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This is the current 9th Edition's Ork "taktics". 8th Edition Tactics are here.

Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Why Play Orks[edit]

Everyone loves them and, of course, because GREEN'S DA BEST!
Orks are pretty strong in melee, but their shooting phase can also be surprisingly potent. Combine this with their crazy gadgets and makeshift giant war machines, and the Orks have got you covered.



  • Numbers are on your side. In a 2000-point game it's quite feasible to field over 100 models, and that's just from troops.
  • Lots of Great Stratagems, Kultures, and Warlord Traits.
  • At a minimum, Ork models are WS 3+, Str 4, T4 and have 2 attacks.
  • Unmatched Leadership for the troops and all units near said troops due to MOB RULE.. This combined with the Breaking Heads Warboss rule makes Orks very resistant to morale losses.
    • Also, your Grots may still survive the Morale Phase after getting shot at thanks to the new 9th edition morale rules.
  • Almost all of our guns are Assault, meaning we can Advance and still shoot them at '-1' To-Hit. There are even ways to get around that penalty, such as taking Evil Sunz.
  • Nob Bikes and Meganobz have 3 Wounds, compared to other termies and bikes only having 2. (9th edition update: Oh fuck, now they are W3 too!)
  • Ghazghkull has finally evolved to something somewhat resembling a Primork, even if his armor makes him seem much larger than he would be without it.
  • Your slugga Boyz will typically have at least 3 Attacks each, with getting 4 being very easy to do.
  • Orks are the most customizable army in 40k.
    • The basic Ork Boyz kit has a ton of extra parts that makes it great for kitbashing.
    • Warhammer Fantasy and the Age of Sigmar Orruk ranges are very easy to kitbash with minimal converting needed. Especially for Snakebites armies.
  • New models have been coming steadily for Orks in the last couple of years. The new buggies are epic.
  • The sheer number of options! Typically, no two Ork armies are the same.
  • Most people think of Orks as a melee-oriented army that also has a bit of shooting, and that's not untrue. However it's entirely viable to run Orks as a shooty army that also has strong melee capability. Or you can run them as a fast mechanized army, an army full of big stompy/zappy fings, an army that ensures board control by drowning the table in a sea of Grots, or whatever else you want.
  • Orks are more fun to play than any other army in 40k. Full stop. Even if you get tabled, you're guaranteed to have fun while doing so.
  • Everyone will like you since there aren't that many salty Ork players, and if you're a salty Ork player then shame on you.
  • Overwatch is now a Stratagem, so you're not going to lose a few ladz every time you charge something anymore.



  • They require very large numbers of models to play properly. This can get extremely expensive.
  • Some models are prohibitively expensive for their point value (Mek Gunz, I'm looking at you).
  • 5" Movement across the board for most infantry (Meganobz are 4"). Orks are slow and heavily reliant on movement tricks to avoid getting shot to death.
  • Orks only have BS 5+. While this is partially mitigated by special rules, shooty fings iz unreliable without da propa' amount of dakka (i.e. a LOT and then some).
  • Although Orks are Toughness 4 or greater most of them only have a 6+ Armour save. Most Ork army builds are prone to taking excessive casualties if exposed to enemy fire for too long; this is compounded by the previously mentioned slow movement rate.
  • Cover means that MEQ armies now have 2+ in cover. While Orks do have access to high-AP guns, these tend to be concentrated in a few key units.
  • Very few Ork weapons have a range over 36", and most have considerably less range than that. This is partially mitigated by 9th edition's smaller minimum table sizes (although there is nothing stopping you and your opponent from using the same 6x4 tables you've had for years).
  • Moving large number of models is time consuming and can cause opponents to accuse you of slow playing. Some tournaments ban movement trays which help speed up play. This really limits the types of armies you can realistically play in a time-constrained setting unless you can grow an extra set of arms to help you move your 180+ troops with precise measurements...
  • To compound the previous point, Ork armies tend to be more effective when they have more models.
  • Some units are over-costed, most notably the iconic Stompa, which is about 50% more expensive than it should be.
  • Grots are also stupidly overcosted clocking in at 5p per model, the same cost as a Guardsman while being inferior to them in literally every way. This combined with the fact that extra detachments can no longer be used to farm CP makes Grots close to unusable.
  • Generally, the buffs from characters are weak in comparison to other armies.
  • Limited options to reroll hits and wounds in the fight phase (unless you're Deathskulls).
  • Rather limited number of reliable sources of mortal wounds to counter Invul saves.
  • Burnas (Flamethrowers) are one of the only flamers in the game that are d3 shots as opposed to d6. On the flipside, they can also be used as a -2 AP melee weapon, and they are also just about the only unit type that can take up to 15 flamer-type weapons in the same mob. (Let's be honest here: if Burnas did D6 hits like regular flamers, in mobs of up to 15 boyz, it would be completely ridiculous.) However Burnas are also rather fragile which multiply their problems.
  • Orks are very reliant on CPs in order to function effectively. Sadly with fixed CP counts, no CP farming, various ways to spend some CPs pregame (kustom jobz) the situation is not good on that front. On top of that Orks have very, very few ways to regain CP throughout the game, with Blood Axes being just about the only semi-viable option here.
  • Looted vehicles can't be played in Matched Play, outside of Counts As. They can be used in Narrative and Open Play via Chapter Approved 2018, but well, that was three years and an entire edition ago. Unless there is a new entry in the upcoming 9th edition Codex, looted vehicles have effectively been partially squatted.
  • The craziness of Ork stuff is currently more than it was in some editions, but still far less than others. This increased overall reliability, but took a lot of the random fun out of playing this army (looking at you, SAG).

The *WAAAGH!!! Rule was modified so there is no need to declare it with an ear-shattering scream that will tell all players in the vicinity that an Ork player is in the room. Sad, sad times indeed.

    • Why do ya need da rulez to tell ya wen ta WAAAGH!!!?
  • The Ork Codex has been subjected to Codex power creep over time. For example, the Snakebites Clan kulture gives your army a 6+++ FNP. In contrast, the Iron Hands chapter tactics give you a 6+++ FNP, 5+ overwatch, AND they have an ability that halves damage table deterioration.
    • In contrast, Deathskulls somewhat outclass Salamanders and Blood Axes are (in theory) comparable to Ultramarines. Snakebites are just one of the worst OG clans.
  • Book of da Beast (it is called dat, ignore beaky doggie lovas) added fun and situational options, but not a ton of powerful ones. Also space wolves got close to 3/4 of the book of content while Orks got 1/4. We hate you, GW!
  • Hordes in general were hit hard in the edition change:
    • Blast weapons get a guaranteed 3 shots against units of 6+ models, or max shots against units 11+ models, so your large mobs of Boyz are really going to suffer.
    • Fighting in 2 rows is only possible if you're within 0.5" with your first line - which can be a real pain if your models tend to overhang their base.
    • The new coherency rules severely punish poor positioning and conga lines in general - be mindful with your casualty removal!
      • You now need to form a triangle at the tips of your line to stay in coherency.

Special Rules[edit]

In general, all your units have these. Exceptions are noted below.

  • DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA!: In the shooting phase, each unmodified hit roll of 6 automatically hits, regardless of modifiers, and grants an additional shot with the same weapon as the original the hit roll was for. These extra rolls do not themselves generate additional hits. This pushes Ork shooting accuracy from 33% to 38.9%. In addition, because a 6 is considered an auto-hit, you ignore penalties that take you to 7+ to hit or worse (this is now less important since rules changes in 9th dictate a maximum +1/-1 to hit anyway). Also note that Bad Moons, being able to re-roll 1's in shooting as well, have an effective shooting accuracy of 44.4%; this can be rather frightening when they are sending hundreds of shots downrange.
    • Dakka Dakka Dakka does apply to Grots, meaning that they have a rather impressive hit rate of 58.3%. This is especially important for Mek Gunz. Don't forget the Surprisingly Dangerous in Large Numbers rule, which gives a +1 to-hit for all hit rolls in a Grot Mob of 20+ models... meaning that Grots in that situation have a 77.7% chance to hit at range with their Grot Blasts (and a 50% chance to hit in melee).
    • Most of your Index options have received this rule via Legends. Yay!
    • Makes a Shooting-focused Ork army far more threatening than it first appears because of the Dakka Dakka Dakka rule. You still want to stomp the enemy good, but at least your dakka is actually good for something now - especially vs those "-1 to hit" armies and flyers in general.

  • DIS IS OURS! ZOG OFF!: Objective Secured for your Troops units if your army is Battle-forged. Easily the greatest named rule in all of 40K.
  • 'ERE WE GO!: A unit with this rule can re-roll charge rolls, either one or both dice, your choice, making it the superior choice over a CP re-roll. CP reroll requires you to reroll both dice. Of course, you can't Tactical Reroll a charge that was already re-rolled with 'ERE WE GO!. Not for GRETCHIN, TRUKKs, BATTLEWAGON variants, or FLYERS.
    • Note that you can re-roll successful charges, if you're worried about not being able to Pile In enough models.
    • Assuming you always choose correctly whether to re-roll both dice or just the smaller one, this will raise the odds of you rolling 9 or more on the dice to 56.94% (72.45% for an 8 or more, if you're Evil Sunz).
  • MOB RULE: When consulting the Leadership of a unit, a unit with this rule may use its own Leadership, the number of models in the unit, or the number of models in a friendly unit that also has this ability within 6".
    • Units that can take helpers (grots, runts, squigs....) can count those models for additional leadership as well. GRETCHIN and most vehicles don't have this rule, but that matters mostly for when they're targets for Psychic Powers anyway.
    • If it comes up - probably due to a psychic power - remember that this does not let any given model in a unit with this rule replace its Leadership. For example, this can come up when a Genestealer Cultist psyker casts Mind Control on a model in one of your units - used on a Bomb Squig in a Tankbusta mob, you're trying to defend with Leadership 4.


The six main Clans are all here, as well as Freebootaz who have been promoted to full Clan status.

Bad Moons[edit]

In the grim darkness of the far future, dere's nuffin teef can't buy.

This clan is the richest because of how fast their teeth grow. When you can manufacture so much currency, there is no reason not to buy out the best Loot and Gubbinz from the Mek boys and Lootaz. Thus does the clan make very ostentatious displays of their wealth by buying the flashiest guns teef can buy.
On the tabletop they are the shootiest of the orks, drowning their foes in more accurate Dakka that's less likely to blow up.

  • Clan Kulturs – ARMED TO DA TEEF: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the shooting phase.
    • Helps avoid plasma overheat, useful for any range based army - especially for Lootas.
    • Stacks with the Dakka Dakka Dakka rule, pushing Bad Moon shooting accuracy to 44.4%. This is still not enough to bring BS5+ up to being equivalent to BS4+, but it does act as a flat multiplier, regardless of underlying BS.
    • This kultur is top tier alongside the Evil Sunz one. If you go for shooty orks it is a MUST!
  • Warlord Trait - Da Best Armor Teef Can Buy: Your Warlord gets a 4++ invulnerable save, so a proppa-flashy Bad Moons Warlord can be like Ghazghkull! (except nobody is as cool and deadly as Ghazghkull). Provides actual protekshun against power fists.
    • Notę that if you take Da biggest boss strategem this one is useless.
  • Shiny Gubbin - The Gobshot Blunderbuss: Replaces the Shoota from Kombi-Skorcha or Kombi-Rokkit, or a whole Kustom Shoota. Range 12", S5 Ap-1 D1 Heavy 2D6 auto-hits. You can basically give your character 3 Skorchas (2 of them with extra range) for 15pts, (and probably a CP as "Da Killa Klaw" is almost mandatory).
    • Decent if you go for shooty support character that needs to be relatively close to the enemy.
  • Stratagem - Showin' Off (2 CP): Use after any INFANTRY unit shoots. That unit can shoot again (and can also target a different unit).
    • It synergizes with both the Bad Moons kultur and DAKKA DAKKA giving unit insane amount of shooting; plus, it also works with "More dakka!", basically giving you two uses out of that stratagem. Alternatively, for 1 less CP and more damage it can be combined with 'Extra Stikkbombs' on a unit of Tankbustas to do Knight-killing damage: 22 unsaved wounds on average!
  • Psychic Power - Gleaming Gear (WC 6): Gives a friendly Bad Moons unit +1 to their saving throws until your next psychic phase.
    • Not terrible but since it requires dedicated Weirdboy there are more important things (cough! Da Jump cough!).

Blood Axes[edit]

In the grim darkness of the far future, those gitz won't know wot hit 'em!

The Blood Axes are all about using tactics that other factions wouldn't expect them to use, anywhere from sneak attacks to covered advances. Truly, the pinnacle of orkish strategy. These orks tend to be the ones most likely to be hired out by other factions, and they'll tend to use them in their own flashy style.
On the tabletop, just imagine if the Ultramarines and Raven Guard were green. And dumb. And used tactics that may or may not be entirely ethical. Or tactical.

  • Clan Kulturs – TAKTIKS: When attacked from more than 18" away, always gain the benefit of being in cover. Additionally, they can either shoot or charge (but not both) after falling back. Per the current FAQ, if they're embarked when they try to do so, the transport they're on also has to have this Kultur.
    • Cover extends to every model, including vehicles, which rarely get cover. 2+ Morkanauts, 2+ Stompas! (Super-heavy Auxiliary Detachments excluded). Even Dakkajets get cover while in mid-air!
    • Shooty units get cover more reliably, forcing the enemy to get closer to orks on purpose or commit extra resources to deal with them. If your unit gets charged you can disengage and keep shooting. As for your melee units, they can guarantee going first (overwatch is rarely a big deal, and if it was, then just don't fall back), which will entice the enemy to burn up CP for Counter Attack.
    • GREAT FOR TRANSPORTS, since they can fall back without preventing the units inside from shooting (if they are Blood Axes too, unlike Flash Gitz).
    • This kultur is rated as mid tier, not useless but there are better choices.
  • Warlord Trait - I've Got A Plan, Ladz!: If you use a stratagem, roll 1 die for each Command Point spent. If you roll a 6, the Command Point is immediately refunded. Looted from da humies. Good for Stratagem focused lists, though not reliable.
    • Still questionable if this stacks with the "Loot it!" stratagem, which seems to suggest that you could actually increase your CP when used by Lootas and if you're really zoggin' lucky with rolls.
    • Would be better if it was 5+ like for guard. As it is there are better stuff to take.
  • Shiny Gubbin - Morgarg's Finkin' Cap: The bearer receives a warlord trait; this warlord trait cannot be the same as your Warlord's. If the bearer's your Warlord, then he receives a second one; this warlord trait cannot be the one the bearer already has.
    • Makes your big Ork smart... and smart Orks can get very, very deadly. Seriously, a PK Boss with Might is Right and Brutal but Kunning is cheap and fucking dangerous. Other combos await.
    • If you're only taking 1 relic and you have some Blood Axe character around, just take this as well and choose Follow me Ladz as your trait. Because you get an additional CP, you will be getting the rest of the benefits for free.
  • Stratagem - Dead Sneaky (1 CP/2 CP): Deep Strike a single Ork Infantry unit, paying 1 CP if its Power Level is 8 or less and 2 CP otherwise.
    • Notice how this isn't some 9" Scout move like it is for other infiltration factions (RG/AL).
    • Cheaper than 'Tellyporta' when you're deepstriking a small unit - basically 20 Boys, 10 Tankbustas, 5 Nobz, 4 Meganoboz or any character (Weirdboy-deepstrike-Smite spam anyone?). Of course Creed stole this ability from the Blood Axes! Zoggin humies!!! The use of Purple paint is NOT optional.
  • Psychic Power - Clever Talk (WC 6): Pick an enemy model visible to the user. That model cannot fire overwatch against Blood Axes units and can only fight after all Blood Axes units from your army have done so.
    • In this edition firing over watch is not that important unless this is something like A LOT of HEAVY flamers that are guaranteed to roast boyz charging them. Fighting last is a great thing tho.

Special Character

  • Boss Snikrot: Clan Blood Axe. Can infiltrate like Kommandos, and if they're Blood Axes gives them re-roll for melee hit rolls of 1, which at their 3+ WS is almost giving them an extra attack. He makes close enemy units add 1 to their Morale tests, not very useful. He's not threatening enough to fight alone, unless he's hunting lone and weak characters or shooty units (Don't waste 2 damage attacks on 1 Wound models). In cover, he gets a 3+ save, but otherwise he should be in melee. He lacks ranged weapons apart from Stikkbombs. Most useful as a force multiplier for Blood Axe Kommando units. He is an extremely cheap HQ, at only 70 points. Take him and some Weirdboyz if you want to limit the HQ Tax.
    • He also gets +1 to wound rolls in melee against units wholly inside terrain.
      • Don't make him your warlord. The CP refund is best for a guy in the back (like that one mek nobody notices)


In the grim darkness of the far future, findaz keepaz.

This is the luckiest clan and the most eager to loot the battlefield.
On the tabletop, in addition to a guaranteed save, they also get the best use out of special and single shot weapons. All your Infantry, both vanguard and backline shooters, are good at Stealing and Holding Objectives

  • Clan Kulturs – LUCKY BLUE GITZ: All Ork models get a 6++, and all units can re-roll a single hit, wound, and damage roll each time it shoots or fights. In addition, all your Infantry units get Dis is Ours! Zog Off!
    • Dis is Ours! Zog Off! is Objective Secured, but for every infantry unit. Kommandos and Stormboys Will take and hold objectives well while back liners like lootas can prevent deepstrikers from stealing yours.
    • Works better the fewer shots a unit throws out and weapons that have damage rolls. Maximum synergy with Big Meks with either Shokk Attack Guns or Kustom Mega-Blastas. A Mork(or possibly Gork)-send for lone special weapons in a squad, like a unit's Boss Nob's Kombi Rokkit AND to re-roll his Power Klaw punches.
    • This one is definitely one of the best kultures. Having characters get obsec is really funny and very useful, plus having the invul save plus the extra 3 rerolls is a life saver, literally.
  • Warlord Trait - Opportunist: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 that target vehicles. In addition, your Warlord can target enemy characters within 18" even if they are not the closest model. Like Big Killa Boss but with Sniper.
    • The real Ork Snipers, though most of their character-killing damage actually comes from 8E's precision flamers. Deffkilla Wartrikes have enough dakka to do some damage. A Big Mek on a Warbike can do even more damage, especially if he's using the Gitstoppa Shells Shiny Gubbin (two Dakkaguns + Shokk Attack Gun + Gitstoppa Kombi-Skorcha can kill a Lord Commissar - the biggest possible single-turn kill).
    • A Warbike Warboss does less damage even with a relic Shoota, and with a S12 Power Klaw, he's got better things to do. While Mega Armoured Big Meks with Tellyport Blastas do less damage, they can get lucky and slay the enemy - no saves against that.
    • You gitz are thinkin' too small. A Shock Attack Gun is S7 on average with AP -5 and damage D6 with a chance for bonus mortal wounds. That's good for anti-tank but terrifying for anti-character. Opportunist buffs the anti-tank role of the shock attack gun, but if you get him within 18" of a character, pop More Dakka to ignore the to-hit penalty for moving and DELETE... assuming you can roll a 5+. If you can't, this is the wrong army anyways.
  • Shiny Gubbin - The Fixer Uppas: The bearer gets the Big Mekaniak ability, if he already has this ability then he repairs 3 wounds instead of d3.
    • Average wise it's best to put this on a non-Big Mek, as you'll get 4 wounds back each turn as opposed to 3. Do note however that if you only want to repair one vehicle or want reliability then putting it on a Big Mek is better.
    • Put this on the Deffkilla Wartrike and he gains D3 wounds regeneration.
    • Put this on a Big Mek, stick him in a Gorka/Morkanaut or a Stompa and you almost have the immortal walker of doom back from 7th ed.
      • Given that you have to disembark first in order to repair, that the Stompa already repairs himself and the existence of other much better relics, you probably want to skip this "tactic".
  • Stratagem - Wreckers (2 CP): Choose a Deathskulls unit in your army. It can re-roll any Wound rolls that target the enemy Vehicles until the end of the phase.
    • Because you really want that Imperial Knight dead. Combine with 'Extra Stikkbombs!' for maximum carnage and do not forget to present ornate tear bucket to your enemy.
  • Psychic Power - Maniacal Seizure (WC 7): Enemy unit within 18" gets -1 to hit when resolving any attack, and friendly Deathskulls units attacking the selected enemy unit improve the AP of their attacks by 1.
    • This one is nuts. Target a scary enemy unit and they get the double whammy of sucking at outputting damage, and being easier to kill in return.
    • It is a little less significant with limitation on to hit modifiers but it is still decent and additional AP is nothing to scoff at either.

Special Character:

  • Mad Dok Grotsnik: Only special character in Orks who isn't an HQ. He's a Painboy with T5, a 4+ save and personal 5+ FNP. One Scalpel Short of a Medpack means he'll be forced to charge the nearest enemy if no allies are around; this almost never comes up. Unlike regular Painboyz, he can't bring a Grot Orderly with him or take a bike. Points-wise he's a little more expensive than a basic Painboy but cheaper than one on a bike. All that extra cost is in personal durability, not improving his aura or melee ability. Worth it if your opponent is bringing a lot of snipers, and you don't want your Boyz having their 6+ FNP picked off quite as easily.
    • His model is rather outdated and undersized. The plastic Painboy model is a great base for converting him.
    • Big problem with this guy in 9th is that he requires Deathskulls detachment. If you run any other clan he cannot be used without loss of kultur or paying hefty price in CP and units for secondary detachment #NotWorthIt.
    • Lore whise he should have some kind of synergy with ghazghull and ability to be taken alongside him in any detachment. But this will happen probably only if GW will give him new model...


In the grim darkness of the far future, there will be only WAAAGH!!!

The most brutal clan led by Ghaz smashes anything in front of them. This makes them the face of the army, and that is a role they perform well. Goff strategy doesn't tend to evolve far beyond the need to get stuck in and apply choppas to the forehead.
On the tabletop, they hyper-focus on melee. They also house the most named characters in the army.

  • Clan Kulturs – NO MUKKIN' ABOUT: When a Goff model rolls an unmodified 6 to hit when attacking with a melee weapon, it can perform a single bonus hit roll with the same weapon against its original target (using the same profile), which cannot explode again.
    • Generates extra rolls, not attacks, so a Mega-Choppa using Slash generates extra rolls, not extra trios of rolls.
    • Makes Goffs explode in both melee and at the range. Almost all your army wants to be in melee, so this is great not only for big 30 Boyz units (120 attacks on average get 13 extra hits), but anyone with lots of attacks as well. Ghazzghull gets +1A on average, and so do (Mega)Nobz/Deff Dreads with multiple killsaws, as well as G/Morkanauts, all of them hitting with PROPPA weapons instead of mere Choppas.
    • Acts like a *7/6 WS multiplier, just like re-rolling 1s to hit, but stacks with it.
    • It is on par with Deathskulls kultur. Good but not top tier. Mostly because Orks wreck face in CC either way and this can be often just a overkill. It also does not address any of Orky drawbacks.
  • Warlord Trait - Proper Killy: Add 1 to your Warlords Attack Characteristic. Also, if you charge, are charged or perform a Heroic Intervention (which should be every turn) add +1 AP to his melee weapons.:
    • No longer a dud makes your Power Stabba a proper Power Sword and gives the Big Choppa enough AP to work similarly to a Power Klaw without hit penalty against T4. Doesn't say it doesn't affect relics...so it does. Eadwoppa's Killchoppa becomes AP-3. Power Klaws become AP-4, for truly denying 3+ saves.
    • Ghazghkull has to take this if he is your Warlord (any of you who is bringing Ghazzy he BETTA BE YER WARLORD OR HE WILL STOMP YA!!!), it gives him AP -4 and 7 A on a charge with Goff Clan Kultur benefits on top. Supreme murder machine; on a good day he can get up to 24 W in a single CC phase, and that is not counting possible stratagems or psychic powers... Enjoy!
      • You would have to be extremely lucky, but if you cast Fists of Gork and Warpath on Ghaz at full health, you could do a whopping 72 DAMAGE, enough to take down a warlord titan. And that is before you fight again.
    • It is still weaker than +1A +1S but at least not totally inferior.
  • Shiny Gubbin - The Lucky Stick: The bearer can reroll any hit and wound rolls in the Fight Phase. In addition, any friendly Goff characters within 6" of the bearer can add 1 to their hit rolls in the Fight Phase.
    • This synergies well with some kind of HQ spam obviously. One idea I have heard about is putting it on one of 3 Warbosses, Big Mek with KFF, and Painboy, all with PK embark all of them into Gorkanaut and Tellyporta it next to your opponents line. Then begin the carnage. Untested though.
      • Hard-hitting and a nice way of reminding other armies that Orks still have deathstars. That said, you need to be exceptionally careful using this. You are placing 700~ points in reserve where the Gorkanaut will not even appear until turn two. While you will want to have a chunky unit, you do not want to throw it somewhere where it will get bogged down and surrounded. That said, you are going to need to maximize its movement to disembark your pain train on turn THREE to get them into charge range. Potentially interesting and devastating if you pick a good target, but Gork (or possibly Mork) help you if your Gorkanaut gets smoked on turn 2 (the 5++ is nice but will probably not stand up to sustained lascannon fire. You 'did' remember to kill the lascannon heavy weapons teams, didn't you?)
  • Stratagem - Skarboyz (1 CP): Use this stratagem before the battle. Select a GOFF Boyz unit from your army (but not those who have been upgraded to 'Ard Boyz) to become a Skarboy unit. Their Strength characteristic becomes 5. Skarboys can only Mob Up! with other Skarboys.
    • Incredibly powerful as strength 5 is arguably the most useful strength there is (wound marines on 3’s, custodians on 4’s and knights on 5’s) and having it on a full squad of 30 Boyz with choppaz is just nasty. This will likely paint a huge target on the affected unit, so take the necessary countermeasures (deepstriking, transports, Grot shields, etc).
    • If you're playing a proper, fluffy, GOFF list then you are probably running at least three big mobs of Boyz. Using this on all of them will not break your CP bank; even running one Battalion you have access to enough CP to get one of the big stratagems off. They are still eligible for 'Unstoppable Green Tide', preserving the value of those CP. The important thing is that you need to either go all-in on this stratagem or skip it completely: a lone unit of skarboyz will fall apart before they get a chance to deal enough damage for their investment. A lone squad could maybe work as a distraction carnifex, but even then they probably won't be worth it.
    • Great to combo with the Warpath psychic power for up to 150 attacks at S5. Also remember you can still use Loot It to get a 5+ save during the game even without the 'Ard Boyz stratagem.
    • Unfortunately this stratagem does NOT increase the strength of the Boss Nob, it just sets the boyz' strength to 5 (Which the nob already has).
  • Psychic Power - Bull Charge (WC 6): Select a friendly Goff unit within 18", until your next psychic phase if that unit makes a charge roll of less than 7" (after modifiers), it counts as 7".
    • Almost never needed, but against things that reduce your charges (Tenebrous Curse, Tremor Shells, Repulsors, Death Watch strat, etc) it can make the difference between winning and losing.
    • Generally meh.

Special Characters Goffs get all the good stuff, the best Warboss, the only character with a Rokkit Pack, the only mob in Headquarters, and the only musician. Gitz...

  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka: Clan Goff. NEW MODEL IS HERE!!! DA BIG ORK IS REAL!!! The Prophet of Gork and Mork himself, the Beast of Armageddon is an HQ choice and has been fully revamped as of Saga of the Beast. His fluff now portrays him as having survived decapitation--courtesy of a Mr. Ragnar Blackmane of the Space Wolves--and features him stitched up and piloting a massive new suit of Mega Armor equipped with "Looted Macro Capacitors." Crunchwise, he sports an array of even more powerful rules than before (or in some cases exactly the same as before)! Firstly, he comes with a statline closer to that of a fucking Redemptor Dreadnought than a Warboss and carries the Monster Keyword as a result. His new weapons include the Mork's Roar (a freakin' Quad Heavy Bolter), Gork's Klaw (a 4 Damage Chainfist with no penalty to Hit) and... Stikkbombs? Sure, why not. Being the Prophet of Gork and Mork not only grants him a 4++ invulnerable save, but also ensures he can only suffer a maximum of 4 damage in a given phase (Shooting, Psychic and Assault). This gives him survivability for two to three turns despite having over 10 wounds but it also means enemy will not waste more shots on him than necessary to do those 4 wounds. Ghazzy can also now be taken with any Ork army without preventing Clan Kulturs, though he can't benefit from any Kultur but his own, just like Shadowsun's new rules. His good ol' Great Waaagh! does the same thing as a regular WAAAGH!, except that it grants Ork Infantry) units within 6" an extra Attack as long as they charged that turn (note this rule is exactly the same as before but unlike that one Ghazzy himself do not benefit from it as he is not Infantry) . This is the second-best buff in the Ork army after the WAAAGH!!! Banner. It is still only medium weight due to working mostly on big hordes of Boyz, and only on the charge instead of all the time. He can further buff any Ork you take with Da Boss is Watchin', which is Breakin' Heads but for all Orks. However, you're still going to take him as Goffs, not just to maintain his Kultur, but because he grants all Goff units within 6" of him a re-roll of 1s to Hit with Melee attacks.
    • Overall Ghazghkull is now in a curious place. As a Character now with more than 10 Wounds, he can and obviously will be targeted by everything on your opponent's board right from the get go. In addition, being a Monster now means the only way to get him anywhere in a hurry is your Tellyporta Stratagem. On the flip side, he is a mortal terror when it comes to dealing out damage and his ability to hardcap the damage he takes each phase will ensure that unless you're opponent is hyper aggressive with the Psychic Powers and closing into Melee, he will be difficult to delete outright. Ghazzy's no longer just a flat upgrade to a normal Mega-armour Warboss, but now something more akin to a Dreadnought or a Carnifex, and should be used accordingly. Time will tell how well this works out for him.
    • Monster keyword might prove to be a big handicap to him as he is unable to gain most synergies with the rest of the army. Only 4 srategems work for him at all, Painboys cannot heal him outside use of medisquig strategem, but his aura did get updated so that all INFANTRY and MONSTERS get the ability now. That means that he can charge now, and also Squiggoths if you decide to bring them for some reason.
  • Makari: Clan Goff. HOLY FUCK IS HE BACK. He's a modestly tough grot with 4 Wounds, and thanks to his 2+ invuln, he will be tanking everything. Stick with some other grots because he'll let any such mob within 12" use his less-than-stellar Ld6 to keep in the fight. Perhaps the most baffling piece of gear he has is his stabba, a piddly CCW using his S3 and 4+ WS, but if he rolls a 6 to hit that's an automatic d3 Mortal Wounds - Enough to down Primaris and Custodes. Honestly his best use might be just to tank Overwatch with that 2++ save. As an added bonus, if he's within 3" of his best pal Ghazzy, he gains a 6+ Feel No Pain aura for all GOFFS nearby, as well as a boost to his Movement speed which lets him to keep up da boss.
    • Question remains if his fnp ability works for Ghazghull before or after prophet ability of limiting wounds received to 4. If it is before it is quite useless and not worth taking in comparison to standard painboy, if it is after it is worth taking on top of Painboy becouse it might let Ghazzy live another turn.
    • He can now be in any <CLAN>, but he will never get a Kultur. Silly Grots, abilities are for Boyz!
  • Boss Zagstruk: Clan Goff. He is a named Stormboy with 6W and 7A (6 standard plus Choppa) 3 of which can be made with Da Vulcha's Klawz (See above). Pretty decent considering the overall number of attacks and hitting on 2+. As with all Stormboyz he moves 12" and can advance 6" instead of rolling while risking a mortal wound. He is only T4 but he has 4+ save and 5+++ Cybork body (not stackable with other abilities like Dok's Tools or Tenacious Survivor WL Trait) making him reasonably survivable. Nearby Stormboy units pass their morale automatically (totally redundant in presence of Mob Rule, until you drop into single-digits of Boyz late-game).
    • Overall decent character, but his rule for supporting Stormboyz could be better.
    • It might be good idea to take multiple small Stormboy units with him instead of one gigantic blob forcing enemy to split fire (and potentially waste shots) while retaining ability to ignore morale and gain better maneuverability. If you can, take at least 3 Stormboy units (since they are fast attack, not troops, you can bring maximum of 3 units since the Big FAQ) and Zagstruk apart from your main army to form an Outrider Detachment and gain 1 "free" Command Point.
    • Codex replaces his Stikkbombs with Blitz Missiles, basically a single shot Range 18" S6 Ap-1 Dd3. He also gets the ability to deepstrike, just like Stormboyz.
    • Still very cheap at 88pts.
  • Grukk Face-Rippa (Open Play, White Dwarf 454): Clan Goff. Face-Rippa's back, baby! One of three new Ork CHARACTERs released in White Dwarf May 2020, he's a GOFF Warboss with an extra wound and attack, as well as a 5++ Invulnerable Save and 5+ Feel No Pain roll from his Too Tuff for Deff rule. His unique Power Klaw Git-rippa is AP -4 instead of -3, has a fixed 2 Damage instead of a random D3, and can re-roll any and all wound rolls, even successful ones. So it’s basically just a Killsaw with Shred. His previous Warlord Trait Bellowing Tyrant has been replaced with a new one, Foul Temper, which gives him +3A when he has less wounds than he started with, giving him 8 swings with Git-rippa once he's been injured! Whilst he doesn't have a points value anymore and is resigned to open play, he has the same Power Level as a generic Warboss, so there's no reason for a GOFF player NOT to bring him instead.
  • Skrak's Skull-Nobz (Open Play, White Dwarf 454): Clan Goff. Grukk's Meanest Ladz - literally, it says so in their rules, so it must be true! One of three new Ork CHARACTERs released in White Dwarf May 2020, they're a named GOFF Nobz mob lead by Skrak Head-Smasha which take up a HQ slot instead of your crowded Elites, what's not to love! They have +1WS compared to regular Nobz, get +1A when hanging out with the ol' Face-Rippa, and Skrak comes with a nice hat that inflicts a single mortal wound if it hits. Slightly more costly in open play than a regular Nobz mob, +1 Power Level, and lose access to a Cybork Body, but it clears your Elites section for more important stuff, so that could be a price worth paying.
  • Goff Rokker (Open Play, White Dwarf 454): Clan Goff. Party time, excellent! Whilst he isn't named like other Special Characters, his rules say you can still only have one of him per army, so I figured I'd put him here. One of three new Ork Characters released in White Dwarf May 2020, he's a Goff Character Nob with a Rokker Shoota, which functions as an Assault 4 Shoota with slightly longer (i.e. Bolter) range and one better AP, and a Rokker Choppa which is just a +1S Choppa, but none of that stuff is why you take him. No, you take him for his Musik rule. This allows him to perform one of two songs, and he can choose to change which song he's playing every BATTLE ROUND. 'Eavy Metal playing in the background inspires Goff Infantry within a 6" bubble to trigger additional hits from their No Mukkin' About kulture on a 5+ instead of a 6+. That one's nice, but also not why you take him. Tuning into Goffik Rock on the Trukk radio is what you should be doing, which throws Goff Infantry within earshot (aforementioned 6" bubble) into a rage and gives them +1S! Boyz become S5, Nobz are S6, Warbosses throw down at S7! We can only pray to Gork (or possibly Mork) that GeeDubs gives this guy a points value in the future.
    • Also Goff scarboyz (and yes upgrade them always) are now impressive S6!
  • Mek Boss Buzgob (Forge World): Clan Goff. Forge World Compendium's out, and Buzzgob has had some changes, the biggest of which are that he's LOST his Kustom Force Field, and gone up in price AGAIN to 100 points! A Big Mek with better BS, T, W, A, and LD. No wargear options, but he comes with Mek Arms as an alternate melee weapon (they generate 2 extra attacks per fight now instead of 3 hits per attack, and can only be used twice each fight for a max now of A4, but have S×2 D2 and still no AP though), and he has two Grot Oilers accompanying him for twice as many repair boosts/ablative wounds. His cost is now 40 points higher than a normal Big Mek with a Big Choppa and Grot Oiler. There is nothing really fancy about him, he's just a straight points-for-stats upgrade. If you were going to bring a Big Mek anyway, consider carefully spending the extra 40 or so points to get Buzzgob instead.
    • Buzzgob's Dredheadz: A new addition, during the Command Phase he can let one friendly Goff Deff Dreads, Mega Dread, Meka Dread, Killa Kans, Gorkanaut, or Morkanaut unit within 6" of him add +1 to every To-Hit roll.
    • Named Characters: Buzzgob MUST take the Inspiring Leader Warlord Trait from the Core Book. Nope, he doesn't even get an Ork Warlord Trait anymore.
    • Something interesting to note is that his anti-horde capabilities can be quite ridiculous. With FAQ'd Goff Warlord Trait and a Weirdboy with Fists of Gork and Lucky Stick, Buzzgob can put out 24 S4 AP-1 attacks, that will hit on 2+ while also generating additional attacks on 6s. Because why shouldn't Orks have a blender as a melee weapon? Nerfed like crazy, someone doesn't want us having any fun.

Evil Sunz[edit]

In the grim darkness of the far future, da red 'uns go fasta!

The Evil Sunz are the fastest orks in all the galaxy. They're mean, green, and ready for some speed.
On the tabletop, they're fast... No, that's it. If you want to play a mobile ork army, then the Evil Sunz are for you, with basic boyz that move faster than marines, vehicles that move faster than eldar, and strategems that make them go even faster than before! All with the sweet cherry of ignoring the Assault rule.

  • Clan Kulturs – RED ONES GO FASTA: Gain +1" of Movement (+2" for Speed Freeks instead), as well as +1 to advance and charge rolls and ignore penalties to hit with Assault weapons after advancing. In addition, the current Ork FAQ asserts that you get +1 to static advances even when you don't roll, such as from turbo-boost.
    • Perfect for deep striking units. 2d6 + 1 means you need to roll an 8 to make the charge, which in addition to 'Ere we Go means you're very likely (72.45%) to succeed.
    • Though you still cannot declare a charge outside 12", it doesn't mean you cannot move 13" if you managed to roll boxcars on your charge move. Use this to get even deeper into the enemy lines.
    • This one is top tier. If you are going for any kind of movement based or assault list it is simply best klan kultur. It is superior to Goff or Deffskullz kulturs in that it addresses one of the Orks' problems of not being too fast.
  • Warlord Trait - Speed Freek: Your Warlord and any Evil Sunz unit within 6" of him can charge even if they fell back this turn.
    • Synergizes with Kustom Boosta Blastas, Megatrakks, Deffkilla Wartrike's 'Snagga Klaw' and any vehicle using Ramming Speed to reap some extra Mortal Wounds. Bonebreaka Battlewagons also want to always be charging, and fighting first is just great. I2 Master Race.
    • Medicore in comparison to other stuff but not useless.
  • Shiny Gubbin - Rezmekka's Redder Armour: Add 1 to the Movement characteristic of any transport the bearer is currently embarked on. In addition, if the bearer is embarked on any transport at the start of your Movement Phase roll d6 for each enemy unit within 1" of that transport. On a 4+ that unit suffers d3 mortal wounds.
    • Stompas are transported, and with a big model like that, you could zap a lot of enemies with mortal wounds. It would be a funny combo if nothing else.
      • Get a Big Mek with this and KFF for the 5++ and have a Wartrike nearby, you can get a first turn charge with your Stompa on anything that is within, on average, 33" (12" Movement +1" Evil Sunz +1" Relic + (3.5+1)" advance + (12.75+1)" Ramming Speed charge with Ere' We Go +1" reach).
    • Still it is pretty meh.
  • Stratagem - Drive-By Krumpin' (1 CP): Choose a Speed Freeks unit at the end of your shooting phase. It can move again, but it will be unable to charge this turn.
    • Very good for objective grabbing or denial. Boosta Blastas can advance to get their flamers in position, then dash away; Wartrikes can do the same, but they do want to get in melee. Meanwhile, Shokkjump Dragstas can pull silly stunts like teleporting into a firing position from the other side of the table, shooting and teleporting back to wherever you want them on the field. Too bad its dakka is just so-so.
  • For one CP it is Not bad. With things like deffkoptas or warbikes this Lets them go almost anywhere on the table. Witch might be a game changer especially in later turns when you just have to grasp that objective to win.
    • Psychic Power - Visions in the Smoke (WC 6): Select a friendly Evil Sunz vehicle unit within 12" (can only select units with 18+ wounds on a WC roll of 9+), and reroll all hit rolls for that unit until your next psychic phase.
      • Can be a bit situational, but if you build a bit around it (say, a Morkanaut hitting on 4’s with “Sparky Bitz”) it can be pretty devastatingly shooty. Since with Waaagh power 9+ is preatty obtainable and you can always have other targets for it like gunwagon or megatrack scrapjet.

    Special Character

    • Zhadsnark Da Ripper (Forge World, Legends): Clan Evil Sunz. Now more of a sidegraded Warboss on a bike in the Forge World Compendium, with an almost identical statline to a generic biker boss but with 1 LESS Toughness; his unique PK 'Da Pain Klaw' hits on 2+ unlike a regular Warboss' 3+, is AP -4 instead of -3, and deals a Mortal Wound to Infantry and Monster targets on a 6 to hit, in addition to any other damage; and his Warbike (Da Beast) is equipped with Big Shootas instead of Dakkaguns giving him double range over a Warboss on Warbike. Additionally, he always Advances 6" rather than having to roll for distance when Advancing, which gives him an impressive 21" move. He has no wargear options of course, so no Attack Squig, though he does get Stikkbombs which a regular biker boss doesn't. But still, all that with near-Warboss-level abilities for only 5 more points than a regular biker boss with Killsaw.
      • The guy isn't quite as much of a deal as he once was. A Combination of Da Killa Klaw Shiny Gubbin and either the Brutal But Kunnin or Best Armour Teeth Can Buy Warlord Traits can make a Warboss on Warbike vastly superior.
      • On the down side; in 7th this guy was an awesome boost for Warbikers, giving them Skilled Rider and making them Troops. All of this's gone. The only way he helps Warbikers now's through his Speedwaaagh! Special Rule.
      • Untill he is updated skip him. Even his model from FW was just renamed Warboss on Warbike.

    Snake Bites[edit]

    In the grim darkness of the far future, simple is better.

    The Snakebites are the closest thing in 40k that greenskins can get to their AoS counterparts. They're dumb, even for orks, and shun fancy technology for practicality - even though there's no stipulation against taking any mekaniaks.
    On the tabletop, the Snakebites are somewhat of a mixed bag. Their abilities don't have any synergy, unlike the other clans, but they're thematic as hell, so enjoy playing out scenarios of greenskins hunting down Imperial Knights like animals, or charging ahead with massive swarms of grots.

    • Clan Kulturs – DA OLD WAYS: FnP on a 6+++. Models that already have FnP get to choose which one they use, but can't benefit from both.
      • Like having an invisible Painboy at all times, and it works on vehicles, too. Remember that your save can block Mortal Wounds, unlike the Deathskulls'. It doesn't stack with other sources of FnP, unfortunately.
      • This is weakest of klan kulturs. Orks can relatively easy get something similar and 6+ FNP is not super impactful to begin with. If it was 5+ this would be another story. As is skip it unless fluff reasons.
    • Warlord Trait - Surly as a Squiggoth: You can reroll failed morale tests for friendly Snakebites within 6" of your Warlord. Friendly Snakebites GRETCHIN units within 12" of your Warlord automatically pass morale tests.
      • Your Boyz won't care, but GRETCHIN units don't have Mob Rule to protect them, and this also affects Killa Kanz and Mek Gunz; a Big Mek could make something out of it. Wrapping your Warlord with multiple units of Grots that refuse to run and moving them up the field is especially hilarious, as is wrapping him in Killa Kanz.
      • Not terrible but orks have other tools to take care of morale.
    • Shiny Gubbin - Brogs Buzzbomb: Once per game you can fire a 6" Grenade 3D6 S5 Ap-1 D1 Blast autohitting shots. After you resolve the attack you can choose another enemy unit within 6" and attack it with the same weapon but only 2D6 shots.
      • No restrictions on targeting characters with that second attack...
      • It is nice but one shot only makes it questionable.
    • Stratagem - Monster Hunters (3 CP): At the start of any phase, pick an enemy model with 10 or more wounds. For the duration of that phase, all Snakebites in your army add 1 to wound against it.
      • Note that despite its name, vehicles that fit the wound prerequisite are also valid targets for this Stratagem. Makes the Snakebites the bane of every Tyranid/Imperial Guard player who relies on big models to carry their army.
      • Nice but very pricey.
    • Psychic Power - Constriction (WC 6): Halves the attack characteristic of a unit within 12" until your next psychic phase.
      • Low range makes it situational, but if you are able to get up close (As an Ork, you probably are doing so anyway) you can severely neuter your opponents elite unit.
      • Note the lack of Keywords for target (ex: Infantry, Monsters.) You can slap this thing on anything.
      • Obviously useless for 1A models.


    In the grim darkness of the far future, the pirate'z loif iz fer me!

    Freebooterz is all about showing off to each other, fighting for teef, and doing whatever they feel like. The Freebooterz are the outcasts of ork "polite" society; each one has been either banished from his tribe or simply wandered off and got lost. Over time, these wayward boyz get together into "krewz" and ply the stars to follow their own interests, blowing people up with kroozer kannons, hoisting the main sail, and wearing cool tri-corn hats.
    On the tabletop, Freebooterz build up their steam as they kill gitz, gaining more and more pluses to hit with each unit destroyed. Coupled with their warlord trait, they'll almost never miss in the fight phase, and even when they're shooting they can get more hits off than not. They strike a fine balance between the melee blender of the Goffs and the dakka of the Bad Moons.

    • Clan Kulturs – COMPETITIVE STREAK: Add 1 to hit rolls for attacks made by models with this KULTUR if any other friendly unit with this KULTUR within 24" has destroyed an enemy unit this phase.
      • Situational, as it requires a table state where an enemy unit was destroyed, but you can focus fire/finish a unit in melee. Be careful destroying a unit in the psychic phase, as it'll become a wasted kill.
        • Not so situational anymore with beast arises book. Now with custom jobs you can easily get for example MORKANAUT hitting on 3+. So will work for melee units for that sweet 2+ WS.
      • Does work with Gretchin - the Gretchin themselves can't benefit from this kultur, but since they have it, their kills can be used to trigger this in units that can benefit.
      • Note that as your game gets bigger, this gets exponentially better, as you're getting higher chances to kill something before the end of the phase.
      • It is again middle tier. It is very good but requires setup and fulfilling certain conditions to work.
    • Warlord Trait - Killa Reputation: Reroll 1s to hit in the Fight Phase for friendly Freebootas while they are within 6" of your Warlord. Fitting of an Ork Kapt'n.
      • Combos with Waaagh Banner and Boyz anything that wants to be in melee (AKA 3/4ths of your units), especially those Meganobz with Power Klaws that would hit on 4+. It doesn't work with shooty lists.
    • Shiny Gubbin - The Badskull Banner: You can activate this once per battle at the start of your Morale Phase if you do so then for the rest of it all friendly Freebootas units automatically pass morale tests... Booooooo!
      • Okay in a pinch but situational and there are other ways to mitigate morale.
    • Stratagem - Kill Kruisa Broadside (3 CP): At the beginning of any shooting phase, choose D3 points at least 6" from each other in line of sight of any of your models. Roll a D6 for every unit (friend or enemy) within 3" of any of these points. On a 5+ (6 if the unit is a character), the unit takes D3 mortal wounds. 1/game.
    Very meh especially for 3 CP. NEVER USE IT.
    • Psychic Power - Jolly Ork's Glare (WC 6): Enemy unit within 18" has its move characteristic halved, and advance and charge rolls get -1 until your next psychic phase.
      • Somewhat situational. Can help get the charge but orks usually what to get as close to enemy as possible ASAP. Not delay.
      • Can be used on a annoyingly fast unit that you’ve already got tied up/are about to tie up in order to prevent it running away again.

    Special Character

    • Kaptin Badrukk: Clan Freebooterz with Flash Gitz keyword. Gives all nearby FLASH GITZ rerolls on 1's to hit (including him). With decent stats and a 3+/5++ save he can handle a fight in CC reasonably well for a shooty git, but you do not want him there. You want him running with Flash Gits shooting stuff. Sadly, he doesn't get the same Gun-Crazy Showoffs rule Flash Gits get that lets them shoot twice on a 6, although he does make them better at it. Maybe a bit pricey (84pts), but if you're bringing a decent sized unit of Flash Gits already, considering how many dice they roll that re-roll-on-1's may be worth it.
      • His extra-super-duper-cool-gun, Da Rippa, is Heavy 3 with S7 AP-3 and 2 wounds per shot, and the gun can be Overcharged to bump it to S8 and Damage 3. Rather than outright killing Badrukk on a 1 to hit, Da Rippa instead inflicts a mortal wound. Fortunately, with 6 wounds Badrukk can tank it with ease, and he also can bring an Ammo Runt, which lets him re-roll one To-Hit roll each shooting phase. As Ammo Runts count as separate models now they can actually participate in fights (albeit extremely poorly) but more importantly it can soak up a wound if need be, so Badrukk can tank 7 wounds (6 of his own plus the runt).
      • Wanna take a Grot Mob with Mek Gunz and strugle what HQ to take? Kaptin Badrukk is your answer! Can even sit in the transport from another detachment with different culture and is a cool guy for cheap money.

    Specialist Mobs[edit]

    In the Psychic Awakening Orks essentially got more options to choose from for our clans.

    The way Specialist Mobs works's that certain detachments can be designated as such, with every unit in that detachment completely replacing their <clan> keyword and thus losing whatever bonuses they get from it. these subkulturs do missing out on a Warlord Trait, Sjiny Gubbin, and your new clan psychic powers in exchange of having a pseudo "your doodz" army, relegating them to an allied detachments role. Some of these might be good to put on secondary detachment, but since there is no CP farming anymore make sure you really want this detachment because it will cost you CP. Alternatively, you can put your fluff pants on and build entire armies around this stuff.

    • alternative take: Orks only have themselves to make armies out of, Everyone has to now pay CP for allies in 9th, its at least better to take a to have a way to specialize units.
    • Pyromananiacs- Arsonists: Re-roll any and all dice when determining the number of shots made for burnas, skorchas, burna bottles, burna exhaust, Killa Jets, and skorcha missiles. Burnas get +1 to wound in melee. For Burna-Bommers' burna bomb ability you can add 1 to each roll.
      • Note a distinct lack of supa-skorchas on the list. Probably oversight on GW part but don’t count on them correcting it.
      • Ok if you run a ton of skorchas and burnas since they do not benefit much from other kulturs. Can also be used to maximize the effectiveness of Burna-bommas before they Flying 'Edbutt something (not worth it for their points still).
    • Grot Mobz - Cheeky Zoggerz: Gives all GRETCHIN 6++, and GRETCHIN VEHICLES re-roll hit rolls of 1.
      • Pretty sweet for mek gunz, killa kanz, grot tanks, and even lowly grots. More than likely the most competitive subkultur in the entire book. Having a battalion or a Spearhead with nothing but grots and weirdboyz (who are the least affected from losing their clan kultur) will see only a net-gain in the effectiveness of your WAAAGH!s cheapest units. If you run full Mek gunz spam of 18 (with a possible addon of big gunz), and possibly some Killa Kanz this might just be worth the extra CP you need to put into it.
      • Note that grots from this detachment cannot grot shield your units from other detachments.
    • Huntas - Sneaky Devils: INFANTRY (excluding GRETCHIN) gain a 5++ while entirely within a terrain feature, and gain +1 AP to melee attacks while either they have that bonus, or are attacking something that is entirely within a terrain feature.
      • Pretty decent with kommandos, Using terrain has vastly boosted in significance in 9th, so a lot of players will use it.
    • Boomboyz - Blow it Up: Upgrade the Strength and AP by 1 for anything with rokkits, stikkbombs, the new "Da Booma" kustom job weapon, tankbusta bombs, wing missiles for the Scrapjet, kannons, killkannons, deffkannons, and lobbas.
      • Considering that almost everything in the codex has the opportunity to take rokkits, and most others have stikkbombs, this isn't necessarily bad. Coupling with the Extra Stikkbombs stratagem could pump out some SERIOUS hurt. It gives you a chance to move away from one big unit of tankbustas deepstriking in and buffing with strats to some smaller squads in vehicles.
      • Remember the main gun of Megatrakk Scrapjet is 2d3 shots Rokkit kannon? Klever talk GW.
      • Bonus is VERY nice but not worth sacrificing clan kultur. Might be worth in some builds with massed scrapjets or tankbustas.
    • Tin 'Eads - Krush 'n' Krump: The definitive Dread WAAAGH! specialist mob. It gives KILLA KANS, DEFF DREADS, G/MORKANAUTS, MEGA ARMOR, and STOMPAS +1 to hit in melee.
      • Ouch. The big dread meks are all hitting on 2s now, and Killa Kans with Buzzsaws are putting out a surprising amount of extra swings with 4+ to hit. Overall not too bad, and if you're running a Dread WAAAGH! detachment, it's worth a consideration. This can get pretty nuts, fast. Your MANz are now hitting on 2s with their basic close combat weapon and 3's on their klaws. Effectively gives an army-wide Nob with WAAAGH!! banner which is pretty great.
    • Feral Orks - Wildboyz: Only affects WARBOSS, WEIRDBOYZ, NOBZ, and BOYZ (Excludes BIKER and MEGA ARMOR units. Those units gain a 6" pile in, and when they advance can roll 3d6 and chose the highest.
      • This one is bad. If you're looking for speed, keep with Evil Sunz, because at least their benefit affects your whole army and is safer over-all with a flat +1 to rolls (to charges to).
      • Useless even for specialist mob. If you consider taking this, go for Evil Sunz.
    • Flyboyz - Crucial Velocity: Units with FLY (this includes stormboyz and deffkoptas, not just your jetz) gain cover from being shot from anything greater than 1" away, and units that charge them get -1 to hit in the Fight Phase for that battle round.
      • No Air-Wing detachment anymore so, have to take a Patrol for 2 CP with a Grot and an HQ for 2 Flyer slots or go Outrider for 3 CP to ham with stormboyz and deffkoptas.
      • it is very meh at the moment in addition to penalties to hit do not stack. Skip.
    • Madboyz - Frantic: Only affects INFANTRY (again, not Grots) and BIKERS. With this one, roll a D3 at the start of the battle round, and your affected units get a buff depending on each one. Can't be rerolled.
      1. Moroniks: +1 to armor saves. Stacks with cover.
      2. Nuttaz: Affected units auto-pass morale.
      3. Frenzies: +1 Strength. Now we're talking!
      • Fun but Totally unreliable. Not only you forgo potentially very good klan kultur but also do not know if you get bonus you need or want. All of the effects can also be reliably gained elsewhere.

    Power of the WAAAGH! Discipline[edit]

    This is the psychic discipline table your Weirdboys can use. You can either roll randomly, or choose one. Don't forget every psyker also automatically knows Smite.(WHAT DA ZOGGIN?! WHERE IZ POWER VOMIT?!)

    The best in the list are typically Da Jump > Warpath > Fists of Gork; if you're taking more than 3 powers, you should probably start duplicating powers for redundancy. If you're using the Warphead strat, you want Da Jump and Warpath (so you can cast Warpath and then Da Jump on something) on your first Warphead, and Da Jump and Fists on the second (same deal, but this time it's for targeting a character), and any more than that should be redundant backups. Also don't forget that you get a +1 to your cast for every 10 models within 10" up to +3.

    Codex Options[edit]

    1. 'Eadbanger (WC 8): Targets the closest visible model within 18". If you can beat their Toughness on 1d6, they die instantly. While this sounds awesome, it only lets you target the closest visible model within 18". This makes it fairly ineffective at sniping your opponent's Logan Grimnar or Failbaddon without good positioning.
      • Smite will typically do its job much better. It's even harder to force it to hit the target you want hit, it needs to succeed on an additional roll to work, and it flat-out won't work on T6 or better models. One of the few things it will do well is delete a member of a unit you want dead - the power picks who dies, not your opponent. Assuming you're guaranteeing your casts go off, like a good Weirdboy, there's no target in the game that will die faster to this power than to Smite - as an example, a T3 target needs to have 8 wounds or more to, on average, lose more wounds to this power than to Smite, assuming both powers go off on 10+.
      • Skip it.
    2. Warpath (WC 7): A friendly ORK unit within 6" increases its Attacks stat by 1 until your next Psychic phase.
      • GW presumably meant every model in the unit gets +1A.
      • It is very good especially on big boyz units. Meganobz or even Ghazzy will not scoff at extra attacks either. Overall very universal and there are very few situations you will not cast it on something.
      • Combo with Da Jump and potential 150A is nice indeed.
    3. Da Jump (WC 7): A friendly ORK INFANTRY unit within 12" is removed from the table, and set back up anywhere more than 9" from enemy units. The unit counts as having moved for the purposes of any other rules, e.g. firing a Heavy Weapon. This is objectively one of the best Psychic Powers in the entire game and should always be considered a priority.
      • Put any infantry unit you like in charge range of anything on the board - and with 'Ere We Go!, you have a solid (57%) chance to make the charge, too. Don't forget to add +1 to the charge if you are an Evil Sun (which actually brings it to a 72% chance of success).
      • You can also use this to pull ranged units like Lootas out of melee if they get caught. They count as having moved, but it's better than using a Fall Back move and not being able to shoot at all that turn.
      • Another thing is that this is not counted as actual deepstrike like ability as it does not happen in movement phase. As such several skills and strategems designed to punish deep strikers do not apply,
      • If you run Weirdboy this is a must, period.
    4. Fists of Gork (WC 6): A friendly visible ORK CHARACTER model within 12" gains +2 Attacks and Strength until the next psychic phase. More effective than Warpath on characters, but ultimately Warpath is more versatile. Can be absolutely hilarious when slapped onto a Warboss with Might is Right and a Power Klaw. Laugh as that guy at your local game store with a Warlord Titan has to deal with something that wounds him on a 2+ for once. ((6+2+1)x2=18! Dat Iz Gud Maf!). Similarly bonkers on Ghaz.
      • Stacks with Warpath, if you find yourself in a situation where it makes sense to do so.
      • You might consider adding a dedicated Weirdboy to put this on your killiest Boss.
      • Works on GRETCHIN characters! You know you want to.
      • Overall it is better than warpath but limited to characters. Worth considering for Ghazghull or warboss designed to kill stuff in CC.
    5. Da Krunch (WC 8): Targets an enemy unit within 18" of the user. Roll 1d6 for each model in the unit, inflicting a mortal wound for each 6 rolled. After that, roll 2d6; on a 10+ (2/6 chance), roll a second d6 for each model in the same way as before. This means the total mortal wounds inflicted on a successful cast will be 1/6 the unit's initial size and then 1/36 the subsequent size; this would be 7/36 its total size, but any model destroyed by the first round of wounds reduces the number of wounds the second pass inflicts - against a unit of 1-wound models without fnp, for example, the expected total is 41/216 times the initial size (1/6 of the initial unit dies, then the 5/6 remaining each have a 1/36 chance of dying). That's about 18.98%. Throwing it out there, with SMITE, you are going to be doing typically 3.5 Mortal Wounds per turn. Half of a D6 because obviously you are going to be casting on a 10+ because what git has a Weirdboy positioned away from other Ork units? Da Krunch is only worth it (assuming you can basically guarantee the cast) if you are targeting a unit which has at least 19 models in it, which can be more effectively dealt with by other means. Otherwise, SMITE is a safer choice.
      • This power is kind of self-contradictory. You typically want mortal wounds on elite units that have very good saves. Yet this one is clearly made to kill horde units...
      • There’s also the fact that you have one of the best anti-horde melee units in the game: Boyz.
      • Like in every other psychic discipline in the game, this is one of those powers that's worse than Smite in exchange for being able to choose the target - but in this case, it's a lot less effective.#
      • Skip it.
    6. Roar of Mork (WC 8): Enemy units within 18" of the Psyker get -1 Leadership until your next Psychic Phase.
      • Rather underwhelming in comparison to other powers and with little synergies, since Orks are not really a fear-based army. Generally speaking, our units will either completely obliterate their opponents (if we target appropriately) or do almost nothing at all (if we don't). Still better than 'Eadbanger, though.
      • Skip it

    Warlord Traits[edit]

    Always go for the native Ork Codex Warlord Traits, they all help us in different ways.

    1. Follow me, Ladz!: Your Warlord gains the Waaagh! and Breaking 'eads ability. If he already has these then increase their range by 3". In addition, gain 1 additional CP.
      • A Deffkilla Wartrike or Warboss on a Warbike allows Infantry, Bikers and Vehicles to advance and charge. Pretty much anything in your army unless you bring Squiggoths (yeah nah). Furthermore, he becomes able to headbutt Killa Kanz into bravery. A regular Warboss has an easier time using Waaagh! when it's a 9" aura, and the +1CP can translate into an additional Shiny Gubbin.
      • This one is good if you do not have a Warboss in your army. Because now you have. Also extra CP is always good. Especially this edition.
    2. Bigkilla Boss: Add 1 to the wound rolls for your Warlord's attacks if they are targeting a vehicle or monster.
      • A proper Warboss is going to be using a Power Klaw, so 'Might is Right' would be better for him, even if it does affect his dakka as well. But Deffkilla Wartrikes and Big Meks can make something out of it, as they're "only" S5 and their dakka is actually relevant. But only against vehicles or monsters.
    3. 'Ard as Nails: Add 1 to your warlord's Toughness characteristic.
      • Deffkilla Wartrikes will get tank-like T7. It will grant extra protectection to your these Warlords from S6, S7 and S12. Warboss on warbike will now be T8 exactly same as frigging battlewagon or any other heavy tank.
      • Overall ok as more T is always good but there are beter choices.
    4. Brutal but Kunnin': You can re-roll failed hit rolls for your Warlord in the Fight Phase. In addition, increase the Damage Characteristic of your Warlord's melee weapons by 1 if in the same turn he finished a charge move, was charged, or performed a heroic intervention.
      • This one applies to relics, meaning you can turn the Killa Klaw from deadly to outright terrifying, re-rolling both failed hit and wound rolls and hitting for 4 damage apiece. Also buffs your attack squig. Swallow Primaris Marines whole with your angry ball on legs!
      • Blood Axes Warbosses get an extra mile out of it, as they can charge after falling Back back.
      • Stack with Fists of Gork power for maximum carnage!
      • This one is superb if you want your warboss murdering stuff.
    5. Kunnin' but Brutal: At the start of the first battle round, before the first turn begins, you can remove your Warlord and up to 1d3 friendly units from the battlefield and set them up again as described in the deployment section of the mission you are playing. If you pick a transport, the units embarked on it are also redeployed.
      • It is good especially now as it might eneble hiding key units from enemy fire and denying him his secondary objectives on the first turn.
    6. Might is Right: Grants your Ork Boss +1 Strength and Attack.
      • Great for a Wartrike or Big Mek, elevating them to proppa Warboss Strength.
      • It is decent but for powerclaw Warboss Brutal but Kunning is better.

    Clan Locked[edit]

    See the Clanz


    • Orks are very CP reliant; you will need a lot of CPs to optimize your army.
      • Seriously you can easily spend 10 CP before battle even begins now.
      • In 9th it is a problem as the CP number is set, and you only get 1 each turn and that is more or less it. So be careful about spending CP.


    Our Codex provides us with more than enough skills to pay any and all bills we may be faced with.

    • 'Ardboyz (2 CP): Use this stratagem before the battle. Select a Boyz unit from your army to become a 'Ard Boyz unit (but not one that's been upgraded to Skarboyz). Armor Save characteristic becomes 5+. 'Ard Boyz can only Mob Up! with other 'Ard Boyz. Rubbish.
      • Improves the survivability of your boyz against ap 0 and -1 attacks, but it useless against ap -2 or better weapons, where you're better off with a Mek's KFF or playing Deathskulls. However, most massed gunfire is ap0 (bolters, lasguns etc) so if you know that you will be up against a lot of infantry fire then it will be worth making a few of you 30 man mobs a bit tougher.
      • Blood Axes can stack Ard' Boyz with Loot it! for an effective 3+ armor save against any shooting that comes from 18" or further. But then it's boyz who are just barely in the 18" range, using shootas instead of stomping the enemy. And you have to wait for a vehicle to die, which they can't kill on their own because they mostly shootas. And that's 3CP when you could be using Grot Shields...look we're saying that you can do it, not that you should.
      • As fun as it sounds it requires 2 CP, skip it.
    • Billowing Exhaust Clouds (1 CP): At the start of the movement phase, select a Speed Freeks unit from your army. All ranged attacks receive a -1 penalty to hit that unit until the start of your next turn. Situational.
      • As it works until your next turn you can throw it on any appropriate unit which you feel is going to be receiving a lot of long range spanking, the downside however (like rotate ion shields) is that once you’ve chosen a target for this stratagem your opponent may just decide to target their efforts at another one of your units (though it does mean the unit you just used the stratagem on stays safe...). Stacks with the Boomdakka Snazzwagon's own -1 penalty to be hit, so your enemy can experience what BS5+ feels like{The stack result fix at +-1 to hit in 9th edition}.
      • Also useful to protect your Biker Nobz, who can't use grots as meat shields and whose profiles can't tank the true anti-tank firepower they usually attract.
      • Use only to protect very key units that are otherwise dead for sure. Otherwise skip.
    • Boarding Action (1 CP): At the end of the Fight phase, pick a non-flying enemy vehicle within 1" of a Trukk or Battlewagon. All units embarked on it that have melee weapons get to make a single attack against the targeted vehicle.
      • Situational but thematic. Due to CP shortage skip it.
    • Force Field Projector (3 CP): Use at the beginning of any turn. A single Big Mek's Kustom Force Field has its range extended to 18" until your next turn. One use only. Overpriced.
      • Useless and expensive. CP can be better spent elsewhere.
    • Get Stuck in, Ladz! (3 CP): Use at the end of the Fight Phase. You can choose an infantry unit that already fought this turn to make it fight a second time. Fighting is the entire process of piling in, making attacks, and consolidating.
      • Goff units can make even more out of it, with their exploding attacks and S5 on boyz.
      • It is best used on cc oriented characters (killa claw warboss) Meganobz and other units whit great punching power but relatively few attacks. Of course you can use it on boyz but if something did not die to those 100 attacks another 100 won’t kill it either probably. Unless it has like few wounds left and it just has to die for tactical reasons.
      • Note it does not work for new Ghazghkull ;(.
      • It is expensive but it is also very useful on right target like Killa Klaw, Brutal But Kunning, Bogboss. Use it with care and moderation.
    • Grot Shields (1 CP): Use when a <Clan> non-Gretchin Infantry unit is hit in the shooting phase. If there is a <Clan> unit comprised entirely of INFANTRY GRETCHIN models within 6" from the unit that was shot, while also being closer to the shooting model, until the end of the phase roll a D6 for each successful wound roll. On a 2+ a Gretchin takes the bullet and is slain. Aka Grot infantry bubblewrap. Good.
      • It is quite good for protecting your units from massed anti infantry fire, especially turn 1 if you go second. But wait for an enemy to shoot something with a lot of shots like Land Raider or buffed IG infantry blob to use it as otherwise enemy can switch big guns to another target. While poorly worded and poorly clarified in the FAQ if the grot takes a wound all excess damage from the same Hit (Lascannons/Battlecannon et all) is discarded.
      • It is best used on units with high value and low survivability like Lootas, or meganobz against dedicated anti armor, however in the latter case it is hard to set it up properly as you want meganobz in cc with enemy.
      • Due to criminally high grot points increase this is now much less viable, as you will not typically take any grots or just minimal amount in favor of boyz.
    • Long Uncontrolled Bursts (1 CP): Use at the beginning of Shooting Phase. A flying vehicle Unit gets +1 to hit when shooting on other flying units.
      • Dakkajets' Supa-Shootas simply won't cut it. The Wazbomm Blastajet has better weapons...but your best AA are still Traktor Kannons and, hilariously, Stormboyz.
      • Or consider Deffkoptas, 5 of them with Rokkits will make a nice mess of suits/custodes bikers. Bonus points for freebooterz and hitting on 3's using this.
      • Situational but can help in a pinch. As it is not that expensive it can work.
    • Loot It! (1 CP): If a vehicle (including your own) is destroyed within 3" of an Ork infantry unit, or while carrying such a unit, that unit's armor save characteristic is increased by 1, to a maximum of 2+. A unit can only benefit from this once per game and cannot be targeted by 'Mob Up!' if it does so. If this Stratagem is used on a unit of Lootas, roll a d6; on a 4+, the CP cost is refunded.
      • Errata'd in short order after the Codex was released so it no longer lets MANs gain a 1+ save, but also lets a unit use it if their ride is wrecked while they are embarked, while it cannot be used on a unit that has already been Mob Up'd you CAN mob up after the lootin’.
      • Was quite meh earlier, later made more appleaing with the introduction of the Astartes Combat Doctrines. Since Astartes get AP chainswords that +1 Sv may mean the difference between downright removing your troops or saving them on a 6+ and hit back (unless you play Deathskulls, that is).
      • As a rule of thumb, don’t base any sort of tactic around this stratagem, but keep it in your back pocket for when you can use it as a nice boost.
      • A valid tactic is running a Trukk in front of your charging Boys just 3" away to eat Overwatch from a unit with strong shooting (like Space Marine Aggressors). They either succeed and you don't have to worry about it with your boys, or blows up and improves your save by 1 for the rest of the battle.
    • Medi-Squig (1 CP): At the end of the Movement phase, a character within 3" from a Painboy recovers D3 wounds.
      • Doubles a Painboy's healing output. This is the only way a Painboy can heal a Wartrike, but it does mean Wartrikes can be healed by both Painboyz AND Meks.
      • It is also only way to heal Ghazghkull, as his new data sheet is a MONSTER. Make sure you have spare CP for that.
    • Mob Up! (1 CP): Use this Stratagem and one friendly ORKS BOYZ unit with 10 or less models may combined with one ORKS BOYZ unit that has at least 10 models. The two units must be within 2" of each other and be from the same CLAN.
      • Good if your mobs are starting to grow depleted since it lets Mob Rule stay at its full effectiveness. Also if enemy has secondaries based on killing your units lets you save that last Boy from being killed if you have a sufficiently big Boyz unit nearby.
      • Overall very situational, skip in most cases.
    • More Dakka! (2 CP): Use before any unit shoots. For this turn, that unit's 'Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!' will activate on an unmodified 5+.
      • You could combine it with Show Off, for those times you want to spend 4CP on ork shooting.
        • in this combination it is insanely good with dedicated shooty things, which in ork army means either Souped-Up Shokka Big Mek, Lootas, or Tankbustas mostly since Grot units cannot use Stratagems, Especially Souped-Up Shokka one can be scary or useless. Enjoy ;P
      • It is a good one if your enemy is protecting key target with -1 to hit. But use it only on crucial targets as CP don't come by easily.
    • Extra Gubbinz (1/3 CP): You know the drill. Single use, take an extra relic or two if you spend 1 or 3 CP, respectively.
      • This one can easily turn into CP sink. Yes Shiney Gubbinz are cool, but do you really REALLY need that second or third one? Use with care.
    • Orks is never defeated (2 CP): Use when a CHARACTER is killed. The character can fight or shoot for the last time.
      • Very thematic. If Ghaz is going down you can at least ensure whatever killed him will die with him.
      • Use for cc only with exception of souped up shokka big mek.
      • Make sure you actually can make a mileage out of it. If character dying in unlikely to kill whatever you want to kill skip it.
    • Ramming Speed (2 CP): During the Charging Phase a single vehicle gets to roll 3D6 for its charge move (still can only declare a charge against an enemy within 12", unlike Banshees) and deals D3 mortal wounds to the charged unit on a 2+ roll if the charge succeeds.
      • Very good synergy with tellyporta strategem, and 'Ere We Go makes it so that you can actually reroll all, one or two dice. So it is most effective on walkers. A great way to shield your units from overwatch, and a great help to Battlewagons & Bonebreakas, which don't have 'Ere We Go.
      • it is really good if you just ust make that key charge with a vehicle.
    • Ripping Hook (1 CP): When a Deffkilla Wartrike falls back, deal D3 mortal wounds on the unit he's detaching from on a 2+ roll.
      • The Blood Axe Kultur or Evil Sunz WT allow wartrikes to charge after falling back and thus keep doing this each turn.
      • Thematic but CP can be better spend elsewhere.
    • Tellyporta (2 CP): During deployment, you can deep strike any Ork unit with a Power Level of 20 or less instead of setting it up normally. If you deepstrike a transport, only the transport's PL cost counts so anything inside of it technically deepstrikes for free
      • Literally UNRESTRICTED teleportation. Where other armies may teleport only up to two infantry units, as long as you have the CP and the unit (or the transport that carries it) costs less than 20PL then you can deepstrike it:
      • While this gets Nobz and Meganobz into combat easily, ork transports are great. Great an open topped. Besides the classic Nob-full Battlewagon or Bonebreaka, you can fill them up with Tankbustaz (bringing bomb squigs into position) or Flash Gitz (who can shoot and melee). Or deepstrike Lootaz inside a Trukk - mobile, cheap, long ranged, and if the trukk gets destroyed Lootaz have a chance of getting armour for free. You're also one of the few armies that can deepstrike a flamer and fire it in the same turn, the Big Trakk's S6 AP-2 Supa-skorcha.
        • If you use this on a transport vehicle it will land on the table on turn 2 at best (in matched play and outside your DZ) and then you will have to wait until turn 3 to be able to disembark its occupants and charge with them. So you are basically resigning from using embarked unit for CC during the first 2 turns. Account for that. That being said, that's true for almost any unit inside a transport.
      • Or screw subtlety! Bring a Gorkanaut with Nobz. Hell, if we really want to push this, Kill Tanks are still 15 PL despite their previous point increase, and they have a transport capacity of 12. Costly, but nothing is quite the same as deepstriking a LORD OF WAR loaded up with Tankbustas right into your enemy's backline.
      • You can also tellyport a whole Speed Mob or Dread Mob. Pay only once, deepstrike them within 6" from each other, play them as separate units afterwards. Then make that charge on rerollable 3d6" with Ramming Speed & 'Ere We Go!
      • Prime use is on new monster Ghazghull. Since he cannot use transports or jump up outside of footslogging this is only way to get him to the enemy fast. Consider if you want him to be a bullet sponge or not do anything for first turn.
      • It is good but it can turn into another CP sink.
    • Unstoppable Green Tide (3 CP): Use at the end of Movement Phase. Choose a unit of Boyz with less than half of the models it had at the beginning, remove it from the field and field it back at full force within 6" from borders and within 9" from enemy units. Can be used only once. Cannot be used on units formed by Mob Up!.
      • Awesome stuff. It forces your opponent to kill off Boyz mobz to the last. And with new morale, it's not even enough to kill enough for auto fail on morale. The enemy needs to kill literally every single boy.
      • Can also be used as semi teleport for highly depleted Boyz units that are out of position.
      • Of course this is most effective on units that have few models left. Basically paying for another unit of boyz entering late game. To rephrase that to really frame how good this is: You are paying 3 command points to Outflank a 200(ish) point unit anywhere you want. And the unit is free.
      • This one is very good but very pricey. Use only on maxed Boyz squads.
    • Warphead (1 CP): Use before the battle. A Weirdboy knows one extra Psychic power and can cast one additional power each turn. Sadly no extra dispels.
      • Always good if you have a spare CP, but bear in mind warphead cannot combine clan specific and WAAAGH!!! discipline powers.

    Saga of the Beast[edit]

    Saga of the Beast's the gift that keeps on giving, with loads of new Stratagems to throw down.

    • Da Biggest Boss (1 CP): Before the battle, select one Warboss model, add 1 to its Wounds and Attack characteristic, and it gains a 4+ Invuln Save. Only once per battle, and cannot be used if the army includes Ghazghkull.
      • Right now best Stratagem in the book. Put it on Warboss or better yet Warboss on Warbike or Warboss in Mega Armour (Legends mind you) stock Killa Klaw in there give him Brutal but Cunning and for 1 CP you have character that is Ghazghull Trakka level of kiliness while not sacrificing ability to hide behind other units, to be healed with up to 6 W per turn or use all the Strategems like fight again one. All of this for 1/3 of price of the big guy. Arguably better than Ghazghull himself. But not as cool.
      • If you have Warboss and no Ghazz, take it. Period.
    • Da Burnin' Highway (1 CP): Use on a KUSTOM BOOSTA-BLASTA in the Shooting Phase to upgrade the following characteristics of it's burna exhausts:10" assault 3 S5 AP-1 until the start of your next turn.
      • Decent but not mandatory.
    • Da Kleverist Boss (1 CP): Before the battle, select one Big Mek model, add 1 to its Wounds and Attack characteristic, and change its Weapon Skill to 2+. Only once per battle, and cannot be used if the army includes Mek Boss Buzzgob.
      • Nice buff but ultimately CP are needed elsewhere since your Big Mek will be typically protected from harm.
      • This with the Follow Me Ladz! WT will make him a Warboss that has one less S and T in exchange for a 2+/5++ and the ability to heal vehicles. And with the relic Klaw - Warboss in Megaarmor is back baby!
    • Dreaded Death Machine (1CP): When a DEFF DREAD fights, gain an extra attack for each kill until of turn. Extra attacks don't generate more.
      • Situational as deff dreads do not have that many attacks and typically excels at killing singular big things rather than a lot of small ones. Can be useful on things like terminators or primaris your dredd is accidentaly in combat.
    • Grot Bumper (1 CP): Used during your opponent's shooting phase when a ranged attack successfully wounds a Boomdakka Snazzwagon. The saving throw is automatically passed. Can only be used once per unit.
      • A little ambiguous. Is it usable only if there is potential save or when enemy Ap strips as completely to? (Answer: Yes) Overall situational since Boomdakka is hardly high priority target.
      • Use only in a pinch if death of that Snazzwagon will mean lost game. Otherwise skip.
    • Hit 'em Harder (1CP): When a MEGANOBZ unit fights, it's weapons get +1D until end of phase.
      • Situational. Use only on priority targets that MUST die.
    • Flyin' 'Eadbutt (1 CP): At the end of the movement phase, select a flyer. It immediately crashes and burns. Obviously this destroys the flyer, but on the bright side it's certainly an Orky way to make a nearly-dead Dakkajet useful.
      • Actually using this on dakkajet is a waste since you are sacrificing entire shooting phase.
      • Take 2 Burna Bommerz and 2 Wazboombs and boom the castle in T1 and T2. About 20-25 mortal wounds per turn into beefy characters guarateed. Either they spread and screen a disable their auras or die in T2. That’s Mediocre?
      • can be used to gave a +1 save to a unit thanks to "Loot it!" For the vehicle keywords of dakkajets, but stay on the lookout for the mortal wounds output. Also it will cost 2 CP.
      • It can be a source of much needed mortal wounds and a way to assassinate key characters with burna bombers. But it is mostly situational.
    • Full Speed, Ladz! (1 CP): After charging with an ORK BIKER or DEFF-KILLA WARTRIKE, add 1 strength to the unit until end of turn.
      • Skip it.
    • Klever Spanner (1 CP or 2 CP): Before the battle, pick a Loota or Burna Boyz unit (paying 2 CP if there's more than 10 models in it). As long as that unit has at least one Spanner, it can roll an additional die and discard one when determining how many shots their deffguns or burnas fire.
      • Incredibly expensive since you have to spend +10 pts sacrificing one loota to be a spanner AND 2 CPs since you don't want to waste it on small units. It is good but due to its price make sure you really need this.
    • Kustom Job (1 CP): Before the battle, your army can have one additional kustom job. Each unit can only have one kustom job, and every kustom job must be unique.
      • Well this one can easily cost you 10+ CP before battle starts. Some are meh some very good. Pick your favorite and go to kustom section p :).
      • Look out for CP sinks. But it is very much worth spending one or two CP on those every game.
    • Patch Up (1CP): For a turn, pick a Gargant and double its wound count for its damage table.
      • Typically not worth it. Also Stompa is still terrible.
    • Speshul Shells (2CP): Increase the range of a FLASH GITZ unit by 12" in the shooting phase.
      • Situational. Use only on key targets.
    • Squig Bombs (1CP): Add 1 to the rolls for the BLITZA-BOMMER boom bombs.
      • Skip it.
    • Temperamental Shokk Drive (1CP): Use after a SHOKK-JUMP DRAGSTA shoots. It advances with a 4+ (tellyports).
      • One shockjump dragsta can pull out jump-shoot-jump rutine. Risky but can be good for assasinating key targets that are otherwhise shielded from harm.
      • Unless you have 2 units of Dragstas (which will only happen if you have 4+ dragstas, but really only 2 or 3 are necessary), the whirlygig kustom job is better for them. Skip.
    • Unstoppable Momentum (2CP): If an ORK unit from your army charges and deals MW, if it's no longer within 1" of an enemy, charge again.
      • Layman's version: If you kill something by charging it, charge again.
      • Situational and hard to set up for.
      • Best done with Skrapjets.
    • Wildfire (1CP): When a BURNA-BOMMER drops bombs, choose another enemy unit within 6". Roll d6 per model (up to 10), each 5+ deals MW. Isn't affected by Arsonists.
      • It makes burna bomber better before you detonate it with flying edbutt. Use if you go for that taktik. Otherwise you are unlikely to have burna bomberz.


    Shiny Gubbinz made by the best Big Meks in galaxy for greater WAAAAAGH!

    Free for all[edit]

    • Da Dead Shiny Shoota: This Ork-sized Uzi replaces a Kustom Shoota (but not Kombis), granting it AP-1 and tripling its rate of fire up to 18" Assault 12 S4 AP-1 D1.
      • Better than the Gitstopping Bullets against everything in the game unless the target has multiple wounds and is T8+, at which point neither weapon will do much for you...and yet at BS5+ the Shiny Shoota's 12 shots kill like 3 guardsmen. Generally speaking, not even if you're a Deathskulls sniper or shoot twice with the Bad Moons should you get this over a Killa Klaw.
      • Generally not worth spending slot on it.
    • Headwoppa's Killchoppa: Replaces a Big Choppa. S+2 AP-2 D2. Each roll of a 6+ To Wound inflicts 2 mortal wounds instead of the regular 2.
      • Cheap and useful. Str8 without a hit penalty, useful AP, deletes 2W models. Mortal wounds spill over, so it's also the best anti-horde weapon a Warboss can take.
      • Since the buff activates on a 6+ to wound rather than on "unmodified 6s", the only ways to get more mortal wounds come from the Big Killa Boss WT or Snakebite 'Monster Hunters' stratagem. But you shouldn't really use a Big Choppa to fight Dreadnoughts, so there's effectively no way to get more mortal wounds against the desired infantry targets.
      • It is not terrible but if you are not bringing da killa klaw on fighty character you are plainly doing it wrong. Not worth cp for secondary relic either.
    • Supa-Cybork Body: 5+++ FnP. As usual, it doesn't stack with other souces of FnP. Half a Painboy's boost that needs no transport space.
      • Can increase one characters survivability somewhat and is one of only defense against mortal wounds. Not that great otherwhise.
    • Da Killa Klaw: Replaces a Power Klaw, granting it 3D (+1 on average), removing the penalty to hit (i.e. +1 to hit relative to the original), and re-rolling failed wounds: Melee Sx2 AP-3 D3 re-rolls failed wounds.
      • Basically the best relic in the whole Codex. Combines extremely well with a Warboss using the Brutal But Kunnin warlord trait to give you a bruiser that re-rolls to hit and to wound, with 4 damage per swing. Throw on Fists of Gork for RELIABLE 24 damage, invuls allowing.
        • Yes, you read that right, 24 damage. A Warboss can one-shot an Imperial Knight with a bit of luck on the rolls, while costing less than a fifth of their cost (or around 160 points if you count the Weirdboy you need for the buff). If you really positively want to go overboard, you can also slap Warpath on him and have him stand next to Ghazghkull for glorious 32 damage from a single model. Then spend 3 CP to do it all over again, and another 2 when the enemy inevitably kills him (because let's face it, it's still a Warboss. 6 Wounds at T5 and a 4+ save isn't exactly the pinnacle of durability). Voila, almost 100 damage from a single model in a single fight phase. Pointless overkill, but the (actually realistic) potential to solo a Warlord Titan is pretty hilarious, not to mention very orkish.
          • I did the math on this for fun and if you actually were to be pants-on-head crazy enough to do this, you'd do (statistically) around 55 wounds to a Warlord Titan (including the Goff kultur, because if you take Thraka, obviously his mate is a Goff as well). Not exactly enough to one-shot him, but still a pretty decent outcome. Anything smaller just gets torn to pieces.
      • Either way if you don’t have some special tactic based on relic in mind always go for this one as default. It is worth it.
    • Skorched Gitbonez: Psyker only. Gets +1 when casting Power of the WAAAGH! powers. It's not hard to boost up Weirdboyz, this still helps nonetheless.
      • Note that this doesn't buff Smite, as the Relic specifically only counts for Powers of the WAAAGH!. Statistically the boost isn't worth the risk, unless you run low model count.
      • It might be useful if you do not have enough boyz to buff your weirdboy or you have some powers with high casting number required.
    • Gitstoppa Shells: Upgrade for any Kustom Shoota, Kombi-Skorcha, or Kombi-Rokkit Launcha. The Shoota part of the weapon gets +1S, -1AP, and +1D.
      • Strictly worse than the Da Dead Shiny Shoota against everything in the game unless the target has multiple wounds and is T8+, at which point neither weapon will do much for you. But the ones who can take this over a Kustom Shoota don't have enough dakka anyway, even with the Shiny Shoota, so it's the go-to option for the gimmick Big Mek on a Warbike aiming for maximum dakka. Otherwise just buy some choppy gubbin.

    Clan Locked[edit]

    See the Clanz

    Kustom Jobs[edit]

    Improve your vehicles 1CP per unit. True Big Meks drives only Kustom Jobed buggies and Dreads:-). Crucial part of any VEHICLE army. If you take a Mek Workshop, you can grant one for free, but there are better ways how to waste your points. So DO NOT DO IT!

    • Special note on this. You can only use each Kustom Job once, and the same vehicle can't have two kustom jobs. On top of that, you can use the new stratagem as many times as you want, so building a Dread WAAAGH! or Speed WAAAGH! with each one being a little bit flashier is possible, but expensive on CP.
    • Blitza Gatler: Stompa only. The model's supa-gatler has a damage characteristic of 2. In addition, when rolling for the weapon's psycho-dakka-blasta ability, you can reroll the D6 once per phase.
      • Still does not make Stompa anything resembling viable, but if Stompa ever gets proper pricing (500ish points) it will be great.
    • Da Boomer: Battlewagon, Bonebreaka, Gunwagon model with the kill kannon only. Da Boomer replaces the Killkannon. Range 36" Heavy 2D6 S8 AP-2 D2 Blast.
      • Always put this on a Gunwagon if you bring this. Let's you shoot twice, you don't suffer movement penalty.
    • Dirty Gubbinz: Deff Dreads and Killa Kans unit only. When resolving an attack made by a ranged weapon against this unit, add -1 to the hit roll.
      • Consider giving this to a mob of Dreads and when they split up, they all get the -1 to hit.
    • Forktress: Battlewagon, Bonebreaka, Gunwagon model only. The model has a save characteristic of 3+ and a 5+ invulnerable save.
      • Now we are talking, it is basically like putting Big Mek with kff inside and increasing its armor. Only downside is you can take it on only once.
    • Gog Klaw: Gorkanauts or and Morkanauts only. When rolling to determine the damage characteristic of the crush profile of the bearer's Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork), rolls of less than 4 count as 4.
      • Only problem with it is that there are better things to give your 'naut. But if you run multiple...
    • Gork's Roar: Deffkilla Wartrike model only. Add 4" to the range characteristic of this model's killa jet and change the type characteristic of its burna profile to assault 6.
      • Ok but not amazing in comparison to other stuff.
    • Gyroscopic Whirlygig: Shokkjump Dragsta only. You can use this unit's shokkjump tunnel ability when advancing, even if you did not roll a 4+. In addition, this unit does not suffer a mortal wound as a result of the shokkjump tunnel ability.
      • Same thing with this one and the dread one. If you take this, take three of the Dragstas and they all get this trait when you split up. Now you have 3 constantly teleporting sniper buggies and then mixed with the new strat, it gives you a good chance to snipe things and get away. Run this with Deff Skulls.
    • Korkscrew: Megatrakk Scrapjet only. The first time this unit finishes a consolidation movement each fight phase, it can immediately fight again.
      • Same as above but good for CC.
    • Nitro Powered Squigs: Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy only. When resolving an attack made by this unit's squig launcher or heavy squig launcher, add 1 to the wound role.
    • Orkymatic Pistons: Deff Dreads, Killa Kans, Gorkanauts, and Morkanauts only. Add 3" to Movement and re-roll advance rolls.
      • Awesome for Deff Dreds or Gorkanaut who want to get into cc fast. Again 3 dreads can get this if you buy them as a unit.
    • Pincha: Model with Grabbin' Klaw only. Pincha replaces the grabbin' klaw. +1 Strength AP-3 DD6. Each time the bearer fights, it can make a single attack with this weapon. When resolving an attack made with this weapon, add 3 to the hit roll if the target is a vehicle or monster.
    • Red Rolla: Bonebreaka model only. Replace the model's Bonebreaka Ram ability with the following: When this model makes a charge move, add 6 to the attacks characteristic until the end of the turn.
      • Very good unfortunately you can’t get both forktress and this on one model.
    • Sizzling Rivets: Kustom Boosta-Blasta only. When resolving an attack made with a rivet kannon by a model in this unit, an unmodified wound roll of 6 inflicts a mortal wound on the target in addition to any other damage.
      • You're only going to be hitting 2 of your six shots anyway, so you need to keep this thing alive for 3 rounds to get just one mortal wound off. Pass.
    • Slug Gubbin: Gorkanaut model only. Slug Gubbin replaces the deffstorm mega-shoota and has the following profile: Range 36" Heavy 24 S6 AP-1 D1. When resolving an attack made by this weapon, if the target is within 12" when the bearer is chosen to shoot, add 1 to the hit roll.
      • Sparkly bits is superior despite not upgrading the weapon but if you used it on something else go for it.
    • Souped Up Speshul: Boomdakka Snazzwagon only. Replaces the unit's Mek Speshul and has the following profile: 30" Assault 15 S4 AP-1 D1.
    • Squig Hide Tires: Speed Freeks (excluding named characters and units with the fly keyword), Battlewagons, Gunwagons, Bonebreakas, and Trukks only. Add 2" to the movement characteristic.
      • Put it on Warboss on bike that is evil sunz and get anywhere on the board. Can be used on nob bikers if anybody uses them, kind of wasted on normal bikers or anything else.
    • Sparkly Bitz: Deff Dreads, Killa Kans, Gorkanauts, and Morkanauts only. Improve the unit's ballistic skill by 1.
    • This one could of course be put on a Morkanaut for great shooting, but another funny way this could be run is if you take 3 Dreads with 4 KMBs on each one. Give them Deff Skulls or Bad Moons for rerolls, and thats 12 shots deepstriking down hitting on 4s. You could even take 3 KMBs and one cheap CC weapon so that you can shoot and then charge something too. Also killa kan weapons hitting on a 3+ is nice and you could run that with the rerolling 1s grot specific specialist mob.
    • Zaggzzap: Battlewagon, Bonebreaka, Gunwagon model with the zzap gun only. The Zaggzzap replaces the zzap gun. 36" Heavy 1 S2D6 AP-3 3D. When resolving an attack with this weapon, do not make a hit role, it automatically scores a hit. Before firing this weapon, roll to determine the strength of the shot. If it's 9 or more, do not make a Wound roll, inflict 3 Mortal Wounds to the target and the attack sequence ends.
      • This one mitigates most obvious downside to zap gym. However if you don't make a 9 To-Wound, that flat 3 damage is still nice.
      • ZagZap on Gunwagon is pretty nasty weapon. Shoot twice, autohitting so ignore all -1 to hit modifiers in the game, has longer range than bloody melta guys and every third shot deals mortal wounds instead of regular damage. And even normal damage is with -3/3 pretty solid. Good to kill the shield terminators of all kind or flyiers. However the biggest pro is the reliability. You can be pretty sure, you do at least 3 DMG on what you point with it. This could be pretty crucial in various situation. Don't even speak about overwatch:)

    Specialist Detachments[edit]

    You can't play Specialist Detachments in tournaments any more as of Chapter Approved 2020, but they're still all good in casual play.

    Kustom sets of WT + Shiny Gubbin + Stratagems behind a 1CP paywall to give your mob that extra fluffyness should you want it. A single detachment may pick a Specialization only once, so if you want (and can afford!) to use more than a single specialist detachment, you have to use them on different detachments. source Imperium Nihilus - Vigilus Defiant campaign supplement, 2018.

    General Stratagems[edit]

    • Field Commander (1 CP): This stratagem bears special mention. For one command point, you can designate a character with a Specialist Detachment keyword and they gain the warlord trait associated with that detachment. Can't be used on named characters or to give your warlord a second warlord trait. This stratagem can be used once for each Specialist Detachment
      • Orks become the faction with the most Warlord traits: Your Warlord, your Blood Axe Finkin' Kap warlord, a Blitz Brigade Warlord, a Kult of Speed Warlord, a Dread Waaagh! Warlord and a Stompa Warlord. Not telling you pull a Tale of Six Warlords on your own (which you totally can, by the way), but you can easily have 2-3 simultaneous warlord traits. SHOW DEM SPIKY LONGEARZ WHO IZ DA MOST KUNNIN' AN' BRUTAL OF ALL!!! WAAAAGH!!!.

    Blitz Brigade[edit]

    Warbosses, Battlewagons, Gunwagons, & Bonebreakas get the Blitz Brigade keyword.

    • Remember that this also technically includes the Battlewagon with Supa-Kannon due to the Battlewagon keyword.
    • Not amazing, but if you're taking a lot of Battlewagons anyway....


    • Opening Salvo (1CP): Use it in your Shooting Phase of your FIRST battle round (so it's effectively One Use Only). Pick a Blitz Brigade Gunwagon and it doubles the range characteristic of its weapons until the end of the phase. All weapons, so its optional 4 Big Shootas benefit as well.
      • Most useful for the Killkannon as it's the option with the lowest (24") range. It goes without saying to use the Gunwagon's Periscope.
        • Includes Da Boomer for a mighty 72" range.
      • Technically this works on the Gunwagon's melee weapons, too, but that's meaningless, since the rules for weapon type melee don't pay any attention to the weapon's range.
    • Krush 'Em (1CP): A Blitz Brigade Bonebreaka rolls 3d6 for its Bonebreaka Ram ability and chooses the highest result, which means this Strat can only be used if the Bonebreaka charged.
      • You could use the Tactical Reroll instead of this (so this alone isn't reason enough to upgrade the detachment), but it also means you could save that to re-roll something better, like a Power Klaw punch. Or a second Bonebreaka Ram.
    • Hold On, Boyz! (2CP): Use it before you move a Blitz Brigade Battlewagon. Pick a friendly <Clan> infantry (doesn't make the usual Flash Gitz exception apparently) wholly within 3" of the Battlewagon. Remove that infantry unit from the field, move the Battlewagon, then set up that infantry unit within 3" of the Battlewagon and more than 3" away from enemy models. The unit that hitched a ride doesn't count as having been embarked (so it also wouldn't count as having disembarked either), cannot move that phase, cannot charge, and counts as having moved (but not advanced).
      • A callback to the old rules where you could fit in as many Orks in a transport as it could physically hold, it does away with the transport capacity reduction a Battlewagon suffers when it takes a Killkannon. It also means a clean Battlewagon can move 60 Orkz (20 inside, a Mobbed Up 40-Ork unit holding on) on a single go! However, as Mob Up happens at the end of the movement phase, this is limited to turn 2 at the earliest.
      • The lack of charging is kind of sad, but combine it with Da Jump and you can have 2 30-boy units in the enemy deployment zone turn 1.

    Warlord Trait - Back-seat Driver: If the Blitz Brigade Warlord is embarked inside a Blitz Brigade transport, that transport gains +1" Movement speed, as well as the 'Ere We Go ability, which no Battlewagon type has.

    • Combine it with the Evil Sunz' Redder Armour to get a Battlewagon that moves 15", advances ~4.5", and then charges (near a Deffkilla Wartrike) the equivalent of (3d6 keep the two highest)+1" while doing 1d3 mortal wounds on a 2+ plus another 1d3 mortal wounds on a 4+, while carrying 60 Orks. That's a 33" threat range, aka a TURN ONE CHARGE, 9" deep inside the enemy's deployment zone.
    • 'Ere we go for Battlewagon is a big deal. Sadly, only one of your vehicles will get it, and it will have an enormous target painted on it instantly.
      • Remember you can embark on a transport as long as you finish your move within 3" of it. If taking multiple Battlewagons, deploy your driver boss within running/embarking distance of all of them and watch your opponent sweat not knowing which wagon you plan to drive down their throat next turn.

    Shiny Gubbin - Da Blitz Shouta: At the start of the Shooting Phase, if the Blitz brigade bearer is inside a blitz brigade battlewagon, pick an enemy that is visible to it. Until the end of phase re-roll 1s to hit for all attacks made by friendly Blitz Brigade units within 6" of that Battlewagon that target the enemy you picked.

    • Naaah thanks. A 6" aura of Bad Moons kultur that only affects battlewagons, especially Gunwagons, and that only works when your warlord is unable to contribute to combat. Hard pass. Plus, if you have multiple warbosses who are embarked on the same transport, doesn't hit the other warbosses.
      • There's two ways to approach using this gubbin: barely at all or fully committed. Either you take a bunch of loaded up Gunwagons w/Killkannons an' all da ova flash to create a pseudo-tank formation, or you blow your remaining points on a throw-away warboss to take the relic if you're already running a battle-taxi heavy list with sum extra gunz. The relic on its own isn't good enough, so you either go all in and structure your entire list around it, or you take it as an afterthought.

    Dread Waagh![edit]

    Big Meks, Gorkanauts, Morkanauts, Deff Dreads, & Killa Kans gain the Dread Waagh! keyword, for your inner Mekboy to unleash a whole army of truly ded 'ard Orks. Especially Gork(and possibly Mork)anauts, as this detachment's buffs are ranged for the most part; Goffs looking for melee buffs aren't going to find them here, but other clans, and especially Deathskulls, can make good use of the buffs.

    • Worth taking if you're taking 3 of Gorky/Morkanauts, or a single SAG with the Shiny Gubbin, nearly useless on anything else.


    • Kustom Ammo (2CP): Pick a Dread Waagh! unit in the Shooting Phase. It can shoot twice with all of it's ranged weapons in that phase.
      • Like a Bad Moons "Showin' Off" that works on a Morkanaut's Kustom Mega-Zappa/Gorkanaut's Deffstorm Mega-Shoota, so they can behave like the small Stompas they are, works for a Mek with Souped-Up Shokka as well if rolls are decent.. though Deff Dreads've neither the BS nor the numbers to make much out of this Strat.
      • A Deathskulls Big Mek with the Souped up Shokka can fire 2d6 shots, re-rolling 1s to hit, wound, and damage at AP-5, and then do it again with this Stratagem; you can also use a CP-reroll to bump the shots or S up. This will blow away Land Raiders by looking at them, and if lucky (cos Deathskull...) you can wreck an Imperial Knight. Also, as a Deathskull, if you're within 18"... you can snipe a character with enough ordnance to slag a titan.
      • For an anti-infantry Mek, give a Bad Moons boss on a Warbike a Kombi-Skorcha with the Blunderbuss for 3D6 Heavy Flamer shots, or 2 Kombi-Flamers for 4D6 autohits.
      • The recent FAQs now allow this to be used on Killa Kans to spurt out a decent amount of firepower from a 6 Kan unit. Still probably best used on a Naught.
    • Mek Connections (1CP): Used at the end of the Movement Phase on a Dread Waagh! unit next to a Mek Workshop. If it gets a "Kustom Job", the "Somethin' Extra Special" ability triggers on a 4+ instead of a 6+.
      • Very on the nose shilling by GW, yet of little value to both Deff Dreads or Killa Kans, which'll be too far away for it to matter, and lack the dakka to make it count. Morkanauts are worthy, and yet you're still paying 1CP for a 50% chance of nothing.
      • And don't forget your expensive war machine will spend turn doing nothing waiting for the upgrade... Skip it.

    Warlord Trait - Dread Mek: Can only be taken on a model with the Big Mekaniak ability. Whenever this ability's used on a Dread Waagh! model, it regains +1 Wound.

    • Synergizes with the Deathskulls Da Fixer Upperz Shiny Gubbin, which together guarantee 4 Wound repairs. Da Fixer Upperz also confer the Big Mekaniak ability on their own, so you could give it to a Warboss and fluff him as a Mekboss. Not saying you should do it, only that you can.
    • Weak in comparison to other, more viable stuff in the Codex. Skip it.

    Shiny Gubbin - Da Souped-Up Shokka: A Shokk Attack Gun with 2D6 shots instead of just 1D6.

    • A Deathskulls Big Mek with maximum dakka (Warbike's 2xDakkaguns + Mega-Blasta + Souped-Up Shokka) can use the 'Opportunist' WT to snipe SM Lieutenants and above. And he'll be extra difficult to fight against, because he'll be surrounded by big metal boyz he can repair.
    • Unlike the stock SAG, this thing has a decent chance of actually working. That is actually how a SAG should look like, stock, but alas. Still very random, but finally worth its points. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it worth taking an entire detachment just for that, and paying CP. So if you took it for something else, take it, otherwise skip it. Alternatively, this's one of the best units Ork have to kill something scary like a Knight, unit of Dragoons or any big vehicle, and's almost considered a 'Must Take' in competitive Ork army lists.
    • Make the Big Mek your warlord and give him the Big Killa Boss Warlord Trait, so he'll get +1 to wound against vehicles. Then if you roll S2 he's still wounding your opponent's centerpiece model on a 5+, and with a 1 CP re-roll has decent odds of getting a 2+ to wound against Knights. Give him a Grot Oiler to eat sniper shots, because he's going to attract a lot of them.
    • Although, this gun alone can take out a tank or equivalent in one turn, so for the threat alone it's worth having - watch your opponent turn inside out trying to get out of your Mek's eyeline whilst still being able to hit the rest of your army.

    Kult of Speed[edit]

    Speed Freeks in the detachment (that is Deffkilla Wartrikes, Nobz on Warbikes, Warbikers but not the Index character bikers, Deffkoptas, and the 5 new Speed Freeks vehicles but not Wartrakks, Warbuggies, or Skorchas) all gain the Kult of speed keyword, so you can unleash the full Mad Max experience. While Evil Sunz are the first clan that comes to mind, in truth all clans can see the benefit of punching the enemy in the face as quickly as possible.

    • Not really worth it considering how squishy all units that can take it are. Nobz on Warbikes are proverbial glass hammers and regular Warbikes are not able to be much more than distractions or objective grabbers. That leaves you with new stuff and Deffkoptas to work with. If Index stuff would work here, some kind of Warbike deathstar combo could be considered, as it is a nice way to give speed boost to your already externally fast units so they can get and be massacred that much faster. Could be used for some shenanigans with new Warbuggies probably.
    • Judging by personal playtesting, this detachement is only really useful for one thing: the Deffkilla Wartrike. The Shiny Gubbin's a great durability buff, the Warlord Trait (while mostly useless) allows you to use Warbikes as a meatshield that never runs away, and both of the Stratagems are designed either to get you into close combat or tie up enemy units, which (unsurprisingly) is the whole shtick behind the Deffkilla Wartrike. TLDR; if you're bringing the Wartrike, take it. Otherwise, pass.


    • Turbo-Boostas (2CP): Use this Stratagem at the start of your Movement Phase. Pick a KULT OF SPEED unit from your army. If that unit advances this phase, double that unit's Move characteristic instead of rolling a die.
      • 28" move Bikers, 32" move for Evil Sunz. Since the most distance you can get on a Deffkilla Wartrike's 6" Speedwaaagh aura is 14"+6"+6" = 26" (28" for Evil Sunz), that means your Warbikers get to begin the charge INSIDE the enemy's deployment zone, all but guaranteeing a Turn One Charge.
      • A Warboss on Warbike with the 'Follow Me, Ladz!' WT can push his aura 14"+3.5"+9" = 26.5" (28.5" for Evil Sunz) from your own deployment zone, if you don't feel like giving GW your money for a Wartrike when you have a perfectly good Biker Boss.
    • Charge Through 'Em! (2CP): Use this Stratagem before a KULT OF SPEED unit from your army makes a consolidation move. That unit Consolidates 2d6" instead of 3".
      • So not only are you reaching the enemy, but tying up the rest of his army as well. That's 5CP gone in the first turn, and yet it can also take away the enemy's Shooting Phase with it.
      • Just make sure that whatever you consolidate into can't fight in melee. Also, useless against Smurfs, T'au, and Aeldari - all the other stuff that can retreat and still shoot.

    Warlord Trait - Quick, Ladz!: Friendly kult of speed units within 12" of the Warlord gain morale immunity (UGH) on the condition they Advanced in the same turn. Could be of some use when your Warbikers leave your footslogging Boyz squads well behind.

    Shiny Gubbin - Skargrim's Snazztrike: Nooo, Skargrim's dead! Deffkilla Wartrike exclusive, it gets +1T and a 5++, so it effectively replaces the "'Ard as Nails" WT. Or you can combine it and then you have a Toughness 8 Wartrike. "Fuck your Warboss on Warbike" -- GW.

    Stompa Mob[edit]

    Can only be used in a super heavy detachment, so it's not possible in a 2000pts game unless you are playing Forge World stuff such as the Kill Tank and Gargantuan Squiggoth. Otherwise, the only super heavy you can field is a Stompa, and 3 of those is way more than 2000 pts.

    • It is a nice little thing, but does not make Stompas viable. They're still overcosted by 300-400 points.
    • Only the Stompa actually gets the Stompa Mob keyword, making this completely useless to our other, more cost-effective superheavies. Thanks, GW.
    • However, any one model in the detachment, with no other restrictions, becomes a Character who can only receive the Warlord Traits and Shiny Gubbin from this detachment. This means you can legally make any other superheavy the character - it won't be allowed to receive the Warlord Traits or Shiny Gubbin since it won't have Stompa Mob, but it will be a legal target for your Weirdboy to give +2S and +2A to.


    • Stomp, Stomp, Stomp! (1 CP): At the start of the fight phase, pick a Stompa in melee range of an enemy unit and roll 1d6 for each model within 3" of the Stompa. It causes a Mortal Wound for each 6 rolled.
      • Waste of perfectly good CP.
    • Stompa-Porta (4 CP): Deep strike one of your Stompas, with all the usual limitations. Use your imagination, we shouldn't need to tell you how to use this.
      • Yeah, nice. Its main use is protecting a Stompa if you do not get first turn, and skipping footslogging it to it's intended target. Its price cost is prohibitive, though, and the Stompa is so overcosted, it's not enough to compensate.

    Warlord Traits

    • Gork's One: +1 to hit and wound rolls in the fight phase.
      • So 2+ hitting and 2+ wounding on virtually anything, even with multiattacks. Decent.
      • Combine this Warlord Trait with a Weirdboy using Fists of Gork on the Stompa... You now have 8 Attacks at Strength 12 on your top profile with +1 To Hit and To Wound. Maximum stompage!
        • Remember, you're either hitting at Strength x 2 (Gork-damned Strength 24!) or you're 'just' hitting at S: User but get to triple your attacks. 24 S10 Attacks definitely ain't bad. If you really wanna double down on the Choppy Stompa of Doom, upgrade your Weirdboy to a Warphead (or have him bring a friend), use Warpath on the Stompa to gain 9 Attacks (27 when Slashing) and run a Deffkilla Wartrike along with it so it can potentially move 18" in a single turn. Use the Ramming Speed strat to get a 3D6" charge and deal some Mortal Wounds. Whatever you charged is most likely dead now. Stomp.
    • Mork's One: +1 to wound rolls in the shooting phase.
      • Actually +1 to hit on BS 5+, with its array of weapons, could be a way for it to kind of approach being viable for a change... but NOOO, let's give it +1 to wound rolls that are already decent on its main guns.
      • This actually really helps all your small arms. Your Big Shootas will force more saves on Marines while your Gatler will delete portions of infantry units each time it fires. Oh and it can actually wound other T8 units on 4s now, if you run out of footsloggers to shoot!

    Shiny Gubbin - Tezdrek's Stompa Power Field: A shiny 5++ Invulnerable Save for your Stompa, just what it needs to stay in the fight.

      • Okay, 5++ that will work in melee, as well as shooting, is nice indeed; it basically means the Stompa is more like W53 instead 40 in practice. However, it's still not enough to compensate for the terrible overcosting of stompas.


    9th edition makes orks to be brutal, but kunnin'. We need to choose and plan the secondaries right. And it is not easy, because a lot of them simply do not fit the ork army playstyle of any kind.

    Battlefield Supremacy
    One of these definitely works with your list.

    -Engage on All Fronts

    2 VP is you have 3 units wholly within 3 quadrants of the board, 3 if it is all four and none of those units are within 6" of the center. Works good with buggy list and kommandos. The fact is, that Engage is counted on the end of your turn, so enemy can't stop you and it's ok to be in the midfield. Linebreaker makes you keep 2 units alive in enemy deploy. But gives you more VP


    3 VP at the end of your turn if you have two non-AIRCRAFT in your opponents deployment zone. Now you can take this either two ways: place as many units as you can back there and completely outnumber him, or take two or three extremely tough things like g/morkanaughts and have them wreak havoc from the backline.


    3VP at the end of your turn if you control more than half (usually 4) of the objective markers. Perfect for when you are taking swarms. See the Milk Da Skullz! the tactic by yours truly (Just L) at the bottom.
    No Mercy, No Respite

    -Thin their Ranks

    you gain VP for destroyed models. Does not give you enough VP even against other orks. Skip

    -Grim them down

    you gain 3 VP if you kill more units than the enemy. Could work.

    -While We Stand, We Fight

    This got changed to where it is now your top three most expensive units. Very useful when you have those 10 flash gitz in a battlewagon or you deepstrike a gorkanaught and don't bring it in until turn 3... If you play buggies, opponent need to kill all 3 of the buggies from the original unit. This could work...
    Purge the Enemy

    -Titan Hunter

    10, 12, and 15 points if you kill 1, 2, and 3 TITANIC units, respectively. If there is even 1 titanic thing, take it.

    -Bring it Down

    1 point for every vehicle you kill with <10 wounds, 2 if it has 10-19 wounds, and 3 if it has 20+ wounds. It's pretty sucky now after FAQ 1/21, except pretty rare lists like Guard with 10 Leman Russes or something like that. Definitely not autotake anymore. On the other hand, this change boost our buggy lists and smashagun spam lists pretty well.

    -Cut off the Head = Slay the Warlord

    It has a different name, but you get a certain amount of points for killing the warlord, with the max you can get being 13. The VPs go down the longer it takes to kill them. If you play with 4 planes, or the enemy warlord is a Tank Commander and you have tons of long-range anti-tank, try it. Otherwise, skip.


    For each dead character, get 3 VPs. Only take this if you can't take anything else since your opponent usually won't have 5 characters, or if they do, they will be as tough as a grot's rear end.
    Shadow Operations

    -Raise the Banners High

    At the end of the movement phase, perform an action with INFANTRY at an objective marker that doesn't have any bad guys within range of it. You get 1 VP for every banner raised at the beginning of the Command Phase, and 1 for every banner raised at the end of the game. If the bad guys get within range of the marker, they brutally stomp and destroy your beautiful arts and crafts project, even if you are there and you hold an objective. Good, but Scramblers is better

    -Investigate Sites

    sitting in the center of the battlefield with no enemies around for a couple of turns? Srsly? Skip

    -Deploy Scramblers

    aka Deploy Fungus - At the end of the movement phase, perform an action with INFANTRY three times: one at your deployment zone, one at their deployment zone, and one in no man's land. After you have completed all three (doesn't have to be at the same time), you get 10 VP. This one is absolutely fantastic. Always take it. Take 2 Kommandos without a Nob to keep them cheap and one other infantry of any kind sitting in your deployment. T1 deploys scramblers in your deployment and T2 and T3 deploy it in midfield and opponent's deployment. Deepstriking Kommandos should be in synergy with your next secondaries - gaining Engage on All Fronts for example.

    -Teleportation Homer

    4 VPs for pass the action with your INFANTRY in the enemy's deployment zone until the end of your next command phase. Sounds nice, but you need to do it 3 times at least to have enough VP. Really hard to do. Skip.
    Warpcraft (Note
    Our psychic stuff kind of sucks, even though we are the best psykers around. You are going to want to skip all of these, but you should look at them anyway.)

    -Abhor the Witch

    2 points for killing a non-character PSYKER, 3 for killing a character PSYKER. Can't take it if you have a psyker. After 1/21 FAQ not so great even against GKnights and Thousand Sons.

    -Mental Interrogation

    Psykers fight 18” warp charge 4 and you have to pass it 4 times in 5 turns. Again the same story - how to do it with one Weirdboy? Skip.

    - Psychic Ritual

    choose a Weirdboy and complete this ritual 3 times within 6” of the center of the battlefield. Could work but it's hard to justify wasting one HQ Weirdboy's casting for 3 turns…

    - Pierce the Veil

    to get 15 VPs you need to get a psyker within 6” of the enemy edge and 6” away from any enemy unit. No idea how to do it with a single weirdboy. Skip.
    Mission specific
    Some of them work actually pretty well. Mostly Data Intercept, Vital Ground, Direct Assault, Priority Targets.


    Ork equipment is crude but it gets the job done.

    Infantry Weapons[edit]

    All the various guns and blades that your green hordes carry into battle.

    Choppy Weapons[edit]

    These are all the melee weapons for our INFANTRY models. This is NOT the Index Choppy Weapons List, which includes only the Big Choppa and the Power Klaw.

    • Attack Squig: The Warlord's best friend. S4 AP-1 D1, can make 2 extra attacks with this "weapon". Best part is: it's free!
    • Big Choppa: A significantly superior Power Maul, with S+2 AP-1 D2 for only 5 points. It is quite a nice upgrade to S7 for Nobz and to S8 for Warbosses (S9 with Might is Right), especially as it does not confer the -1 to hit of the conventional Power Klaw. AP-1 is quite decent for maiming things that are not TEQ or vehicles, too.
    • Burna: A Burna can be used in melee as a Power Stabba.
    • Da Vulcha's Klaw: Zagstruk legs, S+2 AP-3 Dd3, can only be used to make 3 attacks.
    • Git-Rippa: Grukk's personal weapon. A Killsaw with Shred, making him the only Warboss that can take one.
    • Gork's Klaw: New Ghazzy's personal weapon. It now does AP-4 and flat 4 damage now, as well as x2 strength.
    • Grot-Prod: Only for Runtherd. A Big Choppa with only D1.
    • Icon of da Revolushun (Legends): Da Red Gobbo's banner. SUser AP-1 D1, a To-Wound roll of 6+ throws an additional Mortal Wound at the target, better AP than Makari's Stabba but with less Mortal Wounds.
    • Killsaw: Trades out the 1D3 damage of the Klaw for a flat 2 damage and AP-4. If you can somehow take two, they give you an extra attack. Better than its chainfist counterpart since Orks don't have a weapon that deals a flat 3 damage. Now available in pairs to a wide range of Nobz, including Nob Bikers and your Stormboyz' Boss! Bring a hurricane of BZZZZZZZZZZ to your enemy's gunline at maximum speed! With it now being 15 points for both instead of 23, you should take this whenever you can. If not, then do either double choppa for maximum attacks or klaw/saw/big choppa and choppa for heavy hits and extra attacks.
    • Kustom Klaw: Ghazzy's weapon before he got updated. A PK with no -1 to hit and flat 3 damage instead of d3.
    • Makari's Stabba: I wonder who uses this thing? SUser AP0 D1, a To-Wound roll of 6+ throws an additional D3 Mortal Wounds at the target, letting this Grot take down Terminators.
    • Power Klaw: Still our Swiss Army Knife after all these years. Will rip and tear gits of all sizes, doing the exact same as before at 3 less than in 8th. The con this edition is that a PK reduces the user's To Hit roll by -1.
    • Power Stabba The very Orky and very awesome version of a power weapon, available to almost every Nob, including Stormboyz and Boyz Boss Nobs. For 5 points you now have AP-2. This is cheap, effective, and makes your three S5 attacks waaaaay better. Conversion opportunities galore. Seriously, use the ripped off arm of a Space Marine that's still holding his power weapon! The original bit is in the Nob kit if you want to use it, it's one of the Cybork bitz, namely the harpoon arm. Not worth it anymore, because for the same price and 1 less AP, you can get +2 strength and an additional damage. Stick with the big choppa if you can't afford double killsaw.
    • Rokker Choppa: A Rokker Shoota can be used in melee as a Choppa with S+1.
    • Tankhammer: Tankbustas' weapon. You only get one attack with this weapon, if you hit you cause d3 mortal wounds, but the bearer is slain.
    • 'Urty Syringe: For Painboys and Grotsnik himself. An extra attack that wounds non-Vehicle or Titanic models on a 4+, AP0 D1.
    • Weirdboy Staff: A Big Choppa with Dd3 instead of flat 2 (making it worse against anything with 2 wounds, and equal against anything else).

    Shooty Weapons[edit]

    These are all the range weapons for our INFANTRY models. This is NOT the Index Shooty Weapons List, which includes only the Shoota, Kustom Shoota, Kombi-Skorcha and Kombi-Rokkit and neither the Codex Shooty Weapons List which includes the same except for the Shoota.

    • Big Shoota: An Assault 3 Heavy Stubber. Not as good as a Deathspitter anymore, but you can Advance and still shoot it. Range 36" Assault 3 S5 AP0 D1.
    • Blitz Missile: Zagstruk Mini-Missile Launcher. Range 18" Assault 1 S6 AP-1 Dd3.
    • Burna: The little brother of an actual flamer. Range 8" Assault d3 S4 AP0 D1.
    • Da Rippa: Badrukk's big ass weapon. Range 24" Heavy 3 S7 AP-3 D2 or you can get +1 S and D but you risk a mortal wound on one or more hit rolls of 1.
    • Dakkagun: This one is actually not for our Infantry models, but Bikes are not vehicles either, so here they are. Basically a Big Shoota with Range 18", all Warbikes come with two of these.
    • Deffgun: Lootas' weapon. Range 48" Heavy d3 S7 AP-1 D2, use the same d3 roll for the entire unit.
    • Grot Blasta: Gretchins's pistol. Range 12" Pistol 1 S3 AP0 D1.
    • Kombi-Rokkit: A Kombi-Weapon made from a Shoota and a Rokkit Launcha. The new rules for Kombi-weapons allow these weapons to see a lot more use, as anyone who takes these doesn't have to be so tight-arsed about firing their anti-tank weaponry anymore. Unfortunate with Orky BS it is hard to justify the expense.
      • It's important to note that thanks to DakkaDakkaDakka!, extra shots generated with the Shoota can be used with the Rokkit Launcha profile.
        • Needs confirmation after FAQ, since melee weapons need to use same profile with Goff kulture.
      • Deathskulls meganobs and warbosses might benefit from one, since they get the one reroll in shooting. Ignore the shoota part and you've got a 56% chance of hitting something with a rokkit.
    • Kombi-Skorcha: New Kombi-Weapons rules help here too, especially since the auto-hitting Skorcha isn't affected by the -1 To Hit for firing both weapon profiles. Notably, you can Advance and still spray flames and bullets. Skorcha's profile: Range 8" Assault d6 S5 AP-1 D1.
      • DakkaDakkaDakka! works here too, as any 6 that you get from your Shootas can generate an extra hit from the Skorchas.
        • Needs confirmation after FAQ, since melee weapons need to use same profile with Goff kulture.
    • Kustom Mega-Blasta: The Orky equivalent of Plasma Guns. Orks of course only fire on the maximum charge (sayf-dee, wotz dat?), so you'll always be taking Mortal Wounds on 1's to hit. S8 AP-3 Dd6 means this packs a fierce punch.
    • Kustom Mega-Slugga (Legends): A Plasma Pistol by any other name. As above, but Pistol-class (Range 12" and you can shoot it in melee). Spannas (Index only), Big Meks (Legends) and Meks only.
    • Kustom Shoota: Essentially an Ork Storm Bolter. It is very cheap at 2 points and with 4 strength 4 shots you will usually hit at least once with Ork BS. Warbosses, Big Meks and Meganobz can use this. Nobz can use it too thanks to the Index, it's funny how the lore on page 35 says Nobz have them but GW forgot to include them in the Codex rules.
    • Rokker Shoota: A sonic weapon that kills the enemy with Musik. Range 24" Assault 4 S4 AP-1.
    • Rokkit Launcha: One of the best weapon options at S8 AP-2 D3. Short range (24") compared to almost all other missile/rocket weapons in the game. Can blast holes in almost anything, but generally it's a single shot at BS5+. Tankbustas special rule to re-roll against Vehicles can make this a devastating weapon.
      • Deathskulls get one reroll per shooting phase, so tossing a single rokkit into any given squad isn't a bad option. It's a 56% chance to hit something with a reroll. If you happen to roll a 6 on the first try, your opponent may weep when you use the reroll to confirm the second hit!
    • Mork's Roar: Updated Ghazzy's personal gun. It's a quad heavy bolster, or a quad Big Shoota with an AP of -1, or 6 Shootas with an extra strength and AP and 36" range.
    • Pair of Rokkit Pistols: Only for Tankbustas. Basically 2 Rokkit Launchas with one less S and Range 12", but being Pistols you can shoot them in melee.
    • Shokk Attack Gun: Still the same and still disappointing. Range 60" Heavy 1d6 S2d6 AP-5 D1d6 Blast. If the S roll is 11+ each hit causes d3 mortal wounds in addition to normal damage.
    • Shoota: Basic Bolter-type gun. 18" Assault 2 S4 AP0, which means you can Advance and still shoot with a -1 to Hit penalty. Inferior to almost all other armies' basic rifle (see a trend here?), but massed fire can produce some results. Generally Slugga+Choppa is the preferable load-out for Boyz, but it's not bad on Evil Sunz or Bad Moons.
    • Slugga: It's a Bolt Pistol. Always remember to shoot in CC. Hitting on 5+ is not that great, but those few free wounds are always a good thing. Doubling down on the buckets of S4 dice the enemy has to make saves against is critical to Orky success. Dubiously useful on Overwatch.
    • Snazzgun: Flash Gitz' shiny weapons. Range 24" Heavy 3 S6 AP-2 D2.
    • Squig Bomb: Tankbustas' kamikaze Squigs. Range 18" Assault 1 S8 AP-2 D1d6. Can not target models with FLY, after firing it the bearer (the Squig) is slain.
    • Stikkbomb: Common grenade for almost every unit. Range 6" Grenade 1d6 S3 AP0 D1 Blast.
    • Tankbusta bomb: Don't let its name fool you, this grenade is carried not only by Tankbustas but also Boyz and Kommandos have them. Range 6" Grenade 1d3 S8 AP-2 D1d6 Blast.
    • Tellyport Blasta: For Big Meks with Mega Armour. Range 12" Assault 3 S8 AP-2 D1. After an unsaved wound, if the target is still alive you roll a 1d6, if the roll is greater than the targets Wound Characteristic it's slain.
    • Twin Big Shoota: Yes! You guessed it! a Big Shoota with double the shots and double the price.

    Vehicle Weapons[edit]

    Of course Ork vehicles also have numerous dakka and choppy options as well.

    Choppy Weapons[edit]

    These are all the melee weapons for our Vehicle models.

    • Buzz Saw: First of your 3 choices for your Killa Kan: S+2 AP-2 D2, it gives an extra attack.
    • Deffrolla: Battlewagons hit on 2+ in close combat with this? With AP-2 and D2? We can run over guys again! It might be decent idea to stick a Battlewagon into CC with something that is not dedicated vehicle killer after emptying its embarked infantry. It will be stuck, but it will be protected from shooting.
    • Dread Klaw: Deff Dread's standard weapon for 15pts. Sx2 AP-3 D3, gives you an extra attack using this profile. Very effective at krumpin' almost everything.
    • Dread Saw: Deff Dread's other close combat weapon at 10pts. S+4 AP-2 D2, gives you an extra attack using this profile. Good for medium to heavy infantry, not too good at killing tanks.
    • Drilla: The second choice for Killa Kans: S+1 ap-4 D2, on a roll of 6 to wound it causes an extra mortal wound.
    • Kan Klaw: Your third choice for Killa Kans, the classic one, like a Dread Klaw, but it increases your Killa Kanz Strength by 3 (to S8) instead of doubling it and no extra attacks.
    • Kill Saw: For Deff Koptas, Sx2 AP-4 D2, -1 to hit.
    • Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork): A huge Klaw for your Gorkanaut (or possibly Morkanaut). Comes with 2 attack profiles:
      • Crush: Sx2 AP-4 D6 Dmg. Hits like a tonne of bricks.
      • Smash: Doesn't boost the Naut's Strength, only has an AP of -2, but it does cause 2 guaranteed wounds per hit. Which is handy, since it lets you make 3 hit rolls for each base Attack, tripling your Attack output.
    • Mega-Choppa: A Stompa's go-to carving weapon. Like the Klaw of Gork (or possibly Mork), it comes with 2 attack profiles:
      • Smash: Sx2 AP-5 D6. This is for, obviously, smashing other huge, armored foes such as Knights, Baneblades, or Gorka/Morkanauts wot dat triez to look more flash.
      • Slash: S User AP-2 D2. Gives 3 attacks for each Attack roll (multiply Attack stat by 3 for each Slash). This is for krumpin' tiny gitz that try to climb up ya feetz.
    • Saw Blades: For some of the new Buggies, S+1 AP-1 D1.
    • Snagga Klaw: for your Deffkilla Wartrike, S+2 AP-2 Dd3, you can re-roll to wound. A kind of Power Klaw with the downside that can not be swapped for the new "Da Killa Klaw"
    • Spiked Ram: For some of the other Buggies that don't get Saw Blades, a Special Rule rather than a weapon, inflicts D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+ against one enemy unit within 1" after it finishes a charge move.
    • Spinnin' Blades: D3 hits for each attack with this weapon, at +1 Strength. Deffkopta use only, good for mowing down Guardsmen or Guardians in small numbers.
    • Wreckin' Ball: Gives S+1 and AP-1 for a whopping 3 points. Can only hit with this weapon a maximum of 3 times, which is the maximum amount of attacks a Trukk can make, the unit most likely to have one anyway. At 3 points a pop, throwing them onto any Trukks you're running is not a bad way to spend floating points. Can help you actually deal damage if you decide to slam a Trukk into an opponent's shooty vehicles. Puts a Trukk up to S7 (in the first combat profile), which wounds most Space Marine vehicles on a 4+ and reduces their armor save to a 4+. If you charge a Dreadnought, don't expect the Trukk to survive the Dread's turn to fight. Frankly since Trukks die so fast it is probably better to get that extra Grot.

    Shooty Weapons[edit]

    These are all the range weapons for our Vehicle models.

    • Bigbomm (Legends): Droppables for Warkoptas, pick an enemy unit it flew over and roll 1d6 for each model in that unit up to five dice, and inflict a Mortal Wound for each 5+.
    • Boom Bomb: Droppables for Blitza-Bommers, pick an enemy unit it flew over and roll 1d6 for each model in that unit up to twelve dice, counting each VEHICLE or MONSTER as three models, and inflict a Mortal Wound for each 4+.
    • Bubblechukka: A game inside a game. Distilling the Orks' random-table FUN (individual definitions of FUN may vary) down to a single weapon. Roll 1D6 for the number of shots, Str, AP and damage respectivly. You re-roll the dice every time you fire it, and it has Blast. Still more useful than last Edition. Note that you have to pick the target you're shooting before you know the stats of the weapon, which makes this thing a risky affair. Its total lack of reliability is quite terrible (though very amusing).
    • Burna Bomb: Droppables for Burna-Bommers, pick an enemy unit it flew over and roll 1d6 for each model in that unit up to ten dice, +1 to any rolls against INFANTRY, and inflict a Mortal Wound for each 5+.
    • Burna Bottles: Boomdakka Snazzwagon's grenades. Range 6" Grenade 2d6 S4 AP0 D1 Blast, ignores cover.
    • Burna Exhaust: Kustom Boosta-Blasta's burnas. Range 8" Assault d3 S4 AP0 D1, autohits.
    • Deffkannon: Stompa's big gun. Range 72" Heavy 3d6 S10 AP-4 Dd6 Blast.
    • Grot Blasta: GW decided that, for some strange reason, some VEHICLES needed a Range 12" Pistol 1 S3 AP0 D1 that hits on 4+.
    • Grot-Guided Bomm (Forge World): Range 72" Heavy 2d6 S8 AP-3 D2, can target hidden units, and's fired at BS2+.
    • Grotzooka: Only for Killa Kans. Range 18" Heavy 2d3 S6 AP0 D1 Blast.
    • Kannon: Your day-to-day cheap-as-chips Kannon. Shells come in familiar Frag and Krak varieties, although the Frag equivalent is both Blast and S4 rather than 3.
    • Killa Jet: It can be used either as a Skorcha (though it's called Burna) or as a Multi-Melta: range 8" Assault 2 S8 AP-4 Dd6, if the target is within 4" roll 2 dice for damage and keep the highest.
    • Kopta Rokkits: Exactly the same as Rack of Rokkits just with a different name, basically a Twin Rokkit Launcha for your Koptas.
    • Kustom Mega-Blasta: Standard Ork Plasma Rifle. Range 24" Assault 1 S8 AP-3 Dd6, bearer suffers a mortal wound on a roll of 1 to hit.
    • Kustom Mega-Kannon: A giant D6-shot Dd6 overcharged Plasma Gun with Blast. Mortally wounds itself on hit rolls of 1, because Orks don't fire Plasma Guns on low power. Definitely the best choice for Mek Gunz, and taking advantage of Grots' BS4 a gun-line of these can threaten Terminators, Dreadnoughts, and other Heavy Infantry/Lighter Vehicles. Wimp out of late-game one-dozen-boyz VS 3-terminator brawls via disengaging, and have Mek Gunz loaded with these babies take care of the big, mean 2W 2+ Save kanned Humies.
    • Kustom Mega-Zappa: Morkanaut's main gun. Range 36" Heavy 3d3 S8 AP-3 D6 Blast, on one or more rolls of 1 to hit the bearer suffers a mortal wound.
    • Kustom Shokk Rifle: The Shokk Attack Gun's baby brother and the Shokkjump Dragsta's signature weapon. Assault 2, 24", S8 AP-3 D6 D, user takes a mortal wound on a hit roll of 1 but causes a mortal wound on wound rolls of 6+. Basically a stronger plasma gun, and the Dragsta's improved BS makes sure it can actually hit reliably.
    • Lifta-Droppa (Forge World): The weaponised tractor beam returnth! Range 48" Heavy 1d6 Blast, auto-hits and inflicts a Mortal Wound for each shot if 2d6 equals or exceeds the target's Strength. Average roll of 7 means this can deal with most things.
    • Stompa Lifta-Droppa (Forge World): Slightly different to the smaller Battlewagon-mounted version. Range 48" Heavy 4d3 AP-4 D1d3+3, roll 3d6 if you hit and successfully wound if the roll's higher than the target's Toughness. Average roll of 10 or 11's equal to or higher than anything in the game, even a Warlord Titan's only T9.
    • Lobba: Similar to other races' Mortars: Heavy D6 Blast and indirect fire. The Lobba, however, has an above average Strength of 5 that should help offset your gunners' terrible BS (even if it's still AP0). Ignoring line of sight helps with positioning it tremendously.
    • Mek Speshul: Boomdakka Snazzwagon's main gun, Range 24" Assault 9 S5 AP-2 D1.
    • Rack of Rokkits (Legends): also known as Twin Rokkit Launcha, you get 2 shots instead of 1.
    • Rattler Kannon (Forge World): Warkopta's signature gun, but also available for Meka-Dreads, Range 24" Heavy 2d6 S5 AP-2 Dd3.
    • Rivet Kannon: Kustom Boosta-Blasta's main gun, Range 36" Assault 6 S7 AP-2 D2.
    • Boombits (Forge World): Identical statwise to the Lobba in almost every way, except a shorter range of only 12", and auto-hit instead of ignore line of sight.
    • Rokkit Kannon: Megatrakk Scrapjet's main gun, Range 24" Assault 2d3 S8 AP-2 D3 Blast.
    • Shotgun: Range 12" Assault 2 S3 AP0 D1, +1 to hit if the target is within 6".
    • Shunta (Forge World): Range 24" Heavy 1 S8 AP-2 D2, if a vehicle's wounded by this then it can't Advance during its next turn, would be good for keeping enemy armour out of range so they couldn't shoot back, but hampered by short range itself.
    • Skorcha: Range 8" Assault d6 S5 AP-1 D1, autohits.
    • Small Bomms (Forge World): Droppables for Fightas and Fighta-Bommers, pick an enemy unit it flew over and roll 1d6 for each model in that unit up to five dice, and inflict a Mortal Wound for each 6+.
    • Smasha Gun: D3 shots that wound if you equal or beat their T on 2d6 instead of rolling normally, and now have Blast too. Obliterates T6 and below, becomes ineffective at about T9 and up (and obviously can't hurt anything with a T>12). Statistically, compared to a regular D6 roll, this works out at the same wound probability vs T10 as an S5 weapon (6+ on 1d6, 16.67%) - but conversely, against T4, you've got better odds of wounding than a 2+ on 1d6 (~91% compared to 83% - it's halfway to the 97% chance for 2+ with a reroll) and you're at better odds than a 3+ on 1d6 against T6. On top of this, it has the best non-random AP in the army alongside the Big Zzappa (-4),and has Damage d6.
    • Snagga Klaw: Range 8" Assault 1 S4 AP0 D1, you can re-roll to wound.
    • Squig Launcha/Heavy Squig Launcha: The signature weapon of the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, armed with a variety of squigs for a surprising degree of versatility. The first number for the number of shots fired is for the regular Squig Launcha, and the second number is for the Heavy Squig Launcha- the rest of their stats are identical, and all squigs share a 36" range. However, it's important to note that the Heavy version gains +1 to hit thanks to the vehicle's Grot Gunner, while the regular Squig Launcha uses BS 5+.
      • Bile Squig: Assault d6/2d6, S- AP0 1D Blast, wounds everything but vehicles and Titanic units on a 4+. Your answer to stuff like Death Guard and Tyranid monsters.
      • Bitey Squig: Assault 1/2, S5 AP-3 2D. Simple, but solid against two-wound infantry such as Terminators.
      • Boom Squig: Assault d3/2d3, S7 AP-1 d3D Blast. Kind of like an autocannon, but with a chance to fire more shots (guaranteed to do so if used with the Heavy Squig Launcha) and deal more damage.
    • Stikkbomb Chukka: Range 12" Assault d6 S3 AP0 D1 Blast, can only be used if there is a unit embarked.
    • Stikksquig: Same as the Stikkbomb with a different name.
    • Supa-Gatler: Stompa's gatling. Range 48" Assault 3d6 S7 AP-2 D1, see Psycho-Dakka-Blasta in the Stompa section.
    • Supa-Rokkit: Stompa's missile. Range 100" Heavy d6 S8 AP-3 Dd6 Blast, one use only.
    • Supa-Shoota: Our flyers' basic gun, Range 36" Assault 3 S6 AP-1 D1.
    • Tellyport Mega-Blasta: Range 24" Assault 3 S8 AP-2 Dd3, if the target suffers an unsaved wound and survives roll a d6, if it's greater than the target's Wound Characteristic it is slain.
    • Traktor Kannon: No longer specifically targeted at flyers. Now this weapon is a strength 8 -2 D6 damage beast that hits automatically. If targeting a VEHICLE with FLY you may roll 2d6 and pick the highest when rolling for damage, the flyer will also explode without needing to roll.
      • Can wreck havoc against T'au gunline making their vehicles (all of which have FLY) damage their not-at-all-gundam suits as well as their surrounding infantry screens.
    • Twin Boomstick: Range 12" Assault 2 S5 AP0 D1, if the target is within 6" you get +1 to hit.
    • Wazbom Mega-Kannon: Range 36" Heavy d3 S8 AP-3 Dd6 Blast, bearer suffers one mortal wound on one or more hit rolls of 1.
    • Wing Missiles: Megatrakk Scrapjet's secondary gun, Range 24" Assault 1 S8 AP-2 D3, +1 to hit vehicles and -1 to hit anything else.
    • Wing Rokkits (Legends): Fighta's and Fighta-Bommer's secondary weapons if they don't go for Small Bomms. Identical statwise to the Rokkit Launcha in literally every way. Don't know why they didn't just give the aircraft a Rokkit Launcha?
    • Zzap Gun: Range 36" 2d6 Strength, rolled on every shot. Normally does 3 Damage with AP-3, but if you get an 11+ on the Strength roll, it inflicts four Mortal Wounds instead - three to the target and one to itself. If you're feeling lucky, consider keeping a Mek with a heavy weapon nearby to fix the damage (buy him a snazzy Shoota so he can join in the long-range blasting).
    • Big Zzappa (Forge World): Range 36" 2d6 Strength like its mini-me above, but with AP-4 and D4, the best non-random Damage in the army.

    Unit Analysis[edit]

    In general, Orks've a pretty good selection of units to choose from in every FOC slot. Except Fortifications, we don't talk about that...


    You get Big Meks, Warbosses, and Weirdboyz to lead your Waaagh!

    Da Mekaniaks[edit]

    Each piece of kit a Big Mek could conceivably carry has been given its own Big Mek profile for... Reasons?

    • Big Mek (Legends): Nob mechanic. Can replace its Slugga with anything from Souped-Up or Choppy Weapons lists, or a Kustom Force Field. Additionally, he has access to the Killsaw. Note that he can replace both the slugga and the Choppa with a souped-up or Choppy weapon. Not point-efficient, but FUN nonetheless. Comes with the Big Mekaniak rule, allowing a friendly Non-FLYING VEHICLE (there is nothing that states you cannot repair units with fly) within 3" of the Big Mek to regain D3 Wounds at the end of the movement phase (Better than Mek's 1 Wound repair). Taking a Grot Oiler automatically increases this roll by 1 once per battle. A vehicle may only be repaired once per turn. The rules require the Big Mek model to be "on the tabletop" to elect a vehicle within 3" to be repaired, so he can't use it inside transports.
    • Big Mek with Kustom Force Field: Like the Big Mek above, but comes with an obligatory Kustom Force Field but with the same points as a Choppa Slugga Mek.
      • Kustom Force Field: 5++ only against shooting, units must be wholly within 9" of the Mek to benefit from it.
        • This upgrade benefits smaller units more often than larger ones. It's a 9" bubble measured from the 1.5" base of a Big Mek means you have an effective diameter of approximately 22" - almost 2 feet of board space. Move your Big Mek before moving other units, to keep models inside the bubble. If Big Mek is embarked in a transport only the transport gets the benefit. If the base of one model is partially outside the aura it doesn't protect any of the unit. Keep this in mind when removing casualties - killing off the one or two guys outside the field will let you make that 5++ for the remaining wounds.
      • Also note since the Saga of the Beast supplement he is back in codex status and not relegated to legends like previously.
    • Big Mek in Mega-Armour: A heavier, slower, more armoured version of the Big Mek. Comes with an extra Wound, a Kustom Mega-Blasta and the option to take the Tellyport Blasta. Unless you absolutely need a Tellyporta Blasta there is little reason to take him. For CC you got Warbosses and for protecting your assets with KFF normal one is quite enough provided some bubblewrapping is done. And the regular one has better movement. Furthermore, this guy currently cannot dual-wield Killsaws.
      • Tellyport Blasta: This thing has an interesting way of instantly killing its victims. Any model that is wounded, but not killed by this gun, is instantly killed at the end of the shooting phase if the Ork Player rolls higher than that model's wound characteristic on a D6. It is quite nice albeit somewhat situational having a little bit of extra dread for those super beefy characters that has fewer than 6 wounds, but not that reliable overall. Note that this weapon simply slays the victim, not wounds them. So guys like Yarrick and Guilliman will stay down.
    • Big Mek on Warbike (Legends): Same as a normal Big Mek, except with the movement and guns of a Warbike. Comes with 1 additional toughness and wound. This Big Mek comes with the Big Biker Mekaniak rule, which means that he can only repair friendly Ork Non-FLYING VEHICLES (there is nothing that states you cannot heal repair units with fly) within 1", and only if he didn't move more than 5" that turn. Also doesn't have the ability to take a Grot Oiler. Mostly useful for precise positioning of KFF and slightly longer base. Movement limit on fixing vehicles makes the normal Big Mek waaaay superior in that duty (and he can actually ride in those vehicles).
      • ...But now that you can't use a Big Mek to repair a vehicle when embarked, you need to keep it outside to be effective. This makes the BMonW much more useful as it can actually keep up with your vehicles, although you can still only repair if you moved 5".
      • One tactic to make the Deffskulls warlord trait viable is to give this guy two Kustom Mega Blastas, and watch as he melts enemy characters dumb enough to get close to him. With re-rolling one hit, wound, and damage roll, you can really put the hurt on some characters.
    • Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun: Proof that GW doesn't understand statistics or that none of the rules creators actually play Orks. No longer has the random table to roll on. Instead, this gun fires D6 shots at a Strength of 2d6 and an AP-5. Any roll of an 11 or higher makes each shot cause D3 Mortal Wounds. No longer has a chance of accidentally vaporizing your Big Mek. On paper these changes seem nice; unfortunately this weapon is a prime example of the victims of template removal. With BS5+ the Big Mek will, on average, only end up with one hit each time he fires, and that hit may not even give you a good chance of wounding. If you take this you have a serious gambling problem. Though it does sport one of the longest ranges (60") in the entire codex.
      • The Souped Up Shokka is sadly gone since Specialist Detachments are no longer a thing.
      • A big downside is that you have to select a target first so you cannot choose your target based on the strength rolled.

    Da Bosses[edit]

    Just like the Big Mek, the Warboss has been split up into several versions depending on what gear they have, which's great.

    • Warboss: This Orky beat-stick automatically comes with a Kombi-Rokkit, PK, and two Sluggas (double shots while in melee lol), probably you want to change the Kombi-Rokkit for a Kombi-Skorcha if you have the points or for the very cheap Kustom Shoota (3pts). He has a high Strength value and the option to replace his Power Klaw with a Big Choppa. He also has access to an Attack Squig (Costs 0 pts so take it).
      • Comes with the WAAAGH! ability (which is written as Waaagh! in the book), which allows friendly ORK INFANTRY within six inches of him to charge in the Charge Phase, even if they'd already advanced.
      • He has the Breakin' Heads rule, which allows nearby units of the same <CLAN> to count as having passed a failed morale check at the cost of suffering D3 Mortal Wounds. This is to save units that aren't able to benefit from Mob Rule, such as grots or lone units at low model counts.
    • Warboss in Mega-Armour (Legends): Like the big man above, only with a slightly reduced movement speed, an additional Wound, and a sweet 2+ save. He comes with a Power Klaw by default, so no skimping on the points. For some reason, he can't take two Killsaws. Armor save is good to protect against snipers.
      • This guy still doesn't have a model. Most people use conversions based on the Ghazghkull Thraka or the Ironjaws Megaboss model.
        • Rejoice! The new Beast Snaggas reveal included a mega-armour boss model, finally. Complete with a grot standing on his back operating a pintle-mounted shoota.
      • He can take a Kombi-Skorcha which doubles as a Shoota (at BS 6+ if used with Skorcha) and a Skorcha. Great for softening up units before a charge. Or if you want to make him as cheap as possible he can swap his gun for a basic Shoota (half the shots of the Kustom Shoota, but it's free).
      • The reduced movement speed is pretty negligible; a Warboss shouldn't be footslogging unless he's babysitting a 30+ mob of Boyz (in which case the armour is a waste of points), and you have a number of transports and Stratagems to get him where he needs to be.
      • The Mega-Armour boss costs 120 points at the bare minimum, versus an 80 point normal PK Warboss. Is half as much again worth the added protection of 1 more wound and a 2+ save? Probably not on its own. But the armour's value goes up the more you invest in the boss wearing it, If he's your warlord with Follow Me, Ladz! or any other aura trait, he goes from being spammable to a unique lynchpin in your army, which makes the protection much more valuable. And of course, the Mega-Armour helps a lot when you're trying to survive long enough to bring Da Killa Klaw into combat, especially against an opponent who's seen how much damage it can do.
    • Warboss on Warbike (Forge World): New Forge World Compendium, the Biker Boss's back! Another variant of the Warboss, this one's tooled up with a big Warbike, granting this beast of an Ork an additional +1 Wounds, +1 Attacks, and not the obligatory +1 Toughness, but +2 for T7! That makes it slightly stronger and tougher than the Deffkilla Wartrike, but with a smaller profile and the option for Da Killa Klaw. The bike comes armed with a pair of Dakkaguns, allowing this Warboss to spit out six S5 shots per turn to the footslogging Warboss' four S4 attacks, and has a Movement Speed of 14". Unfortunately most options and abilities the other two Warbosses enjoy've now been stripped out, as he can't buy anything from the Shooty Weapons list. He comes default with a Killsaw, and can replace it with either a Big Choppa or a Power Klaw, so Da Killa Klaw's still a viable build at least.
      • Speedwaaagh! like the Deffkilla Wartrike instead of regular Waaagh! gives VEHICLES and BIKERS Advance and Charge. So if you want him to help footsloggers, you'll need to pick the Follow me, Ladz! Warlord Trait. His mobility is still his strong point, allowing him to keep up with massed mobile units and can also precisely place himself between several of them.
      • Give him Follow me Ladz trait instead of regular Might is Right / Brutal but Kunnin and you lost little bit of close combat capabilities, but gain regular Waaagh!' that affect the INFANTRY.

    Than, he can keep up Boyz or MANz. Or even with Stormboyz and gives them a max a guaranteed (12+6+2d6)" max 30" range on the re-rollable charge while having some of them blown up. If you are using Evil Sunz you are looking at a (15+6+2d6)" with casualties or a still very respectable (15+3d6)" (both with re-rolls). It's important because the Deffkila Wartrike can't do that unless it also has the Follow me, Ladz! Warlord Trait, and the Warboss on Warbike's cheaper.

      • Seriously consider this HQ if you play Evil Sunz. With the bonus to move-advance-charge the average Ork Boyz threat up to 19" (6" move + 4" average advance + 8" average charge range + the 1" melee range).
      • Don' t forget to give him Da Bigges Boss strategem improvement to make him even bigger badass.
    • Deffkilla Wartrike: The shiny new cousin to the Warboss on Warbike, which allows all Bikers and Vehicles who share his Clan to charge after advancing. Stompas can benefit from this- need to say more?
      • Yes possibly, he is not the cheapest and most of his cost is probably rooted in the above Speedwaaagh! rule, but he also has his jet gun thing, which is a two melta shots likely hitting on 6s. His melee damage is similar to a PK in ap and damage. He only gets +2 Strength but does have reroll to wound, so basically a not as good PK. He does throw down 6 S5 boom stick shots with +1 to hit at half range. It seems this guy works best as the linchpin of a speed mob (big surprise), he is proper tough and quite fast, though his damage potential can vary and may be less than what you would expect.
      • Some crazy things can be done with this guy. Consider running him as Deathskulls and running a Dread Mob with him at its center (Deathskulls is the way to go for a Dredd mob as all deff dreds become individual units after deployment and each gets the rerolls) Then, give him the deathskulls relic to allow him to fix stuff and also give him the warlord trait “follow me lads” so that you can keep any unruly Killa Kans from running away. - added bonus - cast the Fists of Gork psychic power on him and watch him Krump everything.
      • The wartrike benefits a lot from the new Big Guns Never Tire rule; in addition to your melee attacks you can still put out some dakka.
    • Weirdboy: Nob psyker. Has a melee weapon staff S +2 and Damage D3. Has the Waaagh! Energy rule which adds an additional point to psychic tests for every 10 friendly Ork models (counts vehicles but not Gretchin) within 10" up to +3. It's one of the most consistent psyker units in the game, but the downside is its prone to Perils of the Warp. They are limited to a max +3 limit. Keep a painboy nearby for a 6+ FNP and heal the damage from perils. They can manifest only a single power per turn. Unless you use the Warphead Stratagem for 1CP.
      • Da Jump allows them to teleport entire INFANTRY units across the field, following normal deep strike rules. And it can be used turn 1.
      • If the older model doesn’t strike your fancy, then the Orruk Weirdnob from AoS is a perfect substitute.


    The same two choices we've always had, one now perhaps a little better, the other practically unusable.

    • Boyz: 8 points per model. They hit on a 3+ and S4 in Melee. Sadly, they have 5 inches of movement. Mob Rule makes Morale checks easy to pass; max sized mobs will ignore morale until 13 Boyz die. Ork Boyz are fragile, so make sure they attack first by charging and using the Counter Offensive stratagem. Ork Boyz' special rule Green Tide boosts big mobs, giving +1 Attack per model if the Boy mob in question numbers 20 models or more. In short, the only reason not to run your Boyz in mobs of 30 is when you want to put them in a Battlewagon or Trukk. Remember: VOLUME! you dont have fancy gear, you simply have the most S/T 4 around. Boyz capitalize on buffs more than others, but fall apart when your army unravels.
      • The boyz will chew through any infantry in the game; armour, however, is a problem that a nob with dual killsaws will quickly remove for you. Mob Up and have 2 of them and they will happily kill units by themselves. With warpath, they are kicking out 6 attacks each when they have a full squad in support.
      • How To Get 3+ Saves: By using the "Loot it" and "Ard Boyz" stratagem on a big unit of Blood Axe Boyz you can have a unit of ladz with a 3+ save against shooting from things 18" away and a 4+ any other time. Effective? Debatable. Fun? Sure thing!
      • For every ten Boyz, one can take a Tankbusta Bomb, which is free and also nearly useless, so you might as well.
      • Sluggaz and Choppas: Pistols for everyone! And, of course, 3 S4 attacks per model (4 if the mob has at least 20 Boyz) with WS3+. Many ways to buff the amount of attacks (Ghazgkull, WAAAGH! Banner, Weirdboyz, clan Traits). This is key to most ork lists.
      • Shootas: Instead of Choppa/Slugga you get a 2A 18" shoota, losing +1 A in melee. Also has synergy with some Kulturs, particularly Bad Moons. Sadly even that amount of shooting 60 shots form 30 boyz is not that good against anything other than chaff due to lack of ap. Also don’t shoot what you intend to charge (unless it's a knight, but why would you charge a knight with boys?). You will make your charge harder.
      • Mob Up!: If you're planning to use Mob Up to merge two squads of Boyz, it can be advantageous to make the squad of 10 equipped with shootas before the two squads merge. This allows the merged squad to fire off some pot-shots before hitting melee, and you can use the shoota boyz to soak up enemy fire with less of a loss to your melee ability.
    Slugga Vs Shoota Boyz to Hit Ratios:
    Unit Type Melee Chance to Hit Successful Hits (30 Boyz) Ranged Chance to Hit Successful Hits (30 Boyz)
    Slugga Boyz 67% 80 out of 120 39% 11.67 out of 30
    Shoota Boyz 67% 60 out of 90 39% 23.33 out of 60
    * Last Updated: Chapter Approved 2018
    • Gretchin: They don't get 'Ere We Go!, Clan rulez, or Mob Rule, and Runtherds are near-compulsory if you want them to last more than a single turn, but a Runtherd is only cost-effective if you have multiple large units of Gretchin.
      • Surprisingly Dangerous in Large Numbers nets them +1 to all hit rolls if the unit has 20 models or more. Yes, you can get Grots with Space Marine levels of accuracy, and that is awesome. However, they are still Grots, and can only take an S3 Pistol, so they're only really good for peppering enemy infantry with shots (hopefully bringing a few down) before the Boyz show up and actually get shit done.
      • Gretchin are one of the few Ork units that needs to be concerned about morale. Either take them in small enough squads that they'll die out right or maxed out with a Runtherd/Warboss to kill a couple to auto-pass.
      • With the Grot Shields strategem it seem it is viable to put some Grot units before your main army, especially of you predict heavy anti infantry fire turn 1. For 1 CP you can basically save one of your pricy units from enemy fire. On the other hand you can use it once (unless open play) so positioning is a key.

    Dedicated Transports[edit]

    With the Warkopta now in Flyers instead of Dedicated Transports, your choice of vehicles has gone down slightly, leaving you with just the Trukk and its looted counterpart to ferry your boyz around in en-masse.

    • Trukk: Only T6 and a 4+ makes it squishy for a light vehicle, but more durable than you'd think. This transport is extremely limited in what it can carry. Tankbustas can only be transported as a small unit. A 12-strong unit of Boyz would rather be 30 Boyz strong, but 12 Boyz can get 5+ Armour from the 'Ard Boyz Stratagem and be somewhat decent if a bit expensive. Nobz can make do if you don't take Ammo Runtz. Frankly Nobz, small units of Tankbustaz and Burnas seem to be the only units that benefit from Trukks. After they deposit their passengers they can tie up an enemy unit in melee for a turn (they might even get lucky if you put a Wreckin' Ball on there) and has a good chance to survive assuming the target wasn't a dedicated melee unit.
      • You can use Boarding Party to give a bunch of PK Nobs a few free swings at a vehicle with no risk to themselves. Even if/when the Trukk is wrecked, you can still make it useful with the Loot It! Stratagem afterwards.
      • Ramshackle: Reduces the damage done to it to 1 on a roll of 6, but it's unreliable. Hilarious when it gets hit for 12 damage from a supremacy suit only to flip over and keep going.
      • Mounted Gun: Comes with a Big Shoota that can't be removed, but you can swap for a Rokkit Launcha via Index version.
      • Melee: Can take either a Grabbin' Klaw or Wrecking Ball. Trukks number of attacks and strength degrades with wound loss, not recommended to take.
      • Stikkbomb Throwa: Basically a regular Stikkbomb with double range, can fire only with a unit embarked on it.
    • Kart (Open Play, Chapter Approved 2018): The first of the Looted Wagons. It can carry only a tiny mob of 10 boyz and lacks the beloved Trukk's open top, but it has a Big Shoota on top and the option to buy a fuckton of Shootas to compensate, and grab a Stikkbomb Launcha and either 2 Skorchas or 2 more Big Shootas. While it's now a constant S6 T7 and rocks a spiffy 3+, it lacks Ramshackle and it loses BS as it takes damage.
      • Big Red Button: Once per battle during shooting, you can roll a d3 to get one of three different results (Instant move 6", +1S to all guns, regen 1d3 Wounds)


    Small note on Elites: It's now extremely easy to fill up an Ork Detachment relying on Elites, since you can simply fill the slots with Painboyz, Nobs with WAAAGH! Banners, or Meks.

    Da Lonerz[edit]

    Your specialists (mechanics, standard-bearers, medics, and slavers) that are too cool to travel about in mobs, and thus strut across the battlefield all by their lonesome. Keep them close to other units so they don't get sniped.

    • Mekboy: Restores a lost wound to one non-Flying Vehicle(there is nothing that states you cannot repair units with fly) within 1" at the end of each Movement phase (a vehicle can't be repaired more than once turn, so no stacking). Once per battle an accompanying Grot Oiler can assist to repair two wounds instead of one, and serves as an extra wound. Particularly handy around any of your Vehicles that might hurt themselves with Zzap Guns and Kustom Mega-Blastas. Being cheaper than a Big Mek he can't heal as well, but is a budget alternative if you don't have a lot of vehicles.
      • Kustom Mega-Slugga can only be replaced by Index weapons.
      • Deff Skull Mek with Kustom Mega-blasta has a 55% chance to hit.
    • Nob with WAAAGH! Banner: The banner gives <CLAN> units within 6 inches +1 to hit in the Fight phase, meaning damn near everything in your army will be hitting on 2's. Absolutely brutal on Slugga Boyz. The Nob is a character, so be sure to keep him bubblewrapped, as his save is pretty lackluster. Also has Keepin' Order.
      • Take one. Always! If you have a free Elites slot somewhere take a second one, as this guy will be the prime target for any enemy sniper.
      • Doesn't stack (affects Ork units within range of "any WAAAAGH! Banner"), extra banners should be spread across the battlefield.
      • Removes penalty for using Power Klawz.
      • Melee: Banner and an extra choppa attack, or you can take a power klaw. Don't let him get into melee.
    • Painboy: <CLAN> Infantry or <CLAN> Biker units within 3" ignore wounds suffered on a 6+ thanks to Dok's Tools. This save applies to any and all wounds - including mortal ones - not just those that would normally allow a save, such as those caused by perils of the warp. The save is applied to individual damage unlike with armor save or invul. He can attempt to heal a multi-wound model within 1" D3 wounds on a 2+ which is rerollable with the Grot Orderly ability. You want this guy near your big 30+ Boy mobs. In melee he has access to a Power Klaw and 'Urty Syringe (which always wounds on a 4+ for Infantry and 6+ for Vehicles/Monstrous Creatures).
      • Note: Dok's Tools auras are explicitly worded so they don't stack with each other, with cybork bodies, or the Snakebites clan kultur.
      • Grot Orderly: The Grot Orderly comes for free; his 'Urty syringe gives him an additional attack.
    • Painboy on Warbike (Legends): Same as above, except with 14" Movement, T5 and 5 wounds. Pretty great to use with Bikers or Nob Bikers due to the extra wounds they now have, or for keeping up with Stormboyz or positioning properly to give 6+ to 3 units of Boyz. He's more expensive than a Warboss on a bike with PK.
    • Runtherd: He's got 4 wounds and has 3 attacks. He doesn't take up a Slot. At 40pts he is equal to ~8 Grots, so not that expensive either. To be worthwhile you need at least 3 units of Grots around him. Almost mandatory if you are using Grot Shields. Can take various crude implements such as Grot Prod gives Gretchin one of two 3" auras:
      • Ignore failed morale tests in exchange for killing D3 models in the unit(#FeedTheSquig)
      • Reroll 1s to hit in the Fight phase.
      • No longer an Elite. You can only bring one for each unit of Gretchin Infantry you have.

    Da Skwads[edit]

    Aspect Orks that excel in their one particular field, but are pretty bad at everything else. Think of them as the 'shot' to the Ork Boyz' 'pike' in your 'pike and shot' formation.

    • Burna Boyz: Their main downfall is lack of armour and high numbers to mitigate deaths by shooting. If you want a Flamer squad to kill things rather than annoy them, you'll want some variety of Nobz with Kombi-Skorchas.
      • A squad of 15 Burna Boyz on average hit 30 times with Burnas, then 20 hits AP -2 in melee for a total of 50. Same points in Ork Boyz will get 77 hits with their sluggas and Choppas. So mathematically Ork Boyz would be better at taking out low save models, but Burnas might be a good, cheap option against high save targets such as TEQ with no 3++ units (for MEQ units or storm shield terminators you are still better off with regular Boys). Than again there is overwatch that makes their low numbers even lower.
        • There's a few assumptions in the above math. Let's compare 10 Burna Boyz to 15 Boyz (Getting enough boyz up the board to pull off the Green Tide bonus can be hard and shouldn't be relied on). 20 burna hits to 5 slugga hits, then 13.3333 burna...stabs? to 30 choppa chops. Against a Marine Equivalent (MEQ), the burna hits are roughly twice as effective, so the Burnas will out perform the boys (Functionally 26.6666 melee and 20 flamethrower shots vs 35). If you CAN pull off green tide, increasing Boyz melee output by about 33%. Still very slightly less than the Burnas vs marines or heavier. Nobz, Spanners with Index Scortchas, and the Pyro subkulture can influence this further. I personally things boyz are a bit more competitive due to being easier to spam and being better vs Guard Equivalent (GEQ), but Burnas aren't as bad anymore and are much easier to transport.
      • One in every 5 can be a Spanner, which can repair a nearby vehicle, and carries a different weapons loadout - everybody gets stikkbombs, but these guys don't carry burnas. Can be upgraded with the Klever Spanner stratgem for to allow you to reroll the number of Burna shots you get. The different weapon options are:
        • Codex:
          • Big Shoota
          • Kustom Mega-Blasta
          • Rokkit Launcha
        • Index:
          • Slugga and Choppa
          • Kombi-Weapon with Rokkit Launcha
          • Kombi-Weapon with Skorcha
          • Kustom Mega-Slugga
    • Ork Kommandos: Kunnin' ladz that can set up anywhere more than 9" from the enemy. With 'Ere We Go!, they can get a first turn charge. Otherwise they're normal Boyz(without +1A for 20+ models), with a Slugga to try and get some lucky shots before the charge (and shoot again next turn), and a Choppa, which get a +1 to wound rolls against units wholly in terrain. The unit is made of 5-15 Kommandos, and 1 in every 5 has a Tankbusta Bomb. Comes with a Boss Nob with Power klaw, similar to Boyz, but can't swap out wargear. Try to infiltrate them into cover to get a 4+ save. Up to 2 Kommandos can take a special weapon instead of their slugga, using the Legends Datasheets.
      • Rokkit Launcha (Legends): Too unreliable for Kommandos; better on Tankbustas.
      • Big Shoota (Legends): Not worth taking if the plan is melee Kommandos, but doesn't take away Choppa hits.
      • Burna (Legends): Almost auto-include, because they cost zero points. In melee, you don't lose your Choppa, so you still get a third attack at AP0. Reasonably ok for Overwatch if you mess up the charge (won't work on anyone charging from 8.1" away or more). The only downside is you lose sluggas, but auto hits are worth it.
      • Good for backline harassment or objective grabbing, especially if the objective is in cover.
      • In 9th this is an essential unit because they can easily grab secondary objectives. Take them without a Nob and drop them to Deploy Scramblers and you' ve got 10 VP and nobody is able to stop you. Or take some with a Power Klaw Nob and fight for An Objective Too Far...
    • Meganobz: 3 Wounds, T4 and a 2+ save (No invul save) and movement 4". They are suffer against higher AP weapons. Kombi-Weapons can now fire both guns at the same time, at the cost of subtracting 1 from all To Hit rolls, which usually only matters if you take a Kombi-Rokkit. It's now possible to replace default loadout for 2 Killsawz which gives an additional Attack. Also have Keepin' Order. If you have CP to spare, the Tellyporta or Blood Axes Stratagem lets them take a page out of the Terminators' book while also compensating for their slow movement.
      • PK and Kombi-Skorcha: This provides decent shooting, a nice charge deterrent.
      • PK and Kustom Shoota: Keeps unit cheap, lose shooting reliability.
      • Double Killsaws: Deprives them of their shooting and pricy, but they are better at killing TEQ and vehicles.
    • Nobz: Primaris boys before primaris were cool. Worth taking especially with a Weirdboy using Da Jump. Nobs hit on 3's, are S5, and have a 4+ save (3+ with "Loot it!"). ((You have to sing ‘Loot it! Loot it! Loot it! Loot it! In the style of Michael Jackson’s Beat it! Whenever you use this strat btw..)) The main problem with Nobz is that their wargear can quickly make them very expensive.
      • Keepin' Order: If a model would flee within 3 inches of the Nobz on a roll of a 6+ the model does not flee. It's a unreliable bonus, mostly useful on units with low model counts like Bikers or Burna Boyz. But even then Mob Rule makes this buff obsolete.
      • Equipment: You can basically go for any combination of 2 weapons as you want, you can give a Nob a PK and a Big Choppa and choose which one to use according to the enemy, you can give it a PK and a Choppa for an extra S5 attack, you can even go for a Kombi-weapon and a Slugga or double Slugga (but please dont do this). Just keep in mind that giving a Nob 2 PKs wont give you an extra attack (it will work with Killsaws though). You can no longer take a 2nd weapon if you take a Kombi-rokkit or a Kombi-scorcha.
        • Swapping weapons in the Codex requires swapping out both their Choppa + Slugga, but the Index requires swapping out a Choppa for a Melee weapon and/or Slugga for a Shooty weapon. If you take a shoota or kustom shoota you can't take an extra choppa or other wargear.
      • Power Stabbas: Give AP-2 for cheap so they can hit like marines with power axes. Makes them Anti-MEQ.
      • Kombi-Skorchas: Full squad of Nobz with Kombi-Skorchas is scary (and expensive). Put them in a Trukk and then fire from its Open Top. With added Trukk survivability this is even better. Then see your opponent cry when they burn his units to ash. Your only issue is range. Enemies will try to charge them from outside Skorcha range, depriving you of Overwatch, but it is a long charge at 9+ inches so there is a good chance they will fail.
      • Killsaws: Basically same as on meganobz but on faster, cheaper unit that is more fragile.
    • Nobz on Warbikes (Forge World): T5 and 3 wounds. Also has Keepin' Order. Deadly to vehicles or monsters but very squishy. Do not go near any kind of infantry, especially big squads or dedicated CC units. They will just destroy them outright. They suffer from the same problem as Warbikers being overcosted for both survivability or damage output. They can work as anti-vehicle but Meganobz or tankbustas are better.
      • Can use Billowing Exhaust Clouds stratagem to give -1 to Enemy shooting To Hit rolls.
      • Only available models for this unit are the expensive Forge World Ork Nob Warbikes upgrade kit, kitbash the normal Warbikers and Nobz kits, each Warbiker kit comes with one Nob so if you have a lot you can make a Nob Biker kit. Alternatively if you don’t mind giant Boars, then the Gore Gruntas from Ironjawz makes a good counts-as (this actually works really well if you’re doing a Snakebite army). Basically "konvert all yer shit" is the point here.
    • Tankbustas: Tank Hunters lets them reroll misses against anything with Vehicle (also works in melee, but you'll get most benefit from it while shooting). They are absolute monsters at killing Vehicle, but unreliable when shooting non-vehicles. There are lots of Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Imperial Knight and Soup players, but your expensive tank hunters will become an expensive objective holder if you're playing against Tyranids, Tau, or Wraith-centered eldar.
      • Rokkit Launchas - Default weapon. Great for anti-vehicle, no need to swap out.
      • Tankbusta Bombs - Tankbusta Bombs can only be thrown one at a time unless you use the new Stikkbombs strategem to throw up to 10 and equate to a Rokkit Launcha with D3 shots and D6 damage.
      • Pair of Rokkit Pistols: One every 5 models. Doubles number of attacks for less range and threat. But can be used in melee, if the target doesn't die or kill them first.
      • Tankhammer: One every 5 models. Exchange rokkit launcha for a suicide attack to cause massive damage, which adds to your morale tests. Since Tankbustas want to stay out of melee, not recommended.
      • Bomb Squigs: You can get two Bomb Squigs for every five Boyz. Effectively a single-shot Rokkit that inflicts D6 damage, shorter range, and can't hit units with Fly. 10 points each. Has BS2+ and rerolls 1s thanks to Tank Hunters. Annoyingly their suicide bomb is Assault and not Pistol, so you'll have to use them before you charge or they'll only get a single S3 AP0 melee attack (which hits on a 2+ with a reroll). Their deaths don't count for morale, unlike Tankhammer wielding Boyz, but do count for transport capacity. If you take one less Bomb Squig you can take a Battlewagon or you can take a full squad and deep strike them with the Tellyporta or Weirdboy'z Da Jump.

    Special Characters[edit]

    Not as crowded as Headquarters, both options are pretty good at what they do. Grotsnik's a Deathskulls-exclusive super-Painboy, the other's a Gretchin hero that buffs his fellow countrymen.

    • Mad Dok Grotsnik: Clan Deathskulls. Only special character in Orks who isn't an HQ. He's a Painboy with T5, a 4+ save and personal 5+ FNP. One Scalpel Short of a Medpack means he'll be forced to charge the nearest enemy if no allies are around; this almost never comes up. Unlike regular Painboyz, he can't bring a Grot Orderly with him or take a bike. Points-wise he's a little more expensive than a basic Painboy, but cheaper than one on a bike. All that extra cost is in personal durability, not improving his aura or melee ability. Worth it if your opponent is bringing a lot of snipers, and you don't want your Boyz having their 6+ FNP picked off quite as easily.
      • Can heal any Ork, not just clan only.
      • His model is rather outdated and undersized. The plastic Painboy model's a great base for converting him.
    • Da Red Gobbo (Legends): He may still be a Grot, but the leader of Da Revolushun can still take more of a beating than most Gretchin and can share his Ld score with any Grots that are nearby him. His Icon of Da Revolushun isn't strong but can still fish for Mortal Wounds and his Kustom Grot Blasta has just enough power in it to harass two-wound units. His most flavorful trick (befitting his Christmas-themed getup) is "Has yoo been a good little Grot this year?": pick a unit of Gretchin (Kans and Mek Gunz included) within 3" after the movement phase, and on a 2+ they gain Stikkbombs for the rest of the battle. Granted, on a 1 they take a mortal wound instead, but let's be honest, that's not a big loss. I'm just gonna leave this here, but he also benefits from the Grot Lash that Runtherdz carry, and surprisingly, with a 4+ WS (the coat must have some reality-bending drugs in it), he has an even better chance of decking the halls of everyone bigger than him.
      • Also also, a 30-Grot unit is already hitting on 3+ and with Dakka Dakka Dakka, that's a lot of shots going through, and since they'll be more often than not close enough to throw grenades, you may as well give them some Stikkbombs. If they've been good, that is.
      • Bear in mind unit can throw only one stikkabomb so it is not like this is massive. At best 5 extra shots.
      • Exteemely good little Grots can use Extra Stickbomb strategem and throw 10D6 granades hitting on 4+ plus Dakka Dakka = cca 20 hits 3/0/1. Have 20+ grots in the unit? Even more!:) Sounds like a New Years party - loud, explosive, expensive and definitely fun! (Except no grots don't get no stinkin stratagemz)
      • Since he is LD 6 improvement of ld is not like supermassive but it helps.
      • He's slightly less useful as grot support than runthered for the same points. However, he additionally fills an Elites slot for cheap.
      • Sadly he was immediately assigned to Legends. So in some setups like tournaments and stuff he'll be probably disallowed. Thanks GW.

    Fast Attack[edit]

    Another FOC slot bursting at the seams, with a bunch of different ways you can arrange your flotilla, which mostly fall into one of four subcategories for your convenience.

    Da Littla Buggies[edit]

    Everything small and nippy on wheels, so your Warbikes and every variant of the OG Warbuggy. Some are good, some are less so.

    • Warbikers: Got slightly cheaper in the codex, but not to the point of being actually useful. Still overpriced and unable to perform well in either melee or shooting, although in the latter case Dakka Dakka Dakka and the Evil Sunz kultur help somewhat. The only obvious downside to the Bikers's their point cost. They're really pricey, at three and a half times the cost of a normal Ork Boy, and their squads are only practical in 5+ man squads. They're best for larger games, where they can safely suck up points and use their Nob+Power Klaw to full effect, but using "Look Out, Sir!" is only for dire circumstances. Heavy Flamers will ruin your Bikers' day, just like they do to all of your infantry. On a final note, you CAN field squads of 12, letting you use Mob Rule, but they become nigh-impossible to move without getting stuck in terrain or moving into the open.
      • Best taken in MSU(minimum-size units) for objective grabbing and harassing.
    • Warbuggies (Legends): T5 and 5 Wounds with 4+ armor. More like a cavalry unit with WS3+ and 4 melee attacks. Take the Twin Big Shoota to kill infantry and the Rack of Rokkits if you wish to threaten vehicles. The buggies can also arrive as reinforcements from a board edge thanks to Outriders, and dive straight into the enemy's back line. Buggies are extremely useful as a cheap distraction unit, and also have a high chance of stripping some Wounds to boot. Their speed and ability to provide support weapons are very useful to the Ork advance, but are rivaled by their cousin the Deffkopta, which isn't stuck in Legends. The Twin Big Shoota adds little beyond normal Ork shooting. The Skorcha or Rokkit Launcha remain the primary reasons to take these vehicles.
      • Unit Synergy: Rokkit Warbuggies make good escorts for Battlewagons, on the accounts of being able to block off assaults, screen against mobile anti-tank elements, or to block enemy vehicles from moving away from the Deffrollas. Warbuggies provide much-needed anti-tank firepower for Zhadsnark lists, while maintaining a low-enough profile that one can easily provide cover saves for the Buggies by using Bikes to screen them.
      • Neckbeards swore by them and so should you, no friendly game should be without some.
    • Wartrakks (Legends): Warbuggies that trade 2" Movement for one more Wound, at a cost of 5 extra points, other than that no different so refer to above.
    • Skorchas (Legends): Wartrakks that trade their Twin Big Shootas for a (surprise surprise) Skorcha. Their points costs and abilities are identical to Wartrakks (other than the gun, of course). Skorchas are awesome - and the Wartrakk's high Movement enables them to position well for a barbecue. You can freely Advance close to the enemy, flame them, and then do it again if they try to charge you. They are fragile and being charged from more than 8" denies their overwatch. A good tactic's to use two regular Warbuggies or Wartrakks with Twin Big Shootas, and two Skorchas. Any more Skorchas likely won't get in position and will waste their shot, whereas one or more Twin Big Shootas can continue to fire regardless and make the unit useful.
    • Grot Bomm Launcha (Forge World, Legends): Now in the Forge World Compendium Legends PDF, giving it an actual points cost again. A Wartrakk equipped with nothing but a single use 72" Heavy 2D6 S8 Ap-3 D2 Blast Grot Bomb. You don't need line of sight and you get BS2+ when you're shooting it. Very cheap now at 50 points, and has the potential to nuke your enemy's armour from across the board turn 1, but becomes almost completely useless afterwards, except perhaps for holding back to contesting a late-game objective.
      • If you actually want to make a couple of these (for whatever reason - no judging), just use some blitza-bombs and extra fins from the Ork Flyer kit and stick them onto some Wartrakks. Grots are also relatively cheap and easy to get - we'll let you figure out what to do from here.
      • Some rumored to have been converted from old 2oz liquor bottles (the kind drunks sneak on airplanes) The unit was named liquid courage! That's simply beyond class.

    Da Bigga Buggies[edit]

    The newer and bigger wheeled vehicles that replaced the old Warbuggies, all are pretty solid choices that will serve you well.

    • Boomdakka Snazzwagon: The only non-Flyer unit in the codex with a built-in -1 To Hit. Makes a good kamikaze since it explodes on 4+ for 6" d3 Mortal Wounds.
      • Don’t forget that the Snazzwagon can fire ALL of its weapons. Even though it’s at 5+ to hit (except for the Big Shoota and the Grot Blasta, which hit on 4+), the sheer amount of DAKKA will eat GEQ for breakfast.
    • Kustom Boosta-Blasta: Torch anyone within 8" or foolish enough to charge at that range with x4 Burnaz. Also brings to bear a 36" 6-shot Autocannon. Deals d3 Mortal Wounds to a charged enemy unit on a roll of 4+ (only use for close combat if you are doing so to primarily shut off that units shooting, then hopefully you do a couple of wounds in addition). An important caveat: since the exhausts are 4 separate weapons they each score maximum (3) hits against units with 6 or more models.
    • Megatrakk Scrapjet: One of the most orky vehicles of all time - a salvaged jet fuselage with tank treads bolted on. The pilot retains his bomber jacket and flight goggles. Slower but tougher than its brothers, a decent anti-vehicle skirmisher due to 2d3 Rokkit shots, plus a single wing Rokkit per turn with a +1 to hit against vehicles but a -1 against non-vehicles. In addition, it can do some work against troops as well, due to firing 12 Big Shoota shots (6 at BS4+). In melee it has WS4+ with 4 attacks with its Nose Drill which gives S+2 to essentially make this thing a drive-able Powerfist (again, very orky) at S8 AP-2 Dd3. But it prefers range over melee. It’s rules do seem pretty ridiculous to be honest. Compare it’s Dakka n Krump to a Deff Dread.. Instead of spending CP to make a mob of fast Dreads with Orkymatic Pistons, it’s fast as standard and you can spend a cp to have them pile in and fight and consolidate again. Ouch.
      • Point for point is probably the best of the new buggies.
        • Deff Skwadron boyz on the table is a happy happy sight indeed :).
    • Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy: The Heavy Squig Launcha and Squig Launcha combine to make this one of the most versatile weapons platforms in the codex. Able to dump out a notable amount of Poison 4+ shots with Bile Squigs to force loads of saves on infantry OR take on medium vehicles with the Boom Squigs. The Bitey Squigs are likely to disappoint considering the very limited number of shots as compared to the Bile and Boom variants. Its flexibility is undermined by its ineffectiveness: each of the other vehicles can generally outperform what the Squigbuggy does against most targets. To make matters worse, it is expensive compared to other units that perform the same function.
    • Shokkjump Dragsta: M14" makes this one of the quickest Ork units. It also has one of the only weapons in the entire codex with BS3+ which also happens to be a 24" Plasma Cannon. The other awesome ability is if its Advance roll is 4+ it teleports and can set up anywhere over 9" from an enemy model; on an additional 4+ the model receives a Mortal wound.
      • The Temperamental Shokk Drive Stratagem from Saga of the Beast lets you automatically teleport a Dragsta at the end of your shooting phase, making this one of the better hit and run units in the game (if you've got the command points to burn).
      • It has decent anti-armor capabilities due to its weapon. It hits on 3+ (4+ when it advances). Additionally, every 6 on to wound rolls causes extra mortal wounds on the target.
      • This vehicle is probably best utilized with Deathskulls kultur as a re-roll to hit, to wound and for damage can be massive on those two shots. Potentially even better than the Bad Moons Clan Kultur.
      • Evil Sunz Clan Kultur adds +1 to the advance roll, meaning you get to Back to the Future on a 3+. The main gun is assault, so an Evil Sunz Dragsta can teleport and still hit on 3+.

    Da Buzzy Fings[edit]

    Anything that flies, be that by strapping a Rokkit to your back or replacing a Warbikes' wheels with propellers.

    • Stormboyz: Slugga Boyz that fly 12". They can deep strike 9" from enemy units. They can no longer advance and charge on their own, their full throttle rule instead giving them a flat advance of 6 with each model rolling a d6; results of 1 means a dead lad as his rickety jump pack explodes (or implodes). And these losses count for morale.
      • Take Forge World Biker Warboss with a certain Warlord Trait to give them advance and charge for a guaranteed 20" move and charge.
    • Deffkoptas: Have alternate deployment with the Scoutin' Ahead rule, and interestingly enough are VEHICLES and SPEED FREEKS. They're the fastest Ork units with M14" and automatic Advance of 6" rather than rolling for it. Imagine Evil Sunz riding over the whole battlefield. Great for grabbing objectives, but very fragile.
      • Kopta Rokkits: Kopta Rokkits are currently too expensive for the firepower that you get, but even so, a trio of Deffkoptas armed with these can seriously threaten back-field vehicles when using the Scoutin' Ahead rule.
      • Twin Big Shoota: This is the cheapest option, with enough firepower and range for the Deffkoptas to perform in their role as annoying skirmishers and extremely fast objective grabbers.
      • Spinnin' Blades: Deffkoptas are not really an ideal unit to use in melee, but the Spinnin' blades boost them to S5 and 2D3 attacks per model, which may be enough to get the job done if you absolutely have to finish off an enemy unit.
      • Kustom Mega-Blasta (Legends): Its main advantage is low cost compared to Rokkits. Koptas multiple wounds allow it to survive the Gets Hot disadvantage better than other models.
      • 'Bigbomm (Legends): Each Kopta can buy one of these for no points (which is probably why the Kopta itself costs so much) *AS OF LEGENDS, these now cost 6 points each*, so you probably should do that. Once per game it can be dropped after moving over the target in the Movement Phase, delivering up to 5 mortal wounds to the unit (one dice per model in it, capped at 5) on a 5+.
      • 'Killsaw (Legends): Anti-vehicle weapon that isn't as useful with Koptas since its better on units with higher Strength such as Nobs/Meganobz.
      • 'This unit can keep up with the Wazbom's KFF. In the event that your enemy denies you the deepstrike, running the Blastajet alongside your koptas means they actually have a chance to do some damage.
      • 'If you want to field these but can't find decent models, it's not too difficult to convert them from Warbikers: just take out the wheels and add some propellers and gubbins. And it's not like you were going to use Warbikers anyway...
        • If you need to fill in Fast Attack slots this is one of the cheapest options at 35 points for a one-man squad, with a lot of speed an maneuverability for last turn objective grabbing.

    Da Uvver Stuff[edit]

    And last but not least, the slightly heavier stuff on tracks that doesn't quite fit into Heavy Support.

    • Grot Tanks (Forge World): The Forge World Compendium's out, and they're still a weird unit - their Movement stat is 6+1d6 that changes every turn, which's more reliable than the 2d6 they had previously but can still hurt their short-ranged weaponry. They've also lost their Invulnerable Save of 6+, which wasn't great but did help, though it's mitigated slightly by giving them Ramshackle instead, the same thing that keeps Trukks running. The Grotzooka's the only weapon that's different from other vehicle guns - with Heavy 2d3 and +1S over a Big Shoota. It's a better anti-infantry choice than a Big Shoota, but's 18" range.
      • No longer need a Big Mek in the detachment in order to be taken, so all-Grot flotillas are back in business. Also once again in the Fast Attack slot, after inexplicably being moved into Heavy Support in the 2020 Munitorum Field Manual and 2020 Power Ratings Update.
      • Minimum 7" Movement on a vehicle's unreliable for getting into position compared to other buggies you can take, but still a vast improvement over the previous system, as it actually gives them a chance to get their firepower out there.
      • If you want Grotzookas in your army (They aren't great compared to other options), take Grot Tanks over Kanz. Grot Tanks are cheaper by 5 points, have Ramshackle, come in flocks of up to 8 instead of 6, and are at least a little bit faster (but swingy).
      • Now for the cons - they can't melee like Kanz with 1 worse WS, S, W, and A, they have wonky movement (but you can re-roll if you REALLY need to), and they suffer from morale (which Kanz also do). If you want a cheap weapon's platform with crap range use this, but if you want a better variant that's more reliable try a Grot Mega Tank.
        • If you want Grot Tanks in your army, but think Forgeworld prices are too high, you can substitute them for Grot Trakbikes. Shown off in White Dwarf 452 as a Games Workshop employee's custom-job, each Trakbike's basically just one Chimera track unit, with a Gretchin driving it from a sidecar with a pintle-mounted gun. You can make two Trakbikes from a single Chimera, giving you four scratch-built Grot Tanks for only £60, instead of four purpose-built ones for £74, and the two spare Chimera hulls can be used as well once you patch up the holes in the walls, maybe as bunkers or something.
        • If you want Grot Tanks in your army, but don't think Forgeworld prices are high enough, you can substitute them for Rebel Grot Cuttas and Big Luggas from Gorkamorka, available occasionally on Ebay whenever a particularly beardy individual has a clear-out. Not needing them to carry loads of Gretchin, they've plenty of space for the big guns, and them being sail or pedal-powered still fits in with their random movement.
    • Grot Mega-Tank (Forge World): Forge World Compendium, Forge World Compendium, Forge World Compendium! With a wide variety of weapons and better stats than the normal Grot Tank, it's tougher, doesn't have to deal with morale, and now doesn't suffer from randomness overload either. Grot Revolt's gone, so no more rolling a d6 every Shooting Phase and on a 1, you can't shoot at all, and on a 6 you gain +1 to hit but all your guns can only target one unit. On the other hand Grot Revolt in itself was a fluffy rule, and it'll surely be missed by many a Rebel Grot player. Even its biggest drawback of random movement's sort of fixed, having 6+1d6" whilst at full health, though that progressively goes down after damage until you get to 1d6" in the lowest bracket, but by that point you're only on 2 Wounds anyway and aren't likely to last much longer.
      • Important: Make sure to roll your movement before you declare your advancing. This's very useful because the guns are generally so close range that a bad movement roll will leave you unable to shoot anyway.
      • Ramshackle: Just like the chibi versions below, the Mega-Tank has this, improving its survivability a tad.
      • Mek Gunz are a more reliable alternative for heavy firepower, especially as the Mega-Tank can only mount infantry-sized weapons, but it can mount a lot of them like a Land Raider Crusader.
      • Can choose to load up 7 Rokkits per turn at BS4+. Better at shooting TEQ units than Tankbustas, and thanks to a slight points drop, a Mega-Tank's now equivalent to 9 tank-hunting Orks. You lose 2 Rokkits, but you're more likely to hit with the ones you do have, and they're on a much tougher and faster platform.
      • Grot Tanks and the larger Grot Mega-Tanks are some of the coolest models produced by Forge World (though you should save your precious teef and make them yourself out of hot wheels cars!) If you disagree, I sincerely recommend you consume a primed stikkbomb, and you know how.
        • Just like the smaller Grot Tanks below, you can substitute Mega-Tanks with Trakbikes, using Baneblade track units instead of those of Chimeras. With two Mega-Trakbikes and a Supa-Kannon for a Battlewagon or something for £85, that's almost two Mega-Tanks for the price of one (£79).

    Heavy Support[edit]

    This's now a very heavily-contested slot, with a whole host of different options to choose from. Generally speaking though, all these units fall into one of four rough categories, which can help when it comes to picking for synergy.

    Da Boyz[edit]

    You've got two mobs available here, Lootas and Flash Gitz, very different units that seem to be going after the same target but in their own unique ways. One's long-range and packing massed Autocannons, and the other's short-range and totting suped-up Heavy Bolters. Both are good anti-MEQ, but suit opposite playstyles, so pick whichever one fits in with your meta.

    • Lootas: Lootas have always been polarizing, either players love them or hate them - and this didn't change much in 9E. Their Deffguns are 1d3 Shots which can be re-rolled for a CP (or bring the ungodly expensive Klever Spanner). They're the best long range shooting infantry the Orks have at 48" but come at a hefty price of 20 pts per model (+10 for a spanner upgrade). Tankbustas and Flashgitz are better in small squads, but with Lootas it's go big or go home - a max squads of 15 is near-mandatory. D2 is useful in Marine-heavy metas, bringing down Firstborn and Primaris marines with ease but less effective versus W3 targets like Terminators or anything in Gravis armor. They are a stationary backfield unit holding an objective - which sits somewhat ill with 9E missions where mobility is key.
      • Flash Gitz or Tankbustas are arguably more reliable. 'Bad Moons' 'Showing Off' stratagems both depend on rolling 3 shots.
      • Possibly the best candidates for More Dakka, especially with Bad Moons.
      • If they use 'Loot It' on a 4+ the CP is refunded, but it's a red herring for fluff reasons. Lootas could be nearby a Morkanaut giving out a KFF or a Trukk turn 1 that gets blown up early ,which could give them that +1 to saves... Don't rely on that though.
    • Flash Gitz: Dakka Nobz. They're always Freebootas, and like Imperial Tempestus they won't block or use your Kultur, but can only benefit from their own in Freeboota-only detachments. Actual usable BS4+ (though Heavy means BS5+ if they move, which they will with that 24" range). Snazzguns got killier, can now threaten even light vehicles, though their real target's infantry. Especially the 2W ones. Gun-crazy Showoffs allows them to shoot twice - unreliable and restrictions apply, but it's there.
      • Always get the Targetting Squig, it's free. Also take Ammo Runts whenever you can afford them - the reroll is nice, but tanking a lascannon aimed at your Gitz with a Grot is both hilarious and useful. They can fill those extra 2 spaces in Trukks and Battlewagons.
      • These guys won't have a Kulture more often than not...but your plethora of Open-topped transports get theirs. Flash Gitz in a Blood Axe transport may not fall back and still shoot, but they're inside a transport with the benefit of cover you still have to destroy to get them.
      • These guys are Nobz. As such, they can break faces in a combat...but you can't shoot Snazzguns in melee, and their accuracy suffers on their way there. Conversely, if you don't close in, you're paying for 3A you're not using.

    Da Wheelz[edit]

    You've got a lot, and I mean A LOT, of specialised Battlewagon variants, covering every base from troop transport to assault tank to mobile artillery. It's rivaling the Leman Russ Battle Tank in terms of mods, making a Spearhead Detachment blitz brigade all the more viable. There're also the Big Trakk and Looted Wagon knocking about, but they're not in the best place right now, having lost of lot of their former options of editions gone by.

    • Big Trakk (Forge World): New Forge World Compendium rules change the character of Big Trakk a lot, with almost every weapon option gone; no Big Zzappa, no Heavy Lobba, no nothing. Now it's a more improved Trukk than a squishier Battlewagon, with a 14” move, T6, and W12, transport capacity of 12, Open-Topped, Spiked Ram dealing Mortal Wounds in charge, Ramshackle like an old good Trukk, plus 2 Big Shootas for the nice price tag of 85pts. Now you can rumble forward with the boyz faster and crush into the enemies in a more spectacular way than with old Trukk, and much cheaper than with a Battlewagon. Or take the Tankbustas for a ride!
      • A Big Trakk can take a Killkannon and reduce its transport capacity to 6, or a Supa-Kannon and reduce it further to 0. But honestly, face to the fact, the Big Trakk has BS5+ and no dakka improving abilities, why take it? If you want the Killkannon, take a Gunwagon. Wanna Supa-Kannon? Take Kannonwagon.
      • Great old Supaskorcha seems to be definitly lost :(
      • One of the coolest models we have btw.
      • Good target for Ramming Speed strategem. In combination with Spiked Ram and little bit of dakka from two Big Shootas, this annoying small light infantry units are finally dead and the reach is impressive.
    • Battlewagon: Lacks Ere we Go! and Mob Rule. Good for transporting 20 Boyz (or 10 Meganobz) and then running enemies over. It's best taken with either a Deff Rolla or bare bones. They are a "hard as nails transport" especialy with Forktress Kustom Job. However at ~140-200 points, you are paying a lot. On a good note, The Deffrolla hits on 2s. Its rules let it shoot all its weapons at "normal" BS of 5+ but this does not transfer to its occupants.(see FAQ). Pretty good LOS blocking model btw...

    Every weapon on the 'Wagon is an optional extra:

      • 'Ard Case: It'll be more durable(+1 T), but your passengers can't shoot. More of a sidegrade.
      • Choppy bitz: You can buy all three if you want, but the Deff Rolla is usually your best option leaving the other two as dead weight. Choppy Battlewagon should be used to ferry models, and turn into a dead killy moving obstacle afterwards.
        • Deff Rolla: It's AP-2, and any attacks with it are at WS 2+. 20 points isn't the cheapest, but compared to the cost of the 'Wagon it's not expensive either.
        • Grabbin' Klaw: You can only make one of your attacks with this each Fight, it's using your base WS of 5+, and it's only marginally better than the roller in damage terms. It is only 5 points though.
        • Wreckin' Ball: The cheapest melee weapon at only 3 points. You're limited to only making three of your attacks with it though, and since your WS is 5+ you aren't that likely to hit anything.
      • Big Gunz: You get space for either a Killkannon, Kannon or Zzap Gun, plus a Lobba if you want it. They're all Heavy and BS 5+. Mobile Fortress lets you ignore the -1 to hit for firing while moving normally. But Ork shooting means they are almost always not worth the points. If you want a shooting Wagon, take Gunwagon with Da Boomer or Kannonwagon.
        • Killkannon: A hybrid of both Kannon shell types. Vanila versin is useless, but improved via Kustom Job Da Boomer is better. It also drops your transport capacity from 20 to 12. Don't waste the points.
        • Kannon: No AP on the Frag shells is comparable to 1-6 Boys shooting Sluggas. A single shot anti-tank/MEQ weapon will only hit one every three turns. Don't waste the points.
        • Lobba: Long range indirect fire. Can hit models out of line of sight. Almost worth it.
        • Zzap Gun: Random strength is unreliable. Don't waste the points.
      • More Dakka: You can buy up to four of each of these, and they're Assault so you can shoot them at your full 5+ to hit (or 6+ if you're Advancing). However, none of these weapons are useful at BS 5+.
        • Big Shoota: Cheap dakka. On average you are gonna hit 1 time with each big shoota.
        • Rokkit Launcha (Index only): Some anti-vehicle punch. A bit pricey if you want all four of them. On average you are gonna hit with 1 of them. Don't waste the points.
    • Gunwagon: Battlewagon variant 1. Comes with 'Ard Case and Kannon by default (Swap-able for a Killkannon or a Zzap Gun), cannot take a Deff Rolla and has a transport capacity of 12 by default, but in exchange if it doesn't move or moves no more than half of its movement value the Big Gun can shoot twice in a turn. Base cost of 140.
      • Killkannon improved via Kustom Job to Da Boomer is your option. This turns a Battlewagon into a dedicated gun platform with pretty impressive performance, especially like a Deathskulls or Evil Sunz with Visions in the smoke. But honestly, Kannonwagon is slightly better.
      • Zapgun improved via Kustom Job to ZagZap is a second option. 2 autohitting shots and every third deals flat 3 MW. 36” range. This gun is super reliable and goes around all -1 to hit, 2++ saves etc. and makes your opponent to cry in overwatch. Fine againts different types of shield guys and flyiers. Don' t expect brutal damage. Expect a dead terminator per turn. Pretty solid chance for 2 dead melta dudes per turn. This is the gun you use to finish something dangerous now, instead of waiting for the better roll on number of shots...
    • Bonebreaka: Battlewagon variant 2. Takes 'Ard Case and Deff Rolla by default and again can transport only 12 models, but also gets D6 extra attacks in the turn it charges. Forget the ranged options, this thing only worth the +20 points compared to the Battlewagon if you gear it up to close combat with a kustom job, lest it becomes a huge point sink.
      • Dedicated Melee: Get the Red Rolla kustom job for a guaranteed +6 attacks on the charge and go full steamroller with 12 WS2 S9 AP2 D2 attacks. Goffs may give additional attacks, Blood Axes allow you to fall back and charge every turn until you're wrecked, while Evil Sunz allow you to close in the distance even faster. Naturally, it synergizes with the Deffkilla Wartrike and with the Evil Sunz warlord trait so you can still charge in after falling back. This thing is good at what it does: being tough as hell and mopping up infantry. If this thing gets the charge, it can AND WILL murder fuck anything not a TEQ. However, this setup also makes him a priority target so consider placing it in reserve (strategic, or Tellyporta) and even then you might want to spend on Ramming Speed to ensure your charge connects. This can easily cost you anywhere between 2 (1 for Kustom Job, 1 for Strategic Reserves) to 6 CPs (1 for Kustom Job, 2 for Tellyporta, 2 for Ramming Speed and 1 for a command re-roll since it lacks 'Ere we go), so plan accordingly.
    • Kannonwagon (Forge World): This thing has had a major (40) points drop in the Forge World Compendium, going from 210pts in the 2020 Munitorum Field Manual to only 170, the cheapest it's been in quite a while! Transport capacity's reduced to just 6 when compared to a regular Battlewagon and you don't've the option for an 'Ard Case to give it T8, but in exchange you've a big gun that's dead killy. The Supa-Kannon's 60" Heavy 2d6, S8, AP-2 and Damage 3 (DAMAGE 3 !!!) Blast - dead killy. It's kinda a better Ork Vindicator. This thing was made to bring down anything big, but Blast means it can also now delete blobs of heavy infantry once you've eliminated enemy armour. 2D6 shots is however pretty random.
      • Kannonwagon Grot Gunners: BS4+ when firing main cannon, meaning you actually stand a chance of hitting something.
      • Three Big Shoota for free for more fun.
    • Lifta Wagon (Forge World, Legends): Everyone's favorite weaponized tractor beam now automatically hits its target D6 times, rolling 2D6 per hit. Each roll that equals or exceeds the target's Strength inflicts a mortal wound. The wagon itself can fire Heavy weapons (i.e. the Lifta-Droppa) while moving without penalty, and has access to the same melee and small gun options as the Battlewagon (Deff Rolla/Wreckin' Ball/Grabbin' Klaw, and up to two from the following: Rokkit Launcha, Big Shoota). Less shots, less damage, but you don't need to roll to hit with an Ork BS5+ and it inflicts mortal wounds.
      • The effectiveness of the Lifta-Droppa damage output is limited by its number of hits. It can't do enough damage to threaten enemy vehicles, and it lacks the output to deal with any substantial hordes. Unless you are going against an elite heavy army with expensive 1W models, this thing is more of a point sink then a boon.
    • Open and Narrative Play only:
      • Wagon (Open Play, Chapter Approved 2018): Looted Wagon #2, and perhaps the most likely position for it. While it starts with just a Big Shoota (replaceable with a Skorcha or Zzap Gun), you know you really want more shit on this. Starting off is the big gun (Lobba, Killkannon, or Zzap Gun), then you got an option to get two more of the following (Big Shootas, Skorchas, Rokkits) and a Stikkbomb Launcha. Compared to the Battlewagon, it loses out on wounds, but it's T8 and exchanges its transport capacity for the ability to keep on firing.
        • Mobile Fortress: PoMS, now orkified. Fire heavy weapons and drive without penalty!
        • Shoot 'Em Again: If you move less than half its movement speed (or not at all), the Lobba or Killkannon can shoot again.
        • Big Red Button: Once per battle during shooting, you can roll d3 for a random result (Instant move 6" which fucks shooting, +1S to all guns, heal d3 wounds).

    Da 'Ard Stuff[edit]

    This is anything with legs, be they metal or fleshy, all are equally stompy. Your walkers range in size from Sentinel-class Killa Kans and Dreadnought-shaped Deff Dreds, all the way up to Imperial Knight-scale Gorkanauts and Morkanauts, giving you all the tools you might need to tackle any job. The Squiggoth's pretty solid too, but's more of a transport that can also krump, rather than a krumper that can also transport.

    • Killa Kans: Lacks 'Ere We Go!, Mob Rule and Clan Kultur. Unlike Deff Dreads, these little guys don't split up on deployment so Leadership 6 and lack of Mob Rule can see things go very wrong very fast, especially as casualties that Explode will always wound their squad mates. Your only Leadership options are things like a Warboss' Breakin' Heads (which the Kans can at least absorb the wounds from without losing a model) or a Hail-Mary 6+ from Nobz' Keepin' Order. Having units of 1 Kan means you don't have to worry about morale. Grab a Big Mek with a KFF to fill the HQ slot for an invul. They are versatile in melee and at range, with their great (for Orks, anyway) BS4+, decent selection of weapons, and three S5 melee attacks (+ weapon benefits) per Kan. They also get +1A if there's more than two in a unit, thanks to Scrag 'Em. The lack of 'Ere We Go! means these little guys might just fail the charge, but you want them at range. Have a Command Point handy. Each Kan has a Kan Klaw, and a Big Shoota which it can replace with one of the following:
      • Grotzooka: Decent for mowing down infantry at range with 2d3 S6 shots per Kan, but the lack of AP will force you to rely on sheer volume of shots against Power Armour equivalents. Also one of the few heavy weapons Orks have, which combined with their short range (18") makes them pretty lackluster all things considered.
      • Kustom Mega-Blasta (Index only): As with the Deff Dread, S8 plasma goodness. Better AP than the Rokkit Launcha in exchange for 1d6 rather than 3 flat Damage, but you wound yourself on 1s.
      • Rokkit Launcha: As with the Deff Dread, your alternative S8 firepower option. Flat 3 damage to the Mega-Blasta's 1d6 and no wounding yourself on 1s, but one less AP.
      • Skorcha: Your BS4+ isn't terrible, so not an auto take compared to other Orks units, but if you're going melee you might want to pack a Skorcha for guaranteed hits. Especially helpful for Overwatch if they get counter-charged, but very expensive (they're 17pts compared to the 5pts Big Shoota).
      • As of the Codex, the Kan Klaw (S+3 AP-3 D3) can be replaced with a Buzzsaw (a Klaw with slightly worse stats, but also giving +1 attack) or a Drill (Strength +1 AP -4 2 Damage, deals a mortal wound on an unmodified wound roll of 6).
      • After some games I love those nasty rascals, multiple wounds and some toughness makes them somewhat durable. And people tend to underestimate them. The lack of speed is a main disadvantage, but when in range, see all those MEQs die. If you're lucky with your attacks in CC they can rip most character models apart as their claw always inflicts 3 damage.
      • They're still pretty cheap even at 50 points with a Big Shoota as of the 2020 Munitorum Field Manual; they hit on 5s in melee, but can get to 5 attacks each, which isn't bad considering they are T5 W5 Sv3+.
    • Deff Dreds: Start organised as a 3-model unit, but split into individual units during deployment (as per Dread Mob). They are prime example of DISTRACTION CARNIFEXES for Orks. Keep them away from large groups of basic troops as they will either tarpit the Dreads for eternity or straight up kill them. Their preferred targets are vehicles and monsters. Each Dread comes with two Dread Klaws and two Big Shootas as standard, and can replace any of them with these:
      • Kustom Mega-Blasta: 9 extra points per gun for S8 plasma goodness. Better AP than the Rokkit Launcha and it is D6 rather than 3 flat Damage, but you wound yourself on 1s (which is easily remedied with Bad Moons Clan Kultur benefit).
        • If you're playing Death Skullz, always consider taking one of these. A single KMB perfectly utilizes every single one of the rerolls you get from the kultur, lowering your chance at overheating and costing less than the rokkit launcha while doing more damage.
        • A squad of 3 Death Skull Deffdreads with 4 KMB improved via Sparkly Bitz Kustom Job gives you 3 independent units with 24” A4 8/-3/D6 hitting on 4+ with rerolls on hit, wound and damage on T7/8W/3+ 6++ platform for 95p. And you can Telyport them as a pack. It's a more dakka than Shockjump Dragsta, but slower for 86% of the price. Pretty common on TTS tournaments right now.
      • Rokkit Launcha: 10 extra points per gun, your alternative S8 firepower option. Flat 3 damage to the Mega-Blasta's D6 and no wounding yourself on 1s, but one less AP.
      • Skorcha: Some close-range firepower for a close-combat Dread that wants auto hits. Pricey at 15pts, but S5 and AP -1 is a great deal. Frankly with BS5+, this is the best option as it both works as a Charge deterrent and can bbq some enemies on his way into CC.
      • More Dread Klaws (Index only): These only cost 15 points each if you're buying extras. Effectively you're paying 15pts to give up a gun and gain +1A. Great for a focus on Close Combat.
      • Dread Saw: It's the 5 points cheaper alternate to the Dread Klaw (Strength +4 AP -2 2 Damage).
      • / This tip is here since 2018 or something, so don' t take it so serious. Not a single tournament winning list used it since... / Most optimised build seems to be 3 Klaws and a Skorcha on the attack, or 2 Klaws and 2 Skorchas for a more defensive build. This completely ignores BS 5+ and gives him decent firepower while still retaining enough attacks to tear through a lot of wounds on multiwound models. As you want it in CC ASAP due to ton of AP fire going its way it is minimally better to take 3 CC weapons and one Skorcha.
        • With usage of Tellyporta stratagem they are decent anti-armor with their d3 Dread Klaws. Jumping 3 and then moving them up on, for example, an Imperial Knight, can do some damage and most importantly eat Overwatch for your character with Da Killa Klaw or even GHAZZY can go alongside them and wreck face!!!... Though you are probably better off with 10 Meganobz anyway.
    • Meka-Dread (Forge World): Lacks Mob Rule. As of the Forge World Compendium, it has been stripped of almost everything, as it no longer has access to a Kustom Force Field, Mega Charga, Rokkit Bomms, Big Zzappas, Rattler Kannons, and Shuntas, so immediately it's less of an alternative to a Morkanaut, right there. Hope you magnetised those arms... In exchange, it gets the same Ramshackle that Trukks get, and the ability to fix one friendly vehicle within 1" for 1d3 lost Wounds which can't be itself... yay?
      • Dread Rippa Klaws: The basic weapon loadout's one of these and a Killkannon, but you can swap either for one of the other or a Dread Killsaw. It's an okay CCW with S×2, AP-3, and D1d3+3. Only 4 attacks base, though +1 if there are 2 Klaws.
      • Dread Killsaws: The alternative melee option, only S+1 D2, but AP-4 and +1 attacks with this weapon when you fight. Only Strength 8 to the the Klaws' Strength 14, but has an easier time of getting through thick armour.
    • Mega Dread (Forge World): Once again a playable option in the Forge World Compendium, but functionally very similar to the Meka-Dread, with the same weapon options available. The difference between the two, is that instead of being able to fix things, this one can roll an additional dice for it's Charge distance and discard one of them. It also has a couple of Boombits, which are R12" Assault 1d6 S5 AP0 D1 auto-hit, which is nice I guess?
    • Gorkanaut: The halfway house between a Deff Dread and a Stompa. More dakka edition with its Deffstorm Mega-Shoota which has a ridiculous rate of fire of 18 shots and benefits from DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA! Special Rule, it also comes with 2 Twin Big Shootas, a couple of Rokkit-Launchas and a Skorcha if you felt it didn't have enough guns. This giant metal abomination can throw down 6 S16 AP-4 Dd6 attacks or 18 S8 AP-2 D2 attacks per turn at WS3+. Be mindful that its melee ability degrades though. It also has a transport capacity of 6 for some Tellyporta fun.
    • Morkanaut: Halfway between a Deff Dread and Stompa. Can take a Kustom Force Field. Its ranged Plasma weapons put it at greater risk than its Gorkanaut counterpart though 3d3 S8 AP-3 Dd6 shots is not bad at all; it also comes with 2 Twin Big Shootas, 2 Rokkit-Launchas and a Kustom Mega-Blasta. 'Big n Stompy' means it can move then fire Heavy weapons without penalty. They can carry 6 regular infantry models. They are somewhat high in points value, but their high amount of wounds and a solid 3+ armor save makes them durable. With the KFF the Morkanaut and every unit wholly within 9" gets a 5+ invul save against shooting.
      • Can't stress enough how major the KFF is. If you run a low model count or transport heavy army - you want a KFF. It should also be noted that the Meka-Dread also brings a KFF and is 32 points cheaper- but seeing how Morknauts are bigger and provide a larger 9' KFF bubble, the Morkanaut is probably more cost effective (Further complicated if you convert your models).
      • Economical Consideration: The Stompa has almost the same monetary price. So - unless you are restricted either by points or by detachment - it may be better to go for a Stompa. Sadly Stompa is somewhat overcosted, so it is basically monetary value vs relative tabletop value. You could buy Stompa for extra bitz an’ convert a ‘nought.
    • Squiggoth (Forge World): More limited than the Trukk in what it can transport, but hits hard in melee and can take a beating with its 18 wounds. Units embarked on the Squiggoth as well as the Squiggoth's own gun can fire their weapons normally from it if an enemy is 1" or less away (i.e. in melee range with the Squiggoth), but can't target that particular enemy. Stampede! inflicts 1d3 Mortal Wounds on a 2+ to every unit within 1" at the end of a Charge as of the Forge World FAQs. Also if you don't want to pay the outrageous Forgeworld price tag, the Stegadon from Age of Sigmar could make a great conversion.

    Da Gunz[edit]

    Two classes of batteries to bring along to the fun, big and small. The smaller Big Gunz are your Heavy Weapons Squads, able to provide close fire support for your Boyz and Grots, or rain down suppressive barrages from out of sight. The bigger Mek Gunz are your Basilisk Artillery Guns and Griffon Heavy Mortar Carriers, more aimed at engaging heavy armour whilst the footsloggers do their own thing.

    • Big Gunz (Legends): Benefit from Grots' 4+ Ballistics Skill. Fewer points than the Mek Gunz selection, you get a maximum of six to a unit. They suffer from being the cheaper version, as they've only got 3 Wounds to the Mek Gunz 6. The guns only cost 8 each, but are required to buy the type of gun (15 or 20 points) for each model. This works out to 23 (Kannons/Zzap Gun) or 28 (Lobba) points each.
      • Kannon: Cheap and effective, with your standard D6 S4/1 S8 Frag/Krak rounds. It's one of the few sources of S8 shooting in the Index, and cheap too. Due to the FAQ they can not get the Deatskulls Clan Kultur anymore, and unfortunately GW did not even give them DakkaDakkaDakka! In exchange. Regardless of this they are a good point-for-point unit.
        • A single missile launcher heavy weapons team is 27 points, Kannon team is 23 points. Orks lack 12' of range and access to orders (which are both important) but we have a much tougher platform.
      • Lobba: D6 S5 hits that ignore line of sight and an impressive 48" range, but doesn't have AP. The appeal of these doesn't come from their potency on the battlefield, it comes from their dirt cheap utility. Taking 3 of these Gunz with their Grot crew and an HQ choice will give you a CP for dirt cheap. Now you have a 48" range poking stick, plus a rear-line screen against Deep Strikers or Infiltrators. They can be hidden out of line of sight and still be effective. They can use their Grots to spread out and claim as much board space as possible, which's made especially useful by their ability to be anywhere and still hit targets. Not the most offensive choice, but a great trolling/denial Detachment.
      • Zzap Gun: Its gun's random 2d6 Strength. If you roll 11+, you don't roll To-Wound, this model takes 1 Mortal Wound and inflict 3 Mortal Wounds to the target. The gun platform has to take the Mortal Wound, but you can keep a Mek nearby to fix up the damage.
      • Take a look into Mek Guns to see some Mathammer.
    • Mek Gunz: They benefit from Grots' 4+ ballistics skill but not from Clan Kultur rules, which is a shame. With beast arises book there is an exceptionn in form of grot specialist mob. This beauty gives them 6++ and reroll rolls of 1 to hit. The chassis and the crew are 20 points and operate as single 6W models. Totals are 50 and 40 for the lowly Traktor Kannon and Smasha Gun, all the way up to 65 and 50 points for the much shootier Kustom Mega-Kannon and much more random Bubblechukka. The model is expensive monetary for what it is, so kitbash or make your own models (You can easily make mek guns out of stompa parts).
      • Bubblechukka: Punishingly expensive and random as hell. You can always hope for that one 4d6 roll that gives you Heavy 6 S6 AP-6 and 6 Damage (Don't forget to slap some blue paint on it for luck). The roll to determine the stats of the weapon only occurs after a target has been picked so it's very tricky to ever get this right! Skip this gun, just go for the Kustom Mega-Kannon, the Smasha Gun or the Kannon
        • Let's do the math. Average results are, of course, 3, 3, 3, 3. That means, you are getting 3 shots, at 4+ BS, with Strength 3. That means 1.5 go through...And on a T3 target, 4+ to wound, 5+ on a T6. That means at BEST you get 0.75, if not 0.5 wounds. The fact that you can get AP-3 and D3 is irrelevant then. You have a 1/(36^2) chance of getting that All 6s. Stay away. Though IF you do get it, that's a sight to see.
      • Kustom Mega-Kannon: It's the most expensive option, but fantastically lethal. If you are taking a battery of these, keep a Mek nearby to fix the guns when they inevitably overheat. Beside price their main disadvantage is relatively short range of 36”.
        • Grot specialised mob makes overheat result much less propable making this even better.
      • Smasha Gun: D3 shots with Above-average odds of wounding anything T7 or below (and not a bad shot at wounding T8), AP-4 and D6 Damage. It also has Range 48", which is a major advantage over the KMK's 36". Given its very low point cost it's the best gun point-for-point in the whole army (and maybe 40k). It's great in nearly every situation, unless the the target is T8 and uses an Invulnerable Save (so Knights), or can fly, in which case the KMK and Traktor Kannon are better than the Smasha Gun. One thing to note as well is that these things do not wound in a normal way where you roll one dice and compare it to the toughness of a unit. This makes it work surprisingly well against elite infantry like Centurions or Aggressors. If the opponent uses the super annoying Transhuman Physiology Strat, all of your Smasha guns laugh as they wound these models on 2d6 adding them together hoping for 5s which is easier than hoping for 7s or 8s on vehicles while ignoring any rules that involve affecting the strength of your weapon or the ability to wound them.
      • Traktor Kannon: This is an auto hitting Orky Krak Missile of a beast. Single shot, auto hit, S8, AP-2, Damage d6. But against Keyword Vehicle AND Fly, roll 2d6 for damage and choose, and, if reduced to 0 Wounds, then auto Crash and Burn. This one is pretty sweet against fragile things that are notoriously hard to hit, like Darkshroud Land Speeders, or Alaitoc Eldar Flyers. Generally if facing Tau or eldar of any kind traktor kannons are preferable. Otherwhise go for more smash a guns.


    Ork Flyers don't get 'Ere We Go! or Mob Rule. You've a Flyer for every occasion; the Dakkajet, Fighta, and Fighta-Bommer are generalists, whilst the Burna-Bommer's anti-infantry, the Blitza-Bommer's anti-vehicle, the Wazbom Blastajet's anti-tank, and the Warkopta's a transport.

    • Burna-Bommer: Anti-infantry firepower and, with the bombs, mortal wounds too. You get two Burna Bombs, and can drop one per turn on a unit you fly over. You roll a D6 for every model in the unit they drop on (capped at 10), inflicting a Mortal Wound for every roll of 5+, or 4+ vs Infantry. The Twin Big Shoota gets +1 to hit thanks to its Grot Gunner. Try to make sure the Bommer is over the enemy when it gets shot down, as the 3 Mortal Wounds from its 4+ Explosive Demise will be very unpleasant for anyone within 6". These planes are probably more focused on attacking heavy infantry such as TEQs against GEQs you're better off bringing a dakkajet.
      • Skorcha Missiles are only 10 points extra, having halved in price, and give you another set of shots that ignore cover. Well worth a look.
        • The Blitza-Bommer is better suited to deal with both infantry and vehicles, but the inclusion of Skorcha Missiles and a Twin Big Shoota means this is able to do more damage after it's bomms are gone. Plus, if you can maneuver this into the proper position, the Burna-Bommer can do a lot more damage after being destroyed.
      • Or, leave it cheap as possible and go full kamikaze if the enemy leaves enough space to land amidst them. Since the bombing happens yet in your Movement phase, and the Flyin' 'eadbutt in the end of the phase, you can drop your bomb, spend a CP on Wildfire to bomb again, then blow it up for a guaanteed 3 Mortal Wounds on anything within 6".
    • Blitza-Bommer: A Bomber that's a little more focused on attacking vehicles. Its guns are still anti-infantry (with the Grot Gunner giving it a +1 to hit with the Big Shoota), but its Boom Bombs count Vehicles and Monsters as three models when working out how many dice they get to roll for Mortal Wounds - and they inflict Mortal Wounds to all targets on 4s, while Burna-Bommers' Burna Bombs require 5s for non-Infantry. Bomb squadrons of smaller vehicles for maximum pain.
    • Dakkajet: Your basic fighter, with the standard flyer abilities Airborne, Hard to Hit and Supersonic. Either 12 or 18 S6 AP-1 shots (depending on whether you spend the teef for the two extra Supa Shootas - which you always should, anyway) that hit on 5s as usual if you split them, or 4s if they all target the same unit thanks to All da Dakka.
    • Wazbom Blastajet: Your anti-tank plane. Can move and fire Heavy weapons without penalty, and can target one enemy unit each Shooting phase to receive +1 to hit it with the Smasha Gun thanks to its Mekbrain-enhanced Weapon-sights. Comes equipped with the aforementioned Smasha Gun, two Wazbom Mega-Kannons and a Stikkbomb Flinga as standard for a total of 165 points.
      • Tellyport Mega-Blastas: You can replace both Wazbom Mega-Kannons with these for 20 extra points. Less range, AP and damage, but you can't wound yourself and also get the instant kill rolls on targets you do wound.
      • Kustom Force Field: You can swap out the Stikkbomb Flinga for one of these, which is generally a great idea - a 20pt upgrade for a massive durability increase (also spread to any accompanying planes, and friendly infantry you happen to be flying over), at the cost of an S3 anti-horde weapon that will probably spend most of the game out of range.
      • Supa Shootas: You can drop 20 points on a pair of these if you feel the need for even more dakka which, let's face it, you probably do.
        • The unique nature of the Smasha Gun means that it performs like a buffed S7 weapon on anything except T6. This is important for 2 reasons; the first being that this makes the Smasha gun great at crushing both medium and heavy armour and isolated elites. The flipside of this however is that this gun actually performs slightly worse than the Wazbom Mega-Kannons and other S7/S8 weapons on things like transports and light vehicles. Keep this in mind when designating shots, as you may want to let your Nobs+PKs deal with them rather than wasting the shot. See below for a quick bit of Mathhammer:
    Chance of a Successful Wound:
    Toughness T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8
    S7 83.3% 83.3% 66.7% 66.7% 66.7% 50.0% 33.3%
    S2D6 100% 90.9% 81.8% 72.7% 63.6% 54.5% 45.4%
    • Attack Fighta (Forge World, Legends): Same profile as other Ork flyers, now with 12 Wounds to bring it in line with the others. Comes with twin Twin Big Shootas, and either Small Bomms (roll 1d6 for each model in one unit you flew over in the Movement Phase up to a max of ten dice, and cause a Mortal Wound on every 5+, but can only be used twice per battle) or Wing Missiles (24" Assault 1 S8 Ap-2 D3).
      • This's what happens when the Warboss gets too thrifty with his flyers. Overcosted and inferior to its counterparts, it's easily outperformed by every other Ork Flyer available. Only bring this for Narrative purposes, as it isn't even fun enough to bring to a friendly Open Play game.
      • It basically looks like something between a proper Ork flyer and a Deffkopta, having the worst charactersitics of both without most their benefits. When it eventually got points in the Forge World Compendium Legends PDF, its saving grace was that it was dirt cheap, at 120pts and 6PL.
    • Fighta-Bommer (Forge World, Legends): 8PL instead of the 6PL for the Attack Fighta, but much more useful. Has three Twin Big Shootas, and you can switch out its Small Bomms for two Wing Missiles or two Grot-Guided Bombs. Still kinda mediocre, but it actually does the job of the Blitza-Bomba better.
    • "Chinork" Warkopta (Forge World, Legends): No longer a Dedicated Transport as of the Forge World Compendium, even though its statline's much more in line with the Trukk it was once an alternative to, to the point that you can now proxy it by replacing a Trukk's wheels with propellers. You can use it to Deep Strike ten ladz, but weight limits mean they can't bring Mega Armour or Jump Packs with them. Movement of 16" plus 6" advancing gives a 22" movement. A much more worthwhile take than a Trukk, assuming your enemy doesn't have a strong anti-air presence. Now with Open-Topped.
      • Deffguns: Gets two of these Loota weapons for free.
      • Rattler Kannons: Can swap the Deffguns for two of these, and they're now completely different weapons to the previous iteration. Heavy 1d6 24" S6 AP-2 D1 shots apiece. So the number of shots has halved but it's stronger. Sounds nasty. Two of them will generally average two saves for anything T4 or T3, which sounds meh, but AP-2 and D1 means that could leave a mark; just be careful what you aim at.
        • Also comes with a Big Shoota, which can be swapped for a Skorcha, Rokkit Launcha, or Kustom Mega-Blasta. Sadly the Skorcha'll be out of range if you deep strike (8"R, must Deep Strike >9" away), but given that you can move it 22" then fire a Skorcha at full effect, you're obviously going to deploy it normally if you take these.
        • No longer has to worry about moving and shooting thanks to Big Guns Never Tire.
      • Bigbomms: You can get two of these and they cost 10 points each. Drop them on units you move over, and they deal a Mortal Wound to each model in the unit on a 5+, up to a maximum of 5.

    Lords of War[edit]

    DISCLAIMER: As it stands, virtually all Ork Super-Heavies are hilariously overpriced and underpowered in the current edition. Seriously, it's a zoggin' mess. Those that do perform marginally well are either ludicrously overpriced in actual money or are locked into formats that are seldom used and even less likely to be openly accepted by certain others in a community setting. Unless you're just playing a friendly game with people in your own close group, it is generally advisable to avoid these choices altogether.

    Which is a shame, since they all look really Zoggin' cool.

    Da Wheelz[edit]

    All your Kill Tanks and Battlefortresses go here, as well as any super-heavy vehicles looted from other races.

    • Kill Tank (Forge World): Seemed nice and cheap for its T8 and 24 wounds at 365 pts plus wargear, which brought it up to about 420+ pts. But everything changed when the Forge World Compendium attacked. A 4+ save improved to a 3+. A transport capacity of 12 ladz remained but lost its patented pseudo-open-topped rule that lets ladz inside fire but hit on sixes. It's BS4 became BS5 with 1+ to hit when it's main gun is within half range. The main gun's still either a Bursta Kannon or a Gigashoota, and it comes with a Skorcha and a Twin Big Shoota as well. And the price for all of this? 275pts for the Kill Blasta, 325pts for the Kill Bursta.
      • Bursta Kannon: A R36" Heavy 3d6 S10 AP-3 D3 creature that'll vaporise whatever you hit, having gained an additional dice worth of shots.
      • Giga Shoota: A R48" Heavy 30 S6 AP-2 D1 monstrosity that'll likely be getting a lot more hits than it used to. Changing from Heavy 6d6 reduced its maximum number of shots slightly, but really improved its average and mimimum. Should average seven wounds against T4 or T5, a little under nine against T3 or less. Along with saves at -2, expect to be removing three or four MEQs, or twice that many GEQs, each time you fire. Perhaps not the most points efficient weapon, but think of the feeling of firing all that dakka. This one is the most efficient for encouraging close combat for the tank. When you're stuck in cc, you can just back up and blast away hitting on 4s, or if you're stuck you're still hitting on 5s with the plus 1 to hit. Putting More Dakka on this doesn't feel so bad since you're guaranteed 30 shots instead of 3d6 which can be swingy.
      • Reinforced Ram: S+1 AP-1 D3, deals 1d3 Mortal Wounds to the charged unit on a 2+, which coupled with the 8 S9 attacks and the WS4+ makes close combat a friendly place to be for the Kill Tank.
      • Kill Tank Grot Riggers: It can regain 1d3 Wounds each turn, which's neat, I suppose.
      • All in all it's your cheap super-heavy (though not in money terms, FW being who they are), but since you're an Ork player just do as the Orks do; scratch-build one out of plasticard and spare parts like a true Mek would.
    • Kill Krusha (Forge World, Legends): It's a Kill Tank with a Krusha Kannon, which has four different firing profiles;
      • Boom Shells: 60" Heavy 2d6 S8 AP-2 D2 Blast.
      • Tankhamma Shells: 60" Heavy 1 S10 AP-3 D6, re-roll To-Hit against Vehicles.
      • Scrap Kanisters: 18" Heavy 3d6 S5 AP-1 D1, auto-hit.
      • Blast Burnas: 48" Heavy 3d6 S5 AP-1 D1 Blast.
      • Grot Riggers: It regains 1 Wound every Command Phase, not as good as the regular Kill Tank's but better than nothing.
        • It can also take any two of Twin Big Shootas, Rokkit Launchas, or Skorchas. Generally less effective than the Kill Bursta or the Kill Blasta at their respective specialties, but much more flexible than either, a jack-of-all-trades deal. Inbetween the two in price, at 290pts.
    • Deff Rolla Battle Fortress (Forge World, Legends): In all respects a bigger, badder, better brother of the Battlewagon. It has similar stats, but with 24W and built-in T8 with Open-Topped. Stock it has a pair of Zzap Guns and one Kannon that can be exchanged in any combination for Kannons, Lobbas or Zzap Guns, a Deffrolla which's the same as on the Battlewagon, so it ALWAYS hits on 2+ as its worst WS is 5+, and the Deffrolla adds 3 to it so unless enemy has some shenanigans you just do not care about damage as long as this thing's in CC.
      • It also has two Twin Big Shootas, Skorchas or Rokkit-Launchas, and additionally up to five Big Shootas too.
      • There're also Grot Riggers, but with the amount of Wounds this thing has, regaining one every Command Phase's nothing to write home about.
      • Overall it seem to be designed do do exactly same thing as a Battlewagon, ferrying 20 models (or 10 if they're Meganobz) down the field while protecting them and shooting a lot of guns until it can disembark its occupants and charge into something jucy with its 8 S10 AP-3 d3 damage hits. It just does it better than a Battlewagon (better resiliance, better shooting, no limits on the number of models due to weapons, more guns), but costs more.
      • In comparison to the Battlewagon, it also doesn't have the option to take more or bigger guns to turn it into a moving altillery piece at the expense of carying capicity.
    • Open and Narrative Play only:
      • Battlefortress (Open Play, Chapter Approved 2018): The third and biggest of the Looted Wagons. It's already starting off with a bundle of guns, mostly big shootas with a killkannon/twin big shoota/lobba/zzapgun and deffkannon/mega gatler on top. While the deffkannon option is the killy option, the mega gatler gives the rig 30 slots to transport a proppa mob of boyz. It's also special for getting legit sponsons for an extra zzap gun/rokkit and a twinned big shoota/skorcha for fun.
        • Krushin' Tracks: Unique to this wagon is a legit weapon. While its attacks dwindles alongside wounds, it always deals S9 AP-2 Dd3 pain.
        • Battle Fortress: As expected, this thing can always fall back and then shoot or charge right after. It can also move and shoot without penalty and can shoot at enemies within 1" with the twinned guns. Unfortunately, don't expect cover to save it unless you have at least half the behemoth covered.
        • Big Red Button: The random roll for all looted wagons, selected once per battle during shooting (move 6" with all cargo inside, +1S to all guns, heal d3 wounds).

    Da 'Ard Stuff[edit]

    Just like in Heavy Support, you have a couple of different Stompas to suit your needs, as well as a larger version of the Squiggoth.

    • Stompa: Total of 870pts, overpriced by about 300-400 points. Special detachments, clan kultures, and stratagems are not good enough to compensate for cost outside 3000+ games. Has FORTY WOUNDS with T8 and 3+ armor. Has Grot Riggers and can heal d3 Wounds at the end of Movement on a 2+, which could save it from going below a bracket. It can Fall Back moving over INFANTRY and SWARMS models and shoot freely. On its top Wound Profile, it boasts WS3+ and 6 attacks at S20 with its Mega-Choppa causing 6 wounds flat a ap-5 or it can make the slash attack with triple the attacks but ap-2 and d3 damage. Points wise it's better to take 3 Gork/Morkanauts in a separate detachment, that way you get CP and three Heavy Support models that perform better than one Stompa. All of the ranged weapons benefit from the DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA! special rule. It also comes with 3 Big Shootas, a Twin Big Shoota and a Skorcha which is alright, but they are barely worth mentioning.
      • Supa-Gatler is an infantry-mulching 48" Heavy 3d6 S7 AP-2 D1 with the Psycho-Dakka Blasta! special rule that can produce even more shots.
      • Supa-Rokkit is a once-a-turn, single-use weapon (it comes with 3, and it can take 2 more for some extra points)) that can fire Heavy d6 100" at S8 AP-3 D6.
      • Da Deffkannon which clocks in at 72" Heavy 3d6 S10 AP-4 Dd6.
      • Clan Kultur: Because of the changes to the Supreme Command detachment, the only way these guys get command point bonus is if you take a Super Heavy detachment. And let's be honest, that ain't happening in a 2,000 point game. But for apocalypse games, here is the rundown for each of the main kultures:
        • Goffs: Fair. Melee focus for being more stompy.
        • Evil Sunz: Good, great if you take the Stompa Mob and teleport it within 9" of enemy. Increases mobility.
        • Bad Moons: Great. Increases Shootiness.
        • Blood Axes: Good. Gives 2+ save at 18" or more and charging after falling back.
        • Deff Skulls: Good. Makes it more durable with invul and slightly more reliable with To Hit, To Wound, and Damage rolls.
        • Snakebites: Fair. Gives 6+++ FNP.
        • Freebootaz: Fair. Stompa is likely to kill at least one thing a turn so this Clan kultur will work for it.
      • Psycho-Dakka Blasta! You can roll 1d6 after shooting your Supa-gatler, on a 2+ you fire it again, on a 1 you loose the gun for the rest of the game. After that you can do this again except this time you need a 5+ (and you loose the gun on a 4-)
    Psycho-Dakka Blasta! per-turn usage:
    Successive turns of shooting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Cumulative expected CP spend, 2 shots 0.17 0.33 0.5 0.67 0.83 1 1.17
    Cumulative P(Out of Ammo), 2 shots 2.78% 5.48% 8.10% 10.66% 13.14% 15.55% 17.90%
    Cumulative expected CP spend, 3 shots 0.72 1.44 2.17 2.89 3.61 4.33 5.06
    Cumulative P(Out of Ammo), 3 shots 49.07% 74.07% 93.27% 99.55% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
      • It's a mystery why the Stompa is almost as expensive as 3 Imperial knights. Most propably it is due to GW wanting to squeeze more money from gorka/morkanaut kits,
    • Kustom Stompa (Forge World): This thing is now stupid good with the FW update. Always take this over the regular one since it is much cheaper and has better guns (the one bad side is you can't take the Kustom Job, but screw that for how amazing this thing is). It has the Deffkannon, Supa-Gatler, and Kustom Stompa Rockets (same stats as regular but you have an infinite amount). You also have an absolute murder melee weapon as well, which is S x2 AP5 D9, and you can also cause D3 mortal wounds on a wound roll of 4+. It can be swapped out with the Mega-Choppa. But you don't want to take that though. Instead, take the Stompa Lifta Droppa, which is four smasha guns but you roll 3D6 to wound and the damage is D3+3. It still has the Belly Gun, which got nerfed against infantry, but bussed against everything else as it is now 3D6 shots instead of the 2/4D6. The best part? Having all of the guns and no melee weapons, this thing only costs 850 points, which is around 60-70 points cheaper than a regular Stompa, and it is more deadly. Always take this over a regular one.
      • Evil Sunz Visions in the smoke psychic power gives you full reroll on hits and More Dakka makes your shooting exploding on 5+ and ignoring all -1 to hit modifiers. Pure shooting Kustom Stompa has 27-90 shots minimum, so it worth every teef!
    • Gargantuan Squiggoth (Forge World): Ever wish your Battlewagon was bigger, 'arder, greener, killier and even more expensive? Well, here you go. Transport capacity 20, two Twin Big Shootas, two Supa-Lobbas. You've got the option to buy up to four Big Shootas, and also to replace one or both Supa-Lobbas with a Killkannon or Big Zzappa. Absolute murder in melee with 8 attacks and an AP-4 D6 Damage melee weapon, and all of its guns can still shoot when it's in combat (except at the unit it's fighting) like the smaller Squiggoth. All for the low, low price of 450-500 points with guns, and don't forget you need to buy a unit to ride in it too (if you're going mad on points, try fifteen Tankbustas and 5 Bomb Squigs, fifteen Lootas, or two squads of ten Flash Gitz). Stampede! inflicts D6 mortal wounds on a 2+ to every unit within 1" at the end of a Charge as of the Forge World FAQs, rather than just on a 2 as originally written.


    Don't bother opening this section, you only get one native Ork Fortification, and it's terrible. Go loot some Unaligned stuff instead.

    • Mekboy Workshop: A terrible fortification that cannot be wounded or affected by your opponent. You pay a high cost in points (85) and gaming-wise to be able to use the very limited bonuses it confers. It is deployed in you deployment zone preferably near a gunline unit. It can give a kustom job to a vehicle unit is within 1” at the end of the movement phase. The vehicle can't shoot or charge for the round and lowering its attacks to 1 you can choose one of the following temporary effects:
      • Gain 6” movement the next turn, with a permanent +1 to charge rolls on a 6.
      • Regain d3 wounds, with a permanent +1 toughness on a 6.
      • Choose one of the vehicles weapons that has a random attack characteristic and use the maximum attacks of these the next time you fire that weapon (i.e. 2d6 becomes 12), with a permanent +1 damage on a 6.
        • The rule specifically states that the buff only applies the first time the weapon is fired, lest you use it on something that can shoot twice and actually get some benefit from using this awful model.
      • In addition to these temporary effects you can get another permanent effect if you roll a 6.
        • Any benefit can easily be gained by letting the vehicle act that turn or get healed by a Big Mek.
      • All that aside, it does enable you to give one of your vehicles a Kustom Job for free instead of using a Stratagem.
      • This unit is so bad, the best you can do is to give it to your opponent for free or simply delete this paragraph, because it' s a waste of letters to write about it...


    General tips[edit]

    It's easy to kill the Orks. You gain very much if you go first. So focus on how to survive going second. With Orks it's super easy to lose before you move.

    • Cover your army in KFF
    • Hide behind the terrain and make sure, you have enough terrain to play regular 9th edition game on the table.
    • OVERSATURATE ENEMY FIRE with a lot of targets OF ONE TYPE. Look at the winning lists from large tournaments. All these armies tend to be one type of target. Wanna play Boyz? So play pure (or almost pure) INFANTRY and make enemies antitank fire useless. Wanna play buggies? Vice versa.

    Most common list on the beginning of 9th[edit]

    The following list types are now played with great success or discussed with great passion. Keep in mind - the meta changed a lot. Today's hero could be tomorrow's zero.

    • GOFF GREENTIDE WITH GHAZZ - 3-4 mobz of Boyz improved to Skarboyz + Ghazz + Big Mek in Mega Armour improved to be Da Kleverest Boss + Weirdboy + Painboy + some anti tank hard hitting punch lie tellyporting Tankbustas or MANz (footslogging or in Trukk), sometimes even Smashagunz. This wins tournaments now a lot.
    • BUGGY LIST - 3-9 Scrapjets to do a massive amount of damage + about 3 Shockjumps to snipe the tanks and take objectives + 3 small Kommandos to deepstrike and do Deploy Scramblers, Engage all fronts or objectives + some characters. Kustom Boosta Blasta appears a lot also. Sometimes combined with 2 Jets (Wazbom or Burna), Smashagunz or transports with small units of Boyz. This wins tournaments now sometimes.
    • KUNNYN FOOTS ON GROUND - Take 6 squads 9 Boyz + Killsaw Nob. Add some Kommandos or Stormboyz and 2 single Deffkopta units. And add some dakka, mostly around Smashguns and Warboss on Warbike. Play it like a Deathskulls. The point of this list is to flood the table with small cheap obsec units with 6++. Sounds stupid, but it' s pretty hard to kill such flood and pretty easy to overkill everywhere. And in the meantime you just collect the VP on primaries, on Banners, Engage, etc... Very much Secondary oriented type of the list. You can play it with the Trukks, with the Da Jumping Weirdboyz or both. Just focus on secondaries.
    • MECHA PUNCH - A good combination of Kustom Jobs, Evil Sunz clan abilities and Wartrike / Warboss advance and charge can make your Gorkanaut charge T1 and not die there. Make a list around this with Nob Bikers or Battlewagon with MANz to make your presence in enemy deployment zone is a very solid topic. Not seen in large tournaments yet, but obviously some great successes on small ones.
    • SMASHAGUN SPAM - Take 18 Smashaguns and burn them down. This was the hit on the end of 8th and still can be valid, if you have a badly-designed table with not enough terrain and an enemy stupid enough to sit in his deployment zone and not move forward. Despite the irony, Smashaguns are still super cheap for the damage they can do and for the amount of wounds they have. Some use about 6 of them to screen their whole deployment zone. Some use Kustom Mega-Kannons instead.
    • WALKERS ATTACK - Well, this's a pure fantasy. On paper, you can boost your Dreads and Kans with Kustom Jobs and Specialists Mobs to be great. In practice, nobody has seen any success, but this's so common a topic, I have to put it there. These are today's zeros that everybody's hoping become tomorrow's heros. But now, only two walkers work - a fast charging Evil Sunz Gorkanaut with Orkymatic Pistons, or a shooting and slow forward marching Deathskulls Morkanaut with Sparkly Bits. Fresh new Forge World rules can improve the zeros however...

    All about the Boyz[edit]

    General Advice to Avoid Slow Playing[edit]

    Tips for moving large mobs of Boyz:

    • Put weights in their bases to help them stay on their feet.
    • Use movement trays.
    • Get married and have kids so the children can help you move all your Ork Boyz.
    • Just assume 8" move and advance
    • Tie them together with dental floss
    • Move them when no one is peaking (taktiks)

    Getting Boyz Safely to Melee[edit]

    This's less of a specific strategy and more of a helpful pointer. Protect your infantry until they get into close combat. They aren't making their points back if they've been shot off the table. Boyz have a 6+ Armor save; anything with an AP value goes right through it. As an Ork Player it is your job to protect your Boyz so that they can fight for you. Astartes, Tau... Basically everyone can spam AP-1 and flood you with S4/5 shots, get in da fight!!!!

    • Cover turns 6+ into 5+ and can make a big difference. A mob of 30 will find it difficult to get into cover, but you can try to use Line of Sight Blocking terrain to limit enemy units able to shoot them.
    • Remember that Mob Rule can't save your 30-strong squad if you lose 15 Boyz in a turn against enemy shooting (Unless they are next to another horde of 30. Which, as a horde army, they should be.)
    • Get them under a Kustom Force Field, 5++ is more reliable than cover, but it's difficult to keep 30 Boyz wholly within its bubble.
    • Mob Up a 30 Boy squad with a 10 Boy one. This will give you 40 Boyz and your opponent will have to kill 21 Boyz before you lose the +1 bonus attack from being 20 or more models.
    • Charge Boyz into melee as fast as possible. If they are in Melee they can't be shot at.
    • Prioritize enemy anti-infantry. Your Boyz will be grateful if you destroy those high volume shooting units before they get the chance to destroy them.
    • Don't be baited into charging if you are on an objective. Let the enemy come to you, especially if you have a Nob with a Kombi-Skorcha. It may be worth it to let the enemy charge you, if the alternative is leaving a good position, failing a preventative charge, then getting shot at, and then being charged anyway.
      • There are targets that can crunch Boyz in close combat if they get the jump on you. While you should 'generally' stay on a good position and make people dislodge you, if it's a choice between trying to make a long-bomb charge against Khorne Berserkers or Genestealers, or letting them get an easy charge on you next turn, the choice is clear. As always, know what is and isn't a threat to any given unit, but that's also basic play.
        • If you do charge and are holding an objective, do a conga line and that way you can kill 'em gits and get 'em points!
    • Identify if a target is worth charging, you don't want to risk a failed charge if the enemy unit is good at overwatch. Instead target a different unit with your Boyz.
    • Use abilities to Deep Strike; such as Weirdboyz Da Jump, Tellyporta, and Blood Axes' Stratagem. A 9" charge isn't as risky with 'ere We Go allowing one or both charge dice to be re-rolled.
    • Charge with Trukks, vehicles, grots, or anything else to soak up overwatch. Let the boyz do the real killing and allow them to consolidate and press more and more units into close combat.

    These sound like basic ideas, but nobody is born a tactical genius, and the impulse to run after whatever is closest is hard to fight Orky. Keep your Boyz alive, and they will do the rest.

    Force Multiplying Boyz[edit]

    The Greentide is a strategy of running just Boyz and as such you'll need all the boyz you can muster. Although only the toughest painters will sit down to paint up >200 boyz: painting and assembling models is an economy of scale! Boyz are point effective troop choices that can down most units in no time flat. How do you do this?

    In its purest form the great Ork Waaagh doesn't shoot, except for whatever shooting can be done as part of an advance. Fielding as many maxed out slugga choppa mobz as possible, with whatever supporting units are critical to buffing these close combat monsters to their greatest potential:

    • Waaagh Banner for +1 to hit in melee.
    • Painboy for 6+ ignore wounds.
    • Warboss for advance and charge.
    • Ghaz for advance and charge, then +1A in melee.
    • Clan Tactics that Synergize:
      • Goffs - for exploding 6's in Melee.
      • Blood Axes - Cover when 18" away from enemy and can charge after falling back, gaining first strike over their targets.
      • Deff Skulls - re-roll 1 to hit, to wound, and damage roll per unit. That's 3 CPs worth of re-rolls.
        • Save for your shooting Tankbusta Bombs or Power Klaw Nob in close combat, since both have random damage.
      • Evil Sunz - +1 to movement, advance, and charges. Helps a lot with Deep Strike Units.
      • Snakebites - 6+ Feel No Pain. Saves you the points for a Painboy.

    The tactic here is simply to overwhelm your opponent with too many T4 Boyz and too many Choppa attacks, ignoring fliers and all distractions in favour of simply occupying the board and killing everything in your way. Armies that fall back and shoot are generally not armies you will do well against, but that does not diminish the fun of Waaaghing out on everyone. Learning to swiftly manage your Boyz on the board, without misplacing or blocking your key characters from reaching the positions they need to be in, from deployment to victory, will be your greatest challenge.

    • The key to beating gunline armies(Ultramarines, Tau, etc), is keeping the pressure up and engaging support characters. Unstoppable Green Tide to reform a wounded unit nearby and Get Stuck In can be used to great effect. Especially with 'Get Stuck In' you should maximize your pile in moves, look for kills, maximize your consolidations and then do it again to hopefully hug one dude where they cannot escape. Bubblewrap the enemy so they can't fallback.

    Alternatives to Boyz[edit]

    Substitute Ork Boyz for other choices that don't get an extra attack for having 20 or more models such as:

    • Stormboyz match Ork Boyz' size at 30 Storm Boyz and Deep Strike turn 2 for possible 9" charge.
    • Kommandos can infiltrate forward to get into charge range, complicate their efforts to maintain an effective gunline, and grab objectives. Sadly they are max squad size 15, so you might want to Mob them up to be a bit more survivable.
    • Nobz with two Choppas can make an interesting alternative, each model has five Strength 5 melee attacks. FUN! If you want to go mechanized this is indeed a way to go as they are about as killy as 20 boys but will fit in a trukk. - Tempted to put 2 squads of 10 in a wagon for the kicks..
      • Alternatively with power stabbas there are less attacks but AP -2 s5 is very good to deal with higher save models. Or take big choppas for S7 AP-1 D2 if you gonna crush some marines

    A Kunnin Plan[edit]

    One thing orks can always count on: being underestimated. For this tactic, you want to play Blood Axes. Get a warboss, kit him however you like, but make sure you give him da finkin kap along with Brutal and Kunnin and Kunnin and Brutal. The real reason you are doing this is for the redeployment. Take a Kill Tank, and deploy it first, right up front, along with your warboss and some nobz inside. Use the blood axe specific strategem to infiltrate a squad of 20 Boyz for 1 CP. Then, once everything is deployed, redeploy your kill tank into reserves, and use the tellyporta strategem. It works as the model is 15 power level exactly. Take a look at your opponent's face as they realize they just spent their entire deployment phase worrying about your ork baneblade. From that point on, you can deep strike it anywhere, and will have a retinue of Boyz to protect it.

    Da Jump Specifics[edit]

    30 Boyz are brutal, Da Jump is awesome - 9" away from the enemy is big.

    • Put a Weirdboy near a unit of 30 boyz to give him +3, his maximum bonus. You've got a chance of exceeding 12 and getting Perils, but the Weirdboy has 4W and consequently the first Perils of the Warp can't make him explode (and the power still works if you don't die). Enjoy the look on your opponent's face when you place 30 Boyz 9" from him. Then you can charge turn 1 and drown them in bodies before they even shoot once. 'Ere We Go gives you a reasonable (but not guaranteed) chance to get in. They will be without various auras like Ghazz +1A or +1 to hit from a Banner, but around 120A will make a dent in almost anything and force the enemy to concentrate EVERYTHING on this unit regardless of what else is coming.
    • This tactic can be used to assassinate key characters (if your opponent didn't bubblewrap them enough), destroy or tie up key enemy positions, and so on. And if the enemy did castle up? Good for you, as with proper placing and 3" pile in you can tie up additional units without risk of Overwatch (bear in mind they will be able to hit you in that first turn only, but if you survive they are deprived of their shooting unless they have FLY). On top of all that, getting rid of 30 Boyz is no small task. Don't forget that you can use this tactic to objective grab.
    • If Boyz are teleported in front of the enemy it is rather easy to conga-line them into reach of support characters. Particularly a WAAAGH!!! Banner, Ghaz, and/or Painboy, although you'll lose the attacks from the Boyz in the conga line.
    • "Mob Up" doesn't place a cap on how big a unit can become. Theoretically, you could create one giant mob (40, 50, 60+) from a bunch of smaller mobs and drop it in behind enemy lines, assuming that time and CP reserves permit it (or you're just using open play). Not amazing, but worthwhile in the late game when most of your opponent's units are crippled, as they probably won't hold up well against a literal green tide of Choppa attacks charging down their rears. (Additional note: this is a great way of denying kill points for a variety of missions)
    • Downside: most players will assume that you intend to launch this trick and will try to force you teleporting into unpleasant positions. And most players are aware that they should not allow you getting 30+ boys in their faces.

    Dread Mob[edit]

    Dread Mob is walker focused list that centers around Killa Kanz, Deff Dreads, Morkanauts, Gorkanauts, Mega and Meka Dreads and Stompas.

    Saga of the Beast gave us pretty nice upgrades to our walkers and it seems, that next buff comes with the new Forgeword rules.

    • Orkomatic Piston Evil Sunz Gorkonaut can charge T1 and make a great mess.
    • Sparkli Bits Deathskulls Morkonaut marching forward is definitely also a working option.
    • Deepstriking Nauts can charge easily wtih the Ramming Speed.
    • Deff Dreads and Killa Kanz can do a nice damage in the battle and can survive for a while.
    • There's not so much anti horde options for Kanz and Dreads.
    • New rules for Mega and Meka Dread makes them interesting and needs to be checked.
    • There's a new keyword in new FW rules WALKER giving us a hope, new 9th edition Ork Codex offers something to make walkers great!
    • The biggest struggle's a slow movement. It's hard to get the walkers, where you need it.


    Buggies and transports works very well now.

    • Scrapjets, Dragstas and KBB benefit the most from the Saga of the Beast Kustom Jobs and new Strategems. Works great as Deadthskulls.
    • Battlewagons benefit from Forktress or Da Boomer pretty well.
    • Deathskull Trukk has a 6++ and 6+ ramshackle.
    • New rules for Big Trakk makes it a very interesting “better” Trukk with Spiked Ram allowing it to deal mortal wounds on the charge. Nasty combination with its 14” move!
    • Never underestimate the fact that your transports can charge via Trike Boss's aura and can tie up a significant amount of enemy units early. These vehicles have relatively large bases, built in melee weapons, and can turn sideways to body splash into multiple units or block movement / line of sight.
    • Ramming speed and Spiked Rams work in synergy. One scrapjet charging can deal 2+ D3 and 4+ D3 MW = on average about 3MW. And then it fights. Twice with Corkscrew...
    • Even a plain Trukk can kill a Daemon Prince with the last 2 wounds, with a little bit of luck and Ramming speed.
    • Don't worry that your empty Trukk can't deal serious damage to enemy artilery. Charge it. You force your opponent to spend command points on Overwatch on an unimportant Trukk and if you lock them in CC, they can't shoot at anything else in their next turn. Maybe you can make them move away from an objective to be able to shoot.

    Drive-by Krumpin'[edit]

    A one-shot cheese tactic that can be potentially devastating against superheavies.

    • Take a Warboss on Warbike & a Weirdboy.
    • Give the Warboss the "Might is Right" Warlord Trait, Da Biggest Boss strategem and Da Killa Klaw & the Weirdboy the "Fists of Gork" Psychic Power.
    • Now you have 14” moving S9 T7 W8 4++ with 9 attacks WS 2+ 18/-3/3 with wound rerolls BEFORE you ad clan specific abilities (Deathskulls hit reroll blink blink). This crazy deathstars with very small footprint fight again, if die. You wanna that knight dead? Done!
    • The same trick could be done with regular Warboss. Can fight even 3 times per turn, so even the Castellan is K.O. by single Ork. Just the lack of speed is the trouble of footsloggimg warboss.
    • Take Brutal but Kunnin’ instead of Might is Right and you get slightly different profile that is better versus some targets.
    • This trick can be done even with Wartrike and Fist of Gork can be switched to Warphead.
    • The look on your opponent's face when you flatten their baby with a Warboss on training wheels is arguably worth it.

    Milk Da Skullz![edit]

    Deathskullz is one of the best klan kultures right now, and that is because:

    • All of your INFRANTRY can take objective secured - that means all of your characters [except for Ghaz, Makari, trike, and bikes] get it too!
    • Objective secured on infiltrating kommandos is terror for an unsuspecting opponent.
    • All your non-grot units get 6++. That really helps.
    • Buggies (Scrapjets and Dragstas the most!) and large vehicles like Morkanauts with Sparkly Bitz and Gunwagon with Da Boomer or Kannonwagon with Supa-Kannon gain a lot of Deathskulls triple reroll.
    • All Power Klaws gain from triple reroll too - hello Boyz Nobz, PK + KS Meganobz and all PK characters!

    So, what do we do with this information in 9th, where holding objectives is everything? Abuse it, of course! Take Raise Banners/Deploy Scramblers and Domination as your secondaries, as well as Line Breaker or whatever you feel like is something that you can do. Then load up your army with Boyz, Kommandos, Meganobz, and as many infantry as you can! Also take a squad of 15 Lootas (don't forget your Grot Shields!) and have them poof anything they look at. Take a bonebreaka too with The Red Rolla job to tie up any shooty army. Take a Killboss (Warboss with Killa Klaw, Brutal but Kunnin, and Biggest Boss) as well as a Jump Weirdboy (don't forget your Painboy) and a KFF (Mega)Mek and at least 3 Smasha Gunz. Gud luck, ya lucky git!

    Keeping Characters Alive[edit]

    Like most armies, characters are the main force multipliers in Ork armies. The death of any character from Warboss to Painboy's a huge blow.

    General Advice[edit]

    • Keep characters behind other units and within 3" of something to gain Look out sir.

    Avoiding Snipers[edit]

    • Keep characters out of line of sight. Sometimes ya gotta be sneaky.
    • In the case of Line of Sight ignoring enemies, such as Primaris Eliminators, keep characters in transports. This will keep you from benefiting from the character's auras, but at least the character can help later.
    • Engage snipers with other units. They can't snipe in melee.
    • One other trick's to give your valuable KFF Big Meks or Shokk Gun Meks a Grot Oiler. This gives them a cheap ablative Wound that can easily be used for a random multidamage shot like a Vindicaire sniper round or other multi-damage snipers.

    Army Building[edit]

    Orks have possibly the greatest potential for conversions. Use this to your advantage.

    To start off, pick up the Start Collecting! Orks, which will give you a Painboy, a unit of Boyz, some Nobz, and a Deff Dread. Now onto the conversions. Pick up the Start Collecting! Ironjaws or Ironjaws army, give the 'Ardboyz shootas from your Boyz/Nobz (counts as Boyz), pin a couple Space Marine Bolters together and pop them on top of your Gore-Gruntas for bikes, and give the Warchanta a suitably big shoota for a counts-as Warboss. If you got the army, give the Brutes shootas for Nobz in Mega Armor and slap some kinda Power Fist or Dreadnought gun onto the Megaboss for a Big Mek/Warboss. Now that you have a solid core of Infantry, a few HQs, a fast attack and a heavy support, it's time to bring in the big guns. Grab the Speed Freeks set for a whole lotta red 'uns, and pick up a Mek Gun or two. Everything after this can be made with fun kitbashes. Here's some popular examples:

    • Looted Trukk: Looted Trukk
    • Here's a neat little trick! The Boyz box set includes enough bits to make 11 models, for a unit with a minimum size of ten. That extra Boy can be used for basically anything you want, given good enough kitbashing. Want a Mek or Weirdboy, but not willing to shuck our the 25-30 dollars for one? Boom, you just got one for free, and all you had to do was slap some extra gubbinz on a Boy.