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Bretonnia: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing. For this specific page, those items that are completely new will be described in detail (at least to my standards, so don't expect much).

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it later on, go ahead.

Why Play Bretonnia[edit]

  • you Like to be the french round table.
  • You love playing as Bretonnia but you're tired of only having mounted Knights and dirty peasants as your whole army. Not only is the roster expansion of the army fluffy (except for a unit or two).

Notable Changes from 8e[edit]


  • Men at arms are no longer dog shit.
  • New hero choices can buff your Knights can massively buff your knights and peasants.
  • Universal cavalry buff does not go a miss for the cavalry faction.
  • Grail and Questing vow are much stronger.
  • Lore of the Lady makes your ward save even stronger, and has spells to ensure charges succeed and challenges are won.
  • Your special characters are significantly cheaper and some of the new ones are borderline broken.
  • Grail Knights are T4.
  • SO MANY new units.
  • LANCE FORMATION changes turns all of your knight buses into rape trains.
  • Pegasus Knights, went from being the strongest unit on your roster but limited to a single unit per army, to an even stronger unit with typical limits. 10pts cheaper and a better armour save for the lose of vanguarding.


  • Peasant Bowmen went from being the most cost effective core missile troops to mid tier.
  • Trebuchets are more expensive and you cant take less of them.

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • The Lance Formation: Basically the same as before, except now they only benefit from the Formation whenever the unit is exactly 3 models wide and can uniquely have 5 ranks for 15 horse buses. Named characters must be placed in front, even if they displace the command group to the next row, you Spellcasters get to be protectively sandwiched between knights and still support, all models on flanks are treated as being in the front roll one charge, and the all models receive Devastating Charge; maybe a small bonus but it definitely helps.
A small bonus? This guy did not read the rules. A unit of 9 knights in a two ranks, five and four; would have 9 attacks, 5 impact hits and 5 horse attacks (19 total). A lance will have 15 attacks (3 knights in the front and 4 on the flanks benefiting from devastating charge, one dead center only able to make a supporting attack and a knight in the back center unable to attack), 7 impact hits, and 7 horse attacks (29 total). You're getting 10 more attacks, 7 of those are those high WS, high S knight lance hits. This rule makes a 244 point unit of Knights Errant hit harder than a 291 point unit of Dragon Princes (both 9 models, full command. Knights Errant with the Errantry Banner, although the Elves' higher WS would have a big impact most of the time).
  • Peasant's Duty: Your chaff can use a knightly unit's Ld if they are within 6" of each other.
  • The Knight's Vow: Base knight rule. Ignore panic tests caused by friendly models. can only join other basic knights.
  • The Questing Vow: the Knight's Vow + reroll failed Psychology tests and join Knight's and Questing knights. On charge they ignore the Initiative penalty of a Great Weapon on the charge, but they can't take lances.
  • The Grail Vow: Immune to Psychology and have Magical attacks. Characters gain +1 Leadership and can join any unit with a Vow.
  • Blessings of the Lady: Gain a 6+ Ward save that becomes 5+ against ALL missile weapons. the blessing is lost if the model had fleed or refused a challenge. Whilst this gives your knights a better chance of getting into combat, especially against shooty armies (looking at YOU Dwarves), they're also less protected when they actually get into combat against those more dangerous units/characters.

The Lore of the Lady[edit]

Lore Attribute: Favour of the Lady: When you cast a spell on a friendly unit, that unit can reroll 1's for Ward Saves. Eh, not bad. Works well with The Lady's Virtue of Valour to give that Lord of yours trapped in a challenge against a Chaos Lord a bit more survivability.
  • Signature Spell: Steed of the Lady: Casts on a 5+. Its an augment only for mounted knights with a range of 18"; the upgraded version is 8+ to cast with a range of 36". The target unit acquires a Movement Characteristic of 10 and becomes Ethereal for the purposes of movement. Since actually making the charge is crucial for any Bretonnian army focused on knights, Movement 10 is definitely welcome and the Ethereal just helps ensure that buildings and blocking units don't stop you from getting to your target. A nice spell, especially for Bretonnia but certainly not a game-breaker.
  1. Mist of Chalons: Casts on a 6+. It's an augment that affects all friendly units within 8" of the caster. The upgraded version is 12" for 9+ to cast; Remains in Play either way. Enemy units targeting those units affected by this spell have an additional -1 to their To Hit rolls. Combine this with the new Blessings of the Lady and your enemy will have a really hard time trying to whittle you down with their shooty units. Again, a nice spell for Bretonnia since you want to ensure your charges have as much power as possible but again, nothing to rave about.
  2. Doom of Dol: Casts on a 7+. Hex spell with a range of 18". The upgraded version is cast on a 10+ with a range of 36", Remains in Play either way. Select an enemy model and a friendly champion or character (must be a knight) that are both within the range. Whenever the friendly model targets the enemy model, the friendly model will wound them on a 2+ with Ignore Armour Saves to boot! One of the areas Bretonnia is lacking is in challenges, and this alone will pretty well scare any enemy general from attempting to kill your own. Excellent for area denial (who in their right mind will send their general/monster/critical model against this guy? Hell, going against a unit champion can be a risk with this spell.) But, this alone does not ensure victory. An enemy with high Strength and Initiative will still be able to kill you before you even have a chance to strike. It's a very nice spell, but don't expect this to work consistently on unit Champions nor save your general every time you use this.
  3. Beguilement of Blondel: Casts on a 9+. Hex with a range of 12" for all enemy units. The upgraded version is 18" for 14+ to cast, Remains in Play either way. All enemy units within the range have to take a Leadership test. Should they fail, they count as having failed a Stupidity test. If in Close Combat, they have their Weapon Skill reduced to 1. Each round, for as long as this spell remains active, all enemy units within the radius, must take the leadership test. Eh, against Dwarves and the like, this is pretty well useless. Against armies like Skaven, this will help. Not too helpful, but WS 1 is a welcome boon against any opponent.
  4. Wrath of Righteousness: Casts on a 10+. A Direct Damage spell that affects all enemy units within a 12" radius. The upgraded version is 19+ to cast with an additional D6 hits per unit. At the base level, this causes all enemy units affected to suffer D6, Strength 4 hits with -1 Armour Save. When only affecting one unit, don't risk doing the 19+ Version unless you really think it'll be worth it. When affecting multiple enemy units, this spell can be really fun but don't think this will save your lone KOTR unit being surrounded by that block of 50 Clanrats and flanking Rat Ogres. A decent spell but with 19+ to cast for 2D6 hits, this can cost you an entire Magic Phase for just 2 S4 hits...use this only if you're sure it will have a good bang for its buck.
  5. Spiteful Glance: Casts on 11+. Hex with a range of 12". Upgrades version is 18" for 16+ to cast. Your wizard targets an enemy character whom your model has line of sight too. That model must take an Initiative test or else be turned into a frog and removed immediately as a casualty. On its face, it is a good character sniper spell. However, almost all good characters have an Initiative of 5 or better. Target those wizards, BSB's or characters weighed down with magic items with I4 or worse (Oldbloods and pretty much all Lizardmen characters except for Skinks come to mind) and this spell should do you good for what it does.
  6. The Lady's Virtue of Valour: An Augment that affects a single unit which casts on a 12+ with a range of 12". The upgraded version affects all friendly, units within 12" with a cast of 24+. Roll a D6 for each unit, and the affected unit(s) add +1 to their statistics for a turn with the following results:
    1: +1 Weapon Skill
    2: +1 WS & Initiative
    3: +1 WS, I, & Strength
    4: +1 WS, I, S, & Toughness
    5: +1 WS, I, S, T, & Attacks
    6: +1 WS, I, S, T, A, & Leadership.
    A very good spell, that...when used right ( and with the proper rolling luck)...you'll tear through that enemy your charging like a Bretonnian Hippogryph tearing apart a Goblin. A 9 man unit of Grail Knights rolling a 5 for this spell gives you 25 attacks at S7, I8 (with Matthias's lances anyway; otherwise I6), WS6. You won't be able to tear through that giant block of Clanrats, but against units like Chaos Warriors...you'll get your money's worth. In the description it's implied only knights are affected by this spell...but the actual rule says no such thing. Take that as you will. On the charge and with a large enough result, knight units will see this spell used at its best but remember it is a D6 result..and your charge upon which could hinge your victory could only be aided with something that might not help it in the smallest way. Still, this spell has excellent potential in the Bretonnian army.

Overall, this Lore really well compensates for many of Bretonnia's weaknesses and you should always consider taking this unless your running a peasant army (for whatever ill-found reason).

Virtues of Bretonnia[edit]

  • Virtue of Heroism: 35p. Heroic Killing Blow. Can be paired with a magic weapon, and no longer only affects large targets.
  • Virtue of Stoicism: The older one lets you reroll failed Break tests whilst this one gives you Cold-Blooded. Both cost the same and whilst this one is an improvement, you won't find much use of this except against armies that rely heavily on Fear and the like.
  • Virtue of the Impetuous Knight: 30p. you add D3" to all your charges this model is involved in. Combine this with Steed of the Lady and scare the pants off your enemy as your knights move halfway across the board to trample their units into the ground. Just remember, this only helps you get IN to combat, it doesn't help any further so be sure you have good combat gear or a spell on this guy if you intend to fight something nasty.
  • Virtue of the Ideal: 30p. +2 WK, +1 I & A. May not be the general and he brings everyone's mood down. He'll act as a nice challenger especially with Doom of Dol. Just keep him away from your peasants, unless you want them running when the enemy so much as breaths on them.
  • Virtue of Audacity: 30p. against an enemy with higher strength, reroll failed hit and wound rolls. But now with the Lore of the Lady, this Virtue has even less viability then before. The Virtue itself is fine, its just situational.
  • Virtue of Knightly Temper: 25p. on the charge, for every hit that wounds make another attack after saves. Generated attacks can't generate more. A nice Virtue made even better, always consider taking this.
  • Virtue of Duty: 25pts. May not be General but adds +1 to combat resolution as long as the general is alive.
  • Virtue of Confidence: 25pts. must always challenge, and re-roll all failed rolls to hit and to wound when challenging. with Doom of Dol and a Magic Weapon that raises Initiative, a character will rip and tear through nearly anything that it can drag into a challenge.
  • Virtue of the Penitent: 20 pts. Becomes Stubborn with the stipulation he cannot join a unit for any reason...skip this unless you have a VERY specific strategy in mind.
  • Virtue of the Joust: 20pts. re-roll failed hit rolls when charging or using lances
  • Virtue of Purity: 15pts. Knights now have a constant 5+ Ward Save. Grail Knights however now gain a constant 4+ Ward...for 15pts...certainly not something to put your nose up to (however, if you're only wanting a 4+ Ward, take Talisman of Protection instead. The Grail Vow itself can cost a lot of points for something you can take for 45pts. If you're actually using the Grail Vow to take other things, go ahead and tag this on him).
  • Virtue of Noble Disdain: 15pts. hates enemies with a Missile weapon and War machine crews. Its' unit is also don't take a panic test when taking 25% casualties.
  • Virtue of Discipline: 15pts. enemies can’t gain Outnummber bonus bearers unit. Generally, stay away from this unless you know you're fighting against a horde-reliant army.
  • Virtue of Empathy: 10pts. Become a backup general for Peasant's duty units and can join them to give them a hero challenger. Take this on your General, his bubble become 18" for peasants. If you're heavily peasant reliant, this is a near necessity. Otherwise, it's pretty meh.

Blessed Heirlooms of Bretonnia[edit]

  • Silver Lance of the Blessed: Same except for the following: This one forces successful enemy armour and Ward saves to be rerolled, but if the wielder of this Lance flees for any reason, the Lady of the Lake bitch slaps him with D6 hits that are Flaming and Strength 4 with Ignores Armour Saves! Even more killy than before, but be sure you never ever put this guy in a combat you think he won't find victory in or he will pay for it...
  • Sword of Heroes: You get an extra tax of 5 points but you also get +2 Strength instead of +1 against foes with T5 or better. Synergizes well with Virtue of Audacity, though this combo will have to be against a specific foe to be worth it; so avoid taking this in a general list.
  • Sword of the Lady's Champion: Grail Vow only. Hey, hey, hey! 10 points taken off and everything else stays the same, nice. Against high Toughness armies, this 30pt wrecker will ruin the days of Lizardmen/Ork/Ogre armies and allow you to cut down their dragons/monsters like anything else. Just be sure to take some good Armor or Talismans (I recommend taking this with Virtue of Purity as both are only 45pts, and you can still take more defensive gear).
  • Cuirass of Fortune: An extra 5 points are tacked onto this one. But, you also get to reroll To Hits of 1 and Armour Saves of 1 as well as the natural reroll To Wound rolls of 1. A good, general piece of equipment (excellent to take with Sword of the Lady's Champion and Virtue of Purity).
  • Sirienne's Locket: Lord or Paladin only. Twenty points reduced from the old, but still not all TOO useful. You still only have 3 wounds (2 if on your Paladin) and your still affected by Killing Blow and the like. Generally, not something I'd recommend but I can see this working in a specific strategy.
  • The Silver Mirror: An extra tax of 5 points...must have come from the Virtues. You use this on a spell that is specifically targeting the magic user wielding this and its unit. The enemy can stop the spell being bounced back to them by using Dispel Die or Power Die. This magical item can only be used once and can't be used on spells that have Irresistable. However, this baby does have its uses. Example: A Slann Mage Priest has already cast 3 spells for the turn and now he's attempting to use Fiery Convocation on your giant block of Men-At-Arms that have a Level 1 Damsel. He used the remainder of his die to sucessfully cast it, but your Damsel just so happens to have the Silver Mirror. The Slann has no more die to even try to dispel his own attack and his Temple Guard along with him are set afire AND he must use future Power Die later on just to dispel it. For spells that affect an entire unit and have a high casting value, this is the perfect counter. Just be sure to engage your Troll Face before hand for maximum levels of Lols and Rage.
  • Chalice of Malfleur: Exactly the same as before. Still pretty meh. If you do take this don't and I mean don't put this on your Level 4 Prophetess. No reason to risk your best magic user to get one Dispel Die.
  • The Ruby Goblet: 5 points shaved off this one, otherwise the same. But, with the new Blessings of the Lady leaving you more vulnerable in Close Combat, this is worth taking if you have plans on taking on big baddies.
  • Tress of Isoulde: Another item with 5 points reduced in price, otherwise the same. Combine this with Doom of Dol and it'll feel like your making the enemy roll for their Anal Circumference. 'Nough said.
  • Banner of Defense: Essentially gives whatever (knight) unit that has it, a 4+ Ward against ranged attacks (including magic missiles). So long as they having Blessings anyway. It's only 25 points...take it...take it and ruin the relationship you have with your best friend who just so happens to field an Artillery heavy Dwarf army...go ahead...



Special Characters[edit]

King Louen Leoncoeur First off, the guy is now 400 points (555 mounted on Beaquis). His previous, hefty as hell price of 728 left him all but ignored and for good reason. Characters at half of his score could still beat and kill him, making him impractical altogether and only worth taking in fluffy or fun games. With his price reduced by 353 almost half of the original, that in itself reawakens the posibilites to a worthwhile character. First off, his stats: The new Louen has Leadership 10 (kinda strange that a king imbued with mythical powers wouldn't already have that in the first place) with no other changes to base stats. Beaquis on the other hand loses 1 wound and attack.

  • Magical Items: The Lion Shield remains the same. The Sword of Couronne, instead of +1 Strength, receives re-rolls failed To Hit rolls. The Crown of Bretonnia gets a small change in that all friendly units within his Inspiring Presence are automatically Immune to Panic, not just to everyone within line of sight. However, he gets a completely new piece of armor called Armour of Brilliance; counts as Heavy Armour and all enemies suffer -1 penalty to all To Hit rolls (close and ranged both) this affects his mount as well. NEW ITEM Lion Lance each hit is multiplied to two hits, like mundane lances can only be used when charging. Combined with a good roll on Virtue of the Lionheart you're potentially looking at 10 strength 9 hits. Honestly, that's some serious bling bling he's got going on. A sword that blinds people up close, a crown so shiny it inspires people and now armour that straight up blinds people when they look at him. Louen's officially the new pimp Lord of the Old World.
  • Special Rules: The Lady's Champion rule remains the same except for different wording. But, with the 9th edition rule changes he may take his +4 Regen after a failed ward giving this shiny bastard a plus +1 armor, +5 ward, +4 regen.
  • Now, this is where the two characters branch off considerably. The old Louen also has The Puissant Virtue which allows him to reroll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls in challenges and counts as having a 5+ Ward. He also has the Beloved Son of Bretonnia which means if he's removed as a casualty, all Bretonnian units must take a panic test and then on become Stubborn. And finally, The Army of the King which removes the 0-1 restriction on Grail Knights and Men-at-Arms and Bowmen become special choices.
  • The new Louen only has The Virtue of the Lionheart. This lets him roll a D3 at the beginning of every close combat phase and the result is added to his Strength statistic for the phase. Now, the old Louen only has rerolls to hit in challenges whilst the new Louen has them constantly with his new pimped out sword that shares the same name. And while he won't be able to reroll failed To Wound rolls, he does have the D3 extra Strength when he fights as well as The Armour of Brilliance which helps considerably since he's riding a Monster. All in all, this new Louen is a major wakeup call. Hell, his cost is cut in half should be enough but now his survivability is aided by the fact he has a constant -1 To Hit on him at all times. Can he be competitive, I currently see no reason why he couldn't (though I still haven't had an opportunity to actually use him, mind you).
  • If you cost out all of his special rules and items to the BIG BOOK equivalents you get about 300 pts (The Grail Vow= 30 points. Virtue of Lionheart= 15-45 points either Might, Ogre or Giant Blade. Lady’s Champion= 30 points (3 seeds of rebirth). Sword of Couronne= 25 points Sword of Swift Slaying, 5 for the initiative test. Lion Lance = 45 points, one round only Dragon Blade and Ogre Blade. Armor of Brilliance= 25 points glittering scales. Lions Shield= 15 points (in between obsidian amulet and trinket). Tabard of Kings= 20 points (situational, slightly weaker feedback scroll) Crown of Bretonnia=30 points (no direct comparison but, 6 inch greater Inspiring Presence is double the area, and the immunity to panic less than useful, considering anything that is benefiting from it is already at leadership 10. +1 Attack & WS = 20 points semi fencers blade/sword of striking.) add that to the cost of a standard Bretonnian lord and you get 395pts. King Leon is cheaper than an impossibly pimped out Lord. If you're in a 4000 point game taking him is a no brainer.

The Fey Enchantress: Stat-wise, the only change is Silvaron has been reduced to 1 Wound from 3. So be sure to keep her out of combat...I don't care how much you want to see a Unicorn impale an enemy don't taker her into combat. Magic wise, the newer one got kicked a bit. Instead of being able to use all 8 basic lores and having +2 to cast rolls for spells in the Lore of Life; she now gets to use the Life, Beasts, Heaven, Light or Lady lores whilst adding +2 to her cast rolls for Life and Lady lores. If you loving using the Enchantress because she's the only one that can use the Lore of Shadows or Death, you won't like this one. Otherwise, it should be fine since the Lore of the Lady is very good for a Bret army (obviously).

  • Special Rules: The Supreme Aura of the Lady and Favour of the Fey remains the same. For the Blessings of the Lady, the older rules say you no longer have to pray to get the Blessings (something the new army already has without her) and any unit she's joined with gains a constant 5+ Ward Save. For the new rule, units that join her also get a 5+ Ward whilst Grail Knights get a constant 4+ Ward Save...you know what...take her into combat...with a unit of 9 or more Grail Knights. The older rules also have Spiteful Glance, only getting 1 more wound at most but not that bad.
  • Silvaron's Rules: The older one has a 5+ Ward, +2 Strength on the charge, Magical Resistance (2) and his attacks count as magical and cause fear. The new one only gets +2 Strength on the charge and Magical attacks. The advantages for the old one are kind of meh to begin with since you don't want her fighting either way.
  • Magical Items: The Chalice of Potions is changed only in that the lore used changes from Lore of Heavens to Lore of the Lady. Really a preferred choice here. The Girdle of Gold remains the exact same as well as the Toad Familiar. Finally, the changes in prices in minimal; the new is 510 compared to 545. This price seems to adjust only for the less usefulness of Silvaron and the Enchantresses' fewer choices in Lore; the older one is a bit better for a bit more and the new is a bit more focused for a bit less. Both are pretty good but if you plan to use the new Enchantress, use a Grail Knights unit as her bunker to keep her safe (and they get that juicy, constant 4+ Ward). Overall, not bad though still just a bit on the pricey side.

The Green Knight Both cost the same, 275pts. Stat wise: the new is slightly better with Ld 10 for the knight himself and an extra attack for the Shadow Steed. Other than that, he remains exactly the same (with a few rules worded slightly differently, but there's a big difference between 6th Edition wording and 8th Edition; they all still result in the same way) Is he worth it though? In smaller games he's really fun and it is debatable if he's competitive in smaller games. In larger games, he's a fun character but not for larger competitive games.

Bohemond 'Beastslayer', Duke of Bastonne: At 290pts his a comparatively expensive Bretonnian Lord kitted out to deal with other Lords/Heroes and Monsters. He comes with the Grail Vow, Virtue of Heroism and gets Hatred against Beastmen, Skaven and Orks & Goblins. However, if you're going to take him, it's going to be because of the next two unique pieces of wargear he has.

  • First: a badass mace whose head was carved from meteoric iron by dwarven smiths and the shaft carved from the thigh bone of a dragon. It increases Bohemond's Strength by 2 for a constant S6 and Multiple Wounds (2); making him a pretty scary character/monster hunter. Use Lore of the Lady on him and prepare to wipe the floor with everyone aside from resilient, named characters.
  • Second: a shield that actually breaks other magical weapons. For however many hits that this model suffers, roll a D6. On a 6, the magical weapon used against this model breaks and can't be used for the rest of the game.

Tancred, Duke of Quenelles: Like Bohemond, this Duke is just a Bretonnian Lord specialized for a certain type of enemy...this one is specialized for Undead. His blade of banishment wounds undead models automatically...not a 2+ rerolling 1's...AUTOMATICALLY. And in case that wasn't enough, you get to ignore any armour undead models have. His shield also forces all models with the Forces of Destruction to hit him with a -1 modifier (and not in the AoS sense: but all chaos forces, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, Orks & Goblins, Beastmen, and Skaven). He also has a small draught that lets him gain D6 Strength for a single turn, should you find yourself against a non-Undead enemy. If you know your fighting Vampire Counts, he's not a bad choice though wounding automatically with 4 attacks won't help much against a V.C. army completely made up of Zombies, Skeletons and Necromancers...but against a Deathstar of Blood Knights with a Vampire Lord...you'll relish the horror etched on your opponent's face.

Joan of Arc Repanse de Lyonesse: A pretty odd Character. She's a Standard Bearer...with Terror...and a Magical Resistance of 3. Her sword saps other magical weapons of their properties and makes them mundane but only for as long as the model is in base contact with Repanse. Her flag is also an oddity in that it only gives you one power die from your enemy and you add it to your dispel die, more of an unsubstantial gimmick than anything else. Hell, she's just about as expensive as Tancred with the stats of a slightly more veteran Knight of the Realm. She's definitely not competitive material, though she isn't...Bad per se. Hell, seeing a single, crazy peasant woman chasing around whole units with terror can create a few laughs.

Armand d'Aquitaine: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the bane of all Skaven and Goblin lists everywhere. He has the Bretonnian Lord profile except for 3 attacks...but it is not for him specifically that you bring this guy...it's his banner. Now, allow me to quote directly from the source, so you don't miss a single, glorious word.

  • Banner of the Lady (Magic Standard): This banner was first carried by Gilles le Breton himself who rode to victory under the Lady's benevolent gaze, instilling fear of Her wrath into his enemies. It was blessed by the Lady of the Lake herself and bears her image.
  • All enemy units with at least one model in base contact with the bearer of the Banner of the Lady get no combat bonus for ranks. In addition, they lose 1 point to their Leadership (after applying any other bonuses) for every point of rank bonus the unit carrying the Banner of the Lady has.
  • HELLLOOO Skaven...your unit of 50 Clanrats is looking mighty fine tonight...you wouldn't mind if I just slide over and POUND YOUR ASSES INTO THE FUCKING FLOOR LIKE THE LITTLE WHORES YOU ARE!!?.... Ah-hem...anyway. And if you weren't sold yet, he also has Virtue of the Knightly Ardour meaning he can counter-charge an enemy, literally. Not a little bonus like 40k's version but an "Oh...you wanted to charge me? Nah, bitch, I'm uh charging you." If an enemy declares a charge against the unit this model is apart of (and that unit is in it's a front arch) you can choose to counter charge. First, you must pass an Initiative test then you both roll your charging distance. If your roll is higher than your enemies, their charge is nullified and you charge that enemy with all the bonuses of a regular charge. Do I really need to type any more? Just bring Armand, alright guys? It's that simple.

The Hermit knight of Malmount: An unknown Grail Knight with a Penitent Vow and a major deathwish. He's pretty much your melee monstrosity built for the single purpose of mauling things, and he has three uses of a special wine that lets him add +d3 Strength to make him kill the enemy harder than before.

Sir Amalric of Gaudaron: This guy's pretty much made for killing the undead. Though he has a 4++ Ward and Magic Resist 1 to keep him from being so useless, he pretty much always dispenses instant wounds against any undead in base contact.

Odo d'Outremer and Suliman the Saracen: If you get Odo, you can get Suliman, and they act as a team. They can be attached to a unit. Why would you want them? Odo's Morning Star of Fracasse - he gets +2 S on the first round of combat, and for every hit in close combat in the first round, roll a d6. For each 4+, destroy a magic weapon. His Gauntlet of the Duel forces those he challenges to fight. With a basic WS of 6, he can be a good magic hunting unit for 135 points. Suliman is a toss-up - 85 points for what's basically a Paladin with +1 I and causing Fear on the charge.

Tristan the Troubadour and Jules the Jongleur: Hard to kill Knight and Bard. Decent gimmick unit. Fortunately, the two of them can split up after deployment, allowing you to throw the bard to act with an annoying band of peasants while Tristan's songs bolster his own band.

Bertrand the Brigand: Basically Robin Hood, Bretonnian style. Comes with 2 additional models, Hugo le Petit (Little John) and Gui le Gross (Friar Tuck), and the option to attach a unit of Herrimaults for BS4 at 10 pts a model.


  • Bretonnian Lord: On par with the empires Grandmasters. His basic gear, rules, and stats remain the same as well as his points, 110 vanilla. But with many virtues having a 5pt discount to them, they get a bit more money to spend on other things for their Magic Item allowance. However, the Questing and Grail Vows now cost more, so it balanced out. (However, since the Vows aren't under the Magical Item allowance, they still get just a sliver more allowance with certain Virtues meaning you can now take that Magic Item that used to be JUST out of your allowance for him. All basic weapon options (Lance, G. Sword, etc) remain the same price but a Warhorse is now 3 more points for him but 5 less points if he takes a Pegasus.
    • And whilst you can be upset that you have a specific pool of Magical Items about a fourth the size of the original, chances are you probably didn't use them too much. And you'll probably find a suitable replacement in the Rulebook's generic Items. Overall, pretty much the same Lord except for a much better Hippogryph.
  • Prophetess: Your lord caster with Life, Beasts, Heavens, Light, and the Lady and has magic resistance of 2. you can ride up in on a horse, unicorn, Pegasus, or a Sacrosanctum of the Lady. when riding with knights, she is protected in the second rank while still being able to lending full support.
  • Damsel: Your hero level Prophetess but with magic resistance 1. Can only ride a horse.
  • Faceless: These are generally the leaders of the Herrimaults and don't show their face for greate justice. Scout and Sniper longbower with some magic allowance. useful tor sniping out an enemy Wizards and other support heroes.
  • Paladin: Your BSB and Hero/Monster Hunter
  • Templar Crusader: Those knights that have taken apart of the crusades and had found themselves Bretonnian structure. At 55pts you not buying a Paladin, but a supporting character that grants Hatred to a unit of knights.
  • Priestess of Shallya: The Goddess Shallya is a deity of mercy, healing and a reliever of pain. So are her disciples. In Bretonnia, since official prayer to The Lady of the Lake is forbidden for the peasantry (and because being a Bretonnian peasant is nothing but hell and any form of relief is greatly appreciated), Shallya is the most venerated deity to the peasantry. It is near-guaranteed that every Bretonnian village will have some form of shrine to her. Shallya's followers are stoic in the extreme, never admitting to their own pain and ALWAYS willing to help those in need, even at the expense of their own lives. These gals are good for one thing: turning that Men-At-Arms tarpit unit into an inescapable quagmire. For starters, she gives the unit she's apart of a 6+ Regen (though she doesn't benefit from this). These gals know three prayers that have a Power Level of 3 and count as Augments:
    • Shallya's Endurance: The unit she's apart of gets +1 Toughness though she again doesn't benefit from this. This is the main reason why she makes Men At Arms so good at tarpiting. A unit with models only 4pts at Toughness 4 (with 6+ Regen to help turn that 20 wounds into 16) is definitely something your enemies going to avoid taking headlong. However, once they realize all of these bonuses are coming from her, they will gun for her. And since she doesn't benefit from any of her bonuses...she's all the weaker and her stats definitely tell she doesn't belong in Close Combat...she has ZERO counts that 0 ATTACKS!
    • Martyrdom: She creates a link between herself and a friendly Character within 12". This is a Remains In Play prayer. All wounds inflicted on the character are null BUT the Priestess suffers an S3 hit with no armour saves allowed, meaning there's a 50/50 chance she herself gets wounded. Pretty good if your general is hanging by a thread of 1 wound and that big baddy is about to drop the hammer on him. She is only 50 points, so don't be shy about using this.
    • Purify: All Hex spells affecting friendly units within 12" are automatically dispelled. This alone is worth the cost...but you also get to inflict D6 S5 hits on Undead or Daemonic Units when in base contact with the Priestess.
    • At 50pts and with potent prayers, the Priestess of Shallya is always a worthy investment even if you take a single unit of Men-At-Arms. If you're taking an all knight army, don't take her. Her worth is solely with the peasants.


  • Warhorse: you know about horses, their fast humans that stronger humans ride on. Bretonnia characters get better humans as they are not affected by Barding penalties (only this is only relevant if you're running a knight solo).
  • Royal Pegasus: better tougher, fighter, winged humans.
  • Royal Hippogryph: this baby has gotten some nice upgrades. Monster for 150pts. You also have the option of giving it several upgrades: including Armour Piercing, Multiple Wounds (2), Frenzy with Hatred, and Devastating Charge with Charge Bonus (1). So, while you won't want to always put this on your Lord, you should definitely do it if you have the right kit and a sufficient amount of points to put into him without jeopardizing the overall performance of your army too much.
  • Unicorn: a bigger, stronger, faster horse a magic horn, if you ever want to charge your wizard lord to lead the lance formation or more sensible reason of more points of movement and Toughness.
  • Sacrosanctum of The Lady: a Support cart that Generates a magic dice and has 3 bound spells, see below for more.


  • Knights Errant: Any list will do well to include a bus of 9 of these bad boys with the Errantry Banner for cheap S6 attacks on the charge. Although they are harder to control like any frenzy unit. In smaller games I'd recommend forgoing Knights of the Realm if these would fill up your core.
  • Knight of the Realm: your standard and most plentiful amoung Bretonnian knights. has better WS and Ld than an Errant, with the ability to take magic standards. They are your minimum cost elites, not as powerful as other knights, but you can take more of them for board presence.
  • Man-At-Arms: No longer are these guys a really bad, sub-par, piss poor unit good only for tarpiting. Trade shields and halberds for +1WS, +1Ld, and -1pt. You can give em back shields and halberds for one point each. And upgrade them to medium armor for another point. You can give them a good variety of loadouts, making them a bit more fun and now ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶'̶r̶e̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶e̶-̶t̶o̶-̶t̶o̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶b̶a̶s̶i̶c̶ ̶i̶n̶f̶a̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ Hell they are a pt cheaper than Halberdiers for only one less leadership. Now, even still, don't expect them to carry the game or be able to do things your knights do (which is anything awesome)...but now they're a nice, standard infantry unit you can entrust to "hold the line".
  • Peasant Bowmen: The general buff to missile units does not go amiss on these units. With no long-range penalty and the ability to fire two shots if they didn't move they are as deadlier than ever. Light Armour is only 1/2ppm now. Flaming arrows are more expensive if you're taking units larger than 10 (5pts per unit vs 1/2pt per model), also lost the ability to skirmish. Lastly, they gotta pay 1ppm for defensive stakes.
  • Peasant Levy: These guys/gals are literally just peasants with absolutely no training nor military equipment to speak of. These guys are your cannon fodder...that is their sole purpose...don't ever think they'll amount to anything else. At 2 points a model, these guys can come in ungodly large blocks without breaking your point allowance, even if you give them a weapon (Spear and shield are worth a thought for minor durability). And when your enemy sees a unit as big as Levies can be, it'll be very hard not for them to waste a shooting phase on them. Seriously, if the enemy dares even use one unit to shoot at these guys, you've probably got the value of your points from the Levies by having your enemy shoot at what is basically air and not shooting at your knights. However, they're LD4 and will run like the wind when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Truffle Hound: Mushroom hunting dogs that eat some bad shrooms. They are deployable chaff. They start as models in a unit of Peasants then you can release them as their own skirmish unit during the charge phase. They always fail their Berserk Rage test but they can act as seconder chaff for chaff to block lance charges.


  • Brigand: Bretonnia mercenaries, an interesting place in Bretonnia's armies because they are your Men-at-arms can-openers and have smuggled in the weapons of the future. They don’t have Peasant's Duty, but they come out of the box with Great weapon or they can replace it and become Crossbow or gunlines. Providing peasants line with some AP or surprise the opponent with armour piercing projectiles.
  • Foot Knight: Really just KOTR without their horses and barding. If you're looking for infantrymen that are actually competent by themselves or a unit you can fairly well trust to hold an object or act as a blocking unit, you can do worse. You can give these guys Great Weapons for 2pts each to give them some more killing power. And since they have a constant 5+ Ward (from Blessings anyway) against all ranged attacks, their footslogging nature will leave them less at the mercy of skirmishing, fast-moving enemies trying to pry them from the area they're protecting. Altogether, a nice unit.
  • Grail Pilgrims: Like the Men-At-Arms, but harder to break. Can turn six of their models into a Reliquary which lets them benefit from Blessings of the lady, giving them a needed ward save. One of the best anvil units you have.
  • Herrimult: Robinhoods outlaws, their basically squires and pay another point for a scout. They're crappy in melee meaning you don't want to just use Scout to get them closer to the enemy; so you'd probably just want to use these in groups of 5 and deploy them behind the enemy to give your enemy a nuisance or two.
  • Pegasus Knight: effectively paying more to buy Knights of the Realm on better horses that can fly. With 10pts reduced per model and given Barding as standard, they get an effective buffing. Although, they lost Stomp for the situational Impact Hit. Your air force should be sent to disable the enemy's back row. They don't get the Lance formation and with it all of the buffs. These should NEVER be taken in units larger than 5. Lastly, they lost the flying cavalry rule, so they can no longer vanguard.
  • Questing Knight: +1 point in cost and Strength, they are your long game knights. Welding Greatweapon instead Lances, they start fights on the charge with S6 I4 and the next at S5 I2 without external buffs. If you're not spending money on other knights Questing knights are good at holding the hill and cracks some monster skulls.
  • Squire: Generally nobles themselves, they serve as the personal retinue for a full-fledged knight; cooking his food, preparing his baths, polishing his armor and generally coddling the noble bastard, all the while learning heraldry, swordplay and learning how to behave like an uptight asshole Bretonnian nobility. These guys are...by and large irrelevant. They have the same BS as the Peasant Bowmen who cost two points less. Really, they have 1 pt higher on their WS (but their archers), +1 LD, and Skirmisher can let them get closer to their targets maneuver. The question is if you need some mobile footslogging longbows in your list.
  • Yeoman: Your Fast Calvary peasants. A reduction to 10pt per model can buy bows and spears back for 2 and 1pt respectively. Shields for 1pt, light armour for 1 pt, medium armour for 2pts, can swap crossbows for free. With shields, light armour, bows, and spears you have a 15pt Fast Cavalry unit with a +4 save vs shooting.


  • Grail Knight: Your Super knights, with stats that rival generic characters. They're expensive, but with proper buffs, they can devastate most monsters and common heroes. Also, finally toughness 4, so the fluff circle jerk finally has some backing on the tabletop.
  • Hippogryph Knight: Practically Questing knights with lances riding Hippogryphs (Technically) flying Empire Demigryph Knights that cost 13pts more and have Blessing of the Lady and 2 worse Armour Save), they're worth 75pts per model! I mean...they have a pretty boss mount for something that isn't a Lord/Hero...but remember they're a unit of Monstrous Cavalry and they'll draw the attention of every single enemy cannon and monster killing unit (Banner of Defense or Standard of Shielding is Mandatory for that 4++ Ward against shooting). they'll going to quickly suck up your allowance for Rare Choices and if not used right, they could just be a giant wad of wasted points and potential. Ergo, don't use them in the same fashion as the Pegasus Knights. Your Pegasi are useful as Warmachine Hunters and getting rid of those pesky Fast Cavalry puncturing your infantry with arrows. Use these guys in much more proactive ways, and don't be afraid to let them get into the enemy...at S5 with 3 attacks from their mounts, they aren't pushovers in prolonged combat (just remember to give them Barding). You can take 5 of them full Command, barding and a standard of shielding for 460pts. Or you can take 9 Grail Knights and a Field Trebuchet for 472. One is fun, one will win you the game.
  • Spirits of the Fey: Nature spirits in the form of Ghost knights. they must be deployed by ambush, entering from a water or forest feature if present. These guys count as Ethereal, have a 4+ Armour Save AND have a constant 5+ Ward whilst also being able to replace D3 wounds previously lost at the end of each Close Combat when they're partially in a forest or water terrain piece! These spirits are pretty tough though their stats are nothing to "Whoop!" about. But these spirits aren't killy, they're a tarpit almost without equal. Just be sure to remember what enemies have Magical Attacks, and you'll be fine.
  • Sacrosanctum of the Lady: your magic cart. Oh, boy. This unit is pretty good. Now, it doesn't belong in Combat despite being a chariot and it doesn't have any ranged abilities. Instead, this unit can use 1 of 3 Blessings every turn. And man oh man, are they good.
    • Shield of Faith: All Bretonnian units within 12" of the Sacrosanctum acquire +1 to their Ward save that comes from Blessings of the Lady. This needs little explanation for why this is good. (And remember that The Fay Enchantress gives Grail Knights in her unit a 4+ Ward? Well, with this, it's now a 3+ Ward AND if she casts a spell on them, they reroll 1's for Ward Saves...with this blessing, shrug off cannonballs and attacks from the likes of Kroxigor.)
      • Don't ever do this, you'll be hated by everyone.
    • Radiant Light: All enemy units within 12" have -1 to both Weapon and Ballistic Skill. Helps in a pinch, especially when your knights are fighting against a unit with the same Weapon Skill level.
    • Renewed Valour: All friendly, fleeing, knight units within 12" automatically rally AND REGAIN THE BLESSINGS OF THE LADY!!
      • With Toughness 5 and 5 Wounds, enemies won't be able to blow on this to make it fall apart. Just be sure you don't leave this thing open to attack because when the enemy finds out what this thing can do, they'll gun for it.
  • Ballista: Just a standard Ballista that counts as a Bolt Thrower...oh, and you can buy a Wall Warden for 15pts (Note: you can also get these for Trebuchets, Mangonels, and Bombards) that lets you reroll an Artillery Die or a To Hit roll. Sure, it's a once use per game thing, but it'll be worth it if you're targeting the Zombie Dragon that's charging your Knights of the Realm in the side when they're setting up to win that game-winning charge and you happen to miss with your first shot. It can take two as a single rare choice.
  • Mangonel: Acting as the smaller, more maneuverable cousin to the Trebuchet, it counts as a normal Stone Thrower. 85pts. It can still include two catapults in a 2000pt game.
  • Bombard: Essentially acting as a Trebuchet that's a cannon...it can't pivot on the spot nor move, but it packs quite a wallop...with the additional disadvantage of having an additional -1 Modifier when rolling on the Black Power Misfire Chart. Up to you if the more limited mobility is worth the greater killing power (although, you can easily buy two Ballistas as a single rare choice and still have about twenty-five points leftover instead of a Bombard.)
  • Field Trebuchet: Unlike almost all other units, the Trebuchet has now lost a good part of its viability. First, its now 10pts more. And with other units able to handle elites much better especially with the new lore of the lady it is no longer an auto-include.


Army Composition[edit]

Question is what flavor of peasent should make up your anvil and what knight is your hammer.


  • Life: protecting knights more with natural armour, Regen, and rais slain modles.
  • Beasts: buff knights more and be a mobile bolt thrower.
  • Heavens: start with an ice attack, then get lighting attacks at higher levels to fry heavy armour.
  • Light: keep peasants in line, let knights go before elf cav, stop enemy cav from getting the charge before you
  • Lady: Designed for a Damsel riding with grail knights, buffing them, and hexing others


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