Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is an action RPG in the vein of Diablo set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Like a sadly large amount of 40K games, it was initially...well, pretty shit, being buggier than a Tyranid Hive Fleet and full of tedious grind. However, in a rather surprising turn of events, the developers seem to have turned things around with the "2.0" update in June 2019, which completely overhauled pretty much everything about the game, and now the general consensus is that its actually pretty decent, if not outright good.


Set in the Caligari Sector, in Segmentum Tempestus, your inquisitor goes to locate the source of an ancient inquisitorial emergency beacon on a seemingly abandoned vessel. As you enter, your landing craft gets shot down and you discover that the degenerate descendants of the crew have started to worship Nurgle, so you set out to do the Emperor's work on the ship.

Eventually you learn more of the ship, the eponymous Martyr, and its leader, Inquisitor Uther Tiberius, and you come across a group of inquisitorial stormtroopers and the Space Marine Caius Thorn of the Stormwatchers, who tells you that they're a part of another group who came before you lead by Inquisitor Klosterheim. You help them get out of the ship before it enters the Warp with no Gellar Fields, and then begin your quest to track down the Martyr and learn more of Uther Tiberius' legacy.


Along in your quest, you gain a small entourage to help you. They are:

  • Ragna Van Wynter: The captain of your ship, and a descendant of a Rogue Trader house that was charged with heresy, with her being deemed worthy of redemption through service to the Inquisiton. Functions as a store to sell your loot. You later get to decide whether to forgive her house of the charges or not.
  • Remigus Klemet: Your ships living fax machine. Gets a couple lines before becoming your source for Priority Assignments (a randomly generated series of sidequests).
  • Caius Thorn: A spess mahreen of the Stormwatchers, the militant arm of the Inquisitonal Conclave in the Caligari Sector. Loses an arm and a leg after trying to charge a helbrute by himself. Spend the rest of the game in a chair recovering and acting as your PvP matchmaker. It later turns out that the vast majority of his Chapter fell to Khorne a LONG time ago. He doesn't really take it well, to say the least.
  • Metrodora Thelema: A Magos Biologis with an interest in curing the poxes and plagues of Nurgle. You seek her out as she knows how to fix up a space marine, and then she allows you to change your inoculators (health potions and buffs rolled to one) setup. She REALLY has it out for the Dark Eldar due to them having abducted her and pumped her full of their psycho drugs before being rescued by Tech Priests.
  • Omicron Arkh: A Mechanicus artificer, Xenarite, and a member of the Requisitioners, a group who seek items and relic related to Uther Tiberius and does secret missions for the Mechanicus. Functions as your crafting bench when you get him.
  • Inquisitor Klosterheim: A radical inquisitor who seeks to continue his mentors legacy by locating the Martyr and Uther Tiberius' legacy for the good of the Imperium. Turns out that mentor was your character, but you became careless and got taken by the Grey Knights and underwent a mindscrubing.


The classes, or backgrounds as they're called in-game, are your standard fighter, mage, rogue, but with 40k slathered on them. Every class also has a sub-class, or an expertise, which changes what weapons, armor, perks, attributes, and skill trees you have access to in the beginning. Each armor has its own ability and they can be worn regardless of the sub-class. The DLC introduces the....ahem...."Magos Inquisitor"... Dubious canonicity aside (although there isn't actuallly anything specifically saying that a Tech Priest can't become an Inquisitor per se), they seem to be a summoner / pet class, with the ability to use Mechanicus robots and servitors as force multipliers.

  • Assassin: The assassin is your rogue, their special resource is adrenaline, that they get by doing damage and killing enemies, and their ability is to dodge incoming attacks.
    • Infiltrator: Starts armed with a power sword and death cult blades, and wearing stealth bodysuit that allows invisibility for a limited time.
    • Eradicator: Starts armed with a shotgun and a sniper rifle, and wearing fabricator distortion armor that allows for inhuman speed by distorting the flow of time.
    • Sniper: Starts armed with a sniper rifle and an autopistol, and wearing hololithic armor that allows them to create holograms to confuse enemies and evade fire.
  • Crusader: The fighter of the classes, their special resource is focus, that recharges with time, and their ability is to wear power armor.
    • Assault: Starts armed with a power sword and a suppression shield, and a two-handed power sword, and wearing assault armor, power armor with a built-in Jump Pack.
    • Heavy Gunner: Starts armed with a shotgun and a lasgun, and wearing demolition armor, power armor with a built-in missile launcher system.
    • Tactical: Starts armed with dual laspistols and an autogun, and wearing sentinel armor that allows one to call down a Tarantula turret.
  • Psyker: The mage of the classes, their resource is warp heat, which if left unchecked can cause perils of the warp to happen, but can be reduced by using Force Weapons, and they can of course use psychic powers.
    • Aetherwalker: Starts armed with a force sword and rod, and wearing aetherwalker armor that allows for short-range teleportation by phasing from realspace to the immaterium and back.
    • Empyreanist: Starts armed with a force staff and wearing empyrean armor that allows one to stop the flow on time for a short time in one spot.
    • Scryer: Starts armed with a bolt pistol and force rod, and wearing warpbound armor that allows one to project their presence to locate enemies and supplies.

Caligari Archivum[edit]

Caligari Archivum is Black Library's series of short stories and novels that are all set in the Caligari Sector. They're free to download from here.