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This is a placeholder for 2nd Edition. Break out those Dark Millennium Cards.

How It Works[edit]

The 2nd Edition Psychic Phase is broken down into three subphases.

Determine Warp Flux[edit]

The "Warp Flux" of a battlefield determines how many dice you roll per Psychic Phase to determine the number of cards dealt between players. By default, Warp Flux is two meaning that you roll 2d6. However, Warp Flux cannot be greater than the number of Psykers on the battlefield; thus if there is only one Psyker on the battlefield, Warp Flux is only 1.

Deal Cards[edit]

Self-explanatory: The player deals out cards starting with himself. Dark Millenium comes with a deck of 36 Warp Cards: Most of these are Force Cards which are spent in order to cast Psychic Powers, but other types of cards include:

  • Nullify:
  • Destroy Power:
  • Energy Drain:
  • Reflection:
  • Daemonic Attack:
  • Psychic Duel:
  • Ultimate Force:

Use Psychic Powers[edit]

Note that unlike other editions, the 2nd Edition Psychic Phase is an Alternating Activation system where both players (starting with the one whose turn it is) alternate between each Psyker attempting to cast powers. Note that each Psyker can only attempt to cast one power per turn.

Psychic Disciplines[edit]


  • Scan: Scan is simple enough. All enemy models within 36" lose their hidden status.
  • The Gate: This is the granddaddy to Gate of Infinity, but as opposed to simply teleporting a single squad around, you actually place down two small portals on the battlefield. Both Gates have to be within 18" of the Psyker in question, yet once they're placed, they remain until nullified or the Psyker maintaining them is destroyed. The Gate is an amazingly versatile spell for numerous reasons:
    • Transporting things around: Any infantry model that moves in base-to-base with a Gate template can instantly move to the other gate template for no cost; this may be done even when moving or charging, and so can allow you to "clear" your way past an Overwatch killzone. Be careful though, since the Gate works both ways.
    • A non-random Blind Grenade: The Gate blocks LOS like a normal terrain-piece. Unlike a Blind Grenade, you don't have to roll for it to see if it scatters or disappears.
  • Assail: A simple "telekinesis" spell, you target one non-vehicle model (friend or foe) within 24" and move it 6" in any direction, knocking said model out of Overwatch. You can move a model through blast templates or into/out of close combat in such a matter. Alternately, Assail can target a vehicle, causing it to go Out of Control next turn on a 4+.
  • The Carmine Assassin: Blood Angels players may recognize this one as a Bloodboil power of a sort. Select one enemy model within 18". It must take a toughness test or die. Alternately, it can target a crewmember in an enemy vehicle, but if this happens, the crewmember may roll 2d6 and drop the highest.
  • Displacement: Displacement costs 2 Force Cards to use, and may only be used on a friendly non-vehicle unit/model that is anywhere on the battlefield; you roll 3d6" and may place the unit up to that many inches away, ignoring intervening obstacles. There is a FUN* rule that models that fall when placed due to wobbly model syndrome suffer a (saveable) wound on a 4+, but other than that, this power is a pretty handy one, especially since it has no range requirement for selecting a unit.
  • Hellfire: Hellfire also costs 2 Force Cards, for a range 24" Strength 4 2-inch radius blast. After resolving the attack, the Hellfire remains on the table until nullified or cast again; during this time, it blocks line of sight, and any models that spend their turn in the Hellfire template take a S4 AP -1 hit. Think Warmachine Wall of Flame.
  • Machine Curse: Machine Curse also costs 2 Force Cards. You place down a 24" 2-inch radius blast: Models inside this may not fire any ranged weapons (though they may through grenades as normal), and vehicles touching the Machine Curse are unable to move or shoot or assault or anything. This power needless to say is a painful one for treadheads. The power lasts until nullified or the Psyker is killed.
  • Lightning Arc: Chain Lightning, for those that want to get their Palpatine on. This one will cost you a good 3 Force Cards to use, and is potentially nasty if Lady Luck is on your side. You select a single target enemy model (or vehicle component) within 24"; said target immediately takes S6 AP -3 hit doing D3 wounds. If the target is slain or that part of the vehicle penetrated, you can immediately target another model/component within 6" of the previous target. You can do this for a maximum of 6 hits. Lightning Arc is an assassin's spell, the problem of course being most multiwound models tend to be heroes that can get good invulnerable saves; its best use arguably becomes selectively jumping the heavies from enemy squads, shredding tires on warbuggies, wrecking bikes or otherwise causing havoc.

Librarian Powers[edit]

  • Psychic Shield:
  • Teleportation:
  • Prescience:
  • Quickening:
  • Strengthening:
  • Iron Arm:
  • Smite:
  • The Salamander:

Inquisition Powers[edit]

  • Purge Psyker:
  • Aura of Fire:
  • Aura of Fortitude:
  • Storm of Wrath:
  • Destroy Daemon:
  • Scourging:
  • Holocaust:
  • Vortex:

Eldar Powers[edit]

  • Fortune: The first notably dangerous power Eldar have, Fortune grants all Eldar within 8" of the Psyker a +2 to their armor saves (and only armor saves. Forcefields and other saves do not benefit). Notably, Fortune does let you automatically pass 1+/0+ armor saves.
  • Executioner: Executioner has a variable cost. Place a marker down within 18" of the Warlock. For each Force Card you spend (up to 3), you may nominate an enemy model near said Marker to fight a round of hand-to-hand combat with, with the Warlock benefiting from a Charge Bonus and any Wargear, and ignoring penalties for multiple enemy combatants. If the Warlock loses any combat, the enemy doesn't actually inflict any damage but the power is immediately nullified. This power is better for picking off heavy weapons rather than hero-hunting, though it can be used in a pinch to support a pre-existing assault by picking off models to make it easier to set up follow-up moves.
  • Guide: Guide lets a single Eldar model within 12" fire a weapon at twice its normal range, hitting automatically (D-Cannons only scatter once instead of twice). It costs 1 Force Card for Pistol/Basic weapons, and 2 for Heavy/Ancient/Support Weapons. An extra shot from a support battery seldom hurts...unless you're the enemy of course.
  • Destructor: Costing 2 Force Cards, Destructor is a Wave Motion power of a sort. When you cast Destructor, you place a special template down (not unlike a Flamer template) with the narrow end next to the Psyker. Every model underneath must take an Initiative Check or suffer a S6 hit with no armor save. But wait, there's more. At the start of each subsequent Psychic Phase, the Destructor will move forward an additional 12", with all models it crosses over taking an unsaveable S6 hit; the template keeps moving forward until nullified, it leaves the table edge, the Psyker maintaining it is killed, or it hits a vehicle. Destructor is mostly there for disruption and to create area denial against low-initative foes, but is relatively underwhelming otherwise.
  • Eldritch Storm: Costing 3 Force Cards, this ability is better for causing chaos rather than sheer destruction. You place a 3" radius template down, and roll a scatter die for each model underneath. If you roll an arrow, the model is pushed to the edge of the template in that direction and cannot move or shoot next turn. If you roll a hit, the model is pushed to the closest edge and takes a S3 hit. Finally, vehicles pushed out of the template make an automatic Out of Control roll next turn. The Storm remains in place until the Warlock is slain chooses to dispel it (or it's nullified presumably). While on the table, nothing can move or shoot through this template.

Farseer Powers[edit]

  • Doom: Doom is simple yet deadly. Select one enemy target model within 36". All attacks versus that model automatically wound, and any unsaved wounds by that model are doubled. The trick of course is working around 2nd edition targeting restrictions: This power only truly comes into its own if you're running Scouts/Snipers in your list.
  • Battle Fate: Another simple power, Battle Fate buffs an Eldar unit within 72" to have +1 to hit in shooting and +1 in close combat scores. This almost makes Guardians decent.
  • Mind War: This power costs 1-3 Force Cards. Select an enemy model and roll 4+(force cards spent D6). For each 6 you roll, that model takes an unsaveable wound. You can target a crew member inside a vehicle, but it's only 2+(force cards) in that case. Versus Psykers, instead of wounds, the enemy Psyker loses a power for each 6 you roll; should the Psyker also run out of powers, it also takes D3 wounds on top.

Ork Powers[edit]

  • 'Eadbutz: 'Eadbutz is a simple power: You target an enemy Psyker anywhere on the table and both Psykers rolloff, adding their Mastery Level to their score. If you roll higher than your opponent, the enemy Psyker takes a wound and cannot cast any Psyker Powers (though may still use Warp Cards) until the next Psychic Phase.
  • Kop Dis: Select a model within 24" that is in line of sight, and push that model D6+1" directly away from your Psyker. Should that model collide with anything, the move ends and both models take a S5 hit. This may appear weaker compared to Assail since your target selection is more limited and you can only push models directly away from you, but there is a silver lining: Kop Dis does work on vehicles so you can push them around, but more importantly it works on any "remain in play" template, including plasma bursts, hellfires, or even a vortex; you can push such a template around, and it will automatically score any hits on any models it passes over.
  • Squish: Squish requires two Force Cards to pull off and is a beefier 'Eadbutz that can be used against any target model within 24". The target takes 2d6-(target's strength or ram value) Strength 5 AP -2 hits.
  • Power Vomit: For 2 Force Cards, you get to draw a 18" beam. For each
  • Brain Bursta: Brain Bursta costs 2 Force Cards has similar target selection to Kop Dis ("first model in a line is struck), but instead of being a "push" effect, requires the target to pass a Toughness check or die. If this ability hits a vehicle, the passenger inside has to make such a similar check.
  • Deff Wave: The Deff Wave is basically Brain Bursta amplified. For 3 Force Cards, you place a Deff Wave template down in front of your Psyker, then move it forward 4d6. Each model underneath (partials are a 4+) must make a toughness check or die. When the Deff Wave passes over a vehicle (note: Most are large enough to mean this will be a partial), each member inside must make a toughness check. Note that the Deff Wave will continue to move 4d6 each turn until it is either nullified or it reaches the table edge.
  • Da Krunch: Although this requires 3 Force Cards, this effectively lets you summon the Foot of Gork! Models underneath the foot must take an Initiative Check to get out of the way, or else suffer a S10 hit.
  • Waaagh: The final power also requires 3 Force Cards and is essentially Eadbutz' on overdrive. Instead of selecting a single Psyker to attempt to disable for this Psychic Phase, you roll-off against every enemy Psyker. On top of that, all Ork and Gretchin units within 36" of the Weirdboy get +1 Weapon Skill and may reroll Leadership Checks until the start of the next Psychic Phase. Waaagh!

Squat Powers[edit]

  • Mental Fortress:
  • Domination:
  • Hammer of Fury:
  • Force Dome:

Tyranid Powers[edit]

  • Psychic Scream: Costs 2 Force Cards. Range 36". Targets an enemy psyker, and you roll 2D6. If the result is greater than their toughness, they can't do anything until the next Psychic Phase, and they're WS1. If the result is greater than their LD, they are auto-killed. Because most Psykers are T4 or less (I see you Mephiston!), you have a great chance of rendering them ineffective. If you also consider how expensive and powerful psykers are in this edition, you shut down a huge chunk of points and synergy. Definitely a must-take if expecting enemy psykers.
  • The Horror: Costs 1-3 Force Cards. Range is 6X", where X is amount of Force Cards you spend. Units and characters within that range must take a break check (pass LD or run away). It's a decent power if you expect to be fighting Guard or other average LD armies, but vs Marines your chances are less than 50%.
  • Hypnotic Gaze: Costs 1 Force Card. Range 18". Targets a unit of Genestealers, Genestealer Hybrids, or Tyranid Warriors. All enemy models within 6" must pass a LD test or they can't take any actions until the power is nullified and they're auto-hit in combat. Great for Genestealer Hybrids, but Genestealers are probably going to rip and tear whatever they're facing anyway.
  • Catalyst: Costs 3 Force Cards. Range 18". You choose a Tyranid brood that you can see, and that unit becomes Frenzied (must charge enemies in range and double their attack dice) and takes their armor saves on 2D6. This is an incredibly strong power with a Force Card cost to match. Genestealers now have 8 attack dice (and a 5+ save on 2d6), Hormogaunts now have 4 attack dice. To make matters even better, this power lasts until the brood dies or it gets nullified, so you don't have to worry about recasting it in future turns. The best target is probably Tyranid Warriors, which would get 6 attack dice at WS5 and a 5+ save on 2D6. Also note that a 5+ on 2D6 (without modifiers) has an 83.33% chance of passing, so it's basically a better 2+ save. Most basic weapons have a -1 modifier so you're then looking at a 6+ on 2D6, which still gives you a 72% chance to save. Not bad!

Nurgle Powers[edit]

  • Miasma of Pestilence:
  • Aura of Decay:
  • Plague Wind:
  • Stream of Corruption:

Slaanesh Powers[edit]

  • Beam of Slaanesh:
  • Acquiescence:
  • Fleshy Curse:
  • Pavane of Slaanesh:

Tzeentch Powers[edit]

  • Pink Fire of Tzeentch:
  • Boon of Tzeentch:
  • Tzeentch's Firestorm:
  • Bolt of Change: