on units not in their own <DYNASTY>. In Anrakyr's case, this is the only reason he can use the ability at all, lacking a <DYNASTY> of his own. This also means they are the only two Overlords that Illuminor Szeras respects enough to follow their commands on the battlefield.
  • Quantum Shielding: All NECRON vehicles except flyers and those who are TITANIC get this, and it combos well with Living Metal's regeneration to make them very tough to bring down. If you can roll under the damage of a successfully wounding attack on a D6, you ignore it. As a result, your vehicles are more vulnerable to massed low damage but high strength firepower (e.g. squads firing overcharged plasma guns or equivalents) than they are to more traditional high-damage anti-tank guns like Lascannons or Krak missiles. Autocannons will still ruin their day though.

Dynastic Codes[edit]

AKA your Chapter Tactics equivalents. Note that they are all "positional" abilities, so they will each influence the ways in which your army moves.

  • MEPHRIT - Solar Fury: Get -1 to AP when shooting at units within half of your weapon's maximum range.
    • Have you ever had that one friend who loved to show up in your face turn one? Pick this, it's good considering your penchant for close ranged firefights, especially with Gauss Flayers since they get Rapid Fire at that range too. Remember that this works best on weapons with no or little AP to begin with
    • Also fantastic on highly-mobile units. Tomb Blades and Destroyers get good mileage from this code.
  • SAUTEKH - Relentless Advance: Get no penalties when firing with Heavy weapons after moving. If you Advance, every shooting weapon is considered an Assault one for that turn.
    • Remember this works on every type of gun. So Assault Doomsday Cannon is a go. The rule about no shooting if you moved at all will still apply to the High power shot, of course, but go nuts on low power.
  • NEPHREKH - Translocation Beams: Always Advances 6" (the bonus from My Will Be Done can still be used to Advance 7"), and can pass through models and terrain when Advancing.
    • A Code that demands you to build around it, but will turn Necrons into the second most mobile army in the game (losing out to the Tyranids with their supersonic Troops and potential for multiple movement phases in a single turn).
  • NIHILAKH - Aggressively Territorial: Units that didn't move or disembark can reroll every 1 to hit when shooting, even in Overwatch.
    • Not so great considering your lack of long ranged weaponry unlike the puny humans.
  • NOVOKH - Awakened by Murder: When a unit charges, is charged, or makes a Heroic Intervent, it can reroll every failed hit roll.
    • All melee Necrons will benefit a lot from this one.

Powers of the C'tan[edit]

Your equivalent of a psyker discipline. Used by your C'tan shard(s)/Tesseract Vault in the end of the Movement Phase so you can target Characters unless a power says otherwise

  1. Antimatter Meteor: Roll a D6, on a 2+ the closest visible enemy unit suffer D3 mortal wounds, on a 6 they suffer D6 mortal wounds. If the user is a Tesseract Vault it does D6 damage on a 5+.
    • Basically Smite, although not quite as good; same chance to succeed in most cases (and immune to Deny the Witch), with improved range and no chance of Perils, but no overbleed if you roll well. Particularly relevant because you don't have access to Smite, as you have no psykers. Better than Seismic Assault against any unit of 10 models or less.
    • Actually quite a bit superior to smite these days because it doesnt get harder to "cast" each time you succeed, it is not a psi power and so cannot be denied and abilities that protect only against psi-based mortal wounds won't stop these. Also rolling 6 on 1d6 is more likely to happen than rolling an 11-12 on 2d6 for the d6 damage.
  2. Time's Arrow: Choose a visible enemy unit within 24" and roll a D6. If the roll exceeds that unit's Wound characteristic, one model is instantly slain.
    • Notable because it just kills a model outright, which means it bypasses FNP, or any other rules that trigger on losing wounds, such as Tyranid's Acid Blood or Eldar Ghosthelms. Useless against anything with more than 6 wounds though.
    • Note that a roll of 1 always fails, also that tesseract vaults add 1 to this roll, meaning they can fairly reliably delete models with annoying ressurection mechanics like Yarrik or (a very injured) Guillymuns. It is used in the movement phase now so the character keyword offers no protection from being chosen as a target.
  3. Seismic Assault: Closest enemy unit within 24" rolls a D6 (did you spot the theme here yet?) for every model in it. The unit suffers a mortal wound for every 6+ rolled.
    • Unlike almost every other ability of this type (mostly aircraft bombs), there's no upper limit on the number of dice. Statistically, this beats Antimatter Meteor in expected damage whenever targeting a unit with 11 or more models... which means it's pretty rare. Still, the chance to dump 8 extra mortal wounds on that Conscript or Boyz squad that's trying to tarpit you is sometimes worth it, and if you've got luck on your side this will wreck entire armies for you.
  4. Cosmic Fire: Roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 9". On a 4+ they suffer D3 mortal wounds. Add 1 to the roll ii was used by a Tesseract Vault.
    • This power excells at dishing out mortal wounds to minimum-squad users and if any custodian terminator squad tries to use it "split into 1-man units" stratagem near a shard with this... This will make them regret it sooo much.
  5. Sky of Falling Stars: Pick 3 enemy units within 18", roll a D6. Tesseract Vaults subtract 1 for this roll. If the result is less than the number of models in the unit, they suffer D3 mortal wounds. An unmodified roll of 6 always fails
    • Like Cosmic Fire but longer range, limited to only 3 units at a time and you'll hit any unit of 5+ models on anything but a 1, Better than antimatter meteor unless hitting single model units.
  6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt:Pick an enemy unit within 24", normal Character targeting rules apply, and roll a D6. Add 1 if the user is a Tesseract Vault. On a 4+ the enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Then, roll a D6 for every other enemy unit within 3". On a 4+, they suffer a mortal wound. POWER. UNLIMITED POWER
    • Like sky of falling stars except instead of a 9" circular aoe around the shard, its one 3" radius blast marker placed up to 24" away, Excellent for making the enemy not want to bunch up their units so much or punishing them for trying to maximize the utility of their character buff-auras.

Warlord Traits[edit]

There is one Necron specific Warlord Trait, thanks to Chapter Approved 2017. Additional Warlord Traits were seen in the Necron beta codex leak.

  1. Enduring Will: Reduce damage inflicted on your Warlord by 1 with a minimum of 1.
    • This can be particularly potent on a CCB. Quantum Shielding will preclude most high-damage attacks from going through; moderate damage gets reduced, both through the trait and your innate healing via Living Metal.
  2. Eternal Madness: Warlord re-rolls failed wounds if he charged, was charged, or intervened heroically.
  3. Immortal Pride: Friendly <Dynasty> units within 6" of the Warlord auto-pass morale and can deny one psychic power a turn. Because Warrior blobs weren't already hard enough to put down permanently. And since the Necrons can't deny at all otherwise, it'll be a must-have against psyker-heavy armies.
  4. Thrall of the Silent King: Increase the range of Warlord's aura abilities by 3", except for catacomb command barge explosions. Practically custom-made for Crypteks, especially ones with the new Canoptek Cloak.
  5. Implacable Conqueror: <Dynasty> units within 6" of the Warlord can re-roll charge rolls.
  6. Honorable Combatant: D3 extra attacks if the Warlord directs all of his attacks against a character.

Dynasty Specific[edit]

SAUTEKH-Hyperlogical Strategist: Provides one re-roll for the Warlords personal use. More importantly, lets you reclaim your spent command points on a 5+.

MEPHRIT-Merciless Tyrant: +6" to the Warlord's assault weapons. Also lets the Warlord target characters, even if they are not the closest target. Nice! Obviously only effective if you give your Lord a Staff, or more noticeably a CCB with a Tesla Cannon to give your HQ a 3 shot 30" S6 sniper rifle that hits on a 2+, with -1AP at 15".

NIHILAKH-Precognitive Strike: Warlord strikes first in the fight phase, unless their opponent charged or has a similar ability.

NEPHREKH-Skin of Living Gold:-1 to hit the Warlord. Great for CCBs and Destroyer Lords.

NOVOKH-Crimson Haze: Units within 6" of the Warlord generate extra attacks on 6's to hit in the Fight phase.


  • Repair Subroutines (2 CP): Use before you roll for Reanimation Protocols. Choose a CANOPTEK unit and they get Reanimation Protocols until the end of your turn. Obviously if your Wraiths have suffered a lot of casualties, your opponent will rage when they get back up, but you're usually better off saving your command points to keep your Warriors from running.
  • Enhanced Reanimation Protocols (2 CP): Reroll 1s when using Reanimation Protocols for 1 unit. Probably too many command points, but good to keep in mind.
  • Dynastic Heirlooms (1/3 CP): your standard extra relic stratagem.
  • Enhanced Invasion Beam (1 CP): Allows you to set up two units from a monolith or night scythe instead of one.
  • Note that this stratagem can be used Anytime you deploy a unit via the gate of eternity or invasion beams, so in narrative battles you could potentially use it to double-deploy from multiple such units. Also if your unit is destroyed during an enemy phase, you can use this stratagem twice for one round, once during your turn and again when they blow up your last beamer unit.
  • Emergency Invasion Beam (1 CP): Use when your last monolith or nightscythe is destroyed. This lets you save an undeployed unit and put them on the battlefield.
  • This stratagem pretty much saves the Nightscythe from being the worst transport unit in the game, since unlike any other transport the Whole unit inside is destroyed if you lose all of them, Now even if the enemy does blow up your scythe/monolith you can still get 1-2 units out of your beamers making their early destruction much less of a priority which, in turn, makes your beamer units more survivable and gives you more options on where to try and deploy your metal men.
  • Wrath of the C'Tan (2 CP): use after a C'Tan uses its power. Roll a d6 and consult the C'Tan power table. You can immediately use that power, even if you already did so this turn. Random but could be useful if you find yourself needing an extra mortal wound to drop an enemy to a lower damage tier or finish off a unit on its last legs.
  • Solar Pulse (1 CP): Strips cover from an enemy unit being targeted by one of yours. Useful when fighting armies with faction rules that always give them the benefit of cover.
  • Resurrection protocols (1 CP): Use when a character dies. At the end of the phase, roll a dice and on a 4+, the character comes back with 1 wound. Can't use it on C'Tan shards or Trazyn but it does work, funnily enough, on a command barge.
  • Damage Control Overrides (1 CP): For the rest of the turn, target necron vehicle uses the highest level of its damage chart.
  • Extremely useful as it forces the enemy to have to Kill your vehicles rather than simply leave them crippled, unless he wants to risk eating its full firepower on your turn.
  • Amalgamated Targeting Data (1 CP): Use in the shooting phase if you have a Doom Scythe within 6" of two other Doom Scythe. Instead of shooting their Death Rays, pick a spot within 24" of all three and roll a d6 for each unit within 3" of it (+1 if the unit has 5+ models, -1 if it's a CHARACTER). On a 4+, the unit takes 3d3 mortal wounds.
  • Conditionally useful if you are playing Sautekh, if not then the doomscythe is probably not the croisant you want, if so the lack of a penalty for firing the heavy death ray on the move means 3 death rays launching d3 shots each, each likely to wound, pierce armor and do d6 damage each will Probably do far more damage collectively than the 3d3 wounds Might, certainly worth it though if the enemy has made the mistake of clustering up lots of units though the -1 to nail characters hampers this a bit. It can also be worth it if your flying pastries are damaged and so no longer as accurate as you'd wish them to be. Also keep in mind that they can still fire their tesla destructors, just not the deathrays if you use this!
  • Dispersion Field Amplification (2 CP): Use when the enemy targets one of your Lychguard units that are equipped with dispersion shields but before they roll to hit. For the rest of the phase, the Lychguard have a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition, any unmodified results of 6 cause a mortal wound to the shooting unit.
    • notably, you have to use this stratagem before the opponent rolls to hit. If they have unlucky dice, you may end up burning two cp for very little gain. In addition, the stratagem cannot be used against overwatch.
  • Quantum Deflection (1 CP): use when a vehicle is targeted in the shooting phase but before any to hit dice are rolled. You can subtract 1 from the result of the rolls made for quantum shielding
  • Self Destruction (1 CP): use on a scarab unit after it piles in but before it fights. Pick a model in the unit and an enemy unit within 1" of the model. The model explodes, killing itself, and on a 2+, deals d3 mortal wounds to the enemy target.
  • Disruption Fields (1 CP): A necron infantry unit gets +1 strength. Obviously, quite good on Lychguard, Praetorians, and Flayed Ones. Also of note is that it ups Anrakyr, Trazyn and Obyron to S9, allowing them to wound near anything in a normal game on a 3+
  • Entropic Strike (1 CP): use on a necron character before they fight. Invulnerable saves can't be taken against the first attack it makes.
  • Extinction Protocols (1 CP): Use on a Destroyer Lord, Destroyer, or Heavy Destroyer unit during the shooting phase. You can reroll all to hit and to wound rolls.
  • Phaeron's Will (1 CP): use My Will Be Done or Wave of Command twice in the same turn.
  • Adaptive Subroutines (1 CP): a Canoptek unit can advance and still shoot and charge this turn. Combine with the Nephrekh code and Wraiths for a nice 30" threat range. While not Hive Fleet Kraken Genestealer fast this can be used to tie up critical enemy units early on whilst your footsloggers get into effective range.


Melee Weapons[edit]

  • Hyperphase Sword: Your standard AP-3 melee Power Sword equivalent, for a bargain 3 points. Beta update: Now they also add +1 to your strength.
  • Voidblade: Errata 1.1 made Voidblades a Hyperphase sword that gives you an extra attack. Now they're actually worth spending the extra 3 points on.
  • Warscythe: Two Strength and one AP and Damage better than the Hyperphase Sword. Costs 11 points (down from 20 in 7e). Still the bread and butter of all your characters. Remember that the Warscythe actually costs less than the Staff of Light now.
  • Voidscythe: Statwise this is a slightly improved Thunderhammer, -1 on to hit rolls, x2 str, -4 ap and 3 damage a hit. Exclusively available only to overlords on foot, neither command barges nor destroyer lords seem to have the option for it. Costs a little more than a Warscythe but might actually make you want to have the overlord spend his MWBD buff on Himself, to still hit on 2+ in melee with this thing. Also sometimes worth combining with the Entropic Strike stratagem since you can then almost guarantee a nice chunk of 3 wounds onto an enemy character that ignores both regular and invulnerable saves (a 2+ will still yield a 6+ armor save though).
  • Whipcoils: Even if a model with these equipped died in the Fight Phase, they still get to attack in that Fight Phase. No benefit besides that. Note that the Wraith's regular attacks have -1AP but the Whipcoils don't, so their dying attacks are a little weaker. Do note that Wraiths in no way replace their Vicious Claws when they take Whipcoils, and Whipcoils do not limit the last attacks to be made with the Whipcoils, so you do still have a choice to get that -1 ap.

Ranged Weapons[edit]

Staff of Light[edit]

TBD A combo ranged and melee weapon for the royalty of the ancient. Its ranged profile is S Overlord ap -2 and 3 shots, its melee is S user ap -2. Unlike most editions it costs more than the warscythe, though seeing what the warscythe is like now you may wish to take the extra shooting.

Gauss Weapons[edit]

Overall Gauss has gotten better AP because everything wounds on 6s now. If you have a Tesla option, Tesla is better unless your opponent has massed 3+ armour saves and you can get the majority of your shots within Rapid Fire range (where applicable). Gauss is amazing against 2+/3+ armour, and mediocre against almost everything else.

  • Gauss Flayer: Standard Warrior weapon, an AP-1 Bolter.
  • Gauss Blaster: Standard Immortal Weapon, S5 and AP-2.
  • Gauss Flayer Array: 5 Gauss Flayers. With vehicle firing arcs a thing of the past, a Ghost Ark is now a portable squad of Warriors. In addition to the actual squad of Warriors it can unload.
  • Gauss Cannon: This comes with normie Destroyers and is a higher damage version of the Blaster. It is Heavy instead of Rapid Fire, but Destroyers ignore the penalty. Beta update: strength was buffed to 6, and the number of shots increased to 3, giving your destroyers a 50% increase in firepower!
  • Heavy Gauss Cannon: Your Heavy Destroyer single target removal. High Strength and AP with a D6 Damage make this hit like a truck, against 1 dude. DON'T SHOOT THIS AT 1 WOUND INFANTRY.
  • Gauss Flux Arc: A Heavy 3 Gauss Blaster.

Tesla Weapons[edit]

Tesla treats every hit roll of 6+ as 3 hits instead of 1. Don't forget about this on Overwatch, as all your Overwatch hits will trigger this (Overwatch is always made as a straight 6+ roll ignoring all modifiers). Also bear in mind that any effects that modify your to-hit rolls change the threshold for triggering Tesla as well. My Will Be Done lets you trigger it on 5+, as it adds 1 to your hit roll rather than modifying your BS, and conversely Advancing and firing Assault Tesla weapons, shooting at Flyers etc. mean you can never trigger Tesla, as any 6s you roll will be reduced to 5s or worse.

  • Tesla Carbine: This beauty is now Assault 2, meaning you can fire it after advancing. Be aware that as above, you lose the Tesla trigger when Advancing, unless you counter the penalty by buffing them with My Will Be Done.
  • Tesla Cannon: Better than above with 1 more shot and Strength.
  • Tesla Destructor: The Destructor is really good, just not quite as good as a Sphere. 7 strength and 4 shots will tear through most horde armies. The Twin Tesla Destructor will bomb up even more with its 8 shots. Although anything that has 1 regular Tesla Destructor seems to have 2 of them, yet this may change.
  • Tesla Sphere: 1 more shot than the above and placement on TITANIC models provide plenty of reasons not to charge due to Tesla's strong Overwatch.

Particle Weapons[edit]

  • Particle Caster: Your "Bolt Pistol". Currently available only to Wraiths and Voidblade-wielding Praetorians this differs from its puny Imperial counterpart by being S6.
  • Particle Beamer: The bigger brother of the Particle Caster this gun is an Assault 3 version with double the range. Available as a singleton for Tomb Blades or taken in pairs on Tesseract Arks and Canoptek Spyders. While just over a quarter of your base cost to equip to a Spyder, it's also currently the only ranged option they have access to.
  • Particle Shredder The largest of the Particle line and the most exclusive, the Shredder is only available to Triarch Stalkers. While Heavy 6 S7 AP-1 D3 sounds reasonable the 24" range is a big letdown, and the other two weapons the Stalker has access to are considerably more useful.

Other Wargear[edit]

  • Resurrection Orb: Almost identical to 7e, once per game throw Reanimation Protocols again for one NECRON INFANTRY unit within 3" of the wielder. Doesn't stack with the Ghost Ark's Repair Barge; and, because it's not restricted to Warriors like Repair Barge is, you should probably be using it on something else (like, say, your Destroyers). Pretty cool for those clutch moments when your 20 man blob has been reduced to 2 guys and you *really* need it to not die. 35 points.
  • Phylactery: Living Metal restores D3 wounds instead of 1, 15 points. A solid durability upgrade that bizarrely, only the Destroyer Lord has access to. Imotekh tekh-nically has it too, but his own version.
  • Dispersion Shield: Halfway between Storm Shields and Combat Shields at a 4++. At a whopping 15 points each, you're really paying through the nose for these compared to the 5 (15 on CHARACTERS) points Marines pay for a Storm Shield.
  • Canoptek Cloak: A new toy for Crypteks that looks like a Scarab stuck up the Cryptek's butt. In exchange for this minor humiliation, the Cryptek gains a Movement stat of 10", the FLY keyword, and the ability for any model within 3" with the Living Metal rule to recover d3 wounds instead of the usual 1. Excellent in conjunction with Tomb Blades, Triarch Praetorians, and Destroyers, with the repair bonus being icing on the cake. The perfect complement for a Catacomb Command Barge. Note that since most necron characters and All vehicles have the living metal rule, this wargear turns the cryptek into a rather awesome combination of apochatery and techmarine in one, plus also still buffing the rank and file reanimation protocols.


  • The Veil of Darkness: Once per game teleport the bearer and one <DYNASTY> Infantry unit ala Deep Striking. Its free, so just take it, there are lots of applications and even if you never use it, it's free.

Unit Analysis[edit]

HQ Units[edit]

  • Overlord: The once customizable close combat monstrosity can now only replace his Staff of Light with a Hyperphase Sword, a Voidblade or a Warscythe (Recent leaks though seem to indicate that one mighty metal build-a-bear will return to his previous custimizable glory). Phase shifter is already included in the kit. The only optional upgrade is now the Resurrection Orb. The main reason (and it's a good one) to buy an Overlord instead of a Lord is his buff My Will Be Done. Even with Warscythe and Resurrection orb (usually the sensible kit) he only comes to 148 points, which is cheaper than any of the named Overlords (except for Trazyn who has neither Orb or Scythe). For 19 more points, you do get Anrakyr however. Certainly, has his place as the leader of a Necron army.
  • Lord: Comes with The Lord's Will special ability which lets you reroll failed morale test, which arguably makes him better at babysitting 20 man warrior blobs than a Cryptek (The Lord is the stern father compared to the protective mother of the Cryptek). He is also your cheapest option for a Resurrection Orb carrier, at 126pts with his Staff and the Orb included. Replace the Staff with a Warscythe to make him 119 pts, or if you are only taking him for the orb, replace it with a Voidblade Hyperphase Sword for your cheapest Resurrection Orb carrier at 111 pts. Beta update, the lord aura buff was changed from rerolling leadership tests to providing an Awesome "reroll 1's to wound". Its not limited to shooting or melee either making these guys very worth bringing again!
  • Cryptek: Your defensive buff-bot. Every <DYNASTY> unit within 3" gets +1 to RP rolls, and the INFANTRY get a 5++ against shooting too. Just over a hundred points including his Staff of Light. Still no fun Harbinger options, but for that, you can take Szeras or Orikan and pretend you are playing 6th edition. Is pretty great if babysitting multiple Warrior blobs. With the new Canoptek Cloak, he can keep up with speedier units and provide extra healing for anything with Living Metal for only a marginal points increase.
  • Destroyer Lord: Lost some versatility in that he only buffs Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers. Yet, comes with Phase Shifter standard and 1 more attack than a Lord or Overlord and 1 more wound than the Overlord. His high movement does allow him to zip around to use the Rez orb when most needed. Though that is one use only. Despite being the only HQ that can take a phylactery there doesn't seem to be that much to him. An ok melee unit that buffs shooting for 2 specific, already expensive, units. And despite being a Lord, doesn't have the Lord's Will rule for morale support. He doesn't even really excel at vehicle or monster hunting. Take if you have a massive Destroyer and Heavy Destroyer gun line. Otherwise, if you are in the market for a more durable, faster and dakkadakkadakka Lord, perhaps take a glance at the next entry... As it is basically an improved Destroyer Lord, without an Invulnerable save.
  • Catacomb Command Barge: Has Quantum Shielding and a Gauss or Tesla cannon like a vehicle, but doesn't get worse as it takes damage (just like the Annihilation barge). Also includes a 12" version of My Will Be Done, the ability to charge flyers with a Warscythe, and the privilege to laugh in the face of Dark Eldar carrying poison weaponry (because it's a VEHICLE). For 160-170 points (depending on weapons), before taking a Resurrection Orb, it is a very worthwhile upgrade to consider for a vanilla Overlord. It also has the benefit of being available to many players, as the Annihilation barge may not be auto include it previously has been. If only named Overlords could still take it. Beta update: The gauss cannon now gets 3 shots just like the tesla cannon, and is also str 6 so is probably the better pick on a model with base 2+ BS, also the beta codex adds a choice of relics that can either buff the base armor save to a 2+ or provide a 4++ invul along with some side perks, both excellent ways to improve the durability of this unit.
    • Errata 1.0 added the CHARACTER keyword to the barge, instantly transforming it from a useless liability that would get alpha'd on turn 1 into a genuinely good unit.

Special Characters[edit]

  • Imotekh the Stormlord:.
    • Comes with free Phylactery, buffed Staff of Light (which sits between that and a Warscythe) and gives reroll 1s to nearby Flayed Ones. Lord of the Storm was however slightly buffed, picking a unit (but not CHARACTER) within 48" and roll D6, with the target receiving mortal wounds equal to the die unless a 1 was rolled. Includes a chance to bounce at units within 6" on a roll of 6. He is awkward, especially for his point cost. Yet, shooting mortal wounds at a tank is useful.
    • Beta update: a drop in points cost plus they added the ability to grant MWBD on Two necron units a turn as long as they are both Sautekh makes him considerably more interesting to use, especially as his phylactery plus a cryptek with a scarab cloak could let him regenerate 2d3 wounds each turn and a strategem(usable on any necron character) will let you revive him Once if he dies on a 4+
    • Errata 1.0 raised his Leadership from 9 to 10, to match everything else in the army.
  • Nemesor Zahndrekh: .
    • Counter Tactics lets him turn off all aura abilities on an enemy CHARACTER within 12", activated the beginning of the enemy turn and lasting until the start of their following one. Fuck your Chaplains.
      • Use this rule if you can get close enough to Guilliman. Laugh as you shut down his "re-roll everything" bullshit.
    • He can buff one unit a turn with My Will Be Done like other overlords, but can also hand out a random one of +1 attack, +1 BS, or charge rerolls to a similarly nearby SAUTEKH INFANTRY unit with his unique ability Transient Madness.
  • Orikan the Diviner:.
    • He's basically a beefier Cryptek. His 5++ aura is bigger (which also works against CC unlike the regular Cryptek ability), and he has a better weapon and statline (which gets even better if you roll for The Stars Are Right). Not bad for the small increase in cost. Instead of being an improved C'tan shard in terms of stats he is now worse in that regard; worse weapon, worse inv save, worse movement and worse wounds. Yet, still buffs and Living Metal remains.
  • Vargard Obyron:.
    • He's a proper bodyguard(with a 2+ save, unlike literally anything else in the army... Well, technically Nemesor and Imotekh both have a 2+ save as well ) that can soak wounds for Zahndrekh. If he is slain in melee he still gets to fight that turn anyway thanks to Cleaving Counterblow, and allows SAUTEKH units within 6" to re-roll failed Morale tests (not that that happens often to your Ld10 small-unit-size Necrons).
    • Ghostwalk Mantle lets you bring the Vargard, and a friendly SAUTEKH INFANTRY within 6" of him, across the board to within 6" of Nemesor Zahndrekh. And only if it is within 6" of Zahndrekh, meaning he is less viable alone. The nerf to his counter attack further cements his position as a bodyguard, instead of bodyguard and awesome lord.
    • beta update: lords now grant a reroll 1's to wound buff instead of leadership rerolls, this makes him considerably more useful for lording around and making things hurt.
No <DYNASTY>[edit]
  • Anrakyr the Traveller:
    • Now S6 base instead of Furious Charge, his S8 Warscythe can put in some good hurt. His Mind in the Machine was also buffed in that he now gets to pick the weapons he wants to fire; no more getting stuck with a Heavy Stubber or Big Shoota, Anrakyr is going for the big guns. Recommended in all Apocalypse styled battles to counter That guy.
    • The fact that he gives all nearby NECRON INFANTRY units an additional attack puts him securely in the close combat buff Lord position. Anrakyr should be next to squads of Lychguards, Praetorians and Flayed Ones (4 attacks<5 attacks) buffing them up on the front lines while taking the enemy army's vehicles for a spin.
    • Side note: He is one of two named Overlords who can boss Szeras and Praetorians around with his Dynasty-less My Will Be Done.
    • Entertainingly, due to poor wording on Mind in the Machine, unlike the similar Psyker powers available to Genestealer Cults and the Inquisition, Anrakyr actually shoots the gun he "borrows" - he still uses the original owner's BS, but the shot originates from the Anrakyr model, not the original wielder (Anrakyr himself is described as making the shooting attack, rather than forcing the wielder to make it as the two powers do).
  • Illuminor Szeras:
    • Special ability upgraded, now enhances 1 Warrior or Immortal unit per turn instead of per game, as long as he is within 1" of an eligible unit (Warriors or Immortals who have not been upgraded yet this game). BS buff is useful since it means you won't have to use My Will Be Done on that squad (unless it is tesla Immortals), S is useful for... If you also brought Anrakyr and thus get weaponless Lychguards. T is useful against... S4, S5 and S8-9 weapons (only?), otherwise it doesn't really matter. So he can give out more buffs, yet the buffs overall have become less valuable. Still a fair enough trade. Unlike My Will Be Done buffs are given out at the end of the movement phase, allowing some repositioning.
    • A slight bummer about Szeras is that he doesn't have the 5++ bubble other Crypteks have. Orikan, however, gets both special Cryptek rules.
  • Trazyn the Infinite:
    • Similar to his previous incarnations, he has the Surrogate Hosts special rule which lets him take control of one the NECRON INFANTRY CHARACTERS in your army as long as they aren't named. This happens when he dies on a roll of 2+, but he only comes back with D3 wounds. Turns out a 1 wound named character was hiding in the 5 wound Overlord.
    • His Empathic Obliterator now does D3 mortal wounds to units in the same <FACTION> within 6" of a CHARACTER slain by the weapon. Note this does not respect friendly/enemy status, if you're fighting other NECRONS you can very easily kill yourself with this. If you can get into close combat and kill a character with him that is. Shame that the Tesseract Labyrinths are no more.
    • He is also the cheapest named character.
  • Kutlakh the World Killer (Forge World):
    • This is what we have instead of the Maynarkh Dynasty army. Remember the rather awesome Oblidax sword he had? It is a force sword now, deal with it. Also got Phylactery and reroll hits against units with lower leadership than him, 2+ rerolling ones, but again, his weapon is just a force sword. However, Maynarkh units with 12" of him can charge after advancing. If only Flayed Ones could advance after deep striking.
  • Toholk the Blinded (Forge World):
    • Vehicle support Cryptek, with T5. Gives one Necron vehicle near him per turn a Phylactery wound regen instead of normal living metal, which means he does pair with repair Spyders. Comes with reroll for seizing the initiative upping it to a respectable 31% chance. Also, has an Aeon stave. Which, has no reason to exist. Units wounded by it can't advance the next turn, which stops Harlequins who disengaged you if... they were gonna run away, they now run slightly shorter. 165 pts, a little expensive for what he is, but vehicle-based armies like him, no one else does.


  • Necron Warriors: Our basic Infantry model, if using them you're better off taking them as 20 man blobs since Reanimation Protocols are more effective the more models there are in the unit. Even without a Cryptek, they can expect to get a third of their casualties back per round, which makes them a difficult unit to remove from the board. With a Cryptek and a Ghost Ark to give them a pair of 4+ RP rolls, they simply will not die unless your opponent can obliterate all of them simultaneously. They are armed with Gauss Flayers, which are AP-1 bolters. AP could have its own article, but the TL;DR is that AP-1 makes Flayers 50% more effective against TEQs as Bolters, and a third more effective against MEQs than a bolter. Also down by a point since last edition.
    • A note on durability: An Immortal takes approximately 1.5 times as much abuse as a Warrior to kill (the actual math depends on the AP of the incoming fire - 1.5x is for AP0); this is cost efficient since they also do more wounds per point than Warriors against the same targets, but it also means a unit of 10 Immortals takes roughly as much work to kill as 15 Warriors, and you can get Warriors up to unit size 20. You only need 1 unit member still alive to Reanimate, which is one reason why maximum size Warrior units are so popular.
      • Against AP-1, Immortals can take 1.33x the abuse; AP-2, 1.25x, and AP-3, 1.2x. Against AP-4 or better, they both die at the same speed.
        • Under a Cryptek, Immortals are still 1.5x and 1.33x against AP0 and AP-1, but at AP-2, both units become the same durability again, which is why fielding Warriors with Orikan the Diviner is so immensely popular.
  • Immortals: 17 point base with a 3+ save. The Gauss Blaster is S5 AP-2 Rapid Fire, while the Tesla Carbine is Assault 2 S5 Tesla. Tesla gives your army more flexibility because Assault weapons can still be fired after Advancing, while Gauss eats Space Marines alive. (Wounding on 3s, 5+ save). Do note that My Will Be Done boosts Tesla Carbine effectiveness significantly, causing triple hits on 5 and 6 - and also that Advancing and firing them, while possible, stops you from getting a triple shot because of the -1 to hit (or you can combine both to Advance an extra inch, fire normally, and Charge an extra inch too).
    • See the Tesla vs Gauss section in the Talk page for the mathhammer, but here's the TL;DR: Ask yourself these three questions: Can I make sure my Immortals will stay inside 12"; Does my enemy have lots of 3+ or better saves; Does my enemy have no horde units. If you answer "No" to any of those, Tesla is better (you can put out an average 20 wounds per turn at 24" against any hordes with less than 5T and no save, and it only starts losing out to Gauss against 4+ and better saves). Otherwise, stick with Gauss.
    • Tesla vs Gauss boils down to saves, provided both are in 2-shot range: Tesla is better against 6+ or worse, they are even against 5+, and Gauss is better against 4+. An Overlord improves the situation such that Tesla is better against 4+ or worse and Gauss is better against 3+ or better, but that Overlord wasn't free, don't forget.
      • Note that even with a minimum-cost Overlord and a maximum-size unit, both Warriors and Immortals lose cost efficiency by bringing the Overlord to buff them.
    • Dynastic codes will also influence your choice.
    • Effectively, if you manage to average to shoot once each round on average with Gauss Blasters (for example shooting twice on normal range and once on rapid fire range over 4 rounds) you will be able to deal more damage even than Tesla immortals buffed by an overlord and shooting one extra round while advancing (while still being buffed by that overlord). So while Tesla is way more adaptable the save reduction of Gauss and the rapid fire manages to be better if you can manage to fire in rapid fire range for two rounds, or the enemy gets a 4+ save or better consistently, and you will suffer approximatevely the same losses being in or outside rapid fire range (as Tesla immortals can leverage the advantage of their weapon rule by staying outside rapid fire range and so be more effective than enemy troops, however that would allow the enemy to dictate your movements and if you're playing offensive with that troop eventually you will want to close the distance).

Dedicated Transport[edit]

  • Ghost Ark: Quantum Shielding and Repair Barge make this a combination healer and fire support platform for your Warriors, but its effectiveness as a transport has been crippled. You can only transport Warriors or Characters, which means while you can get a near-destroyed squad back up to size 10 while hiding in the Ark (that's its maximum transport capacity), your Characters generally want to be standing around supplying buffs, not hiding in a transport. Repair Barge allows one unit of <DYNASTY> Warriors (Note - Warriors, not INFANTRY) within 3" to make a second Reanimation Protocols roll at the end of the Movement phase, in addition to the normal RP roll at the start of your turn (can't be triple-stacked with Resurrection Orb though). The removal of firing arcs for vehicle weaponry lets it make much more effective use of its own gun arrays, but the units embarked inside cannot attack in their Shooting phase due to the removal of Open-topped. The Ghost Ark's usefulness as a transport is nearly zero because one more round of shooting or two RP rolls in the same turn is almost always better than hiding and losing the use of the unit for the turn. This ability is useful only when your Warriors Fall Back from melee (as then they can't do anything else anyway), or when the squad is down to only a couple of models and you want to try and avoid having them wiped out (and there are enough turns left to make the wait for them to reanimate and disembark worth it).
    • Don't forget that the Ghost Ark has FLY, however - it can pull out of melee and still shoot, which gives you a couple of potentially useful options. First, any Warriors already inside when the Ark is Charged can hop out of the back (as long as the Ark isn't completely surrounded) before the Ark retreats, allowing all of them to shoot that turn (and potentially Charge too) at point blank range; second, if your 10-model-or-less Warrior squad gets trapped in an undesirable melee (i.e. one where they won't inflict useful damage, or risk being wiped out this turn), you can Embark them into the Ark in your Movement phase and FLY right on out of there. They still won't be able to do anything else this turn (although the Ark itself can shoot), but they've got an extra layer of protection and can retreat much further inside the Ark than they could on foot.
    • Beta update: they didnt fix the problem of only being able to squeeze ten metal skeletons into this flying box, But they gave the repair barge property a Huge buff in that it now works on All units of necron warriors within 3, not just one per turn!


  • Lychguard: Lychguard are now a real honour guard as well as your cheapest warscythes, by far. On a 2+, they can take a mortal wound to negate a wound suffered by a <DYNASTY> CHARACTER within 3 inches. Do note that this means they cannot take a wound for either Anrakyr the Traveller or Illuminor Szeras, suppose they cut their paycheck or something. Besides that, they have 2 wounds and attacks, 5 toughness and strength, 3+ WS. They have a base cost of 19 with Warscythes costing 11 and Dispersion Shield and Hyperphase Sword costing 18. On paper they look like mini combat monsters, however 5" move and no other way to get them into battle leaves a bit to be desired. Prepare to get kited all day. Unless you drop them in with a Monolith, Night Scythe, Zhandrek + Obyron, The Deceiver, or the Veil of Darkness relic.
    • Remember that most of your CHARACTERS have Living Metal before you go diving in to block every last wound with these guys - your lords will regenerate 1 point of damage by themselves each turn, the Lychguards won't. Lychguards do still have Reanimation Protocols though, so you shouldn't be too cautious.
    • Even though Anrakyr the Traveller Doesn't gain the body guard special rule, you can still bubble wrap Lychguard around him and with his Lord of the Pyrrhian Legions special rule your Lychguard gain an additional attack, Ouch!
    • Beta update: Hyperphase swords are now +1 strength powerswords, still 3 points and hyperphase shields went down from 15 to 12 points a pop, this plus one of the new stratagems means your hyperphase lychguard can, when needed, hit at str 7 like their warscythe brethren, only without the 2 damage. Of course this also means the warscythes can hit at strength 8 when needed which certainly helps them mulch metal where it counts.
  • Deathmarks: As the faction's snipers, they inflict an extra mortal wound on a wounding roll of 6+ and can target CHARACTERS. Deathmarks properly get to ambush squads coming in from reserves with an extra turn of fire using their ever lovely, Rapid Fire sniper rifles. It can be worth bringing a squad along just for the mind games. "Oh you could bring in your support squads, but wouldn't it be a shame if something were to happen to them?"
    • Their simple weapon profile deceives, coupled with the extra round of shooting, Deathmarks have become what they were supposed to become; the tabletop equivalent of a cock-block.
    • Think twice before ambushing Deep Striking transports like Drop Pods or Tyrannocytes. The Deathmarks' ambush and the unit deploying from the transport both happen "immediately" after the transport arrives from reserves, but as it's your opponent's turn they get to pick which action happens first - so obviously they'll always have their guys disembark first and leave you shooting an empty transport. Sorry, no blowing up Drop Pods in midair with the passengers still inside. Unless they somehow arrive from reserves during your turn, or your opponent is gracious enough to let you resolve the Deathmarks first for no reason. In addition, no you can't target the squad that disembarked, the rule sticks you with shooting at specifically the unit that arrived on the table.
      • However, you can target enemy Necrons "disembarking" from a Night Scythe/Monolith, as that is worded as a set-up/deepstrike, rather than a disembark.
      • Note also that even in the Drop Pod situation above, the order is Drop Pod deploys, Deathmarks deploy, Drop Pod contents disembark, Deathmarks shoot the Drop Pod, so you can use the Deathmark drop to manipulate the disembark - for example, to close off a charge lane.
  • Flayed Ones: These now cost 21 points, 9 more than warriors, but their close combat is significantly better than Warriors to compensate. They can get really close to enemies turn one with the new deep strike and have 4 attacks with re-rolling to wound. With a 3+ WS and strength 4, that's 40 wounds against toughness 4 dudes. And that is before you give them all 1 more attack with Anrakyr. They have gotten back their old morale lowering rule, this time adding +1 to nearby enemies moral tests. They need to advance the turn after deep striking to get in reach for this ability however. That, or... they can take a Night Scythe and appear within 2" of their target. This is only most effective on turn 2 however, but 80 attacks rerolling to wound is very significant.
  • Triarch Praetorians: With the new Pistol rules their S6 Particle Casters are deadly in close combat, and with the Particle Caster/Voidblade pair having exactly the same points cost and slightly better melee stats (1 extra attack with a void blade) as the Rod of Covenant (4+6 and 10) it's just a choice between the shooting profiles (Pistol 1 S6 AP0 vs Assault 1 S5 AP-3). If you're going to be in melee all game the Pistol is the obvious choice (as you can't fire anything else); but in normal, non-ideal conditions where you're firing on the move while hunting for a good Charge the Rod is superior for the points (unless you're somehow fighting a whole army of T5/6 units with no armour saves). Praetorians also have 10-inch movement and FLY due to their Gravity Displacement Packs, letting them hover around the battlefield and occasionally have some fun by assaulting Flyers. No <DYNASTY> on these guys, so you'll need Anrakyr or Imotekh to use My Will Be Done on them and they'll miss out on other Dynasty-linked abilities.
  • Triarch Stalker: Reroll 1s in shooting at the Stalker's target for everyone with the NECRON keyword, including vehicles and The Nightbringer. Durable with Quantum Shielding, isn't helpless in close combat either. Overall solid unit. Same "no <DYNASTY>" issue as the Praetorians though. As of Errata v1.1, the Stalker Explodes on a 6+ when it dies like other vehicles.
    • Heat Ray: +54pts. Choice of two fire modes - double-barrelled multi-melta (Focused), or heavy flamer (Dispersed). Perfect for close-in work (i.e. when you're going to be spending the whole game <12" from the enemy). Demolishes vehicles and monsters, and the Dispersed shot is a good charge deterrent/horde clearer.
      • Beta update: the dispersed mode now puts out 2d6 auto-hits rather than 1d6, a significant upgrade
    • Particle Shredder: +41pts. This is what happens when you give an Assault Cannon steroids. +1S and D3 Damage for each of its 6 shots. This is in a bit of a weird spot - it lacks the AP to damage heavily-armoured multi-wound units reliably (hits hard when it does get through though), and if it shoots smaller things it doesn't quite wound T4 on 2+ and its damage is generally wasted (unless you happen to catch a CHARACTER in the open). The versatility means it can at least do something against everyone, however - and it's cheap (relatively speaking anyway).
    • Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon: +64pts. Take this one if you're going to sit at the back and pick out hard targets for the army to focus down. At S9 and AP-4, you'll be able to put a big dent in almost anything - and then the rest of your army gets reroll 1s to finish it off.
  • C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer: Hello Darkness Death, my old friend. Seems GW changed you up again. Still with your deadly gaze softly creeping, and your fleshbane scythe to reap the weeping. The S and T, along with lacklustre 4++ save, still remain. Within the sound of silence At least you have 8 wounds now.
The CHARACTER rules remove the C'tan shards' greatest weakness - being gunned down before reaching their target. Now your opponent can only target them with snipers as long as you bubble wrap them. Welcome back Darkness Nightbringer, may you reap the battlefield once more.
    • C'tan Shards can be useful even in death thanks to Reality Unravels - a re-fluffed Explodes that deals D3 mortal wounds on a 4+ to everything within 3". Just don't stand too close yourself. Also, The Nightbringer doesn't like vehicles, the machine spirit isn't enough of a soul for him to reap. Yet, even if it is rare, it is a great moment when The Nightbringer blows up a tank by staring at it.
    • Also lost the ignore terrain ability, mostly because there is little terrain left to ignore. And movement 8" is a nice trade off.
  • C'tan Shard of the Deceiver: Same C'tan body as the Nightbringer, but trades the melee damage for Grand Illusion. After deployment, but before the first turn begins, you can redeploy the Deceiver and/or up to D3 other friendly NECRON units at least 12" from any enemy model, but they can't charge on the first turn. See Tactics sections for the cheese.
    • Like the Nightbringer shard, Reality Unravels when he dies. Don't stand too close, and preferably try to make sure he's near the enemy if it happens. Also like the Nightbringer, he's a sub-10 Wound CHARACTER and as such can't be targeted by shooting if you hide him in a squad.
  • Canoptek Tomb Stalker (Forge World): Your regular monstrous creature. 6 attacks at S6 AP-2 D D3, which is ok. Carries a Rapid Fire D3 gun which is nothing special. It can take a Gloom Prism, and also deep strikes so it can mess with psykers. However, an interesting note is that unlike most monstrous creatures, this one doesn't degrade as it takes damage. This makes deep strike tactics more viable. It won't eat vehicles like it could before, mostly. 170 pts with a gloom prism, the Spyder is your defensive support but the Stalker is a full-on aggressive support. And fine, with T7, 9 wounds and a decent save, deep striking this does make for a viable... distraction.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Canoptek Wraiths: No longer attacks first, instead gets to attack during the Fight phase that it dies. Still have the oddly placed Heavy weapons on an assault unit, which can hurt a lot and potentially land some mortal wounds. However, they do each have 3 attacks at S6 AP-1 and 3+ to hit, and kept their 3++ in addition to having 3 wounds each. While not an astounding assault unit, they can pull their weight. Take pistols for bonus shots into combat.
    • Unfortunately, these wraiths cannot deepstrike. Gone are the days of surprise distraction Wraiths. Although, we still have Deathmarks for that.
    • With the new Nephrehk Dynastic code you have a guarenteed 18" move when you run though any terrain every turn. Cough up a CP and you can even charge afterwards too.
    • Beta update: Wraiths got a bump in points cost but this is more than made up for with buffing their nibbly metal claws to -2 ap and 2 damage, they also gain the ability to shoot And charge in a turn where they fall back. The Sautekh dynasty ability on these also make the Exile beam gun very compelling as you can move up, unload d3 shots per Wraith, hitting on a 3+ with each 6+ to wound dealing a bonus mortal wound. Then charge and get stuck in only to fall back, shoot and charge in yet again on the following turn to add injury to more injury if your enemy is still alive, or pick a new victim if if their current dance partner doesnt is not ideal. This can potentially turn them from tarpit-units into scrap-makers able to grind down even the hardiest of units over time
  • Canoptek Scarabs: Now that everything wounds everything, these wound everything on a maximum of 5+. They no longer get instakilled and can be replenished by Spyders. However, their units can no longer exceed their starting strength; meaning, no conga lining scarabs. Also, wounding anything on 5s may not be as useful as it first seems. Has the SWARM keyword, which at the moment just means they are not INFANTRY, so they are immune to infantry-specific special rules, including Knights being able to walk over them - yep, that thirty foot tall mech has trouble stepping over chihuahua sized robots.
    • Scarabs aren't going to impress you with their offensive capabilities, yet that is not their role. Their role lies in absorbing enemy fire, grabbing objectives, denying deep strike space and escorting characters. They have enough wounds to justify a decent amount of shooting to be rid of them, but aren't otherwise a threat. Meaning, your opponent doesn't like dedicating shooting into them whilst you don't care if they fall. For this reason, they are actually versatile and can be a great asset. Take a min squad or two, or use them to fill out some points, they are worth it.
  • Tomb Blades: Two guns each you say? 4 Tesla Carbine shots per model? No cover with Nebuloscopes? Can annoy and put in some hurt. Yet, for the cost of 3 Immortals you get the shooting of 2 Immortals and the wounds of 2 Immortals, who can move 9 more inches per turn, who cannot be boosted by My Will Be Done. If you also want the save of an Immortal, the cost starts to really close in to 4 Immortals per 1 Tomb Blade. The added Toughness and Movement may be worth it in some circumstances, such as in a mobile list, otherwise perhaps you should consider more Immortals instead.
    • Your weapons work best when positioned correctly. Don't underestimate being able to hit the right opponent at the right distance.
    • Mephrit Blades with Guass Blasters and nebuloscopes will crack most single-wound infantry handily.
    • Beta update: Tomb-blades got a new ability to duck and weave, applying a -1 to hit penalty to enemies trying to shoot them with ranged weapons. They also got a sweet 10 point drop in cost, making a bare bones version cost only a few points more than 2 immortals while having the same wound and gun count. Add in their speed and ability to be selectively upgraded with 3+ armor save, a 5++ invul or the ability to ignore cover and they become very compelling fast attack options.
  • Destroyers: Still MEQ killers, with their hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s, wounding T4 on 3s, and AP-3. Get a Destroyer Lord nearby and they will hit on 3+ rerolling 1s and wound on 3+ rerolling 1s. Two shots each and D3 Damage does make it so they can strip down Monsters and Vehicles - even though they won't wound them often, each wound will be hard to save and has the potential for multiple damage. Their somewhat lackluster offense is made up for in movement and defense, being the only 3 Wound unit with Reanimation Protocols (remember that models do raise with full wounds now, so perhaps consider that Resurrection Orb). There is now max 1 Heavy Destroyer per Destroyer unit, but definitely more worth taking mixed squads seeing as everything has split fire. As with most units with Reanimation Protocols, you want a big unit of them. Because if you have 4, and you opponents shoots down 4, they are gone. But, if you had 5, that is over 250 points potentially all saved. A full squad does cost a lot (395 with 5 destroyers and a Heavy gunplatform) it is the safer bet compared to bringing two squads of 3. Except in a few cases where you are staying mobile and hiding enough to be out of sight, but Destroyers are a bulky, juicy target to aim at, meaning this doesn't work often. With Destroyers, go big. And bring a Cryptek.
    • Beta update: Destroyers themselves got a discount while their gauss cannons became heavy 3 and str 6, meaning that they both cost less per destroyer and each one enjoys a 50% upgrade in firepower makes for a substantial upgrade. The Heavy destroyer enjoys the same discount for the chassi and while the heavy gauss cannon is the same as before statwise, it did also recieve a nice discount in points.
  • Canoptek Acanthrites (Forge World): As before, the Acanthrites remain the inferior option to Wraiths an-. Wait. The Wraiths have higher S, but it only really matter for T5, 6, and 3 (and 10, for the rare and unfortunate occasion you are attacking a building); the 2 point difference in AP is, broadly speaking, better. Acanthrites having.... well, they have "Voidblades", but the FAQ for the general index is the one that makes Voidblades into Power Chainswords; there is no FAQ entry for the Imperial Armour Index with the Acanthrites containing the same text, so RAW, Acanthrites are still carrying expensive Power Swords. The RAI oversight here is fairly obvious, but be aware of the RAW; the rest of this analysis will assume you are cross-applying the FAQ entry for Voidblades, which means Wraiths have one less attack. At any rate, their shooting weapon is arguably better, considering it is an S7 meltagun... Wraiths do have better defenses with a 3++ (vs the Acanthrites' 3+ and -1 to shoot them), however, and cover does not benefit the Acanthrites. Perhaps they are more comparable to Praetorians: similar weapons, move further, better shooting and with 1 more attack and wound. But, again, the Acanthrites are worse defensively, with no reanimation. Also, you get 1.5 Wraiths or Praetorians for the cost of 1 Acanthrite. These metal bugs used to be in a very awkward spot, but now with scarabs being downgraded to objective holders the Arcanthrites have a niche in vehicle and monster hunting, an up close and melee capable version of Destroyers. For once, these guys aren't bad.
    • Actual Math: Since you are a sane person, you probably opted for the Particle Caster on your Wraiths, so they cost 42 points each. Acanthrites cost 60. If you are chewing up, say, Tempestus Scions (T3 4+):
      • Melee:
        • Wraiths:Your Acanthrites hit any target 4/3 as many times as your Wraiths, but wound the Scions 4/5 as much, then bypass the armor 3/2 as often, so 1.6x the output for 1.43x the cost. This will only become more true as the targets' penetratable save improves, and, of course, against any target whose toughness is not 3,5,6, or 10, the attack volume alone makes up the point difference. One of the only units in the game where the Wraith will be more efficient is against Crusaders, at T3 Sv3++.
        • Praetorians: No contest; your Acanthrites still hit 4/3 as many times with otherwise identical weapons, but cost far more than 4/3 the cost, so the Praetorians win (which also implies the Praetorians are, broadly speaking, better than Wraiths offensively, which is true).
      • Shooting: Against multiple wound models of virtually any stripe the Acanthrite will immediately be more efficient than the Wraith, so a lot of those T5/6/10 models (and even T3 characters, since you'll usually be shooting from very close) you were worried about either even out or the Acanthrite is better, since its gun will hurt the target so badly (and, unlike the Wraith, it can Fall Back and Shoot). Against single-wound models, the Acanthrite's gun's +1S is only worth the cost by itself against T7, but its greatly improved AP means it will usually be worth it. Since we're assuming Particle Casters on your Wraiths, the math is the same for them and the Praetorians.
      • Durability: While the Wraiths unquestionably win here, do not underestimate the Acanthrites' -1 to-hit modifier, which is a very significant durability upgrade - the Acanthrite will ignore AP0 weapons much better across the board than the Wraith will. The Praetorians are 3+/Reanimate, which is worse than 3++; it's also worse than 3+/-1 to hit, and they only have 2 wounds apiece, so the Praetorians are the least durable against shooting of the lot (although they can get into cover, which can help), while against melee, they're more durable than Acanthrites but less than Wraiths.
      • Overall: Acanthrites are generally better than Wraiths, full stop. Praetorians are the best of the three in melee. For shooting, Acanthrites are expensive enough that the comparison to Heavy Destroyers is awkward, but the most common criticism of Heavy Destroyers is how easily they die to lascannons and the like, which Acanthrites are far better at weathering (-1 to hit is better than getting the Heavy Destroyers into cover, and Reanimate is rough for the small unit sizes Heavy Destroyers come in). Particularly if you want an all-comers model, Acanthrites are the best of the three, as they can tear up infantry in melee and heavies with their gun.
  • Canoptek Tomb Sentinel (Forge World): 2 attacks less than the Canoptek Tomb Stalker but with a more impressive gun. A heavy gun on a mostly melee unit, following the style of Wraiths, yet the gun is impressive enough. The body is an average Monster otherwise. It can take a Gloom Prism, and has little reason not to. Doesn't eat vehicles it just shoots them, although a 12" Heavy weapon is very unfortunate. Can Deep Strike to fix the range problem, although its accuracy will suffer, and it's drastically worse than a Stalker at dealing with infantry and Overwatch.
    • At the same range (as compared to what?), the Tomb Sentinel's gun deals 67% of the damage at 175% the rate of fire, which works out to 117% the output, plus it has superior Strength and costs only about 5% more (than what?); your biggest problem will be getting it into range.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Heavy Destroyers: Scary guns mounted on spooky hover skeletons that hit on 3+ rerolling ones. Combo with My Will Be Done for 2+ hit rerolling ones (rerolls are triggered before modifiers, so the +1 to hit doesn't make the 1 into a 2 and prevent you rerolling it as you might expect). They also reach 36" and suffer no penalty for moving and shooting. One of the few units that has anti-tank/monster weapons, however you pay through the nose for it at 75pts each.
    • If you only want one or two or are short on Heavy Support slots, remember you can substitute one into a unit of Destroyers as part of a Fast Attack choice.
    • Beta update: Heavy destroyer chassi and their heavy gauss cannons both got a nice discount making these notably more affordable points wise than before.
  • Canoptek Spyders: An excellent support unit, healing D3 Vehicle wounds per turn and spawning more scarabs on a 2+ with a 5 point upgrade giving Deny the Witch. Up 2 attacks since last edition and a whole 1 more wound. With Gloom Prism and Fabricator Claw Array these metal ticks come in at 89pts a piece, and just like ticks they will be an annoyance to your opponent by denying powers and repairing your already self-healing vehicles.
    • Horribly overcosted considering their durability is down by 33% against bolters, down by 44% against lascannons and only up 33% against lasguns. That's before considering the fact that they weren't very good without their formation which means that we should actually be saying they are down 66% against bolters, down 72% against lascannons and also down 33% against lasguns. Finally it's missing its ability to confer its insane buff to other units from its formation, and it's increased in cost.
    • Might still be useful as a support unit for Monoliths, but that's sort of adding a lot of points to an already very expensive model and it doesn't really alleviate the Monoliths weakness of being killed quickly, it just makes the Monolith really, really good at tanking lots of damage over time. Good luck finding an opponent who will oblige and pour 3-5 wounds into your Monolith every turn for 5 turns rather than doing 13 on one turn and 10 the next.
  • Monolith: Got a massive point increase, from 200 to about 400. Did get a lot better though. 20W at T8, no more Ordnance to ruin your Corner-guns, and a Living Metal rule that's actually useful. Don't look at the Land Raider, though, as its upgrades put the Monolith's to shame. A seriously rude dude. A Land Raider isn't too far off from a Monolith. Flux Arcs are slightly better than a Twin Heavy bolter and have more shots, the Particle whip is slightly weaker than a Twin Lascannon but has also more shots. In terms of point costs, the two are pretty close as well. While the Monolith doesn't have a 2+ like a Land Raider, it also doesn't get demolished by Space Marine Grav weapons.
    • The Monolith's BS does degrade with loss of wounds, but it does at least start out at BS3+ as of Errata 1.1. However, this evens out considering you can now fire all your guns in a turn at whatever is in range. It also gained the TITANIC keyword, so it'll be taking double damage from Macro class weapons. In addition, the Monolith can do two things that Land Raiders can't... Fall Back while still shooting and charge flyers.
    • 400 points is a bitter pill to swallow, but with its astronomical wounds count and loss of exploding vehicle tables this thing can perform its fluff role like never before: tanking. Stick a Spyder behind it, or maybe Toholk the Blinded, and it will waste enormous amounts of anti-tank fire. A squad of lascannon devastators expects to pull just slightly over five wounds off a Monolith each turn, 3 of which you can expect to remove with Living Metal and a Spyder. As long as the box stays operational (and your opponent keeps shooting it) you have a lot of dissipated firepower. Just make sure to use it. The Monolith's ability to block paths, shoot after Falling Back, and deter Charges with Portal of Exile makes it ideal against close combat armies. On the other hand it carries a relatively small amount of firepower for its cost, and the lack of Quantum Shielding and the presence of TITANIC both make it extremely vulnerable to armies packing a lot of heavy firepower.
    • Eternity Gate may not seem all that great, but remember it shares a reserve pool with any Night Scythe's Invasion Beams - if the enemy shoots down the Scythe, those reserves that would otherwise have been lost can arrive via the Monolith instead. Also bear in mind that you can use this ability to deploy reserve INFANTRY 2" away from anything that successfully Charges the Monolith - deploy Flayed Ones 1" from the enemy, Fall Back 4", shoot them with all the Monolith's guns, then charge the Flayed Ones in.
    • Beta update: While the poor Monolith did not recieve a discount in points, three stratagems massively improve the utility of this unit. The first allows the Monolith to gate in 2 units when it would normally gate in 1. The second allows you to gate in one unit if your last Monolith/Nightscythe is destroyed, or 2 if you combine with the first stratagem. The third is exclusive to Monoliths however and for 1 cp allows you to take any cron infantry unit already on the board that is Not in melee and immediately "disembark" them from the monolith as if it was a transport. This means a Monolith could potentially put Three cron units down around itself in a single turn, as long as it did not deep strike that turn because all gate features happen before deepstrike does in the turn order. It thus massively expands the potential for ye olde deciever shenanigans
  • Annihilation Barge: Somewhat frail. 8 wounds, T6 and only a 4+ save leaves something to be desired. Up by only 13 points from last edition though. S7 makes it slightly awkward shooting vehicles and monsters at T7 and 8, while it doesn't have the AP or Damage to deal with tougher TEQ models, and still wounds MEQ the same as gauss carbines. It puts the Anni barge in an awkward position, where what it does well against would be a Vehicle or Monster will less than average toughness, wounds and save. Like, the Annihilation Barge itself. At least its Overwatch is nasty cos tesla.
    • It'll make mincemeat out of lighter units with double tesla weapons, producing an average of 11 hits per turn including the triples on 6+. Unfortunately a full squad of Immortals can put out more Tesla shots than that, has more wounds, a better save and Reanimation Protocols, and doesn't cost anywhere close to as many points is only 24 points more than a minimum Annihilation barge. You're paying a lot for the extra toughness, weapon strength and move speed.
  • Doomsday Ark: Its Doomsday Cannon still works better if you don't move, increasing its Strength, AP, Damage, and range. If you use the souped-up version and target a unit with more than 10 models it shoots D6 D6 Damage shots instead. It does have two Gauss Flayer Arrays as well, providing it with some mobile fire power if you need to reposition and anti-infantry firepower if your opponent comes close. Quantum Shielding and Living Metal come standard. At a rather hefty 203 points (considering how cheap other tanks are these days), and with rate of fire and accuracy ruling the day in 8th, it packs a surprisingly small punch in comparison to what it used to. It's still passable anti-tank in an army where anti-tank is thin on the ground, but you'd probably be better off with a squad of Heavy Destroyers for a similar point cost and S9 AP-4 instead of S10 AP-5, especially when you take into account the fact that the Heavy Destroyers are guaranteed 3 shots, whereas the doomsday ark only has D3. Not to mention the moment you move the doomsday ark the statline drops to only S8 AP-2 D3 damage, whereas destroyers can move and fire at full strength as much as they damn well please. Mathhammer indicates a clear difference against anything but the most strongly armoured targets. For any model with a Toughness greater than 5 but less than 9, the Doomsday ark expects a mere 3 wounds, whereas 3 destroyers will expect about 5.4 wounds in one round of shooting. If you're going up against a T9 target, the expected wounds of the destroyers drops to 4.0 (which is still a whole wound more than the Ark). Even at a T10 target the Ark still falls short, with only 2.3 wounds to the Destroyers' 2.7. Potential buffs can put the Heavy Destroyers further ahead, at a price. A Destroyer Lord and/or a CCB/Overlord allowing re-rolls of wound rolls of 1 and/or 2+ to hit. The Doomsday ark can be buffed by a Triarch Stalker firing at the target first, allowing the Ark to also re-roll hit rolls of 1. The fact that the two buffs stack increasing the Heavy Destroyer's effectiveness from 100% to 116% with a Destroyer Lord or 125% with an Overlord for a total of 145% total effectiveness, whereas the Doomsday Ark will never go beyond 116% of its meagre 3 wounds with its main weapon, on the other hand you can increase this with re-rolls and given that Necrons don't have many ways to spend CP that might be considered a point in the Doomsday Ark's favour. You're losing out on the mobility and damage of the Destroyers for an enormous boost in durability against certain types of shooting, an increase in range of the main weapon and a short-ranged secondary weapon. You're paying a hefty fee for the range and the Quantum Shielding, but taking Heavy Destroyers is going to lock you into a more aggressive army. However if you really need something dead the Ark cannot be relied on with a mere D3 shots. The Doomsday Ark allows you to play at being Imperial Guard, but it isn't the dedicated tank-hunter that a squad of Heavy Destroyers are.
  • Transcendent C'tan: Massively changed from the Index to the Codex. While they still have the same stats as the named shards, they get D6 damage on their melee weapon and Fractured Personality which is basically, pick-your-special-rule that you choose before the battle or you can roll to get two.
  1. Cosmic Tyrant: The C'tan can cast two Powers of the C'tan instead of one
  2. Immune to Natural Law: Gain +1 to saving throws
  3. Sentient Necrodermis: Heal D3 wounds at the stary of each of your turns
  4. Transdimensional Displacement: When Advancing, add 12" to this modell movement instead of rolling.
  5. Entropic Touch: Reroll all failed wound roll in the Fight phase
  6. Writhing Worldscape: Enemy unit within 12" do not receive bonus to their saving throws while in cover
    • Of the above, Cosmic Tyrant and Immune to Natural Law are the big stand outs. Using two Power's of the C'tan is great considering how useful they are or turning the unit into one of the tankiest thing in the game. If you choose to roll instead of picking, pray you get Sentient Necrodermis and Immune to Natural Law for an absolute pain in the ass or Cosmic Tyrant and Transdimensional Displacement for a teleporting wizard star god to use at your disposal
      • While CT and ItNL are clearly powerful options, Transdimensional Displacement means your shard can advance to move 20" and then unload a shard power, or two of them using a stratagem that also lets you pick any of the 6 powers as the one it gets to use, you can even use the same power twice if the shard already has it as base or just to get the shard out of dodge. Likewise with a base strength of 7, ap -4 and d6 damage for its 4 attacks, getting to reroll all failed to-wounds in the fight phase is a significant upgrade in probable damage output. In short the only option on the list that isnt Amazing is probably Writhing Worldscape. Therefore rolling for a chance at 2 powers is probably always worth it unless you have a very specific idea you want to use that shard for.
    • Also, while you can make these your Warlord they can't get Warlord Traits due to Enslaved Star God, so the dream of returning to Oldcrons are slightly hampered
  • Tesseract Ark (Forge World): Has D6 almost Heavy Gauss Cannon shots, slightly more expensive than 3 Heavy Destroyers, with a 5++ and Quantum Shielding and the option for a TEQ nightmare shooting profile or a poison 2+ Flamer. Also comes with 2 Tesla Cannons, which can be replaced with 2 Particle Beamers (if you are a moron) or 2 Gauss Cannons. This is... viable. For its point cost the model dishes out a respectable amount of shooting, and is durable enough to take a similar beating in return. There aren't a lot of downsides one can bring up, except that the model is somewhat underwhelming by Forge World standards. It's good, take it out for a test drive.
  • Sentry Pylon (Forge World): D6 melta shots deepstriking within an 18" melta range. But it comes at a steep cost of 175 points with the Melta Cannon. Yet, if this unit doesn't scream distraction to you then perhaps you are too preoccupied with the Pylon that just landed behind you. Gauss exterminators are good for flyers and ground support with two S12 shots. Focussed Death Ray is 15 points cheaper, but it's also terrible; half range and shots compared to the Gauss Exterminator with same profile. It lacks the +1 to-hit against non-FLY units, but the Gauss Exterminator shoots twice - so it has a better chance of landing at least one shot, and can also land two (and has +1 to hit vs FLY). The Heat Cannon will generally work out better than the Exterminator (at 1.75x the rate of fire for 1.5x the points before you pay for the wielder, and with melta damage at 18"), but it's also 25 extra points.
    • The Sentry Pylon can move. And, presumably, charge. It only moves 3", but the thought of Sentry Pylons advancing by scuttling over the battlefield brings joy and laughter.
    • This thing's points per wound isn't that impressive if you deep strike it, but once its BS has reset the following turn, it becomes extremely capable of ripping a new one in heavy targets - with its melta damage up it will handily become one of your best anti-vehicle guns, easily outstripping Triarch Stalkers, for example.
    • Mount this thing on a Tomb Citadel's Ziggurat Dock, tell your opponent that your Gauss Exterminator is now Str13, and watch the colour drain from their face, the light from their eyes, and watch their vehicles crumble into dust.


Units now only suffer a -1 to hit penalty when shooting against Flyers instead of simply being hit on 6s. Their minimal movement distance each turn has been increased from 18" to 20", but their ability to shoot 360" means you'll almost never be wasting firepower with them. You can however no longer fly over the edge and you still lose your Flyer if you can't find a legal spot to place it, so be careful and plan your flight route. They Advance 20 inches, instead of a measly D6, however, this doesn't make them good at grabbing objectives, as they do not score per Chapter Approved. Flyers now also block all movement through their base, this means you can stop an assault army in its tracks with some cleverly placed Flyers. Flyers are generally best against melee armies that can't fly, they can be really good against the right enemy but against a long ranged shooting army their ability to body-block is useless and the -1 to hit is inferior to the quantum shielded vehicles you could otherwise get.

  • Night Scythe: Basically the same transport portal as the Monolith, but on a flyer with Tesla Destructors. Has suffered a fair bit, being considerably easier to hit and lacking Quantum Shielding makes for one of the frailest vehicles in the codex. Still has 12 Wounds, though that will only get you so far. With the general nerf to S7 weapons, its Tesla Destructors aren't very scary either. Necrons may just be packing up their flying circus.
    • Invasion Beams You can put any number of units into Portal Reserves during deployment, Monoliths and Night Scythes can summon units put into Portal Reserves. This is quite similar to being a regular flyer transport, except all units in Portal Reserves die when you lose all your Monoliths and Night Scythes instead of losing 1/6 models embarked, it doesn't matter what vehicle the embarked unit disembarks from (i.e. any Portal-embarked unit can disembark from any Night Scythe or Monolith, but since doing so locks the vehicle from disembarking any other units on the same turn, you can't have all of them get out of the same vehicle), and, most critically, getting out counts as a deployment, not a disembark; as a result, in matched play games you cannot bring out units after turn 3. If you want to make use of the upside of this special rule, you are taking a massive risk, that just isn't worth it. Keep in mind that every unit in Portal Reserves is not only far more at risk than a unit on the table, you also can't disembark them faster than 1/Portal-vehicle, so embarking too many units is a pretty terrible idea.
      • Beta update: two new stratagems now allow nightscythes to spit out 2 units when they would normally spit out one and to hurk out one(or two if you combine the stratagems) more unit when the Last of your Nightscythes (and Monoliths if you have one on the table) dies. Note that this emergency beam-out has no risk of killing the unit(s) deployed like normal emergency disembarkation does so that's another plus. Overall these two stratagems Massively upgrade the worth of this unit as it makes their use for transporting things Much less suicidal.
      • Bear in mind that since disembarking counts as a deep strike, normal deep strike downsides apply - the unit that gets out can't move at all after doing so, including Advancing, but can shoot or charge, etc. That's the second reason these are the worst transports in the game (after the fact that losing them all kills their contents, instead of 1/6 their contents).
      • Since multiple units can be deployed on the tombworld, you have several options that can leave the opponent guessing which unit is going to come out of, and if you bring a couple of portals this can keep your opponent guessing. As stated it is risky, but is it a tactic Necrons can do which no other army can pull off the same way.
  • Doom Scythe: More or less the same amount of firepower as a Doomsday Ark, but since the Death Ray is Heavy and since the Doom Scythe has to move every turn you are going to be hitting on 4s. Heavy Destroyers are better at hurting stuff and are also pretty mobile, but are a little more vulnerable and lack the ability to move across the table in a single turn to grab a far away objective. Doomsday Arks have a similar amount of firepower and a massively larger amount of durability but lack any sort of mobility.
    • Beta update: with the Sautekh Dynasty power, your deathrays can hit on 3+, Furthermore the Damage control override stratagem allows your vehicle to act for a turn as if it was still at the top of its damage chart, meaning that when it counts, even a Doomscythe on its last wound can spit out some respectable firepower. Also because it has living metal, you could potentially set up a tomb spyder and a cryptek with canoptek cloak as a hillarious to imagine fly-by repair station, move any damaged doomscythe close enough to them and it gets repaired for 2d3 wounds that turn.
  • Night Shroud (Forge World): Death scythe with +1 T and +2 wounds while replacing the Death Ray with a once per game Death Sphere strafing run. Death Spheres are the most powerful aircraft bomb in the game, inflicting a mortal wound on a 3+ and rolling 1d6 per model/3d6 per VEHICLE/MONSTER (capped at 12 dice). Averages 8 mortal wounds on a 10 model unit, or 2 mortal wounds on a VEHICLE or MONSTER. Average of 9 mortal wounds against the rare few units of light vehicles that still exist, such as Killa Kans and Grot Tanks. It does let you pick out CHARACTERS (as the attack doesn't occur in the shooting phase and so isn't bound by that targeting restriction), but unless it is a monster or vehicle you'll only get 1 die. Hive Tyrants come to mind. Potentially taking out 8 models of a unit is definitely appealing, but is it worth it to then have a Night Scythe who can't transport models for the rest of the game? Honestly, it is fine.

Lords of War[edit]

  • Tesseract Vault: Knows all three, and can use any combination of three of, the Powers of the C'tan each turn (until it gets damaged, reducing its casts per turn to two and then one). Since powers of the C'tan are a good source of mortal wounds, this can be a source of a lot of damage even if it's mostly directed at the closest unit. You could also triple-cast Time's Arrow at that annoying TEQ squad to delete 2-3 of them each turn through all their saves. Like the Obelisk, it can dump out an average of 20 S7 AP0 hits (the triple shots on 6s compensate for the shots that miss on 1s and 2s) per turn from its Tesla Spheres, which combines with the mortal wounds from its C'tan powers to make getting within 24" of this thing an absolute nightmare for any unit. However it doesn't get to keep the C'tan's close combat prowess or their ability to hide in infantry units (as it's a VEHICLE and has 28 Wounds), has a low (for a Lord of War) Toughness of 7, and lacks an invulnerable save or Quantum Shielding. Concentrated fire (or a Macro weapon, as it's TITANIC) will bring this thing down quite quickly, so you want to get it in range quickly and try to keep it alive as long as you can.
    • Wonder if we will ever see a C'tan based army, C'TAN SHARDS is at least its own keyword.
    • Beta update: Two things vastly improve this unit with the codex, for one it gets a 4++ invulnerable save, massively increasing this unit's ability to survive, also the expanded repertoire of c'tan powers and the potential damage those can do makes this unit utterly terrifying for anything that gets too close, between the tesla spheres and the ability to deal a fair average of 2d6 or even 3d6 mortal wounds a turn to Multiple units that get within range of its powers. Furthermore the Damage control override stratagem means that even if the enemy knocks your vault down to its final wound, for a mere cp you can have it perform as if totally unhurt for a full turn! The only downside to all this is that the enemy will definately want to kill it, massive explosion or not, because letting it live is always going to be more painful.
  • Obelisk: The Obelisk got a HUGE buff. Its gravity pulse now affects all units with the keyword FLY, which is a whole lot more than just flyers. Also, instead of dangerous terrain tests, this beauty does D3 mortal wounds on a roll of 6. Its 4 Tesla Spheres unload an average of 20 S7 hits (yes hits, not shots - the triple shots compensate for your misses on average. Unfortunately still AP0, but you can't have everything) from any point on the vehicle (no firing points any more!) and it can still deep strike. When it dies, roll a D6. On a 6, every unit within 2D6 inches takes D6 mortal wounds. It also has Living Metal, 24 wounds, and 8 Toughness, meaning bolters and their equivalents wound on 6s, but it's also got TITANIC so watch out for Macro weapons.
    • Counterpoint: Dangerous Terrain tests had a shot to straight-up destroy any flier brave enough to enter the gravity pulse. The new Obelisk's mortal wounds are nice but far less lethal, with the majority of fliers packing five to ten wounds. This will at most inflict a little fringe damage, and isn't realistically likely enough to factor seriously into any strategy. We're left with a tesla-spewing metal box at an superheavy price tag, with weaponry that will accomplish less than that of the Monolith against almost any target. Unless you need a big, tanky, deep-striking distraction you're probably better off putting these points into something else... and even then, that still sounds like a job for the Monolith.
      • It'll only do scratch damage to Flyers, but they're not the only things with FLY. It'll also poke at hover vehicles, and seriously messes up jump infantry and drones. If you're up against T'au, and everything but their infantry has FLY, you're going to be dropping an awful lot of wounds on all of those small units of Crisis Suits, Drones and Commanders. Basically, it's 1/3 of a mortal wound per turn for every unit with FLY in range, so judge it according to how many of them you expect to be up against.
      • Beta update: a new stratagem allows you, for a turn, to inflict mortal wounds to enemy flyer units on a 4+, however the upgrades to the Tesseract Vault and C'tan powers makes the Vault unquestionably the king of Necron lords of war units (or units in general) for dishing out mortal wounds.
  • Gauss Pylon (Forge World): Hmm, so that is what we got for a titan. It makes the Manta cry, kinda. Costs about 100 more points than a Monolith. The Gauss Annihilator's Focused Beam mode is S16, so you're wounding pretty much everything in the game on 2s (and even wounding Warlord Titans on a 4+). AP-4 intead of -5 but that makes little difference. It is awesome against TITANIC as its main gun is Macro D6, and so does double damage against TITANIC models - and that Damage it's doubling? D3+6. On average this will cripple or kill a Knight in one round, delivering an average of 19 damage to units with FLY and 15 to units without (which is then doubled against TITANIC units). 30 wounds, a worse version of the Chronometron Cryptek rule except it can protect more than infantry. It is still big and scary, but not titan scary. May be more worth bringing in regular games; if you can take a Monolith, you can almost take this. Just be aware that its firepower is distinctly lacking for its cost if there isn't a proper target for its Focused Beam shot, so it'll be a very expensive paperweight against horde armies that stay >3" away from it. Better to bring the Monolith in those cases.
    • Maybe not "Titan scary" but scary to titans. Especially those without an inv save. Because if your opponent has a TITANIC unit without an invulnerable save, they won't for much longer if you have a Gauss Pylon, if two of the hits on 3+, 2+ to wound T8, shots wound, then that means min 28 damage inflicted on TITANIC models. Hmm... which Titanic vehicle had 26 wounds again?
    • Seriously consider saving your Shooting phase Command Point for the number of shots on this thing. If you get 4-6 attacks out of the Gauss Annihilator, nothing short of a full-scale Titan is going to survive that hit (you even have a chance of getting the 70 Wounds required to down a Warlord Titan in a single shot as your max damage is 108, although you'd need a pretty hefty helping of luck - on average you'll only actually land about 10 wounds on one with 6 attacks) - and if you're up against an opponent heavy on the vehicles and monsters, deleting one per turn is well worth the spend.
    • Seriously seriously do not forget that while the main gun is murder on TITANIC units, it will also pretty much delete a Land Raider, and therefore just about any other tank or monstrous unit, with 2 unsaved wounds; the shots hitting on 3+ (vs ground targets), wounding on 2+ and letting the land raider have a 6+ save or take 6+d3 wounds, averaging out to 16 wounds. Two dead land raiders pays for this thing's points cost even before you consider what was inside them. Predator tanks? No save and 2 wounding hits Will kill it. Anything that flies? The main gun gets +1 to hit (and starts at 2+ undamaged), same song and dance: 2+ to wound, no saves but invulnerables and the damage will kill just about any non-superheavy flyer in 2 wounding hits or less (and most of the superheavy flyers have TITANIC, so they'll take double damage and die as well).
    • The biggest selling point though is that the pylon does one thing that nearly no other unit in the Necron army does - deletes heavy armour at long range with good (2+ goes to 3+ against ground targets) accuracy while also being a hard nut to crack itself. All other big guns (Doom Scythe Death Ray, Doomsday Cannon, Tesseract Arks, Tesseract Vaults etc.) either start off hitting on 4+'s and get worse, are short range, d3 shots, fragile or some combination of the above. The Gauss Pylon on the other hand has Toughness 8, 30 Wounds, a 3+ saver and enjoys the benefits of its own Phase Shift Generator for a 5++ invul. Add Living Metal and how easy it is to just park a Canoptek Spyder with fab-claws nearby to let it regen 1+d3 wounds a turn. Finally, unlike all the other options enemies getting into melee will not silence this big gun (not that you should let it get charged if you can help it cause CC attacks hit it automatically!). Finally finally, while the pylon itself is immobile, unlike its smaller sentry cousins, it can deepstrike anywhere on the table (9" away from the enemy but why would you ever want to be that close with this thing?) to ensure you have optimal line of sight for your ginormous deathray.
    • Never deploy this thing on the table. It can't move, so it loses nothing from deep striking in (and you want to pick your spot as late as possible to get the best sightlines for the rest of the battle) - and if you don't get first turn, it'll get to sit out the enemy's first Shooting phase in space and drop in pristine and ready to fire on your turn.
      • If your opponent is likely to get first turn and lacks the firepower to destroy your Pylon you can place the Pylon on the table to get your invulnerable saves turn 1.
NB - This is the spread for a single shot, given that the number of attacks is already known (so you can evaluate the worth of spending a CP on a reroll to potentially get more). If you want to know the probabilities for the shot as a whole including rolling the number of attacks, just read the 1D6 column at the end. "Crippled" means hitting any of the deteriorating stat thresholds, which is easier for some units than others - usually after the loss of 10 wounds or half of the unit's maximum, whichever is lower (with some exceptions being easier to damage, e.g. the Thunderhawk and Spartan, or harder to damage e.g. the Manta). Remember that because shots are independent trials, you can also use this table to determine the value of multiple shots (e.g. a 3-attack shot followed by a 2-attack one has identical outcomes to a single 5-attack shot).
Number of Attacks 1 2 3 4 5 6 1D6
Outcome Crippled Killed Crippled Killed Crippled Killed Crippled Killed Crippled Killed Crippled Killed Crippled Killed
Leman Russ (12W) 55% 0% 49% 30% 33% 58% 20% 77% 11% 87% 6% 93% 29% 52.5%
Valkyrie (14W, FLY) 69% 0% 42% 48% 19% 78% 8% 91% 3% 97% 1% 99% 23.6% 68.8%
Baneblade (26W, TITANIC) 55% 0% 49% 30% 33% 58% 20% 77% 11% 87% 6% 93% 29% 57.5%
Marauder Bomber (20W, TITANIC, FLY) 69% 0% 42% 48% 19% 78% 8% 91% 3% 97% 1% 99% 23.6% 68.8%
Land Raider (16W, SV2+) 31% 0% 40% 14% 38% 33% 31% 51% 24% 65% 17% 76% 30.2% 39.8%
Stormraven Gunship (14W, FLY) 69% 0% 42% 48% 19% 78% 8% 91% 3% 97% 1% 99% 24.2% 68.8%
Spartan Assault Tank (20W, TITANIC, SV2+) 46% 0% 50% 21% 40% 44% 29% 63% 19% 76% 12% 85% 32.7% 48.2%
Thunderhawk Assault Gunship (30W, TITANIC, FLY, T9, 5++) 37% 0% 48% 12% 47% 28% 41% 44% 33% 57% 26% 68% 38.7% 34.8%
Battlewagon (16W) 37% 0% 43% 21% 36% 45% 25% 64% 16% 78% 10% 87% 27.8% 49.2%
Wazbom Blastajet with KFF (12W, FLY, 5++) 46% 0% 50% 21% 40% 45% 27% 63% 19% 76% 12% 85% 32.3% 48.3%
Stompa (40W, TITANIC) 56% 0% 80% 0% 74% 17% 56% 40% 38% 60% 24% 75% 54.7% 32%
XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit (10W, -2 to hit) 28% 0% 40% 8% 43% 19% 42% 31% 38% 43% 33% 53% 37.3% 25.7%
XV104 Riptide Battlesuit with active Nova Shield (14W, 3++) 12% 0% 20% 3% 25% 9% 27% 16% 27% 23% 27% 31% 23% 13.7%
KX139 Ta'Unar Supremacy Armour (30W, TITANIC, 5++) 37% 0% 48% 12% 47% 28% 41% 44% 33% 57% 26% 68% 38.7% 34.8%
Manta Superheavy Dropship (60W, TITANIC, FLY, 4++) 0% 0% 8% 0% 20% 0% 32% 1% 41% 4% 47% 10% 24.7% 2.5 %
and, just for fun...
Warlord Battle Titan (70W, TITANIC, T16, 3+ Void Shield) 11% 0% 21% 0% 30% 0% 38% 0% 45% 0.01% 51% 0.02% 32.6% 0.004%
Basically, don't shoot anything with a decent invulnerable save or to-hit debuffs. If you want a good shot at killing something, use a CP on the number of attacks if you roll a 1 or 2. As long as you're hitting 4+ attacks you'll delete anything from a Leman Russ to a Spartan each turn, making the Pylon almost certain to earn back its cost before your opponent can chew through its T8 30W 3+/5++ with Living Metal.


  • Tomb Citadel (Forge World): Contains an Eternity Gate, a pair of heavy weapons (Gauss Exterminator for 50pts each or free Tesla Destructors), a docking station for one Sentry Pylon/Monolith which gives the docked unit +1S on its guns (docked Monoliths can't use their own Eternity Gate though), and a Power Crucible building that gives all NECRONS in the fortification 5++ vs shooting and reroll 1s on Reanimation Protocols. Each of the four buildings explodes on a 6+ when killed, and the Power Crucible's abilities disappear as it gets damaged - one turns off at 8 wounds, and you lose the other one when it dies. Costs an absolutely ludicrous 730 points, or 780/830 with the Gauss Exterminator emplacements.

Building Your Army[edit]


Ths Start Collecting Necrons is a good value box, all the included models are pretty solid units and the box comes at a decent discount over buying them separately. Contains an Overlord with a Warscythe and Res Orb, 10 Warriors, 3 Canoptek Scarab bases and a Triarch Stalker.

After SC box you may buy Warriors+Ark box since you will need Ark and more Warriors

The upcoming Mechanicus vs Necron box Forgebane contains a Cryptek (with a new piece of wargear called the Canoptek Cloak that we don't have rules for yet), 5 Immortals/Deathmarks, 5 Lychguard/Triarch Praetorians and 3 Wraiths. Given that most Faction vs Faction boxes range around the $200 Cdn mark if you can split with someone highly consider this as your second purchase.


You can convert a box of Necron Warriors into 50% Immortals and 50% Flayed Ones. The guide for how to do so can be found on google. Flayed Ones are probably the models you should most consider converting because of the high cost of the models and the debatable quality of their looks.


You're going to need an awful lot of Leadbelcher (get a spray), Stormhost Silver and Nuln Oil. Unless you opt for one of the more colourful Dynasty schemes, or Lovecrons.

As an alternative to a Leadbelcher base with Nuln Oil shade, you could also drybrush Leadbelcher over the top of a black undercoat to achieve a similar effect. Both methods have a nice result.
If you wanna go against the norm, the 3rd edition codex had a lot of examples about how to find neat styles for your immortal laser zombie robots.

Tactics and strategy[edit]

Command points[edit]

The best use of command points is saving your nearly dead blobs of warriors/lychguard/immortals from being finished by morale. For example, your opponent shoots and kills 15-19 warriors, any result of a morale check would finish the squad off. However, if you spend 2 command points, you can auto-pass the morale check and subsequently reanimate half of the destroyed models in the squad (assuming you have an obligatory Cryptek).

Wound rolls for attacks that cause multiple wounds and only need a 3+, the number of wounds a weapon causes (if it causes D6 wounds and you rolled a 1), invulnerable saving throws for multiple wound models against wounds that cause multiple wounds, quantum shielding rolls against attacks with a damage of 4 or higher.

When conducting your Shooting and Assault phases you should consider when a re-roll might be most effective, re-rolling a wound roll for a Gauss Pylon yields an average of 6.66 additional (often unsavable) wounds. Re-rolling a wound roll for a Doomsday Ark will yield an average of 2,31 (again often unsavable) wounds. Wasting a re-roll to kill that last Chaos Space Marine when you later that turn need to re-roll the number of wounds to kill off Magnus would be silly, so shoot with the things that benefit most from re-rolls first. Assault is a lot more complicated, but unless you need to think of other things (such as enemy units possibly making a counter-attack you should also attack first with the units that benefit most from re-rolls.

In general, you want to re-roll as late in the process of doing unsaved wounds as possible. Take a Doomsday Ark for example, if you roll a 1 for the number of shots fired against a Predator and re-roll that number you get 1 additional shot on average, 0.66 hits on average, 0.43 wounds on average and 1.52 unsaved wounds. This is comparable to re-rolling a hit roll which will yield the same results on average. But re-rolling a wound roll will yield 50% more wounds on average compared to re-rolling the number of hits, rerolling a 1 on the number of wounds will yield 66% more wounds than re-rolling the number of shots.

You want to use your command points as early in the game as possible without wasting them. If we assume that a command point is worth 20 pts and both players have 6 command points then by turn 4 if one player has used all his CP and his opponent has used 2 he is essentially ahead by 80 pts. The thing about these small advantages early game is that they snowball, so if you manage to destroy just a little more of your opponents army on the first turn than he does of yours, he is going to be having that little bit less to shoot you with next turn. If you keep ahead by using your command points as soon as you have a good use for them and you avoid keeping units in reserve you can make this snowball effect work for you. Those 200 points spiral into 250, then 400 and suddenly you're ahead by 600 pts because you used the forces and assets at your disposal instead of saving them for a rainy day that may never come.

The Grand Illusion[edit]

Take a C'tan Shard of the Deceiver, Nemesor Zahndrekh, Varguard Obyron, and a nasty assault squad in the SAUTEKH Dynasty (e.g. Lychguard/Flayed Ones). Before the first turn, use the shard's Grand Illusion to move itself and Zahndrekh up the field to a piece of cover 12" from the enemy. If you get a 2 or 3 on the D3, bring something else nasty along for the ride (e.g.a squad of 20 Warriors and a Ghost Ark, or a bunch of Immortals, or a Tesseract Vault) - and don't forget to use Zahndrekh's Transient Madness and My Will Be Done on them when your turn starts if you do (or on Zanhndrekh himself if nobody else is about). Deploy Obyron and your assault squad next to each other in your backline. Optional extra here: If you've got anything with My Will Be Done near Obyron and his friends, use it on the assault squad in your Movement phase. At the end of your movement phase use Obyron's Ghostwalk Mantle to teleport him and the assault squad to within 6" of Zahndrekh and greater than 1" from enemy models, placing them 6" closer to the enemy than Zahndrekh himself (i.e. ~7" out of melee, because you placed him >12" away). You could get them even closer, as Zandrekh is not forbidden from moving on the first turn after the Grand Illusion (only forbidden to charge); essentially you can get a guaranteed charge if you don't mind moving Zandrekh so close to the enemy. Shoot them with Zahndrekh, a C'tan power (the correct choice was Antimatter Meteor unless you're facing serious hordes like ork boyz or conscripts, in which case it was Seismic Assault - never take Time's Arrow) and anyone else you brought along that has a gun, then Charge 6" with Obyron and the assault unit to delete pretty much anything you like on the first turn and simultaneously deliver a large durable force right into your enemy's deployment zone. You can even blow CP rerolls on the Grand Illusion D3 and the charge roll to make extra-sure it works.

If you want to play conservatively, remember that you will need a second Overlord to apply My Will Be Done to the unit Obyron summons if you want it to hit on 2s, as Obyron's teleport happens well after when MWBD happens.

Alternatively, you could take a monolith or a night scythe and use Grand Illusion on them. They would be forbidden from charging, but units that teleport through them won't be. Due to the way this works, the vehicle the Deceiver pulls can't pull more than one additional model along, so what you primarily accomplish is getting the vehicle upfield at the same time as the others. It also works with Ghost Arks; by putting multiple characters inside a Ghost Ark you can not only effectively redeploy more units but also charge with any characters inside the Ghost Ark. Do note that you won't be able to make use of your start of turn effects such as Transient Madness and My Will Be Done. This is a very, very specific trick, as the Ark won't be able to hold anything else, including Warriors (since their minimum unit size is 10), but you can take along:

  • Anrakyr for +1A on the unit Obyron is summoning.
  • Orikan for Invuln/Reanimate.
  • Imhotekh for re-rolling 1s to hit on a summoned unit of Flayed Ones.

All told, the nastiest "Deathstar" you can probably fling with this is a unit of Lychguard at A3 from Anrakyr (Flayed Ones just don't have the output, even if you're willing to pay for Imhotekh to improve them) and MWBD applied from a second Overlord who stayed back in deployment for what is very nearly WS2+. If you really want to do this with Warriors or Immortals (Warriors are the better choice, since you have a Ghost Ark on hand anyway) instead, you can field Szeras (but not in the Ark) to augment the unit before Obyron summons it, but his buff is unpredictable and can give you garbage like +1S; bringing a ranged unit can provide insurance in case your enemy has not put anything on the table your Lychguard can charge, like a set of Valkyries.

The Ghostwalk Shuffle[edit]

Oh look, it's Obyron and Zahndrekh again. This is a short one. Any time Obyron is in melee, don't forget that if Zahndrekh is nearby he can use his Ghostwalk Mantle at the end of each Movement phase to teleport himself, and optionally an allied infantry unit too, out of melee. Use this to rescue ranged units from close combat, and/or to set up an immediate follow-up charge from two inches away that will let you fight first every time it's your turn.

Silver Tide[edit]

Shaping up to be the bread & butter tactic of this edition is to sandwich Orikan and an Overlord between two units of 20 Warriors, buffing both Warrior units and keeping your HQs nice and bubble wrapped. March your undying robot horde up the board with Ghost Arks in support and force your opponent to use the flanks. Sprinkle your list with Destroyers or whatever takes your fancy.

Destroyer Harvest[edit]

It is like the Silver Tide army above, except instead of sprinkling a reasonable amount of Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers like a fine salt, you have all salt. At 2000 points, you can fit 15 Destroyers, 6 Heavy destroyers (one in each unit of 5 Destroyers and a single unit of 3), a Catacomb Command Barge with Warscythe, Tesla Cannon and Resurrection Orb, a Destroyer Lord with a Warscythe and Resurrection Orb, a Cryptek to aid in resurrecting your 60+ pt models and 10 Scarabs split across 3 units to act as an assault screen, mortal wound sponge and objective grabbers. Obviously, an army like this consisting of only 3 different models (excluding characters) is going to do really well against some lists, namely lists filled with multi-wound melee infantry, where your Destroyers will make full use of their D3 damage per wound and ability to fall back and fire. Against something like a 1W army with low saves you just don't have the weight of fire to kill your opponent and Destroyers are relatively squishy and low range. This is always a risk when you make armies like this centred around getting maximum value out of the Destroyer Lord. The fact that you only have 5 CP with two Outrider detachments with this list is also an issue since the Heavy Destroyers want to eat a CP each Shooting phase and the Warscythes also benefit greatly from CP once you reach CC. Ramming your Destroyers into enemy ranged units is perfectly valid, either your opponent will be forced to pull back, in which case they won't be able to shoot, or they'll stick with their often mediocre CC abilities and leave your expensive Destroyers alone in the Shooting phase. In your Movement phase, you can fall back and fire the Destroyer's guns.

Wraith Wing[edit]

Wraiths are really tough for their cost, their 3 wound profile makes them vulnerable to lascannons, but their insane 3+ invulnerable save makes them weather it, they are susceptible to weapons without an AP because they are paying for the 3+ invulnerable save, but these weapons rarely do multiple wounds. So Wraiths are really tough, problem is though, with AP -1 replacing Rending from last edition they don't do too well against Vehicles and Monsters, enter the C'tan and Warscythe Characters. 2000 pts, Outrider Detachment, Nightbringer, Deceiver, Catacomb Command Barge (Tesla and Warscythe) and 36 Wraiths. Wraiths shield our expensive and less durable C'tan, the C'tan deal the high strength high damage attacks and the mortal wounds we need to take out enemy vehicles. This type of list seems to be the only Necron list which has made top-8 in any tournament so far in 8th. While the possibility of infinitely reviving models with Resurrection Protocols promised a lot, the fact is that most armies can deal with our units one at a time, this list doesn't have that weakness, not that it doesn't have others...

Quantum Shielding Online[edit]

Quantum Shielding is a pain in the ass for many opponents, so why not make an army where every model has Quantum Shielding? Necron vehicles are somewhat special in that their hard counter is S4/7+ D 1-3 AP 0-3 weapons rather than high str AP 3+ high damage weapons. That makes a quantum shielding lists really bad in a meta where Assault Cannon Razorbacks and smite spam is king, but if you happen to play somewhere where that isn't the case: you can fit a Catacomb Command Barge (Warscythe and Tesla), two Triarch Stalkers (Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon), the Deceiver, two Ghost Arks (bring them along with the Deceiver to shield your melee Characters), 3 Doomsday Arks and 2 Annihilation barges in a Spearhead Detachment. By replacing what would normally be a core of infantry to support the Doomsday Arks and Triarch Stalkers with more Quantum Shielding, you are reducing your weak spots by having a more uniform defensive profile, mostly it's just fun to ignore all weapons which automatically do 7 or more damage.

The Necron Brigade[edit]

Ahhh the ever illusive CP. Okay, so you want more Command Points than you know what to do with? Well, a Brigade seems like just what you need, except for the fact that Necrons do well in bigger units because of Reanimation Protocols, but maybe you are finding that your opponent is killing your units one at a time and you rarely get to roll for it anyway? Small squads of Immortals with Gauss fill out our Troops requirement, Deathmarks or Flayed Ones take up the Elite requirements, units of 1 Destroyer fill out our Fast Attack Requirement, units of 1 Heavy Destroyer take up the Heavy Support requirement. Now you can either take a Destroyer Lord and two Catacomb Command Barges and take some more (heavy?) destroyers or you can replace the Destroyers with Scarabs, take two Catacomb Command Barges and a Cryptek and upgrade some of the small Gauss Immortal squads to bigger squads of Tesla Immortals for another flavour of synergy. Regardless your opponent will have an easy time negating Reanimation Protocols, but you'll get happy whenever you get to roll for it rather than getting sad when you lose that key 20th Warrior (and it was standing next to a Cryptek! And a Ghost Ark! No, two Ghost Arks! No matter how many Ghost Arks you insert it sucks to lose that last guy, you won't feel that way with a brigade). Cheaping out and getting normal Overlords instead of fancy Catacomb Command Barges might be a good idea.

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