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Araby: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Araby[edit]


  • An army that demonstrates the virver that followers of Warhammer gods have.
  • Ride Horses that rival Elven Steads
  • 3 variants of Fast cavalry in core.
  • one of the hardest to break of the human factions.


  • can only go up to Meduem armour.

Special rules[edit]

Zealotry: This lets your units add their Combat Resolution scores to their unit strength when determining how steadfast they are. They also roll 3d6 for break tests on the first turn, letting them stay in the fight despite any casualties.

The Lore of Desert[edit]

Attribute: Shifting Sands: Casting a spell on an enemy unit forces them to re-roll any 6s on charge, pursuit, and fleeing.

  • Signature: Sand Blast: Magic Missile that deals 2d6 S2 hits and halves the target's movement, which drives home any advantage you have on the charge.
  1. Curse of the Genie: Hex, the target must re-roll successful wound rolls.
  2. Mirage: Hex, place a marker within the targets line of sight if it fails a Stupidity test, it is forced to use its movement to go towards the marker.
  3. Dancing Scimitar: Magic Missile that deals d6 S4 hits before rolling to see if it moves on to hit someone else. Augmenting doubles the damage to 2d6 hits and increases the range.
  4. Sunstrike: Magic Missle, shoot a solar beam that decimates any infantry model under a 12" line. Ideally, you would have a Sorceror on a Carpet, flying on the side of the enemy formation.
  5. Quicksand: One unit that's not floating must test Initiative. On failure, they must roll an armour save that kills on a success. Which are fucking nuts because this can kill any knights or monstrosities easily.
  6. Sandstorm: Nobody within 12" of the caster can shoot and nobody inside it can be shot. Flyers are stuck with ground movement and enemies inside it cannot march.


Treasures of the Sands[edit]

  • Blade of Holy Wrath: 70pts. Gives hatred and frenzy on top of adding a bonus to Strength equal to the initial number of Wounds on a model. This is a hefty beast-killer, but it's on a hefty price.
  • Martyr's Shard: 50pts. You can sacrifice d3 wounds to insta-kill an enemy you wound. Excellent against Chaos Lord, as they HAVE to fight you 1v1, so you can instakill them, but you need an initiative bonus to make sure he gets to use it before dying.
  • Bow of Seeking: 25pts. S5 bow that ignores hit penalties, making this ideal for a hero joining mobile shooty units.
  • Shield of Faith: 50pts. 5++ ward that also immediately breaks magical weapons that wound the wielder. This is some fucking choice shit.
  • Armour of the Scorpion: 15pts. Light Armour with 5+ Natural Armour and poisoned attacks, giving you more like a 4+ save.
  • Ring of Divine Healing: 40pts. Restores one wound each turn. For 40 points, isn't there better?
  • The Golden Carafe: 25pts. This robs an enemy unit's magical armour of any properties it has and forces a re-roll on all ward saves.
  • Lamp of Al-Ha-Dean: 25pts. once per game, Summon any Genie of any type for one turn.
  • Rope of Kadizar: 20pts. Lets an infantry model vanish during remaining moves subphase and then reappear anywhere he wants.
  • Sandstorm Staff: 60pts. Bound CL5 item that stores Sandstorm and lets you re-roll one power die for each spell.
  • Banner of the Desert: 50tps. Enemies must re-roll to hit this unit with missiles and enemies in base contact take -1WS.

Artefacts of the Creed[edit]

Assassins, being the secluded society of cutthroats they are, are able to nab their own special tools. These aren't considered magic items despite pulling from the same budget and thus aren't exclusive on a pre-army basis.

  • Orb of Illusion: 40pts. This Apple of Eden gives a 50/50 chance to negate all hits in close combat before saves. For 40 points, that's a pretty steal.
  • Venom of the Desert Snake: 30pts. hit rolls of 6 AutoWounds and forces anyone wounded to test T or eat another wound.
  • Hidden Blade: 20pts. The trademark weapon from Assassin's Creed offers KB for 25 pts.
  • Shadowstrike: 20pts. Gives Multiple Wounds (d3).
  • Dagger of the Grand Master: 20pts. A magical Additional weapon that wounds one designated enemy character on a 2+ and he must re-roll successful Armour save.
  • Cloak of Shadows: 20pts. Missiles take -2 to hit the wearer, but this only applies when they're alone.
  • Code of the Creed: 20pts. Re-rolls hits in challenges and forces enemies to accept a challenge.
  • Nethertoxin: 20pts. Poisoned Attacks that also always wound on a 3+.

Army Units[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Special Characters[edit]

  • Khalil al-Zahir, Great Sultan of Araby: Your faction leader is a man sitting on Slann palanquins, truly a worthy position for such a decadent folk. He's always embedded in a pack Place Guard that gain Immunity (Psychology), which kind of adds a tax to his presence beyond the exorbitant price tag. has a lager Inspiring Presence, and acts as a Battle Standard Bearer, so you'll need to make those guards really good. He can bark orders to other units that grant temporary perks.
    • Strength of the One: Re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1 in close combat, which is a good thing since you'll be needing it a lot.
    • Fury of the One: Gain an extra attack.
    • Faith of the One: The unit gets Stubborn and Immune (Psychology) to foil any fear-based shenanigans.
  • Sultan Jaffar: A truly wicked grand vizier, befitting the archetype. He's an L4 loremaster of shadow or death who is the mandatory general with the option of up to two djinns or efreets. While those within 12" can re-roll psychology, anyone outside that range takes -1 to Ld because of his dickishness. He has the means to mind-control a unit in b2b and make them betray allies. However, he is forced to cast each turn (or die) and every time he casts, he needs to sacrifice d3 models and add that many dice to the power pool.
  • Salah Ah-Din: A legendary hero and tactician among crusaders and Warhammer's version of the Saracen leader Saladin. His Inspiring presence is 18" range, lets his unit re-roll psychology and adds +1 to their combat resolution. His weapon grants ASF and ignores armour and has a medium plate that forces enemies to re-roll to wound. If He is your general, core units become Ambushers.
  • The Golden Magus: He's a Sorcerer Lord who owns 3 genie. He's protected by a 5++ ward that makes close combat attacks take -1 to hit him and his sword gives +1S and flaming attacks while insta-killing the flammable.
  • The Prince of Thieves: The Prince of Persia from the pre-Sands of Time titles whom can never be the general. He hides in an army like an assassin, but his gimmick is stealing magic items and running over obstacles that aren't water. While he makes all close combat attacks against him re-roll to hit and has a badass weapon that wounds on a 2+ with re-rolled armour saves, he's the sort to keep mobile by bailing from a unit right after combat.
  • Layla bint Suraya: She's a handy supporting leader on a mount, rallying all units within 12" under any circumstance. She's able to fight with a 4++ Ward and a sword that adds +2S on the charge and a bonus attack, but keep her alive - all losing her gives everyone is hatred for the unit who dropped her.
  • Ottokar Mehmed Agha: Captain of the first division of Jannisaries. Though he's fairly decent in combat with a sword that gives both a +1 to hit and a 6++ parry and a re-rollable 4+, his real skill is in his retinue of Janissaries. These guys can not only buy handguns and good melee weapons, but these guys can also move and fire with these guns, though this is only available to the front rank.
  • Sindibadu: Corsair lord and totally not based on the comedian Sinbad. He lets all corsairs use his Ld8. While his dual weapons that re-roll 1s to hit and +1 attack per model in b2b and 5++ ward don't look like much, he also has another rule: all units attacking him must test Ld or be forced to only hit him on a nat 6.
  • Malik Ibn La'Ahad: Altair. No, seriously, he's freaking Altair. He's a super-assassin with a sniper that can make extra attacks for each missed attack an enemy makes at him and carries a magical Damascus blade that adds +1S and can break magical weapons. This is on top of the Hidden Blade and Code of the Creed.
  • Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Sorcerer: Jumped over from a universe made by Lovecraft to a universe inspired by Moorcock. He is pretty good at summoning Genies if you swing there. Don't bother using him as your lone Death Wizard because besides the signature, he has to roll a d6 to determine what spell he knows each turn. if you successfully cast a spell, he must make an Ld test or become stupid or loss a wound.
  • Khar-mel the Djinn: A named Djinn+1 any Sorccorors can buy. She's great at running down enemies with a re-rollable charges, and nearby enemies suffer -1 to hit, armour, Ward, or regeneration rolls.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Emir: Your classic foot commander. On top of his melee weapons, he can also grab a shortbow or a handgun or ride a War Elephant.
  • Sheikh: Your classic captain and mandatory BSB. You could take one with a Bow of Seeking and a carpet to fly to the back to go wizard hunting.
  • Sercerer Lord/Sorcerer: Your wizards. He has access to the lores of Fire, Metal, Heavens, Light, Shadow, Death, and Desert. Taking Sorcerer on a carpet or horse to deploy Genies.
  • Genie: Monstrous Elemental Characters that are bought by Sorcerers and are summoned if the Sorcerer passes an Ld test at the start of your turn. If a Genie is slain, it the Sorcerer can re-summon, but suffer -1 on the roll. There are 4 types of Genie, each with a special rule and one bound spell.
    • Dao: the Toughs of the Genies, with Natural Armour(4+) and knows the spell Flesh to Stone.
    • Marid: has Magic resistance(2), Immunity(ice), and 4 attacks. Knows Iceshard Blizzard.
    • Djinn: can fly and know Wind Blast.
    • Efreet: the strongest fighter, Hatred, Flaming Attack, and Immunity. Knows Flaming Sword of Rhuin.
  • Hashishin: The Brotherhood of Assassins in Warhammer form. They're basic assassin fare, hiding in units before striking. Has some useful Assasin upgrades.


  • Arabyan Steed: These are warhorses that have M9. Supper speedy.
  • Camel: A slightly sturdier horse with M7, gives most human riders +1T. Your only going to buy this for Wizards or spend 2pts less for a Steeds.
  • Flying Carpet: Pick this only if you like the idea of being friggin' Aladdin. These things can't fight and only offer flight.
  • War Elephant: A bulldozer mount and your Emir's high leadership make them more controllable. Still, a chance to send your general deep into enemy territory or running back home like a sissy.

Core Units[edit]

  • Warriors of Araby: Your basic rank & file troopers. They can have a Holy Man to act as a secondary champion who gives Hatred in close combat. They can also buy a Dibbukim, has frenzy (mean the whole unit berserk Rage) but provides a lot more damage output from your unit. All this + Zealotry makes Warriors one of the best chaff on chaff unit as they will dish out more while having ways to not break.
  • Bowmen: Your basic Arabyan archers to volley more shots or Crossbows to puncture shields. They can take Light Armour but you'll take Shields if you get into archery fights.
  • Tribal Skirmisher: Your skirmish Javelinirs or Slingers. Shorter vanguard range missiles with Ap. Break faster than archers when under enemy presser. Slings are better bows but need line of sight, while Javelins are better on the move when getting into fights.
  • Corsairs: Your skirmishing infantry and Ambushers, set with either shields or dual weapons. Front line flankers or backline saboteurs.
  • Slave Levies: Your expendable meatshields. They have a terrible Ld of 3, so you need the get the Slavemaster champion so he can it lead them from the back row, but the unit will take damage if it fails an Ld test at the start of your turn. They will not survive to turn 3 but that just means they are doing their job.
  • Sipahis: Araby's Feudal militia knights. Your core light Spear Fast cavalry for your hammering needs, with the option for a side of the bow action.
  • Desert Riders: Fast cavalry with Quick to Fire. When you want to pay less for Sipahis(base Sipahis are more point efficient than Fully upgraded Desert Riders, so don't buy everything) or want better horse archers.
  • Camel Riders: Desert Riders that trade Speed and Quick to Fire for +1T. For more durable Fast cavalry or a point discount for mounted archers.

Special Units[edit]

  • Palace Guard: A Hero bunkers, like Empire Greatswords but harder to break with Stubborn and Zealotry. With S4 and Great weapons, They can cleave through standard infinity models and do damage against monsters.
  • Janissaries: Hard troopers that never panic and roll 3d6 drop highest when testing for redirecting charges, restraining from pursuit, marching, and reforming. These guys are your elites, given shields or halberds with armour for elite warriors, or, Bow or handguns for elite shooting.
  • Mamelukes: More elite cavalry than Sipahis, Medium Armoured cavalry with S4 and Devastating Charge. Being a speedier and offensive-minded equivalent to Old Wold knights.
  • Silent Guards: Warhammer Unsullied. Unbreakable Soldiers that make fine Anvils and Objective holders. More price efficient in multiple minimum sizes, they are not as durable as for their price but they don't run when their fellow Guardsmen get pasted by a Giant green foot.
  • Nafftaun: Skirmishing grenade-chuckers. These bombs are S4 flaming attacks that ignore armour and force panic for any casualties, making them great for discouraging enemies from charging and cracking elite nuts. one model may take a Naphtha Siphon which acts as the bombs in Breath weapon form. the Siphon has unlimited uses but can only be used in as a Shooting weapon.
  • Nomad Scouts: Your lone shooters and they're skirmishers with the scout. They have handguns with 30" but are move or fire.
  • Flying Carpet Riders: Now this is some silly shit. These guys are flying bowmen that can drop d6 S2 poisoned shots over an enemy they fly over each turn.
  • Dervishes: Skirmishing whirlwinds of poisoned combat. They don't charge as normal, instead of running through any units, dealing d3 S3 hits per dervish, so they can reach the full distance rolled. Those d3 S3 hits also apply when enemies charge the dervishes like impact hits and they are always in softcover.
  • Bladedancers: Harem assassins. They're protected by only a 5++ ward and select one stance each turn so long as nothing is repeated (KB, +1 attack, -1 to hit rolls against them).

Rare Units[edit]

  • Pegasus Guard: Knights that ride Pegasus with each model having a Breath weapon. Flying over the enemy formation and then decimate their back rows.
  • War Elephant: A behemoth ridden by a crew of dudes with 1d6+1 impact hits and terror. If this big guy's shot, he has to roll Ld or move 2d6" in a random direction out of panic and deals impact hits towards anyone it runs over. It also has a list of upgrades to use.
    • Mahout: Re-rolls Ld tests for stampeding
    • Armour Plates: A 5+ save, which is good since it lacks any protection.
    • Spike Chain: Increases the Impact Hits to 2d6 and deals more damage on Stampedes.
    • Spiked Tusks: turn each Seccesful hit into 2.
  • Roc: Super Giant eagles, stats near equal to a Moon Dragon. If it moves over any Monstrous models that can't fly or not a ghost, you can picks it up and kills it with the ground and then D6 S4 hits to if it had moved over another unit ("Look Out Sir!" protects against this, and an Initiative test negates). A good way to efficiently kill of expensive unit especially lone heroes on big mounts like Archaon.
  • Cannon: A Cannon with a braver crew.
  • Monster Bombard: A super Great Cannon like the Hellhammer Cannons. Re-roll bounce distance and Would rolls, but can't move and more explody on misfires,
  • Sandglass of Time: This here's an oddball. It's a war machine that doesn't attack, but it instead gives magic resist 1 to units within 12" and gives a bonus channel/dispel die. However, breaking it deals 2d6" S4 hits to everyone within 12". Its means of use are in several bound PL5 spells, all of which remain in play.
    • Abeyance: Forces a unit to give up one of the following each turn: moving, casting, shooting, and fighting.
    • Recede: Let a unit shoot twice and adds a bonus round of attacks. This at least gives it use for every unit.
    • Gravedust: A death curse that robs -1 M/S/T/I from a unit every turn until they die or the spell is dispelled.

Regiments of Renown[edit]



Building Your Army[edit]

Army Composition[edit]


  • Fire: dps
  • Metal:
  • Heavens:
  • Light:
  • Shadow:
  • Death:
  • Desert:

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