Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (HoR)/Tactics/Inquisition(7E)

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Surprised that the Inquisition actually has a list here?

No? Good.

NOBODY EXPECTS THE- Okay, all jokes aside, they are pretty much Kill-Team with what they have. Only armed with small squads of goons and Inquisitors, it's pretty clear that they're capable of filling in any holes available.


  • Inquisition Allies: Just like in 6E, the Big I can ally themselves in any Imperial Army as Battle Brothers with a minimal formation. Here are the guidelines:
    • You can buy Inquisition forces in an allied army, but they have to follow the allied army's FOC.
    • You need an Inquisitor as either a Leader or Special model. Never both.
    • If the Inquisitor ever dies or leaves in a campaign, you need to buy another one or remove all allied Inquisition models and count them as dead.


  • Master-Crafted Weapon: Just like it says, an MC weapon. Grab to ensure at least one single hit.
  • Smoke Grenade: Harmless grenade that gives 5+ Cover for all within the Large Blast. Take it, you'll need the protection for a good charge.
  • Blessed Weapon: Makes a weapon 2+ Poisoned against Psykers. For 5 points, this is a pretty sweet grab, but do be careful on using this against Grey Knights and Horrors, who can navigate around this with their unusual psykers.
  • Anointed Weapon: Makes a weapon 3+ Poisoned against Daemons, which might be handy.
  • Unguents of Warding: Lets the model Deny on a 3+. Wicked for a model meant for psyker combat.
  • Auspex: A model can exchange their shooting turn to reduce the cover save of a model within 12" by 1. Very nice to grab for a big force.
  • Bionics: Cheap 6+ FNP. Better than nothing at least.
  • Targeter: If you don't move, you can re-roll shots to-hit of 1. Usually, take the extra points for the Suspensor, it'll help more.

Leaders Only[edit]

  • Inquisitorial Mandate: A single-use item for any assault phase. When called, it gives all models within 2d6" of the Inquisitor +1 Attack. Enjoy the essentially free rage for your goons.
  • Refractor Field: You can never go wrong with a 5++ Invul. Ever.
  • Familiar: Gives a re-roll on a psychic test. Always a good take on a psychic Inquisitor.
  • Power Stake: Thought hidden Power Fists were bad? For ten points less, you get one even WORSE; You can sacrifice all your attacks for one staking. If it hits, the enemy gets an automatic unsavable wound with ID. Yeah, use this and don't blame us if someone tries to strangle you over it. Issue is that you're only limited to ONE hit. Hope you survive long enough to make that hit.
  • Bionic Eye: Night Vision and re-rolls on 1s to-hit when shooting. Always a better grab than the Targeter.
  • Excruciator: Yeah, you have a pocket torture device. If you ever hit, you get a bonus S3 AP- Rending attack that auto-hits at I1. A good way to add a little bonus punch, but it's still one attack.
  • Condemnor Grenades: Since this was likely made before 7E Grey Knights, the Big I only gets harmless grenades that only auto-perils anyone hit by the Large Blast.
  • Hexagrammic Wards: A likely outdated upgrade, this forces models within 12" of the Leader to take -1 Ld when focusing for psychic tests. If you want to use this, you could houserule this to forcing a -1 for psychic tests or giving your guy a +1 to deny.
  • Experienced Hunter: A cheap way to gain Preferred Enemy based on your Ordo. Malleus gets PE (Daemons), Hereticus gets PE (Psykers), and Xenos gets PE (Xenos codices). Only grab when you find your key counterpick.


  • 1 Leader
  • 1-25 Core
  • 0-5 Special


  • Inquisitor: Really, what more do you want as a leader? These guys come with a big lot of customization and all start at 20 points. Spending 30 more makes them Psykers with options for either Hammerhand (Nice), Psychic Communion (Really only useful for certain builds, mostly Terminator-based ones or Blood Angels), Prescience (Support perfection), Flame Breath (Good for horde management), or Assail (Decent for Strikedown, but you'll get multiple opportunities for that in this meta). They also grant Stubborn to allies within IP. After that, they start to diversify...
    • Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: The more well-rounded one with options to work either in melee or in ranged support. If you go melee, it's probably more suitable to grab Power Armor if you don't anticipate much plasma or melta (Termie Armor is rather pricy, but it has its uses) and some Empyrean Brain Mines. The Daemonblade is a risky grab, so only take it if you feel confident, but you already have a Daemonhammer that can kill daemons. Ranged Inquisitors can never go wrong with the Hellrifle, which has some vicious hurting power. Really, base him on what you think your teams need most from him.
    • Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor: The shrinking of the meta probably makes the Hereticus Inquisitor a lot better because the smaller scale means less psykers, and less psykers means more effective anti-psyker equipment. The Psyocculum and Null Rod (and the Condemnor Boltgun, but a little less so) now become even more useful as you have an assured way to kill the psyker in question and kill off their leader, making break tests that much more difficult to pass. If you need other support for stuff like termies, you can also take an Inferno Pistol to cook them.
    • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Probably the one with the weirdest weapons, ranging from the Rad and Psychotroke grenades to the Needle Pistol and Venom Talon. This one gets some of the best guns in the game, with the Conversion Beamer being able to total transports that get brought in while the plasma syphon makes him the target of hatred for his immunity to plasma guns and the like. Use the Rad Grenades to support your guys and make sure that they get the chances they need to kill the enemy quick, use the psychotrokes to bring out some random funny results.


  • Warrior Acolyte Squad: Your basic wannabe 5-guardsmen squad. They can all be kitted for choppy or shooty (with bolters being a point a model). A model here can grab some special weapons and they can all grab Carapace Armor, but doing so doubles their cost. If you run them as allies, then they're a lot more handy as walking wounds, which are especially useful for shooty armies that lack protection in combat.
  • Veteran Acolyte: More expensive than a single acolyte, but also more handy, as they get Carapace in their base cost and also get a larger list of weapons to pick from. These guys can grab power armor, but again, doing this doubles their cost. These guys always work best by being specialists while letting the basic acolytes be the mobs.
  • Inquisitorial Servitor: for the same cost as a Veteran Acolyte, you can grab a walking weapons platform. They start with servo-arms, but their bigger purpose is to carry big guns, and big guns are always good. Just make sure they're within 12" of the Inquisitor or else mindlock. Unlike the other choices, servitors are Non-Learning, but they shouldn't be thrown away so easily because they're the only heavy weapons you get (Unless you have Jokaero, but you'll still lose that Plasma Cannon).
  • Arco-Flagellant: Yeah, you get these from the Sisters of Battle. Bring one, bring a couple to make sure that they bring the most hurt they can against light infantry. Just remember that you also have Acolytes to actually help them with shooting.


  • Inquisitorial Storm Trooper: They're basically Tempestus Scions with +1 Ld and a laspistol as well. They get access to a few guns (flamer, melta, grenade, plasma) for some elite handiwork.
  • Banisher: Remember these bastards from the 5E Wardex? Yeah, they're back. Can grab Eviscerators if you desperately need mega-killing and force daemons to re-roll their 5++ Daemon saves. Take only if you know Daemons will be on the field. Anointed weapons can work wonders as well if you need to give them a cheap combat boost in that case.
  • Crusader: Their biggest draw is their Storm Shields. Draw one to the front and let him soak up damage meant for weaker allies. You'll be able to suck it up.
  • Daemonhost: Wildcards in every sense of the word. Some of their powers are really handy for their uses, others...not so much.
  • Death Cult Assassin: Where Crusaders are meant to defend, assassins are meant to attack and they do with 3 S3 attacks (4 on the charge). Make sure they have someone to attack or they'll crumple fast.
  • Psyker: Yeah, you're back to your Psychic Barrage. It's a 36" S3 AP6 Large Blast, but if you bring more psykers within 6", they can donate an extra Warp Charge, giving +1S/-1AP. Sadly, you usually won't be going much further than maybe S5 AP3 with allies since that needs both a psyker Inquisitor and a psyker Leader (or maybe an Astropath). Most times, it'll only be useful for a big mob-clearer.
  • Jokaero Weaponsmith: Monkeys always help. The fact that they're individual units means that they're now able to fire whatever they want without binding another monkey to that same job. As a bonus, their Inconceivable Customization can now affect units within 3" of them, meaning you can strategically spread your team so that they can grab some of the evil gifts of science-monkey death.


  • Ministorum Priest: Yes, grab him for melee-smashing. Give him a few troops to help him charge (and with everyone within 6" gaining Zealot, you'll definitely get them there), and you'll see those hymns work their magic by demolishing everything.
  • Inquisitorial Medic: A storm trooper with a 6" FNP. He can grab some bonus guns and has to buy grenades, but can buy melta bombs and power armor.
  • Inquisitorial Techpriest: The only thing they're useful for is to aid transports. Don't bring them otherwise.