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Amazons: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Amazons[edit]

You love the idea of leading hot, badass jungle women to battle.

Playstyle wise is for those how loved the solo Skink skirmish armies but wished that that made use of more Old Ones' Technology. They are zealous ladies who bring a greater tactical Guerrilla warfare to the open battlefield while specializing in permanently deleting defeated units.

If you play or want to learn the elf side of wood elves, this is a place to start. They don't have the speed, precision, and range, but they make up by being more forgiving, given you can field more backup and shooting units than elves, and your guns are not permanently shut down if wrong positioning allows them to get charged.


  • Mobile; Your personal lore boost movement speed, and if your battlefield includes a lot of trees, you can guarantee you'll be moving around faster than almost anyone that isn't the Wood Elves
  • You excel at running down broken enemy units.
  • Get ancient laser guns and power weapons that can cut through heavy armour like butter.
  • Strong shooting game: most of your girls can be armed with a shooting weapon. This is combined with the fact you are the only faction that can perform a fallback and shoot like a 40k Army. Not even engaging in Melee will keep you safe from their javelins and death rays.


  • Most of your army can only have light armor at best, and many have no armor at all.
  • With no armour, Counter missile rain is painful, and the forcefields are expensive.
  • Overall, you are glass cannons. Being half-naked human women with 40k weapons already hinted to you what they're good at.
  • You can't dodge. In Mathiass's big update waves, the Amazon update was just before the rulebook update added to the dodge special rule. Hence, the army you would expect to have the most dodge saves has zero (it should also be noted that Mathias has said he might return to the Amazons once all the other factions have got their updates, though that won't be for a while.)

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • Garland Warfare: Amazons have a culture that relies heavily on capturing defeated enemies for sacrifice. All models with this rule may re-roll the distance they pursue a broken enemy from combat. It does not help you win as you still have to break the enemy first but help remove a problem unit before they get a chance to rally.
    • Also note that, because your cavalry has Garland Warfare when pursuing, they have a rerollable 3D6. Very likely to slaughter them.
  • Guerrilla Tactics: One of the only factions to knows how to tactilely retreat, not even wood elves have mastered this tactic. If neither side breaks in combat, you can Retreat instead of combat reforms (must still pass a Ld test if you lost that round). Enemies can't Pursue, fleeing through your doodets don't cause panic, Auto-rally next Compulsory Movement Phase (get to reface when you do so), and then can shoot with a move penalty.
    • Another way caught Skirmishers run from fights. As a barely armored human faction, you're not dominating most matchups. Most units have Ranged weapons which you can use next turn. If used on the opponent's turn, have a holding unit with spears disengage so the shooting units can hit the target your next turn, and the holding unit can body check them and also shoot if they have guns.

In addition to the above, almost every Amazon army unit has the Forest Strider rule.

The Lore of the Serpent[edit]

Lore Attribute: Spirit Walk: Whenever a spell from the Lore of the Serpent is successfully cast on a friendly unit, the gains +D6 to their Movement value and do not need to take any tests for Dangerous Terrain until the start of the caster's next magic phase.
  • Serpent's Strength: (6/12) Augment. all units within 6" of the wizard (12" if overcast) gains +1 Strength until the start of the next turn.
  1. Singing Wind: (5/8) Direct Damage. The Priestess unleashes a Strength 4 Breath Weapon. She can cast it with an 8+ casting value to make it S5 instead.
  2. Wendala's Maelstrom: (6/12) Augment. affects wizard's unit; until the start of the caster's next magic phase, all missile attacks against affected units suffer a -1 To Hit penalty. Overcasting makes it a 6" aura.
  3. Shield of Thorns: (7/14) Augment. Until the caster's next Magic phase starts, her unit counts as fighting behind a defended obstacle, and charging units suffer a Dangerous Terrain test. Overcasting makes it a 6" aura.
  4. The Living Jungle: (8/11) Magic Missile. Range of 18/36", causes 5d6 Strength 2 hits.
  5. Embrace of the Serpent: (10/13) Direct Damage. Remains in Play. All models in a targeted unit within 18/36" take a Strength 3 hit. While the spell is active: all models in the unit suffer additional Hits of increasing strength at the end of both players' Magic phases.
  6. Siren's Dream: (12/24) Hex. Until the start of the caster's next turn, all enemy units within 12" suffer a -1 penalty to Movement, Strength, and Attacks, down to a minimum value of 1. Overcasting makes the spell affects all enemy units within 24" instead.


High Age Artifacts[edit]

Unlike the Treasures of Amazonia, these represent the various pieces of archeotech that the Amazons jealously guard. Comparatively common, characters can take these items without dipping into their magic items points allowances. In fact, many units can take these toys for themselves as well!

Note that can be applied to all of them: Though high-quality items, they can be large point sinks for non-characters who, unless they have Amulets of the Moon will go down very quickly to ranged fire. On characters, though, these can be the Gods' gift to women as they can be purchased without eating up the characters' Magic Points allowance.

Sunstaff: Implied to be some kind of laser weapon, the Sunstaff is a more portable handgun with Move or Fire replaced with Quick to Fire, is a Magical Attacks and will Flat negate any armor save of 4+ or less. A very good anti-armor ranged weapon that makes mincemeat out of heavy infantry.

Claw of the Old Ones: A mystical blade that glows white-hot and which cuts through armor as if it were paper - probably a Power Sword. It's a melee weapon with S+1, Magical Attacks, and Armor Piercing (2). These will cut through heavy infantry quite nicely. This is a decent melee weapon that will free up your Magic Items Allowance on your characters.

Sun Gauntlet: a slimed downed Sunstaff into pistol size. As an armour melting Pistol, you also get an additional shot on charge and a punch in melee. If you want high-powered guns without giving up a melee weapon, go to Javelin & 2 Hand Weapons for discounts.

Amulet of the Moon: A refractor field, the bear of a Moon Amulet has a 5+ Ward save against Missile Attacks, and inflicts a -1 penalty on To Hit rolls made with missile attacks. On characters, however this broken, combine it with a good Ward save Talisman, and you have a character that will only be killed by melee. Adds a moderate amount of protection to help units equipped with it reach combat more intact. Very good against gunline armies for your troops.

Treasures of Amazonia[edit]

Star Sword: Magic Weapon 80pts. It's a lightsaber. Seriously, it's an energy-bladed sword that darts around with preternatural speed to strike a foe and block incoming enemy attacks. It gives the bearer the Always Strikes First, Ignores Armor, and Parry (6+) special rules. A pretty neat sword that will be useful against heavily armored enemy Heroes.

Bright Staff: Magic Weapon 50pts. This is a more powerful kind of energy blaster weapon. The Queen of the Sunstaffs with increased Range 30" and Multiple Shots (D6). costs 40pts more (35 for a Matriarch, and too much more for Priestess) than a regular one for an extra 6" of range and on average 1-2 shots more. Its random nature may even leave you with fewer shots on a turn when you need them. Skip for the most part, but it can work on a cheap Mistress.

Skypiercer: Magic Weapon 25pts. An enchanted longbow that launches burning arrows that can punch through multiple foes at a time. Has Range 30", Strength 5, and the Flaming Attacks rule. Additionally, it strikes all models in its range in a straight line if it hits. It is a cheap Magic Bolt Thrower that does not suffer degrading S for every model it wounds. Put the bearer on a fast mount and try and get to the enemy lines flank. If you do this, you can get an ungodly number of shots. Beware of hitting your own girls as well.

Crystalline Armor: Medium Armour 35pts. Fashioned from mystical crystals that fell in a meteorite, this Armor is light and flexible when the bearer needs to move but durable against blows and can even safely dissipate enemy magic. This is Magic Medium Armor that anyone can wear. For every spell successfully cast upon the bearer or the unit she is with, the Amazon player gains an additional Power Dice or Dispel dice to their current pool. This can be pretty useful if you are placing the bearer in a Death Star that will receive a lot of Magical attention from both sides as each turn. You can probably get 2 or more free dice from this helping you have a long-lasting magic phase.

Shield Amulet: Talisman 40pts. A powerful, if unreliable, force-field generating device. For every Wound the wearer suffers, roll a D6. If this number is equal to or higher than the Strength of the Attack, the Wound is nullified. It grants you a 4+ Ward save only against S3 attacks. This will not be worth it against armies with S4+ troops like Ogres or WoC. If you bring this, make sure whoever is wearing it is only pointed at light infantry; otherwise, a skip.

Magic Feathers of Natalina: Talisman 50pts. An enchanted headdress that simultaneously projects a field of flickering, unstable colors when the bearer is in motion and heightens their reflexes. Enemies must re-roll successful rolls To Hit in close combat and missile weapons against the wearer. In addition, she gains the Ward save (6+) special rule. Combine with an Amulet of the Moon to make ranged attacks unless such a combination may be overkill as very few enemies will even target the bearer of such a combination. Though this said, a Serpent Priestess could benefit from this.

The Cobra Staff: Arcane Item 30 pts. Bound Spell, Power Level 3. The Cobra Staff contains a magic missile with a range of 18" that causes 2D6 hits. These hits always Wound on a 4+ with the Armour Piercing (2) special rule. Sun Staff Magic Edition. A pretty good Bound spell that grants a Level 1 Priestess a whole lot of ranged death. Not only effective against infantry but also consider it aginst high toughness Monsters.

Elixir of Life: Enchanted Item 50pts. A bottle of the precious immortality elixir that the Amazons so zealously guard; in battle, it is powerful medicine. It grants the bearer the Regeneration (6+) rule and automatically restores one Wound suffered earlier in the battle at the start of each turn.

Blue Stump Brew: Enchanted Item 20pts. The Amazon priestesses prepared a special cocktail of physically enhancing drugs. One use only. The brew may be drunk at any time. Roll a D6; this is the number of points the character may increase her characteristics. She may freely divide them between several different characteristics if she wishes. The brew's effects last until the start of the character's next turn. Now, this is a good item for Melee Mistresses. Sure it is random, but at 20pts, you only need a 2+ for it to have been worth it, and the fact you can decide which characteristics you buff makes it incredibly flexible.

Jaguar Standard: Magic Standard 50pts. The unit carrying the Jaguar Standard gains the Frenzy special rule. In addition, they take their Break Tests on 3D6, discarding the highest result. Good on large Tarpit units that you need to hold the line at all costs.

Army Units[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Thalestris, Queen of Amazonia: 300pts. Your obligatory "supreme leader of their civilization who also happens to be a mega-tier arse-kicker" character. Thalestris, as her title suggests, is the current ruler over all Amazonia, and this is reflected in her rules; all Amazon friendlies within 12" are Immune to Psychology, but if she gets killed, your whole army suffers a -1 penalty to break checks for the rest of the game. Luckily, she wears the Crown of the Amazon Queens, a talisman that gives her a 4+ Ward Save and Immune to Psychology, which goes well with her Ld 10. She wields the Sword of Rigg, a magic weapon that ignores armor, does D3 wounds per hit, and can potentially destroy magic weapons wielded by enemy characters (for each hit, roll a d6; on a 4+, their magic weapon is wrecked). She also carries the Pendant of Delmair, which lets her respond to losing a round of combat by turning into a werejaguar for the next round. In were-jaguar form, she loses the powers of the Sword of Rigg, but she gains +1 Strength, +1 Toughness, and the Cause Fear, Hatred, and Frenzy special rules so she can make a comeback next combat round by slaughtering more infantry.
  • Lwaxana, Curse Witch of Blue Stumps: 345pts. Your obligatory uber-caster character, Lwxana is a hideously ancient Amazon priestess who functions as a level 4 wizard using one of the following Lores: Shadows, Death, the Serpent. She carries the Blue Nightshade Dagger (the magic weapon with Poisoned Attacks that auto-wound on a 5+ to hit), the Amulet of the Great Toad (before making a dispel check when a spell is cast against Lwaxana or her unit, roll a D6; on a 4+, the spell is nullified), and the Staff of Retribution (Bound Spell, Power Level 4; magic missile with a range of 24" that causes D6 Strength 5 hits, but you need to roll a d6 each time you use it, and on a 1 you're out of mojo for the rest of the battle). She also has Voodoo Dolls, because why not? Instead of attacking normally, the caster may opt to pluck her opponent's hair. Roll to hit as normal. If successful, she quickly takes a hair (or other small pieces) from an enemy model in base contact. She may then use her Voodoo Doll to curse the enemy model at the beginning of her Magic phases. The enemy model must take a Strength test or suffer D3 Wounds, with no saves of any kind allowed. This does not affect models with the Ethereal. Also named after Counsellor Troi's mum from Star Trek TNG.
  • Princess Azura, the Ice Maiden: 190pts. Thalestris' most favored daughter, the ultra-graceful warrior-dancer specializing in fucking shit up. Her unique rule is Mesmerizing Dance, where non-psychology immune opponents fighting her in melee must make an LD test at the start of each close combat phase or be unable to attack her for that round. She carries the magic weapon Azure Fire (Claw of the Old Ones that inflicts a -1 penalty on enemies making close combat To Hit rolls, and a suped-up Sunstaff with S5 and Multiple Shots (D3)) and the Talisman of Rendar (5+ Ward Save and Immune to Flaming Attacks). She is defiantly one of your strongest Duelists characters.
  • Melandra Hawkeye, Amazon Adventuress: 105pts. The most courageous and adventurous Amazon ever, Melandra has been looting and pillaging her way across Lustria for ages. To represent this, she has Scout and Evasion: She may choose to move out of combat before break tests are taken at the end of each combat she is in before break tests are taken. Place her anywhere within 1" of the enemy unit she was fighting. She may move as normal in her next turn. She carries the magic weapon known as the Blade of the Hawk (+1 Attack, +1 To Hit) and the Pendant of the Old Ones (1/game, you can teleport Melandra to any spot on the battlefield you want; if she teleports to an enemy, she counts as charging). Her best use is a solo hunter; She may start in a unit of Piranha Warrior or Jungle Stalker but uses combat to bypass spear-lines so she can mop up protected archers and war machines.
  • Pentheselia, The Mark of the Serpent: 150pts. The most bloodthirsty and vicious warrior in all the Amazons, Pentheselia has dedicated her life to battling the depredations of slavers who invade her peoples' lands, giving her a particular hatred for men. She did get a rework to get both the Rage related rules frenzy and hatred (hard to write consistent anti-male rules when gender is not a defined attribute). Combined with Always Strike First and two poison daggers with KB, she is a high DPS character. All successful hits against her are rerolled, so her best defense is murder before getting hit like most Amazons.
  • Lysippe, The Mounted Avenger: 125pts. An amazon whose mother and village were slaughtered by lizardmen, she hates that reptilian race above all others. She has sworn herself to their extermination, riding atop her trusty jaguar steed, Blackfang. Hatred (Lizardmen) and Lysippe's Warcry (she Causes fear and inflicts a -1 penalty to their WS and BS skills against units she charges that are not immune to fear). She carries Lizard Bane, an enchanted Spear that always hits on a 2+ and wounds lizardmen on at least a 3+, and her Horned Helmet grants her a 6+ Armor Save and the Frenzy rule. She gives greater Damage to any of your Calvery units.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Matriarch/Mistress: Your standard Lord character, these are the respected nobility of the Amazon tribes, veteran warriors who have proven themselves over many years of battle. Same human leader stats. They get a selection of gear to pick from, including all the Sci-fi relics. They can hold a Great weapon and shoot a bow when not in CC, which is rare for a character. Their weakness is they only have enchanted Light armour and a shield as their best defense. Recommended to give them some ward.
  • Serpent Priestess/Priestess: Your Lord tier mage, the Serpent Priestesses are the leaders of the mysterious priesthood that guides the Amazons, maintaining their arcane technology and managing their procreation. Wizard using the Lore of Life, Light, Beasts, the Heavens, or the Serpent. Armed with a hand weapon, they can also take any High Age Artifacts.


  • Jaguar: Because if there's anything as iconic to pulp fantasy as a savage yet beautiful jungle amazon, it's one with a big-ass jungle cat that she can ride on to battle. Your warhorse with better melee stats. That S4 will maul normal light armor rank and file.
  • Culchan: The Warhammer equivalent of the Terror Bird, these are giant, predatory, flightless birds mean enough to make even jaguars and cold ones keep their distance. Jaguar with +1 movement.
  • Cold One: Unlike the Dark Elves or the Lizardmen, the Amazons have to spiritually break cold ones before they accept a rider, making them comparatively sullen and listless. They have fear and an additional attack but move slower and potentially lose control if you fail a Stupidity test.
  • Terradon: Flying Dinos. Fly(9), Join other Terradon, or have a Mistress with Skypiercer and moon amulet impale units the long way.

Core Units[edit]

  • Amazon Warriors: At 4 points each, these are your standard troopers and the ones you will base most of your army around. These girls have no armor except a shield. Can trade the shield for Additional handweapons (probably your best option) or Bows or Slings. Bows mass volley shots at longer distances and slings are two ranks with some AP. Bowwomen are fairly cheap at 6pt, so a couple of units of them can support your army, and remember that Guerrilla Tactics can help your unit get unstuck when tied up.
  • Piranha Warriors: Specialist Amazons who serve their sisters as disruption. They fill a similar role to Skink Skirmishers, being Amazon Warriors with Skirmisher and Ambush. They carry javelin that can be upgraded to be poisoned or freely swap for Blowpipes (AP missiles that scale off strength augments vs. double your shooting).
  • Eagle Warriors: Members of one of several elite warrior sisterhoods within the Amazons, the Eagle Warriors are elite fast attack troopers. These Amazons have the addition of Vanguard to better fill the role of Foward fighters. They carry spears, which they can bolster with either javelins or Sunstaffs (which means you can turn a core unit into a magical ranged firing line, though that bumps them up to 11 points per model) can also take Amulets of the Moon and shields. These last 3 make Eagle Warriors your most survivable Core units but buying all 3 or even just Shields can make this unit a points sink but help make the unit cost-efficient. Think through whether you need that protection. If not, take 2 Warriors for the same cost.
    • It Should be mentioned that they are also the cheapest units to wield Sunstaffs. They become like Dwarf Thunderers but more mobile, Costing you 12 points, or 13 points per model for a shield which is the minimum protection a shooting unit would need, or 14 for Moon Amulet for a 140pts unit max if you don't want to be shot off (more is overkill). Don't forget they're better suited at the role than handguns, weapons designed to kill elite armored troops. You can relocate and fire on chargers with Sunstaffs without penalties. It's also less of an immediate loss when your Eagle handguns get them themselves in minor scrapes, having spears to deter the calvery they shot at from charging them while being able to disengage and shoot the next turn if they didn't break.
  • Huntresses: Your main Fast Cavalry, elite warriors mounted on the backs of tamed jaguars. They can either go as flanking spears or peppering with Javelins or shortbows into people's rears. They are more dangerous than other light calvery as their mounts get that Strength 4, including when they make those impact hits. Having Garland Warfare on an 8" + swiftstride unit will mean most foot troops will die when the Huntresses pursue them. It is likely to eat alive enemy skirmishers if they can't turn them into pincushions first.
  • Jaguar Hunting Packs: Prides of savage jungle cats driven to battle by hardy Amazon beast-tamers. They make fill the typical warhound roles, Screening and tying down enemies. They are better than normal dogs(including the heavily mutated ones). Gets better Leadership, Skirmishers greater mobility, and some protection from missiles, and Jaguars are Still S4, so they can also easily maul weak units.

Special Units[edit]

  • Jaguar Warriors: Elite Amazon warriors who serve as the heavy infantry of the Amazon army. These particular sisters are given Immune to Psychology and 2 attacks. Outfitted with hand weapons and shields, they can replace their hand weapons with Claws of the Old Ones and take light armor and Amulets of the Moon. All put together, They may not have that much protection, but They will stand their ground and trade evenly with the enemy with quality of attacks (with and without laser sword).
  • Totem Guardians: Mighty, halberds armed Amazon warriors who serve as the personal bodyguards of the Matriarchs themselves. Each has Stubborn, having a similar role as line holders and high Strength units like Empire Greatswords and Wood Elf Eternal Guard, but with the proper stats to follow through on that. They sport shields, Light Armor, and halberds or can grab any of the fancy High Age weapons if that's not enough. Guardians are Hitting most enemies on 3+, wound infantry on 3s, and already Ap -2 just by swinging with strength 5 Polearm. Doubling down on cutting Chaos warriors in half with Claws, or use Sun Gauntlets to get more out of their WS5 with extra melee plus ranged attacks.
  • Jungle Stalkers: The greatest archers of all the Amazon forces. Upgraded from the Piranha Warriors, They are Scouts Skirmishers, with constant Multiple Shots (2) and Poisoned Attacks on their bows. They fill the role as in-your-face shooting, able multishot on the move on 5s, while also having more keep-away distance than the Piranha Warriors. Besides magic, they are also your better way to kill low-armor monsters from a distance. Again they have no protection aside from being skirmishers and the optional Amulets of the Moon.
  • Culchan Riders: Swift-moving Amazon warriors mounted on the legendarily vicious Culchan birds. An upgraded form of Huntress with +1 WS, BS, and M9. They Fill the role of the more elite flankers with that coveted +1 to movement on all Elven steeds. As a downside, they don't have forest striders, so they take casualties when moving through trees, unlike Panthers. Personal experience will inform you when paying 2 more points each for +1 to hit, and a faster mount is a sufficient investment.
  • Cold One Riders: while their Cold Ones may not be as savage as those of the Dark Elves and Lizardmen, these Amazon Warriors should not be underestimated. They are the closed to Fills in a heavy calvery role, especially when equipped with Claws of the Old Ones. Usual Amazon trappings plus Cause Fear, Natural Armor (6+) but has Stupidity. They carry hand weapons and shields but can replace their hand weapons with either spears or Claws of the Old Ones and take Amulets of the Moon with light armor for decent defenses.
    • probably the worst version but the cheapest among units that ride Cold Ones. They are the most likely to fail stupidity tests. They are more durable and have greater killing power but are less maneuverable than a Jaguar or Culchan. Would Recommend using unit upgrades and that magic banner slot. RAZOR STANDARD is good with spears.

Rare Units[edit]

  • Terradon Riders: Amazon warriors who have learned how to discipline the great Fly(9) reptiles of Lustria, just like the skinks have. A flyer that Drops Rocks(Flyby D3 S4 hit per Terradon) once per game. They carry hand weapons and javelins with optional poisonous. Excellent for harassment tactics: hunting Warmachine crews, isolated models, and skirmishers.
  • Gorols: Huge, powerful, and intelligent gorilla-like apes have learned to fight alongside the Amazons, who respect them. Monstrous Infantry who are Forest Striders. The apes can upgrade them with great weapons and light armor. The big and dexterous Brutes of your army roster. They are like Ogres but will accurately punch them harder first. Use like slow calvery closely advancing with the main block.
  • Avatar of Rigg: A physical manifestation of the Amazon's hero-goddess, named after British action actress Dianna Rigg. This single Monstrous Infantry type creature causes Terror, has a 4+ Ward Save, is Unbreakable and Unstable. She can issue one of the three Blessings of Rigg on all Amazon units within 12" at the start of each turn: Warfare (re-roll failed charges), Blood (gain Frenzy, or gain Hatred if already Frenzied), and Violent Death (gain Killing Blow).

Regiments of Renown[edit]

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Composition[edit]

Character Loadouts[edit]

Amazon Characters are in an interesting situation where they can get magic weapons outside of their regular magic items allowance but are limited on their mundane protection options.

If taking a HIGH AGE ARTEFACT, their lord/hero allowance may be 10-30 more points you can put into them. Claw of the Old Ones is a good melee weapon, and they can take Bow and lasguns if they plan to stand back more than rushing (like your Priestess). This loophole also alow your Battle Standard Bearer to have a magic weapon.

This will free up your allowance for protection and magic phase gear. You are still a human character with light armor and shield, the pinnacle of mundane protection despite the additional items. Since the magic weapon is covered, it frees you to buy wards. Having only light armor will restrict your option. You still have some consistently good options like GLITTERING SCALES and ENCHANTED SHIELD, including your CRYSTALLINE ARMOUR. Obviously, Talismans list is one of your more essential slots.

Giving a character is Amulet of the Moon depends on whether they are running solo or worried about sniping attacks. Otherwise, you can save character allowance by having only the unit pay for the arrow protection.

TO BUFF THEIR UNIT, PARRYING BLADE more melee protection, or SWORD OF FORTITUDE and SHRIEKING BLADE. Although Claw of the Old Ones is a good weapon, that doesn't mean there aren't any other magic weapons you would want to take. Sometimes 30/20 points are too expensive.


  • Life: make everything last longer and Resurrects your blinged-out elites if you go for with lv3 wizard. Regeneration and becoming toughness 5 are options to keep the nacked ladies alive. Will earn your money back with Regrowth resurrecting the laser guns.
  • Beasts: Boost your sisters to have bigger teeth and tougher hides + threat removal. With the lack of heavy armor for your characters, The Curse of Anraheir is to shut down a critical unit that threatens to send the ladies to hell. The signature Wyssan's Wildform should always be remembered for putting enormous teeth on your girls and two other spells to improve a character's chances of winning duels. In summary, this lore is buffing a single unit to be better at melee while blasting away threats with Flock of Doom and Amber Spear as your leveled spells. You can get away with taking only a Lv 1 priestess with this lore.
  • Heavens: Makes it snow and freeze archers while zapping platemail, with the former being your big weakness. Also, Harmonic Convergence and Curse of the Midnight Wind will maximize the effectiveness of Jaguar Warriors and Totem Guardians with their power swords. In addition, this lore forces enemies to reposition them in or out of LoS with powerful winds or threats of meteors.
  • Light: Hitting first and stoping charges and arrows is an importing thing for a glass faction. Though also good at blasting up Undead and other supernatural things that can't be captured for blood sacrifices. A hero wizard with Pha's Protection is well to allow sister unit without shields or Amulets up the board. If you pay for Lv 2 Net of Amyntok it also shuts down problem units. The Speed of Light on an already a fast glass-cannon gets more killing power out of them and competes with the equally Glass-Cannon-y Elves.
  • Serpent: give all you need, unit Speed, Strength, and protection.
  • Shadows: Lwaxana only. Lore for Lowering enemy stats, within these rare moments, Enfeebling Foe is better than The Withering as melee strength is covered but not melee defense. Lwaxana is very mobile when using this lore, and it's a disservice not to give her Okkam's Mindrazor, Penumbral Pendulum, and/or Pit of Shades for model deleting.
  • Death: Lwaxana only. Dose a lot of killing, which results in more power dice. Snipes out enemy characters. They are also Great for your Gralend tactics as Aspect of the Dreadknight and Doom and Darkness help break enemies. Death and Shadows are often similar, with Shadows making Lwaxana, a foot character, good at positioning herself, while making her a sniper while making it easier for Amazons to course successful panic/break test before your army runs out of steam.


How to dodge Arrows[edit]

If you know how to play Wood-elves, You probably already know how to avoid this problem despite having less movement speed but more bodies and protection tools. Arrows will be a bane to deal with a lack of armour and Human states. Target situation or using every scrap of armour and debuff is needed.

For a situation, take a duplicate of cheap units. If your taking a tempting one-off, then put as much armour and an Amulets of the Moon.

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