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Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead. (The current edition is 1.53).

This page is devoted to the changes between 8th edition and 9th edition and generalized rules.

Notable differences between Editions[edit]

  • Always Strikes Last now hurts even harder: If the model's initiative is still below that of its opponent before counting ASL, you must re-roll any successful hits that model makes.
  • Breath Weapons can be used multiple turns but after the first use, must roll a 4+ to use it for the round.
  • Fear is now considerably reworked - No more tests, just a flat -1 to Leadership for fighting them. Which will considerably screw over anyone relying on it to gain an advantage in combat. Terror, similarly, is now a -2 (-1 if the enemy already has Fear) but Terror test are taken as normal.
  • Flammable units are now subject to Fear when facing any unit with Flaming Attacks.
  • Hordes No more fight in extra rank from Hordes. The whole mechanic was removed.
  • Poisoned Attacks has been rewritten so that it adds +1 to Wound rather than auto-wounding on a 6 to hit, making them more reliable.
  • Quick to Fire weapons can now be fired before making a charge if the target's within range, though they take a -1 penalty to hit when doing so.
  • Failing Stupidity gives one fringe benefit to the victim: Immunity to Psychology. Granted, this is all stuck with the other restrictions, but it makes sure that a squad suffering from it won't break just from getting shot up in the middle of their sudden movement.
  • Regenerate Fire no longer disables regen for the whole unit for the phase. Now only preventing regen on that particular wound. Nerfed from 8e in that, now any wounds saved by this still count towards combat resolution, meaning that one good turn against your Trolls will still mess them up. Additionally.can be taken after ward saves. Lastly, regeneration can not be taken on successful Killing Blows (unless it's a monstrous/monster).
  • Swiftstride was rewritten so that it only adds 2d6" movement when a unit with a movement value of 6 or lower charges, while units with higher movement get the classic 3d6 drop the lowest.
  • Killing Blow can actually proc against monsters, though this only deals a wound with Ignores Armour.
  • Thunderstomp and vanilla Stomp have been effectively merged into one rule, dealing d6 hits on anyone in b2b, though it's lowered to d3 against lone infantry and skirmishers. It's also unable to interact with anything unless explicitly spelled out.
  • Armour, in general, has been rewritten in a way that it can add to an existing save, such as Natural Armour or allowing a unit wearing only a shield and no armor in an appreciable way (read, more than just a +1 to an existing save for wearing heavier plate).
    • Parry saves have been reworked a bit. Now cavalry can actually benefit from it, and there's also a Dodge Save that acts as an alternative to this save.
  • Spells can actually be duplicated...once you've exhausted every available spell for your army. This is especially useful for Orcs & Goblins and Skaven, who are legendarily starved for spells. This won't let you cast cast a spell twice though.
    • Those models who can select spells, like as if they are bound spells or from some unique wizard rule, cannot select Signature Spells.
    • A callback to older editions, lower-level wizards are now capped on which spells can be picked, which makes duplicating certain spells easier, but will hamper their utility.
    • Rolling for Spells is gone. THANK. FUCK.
    • All wizards know their lore's signature spell, with is an added bonus for those that can pick their spells. That said, this is not given to those who only cast bound spells or those with a fixed repertoire.
    • Some wizards can now pick between two lores, which can open up some really cheese combos on one body, but that makes your wizard all the more a target.
  • Irresistible Force has been removed entirely. In its place, any natural 6s you roll when casting/dispelling instead just grants you an additional channeling die to roll on this test. When you crit, this makes you really hit.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 units per 1000 pts deployed normally.
  • Marching and Restraining from Pursuit do not count as Psychology Tests and are just Ld tests.
  • If you destroy a unit before you complete a charge (such as spamming Quick to Fire weapons) or it flees your charge, you can redirect your charge to another unit.
  • As of 9.61, it is now impossible to have a unit with a file longer than its rank. Goodbye, bubble-wrapper spearelves. You will be missed.
  • Shooting no longer has a range penalty, but it has a bonus against targets 4" away or big targets.
  • All shrines can join infantry squads, so now your Hurricanum or Chaos Altar isn't so exposed anymore.

New Rules[edit]

  • Animated Construct: Now available to other models besides Tomb Kings. They remain Unbreakable and Immune to Poisoned Attacks. They can never march and can never use Stand & Shoot against a charge. They're also immune to Frenzy and Hatred, unfortunately.
  • Aquatic: Replaces Sea Creature. These models treat water terrain as open ground and thus can march through, hold steadfast, and claim rank bonus while in water. Though they might take danger from specific terrain, they won't worry about the terrain in general. In addition, anyone shooting a unit mostly in water take -1 to hit.
  • Armour Piercing (X): Technically always existed, but now there are things that can deal more than a -1 save penalty.
    • Ignores Armour Saves: Flat-out ignores armor. It's existed before, but now it's a legit USR
  • Dodge (X): A variant of Parry. This save is effective against any attack to their front, including blasts and stomps. The only things that bypass it are ASF and magical auto-hits. And that rule that banned Cavalry from using Parry? Now shoved into here.
  • Expendable: Units with this rule do not trigger panic tests in other non-expendable models if they break. If taken, a non-Expendable unit must be taken as well. This is typically found on pathetic chaff units like Skavenslaves and Chaos Cultists, as well as beasts.
  • Ice Attacks: Anyone attacked by a unit with this rule takes -1S and ASL. Fortunately, this unit is also immune to others with this rule.
  • Lightning Attacks: Models with this rule gain +1 to-wound and Ignores Armour against models wearing medium armour or heavier.
  • Natural Armour: Replaces Scaly Skin. Gives a basic armour save that can stack with regular armour.
  • Mixed Unit: Reserved for units where one sort of model is handling another sort of model (Like hounds and handlers). While Leadership is taken using the highest value in the unit, any other attacks or tests are resolved on the base model's stats. Once the Unit Strength hits below 5, there's now a risk for the handlers to get hurt - when they do take damage, all units have to take one wound before being allowed to hit another.
  • Strength Bonus (X): Adds a bonus to the unit's Strength on the first round of any close combat. There's also Charge Bonus (X), which does a similar thing, but only on turns where the unit charges.
  • Sentient: Allows a model to benefit from Inspiring Presence or Hold Your Ground even when the model type normally wouldn't, like because it's a monster.
  • Towering: Large Target renamed. This model is too huge to benefit from cover so long as the cover obscures less than half the model.

Model Types[edit]

  • Infantry have a unit strength of 1
  • Monstrous Infantry have Fear and Swiftstride as well as a unit strength of 3, however they lost stomps
  • Cavalry have Impact Hits (1) on top of Swiftstride and a unit strength of 2
  • Monstrous Cavalry have Fear, Impact Hits (1), and Swiftstride as well as a unit strength of 4
  • Swarms have Expendable, Skirmishers, and Unstable and have a unit strength of 3. Models can shoot past them without regard for LoS
  • War Beasts have Swiftstride and Expendable as well as a unit strength of 1
  • Monstrous Beasts have Fear and Swiftstride as well as a unit strength of 3
  • Monsters have Stomp, Swiftstride, Terror, and Towering as well as a unit strength equal to their wound count
  • Chariots have Impact Hits (d6) and Swiftstride as well as a unit strength equal to their wound count
    • Equipping Scythes to a Chariot changes Impact Hits to d6+1.
  • War Machines have a unit strength equal to their wound count
  • Shrines (like the War Altar and Hurricanum) a unit strength equal to their wound count

Generic Armory[edit]

Across the various armies of the Old World, there are things that are pretty much constantly in use no matter who uses them. Swords, axes, shields, these are the things that no army would be without. It should be noted that you can if your unit have multiple weapons that you can only use one for the entire combat, usually a weapon that isn't a hand weapon unless dual-wielding hand weapons or using a shield. You can't change this weapon unless you have rules permitting otherwise.


  • Hand Weapon: Generic CCW.
    • Multiple Hand Weapons: Grants a 6++ parry save and a bonus attack, but counts as a two-hander.
  • Polearm/Halberd: +1S Two-hander weapon. Use them to dent armor.
  • Greatweapon: +1S two-hander with an additional +1 at the first round of combat, but your model suffer -2I (Rather than ASL, thankfully) for the big swinger.
  • Flail: Two-hander with SB(2) on the first round. Much stronger on the charge, less so after.
  • Spear: Adds an extra rank to attack whenever the model doesn't charge. When non-infantry models charge the front, the model gets +1 to S and I. Cavalry with spears get +1 to S and I when they charge.
    • Pike: The next step for spears. +3 ranks, +3 I on a turn they are charged from the front by non-infantry models.
  • Lance: Cavalry gets +2 to S and I on the charge.


  • Shortbow: 18" S3 missile with volley fire and can use Multiple Shots (2) when not moving or using stand and shoot.
    • Bow: Now with a range of 24".
    • Longbow: 30" range now.
  • Crossbow: 30" S4 shots, but you have Move or Fire. Decent for basic armor piercing.
    • Crossbow Pistol: The range is shortened to 15", but it's now Quick to Fire.
  • Handgun: Your basic matchlock. 24" S4 shots with Piercing 1, but it's Move or Fire.
    • Pistol: A Handgun with half the range but gets Quick to Fire. Using both hands adds +1 attack.
      • Brace of Pistols: Two Handguns gives you Multishot (2), same as using both hands.
  • Javelin: 12" at S:U, but they have Quick to Fire, Piercing 1, and volley.
  • Thrown Weapon: Smaller thrown weapons like daggers or shurikens. Only has a range of 8", but it has multishot (2) and Quick to Fire.
    • Throwing Axes: Now with a very short 6", but it has S+1 in exchange for multishot.
  • Sling: Take a shortbow, and replace the volley fire with Piercing 1.
  • Blowpipe: Really short range with 12" and S2 with multishot (2) and poison.
War Machines[edit]
  • Bolt Thrower: 48" S6 shots dealing d3 wounds and Pierce 1 for additional pain. It it kills the first target, it hits the one behind at S5, then the one behind at S4 and so on until someone fails to die. No longer Ignores Armour, so a 1+ model gets a 5+ save against it, getting better for every rank.
  • Cannon: 48" S10 shot that scatters half an artillery die, dealing d6 wounds on whoever it directly lands on (assuming no mishaps). Then you roll the artillery dice again to see how far it rolls on after landing, hitting anyone else for d3 wounds.
    • Great Cannon: A bigger cannon with 60" and always dealing d6 wounds.
    • Grapeshot: You can load up a cannon with random scraps, making 12" S5 and Piercing 1 by a number of shots equal to the artillery dice + d6. Pretty much makes it a close-range murder machine.
  • Stone Thrower: 12-60" catapult that throws d6 wound attack as a small pieplate. It deals S10 damage on whoever's directly in the middle of the template, S4 to anyone near enough.
  • Fire Thrower: A flamer with S5 flaming attacks and ignores cover.


  • Light Armour: Gives a 6+ save or adds +1 to natural armour.
  • Medium Armour: Gives a 5+ save or adds +2 to natural armour.
  • Heavy Armour: Gives a 4+ save or adds +3 to natural armour.
  • Full Plate Armour: Gives a 3+ save or adds +4 to natural armour.
  • Shield: Adds the same as Light Armour, but it also adds +1 to saves against missiles fired at the model's front and a 6++ parry save if used with a hand weapon.
    • Buckler: A shield that's now useless for protecting against missiles, but now offers a 5++ parry.
  • Barding: Light armor for steeds, with the exchange that it takes -1" from their movement. Charging or Pursuing takes an additional -1".


Magic...well, what else can be said that wasn't already said? Each wizard picks up a number of spells equal to their level (Loremasters excepted by knowing all spells) from one single lore, limited by said level (Level 1 can only pick spells 1-3, Level 2 picks from 1-4 and so on). They also add a number of dice equal to their level to your channel attempts for each magic phase, plus 2d6 die for every 2000 points your army's worth rounded down.

While (nearly) every army possesses their own unique lores, many of them can also pick the following eight lores, each of which gives something vital that the special lore may not cover.

Lore of Fire[edit]

Lore Attribute: Kindleflame: As you'd probably guess, all your attack spells have Flaming Attacks. In addition, if your wizard targets an enemy that was already hurt by a Lore of Fire magic missile or direct damage spell, you add +d3 to the casting total. This is what makes it so spammable, especially if you have cheap wizards. Be wary that this lore does get greedy with the later spells though...

  • Signature: Fireball: 24" magic missile that deals d6 S4 hits. You can augment it twice, each augments not only adding another 12" to the range but also adding d6 damage.
  1. Cascading Firecloak: Gives the wizard and their unit a protective field that deals 2d6 S4 damage to anyone in b2b.
  2. Flaming Sword of Rhuin: Already jumping into 8+ CV territory. Gives a unit within 24" a +1 bonus to wound with all weapons as well as flaming attacks. Want an entire rain of arrows to obliterate trolls? Wanna see how hard you can slap that war machine? Throw it on one unit and see the results.
  3. The Burning Head: Draw an 18" line in front of your wizard. Every model under that line eats an S4 flaming hit as if from a bouncing cannonball. If you hurt anyone with this bouncing ball of doom, they must roll a Panic test.
  4. Piercing Bolts of Burning: A 24" magic missile that deals d3 S4 hits for each rank of 5+ models the unit composes, meaning entire mobs just might disintegrate from this.
  5. Fulminating Flame Cage: Deal d6 S4 flaming hits to an enemy within 24". If the unit ever moves, they eat another S4 flaming hit. This is better for elite units or things you know will charge your soft spots.
  6. Flame Storm: Magical artillery blast with scatter. Not the same as actual artillery, mind, it is only S4, but it's still on fire and you can augment it to make the blast bigger.

Lore of Metal[edit]

Lore Attribute: Metallic Attraction: Add +1 to the casting value if the target wears mostly light or medium armour, add +2 if the target wears mostly heavy or full plate armour. While it has two augment powers, the rest of them are reserved for actually beating up your beefy foes. Unfortunately, this doesn't have any modifiers for dealing with war machines.

  • Signature: Searing Doom: A magic missile dealing d6 flaming hits that bypass armour. When rolling to wound, you instead roll against their armour save. Awesome against knights and heavy infantry, useless against anything with natural armour (Like nature spirits or Lizardmen).
  1. Plague of Rust: One unit within 24" takes a -1 on their armour save. For the entire game. And it stacks. This shit's priceless for making a unit eat some heavy damage.
  2. Enchanted Blades of Aiban: One allied unit's weapons all have +1 to hit and gain magical attacks and armour piercing (1). Cast this on the gang you want to pop war machines and chariots.
  3. Glittering Robe: Gives one unit within 12" a 5+ natural armour save. Light Armour+Shields now give you a Full Plate Armour save, and that's always boss. Just be wary against anything punching through the save and get a ward save. Unlike the other spells, this spell can be augmented to give everyone within 12" this benefit.
  4. Gehenna's Golden Hounds: One model within 12" takes d6 S5 hits. This sounds about on tier for a magic missile, except that this still permits saves (though at S5, you're punching through plenty of that). Not subject to Look Out Sir! anymore, so might be worth taking if you need to snipe wizards or BSBs
  5. Transmutation of Lead: One unit within 24" takes -1 to WS, BS, and armour saves. Not as godmode as Plague of Rust, but it has more uses besides softening a unit up.
  6. Final Transmutation: One unit within 18" must roll a d6 for every model inside it; every 5+ kills a model with no save besides Magic Resistance. In addition, anyone within 12" of this unit that's not an beast or monster need to test for Stupidity. While this one can be used on any unit without worrying about being useless, this has a good degree of not killing enough.

Lore of Life[edit]

Lore Attrribute: Lifebloom: Once a spell is cast, restore a wound on the caster or any unit within 12" of them. Considering how many of your spells are augments, you should really be focusing on going full support.

  • Signature: Earthblood: Grants the caster and their unit a 5+ Regen. Not the easiest thing to pull off, but it grants another save.
  1. Awakening of the Wood: Deals d6 S4 hits to a unit within 12", doubling when the unit's inside a forest. You've got other Lores for damage, you have another spell for better damage.
  2. Flesh to Stone: Adds +2 to the Toughness of a unit within 12". While it won't let your monsters laugh off cannons, it will let them laugh off anything lesser and it'll let that foot infantry tank out arrows and mobs.
  3. Throne of Vines: Your wizard now has an ongoing benefit to almost every spell (Earthblood gives 4+ Regen. Awakening of Wood is S6, Flesh to Stone adds +4 T, Regrowth heals d6+1 wounds, Shield of Thorns is now S4). It also lets you ignore a miscast when you roll a 2+ on a d6. If you have some backup to cover your heals for a turn or a wizard lord, do use this ASAP.
  4. Shield of Thorns: One unit within 24" now deals 2d6 automatic S3 hits to any model in b2b. Stick it on the disposables, see how many more rolls you make.
  5. Regrowth: Helas d3+1 wounds worth of models, though it won't recover standards. While alright on its own, you really want this once you used Throne of Vines.
  6. The Dwellers from Below: Your other Direct Damage spell. This one makes enemies test Strength or die, the bane of hordes and swarms. Magic Resistance is their only way out.

Lore of Beasts[edit]

Lore Attribute: Wildheart: Reduce the CV of a spell when casting it on of war beasts, cavalry, monstrous beasts, monstrous cavalry, chariots, monsters, swarms, or Beastmen in general. Needless to say, if you either don't have an army with a good number of these units (or aren't Beastmen) or aren't facing any of these, don't feel compelled to bring a Wizard Lord.

  • Wyssan's Wildform: Add +1 to a unit's Strength and Toughness. Short-ranged and rather tough to cast, but it's very worth it.
  1. The Flock of Doom: Magic missile deals 2d6 S2 hits to one unit. Unimpressive.
  2. Pann's Impenetrable Pelt: Adds +3 to the Toughness of the wizard or any character within 12", ideal for challenges.
  3. The Amber Spear: Gives you a legit S6 bolt thrower with d3 wounds that bypasses armour. That's metal. Augmenting it makes it even better at S10 with d6 wounds.
  4. The Curse of Anraheir: Curses a unit with -1 to hit anything and forcing them to treat all setpieces as dangerous terrain that kills on a 1 or 2.
  5. The Savage Beast of Horros: Gives a friendly character within 12" +3 to Strength and Attacks, which can a even a mediocre duellist like an Empire General or a Glade Lord into something very dangerous.
  6. Transformation of Kadon: Turns your footslogging wizard into a flying monstrosity. And it can still hide in your mob. It's pretty cool, but it's hampered by all your wizard's gear suddenly no longer working, meaning that you'll need to cast something else on them if they ever hope to survive a fight, presumably before they transform or by another wizard.

Lore of Heavens[edit]

Attribute: Fate Manipulation: Now this is interesting, and much more useful than the previous attribute. Every time your wizard casts, roll a d6. On a 4+, they can re-roll a single die when dealing with either the casting value or the number of hits of any further spells they cast. Maybe it's wasted on your level 1 wizards if they lack a bound item, but any other wizards will definitely look at this.

  • Signature: Iceshard Blizzard: One unit within 24" takes -1 to hit with anything and to Leadership. This is a pretty decent protection, as it can also foil any indirect fire weapons and count as Ice Attacks, so Initiative's hit too. Reminder that Ice Attacks give ASL, meaning if you hit someone with this, then charge them with something with higher Initiative, they have -1 AND have to reroll successful hits. A WS10 model will have a 25% chance of hitting a WS1 model, assuming no re-rolls or to hit bonuses, if you do this.
  1. Harmonic Convergence: Lets a unit re-roll 1s on hits, wounds, and saves. Absolutely worth taking. Great on more or less everything.
  2. Wind Blast: Shoves a unit back d3+1" (Doubled to d6+2" on augment). Pretty useful for shoving back a dangerous foe, and it can damage immobile war machines. Use if something would be charging anything of yours with a strength bonus, so you get to charge them next turn and get it.
  3. Curse of the Midnight Winds: The opposite of Harmonic Convergence, an enemy unit must now re-roll all 6s on hits, wounds, and saves. Extra fun against Saurus, who get extra attacks on 6s to hit, but still great against anything.
  4. Urannon's Thunderbolt: A d6 S6 magic missile with Lightning Attacks, so say FUCK YOU to knights!
  5. Casandora's Comet: A magic blast that doesn't scatter, but instead has a chance to land each turn, adding more hits and strength to the eventual blast. Don't be relying on it for actual damage, there's Fire for that.
  6. Chain Lightning: Urannon's Thunderbolt +1. After the initial hit, it has a chance to branch off and hit another unit, and then another, and... Look, just fire this into a horde of Chaos Warriors. You'll never regret it. Excellent against MSU armies.

Lore of Light[edit]

Lore Attribute: Exorcism: When casting a direct damage or magic missile spell against any units with the Daemonic, Vampiric, or Undead rules, the spell gains another d6 hits. Pretty choice when trying to wipe out a horde of the blighters or shutting up a Lord or Monster.

  • Signature: Shem's Burning Gaze: Magic Missile that deals d6 S4 hits.
  1. Pha's Protection: One unit is now harder to hit, like an inverse Iceshard Blizzard. This is good, and the augment is better for a big line. Auto take against Wood Elves.
  2. The Speed of Light: Now gives ASF. Great on anything with Great Weapons or High Initiative, for still hitting first and rerolls respectively.
  3. Light of Battle: One unit within 12" can immediately rally and auto-pass all Leadership checks this turn. Unless you seriously want that unit to throw itself to death, there's better.
  4. Net of Amyntok: Your only hex, and it hurts harder than Fulminating Flame Cage. The enemy unit must test Ld to move, shoot, or cast, with failure inflicting d6 S4 hits. So not only will you lock up those Hellstriders or Skeleton Archers, you can also fuck them up. Brilliant against things that want to move, shoot and charge, for example, Gutter Runners or Dark Riders.
  5. Banishment: Deals 2d6 hits of a strength equal to 4+how many other Light wizards are around the caster. This is your immediate slaying spell.
  6. Briona's Timewarp: Ups a unit to Initiative 10, doubles its movement, and adds +1 to Attacks, all of which is yes. Stack with Speed of Light and make your team the ultimate weapon. Best on things that are slow but powerful, like Temple Guard. Seriously, take a Slaan in a block of 30 with this, you won't regret it.

Lore of Shadow[edit]

Lore Attribute: Smoke & Mirrors: After casting a spell, your wizard can fly 12" as if it were the Remaining Moves sub-phase. It's a lot less of an issue to set up than swapping places, and it can give them an escape route or way in if needed.

  • Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma: A long-range and easy to cast hex, this robs a unit of d3 WS, BS, Movement, or Initiative. The Augment, which is pretty good to cast, has this rob all of them. All of these are at least useful sometimes. WS, BS are obvious, use against stabby people and shooty people, but you can use the Movement one against anything you want to catch or run away from, and the Initiative one if you have Great Weapons and still want to hit first, or if you have ASF/have given them ASL for rerolls.
  1. Steed of Shadows: One character within 12" flies as if they were in the Remaining Moves sub-phase, no switcheroo gimmicks included. Pretty much needed to keep up with cavalry or if you need to throw a hero at a target.
  2. The Enfeebling Foe: The enemy unit loses d3 from Strength. Need to remove Great Weapons, Spears, or Lances from the equation? Need to survive a monster? Throw it on 'em.
  3. The Withering: The enemy unit loses d3 Toughness. Take the chance and gank the fucker. Better against monsters due to high toughness. If you have Handgunners (or your army's equivalent) you can wound pretty much everything on 3s and ignore a decent bit of armour with this
  4. The Penumbral Pendulum: Draw a 6d6" line in front of the caster. Every model under it must test Initiative or eat a cannonball-tier blast. While this sounds epic and it can totally wreck monsters and war machines, it suffers in terms of precision. Good on flying wizards, as they can position properly to make the most out of it. Also combos wit Melkoth's.
  5. Pit of Shades: See that blast template that just scattered? Everyone under it must now test Initiative or DIE. This is on tier with the Purple Sun as ruiners of everyone's shit. Combo with Melkoth's
  6. Okkam's Mindrazor: Okay, this is some high-class business here. This makes a unit use their Leadership when rolling to wound and when figuring out how much armour saves are impacted. If you have a well-disciplined unit of men with good Leadership or within the general's Inspiring Presence, then you have a unit that can insta-kill anything they touch. Black Guard enjoy this spell.

Lore of Death[edit]

Lore Attribute: Life Leeching: Every time a spell kills a model, roll a d6. Every 6 pulls in a die for the power pool. This makes them very useful as an opening act for another spell, be it from this or another wizard.

  • Signature: Spirit Leech: The wizard and one model must roll d6+Leadership. If the wizard wins, the target takes a number of armour-negating wounds equal to how much the test was failed by.
  1. Aspect of the Dreadknight: One unit gains Fear/Terror. Depending on the situation, this might help tip the scales on a fight, especially when combo'd with Doom and Darkness.
  2. The Caress of Laniph: One enemy model takes a number of hits equal to 2d6 minus their Strength. These hits all wound on a 4+ and go through armour, making it better for lone models and single champions than against big monsters.
  3. Soulblight: An enemy unit takes -1 to Strength and Toughness. While this is pretty good, the augment spreads it to everyone within 24" rather than just one within 24". Fucking fantastic.
  4. Doom and Darkness: One enemy unit within 24" takes -3 to Leadership. Unless you're taking a unit outside of Inspiring Presence and you have something with Fear or Terror. A Von Carstein Vampire Lord with this and Aura of Dark Majesty give -4LD, so do that and use Spirit Leech, oneshot their general.
  5. The Fate of Bjuna: The other Caress of Laniph. Those hits are subtracted by Toughness, but these hits are now wounding by 2+. This is what you want against monsters.
  6. The Purple Sun of Xereus: Awwww yeah. This magical vortex forces anyone it passes over to test Initiative or die. Run against any MI or monster-heavy army and watch those tears. And then drink them.

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