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Warhammer Army Project[edit]

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Created by Matthew Eliasson, this is a bunch of army codexes for a fabled 9th edition. Here's more info. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_Army_Project

Warhammer Army Project is a project by Mathias Eliasson who creates Homebrew army books for the factions of Warhammer that never got them, as well as updating the 7th and 8th edition armybooks now that WHFB has been destroyed by GW (6th Edition for Bretonnia...showing us what faction GW considers to be the red-headed stepchild of Fantasy). They are awesome books with pictures and fluff and you should totally make tacticas for them and placing your own inputs as to how shit works.

Current Armybooks[edit]

Each of these are available in 8th Edition (for those factions that never got an 8th Edition Armybook) as well as the author's fanmade 9th Edition. The individual Tactica's vary on which Edition they focus on but if you want to add sections to them dealing with the homebrewed 8E, please feel free to do so.

Core Rules (Ver 1.9) - Includes all equipment, magic, and any noticeable changes from 8E

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