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This information is no longer current. Please see Psychic 101(8E).(Should we update it for Horus Heresy?)

This page indexes how the Psychic Phase works in 7th edition Warhammer 40K:

Psychic Phase in General[edit]

In previous editions, psychic powers were pretty much extra gear/guns for the psyker; they activated whenever, simply took a Leadership check to trigger, could maybe be countered by certain models, and that was pretty much it.

In 7th edition psychic powers are used in their own phase, right after the Movement Phase (movement -> psychic -> shooting -> assault -> end) and the mechanics involved are slightly more, well, involved, similar to the Magic phase in Warhammer Fantasy with a few key differences.

The basic idea is that each and every one of your psykers now generates dice into an army-wide pool of psychic dice. When you cast a psychic power, you decide how many of these dice you want to throw into the attempt - using more dice in an individual power makes the power more likely to activate (while increasing the chances of Perils of the Warp, or a psychic misfire), while using fewer dice per power, you can attempt to cast more powers per turn that, while less likely to succeed, also are less likely to go terribly, terribly wrong for the caster. Overall, the new system seems more like an active part of the game, rather than a few special rules tacked onto the game itself, and the way it's designed is more flexible to allow some actual tactics over the phase.

How It Works[edit]

0: Generating Psychic Powers[edit]

Like in 6th edition, psychic powers are generated BEFORE the game starts. A given psyker has access to a certain amount of psychic powers and disciplines, depending on his mastery level and faction. Each discipline has 6 numbered powers (from 1 to 6) and a seventh 'Primaris' power.

To generate its psychic powers, a given psyker first chooses how many powers it wants from each psychic discipline known to it, up to a total of its Mastery Level. In other words, a Mastery Level 2 Space Marine Librarian generates two psychic powers, and can choose to generate them from any of the psychic disciplines marked in his Codex entry (discipline access is therefore entry-specific and not based on Mastery Level).

The psyker then rolls, one by one, for the powers in the disciplines he chose. Each power is numbered, so each die roll indicates one power he knows from the discipline the psyker rolled on. In the case of multiple rolls matching, thus yielding multiple copies of a particular power, re-roll the copy until it doesn't match. If the psyker doesn't like a particular power, it may choose to exchange the rolled power for the Primaris power of that particular discipline; this decision is made immediately after the roll for the power being exchanged. If a psyker generates all its powers from the same psychic discipline, it gets Psychic Focus - it automatically knows the Primaris power of its chosen discipline in addition to its other powers. If at any point the psyker ever gains a power from a different discipline, it loses Psychic Focus. Once all your psykers are done rolling for powers, you're set.

The odds of a psyker of a given Mastery Level (ML) being able to guarantee a given power by rolling on the same discipline until it gets it is ML/6, which is slightly better than multiple psykers at lower MLs doing it: for example, an ML2 psyker can guarantee a power with odds 33.33%, while two ML1 psykers both trying for it will manage it (on at least one of them) with odds 30.56%.

  • Notes:
    • The decision to exchange a power for a primaris power is done immediately after you roll the die to generate a power. You don't roll for all your powers and then choose to exchange one or more into primaris powers. Make the choice on which table to roll separately for each power you generate - so if you luck out on the first roll, you're perfectly valid in picking a power from a different discipline.
    • A psyker may not know multiple copies of the same power; should you roll the same power multiple times for the same psyker while generating powers, you'll simply reroll the 'extra' copies in the same discipline until you end up with different powers. It is, however, entirely possible for multiple different psykers to know the same power.
    • Psykers with a Mark of Chaos or psykers that are Daemons of a particular Chaos God instead automatically know the primaris power of their chosen deity, regardless of the other powers they might generate.
    • A psyker who has a force weapon of any description automatically also has the Force psychic power to actually activate the weapon. This does NOT count as one of his mastery level picks, nor does it prevent him from getting Psychic Focus.
    • A psyker who has fixed powers of no discipline (Ezekiel's Mind Worm / Ahazra Redth's Mirage) does not count these towards psychic focus so long as he generates any remaining powers from a single discipline. This stops them from losing out on Psychic Focus just by having a pre-set power.
    • Some psykers - like most Grey Knight units, Eldar Hemlocks and so on - know only predetermined set of psychic powers. Unless otherwise mentioned, these are the ONLY powers they know, they do NOT generate additional ones, and are NOT eligible for Psychic Focus.
    • Unlike in previous editions, a psyker's potential power selection is NOT limited by his mastery level. That is, a Mastery Level 1 psyker knows generally speaking one power, but that power may well be Warp Charge 2 or 3 - though a low-level psyker with high-charge powers will have to rely even more on luck of the dice and other psykers in his army to produce enough dice for casting.

1: Generating Warp Charges[edit]

When your psychic phase begins, you roll a single die. Both you and your opponent generate this many warp charges in your pool, plus the total amount of Mastery levels in your respective armies (plus any extra from wargear and/or special rules). You use the dice in your pool to attempt to cast psychic powers. Your opponent uses dice in his pool to attempt to counter your powers (Deny the Witch) and keep them from activating.


  • Only psykers actively on the board generate dice. If your Librarian is sitting in a Storm Raven in reserve, he's not contributing to your psychic pool (nor casting powers). Similarly, dead psykers don't generate dice. (A psyker in a transport or building on the table is, however, in play and thus does generate psychic dice).
  • ALL models with the Psyker or Psychic Pilot rules or units with the Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers rules generate warp charges equal to their mastery level. In other words, things like Grey Knight vehicles and Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighters generate psychic dice (when they're on the table).
  • Only the player whose turn it is rolls the initial d6 for generating psychic dice; both players use the same result and add their respective mastery levels to it. If you rolled a 6 for generating psychic dice, your opponent also gets more dice for trying to Deny your powers.
  • Psychic dice are generated at the start of the psychic phase. If one of your psykers somehow dies during your psychic phase (say, from a Perils of the Warp attack) he obviously will not be generating any more dice on your subsequent turns, but the dice you have remaining in your pool -that moment- are not affected.

2: Casting Powers[edit]

Okay, so you have a bunch of dice waiting to be turned into mindbullets or whatever. Next up, using them.

The player actively casting powers (you, in this exercise) chooses one of his psykers and one of the powers that psyker knows; if the power has a variable cost, choose the cost now. You then choose a number of dice from your psychic pool and roll them. Every roll of a 4+ on a psychic dice is an activated 'warp charge'. Each power requires a certain number of warp charges to go off - most take one, a handful need two, and a few rare ones take three. If you got enough warp charges from your psychic dice to meet or exceed the number of warp charges for the power, the power activated successfully. If you failed to meet the number of warp charges on the power, it fizzled - the dice used in casting it are wasted, and the power doesn't go off.


  • Casting psychic powers no longer affects the rest of the psyker's actions on the turn; a psyker can cast any of the powers he knows regardless of whether or not he moved on his Movement Phase, and casting psychic powers does not prevent him from running, shooting, or declaring a charge on the following Shooting and Assault phases. Being locked in combat does not prevent the psyker from generating dice, but does prevent the psyker from casting Witchfire and Focused Witchfire (shooting attack) powers. Buffs, debuffs and summons are A-OK though.
  • A psyker may cast multiple different witchfire (shooting attack) powers during your psychic phase, as long as he has the necessary dice, may target them at the same or different units as he pleases, and unlike with regular shooting attacks, is not limited to charging at one of those targeted units in his assault phase.
  • Psychic dice are not 'earmarked' for the psyker who generated them; it's entirely possible for you to use all your psychic die to manifest dice from one of your psykers, regardless of where the dice actually came from.
  • A psyker in a building or a transport can manifest ONLY witchfire and focused witchfire (shooty) psychic powers, and even then only if he can draw line of sight to his target from the transport's/building's fire points or the transport itself (if open-topped). If your psyker intends to cast buffs/debuffs or anything more elaborate than blowing shit up with his brain, he's got to climb out of that metal box first. Similarly, units that are inside a transport or building cannot be targeted by a psychic power, beneficial or not. (The battlements of a building are not considered to be 'inside' a building, so a psyker can stand, say, on the roof of a Bastion or on a Skyshield Landing Pad and gain a degree of protection from that).
  • Any one psyker can only attempt to manifest a given power once in a psychic phase, regardless of if it failed or succeeded. Two psykers knowing the same power can of course each (attempt to) cast it, at different or same targets.
  • A single unit can only be affected by one copy of a given blessing at any one time - so Hammerhand, for example, no longer stacks. Two DIFFERENT blessings on the same unit are A-OK, though.
  • Since psychic powers are used in the Psychic phase, you cannot use a witchfire power to shoot Overwatch if you get assaulted.
  • Any dice not used in casting powers are lost and wasted at the end of the psychic phase.

Warp Charge Table[edit]

The following table shows what chance you can expect to cast a power for a given number of warp charges. Note that this for the standard odds of harnessing (4+) and periling (at least 2 sixes), and hence does not cover situations where harnessing is improved or periling is more likely (such as with Daemonology).

Chances of Success and Perils for Charges and Dice
Dice Success, WC1 Success, No Perils, WC1 Success, WC2 Success, No Perils, WC2 Success, WC3 Success, No Perils, WC3 Perils
1D6 50.00% 50.00% 00.00% 00.00% 00.00% 00.00% 00.00%
2D6 75.00% 72.22% 25.00% 22.22% 00.00% 00.00% 02.78%
3D6 87.50% 80.09% 50.00% 42.59% 12.50% 09.26% 07.41%
4D6 93.75% 80.56% 68.75% 55.56% 31.25% 22.22% 13.19%
5D6 96.88% 77.25% 81.25% 61.63% 50.00% 33.85% 19.62%
6D6 98.44% 72.12% 89.06% 62.74% 65.63% 41.91% 26.32%
7D6 99.22% 66.20% 93.75% 60.73% 77.34% 46.15% 33.02%
8D6 99.61% 60.08% 96.48% 56.95% 85.55% 47.23% 39.53%
9D6 99.80% 54.07% 98.05% 52.31% 91.02% 46.06% 45.73%
10D6 99.90% 48.35% 98.93% 47.38% 94.53% 43.47% 51.55%

Generally, for a good chance of success you need to use double the warp charges of the spell's level to beat a pure coin flip; you can add 1 or 2 charges, with diminishing returns, to increase your odds, but should never commit more than 2 extra charges, as your odds of perils will become too high to be worth it.

3: Perils of the Warp[edit]

Drawing raw psychic energy from hell itself to fuel otherworldly powers is a hazardous job. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes things notice you when you tap into the Warp.

When you cast a psychic power, every roll of 2 or more sixes on your psychic dice triggers a Perils of the Warp. In previous editions, a Perils of the Warp was simply an automatic wound that was difficult or impossible to save against. In 7th edition, it's a d6 table the psyker rolls on; in the table below, "wound" means the psyker suffers 1 wound or glancing hit with no saves allowed (FNP *is* allowed). Leadership tests are taken by the Periling psyker.

Perils of the Warp
Name Number Leadership Test Not Taken Leadership Test Success Leadership Test Failure
Dragged Into the Warp 1 - Wound. Psyker is removed as a casualty and his unit takes D6 S6 AP1 hits, starting from the closest to where he was removed.
Mental Purge 2 Wound. Randomly select one power from the psyker. It is lost for the rest of the game. - -
Power Drain 3 Wound. If it's the psychic phase, both players lose D3 Warp Charge points. - -
Psychic Backlash 4 Wound. - -
Empyric Feedback 5 - - Wound.
Warp Surge 6 - Psyker gains 3++, Fleshbane, Armourbane, and Smash until the next friendly psychic phase. Wound.


  • Yes, Warp Surge pretty much temporarily turns your Weirdboy or Librarian into a mini-daemon prince. The problem is actually using it. Unless your Psyker is already part of a CQC squad or running solo, your have to choose between running into combat to make the most of it or being able to shoot a non-assault weapon, and unless you're looking at your opponent's warlord or some other very high value target(psyker) and you think your opponent will be dumb enough to accept a challenge from a mini-Daemon Prince, you're likely better off shooting.
  • A Perils of the Warp is always ONE roll on the table, regardless of how many sixes you actually rolled. If you rolled four sixes on your psychic test, you did NOT Perils twice as hard.
  • A psychic power succeeds or fails regardless of whether or not you triggered a Perils of the Warp attack. If you rolled enough warp charges to activate a psychic power, the power does activate - regardless of whether or not the psyker actually casting the power took a wound or even survived.
  • Since you need a roll of double sixes on (most) powers to Perils, it's impossible to Perils if you only use one die in your casting attempt. Similarly, the more dice you pump into a single power, the more likely it is for you to suffer a Perils attack.
  • Sanctic and Malefic Daemonology are slightly more risky to play with - unless you're a Grey Knight (for Sanctic) or a Daemon (for Malefic), powers cast from those disciplines will perils on ANY roll of doubles (or more) on your psychic dice. The powers are not actually any less likely to activate than 'regular' powers, but considerably more likely to blow up back in your face. Therefore it is advised that if you have non-daemon casting Daemonology, then have the psyker be in Brotherhood of Psykers since Brotherhoods have more wounds to spend on Perils wounds while still retaining psychic powers. F.ex having Malefic Primaris Psyker in Malefic Wyrdvane psyker squad.

4: Deny the Witch[edit]

While one player's psykers cast powers, the other player's psykers try to counter them. Denying the Witch is how you can (try to) keep the other player's powers from activating.

When your opponent successfully casts a psychic power that affects one or more of your units, you choose one of them to make a Deny the Witch roll. Basically you choose the unit, pick a number of dice from your own pool of psychic dice, roll them and add modifiers:

  • +1 if the unit has one or more models (attached or otherwise) with the Psyker, Psychic Pilot, or Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers special rules.
  • +1 if the unit has one or more models with a Mastery level higher than the casting psyker's Mastery level.
  • +1 if the unit has one or more models with the Adamantium Will special rule.

Every roll of 6 or more on a Deny the Witch dice negates one successful warp charge from your opponent's casting attempt. To successfully Deny a psychic power, you must negate -all- successful warp charges used in casting that power. If you failed to get enough successes on the Deny roll, the dice are simply wasted and the enemy power still activates.

If none of your units were targeted by the psychic power (the power was a blessing or summoning power, for example, that doesn't directly effect your units) you can still try Deny the power; instead of choosing a unit to Deny the power with, you simply choose how many dice to use in your Deny attempt. Each roll of a straight 6 on a dice negates one warp charge.


  • To successfully Deny a power, you must counter ALL the successful warp charges used in casting the power. If your opponent uses four dice to cast a 2-charge power and gets three successes, you must counter all three. Two will NOT be enough.
  • You decide whether or not to attempt to Deny a power (and how many dice you use, if any) AFTER your opponent rolls his psychic test for casting the power. You can't be suckered into Denying powers that wouldn't activate anyways, and you can opt to not try Denying powers that you don't have a chance to succeed in countering anyways (powers with four successes when all you have is three dice, and so on).
  • Obviously rolling multiple sixes on a Deny roll will NOT trigger a Perils of the Warp attack.
  • If a psychic power targets multiple units, only one of those units gets to do a Deny attempt. If a psychic blast power scatters and hits two of your units, you pick one to do a Deny with, not try to Deny twice.
  • Psychic Hoods have changed - now a unit within 12" of a friendly unit targeted with a psychic power can roll the Deny attempt as if it was targeted for the power instead of the actual target. Generally this means getting to benefit from the psyker and his mastery level in the Deny attempt. If the Deny roll fails, the power still affects the original target, not the bearer of the Hood.
    • Note that the rule specifically says friendly unit. You cannot, therefore, use a psychic hood to Deny a power targeted at an Ally of Convenience unit or use the hood to boost your odds of denying a blessing. Only units from an army that is Battle Brothers with the hood-bearer can benefit.
  • Successfully denying a power that succeeded, but triggered Perils of the Warp, means the power does not activate but the casting psyker still ends up suffering the results of the Perils attack.
  • Like with casting powers, any dice not used in Deny attempts are lost and wasted at the end of a given psychic phase.

5: Resolve Power[edit]

Unless otherwise stated, psychic powers with a duration last until the start of the Psyker’s next Psychic phase. The ongoing effects of any one particular power do not stack on the same unit, but benefits from different powers are cumulative. Unless otherwise stated, powers cannot modify characteristics above 10 or below 1 (or below 2, in the case of Leadership).

When a power summons a unit, it Deep Strikes within the power's maximum range; the new unit is under your control and is treated as having arrived from Reserves for all rules purposes. If the new unit suffers a Deep Strike mishap and ends up in Ongoing Reserves, it can Deep Strike anywhere on the board when it enters play. Summoned psykers cannot use summoning on the same turn they're summoned. Unless otherwise stated, summoned units have no upgrades and generate all random attributes (such as psyker powers) as soon as the power resolves. Summoned Chaos Daemons can take an Icon and/or Instrument of Chaos, and/or upgrade to a character, if their codex entry says they can (and they do it for free).

That covers Blessings (targets friendly unit(s)), Maledictions (targets enemy unit(s)), and Conjurations (summons a new unit).

  • Witchfires
    • Resolve as Shooting attacks (non-witchfires which affect an enemy unit do not), although because they happen in the Psychic phase, not the Shooting phase, Shooting phase specific consequences of shooting do not apply, such as preventing running. Note that this normally means the Psyker has to roll to hit or scatter using BS as normal unless the power is a Template or otherwise stated, although some sub-types of Witchfires subvert some of the shooting rules (see below), including needing to roll to hit. Per the Errata, a witchfire power which does not list a weapon profile hits automatically.
      • Focused Witchfires
        • If this witchfire was cast using at least one more Warp Charge than it needed, its hits are Precision Shots.
      • Profileless Witchfires
        • A witchfire with no profile hits automatically, without needing to roll to hit.
      • Beams
        • Beams automatically hit, and, in a curiosity for WH40K, are usually offensive powers capable of hitting your own units. Choose a point within the power’s range and trace a 1mm thick line between the chosen point and the center of the Psyker’s base – this line cannot be drawn over any unit that is locked in combat. All units under the line (friend and foe) are hit, with the exception of Zooming Flyers, Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures, and the Psyker himself (or his transport, if embarked on one). Each unit hit by the attack takes a number of hits equal to the number of models from that unit that are under the line. Only one unit that has a model under the line can attempt to Deny the Witch.
          • Note: Remember, beams are drawn from the CENTER of the casting model, unlike all other types of witchfire, so the range is shorter than you're used to.
      • Novas
        • A nova power automatically targets and hits all enemy units (including Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures) within the psychic power’s maximum range, regardless of line of sight, being locked in combat, intervening models/terrain and so on. Only one unit that is within the power’s maximum range can attempt to Deny the Witch.
          • Note that Nova powers are drawn from the edge of the Psyker's base with the range defining the circle's radius, so the diameter of the circle is double the power's range plus the diameter of the psyker's base, meaning a larger base can drastically increase the area under the power.

Psychic Tactics[edit]

So that's how you mind bullet, but what do you do with them?

Well the problem with tactics is some armies have the ability to bring a lot more psykers, and therefore warp charges than others.

Space marines for example can only bring two (assuming battle forged, single FOC) (why would you assume that when the Librarium formation is in the main codex?) level two psykers since their psykers are all HQ choices, while daemons can easily bring over ten warp charges a turn thanks to horrors.

Step one is to therefore consider how you and your opponent's mind bullets stack up to each other. If you have a clear lead in mental fire power you can afford to spread your charges thinner as your opponent won't be able to deny you as easily. If on the other hand the playing field is roughly even you need to play more carefully, while if you're completely outclassed pick one or two powers you really need to go off and spend all your charges on them, so that even with twice as many or more warp charges they can't completely deny you, although your psykers are likely to implode before the game is half over if you do it every turn, so pick your moments.

When casting powers, first budget what powers you need most to go off, (example: invisibility) then cast all your other powers in least to most importance before it. This way your opponent is forced to save his deny dice for either the big very important one or basically give you free reign in the phase. While that works if you're in the lead, and very useful if you're evenly matched in terms of warp charges since he might think he can spare the charges, it's much less effective if you're completely out classed since your opponent may have the charges to deny your final important power, and you won't have the power to force it though because you spent the charges on 'deny fodder' first.

That all said, the mere presence of a big power alters the flow of the phase a lot. Your opponent (or you, this goes both ways) now has to choose between saving his charges for the big one, or attempt to spend his charges denying all the little powers.

General Psychic Tips[edit]

  • As a rule, Psychic Powers are innately unreliable, and require a lot of investment for them to pay off. While lucky rolls can give you a super-happy Psychic Deathstar of Doom, they generally support an army rather than define it.
  • You get diminishing returns when investing in Psykers. Casting a basic power has a 50% chance of failure, which halves for each additional Warp Charge spent on the power. What this means is, as you take more psykers in your army, you gradually have fewer Warp Charges for each individual Psyker to use, as it is usually preferable to use some as power plants for the others.
    • This is particularly true due to needing to roll for powers - you have no practical way for forcing your Psykers to know different powers, so as you add more, more and more of them will share more and more powers rather than adding to your power versatility, if that was your goal. Conversely, you can't guarantee the collisions except for Primaris powers, so adding more with the intent of spamming some power over and over will only work if you're trying to spam a Primaris.
  • Some armies will take units simply to serve as secondary "batteries" for other casters, though they will weigh the costs of this accordingly. For example, if you want a unit of Terminators for your army, a unit of Grey Knight Terminators is more cost-effective than similar Terminator units, but their one WC point can only go towards buffing themselves in melee, and so it effectively gets farmed off to other Psykers with more dramatic powers. This is if you're running Terminators anyway/running Grey Knights anyway.
  • Generally speaking, the three most popular core disciplines are Divination, Malefic Daemonology, and Telepathy. They don't have any real "dud" powers and most will find use in nearly any game (rather than being conditionally awesome every other game), but most importantly, they have really good Primaris Powers.
    • Psychic Shriek is a power with a wide potential for effects. On "average", it may inflict two wounds on an enemy unit, but when the dice are hot, it has the potential to one-shot a unit of Terminators, or a Monstrous Creature. It doesn't need to make a "To-Hit" roll, so you can occasionally use it to smack monsters out of the sky as well.
    • Prescience is a no-frills power. Being able to reroll to-hit is very useful on nearly any unit.
    • Summoning lets you bring more units into the game, though if your Psyker is not a Daemon you'll Peril like a motherfucker.
    • You don't have to limit yourself to these disciplines, but they tend to be the safest starting off. Biomancy can be nice if you bank on rolling Iron Arm, and most armies have at least one good army-specific Discipline to work with (except Tyranids, alas), but you now run the risk of rolling an underwhelming power, and having to settle for a situationally usable Primaris ("I can penalize the Invulnerable Saves of Daemons..." "I'm playing Necrons." "Right...curses.")
  • Biker Psykers are more than just a cute rhyme. They can give you a unique threat vector, due to the ability to move, cast powers, then turbo-boost to another position. The same can be said for Jump Packs and Flying Monstrous Creatures.
  • Conjuration Powers are interesting. When 7th first came out, people theoryhammered about being able to Summon Horrors, who could summon more Horrors, but such armies never really materialized (ha!) as a threat. That said, Summoned units make good "bait"/threats that must be dealt with. Because you are dealing with Deep Strike, the units can end up away from your intended point of entry. Thus, it's ideal to summon "fast" units like Daemonettes/Flesh Hounds/Screamers, to correct any deviations.
  • Feel No Pain is your best friend. It's the only "save" you're allowed against Perils and can really help a charge-heavy caster, especially a malefic summoner.

Rules Interactions to Watch Out For[edit]

  • Beams do not target models or units, so are a good way to psychically murder something that cannot be targeted, such as Invisible enemy unit.
  • Profileless Witchfires quite often ignore armor saves, but because they lack a profile, the wording is usually "ignores armor saves", not "AP2", which means you disregard rules based on the AP of the weapon - for example, Aun'Va's Paradox will not trigger, and you similarly get no bonus to damaging vehicles as you would from an actual AP2 weapon.
  • Because a specific model can only Deny the Witch when it or a nearby model friendly to it (in the case of a Librarian's Hood, for example) is affected by a power, Blessings are inherently more powerful than Maledictions in that they are harder to Deny, as no model will get to use its special rules on it.
  • Chariots are the only vehicle that allows full casting from an embarked Psyker. All other vehicles, including buildings, only allow Witchfires, which means e.g. you can't cast a Blessing while embarked (unless embarked on a Chariot).
  • Look Out, Sir works on Psychic powers just fine, including Profileless Witchfires, but it is triggered by allocating Wounds, so it can only be used if the Power inflicts wounds - for example, Jaws of the World Wolf Removes From Play without Wounding, so Look Out, Sir does not apply.
    • Similar reasoning applies to Feel No Pain.

Psychic Disciplines[edit]

Remember that any power's specific rules can override the general rules. Witchfires of all types obey the general Shooting rules with some exceptions noted above; Blessings, Maledictions, and, of course, Conjurations do not. Note: whenever a power that targets enemies is listed below as targeting a "model" (typically this means it is a profileless witchfire), that means it targets a unit, but its effects resolve against a single model "hit" by the power (typically the closest one to the caster as per usual shooting, or chosen by the caster if a focused witchfire which has paid for the focus). Beams target points on the table, not models or units (which is highly relevant for abilities that interact with targeting,such as Invisible enemy unit). As a reminder, a focused witchfire's hits are precise (attacker chooses the model(s) hit in the unit) if an additional warp charge is harnessed to pay for it; unlike variable cost powers, where you must choose the cost ahead of time, you may cast the power, discover you harnessed one more than you need, and get the benefit of the additional charge.

Summary of Power Types
Type Friendly or Enemy? Rolls to Hit? Can target units locked in combat? Allows cover saves?
Blessing Friendly No Yes No
Malediction Enemy No Yes No
Witchfire (Focused or Not) Enemy Yes No Yes
Witchfire (Focused or Not), Profileless Enemy No No Yes
Witchfire (Nova) Enemy No Yes Yes
Witchfire (Beam) Both No No (Beams do not target units, period, but the beam cannot be drawn across a unit locked in combat) Yes

Rulebook Psychic Disciplines[edit]

This section lists the psychic disciplines outlined in the general rulebook; they can be used by psykers from multiple Warhammer 40,000 armies.


Force counts as a Psychic power, but it does not actually belong to any discipline (so it does not count against Psychic Focus), nor does it count against how many powers you know. It is also not rolled for - a Psyker knows this power if and only if they carry a Force weapon. Remember, you need a warp charge to activate it, so don't go spending them all on mind bullets before you get the chance to activate it. Additionally, it can be denied (although it is a Blessing, so Denying it is difficult), and if your enemy has a lot more charges than you he might be able to pull it off, but it's unlikely he would spend the charges unless your psyker is looking at something he does not want to die.
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Force Blessing Self Unit All Force weapons in the Psyker's unit gain Instant Death. 1


Biomancy is taken for two main reasons: You want to make your Psyker a fighter, or you're fishing for Endurance as part of a "Deathstar" build. For the former, it's usually better to attempt to buff a character that's already an acceptable fighter, rather than trying to make a weak unit suddenly awesome; Daemons in particular can get some excellent mileage from Biomancy, as (barring Blue Scribes), every character they have with access to it is at least Strength and Toughness 5. The Witchfires are acceptable if you have "one warp charge left", but they have a low rate of fire, and suffer from having to compete against Psychic Shriek.
Biomancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Smite Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 4 4 2 -
All things considered, this is not a bad power, particularly if you get it by Psychic Focus so you get it free. Is largely superior to a plasmagun against infantry since it has two more shots without gets hot, but it lacks life leech's wound-regaining power. One of the better mind bullet powers.
1 Iron Arm Blessing Self Model Iron Arm is a tricky power for some, and OP bullshit for others. It buffs your strength and toughness by +3 and grants Smash. What makes it tricky is that it's only good in assault or if your model/unit (if a Brotherhood) is by itself. When in a unit, you wound on majority toughness, so being toughness 7 does not help if the tactical squad your lib is running with is four (hint: challenges), and if you're by yourself then you have to weather an entire unit's worth of shooting, and, of course, to get the most out of the strength buff you need to run with an assault unit. That all said, it is very powerful, but getting the most out of it is tricky. Everything I just said can be thrown out the window if you're already very strong and tough, and if you already planned to use your psyker in an aggressive, assaulting way. 1
2 Enfeeble Malediction 24 Unit Target suffers -1 S and T and treats all terrain as dangerous terrain. Dangerous terrain is not that useful, though that one time he fails a save would be funny to watch, but the nerf to strength and especially toughness are very handy. Aside from just making things vulnerable to the general damage it also lowers their Instant Death threshold, so have a nice time instagibbing Crisis battlesuits with plasma, exploding nob bikers with krak missiles or even evaporating MCs with a single Vindicator shot. Remember that by default all dangerous terrain is difficult terrain. 1
3 Life Leech Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 2 6 2 -
What makes this handy is that when you inflict a wound, you can cause either the psyker or a model within 6 inches to regain a wound. Better use this on your psyker; given how most of the Perils strip wounds off, the ability to get them back can be a life-saver.
4 Warp Speed Blessing Self Model Remember what we said about Iron Arm? Take all of that, and put it here as well. Giving the psyker +3 attacks and initiative while also granting fleet, this is a power that only works in the assault, more than Iron Arm even, though fleet does help you get there a bit faster. Be careful, though; three more initiative does not cancel out Unwieldy axes that go last. Like Iron Arm, useful, but to get the most out of it you need to be already planning to punch faces with your psyker so you can properly kit him out. An ML2 Librarian with a Power Sword that rolls this plus Iron Arm can essentially solo entire MEQ squads before they know what hit them. 1
5 Endurance Blessing 24 Unit This power grants a unit 4+ Feel No Pain, Relentless, and Eternal Warrior. Wowza, the ability to rapid fire a target then charge it, with a 4+ Feel No Pain and Eternal Warrior is nasty! Use this on squads with big weapons to get them into position, or a troop choice to make them hold no matter what. It can be used to help a squad that can not normally assault help get the attached psyker into CQC to get the most out of Iron Arm or Warp Speed. 2
6 Haemorrhage Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
The model hit must take two toughness tests or suffer a wound which ignores armor and cover for each failure. If the model dies, a randomly selected nearby enemy model within 2" needs to test toughness once or die; this continues until a model passes. Not the best power, but with two chances to kill a single wound model you have a decent chance of sniping heavy weapons or sarges out of a unit. Still, not worth two charges UNLESS you have Enfeeble, then you have a chance to make low toughness blobs melt. This power gets exponentially better the lower the number of wounds and toughness value of the target is: on average, assuming one wound models with no invuln saves or FNP, 0.37 on T5, 0.83 on T4, 1.5 on T3, 2.67 on T2, 5.83 on T1. Because of this, all in all you will most likely need more than 2 warp charges to get the most out of it: either you'll have to cast Enfeeble to stand a chance at doing real damage, or you will need those 3 successes to be able to choose your target and not just kill some scrubs. Any other source of Toughness debuffs you can bring, such as an Inquisitor with rad grenades (who can also be a Biomancy psyker, if you like), can also greatly help this power.


Divination is a powerful Discipline to have, simply because it gives you protection against a bad die roll ruining your game-plan. While all of them help protect you in some way, it's clear to see that more people want Prescience, Perfect Timing, Forewarning, and Foreboding more than the others, if only because their uses are the most direct ones.
Divination Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Prescience Blessing 12 Unit Target can re-roll to hit, regardless of context. If you've ever played a game of 40K with a Divination Psyker, you know what a boon this is, and the Psychic Focus makes any Divination-based psyker become worth it. 2
1 Foreboding Blessing Self Unit Grants Counter-Attack and allows them to Overwatch at full BS (though anything that can't overwatch still can't). Overall nothing to argue with, as this gives you a better chance at mulching anything that charges you. The issue is that most armies nowadays are focused on shooting, so you have a good chance of never actually being charged, making this power possibly useless. 1
2 Forewarning Blessing 12 Unit Grants a 4++ Invulnerable save. It's basically Azrael's helmet of trolling in a 1WC package, and gives anything with worse saves than Termies insurance against high AP weapons, or makes blobs hair-rendingly difficult to remove. 1
3 Perfect Timing Blessing Self Unit The Psyker and his unit have Ignores Cover on their weapons. Use it on weapons you know will kill them and be assured that they'll be wiped! Also works on jink saves. Be warned, however, that it only affects the psyker's unit, so if you roll this power, consider reattaching your psyker to a squad that can make use of it. 1
4 Precognition Blessing Self Model A much more advanced form of Prescience, this gives your Psyker (and ONLY your Psyker) re-rolls to hit, re-rolls to wound, and re-rolls on any saving throws. It sounds really useful, and it is, but compare being able to buff one model to a unit and you see that, while good, it's not the most useful power here. Of course, just like with Biomancy self-buffing powers, if your psyker is already a scary solo model that can rip apart tanks and shit, giving him a re-roll on (almost) everything is massively awesome. With a psyker with a 2+ armor save, you can actually get a lot of mileage out of having them use this power while in the front of a unit to tank wounds. A 2+ re-rollable is tough to crack with volume of fire, and in a situation where you can actually up the psyker's invul save, will work against low-AP weapons as well, or for the more nervous among us, can be easily look-out-sir'd to someone in the unit if your psyker is in danger of getting insta-death'd. 1
5 Misfortune Malediction 24 Unit Makes it so that any attacks against the target get rending. This sounds epic on paper, and if you're willing to throw enough dice at a target, it can be epic, but notice the important part of that sentence, "enough dice". You need to have all the pieces set up before hand to get the most out of it. Say, cast it on a Land Raider just before you open up with six autocannons, or on a Terminator squad or a Rhino before you fire 50 lasguns into it. Using it just to nerf an enemy unit that is only going to get shot at by only one other unit (unless that single unit has a LOT of shots) is just not the best use of this power. 2
6 Scrier's Gaze Blessing Self Model Allows you to re-roll reserves, outflanking, and mysterious objectives. Also, you can drop one Tactical Objective card and draw another. Scrier's Gaze fits into that rather odd category of being a "meta advantage"; it does not help you fight better, but it helps you (the player, not the dudes) play the mission better. It's not really helpful in the conventional sense, but it can allow some good rescues. 2


Pyromancy is good for only one thing: melting light infantry hordes. Orks, Guardsmen, Tyranids, Daemons maybe. Thanks to the ability to squeeze out more than one witchfire a turn, this power could unleash a lot of hurt. Not the first choice for disciplines, but a decent secondary if you're fighting low armor save cover campers and blobs. Additionally, for those really interested in indulging in fiery fantasies of destruction, consider taking a Salamanders Librarian. They can take, if using their chapter tactics, a book that provides the Molten Beam power, and +1 strength on all the Witch Fires listed below.
Soul Blaze
This rule comes up a lot in Pyromancy, so it's worth explaining here. If an unmarked unit takes at least one unsaved wound with Soul Blaze, mark it with something. At the end of each turn, roll a die for each marked unit. On 1-3 the unit is not marked anymore; on 4+, the unit takes D3 S4, Ap5 hits (randomly allocated) with Ignores Cover. This means the expected number of hits at the end of a turn is 1 (which must then get past toughness, armor/invuln, and feel no pain), while the expected number over infinite turns is 2. Commonly considered useless.
Pyromancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Flame Breath Witchfire Template Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1 5 4 Soul Blaze
It's a Soul Blaze heavy flamer. Not much to add. Eats anything short of a Space Marine and is inferior to the actual weapon. Strictly worse than Destructor/Renewer.
1 Fiery Form Blessing Self Model The psyker gains a 4+ Invulnerable save, their melee attacks have Soul Blaze and they may re-roll failed to-wound rolls for all subsequent Pyromancy psychic powers they manifest. Not as good as some of the Biomancy self buffs (what is?), but this isn't a bad power just before the Psyker gets stuck in. Unlike a lot of powers like it, this one does some good while not in close combat since your other Pyromancy powers get more reliable. 1
2 Fire Shield Blessing 24 Unit Grants a 4+ cover save and all enemy units in 6" treat all terrain as Dangerous Terrain. 4+ is good, Stealth turns it to 3+ before you go to ground. A useful buff spell. 1
3 Spontaneous Combustion Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 6 3 Soul Blaze
If the unlucky model dies, he turns into a strength five AP4 blast marker with Ignores Cover and Soul Blaze. Good at taking out cover camping wimps. Unlike with other focused witchfires, don't try and snipe heavy weapons out; go for models that can get you a cluster of hits with the blast.
4 Sunburst Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 4 5 Nova, Ignores Cover, Soul Blaze
Remember that novas hit each different unit in range independently, so that's 2D6 hits per target. Also remember that the range is the radius of the power; you actually have an 18 + <base size> inch diameter area of burning. Get your psyker into place and cook lightly armored infantry.
5 Inferno Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 4 5 Blast, Ignores Cover, Soul Blaze
A light infantry cooker. I'm sensing a theme here...
6 Molten Beam Witchfire (Beam) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 8 1 Beam, Melta
Gott im Himmel! It's a psychic meltagun. With some really good luck you could explode maybe two tanks or three Terminators if you line it up right. The issue with this power is that it's only really good against tanks, and usually the reason you're rolling for Pyromancy powers in the first place is because you have vehicles covered by something else, and you need something to cook light infantry.


With generally high strength, Telekinesis is trying to be the anti-tank power set, and three powers do just that (although one does it shakily). One other power's pretty worthless against anything but a horde in the open, and there are two support powers. This is not exactly an all-purpose set of powers and, like Pyromancy, they not strong enough to be used by themselves. Telekinesis is a decent backup to another, more powerful discipline. All in all a pretty mixed bag.
Telekinesis Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Assail Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 6 - Beam, Strikedown
Quick recap on what Strikedown does: it means the targets you hit have to move through difficult terrain next turn, regardless of whether they saved the wounds or not. Definitely worth smacking up some units with this if you want to keep them from an objective or stop a charge to buy yourself another turn to shoot them. No AP means this power has trouble killing things reliably.
1 Crush Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 2D6 1D6 -
Rolls of 11 or 12 for strength auto-wound, or penetrate if the target is a vehicle. Worth it? Well, if you think you like your luck or bother running Flash Gitz, then give it a try. With an average strength of 7, this can penetrate a transport, but without an AP of 1 or 2 exploding it is impossible. Though if you're relying on this very random psychic attack to destroy vehicles, you probably have bigger problems to sort out.
2 Objuration Mechanicum Malediction 24 Unit Target has Gets Hot! on their guns, and vehicles take an automatic Strength 1 Haywire hit. This is very useful for dealing with flyers and vehicle squadrons, especially squadrons of 2HP vehicles (Landspeeders, Killa Kans, Warwalkers, Vipers, Pirahnas and so on), and even more so if they pack a lot of non-twin-linked dakka to kill themselves with Gets Hot! glances, since they will only need one after they get Haywired. And since psychic powers don't count as shooting they can't even Jink against it. Haywire for everyone! This is obviously meant to nail hordes of low-BS units. Mathammer-wise, Orks or Guardsmen firing at T4 targets would deal as many wounds to themselves as to their targets before saves are made, wiping out up to 30% of their own squad in one volley (with shootas and first rank fire, respectively). This power can also be painful for more elite units that rely on the volume of fire, like Swooping Hawks, Scourges, Venoms or Leman Russ Punishers. And when it comes to Overwatching under the effects of Objuration Mechanicum...well, chances are they would take double or triple the damage they would deal to your units. 1
3 Shockwave Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 4 - Nova, Pinning
Powerful against swarms, but that lack of AP renders it useless against anything else. Although, if you get a good roll on how many hits it inflicts, it could be hard for medium or even heavy infantry to make all the saves. Compare with Sanctic Daemonology's or Pyromancy's far superior Novas that trade Pinning for AP, Ignores Cover, and higher strength.
4 Levitation Blessing Self Unit A new blessing that shows how cheesy this edition got. This makes the Psyker and his unit (unless they're Zooming, Swooping, or in combat) move 12", ignoring terrain or other units. However, starting or landing in Dangerous Terrain means taking a test, and you can't charge afterwards. Remember, powers are used after moving, so if you're already in a jump squad you can jump in the movement phase and then in the psychic phase for a 24 inch move. Dark Eldar be jealous. Your first idea would be to use it to get into combat faster, but you cannot charge out of teleport, so you'd be sitting ducks for an entire turn, much like with Deep Strike. Better uses would be jumping away from a close combat unit, jumping close in order to flamer, melta or rapid fire a target to death, jumping behind vehicles to lay some painful dakka on their rear armor or claim objectives (especially useful on Maelstrom). To sum it up, a great power to move elite specialist weapons like Chosen or Sternguard or relentless heavy weapons like Centurions exactly where they're needed. 1
5 Telekine Dome Blessing Self Model Gives everyone within 12" of the psyker a 5++ against shooting. Is it useful? Ask an Ork player if he would ever field an army without at least one KFF. If your guys have 5+ or 6+ saves, this thing is great, and even if they're MEQs, you can fit more squads under that 12" bubble to ensure they won't be ass-raped by those low-AP blasts everyone tends to spam nowadays. Note that you might have 5+ cover saves often enough that taking this power would be redundant, unless you're facing a lot of template/ignore cover shooting, and that this power, at 2 warp charges, is overpriced and largely inferior to a Dark Angels power field generator or the aforementioned KFF. 2
6 Psychic Maelstrom Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 10 1 Large Blast, Barrage
Basically your own pocket Demolisher cannon. With a large blast, this is arguably better than the D strength Vortex of Doom in Sanctic Daemonology. Whatever you throw this on, it WILL get hurt if it hits. Generally, a proper Vindicator/Medusa/Demolisher is a better bet, since you need to sink 7 warp charges to make it work reliably (and even then, your psyker is likely to suffer Perils of the Warp), and those warp charges aren't cheap. Though you are gaining the benefits of survivability and mobility, since your psyker can hide inside METAL BOXES, some infantry blob or even fly on daemonic wigs, raining pipe plates of death on the poor chaps below. Note that if you're an Eldar player using a Farseer, Eldritch Storm is a superior power to this in every way except AP.


Telepathy is a generally powerful support discipline. The exceptional Primaris and two incredibly powerful defensive Blessings (one of which is considered overpowered by a lot of players) alone make it worth rolling for. The other powers are more situational due to being based on overloading your opponent with Leadership checks, but they become increasingly dangerous if you have access to reliable Leadership debuffs.
Telepathy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Psychic Shriek Witchfire (Profileless) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Roll 3D6 and subtract the hit unit's Leadership. It takes the difference in wounds. MAKES ME WANNA WAIL!! Best used on small, elite squads or monsters on whom those wounds will hurt more. Demons with very low Leadership will also suffer from this a lot. All witchfires generally have to roll to hit, but not this one, because it really has no profile (AP2 is listed because "no armor saves may be taken"), so you can totally scream Flyrants off the board. For reference, your expected wounds against leadership 7 through 10 are 3.61, 2.78, 2.04, and 1.42, before invulnerable saves or feel no pain; this is roughly equivalent to a BS 5, Poisoned (2+), AP2, Assault 5.2/4/3/2 Ignores Cover weapon, respectively. However, remember that it does not roll to hit, and so will, for example, hit a unit with Invisibility up.
1 Dominate Malediction 24 Unit If the target wants to move, cast powers, shoot (including Overwatch), run, or charge they have to pass a Leadership test. Generally speaking, most units will pass the test, but should some unlucky Crisis Suit or named Character fail even once, then the once would be enough. This is mainly a psychological tool, though. At some point, your enemy might simply leave the unit alone instead of making yet another Leadership test. Do note that this does not affect casting psychic powers and making some exotic moves, like jetpack/jetbike JSJ moves, flat out move, or different kinds of teleportation (GK interceptors, warp spiders, levitation, etc.). 1
2 Mental Fortitude Blessing 24 Unit Makes a friendly unit immediately regroup if it was falling back and become Fearless. Rather simple for a blessing; go to ground one turn and get them to stand up to shoot the next. 1
3 Terrify Malediction 24 Unit Like an evil twin to Mental Fortitude, it has a 24" range and inflicts -1 Leadership on one target, who then has to pass a Morale test at the end of the phase, and makes them treat all enemy units as having the Fear special rule. Use this before you cast Psychic Shriek for best results. Be VERY careful with this; you do not want a unit to run away from you and put you out of rapid fire range. Also note the morale test is independent of the Fear rule, so units that normally don't have to worry about Fear (such as any of the 12 types of Space Marines) still have to pass a morale test or leg it. 1
4 Shrouding Blessing Self Model Grants all friendly models within 6" of the Psyker (including himself) the Shrouded special rule. Like some other powers, the issue with this one is that to affect more than one unit you have to bunch up your army a bit. Even so, with only 6" you're likely to only get two units anyway since you only need one model in range to affect the whole unit. A nice power; remember that you only need one model in a unit to have Shrouded for the whole unit to have Shrouded. 1
5 Invisibility Blessing 24 Unit Makes it so all shots taken at the target are treated as snap shots (i.e., anyone shooting at them does so at BS1) and they can only be hit on a 6 in close combat. It sounds simple enough, but remember, you can't snap fire blasts and templates. This is the worst power in the whole game, not because it's bad, but because it's too good. This leads to Deathstars everywhere because on top of only hitting on sixes, you then need to get through whatever armor, cover saves, or invulnerable saves they may have. Ridiculously cheesy. There are not a lot of counters since most options such as line makers just can't be snap fired. You could use beams to hit nearby units and just happen to aim them though the invisible unit. Maledictions and Novas still work since they don't roll to hit. Your best option, however, is to Deny the Witch this thing with every warp charge die you have. That is not a polite suggestion. DO IT! However, as of 2015 the new Skitarii Cognis weapons snap fire at BS2, and the Rhino Primaris allows a unit to snap-shoot at full Ballistic Skill. The best counters to this power, by far. 2
6 Hallucination Malediction 24 Unit Roll a D6 on the table to determine what happens to the target. On a 1-2, the unit must take a Pinning test. On a 3-4, the unit reduces their Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative and Attacks by 1 to a minimum of 1. On a 5-6, a randomly determined character model in the unit suffers a number of Strength 3 hits equal to the number of other models in the unit; if no such character model is available, treat this as a 3-4 result instead. While none of these are particularly bad, they're not very good either. Only 3-4 and 5-6 are useful. 5-6 might strip a wound off a character through sheer volume of hits; make that warboss pay for leading 30 boyz! 2


A few notes about Sanctic and Malefic before we start. Unlike the other powers that peril only on a double six, these powers peril on any double unless you're a Grey Knight (who can only use Sanctic) or a Daemon (ditto but for Malefic). This means your psyker is much more likely to implode and will do so much faster if not from these armies, so think carefully if the risk is worth it.


Generally speaking, Sanctic Daemonology is used for building a better Deathstar. The reason for this is simple: All the Blessings in this Discipline directly target the Psyker's unit. Hammerhand makes them hit harder, Sanctuary makes them harder to kill, and Gate of Infinity gives them protection against being tarpitted. Round this off with two two "High Risk/High Reward" Witchfires for good effect. The main weaknesses of this Discipline are that it doesn't do much to benefit MSU builds, it has a very situational Primaris, and it has a good chance of blowing up your caster. Of note is that a lot of these powers were originally unique to Grey Knights back in 5th edition. They remain the only army that can use these powers without suffering Perils on any double roll, and many of their units get "fixed" powers on this table, allowing you a surprising degree of reliability in using this discipline.
Sanctic Daemonology Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Banishment Malediction 24 Unit (Daemon) Can only be used on units with the Daemon special rule. This will reduce the Daemon's Invulnerable save by 1 (So the basic 5+ Daemon Invulnerable becomes a 6+). It's a situational power at best, only really useful when dealing with Malefic Psykers who summon Daemons and/or Daemons themselves. Although far more situational, this can be absolutely horrific to a Daemon player who was unlucky enough to already have their invulnerable save reduced by 1 by rolling 4 on the Warp Storm table. Watch your Daemon opponent sob and grovel as you widdile down their Great Unclean One or destroy a squad of Bloodletters in one Shooting Phase since they have no more saves except maybe FNP or Warp-Forged Armor. 1
1 Gate of Infinity Blessing Self Unit Allows a single unit that isn't swooping or zooming to Deep Strike anywhere. Of course, this is your fabulous SURPRISE FUCKERS! However, remember the 1d4chan advice for deep striking: you want to be able to survive a turn of shooting, and assault troops are going to get shot up before they can do their thing. Best done with a tough shooting squad or something you're willing to DISTRACTION CARNIFEX with. 1
2 Hammerhand Blessing Self Unit Grants the caster and his unit +2 Strength. You remember how it was back in 3rd edition when you still had Daemonhunters? Yeah, it's like that. While obviously best done before getting stuck in, you might consider using it defensively. E.g. "Do you really want to charge my strength six Assault Marines?" On the down side, this power has the same issue as Iron Arm and Warp Speed: unless you were already planning to run the Psyker with a squad made to punch faces, then you're not getting the most out of this power. 1
3 Sanctuary Blessing Self Unit The caster and his unit gain +1 to their Invulnerable save. If the unit does not have an Invulnerable save, they gain a 6++. Additionally, all Daemons (allies and enemies) within 12" of the caster treat all terrain including open ground as Dangerous Terrain. This is mostly helpful in buffing preexisting Invulnerable saves, since conferring an unreliable 6++ is practically a waste of Warp Charges; though it could be helpful in preserving hopefully enough troops in your blobs if you plan on using it as a Tarpit or to drown a priority target in armor saves. Conversely, it's helpful against daemon hordes especially if combo'd with Banishment, as putting it on just a few units placed ahead of the main body of army can mean seeing lots of daemons disappear as they move ahead to engage your troops, as well as seeing a blob of daemons get ruined because they had the balls to charge you. Just bear in mind that Assault Terminators with a 2++ is likely to lose you friends. 1
4 Purge Soul Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Both your psyker and the hit model must roll a D6 and add Leadership to the roll. If the enemy loses, he takes a wound (with only Invuln and FNP allowed). Overall, it's low risk, low reward. While not a waste of warp charges, it's not the most effective use, and they could and probably should be spent elsewhere. Almost always strictly worse than Psychic Shriek, which will do more wounds, on average, regardless of caster and target. Use it to zap special weapons or squad leaders, it won't do much against enemy HQs as they usually have better/equal leadership and an extra save.
5 Cleansing Flame Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 5 4 Nova, Ignores Cover, Soulblaze
This can destroy anything with armor weaker than a Marine, and a lot of them, if you get your psyker in the right place. Refer back to power one. If you get them both, engage your troll face.
6 Vortex of Doom Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 D 1 Blast, Vortex
High risk, high reward. Failing the test to manifest this power automatically causes Perils of the Warp. DEVASTATION. EVERYWHERE. Given it's a small blast, aim for monsters and tanks. Troops are tempting, but if they're fully spaced out you'll have trouble getting the most out of this. Don't forget that this is Vortex, so the blast template is very likely to wander the field uncontrollably until the end of the game, eating random units it lands on, so never cast it near the bulk of your own army. Since this requires three charges, you'll have to use a lot of dice to get it to work reliably, and since Daemonology causes Perils on any double roll, and not just double sixes, your psyker is almost guaranteed to fry his brain while attempting this. You need some serious psychic boons and some dire circumstances for this shit to be worth it. As it has the vortex special rule, it will jump around the board every turn until doubles are rolled for the scatter distance.


There's a reason most armies don't use this; it's a major sink for your Warp Charges. Unless you can ensure that you've got a lot of them (which Daemons really can do, hence this. although the core strategy used in that list no longer works) don't be expecting to make clusterfucks appear at a whim. But if you do have a ton of Warp Charges to throw around, you may be able to make your army double in size in a couple of turns. However, even if you do, realize that using your entire army to make more army doesn't actually accomplish anything (unless you plopped a new scoring unit on a tactical objective, anyway); at some point you need to stop recursing and actually kill the enemy. Sacrifice is effective enough on its own to cast at every opportunity, but you can bet your ass that the enemy can clear off (or at least cripple) a Summoned unit with a smaller point investment than you used to get those 6-8 dice. Used mindlessly you will get out-paced, but used surgically you can make even the best opponents tear their hair out.
Malefic Daemonology Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Summoning Conjuration 12 None Summons one of the following within 12 inches of the user: 10 Bloodletters, 10 Pink Horrors, 10 Plaguebearers, 10 Daemonettes, 5 Flesh Hounds, 3 Flamers, 3 Nurgling Swarms, 5 Seekers. The reason this was used was because of the massive clusterfuck you could make with this, since Horrors are psykers and could get Summoning as well so you could summon psykers to summon psykers to summon psykers, repeat ad nauseam. This is currently FAQed away, as "new" Horrors don't get Daemonology; there is no explanation what the FAQ means by "new", but Horrors conjured by this power seem to unequivocally qualify. As a result, there are two big limits to the use of this power. The first is obvious: who the hell has that many horror models? The second is that you're summoning ML1 horrors with access to only the Change discipline. Since they do have mind bullets, they now have more kick, but even with this buff it does not change the fact that the daemon swarm is just not that good. If you're at home using Daemons as lackeys then don't go overboard on summoning. Do it to get reinforcements, but the 'bacterial swarm' is best used for the occasional fun list with a lot of proxy models. See below this chart for further notes on Summoning. 3
1 Cursed Earth Blessing Self Model All models with the Daemon special rule (allied and enemy) within 12 inches of the user gain +1 to their Invulnerable save and do not scatter when Deep Striking within range of the user. If you have a good blob unit or deathstar, then this power will go a long way in allowing them to survive a little further. Use with the chaos demon Grimoire for a 2+ invulnerable (and with Tzeentch daemons to make it re-rollable; the infamous "Screamerstar"). Also, be careful: to get the most out of this your daemons have to be within 12" of the caster, meaning you have to bunch up a bit. Not a deal breaker thanks to the higher invulnerable, but something to remember. Also remember that this power applies to enemies with the Daemon rule, too. So yeah, that's one thing not to cast if you're facing down an Avatar of Khaine. If you have a bunch of daemons already this will probably draw every remaining die your enemy can throw at it in a mad attempt to Deny it. Don't let them, either by draining their pool first with frivolous bullshit or by throwing enough dice at it that denial is unlikely. Or, use it as the bait for something else, like an unholy barrage of beams and witchfires the enemy is now powerless to stop. 1
2 Dark Flame Witchfire Torrent Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Torrent Assault 1 4 5 Torrent, Soul Blaze
It's a fierce weapon, so...yeah, not a bad power, but nothing compared to the utility of Cursed Earth, and there are better psychic shooting attacks.
3 Infernal Gaze Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 3 4 Beam, Armourbane, Fleshbane
Use of this power comes with a penchant for red sunglasses and disrespecting your hot, psychic wife. Absolute PAIN on any infantry it hits. However, it is only ONE hit, so it won't be killing legions of Spehss Mehreens or hordes of chittering gaunts (unless they're conga dancing). What it WILL do, though, is seriously mess up any priority target you set your eyes upon. Best ignore anything other than infantry though. Even though it's got Armourbane, S3 is so low that it is nowhere near reliable against any vehicle and generally not worth the dice.
4 Sacrifice Conjuration 6 None Summons a Herald of your choice (with up to 30 points' worth of wargear options) within 6 inches of the user. However, the user or another friendly unit in range suffers a single wound with no saves allowed (so FNP works, as usual). Don't expect it to survive for long on its own, so you'd better summon some mooks to help him survive. This is a slick little power to have on hand if you get blindsided or if you bite off more than you can chew. For instance, sudden combat with an overzealous challenge character? Bring in a Herald of Khorne with an Axe of Khorne and show him what's what. My favorite trick is to summon a bunch of Tzeentch Heralds on Disks over the course of the game who turbo to hiding spots all over the board only to emerge turns 5-7 as needed to contest and take objectives. The Imperial Knight formation that has people in a tizzy has almost no defense against this trick as they have nearly no Objective Secured. Also, for the love of the Emperor, be polite and have some Heralds pre-kitted before the game starts so you don't have to hunt in the codex for a few minutes in the middle of the game to see your options. Like Cursed Earth, this draws Deny aggro like nobody's business. If you need it to go off, throw at least 3 dice at it; otherwise, it makes great bait so you can cast everything else with impunity. 1
5 Incursion Conjuration 12 None Summons one of the following within 12 inches of the user: 3 Bloodcrushers, 3 Screamers, 3 Plague Drones, 3 Fiends. This generally isn't used for much unless you're planning to cheese your way to an infinite Screamerstar, or you're looking for some Distraction Daemons. While you shouldn't forget about this if you get it, if you're gonna get the Primaris anyway due to psychic focus, then the limited use will mean you won't cast this all that often. Bonus points: summon three screamers next to your enemy's Land Raider and watch him devote untold forces to getting rid of them. 3
6 Possession Conjuration 6 None Summons a Greater Daemon of your choice within 6 inches, and removes the user as a casualty. (If the user was part of a unit with a Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers, the whole unit is removed.) If the Psychic test to manifest this power fails, the user automatically suffers Perils of the Warp. (Just imagine the look on your opponent's face when your otherwise useless Wyrdvane Psykers explode into a Bloodthirster. Or your Lord of Change, on his last wound, explodes into a new and fully healed Lord of Change.) The spell specifically states you must summon either a Bloodthirster of any variation, a Lord of Change, a Great Unclean One or a Keeper of Secrets, so no, you can't summon a named greater daemon. This generally isn't used because of the mighty cost it takes, but the reward it allows (especially if you're running Daemons) makes it insanely tempting. Use at your own peril. Also note, as per the May 2016 FAQ, Flying Monstrous Creatures must now be declared to be either Swooping or Gliding when conjured or summoned to the table, so you now have the choice of whether to keep them in the relative protection of the air, or on the ground so that they can get stuck in sooner. Note: they still are still deployed as per Deep Strike and so cannot charge that same turn, this just means you don't have to waste an additional turn switching flight modes. 3
More on Summoning[edit]
  • "New" horrors can't roll from Daemonology per Wrath of Magnus/latest FAQs. Whoops.
    • "New" is not explained, so it could mean all Horrors ("new" meaning "latest rules"), or only ones that join your army after list creation ("new" as in "conjured"). The FAQ does not clarify. Either way, summoned horrors can't roll on it.
  • Some quick math; you generally want to throw 6-8 dice at the Summoning to make it go off reliably. A 10-man Horror squad is only Mastery 1 (they're taken in lists because you spend 9 points for a second warp charge, a min squad is crap), so your return on investment is at best 20%. Even if you successfully cast it 5 times in a turn, you're only able to pull off one more Summoning than you were before, assuming none of your squads get wiped by the thousand-odd points of return fire (you do actually have to pay points for your initial warp charge). Even if you do, a horror unit minus its warp charge (since that's getting used for recursion) is basically a 10-man unit of Imperial Guard without lasguns. Making even a hundred more cultist-equivalents for a thousand points of input energy is a bad trade; you have to do something with all that warp charge to actually win the game, like summon Daemonettes (who can actually kill people without using your precious warp charges) or channel a bajillion Flickering Fires out of all those horrors. Recursion is a fine way to spend your first turn while you advance into range, but make sure you have a plan for how to get work out of it.
  • In lower points games, Summoning is an excellent tool for a lot of situations. Summon Bloodletters in front of Spess Mehreens as a Distraction Carnifex (because they will either get shot down or tear MEQs a new asshole), summon Horrors as objective-holders and batteries, summon Daemonettes for messing up infantry, summon Plaguebearers to hold objectives / pluck apart MCs, summon some Flesh Hounds to harrass Heavy Weapon teams or summon a bunch of Flamers close enough to units they can actually kill with their shots. If you use this only to make more army, you might as well leave it. Seekers are much less useful than Daemonettes, and Nurglings are out-performed by Plaguebearers. If you summon those units for a purpose, however, you can easily change the course of the game with it. However, the more points you play with, the less useful this power is. If you summon 100 points worth of unit in a 500 point game, you just increased your army by 20%, which is freaking huge. As the games get bigger, the impact of this spell is lessened, though.
  • Also keep in mind that if you manage to pull this power off, it is almost impossible to deny. 3 Warp Charges minimum with no modifier to deny the witch means on average 18(!) dice minimum to negate this, which nobody has, and if they did, they wouldn't blow them all to negate your Summoning.

Army-Specific Psychic Disciplines[edit]

This section lists psychic disciplines only available to certain Warhammer 40,000 factions. Since they are listed in each army's codex, their rules may sometimes override the general rulebook.

(Chaos) Space Marine Disciplines[edit]

In Angels of Death, Space Marines got 4 new psychic disciplines. Traitor Legions allows Chaos Space Marines to take the same powers, with the discipline names changed; each discipline will list the Space Marine name / the Chaos Space Marine name. The powers also have name swaps, so where only one name is present, that is the Space Marine name, and where two are present, it follows the same shape as the discipline names.


Fulmination/Ectomancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Electrosurge/Warpshock Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 6 5 4 -
Point at hordes and explode them.
1 Electroshield/Empyric Shield Blessing Self Model The Psyker gains a 3++. An almost free Storm Shield for a turn. Useful, since many librarians don't get Storm Shields. 1
2 Electropulse/Daemonshriek Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 1 1 - Haywire
Obviously best used against heavily mechanized lists, or otherwise when other antivehicle weapons aren't on hand. Be wary of using it on walkers, since your psyker will have a high likelihood of being mulched afterwards.
3 Lightning Arc/Coruscating Blaze Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1D6 5 4 -
After resolving this, roll a die for every other enemy unit within 6" of the target; on a 4+, that unit suffers 1D6 S5 AP4 hits that are randomly allocated. Note that the jump occurs even if the original shots all miss.
4 Fists of Lightning/Infernal Claws Blessing Self Model +1S and +1A. For every hit the psyker lands in close combat (not wound, hit), the unit hit suffers 2 additional S5AP- hits. 1
5 Magnetokinesis/Ghost Storm Blessing 18 Unit If the target is not Zooming, Swooping, or locked in combat, it immediately moves 18" as if were Jump Infantry and cannot charge this turn. The target counts as having moved in the Movement phase when shooting weapons in the Shooting phase. It can be used like old-school Lash of Submission to move enemies out of cover (with free Dangerous Terrain), or it could move a friendly unit into place for shooting. 2
6 Electrodisplacement/Soulswitch Blessing 24 Unit (Nonvehicle) Swap the psyker with any one model in the target unit, then redeploy the psyker's unit within 6" and coherency of him, and the target unit within 6" and coherency of the swapped model. If the psyker's unit was locked in close combat with anything, the target unit is now locked in close combat with that thing, and vice versa, Can be truly devastating when used correctly. 2


AKA we jacked a bunch of powers from the Eldar and Grey Knights. Enjoy creating cheap as fuck death stars, and possibly defeating enemy death stars too.
Librarius/Sinistrum Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris The Emperor's Wrath/Fury of the Gods Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 5 3 Blast
Basic anti-MEQ. Strictly worse than Psionic Blast at -6" range and than Frazzle at -6" range and -1S.
1 Veil of Time/Warp Fate Blessing Self Unit The Psyker and his entire unit re-roll all failed saving throws. This power, right here, ties with Invisibility for absolute Psychic cheese. And with good reason. A Terminator squad with rerollable 2+/5++ or 3++ makes it damn near invincible as it plows into the enemy force's tight sphincter. Heck, bare-bones Wolf Guard Terminators with only a 5++ will scare the shit out of enemies like they did pre-5th edition. 2
2 Fury of the Ancients/Empyragheist Witchfire (Beam) 20 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
20 Assault 1 6 4 Beam, Pinning
This one's okay. It could glance AV12 or wound a Monstrous Creature with a mediocre save and punch through to damage another unit, but being a beam means that you would have to line up the caster just right to get anything more than a single on an infantry unit, and it can be great if pinning goes off.
3 Psychic Fortress/Armour of Hatred Blessing Self Model Gives the Psyker a 12" unit bubble of Fearless, Adamantium Will, and 4++ that only works on Witchfires. Optimized for psyker-heavy armies which makes it situational, but fearless makes it more broadly situational. 1
4 Might of Heroes/Diabolic Strength Blessing Self Model +2 to S, T, I, and A. Essentially wraps up both Iron Arm and Warp Speed into 1 nice Warp Charge 1 package. 1
5 Psychic Scourge/Warp Lure Malediction 24 Model (Psyker) The caster rolls 2D6 keep highest +ML; target rolls 1D6+ML. On a draw or better, the target loses 1W (no save, but FNP works) and the targeted psyker can only harness warp charges on 6+ while the power is in effect. If the caster beats the target by at least 3, the target permanently loses a random power. 1
6 Null Zone/Death Hex Malediction 24 Unit Target drops its invulnerable save by 2 (to a minimum of 6+). This thing is essentially Banishment, but it's much more versatile. This is what you use to counter fucks with Storm Shields, Smashfucker's 2++, a Riptide's Shield Generator buff, and Cursed Earth+Grimoire bullshit. 2


Geokinesis/Geomortis Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Chasm/Rockmaw Malediction 18 Unit Cannot target units which are Swooping, Zooming, or locked in combat. All models in the target take a dangerous terrain test with no armour saves allowed. While Move Through Cover, Skilled Rider, and the like will shut this down, and its functional Strength of 0 with Poisoned (6+) that also works on Vehicles, do remember that this power ignores both armor and cover, due to being a Malediction. 2
1 Earth Blood/Ley Leach Blessing 18 Model (Character, Nonvehicle) Target regains 1d3 wounds, and his entire unit gains IWND. Healing others is good, healing wounds lost to Perils is great, and granting IWND to a variety of targets is epic. 1
2 Scorched Earth/Rupture Malediction 24 Point Each unit (friend or foe) within 6" of the target point suffers a randomly allocated S5 AP4 hit, which, like all maledictions, will ignore cover as it does not count as shooting. All terrain, including open ground, in that same area counts as dangerous. Crap. 1
3 Landquake/Torturer of Worlds Malediction 18 Unit This power works like a nova: all enemy units within range are targeted. Units which are not Swooping or Zooming always move as if in difficult terrain, and cannot run, turbo-boost, or flat-out. 1
4 Phase Form/Earthly Anathema Blessing 24 Unit Grants Move Through Cover, Ignores Cover to all weapons, and IGNORING LINE OF SIGHT when attacking enemy units in the Shooting phase; only the range matters. 1
5 Warp Quake/Profane Ruination Witchfire (Profileless) 24 Building/Ruins For a building, roll a die: on 1-3 inflict a glance, on a 4+ inflict a pen. For ruins, roll a die for each unit within; on a 4+, inflict 1D6 S6 AP- randomly allocated hits (so on average, 1.33 hits per unit). 1
6 Shifting Worldscape/Worldwrithe Malediction 24 Terrain Feature Move a piece of terrain by 24", including units completely within it; units partially within instead disembark as if from an open-topped vehicle. Disembarking models definitely take dangerous terrain tests; units that 'ride' the terrain may or may not, depending on how you interpret the rule. Lots of ways to use this. The wording issue boils down to, "Move units completely within X way. Move units partially within Y way. Models moved in this way take Dangerous terrain tests.", so if "this" means Y, then the riders are fine, but if "this" means "moved by the power", then the riders take the tests, too. No FAQ entry as of this writing. 3


The discipline to use for mechanized armies. Also fares very well with Imperial Guard allies. Heck, a CAD of tank-heavy Guard makes this all kinds of epic.
Technomancy/Heretech Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Subvert Machine/Corrupt Machine Malediction 18 Model (Vehicle) Randomly select a weapon on the target which is not a Bomb, One Use Only, One Shot Only, or destroyed. You and your opponent each roll a die. If they roll higher, nothing happens. If you draw, that weapon can only shoot snap shots. If you roll higher, you take control of said vehicle's weapon to shoot right now, using the vehicle's BS, and firing Snap Shots if the vehicle is Stunned or Shaken. This will be horrible if your enemy has a Superheavy of some kind (Lord of Skulls, Stompa, Baneblade variants, Knights), and given the current meta, it's common to see an Imperial Knight ally. The only drawback is the range, though there're a few different ways to handle it. Unfortunately, if you toss this on a Walker that's locked in combat it won't do anything productive, despite being able to legally target it; this power would be strictly better as a profileless witchfire, as that would let you cast it out of a fire point. 1
1 Blessing of the Machine/Boon of the Iron Beast Blessing 24 Model (Vehicle) Target ignores Crew Shaken, Crew Stunned, and either gives it Power of the Machine Spirit, or if the target already has PotMS, +1 BS instead. The caster may cast this on a transport he is embarked on, but while embarked cannot cast it on any other vehicles, regardless of the transport having fire points or being open topped. 1
2 Machine Curse/Scrapcode Curse Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model (Vehicle)
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1D3 1 - Haywire
3 Reforge/Dark Invigoration Blessing 24 Model (Vehicle) Target recovers 1 HP or repairs 1 Weapon Destroyed or repairs Immobilised (choose exactly 1), and gets IWND. The caster may cast this on a transport he is embarked on, but while embarked cannot cast it on any other vehicles, regardless of the transport having fire points or being open topped. 1
4 Warpmetal Armour/Fleshmetal Hide Blessing 24 Unit Affected vehicles get +1 AV to all sides; affected non-vehicles get +1 T. The caster may cast this on a transport he is embarked on, but while embarked cannot cast it on any other vehicles, regardless of the transport having fire points or being open topped. Welcome to AV15 Spartan Assault Tanks/Leman Russes/Land Raiders. And gauss weaponry still doesn't give a shit. 2
5 Fury of Mars/Electromortis Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 1 - Beam, Haywire
6 Machine Flense/Flayerstorm Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model (Vehicle)
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - - -
The hit model loses D3 HP. For each HP lost, inflict 1D6 S4 AP6 rending hits on an enemy unit within 12" of said model; each lost HP may target a different unit, or they may all target the same one.

Loyalist Chapter Disciplines[edit]

The Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves each have a unique discipline only they have access to.
Interromancy (Dark Angels)[edit]
Works heavily on messing with leadership and stat-lines.
Interromancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Mind Worm Witchfire (Focused) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 6 2 Ignores Cover
If a model takes an unsaved wound, then it takes -3 to BS, WS, I AND Ld (to a minimum of 1) for the rest of the game. With even just 1 wound, that special snowflake or Monstrous Creature just became an expensive paperweight and now that it has been buffed to Strength 6 it is a much more credible threat against those tougher models where the debuff will really sting.
1 Seed of Fear Malediction 9 Unit This is a nova-style power, despite being a malediction (it targets all enemy units within range). Target units take all Morale, Pinning, and Fear tests on 3D6. Dark Angels have a fear overload so this is good against even moderately high Ld armies with every Terminator squad able to get Perfidious Relic of the Unforgiven and the Interrogator-Chaplain. Note that this does not force those checks, you still have to do that normally. 1
2 Righteous Repugnance Blessing 24 Unit Grants Rage. Cast on those Deathwing Knights or Assault Marines and enjoy the maximum carnage. Drop it on Black Knights and watch them redefine massacre. Strictly worse than Might From Beyond. 1
3 Aversion Malediction 24 Unit Target may only fire Snap Shots. Perfect for negating a high threat unit to your army such as an antiarmor squad or anti-TEQ. *cough* Tau *cough* 1
4 Maelstrom of Misery Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 1 2 Blast, Neural Shock
Neural Shock is Poisoned (4+) with a different name.
5 Trephination Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - - -
The model hit rolls 2D6+2, then subtracts their leadership value, taking the difference in wounds with no armour or cover saves allowed. Psychic Shriek, fuck that guy edition. Combo'd with Mind Worm wounding first, it'll absolutely destroy characters.
6 Mind Wipe Malediction 24 Unit Target reduces WS and BS to 1; this power ends early, at the end of the target's next turn, but when it does, the unit must take an Ld test. If they fail, the reduction becomes permanent. Cast on a Deathstar unit. Just 1 turn of WS/BS1 can mean so much for you and throw That Guy's carefully thought plan off balance, even better if he fails the Ld test. Not to mention that (without factoring in modifiers), on average, an opponent needs 18 Warp Charge dice to deny it should you successfully get it off with only the required 3 warp charges, but you should always be throwing 7 or 8 at this. It sounds like it would be great when combo'd with Mind Worm, and it does on--single model units; but you would have to use Mind Worm on the sergeant to bust a squad down to the next highest LD value, which obviously doesn't work as well. All armies will have a better-than-half chance of passing their check (unless you've messed with their leadership), AND the unit is still alive and holding their objective in the best of cases. 3
Sanguinary (Blood Angels)[edit]
Most of these are inferior to powers in some other Discipline that the Blood Angels have access to, so make sure you know what you're doing if you grab this.
Sanguinary Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Quickening Blessing 12 Model (Character) Target (which can be the caster, of course) gets Fleet and +1D3 to I and A (roll once and add the same to both). Strictly worse than Warp Speed when cast on the caster, so make sure to exploit the 12" range. Because Fleet does not extend to the unit, and the only non-Independent Character Characters you have are Librarian Dreadnoughts and Cassor the Damned, Cassor immediately becomes your best in-Faction target, but your best bet is probably allies - for example, an Eversor Assassin. 1
1 Fear of the Darkness Malediction 12 Unit Target takes a Morale test with -2LD. Probably the weakest power in the discipline. Note that this is a Morale test, not a Fear test, so it affects Space Marines. Useful for moving units off of objectives or forcing them to move into charge range of another unit. 1
2 Unleash Rage Blessing 18 Unit Grants Rage, or +1A if the target already has Rage. Bless the Death Company. Watch them kill. On a target which doesn't already have Rage, strictly worse than Righteous Repugnance, which itself is strictly worse than Might From Beyond; on a target that already has Rage, better than either in effect (as +1A is usually more useful than +1S), although at shorter range, so stick to casting this on the Death Company. 1
3 Shield of Sanguinius Blessing Self Unit The Psyker and his unit have a 5++. You'll be needing this against any AP2 or D shots. Strictly worse than Forewarning. 1
4 Blood Boil Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - 2 -
Model hit must take 2 toughness tests, suffering an unsavable wound for each failure. If it dies, place an S4 AP5 Ignores Cover Large Blast on it. Cast and make anything T4 or lower without FNP go boom! This is a great power for thinning out infantry units with weak armor. Typically stronger than Haemorrhage against models with 5+ armor or worse, but much, much worse against models with 4+ armor or better (although the effectiveness of both relies partially on model placement in the target).
5 Blood Lance Witchfire (Beam) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 8 1 Beam, Lance
Haha! Time to shoot tanks!
6 Wings of Sanguinius Blessing 12 Unit (Nonvehicle) Target an infantry unit within 12", it may move up to 12" unless it is locked in combat. The targeted unit may not charge after this movement. A unit that moves using this ability counts as moving for the purposes of shooting weapons in the shooting phase. This power is an ideal tool for transporting a squad out of a trap or chucking DC into position for a charge next turn. This means that a DC squad with jump packs can move up to 24" in a single turn. (12" movement phase +12" in psychic). This lets you place your deep-striking melta assault squad with terrifying precision - Deep Strike them in a relatively safe spot, then move them 12" into the rear armor of that enemy tank that needs to die. Drastically worse than Magnetokinesis. 2
Tempestas (Space Wolves)[edit]
Storm-themed discipline, similar to Fulmination/Ectomancy, but trades out much of the utility powers for mind bullets for close range fire support.
Tempestas Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Living Lightning Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 3 7 - Tesla
Tesla means 6s to hit generate two additional hits; because the power is ROF 3, on average it is actually ROF 4 (if you want probabilities, the odds of ROFs 3, 5, 7, and 9 are 57.87%, 34.72%, 6.94%, and 0.46%, respectively).
1 Stormbringer Blessing Self Unit Grants Shrouded. Strictly worse than Conceal/Reveal. 1
2 Tempest's Wrath Malediction 18 Unit Target suffers -1 BS and always moves as if in difficult terrain (which will cause dangerous terrain tests on skimmers, jump infantry, and so on). Watch those Tau suck it when they're tripping all over themselves. 1
3 Thunderclap Witchfire (Nova) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 2D6 3 - Nova
Meant for clearing out blobs, but S3 means you won't do much higher than GEQs.
4 Murderous Hurricane Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 4 - Large Blast, Rending
This is ideal for clearing out infantry units.
5 Fury of the Wolf Spirits Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 4 6 - -
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 2 5 2 Precision Shots
Summons Wolf Gork and Wolf Mork, so this power has two profiles, because it manifests both, one at a time in either order, when you succeed at casting it; because this is Psychic, they may freely target different units.
6 Jaws of the World Wolf Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model (Nonvehicle)
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 - - -
If the model hit is not a Monstrous Creature, it must pass an I test or be removed from play (not Instant Death, so Eternal Warrior is ignored). Note that this power does not wound, so things that let you avoid wounds, such as saves or FNP, also do not apply. Definitely a step down from the old hax, and not an easy button for Riptide-killing.

Traitor Chapter Disciplines[edit]

Slaanesh, Nurgle, and, of course, Tzeentch each offer a discipline of their own to the Chaos Space Marines, each of which typically requires the relevant Mark. These are distinct from the disciplines they offer Chaos Daemons.
A discipline that uses gimmicks to get greater effects than what most other disciplines would, with a moderate degree of success.
Tzeentch Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Tzeentch's Firestorm Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 1D6+1 - Blast
For each model removed as a casualty, the unit takes 1D3 S3 AP- hits which do not generate more hits.
1 Boon of Mutation Blessing 2 Model (Character) Inflicts an S4 AP- hit. If the character survives, it rolls on Chaos Boon, re-rolling Dark Apotheosis. 1
2 Doombolt Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 8 1 Beam
Any vehicle hit by this power which Explodes! as a result rolls 2D6 to determine the explosion's range.
3 Siphon Magic Blessing Self Unit For the rest of the phase, each time a friendly model successfully manifests a psychic power within 18" of the psyker, place a die next to the psyker. Any dice accrued in this manner can be used by the Psyker as bonus Warp Charge points. 1
4 Breath of Chaos Witchfire Template Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1 1 2 Poisoned (4+)
Glances on a 4+ rather than rolling to penetrate, so between that and its poison, it's effectively a gauss flamer.
5 Baleful Devolution Witchfire (Focused) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1D6 6 2 -
To-wounds of 6 gain Instant Death, and each slain model summons a Chaos Spawn "as close as possible" to any slain model, but more than an inch away from any enemy models.
6 Treason of Tzeentch Malediction 24 Unit (Nonvehicle) Cannot target models locked in combat. Immediately make a shooting attack with every model in the unit as if it were friendly. Resolve these as if the unit had not moved in the Movement phase, and after shooting, the unit must take a Pinning test. 3
7 Gaze of Magnus Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 D 1 Beam, Soul Blaze
Magnus, and only Magnus, has this power.
We are amplified! A discipline with a focus on buffs and debuffs, even on the shooting attacks.
Slaanesh Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Sensory Overload Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 4 4 4 Blind, Concussive, Pinning
1 Hysterical Frenzy Blessing 12 Unit (Nonvehicle)

Roll on the following table to determine the effect.

1D3 Effect
1 +1I.
2 +1S.
3 +1A.
2 Delightful Agonies Blessing 12 Unit All models in the target gain FNP (4+). 1
3 Symphony of Pain Malediction 24 Unit Target suffers -1WS, -1BS, and attacks from sonic weaponry gain +1S against the target. Unlike most powers, Symphony of Pain will stack with itself on the same target. 1
4 Sonic Shockwave Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 1D6 5 4 Ignores Cover, Nova, Pinning
Note that Symphony of Pain explicitly interacts with weaponry, which this is not.
5 Aural Onslaught Witchfire (Beam) 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 8 2 Beam
After this attack hits but before it wounds, any unit hit must take an Ld test; if they fail, this power gains Shred against that unit.
6 Apoplectic Glee Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - - Ignores Cover
This power does not affect vehicles (although they may be targeted). Every non-vehicle model in a unit hit by this power takes a hit at that model's unmodified Strength.
A discipline focusing on buffs, debuffs, and poison nastiness.
Nurgle Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Nurgle's Rot Witchfire (Nova) 6 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
6 Assault 1D6+1 2 5 Nova, Poisoned(4+)
Daemons of Nurgle and models with the Mark of Nurgle are not affected.
1 Weapon Virus Malediction 24 Unit All of the target's ranged weapons gain Gets Hot!. 1
2 Fleshy Abundance Blessing 14 Model Target immediately regains D3 wounds. 1
3 Blades of Putrefaction Blessing 14 Unit All of the target's melee weapons gain Poisoned (4+). Any model that already had Poisoned (Anything) on its melee weapons or attacks gets Poisoned (2+). Note the wording; the first sentence grants Poisoned (4+) to weapons, while the second grants Poisoned (2+) to models who meet the specified criteria. This does not let your Plague Marines get Poisoned bolters - the Poisoned special rule on a model only applies to its melee attacks - but there are rare cases where having it on the model is better than having it on your weapons, such as when in melee with Jain Zar. 1
4 Gift of Contagion Malediction 48 Unit Roll on the following table to determine effect; unlike most powers, Gift of Contagion's effects always stack with itself. As none of entries on the table specify a minimum of 0, you can kill anything with a Toughness characteristic by spamming this power on them until you roll enough 3s that they reach T0 and die, provided you have enough Psykers (you will definitely be able to get them in range).
1D3 Effect
1 -1A and Shrouded.
2 -1S and may not Run.
3 -1S and -1T.
5 Plague Wind Witchfire 12 Unit (Nonvehicle)
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 1 2 Large Blast, Poisoned(4+)
Note that the power of the same name in the Plague discipline is identical except for only being WC1, so this is strictly worse.
6 Curse of the Leper Blessing or Malediction 21 Unit This can be cast as either a Blessing or a Malediction; when it is a Blessing, it adds +1S and +1T. When it is a Malediction, it inflicts -1S and -1T. 2

Chaos Daemon Disciplines[edit]

Slaanesh, Nurgle, and, of course, Tzeentch, each offer a discipline to their Daemons, which differs from what they offer mere mortals.

Change (Tzeentch)[edit]

In all, the boost to Warpflame when using the Tzeentch infantry formation works wonders with this discipline, but outside of it? The God of Disease has greater magic than the god of Magic himself, except for Power 6, which is 100% luck-based. Curse of the Wulfen actually made that discipline a bit worse: now you have a 50 % chance to roll a bad power instead of 33.3% and a single Destroyer hit is useless against horde armies and any units with multiple models. No guarantees unless using Fateweaver or a ML1 Herald with Endless Grimoire. The Exalted Locus is good for this as well, but it's only one squad. Unless, again, you run the Tzeentch infantry based formation. Which leads to silliness such as 9 squads of Horrors shooting 2D6 Autocannon rounds each with a WC1 power. Are we starting to see a pattern here? Taking Horrors and/or Flamers? Take the Warpflame Host. It improves them and their herald ridiculously well. Just fucking do it.
Any unit that suffers one or more wounds from a Warpflame attack must take a Toughness test at the end of the phase. If they fail, they immediately take D3 additional wounds with no Armour or Cover saves allowed. If they pass the Toughness test, they gain 6+ Feel no Pain. If they already have Feel no Pain, either on their base profile or from earlier Warpflame tests, they get a +1 bonus to the Feel no Pain.
Soul Blaze
If an unmarked unit takes at least one unsaved wound with Soul Blaze, mark it with something. At the end of each turn, roll a die for each marked unit. On 1-3 the unit is not marked anymore; on 4+, the unit takes D3 S4, Ap5 hits (randomly allocated) with Ignores Cover. This means the expected number of hits at the end of a turn is 1 (which must then get past toughness, armor/invuln, and feel no pain), while the expected number over infinite turns is 2. Commonly considered useless.
Tzeentch Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Flickering Fire Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault (1+WC)D6 5 4 Soul Blaze, Warpflame
Choose this power's cost when you cast it (before rolling); its cost determines its Attacks, as noted in its profile. This power right here? It's what is supposed to act in the place of guns for your army. Remember that while Heavy Bolters are generally not that good, yours are generally strapped onto much more mobile shooting platforms who can maneuver to the rear arc on enemy vehicles and glance them out before they know what hit them. Oh those Pink Horrors, no they're S3 they can't possibly hurt your wave serpent, why don't you maneuver it clo- DAKKADAKKADAKKA dead serpent.
1 Tzeentch's Firestorm Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 1D6+1 - Blast, Warpflame
The worst spell in the game.
2 Bolt of Change Witchfire (Beam) 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 1D6+4 2 Warpflame
As one of three anti tank powers, it's arguably the weaker of the spells, but at warp charge 1, it is an easier one to get off. As a beam weapon with the same range as a bolter there is potential for some pretty good vehicle wrecking capability. Combined with Tzeentch's Exalted Locus, a D6+5 strength AP2 beam starts to look pretty tasty. Also with a minimum of S7 with the formation in the decurion, it starts to be pretty scary (if you could ever afford the 9 horrors squad formation of course) (do note however that the formation only requires 9 units from a list of 3, with the points being 50, 69 and 90; as such, a reasonably balanced formation runs to about 700 for the 9 units AND the herald with the Exalted Locus of +1 Str).
3 Tzeentch's Warpflame Witchfire (Nova) 9 Units
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 1D6 4 Nova, Ignores Cover, Warpflame
Too random in strength to be reliable, potentially a real fucker if you roll a 6 in the middle of an enemy formation with lots of cover, potentially just a waste of your Warp Charges when you roll S1 and wound not just MEQs on a 6, but those dirt cheap GEQs as well.
4 Boon of Flame Conjuration 12 None WC2 nabs you 1 Exalted Flamer, while WC3 gives you either 3 flamers or 1 Burning Chariot. Just take 1 roll on Malefic and swap for Primaris. However, while inferior to Malefic, it's not bad, just limited, and even Malefic can't summon Flaming Chariots; since the psychic phase is juuuust before the shooting phase you can use this to summon some powerful shooting attacks and distractions. If using Magnus, make sure he does this power every turn, because summoning at least 5 burning chariots over the course of a game is nothing to scoff at. 2-3
5 Infernal Gateway Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 1D6+4 1 Blast, Warpflame
Bolt of Change's big brother. The blast does mean you have the chance to get multiple targets, but it's a small blast so not ideal.
6 Prismatic Gaze Witchfire 18 Unit (Nonvehicle)
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 D 1 -
This is what you want to demolish vehicles, Wraithknights, and Dreadknights with.

Excess (Slaanesh)[edit]

In all, not bad, but not great either. Acquiescence has been superseded by Debilitating Distention; Maniacal Fervor and Phantasmagoria are an excellent blessing and malediction, respectively, but everything else is done better by Change or Plague. However, in mirror matches, due to demons' low leaderships (all basic troop demons are leadership 7), or armies who have low Ld values anyway (Tau, Imperial Guard, Orks), this discipline could do good work.
Excess Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Lash of Slaanesh Witchfire (Beam) 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 6 - Beam,Rending
While not as generally strong as the Tzeentch stuff, (Tzeentch is greater in strength on a 3+) this is your other anti tank option. On, say, a flying daemon prince, this is actually pretty good because you can line up multiple targets, potentially in their rear arcs.
1 Acquiescence Malediction 18 Unit -5I (minimum 1), loses Counter-Attack and cannot fire Overwatch. Use it just before you charge, and drink their tears as you spill their blood. 1
2 Pavane of Slaanesh Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Model hit must pass a Leadership test or suffer a Wound, ignoring armor and cover. If the model is slain, randomly select another model in the unit and repeat. A more mental version of Rancid Visitation, and a much weaker version as well. Never target at multi wound models. Note that because demons have comparably low leaderships to work with Demonic Instability, this power can be FUN* in mirror matches; cast it on a unit of furies and watch them pop like balloons.
3 Maniacal Fervour Blessing 12 Unit Target gains Rage, Furious Charge, and Zealot, but takes D6 S3 AP- hits. Yeah, a spell which, while it buffs, can actually hurt a target. Um... maybe? While this can be effective enough on Slaaneshi units, since granting more attacks to the already Rending demons can be enough to make even terminators reach for the safe word, casting this on something like plague drones or noise marines (who can both have the toughness to likely ignore s3 or armor save them away) suddenly makes them much, much scarier with virtually no risk whatsoever. Ever want to see a GUO do an impression of a Bloodthirster? 1
4 Phantasmagoria Malediction 18 Unit Target must pass a Leadership test in order to move, manifest a psychic power, run, shoot (including Overwatch), charge, attack in melee, sweeping advance, consolidate, or fire overwatch; tests are phase and action specific, so failing a test in a given phase allows testing for a different action, but passing in a given phase still means you must test again on all subsequent phases. GIVE YOUR TARGET A CONTINUOUS ORGASM, BABY! Besides being worth 22 points in scrabble, it is an improved version of Telepathy's Dominate Power, sacrificing 6" of range in exchange for also applying to attacking in melee, sweeping advances, and consolidating. 1
5 Slicing Shards Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 4 4 Large Blast
After this attack resolves, any unit hit must take an Ld test; if they fail, they take D6 additional hits. Fuck that horde.
6 Cacophonic Choir Witchfire (Nova) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 - 2 Nova, Ignores Cover
This power does not affect vehicles (although they may be targeted). Each unit hit rolls 2D6-Ld and suffers Wounds equal to the result, then takes a Pinning test (which is independent of whether or not the unit was Wounded).

Plague (Nurgle)[edit]

In all, got an even more awesome boost with Curse of the Wulfen. Without a doubt the best discipline to roll on. 1 massively OP buff (Putrescent Vitality), and several powers to neuter/cripple enemy units to make them easy pickings in close combat. Also, the witchfires laugh at anything in Power Armor or Terminator Armor.
Plague Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Stream of Corruption Witchfire Template Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1 - 3 Template, Poisoned(4+)
A pretty nifty power. Anything shy of a terminator is going to at least take a dent from this.
1 Debilitating Distention Malediction 24 Unit Unit hit cannot Run, Sweeping Advance, or fire Overwatch. Neuter an enemy unit with a temporary Slow and Purposeful, without Relentless? Yes, please! 1
2 Plague Wind Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1 1 2 Large Blast, Poisoned(4+)
This power has no effect on Vehicles. This WILL dent anything else, including terminators. The poison 4+ does mean there's only a 50/50 chance of wounding, but the AP2 makes it better than trying to hit them with your swords. Note that the power of the same name in the Nurgle discipline is identical except for being WC2, so this is strictly better.
3 Miasma of Pestilence Blessing Self Model Roll a D3 at the start of each Fight sub-phase. Until the end of the phase, all enemy units locked in melee with the target or his unit suffers -X to both WS and I, where X is the result on the D3. Cast this just before your herald and ONLY your herald gets stuck in; a greater daemon/prince will usually do without this buff unless he's facing something equally tough, so you have better things to spend your warp charges on. 1
4 Rancid Visitation Witchfire (Nova) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 - 2 Nova, Ignores Cover
Each unit hit must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound; if that Wound slays a model, repeat. This thing is nasty if used right; combine with something to nerf toughness to make this a true monster.
5 Final Decomposition Witchfire (Focused) 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover, Instant Death
This power has no effect on Vehicles, although it may target them. Instead of rolling To Wound, roll a D6; if you roll higher than the Wounds the model hit has remaining, it suffers 1 Wound with the listed profile. There is no errata, and the wording is "...for a model hit by this attack, its controlling player...", so if it matters to you, discuss with your opponent whether the power means the model's controlling player or the attack's controlling player.
6 Putrescent Vitality Blessing 24 Unit (Daemon of Nurgle) Choose this power's WC when you cast it (no getting lucky and then upping the benefit, you have to decide the level before rolling); target unit adds this power's WC to its Toughness. Iron Arm is better as a personal power for Daemon Princes or GUO, but this can target anything other than the Psyker (although you can still target yourself with it if you want). So T7 Plaguebearers, or allow Nurglings to overcome stupid T3 Instant Death shenanigans. Remember that the benefit of the power is linear in its cost but the difficulty of casting it is exponential, so plan out your expenditure before casting. 1-3

Eldar Disciplines[edit]

The Eldar, including the Harlequins but not the Dark Eldar, have developed a few of their own disciplines, of course. There's also a discipline that belongs only to the Eldar Corsairs, but that's Forgeworld, in Imperial Armour Volume Eleven - The Doom of Mymeara. As usual with Forgeworld, expect even stranger than usual rules, interactions and arguments over RAI, and don't use without your opponent's permission.

Craftworld Eldar[edit]

Runes of Fate[edit]
Available to Farseers as well as Eldrad. Can be taken in addition to the Telepathy, Daemonology (Sanctic), and Divination tables. Runes of Fate, as the name suggests, are mainly focused on changing the Eldar's fates for the better and their enemies' for the worse, though the Farseers do have a few potent witchfires in their mind-arsenals, including one of the most powerful in the whole game.
Runes of Fate Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Guide Blessing 24 Unit Guide, the most iconic and renowned power of the Farseer since time immemorial. Boosted significantly from past editions, the new Guide features a range of 24", twice the range of Prescience on the Divination table. The power basically twin-links the weapons of the target squad, allowing each and every model to re-roll their to-hit rolls for shooting (but unlike Prescience this only effects shooting, not assault). Under the new rules, the Farseer requires line of sight for this ability but it shouldn't be an issue. It's wonderful and grants greater power to the army on the whole, and even better, you will get it if you pick all powers from Runes of Fate (Psychic Focus!) 1
1 Executioner Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 3 - - Fleshbane
A focused witchfire that deals 3 hits (which land automatically because this power actually doesn't have a weapon profile) to the model "hit" in the target unit, and, thanks to Fleshbane, always wounds on 2+ regardless of Toughness. If the model dies, another model from the same unit takes 2 of the same hits, and if that model is removed from play a following model receives 1 hit. Both additional models are chosen the same way as the first one - so all three are random or all three are chosen by the caster, if you paid to focus it.
2 Doom Malediction 24 Unit This is another classic Farseer power and a powerful one at that, targeting an enemy within 24" and then all failed wounding/armor penetration rolls against them get a free re-roll for the turn (i.e. Shred). This is your primary assassination power, ensuring you kill that Commissar or bosspole Nob in one turn. Remember that since it's a Malediction, not a Blessing, even your non-Battle Brother allies get to re-roll against the debuffed foe, but the target will be allowed to try to Deny the Witch. 2
3 Will of Asuryan Blessing Self Model You get a 12" bubble of Fearless and Adamantium Will. Great for making certain that you HOLD THE LINE! Though admittedly there are other ways to get Fearless units with Eldar. Adamantium Will makes the Farseer's unit and any nearby unit with a psyker a Denying machine. Recall that fleeing units will auto-regroup upon entering the bubble and becoming Fearless, and it also cancels the effects of Going To Ground. Send your Guardians to ground in a ruin for a nice 3+, pop this, have them stand back up and unload at full BS next turn. 2
4 Fortune Blessing 24 Unit Now with 24" of range, this allows the Farseer to sit back and stay safe while the affected unit gets a re-roll on all failed saving throws AND Deny the Witch rolls until the Farseer's next turn. Remember the Farseer needs to have line of sight and it costs 2 warp charges. This is probably the strongest power ever to be available to this army. Anyone with Fortune is the absolute key to making even simple units become invincible rape trains. Warlocks, Wraithguard, shit...fucking Dire Avengers with a shimmershield start to scare the balls off of your enemy. Fortune is just one power that contributes to the lethality of a unit joined by the Seer. 2
5 Mind War Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Basically a simplified version of Psychic Shriek from Telepathy, and more reliable. Changed a little in 7th but with no downside to the Farseer. Like Executioner, Mind War technically has no weapon profile, so you don't have to roll to hit. Each combatant (the psyker and the model hit) rolls a 1D6 and adds the result to their Leadership (so 1D6+10 for Farseers). Then you compare the two numbers; if the Farseer scores lower, nothing happens; if there is a draw, then the model instantly has their WS and BS dropped by 1 until the end of the next turn; if the Farseer scores higher, then the target also suffers the difference in wounds with no armour or cover saving throws allowed. Great if you can hit the unit with a Warlock's Horrify power in advance (see Runes of Battle below). Note that this power will never kill more than one model (all wounds it deals are always allocated to the same one), whereas Psychic Shriek targets and affects units, so its wounds get spread around (and must be spread around, as it cannot be focused).
6 Eldritch Storm Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 3 3 Large/Apocalyptic Blast, Haywire, Fleshbane
Classic Eldritch Storm! 3 Warp Charges makes this thing Large Blast, 4 Warp Charges makes it an apocalyptic 10" blast. You have to choose the casting value BEFORE you roll though, so no aiming for three, then getting lucky and upgrading the power. Hit anything up to and including MEQs with those pie plates and watch most if not all of the squad (or squads if you're going Apocalyptic!) go bye-bye. While WC4 makes your Farseer more likely to Peril, make sure you leave 1 WC remaining to ignore the wound using his/her Ghosthelm. Or just re-roll the offending dice with Runes of the Farseer, which you should probably save each turn for Eldritch Storm if you're planning to use it.
Runes of Battle[edit]
Available to Warlocks and Spiritseers. Warlocks have tempered their powers to a fine edge, but every sword in their hands can be used as a shield, allowing them to use each power either for themselves or against their foes, giving these psykers a supreme range of versatility. As such, each roll on the Runes of Battle table is a pair of powers, one offensive and one defensive.
Runes of Battle Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Conceal/Reveal Blessing/Malediction Self/18 Unit Conceal grants the Warlock the Shrouded special rule and as such benefits the whole squad attached to him. A +2 to existing cover saves or just a flat out 5+ cover in the open is phenomenal. No Warlock would go wrong taking Conceal as most units benefit from enhanced defenses and a cover save booster like this goes great with everything that can benefit from it. Reveal, by contrast, strips both the Stealth AND Shrouded rules from an enemy in range; this can sometimes strip powerful defenses from units you are planning to wipe out. However, like all Runes of Battle, you need to make tactical use of the power which may be often skipped for the benefits of Conceal. 1
1 Destructor/Renewer Witchfire/Blessing Template/18 Unit/Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1, Soul Blaze 5 4 -
Destructor is the Kamehameha of Warlocks, an iconic power from codices of old. It's a psychic heavy flamer that now features the Soul Blaze special rule; as it is copypasta of Flame Breath, but also ships with Renewer, it is strictly better. As a power and not an actual weapon, the Warlock cannot fire this in overwatch. Renewer is a big tool for the right units, a nearly unheard of targeted healing power that restores a single allied model in range for a single lost wound. Most models only have one wound to begin with so this power doesn't affect them (and cannot be cast as a phoenix down) but instead serves a fantastic purpose when targeting most HQ units or durable multiwound models in the army such as Wraithlords and Wraithknights, as well as the potent Avatar of Khaine. HEALMEHAMEHAAA!
2 Embolden/Horrify Blessing/Malediction Self/18 Unit Embolden is back from the old codex but with a different effect, granting the Warlock and his unit Fearless rather than Leadership re-rolling powers. This is both a boost and a nerf over the previous version as, on the one hand, Fearless straight up negates Pinning, Morale, etc., but on the other, Embolden used to allow for re-rolling on your Leadership tests, which included psychic powers, an ability beloved by power-spamming Seers and what have you. Horrify is a power that is unfair to judge on its lonesome. At its core it simply reduces the Leadership of an enemy unit by 3, making them of course more susceptible to Morale tests and the like. However, with the advent of multiple Pinning weapons in the new Eldar codex as well as that of the Hemlock Wraithfighter's Mindshock pod, the Horrify power has enormous effect. A unit with reduced Leadership is at best LD7 now, reducing their chance of success against any and all Pinning or Morale tests. Also makes the Farseer's Mind War far more reliable AND potent. 1
3 Enhance/Drain Blessing/Malediction 18 Unit Enhance is yet another staple of the Warlock powers of yesteryear. Often seen in Seer Councils and Storm Guardian squads, this power gives a simple boost of +1WS and Initiative to a unit. Eldar are already quick to the punch, but with this power what they did well just got even better. Storm Guardians and Wraithblades (Spiritseer support) see a noticeable gain from the power and should have it active at all times prior to an assault. Drain sucks out the same benefits that Enhance gives, reducing an enemy’s WS and Initiative by 1. Unless you are assaulting a squad with two or more of your own units, Drain is not recommended over Enhance as a lucky Deny the Witch can negate the power. However, like all tactical powers, you have to cast each power according to which effect would benefit you the most. 1
4 Protect/Jinx Blessing/Malediction 18 Unit Protect is a power that even idiots understand and appreciate, a simple but potent bonus to a unit's existing armor save by 1. This is quality cheddar right here—Guardians of both kinds now get armor that can stop bolters, while Windriders, Fire Dragons or Striking Scorpions now might as well have artificer armor. Wraithblades will become nigh-unkillable tarpits from hell. Probably even better on a Spiritseer than a Warlock, but won't go amiss either way. Jinx, by comparison, has an equally nuts benefit for you as Protect, reducing an enemy’s armor save by 1, making them that much easier to kill off. Now units like Terminators suddenly fear AP3 Reapers, Spears, and Banshees, and 4+ units suddenly become instantly shredded by mere shuriken catapults, making Guardian firepower or similar a hurricane of death. Against units who are relying more on their cover or invulnerable save, the benefits of this power are reduced somewhat. 1
5 Quicken/Restrain Blessing/Malediction 18 Unit Quicken grants your unit the signature swiftness of the Eldar and improves the running distance of the unit by a flat 3", letting you close gaps or create them that much easier. With Battle Focus on just about every Eldar model, this power only flops when the unit happens to be hunkered down in cover and won't be running for the rest of the game (I’m looking at you, Rangers and Dark Reapers). Restrain, by comparison, is a power I don't honestly find very useful. Stripping away an enemy’s ability to run sounds useful, but the range of the power is 18", so you were already pretty close to the unit to start, and except for the Eldar most armies sacrifice their shooting in order to use run in the first place, and cannot charge into assault if they do so. Useful for slowing down objective-grabbers or melee deathstars, though. 1
6 Empower/Enervate Blessing/Malediction Self/18 Unit Empower instantly grants the psyker and his attached unit an extra +1 Strength. This is enough to make Storm Guardians actually effective against T4, though Vaul's Wrath, Guardian Defenders, and Windriders usually don't care. Spiritseers could get more mileage out of it, though — Banshees, Scorpions, and Wraithblades really like this. (Can't usefully use it on Shining Spears, though. Roll on Daemonology with a Farseer hoping for Hammerhand if you want to try that.) Enervate also has a limited benefit to you most days of the week, stripping the enemy squad (which I remind you is already within 18" of you) of 1 Strength to reduce their threat in melee. Now this is alright if you know you’re getting charged next turn and the drop in strength is the key difference in melee ability, like Marines against Wraithguard. However, on the whole, few units even need their regular strength to threaten your flimsy Eldar, as our brittle bones clock in at a pitiful T3 while most armies boast at least a S4. Like Enhance/Drain, you want to choose carefully between the two abilities. It's worth noting here that S2 can't wound T6 targets, so when charging anything with S3 (like a blob of Guardsmen, Cultists, Orks, and all brands of Eldar) with Wraithblades, always have your Warlock or Spiritseer cast Enervate. Then the only thing your Wraithblades will feel on the return swing is a soothing foot massage. 1


Available to Shadowseers. Harlequin psykers, as you might imagine, specialize in hilarious dickery.
Phantasmancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Veil of Tears Blessing Self Unit You know it. You love it. You swear by it. Anyone who tries shooting at your psyker's squad has to roll 2D6x2. If they're not within a distance equal to the result, the enemy unit may not fire this turn, so not only are you not hit, but neither is anyone else if your opponent was foolish enough to use Split Fire and shoot the Veiled unit first. It would be great if Shadowseers could take jetbikes, but it's still infinitely better than Night Fighting. 1
1 Dance of Shadows Blessing 18 Unit Grants Stealth and Shrouded to a target unit. It is better than the Runes of Battle power Conceal because it can affect a target other than the psyker; this becomes very impressive on allied Dark Eldar units (like Wyches) who are generally quite fragile anyway and in need of some protection against shooting. Cast this on a Venom or Starweaver for a 2+ cover jink save, that lets you charge. 1
2 Peal of Discord Witchfire (Nova) 9 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 4 - Nova, Concussive
Good for keeping mobs at bay as prep for a charge.
3 Shards of Light Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 3D6 3 - Blind
Not fantastic since many armies have high enough stats to both tank the shots and pass the Blind test, but very good for distracting Tau (though most Tau Battlesuits have Black Sun Filters that give them immunity to Blind, so not as useful as it would seem, but useful against Fire Warriors and Pathfinders), Orks, or Necrons with low Initiative scores and foiling their plans to shoot or assault. Necrons in particular will hate you for this power, particularly everything with a Tesla weapon.
4 Fog of Dreams Malediction 24 Unit Invisibility without the insane cheesiness since it only affects one unit. Forces the targeted unit to fire only snap-shots (BS1) and only hit in melee on a 6. Not quite as awesome as the Veil, but this one's useful for melee too, and unlike Shards of Light, it's a Malediction so you don't need to roll for it to hit them or worry about them passing the Blind test. Possibly causes a rules paradox when cast on Kharn. He Denies on a 2+ though, so don't bother trying. This is AMAZINGLY powerful when used against some uber-unit, like a Knight, Draigo with his Paladins, a Baneblade, or even a Titan. Also kind of fun to cast on an enemy unit with a psyker that used Invisibility, essentially reversing its effects and making the unit useless for that turn. Yes, you won't be able to kill it, but it will also be unable to do shit. 2
5 Laugh of Sorrows Witchfire (Profileless) 24 Unit This has two ways to screw the enemy over: after casting (the power automatically hits), the target must roll two separate Leadership tests. If the first one fails, they take a wound for every point they fail it by; if they pass the second one, they take a wound for every point they pass it by; in both cases, no armor or cover saves are allowed. A power so dickish only a true worshipper of Cegorach could have thought it up. This has a way to wound literally any enemy who can't Deny it or get lucky with Leadership tests, since high or low, your opponent's leadership values will catch him out. Remember, invulnerable saves and Feel No Pain both work against it. The power inflicts Wounds, remember, so don't bother to cast it on a Vehicle, even though you technically can. 2
6 Mirror of Minds Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model Another violently trolltastic power. After casting (the power automatically hits), you and the enemy model each roll a 1D6 and add your Leadership to the result; if you win or draw, they take a wound with no armor or cover saves allowed; they win and it's over. Sounds like Purge Soul from Sanctic, right? Well, it isn't; you get to do this again and again for each win you take until your enemy either wins or dies. 2


Available to Corsair Void Dreamers. Aethermancy is chiefly concerned with movement, conferring highly tactical teleportation, speed, and Deep Strike abilities to the already very mobile Corsairs.
Aethermancy Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Path Ward Blessing - Unit The target unit (which must be of the Eldar Corsairs faction) always gets maximum distance for Run, difficult terrain, Charge distance, Thrust, Hit and Run distance, and Reckless Abandon distance. No range given, which probably means infinite range. (There is no FAQ on this.) This power takes the randomness out of all of those tricky mobility rules, making them reliable and much more useful. It's situational, but it can make a big difference under the right circumstances. 2
1 Warp Blink Blessing/Malediction? 6 Unit Teleports the target unit, friendly or enemy, 2D6" in a direction you choose, and can't be used on units locked in combat. This can cause some shenanigans on a good roll, but its tiny range strips it of most would-be usefulness. You can give a very nearby unit a boost towards or away from someone or something, possibly enabling an important assault or avoiding an enemy's, but after that they're on their own unless your Void Dreamer follows them or something, which would be dumb. Its power type isn't specified, which may cause some rule confusion, but it has the same "shape" as other psychic powers which are blessings when targeting friendly units and maledictions when targeting enemy units. 1
2 Dispersion Field Blessing 12 Unit Grants a 4+ cover save. Always useful, couldn't be more straightforward. 1
3 Webway Rift Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Heavy 1 3 6 Large Blast, Poisoned (3+)
Webway Rift is a weak witchfire, but it can be used to set up a pretty sick Corsair maneuver called the Rum Slingshot. Google it. It involves too many specific rules and circumstances to discuss here.
4 Webway Breach Blessing 12 Unit Select one friendly Corsair unit not locked in combat to enter Ongoing Reserves. Get tactically creative, and you can pull some nasty tricks with this one. 2
5 Warp Tunnel Blessing 6 Unit The Void Dreamer and his unit, OR a friendly Corsair unit, may Deep Strike anywhere on the board without scatter AND may shoot and assault after arriving. However, for every full 6" traveled, the unit rolls a D6. For each 1 rolled, they take a savable wound. This is super useful as the targeted unit can be potentially anywhere you need them to be at a moment's notice and immediately do what you need them to do once they're there. And the drawback isn't as bad as it seems; if you teleport 36", for example, on average the unit only takes a single savable wound, which is well worth the practical and psychological effects of this power. A Wraithknight could easily teleport 72" and come through unscathed to start wrecking shit. 2
6 Webway Maze Malediction? 12 Unit An enemy unit not locked in combat is placed into Ongoing Reserves. This can target Gargantuan creatures and vehicles, but not Super-Heavy vehicles. Again, the power type isn't specified, though it sounds like a Malediction. Other Corsairs, Dark Eldar, Craftworld Eldar, and Harlequins add +1 to their Deny the Witch attempts against this power. 3

Uniquely, Eldar Corsairs also have their own Perils of the Warp results table to represent their specific vulnerabilities to Slaanesh, since, as outcasts and pirates, they don't have access to the tools and training that Craftworld psykers use to protect themselves from the ancient scourge of the Eldar race.

Corsair Perils of the Warp
Name Number Result
Devoured 1 The psyker turns on his allies as his soul is torn out and replaced with a Slaaneshi daemon. He gets all the rules associated with Daemon of Slaanesh and is now under the control of your opponent. Sucks to be you.
Soul Wracked 2-3 Slaanesh claws at the souls of your psyker and his unit. They are Pinned, and your opponent may choose to change the target of the power that was cast, or cancel it.
Warp Terrors 4-5 The psyker, his unit, and all Corsairs within 12" must take a Morale check on the highest two dice of a 3D6 roll or start falling back, and considering that Corsairs don't like regroup tests, this can absolutely cripple your army.
The Eye of She-Who-Thirsts 6 Nothing happens immediately, but for the rest of the game your psykers now trigger Perils on any double roll, not just double sixes. If this is already in effect, re-roll the Perils result.


The Ynnari, a confederation of Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequins, were taught a new Psychic discipline by Ynnead.
Revenant Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Spirit Hook Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 18 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 6 or 3 2 Ignores Cover
If your Leadership value is higher than the target then this is S6, otherwise it is S3. Vehicles are immune to this power.
1 Shield of Ynnead Blessing Self Model All friendly units within 7" get a 6+ invulnerable save (an "aura" or "bubble" effect on the Psyker, rather than on the units). Better than nothing, and can stack with Sanctic Daemonology's "Sanctuary" power for a 5+. 1
2 Storm of Whispers Witchfire (Nova) 9 Units
Range Type S AP Special Rules
9 Assault 2D6 3 2 Ignores Cover, Pinning, Nova
Although it is hampered by short range and low strength, the potential for a high number (average = 7 per unit, notice a theme?) of armour and cover ignoring shots is not to be sniffed at.
3 Word of the Phoenix Blessing 24 Unit Pick a friendly unit with Strength from Death within 24". That unit may immediately make a Soulburst action. Consider this your uber form of "Vanhel's Dance Macabre" where you can rapidly get your units where they need to be. You've just moved, so move again... Or just get a free round of shooting if you're already close enough. No real point in getting a unit to charge during the psychic phase. 2
4 Ancestor's Grace Blessing 14 Unit (Nonvehicle) Gives a friendly unit +1 on WS, BS, I, A & Ld, as well as Adamantium Will. A better form of the "Enhance" runes of battle power combined with an element of "Will of Asuryan" from the runes of fate. 2
5 Unbind Souls Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault X, where X is the number of models in the target 4 - Soulreap: Any casualties trigger Strength from Death, without needing to wipe out the entire unit.
Ynnari generally struggle against horde units, as their mechanics ae geared towards punishing MSU. Now this power not only effectively deal with hordes, but also allow your units to activate their extra actions from them. Straight up better then Word of the Phoenix, as it's all but guaranteed to get at least one kill, unless you're firing it on something ridiculously tough.
6 Gaze of Ynnead Witchfire 12 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
12 Assault 1 10 1 Ignores Cover, Ignores Invulnerable
No Invulnerable saves can be taken against this power. While this is pretty much a guaranteed wound, just bear in mind that it is WC3 for a single shot that can still miss.

Tyranid Disciplines[edit]

The Tyranids and Genestealer Cults have a couple disciplines, too, although for poorly explained reasons, there is no model in the game with access to both.

Powers of the Hive Mind (Tyranids)[edit]

Available to Hive Tyrants and Zoanthropes.
Powers of the Hive Mind
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Dominion Blessing Self Model Adds 6" to the psyker's Synapse Range. Pretty decent. It never hurts to give your swarms more breathing room from being crammed up. With the new FAQ for 7th edition out now, psykers without the Synapse rule who cast dominion gain a 6" Synapse Range for the duration of the power. 1
1 Catalyst Blessing 12 Unit The psyker, its unit, and one friendly unit within 12" gains Feel No Pain. What's not to like? Cast this puppy on that 30-strong brood of Devilgaunts in area terrain with a Venomthrope for a 3+ cover 5+ FNP, and anyone who can't bring Ignores Cover S6+ weapons is little more than lunch meat. 1
2 The Horror Malediction 24 Unit A malediction that makes an enemy unit take a Pinning test with a -2 modifier. This one is...okay. Much like Fear, Pinning shouldn't be relied on, though it can still be useful in certain situations. Also the only psychic power that Broodlords know. 1
3 Onslaught Blessing 24 Unit Oh look, a blessing that lets a unit run AND shoot in the Shooting phase. Makes up for the relatively short range weapons that need to get close quickly like Impaler Cannons, Devourers, Bio-Plasma and Bio-Plasmic Cannons. A good power to have! 1
4 Paroxysm Malediction 24 Unit Reduces the unit's Weapon Skill and Ballistic skill by D3 (for both when you roll). Makes the Haruspex really good at killing elite infantry, what with the getting an extra attack for every wound it inflicts (new attacks do not generate new attacks). The previous version was better, but let's count our blessings and maledictions where we can. 1
5 Psychic Scream Witchfire (Nova) 6 Unit Basically an area-effect version of Psychic Shriek. For every enemy unit within the 6" range, roll 2D6+2 and substract the target’s Leadership from this roll. The unit suffers a number of wounds equal to the result with no armor or cover saves allowed. This power is absolutely splendid. Being within 6" of something that can cast this means Shadow in the Warp goes into effect, so it's effectively 2D6+5, due to Shadow's -3 Leadership. 1
6 Warp Blast Witchfire 24/18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 5 3 Blast
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 10 2 Lance
Choose one profile when you cast this; you have a choice between a light to medium infantry killer blast or a tank killer blast. Both are short range, but both pack a punch. Zoanthropes still know this power by default, thankfully.

Broodmind (Genestealer Cults)[edit]

Available to Genestealer Patriarchs and Magi.
Broodmind Powers
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Mass Hypnosis Malediction 24 Unit Reduces the target unit's WS, BS, Attacks, and Initiative by 1. 1
1 Psychic Stimulus Blessing 24 Unit Grants the unit Fleet and Relentless, and also allows them to charge after running. 1
2 Psionic Blast Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 5 3 Small Blast
It's Warp Blast from the Powers of the Hive Mind table, but without the tank killer option and only WC1. As a result, strictly better than The Emperor's Wrath, due to having another 6" of range with no other changes.
3 Might From Beyond Blessing 24 Unit A target unit gains +1 Strength and Rage. This is very useful, especially on large squads. 1
4 Mental Onslaught Witchfire (Focused) 24 Model Yet another variation on Psychic Shriek from Telepathy. Compare Leadership values and add 1D6. On a draw, the target suffers -3 Initiative for a turn. If the psyker wins, the target takes the difference in wounds. 2
5 Mind Control Witchfire (Focused) 24 Unit Choose a single non-vehicle enemy unit and immediately make a shooting attack with it as if it were yours. See that Stormsurge over there with all of those one-shot missiles? The one with all of those deadly weapons? Yeah, it's yours for a turn. Use it on your buddy's Wraithguard. Watch them kill their Spiritseer. Sip martini. 2
6 Telepathic Summons Conjuration 24 None Spend 2 Warp Charges: Summon 5 Acolytes, 5 Metamorphs, or 10 Neophytes. Spend 3 Warp Charges: Summon 10 Acolytes, 10 Metamorphs, 20 Neophytes, 4 Aberrants, or 8 Genestealers. The summoned unit can be equipped with ANY UPGRADES listed on their data sheet as per the summoning rules. 2/3

Ork Disciplines[edit]

Orks, naturally, have their own zany discipline, although, strangely, only one. Given that all of them are at least very minor psykers, you'd think there'd at least be disciplines for Gork and Mork, not to mention one for each tribe. Oh, well.

Powers of da Waaagh![edit]

Available to Weirdboyz. Naturally, every Ork psychic power except for two is meant to destroy things loudly and spectacularly, and three of those five are AP 2; the Powers of da Waaagh are not subtle. This makes using Weirdboys fairly predictable if you're planning on running them as "another gun" to round out your army. Da Jump is fairly gimmicky, but Warpath can give a mob that extra boost right before it charges.
Powers of da Waaagh!
Number Name Type Range Target Description Charges
Primaris Frazzle Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 6 3 Blast
A reliable Marine killer. Strictly better than Psionic Blast, at +1S compared to it, and therefore also strictly better than The Emperor's Wrath, at +1S and +6" range.
1 'Eadbanger Witchfire (Focused) (Profileless) 24 Model
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 - 2 Ignores Cover
Model hit must pass a Toughness test or suffer a wound with no armour or cover saves allowed. Haemorrhage and Blood Boil both inflict *two* tests at 18" (and Blood Boil ignores invuln saves), followed by propagated damage, and Rancid Visitation only hits at 12" but is a Nova (all enemy units in range are hit, can hit units locked in combat) and propagates damage; the benefit of 'Eadbanger is that those other powers are WC2 and this one is WC1, but its output is much less than half as good. Try to avoid getting this power if you can; Frazzle will serve you much better, in particular.
2 Warpath Blessing Self Unit All models in the Weirdboy's unit that have the 'Ere We Go! special rule gain +1 Attack. 1
3 Da Jump Blessing Self Unit Deep Strike the Weirdboy's unit anywhere. Strictly worse than Gate of Infinity; if you roll doubles on scatter, your unit can only Snap Fire for a turn. Given standard Ork accuracy, this is not all that bad of a problem, as long as you don't need to fire blasts. Use at your own peril. Great at setting up Killbolt or Power Vomit, if you roll one of them. 2
4 Killbolt Witchfire 18 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
18 Assault 1 10 2 Beam
For killing tanks or things in straight lines...no other special rules needed to make this nastier.
5 Power Vomit Witchfire Template Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
Template Assault 1 7 2 Template
A psychic flamer. Quite powerful.
6 Da Krunch Witchfire 24 Unit
Range Type S AP Special Rules
24 Assault 1 2D6 4 Large Blast, Barrage
The mighty foot of Gork (or possibly Mork) descends from the heavens in the form of a large blast barrage. If the Strength rolled is higher than 10, the foot comes down again...and again...until less than 10 Strength is rolled or the target is dead.