Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance

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Abandon all expectations
This article is about something that is considered by the overpowering majority of /tg/ to be fail.
Expect huge amounts of derp and rage, punctuated by /tg/ extracting humor from it.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance is a lane strategy game developed Eutechnyx for the PC and IOS. Of all the WH40K games released, this is probably the worst for the PC, although to be fair, it wasn't exclusively meant for the PC. While it is still currently in beta (Despite the fact that it has already released in full price, much to everyone's suspicion.), much of the fanbase and reviews have unanimously declared it a giant, hulking failure.

Much of the flak comes from the PC community, where it has no chance to garner a decent playerbase due to its primitive gameplay and design. The $9.99 pricetag is also not winning it any favors (Particularly expensive for a mobile game or for a PC game this primitive.), and the fact that the last game developed by Eutechnyx was Ride to Hell: Retribution, which has been universally panned as one of the worst video games ever made makes it clear that if you want a good 40k game you should look somewhere else. Also it's basically just a reskin of their other game called Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs. A dumbed down reskin at that.


Gameplay. Yes, this is indeed techno-heresy most foul.

SoV is a lane strategy game based on the popular casual game: Plants vs Zombies, but everyone's like the zombies. You play as Space Marines or the Orks (The Imperial Guard are slated to be playable as DLC). The battlefield is divided into five lanes, each with a single build area that allows you to create different types of troops. These can be built through spending points, which are generated through the equivalent of sunflowers. Gameplay involves constructing various buildings and spawning different types of troops (Each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses) in different lanes to destroy enemy structures and get your units across to win a round. To sum it up, it is the equivalent of a glorified version of the old terran game: Rock-Paper-Scissors. You have upgrades and stuff in the like to make the 3 more powerful, but the core mechanics is basically just that.

Despite all this crap, however, it does still hold it's own as a mobile game and nothing more. Much like the game it was based on, it is fun as a casual game; something you play on the go that's mostly fun and not mentally demanding. As a PC game where players and fans demand either a tactical or blood-gorged (and usually a combination of both) WH40K game, it doesn't really belong there.