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Warhammer Army Project[edit]

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The Warhammer Army Project is a project by Mathias Eliasson who creates homebrew army books for the factions of Warhammer Fantasy that never got them, as well as updating the 7th and 8th edition army books now that WHFB has been destroyed by Games Workshop (6th Edition for Bretonnia...showing us what faction GW considers to be the red-headed stepchild of Fantasy). They are awesome books with pictures and fluff, and you should totally make tactica's for them, placing your own inputs as to how shit works.

Current Armybooks[edit]

Each of these were previously availible in 8th Edition (for those factions that never got an 8th Edition Armybook) as well as the author's fanmade 9th Edition. Support for 8th edition was discontinued and the books ceased to be hosted on the blog in late 2021. The individual Tactica's vary on which Edition they focus on but if you want to add sections to them dealing with the homebrewed 8E, please feel free to do so.

Core Rules (Ver 2.0) - Includes all equipment, magic, and any noticeable changes from 8E

Good Bad and the Ugly[edit]

The Creator[edit]

  • This project is run by a tyrant with a few advisor and the occasional referendum.
  • This man has openly admitted on podcast to not playing his game due to warhammer in his city being dead from Age of Sigmar. This does impact playtesting.
  • The creator uses GW cannon, supplemented by historical accuracy, as the ultimate arbiter in deciding what should be included. This can lead to factions that are lore accurate but have (alleged) internal balace issues and unit bloat. Every additional unit may divide the fanbase.
  • He uses WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) as logic for equipment options, toughness etc. for a game without any official models.
  • Really hates factions having access to rule book lores, with most restricted to a few (Empire, High Elves, and Lizardmen).
  • Has been known to borrow material from other tg publications (e.g. L5R).

The Game[edit]

  • Major rules updates are now limited to annually after feedback for rolling updates was that they undermined rukes fluency.
  • Shooting is stronger than its ever been with no penalty for long range, a bonus for short range and nearly every basic archer having multiple shots.
  • The cannon sniping issue has just moved to stone-throwers and is arguably worse, due to their effectiveness against a wider variety of targets, indirect fire, +1S and safer misfires.
  • Cavalry is significantly more powerful than 8th.
  • Magic lores were previously minorly changed so each has a less situational lore and weaken some of the 6th spells. Now almost every spell from every lore has been changed in some manner.
  • Lots of hard to remember and mostly pointless rule complications that pop up from someone saying something stupid on discord with no playtesting. Like everyone getting their own fly rule, or the charge rules changing every decimal edition change.
  • Combined profiles for characters on monsters has had a ripple effect through the whole edition. Impacting rules from regeneration, force organization, magic items etc. Which, often hurts the balance for units that aren't Dreadlords on Dragons.

The Updated Armies[edit]

  • Was borderline op with the Lance Formation making Knights Errant hit harder than Dragon Princes, however, the update to Lance Formation removed Devastating Charge from them and made them relevant but no longer endowed with insane numbers of attacks. The Lore of the Lady is made to protect their knights and help out in duels, working as a support lore. Unfortunately, you can bring the guns they had in pre-5th Edition without giving up any of the Blessing. All in all, Bretonnia after its rework is a relevant faction again without being over the top
    • They also have cheap but low Leadership Men-at-Arms. Bowmen can come out on top point for point with Elf archers so long as they can manage to fire first (otherwise, they'll generally panic and flee), and Men at Arms can make cost effective, if not particularly threatening, chaff.
Wood Elves[edit]
  • Got arbitrarily shafted (an army he admitted to never playing) with most of the 8th edition book being ignored with odd justification such as:
    • "Asrai spears removed (why would their spears be armour piercing, when other elven spears are not?)"
    • "Arrow of Kurnous removed (abstract rule with no purpose, that also makes no sense. They suddenly forget to pick out characters after this first shot?)"
    • "War Hawks are no longer Armour Piercing or have the KB rule (makes no sense since eagles or griffons don't have these rules),"
  • Are somehow less knowledgeable in magic than Humans. With the eight lores being more or less split between them and Dark Elves on based on arbitrary alignment.
  • Asinine addition of Clan distrust to discourage unit variety.
  • A nerfing of Slaves and Clanrats in an edition where massed infantry already got gutted.
  • Increased price of Clanrats and Stormvermin.
  • All your cool rare monsters are worse, which may have been needed for the Hell Pit Abomination but was harder on the Doomwheel, for example. Thankfully, your magic has types now so no more using everything without line of site and in combat, and going magic heavy is better than ever for the rats.
  • Having half their engineering runes unable to be used on cannons and organ guns for 'balance', while half the magic items in the game are broken on a lord riding a monster anyhow. If they're gonna restrict dwarfs most of the regen/ward/healing items should not be taken on dragon mounted characters.

The New Armies[edit]

  • Very formulaic.
    • Shrine/Chariot derivative of War Alter/Cauldron of Blood.
    • Hero level warrior priest with bound spells
    • Special choice with stubborn and good armor and/or bodyguard rule.
    • A female special choice with a niche.
    • A unique lore with an attribute that plays into an army special rule.
    • Weird restrictions on battle magic lores, of course usually based on alignment.

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