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Warhammer Army Project[edit]

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The Warhammer Army Project is a project by Mathias Eliasson who creates homebrew army books for the factions of Warhammer Fantasy that never got them, as well as updating the 7th and 8th edition army books now that WHFB has been destroyed by Games Workshop (6th Edition for Bretonnia...showing us what faction GW considers to be the red-headed stepchild of Fantasy). They are awesome books with pictures and fluff, and you should totally make tactica's for them, placing your own inputs as to how shit works.

Current Armybooks[edit]

Each of these are available in 8th Edition (for those factions that never got an 8th Edition Armybook) as well as the author's fanmade 9th Edition. The individual Tactica's vary on which Edition they focus on but if you want to add sections to them dealing with the homebrewed 8E, please feel free to do so.

Core Rules (Ver 2.0) - Includes all equipment, magic, and any noticeable changes from 8E

Good Bad and the Ugly[edit]

The Creator[edit]

  • This project is run by a tyrant with a few advisor and the occasional referendum.
  • This man has openly admitted on podcast to not playing his game due to warhammer in his city being dead from Sigmar.
  • One man has absolute power on what the theme of an army should be, often times he'll latch onto some random fifth edition information on an obscure unit and use it as justification to break an army (giving Bretonnia handgunners in all but name).
    • Removing magical lores from armies who have every reason to have them.
  • He uses WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) as logic for equipment options, toughness etc. for a game without any official models.

The Game[edit]

  • There is a good edition in here somewhere, it is not the current one. Constant updates from someone who never plays the game let alone every army, he's bound to get into his own head with theory crafting.
  • Cavalry is King.
  • Magic lores were previously minorly changed so each has a less situational lore and weaken some of the 6th spells. Now almost every spell from every lore has been changed in some manner.

The Updated Armies[edit]

  • Bretonnia is borderline overpowered with the lance formation making knight's errant hitting harder than dragon princes, near universal ward saves, which can be increased to 4+ rerolling 1's. And a unique lore tailor made to make your knight charges unstoppable, your characters undefeatable in a challenge and your units safe from shooting.
  • Certain armies are treated inexplicably horribly for no reason.
  • Lizardmen, no longer being able to field lots of monsters and losing armor through their whole roster in an edition where most infantry units gained armor.
  • Wood Elves and Dark Elves are somehow less knowledgeable in magic than Humans. With the eight lores being more or less split between them on based on arbitrary alignment.
  • Skaven probably got the most hate this edition, with the asinine addition of Clan distrust to discourage unit variety. A nerfing of Slaves and Clanrats in an edition where massed infantry already got gutted. And nerfing of Unique magic items that made Skaven Characters Survivable ontop of the edition wide magic item restrictions
  • Dwarfs having half their engineering runes unable to be used on cannons and organ guns for 'balance', while half the magic items in the game are broken on a lord riding a monster anyhow. If they're gonna restrict dwarfs most of the regen/ward/healing items should not be taken on dragon mounted characters.

The New Armies[edit]

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