Warhammer 40K: Darktide

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Darktide is an upcoming coop first person shooter made by Vermintide developer Fatshark. The game will likely have the same gameplay as Vermintide, only in space and facing Chaos cults in an Underhive.


The game takes place on the Hive World of Atoma Prime, where a group of Nurgle worshiping assholes called "The Admonition" are plotting to take over the planet from the city of Tertium. The Inquisition has sent a small squad of expendable convicts (you guys) to figure out what the hell is going on and stop the city from falling to Chaos. Writing brought to you by motherfucking Dan Abnett.


The game excitingly is one of very few 40k video games to feature the Guardsmen in the starring role and not the Space Marines, and will likely play similar to Vermintide, only probably leaning more towards the shooty parts of the game. As such it will likely be much closer to the L4D2 style of play than Vermintide. The game will also probably feature a class style of character system like in Vermintide, and given that an Ogryn is featured in some concept art, we may get an interesting list of characters to pick from.

More will come as more info comes out, but Guardsmen fans rejoice as they are put in the spotlight for once.

As of the game play trailer, playable classes appear to be a Missionary, an Ogryn, and two flavors of Guardsmen (a male ranged specialist wearing a Kasrkin facemask and a female who looks like a Sergeant and/or melee specialist). The classes are also apparently very customisable, both visually and gameplay wise with lots of interchangeable weapons for classes and while no weapons have been specifically mentioned, plasma weapons, hellguns, long-las, ripper guns and flamers seem like obvious choices for different classes. The trailer also showed off Poxwalkers, traitor guardsmen, Hounds of Xaphan (or chaos juiced attack dogs in this case) and fucking Plauge Ogryns as enemy types so even though FW disconnected the Renegade and heretic line, they will hopefully live on in the game.

Fatshark is already doing stupid stuff i.e. appeal to the COD kiddies by making the Ogryn a short ranged melee class. So you'll be shot in the back like a cannon fodder bad noob if the game forces you to play as one.