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Halfings: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is continuously updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes actually to update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Halfings[edit]


  • Cheap, High Ballistic Skill, leadership and Initiative, and Hard to hit.
  • Can steal enemy plot armor
  • like playing an army of Goblins but they shoot better and braver (have a couple of ways to get stubborn), but die faster.


  • Despite being hard to hit, they are weaker than goblins and Easer to punt because of Pitiful Strength and Toughness:
    • Being predominate Strength 2 in melee will mean your only wounding humans on 5+, and a lot of good things are Toughness 4+ so only on 6s.
    • Toughness 2 means the average man wounds you on 3s or on 2s if they are an elite warrior or have a halberd.
  • Highest magic is a level 2 as a Lord option
  • Poor melee skills and have difficulty wounding enemies.
  • Hard to hit but still can’t take one.
  • short-range missiles despite not wanting to be caught in melee.

Specal Rules[edit]

  • Short and Nimble: Despite being short makes Halfing weak, but also make an enemy -1 to hit them in Combat while they are on foot. This improves their durability, especially against enemies with high WS.
  • Insatiable Appetite: This requires some record keeping. Roll a D6 for each Halfling unit at the start of the game, and they Gain an ability. Don't effect Chariots, warmachines, and Characters not in a unit. Has 2/3 chance to get a buff that only effects melee performance so pure ranged units will often miss out.
    • #1 Stale Rations: -1 to Leadership test but gain Hatred.
    • #2-3 Pepper Cakes and Buttermilk: Re-roll Leadership test
    • #4-5 Bacon Strips and Barry Wine: Strength Bonus(1)
    • #6 Oxtail Soup and Cinnamon Brandy: Stubborn

Hand-Me-Downs And Bric-A-Brac[edit]

  • The Reaper Scythe:(55pts) A Great weapon that gives Killing blow and +1 attacks for each in base contact.
  • Bow of Apple Oak:(30pts) a bow with +1S and Muli-shot(4)
  • the Wheatshield: (40pts) a Shield of Regen(5+) that increases to 3+ on when on his last wound.
  • The OakGnarl: (25pts) Wooden Medium armour that increases Toughness. (currently untackable?)
  • Cockerell Scroll: (45pts) when a wizard resolves casting a spell, you can turn them into a Chicken. They lose one leadership turn and must make a Leadership test or be turned into a chicken — a good way to takeout Wizard Generals, especially Undead faction like Vampires Counts.
  • the Beefup Bauble: (35pts) an Item that can empower the user each Magic phase but has a chance to either take an unblockable wound or Vomit up all the buffs as a Breath Weapon.
  • Outlandish Uniform: (25pts) Gains an Inspiring Presence or improves its range. but the wearer must can't refuse challenges and can be targeted by missiles.
  • Black Pepper Spray: (20pts) Pepper Spray the Enchanted Item, one Use only and all enemies in base contact have difficulty hitting and wounding.
  • Standard of the Moot: (55pts) a Banner that lets all units near it a +1 to Insatiable Appetite rolls results, making it easier to get the result you want.
  • Honeycomb Banner: (45pts) a Banner that gives a unt a +1 to Strength and Frenzy, a needed buff for a predominately Strength 2 and three armies.

Army Units[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Special Characters[edit]

  • Hisme Stoutheart: Elector Count of the Moot. Gains +1S and A for each toughness 3 or low in b2b contact, ignore the first hit suffer, and a rerollable word save. Also comes with a book that gives a random buff that you can give to a unit at the start of the game: Re-roll 1's to Hit for missiles or CC, or +1 to combat resolution.
  • Nicholas Warfoot: The Halfling Champion. Has all the Bells and whistles to bump an average human lord human into an adequately named character. He gives his unit Stubborn and nearby units +1 to Combat Resolution. His Necklace not only provides a ward with but also makes him invincible for one CC round. Has a Potion that bumps his strength up to a 6 for a turn.
  • Clegg The Indomitable: A master-master thief with the ability to Steal items off a Character or Champion until your next turn. If you pick a character with no Items, move to the next person. He also forces his challengers to make I test or lose their weapons. If Nippon Dragon Pearl lest you have a Clash of Galmarizes, Clegg can grab it out of Franze's hand.
  • Gabbo Flugbend: an embodiment of a late-middle game d&d PC. Rides on a Monsterous Pegasus, Strikes first against beasts and has a net. Could Acts as a single entity flying harasser.
  • Ogglethorpe Bulnhelm: a halfling Chelf that can come with a Hot Pot and can improve its strength by +1. in combat, he can either increase is combat ability for a turn and then dice his opponent with his enchanted cleaver, or make a single WS roll to deal d3 wounds the ignore saves.
  • Jolly Bolbottom: An Innkeeper with an A Mastercrafted Antique rifle. His gimmick is being a cheap name to encourage an archer unit while having a robust long-range attack.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Elder: one of the cheapest Lord options, goblin warlord cheap. They prefer to have magic ranged weapons especially if they exist more than one. Can comfortably afford multiple geared up Hero.
  • GrandEnchanter/Enchanter: Weak spellcasters, with the lord option essentially being a wizard level 2 upgrade. They can only Channel on a 5+ but get Dicpele Dice on a +3. They Can take Fire, Beasts, Heavens, Light, Life or Shadow.
  • Sheriff: lesser Elder/Goblin warboss. Can standard banner barrier. Like goblins, are spammable with magic bling.
  • Master Chef:An army wide supporter. Pick an effect and then Roll a scatter dice, and all Halflings 12+2d6" are affected until the start of the next turn. Keep them in the center to make sure that some of your armies will be affected.
    • Chilipepper: Random move 2d6.
    • Rosemary: give Stubborn.
    • Coriander: Re-roll hits in close combat
    • Cumin: +1 toughness
  • Master Thief: a Heroic version of a thief, Gaining hidden, being able to steal d3 items a once while being more likely to succeed.


  • Pony: a horse but worse, especially with it being M 7 instead of 8.
  • Battle Ram: a battle pony with average WS, Hill strider, and a Charge bonus. For heroes that want a mount with a little more damage potential.

Core Units[edit]

  • Militia: Cheap as A goblin but not as durable or armored. They can work as chaff, and their elf-like Agility can kill some State Troops to minimize their retaliation or be used as a mass Short Bow/Throwing Weapons unit (range is more likely to hurt the enemy). Unlike other chaff units, Throwing weapons can work very well on Militia because of their higher ballistic skill.
  • Vigilante Guard: Militia with better WS(so an average human) and Shields. Should be your Go to for a frontline holding unit, buy Light Armour. Take Halberds for a more tolerable Strength of 3. Give them Bows and armor to make cheap Lothren Sea Guard.
  • Fieldwardens: Skirmish halflings with slings. Take for a core unit with a ranged weapon that has an AP value.
  • Hobilars: have the characteristics of a melee Goblin Wolf Rider. They do take a Dangerous Terrain test on a charge roll of 1.

Special Units[edit]

  • Rangers: Short bowmen Scouts with Forest Strider. Lets them turn one, be in a conformable Multishot range, and can use Feightned flight to keep shooting the next turn they were charged at.
  • Housewives: A dedicated Halfling Melee unit, Gains Frenzy then a nearby model dies and can take a Beaner that gives Hatred and the chance to re-roll hits and wounds.
  • Bee Swarms: a Pack unit. During the Shooting phase, the Beekeepers can throw the Swarm unit 8" into base contact with the enemy. After which they will become a randomly moving Hazard that will fight anything that comes into contact with it. If they run back into a beekeeper, they become A Normal swarm unit. Bees are Weak Creatures, but they are hard to hit and make many attacks. Effective at Chaffing and killing other Chaff.
  • Thieves: A means of dealing with Heroic super combatants. At the start of combat, they have a 1/3 chance to steal a magic Item and gives you 25 Victory points for stealing them. They Are Not great for fighting, but they can do some damage and then they can sudo-flee from a fight without being followed before they take a Break Test.
  • Pantry Guard: Shieldless Vigilante Guard that could take Great weapons (anything with Strength 5 or more is rare for Halflings). They also can Take a Cart which acts like a Battle Standard Bearer. If the wagon is destroyed, all units have Hatred against the enemy unit that killed it.
  • Lords of The Harvest: Halfling Backstabber, they duel-wields that can fight in 3 ranks and have a +1 to hit (giving them a better chance at wounding Archion than a trained unit of professional empire soldiers.).
  • Hound Riders: The shooter Gobline Wolf Riders. They also can re-roll Pursuing roll.
  • Swan Riders: Gobline wolf Riders on Birds. Swans are violent and Scarry creatures: Hatred and Devastating Charge.
  • Ram Raiders: Hafling Knights. Mounts have a Charge Bonus. Let you bring the pain to that unit of Halburs that standing their ground.
  • Shearer: A Farming chariot, they can be accompanied by Sheep Dog. They also have stubborn while binging in the Deployments Zone.

Rare Units[edit]

  • Reaper: 90pts. A Bigger Shearer that deals +2 more impact hits and the animals that draw it have +1 more strength.
  • Moot Ogres: 70pts. They're Ogres, you know how to use them, Gives the needed bulk and damage a Halfling Arm can't deliver.
  • Hot Pot: A weaker Stone Thrower that Ignore Armor Saves(a model in the center will take a S6 hit). Will Clear up humans and Goblins as they rely on their armour saves rather than Toughness.
  • 0-1 Kathleen Halftank: 175pts. A halfling Steam Tank, Scaled-down, more straightforward rules, and has a Soup Flame Thrower that Ignore Armour saves.

Regiments of Renown[edit]

Building Your Army[edit]

Army Building[edit]

Halfling can fill their list with a ton of cheap Strength 3 attacks that hit on a 3+. They do struggle with agent enemies with higher toughness and Armour, S2 struggle with a lot of things, so you also need to include big guys like Great weapon PANTRY GUARD or Moot Ogre to properly dent them.


If magic is a side for other armies, than hafling may consider this mandatory is they are going to kill heavy armour. With Halflings difficulty hitting and wounding, Magic should be used to improve that, The Lore of shadows Withering to lower toughness And Lore of beast WYSSAN'S WILDFORM are what is needed for an army of weak bodies. With binging barded from higher-level spells, it’s made up for by being more likely to generate dispel dice.



  • Tough boys: a main hurdle of Halflings are their commonly bad Weapon skill, Strength, and Ap. Jugernoughts like Chaos Warriors will likely present a daunting obsitical. Halflings some halflings can take Greatweapons with a chance to stack with another Strength Bonus(1), with also the option for Chariots and Orgres. Soup weapon may be tempting for their Armour negation, their more for mass infantry because of their low strength. The main problem with the melee approach has only one round to inflict casualties other armies can do every turn. The alternative is taking the Imperial Guardsman approach and Try to focus enough Flashlights at an enemy tank until they burn a hole through.
  • Counter Shooting:

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