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If there's one thing the Blood Angels got going for them, it's stuff falling from the sky.

Mind, it's nowhere near as grand as it normally would, but it's got stuff able to fall from the sky and smash into things with utter fury. Assault is more of a challenge with Overwatch potentially turning anyone into the Tau. Getting there makes people know why they should fear running into you. Your small army slots will force you to dedicate you to a particular strategy, be it tying up someone with berserk motherfuckers from outta nowhere with a Warden to make them more killy to using a Priest to spam FNP on a gunline to Termie Deep Strikes everywhere.

The changes of the 7E codex does take help prevent the setbacks of having a kitted model suddenly turning batshit berserk, but some of the more amusing bonuses they had (like Divine Intervention) allowed them to at least stand out among assault list.


  • Teleporting Terminators: Termies can Deep Strike as normally. Wooo... (cries for the last jump assaults)


  • Team Standard: A single Veteran, Sanguinary Guard, or non-core Termie can grab this standard to help with combat and grant anyone within 12" re-rolls on morale. He can be useful as a secondary leader.
  • Master-Crafted Weapon: It's an MC weapon. Take on pistols and melee weapons.
  • Overcharged Weapon: Gives a single gun +1S but also Gets Hot, which makes it a bit risky. It's especially worse on Plasma weapons, as they now explode on a 1 or 2.
  • Suspensors: A rather nice upgrade, this allows a Heavy weapon to fire at full BS even if the model moved, but only at half-range.
  • Smoke Grenade: A harmless grenade that gives you a Large Blast worth of temporary 5+ cover until the next turn. If you ever felt like playing Cyrus, roll it.
  • Auxiliary Grenade Launcher: Allows a gun to fire a grenade as well as fire, this won't get much use unless you have a strict idea how you're using it.
  • Auspex: See codex; spend a shooting turn to drop an enemy's cover save by 1.
  • Bionics: A way to grab a 6+ FNP for cheap.
  • Targeter: Allows re-rolls of 1s in shooting if you don't move the turn before. While it's useful maybe for a Sternguard, that's the extent of it. Everyone else works better in close range or in combat.

Leaders Only[edit]

  • Sanguine Armour: FNP Power Armor. Nice.
  • Refractor Field: Basic 5++ Invul. Grab if you can spare it.
  • Blood Vial: Gives a model Rampage. If you know you can get to the thick of combat, then this can totally make sure he'll RIP AND TEAR into everything.
  • Purity Seal: Expands Inspiring Presence to 12". Welcome boost for anyone.
  • Marksman's Honour: Re-roll 1s to-hit in Shooting Phase. Not a bad buy, and unlike the Targeter, it can be used whenever.

Sergeant Only[edit]

  • Vermillion Axe: An S+2 AP2 Two-Handed Power Axe with Unwieldy and Rage. Scary and pricy, but doing this will make sure you die sooner before you can swing.
  • Wings of Saronath: Taken from FFG's stable, this Jump Pack gives Fleet, which is pretty indispensable like his codex brother.
  • Imperial Laurel: Models within 6" of the Sarge get to re-roll Morale. A welcome option if you want more reliable troops.
  • Signum: Exchange shooting to give a model within 6" BS5. A good idea in the proper situations.

Champion Only[edit]

  • Valour Crest: Gives all models within range of his Inspiring Presence Stubborn.

Lexicanium Only[edit]

  • Staff of Blood: This is a staff with a unique weapon: It gives one shot that a target within 12" must test T on: If it fails, they take an AP2 Wound. Real plus against weak things like Orks and Guardsmen.

Sanguinary Novitiate Only[edit]

  • Laurel of Endurance: Pricy, but it gives the Priest FNP (3+). Just remember that nobody else gets this, so don't try to suicidally charge someone with a whole team and think they'll make it.
  • Purification Vials: A one-use grenade that's S1 AP- and Poisoned (2+). Really not an advisable idea unless you're seeing hordes, and even then, you're practically within charging range.

Terminator Only[edit]

  • Auto-Launcher: Gives a Termie infinite Assault Grenades, but they can't be thrown as weapons. Really handy for an AssTermie force.
  • Cataphractii-Pattern Terminator Armour: Gives a 4++, but exchanges Relentless with S&P. Beware using this, because you're giving up the option to Overwatch for a better Invul.
  • Tartaros-Pattern Terminator Armour: Grants the wearer Sweeping Advances. Definitely a more advisable choice over the Cataphractii, as this is cheaper and offers more mobility, which means that you can exterminate an enemy as soon as they lose combat.
  • Teleporter: A Termie gives up assaulting for a turn and gets a 2d6" shunt wherever he wants. Good for setting up traps

Techmarine Only[edit]

  • Photon Beam: If you want an alpha-strike from an unexpected source, this is it. A 36" Assault 1 blinding shot that causes no damage, but blinding opens them up to other assaults.


  • 1 Leader
  • 1-20 Core
  • 0-3 Special


  • Sergeant: Your generic sarge with all the generic utility. Take bikes to make bikers Core (and they have to be taken), and 10 Points makes you a Veteran Sarge with +1 A/Ld (and access to Storm Shields and Sternguard Ammo). Compared to the plain one, he can also take the Inferno Pistol and Hand Flamer, which isn't that much of a hoot, but at least now he's tiered to the Vanilla Sarge.
    • Terminator Sergeant: If you buy a Veteran Sergeant, you can also grab Terminator Armor for 16 Points. The issue with that is that he is purely assault-focused, as he can only either use the Weapon/SB, Claws, or Hammer/Shield combos and only combi-weapons to compensate for the lack of guns. Also makes Termies Core so you can buy someone who can take good guns.
  • Scout Sergeant: About the same as the basic Sergeant, but as a Scout. He can grab the same guns as the others and can grab most melee weapons if he needs to make a stand, as well as a Teleport Homer for all assault goodness and a Camo Cloak for cover. If he grabs a bike, then he can take more Scout Bikes and loses Move Through Cover. Spending 10 points also gives him +1 A/Ld.
  • Warden: A mini-Chaplain with -1WS. He gives all models within 6" gaining Zealot, makes Death Company Core, which is fuckawesome. He has the access to the same guns as everyone else, and can grab Jump Pack, Bike, and his Rosarius. 20 points makes him a Terminator, giving him access to only combi-weapons, a strangely cheaper Rosarius, and his promotion. As long as he's guiding folks to fighting, he'll do his job.
  • Company Champion: A more combat-focused Leader, he comes with a Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol stock and can replace the former with either a Glaive Encarmine (for 5), a Relic Blade (for only 10), or a Thunder Hammer (for 15). He also has access to Death Mask, Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, melta bombs, and a Storm Shield. Since he can re-roll to-hit and to-wound in Challenges, it's best if he takes a weapon meant for his chosen enemies and maybe invest in the Shield for extra protection (Artificer sounds nice, but he's already plenty fierce).
  • Sanguinary Novitiate: Your answer to the Apothecary. Has the 6" FNP, access to Ranged and Melee as the bike and jump pack. A whopping 25 extra points makes him the big Priest and gives him the Red Grail, granting Blood Angels within 6" +1 WS. He can take a bike or a Jump Pack, but the loss of Termie armor does a number on his survivability.
  • Lexicanium: A mini-Librarian with ML1, -1WS/Ld and sans a hood, he'd play the same to his bigger version if it weren't for his lack of Termie Armor, limiting his potential of getting in the fight. He can grab Smite (Nice), Prescience (Good one), Flame Breath (More mob management), or Quickening (A decent escape tool or a quick way to dump Assault Marines or DC in preparation for bigger messes.


  • Tactical Marine: A basic marine with access to Special or Heavy weapons of any sort for 1 out of 5. Keep as fire support.
  • Scout: They're Scouts. Keep them out of the line of fire. With Red Thirst being switched to just an army-wide Furious Charge, Scouts now have an option between going killy or being shooty. Of fun note is that if you buy a Heavy Bolter (1 per 5), you can spend 5 more points to give them Hellfire Rounds, 24" Blasts with 2+ Poisoned, capable of dissolving lots of things.
  • Assault Marine: Assault Troops are still alive, but hardcapped to 0-5 without a Jump Pack Sarge. The fact that they have options for flamer, melta, and plasma makes them a helpful asset, but do remember that you can't exploit your free transports because of your pack removal (at least until there's an FAQ on this).
  • Scout Biker: They're Scouts. On Bikes. Hardcapped 0-5 without a Scout Sarge on a bike. Only thing of note is that one of them can grab a Grenade Launcher (and another one can after 3 models), but that's it. You unfortunately lack access to the trolltastic Cluster Bombs, taking away a way to defend your men.
  • Space Marine Biker: Marines on Bikes, they're not much good in combat and without a Biker Sarge, you can only take 0-3. Each 1 of 3 can grab special guns. Paying 24 whopping points turns one bike into an Attack Bike with a Heavy Bolter, which can be replaced with a Multi-Melta for 10. This bike has to be kept from the front lines, since this is a big investment.


  • Death Company Marine: These guys do one thing well, and that's kill tons of shit. Rage and Furious Charge make sure things die when he charges, FNP makes sure he survives long enough to charge, and taking a Warden to make them Core makes sure they can actually hit on the charge. While able to mulch MEQ, they're only able to threaten TEQ if they grab a Thunder Hammer, Power Fist, or Power Axe, and they're not likely to survive long enough to swing that. Pistols aren't a bad take either, but don't forget that Relentless lets you Rapid Fire Bolters any time.
  • Sanguinary Guard: These special golden boys are now a little cheaper than Termies, so a more economically-minded player need not fear grabbing one. You get free Encarmine Axes, so you have a good shot at punching anything with a 2+. You also get Inferno Pistols and Hand Flamers, which make them more specialized at only a few points more than a Termie. As with anything else involving Fear, the Death Mask is a very optional buy if you need to take up that last point.
  • Sternguard Veteran: While not as useful with all the models with access to meltas and plasma and flamers, they're still something if you need a combi-weapon to free up something for more potent arms. They also get access to the armory.
  • Vanguard Veteran: With the loss of the ability to charge after Deep Striking, the uses of the Vanguard grow slimmer over the likes of the DC or Assault Marines. Giving him tons of gear makes him a big target, so make sure he can survive what may Overwatch him to death, even if it's just a Smoke Grenade.
  • Terminator: Basic Vanilla Termies with all the options for weapons. Use them like normally, and remember that a Termie Sarge can make them Core Choices if you plan to meet heavy weapons on the field. Bring some Shields to help them survive the charge.
  • Techmarine: A 0-1 model, he's the same as any other, with the option for replacing his Servo-Arm with a Jump Pack. He's not very good an idea without a certain plan in mind (i.e. Cover Spam for shooty guys, keeping as Rhino Repair), and making him a suicide unit would be a waste.