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Hobgoblin: Warhammer Army Project, 9th Edition Tactica[edit]

Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the units, nations, and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it, later on, go ahead.

Why Play WAP Hobgoblin[edit]


  • If you've always wanted to play an all-goblin army without being encumbered by Orcs and/or Chaos Dwarfs, then here you go.
  • Sick of shitting yourself whenever you see an Elf? Well no more, because unlike your more diminutive relatives, you don't fear them, meaning you can face the Elgi like a real man gobbo!
  • If love Wolf Riders, then this is the army for you, because the vast bulk of your units will be on them. Consequently, you are VERY mobile.
  • You get a pretty decent selection of monstrous units to play around with.


  • Despite being an army of lankier and stronger gobbos... they're still an army of gobbos, and are thus squishy as hell.
  • Army composition can be quite limited; you're only allowed to have Khans or Chieftams as your General, and they can only have Giant Wolves as mounts.
  • The Wolves, despite their mobility and offensive capability, could stand to be better at flanking and shooting.
  • Animosity's still as much of a bitch to deal with as it is in Orcs and Goblins, and you're still gonna have to keep an HQ roving around the board to make sure your units don't start stabbing each other.
  • Your army book hasn't received a proper update in literal years, and is very far down on the list. This means you're likely to be competing with much shinier and newer armies most the time.

Special Rules[edit]

  • Ded Shooty: These models can't take penalties for moving and shooting and can also shoot before fleeing a charge. Especially useful for heavy cavalry like the Kheshig.
  • Cowardly Despoilers: Gain +1 to combat resolution when a unit charges an enemy unit's flank or rear, but take -1 to combat resolution when charged. Hobs win by combat resolution, so an additional +1 for each flank charge is good.
  • Treacherous Gits: Animosity under a new label. For every unit in your army with this rule, roll a d6. On a 1, you get a FUN and FLAVOURFUL result (that being d6 self-inflicted S3 hits), on a 2-5 the unit does nothing, and on a 6 the unit moves d6" and charges the nearest enemy.


The Lore of Spirits[edit]

Attribute: Spirit Wisdom: Any time you cast with doubles, the caster learns another spell from this lore for the rest of the Magic Phase. more useful at low levels as your more likely to get the higher level spells without paying for a wizard Lord.

  • Signature: Spirit Staff: (8/16) One unit gets +1S, KB, and Magical Attacks, which is a pretty mean combo. Augmenting shares this to all units within 12".
  1. Message of Doom: (6/9) One enemy unit now counts all your units as causing fear (Fear test are no longer a thing?) and take -1 Ld. Augmenting expands the range, and for the low casting value, you don't have much reason not to.
  2. Spirit's Voice: (7/10) One unit re-rolls all hit rolls and Ld tests. Augmenting spreads it to all units within 12". A good thing on your tarpit and also on your hammers.
  3. Fire of Vengeance: (8/11) Deals 2d6 flaming S4 hits, with augmenting extending the range.
  4. Power of the Wind: (9/16) Magical vortex that moves 3d6" every turn, thankfully with no scatter. Anyone under it must test S or take an armour-ignoring S4 hit. Augmenting makes the vortex bigger.
  5. Spirit Shield: (11/22) Gives an ally a 5++ ward and re-rolls on all armour saves. Augmenting shares this with allies within 12". Hobgoblin is a flank hammer and anvil faction, so keeping the anvil is important.
  6. Blades of Begstethulu: (15/22) Enemies within 12" of the caster take d6 WS4 S4 attacks per full rank in the unit. Augmenting expands the range.


Da Loot[edit]

  • Warpstone Scimitar: 50pts. A poisoned weapon that makes enemies in combat with it test T or eats an unsaveable wound. However, each turn makes you roll for a 1/6 chance of eating an unsaveable wound yourself.
  • The Black Bow: 35pts. A sniper bow that forces targets to re-roll armour saves.
  • Lightning Spear: 30pts. Each successful wound on the charge also hits the model behind the target at S-1 like a bolt thrower, continuing so on and so forth until failure.
  • Armour of the Wind Fortress: 50pts. Medium armour that teleports an unengaged character 6" at any time. It's pretty fabulous for a means to reach something without needing to enter combat or increase the charge distance.
  • Fendrizz' Orb of Theft: 50pts. Steals an enemy's power die and puts it into your dispel pool. Obviously useful for either of your casters.
  • Wyrdstone Crown: 25pts. 4++ Ward but deals -1Ld every time that save rolls is a 1.
  • Evershifting Map: 35pts. Makes the bearer and their unit scouts.
  • Bag O' Sneaky Tricks: 25pts. A randomized bag of random crap as determined at the game start. Basically everything you can get here is worthwhile, but it's best taken with another magic item in the event of rolling a one.
  1. Jack shit. Sorry, try again next game.
  2. Protective Amulet with 6++ Ward.
  3. Red Gem that grants flaming attacks and immunity to fire. Pretty nifty unless you spent on the Dragon Helm.
  4. Obsidian Bracelet with Magic Resist 2.
  5. Trollbone Torc. It gives a 4+ regen, which is great.
  6. A daemon's skull. Gives +1T, magical attacks, and a 5++ ward.
  • Hidden Sheath: 20pts. Gives a full set of attacks during the first round of combat when in a challenge.
  • Banner of the Great Wolf: 50pts. Gives all mounts +1S and Devastating Charge. Ideal for a mass cavalry army. Plop it on a Chieftan and watch your Kheshig tear up the enemy line.

Units Analysis[edit]

Lords & Heroes[edit]

Special Characters[edit]

  • Hobgobla Khan: 250pts. The notorious leader of the steppes and leader of the Hobgoblins. On top of the basic Khan stuff, he becomes the mandatory general and makes Keshig core while being open to mounts. His bow gives 3 shots, each dealing d3 magical S5 hits, and his mask gives a 5++ ward and 18" inspiring presence.
  • Ghazak Khan: 250pts. Wolf-riding Hobgoblin mercenary. He has fear and forces units he charged to accept his attacks. His weapon is a nightmarish thing with d3 wounds and piercing 3 while his helmet gives him a 4++ ward and magic resist 1 after he is wounded while giving double strength against the fool who wounded him.
  • Oglah Khan: 90pts. Another khan on wolf-back. He forces his unit to pursue enemies and adds +d6" to their pursuit rolls. He's also 20 points more than an equally-equipped chieftain.

Generic Characters[edit]

  • Khan: 80pts. The first thing you'll realize that these gits are regular goblin bosses +1. With WS6, BS5, and S4 T4, they're capable of bringing a fight, and they have the Black Orc ability to silence animosity checks in units "6 around him. While the rest of the army can't be this 'ard, this guy's a necessity in any army. Thankfully, his loadout's versatile enough to welcome any army choice.
  • Chieftain: 45pts. Since he's your only BSB, you'll need to haul him along. Thankfully, he's about as diverse in loadout as the Khan. Chieftains will often be leading your more elite wolf riders so they don't stall to animosity.
  • Shaman Elder/Shaman: 145/60pts. These wizards are far more versatile in their magic than the O&G shamans. Aside from their native lore of Spirits, these guys can also take the Lores of Fire, Heavens, Beasts, and Shadow. However, that's about where the use for shamans ends; no unit can take their leadership score and they can never be the general, meaning that you're gonna be paying for full-time spellslingers. Thankfully they can both be put on a Wolf, meaning you can get some decent mobility around the board.


  • Giant Wolf: These wolves are the same as the O&G wolves. They can be equipped with barding for extra protection.
  • Dire Wolf: Khans only. They're just bigger and badder wolves. Lets you ride with the Scorpion Rider to keep them in line.

Core Units[edit]

  • Hobgoblin Warrior: 70pts. The average rank and file are about as well equipped as average goblins with light armour+shields. They also come with the ability to inflict d6 S3 hits if a 10+ strength model manages to hold off on pursuing a unit they break. they will find themselves being the main holding force so wolfs can get their flanks.
  • Hobgoblin Archers: 100pts. For 1.5 ppm more, you can give your warriors bows instead of weapons and armour...somehow. They have the same rules as before, which is troubling because they can now get decked easily. their role so your army can put down more arrow fire without having to also buy more wolfs.
  • Hobhound: 42pts. A mixed unit with a pack of skirmishing doggos that are almost identical to wolves. In case you thought it was insane that such a fast unit would be held back by a goblin, you have the ability to let the hounds loose during a movement phase and let them run free and grant frenzy.
  • Kharash: 40pts. Your even more expendable waves of chaff with which you throw at the enemy. They don't count towards minimum core costs. Chaff you would throw at chaff, but die as fast as Britonian Peasant mobs.
  • Wolf Raiders: 60pts. Hobgoblins on wolves, a superior to the normal Goblin Wolf Rider. These guys are more keen on archery than the foot gobbos, and this is on top of being fast cavalry. They will make up most of your flanking force.

Special Units[edit]

  • Ravagers: 75pts. Your melee cavalry with frenzied mounts. For whatever reason, these guys stick to hobhounds for mounts, which robs them of a few inches of movement. but Anyway they can rip up much chaff with their 5 attacks per model, they are a glass blender and only hitting and wounding like an average human, but they are still dangerous on pincer maneuvers.
  • Tarkans: 75pts. Hobgoblins on giant wolves who become your dedicated pyromaniacs. Not only do these fuckers have fast cavalry and can be ambushers, but they also have flaming attacks and the ability to burn down both setpieces and war machines. Anyone within a forest or building on fire takes d6 S4 fire hits while war machines and chariots get torches pelted at them, each hit dealing d3 S4 hits. They will often find selves ambushing or vanguarding towards the nearest Regenerator, wooden thing, or warmachines so they can burn it down.
  • Mangudai: 85pts. Elite Wolf Raiders, archer edition. These goblins have Ded Shooty and can fire two shots each turn. For an extra 2ppm, these arrows can also be poisoned. Making the most of shooting someone in the back. Useful for picking off targets from afar.
  • Keshig: 80pts. Heavily armored vanguard cavalry, still as capable of being archers. They have lances to prioritize charging and can buy poison and barding. They will often be used to deal with heavily armored foes, using poison to deal with tougher foes Empire Inner circle knights would have problems with.
  • Sneaky Gits: 60pts. Hobgoblins with poisoned attacks and the option for skirmishing and scout. What makes them interesting is their ability to add an extra rank for fighting each round they are engaged in close combat, giving them the power to become an unstoppable tide of green. When scouting you would run them as turn one in your face distraction and flanking support in places vanguard can't reach. Alternatively, you would place them near your deployment zone, and use them like a hoard of daggers.
  • War Wagon: 100pts. A chariot mounted bolt thrower. This one's S5 and lacks piercing, making them a bit less deadly in exchange for their mobility. Thankfully, you have 2-3 wolves to protect it as well as the archer crew. Don't properly function due to outdated rules.
  • Spear Chukka: 35pts. Your dirt-cheap hobgoblin bolt thrower. Use it at the back to take out monsters and knights.
  • Deathclaw: 129pts. Deranged not-quite-yetis that aren't quite trolls or Yhetees either. Cost more but They have 5+ regen, piercing 1, and frenzy to help chop into the infantry.

Rare Units[edit]

  • Scorpion Rider: 165pts. Now this is some weird shit. Hobgoblins riding scorpions with Killing Blow, 5+ Natural Armour, and Poison Attacks, with the option to take a champion, banner, and musician for a further 10pts each. Your heavy cavalry option, if you were starting to get sick of seeing nothing but Wolves. Not quite as mobile as the Wolves, but the scorps trade it in for being much more killy.
  • Rhinox Battle Fortress: 125pts. 3 gobbos ride on top of these big woolly rhinos with their d3 Impact Hits and Frenzy while the crew shoots at targets from atop their towers. Essentially a moving weapons platform.
  • Rokkit Launcha: 95pts. What it says on the tin. A stone-thrower that deals d3 S6 wounds, but these wounds happen to everyone in the blast template. They also have an equivalent of the black powder misfire chart.
  • Thunderbird: 185pts. The lightning equivalent of the Phoenix. They're immune to lightning and missiles aimed at them take -1 to hit while dealing an instant S3 hit on any model in b2b which you can up to d3 hits by attacking.
  • Dread Maw: 225pts. The Hobgoblins managed to enslave those giant worms from Tremors. These monstrosities are able to effectively fly 2d6" (without swiftstride). It gets ASF on the charge while robbing rank bonus on the unit it charges and on top of its 1d6+1 impact hits it also deals two extra d6 wound attacks with KB. It comes with a couple of options for upgrading, like poison to anyone who hits it wounds it or piercing 1.
  • Giant: 200pts. Because you are greenskins, you get a giant, same as the rest. 25pts more expensive than your Orcish counterparts, and good mostly for squashing infantry and taking cannonballs to the face. If neither are present, then it's not really worth taking.

Building Your Army[edit]

Unlike Orcs & Goblins, the Hobgoblins are less burdened with choice when building an army. Most of the time, you are going to be making heavy use of cavalry with a few footsloggers knocking about to either serve as chaff or to deal with the things your cavalry and monsters can't.

Buying Your Army[edit]

As GW isn't selling any non-fungal/spidery Gobbos anymore (sans Rippa's Snarlfangs, who you could possibly kitbash into a few Khans), you're likely gonna have to look for third-party options. The Mongobbos from Lost Kingdom Miniatures are a good shout, if you can make some of the mounts look more wolfish.

Army Compositon[edit]


  • Fire:
  • Beasts:
  • Heavens:
  • Shadow:
  • Spirits:



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