Warhammer Animation

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"If you go to Hollywood, you've already sold out."

– Bruce Campbell

Warhammer Animation is GeeDubs' in-house animation team, responsible for creating much of the animated promotions for the company. They've notoriously been picking off the most talented fan animators to add to their own team in recent times (as of 2021), garnering mixed opinons from many a fa/tg/uy. Opponents believe this is a novel version of strict copyright enforcement while simultaneously forcing their own ideas onto the works in question, while supporters believe integration of fan projects by GeeDubs is a better course of action instead of nuking them to kingdom come (like a certain mouse and plumber are known to do).

Original projects made by Warhammer Animation are:

  • Hammer and Bolter
  • Angels of Death
  • Interrogator

The current list of notable fan animations having been pilfered by "gifted" to Warhammer Animations is as follows: