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Dogs of War: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Dogs of War[edit]

Because you love making money and living the wildlife of the mercenary. You can't stand the religiousness of Estalia, the Empire, and Brettonia, and can't stand just earning standard pay for being another cog in their grinding machines. You also want to run an army full of vibrant characters, with units ranging from standard Pikemen to Maneaters to Hobgoblins! You also really like crossbows because they're far more reliable than blackpowder weapons. So get your paychest, grab some pikes and crossbows, hire some dirt poor sellswords and a few shady looking characters and fight across the Old World in search of Gold and Glory!

You can also take a lot of regiments of renown as core units in your army, letting benefit from your buffs.


  • In terms of line choices, you have a large selection of human loadouts and access to other races like dwarfs, Norscans, Ogres, and Giants. Great for making Counter builds.
  • Can take regiments of renown units as a proper unit instead of an allies.
  • Sellswords has the cheapest base and has the most customizability in terms of armor and melee weapon range.


  • Like the Empire, you can do everything but not all of it is done well. This is especially the case with a bunch of soldiers of different races/nationalities.
  • Volley weapon is only reserved to a rare Choice or unreliable goblins.

Army Special Rules[edit]

  • Racial Distrust - units that are Dwarfs, Elves or Norse don't exactly get along when taken together; Dwarf Goldseekers can't join Mercenary Elves or Norse Marauders, Elf Rangers can't join Mercenary Dwarfs or Norse Marauders and Norse Chieftains can't join Mercenary Elves or Mercenary Dwarfs, and only units of their own kind can use their Leadership Value. You also can't have a character with Racial Distrust be the General and you can't have more characters with Racial Distrust than you have characters without it.


  • Pavise: A heavy shield, it's useless in combat, but it adds +2 to any armour (5+ if there's no armour).
  • Blunderbuss: A short-ranged 12" S3 shot with Piercing 1, d3 shots and Move-or-Fire, but it can shoot with no penalties when intercepting a charge.

Spoils of War[edit]

  • Curcio's Club: Two-hander that adds +1 S/A for each turn they're in combat, maxed at +3.
  • Cathayan Dragonsword: Fabulous sword with +1 WS/I, KB, flaming, and piercing 1.
  • Domingo's Arbalest: Special bolt thrower with d3 S3 wounds that ignore armour.
  • Pike of Remas: Infantry only. This can deal d3 S5 impact hits when charged and gains HKB against cavalry and monstrous cavalry.
  • Helm of Myrmidia: 6+ Save with Hatred to Undead. It robs an attack from anyone in b2b and forces -1 to hit them close combat.
  • Mambrino's Golden Armour: Full plate that negates HKB and multiple wounds, but it robs 2I, meaning you're a slow clunky mofo.
  • Staff of Fickle Fortune: During each magic phase, roll a d6: 1 - rob d3 from casting attempts, 2 - nothing, 3+ - add d3 to casting attempts.
  • Guido's Lucky Coin: Re-roll one hit, wound, or save die in the whole battle. At least it's 5 points.
  • Justintine's Paychest: Replaces Paymaster's Paychest. Gives them Cold Blooded.
  • Banner of Venni: 45 points for Devastating Charge? Really?
  • Standard of Miragliano: Re-rolls all 1s to hit with missiles or close combat.

Quirks and Traits[edit]

An additional ability that can be given to your Merchant Princes, Generals, Paymasters, and Captains. Heroes can only take 1 and Lords can take up to 2. Any Character can only take a max of one trait from each section and these count against the magic item budget of the character.


  • Grizzled Warrior: 40 points forces all wound rolls against the hero to be re-rolled. Kickass.
  • Weaponmaster: +1WS and re-roll one hit roll in close combat each turn.
  • Marksman: Ignores range penalties and re-rolls one hit roll while shooting each turn.


  • False Orders: Make d3 enemy units without immunity to psychology have Stupidity for the first turn.
  • Spies: d6 enemy units need to reveal all magic items and hidden characters in the unit.
  • Master of Intrigue: One duelist unit can scout.


  • Charismatic Leader: General only. This expands their Inspiring Presence by +8"
  • Boldness: Add +d3" to charge distance for this character and their unit.
  • Drill Master: Re-roll march, rally, reform, and redirect charge checks.


  • Forward March: Infantry within 12" can make a Vanguard move of 6" before the game starts.
  • Rapid Deployment: General only. Adds +1 to determine who goes first.
  • Cunning: One unit may be deployed at the same time as the scouts, though this unit's stuck within your DZ.

Army Units[edit]

Lords and Heroes[edit]

Named Characters[edit]

  • Borgio the Besieger Merchant Prince of Miragliano and master of siege warfare. He's got a chance to cheat death, he can add an additional cannon than normal if he's the general, and is a Merchant Prince. On top of that, his weapon goes S10 on a 6 to hit, he gets a 1+/5++ save with Fear.
  • Lucrezzia Belladonna: A charming but truly toxic dame in Tilea. She's a L4 wizard of shadow or death with tons of poison. While humans can instantly rally within 8" of her, she can also grant one champion or character KB from poisoned lipstick, the ability to instantly steal wounds from enemy characters before the fight begins (though it's useless on those immune to poison, Forest Spirits, Daemons, or Undead), and the ability to either bolster an allied character/champion's ability to fight or poison them. As a wizard, she's not meant to be in the front lines, though if you give her the bolstering potion, she can use that and her own poisoned attacks to soften an enemy up.
  • Lorenzo Lupo: Merchant Prince of Lucchini and faux gladiator. He's a man's man who doesn't need no horse and instead adds +1 to a foot infantry unit's combat resolution when he's with them. The man himself is no slouch either, with a chance to improve +1 to WS, T, or A before the battle and his weapon negates armour. On top of that, his shield robs an attack from anyone in b2b and his ring has a bound spell that immediately rallies friendly units.
  • Marco Columbo: Mechant Prince of Trantio and totally not Christopher Columbus. He's another foot-hero, but he's very much not meant to fight. He instead offers Sniper and denies scouts within 24" of him. He has a 6+/4++ save, but he has a single-use scroll that ups this Ward to 2++ against magic as well as a single-use boost of +d3 to Strength for combat.
  • Ghazak Khan: Genghis motherfucking Khan as a hobgoblin in the Old World. As a leader, he offers a way for hobgoblins to re-roll their animosity rolls and lets wolf riders become core. As a warrior, he has fear, charging forces enemies to stand perfectly still (though this is foiled because psychology), and his monstrous sword eradicates most armour and deals d3 damage. As for his protection? Well, how does gaining a 4++ Ward with Magic Resist 1 the instant he's wounded and double strength against the first enemy who did it sound?
  • Leitpold the Black: A cruel mercenary and Border Prince. He's the sort to rush forward, with only a 3++ save (The ward can die if it fails and rob him of 1 point of Toughness) to shield him and Devastating Charge and a weapon with ASF and d3 wounds to guide him.
  • Leonardo Da Miragliano: Creator of the Steam Tank, and many other wacky, silly inventions, and the Warhammer equivalent of Leonard Da Vinci. Of course, his prime specialization is in inspecting machinery - This translates to either re-rolling one scatter, artillery, or hit die for a war machine, re-rolling 1s to hit for crossbowmen, or allowing one core unit to ambush. His lone ranged attack is a hand-grenade with S3 Piercing 2 that doesn't factor scatter in. He also has a single-use ability to rob the enemy of d3 magic dice.
  • Mydas the Mean: A greedy Paymaster with a paychest turned into a chariot. This chariot only deals d3 impact hits, but it adds +1 to combat resolution. He's also trapped with bodyguards since his chest's so huge. He has the ability to give one army-wide buff for the battle, and he grants Magical Attacks for his unit.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • 0-1 Merchant Prince: The Guys who control the city-states of Tilea, and who personally fund the Mercenary Armies of the Dogs of War. Their special rule of 'The Best Money Can Buy' can be incredibly helpful in making a single unit much harder to shift by buffing their armour save by 1 point. They can also let this unit grab a magic standard worth up to 50 points.
    • Note that this hardcap also applies to named characters who are Merchant Princes.
  • Mercenary General/Captain: Your Generic Human Leader with High leadership. The general will tend to be a General when there's no Merchant Prince to make things fancier.
  • Hireling Wizard Lord/Hireling Wizard: Like any other seen in any other civilized army, Wizards who use their control over the Winds of Magic to make some sweet dosh. It can only take horses as steeds. like the unique empire, they can know any the core book Lore.
  • 1 Paymaster - the Guy with all the coinage, and who guards the paychest. Acts as a Battle Standard Bearer and every Dogs of War army is required to take at least 1 of them. If he flees, he has to be caught rather than instantly dying. However, any friendlies within 12" if he dies (18" if he has the chest) needs to test Ld until they pass it - failing sees them do jack while a double-6 sees the unit flee for their lives.
    • The Paychest adds some extra stuff to him for 50 points. This makes his range for Hold Your Ground increase by +6" and adds +1 to his save on top of his two halberdier bodyguards. However, he can no longer simply flee a battle and must take a last stand and he can't get a horse to haul his lucre. If he dies, your whole army will now hate the killers for stealing the money.
  • Assassin: You know Ezio Auditore? Basically, these guys are him. Hide them in a crowd, pop 'em up and smash an unsuspecting unit. He can be built to help at range or in combat and can either buy KB or poison.
  • Dwarf Goldseeker: A hero For your Dwarfs, trapped with either a crossbow or pistol for ranged combat.
  • Elf Ranger: A hero for your Elves, or can be used as a solo Scout. Any missile attacks on them take a -1 to hit, giving them some protection at range.
  • Norse Chieftain: A Hero for your Norse units.


  • Warhorse: The most well-known and most reliable of mounts.
  • Pegasus: Identical to the Empire.
  • Griffon: Same as seen in the Empire. Exclusive to Generals, though they're not exactly worth it.

Core Units[edit]

  • Pikemen The poster-child of Dogs of War armies, the Pikemen make up the backbone of a solid defensive line. Combined with a Merchant Prince and heavy armour, a horde of 60 can rock a 4+ armour save, and fight from all ranks for 450 pts. 61 attacks a turn. Ouch.
  • Crossbowmen Standard but solid choice, good for thinning enemy down or picking off smaller units of fast cav or mangler squigs. Can take handguns, but this moves them to special, making it a questionable choice. If expected to take counter fire from enemy troops, can take light armour and/or a pavaise, which would bring the armour up to a 4+ vs shooting. A tough nut to crack.
  • Duelists Flank guards mainly, but small units of pistol armed duellists can pose a significant nuisance tot he enemy. Also still good in a scrap if it comes down to it, as even a pistol counts as an extra hand weapon in a fight.
  • Sellswords Flexible unit with the main advantage of being cheap as chips in most cases. Can be tailored to do most anything you need them too, from elite can-openers with halberds or great weapons, ranged support with bows, or small skirmish units of supporting fire with javelins and AHW, these guys can do almost anything.
    • That being said they're not the best at much of anything. You can upgrade to veterans, giving +1 WS, and the option for heavy armour, which can help, but you're still weighing these guys against a lot of other units for usage.
    • Heavy armour combined with the Merchant Prince rule can make a tough unit to crack if combined with shields, giving them a walking 3+ save.
  • Freelancers Basic medium cavalry that can be bumped up to heavy with the option for full plate and/or barding, allowing them to reach the vaunted 1+ cavalry. That being said, they're the same as the empire knights, killing coming from the lance charges, they're going to suffer in a protracted fight, so you might be better used out of them as a flanking force with a larger ranked unit to provide the numbers to break steadfast.
  • Stradiots Basic fast cav with some decent options. Bows work for mobile shooting support and can get close to make things easy for you. Crossbows are interesting, though the inability to move and fire makes this a less rounded choice. Spears, shields and light armour can make a half-decent charging force to help break up enemy formations or hunt down war machines and skirmishers.

Special Units[edit]

  • 0-1 Paymaster's Bodyguard You need a paymaster in the list, let's face it, you're taking this. WS4, S4, I4 and Stubborn as long as the paymaster is in the unit. With the option to upgrade to full plate, these guys can make a solid anvil unit, albeit one with some teeth. Can take a full complement of blunderbusses, which can throw up a wall of fire to butcher a charging enemy. Provided they're not wearing much armour...or high toughness... okay these guys are probably better suited to fighting in combat, putting those S5 halberds to good use.
  • Pit Fighters Good for a scrap, their special rule makes them good for sorting out any Fear causing foes, and taking Nets is just a good idea, as on a 3+ you can drop your foes to WS1. Which means they hit you on 5s, and you hit them on 3s. Nice swing there.
  • Mercenary Dwarfs It's a basic dwarf unit. Does everything a unit of dwarf warriors can do. Durable, a decent pick for crossbows, or guard a flank.
  • Norse Marauders Let's go maraud something! It's a unit of Chaos marauders with Frenzy on the charge! Only S3 means that extra hand weapons can give a lot of attacks, but will struggle against armour. Probably better off with Great weapons or flails. You can take shields.
  • Halflings Weaker than a goblin but hard to hit and has great accuracy. They can be cheap chaff and range support.
  • Mercenary Ogres An Ogre unit. They only have Impact Hits (1), but they are the big beefy beatsticks you expect them to be.
  • Hobgoblin Wolf Riders Profane goblins as Wolf Riders. Suffer Squabble like normal, 1/6 take a panic test, 1/6 take damage but gain +1 to hit. Can take poison Attacks, letting them wound things better than most expect.
  • Ballista: A Bolt Thrower
  • Scorpion A Group of Light Bolt Throwers.

Rare units[edit]

  • Mercenary Elves Even the arrogant need to eat. A standard elf infantry that can take Spears, Long Bows, or Shields.
  • Maneaters: Mercenary Ogres. On top of all the basic rules, they can also add two unique rules (Immune to Psychology, Poisoned Attacks, Scout, Sniper, Strider, Stubborn, Swiftstride, Vanguard) that can't be shared with another Maneater unit and lose models from the rear ranks. IF you need Ogres with Guns, then these are your costly lot.
  • Rhinox Riders: Heavy Duty Shock ogre Cavalry
  • Giant: Let's not ask HOW a Merchant Prince managed to get a Giant on the payroll, let's just enjoy that you have one you can throw at people and kill them.
  • Mercenary Cannon: A Cannon
  • Ribault: An Organ Gun.
  • Halfling Hot Pot: A weaker Stone Thrower that Ignore Armor Saves. They also benefit from the Halfling's -1 to-hit.
  • The Marienburg Class Land Battle Ship: a Ship on land, made a mobile gun platform, had one Cannon that can always fire in addition and 6 handgun shots. they can also have move ether slowly forward 6" or random move(3d6") but with a chance, if something bad happening.

Regiments of Renown[edit]

All of them

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Composition[edit]




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